313 - Part 7
The Serpent, The Dragon, The Devil & You

Part 7 of 19 Parts  


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We are in Genesis 4, speaking about Cain and Abel. Brethren, I believe that Cain and Abel were one man. I encourage you that, if you do not agree with this revelation, that you at least pray about listening out, hearing me out. This is going to be a very interesting message. If you could just go along with this teaching, just to read the rest of the message and then pray about it, I encourage you to do it.


I believe Cain and Abel were one man. If you recall, the Serpent was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which existed within the Tree of Life, just as a peach pit exists within a peach. And the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil separated from the Tree of Life and began an existence of her own. Another way to say this is that the creation began with an incomplete mind. It was a mind that was a one-thread mind. It was the breath of life that had been breathed into the creation by the Father, and the name of that one thread was -- anybody? The single thread, Christ alone. Today, sometimes, he is called Christ consciousness, the single thread, the first thread of a threefold or a three-thread mind. We are told a mind which is made of three interwoven threads is not easily broken. A mind formed of one thread is easily broken, brethren.


The creation at the beginning was a single thread. And the breath of life was breathed into the dust, and it became a living soul. And that living soul was waiting to have a spirit join with him, the second thread. And there was a choice as to what that second thread would be. It would either be the spirit of Jehovah or the Serpent was coming to join with that second thread. And once that union took place, there would be an increase. The single thread, Christ, was of such a nature that, when the second thread joined with him, there would be an increase into the threefold cord, just as a male seed joins with a female seed and produces a third product, a new baby.


We see the creation was good but not perfect. At the beginning of time, it was good, but it was not complete. It was in seed form. Adam, the creation, had an incomplete mind. So the Scripture says, in parable form, that the Lord brought all the animals to Adam to see what he would name them. That is the fantasy of the King James translators. It belongs with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. I love the King James translators, but it is time to grow up.


If you cannot handle it, someone else can. I am out of patience. If you cannot handle it, nice knowing you. Someone else wants what you have got. You do not want to use the talent that you have been given? You do not want to use the opportunity to partake in the glory that is being poured out here? You cannot handle the pain? Nice knowing you. There is someone else out there who wants it. You are honored to be called to this at this hour. If you stay, I love you, and I want you. If you leave, I still love you and want you. But if you are going, I am not running after you. There is someone who is willing to fight this fight because you are not going to stay here without a war. Jesus.


Listen, Adam did not name the giraffes and the hippopotami. He gave a nature to the creation. And Adam had a choice: Either this creation would incarnate as a beast, or he would incarnate as a god. The Father gave him that choice because man has a free will, because man is not a robot, because man is not a machine, because God does not do what the Devil does. God does not control you to the point that you cannot think.


Do you know what the Devil would do if he could? The Devil in people, brethren, in fallen people who have this inclination, given their own way with no restrictions, would control you to such a degree that you would utterly lose whatever ability you have to think for yourself. That is called mental illness in this society, but it exists. There are parents who do that to their children. They control them to such a degree that their child cannot function.


Does anybody know the name of the mental disease that results from such an extreme case? Well, there is a particular name. It is schizophrenia. Their mind completely collapses. And all of a sudden, they cannot do anything for themselves. They fought you, and they fought you, and they fought you, and they fought you, and you won. And now they sit in their chair, 24 hours a day, rocking like a vegetable.


God does not do that. God says, This is all that you need to have to be whole. I have given you My Spirit. I have given you My wisdom. I have given you My counsel. I will not do it for you. Sink or swim because I will not have a Son that is a vegetable. So get up and fend for yourself. All you devils out there that blame God for the condition that we are in, I rebuke you.


Adam chose the Serpent. Your ancestor, whom you are, chose the Serpent. Get your finger out of Jehovah's face, you phony, and start taking responsibility for your own shortcomings. Stop blaming everybody else for your weaknesses and start crying out to God to make you strong because that is His promise to you: that, where you are weak, He will join with you and make you strong. But he cannot do it while you are busy blaming Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck for every mistake you make. You have to face up to it and cry out for help.


Adam chose the Serpent, brethren. He joined with the Serpent. You see, the first cord stays the same. The first strand, the first string, the first thread, is always Christ. The third thread, or what the completed mind looks like, is completely dependent upon whom the second thread is. Can you hear this?


Listen, brethren, in human reproduction, does anybody know what the female seed is called, in letters of the alphabet? Does anybody know? Anybody? She is an X. Every ovum in your ovaries, ladies, is an X. We are talking genetics now. We get little tidbits from all sorts of worldly information in this fellowship. Every ovum in your ovaries, ladies, is an X. Gentlemen, every sperm in your body is not an X, nor is every sperm in your body an X. Does anybody know the other letter?




PASTOR VITALE: Y. If you are a man, you have both X's and Y's. You have both X seeds and Y seeds. So when one of your X seeds, gentlemen, hooks up with the lady's X seed, two X seeds equals a --




PASTOR VITALE: A what? An X or a Y?




PASTOR VITALE: An X. Two X's can only make an X, a girl. If one of your Y seeds hooks up with a woman's X seed, an X and a Y equals a Y.




PASTOR VITALE: A Y. You have got a male.


COMMENT: Because the male overtakes the female.


PASTOR VITALE: The Y overtakes the X. Yes. Actually, I do not know if that is true. It is the combination that produces the male. I do not know if that is true because, technically speaking, throughout this entire -- well, I do not know what the condition was in the creation when it was standing. But in this fallen creation, female is stronger than male in every aspect. Why would that be? It is just a reflection of our fallen condition. It is perverse. The male is supposed to be stronger than the female.


It is very hard to produce a male child. The environment in the womb, the hormonal environment in the womb, kills the sperm. Did you know this? It is a miracle every time a woman conceives. The environment in a woman's womb is deadly to sperm, and it is much harder for a male to be conceived than a female. And once the male is conceived, he dies out much more easily than a female conception, both in utero and post-utero. The males are killed off. They are much more vulnerable to being destroyed both while they are in the womb and after they exit from the womb, in the early stages. This whole world system is anti-male. Why is that? Who is the god of this world?




PASTOR VITALE: The Devil. She is a woman. She is a spiritual women's libber, and she would like to knock out the male element completely. She is a voracious man-hater. And the man that she hates has a name. His name is --


COMMENT: Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: Christ Jesus. And if she could do it, she is going to stamp Him out of this creation forever.


So because the creation is fallen, and the god of this world is the Devil, it is very hard to survive as a male: physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you have been given any measure of manhood -- physically, emotionally or spiritually -- you have a war to fight. If you do not want to fight, you are going to become a woman: physically, emotionally or spiritually. You think I do not know what I am talking about? That is your loss because I know what I am talking about. This world is a jungle. Physically, emotionally and spiritually, it is a jungle. You want to give up and become the boy that became a harlot, Job 3:3? Be my guest. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: Job 3:3?


PASTOR VITALE: Job 3:3. We have the Alternate Translation in the latest edition of the Old Testament, which I have not printed out yet.


Listen. Adam completed his mind by choosing to join with the Serpent. Did he choose an X or a Y sperm? Somebody?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, he chose an X. The creation was born female. That is why you are in the condition you are in; not because God is having a ball watching you learn how to deal with sin, you liars. You are paying the price. Adam bit a sour grape, and your teeth are on edge. Jesus.


The third strand of the mind, which is three strands woven together, is determined by the nature of the second strand, which joins with the first strand. Adam joined with the Serpent. The creation incarnated as the Devil. The creation incarnated as a divided creation, as a double-minded creation, if you will.


Paul said, Be ye single-minded. He said, Let Christ Jesus in you bring that carnal mind into submission and refuse to let it function. May your two minds operate as one mind under the authority of Christ Jesus, in which condition there is life.


James said, The double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. That means, one minute, you are thinking with Christ Jesus, and the next minute, you are thinking with the Devil. And in an extreme case, you feel like a total fool who cannot make up your mind, cannot decide whether you are walking to the left or the right, cannot decide whether you are happy or sad. You have got two minds. You are split, brethren.


What is the answer? Christ Jesus has to grow up in you and lay hold of that old Devil and bring him under because, if he does not, it is just a matter of time until the Devil grows up in you and brings Christ under. You are not going to stay the way you are. You are going to go one way or the other, man.


The creation incarnated with a double mind. Adam mated with the Serpent and brought forth a double-minded creature: good and evil, Abel and Cain, one superior creature right after the fall. The creation was still quite superior and very much had a relationship with Jehovah, very much so. And listen to what Jehovah said to the first incarnation that was double-minded. There was a tragedy. Adam made a goof and incarnated double. And the Lord said to him, It is not too late. That is what the Lord said to him.


Genesis 4, we will read the whole thing.


Verse 1: And Adam knew Eve, his wife, and she conceived and bare Cain. She bare the evil side of the tree first. She bare the Devil first and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord. And she again bare his brother Abel. Somebody once said to me, What is the matter with your brain? Can you not hear there were two births here? Well, I do not know about you, brethren. We have at least one person here that gave birth to twins. You bear one, and then you bear another twin twenty-four minutes later. Was it a labor of itself? It was a full labor with the second child. So you bore two children. All you devils, get your minds straight. I rebuke your carnal minds. I do not know what the creation looked like at that time, but she bare Cain, the evil one, first. And then she bare again his brother Abel. But they were in the same body: two souls in the same body. She had twins.


And Abel was the keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. A sheep is an animal. The ground is speaking about the earth. And who is the god that is in the earth? Who is the god of the earth?




PASTOR VITALE: Satan. So she bare a beast, a sheep, and she bare a soul that was of the earth.


Verse 3: And in the process of time, it came to pass that Cain brought, of the fruit of the ground, an offering unto the Lord. Brethren, there is no life in the ground. When you bring forth an offering of the ground, you bring forth of the earth. He brought forth the existence of Satan to Jehovah. He said, Here is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Here is Satan's earth. And the Father would not receive it. He said, In this fallen creation, in this double-minded creation, there is My Spirit. My Spirit is present. But he has been born in an animal form.


Now, let me refer you back, please, to Genesis 3:16: And unto the woman, he said, 'I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception. And in sorrow, thou shalt bring forth children.' If you look at those two words, sorrow, they are two different Hebrew words. The second Hebrew word, translated sorrow, can be translated animal body. You will bring forth your children from an animal body. You will give birth like the animals.


Brethren, before that, the creation multiplied by a form of cell division. This concept of bringing forth young as the animals do is a manifestation of the curse, and it is with pain. It was not that way before the curse. The creation had built into it an ability to reproduce itself by cell division without pain, whereby the new cell or the new person would appear fully mature without needing 15 or 20 years of nourishing, which ties the woman to the earth. Can you hear what I am saying? A fully mature spiritual adult brought forth another fully mature spiritual adult, and every spiritual adult served God. There is no marriage or giving of marriage in heaven. What do you do? You are married to God. There are no children to raise. Any reproduction that takes place is by cell division, producing a fully mature, competent, fully equipped being. Thank you, Lord.


So we see that, when the creation incarnated, it incarnated in an animal body. Cain typifies that aspect of the divided creation which was in an animal body. It is called a sheep, but I do not believe it was a sheep like we have sheep today. It is the parable's way of saying the spirit of God that was in the creation was now in the form of a beast, incarnated as a beast instead of a god, incarnated as an animal instead of as a superior spirit.


What is a superior spirit? The man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. He is a superior spirit. That is what the creation was supposed to look like at the beginning of time. He is a ball of light who has the ability to take any form that He likes. But the creation did not incarnate that way because Adam chose the Serpent over Jehovah. So the creation incarnated as a beast. And instead of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil being within, the evil part was separate.


So we had a beast, whatever that looked like, in which was the spirit, which was Christ. And then there was another part to the creation, which was all earth, which was the Serpent. And the name of the Serpent separated from the complete creation is what? The Dragon. As soon as she separates out from under the authority of Christ Jesus, her name changes to the Dragon. Why? Because she takes on a male nature. A woman is in submission to the man. As soon as she came out from under the man and she started acting like a man, she got a man's name: Dragon.


And God spoke to both parts of the creation. He said to the part of the creation which was His Son, the one that incarnated, the spirit that incarnated as a sheep -- that was where the Son of God was: in the form of a sheep.


Brethren, we are in the form of a sheep now. The Son of God is in us. He is spirit. Jehovah said, I am the God of the living and not the god of the dead. I am the God of the Spirit; I am not the god of the earth, the soul. Satan is the god of the soul. I am the God of the spirit. I will receive the sacrifice of the spirit man. I will receive the fat of the flock. Fat is a type for spirit.


I do not have this exactly right. I do not know. But I suggest to you that Abel offered up his submission to Jehovah. He acknowledged Jehovah as God. He desired to be obedient to Him. He desired to follow His instructions. But there was another side to him that was separate from him: a different thought, a different voice. They were not of one mind and one accord. There was another part to him that thought with a different mind or walked to the beat of a different drum, you might say. And it says here, I believe, the Lord respected Abel's sacrifice.


Verse 4, And Abel also brought of the firstlings of his flock. His first thoughts and his first obedience were unto Jehovah. His spirit was in submission to Jehovah, and the Lord respected Abel and his offering. And, brethren, if you think that Abel came with a little lambkin and slit him and bled him to Jehovah, you are mistaken. That part of the creation which incarnated as a beast because of Adam's choice to join with the Serpent rendered up spiritual sacrifices which we read about in both the Book of Revelation and the Epistle of Peter. I think it is Peter. Does Peter speak about spiritual sacrifices? I may have the wrong apostle. I know it is in the Book of Revelation. Abel offered up spiritual sacrifices of the firstlings of his flock, the spirit that incarnated as an animal. His heart was still towards Jehovah despite his condition of having incarnated as a beast. And the Lord Jehovah received him as a Son.


But, you see, the one who had separated out, that old Dragon, that Dragon who was that old Serpent that said, I am here too, Lord; receive my sacrifice also. And the Lord said, No way. Only a man offers up the sacrifice. Now, listen. Your husband can make a sacrifice for you. Women do not make sacrifices to Jehovah. I will not receive your sacrifice. I will not receive the fruit of your divided, separated tree. Can you hear this? Jesus.


Please, everybody, try. It is the middle of the day. Try. This is really important. It is a very strong anointing here today. Please try. Try to stay up. Try. It is an important message.


Verse 5, But unto Cain and to his offering, God did not respect it. Did you ever wonder about this? What does God have against spinach and broccoli and zucchini? Did you ever wonder about it? God does not want two offerings.


What does it say in the New Testament? If you have ought against your brother, leave your gift at the altar and go reconcile. The Lord does not want a divided creation. He does not want a divided Church. He does not want a divided body. Get yourself in order. Let this family be in order. Let this fellowship be in order. Let this Church be in order. Let this body of Christ be in order. I will not receive your sacrifice.


All you rebels out there who are not willing to submit to Christ Jesus in the flesh, that want to offer your own sacrifice directly to the Lord Jesus Christ, the day is coming. And the day now is that He is not accepting it. And what is the day that He is not accepting it? The day that Christ Jesus is raised up in the flesh in accordance with the Lord Jesus Christ. And that man does not have to be in perfection.


When the Lord Jesus Christ says, I have got a man that is satisfying Me enough that I am instructing you to submit to that man, the day that you stop doing it, He is not receiving your sacrifice. He is not receiving your divided sacrifice. Now, He may be receiving your sacrifice in some areas and not others if Christ Jesus is not perfect. But in the area where the Lord Jesus Christ, not you, not me, not Mickey Mouse but the Lord Jesus Christ, has declared that this imperfect man is authorized to be Christ Jesus to you in that area, He is no longer receiving your sacrifices. And that is why He is not answering you if that is such an area. God does not hate broccoli. He hates a divided house. And He will only take the sacrifice of the head of that household.


I tell you all the time. I will put it on this message for wherever it is going. If you are a woman, and you have a complaint against your natural husband; if you are a child, and you have a complaint against your natural father or your natural mother; or if you are a member of the spiritual congregation, and you have a complaint against the God-appointed head; if you want the Lord Jesus Christ to plead your cause, to fight for you, if you are in fact being sinned against, you must come into submission to that headship. You must respect them. You must honor them. You must cease from rebelling against them or rising up against them in any way and humbly go before God, blessing that head, telling the Lord that you honestly think they made a mistake. And then He will either correct you or deal with that imperfect head. He will not support you. He will not assist you. He will not help you in your rebellion against the authority that he has appointed over you. He will not do it except in an extreme case like Jim Jones where the guy is trying to kill you. I am talking about an imperfect head who is doing the best they can but is imperfect.


And sometimes, He will not answer a prayer like that. If He does not answer a prayer like that, the chances are, 99 percent, your thinking is wrong. If there is no correction made within a short period of time, a couple of weeks, a couple of months at the most -- it should even be faster than that -- the chances are, 99 percent, you are wrong. If he Has not corrected your husband, if He has not corrected your parents, if He has not corrected your pastor, the chances are you are wrong. And in due season, He will explain to you how you are wrong. But if the truth is you are the one who is wrong, you might have to wait even as much as a couple of years for the explanation only because you may not be capable of understanding at that moment. And it was your wrong thinking in the first place that caused you this distress.


So from the moment your prayer goes up to the Lord, He begins a program in your life. Assuming you are wrong in this case, He begins a program in your life, the end of which will be to mature you to a point or to teach you in such a way that you will understand that you thought what you thought because your thinking was wrong. And the only reason it might take Him a couple of years to answer you is because it might take Him that long to teach you. Why? Because maybe you have to learn five other things first. But if He does not answer you, the chances are very high that your thinking was wrong. So just be at peace. Try and be at peace. Try and let it go.


So we are in Genesis 4:5, But unto Cain, the divided tree, and to his offering, which is the Devil, he had no respect. Now, listen, brethren. Your mind is your offering. Christ Jesus is the eternal offering. In our example of the tabernacle in the wilderness, there was a continuous sacrifice. The fire never went out. There was a continuous sacrifice going on.


We see that Moses said, Behold, I see a bush that burns but is not consumed, something made of wood that burns but is not consumed but is preserved. The fires of God are preservatives, and every sacrifice shall be salted with fire. Every sacrifice shall be preserved with the purifying fires of Christ. Only your sin burns up, brethren. Only your sin burns up.


So when your carnal mind and the whole Devil is cast into the Lake of Fire, everything burns that can be burnt. But, you see, your human spirit cannot be burnt. Christ in you cannot be burnt. He will be purified by the fires and come forth as pure gold. The fires of God purify and preserve Christ and increase Him into Christ Jesus. And when Christ Jesus is strong enough to preserve, to give life to your soul and preserve your body, Christ Jesus, who is the Lake of Fire, throws himself over your whole person, your whole spiritual person. We found this in the Message #38 series. And that part of you which is flesh will be preserved by the preservative fires of Christ Jesus. But the sin will be burnt out. The sin will be burnt up.


So Christ Jesus is our sacrifice; the man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. That part of Him which is human, that part of Him which is humanity, that part of the man Christ Jesus which is flesh -- He is the bush because flesh is typified by wood. He is the wood that abides with the everlasting burnings of Christ Jesus and is not consumed. The man Christ Jesus is our sacrifice.


And in the fallen man, likewise, the sacrifice is the Devil. But the Devil burns because he has sin in him. God does not preserve your sins. He burns them up and destroys them. So we see that the Lord had no respect for Cain's offering.


And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell. You see, the Serpent separated out from under her God-ordained authority, and she expected Jehovah to honor her deed. And when she found out that Jehovah did not honor her deed, she was very angry. What sin is this, brethren?




PASTOR VITALE: Pride. The very nature of the fallen man, the very root of his nature, is pride. He sins, and when he is corrected, he is wroth. Jesus, help us, Lord.


And the Lord said to Cain -- now, look at this. Check yourself out. In the areas where you do have authority to correct people, is this your attitude to people who are enraged at you because you have corrected them? What is your attitude towards people who rage against you because you have corrected them? Are you raging back at them? Are you insulted? Are you offended? Or are you communicating with them and trying to help them to see their own motives so that they might repent?


Verse 6, And the Lord said to Cain, 'Why art thou wroth? And why is thy countenance fallen?' Why is your facial expression -- why do you look like that, man? Look at your face.


Verse 7, If you do well, shalt thou not be accepted? And if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him. Brethren, I have waited 10 years for this revelation. That Scripture never made any sense to me, but the Lord has explained it to me now.


And the Lord said to Cain -- the incarnation of the Serpent, or the incarnation of that Dragon, that old Serpent. God said, I do not receive you as an individual. Do you get it? There are no lone rangers in my body. You have to be part of a fellowship under a head, and you have to learn how to submit. I do not accept your offering. If you do well -- if you do it My way, buddy, not your way, My way. If you do it My way, I will accept you. I will receive you into the kingdom when you are in submission to Christ Jesus. I will receive you into the kingdom when you are functioning in the role that I have ordained for you. I will receive you into the kingdom when the spiritual head that I have put over you makes a sacrifice for you.


Now let us apply that to us today. How does the spiritual head that the Lord has placed over you make a sacrifice for you? Does anybody know the answer to that question? How does the man, who is sent to be Christ Jesus to you, make a sacrifice for you?






COMMENT: He has to speak in [INAUDIBLE]


PASTOR VITALE: Well, you are all hitting around it. He forgives --




PASTOR VITALE: Well, you are hitting around it. That --




PASTOR VITALE: He forgives your sins. Now, it is very easy. Mickey Mouse can say, I forgive your sins. It is not an issue of words. He lays down his life for you. How do you lay down your life for somebody? How do you lay down your life for somebody?




PASTOR VITALE: You love them. How do you love them? How do you show that you love them?




PASTOR VITALE: OK. Action, compassion. What do you do?




PASTOR VITALE: OK. You do not react to their sins like a carnal man. You do not react to their sins like a carnal man. How does Christ react to sin? I would just like to point out to you that not one of you is using the microphone. I rebuke the rebellion in this congregation today. How does Christ die for you? How does He die for you? How do His reactions differ from the average person? What does He do when you sin against Him? And how is that forgiveness acted out? What do we experience because that God-appointed head over us forgives us?




PASTOR VITALE: Anybody? He teaches us, brethren. He teaches us.


COMMENT: I was going to say the carnal mind has condemnation, and he does not have any condemnation.


PASTOR VITALE: He does not condemn. That is true, but it is a negative. It is true, but it is a negative. He does not condemn you. But the positive is He teaches you. He points out the sin in your behavior, and He shows you another way to deal with whatever your problem is that is not sin. The Sons of God are teachers, brethren. My people perish for lack of knowledge. There is a better way, but you need to be taught. You are not going to wake up one morning and have all this knowledge in your head.


To enter into the kingdom of God, you must become a little child. Now, that does not mean you go into a shepherding movement where they do everything for you. What it means is you have to learn everything over. You have to learn how to talk in the spirit. You have to learn how to walk in the spirit. You have to learn how to pray in the spirit. You have to learn how to see in the spirit. You have to learn how to hear in the spirit. And as strange as this might sound, you have to learn how to go to the bathroom in the spirit. What is going to bathroom in the spirit?


COMMENT: Deliverance.


PASTOR VITALE: Deliverance. You have to learn how to do it and where to do it. It is supposed to be on the toilet bowl. You are not supposed to be doing it in the middle of my living room. Jesus.


The Lord did not accept Cain's sacrifice at the beginning of time. He is not accepting it now, and He will not accept your divided sacrifice. In every area that He has ordained for you to submit to a head, He will not receive your complaint. He will not receive your petition. He will not receive you. Go through channels. If you are in the army, you have to go through channels. If you want something from the courts, you have to go through channels. If you want anything that comes through the government, you have to go through channels. If you are dealing with a corporation or any kind of business, you must go through channels. God has order in His house.


PASTOR VITALE: Did you have a question, Xxxx?


COMMENT: It was not a question. But when you said that the answer was you teach, I was going to say you counsel us.


PASTOR VITALE: OK. Praise the Lord. Christ Jesus does not execute punishment for punishment's sake. Who does that?




PASTOR VITALE: Satan does that. He punishes you, and he does not tell you why. When Christ Jesus punishes you, he tells you why, and he gives you the power to change. Satan is just out to destroy you.


Verse 7, If thou doest well, thou shalt be accepted. Get down under, man. You are out of your place. But if you do not do well, sin lieth at the door. Brethren, listen to the implication of what God is saying to Cain. Listen to this. He is saying, You are fallen. You have incarnated as the Devil. You are a double-minded man. But it is not too late. You can submit to Christ Jesus in Cain. It is still not necessary to go the most painful way. It is not too late. Do not fall any further. It could stop right here.


And I remind you that the creation was still living for over 900 years at this time. The creation fell in stages. I believe it fell in three stages. At the moment, the second stage is eluding me. But I believe it was in three stages, the third stage being after the flood. We are on the way back up now. This is what God is saying to us now.


To all those of you in whom Christ Jesus is appearing, the Lord is saying to you, You can go the easy way, or you can go the hard way. You can go out there and do your own thing and offer your own sacrifices and reap what you sow, and I am just going to loose Satan on you, and you are going to learn the hard way. But as long as Christ Jesus is in you, you have the opportunity to go the easy way. You have the opportunity to submit to authority that is willing and able and qualifying and trained by me to help you to have your sins forgiven.


PASTOR VITALE: And that is not a Roman Catholic forgiveness. I have talked about this a lot. The true forgiveness of sins is the -- what? Anybody?


COMMENT: The power to sin no more.


PASTOR VITALE: The power to stop sinning. Brethren, any man that tells you that they have the power to forgive your sins, but is not able to help you to stop sinning, is a liar and a thief. And they are not a representative of Christ.


Now, in this hour, that power is not being executed miraculously in that it is not happening overnight. Jesus said to the adulterous woman, Go and sin no more. I believe she had a miracle deliverance of whatever it was, whether it was a demon or a defect in her personality that made her an adulteress. Whichever it was, Jesus had the power to instantly deliver her from that spiritual fault. To the best of my knowledge, in this hour, Christ Jesus, who is imperfect at this time, does not have miraculous power to forgive sins but does have power to forgive sins in the healing mode, if you can hear what I am saying. If you will work with Him over a period of time, He has the ability to bring deliverance in your soul through training, through counseling, through therapy, through rebuking your sins, through forgiving your sins, through executing judgment, whatever instruction the Lord gives Him.


If you are willing to make the commitment and submit yourself to the procedure, the true forgiveness of sins is available in this ministry. I know it. I have seen it happen. But you have got to submit yourself to the ministry of having your sins forgiven. That does not mean coming here and sitting here. It means you have got to open yourself up to the judgment of your soul, which exposes the sins, and work with me on it. If you want to partake in that aspect of the ministry, it is here: the ability to change your nature, the ability to change your mind, the power to stop engaging in behavior that is destructive, some of which you are aware of and some of which you are not aware of. It is here. It is in the earth. And I am not saying it is just here, but it is here.


So anybody that tells you they have the power to forgive your sins, and it is just a verbal forgiveness, they are a liar, and they are not the ambassador of Christ Jesus unto you. The true forgiveness of sins is change. Now, to keep on forgiving somebody with a forgiveness that just lets them continue to abuse you is not in Christ. It is not His intention; it is not His purpose, and it is to the hurt of the damaged person. It is reinforcing that person's ungodly behavior to go along with it or to just counsel them or to just show them compassion. It will hurt them more than if you just left them alone. People need their sins pointed out. They need to know what they are doing wrong. They need insight into why they are behaving that way. They need a special ministry which is in Christ Jesus. It appears somewhat in the natural man in the form of psychoanalysis, usually without the power of God.


And there is a counterpart to this in the world today. There are some schools of psychology -- now, there is a difference between psychology and psychiatry. Some schools of psychology, more than not, deal with what they would call your everyday problems. They are counselors. They call themselves psychologists, but they just counsel you, and they give you advice with your immediate problem without ever laying bare the root of your problem, without ever dealing with the spiritual root of your problem. And that is death to the patient. It is death to the patient.


If you do not know what you are dealing with, if you are dealing with somebody that has an unresolved childhood conflict that, on some unconscious level, for example, is looking to be babied, and you counsel them, and you talk to them, and you soft-soak them and soothe their feathers, and you are not at the same time showing them their sins, you are hurting them. You are locking them into their immaturity, and you are locking them into their infantilism. The world calls it enabling. Be very careful.


That is why I tell you all the time, in this ministry, you are to use the spirit of counsel, which is in Christ Jesus. To take it upon yourself to counsel people out of your carnal mind is not only a big mistake, it is a sin. God does not like it. He does not like it. And if you do not heed His warning, He will stop it one way or another.


The fact that you have raised children does not mean that you are qualified to counsel people with emotional problems. You have to be raised up by Christ to do that. Only Christ can give you disciples. You cannot take disciples unto yourself. You have to be assigned by Christ Jesus to that disciple. And if you go to take a disciple unto yourself, and you are not assigned by Christ Jesus, you may not only be giving them the wrong advice, but you may be, and very well probably are, interfering with the counselor that God has raised up for that person: confusing them, telling them the exact opposite of what the other person is doing and interfering with that ministry. It is not pleasing to the Lord.


If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? If you come under the authority of your husband, you will be accepted through him because there will be no separation between you and your husband. And when your husband is accepted, you will therefore be accepted. Now, when your husband is taken back up into heaven, you will go with him because the wife goes wherever the husband goes. But you are not coming up as a divided tree.


Only he who has come down from heaven is going back up into heaven. But the Serpent never was in heaven except when he was one with Christ Jesus. Therefore, the Serpent, in his divided condition, will not ever go back up into heaven because he never came down from heaven. Only the Son of Man is going back up into heaven; the Son of Man who was in heaven and who is now in heaven. So if you want to get into heaven, you have hitch a ride with the Son of Man. And you cannot get back up by hitching a ride on the Son of Man's back. If you want to get back up into heaven, the Son of Man has to be up on your back. You have to be in the right position.


I just read in a book the other day, brethren, it amazed me that, when an astronaut who has been in outer space wants to come back into the atmosphere, there are three crucial factors which, if they are not met, he will never make it back into the earth. It has to be at the exact, perfect angle. I forgot the second one. The exact, I will say the exact, perfect position because I cannot remember. And the third one is the exact, perfect timing, or he will be space debris floating around in space for the rest of time. He will never make it back into the atmosphere. It has to be a mathematical calculation of perfection for him to pierce through the atmosphere.


PASTOR VITALE: So those of us that are going back up into the kingdom of heaven, we have to be in the exact, perfect angle, the exact, perfect position. And where is our position?




PASTOR VITALE: Underneath Christ. Take a look at Revelation 12. Look at the sun-clad woman. She is in the perfect position; she is in the perfect order. She has to be in the perfect place. I am sorry, Lord. I cannot remember what that second thing is. And the third one is the perfect timing. There is a door opening. There are ministries in this hour that are preaching there is no such thing, that it is not true that there is a door opening, that the time is now. But, brethren, there is a door opening. The Scripture clearly states there is a specified time to return unto the kingdom. And when that time comes, you have to be in the right order and at the right angle.


I do not want to guess. I cannot remember. But I think the Lord just told me right now: You have to be in the right order, in submission to Christ Jesus, as declared in Revelation 12, and you have to be at the right angle. You may remember the teaching. What is the right angle that we have to be in? We have to be a right angle. We have to have Christ Jesus being formed. The right angle is Christ Jesus. If we just have the Holy Ghost, we are still a straight line, or actually we are an arc on the circle. So you have to have Christ Jesus formed in you; you have to be in total submission to Him, and it has to be the right time: three criteria for returning back up to heaven.


So if you do well, you are going to get back up there, if you meet those three criteria. But if you do not do well, if you are missing in any of those three areas; you could have Christ Jesus formed in you but not be in submission; you are not entering into the kingdom. And you have to be in this condition, with Christ Jesus formed in you and your fallen humanity in complete submission to Him at the exact moment that the door opens.


We have talked about that here a lot. Jesus made it very clear that the door is opening, and the door is closing. How do I know? Because the virgins went to get the oil. And by the time they got back, it was too late. The door was closed, right? Right? The door was closed. So the door is opening, and the door is closing. There is a definite, specified time. You have to be ready during that time period, or you will not enter in. Only those virgins that had oil in their lamps entered in. What do you do with all these Scriptures, all you preachers? What? Do you just throw them out in the wastepaper basket?


PASTOR VITALE: So if you do well, you will be accepted too, if you are in the right position. But if you do not do well, sin lieth at the door. The door to what, brethren? The door to what? Jesus said, I am the door. The door to what?




PASTOR VITALE: The door to the spiritual world, whether or not it is going to be this physical, visible world, which is fallen, or the visible, spiritual world, which is the kingdom of God, because the physical world is a prison house. These bodies are a prison house. This physical earth that we live in is a prison house. It has gravity. We cannot get off the ground. Man had to invent all of these devices -- airplanes, et cetera, locomotives, cars -- because we are restrained by gravity to this earth, which is a physical example of our spiritual condition. Brethren, we are grounded. Our original ancestor, Adam, had spiritual authority in the heavenlies. We might say he flew in the heavenlies. But he abused his authority. He fornicated or copulated or committed adultery with the Serpent, and he was grounded. And we are his offspring; we are grounded. We are stuck to the ground.


The Scripture that says that is in Genesis 3:14. Let me see if I can find this. Verse 14, And he said to the Serpent, 'Because thou has done this, thou art cursed above all cattle and above every beast of the field. Upon thy belly thou shalt go.' And we are trapped by gravity to the ground. We cannot fly, which is a natural example of our condition, which is that we are not supposed to be exercising spiritual authority, although we know the illegal spiritual authority of the Dragon is being exercised all across this planet. But we have been deprived of the exercise of the spiritual authority which is in Christ Jesus, except for those of us who are now receiving it through our Lord Jesus Christ.


But if you do not do well, sin lieth at the door. So we see that, at this point, even though the creation had begun to fall, the physical world had not been formed yet. Can you hear this? The creation was still a mind. The physical world had not been formed yet. And the Lord was saying to the double-minded creation, and in particular to that divided part of the divided creation, to the earth in part, to the incarnation of the Serpent, It is not too late. You can still get through this without things getting too bad if you will just submit to Christ Jesus now of your own will -- because the Lord knew that the divided tree had the strength to completely separate from Christ Jesus and kill him.


So Jehovah was saying to him, I know that you have it in your heart to kill Christ Jesus. You see, Christ Jesus was still in charge of the creation. He had not died yet. Even after the creation incarnated as the Devil, the mind of the Devil was born, Christ Jesus was still intact and attempting to rule. And the Lord was saying to the divided tree, I know that all you have to do is raise up your head, and you will kill Christ Jesus. There is not a doubt in my mind that you are strong enough to do it. And I am telling you, if you will make a decision of your own accord to submit to Christ Jesus, things will not get any worse than this.


And I want to tell you, brethren, that I heard this exact message preached by a sociologist. He was preaching it to the women of this country. He was saying, Our family life is being destroyed. Women are rising up on every side, and they are destroying the manhood of this nation. And he said, I have a hope that, at some point, women will realize what their freedom is doing to the children and the future of this nation, and they will, of their own will and accord, go back under God's plan. Personally, I do not see it happening. But that is what that sociologist said.


That is what God said to Cain in the garden: If you really want to go out and completely individuate, there is no stopping you. But I am giving you a chance to do it of your own will. But if you do not do it of your own will, sin, the Devil, is ready and willing and able to incarnate this physical, visible world, which is hell. You see, the Devil was born, but hell was not formed yet. Can you hear it?


If you submit to Christ Jesus -- I do not know. They had been driven out of the garden already, so I do not know what kind of a world they would have been given to live in. God has not told me that. But I believe that I am preaching this by the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ and that Jehovah was saying to Cain, The Devil has been born, but hell has not been formed yet. And the human offspring, which we are, had not been born yet. And this was still the mind that Jehovah was talking to. You could stop it here, but if you do not stop it here, if you do not choose to submit to Christ Jesus, sin is lying out the door. He is going to form this physical, visible world of hell, and he is going to enter into the next stage of incarnation, which is what we know as human beings: men of continual labor, we are told in the Book of Daniel, and also in the Book of Zephaniah -- a race of human beings who must labor continuously to survive. We are talking about the formation of hell, brethren. You see, this physical, visible world is merely an expression of the Serpent's rebellion against her husband.


And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him. If thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. Sin is getting ready to form hell, the physical world of hell. And unto you shall be his desire. And unto you shall be his desire means, every time he wants you, he has got you. We are talking about spiritual adultery, and that is our condition today. Every time the Devil wants us, every time Satan wants us, we cannot say no. We are the boy who was given for a harlot. And we are in white slavery, and the Devil is our pimp. And if you say no, what happens?




PASTOR VITALE: What? You are punished. What is it that the Devil wants you to do? Submit to what? What does he want?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, he wants to live through you. He wants to act out through you. He wants to speak through you. He wants to think through you. He wants to destroy every good thing through your behavior and your thought patterns. And if you say no, you get punished. And unto thee shall be his desire. Whatever he wants goes. You are his.


And then it says, And thou shalt rule over him. I do not know what that means. I really have to look that up in the Interlinear. I am sure that it is an error. It is totally inconsistent with the whole revelation that God has given me. I will try to have it for you after lunch.


And thou shalt rule over him, and unto thee shall be his desire. I am sure that it is probably a situation where, in the Hebrew, the pronoun is unclear. So the King James translators say, Thou shalt rule over him. But I am sure it is, He shall rule over you. Frequently, in the Hebrew, the pronouns are either absent or unclear, as you may know if you have been studying with us for a while. Even in the English, it does not make any sense to say that, If you do not do well, sin lieth at the door, and unto you shall be his desire. Well, then how -- that is not even consistent. And you shall rule over him. Can anybody not see that? To say that, If you do not do well, sin is waiting at the door for you, and he is going to have you every time he desires, and then you shall rule over him, is totally inconsistent. He shall rule you.


What does it mean, brethren? Listen. When you kill the God-ordained head that God puts over you, the Devil becomes your God-ordained head. Can you hear this? You do not like Christ Jesus over you. He is not fair. He does not love you enough. Whatever excuse your carnal mind is giving you -- so you come against him, and you come against him, and you come against him until you kill him. But, you see, you cannot exist without having a head over you. So when you kill Christ Jesus, the Devil is right there to accommodate you and be your head.


Now, this happens on at least two levels. Sometimes, the God-ordained head gets knocked out. In the natural, sometimes, a woman can divorce a man unjustly and take that head; come out from under his cover and bring her children out from under his cover. You can stay married to the man and defeat him and become Jezebel ruling the household, and this man has just given up. I told you someone told me yesterday that their own father said to them, I just live here. Speak to your mother and your sister. Or it could happen in particular areas. It does not have to be across the board that you kill this man's manhood.


Now, listen, ladies, spiritual ladies and physical ladies. Do not get any condemnation out of this because, when you kill a man, as far as God is concerned, he is the one who is responsible. Now, you are not supposed to be trying to kill him, but he is supposed to be stopping you. The brunt of the responsibility -- not the blame, now, because we are all fallen -- but the blunt of the responsibility is with the man. And there is only one way that God is going to restore it, whether it be a natural marriage or whether it be a fellowship.


You know, brethren, do you know that it is not unheard of for congregations to drive pastors out of their own congregation? Does anybody here not know that? You are not supposed to be able to fire a pastor. You can only do that when your church is a part of a denomination. You cannot fire your pastor if God put him there. And if he gets fired, he was never a man in the first place. Either he was never a man in the first place, or you castrated him. But he is the one that has to answer to God for being driven out of his own home, whether it be a natural home or a church. The congregation does not rule. There is no deacon board. You do not vote the pastor out. If God put him there, you cannot vote him out. I guess you can if you put him there. Whatever. The church world is a mess.


The church is a family. It is a spiritual family. If you have got a God-appointed pastor, and he is standing in right standing before God, and you are risen up in rebellion, you are the one that is going, not the pastor. You think you are going to rise up a congregational government and stir up everybody against him? You are the one that is going to bomb out of there. When the smoke clears, the man of God is going to still be standing there, no matter what you do. No matter how far the Lord lets you go, you cannot bring down a man that the Lord has raised up. You can only bring down a man who was a spiritual woman the whole time anyway. But sometimes, spiritual men fall. God is -- they have to answer to God for themselves. God, help us.


You see, this is a paradox. Do you know what a paradox is? It is a truth that does not really make any sense. It is something that does not make sense to the carnal mind. We had an example of it here last week. I said to somebody, right in this congregation, You are a Serpent that God used to bite somebody. But just because God used you as a Serpent in this case, it does not mean it is OK to be a Serpent.


Now, ladies, spiritual woman and physical women, it is the nature of women to rebel. Why? Because women are the type of the Serpent. So it is your nature to rebel, and it is the man's responsibility to deal with your rebellion in love and kindness. But that does not mean it is OK to rebel. And everybody in church, anyway, whether you are a physical woman or a physical man, you are supposed to be in transition from being a spiritual woman to a spiritual man. And you do not get to be a spiritual man by yielding to your rebellion. You get to become a spiritual man by resisting your rebellion.


And when you take dominion over your own rebellion, then you become qualified, eventually, to deal with the rebellion of people who God will put under you. And that is when you become a spiritual man. God is not going to give you authority when you have not dealt with your own sin. In a Christ-centered ministry, you cannot counsel, and you cannot teach unless your own sins are being dealt with. I do not care how long you have been in the Church. I do not care what your grasp of the message is. If you are not dealing with the hidden sins of your heart, you are not going to teach in this pulpit. That is the word of the Lord.


Genesis 4, verse 8, And Cain talked with Abel, his brother. Did you ever have the experience of your spirit man talking to your soul man? I experience it all the time. Down, down, you Devil. Get down. You will not make me sin. You will not seduce me to sin. I will not believe that lying thought that you are speaking to me, that troublemaking thought, that rebellious thought. I rebuke you. And then I say, Lord, let me have your thoughts. May my mind be filled with the thoughts of Christ Jesus. May my emotions and my motives be Christ Jesus. Get that other guy down under me because, if that other guy comes out from under me, if my own wife comes out from under me, well, I know it is his -- it is her nature to rebel. And even though I know, right now, she may be stronger than me in this area, the buck stops here. God knows she is stronger than me in that area, and His response is, You are forgiven, Son, but you better get on top of her next time. I better see some improvement next time.


The judgment against the woman for rebelling is that she is forced down under the authority of Christ. The judgment for the man, who has been overtaken, is shame. It is not a toxic shame. It is not a malignant shame. It is not a shame with condemnation in it. But it is what the Bible calls shame. And what the Bible calls shame is merely a condition of being. And that condition is that, in that instant, in that problem, for as long as it lasts, your spiritual head was the Devil.


The Scripture speaks about a garment that we wear, brethren. We either wear a glorious garment or a garment of shame. The glorious garment is Christ Jesus, and the garment of shame is the Devil. But we cannot become fixated on this garment of shame because, if we become fixated on it, all caught up in it, which would be a manifestation of pride, we stop fighting the war, which war is designed to remove this garment of shame from us so that we may become clothed with a glorious garment, which is in Christ Jesus, even the sinlessness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Do not get hung up on the shame. You have to learn how to walk the line. You have to acknowledge that you messed up this time without condemning yourself.


See, most people, they go either to the left or to the right. Either they deny that they messed up, or they condemn themselves down to hell. We have got to walk that middle line. We have to learn. Ask Jesus to help you walk that middle line. You have got to confess that you messed up, without condemnation, and ask the Lord to help you to do better next time. He will do it. He is faithful. He wants you to overcome more than you do because, actually, he is the one that is being shamed. So He wants this overcoming more than you do. He is going to help you with it. Ask Him to help you find that middle ground.


Condemnation is never of God. It is the flipside of pride. When you condemn yourself, it is the flipside of pride. It is something in you that is saying, I really do not want to change. Either I am denying that I did it, or I am condemning myself down to hell. But the bottom line is I am not waging the warfare which will result in my changing.


Verse 8, And Cain talked with Abel, his brother. The Devil talked with Christ Jesus. How do you like that? The Devil and Christ Jesus are brothers. On what basis are they brothers, anybody?


COMMENT: Same mother.


PASTOR VITALE: What? Same mother. Amen. They have the same mother. Who is their mother?


COMMENT: The human spirit?




PASTOR VITALE: Satan is the earth. Well, that is a technicality. You know, someone said the human spirit, and someone said the earth. So let us just clarify this. The same mother is the creation of God, that soul that God made, and of course the human spirit is a part of that soul. So they have the same mother, Eve. That is why she is the mother of all living. She is the human spirit. Without her, there can be no incarnation. She is always the mother. So Eve actually is the seed. She would be the ovum in a woman's body, but yet the whole woman is the mother. So the whole soul is the mother, and the Eve is specifically the reproductive part of the mother. The father is either the Lord Jesus Christ or the Dragon. So the Devil and Christ Jesus are half-brothers. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


And Cain talked with Abel, his brother. And it came to pass, when they were in the field. We have found out in other studies that the field typifies the soul which has been cultivated. And what makes a cultivated field as opposed to an uncultivated field? A cultivated field has been plowed. The earth is prepared to bring forth a harvest. The clods of earth are broken up; the stones and the weeds are removed, and fertilizer is added.


Remember, please, that the earth is the dry part of the creation, which had no life source in it at all. It became a field or fertile ground when the Son of God washed over it and infused Himself through it, the Son of God typified by minerals. And all those minerals were added to the earth, making it capable of producing the life of Christ Jesus when Jehovah joined His seed to it.


And when they were in the field -- when they were in this fertile soul, the two minds, the Devil and Christ Jesus -- that Cain, the Devil, rose up against Abel, Christ Jesus, his brother, and slew him. He did not take Jehovah's counsel. You see, when Jehovah came to him and talked to him and said, If you do well, I will receive you, Jehovah knew that the Devil was about to kill Christ Jesus.


Brethren, it is just like the movie that we saw, The Highlander, with the mature spiritual man saying to the young Son of God, who was completely caught up in the grips of his emotions, about to kill another immortal. And MacLeod, the mature immortal, said, It is not too late. Do not do it. Let us stop now. Stop now. And the young man looked at him and turned around and cut the other guy's head off, which pushed him strongly in the direction of differentiating as an evil, completed spiritual man.


Jehovah went to Cain and said, Do not do it. It is not too late. But Cain swung the sword, and he cut off Abel's head. And therefore, Cain's killed his own cover, killed his own authority, killed his own husband, killed his own father, killed his own head. Everybody has a head, brethren. I have talked about that. Just recently, I mentioned it.


It has happened in this fellowship; I am sure it happens all over the church world. You flee from the Son that God sends to you because you are afraid they are not of God; you are afraid they are trying to control you. And you run right into the arms of the witch. I have seen it happen time and time again. And who is the witch? It is the person that looks like a Christian, acts like a Christian, walks like a Christian, talks like a Christian, but is not equipped to be your head. And you start submitting to that Christian and taking their counsel and taking their advice. And you know what happens to you? What happens to you?








PASTOR VITALE: Mesmerized? Yes. And then after you become hypnotized, what happens to you?


That is the message of Micah 2 which I thought I would be preaching this morning. Perhaps I will be preaching it tonight. Brethren, it is no small thing taking disciples unto yourself that God has not given you, because if the end of it is that they turn out cleaving unto you, and then Christ Jesus in them dies because they choose you over the counsellor that God really sent them to, God is coming to you. You have got blood on your hands. It is no small thing. And I cannot blame it on the people. We have not been taught properly. This is not a big game going out witnessing or teaching or taking disciples unto yourself. This is not a game. You are talking about people's spiritual lives. Keep your hands off of what God did not give you. You are only bringing yourself under judgment. If you really get a hold of a son, and God does not want him under your care, you are only bringing yourself into judgment.


When they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and killed him. Killed his head. Killed Christ Jesus. And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel your brother? What happened to Christ Jesus, man? I cannot find Christ Jesus.


Listen, let me show you Genesis 3, verse 8: And Adam and Eve, they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord amongst the trees of the garden. Please note, there was now no longer one tree, but the trees have divided. There were now two trees. You see, they were still there, but the Lord could not see them because they were lost in the midst of the two trees. So in the same manner, when the Lord said to Cain, What happened to your brother? The Lord could not see Christ Jesus because Christ Jesus' form had changed. And when Christ Jesus dies, what form does he take on?


COMMENT: The human spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, when Christ Jesus dies -- the human spirit is correct, but for this message let us say Christ. He recedes back to the single thread mind, which is Christ.


Remember, Christ Jesus is a completed mind which is made of three threads woven together. And to kill Christ Jesus would be to unravel that mind. Christ Jesus disappears. Then you have the altar, which is the single thread, Christ with the seed of Jehovah joined to him. The carnal mind, or Cain, went in and ripped Jehovah, and the union between Jehovah and Christ, apart. And the Dragon went right in there and took Jehovah's place. He joined with that single thread of Christ and the Devil was born. And God said, What happened to your brother? He does not look like Christ Jesus anymore. He looks like a Devil. Can you hear this?


See, as far as God is concerned, Christ is the only Son, whether he is joined to Jehovah and he looks like a god, or whether he is joined to the Serpent and is the Devil. As far as God is concerned, Christ is his Son. So God went to Cain and said, What happened to your brother? Actually, he was talking to him. God knew Christ Jesus had died. Christ had changed form. But He wanted to know if Cain knew. What happened to My Son? The last time I looked, He was a man, and now He is turned into a male harlot. Can you hear it? It is still Ny Son. But I would never recognize Him after His fall. You killed Him and you re-formed Him. You took the butter and the sugar and the eggs and the flour, and you blended them so completely that I would never know what was butter, sugar and eggs. You see? He does not look like Christ Jesus anymore -- Christ Jesus, the glorious Son of God. Now He is a Devil, a man who is being used as a woman, but I know that it is my Son, says the Lord.


So you see, when the Devil whispers in your ear -- either from within your own mind or from within someone else's mind -- and says, Who do you think you are that you could be saved? Or, Who do you think you are that God could even want to talk to you? You are so filthy. My answer to you is, You are His Son. Now, you may have been overtaken. And you may have been forced into white slavery. And you may be being used as a male harlot. But you are still His Son. And what is more, He not only has the power to get you out from under the power of that pimp, but He has the power to cleanse you so completely that you shall be a virgin again. Brethren, you want to believe in hellfire and damnation? Be my guest. I will take this message any day.


But if you think the cleansing process is going to be with a magic wand, you are silly. I said, He has the power to do it. I never told you, and He never told you, that He has the power to do it painlessly. It is painful, but it is doable, and it has to be done. He has to start somewhere. We are one creation, a many-membered creation. We are one plant. Somebody has to go first. And if He has picked you, you are it. You are the forerunner for everybody that is going behind you. But it is not going to be easy for anybody. Jesus.


And the Lord said unto Cain, 'Where is Abel thy brother'? And he said, 'I know not. Am I my brother's keeper'? I really have to look at that in the Hebrew because as I look at this in the King James, you know what stands out at me? The I am. The I am. And I am is what? Microphones, please? I am is what?


COMMENT: The Father.


PASTOR VITALE: I Am is one of the names of Jehovah. So Lord willing, I will check that out for you on our dinner break. Because what the Spirit is saying to me -- you see, please note in verse 9 in the King James it says, And he said. It does not say that Cain said. God help us, Lord. It does not said Cain said. It says, He said. The big question is, who is he? Is it Cain? Is it the Father? Is it Abel? Is it Mickey Mouse? Who is he? Have you drawn the conclusion that Cain said? You may have drawn a faulty conclusion. You must be very careful. And you really cannot tell unless you either look at it in the Hebrew or you get it by revelation. And I think the Lord may be speaking to me right now. I will try to confirm it by looking at the Hebrew.


And the Lord said unto Cain, 'Where is Abel thy brother'? I will check it out and I will let you know what it says. But somehow, I think it is the Lord making some kind of a statement there.


Verse 10, And then he said, 'What hast thou done'? Now please note that in verse 10, the Scripture says, what has. And then he said, What hast thou done? You know, there is no doubt in your mind at all that that is Jehovah speaking. Right? And in the verse before, it is the same pronoun, he. You draw the conclusion it was Cain, but you do not really know. I do not think it was Cain. After checking it out in the Hebrew, I expect to come back and tell you it was not Cain that said that.


And he said, What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground. The significance there, brethren, is that the ground has covered over Christ Jesus, and is not Christ Jesus buried underneath the ground of our soul and our body? Did not Jesus say to the Pharisees, You are just walking sepulchers. You are walking graves. You are whitewashed. You look good, but underneath you are just dead men's bones. You are a dead Christ, man. What makes you think you are so great? Because you fast and you beat your breast in the public square? You tithe of mint and rue, and you are perfect in your keeping of the law. You are still dead. Is that enough for you?


The Lord says to the Church in this hour, You are still dead. There is nothing wrong with your good works, but you are still dead. And your good works are not going to raise you from the dead. Only Christ Jesus will raise you from the dead. And Christ Jesus is not going to be found in you until such time as you start accessing, looking at, admitting and working and warring against the hidden sins of your heart.


Pride, the hidden manifestations of pride that you think are normal, they are not normal. They are sin. They are pride, and they are sin. Christ Jesus will not tolerate them. The Holy Ghost will. The Holy Ghost will. And you could do fine works with the Holy Ghost works of healing -- works of deliverance. You can have an exciting ministry. But you are still dead. If you want to enter into life, you have to begin to face the hidden sins of your heart and start to wage war with them. You cannot wage war with them if you cannot see them.


And he said, 'What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother's blood '-- The life of the flesh is in the blood. The life of Christ Jesus crieth unto me from underneath the ground. I cannot see Christ Jesus anymore because He was re-formed. The original thread, Christ, was re-formed and is now joined with the Devil and Satan and the carnal mind. And My Son, Christ, is underneath the authority of the ground. Who is the ground? Satan. My Son has come under the authority of the earth. Mother Earth. Isis, Goddess of the earth.






Verse 11, And now art thou cursed from the earth which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother's blood from thy hand. That is a nice parable. The earth has opened her mouth. Does anybody know what that means, that the earth has opened her mouth and received thy brother's blood?


COMMENT: Second seed?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is close. That is good. I would like to make it a little clearer for the message though. The earth has joined with your brother's blood. The earth has joined with your brother's life. The earth has joined with your brother's spirit. The earth has joined with Christ. And the Devil has been conceived. So Jehovah is saying to Cain, I cannot see Christ Jesus anymore because He does not look like Christ Jesus. He does not walk like Christ Jesus. He does not act like Christ Jesus. In fact, He has become the false prophet that we read about in Revelation, chapter 13.


But I hear the voice of Christ Jesus. I hear the voice of every manifestation of my Son that says, 'Father, have mercy on me'. Every human spirit that cries out is heard. If you are a Buddhist, if you are a Hindu, if you are an idol worshipper, if you are the lowest person on the face of this earth, in the hour that your human spirit says, Father, have mercy on me, He hears you.


And he said, 'What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground.'


Verse 11, And now art thou cursed from the earth which hath opened her mouth, to join with Christ and re-formed him into the Devil.


Verse 12, When thou tillest,  or cultivates, the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength. What is the strength of the ground? Strength means increase. What is the natural strength of the ground? What that means is when you cultivate the ground, it will produce edible food. Food that will nourish your body. So what is the spiritual strength of the ground, anybody? No, the strength that comes forth from the ground. Mm-hmm?


COMMENT: The Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: No, Christ Jesus is the strength which comes forth from the ground -- the ground being the soul. Christ Jesus is a spiritual plant. We are the planting of the Lord. Jesus said, I am the vine and you are the branches. The strength of the increase that comes forth after the seed drops in the cultivated ground is Christ Jesus. After the seed of Jehovah, or the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ, joins with the ground in which the human spirit is mixed. The increase that comes forth. The strength of the ground is Christ Jesus. Is everybody OK?


So the Lord says to Cain, When you tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield Christ Jesus anymore. And then King James says, A fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth. What it is really saying here is when you till the ground -- when you cultivate the ground, it is no longer going to be Christ Jesus coming forth.


And that word, till. I have not looked it up, so I cannot assure you that it is the same Hebrew word that is used in Genesis, chapter 2, verse 5. But I can tell you that the Hebrew word translated in Genesis 2:5, For the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth and there was not a man to till the ground. That Hebrew word translated till means enslave the ground. Now why would you want to enslave the ground? You want to stop the weeds from growing. And the spiritual weed in this earth that is destroying the potential of the earth to bring forth a cultivated plant which is good for food as the carnal mind.


Let me say that again. In the natural, we have a plot of ground. It is to be used to produce food for this physical body. To make the ground produce food, you have to enslave the ground. You have to make it do what you want it to do. You have to pull out the weeds, pull out the stones, pull out the rocks, chop up the clods and prepare the earth so that it will receive the seed which will produce a plant that will nourish your body. So the Lord is saying to Cain, Now that you killed the only one powerful enough to enslave the spiritual ground, you have killed Christ Jesus. He is the only one powerful enough to keep the spiritual weed out of the spiritual ground. And what is the spiritual ground? It is the soul. He is the only one strong enough to keep the spiritual weed out. So now the spiritual weed is going to choke the ground, and there will be nobody to make the ground or the soul produce food that will keep the creation alive.


And He is not Jesus, the bread from heaven. He is the food. He is the strength of the ground. He is the increase of the ground. He is the food of the ground; the spiritual ground which is the soul. The soul that sins dies. Christ Jesus is the only one able to keep our soul alive. And He keeps our soul alive by enslaving the soul. He utterly prohibits the carnal mind from growing there. And the carnal mind does not like that very much. And the Devil does not like that very much. And when a fallen man comes up against a manifestation of Christ Jesus that is trying to kill that weed, the carnal mind, the Devil is right there. Satan is right there accusing that Son of God and calling Him the Devil. You controlling person. That is right. Christ Jesus enslaves the ground. He will kill that weed in your soul because He is more faithful, or he is more responsive, to his Father's instruction than He cares about your accusation of Him having evil motives.


Christ Jesus enslaves the ground. He kills the carnal mind wherever it is appearing. Whether you are aware of what He is doing and appreciate it, or whether you are not aware of what He is doing, and you hate Him for it, He is faithful to His Father. And He is only faithful to you in so far as you are lined up with His Father. If you are not lined up with His Father, He is your enemy, and He will fight with you to the death because He is faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ.


We are on verse 12. When you tillest the ground, -- when you try to enslave the ground -- when you try to produce life in your soul, you are going to fail because, you fool, you have just killed the only one who was able to keep your soul alive. But I did not know that would be the result of my killing Christ Jesus. Too late. Not too late forever and ever and ever, but you shall live with your iniquity until such time as the Lord delivers you.


A fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth. Well, let me put it to you this way, brethren. You have killed Christ Jesus, the only one who can keep the ground in a condition that will let you continue to be immortal. You have lost your immortality. Therefore, you shall be a fugitive and a vagabond. You are now going to be a manifestation of the Devil. Who is the fugitive? Does anybody remember who the fugitive is? I guess I did not preach that yet. I have all kind of notes that I have not preached yet. Brethren, the Serpent, who became the Dragon, is a fugitive from Jehovah's justice.


We have a Scripture. It is either in the Psalms or the Book of Job where it talks about that piercing Serpent. If you look that Hebrew word piercing up, it means fugitive. That old Serpent has run away from her husband. She is a criminal, and she has killed her child, all in the name of independence. And she is a fugitive from Jehovah's justice.


So the Scripture is saying, in verse 12, You have killed Christ Jesus. There is no one to keep life in the creation. Your soul is going to die. You are going to become a fugitive. That means the Serpent in you and the Devil in you are now going to be ruling the creation. The word vagabond, my margin says, is wanderer. So I suggest to you that what this is saying in the Hebrew is, spiritually speaking, your spirit is now going to be the Serpent, Satan. He is the fugitive from Jehovah's justice. Is that going to become your spirit? And your personality is going to become a vagabond. What is a vagabond? Someone who does not stay in one place. It means your body and your soul is going to keep on dying. Your spiritual man is not going to abide in one soul and one body forever, because you killed Christ Jesus. You killed the only one who can keep your soul alive. Your mind is now the Devil. Your spirit is now Satan, who is a fugitive from Jehovah's justice. And because your spirit is a fugitive from Jehovah's justice, he is under the penalty of death, and your souls and your bodies are going to keep dying. You are going to be a vagabond. Can you hear it?


And Cain said unto the Lord, My punishment is greater than I could bear. Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth and from thy face shall I be hid. The Serpent, now in the form of a Dragon, incarnated as the Devil, has been completely separated from Jehovah. You see, even after the first stage of the fall, the Dragon, who is, being in parable form, called Cain, still had a relationship with the Father. The Lord was talking right to him. But now he got driven out of the garden. So the Serpent, now incarnated as the Devil, is completely separated from the Father. If you can hear it.


His only contact is when he cries out and the Father responds. Well, how can I say that? The Serpent is joined to the human spirit. I suggest to you that Cain is saying to the Father, This is more than I can bear. It is not so much the Serpent saying it, but Christ is now one with Satan. Amen?


Satan joined with the single thread, Christ. They have become one. Christ, typified by salt, is dissolved in the sea, which is the sign of Satan. And Satan is completely joined to Christ. That is where he got the power to incarnate this creation. So when Cain said to the Father, I cannot bear this judgment you have placed on me, you see, it was the Christ who was now completely joined with the Serpent that was saying, Father, please have mercy on me. This is too much to bear. See, the Serpent never repents. The Serpent is not even subject to the law of God and cannot be. He is evil continuously all the day long; he cannot be anything else.


And Cain said unto the Lord, My punishment is greater than I can bear. Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth -- from the surface -- and from your face shall I be hid. And I shall be -- now, this is Christ saying, I shall be a fugitive. I am joined to the Serpent. I am a fugitive from Jehovah's justice and a vagabond. I am going to have to be changing over souls and bodies continuously because I lost my power to keep my soul and body alive. And it shall come to pass that everyone that findeth me shall slay me. He is saying, Lord, I am going to be wiped out completely because of my spiritual weakness.


And the Lord said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain -- Cain, Christ in the form that he has taken through his union with the Serpent over the Dragon. Anyone who slayeth him, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the Lord set a mark upon Cain lest any finding him should kill him.


We see this same principle. And what does it mean to find him? It means that the Serpent should not be able to wipe him out completely. What is that talking about? It is talking about incarnating the creation in its full maturity as 100 percent evil. Cain was saying to the Father, Lord, I cannot bear this. This creation is going to incarnate as eternal torment. The Devil is going to complete this creation. It is going to differentiate it into the spiritual maturity on the negative side, and I will die forever. The Devil will have me forever. He will have my spiritual substance to form this world of eternal torment. That was Christ crying out. And the Father said, No, I will not agree to that. I do not believe in eternal torment. Your judgment is just for a season. So I am going to put a mark on you. I render this creation incapable of being permanently wiped out, but you are joined to the Devil. Your form has been changed. You were a god, but now you are a Devil. You are joined, by chains of darkness in your mind, to the Serpent until we are told in 2 -- Is it 1 or 2 Peter? I never get it straight. Until the judgment that does what?




PASTOR VITALE: What does the judgment do?








PASTOR VITALE: [?Corrects?] --




PASTOR VITALE: Corrects until your restoration to righteousness. It is given unto a man once to die and then the judgment. Christ raised from the dead dieth no more. The mercy of God. Submit to the judgment, oh ye sinners, and let Christ be raised from the dead in you that the Father might be glorified in your members. Hallelujah. Any questions or comments?


COMMENT: I thought the mark of Cain was the carnal mind.


PASTOR VITALE: The mark of Cain is the carnal mind. You are having trouble with me saying that Christ was crying out through the carnal mind? The mark of Cain is the carnal mind. Cain is an Old Testament type of the Devil. And the Devil has existence only because the Dragon captured the Christ who died. She captured his power. The Christ who died became the Dragon's harlot. And he is holding on to her because without her, the Dragon has no power to form this world or to give existence to fallen men.


So the Christ Jesus died. He was a threefold cord. He unraveled. Maybe he was not a threefold cord. He was a twofold cord. I cannot get into that now. I am tired. He unraveled. In any event, He unraveled, and He was probably just a twofold cord. He unraveled, and He was re-formed into the image of the Serpent and became the Devil. So Christ, the dead Son of God, is joined to Satan. They are so joined that they cannot be separated any more easily than the salt can be separated from the sea or that dye can be separated from a garment. That is our spiritual condition. It is going to take a miracle to separate us out. But God hears our voice. He is the voice of the Son of God crying to be raised back up from hell. This is the account of Christ going down to hell. And there is a manifestation of Christ down here which is preaching the Gospel to the souls that were destroyed.


You hear a lot of people preaching that Jesus of Nazareth went down to hell after the crucifixion. No, Christ died and went down to hell at the time of the fall, and we hear about it in Genesis 4. He has been in hell ever since. We have a Scripture in the Psalms which talks about Christ crying out through David that His Father does not leave him in hell forever. And we have the Apostle Peter telling us that Christ went down to hell. But it is misunderstood and preached incorrectly.


PASTOR VITALE: Do you have another question?


COMMENT: I thought about Jesus and His half-brothers in the natural when you talked about the Serpent being the half-brothers as well. But you are saying to an effect that how we disobey, we kind of come down to our own realm or level of hell?


PASTOR VITALE: When you disobey? You mean, here in the natural? Yes. Applying this to our everyday life, if God puts a head over you, whether it be your natural husband or a spiritual head with the fellowship like this, when you come out from under that cover that God gave you, you drop down into, like, a hell. There are different degrees of hell. You drop down into a lower realm of hell. That when God puts you under a godly cover, it is like an opportunity to do the best that you could hope to do down here in hell. When you come out from under that godly cover, you open yourself to the spiritual pestilence in this world, and that is true.


That is true of a wife coming out from under her natural husband. It is true of a daughter or a minor son coming out from under his natural father. It is true of a son in training coming out from under a God-ordained manifestation of Christ -- not some preacher that is trying to wrap you up for his own personal gain. There are a lot of Christians out there today who are not under the authority of a manifestation of Christ Jesus. Why? Because in this hour, Christ Jesus is just beginning to come forth, and He is only appearing in a few people. So those who are not under the authority of Christ Jesus, they are out there. They are believing false doctrine. They are dying because they cannot discern the body of Christ. And they are struggling and striving to breathe because Christ Jesus has not been given to them yet. Thousands of people in the Church are dying because they are not getting fed. They are dying from the famine. They are dying from the spiritual pestilence because Christ Jesus has not gotten to them yet. So if you are one of the people who has been given to a manifestation of Christ Jesus and you willfully come out from under that head, you become a target for the god of this world.


COMMENT: You brought new meaning to me about the word ground that I have heard of a father often grounding his son or daughter, you know? But now I think of a Heavenly Father doing that.


PASTOR VITALE: Anybody else?




PASTOR VITALE: No, that is OK. Where are we at in this message?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, let us try it. Are they to do with this message?


COMMENT: Yes. The first of it when you were talking about --


PASTOR VITALE: Please use the microphone.


COMMENT: When you were talking about the Tree of Life and the partial tree, I was just thinking, you said the Tree of Life is a whole tree.




COMMENT: And I was just thinking if the partial tree was inside the whole tree and that was part of the whole tree, why was it not possible for that whole tree, being that it was whole; in its wholeness, did it not have the power to keep the partial tree inside of itself?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is the whole point. That is the whole point of the fall. The whole tree had the power to do it. The man was not deceived. The woman was deceived. Adam had the power to keep the partial tree under but, by an act of his own choice and his own will, chose not to do it. That is why the Scripture says, We have not sinned after the similitude of Adam. His sin was that he had power to not sin and he chose to sin. We, when we sin, most of the time are overcome because now we are in a fallen condition where the Devil is stronger than us.


COMMENT: So when the partial tree was separated out from the whole tree, the whole Tree of Life was no longer a whole tree?


PASTOR VITALE: That is a good question. That is a good question. Lord, how do you want me to answer that? Technically speaking, God is still God, and God cannot be depleted, OK? And Christ Je- --


PASTOR VITALE: Praise the Lord, we are back from our dinner break. And I did look up those two Scriptures for you. The first one, Genesis 4:7, If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? And if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.


I told you this morning that the phrase, thou shalt, And unto thee shalt be his desire, that phrase meant that he shall have you whenever he desires you. And his desire and his whim, you shall be his in accordance with that translation, and the other translations of the prior phrases of that verse. The last phrase, Thou shalt rule over him, made no sense whatsoever.


So I did look that verse up for you in the Interlinear and was not surprised to find at all that the Interlinear text had a different tense than the King James. I find the tenses in the Interlinear text much more accurate than the tenses in the King James translation. Therefore, if I find that the tense in the Interlinear text is different and it fits and supports the revelation that is in my heart, I usually stop looking there. I do not go any further than that. I only start digging out the actual Hebrew spelling either when the tense in Interlinear text matches with the King James or, whether it matches or whether it does not, something is just not sitting right in my spirit. Then I go digging up the actual spelling of what the past tense would look like in the Hebrew and what the future tense would look like in the Hebrew. And I compare it to the Hebrew words in the Interlinear, which is very tedious and time consuming. I only do that when there is a question in my heart.


The Interlinear text shows the tense of that phrase, And thou shalt rule over him, to what is called the conditional tense. It is a conditional tense. And also, And thou shalt rule over him. Not and but, But you should rule over him. I do not know if that is a conditional tense. I better stop while I am ahead. I may have the wrong name of the tense for you. But not you shall absolute rule over him to make a statement. You shall rule over him. That is a promise. That is a prophecy. That is an absolute. I guess it is a conditional tense. To say you should rule over him means that to rule over him is the right thing to do. But you may succeed in doing it. And then again on the other hand, you may not succeed, or you may not even try to do it.


If I tell you that you should do something, that means I am giving you a vision. I am giving you an idea. I am giving you a guideline. I am not commanding you to do it. And I have no way to know as to whether or not you will take my advice and do it. What I am telling you is, the right thing to do is for you to do it. Conditional tense. You may do it, and you may not do it. Whether or not you do it is conditional upon whether or not you are in submission to the Spirit of Christ or whether or not you are in rebellion. You should do it. Whether or not you do it depends on the spirit in your heart. Is everybody OK?


The King James translation says that sin is desiring you. Sin desires you for spiritual adultery continuously. But you should rule over him --


There is a very large difference between me prophesying to you and saying, I promise you, you shall rule over him, and you should rule over him. I hope everybody can hear the difference. Sin wants to commit adultery with you continuously, but you should not agree with him. You should resist him despite whatever pain he inflicts upon you. Brethren, the Lord is giving us the same message today. Sin desires to commit adultery with you continuously, but you must resist him. You must resist him.


There is someone in this ministry who, one time, said to me, I never heard it preached anywhere, that I am supposed to resist sin. And I just heard the same thing down in New Jersey. That amazed me because sometimes I get all caught up in my ivory tower. What does that mean? Does anybody know what my ivory tower is?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes. My ivory tower is the place that I ascend into where Christ gives me all this wonderful information. And sometimes I forget that there are not many of us up there and that I am supposed to come out of my ivory tower and come down to wherever anybody that I am sent to is. I am supposed to come to you, wherever you are, and explain these wonderful things to you on your level. And sometimes I just forget that you do not know everything that I know. I was surprised to hear that this person had never had anybody else tell them that they are supposed to resist sin. And that was a couple years ago this person said that to me.


And I just heard it again down in New Jersey. When I go down there, we minister all day. And I was talking, and someone said to me, You know, I was listening to you, and all I could think about was you were teaching the same thing that my ex-pastor preached, who was pretty much into New Age and witchcraft. And I was just about to say to the Lord, I was just saying, Lord, she is preaching the same thing that so-and-so preached, when I heard that one sentence: 'You must resist sin.' She said, And it just turned the whole thing around, and it made the whole thing right in my mind. That was what she said to me. The whole thing made sense.


Brethren, antichrist is lacking a piece of the truth. There is so much truth in New Age doctrine today that it is almost frightening. It is close to being frightening. Basically, what is lacking is the judgment of your sins. You cannot enter into the kingdom with your sin, and that includes the hidden sins of your heart that you may not think is sin, but the Lord knows is sin, sins that God is winking at or has been winking at for hundreds and for thousands of years. Why? Because the mechanism that would give you dominion over this sin has not been enforced. There was no way man could stop sinning with the hidden sins of his heart: hidden envy, hidden pride, little subtleties of the fallen mind.


So God honored your efforts to change your behavior and granted you grace. But in this hour, the mechanism to root out the hidden sins of your heart is available. Therefore, the Lord has invited us to the reality of sinlessness, not to sinlessness by faith but to the reality of sinlessness, which involves the literal, surgical removal of sin, which cannot take place if you do not look at it. Would you let a doctor who was blind, come near you with a scalpel? I do not know about you, but I would not.


The New Age doctrine has 95 percent truth except for one essential point: You are not going in automatically. You are not going in with your sin. And there is only one way that your sin can be surgically removed, and that is to have Christ Jesus growing in your soul. And when He is truly there, He is going to kill your carnal mind, and you are going to be in this war. So that is a very important omission. It is an essential omission. It is like saying God put a man together and forgot to give him a heart. All this doctrine in the world is not going to get you through if your soul is not judged. It seems like such a thin thread, but it is an essential thread, brethren, essential thread. Praise the Lord.


The last phrase, verse 7 of Genesis 4, says, And the Devil shall have you every time he desires you, but you should rule over him. That means you attempt to rule over him. No matter how many times he knocks you down, no matter how many times he defeats you, no matter how many times he torches you, no matter how many times you fail, every time you see him coming, you resist him. If you do this, your sins are covered. Your sins are forgiven. It is not sin unto you if you are resisting him with all your strength and he takes you against your will.


The moment you start collaborating with him, the Lord has something against you. The Lord has a controversy with you. As He tells all the Churches in the Book of Revelation, I see all your good points, but nevertheless I have something against you. On such-and-such a date, you collaborated with the enemy. Repent, and I shall give you overcoming power. And he who overcometh shall inherit all things.


Brethren, what the Lord wants from us is repentance. He knows we are fallen. He knows we are dust. He knows the whole story. He wants resistance from you. And you might fool yourself as to whether or not you are trying. You might fool me as to whether or not you are trying. But God knows the true condition of your heart. And I do not care what you look like; if you are really trying, He is with you in power.


And if you do not, you will eventually see the fruit of your effort. If you do not faint, brethren, you will see deliverance. I do not know about you, but when someone tells me, If I do not faint, I will see deliverance, that makes me think I have got a war on my hand. I do not know how anybody could see it as tiptoeing through the tulips. If you do not faint from the pressure, if you do not faint from the stress, if you do not faint from the warfare, you will see victory. And fainting includes packing it in and hightailing it out of wherever you are supposed to be. You need a revelation that there is no place in this whole earth that you could run to get away from this spiritual war. Once you get that revelation, and you dig in, you are starting to move. Glory to God.


The second phrase that I looked up for you was in verse 9, Am I my brother's keeper?


And the Lord said unto Cain, 'Where is Abel, thy brother?' And he said, 'I know not. Am I my brother's keeper?' I suggested to you this morning that it might not be Cain speaking in those last phrases. I found out that it was Cain speaking in those last phrases. But I do have a variation of the King James translation, for which, the slightest variation can change the intent of the Scriptures very much.


That Hebrew word translated know (I know not) means to recognize, to admit. I recognize that you are trying. I recognize that you are sincere. I recognize that you are at fault. I recognize that you are not at fault. I recognize. I admit. Cain was saying, I do not know. I do not recognize that anything changed. Do not recognize -- I mean, talk about denial, brethren. I do not know nothing, do not hear nothing, do not see nothing. The Lord says, Where is your brother? Cain says, I do not know.


The word, keeper, is Strong's #8104. In Gesenius, there is another Hebrew word with the exact, same spelling as Strong's #8104. We run into this time and time again. Gesenius says it is an unused root, with the same, exact spelling, which means to fasten with nails. And we have said keeper or to keep. That is the same word used in the Scripture which says God told Adam to keep the garden, to guard the garden, to militarily guard the garden. There is another word, with the same, exact spelling, that means to fasten with nails. What is another word that describes to fasten with nails? To crucify.


And the word, brother, can also be translated man of the same tribe. I suggest to you, Cain was saying, I do not recognize that I am crucifying my brother. I will not admit that I crucified my brother. I did not do it. The other guy did it. My brother did it. My sister did it. The garbageman did it. The cop down the street did it. I did not do it. That is what Cain was saying. I do not even admit he is dead. My brother? Is something wrong with my brother? I had not noticed any change in him. That is what he was saying.


I refer you to Genesis 3:12. Now, remember, Cain is the offspring of Adam. Genesis 3:12, And the man said, 'The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.' The other guy did it, man. It was not me. I saw someone running down the street with a dark coat and a gray hat and sunglasses. It was not me. This is the sin of pride.




PASTOR VITALE: It is a refusal to take responsibility for your behavior. It is bad enough when you say, I did not do it, but when you name someone else and blame it on them, that is pretty serious. My wife did it. My sister did it. My brother did it. Mickey Mouse did it, and maybe even Donald Duck, but not me. I do not do things like that. God, help us.


What have you done? Where is Abel, thy brother? And Cain said, 'I do not know.'


Verse 10, God said, 'What has thou done?' Now, look, God gave him a chance to fess up. God said, Where is your brother? I do not know. Next question: What have you done? See, God knew the answer to the question.


What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground. That is not the best translation. This is what the interlinear says. The interlinear says, The voice of your brother's blood, not your brother's voice. Blood is that which keeps the vessel alive. Remember, Abel was the spiritual part of the creation. Your spiritual blood is Christ.


The voice of Christ crying out -- I have heard the voice of Christ crying out. We mentioned that this morning. God does not care where you are, does not care what you have done, does not care how filthy you are or how low you have fallen. When the voice of your brother's blood cries out from underneath the ground of your soul, the Father is right there. The voice of your brother's blood, crying out from the ground, tells me what you have done.


Listen, brother. There is $100. You are the only one that could have possibly done it. The fact that the money is missing tells me that you have done it. It is called circumstance. There was only two of you, Cain and Abel. One of you disappeared. The guy who disappeared has blood that can talk, and that blood is saying you killed him. I hear you saying, I am innocent. But I hear the blood of the dead mean saying it was you, accusing you, identifying you, the murderer. And who is the murderer? The murderer is the Devil.


And to Cain [AUDIO CUTS OUT] may not recognize what you have done. What you have done may not be recognizable with the natural eye. But my communication with Christ, my relationship with Christ, wherever He is appearing, tells me what you have done.


Brethren, we are talking about motives here and discernment. This is a big issue in the end-time Church. Sin is frequently very hidden. It hides behind respectability. It looks innocent. Behavior which is generated by the Devil looks identical to behavior generated by the righteousness of Christ. If we do not have the discernment as to the intents of a person's motives, we will never know whether it is sin in their heart or righteousness in their heart. The Devil and Christ Jesus frequently perform the same behavior. Your motive determines whether or not you have sinned. The only way you can determine the person's motive, is if righteousness is dwelling in you, and that righteousness is making such a judgment.


God said to Cain, I do not believe your words. I believe the word of my Son, which is crying out underneath the ground. Brethren, if you have Christ in you, and you are in sin, Christ in you is buried underneath the ground of your soul. But He is witnessing to the righteousness of Christ.


The Lord does not listen [AUDIO CUTS OUT] Scripture several times. It is in the Book of Isaiah. It is a description of the ministry of the Son of God. He does not judge righteousness by what He sees, nor does He judge righteousness by what He hears with His natural eyes or His natural ears, but judgment is executed by the spiritual senses which are in Christ Jesus. It does not matter what that man said. It does not matter what it looked like. The only thing that matters is the truth as Christ Jesus sees it.


And if your spiritual senses do not start functioning, you are going to be in confusion and distress frequently. If you are hanging out with spiritual people, you will constantly be at odds with them. If you are listening with your ears -- if you can say, he did not say that; I know he did not. His heart said it, and Christ Jesus in me heard his heart. You listened to his words; I heard his heart. We will have a controversy for the rest of our days unless I get carnal or you get spiritual. And I am not getting carnal, so you better get spiritual. You cannot take that carnality into the kingdom.


Sometimes people lie knowingly, and sometimes they do not know they are lying. Sometimes they are blind. Sometimes they do not know what the motive of their own heart is. That is why, when Christ Jesus tries the motive in your heart, you are not aware of your own motive. There is no condemnation in this. But your response should be a willingness to ask the Lord if it is not true because, if it is true, and you will not face the possibility that it is true, you are condemning yourself. The Son of God has not condemned you; if it is the true Son of God, they have not condemned you. But you have condemned yourself if you will not confess that what the Son is saying could be true, may be true. You have denied yourself the whole opportunity for repentance and deliverance from sin if you just deny their discernment. And if you turn around and accuse them of thinking evil of you on top of it, surely, you have brought condemnation upon your own head.


Brethren, you cannot go around calling Christ Jesus an unclean spirit. There will be an answer to pay for it. There will be a recompense. You must at least open yourself to the possibility that what they say may be true. And I encourage you with all of my strength, under these circumstances, to confess in principle. What does that mean? Lord, if it is true, I am sorry. If You show it to me, I will confess it and repent specifically, but this is the best I could do now. I cannot see it. I have trouble believing it, but I know that is the Son of God. If it is true, I am sorry. Do not fight. Do not be silly. It is for your own good. It is saving your life. The judgment seed of Christ is designed to save your life.


Just like if you have a cancer, you go for a surgery. They cut your abdomen open. It hurts you, brethren, but you know it is designed to save your life. You submit to it. You lay down on the table. You let them stick needles in your arms. You let them do all kinds of things to you because you are convinced it is to save your life. This White Throne Judgment is to save your spiritual life. Hallelujah.


Verse 11, And now art thou cursed from the earth. And I never really knew what that meant. The interlinear says it a little differently. The interlinear says, And now cursed are you more than the ground which opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand.


King James, And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother's blood from your hands.


Interlinear: And now cursed are you more than the ground which opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood. Well, how could Cain be cursed more than the ground? The Hebrew word, translated cursed, means hated and detested. That is a scriptural word, brethren, that is used to describe someone's condition who is separated from Christ. Jesus said, If you do not hate your mother and your brother, et cetera, et cetera, He did not mean you are supposed to hate your family. He meant that, when it comes to a choice, you are supposed to choose Christ Jesus over any natural family tie. That was what He meant. Do not use the Lord as an excuse to abuse your family or sin against your family or hate your family.


We have talked about this on another level. We have talked about this with relationship to human marriage, that you have to be one unit under one head. You cannot have a husband and a wife that are equal because the day is sure to come that there is a conflict of interest between the husband and the wife. If you both work the day is sure to come that you are both faced with either a transfer or a potential for advancement that would mean that you would have to shift cities or shift locations. And if you want to continue to live together, a decision will have to be made: whether you are going to move to California to promote your husband's job. If you want the married couple, one person must predominate in the family.


In the same way, you can serve God and fully enjoy your natural family to the fullest extent until such time arrives that there is a conflict of interest. What does that mean? Your husband or your wife wants you to do one thing, and Christ Jesus wants you to do something else, at which point, the Scripture clearly states, women and gentlemen, you are to choose the Lord.


It is not the problem for a man as it is for a woman because, for a man to tell his wife, Now, look, dear, I love you, but I have to serve God; I am sorry if you are unhappy; I am going to do this -- he is not in sin. He has authority over his wife. He has the right to do it. But for a woman to say that to her husband, if it is not Christ Jesus, she is in outright rebellion. She is coming out from under his cover. It is dangerous.


But if you know that it is God, and your husband is a heathen -- you see, if your husband is a man of God, surely, the Lord will speak to him and prepare his heart. But if your husband cannot hear from God, whether he be unsaved or unreconciled, or whether he be reconciled but just have closed ears because he does not want his wife doing this -- everybody is still a carnal man today. If you have prayed this through and gotten many witnesses, and you are convinced this is the Lord, you must obey God in favor of your natural husband.


This is a radical teaching. I was challenged on it just recently by an irate man. It distressed him to hear me say this. It is right in the Bible, brethren. This is not one of my controversial teachings. That is clear in the Scripture: You have to serve God -- although very few ministries will preach it. Why? Because it does not strengthen marriages.


Listen, the imputed anointing strengthens marriages. The imparted anointing does not strengthen natural marriage. You can serve God with an imputed anointing. You see married couples traveling around, serving God. But when it comes to the imparted anointing, the Lord is jealous of you, brethren. He does not want to share you with anybody.


Now, you could have a measure of the imparted anointing and still have a very active family life. But you will reach a point; I call it a point of no return. If you want to go on with God, there will have to be some measure of separation. You do not have to leave home. I am not telling you that you have to leave home. God is merciful and good. But the choice has to come in your heart. You have to be prepared to follow Jesus no matter what.


It is the same principle as training a soldier. When you send a soldier to a warzone, he has to be so trained that, when the officer says whatever the command is -- shoot, withdraw, retreat, charge, whatever the command is -- you do not stop and question. You just go.


We must know that, with regard to spiritual matters, we must follow Christ if we want to go onto that perfection. Otherwise, we are in a state of duality, which is permissible for a season. Everything is fine until there is a conflict of interest. You can have both until there is a conflict of interest. Jesus. Then the one that you choose determines the direction that the rest of your life will take. Hallelujah.


So, to be cursed is to be hated or detested. The ground that is without Christ, the soul which is without Christ, is hated and detested. An over-exaggeration -- but that is the way the Scripture expresses it. Maybe I do not have a full revelation. Maybe someday, when I grow up, I will understand better. But to be honest with you, I cannot see applying that word, to hate or detest, to a soul that is separated from Christ Jesus. I could see the soul separated from Christ Jesus as considered abandoned, rejected; I cannot see it as hated. I just have not learned that yet. As soon as the Lord explains it to me, I will be glad to share it with you. But if you are confused, I would just like you to know that I am confused in that area also. But that is what the word means.


So how could someone be hated more than the ground and the soul itself without Christ? I suggest to you that what the Lord is speaking about here is the negative double portion. We know that there is a positive double portion. Who is the positive double portion? Christ Jesus is the double portion: the Father and the Son. The Father abides in Christ Jesus. The Father and the Son is the positive double portion. So I suggest to you, to be more hated than the ground itself is to have a double portion of hatred, the negative double portion.


We see that appearing in our Alternate Translation of Genesis 3:14, And Jehovah said to the Serpent, 'Because you have committed adultery with the living creature that I made before his mind was engraved with My nature, and you are therefore now appearing as the cursed mind of the Devil' -- there it is, right there -- 'the cursed mind of the Devil, who has authority over Christ and the whole, fallen, dead creature, you shall continue to be joined to the woman instead of Christ Jesus and shall exist in the physical, visible world of outer darkness for so long as the creation is a beast.'


I suggest to you that the cursed mind is more hated than the cursed ground, the mind being the increase of the ground. Remember, the ground is the soul. The soul is a single thread joining with either Jehovah or the Serpent. And the ground must give us increase: either the Devil or Christ Jesus. So the ground is cursed, but there is something that is more cursed than the ground. That is the increase of the ground, the double portion of lack, the double portion that is missing Christ Jesus, the personality of fallen man, the Devil. Thank you, Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I think this rounds out our teaching from this morning. Are there any questions or -- you are all sleeping on me. Are there any questions or comments on this message? Anybody, any questions or comments?


COMMENT: I would just like a clearer definition of what you call the negative double.




PASTOR VITALE: The negative double portion? It is the mind. The double portion is always the mind. If it is the positive double portion, it is Christ Jesus. And if it is the negative double portion, it is the Devil. It is the increase of the ground. You see, the soul is the ground. In the natural, the increase of the ground is food: either spinach or broccoli or good food that is going to sustain your body. The increase of the spiritual ground is a mind that will sustain the life of the soul. Depending on the mind that grows or the mind that comes forth in the soul, it either sustains the life of the soul, or it kills the soul. The Devil, whose mind is carnal, kills the soul. The negative increase or the negative double portion kills the soul. The positive double portion sustains its life, preserves its life. Does that help you?


COMMENT: So the Devil and the carnal mind is the negative portion. Do I have that?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. The Devil is the personality of fallen man. He has a conscious and an unconscious mind. The unconscious mind of the Devil is Satan, and the conscious mind of the Devil is the carnal mind. So the Devil is the whole personality having a conscious and an  unconscious mind. And the terms, Satan and the Devil, break it down, giving a different name to the conscious and the unconscious mind.


The whole double portion -- what is the name of your new man? The whole double portion is Christ Jesus. He also has an unconscious mind and a conscious mind. And the name of his unconscious mind is --




PASTOR VITALE: -- the Spirit of Christ. And the name of his conscious mind is the mind of Christ. So we are talking about two whole spiritual people. One is a man, and one is a woman. And the name of the man is --


COMMENT: Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: Christ Jesus. And the name of the woman is --




COMMENT: The Devil.


PASTOR VITALE: The Devil is the woman. And both the man and the woman have an unconscious mind, which is spirit, and a conscious mind. They both have a conscious mind. One is carnal, and one is the mind of Christ. One is flesh, and one is spirit. The carnal mind is soul, and the mind of Christ is spirit.


Brethren, the whole problem of humanity, if you can see it, is a war between the man and the woman. You see, we are just down here because we are just individual members here. So it looks like a tremendous creation to us. But if you could just see it with spiritual eyes, God made a man, and His wife ran off with the Serpent and had a baby, us. That is why we are a bunch of little Devils. That is what happened to us.


And this creation looks so big because the whole creation, compared to us, is very big, but not so to God. From where God is coming from, there is just one man, and there is one woman. The woman is an adulteress, and she mated with the beast, and she fell into a big pit. And her husband is trying to get her back. Is that awesome that that is the whole story, brethren?


And as our mind expands, and as we ascend into the heavenlies, it will become less and less mind-boggling to us. See, our bodies do not have to grow. Our mind has to expand. The smaller our minds our, the lower down in hell we are, the harder it is for us to see the simplicity of our spiritual problem because, when we are down in the lower pits of hell, it is not a simple problem. As we ascend in Christ Jesus, our problem becomes simpler.


Brethren, when you are a small child, the thought of living in this world alone is terrifying. Lots of small children tell their parents, I will never leave you. I am going to live with you forever. And the parents go, That is a joke. Lots of small children say, I am going to live with you forever, Mom. Some people do it. I know a woman; she had a three-bedroom house. She had two sons. Each son had his wife and his kids in one bedroom, and she had her daughter in the third bedroom. Everybody shared the kitchen -- it was utter chaos -- and one bathroom.


Listen, brethren. To a superior mind, our condition is very simple. The man's wife ran off with the Serpent, had an illegitimate baby and fell down into a big hole. The man dialed 911. All the sirens are out. The FBI is on the case. The Serpent is a fugitive, stole a guy's wife. Do you know there was a time in this country not that long ago that, if you ran off with a man's wife, and he hunted you down and shot you, nobody even blinked an eye? They all just looked the other way.


COMMENT: In this country?


PASTOR VITALE: In this country.


COMMENT: Oh, it must have been the 18th century.


PASTOR VITALE: No. It was not all that long ago.




PASTOR VITALE: Jesus, please.




PASTOR VITALE: Please. We are dealing with some rebellion here today. No one wants to use the microphone. We have had great resistance to the microphone today. Yes?


COMMENT: Would you say that again?


PASTOR VITALE: I said there was a time in this country not all that long ago that, if a man ran off with another man's wife, and the husband found that guy and shot him, most law enforcement agencies would just act like they did not see it and walk away. You would never know it, the way the society is today, but adultery is still a crime on the books in many states.


COMMENT: It is still a crime?


PASTOR VITALE: In many states, it is still a crime. It is not enforced, but it is still a crime.


So that is the whole thing in a nutshell. Emergency services out, the sirens are going around. The FBI has got an all-points bulletin out, an APB, looking for the Serpent. Long, thin, slithering, green, no feet, moves along the surface of the ground by wriggling, ran off with the Lord's wife. And we are about to be caught. We are in the process of being caught. The Lord is in the process of killing the Serpent. How is he killing him? He is burning him in the --




PASTOR VITALE: -- Lake of Fire, castrating him too. That is what my Bible says. Do not look at me like that. That is what the Bible says. He will never, ever do this again: that Dragon, that old Serpent which is Satan and the Devil. What a message, so simple. Jesus.


Anybody else? Questions, comments, parables, rhymes, songs? Anybody?


COMMENT: Pastor Sheila, this is a comment. You were talking about it was not too many years ago. Well, not too many years ago, you could even get sued for breach of promise. Back in 1930 [CROSSTALK]


PASTOR VITALE: You have to tell these young people what that means.


COMMENT: If you promise to marry somebody, and you back out, you could be [CROSSTALK]


PASTOR VITALE: Engagement. If you --


COMMENT: If you have an engagement set, and then you backed out of it, you could be taken to court.


PASTOR VITALE: Things have changed.




PASTOR VITALE: Things have changed. What has pretty much happened in our society is that young people, especially the young women, have come out from under the cover of their parents. And young women are becoming very, very vulnerable.


I know that these talk shows are not representative of the whole society, but they do give us a glimpse of trends. What is a trend? It is a direction. It means that it is a direction -- it is something that is happening in the society and that the society can continue -- hopefully not, but can continue in that direction.


What are some of the trends? Illegitimate births have become acceptable, in some cases sought after and desirable. All forms of marital problems just blossoming and increasing because there is no spiritual protection for the woman. Jesus.


COMMENT: To me, this seems very amazing. It never talked about the man's wife in the Bible until Sarah, right?


PASTOR VITALE: You mean the name of the man's wife was not given? Yes. [INAUDIBLE] Sarah.


COMMENT: What I am seeing is: And unto Eunuch was born Irad, and Irad begat -- and it goes onto the names. And Lamech took unto him two --


PASTOR VITALE: Where are you?


COMMENT: In verses 18, 19 of Genesis, chapter 4: And Lamech took unto him two wives. The name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other was Zillah. And Adah bare Jabal, and he was the father of such as dwell in tents and of such that have cattle. And his brother's name was Jubal, and he was the father of all such that handle the harp and the organ. And Zillah, she also bare Tubalcain, an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron. And the sister of Tubalcain was Naamah.


And Lamech said unto his wives, Adah and Zillah, 'Hear my voice, ye wives of Lamech. Hearken unto my speech, for I have slain a man to my wounding, and a young man to my hunt.' That is not what I wanted to go into, but the idea of never mentioning the other name. This is the one son who went to the left. The wives are mentioned.


PASTOR VITALE: The reason the wives are mentioned is that the wives are mentioned from the time that this superior spiritual man breaks out into male and female bodies. The whole time that the being is both male and female, the whole time that the spiritual man is superior and has his wife within him, his wife has no name. From the time that this spiritual man deteriorates, and his line breaks down into female and male bodies, then the women are named. And the descendants of Cain broke down very quickly. They broke down, in about approximately five generations, into male and female bodies after the casting out of the casting. The line of Seth, which we are -- we are the descendants of Seth -- our line broke down approximately five generations after Shem, Ham and Japheth backslid.


So when I say that the wives are not named, I am talking about Seth's line. I am not talking about Cain's line. But it took about five generations in both cases.


COMMENT: So in this case, it happened much earlier with Cain's descendants. So they probably were almost out of existence by the time Noah's family came there. Right?


PASTOR VITALE: I believe that, if they were not wiped out sooner, they were wiped out in the flood. Did you have a question, Xxxx? Hello. OK. And let me just make this comment, please. As a matter of fact, and I hope that you all know that, when it gets into areas like this, this is just my opinion. Please, do not anyone consider this law. This is just my opinion.


I believe that man deteriorates: that, the longer he is separated from God, he physically and emotionally deteriorates. We are going backwards. I believe Neanderthal man and all of these prehistoric men were the descendants of Cain who were degenerating into beasts. So you see, man uses these primitive -- I do not remember the rest of the names. There are, like, three or four or five different -- Cro-Magnon man, Neanderthal man. The name of man today is Homo sapiens. There were all of these lines that were pre-Homo sapiens or that were even more beast than human. But they were acknowledged as man.


And evolutionists, people who believe in evolution, use the remains of these men, the bones that were found, to justify evolution. And they are thinking that man is on his way up, that at one time, man was Cro-Magnon man, that he was bestial, and that he is evolving, and that he is now becoming civilized. But I do not think so. I think man is deteriorating. It just looks like man is evolving because anthropologists have found the remains of Cain's descendants, which were descending, if you can hear it. If you cannot hear it, or if you disagree with me, that is fine. We could still be friends.


COMMENT: After the flood, Noah and his sons were giants. And the cell division way of reproduction was still in force. Am I right?


PASTOR VITALE: I believe so. Yes. Up until about five generations, we are told, in the days of Peleg, the earth was divided. It was approximately five generations after Shem, Ham and Japheth.


Anybody else?


COMMENT: Could you go over that Christ crucified -- you know, the Christ is crucified?


PASTOR VITALE: The crucifixion of Christ? OK. The crucifixion of Christ, as spoken about by Paul, when he said, I am crucified to this world -- or Christ. I am dead; nevertheless, I live, but it is not me. It is Christ Jesus in me. The Lord revealed to me, several months ago, that the crucifixion, not of the man Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ, whose physical body was crucified, but the crucifixion of Christ is speaking about not the death of Christ but the strengthening of Christ.


If you look up the word, crucified, in Webster's Dictionary, at least, the dictionary that I looked it up in, I found out that the first definition was not that crucifixion meant death, but that crucifixion meant a piercing through which was designed to strengthen. To strengthen with rods, to sure up something by putting poles in it to keep it standing, almost like, if you have a plant that is falling over, you will stick out a pole in the soil and stand it up. And [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the name of Jesus.


So the crucifixion of Christ is speaking about the strengthening of Christ in fallen man. Let me remind you that there is a whole family of Christ, and the term Christ is different than Christ Jesus. Christ is speaking about the dead Christ, known as the human spirit, which needs to be strengthened. She is too weak. She is a harlot in the Devil's stable. So she has to get out; she has to get stronger. And the Lord Jesus Christ is coming from outside of her and crucifying her, strengthening her, piercing through into her heart, joining with her.


And the natural example that we have is a male sperm piercing through into a female ovum. And that is conception. Can you hear that? So the Lord Jesus Christ comes and pierces into the dead human spirit of man, and that union produces an increase. And the name of that increase is Christ Jesus. And it is Christ Jesus, who was the full-grown man, who was the warrior spirit, who was strong enough to overcome the Devil and get us out of hell.


So the crucifixion of Christ is the strengthening of Christ. You might say it is the impregnation of Christ with Christ Jesus. It is the first stage or the beginning of the first stage of the resurrection from the dead. Does that help you?


I know that is a radical teaching only because you have been in the Church world for all these years and you have never heard of anything like that at all. So it sounds radical, and it sounds different, but it really makes a lot of sense to me. That always bothered me: that crucifixion of Christ. It just never sat right with me.


And with some of the Scriptures -- I do not have any of the Scriptures in front of me because we are just reviewing. But if you would like to hear it again, it is on the Zephaniah, part 9 series. And it is also gone over on the message, In the Garden, on part three. Are you OK? All right. Anybody else?


COMMENT: That piercing in, does that do any damage to the carnal mind at the same time, when the piercing goes into the human spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: Now, what you mean is that the human spirit is in the interior of the carnal mind. So you are asking me, does that first penetration damage the carnal mind? To the best of my knowledge, no, it does not. It just passes through. The carnal mind puts up defenses against it, not wanting the human spirit to be penetrated. But I do not think it damages the carnal mind, not that I know of, anyway.


Let us have a brief review on these terms: the Serpent, the Dragon, the Devil, and you. OK. Somebody, who is the Serpent? Give us a definition of the Serpent. Who is the Serpent?




COMMENT: The pestilence in the earth.


PASTOR VITALE: OK. And where is she found? Why is she called the Serpent? Why is she the Serpent to the rest of the creation? She is the tree of --


COMMENT: Oh, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


PASTOR VITALE: She is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in her condition of submission or separation from Christ Jesus?


COMMENT: Submission.


PASTOR VITALE: Submission. The name of the pestilence in the earth, who is in submission to Christ Jesus, is the Serpent. The pestilence in the earth, the intelligence, the spiritual intelligence in the earth, when in submission to Christ Jesus, is called the Serpent. OK. We have got some laughter in the Church today.




PASTOR VITALE: And the Dragon -- who is the Dragon? The Dragon is the name of the --


COMMENT: Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: -- Serpent when --


COMMENT: Separated out [INAUDIBLE]


PASTOR VITALE: When she --


COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] The name of the Serpent when she is separated out from the tree.


PASTOR VITALE: When she is not in submission to Christ Jesus. That is correct. I just put it in a different term. The Dragon is the Serpent who is not in submission to the man Christ Jesus. The Dragon is a fugitive from Jehovah's justice. He has run off with the Lord's wife. There is an APB on him: green, slithering, slimy. Jesus. OK. And who is the Devil?




PASTOR VITALE: That is true.




PASTOR VITALE: That is true. The Devil is the incarnation of the Dragon as a company -- we are told, in the Book of Zephaniah -- as a company of wandering men who are wandering throughout the earth. We are vagabonds and fugitives. That part of us which is spirit is the fugitive Dragon or the Serpent who ran away with the Lord's wife and a fugitive from Jehovah's justice -- he is incarnated in the individual man and under the name of -- what is the name of the Serpent in modern man?




PASTOR VITALE: Satan. Yes. The Devil is the incarnation of the Dragon. The Dragon has incarnated. He has taken form as the Devil. That is us. The Lord has clearly told us our daddy is the Devil. We are a bunch of little devils, and we have a conscious and an unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind is the Serpent in the form of Satan: the Serpent, the Dragon, Satan and the Devil.


COMMENT: Can I have the spiritual definition of incarnated?


PASTOR VITALE: Incarnated: to take on the flesh, to come into existence. The Greek word that describes this condition is the word, to be, to come into existence, to have corporeal form, physical form.


COMMENT: Well, did Jesus not -- Jesus called the Pharisees Serpents, called them vipers.




PASTOR VITALE: He called them Serpents.


COMMENT: He does not call his own --




COMMENT: He does not call his own disciples Serpents though, right?


PASTOR VITALE: He called the Pharisees Serpents. Right. I do not really know that He ever called His disciples Serpents. I do not think so. But He called the Pharisees Serpents. He told them their daddy was the Devil.


See, now, somebody might say, well, you are accusing me of having the Devil for my dad. Brethren, the truth cannot be an accusation. OK. We did a whole message on definitions once because I found out that a lot of the people here did not have their definitions straight. It may be time to do another message like that again.


Brethren, an accusation is a spirit. Either someone is speaking out of the spirit of truth or they are speaking out of the spirit of accusation. If they are telling you the truth, they cannot be accusing you. There is no sin in telling somebody the truth if it is the spirit of truth revealing the truth. Now, you could be revealing the truth in a hurtful spirit. But if you are telling the truth in righteousness, that is not accusation.


Every time somebody says something negative about you, it does not mean they are sinning against you. Here is a perfect example of what we talked about earlier. One person can be perceiving a sin in you by a spirit of divination. And standing right next to them, someone could be perceiving that sin in Christ Jesus. And they could both see pride in you. The person perceiving it by divination is sinning against you when they tell you because their revelation is to your destruction. But the Son of God, who sees sin in you and is letting you know it, is not sinning against you by revealing this sin in you. But the end of it, if you repent, will be the salvation of your life.


Two people could be doing exactly the same thing. Every time you hear someone saying something negative about you, if you automatically assume that they are sinning against you, you are at a disadvantage. You are placing yourself at a disadvantage because, if they are a Son of God and they are telling the truth, or at least you have reason to believe that they may be telling you the truth, this is your opportunity to find out what sins are in you so that you can enter into the preparation for everlasting life. It is a tremendous opportunity to find out whether or not it is true. Someone says something unkind about me or something that hurts me; I want to know if it is true. If it is true, I do not want it.


COMMENT: Who will be the seraphim? Is that Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: The seraphim is God's creation. We are all Serpents, and seraphim are Serpents with wings. They are redeemed Serpents. So the seraphim is fallen man, all of us, raised up, restored back unto righteousness.


Ezekiel calls us living creations. In the Book of Revelation, we are called living creatures. In the Book of Daniel, we are called living creatures. In the Book of Genesis, we are called the living creature, the whole living creature, a combination of spirit and soul, the fulfillment of God's imagination. God had a dream. He imagined us, and we are coming to pass exactly as He imagined us.


Anybody else?


COMMENT: Is it always done in a cutting manner where a Son of God will give correction to somebody?


PASTOR VITALE: No. It does not have to be that way. Usually, if it is the Son of God; if it is in the Spirit of Christ, it is only cutting when the person has such a resistance to it that it has been told to them. It has been told to them through preaching; it has been told to them in kind tones. And either they cannot believe it, or they do not think it is for them, or they do not retain it. Then the Lord has to cut into them. And that cutting is, the pain you feel is your carnal mind being cut. If your mind is so defensed against it, you need surgery. And then it is painful. It does not have to be that way. It depends. You know, just like some women have hard labors and others do not, it depends how strong your defenses are.


COMMENT: This morning, you spoke about Cain being in denial. Well, he knew [INAUDIBLE] really confused. He knew that he slew his brother. I mean, he knew it. There was no denial; there was outright lying.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I do not know that he knew it. I really do not know that he knew it. He might not have -- he did not have to know it. All I could do is go by our natural example because I do not know. Cain was in a high spiritual place; I do not know where he was. But I know that I have people in my acquaintance right now that are so out of touch with their feelings that they just really do not know what they do. They are just blinded to it. And it is the love of God to reveal it to them.


Sometimes, this behavior is self-destructive; I mean, the alcoholic is the ideal example. You try to tell an alcoholic that he is ruining his marriage. You try to tell an alcoholic, if he does not stop, his wife has already got one foot out the door and the other foot on a banana peel. He just does not believe it. Then she comes home one night, and she is gone. And he said, When did all this happen? You were unhappy? Honey, for 20 years, I am telling you I cannot take it anymore. I had no idea. It is very common. It bothered you that I drank? I had no idea. It is just a quality of fallen man, some more so than others. This is typical of the compulsive personality.


And we have a plague in our society today of compulsive personalities. Even people who do not drink or drug, but adult children of alcoholics, it is a personality. It is a personality set that is a plague in our nation today that denies reality. And what is the misfortune of denying reality? The problem is never dealt with. Emotions that are never dealt with fester and become wounds that kill lives. They destroy lives.


The healthy way to continue to grow and prosper is to face painful emotions and deal with them, either through talking them out, with someone who is going to be understanding and compassionate, or through sublimating them. And sublimate means to redirect them. In other words, if you love somebody, whether it be a marriage or just a boyfriend-girlfriend thing, and the relationship breaks up, and you are filled with emotion, you can redirect that emotion into some creative source. You do not have to sit and abide in that pain. The healthy thing to do is to take that energy, which you are perceiving as love for another person, and direct it into creativity. If you are a musician, play your music. If you are an artist, paint your pictures. Whatever ability you have, whatever God-given talent you have within yourself to express yourself, take all of your passion and direct it into that until you heal.


But if you deny that you are hurt, you just create a wound that you push down into your soul that will fester for the rest of your life and will contaminate every future relationship that you attempt to have. And yet we just see so many people today dealing with problems in this ungodly, unproductive way. They deny them. They press them down, and they deny them. They never deal with them.


It is the same principle that we see in mourning for the dead. Societies have known for generations, when somebody dies, you have to express that grief. That is why we have funerals. That is why we have wakes. That is why we have periods of mourning. We have to get the emotion out, and then you go on with your life.


For whatever reason, however, and however it arose in our society, we have a plague of compulsive personalities who are not adequately dealing with their pain. They have never been taught to adequately deal with their pain, and it is killing them. It arrests your development. If the first time you are wounded so badly is when you are a child, it keeps you a child in many areas of your personality. It arrests your development. It keeps you from going on. It keeps you from learning how to have healthy relationships that will be a blessing in your life. And it just utterly destroys you.


So we see here -- what is evidenced here? That words are nothing. It is very easy for New Agers to say Christ Jesus. It is very easy for Satanists to say Jesus. You can say anything you want. Some of you might remember when we were in old order deliverance, and we wanted to finish -- and we thought that the demon had come out of the person, we would say to them, Is Jesus Christ Lord? Is Jesus Christ Lord? And it did not really matter whether it was the person or the demon. As long as we heard the words, Jesus Christ is Lord, we stopped praying. But demons can say Jesus Christ is Lord, and New Agers can say Christ Jesus, and words are very cheap. What is not cheap?




PASTOR VITALE: Action. And what is behind action? In spiritual terms, what --




PASTOR VITALE: Spirit. I think that is just a little too much.




PASTOR VITALE: That is just a little too much. OK.




PASTOR VITALE: Spirit. So we see that the Lord has clearly warned us that, in these last days, Satan shall appear as an --


COMMENT: Angel of light.


PASTOR VITALE: -- angel of light. He is going to look like Christ Jesus. He is going to walk like Christ Jesus. He is going to talk like Christ Jesus. I have got a flash for you. He is going to feel like Christ Jesus. You are going to be saying, What an anointing. Hallelujah. But he is not going to be Christ Jesus. There is going to be only one way that you could tell what this spirit is, only one way. Who remembers what that way is?








PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is true, but more than that.




PASTOR VITALE: You have to have Christ. Brethren, I am a woman. I therefore can recognize a woman somewhere. If you are a man, you are more likely to pick out a man. If there is a woman somewhere dressed like a man, I will pick her out. If you are a man, if there is a man dressed like a woman, you are likely to pick him out. If there is a drug addict out there, and you have been on drugs, you are going to recognize him. If there is an alcoholic out there, and you have been an alcoholic, you are going to recognize him. I want to tell you, you walk into a restaurant, and someone that has committed adultery will pick out all the cheating couples in the restaurant sitting right there. Bing, bing, bing, bing, bing. And if you think I do not know what I am talking about, you are mistaken because I know what I am talking about.




PASTOR VITALE: That is correct. You know your own kind. Whatever you are, good or evil, you know your own kind.


And I want to tell you, there is no way the Devil is going to be able to pick out Christ. So if your person is the Devil, you are not going to recognize Christ. But if you have Christ Jesus in you, you are going to know your family. You are going to know your brother. You are going to know your father. You are going to know every member of your family, no matter how they are disguised, no matter what they look like. Even if they are not perfect and still manifesting all over the place, if you have Christ Jesus in you, you are going to see Christ Jesus wherever He is beginning to appear. When everyone else is blind to Him, you are going to see Him.


So the answer, the fruit, is correct. But the question is: Can you recognize whether it is rotten fruit or not? Everybody that has existence has fruit. You cannot be appearing without fruit. The question is: Is it edible or not? The Scripture clearly talks about figs, some good and some --




PASTOR VITALE: -- evil figs. You cannot eat them. They are hard as stone, and that is a blessing. There is some bad stuff out there that you can eat, and when it gets inside of you, it -- what?




PASTOR VITALE: It kills you. Better to bite into it and break a tooth than swallow it down and have it kill you. Words are very cheap. We are living in dangerous days. Pray without ceasing. Pray for what?


COMMENT: Wisdom.




COMMENT: Understanding.


PASTOR VITALE: Understanding.


COMMENT: Discerning spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: Discerning spirit. What is going to save your life?




COMMENT: Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, you are all hitting around it, that Jesus save you from yourself because, brethren, the day is coming that the Devil is going to press your buttons, and you are going to lose control. I do not care how controlled you are. I do not care how good you look. I want to tell you, the people that look good are in more danger than people who are manifesting all over the place because the people who are manifesting all over the place know that they are manifesting all over the place. But if you have not manifested in 20 years, you are in great danger of losing your head because you think it cannot happen to you.


And I am telling you openly, I was one of you, whoever you are. And I almost lost my head about a year ago. But I had a covenant with the Lord, and he saved me. You better make your covenant, man. If you think you cannot fall, there is a torpedo headed for you with your name on it in big, red letters.


So there is a very serious spirit here this morning. And the name of the message from Thursday night was Immortality Now. Brethren, I am not prophesying to you how many days or weeks or months before some spiritual rapture or before judgment hits you. Judgment is now. OK. Judgment at the house of the Lord has already begun. But it is not yet touching everybody, or it is touching some people, and they do not realize what it is. It is coming, and it is going to be a shock. There is a category of people to whom it is coming as a thief in the night. That is pretty much the people that do not think they are going to be judged. And it is coming, and it is going to come like a bomb on you.


This is a very serious message today. And just for the record, I would like to tell you all again. I have told you this a lot, but carnal minds will be carnal minds, and they rise. What do carnal minds arise to do? To --




PASTOR VITALE: To -- well, yes, that is true.




PASTOR VITALE: Oh, that is true. OK. But the way I would like to say it --


COMMENT: Manipulate.


PASTOR VITALE: Manipulate? That is true. That is all true. I would like to make it very clear by saying that the carnal mind -- boy, I forgot what I was going to say.


COMMENT: What does the carnal mind do?


PASTOR VITALE: What does he do? He arises to defend against Christ. Now, he defends against him by manipulating, by killing. All these things are true. But the word I would like to get into your head this morning is that he arises to defend against Christ. We read that Scripture in Ecclesiastes in the last message.


[AUDIO CUTS OUT] City was straightly closed up. The minds that are controlled by the carnal mind are shut up as Christ comes to tear down their walls. And the type of it is the Walls of Jericho. So the carnal mind defends against Christ. And who is he defending against Christ? Who is he defending against Christ Jesus? Who is the carnal mind defending?


COMMENT: The human spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: The human spirit. Why is the carnal mind defending the human spirit against Christ Jesus? Now, that is almost a contradiction. How can the human spirit be defended against Christ Jesus?




PASTOR VITALE: OK. Anybody? Could anybody make this clear for the message? Why would the carnal mind be defending the human spirit, which has the potential to increase into Christ Jesus, against Christ Jesus?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, exactly. Christ Jesus is coming in a mature saint to tear down the walls of a defensed mind in whom Christ Jesus is either not formed or is formed and is having trouble increasing because of the strength of that person's carnal mind. So the carnal mind is defending the human spirit, or the infantile Christ Jesus, against a mature Christ Jesus who is coming to join him, to crucify him, to give him more strength because, when the carnal mind loses power over the human spirit, the carnal mind dies.


The breath of life is the only life in this creation. Whether this creation is alive -- and it is only alive when Christ Jesus is fully your mind, or whether this creation is dead -- and it is dead when the Devil is fully your mind; that means attached to your soul. Whether the creation is living or dead, the only source of existence is the breath that the Father breathed into the creation at the beginning of time, whose name is Christ.


If you can hear that, death is not cessation of existence. Death is separation from God. So whether the creation is joined to God or separated from God, the only source of any form of existence whatsoever is the human spirit. Therefore, the carnal mind, whose spiritual power is Satan, which is the power of the Serpent incarnated as the Devil, is defending the human spirit in one man against Christ Jesus, which is the mature human spirit in another man.


To put it down in human terms, the mature Christ Jesus is coming to rescue the immature Christ Jesus. Or the mature Christ Jesus in one man is coming to rescue the immature Christ Jesus in another man. And the man whose Christ -- I think he said he is coming -- I think I said he is coming to rescue the immature Christ Jesus. Well, that is not incorrect. The man who has the immature Christ Jesus, or just Christ alone, his carnal mind is not about to let go of his atomic energy plant because, when he loses him, he ceases to exist.


What a message. It is the truth. It is the truth of your existence. Jesus came to the Pharisees, and he said, I am going to tell you the truth, and the truth is going to set you free. And the Pharisees said, Who do you think you are? We have the five books of Moses. We have the letter of the law. We know the surface of the law. I can repeat these Scriptures to you by memory. What are you talking about? This is what he is talking about: the spiritual truth and reality of your existence, where you came from, where you are now, and where you are going.


Remember, every warning is the love of God unto you. He does not warn the heathen, although, every once in a while, He might extend His grace. We know he did it in Jonah's case. But by and large, He is going to His Church. Judgment is coming first to the house of the Lord and first to the elders thereof. That means the more spiritually mature ones. Who are the spiritually mature ones? The ones who have been hanging out for 50 years? No. The ones in whom Christ Jesus is beginning to sprout.


God does not rain down judgment on someone who has the Holy Spirit. Why? Does anybody know why? Judgment kills you, brethren. It kills you. Judgment kills you. It does not kill your body; it kills your mind. Your soul dies to what it is and revives in Christ. But the technical answer is that it kills your mind. It kills your fallen, wicked mind. And if Christ Jesus is not standing in the eaves, ready to pick up the pieces and carry on as your mind, your body will die. Therefore, judgment does not come to the man in whom Christ is not either sprouting or ready to sprout. The second that death comes, the Lord has it set up that Christ is going to get right in there and bring Christ Jesus forth to preserve your life.


I believe it is Isaiah, chapter 9 or 10. The Scripture says, And the holy seed shall be the substance thereof. Christ Jesus shall keep the whole vessel alive: the mind, the soul and the body. Christ Jesus has come to kill you. He has come to kill you. He has not come to give you a Cadillac; He has not come to give you a mansion; He has not come to give you joy. Oh, I hear them screaming. He has not come to give you joy, brethren. The joy is a natural outgrowth of the death of the oppressor, the death of the Devil, who is your fallen mind, and the resurrection of the dead Christ in you.


And when King Christ Jesus beheads the tyrant, who has oppressed you and tormented you and made your life a hell -- when Christ Jesus has removed him and is established as the King that is attached to your soul, one of the natural results of that experience will be joy. Can you hear the difference? He has not come to give you joy in your present, sin-filled condition. He has not come to reward you for sin. Well, He has come to reward you for sin. His reward is He has come to kill you. Jesus.


What died was the living plant, or the living tree, because if the Lord allowed the power source of the Christ, which was now possessed by the Dragon, to come under certain conditions that would permit it to sprout, it would have been a negative Tree of Life, if you can hear that. It would have been a negative Tree of Life. So God shut down the whole Tree of Life and let it die and preserved the seed of that tree in seed form, if you can hear it.


The Tree of Life could have incarnated in a fully negative side or a fully positive side. And now that Adam had chosen to join with the Serpent, that the Devil was incarnated, and that he had killed Christ Jesus in the double-minded creation -- if the Lord allowed the creation to stay under spiritual circumstances, that would permit the green tree to incarnate, they would have incarnated as an evil or a negative creation.


So when the Scripture says, The Lord drove them out of the garden, what it means is that He did something to the creation spiritually so that they could not appear as a full tree. I guess I do not really know exactly what that means, so that is the best I could do for you right now.


COMMENT: And then it was preserved how? By the flaming swords?


PASTOR VITALE: No, it was not preserved by the flaming swords. The flaming swords stopped the Devil from producing a creation that would abide forever.


COMMENT: And what are the flaming swords? So I forgot about what you said of --


PASTOR VITALE: The flaming swords, it is the power of God. It is the power of God. In other words, the dead Christ is not the fullness of the power of God. See, this whole creation, with its animals and its trees and its lakes and its rivers, this is what the Devil made out of a dead Christ. If you could see that, how great this Christ is. So if the Lord did not let the Christ die, the Devil would have had the power to create a world which would have abided forever. So the Scripture puts it in a parable. It says, The Lord drove them out of the garden. Jehovah did something that made it impossible for the Devil to create eternal torment. That is what it means.


So you have to be careful when you get into these parables because you cannot always translate them exactly, if you could hear what I am saying. It is the same way as when you go from one language to another. You cannot always translate each word literally. You have to translate concepts. You read in the Greek, or you read in the Hebrew, or you read in Spanish, and you get it in your head as to what it means, and then you express it in the other language. It is not always a literal translation word for word. That is how you get into trouble. It is called the idiom. It is called the idiom. You do not want to translate word for word. You want to translate the intention of what the words mean. You want to understand what that word means, and then put it in whatever word it takes in the other language to translate the idea. You translate ideas. Did I answer your question? OK.


Transcribed by VerbalFusion, 05/21/19

1st Edit, rh, 05/24/19

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