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Really, I really have not been feeling well at all. As a matter of fact, I have been asking the Lord whether or not to go to a doctor. I hate going to doctors. I want to be supernaturally healed. And I think I got a diagnosis from Him.




No, I did not. From the Lord, I got a diagnosis which says to me that it looks like the Lord is going to heal me. Things seem to be moving. So I have a diagnosis.


And I asked him if there was anything I had to repent of, and there was something that I had to repent of. I abused my diet, He told me, and this is the result of it. And I know I abused my diet. So I am hoping that the healing is in progress. If we have time after the service, I will ask you to pray for me. I will tell you what it is at the time, and I will ask you to pray for me. When you are all gathered together like this, there is just power in numbers. I just did not have any energy.


I went out today to get the photocopying done. And we have reprinted Love Covers a Multitude of Sins, and Mind, Hell and Death without any changes. But I have also reprinted the Old and New Testament with changes in both volumes, even though they are both still very incomplete. My perfectionist spirit is manifesting so badly, such a patchwork job. I have a couple of cross-references and, I think, one footnote in there. From an editorial point of view, it is a disaster. So I rebuke my pride. I am just doing what God has told me.


And if you would like a copy of the reprint, you are all welcome to a copy of the reprint. I just ask you to please not waste God's money. Either give the copy that you have to somebody, or bring it back, and we will give it to somebody. These books are running about $2 a copy. It is not pennies, so please do not throw it in the garbage, and let us do something with it.


And what I do recommend to you, in the recent reprint of the Old Testament, we have added two important Alternate Translations that were worked up in Nigeria, the most important of which is Zechariah 11. Please read it. It is very powerful, and it is very important. I started to cry as I typed it into the computer today. And among other things, it is speaking about wormwood judgment.


Something very powerful is happening in this hour. Judgment is falling everywhere. It is falling everywhere. It is falling on individuals; it is falling on churches; it is falling on the nation. And wormwood judgment is coming.


Just to remind you of what wormwood judgment is, the judgment we have been under to date is what I call the gentle judgment of the Holy Spirit. You do something wrong; you get thrown out; you say you are sorry; you come back. It is a revolving door. And it comes to the individual; it comes to the nation; it comes to the fellowship. Wormwood judgment comes on many levels.


I am not here to frighten you tonight, but I am telling you the truth, so you need to pray about it. If you are afraid, rebuke it. Fear is never of God. Wormwood judgment is a form of judgment where a sentence is pronounced upon you, and you could say you are sorry, down on your knees, doing cartwheels, and you are still under judgment, brethren.


And it is coming upon the whole nation; it is coming upon fellowships, and it is coming upon individuals. And I know that it is coming into this fellowship. It is coming into this fellowship on a very minor level, to the extent that you might be asked to miss a service or two. Someone else has been told various things. I do not want to single anybody out. It is not one person; it is coming on the whole fellowship. But here, it is still very minor, just a day or a week, you know. The significant thing is that wormwood judgment is at the door. Wake up; wake up; wake up; wake up; wake up.


And I am turning into an absolute buzz saw, and there is not a doubt in my mind that it is God. So if you get in my way, make sure it is just your carnal mind that gets cut off and nothing that you need. You do not need your carnal mind.


And there have been other additions. These are just the two I am pointing out to you. The second important addition that we worked up in Nigeria is Ecclesiastes; I believe it is chapter 12, which is important, but that Zechariah is profound. And I understand it takes a long time to listen to the messages, but you could read the Alternate Translations very quickly. They are very powerful.


So as I said, I did the photocopying today. They are inside; they are just not stapled. So if you want to staple a copy before you leave, you are welcome to do that. If not, you can wait until the workers here get them done.


There is a woman that is been trying to get here for a couple of weeks now. She cannot seem to get here. Xxxx and Xxxx cannot seem to get here. And this woman's name is Xxxx. And I just want to pray a quick prayer for her that, if this is demonic interference, let us try and bring it down. Then, if it is the Lord, there is no way they are going to get here. This is a cloistered fellowship. Nobody gets here without the permission of God. And you bet, if you do not believe it, you do not know what you are talking about. And nobody stays here without the permission of God. You better believe it. So let us just pray for these three people.


Father, in the name of Jesus, we just put Xxxx, Xxxx and Xxxx before you. We bless them, Lord, whether you are calling them here or whether you are not calling them here. We rebuke the devourer over their lives. We break the rod of the oppressor. We break curses back 10 generations on their lives, and we forgive their sins from A to Z. And we pray, Father, that you restore them into the fellowship of the family of God in heaven and that you have great mercy on them, Lord.


If, in fact, you want them, any one or all of them at these meetings, that you tear down the obstacles and we just send out the angels and the cherubim to bring them in. And if you do not want them here, well, then so be it. Let it be. But if they are called here, if there is help for them here, well, then we just pray that every wall be torn down and every gun be dismantled and every snare be closed off and removed, and every trap should be turned upon the trapper, and that a highway should be opened up that will get these people here. And we send a police escort for them, and we just bring them in, in the Name of Jesus. Amen.


And I did want to call to your attention a phenomenon that is going on in the Church. It is sad. It is frightening. I guess it is where you are in Christ. What you think of it is where you are in Christ. But it is happening, brethren, from an excellent source.


You may have heard, over the last few years, there is something called a laughter anointing in the Church. I have heard it from a lot of people. I have only seen one person drunk in the Spirit. One time, I saw somebody drunk in the Spirit. And I believe it was genuine because I know the person, and they were strong at the time. I have not seen them in a long time. They were a strong believer, and they were just drunk, and they staggered across the whole front of the Church.


But I have heard about an anointing that hits the whole fellowship, sending them into peals of laughter. I first heard about it about six years ago. I heard that it happened out in Riverhead, in Living Waters, that an evangelist came in with this anointing that hit the whole Church. It was just in peals of laughter, and that it was supposed to be the joy of the Lord. Well, although we know here that the joy of the Lord is a spiritual joy, I believe in laughing. I believe it is good for your soul if you are laughing at clean things. And I believe it is good for you to laugh. Sometimes I do not laugh enough. And I heard it was godly.


This evangelist came in, and the whole fellowship laughed all night. And they left the Church, and they went out to Friendly's, and they laughed all the way to Friendly's, and they laughed in Friendly's, and they laughed all the way home. I know somebody in another state says they have this laughter anointing in the fellowship that they go to, and that it is of God. And these are all people that I believe have the discernment to perceive the Spirit of God. So I have never doubted that it was of God, personally.


But a report has come to me from a very reliable source that there is a church, and I am not going to tell you what church it is. It is not that I do not trust you. I just cannot afford to get into any kind of gossip, myself. I cannot afford to sin, brethren. I have too much at stake. But I believe that this is not gossip. I believe I am giving you a report of what is happening in the Church, but I am not going to tell you what church. At this time, anyway, I do not feel led to tell you. But it is on Long Island.


About a month or so ago, this laughter anointing came into the church by a visiting preacher. I do not know whether he is visiting or not. He has been around. He came in from out of the state. It is abiding. It is going from week to week to week. But associated with this laughter has been a withdrawal of the Word of God.


Any new anointing that comes in is supposed to enhance what you already have. If there is something of the Spirit operating that ceases to operate, it is only valid if that has been swallowed up into something greater. What am I talking about? If you do not hear that much of the gift of prophecy anymore, well, it is OK if it is been replaced by the true prophecy. What is the true prophecy? The actual Word of the Lord coming forth from Christ within, who speaks. When He speaks, He sounds like any other person. You have to be able to spiritually discern His Spirit. So you are not supposed to be losing substance in the Church when something new comes in. So the first sign was that the Word started to deteriorate.


Listen, brethren, we are all in training to be Sons. I have been in services where God has cancelled a message and given a whole evening of deliverance. God does that for one service. The Word is not supposed to be disappearing for every service. First sign, the Word was deteriorating. Less and less of the Word.


And even though there was much laughter and people rolling on the floors holding their sides, the Spirit just did not seem to be right. Witnesses to prophets in the Church, something was really wrong.


And I am told that, this last week, a 65-year-old woman who has been in this particular church for 20 years, started out laughing, continued to roll on the floor, rolled over onto all fours, started crawling around the Church, barking like a dog. I am telling you, it is hurting me to say this. It is causing me pain to say this because I see an implication in this that, I do not know if grief is the right word.


Brethren, we have a deep revelation here, deeper than a lot of other churches. We have been taught that our fallen personality, called the Devil, is the beast from the Book of Revelation. We are beasts, brethren. And the only thing that keeps us walking on two legs instead of all fours and having any sort of civility or society is the fact that we have a spirit.


And the more or the deeper our relationship with Christ, the more civilized we are. And the farther we get from Him, the more animalistic we are. And to me, hearing such a report, what that says to me is that Satan is the spirit in that Church and that this believer of 20 years could not discern the difference between the Holy Spirit and the spirit of Satan. Not only could she not discern the difference (I am having trouble getting these words out). Do you realize what is happening here? That this spirit, when unopposed, will bring us down to a degree of bestiality that we cannot imagine in our wildest dreams.


Believe not every spirit, brethren, because every spirit is not of God. Just because the Spirit is in a building that calls itself a Church does not mean it is the Spirit of God. If it talks in tongues, it does not necessarily mean it is the Spirit of God. If it dances, if it sings, if it preaches, if it prophesies, it does not necessarily mean it is the Spirit of God. And when it has got you real good, it is going to get you down on all fours, and it is going to play with you. And the deeper its hooks are in you, the more it is going to play with you. And if you think you can get up and walk away whenever you want, after it is got you that good, you had better guess again.


So I believe that we are going to see possession of people who name the name of Jesus, to a degree that no one would have ever believed it. All these believers that argue over whether a Christian can be possessed or, what is the other word that they use? oppressed. Let us have a debate. You cannot be possessed, but you can be oppressed. Brethren, if you are crawling around on all fours and barking like a dog, I really do not care whether you are possessed or oppressed. You are crawling around on all fours, barking like a dog.


And then I am told that a man in the congregation got up and fell all over this 65-year-old woman. And they were both really shocked at the position they found themselves in, and they pulled apart quickly. But I am telling you, you watch this thing because what is coming up is the worship of Isis. It is coming down on this nation at breakneck speed. And the worship of Isis includes orgies in the temple.


Now, I do not care who is hearing me and saying, Oh, you are crazy. You watch it, brother. You keep your eyes open, and you will see what this nation is coming to because the worship of Isis is already here, only everybody is in denial, and a lot of people still have a lot of restraint. But, brethren, if you are crawling around on all fours and barking like a dog today, what are you going to be doing tomorrow? And you could laugh at me all you want, but you will find out that I know what I am talking about.


And I also want to tell you that this man did not fall on this woman by accident. Brethren, we are talking about spiritual manipulation of human bodies. I have been preaching it. I do not know who is been listening. I do not even know if the people here have understood what I have been talking about, but I know what I am talking about: spiritual manipulation of your body against your will. What does that mean? Your hand does what you do not want to do. Your feet walk where you do not want to go. Your mouth eats what you do not want to eat. I have been preaching it for two years. I do not know if anyone here has heard it. I do not know who believes it on the messages, but I know what I have been preaching: loss of dominion over your own body.


And, brethren, is that such a way-out thing? The Scripture says, Let Adam have dominion. Well, we lost dominion over the volcanoes. We lost dominion over the tornadoes. We lost dominion over the hurricanes. We lost dominion over the tidal waves. Is it so way out to believe that we might lose dominion over our own bodies? Wake up; wake up; wake up.


Cannot Satan make us sick? Well, she makes us die. She takes this existence from us. She has power to strip of us this existence. She has power to make us sick against our will. She has power to make us angry against our will. She has power to make us rage and insult people against our will, does not he? Wake up; wake up; wake up; wake up; wake up.


And I am told that this barking is spreading to whole congregations, and it is coming in on the heels of the laughter. The churches that have given over to this laughter are now (and not all of them) but it is coming in on the coattails of this same anointing, the barking.


Now, I do not know whether the laughter is a wrong spirit or not. It could be either way. I have never been in the midst of a whole congregation laughing like that, so I have never tried the spirit myself. And to be honest with you, I never prayed about, never felt led to pray about it because it was just a message in my ears. It never affected me, although I think I did experience it myself once. So I do not know. It could be either way. It could be that the laughter is godly, and then this other spirit is sneaking in on it, or it could be that the laughter is another spirit right from the get-go. I really do not know. It could be either one.


But this is the bottom line, brethren. The test is righteousness. The test is not the spirit. The test is not whether or not you speak in tongues. The test is not the doctrine. The test is holiness. The test is your attitude in the areas where you are not holy because nobody is really holy. Are you confessing your lack of holiness as sin? Are you not only willing to change; are you asking the Lord to change you? Are you resisting ungodly thoughts in attitude and behavior with all your strength, calling out to the Lord Jesus to be your strength because your strength alone is not strong enough, asking his strength to be your strength? Then you are considered holy in his eyes, brethren, until he makes it a reality unto you.


But if you are not confessing your sin and repenting, everybody wake up! Your life is on the line. If you are not confessing your sins and repenting, you are going to die. You are going to die spiritually, and then you will just go the way of all flesh. You will die eventually.


But the upside of this is that eternal life is knocking at the door, you see. So do not look at the downside of this. Confess your sins and repent and enter into everlasting life. What does the Scripture say? Enter into everlasting life, beloved of the Father. Something like that. Those are Jesus' words. It is in one of the Gospels. O, ye faithful, enter into everlasting life.


You had better ask the Lord to help you come out of your denial. Do not take any chances. I do not because, if you are in denial, how do you know what you are denying? Make a covenant while you can. Do not wait until you are down on all fours barking like a dog, brethren. Make your covenant now. Any sin that you are aware of or that you are not aware of, Lord Jesus, please show it to me. Give me the grace to confess it and to repent and deliver me. Forgive me my sins and my weaknesses. Add your strength to me and let me not be ashamed in the hour of your appearance, because it is nigh unto you, brethren.


He is separating the cattle from the cattle. You think all Christians are the same? No, all Israel is not of Israel, brethren. He is separating the cattle from the cattle. It is easy to separate the cattle from the goats. All you need is a pair of eyes to do that. But it is hard to separate the man who is religious and is putting on a good act from the person who is truly, truly serving God with all their heart. Their heart may be weak. But Jesus said, The widow that put two mites into the offering, she gave more than the millionaire who gave $1 million because she gave out of her poverty. Wake up; wake up; wake up; wake up. You are out of time. You are out of time, Christians crawling around on all fours, barking like dogs.


You know what I cannot get out of my mind? A Star Trek program that I saw where Captain Kirk and a couple of his men wind up on a planet with superior beings whose minds are stronger than anything I have ever seen. I do not know. Maybe it exists in this world. I do not know. I have not heard about this. I have heard about all kinds of witchcraft, but I have not heard about this. These people had minds which were so strong that they could manipulate Captain Kirk's body and the body of his friends. And the man said to Captain Kirk, Get up and come in front of me. And Captain Kirk said, No. And he was dragged to his feet. He was forced to his knees by the power of this man's mind. And the man told him to dance, and he said, No way. But the man's mind made him dance.


Wake up; wake up; wake up. You think it is fantasy? Wake up. You better enter into the mind training which is going on right now here. It is going on here. You better enter in, or you are not going to have a weapon.


PASTOR VITALE: What is the name of your weapon, brethren?


COMMENT: Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Christ Jesus is your weapon. He better be growing in you, or you are going to be out in the middle of World War IV without a weapon. If you do not know what to do with your weapon, they are going to take your gun away from you and use it against you. You better get moving, brethren.


You think this is a game? You think these meetings are a game? You think going to Church on a Sunday morning is what you do? You get dressed up, and you go to Church. God help us, and God have mercy on all the people that believe that, whose pastors are not telling them the truth. But I declare unto you, everyone who is cleaving, in their personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, unto Him, they know.


There are a lot of people that call themselves Christians, and they have the Holy Ghost, brethren. They have the Holy Ghost. Some of them actually have Christ being formed in them. They think this is a game. This is no game. The ends of the ages are upon us, brethren. So praise the Lord.


Jesus said, Look up, because your redemption draweth nigh. Now, you have to stay positive. Do not get lost in a puddle of tears over the people who Jesus has been calling for years who have refused to come. Do not be women and children. Stand up and act like men. Have the compassion of Jesus, but do not get all messed up in your emotions because you will not be able to save that person, and they are going to kill you. They are going to drag you right down into the ditch with them. You ask Jesus if He is willing to help them, and you go about your service to God. Do not turn back for anyone. Do not go back. Do not even look back.


What does the Bible say? If you are on the roof, do not go back. If you are in the city, do not go back. If you are in the farm, do not go back, brethren, because when you go back, you are going to get trapped back there. Do not go back. Just keep on going. Go straight ahead. Confess your pride and rebellion as sin every day, and just keep on going. We are all out of time, and I am telling you, I do not know anybody in the Church that is nearly strong enough to come against what is happening in front of my very eyes.


As far as I could see, the workers of witchcraft are still stronger than me. It does not please me to tell you this, but I deal in the truth. They are still stronger than me. I am not even equal to them. I just have to believe that, in the hour of my necessity, Christ will give me what I need. I believe that because that is what his Word says, that I am going to survive everything that is coming this way. And the truth is, I could wake up one morning and find myself very strong because I believe He is very strong in me, but for whatever reason (well, I do have some thoughts about it, but I am not going to go into that tonight, I do not think, unless the Lord has other ideas).


So there is just one other thing that I would like to tell you about, and that is that I have been told by a Freeport resident (although I have not heard anything about it on the TV), that the local government in Freeport is actively preparing for a hurricane that is supposed to bring 10 miles of flooding inland, right up to Hempstead Turnpike. Have you heard about it? The town council is busy preparing all forms of evacuation routes.




PASTOR VITALE: The person who told me said that they do not know exactly when it is coming. So I do not know whether this is hearsay. I did not ask them where they heard it from, but I hope it is not just a false rumor. What I told you about the Church was actually witnessed by someone whom I trust. I should have really asked the person where they got their information from, but that is what I am told. And they live in Freeport.


So, brethren, look up. Hallelujah. Your redemption draweth nigh. Jesus never said it would be any other way. What did He say? Men would be shaking with fear. Did not he say that? Did not he say that? They would be shaking with fear at the events which were coming upon the earth in the hour that the Sons of God were about to stand up. Men would be shaking with fear.


So on that somber note, I do not know what to tell you. You know, I have to tell you the truth. Well, anybody have anything to say before I preach? Boy, it is a real somber note. Jesus. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: I had this quick vision of water all over the floor in the back of a laundromat. Early this morning. It was around 4:30 in the morning, I had this feeling that there was water all over the floor. And I was thinking, in my mind, it was like, well, that means that something is left on in the boiler. And I was like, no, that cannot be. I checked everything. There is no way it is possible.


And so it would have alarmed me to stay awake, and if I would have given in to it, I would have gone up there and checked out the store. But I said, I am not going to do this. I am not giving in to this because I know I checked it. And I said, Lord, unless you have some other reason that I am up at 4 o'clock in the morning, please help me go back to sleep. So I went back to sleep.


I got there, and everything was fine. I was in the back, and I said, This is some kind of spiritual warning, water. I thought maybe it was a warning about water spirits or something. But I am now wondering if it was a warning about a hurricane, that the Lord was saying that or something. I am not sure, you know.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, you know, cannot walk in fear, brethren. You have to believe God is going to keep you. I heard testimonies during the hurricane down in Florida, with all that wreckage down there of whole houses not being touched, with all the other houses around them completely wrecked. And then that testimony about the people who were in the bathroom, and the whole house blew away except the bathroom, and they were just safe, standing in the bathroom. Brethren, you have got to believe that God will keep you. You have got to believe. They opened the door to the bathroom, and they came out. Fear will not do anything for you. Panic will not do anything for you.


You know, a lot of the training that the Lord has given me has been through military-type movies. And there was one movie that I saw with Richard Widmark. I like Richard Widmark. He was a battleship commander who was a fanatic. But just to make the story short, he was a fanatic, and he went too far, whatever the story was. The bottom line was that he did something (I cannot even tell you what he did, something with the bombs that were on the ship). Somebody made a terrible mistake, and it was an irreversible mistake. And he knew that the ship was going to blow up, and there was nothing to be done about it.


And he was standing there. You could see a little stress in his eyes, but he was cool as a cucumber. And this other lesser officer came charging up to the bridge, I guess they call it. What do I know? And he wasn't quite as cool. And he was just challenging the captain, Richard Widmark. And Richard Widmark just turned around and looked at him. You could see the stress on him. What are you going to do? The stupid ship's about to blow up, man. What are you supposed to do? So he just looked at him, and they just stood there, staring in each other's eyes. And that was the end of the movie. Ka-blooey, all over.


So being upset is not going to do you any good. You have to keep your head. You have to keep your head because, if you lose your cool, you will not even hear the Lord's instructions to you. You wake up one morning, and everything around you has been bombed out, and there is no sign of food or water anywhere. You have got to keep your head because the Lord will provide for you. Either He will direct you to a place where there is food and water, or He will manifest the food and water, or you will not need the food and water. But if you panic, you will never hear His voice. Stay cool, brethren. Stay cool. I know it is a big joke, but you are in the army. It is really very funny. We are a ragtag army, but you are in the army. You are in the army.


COMMENT: Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on him.


COMMENT: They said that mosquitoes out in; it is a place named Manorhaven


PASTOR VITALE: Manorville?


COMMENT: Manorville, yeah. In that area, it is carrying encephalitis. And they are spraying; I think they are going to spray. Xxxx heard that they were going to spray in the morning. But that is, I think, a sleeping sickness, isn't it? Encephalitis --


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, Manorville. That is too close for comfort.


COMMENT: It is a deadly disease.




COMMENT: It is not far. I think it is before the Hamptons.


COMMENT: It is, like, 10 miles from here, something like that.


PASTOR VITALE: Jesus. Well, they say that Long Island is one of the two highest witchcraft centers in the country. I think the only one higher than us is California. We are the highest. We have the most active witchcraft.


COMMENT: Long Island?


PASTOR VITALE: Right here. You know, it is right down on Port Jeff. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] in all of the East Coast. Well, I do not know about the East Coast, but in New York. I know it is pretty heavy up in Massachusetts too.



PASTOR VITALE: Well, there was a Satanic Church in Bay Shore. I really do not know if it is there or not anymore. I do not know. I had heard there was one in Coram also, but I do not know if that was verified. I was told Anton LaVey was living right here in Setauket. Wasn't he in Setauket? That is where their coven is, somewhere in Setauket. I wonder if he is not the head of it. We have got the big cheese himself, huh? Have you heard anything about him these last few years? I wonder if he is still there.


COMMENT: They just keep pushing it more and more. It is like more and more shops are opening up down there.


COMMENT: Another shop opened beyond the three of them?


PASTOR VITALE: So far, it looks like there is four different shops.


COMMENT: Now there is a fourth one down there, really?


PASTOR VITALE: There is a psychic and a palm reader.


COMMENT: Oh, yeah, that makes four. And the three shops --


COMMENT: Three shops, yeah, and then that other shop.


PASTOR VITALE: Fetish, yeah. The two book shops, the shop called Fetish, and the psychic and the palm reader. When I walked out of that shop called Fetish, brethren, you do not go in these places unless the Lord tells you to go in, please. I prayed before I went in. I felt the Lord told me to go in. And I walked in there, and I pronounced poverty on the place. And as I came out and I walked to my car, the woman must have heard my prayer because she sent a curse. It came like a little puff. It came up right behind my head. And as I went to my car, it hit me but barely touched me. It certainly did not hurt me. It was, like, the slightest little impact. It just hit me just like that. But I felt it; it hit me right in the back of my head. Praise the Lord.


Fear is not going to get you anything. Ain't no place to run, brethren. Ain't no place to run. Sharpen up your weapon. Do not be a fool. You spend every second you have sharpening your weapon. Well, I am not commanding you, but I think you are a fool if you do not.


Do you realize that 999 out of 1,000 people in the Church would think I was crazy if they heard this exhortation? And they are out there praying for Cadillacs. God have mercy on their soul. Better start praying for your life, brethren, and for your family, because these Christians are going to be falling like flies.


And they are going to be cursing God. They are going to be cursing God for letting whatever is going to come upon them happen to them, but He warned them. It is in His Word. He has got preachers preaching it. They are calling them false prophets and hating them and cursing them and telling their congregation to not listen to their messages or read their books. The word is out.


Nobody has any excuse. There are no excuses. Most of the times, people talk to me, and they give me all kinds of excuses. It is not that I do not want to hear what you have to say, brethren; it is simply that it does not matter what you say. There is not any excuse that makes any difference in issues of righteousness, right and wrong. It is not that I do not want to listen to you; it is just simply that it does not matter what your excuse is. We are talking about righteousness. Righteousness is a spirit. The line and the plummet are out. What mind is in you? What mind is in you, carnal mind or the righteousness of Christ? In the smallest, littlest areas, is your mind Christ? Or is your mind carnal?


You know, I have been all caught up in this book this last week. And all of a sudden, this spirit came upon me. He said, Get down the bagel store. And I said, Oh, no, I am in the middle of this thing. I said, Lord, if this is not you, please deliver me. But I felt it was God, picked up and ran out. You know, I never know what I am going to find when God does this to me. All kinds of strange experiences are waiting for me when this happens to me. So I did not know who I was going to meet, where, what, when or how. Made it to the bagel store, did not meet anyone along the way and was on the line waiting to buy a bagel.


And I had an encounter with another customer, almost bit her head off. And I am convinced it was Christ. You do not have to believe it if you do not want to. But as I examine my hour that I was out, this was the only spiritual thing that happened to me was that I almost bit this woman's head off. And I expect she was a Christian. I am telling you, judgment is falling everywhere, and God hates pride.


Now, He is not talking about the kind of pride that says, Wow, I did a good job today; I am a pretty good Joe. That is not what He is talking about. He is talking about hidden malignant pride that pronounces your brother guilty so that you could look righteous. The Lord calls it sacrificing your brother to keep up your image, which is not really your image; it is just a false shield anyway. God hates it. And it is spread over this whole,  cannot say the country, but this whole area. Wherever I go, I see it.


I used to watch a lot of old movies; I would see the exact opposite. People were honest, or at least some people, at least 50 percent of the people. They were honest. They told the truth. If they made a mistake, they admitted it. They apologized. I have seen movies; children were taught to apologize if they made a mistake, but not today. Nine out of 10 people, they just smooth it over. They just smooth it over. And more often than not, they turn around and make you the guilty party.


It is happening in the people. It is happening with the politicians. I watch a lot of political debates. The politicians are doing it; it is disgusting. In the littlest things, they will not take responsibility for what they do or for even what they feel. Do you know how many people will not even come out and ask you when they want something? They would rather make a suggestion and manipulate you into offering. It is disgusting. God hates it. Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay. Do not be manipulating people into doing things for you. Ask them and be grown up enough to take it if the answer is no.


Well, anyway, I went down to the bagel store. And I am standing on a line there, and it is very common that someone (you know, they have four people working) gets waited on ahead of you. It is no big deal. It happens all the time. Someone thinks that you were taken care of, but you were not. So that is what happened to me. And the woman behind me stepped up. No big deal. I just turned around, and I said to the clerk, Oh, excuse me, I think I was next. And I know that I was in a right spirit because I know when I am not in a right spirit.


And the woman behind me, it upset her. For whatever reason, it upset her. She was embarrassed; I do not know. It was pride. I know it was a spirit of pride. And I was not even looking at her. I just spoke to the clerk. I said, Excuse me, I think I was next. And the woman who had stepped up (and I am telling you, no one could fault her. It looked like I was being taken care of). I had no hard feelings; I had no problem. I was just asserting myself in a godly manner. I said, I think I am next. But she manifested some measure of pride. Whatever was going on in her head, I really do not know.


And she looked at me, and she said, Oh, that is all right. Do not be upset about this. Now, it may sound like nothing to you, but if you think it is nothing, you better pray because it was a spirit of pride that came out of that woman and attacked me and made me the guilty party, you see. It was a very small issue, but I was the one who was mistreated. And I asserted myself in a godly, righteous manner.


And the person who had done wrong (although, granted, she did not even know she was doing wrong). I am telling you, I did not fault her. All I did was bring her correction, a godly, righteous correction, and she turned around and attacked me and told me not to be upset.


Now, I am telling you, I am turning into a buzz saw. I did not even stop to think. I just turned around to her, and I said, I am not upset; you do not be upset. I did not even know where it came from. And after I prayed about the whole thing, I really believe the woman is a Christian. God is coming down on these subtleties of pride.




PASTOR VITALE: I know. I know.




PASTOR VITALE: I know. I am going to pray for you because you cannot see it. And you have got to start seeing it.


COMMENT: I have tried listening to your words and I do not understand [INAUDIBLE]


PASTOR VITALE: I know. You do not see any of this. I am going to pray for you because you have to start seeing it.




PASTOR VITALE: No. Well, Xxxx, I just have to believe that God is going to open your eyes. You know, you have really got to start seeing this stuff. I know you are trying as hard as you can, so I am going to pray for you in just a minute.


COMMENT: Am I the only one who does not understand? [INAUDIBLE]


PASTOR VITALE: I think so. Does anybody else not understand what I am talking about here? You are the only one. So what you need to know is it is not a question of you are not agreeing with me; you do not even know what I am talking about.




PASTOR VITALE: OK. You are going to know because I know that you are a woman of great faith, and I know that you are doing all the right things and that you are praying all the right prayers. And Jesus just has to do it for you. He just has to do it for you. So I am going to pray for you in just a minute.


First of all, I was even shocked at what came out of my mouth, but I knew that it was a spirit of righteousness. So I sat down at peace. I prayed for the woman. I forgave her sins, and I blessed her. And I really felt in my heart that she was a Christian. This kind of pride is prevalent throughout the whole Church. It is sin, S-I-N. It is sin, brethren. It is the operation. Or as Paul says in the Book of Romans, It is the motions of sin in your mind.


And the fact that no one ever told you that it is not sin does not make it not sin. The fact that your brother did not tell you when he asked you to drive the car up in front of the drugstore and sit there with the motor running; the fact that he did not tell you he was going to rob the drugstore does not mean you are not guilty. It is sin, S-I-N.


And if you choose to go to a church with hundreds of members where they do not tell you things like this because you feel clean when you come out of there, and you do not like to come here because this crazy woman preacher tells you all this junk that makes you all upset when you walk out of here, you may not be hearing it. But my job is not to make you feel good. My job is to cut your heart out. That is my job. Sometimes your heart punches me back.


I am telling you, time is very short. Judgment is falling with great speed upon the Church, and it is starting with the elders thereof. And who is an elder in the Church? It has nothing to do with how long you have been going to Church. It has nothing to do with whether or not your pastor has appointed you a deacon because you are a lawyer and you are tithing $500 a week. It has nothing to do with any of that junk.


It has to do with your spiritual condition. It has to do with whether or not Christ is being formed in you. God does not judge the bastards; He just judges the Sons. And if His Son is in you, watch out because the Sons of God are manifesting, and they are coming, looking for you.


But of course, we are told the judgments of Gods are merciful because they are bringing a correction that is going to save your life. But it is never pleasant while it is happening, brethren. However, in due season, it will yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness in you if you do not faint. The Scripture that says it will yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness if you do not faint definitely implies to me that the whipping is not with a wet noodle.


Transcribed by Verbal Fusion, 06/09/21

1st Edit, rh, 06/14/21



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