313 - Part 6

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The Serpent, the Dragon, the Devil & You, and me. It has been very deep, and He is giving us another night or another meeting in which to ask questions and clarify it. And it will be pretty much an open meeting but let us try and stay within the move of the Spirit.


What I would like to start with is an issue that was raised in the Sunday meeting. We had someone asking some very good questions, who seemed very surprised that I would say that Christ sinned. I would like to follow up on that a little bit with an understanding of not only did Christ sin, but Christ died. I will start by telling you there is only one reason that you could die or that Christ could die or that anybody could die. Death is the result of sin.


I do not mean to embarrass anybody. The Lord just wanted me to expound on this. It was your question. You know it was your question. So you know that Christ died. As Jesus said, What difference does it make if I say to this man, You are healed, or Your sins are forgiven you? In the same manner, one could say, Rise from the dead, or Your sins are forgiven you. It makes no difference: rise from the dead, your sins are forgiven you, or you are healed. It all means the same thing. None of those three commands could come to pass in your life unless you are restored unto sinlessness.


One of the commands that I gave was, you are healed, not speaking about being healed from a fever or a sore throat but speaking about divine health, speaking about being raised to a condition where one cannot experience infirmity. We have some people in the Church, mostly in the Pentecostal Church, who may not have been sick for 10 or 20 years, and they think that they have experienced divine health. No, brethren. Divine health means that you are incapable of being sick. It does not mean that you have been healthy for the past 20 years because God has blessed you. Divine health means you are incapable of becoming sick.


With regard to Christ sinning and Christ dying, I would like to review the family of Christ, which is in heaven. We know there is a Scripture which speaks about the family of God in heaven and in earth. There is a family of God. I guess I will put this on the board. We are talking about the family of God in heaven.


There is a family of God which exists in heaven and in earth, and that is the whole principle of Christ Jesus. The mind of Christ Jesus is in heaven, and this heaven, or this kingdom of God, dwells within the earth of men. It dwells within the earth of men. So when the Scripture says the family of God in heaven and in earth, it is talking about a human being whose mind is in heaven. That is how you are in heaven and earth at the same time. You are a natural man whose mind is in heaven.


PASTOR VITALE: Who could tell me who is the youngest member of the family of God? Does anybody know?








PASTOR VITALE: Well, you are close.




PASTOR VITALE: You are close. That is it, but you have got the wrong name.




COMMENT: Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: Christ. Christ alone. Christ: the single-thread mind. Christ: the breath that God breathed into the -- what did God breathe His breath into?




PASTOR VITALE: Into the dust. God breathed His breath into the dust at the beginning of time. Christ: the single-thread mind which can be broken. It is the mind made up out of how many threads which is not easily broken?




PASTOR VITALE: Three. And I remind you that that mind can be broken. The single-thread mind can be broken. It is not easily broken. I will talk more about that when we get up to it. So Christ is the youngest member of the family of God in heaven and in earth, single-thread. Now, is that not a strange thing to say?


Let me remind you that our scientists have discovered that DNA, the genetic code which is in every human being, which transfers out characteristics to our children, looks like threads wrapped around one another. If you look at them under the microscope, I even think there are three of them, if I am not mistaken. That is what they look like: threads all wound and intertwined with one another. It is called DNA, the genetic code. That is how your baby has black hair because you have black hair, and that is how your baby has blue eyes because you have blue eyes. In your seed, you transfer the genetic code with all the instructions, just like you would program into a computer, as to what your baby is going to look like.


Christ, the breath that God breathed into the dust at the beginning of time, was the first thread. And that single thread is easily broken, easily destroyed. What is the next stage of maturity in the family of Christ? Now, the whole family of Christ is evolving. It is maturing. It is getting stronger, and it will continue to be strengthened until it is -- does anyone know what the correct word is? Until it is completed. Christ is destined to be a --




PASTOR VITALE: -- a mind. Christ is destined to be a mind. Christ is a mind in various stages of completion. Christ is a mind that is made of three interwoven strands. The first strand is the breath that was breathed into the dust, which formed the living soul. What is the next stage of development beyond Christ?


COMMENT: The Serpent?


PASTOR VITALE: It is the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus is the second thread. Those of us who have a cutting from His life engrafted to our human spirit have a two-thread mind. Let me back up a little. Christ, this breath that was breathed into the creation, died. He died. Who killed him? Who?


COMMENT: We did.


COMMENT: We did by sinning. [INAUDIBLE]


PASTOR VITALE: The carnal mind killed Him. The carnal mind killed Him because He submitted to her. And as soon as He submitted to her, she let Him have it good. Did that ever happen to you as a person? You submitted to someone that you were supposed to have authority over. And as soon as they got you, they kicked you to death. Oh, come on now. You never heard of kicking somebody when they are down? It is what happened to Samson. She found out his weakness. He was dumb enough to tell her his weakness, and she cut off his hair.


That is what happened to Christ in the garden. He gave up His authority. Why? Because the Serpent offered Him something that he wanted. And he figured he could come down to her level just for a little old taste. But while He was down there getting his taste, she cut His hair off good, and He could not get back up again. That action on the part of Christ, that lowering of His position to taste what God told Him not to taste, was sin. He gave up the authority that God gave Him. He gave up the authority that God gave Him because He wanted something that the person under Him had to offer Him.


Brethren, there is no compromise in Christ. There is no compromise with unrighteousness. When God gives you authority, He gives you everything that you need. There is nothing that you need so badly that you have to submit to someone that you have authority over to get it because the minute you do it -- do what? The minute you fail to wait for God to deliver and submit to someone who you are not supposed to be submitting to, you come down to their level. You fall out of Christ, and someone is going to cut your head off.


Let us make it clearer. You want something that you need money for, and God has not given you the money yet, and there is a way you could get that money. It does not have to be illegal. Maybe it is borrowing it. The Scripture says, Owe no man anything. And we are talking about borrowing the money.


I know people who do that all the time. They put it on a credit card. Oh, God will bring the money in by the time the bill comes in. I know someone who told me that. And when she told me she was doing it, I said, It is not God. It is not God. Do not put that plane ticket on your credit card. She did not listen to me. And the next thing I knew, she was working two jobs for a year to pay off that bill. And it hurt her. It hurt her private life. It hurt her family life. It hurt her son. It hurt her physically.


So she did not wait for God to give her the money or to give her permission. I do not even think her going was of God. But she did it in her own power. She submitted to the god of this world, who said, Put it on the credit card. How is that submission to the god of this world? It opposes God's law. Brethren, God's law says, Owe no man anything. So when you go out and borrow money to get something, you are submitting to the gods of this world system that make this money available to you at 22 percent interest. Can you hear what I am talking about?


Christ wanted something that the Serpent said she had. He wanted to taste it. So He rebelled against God's commandment, which said, Do not taste it. God said, I am going to give you a knowledge of good and evil by My Spirit. But if you experience good and evil through your soul, which is the way the Serpent can give it to you, you shall surely die. Now, the fact that Adam probably did not know what death was does not change the fact that He rebelled against God.


So the single-thread breath of God's life, known as Christ, came down out of her exalted position that Jehovah had placed her in, not because of anything of her own that she had done but because -- actually, he was a he. The breath of life originally was a he. But because he was the Son of God, the immature Son of God, very young, like a young prince, maybe 10 years old or less, He had all of the heritage but none of the wisdom or knowledge or experience. He did not obey His Father. He submitted to the woman in the palace who was under Him, and He has not come up out of it yet except in the man Jesus of Nazareth.


In the interim, when Christ died, His name changed to the human spirit, which is female. Christ, that breath of life, was male. But when Adam died; if you recall the teaching, Adam died, and He became the woman. If you do not recall it, you can review the earlier messages of this series. When Adam died, Jehovah took back His spirit from the creation and reformed that which was male into that which was female. He took back the spirit of the male and made it into a woman.


And this is the first that we hear about a woman in the Scripture. After Adam died, He died to His manhood, and He became a woman. God never told Adam that He would cease to exist. He told Him that He would die to His immortality. He told Him that He would die to His manhood. He told Him that He would become a woman. God never told Him He would cease to exist. Christ, the breath of God's life, the single thread, died to His manhood and became the female human spirit.


The next stage of maturity in the family of God in heaven and earth is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the second thread. The Lord Jesus Christ is the second thread but one thread, and your human spirit is the first thread but one thread. And when the Lord Jesus Christ reaches out, when His thread touches the thread of your human spirit, Lord willing, there is an increase which results from that union. And that increase is the third thread. And the name of the third thread?


COMMENT: The Lord Jesus Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: No, we already have the Lord Jesus Christ.


COMMENT: Jehovah?


PASTOR VITALE: No. Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ, and who comes next?


COMMENT: The Serpent?






PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Christ Jesus. Amen. Christ Jesus is the third thread, and they are all twined together. Let us see. Do we have more than one color here? Let us draw this up here. We have some spiritual DNA here. We will make Christ blue and the Lord Jesus Christ yellow; and Christ Jesus, we will make green. There is our spiritual DNA. It is the threefold cord. Spiritual DNA and the threefold cord is a -- what? Is it a foot? Is it an arm? What is it?


COMMENT: A mind.


PASTOR VITALE: It is a mind. It is a mind which is completed. It is a completed mind.


Brethren, if all you have is a human spirit, you have an incomplete mind. If you have the Holy Spirit floating around within your spiritual being, you have two threads that have not touched one another. If the Holy Spirit, well, the Lord Jesus, in this hour, is pouring out of heaven upon all flesh. When He is in heaven, when He is outside of a man's mind, His name is the Lord Jesus. When He is inside of a man's mind, His name becomes the Holy Spirit.


Yes, we see that is a scriptural principle. God changes people's names when they die or when they are raised from the dead or when their function changes. The Holy Spirit is the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, which has returned to the earth of men's minds. When did He return to the earth of man's mind? When did the glorified Jesus Christ return? On the day of Pentecost, He returned in spirit form. And they were filled with the Holy Ghost. Glory to God!


Should the Lord Jesus Christ's second thread connect with the first thread of your human spirit, you still do not have a completed mind unless that conception takes place. And even when that conception takes place of that union of the first and second thread, which results in the conception of Christ Jesus, your mind is still not completed until -- what? Does anybody know? Until Christ Jesus is --




PASTOR VITALE: -- fully --


COMMENT: Completely born?




PASTOR VITALE: -- fully formed, completed, born. That is all correct. It is a process from the time of conception until the time of birth.


So we see that a threefold cord, a mind, even after it has the three strands of spiritual DNA, may still be broken. It is not easily broken, but it may still be broken. What does this mean? Let us put it this way. Having our mind go from being in an incomplete condition to be in a completed condition is called what? Does anybody know what that is called?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, OK. That is the next question. Hold on.




PASTOR VITALE: What is that process called where your mind goes from being incomplete to being completed? What is happening to you? You are being --




COMMENT: Transformed?




PASTOR VITALE: Raised from the dead. You are being raised from the dead. And that resurrection is in how many stages?




PASTOR VITALE: Three. And the first stage is --




PASTOR VITALE: No. You just had it.




PASTOR VITALE: Full stature. Three stages. And the first stage is full stature. Now, brethren, in full stature, your mind is a threefold cord which is not easily broken, but it can be broken. It is hard to do, but it can be done. That is what the Bible says. I do not like it any more than you do. And the second stage of resurrection?


COMMENT: Circumcision.


PASTOR VITALE: Circumcision. Spiritual circumcision is the second stage. And the third stage?


COMMENT: Glorification.


PASTOR VITALE: Glorification. Glorification is the full birth, is our full birth. And what does full birth mean? It means transference of our whole spiritual being from this world, which is a uterine world. We are in utero here. We are being formed in the womb of the earth. Full birth means transference from this world, which is a watery world. This is a soulish realm. Spiritually speaking, we are underwater. We are Atlantis. We are the continent which fell down under the water of this cosmic sea that we dwell in. Full birth is transference from the watery amniotic -- I keep hearing grave -- from this watery grave that we are in because we are in utero, and we are dead. So full resurrection is transference out of this watery grave into a world of air. Spirit is likened unto air.


Now, look at the type, brethren. A natural woman that carries a child; the child is in a watery environment, underwater, and when it is born, it is propelled forcibly from this underwater environment to an environment where it has to start breathing. It goes from an underwater existence to an existence where it has to breathe air.


We are being translated from this watery grave out into another world where we are going to have to function in the spirit. We do not even know what it is going to be like out there any more than a baby knows what it is like out here when he is inside his mother's womb. That is how radical our transformation will be.


When you stop to think about it, you realize how silly it is to think that we are saved. Salvation is translation into a whole new world, a whole new existence, as radically different as a bird goes from walking on his feet on the ground to soaring in the heavenlies with his wings. But even more radical than that, we are talking about breathing processes; we are talking about feeding processes. When the baby is in utero, it does not even have to eat. It is just fed by the umbilical cord. All of a sudden, this baby is forced into the atmosphere. His lungs have to work. He has to suck to get the milk into his mouth. He has to work for his nourishment. It is shocking to a child. Birth is shocking. It is traumatic; it is painful. Sometimes they come out all banged up with black and blue marks. Sometimes they have broken arms or broken legs, or their head is pushed out of shape. That is what we are going through, brethren. This birth process is violent.


Just hold it a minute. Let me wait on the Spirit. We have two questions here. Let me just wait on the Spirit. Thank you, Jesus.


It is not until we are fully born, until we have fully exited this womb, that it is too late for this resurrection to fail. It is hard for it to fail once we attain to full stature. It is even harder for it to fail once we have experienced the circumcision, the spiritual circumcision, but apparently it could still fail even after spiritual circumcision. I do not know under what circumstances, but that is what my Bible says. It is not until we are out of the womb that we are safe.


PASTOR VITALE: OK. This question was first.


COMMENT: When Jesus spoke of the thirtyfold, sixtyfold and the hundredfold, was He making reference to anything like that?


PASTOR VITALE: Right now, I am really not sure. So I would like to let it go. You had a question?


COMMENT: About the circumcision, to get to the glorified mind, we have to go through that process because we are naughty by nature, Pastor Sheila?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, the whole reason that we died is because of sin, which means, if you would like to put it that way, yes, we have a naughty nature, a sin-filled nature. That is why man is in this condition. That is why man needs a savior. That is why we have to be raised from the dead. And that is even why we died: because the potential for sin was in us, and our original ancestor took that opportunity to rebel against the Lord and to taste of sin. And we fell down into this deep pit which is filled with water. And now we are waiting to be pulled out of this deep pit. That is what happened to us.


PASTOR VITALE: Do you have a question?


COMMENT: Do you have any idea how long the circumcision takes? Does it vary with different people? Or is it like, at one point, all of a sudden, Christ is strong enough to strip off the carnal mind?


PASTOR VITALE: The only thing I know about it is what I read about in the Garden of Gethsemane. It took Jesus a couple of hours. But of course, we do not really know. My attitude is that -- let us stick with full stature. I see most of the teaching is concerning full stature because this is what is about to happen to us. It is not even about to happen to us; it is happening to us. Standing up in full stature is a process which begins the moment that the Lord Jesus Christ engrafts to your human spirit and Christ Jesus is conceived. Therefore, the majority of information which the Lord is pouring out right now has to do with that experience.


COMMENT: And then, when he is completely, fully completed, that is the full stature?


PASTOR VITALE: When who is fully completed?


COMMENT: When He is fully grown into maturity, that is full stature?


PASTOR VITALE: You are talking about Christ Jesus? Who are you talking about?


COMMENT: [CROSSTALK] Christ Jesus. The man Christ Jesus within us.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, when the man Christ Jesus is fully mature. And there is a second step to this now. In order to say you are in full stature; let me erase this board here.


Full stature, the spiritual condition known as full stature, has two stages to it. One is the ascendency of Christ Jesus to his full maturity. And what is the second step? It is not enough to have a mature Christ. What d- --


COMMENT: Sin-free?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, there is no sin in the man Christ Jesus. What does He have to do?


COMMENT: He has to defeat your carnal mind and [INAUDIBLE]


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, yes. He has to disable the carnal mind. If He does not disable the carnal mind, He is a salt that has lost its savor. He has to disable the carnal mind.


There is a category of believer, I keep reading about it in the Alternate Translations. There is a category of believer in whom Christ Jesus is standing very tall. But he is not doing what he was raised up to do. And what was he raised up to do? We just said it. Somebody else, what is Christ Jesus raised up to do?


COMMENT: Crush the carnal mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. He has to crush or kill his carnal mind, the carnal mind of the man in whom He is appearing. We have a whole kingdom Church out there in whom Christ Jesus is being formed, and he is being friends with his carnal mind. He is saying, He is not such a bad guy. I will not look at him; I will just leave him alone. If I do not bother him, maybe he will not bother me. But then one night, when he is sleeping, that woman is going to stab him in the back.


Jesus said, The fields are white to harvest -- thousands if not millions of believers with a mature Christ Jesus -- but the --


COMMENT: Laborers.


PASTOR VITALE: -- laborers are --




PASTOR VITALE: -- few. Thousands if not millions of believers with a mature Christ Jesus who are not willing to work the work or fight the war or labor the labor of killing their carnal mind. Jesus said it.


And the event in the Scripture which describes the mature Christ Jesus in the process of disabling his carnal mind -- what is the name of that event?




PASTOR VITALE: No. You were just talking about it today.




PASTOR VITALE: The temptation. The temptation. What does that mean? It means Satan came to the fully mature Christ Jesus, the threefold cord which is not easily broken, and tried to do the same thing that he did in the garden at the beginning of time. He offered Him things: the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. He offered Him power, brethren. Everyone wants power. He offered Him power. Who? Satan offered Christ Jesus power in this physical world system.


But this Christ Jesus, this threefold cord, now has had some experience. He has experience, the results of his rebellion. He now knows what death is, and He turned Satan away.


So we see that Christ can sin and that Christ can die. And I would just like to pray for everybody here. I rebuke all Pharisaical spirits operating in this congregation that would say Christ cannot sin and Christ cannot die. I curse you at your roots, every spirit of error and Phariseeism operating here. I command that you should shrivel up and die and be replaced by the Spirit of Truth which is in Christ Jesus.


Now, brethren, this is not to say that Jehovah can die. Jehovah cannot die. This is not to say that the Lord Jesus Christ can die. The Lord Jesus Christ cannot die. Spirit cannot die. The eternal Spirit of God cannot die. [INAUDIBLE] The eternal Spirit cannot die. But the Son who is being formed, who is not yet completed, He can die. Can you hear that? He can die, and He can sin because in the flesh is the potential for sin. That is why Jesus said, I and the Father are one, but nevertheless the Father is greater than I -- because, when spirit is dwelling in flesh, the potential for sin is always present.


Listen to me. The potential for sin is present in the flesh. So long as we are in this flesh, so long as Christ Jesus is in this flesh, it is possible for Him to sin. It is only when He is translated and matured into a condition of spirit, such as the Lord Jesus Christ was, that all potential for sin is dissolved. Can you hear that? OK.


Now, I saw a track once that was designed for the Jewish people. And it showed a Jewish mother saying to her son, Now, son, how can God die? In other words, the woman was telling her son this story about Jesus Christ, who died for your sins, It has to be a fantasy. How could God die?


His humanity died on the cross. His humanity died. The man Jesus died. The mind Christ Jesus, the spirit in the man -- that did not die. It was a threefold cord that was in righteous standing. But Jesus' humanity died. In the garden, however, that single-thread cord did succumb to the Serpent's temptation and did sin and did die. The single-thread, immature Christ, which can be likened to a sperm, can sin and can die. The eternal Godhead cannot die.


PASTOR VITALE: Are you OK? Did I explain this to you? Anybody? OK. You have a question on that?


COMMENT: You said something about spirit cannot die. So my question was; it is a pretty general question to you, but I do not know the answer. So I wanted to ask, well, if certain spirits in the heavenlies can stay in an everlasting life, why is it that evil spirits can die in one? And yet overall this evil spirit still manifests itself in the spirit [UNINTELLIGIBLE] hell that we live in? Why is that?


PASTOR VITALE: I am not sure what your question is. You said what?




PASTOR VITALE: I did not --




PASTOR VITALE: -- understand your question. Something about evil spirits?


Are you asking if spirit does not die, then why do evil spirits die? Or why does the --


COMMENT: [CROSSTALK] they die, and then they come up, and then they die again. [INAUDIBLE] because this is a fallen condition.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, what I hear you saying is evil spirits die, and then they come up again.


COMMENT: Spirit, period. Evil spirit, period.


PASTOR VITALE: How could an evil spirit die? Is that what you are asking me?


COMMENT: Right. [INAUDIBLE] Overall, evil will be existent. So I know that, but --


PASTOR VITALE: OK. That is a good question.


COMMENT: If spirit does not die, why do evil spirits die? That is simple.


PASTOR VITALE: OK. Let us try it this way now.


COMMENT: Why does the ultimate one not die? Why does the ultimate, overall evil spirit not die?


PASTOR VITALE: The ultimate, overall spirit not die? Who is that? The spirit of Satan?


COMMENT: Well, I guess you can go back to the Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: You are saying, why does the Serpent not die?


COMMENT: Yes, its lingering existence into evil and evil and evil.




COMMENT: If the spirit --


PASTOR VITALE: OK. Let us try it this way. There are two questions there, really, right? What are they? Would you like to restate that for us?


COMMENT: That the spirit does not die. So why do little evil spirits die? And then why does the ultimate one not die?




PASTOR VITALE: All right. First of all, let us define death. The scriptural definition of death is not nonbeing. When men think about death, the tendency is to think about a condition of nonbeing; a cessation of existence. But that is not the scriptural definition of death. What is the scriptural definition of death? Somebody?




PASTOR VITALE: Separation from God. We see, throughout the Scripture, a definition of death which means death to what we now are. When the Serpent separated from God, she died to her existence as the Serpent. That is why her name was changed. What did her name become?




COMMENT: The Dragon.


PASTOR VITALE: The Dragon. Why would God change her name? Because the Serpent did not exist anymore. The Serpent died and became the Dragon. The Christ sinned. He rebelled against the Father and He died, but He did not cease to exist. He died to His existence as a man. The Christ died to His existence as a man. And He was reformed as a --




PASTOR VITALE: -- woman. God took back His spirit from Adam and reformed that spirit into a woman. Why? Because the creation, Adam, had fornicated with the Serpent. So the Serpent died to her existence as Serpent and became the Dragon. And Christ died to His existence as the Christ, the man, and became the woman.


Now, listen to this. This Serpent was female. The Serpent died to her existence as Serpent and became the Dragon, who is male. The Dragon is male. The Serpent became a woman. The Serpent, who was female, became a man. And Christ, who was a man, became the woman. Christ is now known as the human spirit, Eve, which is female, the mother of all living. The man became the woman. And the Serpent, who was female, who was the womb of the earth which was going to bear Christ Jesus -- the Serpent was the woman -- died to her womanhood and became the Dragon, which is male. Can you hear it? It is called role reversal. It is happening all around us every day. Can you hear it? OK.


The question is: How can evil spirits die if spirits cannot die? Let us define spirit. Let us define spirit as the eternal Spirit of God. The only true spirit is the Spirit of Jehovah. Can you say amen to that? Everything else is a counterfeit or some measure of counterfeit. Is that OK with you? The only true spirit is Jehovah. Every other spirit is a liar. That is what the Scripture says. He is the only truth, and every other spirit is a lie. There is a Spirit of Truth, and there is a spirit of error.


So what we have got here, brethren -- I am trying to make this as simple as possible -- is a Dragon, a male Dragon, who has produced an offspring called the --


COMMENT: Carnal mind.




PASTOR VITALE: -- Devil. Let me back up. The Serpent originally was the earth, the dust of the earth. So the Serpent originally was --


COMMENT: Spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: -- spirit? No.




COMMENT: The dust.


PASTOR VITALE: What is the opposite of spirit?




PASTOR VITALE: Soul. The Serpent originally was soul. The soul is female; the spirit is male. The Serpent's origin is female, soul, but she stole a male position and became the Dragon. The spirit of the Dragon is a stolen office. It is a counterfeit spirit that is not really spirit. It is a soul acting like a spirit, doing what a spirit does, functioning like a spirit, looking like a spirit, walking like a spirit, talking like a spirit. But when push comes to shove, she is not a spirit.


How do we know she is not a spirit? She cannot do what a man does. She looks real good when she comes real close. But when you examine the fruit of her experience as a man -- when you look at the fruit -- and what is the fruit? What is the fruit of the Serpent, which has become a spirit? What is the Dragon's fruit?




PASTOR VITALE: Death, death, death. The offspring that she brought forth is dead. Only true spirit can produce life in the flesh. Only true spirit, which comes from the Father God, is male. And only a man can produce a living creation.


So we see that the Serpent, who died and became the male Dragon, did everything that a man could do. She impregnated the creation. She brought forth an offspring. The offspring has an existence. There is just one problem. This existence is --




PASTOR VITALE: -- dead. So we have a whole bunch of little spirits flying around that are not really spirits. They are the offspring of the Dragon. And as the Serpent died to her female role and stole the role of male Dragon, in the same manner -- because we can only go back to where we came from -- in the same manner, the spirits in this world system, which are liars and phonies and shadows and counterfeits, can die to their stolen spirithood, for lack of a better word. They can go back to their original roots. They die to being a spirit, which is not even a true spirit, and they go back to what they really are: soul.




PASTOR VITALE: Just hold it a minute. There is something else the Lord wants to say. I am just having trouble getting it out. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. What else was it that you wanted me to say? Thank you, Father.


One more point that I would like to make: the way the Serpent became the Dragon or the way the Serpent became male -- who remembers how the Serpent became male? I am saying to you that this spirithood of the Dragon is stolen. Does anybody remember how it came to pass? What did the Serpent steal that enabled her to look like a spirit?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, yes. But --




PASTOR VITALE: Well, what --




PASTOR VITALE: You are almost there. You almost got it.




PASTOR VITALE: What life and what form did she steal?




PASTOR VITALE: The Serpent stole the life of God. That is absolutely correct. What is the name of that life in the early creation?






COMMENT: Christ.


COMMENT: The living Spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: No, Christ. She stole Christ. The Serpent separated out from the Tree of Life, separated out from the whole creation, took on a separate existence and kidnapped the life which was in the creation in the form of Christ, the single thread. First, she acted like a woman, and she seduced Him. And when He came into her house, and when He let his guard down, she cut His hair off, clipped His spiritual power, rose up and made herself the man over Him, and captured Him and brought the man, who was now the woman, under her authority.


And we read about this in Chapter 3 of the Book of Joel, verse 3. Check it out in the Alternate Translation, which says, And they made a boy, a young man, a harlot. The Serpent, who was female, separated herself out from the creation, seduced the man to come down to her level. And while He was weak, she cut off His spiritual strength and used it to raise herself up to a position of manhood; captured that life of God and brought Him under her as a woman.


This is how the Serpent became a counterfeit spirit. There is no life in the soul. The soul is dust. There is no life in it. There is existence in the form of the Serpent, but it is not life. It is death. So we might say death laid hold of life and brought Him into servitude to her, captured Him and is using His spiritual authority. And now the Serpent, how did the Serpent become the Dragon? She laid hold of Christ, in whom was power, and enslaved Him and joined herself to Him. And that is how she became the Dragon.


The Dragon is the powerless female Serpent who captured the spiritual power which was in Christ and is using it for her own purposes. So the Dragon is an empowered Serpent. Can you hear it? Do you know what I am talking about? When the Serpent received power, her name changed. When she received power, she became a man, and she took a man's name: Dragon.


And the Dragon produced a child, the Devil, but it was a dead child. And the dead child has children called demons or sometimes called evil spirits. But they only can call themselves spirit because part of them, that which is within them which makes them a spirit, is the captured, dead Son of God. And there is so much power in Christ that, even when He died, there is still power there.


Now, if you check out astronomy or -- I do not know whether it is chemistry or physics. If you check out these sciences, you will find out that, even when a sun dies, when a star dies, there is so much energy in it that it vibrates with this energy sometimes for thousands of years before it becomes cold. A star is a sun, like our sun in the sky. It is a power source. It is a dynamo. It is like an atomic generator. When a star in space dies, there is so much energy in it that it could take millions of years for it to cool off.


There is still power in the Son of God even though He died, and the Dragon owns Him. That is why she can look like a spirit, walk like a spirit, talk like a spirit, act like a spirit, because she is possessing stolen spirit. But there is not enough power in that single thread to produce a live creation. There is enough power in that single thread to produce a creation but not to produce a live creation. To produce a living creation, we need how many threads?




PASTOR VITALE: Three threads. She does not have what it takes. So did I answer your first question? OK.


And the second question is: How come the Serpent continues to live? Well, the reason the Serpent continues to live is, first of all, she is not a spirit. The Dragon is the phony spirit, the counterfeit spirit, and he will die. The Dragon will die. The Devil will die.


Well, let us take it through. We have the first generation. We have the Serpent, and the first generation of the Serpent is the Dragon, who has become male. And the Dragon has brought forth an offspring called the Devil, who is the daughter of Babylon, which means confusion. She is the product of a lesbian union. And the Devil has one more generation, which we know as demons.


The demons will die. They will return unto soul. And only that which is of the dead Christ will continue on, will go back into the dead Christ which is captured by the Devil. And the mind of the Devil is called the carnal mind. And what is the judgment on the carnal mind?




PASTOR VITALE: Death. And how is she going to die?


COMMENT: In the Lake of Fire.


PASTOR VITALE: She is being thrown into the Lake of Fire. Amen. The Lake of Fire. And the Dragon is going to die to his manhood and return unto his condition as Serpent. And the Serpent is not a spirit. So the counterfeit spirit is dying and being returned unto his womanhood.


I think that was what the Lord wanted me to say before that I could not remember. Christ, at His most basic condition, is male. Jesus said, Only that which came down from heaven can go back up into heaven. You cannot become something that you never were at your roots. So that which was God at the beginning will be God again, and that which was soul at the beginning will be soul again. The Dragon, the spirit of the Dragon, is going back to soul. And the Dragon is dying to his manhood and becoming a woman again. The Serpent is soul.


PASTOR VITALE: Have I answered your second question? Hallelujah. You have a question? [UNINTELLIGIBLE]






COMMENT: The unconscious mind is made up of the spirit of Satan, right?


PASTOR VITALE: The Devil's unconscious mind, yes, is Satan.


COMMENT: So the unconscious mind is the spirit of Satan. And my question is: My understanding is that all thought proceeds from spirit first. Is that correct?




COMMENT: And if Satan is actually soul, then what thoughts are we receiving from the unconscious mind? If he is actually soul, and he is not spirit, then how can he produce thoughts for us?


PASTOR VITALE: He is joined to the dead Christ.


COMMENT: So it is actually the unconscious mind that we are hearing until we are hearing from the Lord Jesus Christ? Wait a minute. Christ Jesus is our new unconscious mind, right? So if we are not hearing --


PASTOR VITALE: No. Let me correct you, please. The Spirit of Christ is our new unconscious mind.


COMMENT: OK. So if we do not have the Spirit of Christ, what we are actually hearing is just the dead Christ then? The thoughts that we are given, into the carnal mind, is the dead Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: No. The dead Christ is joined with Satan.


COMMENT: So she is soul.


PASTOR VITALE: So she is one with Satan.


COMMENT: My question is: We are hearing from the spirit of Satan, but Satan is soul. So what are we hearing? Do you know what I am saying?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. At this time, Satan is an inferior spirit. He is functioning as spirit in an inferior manner. And he is going on the dead Christ's power. So he is functioning as a spirit, but he is not functioning at full capacity.


COMMENT: OK. So it is, then. It is the dead Christ that is giving him the ability to give us thoughts.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, but it is his thoughts. You cannot say it is Christ's thoughts.




PASTOR VITALE: It is Satan's thoughts. But his power source is the dead Christ.


COMMENT: We are hearing dead thoughts, then --




COMMENT: -- because he is soul, and he has captured her.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. He has captured her, and she is completely dissolved in his sea. He is using her to give himself an ability to think and to manifest those thoughts. And they are coming out perverted. OK? Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: Is there a third part to that?


PASTOR VITALE: Is there a third part to that full stature, the ascendency of Christ Jesus to maturity? Yes, there is a third part. The ascendency of Christ Jesus to maturity involves the disabling of the carnal mind. And then, what do you do after you disable her?




PASTOR VITALE: You have to kill her.


COMMENT: That is not in full stature, though, is it? Full stature is not the killing of the carnal mind, correct?


PASTOR VITALE: No. Full stature is the disabling of the carnal mind. The death of the carnal mind is only in glorification.


COMMENT: Did you not say it was like in wrestling? When Christ gets on top of the carnal mind in full stature, it is the same as if He has His foot on her neck.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. It is binding her underneath Him.


COMMENT: He has got her down. He has got His foot on her neck.




COMMENT: Something like that.


PASTOR VITALE: It is the treading of the carnal mind underfoot and the binding of her to Him so that they are functioning as one single mind under the righteous authority of Christ Jesus.


COMMENT: In circumcision, she is pierced through, right? She is --


PASTOR VITALE: Try not to use pronouns. Who is she?


COMMENT: The carnal mind --


PASTOR VITALE: The carnal mind is pierced through. Yes.


COMMENT: -- is pierced through by Christ, right?




COMMENT: Is that the actual killing right there?






PASTOR VITALE: Because there are two penetrations. Christ is being formed in the womb of the carnal mind. He pierces through. He pierces her once.




PASTOR VITALE: And then He turns around, and He pierces her again.


COMMENT: And that is in the glorification?


PASTOR VITALE: In the glorification, yes.




PASTOR VITALE: And then she dies completely. Yes.




PASTOR VITALE: And that is also the stitching together of the dead Christ back unto Jehovah.


If you study Isaiah 53, you will find out that the restoration to the life of God is that -- the Hebrew word describing it speaks about us being sewn back together to the Spirit of the Father. And that is the stitch that is sewing us to the Father. Christ pierces through her going out; He turns around, and He pierces through her, going through, and He stitches her up. He binds Satan to Him, and the carnal mind is the sacrifice. And He binds her to the horns of the altar with cords that cannot be broken. The cords which cannot be broken are the three cords: Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus. Binds the carnal mind to the altar.


And what is the altar? The altar is made out of clay. The altar is the Serpent or the intelligence in the earth. The clay altar is the Serpent, and the whole carnal mind is bound down there. She is underneath. Is not the altar underneath the sacrifice? Yes. The altar is underneath the sacrifice.


And then a conversion takes place, OK, and the sacrifice becomes a living sacrifice. When Christ Jesus takes authority over the carnal mind and pierces her through and separates soul from spirit and joints from marrow, what is happening is, once again, the dead Christ is being reformed.


Now, remember, when the Christ died, He was male. When He died, He was reformed as a woman. Now, as the carnal mind dies, the dead Christ is freed up and is being reformed in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. So the dead sacrifice that is in the process of her being bound to the altar is being reformed and is becoming the living sacrifice of Christ Jesus, the bush that burns but is not consumed; the eternal sacrifice.


COMMENT: Is that Scripture, the Scripture that says, Present yourself, your body, as a living sacrifice. Is that what that means?


PASTOR VITALE: I believe so. Yes. That word, body --




PASTOR VITALE: You have to be very careful. Yes.


COMMENT: Ultimately, is that talking about --


PASTOR VITALE: Most of the time, it means soul.


COMMENT: -- ultimately glorification? Or what is it talking about?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I really have not thought about that. So I do not --


COMMENT: When you said a living sacrifice, you are talking about Christ living again?


PASTOR VITALE: Christ Jesus is the living sacrifice.


COMMENT: So present your souls [CROSSTALK]


PASTOR VITALE: Present yourselves as a living sacrifice.


COMMENT: Is that saying, like, let Christ Jesus live through you or something?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, the living sacrifice is that He is in complete submission to the Father. Yes.




PASTOR VITALE: He is completely in the midst of the fire of God, but He is not consumed. Why? Because there is no sin in Him, He is not consumed. That is how He is a living sacrifice.


COMMENT: So we submit ourselves to --


PASTOR VITALE: He is bound to the horns of the altar.


COMMENT: -- Christ Jesus. In that Scripture, it could mean that we submit ourselves to Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus submits Himself to the Father.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly. That is exactly the Scriptures that I was editing in the Alternate Translation of the Book of Revelation today. It is right there in the first couple of verses of Chapter 4. It is very exciting.


COMMENT: Now, if Satan is soul, then what does it mean when he is called the spirit of the power of the air?


PASTOR VITALE: He is the spirit of this world. God calls him spirit down here. He is an inferior spirit. God calls him male, and God calls him spirit until God strips him of his power and brings him down under -- you see, the one who is on top is the man. Satan is on top of this whole world. Even if we have Christ Jesus being formed in us, because of our fallen condition, we are not yet in full stature. Every time we fall into agreement with the carnal mind, we are being used as a harlot by the Devil.


This is an awesome message. And a lot of people find it very offensive, but this message is just totally sexual. This whole problem of our condition, this whole condition that we fall into -- it is sexual. We are God's wife. We are supposed to be the Son of God. We are supposed to be male, and there is a female spiritual force in existence in this world, known as hell, which is using us like a woman. Just hold on.


You know, I just hear the people screaming out there, saying, This woman is some kind of a pervert. I am not a pervert. It is the whole message of the Bible, only it is a sexuality of the mind. It is the whole message of the Bible. Someone stole God's wife, and not only did someone steal her, but a lesbian stole her. And the lesbian is in the butch role, and she has made God's Son the woman. It is an abomination.


PASTOR VITALE: OK. You have a question?




PASTOR VITALE: Our whole existence is an abomination. But God has had mercy on us, why? Because He knows we are trapped down here. But it is time to come out. And brethren, when the time to come out arrives and the provision to come out is made, and when Jesus comes to you and says it is your turn to come out, and you choose your position as a female lesbian over a Son of God, He is not laughing. He is whipping you. If you can hear it, hear it. He who has ears to hear, let him hear it. It is not a joke. I am not rebuking you. It is not a joke. This thing is real. It is an abomination for man to lie with mankind. Jesus.


I saw just a drop of this message preached in Connecticut in front of an audience of a thousand people. Half of the people left. Half of the congregation left; they were so offended. Wait until they hear this thing. Yes.


COMMENT: I was thinking of the Scriptures. Maybe that is what it is talking about. Well, I am sure it probably is. But it talks about, This is a mystery, but I am talking about Christ and the Church. When he is talking about the man and the woman --




COMMENT: -- the husband and the wife --




COMMENT: -- the male and the female, he said, This is a mystery, but I am talking about Christ and the Church. I think that is what he was talking about.




COMMENT: That Christ --


PASTOR VITALE: He wants to marry us.


COMMENT: -- is the [CROSSTALK] and the Church is His wife.




COMMENT: So it is definitely all through the Bible --


PASTOR VITALE: It is all through the Bible.


COMMENT: -- very clearly. We are supposed to marry God.


PASTOR VITALE: I actually had someone write me a letter from California, who heard our message on The Truth About Ultimate Reconciliation and said, Where in the world is this in the Scriptures? It is all through the whole -- that is all it is in the Scripture.




PASTOR VITALE: It is through the whole Scripture: God and His wife and a third party and a seduction and homosexuality and wife slavery and spiritual bondage and kidnapping. That is the message of the Bible. I know you never heard it before, but that is what it is talking about. All you blind guides, I cannot find Santa Claus in there, nor the Easter Bunny. Have you found the Easter Bunny the last time you read it? You cannot find it in there. Jesus.


You think this is a game. This is no game. God is deadly serious. And the mechanism to deliver us out of this water-filled pit is in place, and the Church will not come. That is why judgment is falling: because He is not taking no for an answer. He wants us back. He wants His Son. This is very serious. We are living in a very serious hour. The Lord wants His Son back, His Son who is living like a woman, not even subject to a male homosexual but a woman who is acting like a man. What an abomination, the Son of God acting like a beast. God, forgive us. Acting like the animals of the barnyard. Everybody is dancing around and singing, waiting for the power but not willing to give up anything of this fallen world to get it.


I used to think like that when I was a child. When I was a child, I thought like a child. But now that I am a man, I think like a man. I used to think I could accumulate things in this world and that I would never lose everything, not only material things but spiritual things, relationships. I thought I would just keep collecting it, and what I had would just increase and increase and increase. I did not know that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, that you have to appreciate what you have when you have it because you do not know how long you are going to have it. You have to give up things to get power with God. You cannot hold onto everything you have and still get power with God. It does not work like that. You have to give up the things of this world to get power with God. You cannot have both.


I would like to just put a couple of Scriptures on this message, showing that Christ died. I am on our Alternate Translation Bible, Romans 8, verses 31 and 32: Who then can command these eunuchs? Spiritual eunuchs -- they are no longer fornicating with the carnal mind. Who then can command these eunuchs other than the living God who alone is our head, even the one who did not try to save His Son from death but rather handed Him over so that we could all be rescued from hell. And how is it possible then that this double portion of the love of God shall not also pardon the rest of humanity? So that of course is speaking about the Lord Jesus, whose humanity died.


And then we have Daniel 8, which describes the death of the single-thread Christ. Let me just put that on the message. Now, of course, Jesus died without sin, but His body was an expression of sin. The only reason His humanity could be killed was that it was an expression of the sin which He inherited from His mother. The man Jesus of Nazareth had a carnal mind and a physical body which was in the image of Satan. He just did not let it make Him sin. He controlled that carnal mind to the point that He was without sin, but He did inherit sin and a sin nature from His mother. That is what died: the sin nature of Jesus of Nazareth, which He was not using. It was not functioning. It was paralyzed, but it existed. That is what died on the cross. The eternal Spirit of the Father cannot die.


And we see the spirit of the man Jesus of Nazareth, the human spirit, was no longer married to Satan. It was married to Christ Jesus, and therefore it could not die. And therefore, the spirit in the man Christ Jesus, the Spirit of Christ, raised the whole man from the dead because His spirit was alive.


The physical body died because it was subject to death because of inherited sin. Can you hear that? His physical body was able to be killed because it was subject to death because of inherited sin. The mind in the man Jesus, which was alive, had the power to raise it from the dead. Let me put it another way. When the god of this world, the Devil, lost her ability to sustain the existence of Jesus of Nazareth's human body, the eternal Spirit, which was dwelling within that man, sustained the life of the man.


When does the Devil lose her power to keep a body alive? When the body ceases from functioning, when the blood pours out, when someone bleeds to death. The life of the flesh of this world system is in the blood and in the organs of this body. The Devil lost her power to keep that body alive when the body was crucified.


But the spirit, the mind which was in that man Jesus, made an open show of the powers and principalities of this world. He made a fool out of them. He completely showed them up. He said, Devil, you have lost your power to keep this body alive. But I have the power to not only keep it alive but raise it up to a higher plane. He completely showed the Devil up. Showed her up for what? That she was a woman. That, with all the power that she exercises in this world, under certain conditions such as the blood leaving the body, she could not sustain the life of the flesh.


Getting back to this issue of God having control, listen, brethren. God has appointed the Devil as the god of this world. But God is still in control. This world is her playpen. She can do whatever God lets her do within this playpen. She has no authority outside of it. The existence that she gives to us is in the blood that flows in these veins, and beyond that blood, she has no power to give us existence. As soon as this blood leaves our body, either Christ Jesus sustains our life, or we die.


Christ Jesus made an open show of the Devil. He made it obvious for the whole world to see that the Devil is spiritually female, that her power is limited, that God is in absolute control, but that the Devil has a sphere of authority which has been appointed by God. We spoke about this in the last message. This is her area of authority. You want to get out from under her; you have to ascend out of this world. You want to get out from under her tyranny; you have to reject sin and arise up out of this playpen. Christ Jesus demonstrated that his power was greater than the god of this world. Power to do what? Power to impart life even when confronted with death. He made an open show of her. He exposed the Devil as the woman. She has been acting like a man.


I do not have it with me. I was working on the Alternate Translation of the New Testament today. In Revelation 18, I believe, it talks about the harlot who is running this whole world, who thinks she is a man. She has got this whole world convinced that she is a man, that she has the power to give life and take it away. It is a lie. She has no power to take your life away. All of her power is in the fact that you are filled with sin. She is God's curse unto humanity. God is in full control. Everything that happens to you, you deserve. God has said it is OK. This soul is condemned. Jesus.


COMMENT: I just wanted to ask you about the Scripture in Revelation that [UNINTELLIGIBLE] that has all those words in it. I think it says that Serpent, the Devil --


PASTOR VITALE: The Serpent, the Dragon, the Devil and Satan. Yes.




PASTOR VITALE: Revelation 20.


COMMENT: And it has all those words in it. And I just wondered what it means there in that Scripture, why it is saying all those words in that Scripture and what it means.


Revelation 20:1-2: And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the Dragon, that old Serpent which is the Devil and Satan, and bound him 1,000 years. The angel which came down from heaven -- who is the angel which came down from heaven?


COMMENT: Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Christ --, not Christ.




PASTOR VITALE: Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is the only one powerful enough to bind up the full manifestation of the Dragon. So we see Christ Jesus coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit. And the bottomless pit is this pit that we have fallen into. It is this world that the spiritual man has fallen into, the pit.


And the key to the pit is the way out of the pit. So we see that the way out of the pit is in Christ Jesus. Another name for Christ Jesus is the kingdom of God. Christ Jesus is the kingdom of God. He is the key. He is the way out. He is the door. He is the other world that we can run into. He is the city of refuge that our human spirit can flee into. So we see that Christ Jesus is coming down with a key, with the answer to our problem. And the answer to that problem is a big fat chain.


Brethren, the answer to our problem is to chain up the Dragon. The Dragon is killing us. He has got to be captured. He has got to be bound to the horns of the altar. He has got to be bound up to Christ Jesus so completely that he cannot cause our whole person to sin. He must be brought into submission to the spirit of holiness in accordance with Romans 1:4. We see the Scripture describing Christ Jesus as a great chain. Paul clearly stated that this chain which he bears is the Lord Jesus Christ.


I have spoken a lot about spiritual chains. The judgment of God upon this creation is that we were cast down to hell. But we are bound with chains of -- does anybody know? Chains of darkness. We are bound to Satan in our minds. You think you need to be put in a physical jail, brethren? Physical jail is just an external expression of the condition of your mind. Your mind is in jail through union with the Serpent, who has become the Dragon.


So we see Christ Jesus Himself is the chain which is going to bind the Dragon. And when this event takes place, you shall be in full stature. That is the whole story of the Bible, brethren: that the Son of God should be born in you. He is the child who will save you when you bear Him because, when He grows up, He is going to chain up the Devil in you and ultimately kill her. That is what this is all about.


So we see the angel coming down from heaven. Christ Jesus has the key that is going to get us out of the bottomless pit, and the key is Himself. And He has a great chain in His hand, and He is laying hold of the Dragon in your mind, that old Serpent. That Greek word, translated old, means ancient. And He laid hold of the Dragon, which is really the same person as the Serpent from ancient times but which, in this present generation, is manifesting as the Devil and Satan.


What we have here is a Satanic genealogy. Listen to this. And the Serpent begat the Dragon, and the Dragon begat the Devil. And Satan, who was really the same guy as that ancient Serpent, is appearing, in this hour, through the Devil as our unconscious mind. Can you hear that?


Jesus said, I can tell that you are the children of the ones who have killed the prophets. Why? How did Jesus know? Why? They were doing the same thing. These modern-day Pharisees of 2,000 years ago were still killing the prophets. What prophet were they killing? Jesus. They were doing the same things that their father did.

So Jesus says, I am not fooled because your flesh has changed. I am not fooled because your face looks a little different. I have a revelation that there is one spiritual man in the earth whose name is Death. And because he is dead, his body keeps dying, so he has to keep birthing new bodies into this world so that he can continue to exist here. But it is just like changing a garment. I know who you are. You cannot fool me because you are in a different body. I know who you are. You are the Devil. You are the man who was reformed into the woman, who gave birth to the Devil. And you are the children of the Devil.


Well, the writer of the Book of Revelation is saying, Satan -- I know who he is, and I am not fooled because he is appearing in clay vessels. I am not fooled because he looks like men. I know that he is that very same Serpent that existed at the beginning of time because he is still doing the same thing that that old Serpent did at the time that she seduced Christ and became the Dragon and killed him. That old Satan, your unconscious mind -- that is the Serpent from ancient days, who is also the Dragon, which is the name of the corporate unconscious mind which has birthed the Devil into this world. You are all the same.


So all you people who are children of the Devil: Satan is in your mind. And the Dragon is your grandfather. And you are all the offspring of that old Serpent. You are all the product of incest, and you are all fallen, and you are all evil, and you all need your mind renewed.


And I am here to save you. I have come to put a chain on that old Serpent and get her back where she is supposed to be, in a female role underneath the man, because you do not have the power to do it with all of your talk about Christ consciousness and all of your bravado of the fallen man. You think you are so smart, and you are so wise, and you are so powerful. You are dead, and you are without power. You are a single thread that is up against a threefold cord here. The Serpent is female, so we will say threefold cord: Dragon, Devil and Satan. We have got a threefold cord here. Your single-thread Christ is no match for him. You can talk about it all you want; you are never going to make it out of that pit without Christ Jesus, the threefold cord which is in Christ.


And he laid hold on the Dragon, that old Serpent which is the Devil and Satan, and bound him 1,000 years. Now, that 1,000 years -- the number 1,000, in Bible numerology, typifies the completed human spirit. The number 1,000 typifies the completed human spirit, the human spirit which has been freed from Satan and is now joined to Christ Jesus. So what that is symbolically saying is that which is binding the Serpent, the Dragon, the Devil and Satan is Christ Jesus in you, which has raised your human spirit up to full stature.


Brethren, you cannot bind up that Dragon. Until Christ in you ascends to full stature, you do not even stand a chance. We are just having some victories here or there. But I am running lots of times. Lots of the time, I am running. I only fight when the Lord says fight. The Devil is stronger than me. Blasphemy? No, it is the truth. The Devil is stronger than me. And if the Lord is not saying fight, I am hightailing it out of there. I am no fool.


Verse 3: And cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up. Now, remember, Satan is not alone. Satan is the unconscious mind of the Devil. Satan gives directions to the conscious mind. So if Satan is bound up in the bottomless pit, that means your carnal mind is bound up in the bottomless pit too. You cannot bind up the unconscious mind without binding up the conscious mind.


Now, you can bind up your conscious mind without binding up your unconscious mind. What is it called when you bind up your conscious mind but not your unconscious mind? What is it called? Denial. It is called denial. But you cannot bind up your conscious mind and not your unconscious mind because your conscious mind is a reflection of your unconscious mind. So if Satan is bound up, so is your carnal mind bound up. And if Satan and your carnal mind is bound up, then the Devil is bound up because that is what the Devil is. There are two parts to the Devil: Satan and the carnal mind.


So Christ Jesus cast the Devil into the bottomless pit and shut him up, put the Devil completely underneath Christ and set a seal upon him. The seal said, You are now a part of Christ Jesus. In other words, setting a seal upon him means that the nature of Christ was marked upon the Devil personality. And what that means is that the Devil personality could not manifest. The seal of the living God was on the person's mind. That is what it means.


That he should deceive the nations no more -- that means he cannot manifest through people anymore -- until the 1,000 years should be fulfilled -- until Christ Jesus should be fully born. Until the world -- until the kingdom of God. We talked about that earlier. And I am not looking at this in the Greek, of course. And after that, he must be loosed for a little season. What it is -- I really would be surprised if that is how it reads in the Greek. What it is really saying is that, after Christ Jesus binds up the Devil, there will be a testing.


Now, brethren, I have been preaching about that here for months. There is a time coming. There is a satanic trumpet about to sound that is going to cause the Devil to arise, and the men who have him really bound up will be safe. But all of the Christians in whom Christ Jesus is very mature but who have not bound up their Devil through confession of sin and repentance; if that Devil is just walking around, all those Christians who were saying, I will not bother him, and he will not bother me, when that satanic trumpet sounds, when that hour of testing comes, the Devil is climbing right up out from under Christ Jesus. You see, it is not enough to have her under you. She has got to be bound.


What is the definition of having the Devil under you? The definition is that you are really not living out of her; you are living out of Christ, but neither are you killing her. You are living out of Christ, but you are not killing the Devil; you are just ignoring her. And she is under you. She is bound. She is in the bottomless pit. But the test is coming where she will be strengthened. And if she is just under you, if she is not bound, she is going to come up out of that pit, and she is going to knife you in the back. And Christ in you is going to die. I have been preaching it for months.


And then after that, he must be loosed for a little season. I do not think I am going to go on with this. Let me see. Maybe we will skip down to verse 7.


And when the 1,000 years are expired -- or when the time of testing comes -- Satan shall be loosed out of his prison. And what is going to loose Satan out of his prison? When the Son is confronted with sin. When the Son is confronted with weakness, sin in an area where they are weak, Satan will be loosed out of his prison, and the test is on. Will the Son of God go for the temptation? Will He go for the human experience? Or will He forgo the human experience of whatever pleasure it is offering Him and choose Christ? That is what this is talking about: the final testing after you think you are walking with God blamelessly for years. And all of a sudden, you have got a problem on your hands that you cannot even believe is happening to you. Who are you going to choose: that which feels good? Or are you going to choose God?


And Satan shall go out to deceive the nations, which are in the four quarters of the earth. And Satan shall go out to deceive the nations, which are in the four quarters of the earth.


Verse 9 says, And they went up on the breadth of the earth and compassed the camp of the saints about and the beloved city. And fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them. Now, this is speaking about the believers who chose God. They chose God, and the power of God crushed the Devil.


Verse 10: And the Devil that deceived them was cast into the Lake of Fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are. That is Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus consumed them.


And I am just going to close with this note. Please note that verse 10 speaks about the Devil, and that is the only mention of the Devil in all of Chapter 20. But I have solved that secret for you. You cannot bind up Satan without binding up the Devil. Satan is the god of the Devil. The Devil is the personality through whom Satan is expressing himself, and Satan is the Dragon. What a mystery.


PASTOR VITALE: Is there anybody that does not realize that the anointing has seriously intensified over this last 10 or 15 minutes? It is very heavy. It is pressing down. Any other questions or comments?


COMMENT: I understand that Michael comes down to chain Satan in the bottomless pit. Now, I know it represents Christ Jesus. Is that --


PASTOR VITALE: Excuse me. It does not say Michael. It just says the angel.


COMMENT: Is there not some place where it says -- I thought [CROSSTALK]


PASTOR VITALE: Well, Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation speaks about Michael but not about chaining anyone in the bottomless pit. Verse 7 of Chapter 12: And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon, and the Dragon fought against his angels. And the great Dragon was cast out, that old Serpent called the Devil and Satan which deceiveth the whole world. But it does not say anything about the bottomless pit. So are you speaking about Revelation 12 or Revelation 20?


COMMENT: My real question is: Why does it say Michael? Does it mean that it is the warrior spirit? Christ Jesus is coming as a warrior spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Michael is an alias. Well, Michael is the expression of Christ Jesus. That was a bad joke that it was an alias. We see Christ Jesus as an overall name for the new man. But there are different aspects of the new man. The new man has different functions. Michael is the name which is used to describe your new man, Christ Jesus, acting as a warrior. And the other aspect of him is the angel Gabriel, who is the messenger. They are both Christ Jesus. Michael is the left hand of Christ Jesus; he is the one who executes judgment, and Gabriel is the right hand of Christ Jesus; he is the messenger and the giver of gifts. So we see that Christ Jesus has two hands, each of which has His own name. Does that answer your question?


COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] You said that the Lord Jesus Christ was a third strand?




COMMENT: Second strand?


PASTOR VITALE: Second strand.


COMMENT: Now, is that the glorified Lord Jesus Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. The glorified Lord Jesus Christ is the second thread.


COMMENT: And is He the fire that comes down to --


PASTOR VITALE: No. Well, the Father is the fire that comes down. The Lord Jesus Christ, in His glorified condition, is the Father.


COMMENT: Then who is the third strand?


PASTOR VITALE: Christ Jesus, the product --


COMMENT: Oh, I see.


PASTOR VITALE: -- of the union between the first two strands. Christ Jesus is the Son. You see, the Lord Jesus Christ has become the Father, and Christ Jesus is the Son. We are the Son. As the Father was to Jesus of Nazareth in the days of His flesh, the Lord Jesus Christ is to us in this hour. He has become the Father. He returned unto the Father, and we are the Son. The Son is the third strand.


COMMENT: I do not know if I remember you saying on last week's message. Did you say the dust and the breath and the Serpent were the two strands?


PASTOR VITALE: No. No, the Serpent is not a strand. Jesus is our altar. The Serpent is the womb.




PASTOR VITALE: He is mixed in with the three strands. You see, the first two strands are invisible. The Serpent is mixed in there. He is not shown; he is not given any name. But he is what is giving form to the Son.


COMMENT: You were talking, last message, about the Serpent being able to fly, or the earth did fly. How did you come about to get that?


PASTOR VITALE: I think what I was speaking about was the Serpent becoming a seraphim. And I do not know of any Scripture that says the earth flew or that the Serpent flew, but there is a Scripture in Isaiah that says the serpents had wings. So I do not know that that means that they fly. It means that they have access to the heavenlies. It is a parable. It is not -- do not think of a natural snake with wings.


What it means is that the Serpent, which was relegated to crawling on his belly because of God's curse -- do you remember that? God cursed the Serpent and said, You shall crawl on your belly. When I looked that up in the Hebrew, what it means is that the Serpent will be relegated to the outer realms. You heard Jesus speak about outer darkness. The spiritual life is within. In the most innermost depths is the spiritual life. That is where the sun is, S-U-N. And the further you get away from the sun, the colder and the darker it gets, right, looking at our natural example?


So when the Father cursed the Serpent, he said, You are not going to be in Eden anymore. You are not going to be close to the spiritual sun anymore. I am separating you from the spiritual sun, and I am casting you into outer darkness, as far away from this spiritual life as you could possibly be. And in fact, this whole world is the exact opposite of spiritual life, became the mirror image of spiritual life.


So the Serpent died. She lost any spiritual power. She lost whatever spiritual power she had through union with the Son. The Serpent was joined to the Son. The Serpent was joined to Christ at the beginning of time and must have had some kind of benefits being joined to Christ. But she was separated from Christ and became a fugitive. And a fugitive -- what does that mean? It means the armies of God are looking for her. She became a criminal, and the Lord is out to get her.


We just talked about that in Revelation 20. Christ Jesus, the captain of the Lord's host, is coming to chain up Satan, who is the present-day expression of the Serpent. She is a fugitive from justice. So she is out here in the darkness of this world, engaging in activity which God calls illegal. When she separated from the Tree of Life, she lost her wings, you might say. She lost her access to the heavenly place.


But when Christ Jesus binds her up and puts her back in her proper place and separates Christ from her and reverses the moral order -- you see, the Serpent cannot stay in the male role. When Christ Jesus forces her back into a female role, and He Himself becomes the man again and puts everything in right order, the Serpent will once again be serving God in the manner that she was created to do. She will have access to the throne of God. She will be in Eden right next to the Father, standing in front of the Father in obedience and in submission and in front of His throne. What does that mean, in front of His throne? It means the invisible Father is standing behind the darkness of the earth and shining through her. The Father is revealing His Spirit by passing the light of His life through the earth. And the reflection of the Father is appearing in the visible, spiritual world.


So when I speak about the serpents having wings, what that means is that the Serpent, being restored to her position in Eden, is now in her right order and in submission to the Father and in heaven and serving God. Does that make any sense to you at all? OK.






The following is the exhortation from the beginning of the service. Praise the Lord.


My father is in the hospital. He fell the other day, and I went over and called the ambulance for him. But I prayed for him. I knew there was nothing wrong with him. When he got to the emergency room, I could not go in to see him because they were changing his clothes or doing something for him. And there was a woman in the next cubicle. I actually had a sensation, actually experienced the feeling of the Holy Ghost, of Christ moving me. He actually moved me because I always lay back; I do not go rushing into anything. I like to give God a chance to say that it is not Him. And I actually felt Him moving me.


See, if you do not yield to the carnal mind, you might experience Christ actually moving your body. I have talked a lot about that: that we will get up for a drink of water, or we will get up and we will do all kinds of things. This body is a slave. It does not move unless your brain tells it to move. So either your carnal mind or Christ has to tell this body to move, or it does not move. And if I am in this habit of holding back, not rushing in and hesitating, therefore I am holding off my carnal mind; it does not happen to me that often, but I did experience Christ Jesus manipulating my body. We have a whole message on that, LEM Message #319, Body Manipulations in Christ Jesus.


Listen, brethren. If you want Christ Jesus to start manipulating your body -- what does that mean? Using your hands, making your legs walk, making your hands walk, making your mouth talk. Well, a lot of us have Christ Jesus manipulating our tongue. That is pretty common. But if you want Him to start manipulating your actual physical behavior, you are going to have to really hold back from rushing in to giving out tracks and giving out books and things like that because He is not fighting with you. Christ is not fighting with you.


I saw that woman. She was crying over there, a real sweet-looking lady. And I felt the compassion of Christ arise in me, but that was not enough. I felt the compassion of Christ, but I still did not rush in. I held back, and I actually experienced Christ Jesus manipulating my legs. As I walked towards her, I almost felt like I was floating. I almost felt like I was floating.


So I went up to her, and I said, are you OK? She said no. She was in tears. She had a terrible cold. They would not give her any medication because she was pregnant. So to make the story short, I asked her if she was a Christian, and she said yes. She was a Methodist who had not been to church in a few years, but she called herself a Christian. And she must be because the Lord sent me right to her. My heart was filled with love for her. I prayed for her and the baby, and I prophesied over her. I guess she did not know it, but I told her the child was very special.


When I left there, I cried for her. And the Lord spoke to me. He told me, all these Pentecostals, they think they are the only Church. They think they are the Church of Christ, these Pentecostals out there, because they speak in tongues, and they have the move of the Spirit. But it is not true that they are the whole Church. It is not true.


It is a condition of your heart. God has a whole world full of Methodists and Episcopalians and Lutherans and Catholics and people who do not look like they are Christians. And lots of times, they do not act or sound like they are Christians. But somewhere deep inside of them, Christ has touched them.


And you want to know something? When He calls them, they are going to come faster than these holy roller Pentecostals who are all caught up in their own doctrines and in the fact that they dance in the church and whatever else they are doing that, when He is calling on the top of His lungs, they cannot even hear Him. It is scriptural. You watch. You will see it.


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