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I sought the Lord about what would prepare us to ascend unto a condition of spiritual righteousness, which we call as full stature, full stature being the first of three stages of resurrection, or the first of three stages of righteousness. And I said, Lord, is it deliverance? Can you receive enough deliverance? Can you have enough evil spirits cast out of you? Will that make you righteous? And I said, I do not know, that does not sound right somehow.


Then the Lord brought me into deep studies. I started studying doctrine. I said, What makes you a Son of God, Lord? Is it a knowledge of this doctrine? And He did not answer me. Sometimes you have to wait for the Lord to answer you. Why? Because you could not understand the answer if He gave it to you at that time.


And everyone that has had children or has; maybe you remember, as a child yourself, asking your parents a question. And they said, When you get older, you will understand. Somewhere along the line, when you look back, you will realize that you could have never understood at the time that you asked. And you were enraged that your father said that to you. When you get older, you will understand. Your pride was up, and you were really mad. But the truth is you would have never understood. That is why the Lord does not always answer your questions at the moment that you ask them. You may not be old enough to understand.


I found out what the answer to that question is, brethren. It is not deliverance, and it is not doctrine, because you cannot be righteous unless righteousness is in you. And the casting out of evil spirits does not bring forth righteousness in you. All it does is cast out the dirt. Deliverance is the plowing of the ground. It is the casting out of the stones and the weeds and the debris in the soil. It is the turning over of the soil and then the casting out of the rocks and the weeds and everything that will hinder a positive growth.


PASTOR VITALE: Positive growth of what? What does the earth typify, somebody?




COMMENT: Our soul. And what is supposed to be growing in our soul?


COMMENT: Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Christ, who is our righteousness, brethren. He is a spiritual plant. He said, I am the vine, and you are the branches. He is a spiritual plant who His heavenly Father, and our heavenly Father, is planting in the earth of our soul. There is nothing in your earth that could claim righteousness. You are nothing without the seed. There is nothing in you, in and of itself, that can produce righteousness in you, and there is no life without righteousness.


There is just this existence, which is known as hell and death. And the place is hell. The term which describes this existence is death. This is the place under the ground where those who have been separated from God continue on in a hellish existence. That is your spirit which is underneath the ground of your soul. If you are waiting for your body to die for you to go to hell, you are waiting in vain. That which will raise you out of hell into heaven is righteousness.


Some people are going up; they are going to have the doctrine, and the earth will be reasonably cleared. And they are going to experience sinlessness ahead of some people who are rich in doctrine, an intellectual understanding and much deliverance. You are going to be surprised who you see going into the kingdom because their faith in Jesus Christ and their desire for righteousness will have produced righteousness in their soul, or at least the beginnings of it. To enter into the fullness of it, somewhere along the line, you will receive the doctrine. But the doctrine is not the be-all, end-all.


And the Lord is not bringing everybody into heaven by the same path. If you are called to learn deep doctrine, there is no way you are going up without the doctrine. If the Lord has called you to a teaching ministry, and you do not like it, or you are too lazy to do the work, or you do not like the persecution, or whatever your problem is, you are not going to enter in because the Lord said, You are on this line over here where you are not entering without doctrine.


And if you are foolish enough to think that you are looking at that guy down there who seems to be entering in without doctrine, and you think therefore you can too, you are being silly because it is not the same set of rules for everybody. That is not fair. That is right; it is not fair. Jesus never says He is fair by your fallen standards. He does anything He wants, and He answers to no man.


So the answer is righteousness, brethren. You shall be delivered out of hell. You shall ascend into heaven because of righteousness and by no other path and by no other way. He is a holy God, and everyone who dares to come into His presence must become holy. And if you are not holy, He will make you holy. He will burn you; He will pound you; He will rip you; He will tear you; He will cause you much pain. But He will not become like you. You will become like Him.


Who can dwell with everlasting burnings? says the prophet Isaiah. Only Christ in you. You will never survive if He is not in you. You will just burn up and wither away. But if He is in you, you shall be changed from glory unto glory. You will be bounced around and ripped and torn and sacrificed till you look like you are dead because you are not going to bear the name of Christ and look like your ex-dad whose name is?




PASTOR VITALE: Satan, the Devil. You cannot call yourself Christ and look like the Devil, brethren. It is an insult to your Father's name. And if you think it is OK with Him, you have got the wrong Dad. You are deceived. If you think you can stay the way you are, you think you are talking to the Lord Jesus, but you are really talking to the lord Devil because you cannot stay like that.


I would just like to encourage everybody that is up at 6 o'clock on Sunday morning to look for David Demola's program. He is a preacher of righteousness on a much simpler level than I teach, but he is just a real blessing. I have watched him two Sundays in a row. I do not know what station he is on in cable, but on UHF, I think it is 41. It is one of the unusual channels.


Two weeks in a row, he had an excellent message on exactly what I was just talking to you about. The whole Church is out there trying to give out tracts and change the world. And he says exactly what I say. They are laughing at us. Who remembers me telling you that they are laughing at us? They are laughing at us. Who are you to be trying to change the world? You are the worst things going, you hypocrites.


I do not know what we are doing tonight. I just know there is an awesome spirit of righteousness here. I know that there are tremendous changes coming in the Church, in this nation. Judgment is falling everywhere. And if you think judgment is only the hurricanes, you do not know what you are talking about because those are the easy judgments. Getting caught in a hurricane or a flood or having your house burnt away or blown away or floated away, that is the easy one. You try getting your nature changed. Can anybody say amen?




PASTOR VITALE: There are two judgments in this world, brethren, two different judgments. Anybody?


COMMENT: The wormwood judgment.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, OK. Well, wormwood judgment comes under another category. Who are the...






COMMENT: The judgment of [INAUDIBLE]


PASTOR VITALE: No. There is the... well, let us try it this way. There are two different mediators of the two different kinds of judgment. What is the one mediator? Who is that? Satan is executing judgment. And Christ is executing the other judgment. And the blanket name of the judgment executed by Satan is the; well, it is really the reaping and sowing judgment. It is the reaping and sewing judgment. Every sin shall have its just recompense, brethren. That which you reap, you shall sow: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a hand for a hand, a foot for a foot, a life for a life. And because everyone on the face of this earth is a murderer and the daughter of a murderer, after a season, you shall surely die.


Satan's judgment is unto destruction without mercy, without opportunity for repentance. The most that you could hope for is that your existence in this world will be better or worse, easier or more difficult, but you shall surely die in your sins. Who have we murdered, brethren?


COMMENT: Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Christ. We are the Christ-killer, which we read about in the Book of Zephaniah. We are the Christ-killers who have been (I cannot think of the word I want to use). What is the word when you are sent away in disgrace to jail? It is what happened to Napoleon. I cannot think of the word.


COMMENT: Excommunicated.


PASTOR VITALE: Excommunicated? OK. Well, that is not exactly what I was thinking about.


COMMENT: Exiled.


PASTOR VITALE: Exiled, that is the word. We have been exiled to this; it is not a godforsaken place. He is here. But we have been exiled to his hellish world because we have killed Christ.


Now, that may sound a bit unfair to you since you do not remember killing Christ, and you think that He was killed a few thousand years ago. But the truth is you just killed Him yesterday and just killed Him this morning. For all I know, you just killed Him two minutes ago because Christ is killed all the day long. Every time righteousness appears in you or near you or around you, and your carnal mind rises up and kills that righteousness, you are proving that you are the offspring of those who have killed the prophets and have in fact killed Christ. The fact that righteousness speaks out from underneath the soul of a fallen man, and you rise up and cast down that word and reject it and deny it and refuse it or try to prevent it from coming to pass, you have killed Christ.


Now, you need to know this. Am I condemning you? No. Do you want to get out of this endless cycle of murder and destruction and retribution? I hope the answer is yes. Then you must know that we are the Christ-killer because most of the world thinks they are innocent, and that Jesus is the guilty one who kills innocent little babies.


So Satan is the mediator of the reaping and sowing judgment unto destruction without mercy. The end is always death. And it is a judgment for sin, which judgment was executed upon the human race by the God of all eternity. His name is Jehovah. The Devil is His henchman. The Devil cannot touch you without the Lord's permission.


Remember Cain? He said, Lord, do not put me out of the garden. Everyone who sees me will kill me. And the Lord said, All right, I will put a mark on you. They cannot kill you. That sounds familiar. Did he not say the same thing to Job? They cannot kill you; they can just make you sick. They can just bring torment into your life; they can let you be addicted; they can turn you over to substance abuse. They can turn you over to emotional abuse. They can turn you over to physical disease. But you will not die, and you can stay in this condition until... somebody?


COMMENT: The judgment.


PASTOR VITALE: Until the judgment, which does what? What does the judgment do? Restores you unto...


COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] righteousness.


PASTOR VITALE: ...righteousness. You are not coming out of this mess, brethren, without changing. If you think you are going to wake up one morning flying through the sky and wind up in some beautiful place with streets of gold, you are dreaming. Because, someday, you are going to be in some beautiful place with streets of gold, but you are getting there by going through the fire. You have to pass through the cherubim with flaming swords to get back into Eden. You are not going in dirty. And your church attendance does not make you clean.


As you did it unto me, says the Lord, as you did it unto these, you have done it unto me. How can you say that you love a God that you have never seen, when you cannot even love your brother whom you see? You say, But you do not know what he did to me. I do not care what he did to you. But you do not know what he said. I do not care what he said. The Lord is looking at our reaction to whatever is done unto us. If kindness is done unto us, the Lord wants to see our reaction. If evil is done unto us, the Lord wants to see our reaction. If we are accepted, the Lord wants to see our reaction. If we are rejected, the Lord wants to see our reaction. Brethren, there is no justification for sin. There is no justification for sin.


Should the Lord grant you true repentance, and you find the ability within yourself to be able to confess your sins truly, not lip service. Lip service will not cut it, brethren. It is a gift from God to be able to truly repent. You cannot do it unless He grants you repentance. Should you find it within yourself to be able to repent, or to confess your sins and repent, the mediator of your judgment, your case worker, all you workers of inequity, is switched over from Satan unto whom?




PASTOR VITALE: The Lord Jesus Christ. Your judgment for sin is not washed away, but you get a different case worker who uses different methods and different techniques. And the result of your judgment, the fruit of your judgment, changes.


When Satan is your case worker, he is not satisfied until he kills you. There is no rehabilitation in Satan's jail. He does not have the power to change your nature. Therefore, every time you sin, he shall give you the comparable sin back upon your head until you are destroyed off the face of this earth. But the Lord Jesus, he has the power to rehabilitate you. Therefore, when you get a new case worker, when Jesus picks up your case, things start to change in your life.


Now, for a lot of people, things get worse. Why? Because this is a great mystery. But when the Lord Jesus picks up your case, brethren, He goes through it with a fine-tooth comb, and you start reaping what you have sown in every little detail that Satan may have missed. Things that Satan has overlooked in your life, the Lord Jesus is not overlooking.


Every sin shall have its just recompense. The difference is that parable that I told you this morning. The law must be fulfilled, but Jesus gives mercy along with the law. The Scripture puts it this way: He shall always make a way of escape. You will pay your dues, but he will make a way of escape that will help you to circumvent the end of your judgment. What does circumvent mean? It means to go around. In the parable that I told you this morning, the judge got around the judgment. Justice was satisfied, but the man did not have to go to jail because of mercy.


Every sin you have sowed, you shall reap judgment for. But this judgment shall be used for your good. It will be used to teach you what you need to know to ascend out of hell. It will teach you and instruct you on righteousness so that you could start coming up out from under the curses that are destroying your life and tormenting you day and night, depending on how heavy those curses are in your life.


Therefore, it is not at all uncommon for your trials to become more severe when you enter into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is possible to live a very uneventful life with a minimum of mishaps. But at the end of that life, you die. You come to the Lord Jesus, and you may be entering into a measure of hell that you have never seen before, tribulation, trials, tough times, problems, the end of which is the renewal of your soul. You have to get a new mind. You have to get a new mind.


Your old mind has to be broken down so you can get a new mind, and that hurts. It is troublesome; it is painful; it is difficult. You cannot believe it is the Lord Jesus. It must be Satan doing this to you. You are the apple of the Lord's eye. You are a King's kid. How could this possibly be happening to you? It must be Satan.


Satan has no power over you except that which the Lord has given him. Jesus said, The prince of this world cometh, and he hath nothing in me. The Devil had no power over the Lord Jesus.


That is why, when you judge your brother, judgment falls on you. You are going to reap what you sow. You find a sin in your brother, and you use it to his hurt; watch out because someone is coming to do the same thing to you. They are going to find a sin in you, and they are going to expose it not to your betterment but to your hurt.


Who are you, O man, to judge the sin of your brother when you do the same thing? Paul says the only reason the fallen man, or the carnally minded man, can recognize sin in another man is because... I just said it. You do the same thing, man. You have done it; you have watched it; you have lived it; you have thought it. And that is why you can see it in somebody else. So who do you think you are?


Do you know how many people complain about people's behavior when they do the same thing? It never ceases to amaze me. Do you not know you shall surely reap what you have sown? Why are you surprised that you are being treated like this? Do you do any better? How foolish of you to think that you can abuse people and not be abused. What are you complaining about?


And if you deceive yourself, you are the only one who is deceived. The Scripture says, Praise the Lord. What? It glorifies your God, brethren, that you should be buffeted for something that you have not done and that your attitude should remain godly.


And I am not talking about letting people beat you up on the streets. That question came up this morning. I am talking about being blamed for something you did not do. I am talking about someone who has authority on you not treating you exactly right in any given moment. You do not have to fight with them and set them straight and put them in line. You take it. Paul said you suffer the loss, and Jesus will come in and use it to build character in you. Good character is a very valuable thing, brethren. It is valuable. It helps you to like yourself. It helps others to respect you, puts your life in order, gives you stability, calm and peace and contentment.


You are not going up into heaven without character. You can have doctrine; you can have deliverance; you can have all of the knowledge of righteousness. But unless that righteousness is appearing in you; and when it is appearing in you, it is called character. Unless it is appearing in you, you are not ascending. You are not ascending by an intellectual knowledge of righteousness. It must be appearing in your mind. And if it is appearing in your mind, it is appearing in your behavior. It is appearing in how you treat your fellow man, and how you treat your fellow man has nothing whatsoever to do with how he treats you.


You do not have to exist on this low realm which is in hell. You do not have to give an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. You can give good for evil, and love for hatred, and forgiveness for unforgiveness. You do not have to do what they do to you. You do not have to be down on their level. You do not have to be an animal, brethren. You do not have to be a member of the beast company. When Jesus has granted you entrance into the kingdom, you can be a Son of God, when Jesus gives you the power to do so.


Brethren, we have a beast mind down here. We are living in a beast body that does everything that the animals do, plus a few more things; some wicked things. We are the only species that kills for selfish purposes. We are the only species that does not kill just for food. We also wear clothes and use deodorant and do all kinds of things that make us feel good, which is just a sham. We are the beast.


But it is not so much our body as it is our mind. We have a mind which is the mind of the beast. And that beast, to the fullest extent that whatever measure of righteousness you have which is within you permits him, is living out his lusts through your flesh. He is using these hands to do what the beast wants to do. And he is using these legs to go where the beast wants to go. And he is using this mouth to say what the beast wants to say. If you have Christ in you, you are a double-minded man, no different than what we saw on the video this morning.


What I showed you was an extreme to make a point. I honestly do not even know if cases of multiple personality or split personality exist to such an extreme as we saw on that video, where one man is a complete monster and the other man is a gentle Mister Peepers, and they are switching back and forth from second to second. I know that we have heard cases of multiple personality where one side of you could be a mass murderer, and the other side of you could be a gentle person.


But whether or not this situation actually exists where you go back and forth from second to second with such a radical extreme, I do not know. I do not know what the psychiatric literature says. But I know that I see that principle happening in people every day on a lesser level, people who are calm and peaceful and, all of a sudden, they are in a rage. But the people in the world do not think of it that way. They just say, What is the matter with you, man? What was it that got you mad?


Or it does not have to be anger. You could be sitting there talking to your brother, and all of a sudden, you knife them in the back with your words. You never stop smiling. You never lose eye contact. Your voice, the tone of your voice, never changes. But a spirit arises in you that is spoken out by the words that you are speaking. And for all intents and purposes, you put a knife right underneath their fifth rib, brethren. Whether you know that you did it, or whether you do not know that you did it, a murderer has arisen in you and killed your brother.


Now, what did you do that for? Well, I did not like what they said. So you murdered them. Oh, I did not murder them. I just made a little sarcastic remark, you know. It just hurt a little bit. I do not understand what you are all upset about. You really object to me putting that knife under your fifth rib? You are just a troublemaker. Is that why you are yelling and screaming? I put a spiritual knife under your fifth rib or in your back? Boy, are you not a troublemaker? Look at all the noise that you are making. I never raised my voice. I will not talk about the knife. I never raised my voice.


Religious spirit. You wicked person, you just put a knife in that person's back. They are screaming with pain. And because you are cool, you think they are guilty, and you are innocent. You base your judgment on who is yelling. I base my judgment on who wielded the knife. The problem is most people cannot see who wielded the knife. All they see is the person yelling.


You know, the psychiatrists talk about this. Does anybody know what they call the one who is acting like a maniac, the one who is screaming and yelling and breaking up the furniture and doing all kinds of crazy things? You know what they call him? The identified patient. The identified patient. The patient which is unidentified is the one who put the knife in under the fifth rib, so that the guy is running around like a nut, screaming and yelling and breaking up the furniture.




Well, we have one amen here. The unidentified patient, who is hiding behind his ability to stay calm, who is hiding behind his ability to be subtle and invisible when he inserts the knife. Jesus sees you, and He is against your witchcraft. He is against your subtlety. Jesus is on the side of the underdog. He is on the side of the victim. He is against you, you wicked Pharisee. He is against you. Until you too repent and come to the Lord, He is your enemy. The Lord Jesus Christ is your enemy.


And this is a great mystery, but it is possible for the Lord Jesus Christ to be your enemy in only certain areas of your life. You can have a relationship with the Lord. You can be reconciled unto him. But in the areas where you have unconfessed sin, He is your enemy.


It is possible to have the two kinds of judgment operating in your life at the same time. You can be under the judgment seed of Christ, which means, in the areas of your life where your sins are confessed and the judgments are falling upon you, they are being used to change you, to teach you, to mold you, to make you into a better person. But in the areas of your life which are still in darkness, where sin has not yet been exposed, where you are in denial, where you cannot face up to it even though the Lord sent prophets to tell you about it, you have killed the prophets.


Oh, how have I killed the prophets? Your mind has killed Christ in the prophets. Your hatred has killed Christ in the prophets. Your slander, your blasphemy, your character defamation has killed the prophets because they dare to tell you the truth. In those areas of your life, you could be under the judgment which is mediated by Satan.


That is why we have believers, brethren, who, God forbid, sometimes get into automobile accidents, have severe financial reverses, become ill. God does not make you ill, brethren. God does not break your leg, brethren. God does not take your job away from you. He does not arrange circumstances in your life which result in you winding up in a mental institution when you do not belong there. That is the result of sin in your life.


Oh, but I am a Christian. You are a filthy, no-good, sin-filled Christian. And everything that happens to you, you deserve. And Lord willing, every difficult thing that is happening to you, the Lord is making a way of escape from it for you because you have given your life over to the Lord. You have said, Lord Jesus, help me. There is sin in me that I cannot control, but I confess that it is sin. Have mercy on me. So the judgments are falling on you because it is legal for the judgments to be falling on you. You are still a dirty, no-good sinner. And the Lord is not taking that judgment off of you. Every sin shall have its just recompense. But He is making a way of escape, and He is showing you mercy that is going to get you out from under it. But you are going to have some tough times and some pain because you deserve it.


You do not know what you did to deserve it? Well, then your ancestors did it. The sins of the father shall be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation. That is how come a young baby can die. David's first child died. No, it was not his first child. His first child with Bathsheba died, was a child of adultery and murder, and the Lord took the life of that child. Well, what about the baby down the block that just died? I do not know. Give me some time. I will investigate; I will have an answer for you. There is a reason for everything.


So we see that a believer can have both kinds of judgments operating in their life at the same time. Those sins which have been exposed and are confessed as sin are being dealt with by the white throne judgment, which is mediated by Jesus Christ. There is a way of escape being made, and they are turning out for your good. And those sins which have not been revealed, which either the Lord has not even shown to you yet or he has shown to you and you are still in denial of, are reaping what you have sown. So there could be judgment in your life which is mediated by Satan. What does that mean? It means that the end of that painful experience is not necessarily growth or change.


Confession of sin is essential. You must know that every bad thing that happens to you is a result of sin in your life. Every pain that you experience is a result of sin in your life, even what I just mentioned. If you are chastened for something that you did not do, well, you might not have done it at that moment, but remember what you did 10 years ago that you thought you got away with? You never did get caught on that one. Well, you just got it now. And I know it is true that you did not deserve that tongue-lashing that you just got because you did not do what your boss thought you did. But that was the reaping and sowing for what you did 10 years ago.


There is divine retribution in this world, brethren. This world may look chaotic to you, but it is not. It is ordered. It is just that spiritual things, when looked at with carnal eyes and carnal minds, may look chaotic. But it is not chaotic. It is a well-ordered universe with natural physical and spiritual laws that operate. Physical laws: if it rains, the rain falls down. Brethren, the rain does not come out of the cloud and stay up in the sky. It falls down to the ground. You jump out the window; you fall to the ground. Natural law. There are spiritual laws that are fully functioning.


So when you come to a place where you are living, you might think, a righteous life, and you are being persecuted for righteousness's sake; there is a such a thing. It is in the Bible, to be persecuted for righteousness's sake. Well, let me qualify that. There are two conditions under which you can be persecuted for righteousness's sake.


If you are not yet in perfection, it is possible that affliction which is resulting from ungodly deeds of your own or of your ancestors, going back as much as 10 generations, are still rolling into your life. But the Lord Jesus Christ has made a judgment that you have received enough affliction in this area that it is really not legitimate for you to be reaping anymore. You have reaped everything that you have sown; you have reaped everything that your ancestors have sown. But this same kind of affliction is still coming into your life.


If that is true, if the sentence has been fully paid off, what does happen, not only sometimes but frequently, what does happen is that the same kind of affliction. If you are in service to Jesus Christ, He will let it continue to flow into your life, but you will have complete dominion over it to stand up against it in righteousness, to not be hurt by it but to turn around and to execute judgment upon the person that is doing the evil to you, to execute a judgment which will result in their rehabilitation.


Brethren, if somebody is hurting you and you hurt them back out of revenge or retaliation, you are Satan unto that person. Do you hear me? And the judgment that you give back to them is unto their destruction. You have just executed the reaping and sowing judgment. Well, have you not heard that the Sons of God will execute the judgments of Christ which are redemptive? Why then are you shocked when I say unto you that fallen man executes the judgments of Satan? Why does that shock you?


Brethren, this whole spiritual creation exists and operates out of man. The two-witness company is the group of imperfect men who are executing judgment for the Lord Jesus Christ upon sins in other people that they have overcome in their own person under the express direction of the Lord. The Sons of God are that same company which have been raised up into perfection. They are now completely sinless and are executing judgment upon fallen men for sins that they no longer possess. And that judgment is rehabilitative.


So Satan has his two-witness company. Every time you are done in by another man, that was Satan's hand on you. The proof that it was Satan: How do you know whether it was Satan's two-witness company or Jesus Christ's two-witness company? How do you know? Anybody that is not sleeping here, how do you know? How do you know? Well, everybody looks the same. Everybody is in a body. You are either male or you are female. You are either short or you are tall. You are either blonde or dark-haired, just people. How do you know who is executing judgment upon you?


COMMENT: Conviction in your heart.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, it could be conviction in your heart. But even more obvious than that, because that would be a spiritual discernment that everybody does not have the ability to see.


It is the fruit of the judgment. Does it kill you? Does it destroy you? Is it redemptive in any way? What have you learned from it? Has it made you a monster? Have you gone out and become more violent? Has the hatred in you increased? Has the rage in you increased? Has the desire for vengeance in you increased?


Or has your bad experience resulted in more compassion for your fellow man? Has it resulted in an insight into what would make someone do such an offensive thing to you, so the next time, you can help them to overcome? How have you changed as a result of this painful experience? If you are a better person, it was a Son of God that has executed judgment upon you. If you are a worse person, it was a son of the Devil.


It is so simple, but so few understand. Why? Because the god of this world has blinded you and made you deaf to the spiritual truth of our existence. He is a liar and the father of lies. And just about everything, if not everything that you believe if there is nothing of Christ in you, is a lie. There is a lie in your mind to justify your sin. There is a lie in your mind to justify your evil. There is a lie in your mind to justify your asocial behavior.


I did it because you deserved it. Oh, really? You did it because it gratified something in you to do it. You did that asocial behavior because it gave something in you that was causing you distress a release from that distress. You did it because the Devil was inside of you pressing a button that was making you tense, that was making you nervous, that was causing you some sort of pain. So you did what he told you to do. You put the knife in under the fifth rib, to someone who has not done anything ungodly to you.


You are a son of the Devil, or a daughter of the Devil; she is female. You are a messenger of the Devil. I do not care if all you did was to break up that conversation. I do not care how harmless it looked to you. You are a messenger of the Devil. You need to know it.


Jesus said, I am going to tell you the truth, and the truth will set you free. How could you know it if you cannot look into your own heart and see it? That something that that person was saying caused you distress, they were not saying anything wrong, were not doing anything wrong. But because of some weakness in you, it was making you nervous or agitated or uncomfortable. And the way you dealt with it was to put a knife in your brother. That makes you a murderer, brethren. You must receive instruction on how to deal with your discomfort without being a murderer.


How do you deal with your own discomfort without being a murderer? You have to attack the sin in your own mind. You have to attack that which is causing you pain in your own emotions. You must turn around and attack the taskmaster in your own mind and say, I will not do it. You must rebel against your taskmaster.


Paul says we are married to him. Rebel against your present husband. He is wicked; he is evil, and he is using you for his own purposes, to gratify his own lusts. And the wages of the sin he does through you is that you continue to die. You have got to rise up and stop obeying him. Oh, but he is my husband. When your husband tells you to commit suicide, you do not do it, brethren. There reaches a point where you do not submit to authority. When that authority is obviously ungodly and destructive and deadly, you do not yield to it.


I was watching the story of Martin Luther King yesterday. I saw how Birmingham, Alabama, was desegregated. Do you know how that town was desegregated? The police and the firefighters would not obey the governor. That is how it was desegregated.


A bunch of people came in with peaceful resistance, and the police and the fire department, or whoever they were, obeyed their commanding officer. They hosed them down. You know, that is painful to be hit with a high-power hose. You do not just get wet; it hurts. As soon as the people left, they had a whole demonstration of children coming in, little kids. Would not move. They hosed them down.


Then a couple of days later, a group of people gathered in a place which was a couple of blocks away from the jail. I think Martin Luther King had been in jail. And it was Easter Sunday. And they made it clear that all they wanted to do was go up to the jail and pray. And they were just sitting there, no weapons, doing nothing. And you could see the distress on the police captain's face.


The governor came running over; he was enraged. The people would not move out. And he wanted them, whatever it was, hosed, or set the dogs on them. And not one of the troops would do it. And they walked up to the jail, and they prayed, and they left, and that was it.


You must rebel against your ungodly taskmaster in your own mind. Oh, but when I rebel, he hurts me. He causes me pain in my emotions. Some people, he makes sick. He has power to hurt me. He has more than that, brethren. He has power to kill you. And kill you he will, eventually, unless you rebel against him.


But much worse than that, now that the Lord Jesus Christ has adopted you. You find yourself between a rock and a hard place. The rock is the Lord Jesus. He says, If you do that, I am going to punish you. And the hard place is the Devil. He says, If you do not do it, I am going to punish you. Who are you going to obey? Who is going to punish you the hardest? I suggest to you, the Lord Jesus. And you had better decide who you are going to align yourself with because you are going to be knocked from pillow to post. You would do much better not to push against the pricks and to start rebelling against the Devil in your own mind because the Lord Jesus does not like your behavior when He is adopting you.


You are in a war, brethren, and it is not against your brother. It is against the Devil in your mind, the Devil in your emotions, the Devil in your behavior. And you do not change overnight. You change little by little, second by second. It is painstaking as you drag yourself up by sheer brute power which has been imparted to you by the Lord Jesus Christ. Sometimes it takes years.


Oh, no, do not tell them that. All they have to do is positively confess that they are changed. And do you not know that you are a new creature? Do you not know you are a new creature in Christ Jesus? I saw you go up on the prayer line, and someone put olive oil on your forehead, and now you are supposed to go out and be a new creature. How silly. You bring condemnation upon the person from other people and within themselves, confusion on other people, disillusionment on other people.


And yet other people find it within themselves to rise up in their own willpower, and they become Pharisees. They look like they changed, and they act like they changed, and they think that they changed, but they have not changed. They go around condemning everybody else who does not have the willpower to do what they did. And when their test comes, it is proven that they have not changed. And then they are enraged because they were fed a lie.


The hour is come, brethren, to change. Righteousness is coming into the Church. The game is over. Judgment is already upon us. The warning is going out. The trumpet is sounding. The Lord is not going to tolerate it. He is not going to tolerate what? He is not going to tolerate you, His Sons, looking like the rest of the world. You have to start looking like His Sons.


I told you wormwood judgment is coming into the Church. It is nice that you do whatever you want, and you say that you are sorry, and it is all over. There will be consequences that will be executed whether you say you are sorry or not. Israel went under judgment for 70 years, 7-0, 70 years. And we are told that Esau cried and wailed, but there was no repentance found for him.


Standards will be impressed upon you. And trial after trial after trial will come upon you until you find the strength within yourself to arise to the standards of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is not coming down to where you are. You are not going to bring Him down to where you are so that you could feel good about yourself. You are going up to where He is so that you could feel good about yourself.


The name of the game is change. We shall all go from glory to glory. We shall get better and better and better and better until one day we find that righteousness has appeared in us. But I want to tell you, if anyone had told me how hard this walk would be, I would have never believed it. I would have never believed it.


When the Scripture says, The Lord will not give you more than you can bear, the reason that Scripture is in there is that He is going to push you so hard, you are going to think that you cannot bear it. That is how hard it is going to be. It is going to look like you are falling down. It is going to look like you cannot make it. It is going to look like there is no way you could take this victory.


And in fact, the truth is, there is no way you could take that victory in and of yourself. He is going to show your powerlessness. He is going to show you your weaknesses. And then He is going to say, Look up; I am up here. If you just ask me, I will do it. If you do not ask me, I will not do it. You must ask. You must put your pride aside, and you must confess your need, and you must ask. Humble yourself, and you shall receive. It sounds easy; it is not easy.


But you can do all things in Christ which strengtheneth you. I never fully understood what that Scripture meant. It means that the things that you really cannot do, the sin that you really cannot overcome, when you cry out to Him, you can do it. That is what it means.


I just started experiencing this two years ago. I cannot believe the trials that have come to me that I have absolutely failed to overcome. I cannot believe it. I even bound and loosed, and it did not work. I said all the prayers; I read all the books; I said all the words, and I could not take the victory.


So as a flash of brilliance, I remembered the Lord Jesus. I said, Lord, if you do not do this for me, I am finished. And what do you think happened? The whole time, He was just waiting for me to ask. He was waiting for me to find out that I cannot do it without Him in this condition, in this fallen condition that I am in now.


I have some power in Christ, but I do not have the Spirit without measure. And if I think that I am on top of the whole thing because of whatever power I do have, I am going to fall into the ditch because I am still dead, and so are you. And there is no power in death.


nd He does not help you unless you confess your sins and repent. There are requirements. There is a price. You see, Satan does not charge you anything upfront; it is all free. He calls in the bets after he gives you the service. For Jesus, there is a price upfront. You have to confess your sins and repent.


So the whole country and the whole Church are simultaneously entering into tribulation, brethren. The heathen are entering into the reaping and sowing judgment in an intensity that we have not experienced in this nation, perhaps, ever. And the Church, of course, is being affected by the reaping and sowing judgment. But even more than that, they are entering into the white throne judgment, which is a correction of their personality, a correction of the way they think.


I believe with all my heart that, if you are in right standing with Jesus, if your sins as He has shown them to you are confessed, and you are doing all that you could do at that point, you will very well survive the physical and natural disasters coming upon the world in this country. There is not a doubt in my mind that you will get up and walk away from any kind of natural destruction if you are in right standing with Jesus.


Both kinds of judgment are falling upon the people in general and upon each individual. Both kinds of judgment are falling, depending on whether or not the sin that is being dealt with is confessed or unconfessed. And with the intensity of the reaping and sowing judgment that is falling on this nation right now, I cannot encourage you more to get your sins all fessed up because there are heavy things happening there, brethren.


And you are not just doing it for yourself; you are doing it for your whole family. If you are the only one in your family that the Lord is dealing with, you are the priest of that family. If you never see them, if you never talk to them, you are the priest of that family. Eventually, as the Lord matures you, He will be sending you to your natural family. And eventually, you will have a spiritual family. You are the intercessor for all of your blood relatives that are less spiritually mature than you.


Now, do not go running off and doing something carnal. You can only do what the Lord shows you to do for them. And if you are still young yourself, then there may not yet be anything that you can do. But eventually, as the Lord leads you, He will show you your role. There is responsibility with spiritual manhood, brethren. If you think that you are grabbing this pie and running off to La La Land, you had better think again. Freely you have received, and freely you are required to give.


The first person the Lord sends you to is your family. Oh, do you know what my brother did to me? I do not care what he did to you, and neither does Jesus. Do you not know my father is a no-good, low-down, dirty dog? I do not care, and neither does Jesus. What do you think you were when he picked you up off the floor? A no-good, dirty, low-down dog. Do you think He could clean you up and not clean your father up? But you do not know what he did to me. Brother, put it away.


It is time for you to grow up. You think the Lord would forgive you and not forgive the one next to you? If you really believe that, judgment is already headed for you with your name on it. Why? There is something wrong with your thinking. And whatever judgment is necessary to correct that thinking is headed for you like a torpedo under the sea.


The Lord did not fix you up to live selfishly. He fixed you up so that you could strengthen your brother. And when you have been converted, brethren, strengthen your brother. When you have received strength, strengthen the weak ones. The Pharisees receive strength and turn around and condemn the weak ones. Beware. Judgment is headed for you, your own personal torpedo with your name nicely engraved upon it.


Repent quickly, Jesus said, lest you get taken before the magistrate and pronounced guilty and locked up until you pay every dime that you owe. If the Lord saves your life, your life belongs to Him. You shall no longer live for yourself, brethren, but live for the one who has saved you.


It is a very serious hour, brethren. There are very serious things happening in the world today, very serious things happening in this country, very serious things happening in the Church. The hour is very short. We are already in tribulation. Some people are feeling it more than others. It is already upon us. I encourage you to make your relationships acceptable to God. That means you do everything you can to make your relationships acceptable to God.


If the person you are engaged in a controversy with has not done their part, then you must withdraw. The only thing you are responsible for is that your hands are clean. You are not responsible for the other person's repentance from sin. But you must do everything you can to make amends for your failures and your sins against people, and then you must release that person to either make their own amends or to stay in sin as they choose. Each man is responsible to God for himself.


For you to take responsibility for another human being is the sin of... does anybody know what sin that is? It is the sin of pride for you to think that you are responsible for someone else's sins or to think that you have the power to change that other person, or to think that you have the power to repent on their behalf. That is what our friend Job tried to do for his children. You do not have the power to do it.


And when you direct all of your energies to trying to repent for somebody else, it means that those energies which you are directing, or which you are misdirecting, are not being used for whatever purpose God has for them in your life. And to do something other than what God has told you to do is disobedience; it is rebellion. It is also pride.


Now, you only have so much energy, brethren. If you are spending your energy doing something that your carnal mind desires to do, you are not spending that energy on what the Lord is telling you to do. And you must ask yourself why you are putting all that energy into trying to reform somebody who is not being reformed. And I suggest to you the answer is pride and selfishness. You want something from that person that they cannot or are not willing to give you, and you are not willing to accept that. You are also indicting God for not bringing that person to repentance at that time. Pride, pride, pride.


Get your eyes on what Jesus has called you to do. Get your eyes on yourself, and stop trying to direct your own life, or judgment is falling on you. Are you telling me you are going to be in a car accident? No. You are going to have some kind of painful experience until you get your hands off of where God does not want your hands. Get your hands out of the honey jar.


The Lord has more work for you to do than you have time to do. And if you are taking time away from your assignments to work on an assignment that He has not given you, you are disobedient. You are throwing your whole life out of whack. You are throwing your walk out of whack. You are throwing your relationship with Jesus out of whack. And he is going to have to whack you to get you in line.




Let go, says the Lord. Let go of everything that is not of me. Let it go, or I will take it from you. And if I have to take it from you, says the Lord, it will not be pleasant. Let go.


I am coming upon this ministry, says the Lord, like a thief in the night. I am coming, says the Lord, like you have never seen me before. I am coming with a power that you have never seen before, says the Lord. I am coming with judgment, and I am coming with fuller's soap. I am coming to cleanse you, saith God, with a strength of power that you have never seen before. Submit to me, or I will bring you into submission. Do as I say, or I will do it for you. Repent, or I will bring you to repentance.


The hour of childishness is at an end. It is time to go on. Prepare yourselves for a great move of the Spirit, saith the Lord. I will come and bring great change. And when I come with change, I come with pressure, saith the Lord. There is no change without pressure. There is no change without stress. There is no change without tribulation. I am changing your direction, says the Lord. I am coming, and I am coming with recompense, and you shall be changed.


Things are speeding up, saith God. You will be amazed at how rapidly these changes will take place. And what is more, you will be amazed at how rapidly judgment falls. Judgment will fall rapidly, saith God, for we are out of time. I shall stand on the earth again, saith the Lord, and I shall stand in your flesh. And when I stand, you will stand. And when I walk, you will walk. And when I talk, you will talk. And you will not go about your own direction in your own way. This is a serious hour, saith God. Submit, or I will bring you into submission.


For I have called you, saith the Lord, from before the foundation of the earth. And you shall be a glory unto my name; you shall not be a shame unto my name. No profane thing shall come out of your mouth, but holiness shall come out of your mouth. I shall do this thing. Even I, the Lord Jesus Christ, shall do this thing. You shall speak my words and do my deeds, and I shall chasten you without mercy if you are disobedient. But you shall be holy because your Father in heaven is holy. And you shall look like Him, and you shall sound like Him, and you shall walk like Him, and you shall talk like Him.


And all of you who have moaned and groaned because of the sins in Israel, all of you who have moaned and groaned because of the sin and the unrighteousness that you have seen in the Church, you shall be the [?incent?] in the Church. You shall be amongst the company of righteous ones that the people shall look to and say, behold, the Scripture is true.


This day, righteousness has appeared in the Lord's Church, in a company of men, and we can see it. The promise is real, and the word is real, and righteousness is real. And the power of God to make us holy is real. You shall be the sign, saith the Lord, that you looked for and you could not find. It shall be found in you.


Some of you that have had some instruction or experience with witchcraft may have heard of the term visualization. That is referring to the practice of visualizing in your mind that which you would like to speak into existence.


See, we are told that this whole world came into existence because the Lord spoke it, and because of Jehovah's high realm of spiritual power. He spoke the word, and all of the atoms that were available just came together and formed whatever He spoke. And what did He speak? He spoke what He saw in his mind. We are told the Lord had an imagination, and that imagination was this creation. I cannot say we are it because the Lord Jehovah did not visualize us like we are now. Right now, we are a visualization of whose mind?


COMMENT: The Devil.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the Devil's mind has imagined us. And that is why we are in this sorry condition that we are in.


But Jehovah visualized us. And that which was found in the garden before the fall was an expression of Jehovah's imagination. And once again, at some time in future, after powers and principalities are cast down, this creation shall be a visualization of Jehovah's imagination.


But right now, we are a figment of the Devil's imagination. That is what we are. And the Devil has a high enough witchcraft authority to form a world. He imagines a world and an existence in it, and here we are. And that is why we are subject to this world and to the Devil, because we are the figment of her imagination. If you can hear it, hear it. If you cannot, that is OK too. Years ago, I used to have a friend. We had a big joke between us. We would say that person is a figment. In-joke. Forget it.


Well, anyway, we were talking about visualization. In this hour, we have human beings who are engaged in an aspect of the practice of witchcraft called visualization. That means, if for example a woman sees a man that she thinks she would like to marry, or if a man sees a woman that he would like to marry or would like to have an affair with or whatever, he or she starts to think along those lines. If you are a woman, you start to picture yourself, in your mind, in a wedding dress, walking down the aisle with this particular man. And you put your soul into it; you put your mind power into it. If you want a particular job, you start to visualize yourself working at this business. And you put your willpower into it, and you put your mind into it.


And depending on how much witchcraft power exists in your mind, it may or may not come to pass. And it may come to pass sooner or later, depending on how accomplished you are at this. Some people do not have to be accomplished at it; they are just born with a lot of witchcraft power. They have a very strong mind. And when they set their mind on something that involves other people, it is very possible for that other person to get drawn in against their will.


Drawn into what? Maybe you will wind up being a golfing buddy against your will. I do not know. Whatever the person wants from you. Usually, they either want money from you, or they want love from you, or they want power from you. It is usually one of those three things.


So if somebody sets their mind against you and starts imagining a relationship between themselves with you, which you do not agree to, it is very possible for you to get drawn into something that is way over your head. If you are aware of what is going on, if you are a spiritual person and you are aware of what is going on, you have got a war on your hands.


And if you think that you are safe because you have the Holy Ghost, you are mistaken because the Holy Ghost really does not have much, if any, power at all against this kind of witchcraft. It is only Christ Jesus that has power against what I am talking about here. You can have Christ Jesus being formed in you, but if He is younger, or if He is young to the extent that He does not have the same measure of power as this other mind, you can still be overtaken.


This is the end-time, mind-to-mind warfare. Whose mind is stronger? You can have two people with carnal minds that are battling one another. One has more power than the other. In this hour, Christ is just arising into this arena. I do not believe it. Well, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] anyone since the days that Jesus walked in the earth. That is why the workers of witchcraft laugh at us. We are not even in the ring with them. They are heavyweight; we are not even lightweight. Forget it. We do not even know how to punch. But the Lord is raising up a company of men in this hour. So this was my experience.


Does anybody not understand what visualization is? It is a form of witchcraft whereby you create with your mind. Through the exercise of your will and concentration, you create what you want with your mind. You force people to do your will with your mind. Visualization.


Well, I was praying the other night. I have had some problems here over the last few months while I was sleeping. And I was just praying one night, my usual prayers, as the Lord has shown me, sending out angels to attack invading forces, whatever, before I went to sleep, covering myself with the blood of Jesus the whole way.


And all of a sudden, I could almost hear a spiritual ping. A castle appeared in my mind, the image of a castle. Now, I am very excited because this says to me that I have ascended into a realm of spiritual authority that I have never operated in before. And I recognized immediately what was happening. Who was the castle? Does anybody know who a castle would represent?


COMMENT: The kingdom?


PASTOR VITALE: OK. And what's a kingdom? Who are the kingdoms?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, who are the kingdoms? We are talking about people here. Who are the kingdoms? Each of us is a kingdom, brethren.




PASTOR VITALE: Everybody is a kingdom. Either you are a manifestation of the kingdom of darkness, or you are a manifestation of the kingdom of light. So this castle just went ping, and it just popped in my mind's eye. So I recognized what it was immediately. What was it? that the Lord was showing me an image of my spiritual being in the form of a castle. In other words, the Lord had caught me up to a place where I was in a position to defense myself more completely. That was how I interpreted the appearance of this castle.


And it was an old-fashioned castle. It had a moat around it. So I dug the moat deeper; I put crocodiles in the moat, and I drew up the drawbridge. And I put soldiers up in the ramparts. Did you ever see these old movies where the top of the castle has cut-out places where the soldiers would be in and where they would shoot their arrows from? I put soldiers across all the top, and I put cavalry around in front of the moat. I slept well that night.


Listen, everything that the workers of witchcraft do is a counterfeit of what is in Christ. Everything they are doing is a genuine, valid spiritual exercise, but they are doing it by an illegal spirit. That means it is just a matter of time until the believers who are in Christ start doing the same thing by the true spirit. There is no law against the true spirit. We are ascending, brethren, but you are not ascending without righteousness. You are not receiving power in Christ without righteousness.


Father, I just want to pray right now that this meeting does not end before you end it. I am under a lot of pressure to end this meeting right now. I rebuke you, whoever you are, and whoever's mind you are. I rebuke Jezebel. Thank you, Lord. I break the power of your mind control and your will.


Brethren, the Lord is raising up an army. It is going to be an army of spiritual warriors. It is going to be a spiritual warfare, mind to mind. You cannot fight unless Christ Jesus in you is mature enough. You can expect to be doing everything that the workers of witchcraft do at some point. But you are not going in without righteousness. He is not going to grow up in you, to a point where He is strong enough to walk in these realms, without righteousness. He will not grow up in you unless you are in a process of overcoming your sins.


It is a form of control. I knew a woman once whose husband came home from work grouchy almost every day. So for about an hour before he was due, she would sit there imagining him walking through the door with a smile on his face. She was controlling him, brethren. He came through the door with a smile on his face. It is witchcraft. It is witchcraft. It is witchcraft. Well, you say, is that not good? He came through the door with a smile on his face. It is still witchcraft. You cannot control other people like that.


COMMENT: So in effect, you are saying that witchcraft uses this mind power?


PASTOR VITALE: It uses its imagination to benefit oneself. And when you serve the living God, you are using this imagination to bring about His will and His purposes.


Mind power, imagination, mind power. That is true. That is true, but there is another subtlety. That is true. The use of spiritual power to serve one's own purposes is usually an indication that the power that you are exercising is witchcraft. The power of God is almost always to accomplish the purposes of the living God. And the purposes of the living God are always to bring people closer to Him so that they might be elevated spiritually.


This is the point that I wanted to make to you. The average person, whether they are into witchcraft or are not into witchcraft, this is just typical of the carnal mind. If you are having a conflict with somebody, if you have got a problem with another human being, the carnal mind says the answer to this problem is to control the other human being. That is the answer of the carnal mind. OK.


Now, in some areas, it is legitimate. If you have a homicidal maniac going around killing people, the police go after him, and they put handcuffs on him, and they put him in a padded cell. You control him. That is legitimate because the police have authority in this world.


Brethren, if I do not like what you are saying to me, I do not have the right to go over and punch you in the mouth because you will not stop talking. We have free speech in this country. If we are all gathered in a social situation, I have a right to express my opinion. If you do not like what I am saying, a lot of people will try to shut up the person who is saying something that they do not like. They are not breaking any law by saying this. This person just does not want to hear it. So their answer to the problem is to shut the other person's mouth. This is a form of witchcraft.


In Christ, if you are in Christ, you must deal with this from within yourself. The Lord wants to teach you a godly reaction. Let us say the person is saying something ungodly to you or about you. The Lord wants you to learn how to respond out of righteousness. If you respond either out of witchcraft to try to shut them up, or you respond aggressively, it is sin unto you that needs to be dealt with. The Lord wants to teach you how to respond out of righteousness.


What does that mean? Well, I will tell you what the effects of a righteous response would be. It eventually, anyway, will stop the offensive speech. But it will do it in a manner that will also teach the other person, or at least give them an opportunity to be convicted and make some changes in their life.


I remember when I first came to the Lord. We were all messed up when we first come to the Lord. I had some offensive ways about me. And I would speak in a certain way, and whoever I was talking to, they would just walk away from me. And I remember saying to myself, Why are they walking away? I really wanted to know why they were walking away from me. I would have been grateful for someone to tell me why. But I did not know why because there was no one in the Church, in that hour, who was schooled in the skill of showing people their sins. No one showed me my sin. They just abandoned me, you see.


So if somebody is doing something offensive or saying something offensive, if you are truly a Christian, the Lord will teach you to tell them without condemnation. You have to tell them what they are doing wrong. You have to give them a chance to change. If you tell them, and they do not take the opportunity, then the power of God comes in and brings a correction. You have got to tell them.


We have a whole bunch of lily-livered cowards in the Church world, running home locking themselves behind closed doors and praying about it, praying psychic prayers to change them. You are supposed to tell them in the love of God, without condemning them. That is not right, brother. It is not right, what you are doing. Somebody has got to tell them. You go in your room, and you bind and loose. What do you think? They are going to hear this great voice out of heaven, telling them what they are doing is wrong? They are going to hear your voice telling them what they are doing is wrong. Oh, not me, Lord. Yes, you. Go in and tell the guy what he did wrong.


I thought my job was to give out tracts. I cannot find that in the Bible. What do I find in the Bible? They shall show My people their sins. They shall give out tracts? If you can find it in the Bible, please show it to me. I do not see it anywhere. They shall have gala Christmas pageants? I cannot find it anywhere. They shall have cantatas? I cannot find it anywhere. They shall have concerts? I cannot find it anywhere. They shall show My people their sins.


Wow, what a serious night. What a serious night. I am closing with this, brethren. The Lord is not going to tolerate the condition of the Church anymore. Either we are going to start acting like Sons, or we are going to lose what we have got. And you act like a Son by the way you relate to your fellow Christian. I wish I had a dollar for every Christian who said to me, It is just me and God. It is not just you and God; it is you and your brother, and God is in the midst of you. You cannot hide behind your closed doors because your feelings get hurt.


It is all over. We are entering into some new phase of judgment here. Just cannot do it anymore. It is not going to be tolerated by the Lord anymore. You are going to lose what you have got. You are going to lose what you have got. You are going to lose what you have got. Use it, or you are going to lose it. Use what? The power to make yourself a righteous person and deal in a godly manner with your brethren. Or you are going to lose it because you were not given power to make yourself rich. You were not given power to find yourself a husband or a wife. You were given power to become holy. Now, use it for what it was given to you for, or you are going to lose it. Two thousand years, the party is over.


Transcribed by VerbalFusion, 07/06/21

1st Edit rh, 07/12/21


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