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I would like to go over the concept of the Godhead, that there is one God in many different manifestations, the Father and the Son. There is just one God. Sometimes He appears as the Father, and sometimes He appears as the Son. But that does not mean that they are two different gods. They are one God.


And our natural example of that would be when; sometimes you see in this world, you will see comedy skits made out of it. If you go to a small town where one man has every office, when he is the mayor, he puts on his mayor's hat. And then he is the judge; he changes hats, and he becomes the judge. Then this sophisticated northerner is looking for the chief of police, and he says, Oh, that is me. He takes off his judge's hat, and he puts on the chief of police's hat. Have you ever seen a skit like that? Yeah.


So that is just a humorous way of helping us to understand God to us: The Creator of the universe, the only true God, the only God who is alive. He is the living God, and He is the God of the living, not the God of the dead. He is the Father of all spirits. He is the God of the spirits, which is in man.


And when He appears in the form of pure spirit, which means He is the Father; the Father is Spirit; our Father is Spirit. His name, depending on where you are reading about Him. If you are reading in the Old Testament, His name is Jehovah. If you are reading in the New Testament, the name of the Father, who is Spirit; His name is the Lord Jesus Christ.


But when the Father chooses to appear as a soul; and what is a soul? A soul is a man. When the Father chooses to appear in a man, He then is called the Son. But it is just the same God in a different form, one God. Sometimes he is the Father, and sometimes He is the Son. And sometimes we read in the Scripture about different manifestations of His Spirit: The Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Truth, the mind of Christ. This is all one God. He is a many-membered God. He is a many-faceted God who appears in many different ways and performs many different functions.


Just as a man, a human, could be whatever his job is. He goes out; he is a construction worker. He is a husband. He is a father. He is a friend. He is a son to his father. He is a son to his mother. He has all these different aspects of his life, but he is just one man.


So we see that there is just one true God. He is the only God that is alive. He is the greatest over all the other gods because all the other gods are dead. You see, there are many dead gods. Every demon is a god. The Devil is the god of this world. But they are all dead, and they are all false. They are false gods. So there is only one true God. He is the only living God, and he appears in many different forms.


Therefore, to say that Jesus is a god, and the Father is a god, is not correct because the word, a, is what we call the indefinite article. And in the English language, we call it the indefinite article. When we use the indefinite article, what it means is that this god is one of many more. If we use the definite article -- who knows what the definite article is?




PASTOR VITALE: The. The is the definite article. When we say the God, it implies that is the only one, the definite article. And when we use the indefinite article, a, we are saying this is one of many, nothing particular about this god.


And this is what the Hindu religion does. They acknowledge Jesus. Now, I do not think they call him a god, but they call him a prophet, one of many prophets. You go to India, or right here in the United States, if you fraternize with people who practice the Hindu religion, you may see a picture of Jesus on their wall. So every time you see a picture of Jesus on the wall, do not assume that that person is a worshipper of Jesus because the Hindu religion and, I am told, the Muslim religion also acknowledges Jesus as a one of many prophets. They do not even call him a god. The Jehovah's Witnesses, to the best of my knowledge, call him a god, one of many equal gods.


And that is why, if someone says to me, Pastor Sheila, I looked at something that you wrote, and someone that I know drew a conclusion that the mind of Christ is a god, I will correct you because I do not want anyone thinking or repeating that I say Jesus is a god. I teach that Jesus is the Son of God. And that is why I will correct you if you say a god because I do not believe that Jesus is one of many gods. I do not believe that.


Jesus clearly said, I and the Father are one; one God. And one of the prayers continuously repeated by the Jews is, Hear, O Israel, the Lord, your God, is... does anybody know the ending? One God. Yet the word in the Hebrew for God is Elohim, which is plural. He is a many-membered God. And when He has completely raised up His Sons, which He is doing now, when Christ Jesus is standing in full stature in all of us, we shall be the many-membered Godhead. When He is appearing in each of us, we shall be a part of the many-membered Godhead. We shall not be a god in our own right.


Now there is a Scripture that says, Jesus is the only Begotten Son of God. I heard a preacher preach, about eight or so years ago, that he could not really teach that Scripture anymore because, now that the Sons of God are being raised up, he believes that he too is a Begotten Son of God and that each and every one of us is a Begotten Son of God. So he believes that the Church has outgrown that Scripture. But I do not believe that the Church can outgrow any Scripture, brethren; neither do I believe that each and every one of us is also a Begotten Son of God. One must find out what that word, begotten, means.


The Greek word, begotten, refers to being born from seed. That means, to be a begotten Son of God, the very seed of the Father must have entered into your heart and joined with your spiritual reproductive system, which is your human system, and that Christ Jesus was conceived in you from a union of the very seed of the Father and your own human spirit.


And that is not what is happening to us in this hour. God only did that once. That is what He did with Jesus of Nazareth. The very seed of the Father entered into Jesus' heart at the same time that the Holy Spirit was interacting with the woman Mary, and the very seed of the Father joined with the human spirit that was in the ovum of Mary. And Jesus was begotten of seed. He is the only begotten Son of God.


We, brethren, are cuttings. That Begotten Son of God; He is already begotten. He is already a plant. It is no longer the seed of the Father coming to us, but a cutting from the life of the Lord Jesus Christ is being engrafted to our human spirit. Once the tree starts to grow in us, we will be an equal heir with Jesus Christ to the life of the Father, but we will not be begotten. He is the only Begotten Son of God, the only one in whom Christ Jesus appeared as a result of the very seed of the Father penetrating His spiritual life.


What happened was Jesus was born of a woman and that He was the only Begotten Son of God. And now His Tree of Life; cuttings of His Tree of Life are being engrafted into the human spirits of men. And it is happening today. Everybody here in this room in whom Christ is growing is a Son of God who was fathered by a natural man, whose human life was fathered by a natural man, and who has Christ Jesus growing in them.


And very few people want to believe it. Even people in the Church are resisting it. They do not want to believe that a human being could have God growing in them. It is a state of mind that we call antichrist. We have a Scripture that says, He who confesseth not, or who will not admit that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, is an antichrist.


Now, that is not an insult. God is never insulting you. I keep telling you that. That means, for anybody who is having trouble believing that a human being can have Christ operating in them, the spirit in your mind that will not let you believe it is called antichrist.


Now, it was much easier for people with Jesus because He was in full stature, and He was perfect, and He was doing outstanding miracles. And men could not believe that He was the Son of God. So how are men going to believe that the people sitting in this room; we look like just average, everyday people. People have a lot of trouble believing that the living God is manifesting or is operating in a person who He has not yet brought to perfection.


And of course the people today have a more serious problem than the people did in Jesus' day because, with an imperfect person, sometimes the person is just human, but sometimes it is Christ speaking through them. And the Scripture says the only way that a man can recognize when it is Christ in another man is when they have Christ in themselves. Christ in me will recognize whether or not it is Christ in you. But Paul also says, For a man who does not have Christ yet, for a man looking with his carnal mind, he will never be able to recognize Christ in me. Why is that? Because we only recognize what we know. And I have talked about this before.


Using, as our example, natural men, if somebody -- well, this happened to me just a couple of weeks ago. A person who was acting in an unstable mental attitude passed by me, and I was with a couple of the people from this ministry. And I thought that they looked OK. And the other two people said, Oh, no, that person is in a mental disorder. There was insanity all over that person. And I did not see it. And it turned out that they were right.


Now, I said, Lord, how come they had that discernment and I did not? And the Lord said to me, It is because both of those two people have had experiences with people moving under a spirit of insanity. They recognized that something was mentally wrong with that person because of a past experience that they had. And I had never had that experience. But I have it now, and I am storing it in my mind.


So getting back to our point, an average man cannot recognize Christ in another man if he does not know anything about Christ at all. How could you recognize Him? You cannot. So only when you yourself have known Christ, have had experiences with Christ, have had training and experience and maturity in the Church, you will be able to recognize Christ in another man. But the average man out there cannot recognize Christ.


And to take it a step further, Paul says that not only the heathen but people in the Church cannot recognize Christ. And those who cannot recognize him are, anybody? They are sick, and they are dying because they cannot recognize Christ either in another man or they cannot recognize Christ in themselves.


Now, if you recognize Christ in another man, what does that mean? It means, well, if you know that it is God, surely you are going to take His advice, and you are going to listen, and you are going to do what He tells you to do. It is just when you are not sure that it is God that you may choose to take some other counsel, and therefore you could fall into some form of spiritual sickness. It does not have to mean physical sickness. What it means is you will make a wrong decision, and you will reap what you sow.


And on the other hand, Christ could be in your own mind. And it is very common that believers cannot tell the difference between Christ and antichrist, or Christ and their own carnal mind. They cannot tell the difference. They have two thoughts in their mind. They have a decision to make. Well, I could do it this way, or, well, I could do it that way. Now, if you know that, on the left hand, that is surely Christ's advice, why would you take the advice of your carnal mind? Because, even in your own mind, many people cannot tell the difference. They cannot recognize Christ, so they take the wrong counsel. They listen to the wrong thought. They walk to the beat of the wrong drum. And they reap something that is certainly less than ideal, and it could be trouble in their life.


So it is fair to say then that, when the fulfillment was already said and done, this is going to happen in the future, Mary was not; this woman, Mary, Satan had no grounds on her once that was said and done that, in the future, this is going to happen. So that spirit could not bother her in any way with that seed being implanted in her.


COMMENT: What spirit? I am not sure what you mean.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, like something happening to this woman.


COMMENT: You mean her being hurt or killed?


PASTOR VITALE: Being hurt or something, that it was obvious that it was going to be Mary. And you can do what you want to do, but it is going to happen with Mary. So she had no legal grounds on Mary at all.


Are you thinking that, if Satan had gotten a hold on Mary and killed her, that the prophecy would not have come to pass?


COMMENT: I am asking why.


PASTOR VITALE: Am I on the right track? Is that the line along which you are thinking?


COMMENT: Yeah, because it does not say anything about her being tempted or anything like that. So it was, like, something very smooth, you know, that happened.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I do not know that I could agree with that.




PASTOR VITALE:  If something did happen to Mary, it would have been another woman. I think Mary was God's choice. But the truth is, we do not even know if she was His first choice or not. I heard somebody preach once, we do not even know for sure that Abraham was God's first choice. We do not know how many people God went to before He found something to obey.


So Mary was a fallen woman, if that is what you are getting at. She was a fallen woman. She was a sinner. She had problems in her life. She was not perfect. And if it was not her, it would have been somebody else. Jesus said, If we will not praise him, the stones will praise him. If I would drop dead tomorrow, He will raise up someone else to do this great commission that we are called to here. Really, I am just a hunk of clay. If He does not do it through me, He will do it through somebody else. That is the truth. Jesus Christ is the only reality. He is the only reality, and He can appear in any hunk of clay that He wants to appear in.


Now, on the other hand, once he -- and that is quite humbling. That statement helps us to stay humble. But on the other hand, we want to ba- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] we believe. We do not want [AUDIO CUTS OUT] that Christ is really cold, walking around saying, Well, I am worthless. If He does not use me, He will get the other. [AUDIO CUTS OUT] either. I am coming from the other point of you.


For those of us who have arrived as [AUDIO CUTS OUT] that we are part of the Church [AUDIO CUTS OUT] place we are at, the Lord has invested a lot in us. He has been with us. He has sent men to help us. He has gotten us through all kinds of s- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] is re- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] And he prefers that it would be us. Why? Not for any [AUDIO CUTS OUT] thing, but for [AUDIO CUTS OUT] own purposes, He has picked us, and He has put years into us, developing us.


Now, take me, for example. The Lord has put years into where I am. It [AUDIO CUTS OUT] would have no problem raising up somebody to take my place. But the truth of the matter is that, if for any reason He would let me fall down, He would agree to that, because it could not happen unless He agreed to it, there might be a lapse of several years until He finds another person who was qualified to do the job.


So for that reason alone, the Lord might decide to -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] and to protect me, mostly from myself or anything else that would happen, because He decided, the Lord Jesus Christ [AUDIO CUTS OUT] decided [AUDIO CUTS OUT] would rather [AUDIO CUTS OUT] go out into the Church world and pick somebody else and start raising them up from the beginning again.


So in that event, and from that point of view, anybody who is in such a position where God has spent years training them up, and they are now very qualified because Christ is in them to a highly-trained position, the Lord is going to be fighting to sustain your life because He has already invested so much in you, and He wants to appear through you. He has got you trained. And at that point, you become very valuable, not because of anything you have done but because of the work that the Master has done in you. And you become very valuable and very important to the kingdom, and you stay valuable and important as long as the Lord is doing His work through you.


A way that helps us to understand it again is the old-fashioned type of marriage, not the way it is today. But for many years, a woman became very important, as important as her husband was important. If her husband divorced her, she lost her importance. When she was the president's wife, she was a very important and respected lady. When the president left her, she became nothing. That is the way it was in society for years.


Well, that is true of us. We are very important so long as Christ has decided to let us be a partaker of His work in the earth. So long as He is manifesting through us, we are very important. But if for any reason He should decide to divide Himself from us, we are nothing more than a hunk of clay. And that is just the way it is.


COMMENT: Are you taking questions tonight?


PASTOR VITALE: It is Xxxx's job to see that everybody is using the microphone. That is why she is waving her hands around like that.


COMMENT: Yes. I have a question about the Serpent in the beginning of time. I would like to know if he was the, you say that Satan is forced within. In the glorified body, he is forced within, right? He is there, but he is under control or forced within.


PASTOR VITALE: Under the authority --


COMMENT: Under the --


PASTOR VITALE: -- of Christ.


COMMENT: Right. And he is, like, forced within on the inside, while Christ is on the outside, right?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, yes and no. I think Christ is both at the innermost point and at the outermost point. Just like this physical body is an expression of the Devil within, Christ will be at our innermost being. He will be our heart. But there will also be a visible spiritual manifestation of Him, and the Serpent will be trapped in the middle somehow. That is my understanding right now.


COMMENT: Oh, OK. So then he --


PASTOR VITALE: The Serpent is in the middle somewhere. He is trapped in the midst of it. But from the core to the outside, Christ will be all the way through.


COMMENT: Yes. OK. I got that. But I would like to know, in the beginning of time, you separated out all these things: The Serpent, the Dragon, Leviathan --


PASTOR VITALE: And the Devil.


COMMENT: And the Devil and Satan. And where was this? This Serpent was in the midst of the Tree of Life, right?




COMMENT: And I just wanted to know, you had said that Satan would be forced within and be sort of, like, give form, like the skeleton. And I would like to know if the Serpent was; what was his purpose at that time? Was it giving form to the Tree of --


PASTOR VITALE: At what time? Please clarify that.


COMMENT: The Serpent, at --


PASTOR VITALE: At the beginning?


COMMENT: At the beginning, the Serpent; what was his purpose? He was just there. Was he also there giving form, like you are saying it is going to end up that Satan will be like the skeleton, like the form? [INAUDIBLE]


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. The Serpent, at the beginning of time, was the earth; was the ground. Well, I am not going to get into that technicality right now. But the earth is the Serpent. And that earth is the dry part of the creation, or the hard part of the creation which the waters of the Son's life flowed over. And the spiritual life of the Son is so great that, for example, it touched this chair, it gave a form of existence to the chair. You see?


There was a hard part and a soft part to the creation. The soft part, which took the form of water, was the Son. And the hard part of the creation was that fallout, that dust, which had appeared when the Son separated from the Father with the power of an atomic explosion. There was a fallout. And that fallout came together, and it became the hard part or the visible part of the creation. But it was dead.


Then we see, in Genesis 1, I think it is about verse 7 or 8. I may have the verse number wrong. We see the Lord commanding the waters to flow out over the dry part. And after the waters flowed out over the dry part, the Lord said, Waters, come back. Now, when the waters came back so that the dry part was separated from the soft part again, both the dry part and the waters had changed. How was that? The waters, which came back into one place, came back with a residue of the dry part. It is as if to say the ocean swept over the sand, and the tides pulled out and took a few grains of sand with it. So the waters were changed in that they had some particles of the dry part in it, and the dry part was changed. Even though all the waters were called back, some of the minerals that were in the waters remained in the dry part. So both the dry part and the wet part were changed, you see?


And a very subtle way that the Scripture indicates that; and I do not know that I ever told you this, is that, in the beginning, we see the Scripture called day and night. And that is saying dry part and wet part. But after this process that I just described, now that the wet part has a residue of the dark part, it is no longer night. It has now become evening.


And the wet part, now that is has come back with some particles of the dry part;  every time there is a change in the nature, the person's name has to change. So we are now no longer calling it the water or the day, but we are calling it the seas. The water becomes the seas. And the day, and that which was day, is now called the morning.


And the evening and the morning was the first day. The evening and the morning is speaking about a creation that is both dark and light, but there are elements of light in the darkness and element of darkness in the light.


There is now a mixture, and the earth now has elements of the water in it. The word, evening, implies darkness is prevailing; even though there are elements of light, when you look, you see darkness. And the morning is implying [AUDIO CUTS OUT] even though, when you look, you see light, there are still elements of darkness in it. So we see that we now have a creation that is mixed. It is still dark and light. It is still day and night. But neither aspect of it is 100 percent one way, a mixture [AUDIO CUTS OUT]. Can you hear that? And on each si- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] one or the other is pre-emanating.


But both sides are, another way to put it, male and female. The creation was male and female. We have human beings now, male and female. Every one of us, in most instances; we are in a perverse society. In most normal instances, every human being is either male or female. Yet science clearly tells us that every human being has some elements of the opposite sex in them. It is just a question of which sex is dominating in a particular person.


And what are the emotional characteristics of male and female? Man is hard; woman is soft. So we see, in a man, a capability of dealing with problems about our society- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] and I suppose one could [AUDIO CUTS OUT] that not [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


If you saw [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [?the wood?] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] because of the [?gun?] while [AUDIO CUTS OUT] and he let [AUDIO CUTS OUT] against his [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] that deer grew up into being a [AUDIO CUTS OUT] that animal [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] not doe. He cannot keep this form. Let him go when you do not have the emotional attachment to it. Let him go now.


[UNINTELLIGIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] of his rational mind. He did not listen to his rational mind. He listened to his emotions. And for all intents and purposes, in that decision, the father was a woman. That is what happened to Adam. That is how he fell, if you recognize the story.


So the boy loved this fawn and fed him and nurtured him. And the fawn grew up. When the fawn became a deer, he was a wild animal and started doing damage to the cultivated; now, listen to the Bible. Listen to the scriptural implication in this. The deer started doing damage to the cultivated farm of this family. You cannot tell a wild deer not to go into your farmland and eat up all the corn. So the deer, who had no fear of coming close to these people because they had raised him, was just helping himself, chomping and stomping into the farms that the father had worked for hours and days and weeks with an old-fashioned plough behind an oxen, hard, physical work. And not only that, but he was growing their food for the whole winter to come. And the deer went in and wrecked the crops, ate up all the seed and the little plants out of the field.


So the little boy's father said, Got to shoot him. Got to shoot him. Had to shoot the deer because he would not go away. He had already been domesticated. The boy cried, and the father stayed in his femininity. He said, All right, son. We will build a bigger fence. Put the deer behind this bigger fence. He went out and re-ploughed the whole fields, hours and hours of hard, grueling labor. And the deer got loose and did it again.


Now, at this point, the father, who had been soft, had to make a decision. Either he would stay in his male mind and shoot that animal; if he did not do it, his family would starve to death. That was his decision. So he had, like, two or three opportunities to make the male decision, and he yielded to his feminine side because he was seduced [AUDIO CUTS OUT] but the whole responsibility was his. He was a woman twice. And now he [AUDIO CUTS OUT] that his family was going to live or die based on his ability to [AUDIO CUTS OUT].


So he made the male decision. He killed the deer. And his son took it very badly, told him that he hated him, and ran away. His son was unable to understand that his father made this decision to save the life of the whole family.


So we see that men, men who are functioning as men. I am not talking about bodies now; I am talking about minds. Men who are functioning as men have a female side to them. But know that if they fall down into that female side and respond, only disaster can come out of it. That is what makes you a man. It has nothing to do with your body or how many babies you make. What makes you a man is an ability to look at the hard, cold facts and make a decision, not out of your emotions but out of your rational mind and make a decision that will preserve your life and that will preserve the life and provide prosperity that you are responsible for. That is what makes you a man.


And then, on the other hand, we see women; we are talking about minds now, who are traditionally caught up in their emotions, who traditionally choose Bambi over starving to death. Now, if the man had stayed a woman in that position, he would have said, I cannot kill the deer, cannot deal with the fact that my son just told me that he hates me and ran away from home. Cannot deal with it; therefore I am not going to kill the deer. And when they got deep into the winter and they had no food to eat, his son would have hated him anyway. And his wife would have hated him, and everybody would have died.


So this man only made a male decision when his back was really up against the wall. It would have been much easier on his son and on the whole family if he had made the male decision right at the beginning and said, No, son, you cannot have the fawn. You see?


But our point here is male/female. So we see females in the world who are predominately female. If it was their choice, they would keep the fawn, and they would not shoot the deer. And then, when it was too late, they would starve to death. You see? If it was a woman, and I am not against women here, it is anyone with a female mind. If the third time this came around, and they could not make the decision to shoot the deer, they would have spared the deer's life. And when the middle of the winter came and there was not enough food to eat, they would have realized they made a mistake. But it would have been too late to go out and plant the fields again, and everybody would have died.


That is why, in traditional societies, a woman needs to be under a man. This society of women, their minds have become masculinized. It is just the truth. I am not saying they are masculine, but their minds have become masculinized. We are talking about traditional women. That is why it was such a big deal if a woman did not get married. She needed someone to take care of her because woman traditionally, the way they were raised, they did not look at long-range results. They really needed to be under an authority in those societies and in those days.


So we see women traditionally not being able to see the long-range results of their behavior. Yet there is also present in women some potential to be hard when necessary. And why? Because the sexes are mixed. We just see, in each individual, one sex predominately. And Lord willing, your mind is matching up to your body. We have a lot of people in this society today with a female mind in a male body, and a lot of female bodies with male minds. Everything is all messed up today. Sometimes it goes into homosexuality. The society is on a perverse curve.


But God made a provision. That is why traditional marriage is; a lot of people get upset when I say this, but it is a manifestation of the curse. Why is it a manifestation of the curse? Because man has fallen, the traditional woman needs someone over her, or her whole life is going to get messed up. Therefore you have to be under a father or under a husband because your mind is in that condition.


What is happening today in this country, and of course the world today, is that seed, that potential in the traditional woman to be male; is everybody following me? That potential has been prospered. You see? Now, what used to happen, in these traditional societies, was that the women were raised to stay in their emotions. They were raised in the family that way because it does not work when you have two men in a marriage. It is not working in this country, and it has not worked ever. So in traditional societies, the men were raised to be very strong and very masculine, and the women were raised to be weak. That potential to be a decision-maker was discouraged in women. Why? To preserve the institution of marriage because, somewhere along the line, some societal elders realized that, if you educated women and if you let them practice making decisions, they were just as capable as men of doing these things, which sounds wonderful except that it destroys family life.


And it not only destroys family life, but there are spiritual whores in this world. I tell you all the time. Just like there are natural laws -- if you jump out the window, your body is going to fall down. And if it falls down hard enough, it could break. There are natural laws in this world which says that, as the women get stronger, the men must get weaker. So what does that mean, the men must get weaker? It means that you cannot have two men in the same house. Just look at the animal kingdom. If you are looking at wild stallions, if you are looking at buffalo, or if you are looking at lions, tigers. There is only one leader of the herd. If you have two male animals that are very strong, there will be a jungle fight for who is the leader of the herd.


And what we see manifesting is described in Daniel 8. There was a ram standing in all the glory of God. And all of a sudden, there appeared a he-goat. And the he-goat attacked the ram and killed it. So we see that, in human society right now, we do not have two males vying for the leadership of the herd. We have two different types vying: a ram and a goat, the males and the females. It is a spiritual battle. I am just an observer. This problem has to be solved in Christ because I do not think the women can go back to where they came from, but the answer has to be found in Christ.


What is happening, and what must happen, if you are an observer of not only human nature but animal nature, is this. What must happen is that, as the women get stronger, the men must get weaker. They must. It is cause and effect. And the problem is that the situation does not remain at the status quo where you might say, Well, OK, let the men be the head of the families, and they will have 75 percent dominion, and the women will have 25 percent. It does not stay like that. And what you see in a lot of marriages now is 50/50. And my niece tells right out, there are two heads of this household. And my nephew says, amen. There are two heads of this household. Now, the problem with that is that no two minds or no two personalities are ever completely equal, ever, ever, ever, ever. One is always stronger than the other.


So the next thing you see occurring on the horizon of humanity is women who are stronger than men in every aspect: spiritually, mentally. I cannot believe the bodies on some of these women out there. They have got more muscles than a man does. They go, and they work out, and they lift weights. I just cannot see it, but, you know; they are prizefighting now. They are wrestling. They are doing boxing. So this condition of mind is now starting to appear in their physical appearance.


I see two trends in this society. On the one hand, I see women still getting married but really being the head of the household. That is very common, for those of you who do not know. It is very common that the woman is the head of the household, and it is role reversal. Someone just told me the other day, there was a family problem. She went to speak to her father about it, and he told her outright, I just live here. Talk to your mother and your sister. It is very common. Women are the heads of the households.


And then another trend, another direction in which this is going, is that there are more and more and more lesbians coming into society. You see, it starts in the mind. It starts in the mind. The female mind gets stronger and stronger. And then she wants the success in business. And then she wants this. And then she is out there in a decision-making job, making all this money. Why should she submit to this person? And it is just a progression. It keeps on going. And one of the extreme ends of the progression is that women do not need or want men at all. And then, when you really carry it to its extreme, they frequently; they do not have to, I am an observer, OK? They frequently become lesbians.


And we are seeing more and more of this in this society. Women who are openly confessing to lesbianism are being appointed to high positions in government and high positions in the army. And they are openly confessing that they are lesbians. They are thinking like men. They are acting like men. They have jobs that have been traditionally male. And now it is manifesting in the physical.


See, I tell you people all the time, I am not here to control your life. I am here to give you information. And I am here to teach you and train you how to think. Listen, brethren, whatever starts in the mind, the end of it is in the flesh. It may not happen in your generation. It may happen in your children or your grandchildren's generation.


And once again, for all you people reading the message that are already misquoting me, I am in no way saying women should go back into bondage. I am not in any way suggesting an answer to this societal problem. I am just making comments on what I have seen, that the society is under a heavy condition of role reversal, which is already progressing to the point of heavy lesbianism. Women have come out of their traditional roles. They came out, with a little step forward, not that long ago. In the 60s, it started. Well, actually, it started after World War II, in the 40s. And here it is 50 years later. And we are seeing the extension of the emancipation of women. The ultimate extension is that they do not need men at all.


And it is true that women can do anything a man can do. It is true, so why would she stay in that subservient role? Because it holds society together in a rational state of mind? No. Why? Because God said that is the way it is. You see, God never told the people; well, if the woman comes out from under the place that God put her in; and what did God say she is? God said, for purposes of marriage and society and the propagation of the species, she is the weaker vessel. The man is the boss in the family. That is what God said. It does not mean you are the boss of every woman walking down the street. You might think that is funny, but some men in the Church think that. It means that God said you should do it.


You see, God does not have to explain himself. He did not have to write down in a book somewhere that, if you break My laws, that the end of it is going to be a society in total role reversal with more and more; with each generation, more and more of the women going into lesbianism and the males going into homosexuality. And what is the end of all that? What is the end of all that? The society is wiped out. No one is having babies anymore.


So, you see, God never bothered to tell you that this institution that He set up, which you think is so unfair, which looks unfair to your fallen mind, and which is unfair except that, if you do not do it that way, you are going to have something much worse; God never told you what the much worse was. He just said, Do it My way. The end of a society that comes out from under God's laws is extinction. That is the truth.


So this is an interesting direction that this message took this morning. We were talking about the Serpent in the garden. Good. Right now? Praise the Lord.


So just to round out this teaching, the original question; would you please repeat the original question?


COMMENT: Was the Serpent, in the beginning of time, also there to be the skeleton or form, give it form?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. And I got into this whole teaching by trying to show you that the Serpent was the earth, which had received a form of existence. You cannot say that she was alive, but she had received a form of existence because the waters of the life of the Son had flowed over her. And the purpose of the Serpent was to make the creation visible. The creation has two sides to it, spirit and earth, or spirit and soul. And it is the soul that makes the creation visible. The Lord wants a visible manifestation of Himself, so He joins his Son to the earth. And that was the purpose of the Serpent at the beginning and still is the purpose of the Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: And at the end of the whole process, we see that the progression completely goes full-circle. The Serpent becomes the Dragon. Does anybody remember when the Serpent becomes the Dragon?


COMMENT: Separates out from the Tree of Life.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. The Serpent becomes the Dragon when she ceases from being in submission to Christ. She now has a separate identity, and she becomes the Dragon. And the Dragon, who was in Eden, pierces through into this physical world. And his name changes when he enters into what?




PASTOR VITALE: No, you missed one. You missed one step.


COMMENT: Leviathan.


PASTOR VITALE: Leviathan. The Dragon is named when he goes from the invisible veil into the visible world, he gets a name, and it is Leviathan. And then, in the next generation, the Leviathan's offspring is called the Devil.


COMMENT: The Devil.


PASTOR VITALE: The Devil. And the Devil has a conscious and an unconscious mind. And the name of the Devil's unconscious mind is --




PASTOR VITALE: -- Satan. And the name of the Devil's conscious mind is --


COMMENT: The carnal mind.


PASTOR VITALE: -- the carnal mind. Yes. And then, at the end of the whole thing, after the Lord breaks up the carnal mind; how is the carnal mind being broken up? She is being crushed in the --




PASTOR VITALE: In the Lake of Fire. Amen. She is being crushed by the fire. What?


COMMENT: Wine press? The wine press?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, the wine press and the Lake of Fire are the same judgment. But in the context of this question, the Lake of Fire is the correct answer. The carnal mind is being crushed in the Lake of Fire. She is being broken down. Or the Devil is being crushed in the Lake of Fire. She is being separated. Satan and the carnal mind are being separated. And then Satan is now joined to Eve. She is being separated from Eve. Eve is joining to Christ Jesus. And what is happening to Satan? Satan is going back to being the Serpent again. Right?


Well, let me back up. I think I lost you. The Devil is being thrown into the Lake of Fire. The Devil has two parts to her: Satan and the carnal mind. The carnal mind, let me remind you, is the product of the union of the Serpent and Eve. They had a baby called the carnal mind. The carnal mind is breaking down, being destroyed. That part of her which is of the Serpent is going back to the Serpent, and that part of her which is of Eve is going back to Eve. So all we have now is the Serpent and Eve, the human spirit. The human spirit is marrying Christ Jesus. And the Serpent, or Satan, in this aspect of the world, Satan is going back under the dominion of Christ, where she was from the beginning. Satan is one of the names of the separated Serpent. When Satan goes back under the authority of Christ, her name once again becomes Serpent, the Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: There is a strong difference between the Serpent that was in the garden and the Serpent that has been a fugitive and returned unto her true husband. Does anybody know the obvious difference? We read about --




PASTOR VITALE: Well, you are close, but you are not right.


COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] have a soul to appear in, or --


PASTOR VITALE: No. You are close. You just have the wrong name. It appears in the Book of Isaiah. The seraphim.


COMMENT: Seraphim.


PASTOR VITALE: Seraphim are redeemed Serpents with wings. That means they have been elevated. According to Mark 16:16, Ye shall take up Serpents and cause them to ascend into the kingdom of God. How can the Serpent get into the kingdom of God? Only through union with the Son of God. How can someone from a foreign country get into this nation when the immigration quota has been closed? Only by marriage to a citizen of this country. And when the Serpent goes back down under the authority of Christ Jesus, she will be his wife. She is part of the creation.


COMMENT: What was the purpose for the Serpent separating out from the Tree of Life?


PASTOR VITALE: Rebellion. The Serpent rebelled.


COMMENT: But I have an understanding of this in my mind. But I do not understand this, the whole things like, you know, and then the Serpent is going back down under. What about all this time in between? Is this one big mistake that man made? Was God not in control? I guess I still do not understand that.




COMMENT: I cannot see this whole creation as being one big mistake.


PASTOR VITALE: Whose mistake? God's mistake?


COMMENT: I do not know. How could God make a mistake? But yet God was in control in the beginning. I have a hard time, in my mind, understanding how this could be one big sin, one big mistake. And it is all going back down under, and the Serpent is going back into the Tree of Life, like in the beginning. Well, what was this big step for?


PASTOR VITALE: It is man's fall.


COMMENT: I understand it is man's fall. I know the whole teaching that is in the Pentecostal Church. It is in ultimate reconciliation. It is in this Church. But I still have the question in my mind: What was the purpose of all of this?


PASTOR VITALE: OK. I am going to answer you, but I want you to know that we have quite a few messages on it. I have taught on it a lot.


COMMENT: It must be -- I know you have too.




COMMENT: It must be that there is some kind, I am putting it in this, but there is some kind of question that is in me that is like a mystery that has not been found.


PASTOR VITALE: OK. So I am going to answer you, but I want you to know that -- everybody here, you know, you have homework to do. I have all kinds of messages on the answer to this question. But I will answer you now. I just want you to know that you are not in kindergarten, brethren, and you have to do your own work. Now, if the question just came up in your mind, I will do the best I can to answer you. But if you have been thinking about it and thinking about it, you should come and ask --


COMMENT: I have been.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, you have been? OK. You should be coming, asking what messages we have on it, because I have spent months teaching on this.


COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] coming up in my mind several times because something -- it is coming up in my mind over again. This has come up before because there is something that I am wanting the answer to that I have not found yet. And I am putting it into these words, but there must -- you know?




COMMENT: And it is hard to explain, I guess. But it is a question that is coming up inside of me that I do not have the answer to.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I am --


COMMENT: And I have listened. I think I have probably even read the messages. And knowledge-wise, I got it. But something in my heart --


PASTOR VITALE: It is in your heart. Yes.


COMMENT: -- has not yet been answered.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I cannot teach the whole thing, but I will give it to you basically. I have all kinds of messages on it. And this is the situation in a nutshell.


God is in control in the same way a godly parent is in control. When you try to control your child's thoughts, and you try to control every aspect of your child's life, you kill them. God is not making a robot here. God is producing a Son, a Son that will be able to think and reason for himself and take the throne as the king of this world system.


Let me say it again. God is producing a thinking, reasoning, rational Son, not a machine. That means all God could do is give us what we need to grow up to be all we could be. He is giving us teaching. He is giving us love. He is giving us power. He is giving us guidance. He is giving us examples of righteousness. And now we have to become righteous.


The natural example that I give you is a small child getting ready to walk. You take the baby. You stand him up on his feet. You say, Come to Mommy, Junior. You cannot walk for the child. And when a lot of children start walking, they cannot stand themselves up on their feet. And when they fall down, they cannot get up. You have to stand them up. When they are standing, they can walk. You cannot walk for your child. You cannot talk for your child. You cannot eat for your child. You cannot make your child's heart pound. A parent is a caretaker, is a guide.


So the Father is a loving guide to the Son. The Son has to walk. He has to talk. He has to eat. He has to put into practice everything that the Father has taught him. And that is what happened at the beginning of time. God said, Adam, I have given you everything I can give you. I have loved you. I have nurtured you. I have given you a head start. I have put the Devil under your feet. I stood you upright in the garden. I have given you My life. I have given you My mind. I have given you My Spirit. I have given you My wisdom. I have told you all about the Devil, and I told you that, if you go his way, you are going to die. Well, do your thing, man. You are on your own.


So this teaching in the Church that, Is God not in control? That teaching is a perversion. Of course God is in control. He is in control. How are you in control? You have parameters. In other words, when you put your child in a playpen, for example, you say to that child, You can do anything you want within the bounds of that playpen. If you tie a dog outside your house; did you ever see a dog run? A dog is on a chain that expands, and when it comes back, it winds around the wheel. And the dog can run as far as that chain lets him go, and then he chokes.


Yes, God is in control. He said, Adam, you can only run so far. You can only mess up so far. And Adam messed up to the fullest extent that he could mess up. We died. And the Lord said, I am not going to let it go any further than that. I am not going to wipe you out. I am not going to let the creation be wiped out. I am going to fix you up. I am going to raise you from the dead, and I am going to heal that weakness in you that made you choose the wrong road. But in the meantime, you are going to reap what you sowed. I told you not to do it, man. I warned you. I came to you in your dreams, and I told you. I told you face to face. I sent prophets to you. I told you not to do it, and now look at what happened to you. Well, you are going to lay in your mess until I pick you up. I am going to pick you up because I am in control, and I decided you are not going to die. But you are going to lay in your mess until I pick you up. Not as a form of punishment, but what it is going to take to pick you up after you messed up is what mankind has been going through all these thousands of years.


And then in another place, the Lord says, I am going to pick you up, and I am going to plug up that hole in you. I am going to fix up that weakness in you so that you cannot ever fall again, because it is given unto a man once to die. And then after that, the judgment which will restore you to righteousness; not in the same condition that you fell in, not as the Serpent was in the garden, but after the judgment which restores you to righteousness, you are going to have to come back into right standing with me in a new form. And now we see the Serpent with wings, the glorified Serpent, whereby this can never happen to you again.


So, yes, God is in control. But you have to ask yourself what control is. I am sorry. I do not know why I manifested at that question. I do not know why, but I apologize to you. I manifested at the question. It is something that is going through the whole Church world today. What do you mean? Of course God is in control. What does that make me, a puppet? Of course He is in control.


You tell your son, You can go out at night, but you have a midnight curfew. Do you want to borrow my car? You can borrow my car. I want it back. Of course He is in control. What is control? And this teaching in the Church, it just got me mad, to say that God is in control, so man cannot trip.


COMMENT: It is the thought --


PASTOR VITALE: It is an abominable teaching.


COMMENT: It is the thought that God is in control. God is perfect, so He could have made the creation perfect, in the beginning of time, if He wanted to.


PASTOR VITALE: Sure, He could have made a robot. We are not robots.


COMMENT: With what you are saying about the robot, He wants somebody to do it out of choice.


PASTOR VITALE: I rebuke that whole teaching. You know what it is? It is the same spirit; maybe this is God. I am as mad as a hornet. It is the same spirit that says, it is not my fault. My mother did not treat me right. My father yelled at me. My mother did not love me. I am all messed up because it is somebody else's fault. It is all over this country today: man denying responsibility for himself. I do not know what happened to you as a child. I do not know what happened to you as a child, but right now, you are an adult. And what happens to you is your fault. And if something from your childhood is contaminating your adulthood, get help. Get on your face before God and repent and get help. And fight the fight that you have to fight to overcome your weakness.


And do not tell me I am this way because God is in control. Now I am mad. It is all over the country today. Is it my fault I was born this way? Overcome your birth, brethren. Overcome. To he who overcometh shall receive the life of God. Get out of here with your weakness. This great country is turning into one big, crying baby. It is a stench in God's nose. It is all through the Church, and He hates it. You are blaming your sin on God? How dare you. Wherever the spirit is rising up, God is in control. Jesus.


COMMENT: I love the way you said, Overcome your birth. That is what we had to do: overcome our first birth and be born again. For so many people, they say, What is it I have to overcome?


PASTOR VITALE: Your sin. Your sin. Whether you have brought it on yourself or whether you have inherited it, the truth of your condition is that every weakness that we have is sin because there is no weakness in Christ. And if you are anything less than He is, it is because of your sin. So stand up and start fighting this good fight of faith. And stop this; this is not personal to you. Stop this junk about God being in control. How could God let this happen to us? Sounds like an alcoholic talking to me, It is all your fault. How come God did not make us perfect? Jesus.


Did I answer your question? And we do have a lot of messages on it if you would like to hear it in detail. This is a lie, a major lie circulating through the Kingdom Church today. And everybody that has ever adhered to it; and you were sitting under it for a few years. Maybe that is why you are having trouble getting into; I will just break any curse in you that came from sitting under that horrible doctrine which insults our God. I just break any curse, and I break any soul tie that is causing it to cleave unto you. And I pray for anybody and everybody here, any alcoholic background on you that is cleaving unto that attitude which refuses to take responsibility for oneself. I break the curse of the fool over everybody here who will not take responsibility for themselves.


And I pray that the truth of the gospel should cleave unto you and should make you strong and should help you to be a godly expression of the Godhead. Be all that you can be. In Christ, there is no stopping you. All things are possible in Christ. But start taking responsibility for yourself, and all things are possible unto you. Come out of this baby stuff.


The whole Church is going to have to answer for this, every preacher that is preaching this doctrine, and they are out there, many of them. They are going to be held accountable. Those who teach false doctrine are much more accountable than the, the word in my heart is, than the fools who believe it. Listen, it is a scriptural word. Either you are wise, or you are a fool, blaming God for your shortcomings. How dare you. He is the only one that can deliver you from the hell that you are in, and you are telling Him that He is responsible for your mess? It is not even rational. It is amazing He has not wiped us all out. We deserve it. What spirit is that, thinking like that? Pride, malignant pride. It is amazing that He has preserved our existence.


And to specifically answer your question, yes, God is in control. He has refused to let us be wiped out. Just because you have authority, it does not mean that it is always appropriate for you to exercise that authority. A parent has authority over a child. You do not watch every move the child makes; you would destroy their mind. Everybody, whether you be a child, whether you be a wife under a husband, whether you be an employee in a business or whether you be a disciple in a ministry like this, in a functional situation, everybody has an area, which we can liken to this playpen or a playroom, whereby they should have the authority to move freely and make decisions for themselves. And the authority over them is in control in that he has set the guidelines. He has set the borderlines. Within this area, make your decision. I am telling you that all the time. Xxxx, do I not tell you that all the time? Make your decisions within the authority that is given to you. That is what makes you a thinking, rational, functioning, self-respecting, self-loving human being.


Now, if I do not give you an opportunity to make decisions in your area, you become a bump on the log. You cannot even think. It is brain death. If I do not give you godly guidelines and, because of my lack of giving you barriers or parameters, you think that you are responsible to make decisions that are beyond your ability, then we have disaster. It is another form of disaster. We have spiritual women and children making decisions that they are not qualified to make. So, yes, it is the authority's job to be in control. And the control says you can go so far and no further. And within that area, let us see you think. Let us see you function. And then maybe I will promote you to the next section. Think. We are supposed to be thinking.


Look at this society today. The whole society today is geared towards proposing robots. You talk to people in their 70s and 80s who are around, who were adults in the 1940s and even in the 1950s. You talk to them and ask their opinion about the quality of the worker in this society, about the quality of the clerk in the business office or in the store where you went to buy something. There were people who thought they had responsibility within their job as clerk. They sold their product. You went into a store; they knew all about the product. You go into a store now, you consider yourself blessed if they can write out the bill of sale for you. Nobody knows nothing. They do as little as they could do, and they collect their paycheck at the end of the week. And there is death in that. Death. They are telling you, do not function. Do not function. Just do it the way I tell you to do it. Do not think.


That is good that you brought that up because, where I am at in my job, if I put in physical work, I am told by my supervisors, and we have talked about this. It is nice that you want to help out, but it is not your job. Your job is to -- et cetera, et cetera.


COMMENT: So now where do you draw the line with this? I mean, if it was my choice, I would like to have a job where I am working physically. But, I mean, at times it can be very overwhelming where I just want to sit at this job. I cannot deal with it. So can you help me understand? Well, all I do is I pray on it. I just --


PASTOR VITALE: All that I could tell you is that the worker cannot be changing the rules of the company. And pretty much all you could do is tell the Lord how you feel and ask Him what his solution for your problem is. That is a very understandable complaint. You have my deepest sympathy. But all that I could tell you is that you have to wait on the Lord. And we do not really know what the Lord's answer is going to be. He could have a very good reason for wanting you in this job. And perhaps, as I thought at one time, the answer was either a second job or some kind of strong physical activity because that is your background. And you are still, you know, young, and you need an outlet. Maybe it is something outside of your job, or maybe it is another job.


All I know is He has not moved you out of your job yet. So you just keep on praying. Do not tell God what you need. Just tell him your problem, like you just did, and wait for his answer to your problem. It is very hard, those of us who are just beginning to recognize how God operates. But almost everything we petition Him for, we have to wait for the answer. It builds patience in us. But He has heard you, and He knows what you are doing.


And there is something on my heart. I am not going to swear to you this is God. I am not going to swear to you this is God, I never trying to force you to do anything, Xxxx. All I do is deliver messages. I tell you that all the time. And since you brought up the subject; the thought even came to me yesterday, you know, that there is only one part-time job which would allow you -- let me say it, please. Let me say it. Whether you do it or not is up to you, but please do not try and stop me from saying it because I have to say it.


As far as I know, you have made a lot of effort to get a second job. Every door has closed in your face. And -- I am not going to look at you. I have to say it. And there is only one thing in my mind that I told you months ago, what you should be doing to get rid of your excess energy. And I heard what you told me, that this man would not hire you for one day. But I am an elder in this Church, and I am your elder, and it is not only you but with anybody. I would not accept what you are saying to me because what you are saying to me is that you are making up this man's mind for him.


Now, should you decide at some time to go speak to this man and ask him if you would hire you part-time, on Saturdays for example, and the man said no to you, then I would say to you, Xxxx, I was wrong. But I do not know that I am wrong until such time as you test it. And the test would be to say, Well, if it is God, I will accept it. And I am going to go to this man and ask him if he will hire me for Saturdays. And, Lord, if the man hires me for Saturdays, I will know that it was you. And the man does not hire me for Saturdays, then I will know that Pastor Sheila was wrong. And I will admit, in front of this whole congregation, that I was wrong. But that is the only word that I have on my heart for you: that your answer is physical activity. And I believe a job is open for you in that other place.




PASTOR VITALE: So we understood each other. But I want to say; you just said something. You know, people want to do less work as possible. Do little work and collect the paycheck at the end of the week. This is where I am at sometimes. I go, well, I am not really doing anything physical, and I want to be doing something physical. But we are talking a 40-hour week, not just one day. So this, you know, that is a problem in my life. You know, I do not like standing around, and I am dealing with it. Do we understand each other?


COMMENT: I hear what you are saying. I really understand what you are saying. Forty hours.


PASTOR VITALE: But do you understand what I am saying? That, for whatever God's purpose, that is what He has you. If you are honest with me, you cannot deny that a 10-hour day of physical labor on Saturday would take the edge off of the other five days. You are sitting there saying to me, Well, I am talking about a 40-hour week of sitting around, and you are talking just about Saturdays of physical labor. I hear you.


Listen, I am not arguing with you. Please do not try and stop me from talking. It gets me very nervous. I am just giving you my opinion, and I am not telling you what to do. And I do not think that you could honestly tell me that 10 hours of physical labor on a Saturday would not, at least in some way, take the edge off of that 40 hours of a whole week of no physical activity at all. It has to affect you somehow. So that is my opinion, and I suspect very strongly that it is God. And I would not be ready to admit that it is not until you test it. But I am not trying to control what you do, see? I am not trying.


Now, here is an excellent example of God being in control. You see, is God not in control? Yeah, well, God is in control. Some spirit, some force closed the door on every attempt that you made to get a part-time job. Yeah, God is in control. But He has got an area of free will. This man has an area of free will. Now, right now, I am sitting here telling him that I really think it is a really good chance that it is God telling you to go to this one place and work on Saturdays, and he is saying no. And he has got, at least for the time being, the Lord is giving him the opportunity to say yes or no because I do not see the Lord grabbing you by the scruff of your neck and bringing you up to that place to work. So within -- right now, at this time in your life, God has given you the ability to say yes or no.


Now, if in fact it is God that wants you to work in this place where you obviously do not want to work one day a week, if this is the word of the Lord to you, He is giving you free will, but you will reap what you sow by not making the right choice. Now, what does that mean? I do not know. We will find out. You know? Do you hear what I am saying? God is in control, but He gives us decision-making power. His control grants us decision-making power within a certain safety parameter. He is not going to let us be destroyed any more than a parent is going to let their child be destroyed. You have to stay within the back yard. I fenced in the back yard, and you cannot go outside of the gate.


COMMENT: If God created this Serpent in the beginning of time, He created everything out of Himself. Correct? So then there was a side of God that was the Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: No, no. There is no darkness in God.


COMMENT: So where did this thing, this darkness, come from?


PASTOR VITALE: The Serpent was made from the earth, from the fallout which occurred from the separation. There was a fallout. There was an atomic ash that appeared when the Son separated from the Father. It was a byproduct of the explosion.


COMMENT: Well, the separation between the Father and the Son is still -- there is fallout that came out from themselves. Correct?






PASTOR VITALE: It was a byproduct of the separation.


COMMENT: A byproduct? But even though it is a byproduct, what does this mean, a byproduct?


The only thing I can see -- the -- I guess, you know, I am thinking everything comes out from God. I mean, there are Scriptures that tell us that, you know, that everything comes out from him and goes through him and back to him. And how could there be anything in existence at all without it being a part of God's nature?


PASTOR VITALE: You will have to talk to a physicist. All I know is --


COMMENT: A physicist, about that?


PASTOR VITALE: All I know is it is a byproduct. It is not a part of God. The life of God is not in it.


COMMENT: So it is possible for something to come out from God --


PASTOR VITALE: I did not say it came out from God.


COMMENT: -- that is not God?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not agree that it came out from God.




PASTOR VITALE: I say it was a byproduct of the explosion.


COMMENT: There was a byproduct that comes out, that separates from God that is not God.


PASTOR VITALE: No, I cannot agree with you. There was a byproduct of the explosion. And if you want to understand byproduct better, you have to get a hold of a physicist because I do not know how to explain it to you.


COMMENT: I guess it is not the byproduct. It is the fact that thinking that, during the explosion of the separation, there had to be these parts. These particles are him.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I do not agree with you.


COMMENT: But you do not think that?


PASTOR VITALE: No. If at such time you are right, the Lord will tell me. But right now, I just want it clear on this message that, for anyone who is reading the message, that I do not agree with your thought.


COMMENT: Wow. That is something.




COMMENT: I just wonder where; it is a byproduct, but I am still wondering where it came from.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, an example is coming to me. If you burn a log, if you burn a piece of wood, and you have ashes from the wood, it is not really accurate to say that the ashes were a part of the log, is it? You think the ashes were a part of the log? Well, I do not want to follow this out. I do not agree with you, but I do not want to take this any further because I am not qualified to discuss it with you.


COMMENT: Is this different from the Message #18 series on A Place Teeming With Life? Is this a different opinion now than what you had when you first did this? It was the Life series of Message #18.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not think so. Does it sound different to you?


COMMENT: Because I thought you said that Jesus came out of the meteorite. Remember way back?


PASTOR VITALE: I did not say He came out of a meteorite.




PASTOR VITALE: I said the Father separated from the Son, and he was forced into the earth.


COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] Son separated from the Father.


PASTOR VITALE: The Son separated from the Father and went shooting into the earth. And the natural example that I used was of a meteorite hurtling down to the earth. And the meteorite, when it hits the earth at a great speed, digs a big hole and gets buried in the earth. But I never said Jesus came out of a meteorite. You have a --


COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] I thought you used to say that He was the Big Bang, or that is all part of the Big Bang theory.


PASTOR VITALE: I did not say He was the Big Bang.




PASTOR VITALE: I have talked to you about this from time to time. And I just caution all of you to not rewrite what I say. When you repeat what I say in your own words, you go around saying things that I never said. And it is very serious when you do that because, if you mislead somebody, you are responsible for what you say. So ask God to help you to not repeat what I say as it filters through your own carnal mind and go around saying things that I never said.


And then sometimes, when I talk to you about it, you tell me that, Oh, I knew what you meant; that was just the way I was saying it. Well, you cannot do that. You cannot change my words. Words are very important. And if you cause somebody else to stumble by changing my words, God is going to hold you to account for it.


So one of the things we do here is we even teach English here. I have been trying for three years to teach you to speak properly. But I could teach you and teach you and teach you. You have got to change the way you speak, and you have got to learn to speak English in a manner that reflects what you think. You have to practice. You have to do your homework. You have to ask God to help you. But I will correct your English in this ministry because it is really important.


COMMENT: Are you asking that question?


PASTOR VITALE: Are you going out and saying that you said this under the name of this ministry? Or --




PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is what was just said to me. But have you changed your mind? You said --




PASTOR VITALE: -- Jesus was a meteorite. I never said Jesus was a meteorite.


COMMENT: Because I know you said we would receive this revelation, and sometimes it would come out from the Christ within us. And it is not exactly the same. I did not think about that.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, if it comes out -- no. If it comes out from the Christ within you, it is OK. But I never said any of those things that we just heard. And it has been a chronic problem, not from any one person; it is from several people. It has been a chronic problem in this ministry, more with some people than with others: that you twist what I say.


So therefore, work with me when I correct you. We have an English problem in this ministry, a problem with people having a problem calling things by their right name. So if I correct you, for example, if you are calling a cassette label a tape, I am going to correct you. It is not a tape; it is a cassette label. Look, brethren, you are just going to have to start making an effort around here to change. If, all of your life, you have been in a habit of calling something by a name that it is not, it is really to your benefit to change. I do not see how any good could come out of calling something by something that it is not. If that is a cup, you should call it a cup. You should not call it a glass. You should call it a cup because, if you call something by a name that it is not, it just brings in confusion.


So, please, if I correct you on the way you express yourself in English, for your good, take the correction. If you are using an English word that is not in the dictionary, I am going to tell you that is the wrong word, or it is the wrong form of the word. It is all for your good because there are such technicalities in this ministry that, if you do not have your English straight, it is going to hinder you with regard to the delivery of the doctrine.


So everything works together, and we are working together as a family. So if I bring a correction to you, please try to implement it in your life. If I bring a correction to you on something that seems so simple; if you are calling a kitchen utensil by the wrong name, and I correct you, do not just give me a lip service. Ask God to help you to call it by the right name in the future. It is for your good. It is for your good.


It just brings in the confusion when you call things by the wrong name. And what it does, at least one of the things that it does is that it stops the train of thought. You have to take your mind off of; now, listen to this. It is really important. Look at how this works. If you call something by a name that is not its correct name, I have to stop paying attention to the idea that you are trying to convey to me. I have to stop trying to understand you and figure out what you are talking about because you are talking about a glass and there is no glass there. I have to stop paying attention to you. I have to stop trying to understand you and figure out, oh, she means the cup even though she said a glass. Confusion. You have to ask yourself why you are spreading confusion.


And ask the Lord to help you call things by their right names and to try to repeat accurately what I say. At least ask God to help you. You have homework in this ministry. There are changes to make on every level. And I know that there are some people here that; I do not know what the problem is. I do not know whether they do not want to learn, or they do not learn or; it is not just one person. I am not picking on anybody. Even with the diskettes for the computer, there is someone here who I love dearly, she keeps calling it a tape. She gets me all confused. It is not a tape; it is a disk. It is a diskette for the computer. She talks about a tape; I do not know what she is talking about. So all I can do is teach you, brethren. You have to do the work yourself.


PASTOR VITALE: So somebody else had a question here. You had a question?


COMMENT: You did not answer that question.


PASTOR VITALE: What question was that?


COMMENT: Did you answer that question? You said, no, I did not say He was the Bang. But you did not finish it, did you?


PASTOR VITALE: We got cut off. No, I never said Jesus was the Big Bang. I said the Big Bang theory that the scientists talk about is speaking about the explosion which resulted in the Son separating from the Father. There was an explosion. The result of that explosion was twofold. The Son separated from the Father, number one, and number two, there was a byproduct of the explosion called ash. Or the Hebrew word, translated dust in the Scripture, really means ash. And that was the creation of the hard part or the visible part of this world. It was a byproduct of the explosion. So Jesus is the Son. He was not the Big Bang. He is not the ash. He is the result of the explosion.


And I just pray for everybody here that the Lord; I just rebuke curses on the mind and any interference operating in the people's carnal minds that are hindering them from either understanding the teaching here or from giving out the teaching here. And I just break those curses, and I just pray that Christ swallow up your infirmity because it is confusion. I rebuke this confusion wherever it is appearing. In the name of Jesus, let the singleness of Christ appear in everybody's mind. And let us understand with clarity and let us speak with clarity. Let us communicate with clarity.


Another aspect that you are going to find me emphasizing here: Do not do business. Ministry business -- your personal business, all I can do is counsel you. But if you are doing anything for the ministry, do not talk to third parties. If I tell you to speak to someone, do not tell me you left a message with John when I told you to speak to Peter. You know, do not leave messages. If I ask you to do something, speak to the person themselves. Avoid confusion. Get it straight. You cannot abide in this confusion. It is death. It is death to abide in confusion. Get your plans straight. Communicate. Make a statement, and make sure both parties agree to it. Open up the mind to communication. It cannot function in confusion.


PASTOR VITALE: When an army goes into a country, there are two things they have to do to function as an army. Does anybody know what those two things are? What is the first thing an army does when it moves in?




PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, and --


COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] [?the first one?].


PASTOR VITALE: And then what does it do? What are the two things that set them up? But --




PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is all true. But what I had in mind was, they have to set up roads. They build roads. And they set up the telephone wires or the shortwave system that they operate on. You have to have mobility, and you have to have communication. You could have all the guns in the world; you cannot function. If the general cannot get the order down to the lieutenant in the field, how can you possibly function? So this confusion has just got to go.


Did I answer your question, Xxxx?


COMMENT: Yeah, I have another one. [INAUDIBLE]


PASTOR VITALE: Are you going to change the subject. Is this on the same subject?






COMMENT: About the Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. I just want to pray for us. There are a lot of manifestations here right now. Just let me pray. Father, in the name of Jesus, I just rebuke every manifestation, whatever it is: pride, mostly. I curse you at your roots, and I pray that the Spirit of Christ should arise and control this meeting and keep it in Christ. And this must be a very powerful message. I frequently cannot recognize it when I am in the midst of it. It must be a very important message for all these manifestations to be coming forth.


But I bless everybody here, everybody that is agitated. And do not anyone go taking this personally because there are several people here who are completely manifested. I rebuke all the transference of spirits right now. I cut you right off at the pass, wherever you are. I rebuke pride. I command you to go down. I rebuke rebellion. I rebuke all forms of mocking spirits: nervousness, embarrassment. I curse you at your root, and I burn you up with fire. And I just pray that Christ should arise in all of use and give us a teachable spirit, that God should continue to be glorified in this service and in this ministry. Take your correction and be all that you can be. In the name of Jesus.


COMMENT: You said that it was the Serpent's rebellion in the beginning of time.




COMMENT: And my question is: The Serpent then had a choice to be submissive and stay within the tree or rebel and come out from the tree?


PASTOR VITALE: No, I do not believe that. I believe there is a Scripture in the New Testament that says, I do not think I can quote it exactly, but the context of it is that Satan is lawless and incapable of being law abiding. He is incapable of keeping the law, Satan. Satan, the descendant of the Serpent. The Serpent is incapable of keeping the law. It was Adam's job to keep the Serpent under his Christ authority. It was Adam's failure.


COMMENT: So it was Adam's rebellion?


PASTOR VITALE: Adam's rebellion. Yes.


COMMENT: So Adam had the mind to make a choice of whether to submit or rebel?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. It was Christ in Adam. It was Christ in Adam that was supposed to be keeping that Serpent under authority. You see, Christ and the Serpent were two parts of Adam's mind. And we see that in fallen man today. We have a wild beast in our mind; it is called the id; the psychiatrists call it the id, that would like to go out and do anything that it wants to do. It is bestial, completely bestial. And then we have the conscience of man, which is the conscience, the superego.


COMMENT: So if it was Christ positioned to -- it was his job. Christ did not rebel. Who rebelled? The Serpent did not have the ability to do right anyway. So somebody kept the Serpent down. If Christ was keeping the Serpent down, who rebelled? Who had the choice? Who rebelled?




COMMENT: Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: Christ. I do not know about so much Christ. It was the creation, Adam. His mind was Christ. He was the man. The man was not deceived. The woman was deceived.


COMMENT: So why did Christ rebel? Christ rebelled?


PASTOR VITALE: The immature Christ.


COMMENT: I do not get it. Christ rebelled? How could Christ rebel?


PASTOR VITALE: The incomplete Christ, which was joined to the earth. He was not complete. He was in a weak form. The Lord said, I am going to give you certain rules to live by. How could you rebel? You are Christ.


COMMENT: I am not all Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, he was not all Christ. He was joined to the earth. He was immature just like you are now. It was not God. We are not saying Jehovah rebelled.


COMMENT: So Christ Jesus is immature in us. He can rebel?






PASTOR VITALE: -- the whole you can rebel.


COMMENT: The whole me can rebel?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. We are talking about the creation --


COMMENT: Yeah, of course.


PASTOR VITALE: -- whose mind was Christ. The creation whose mind was Christ rebelled. You see, the creation whose mind --


COMMENT: So the mind of Christ rebelled in the beginning of time, that imputed mind that was immature?


PASTOR VITALE: You are getting me all confused, Xxxx. There was a creation which had several parts to him. The creation rebelled. The creation rebelled; it was the whole man. He was not a man at the time.


COMMENT: But the mind that was in Adam was Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: The mind that was in Adam --


COMMENT: And Adam rebelled.


PASTOR VITALE: -- was Christ.


COMMENT: Correct?


PASTOR VITALE: Adam rebelled. And the mind that was in man, that was in the creation; he was not a man at the time, failed to take dominion over the Serpent.


COMMENT: So you are saying that it was really Christ. Is that [INAUDIBLE]


PASTOR VITALE: He was an immature Christ. Yes. That whole creation was Christ.


COMMENT: And he chose to rebel against the Father?






PASTOR VITALE: So it is true. Righteous Adam sinned --




PASTOR VITALE: -- and became unrighteous.


COMMENT: Yes. When he sinned, he died. And in death is unrighteousness. Yes.


PASTOR VITALE: Now, I just want to draw the distinction and want to make it very clear to the people here. And I want to make it very clear on the message that it is not the same thing to say that the Christ, which was the incomplete, the good but not perfect creation, rebelled against God. That is not the same thing as saying Jehovah rebelled or the perfected Lord Jesus Christ rebelled. You have to see the difference. It is the same thing as saying any one of us rebelled. Those of us who are moving in a mature Christ, we are Christ to the world. We are Christ to the world, and we are still capable of rebellion.


Well, Adam, the creation at the beginning, his mind was Christ, and therefore the whole man was Christ. But he was not completed. He was good, but he was not perfect, and he was capable of rebellion. But it is not the same thing as saying the Lord Jesus Christ rebelled, the completed, glorified God, or that Jehovah, the Spirit of God, is capable of rebellion. It is not the same thing. Do you hear what I am saying?




PASTOR VITALE: It is very important. Did I answer your question? Yes?


COMMENT: [CROSSTALK] rebellion that is coming out of us today. It is not Christ in us that is rebelling today. It is the carnal mind that is rebelling. Correct?


PASTOR VITALE: This is a very technical point. The failure of Christ was to take the victory over the rebellion. I do not know how to explain it to you any better. I will try one more time. There was a creation. He was a whole being, and he had several parts to him. His mind was Christ, and he was joined to the earth, which was the Serpent, which was the rebel. And God, God just gave it to me. And God said to Adam, the creation, Guard the garden, which means, Do not let Satan up out from under your authority. And Adam failed to keep the Serpent from rising up. He failed to do it. Adam, the creation with the Christ mind, failed to obey the command of the Father. He let the Serpent out from under. So he did not do what he was told.


And another way to put it is that he was a creation that had several parts to him, and the part that was supposed to be kept under control was not kept under control. And the way God looks at it is that the Christ mind failed. And we are told clearly, in the New Testament, the man was not deceived. So he knew what was happening. So I would have to say, yes, that incomplete Christ, in the beginning of time, sinned. Yes.


COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] Those two -- what you are saying is he failed, failure makes me think, well, failure because of weakness. But you are saying rebellion, so that is two different issues. Was it rebellion? Or did he fail because of weakness?


PASTOR VITALE: He failed. Weakness or not, it was weakness. The weakness was rebellion. It is the same thing. He did not do what God told him.


COMMENT: The weakness was the same thing? Like, it was not just a weakness because he really had the ability then.




COMMENT: He had the ability --




COMMENT: -- to do it.


PASTOR VITALE: We have not sinned with the similitude of Adam. He had the ability to obey God.


COMMENT: So God equipped him. Even though he was immature, he still had the equipment --




COMMENT: -- to keep the Serpent down.




COMMENT: And so then he knew what he was doing.


PASTOR VITALE: He knew what he was doing.


COMMENT: Well, he was not deceived, so I know that he knew what he was doing. But he was fully equipped to keep it down.




COMMENT: And he rebelled.




COMMENT: So he was not weak then?


PASTOR VITALE: The weakness that he had was his potential to sin.


COMMENT: And he gave in to the weakness?


PASTOR VITALE: And he gave in to the weakness.




PASTOR VITALE: Exactly. And in the --


COMMENT: And today it is different.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, no. We still have a potential to sin, and we give in to the weakness every day.


COMMENT: We -- but with us --




COMMENT: -- we do not have the ability, like Adam, to --


PASTOR VITALE: But we do not have the, well, in certain areas, we have the ability. You see, as we overcome in Christ, the Lord knows in which areas we have dominion over sin. And He knows in which areas we really do not. And that is the difference. That is the major difference between being overcome and backsliding. And God showed me this four years ago. If you have the power to overcome, and you do not exercise all your strength in Christ and overcome, you are backslidden. But if a test comes your way in which God makes a judgment, He knows you really do not have the power to overcome, then you are overcome. You are not backslidden. And God will deal with you accordingly. And the judgment for backsliding is much more serious than being overcome. Where you had the power to not do it, and you did it, the judgment is much more serious.


COMMENT: That is what he had in the beginning of time. He had the power. So there was a much severer judgment on him --




COMMENT: -- because he had the power to choose.


PASTOR VITALE: He had the power to choose, and he chose sin. And this is the whole crux of the issue that the creation was not perfect. The creation in the garden was not perfect. It was good. God did a good job, and He put it together, and He gave it dominion over the sin in the midst of it. But God did all He could do.


Now, the man himself; I am sorry, he was not called a man at that time. The creation himself had to face the test. God gave you every handicap. Now, are you going to walk in righteousness? Or are you going to fall prey to the Serpent in your midst? And God could not control that, or He would have had a robot. It was a test for the man. What are you going to do? I have given you the power to win. Are you going to win? Or are you going to throw the fight? That is what it is all about.


Now, the Scripture clearly says the man was not deceived. He knew exactly what he was doing. He went for it. And our natural example is a man, a married man faced with the opportunity to commit adultery. He knew exactly what he was doing. He did not have a blackout of amnesia. He did it. He chose to do it. Do not tell me the Devil made you do it, or I could not resist. You could have resisted. You did not want to. That is what it is all about. I do not know what he felt like. I do not know what the test was at that time. I know that our natural example is an opportunity for a married man to commit adultery. That is the natural example. I do not know what the creation looked like at that time. I do not know what he felt like. But I know my Bible says that he experienced the motions of sin. Something was stirring in him, and he went for it. And we are all paying the price.


PASTOR VITALE:  We have another question over here.


COMMENT: It has gone so far that the, you know, like at the beginning, when she said about the Serpent and whether he had any power, I think that was it? You were saying whether he had the power of Christ in him or the --




COMMENT: Or the Serpent. Yes, that did not have any --


PASTOR VITALE: Did he give form? [CROSSTALK]


COMMENT: Yeah. But, no, I think it was something else. But is it right to say that he was darkness, and there was no light in him? And that is --




COMMENT: Yeah. So that is where -- he had nothing to do, like, with Adam and equality, you know, with Adam because he was total darkness.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, I see. So you are saying that Adam and his Christ mind definitely had dominion because the Serpent was darkness?


COMMENT: Was darkness, yes.




COMMENT: There was no light in him.




COMMENT: So that meant he did not have Christ like --


PASTOR VITALE: Right. The Serpent did not have Christ.


COMMENT: -- the creation had.


PASTOR VITALE: Right. That is true. He was the dark side or the lower nature of the creation. And God set it up that the creation had dominion over him. It was a conscious choice on Adam's part to yield to the whisper of the Serpent.


And as I read in Genesis 3 -- why do I not give you this? I was looking at it this morning. I think it is really there, if you can see it, that what Adam wanted, and again, I do not know exactly what form it took. But it was experience here.


In Chapter 3, Verse 6: And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes -- eyes typify the soul, emotional experience -- and a tree desired to make one wise. What the snake promised was experience. God wanted to teach Adam about good and evil as a spiritual exercise. God wanted to give Adam a spiritual knowledge of good and evil.


The only way I can explain that is a recognition. I know that I have experienced it somewhat. This is the only way I can explain it to you. We will call it a recognition of a particular sin. I will recognize a sin in somebody without feeling it. When I recognize that sin in that person, I can help them with it. I can pray for them. I can rebuke it. And I recognize it without experiencing it. It does not damage me. But most of the time, because I am still being matured in Christ, for me to recognize the sin in somebody, I feel the pain of it.


And that is the difference between what the Serpent offered Adam, which we read about in Genesis 3:6, and what God offered Adam in Genesis 2:9, And out of the ground made the Lord to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight... but the Serpent offered …and that it was pleasant to the eyes. Two different Hebrew words. God gave that which was pleasant to spiritual sight, and the Serpent offered that which was a feeling, an emotionally feeling experience.


And we are still feeling it. Adam's descendants are still down here feeling it. And not only do we feel it in our emotions, but when we feel it in our emotions, the seduction to sin is there. When we perceive it with the spiritual sight of the Father, it is not sin. You see? We can look upon sin, without being guilty of that sin, with the mind of the Spirit. But the recognition of sin out of the eyes or the soul means we are guilty of the sin. And that is how Adam died.


Let me say that again. It is a very important point. God wanted his Son to be completely educated, and He wanted him to be fully acquainted with the knowledge of good and evil. But the way the Lord wanted Adam to be acquainted with it was with the spiritual sight against which there was no [UNINTELLIGIBLE] recognize it with the mind of the Spirit. But the Serpent offered the opportunity to recognize good and evil through experiencing that evil. And Adam bought it. He wanted the experience. And when he had it, he died.


PASTOR VITALE: Anybody else? Do you still have a question for us? Can we have that on pause for a minute then, please?


COMMENT: So when you were talking about fallen Adam and all of this -- now, from what you are telling us here is that he was given two corrections, two choices to make at two different times: the beginning and then in the process of falling. Right?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I am not sure what you mean. In the process of falling, he was given a choice? I am not sure what you mean about that.


COMMENT: In the beginning of time, when all of this stuff happened, when he put him in the garden, he was given a choice. What choice was that?


PASTOR VITALE: This is it. He laid the rules down. You understand me?


COMMENT: So after he -- the Lord just, like, got up and went His way. He left from there. He came back at one point, correct?


PASTOR VITALE: Try not to say who -- Adam. You are talking about Adam?






COMMENT: Not Adam.












COMMENT: God came back.




COMMENT: But when He came back, Ge brought another, I guess this idea of Eve. Man shall not be alone, right? So what would have happened if they would not have given in? You might have been asked this. It is easy answer for you probably. What would have happened if none of this would have happened or had to happen?


PASTOR VITALE: If God did not bring Eve?


COMMENT: No, the thought of falling -- if that thought would not have happened, and it would have gone a normal way, what would have happened?


PASTOR VITALE: If the Serpent did not stir up the emotions? And he --


COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] did not happen, but yet the sin happened. [INAUDIBLE]


PASTOR VITALE: What would have happened if man did not have the choice?


COMMENT: No, the thought that came. The thought that came.


PASTOR VITALE: The thought that how nice it would be to experience it?


COMMENT: No. The thought of not having to deal with sin for the first time, not knowing what sin is, not --


PASTOR VITALE: I am sorry. I am really not understanding your question.


COMMENT: Well, let me --


PASTOR VITALE: It sounds like a real good one.


COMMENT: I will regroup, and --




COMMENT: -- I will try tonight.


PASTOR VITALE: Sounds like a good question. I would like to hear it.


COMMENT: The Son of God came into the world and was slain at the beginning of the foundation of the earth. [INAUDIBLE] My question is: Why could the slain Christ not be resurrected rather than have Jesus come and seek form in Mary?


PASTOR VITALE: The answer to that question is that, if the dead Christ, if the slain Christ were resurrected in the same condition, back to the same condition that he was in prior to his being slain, he would have still been in a condition where he could die. Let me say it again. If the slain Christ was raised back up into the same condition that he was in before he was slain, he would have been in a condition where he was still capable of dying. And what condition was he in before he was slain? He started with -- anybody?












PASTOR VITALE: He started with dust -- to the dust. And after he breathed the breath of life into the dust of the earth, what did the name of the creation become?


COMMENT: The living soul.


PASTOR VITALE: The living soul. The dust plus the breath is the living soul. The name of the living soul is?




PASTOR VITALE: Adam is the dust of the ground. The breath of life is Christ. And together, Adam, the creation, when the breath of life was breathed into him, became a living soul.


This is the way it looked in the garden. Remember, the Lord is building a creation. Just like a fetus is being formed in a woman's womb, it starts with the heart, and all the layers of organs are built onto it. God is continuously adding to this creation, building a spiritual fetus.


The commandment in the Book of Leviticus, with regard to the building of the altar, says, You shall not build any altar of clay. Every altar that you build has to be of stone. It has to be of stone, according to the Levitical commandment. Why is that? Because the altar that man builds is a type of the spiritual altar.


We are doing this in symbol form now. The dust part of the creation is an altar. The dust or the earth; it is an earthen altar. And Christ is lying on the altar. That is the Spirit that was breathed in there. This is the way the creation looks. And it is waiting for the fire of the life of Jehovah to come down. Does the fire not strike up? Does the fire not burn and consume the sacrifice? So we have an altar. The Spirit of Christ is on it. And we see the fire of Jehovah coming down and joining with the Christ, forming the mind of the creation. Forming the mind of the creation, the male Spirit of Jehovah is joining with the breath and the creation that is resting on the altar. And this Christ, when the male seed is joined to him, is increased and becomes the mind in the dust of the creation.


The creation is made out of dust. Adam is formed out of the dust. And then the breath of life comes into him. Breath. The creation does not have a mind yet. There is no mind in the creation yet. We have dust, and we have the breath of Jehovah's life.


PASTOR VITALE:  Let me give it to you another way. We call breath by a name Christ. So, we have a creation formed out of dust with Christ breathed into him; a single cord, a single thread, a single strand.


Now, when we did our study in Genesis 2. You have to go back and get the early messages from The Serpent, The Dragon, The Devil & You. I found a word that indicated in that Christ was the single thread. We found an Alternate Translation. Let me see if I could quickly find which word it was. I do not think I have all of those notes here. I do not have all of those notes here as to which Hebrew word it was that we found out to be a single thread. You are going to have to read the early messages in this series if you want to find out. But Christ was the first thread of the cord that Jehovah was forming. And the cord that Jehovah was forming is another way of saying the mind that Jehovah was forming. Jehovah was intending to form a mind in this creation that would be the product of three woven strands.


A mind is the product of the union between a male seed and a [AUDIO CUTS OUT] seed. Male seed; let us show it to you this way up here. Male seed plus female seed equals mind. Therefore, a mind, a completed mind, has three elements to it: male seed, female seed and the product. And all three are one. A completed mind has three strands to it: male seed, female seed and product.


A baby, a human baby which is born, is made of the father's seed, the mother's seed, and it produces a zygote, which is the first cell of the new baby. And now that union between the mother and the father's seed grows into a whole new man. The threefold cord is a completed mind.


So what we have here in the beginning is the dust and the Christ. We have the first strand of the three-strand mind. It is like saying all we have is the female seed. We are trying to produce a baby, but all we have is the ovum. The second strand of the cord, which is going to produce a completed mind which is very hard to break and will eventually mature to a point where it is impossible to break; the second strand is coming from outside of the creation. It is the fire of Jehovah's life. He is coming to join with the Christ, second strand. We now have Jehovah in here also.


Now, this is the creation, Adam. He is formed out of dust. First, he gets Christ, the breath or the Son. Another way to say that -- how can we say it? Another way to say this -- let me take this one down here. Here is the creation; his name is Adam. There is dust in it. And in the midst of the dust is the Son, whose name is Christ. Now, remember, there is a whole family of God in heaven. There is Christ; there is the Lord Jesus Christ; there is Christ Jesus. The whole family of God -- this is Christ. He is the Son.


You see, when some New Ager tells you every man has the Christ, they are correct. Every man on the face of the earth has Christ. Every man does not have Christ Jesus. Every man does not have the Lord Jesus Christ. Every human being on the face of the earth has Christ. They are correct. There is only one problem. What happened to Christ? He died. He is dead, man. You have a dead god inside of you. You are right; you have got Christ. You are right; you are a god. But you are dead.


Is the Devil not the god of this world? The Devil is a god. You are right; you have got Christ. You are right; you are a god. But you are dead. Is the Devil not the god of this world? The Devil is a god. You are one of his. You are a god, all right. I will not argue with you. Let us get it straight. The most dangerous ideas are ideas which are lies with elements of truth flowing through them: a mixture, enough truth to make you believe the lie.


So here is the early creation. It has the Son, the first thread of the cord, which is the mind. Second thread -- here it comes from the outside, the fire of Jehovah. Jehovah's Spirit is the fire. He is also called the Father. So now we have the Father and the Son in here. They are both Christ. This is the family of God in heaven. We have a Father and His Son. Where is the mother?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, not yet. Eve did not -- I did not hear you. I will ask you again in just a second. Eve did not come into being until after the fall. Adam called Eve the mother of all living. But before the fall, what did you say?


COMMENT: I might be wrong, but I said Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: You are right.




PASTOR VITALE: You are right. You are right. The Serpent is the mother.


We have a Father and a Son. That is a mind. Now, what does a mother have? A mother has a womb. Look, brethren, the dust is the womb. Look at it right here. Is it not in the middle of the dust? Are the Father and the Son not in the middle of the dust? The dust is Adam. Adam is the name of the whole, the dust plus the Son. And in that dust is an intelligence. It is in there. God does not name her, but she is in there. She is the womb that is holding the baby. The mother is the womb.


So this is the condition of the Christ in Eden. He was a twofold cord, and he is easily broken. He is easily broken. He is only a twofold cord. And he is in the earth with the Serpent, who has an intelligence, who is evil, who is a law unto herself. She is lawless. She is incapable of obeying the law of God. She must be contained. She must be tread underfoot at all times by this authority which is in Christ.


Now, can anybody give me the Scripture which indicates the dominion? You see, this condition of the Father plus the Son, this condition of the twofold cord, is strong enough to keep the Serpent underfoot. You see? Can anybody tell me the Scripture that indicates, in Genesis 2, that God stood the Son upright, gave him dominion over the Serpent in this union here? Anybody?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes. God put the man in the garden. You look that Hebrew word that is translated put -- you look it up, and it is the same word that means the imputed anointing. God granted him righteousness that he had not earned. He had not proven himself to be righteous.


How do you prove yourself to be righteous? You have to be tested before you can be called righteous. Sin has to come to you, and you have to take the victory over sin to be called righteous. You have to be tested. It has to come to you and look in your face and wave its ugly whatever it is at you, and you have to find within yourself the strength to say no and tread it down. Then it is counted as righteousness unto you in that area.


But the Son was untested. God stood him up in the garden. He gave him strength over the Serpent, but it was not strength that the Son had earned. The Son had not defeated the Serpent. The Serpent had not thumbed his nose in his face, and Son had not said, Get out of here. He had not passed the test yet. The Father just gave him unearned power. And that was the weakness in the twofold cord. That was the weakness in the early creation.


So if the Father had raised the Son from the dead in the same condition that he was in when he died, he would not have been a twofold cord. He would have still been untested -- not untested but un-victorious. You see? When the test came; well, let me tell you this first. So the Father put Adam in the garden, giving him dominion over the Serpent that was untested and unearned. So the creation was standing. He was educated. He received everything that he needed. And the Father said, I am going to leave now. He said, You are standing up, and you are on your own.


And do you remember, from this morning's teaching, I said, when the waters passed over the earth, and then the Father called the waters back, there was a residue of the life of the Son left in the earth? You remember me teaching that this morning? Everybody is looking at me. You do not remember that? The earth was dead, and the waters of the life of the Son flowed over the dry earth. And then the Scripture says, The Lord called the waters back, and the dry land became earth because the minerals, the spiritual minerals that were in the life of the Son, as typified by the water, left a residue in the dry land. And the dry land received an existence. So his name changed from the dry land to the earth. Remember that from this morning? Thank you.


So the Father was in here with the Son, and he is leaving a residue. He is leaving an element of his life, which has strengthened the Son. Father says, I am going, man. But he left a residue of His seed. Adam was still -- that mind in there was a twofold cord.


And there had to be a joining, you see. When a woman lies with her husband, his seed can be present in her body. That does not mean his seed has penetrated her female seed. The fact that you lie with your husband, that his seed is in your body, does not mean that you conceive. The seed of the Father was present, but also was the Serpent's seed.


What does it say here in Genesis 3:15? And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, Jehovah speaking to the Serpent, and between thy seed and her seed. Two seeds. It shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.


So we see, in the infantile creation, the breath, which is the Son, and the seed of the Father and the seed of the Serpent. And we are told, in Genesis 2, in parable form, verse 19, Chapter 2: And out of the ground, the Lord God formed every beast or the whole beast of the field -- that is the Serpent he is talking about -- and the whole fowl of the air and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them. And whatsoever Adam called the whole living creature, that was the name thereof.


And this is our Alternate Translation of that fairy tale verse: And the Father and the Son formed the Serpent out of the earth. And Adam's incomplete mind was joined to the Serpent. Adam's incomplete mind was joined to the Serpent. And the Father and the Son watched to see whether Adam, the whole creation now, would complete his single-thread mind by having intercourse with Jehovah or with the Serpent.


You see? They watched to see whether the whole creation, Adam, was going to join his single-thread mind, Christ, with the seed of the Father or with the seed of the Serpent. And Jehovah and the Son were watching because Adam's single-thread mind would receive the nature -- now, the whole creation, Adam, was going to receive the nature of the one or of the mind which completed it.


Let me say it again. We have the dust, Adam. We have the breath of life, Christ. We have the seed of the Father, and we have the seed of the Serpent. And they are all swimming around there together. And the creation's mind is not complete. And whether it is the seed of the father or the seed of the Serpent, whichever one penetrates the seed of the Son forms that union which will produce the mind, just as, in a human woman, that sperm has to penetrate that woman's ovum for a baby to be born. It is not enough to have the seed floating around in there.


And they watched. The Father watched, and the Son watched to see whether Adam's free will, the free will of the creation, would join with the seed of the Serpent or join with the seed of the Father because the union of that seed with the breath was going to produce the three-cord mind, which would be the nature of the whole creation. Can you hear that?


And our fairy tale tells us that Adam named the giraffes and the hippopotamuses. Well, that is fine if you are three years old and you are in Sunday school. Names in the Scriptures typify nature. Adam was giving names to the whole creation. He was going to give the nature, a nature, a character, to the whole creation. Another way to say it: Adam had a free will to choose whose image the creation would be formed in.


Now, the Father had said, Let us make man, and let him be in our image. But, brethren, Adam messed up. He mated with the Serpent instead of with the Father. And all you preachers out there preaching we are in the Father's image, you had better look again because you are just are not in the image of the Father. You sure look like a snake in the grass to me. Grow up time. Grow up, grow up, grow up, grow up. Adam did not name the giraffes. He gave a nature to this creation by exercising his free will in the choice of whether or not he would join with the Father or the Serpent.


Now, we are told that God stood the man upright in the garden. That means that the Father, Jehovah, gave Adam -- now I keep messing up myself. Adam was not a man at this time. The word, Adam, does not mean man. It just means the creation. It was asexual at the time. It had no sex. God put the creation upright in the garden, gave him dominion over the Serpent, gave him the power to choose the seed of the Father and therefore complete the mind, to make a threefold cord out of the mind, to bring forth a mind of the creation, to cause to be born in the creation a three-part mind that would be stronger than the Serpent. A three-part mind that, when the Serpent came up to it and waved his finger or his fist in the face of the threefold mind, that mind would have been strong enough to cast down the Serpent.


Let me tell you again. Adam had dominion over the Serpent. He did not deserve it. Adam did not have dominion over the Serpent because he proved himself. Adam did not have dominion over the Serpent because he wrestled with him and pinned the guy down. He had dominion over him because his Father, the King, said, You have got dominion over him. He did not win the prize in his own right.


So in order for the creation to go on and mature and be all that God called him to be, it was required of Adam to take the Serpent in his own strength, not because Daddy gave it to him. Adam had to be a self-made man. He had to kill the giant himself. And the Father said to him, If you try to do it before your mind is completed, if you try to take this guy on when your mind is just one thread, he is going to cream you. I do not know how to be any more graphic.


And the Scripture says, in another place, The man was not deceived. The Son was not deceived. He knew the Father told him, You better not make it with the Serpent. He knew the Father told him, You better join with Me. He knew the Father told him, If you take this guy on before your mind is born as a threefold cord, you have had it.


He had all the information, but we are told in another place, The Serpent was subtle. The Serpent was deceptive. The Serpent dangled a carrot in front of Adam's nose. And what was the carrot? It was the promise of sensual experience. Now, we are not just talking about sex here. The whole sensual experience of this world system, not just sex. Everything that we experience physically, whatever it is: lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, the pride of life, the whole experience down here in the flesh. That was what the Serpent promised Adam.


And the Father, Jehovah, said to him, it is there in Genesis 3:6: And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes, eyes typifying soul, and a tree to be desired to make one wise. That word, desire, and the word, eyes, is referring to sensual experience, whereas what the Father promised the man, we see up in Genesis 2:9: And the Lord God caused every tree to grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. Good for spiritual food. The Father was offering a life in the spirit to the creation, and the Serpent offered a life of sensual pleasure.


And Adam had all the information. But somehow the Serpent had the power to stir up the motions of sins. I do not know what he felt like. I told you this, this morning. I do not know what this superior being felt like because Adam, at the beginning of time, was a superior being. But I know the natural example that God gives us is a temptation to commit adultery or fornication. But it was not that. It was a high spiritual experience. The man was tempted. But he had all the information. He was told he would surely catch AIDS and die, without a question of a doubt. He was told not to do it, and he was given the power to say no. And Adam had free will; he had the power to say no.


You see, down here in hell today, many of us do not have the power to say no. Satan tempts us to sin, and because we are already overcome, because we were born dead because of our ancestor's sin, some of us really cannot say no. And God knows who you are. He knows if you are trying as hard as you can, and you are overtaken. I talked about this, this morning too. He knows if you are not trying as hard as you can, and you did it because, at the very, very, very, very depths of your heart, you really wanted to do it. And you are saying that you were overtaken, and you are making all kinds of excuses. I do not know, Pastor Sheila. I do not know whether you were really overtaken, or you really love that sin so much that you just sort of let it happen to you. You struggled a little, you know, but you did not knock yourself out. I do not know. But Jesus knows. And He is dealing with you accordingly. He is dealing with you accordingly.


But this is the bottom line. God is forming the creation. Adam had the power to obey God, but he disobeyed him because of the promise of a sensual experience. Now, I do not know. Maybe man -- if we went God's way, maybe we would have had some form of sensual experience. I do not think it would have been like this one, like it is now. I do not know. But I -- what am I talking about?


If Christ had obeyed God and completed the mind of the creation into the threefold cord; and what is the name of the threefold mind? What is the name of the threefold mind? Christ Jesus. This is the mature warrior in the family of God in heaven. Christ is the sperm. Christ Jesus is the full-grown man that appears at the back of the Book of Revelation.


Christ is the sperm. You have got him, all you New Agers. What are you going to do with a dead sperm, you silly people? He cannot do anything for you. He is dead. Even if he was not dead, all you have got is a sperm. You have a potential. You have a potential. You have a potential. Your potential is worthless unless you use it and develop it. What good is an undeveloped potential? Can you eat an undeveloped potential? Can you clothe yourself with an undeveloped potential? What need can an undeveloped potential do for you?


Brethren, we have had some ministry to Nigeria here. I have been told by Nigerians themselves. Did you know that that country is rich in oil and rich in the rubber plant? Or is it a tree, the rubber tree? They have tremendous potential for wealth in that nation, and they are hungry, and they are wretched because the potential is not developed.


It is like a story that I heard once about a woman, a widowed woman who died from starvation. And when the authorities went into her small, little room that she lived in, they found her walls plastered with money orders from her son who lived on the other side of the country. She did not know what they were. She did not know all she had to do was take them to the bank and get money, which would buy food. So she took these gifts from her son and Scotch-taped them to her wall, and she died from starvation. You have got Christ consciousness, all right. You cannot live on it. It cannot keep you alive.


So we see that, if Adam would have obeyed the Father and joined with the seed of the Father and produced, or caused to be birthed in the creation, the mind called Christ Jesus, which is the product of the union between Christ, the breath, and the seed of Jehovah, the Father, the threefold mind or the threefold cord, this mind, called Christ Jesus, in the creation, would have been strong enough to defeat the Serpent in a hand-to-hand combat.


I will say it again. Christ Jesus, the threefold cord, was and is -- or would have been and is strong enough to defeat the Serpent in a hand-to-hand or, should I say, mind-to-mind combat. Christ, the breath, the single thread, is not strong enough to defeat the Serpent in a mind-to-mind combat. Is everybody OK?


So to answer your question, the reason the Father did not raise the Christ from the dead was because he would have still been in the same condition. He still would not have defeated the Serpent in a personal, mind-to-mind combat. Daddy cannot and will not do it for him. It is such a human situation.


I saw a movie once called The Gypsy King. It was about a tribe of gypsies or several tribes of gypsies. It was an autobiography based on some truth. They lived in the New York area. And there are other gypsy tribes in this country. And it gave some interesting information about gypsy life.


And at the time the book was written, I do not know about now, there was such a thing as the king of the gypsies. But it was very clear that, even though the dying king appointed the young man that he chose as his predecessor, he could not be king unless the people agreed to submit to him. Because this tribe of gypsies existed in New York, it was not a nation where, if you did not submit to him, he was going to shoot you. It was like a clan of a society within a society. And it was very clear, and he knew it, that, even though his uncle handed him the amulet and whatever else he gave him, that these people, these stubborn, strong-willed, independent people -- and these are his words, the guy who wrote the autobiography -- would not follow him until he proved to them that he was a worthy leader.


No matter what we are talking about: government, leaders of corporations, businessmen, husbands. All you husbands out there now, hear this. I have seen foolish men in this Church world, brethren, walking around strutting like peacocks, expecting their wives to be subservient when they are not loving her like Christ loved the Church, when they are not doing their part, when they are not leading, when they are not responsible, when they are not ruling in love and mercy.


Brethren, you have to earn the respect of your wife and your children. You cannot beat people into respecting you. You might beat them into submission to you because they are afraid of you, but you cannot force someone to respect you. Respect is an attitude of the heart. You may be able to control people's behavior. You may be able to demand a physical submission. But respect and love must be earned. Anyone in any position of leadership, the people will follow you when you have earned their love. And they will submit to you and grow under you when you have earned their respect. Otherwise you are a tyrant, all you young men out there lauding it over your wives. You are a tyrant.


And you want to know why she cannot stand the sight of you? Because you are selfish and self-centered, and you love only yourself, and you are all that you care about, and you think your wife and your children are objects to worship and serve you. And that is why the whole family hates your guts.


So repent, and ask Jesus to help you to love them like Christ loved the Church. And they will love you back. You have to love them first. You have to love them when they do not love you. You have to respect them when they do not respect you. You have to be an example unto them, and they will be everything that you are.


That was a just a little bonus in there. Any young men listening to this, stop being silly. Your body does not make you a man. Your body does not make you a man. Your mind makes you a man. Your attitude makes you a man. Your behavior makes you a man. Jesus.


Did I answer your question? I did not -- there is another aspect to it. Let me finish now.


That is why God -- not that He could not, but chose not to raise the slain Christ from the dead in the same condition. He promised us in his word, It is given unto a man only once to die. It is not allowed for the creation to die more than once. What does that mean? It means the test came, you see. And the Father watched to see whether Adam would join with the seed of the Father or with the seed of the Serpent.


And the Lord said, I cannot do this for you. You have to exercise your free will. Now, if you mess up and you wind up joining with the Serpent, you are going to die. And I will raise you from the dead, but I promise you that, when I raise you from the dead, I will not raise you in the same, single-thread condition. When I raise you from the dead, I am going to raise you from the dead as a threefold cord so that this will never happen again.


So, you see, the Father could have raised him from the dead in the same condition but chose not to because the Father was in complete control. And He said, I am going to let you flop, but only once. That goes back to your question. He says, When I pick you up off the floor, you will have overcome the Serpent in your own right. So you chose the seed of the Serpent, and you died, and you fell down to hell. And now the way back is that you have to fight your way back. He said, I gave you power over the Serpent. I told you what to do. If you were obedient to me and you joined with me, I would have given you the strength to defeat the Serpent without having a season in hell.


I am going to say that again. If you had obeyed Me, Jehovah says to the creation, if you had joined with the seed of the Father instead of the seed of the Serpent, the threefold mind, the mind which is the threefold cord, would have been born in you from the beginning, and you would have had the power to defeat the Serpent in your own right without having fallen down into hell. But because you were disobedient. And why were you disobedient? Because sin was found in you. What sin? The sin of --


COMMENT: Disobedience?


PASTOR VITALE: No, more than that. The sin --




PASTOR VITALE: Rebellion. Disobedience is true, but it is really not an accurate way of saying it. It is rebellion, not just disobedience. Disobedience is not strong enough. Although that is not incorrect, it is not accurate because carnal minds will not understand it correctly. He rebelled against the commandment of the Father, which said, Thou shalt not eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Do not make it with the Serpent.


So did the Father take a cat-and-nine-tails to the creation because he disobeyed? No. His own sin judged him. He mated with the Serpent. The Devil was born in him. And he fell down, and all of us with him. We were all in him in seed form. We all fell down into hell with him.


And the Lord says, I am still going to form a completed mind in you, a mind which is a threefold cord. And you are going to have your contest with Satan, and you are going to overcome him. And you are going to be a king because you have deserved to become a king because you have defeated the Serpent in your own right. But you are going to do it the hard way. You have to spend a few thousand years down in hell, experience sin and learn how to overcome it. Here, I am going to send my Son. I am going to give you the strength to overcome it. But this time, you are not going to overcome from a position of dominion. That would have been too easy. That would have been the easy way. Now you are going to overcome from a position of subservience.


But overcome you will because the Lord is in control. And the Lord says, My son will overcome the Serpent. Whether it is the hard way or the easy way is up to you. But God is in control, and He said, You will not be wiped out. You will not cease to exist. You will prevail over that Serpent one way or another. But whether it is one way or another is up to you.


So in order to keep His own promise, He did not raise the slain Son from the dead in the same condition. To let him go through this choice and experience this weakness over and over for all of eternity, that would have been eternal torment. He let us stay down here in hell as long as it took for Jehovah to raise up one man called Messiah, who, by the power of God, had the strength to overcome the Serpent from a fallen condition. The man was born with a carnal mind. Jesus of Nazareth, He was born with a carnal mind. But He also had the mind of the Father, and He overcame the Serpent.


We read all about it in the account called The Temptation. But before he could overcome the Serpent, the Father had to raise the mind -- that was the threefold cord called Christ Jesus, to the full maturity in the man Jesus. And that man, who had a completed mind, not Christ consciousness, all you New Agers, not the sperm, Christ consciousness, who is not only a sperm but a dead sperm, what a loser. But the man, Christ Jesus, the full-grown warrior who is equipped with a horse and a weapon. And He let Satan come against Him. And the Son of God won the victory in His own right. Hallelujah.


He made an open show of them, brethren. He utterly defeated the powers and principalities of this world, the descendants of the Serpent, Satan and the carnal mind. He made an open show of them, and He led captivity captive. And we are all following right after Him. We are breaking out of here, brethren. Come up out of your self-pity and come up out of your fear because we are going through. You cannot defeat the Serpent with an incomplete mind.


And all of you big intellects out there believing in the New Age, the only weapon you have against Satan is your mouth. And he is laughing at you because your Christ consciousness cannot defeat the Serpent. When he comes to enslave you and to use your mind and your body for his purposes against your will, your Christ consciousness will not cut it. Even if the sperm was alive, it would not cut it. The sperm is dead. You are silly. You are a fool. And you need to repent and ask Jesus to have mercy on you and give you his mature mind that, when you engage this monster in battle, you will slay him as surely as David slew Goliath. Not without a fight, brethren. Not without a fight.


Get rid of your baby ideas. There is no room for babies in the kingdom. Daddy is not going to do it for you. He is not going to buy your way out of the army. He is not going to send a servant to fight for you. He is going to give you a weapon; He is going to teach you how to use it, and you have to do it. And if you think you are going to do it without getting a few licks, you are mistaken because you are going to get your licks.


But if you stay with it, you will overcome, and you will kill that monster that is trying to kill you. And this creation will be raised from the dead, and it will never die again, and it will be in the image of the Father, and it will be glorious, and it will be obedient. And eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard what the Lord has in store for us, but it has got to be better than the death down here, brethren. And it is better. He has ecstasy waiting for us.


Eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard what the Lord has in store for us, but it has got to be better than the death down here, brethren. And it is better. He has ecstasy waiting for us.


We talked about that on another part of this message: complete satisfaction and deliverance from lack. Do you know lack can make you insane in varying degrees? Continuous, consistent lack of food, under certain circumstances, can make you insane. Did you know that? Did you know that continuous, consistent lack of warmth can make you insane? Did you know that? This is a place of insanity down here.


The Lord wants to completely satisfy you after the war is over. In the meantime, you are on K-rations. May not have everything that you want, and there are going to be moments of need and lack and discomfort. But if you fight, you have got to win the war. This is promised to us.


PASTOR VITALE: Did I answer your question? Any questions or comments on this? Could we please pass that microphone around?


COMMENT: I have a comment and a question. You talked about God giving us everything we need, and we would not lack anything. And I thought of a Scripture that said, They that wait upon the Lord will not lack any good thing. And I looked up in the Hebrew once, and that means intertwined. And so when our mind is intertwined with Christ, that is when we are not going to lack anything anymore.


PASTOR VITALE: Hallelujah.








PASTOR VITALE: We have a second witness to this message tonight. Glory to God. Xxxx, your Christ is functioning. I love it. I love it.


COMMENT: Amen. And my question is: Was Christ Jesus raised from the dead when Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan?


PASTOR VITALE: Was Christ Jesus? Christ was raised from the dead. Christ was raised from the dead in the increased form of Christ Jesus. I cannot say Christ Jesus -- in principle, what you are saying is correct. But I have to correct the way you are phrasing it because I do not want anyone to stumble over it that is reading this conversation.


Technically, Christ Jesus never existed in the early creation. It was Christ that was killed. It was the seed that was killed. And he was raised from the dead at the time of Jesus' baptism except that he was raised from the dead in a greater or in a more mature form than he was in when he died.


COMMENT: When was He born? When was Christ born in Jesus of Nazareth?


PASTOR VITALE: At the time of the baptism. The birth of Christ is in three stages. Just like a natural woman has -- her nine months of pregnancy is broken down into what the doctors call trimesters, three three-month trimesters, which, at the end of each trimester, there are significant elements of growth that are evidenced in the fetus. So the resurrection of the dead Christ is in three stages.


The first stage occurred at his baptism when the Christ was raised from the dead in a greater or a more mature condition than he was when He died. When He died, He was a sperm. When He was raised from the dead, He was raised from the dead as the full-grown man. And that was the end of the first trimester. There were two more stages to go through for Him to be fully raised from the dead into a condition where He could never die again. And that third stage occurred when He was raised from the dead after His crucifixion.


You see, the Christ mind was raised from the dead at the time of the baptism of Jesus of Nazareth. The dead Christ in the man Jesus was raised from the dead. At the time of the physical crucifixion of the whole man Jesus, that resurrection of the dead was of the whole man. And the whole man, the mind and the man, was glorified and moved on into a condition whereby Christ Jesus could never die again.


COMMENT: So is being raised from the dead and being born almost the same thing?


PASTOR VITALE: Being born? You are talking about being born again. Is that what you are saying?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Yes, exactly. Yes. We are being born again into the Spirit of God. And we are being born again in three stages. First, we are born of water. We have to be born of water and of blood; blood meaning spirit. When we are born of water into this physical body, there are three stages of growth in utero. I just mentioned that. And then we are born out of our mother's womb into this physical world. And there are also three stages of spiritual uterine experience, at the end of which we are birthed fully out of this world of water into the world of the spirit in three stages: full stature, spiritual circumcision and glorification.


At the end of Jesus' glorification, which was when He was raised from the dead, when His whole body was killed, He was fully born into the spiritual world that we do not even know what it looks like. We are in utero right here. All of humanity is in utero. This is existence in the womb.


COMMENT: Is there any relation between the experiences that Jesus of Nazareth had growing up under the Levitical law and learning right from wrong under a good family line blessing? Is there any relation to the strength that is in Christ being born in Him this time around as compared to Adam at the beginning of time?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Yes, that is very significant because this resurrection from the dead, in a greater or a more mature condition whereby Christ Jesus was prepared to defeat Satan, is based on education and a series of overcoming experiences, beginning with early childhood. All of us here, every human being, we begin to overcome Satan from our earliest stages. From the first time that our mother lets us cry in the crib and we have to learn to deal with our frustrations, we have begun to practice overcoming Satan. Who is Satan? He is the Devil in our emotions. That is who he is, right? So, yes, that is exactly true.


And therefore those of us who come to the Lord out of human family lives, out of dysfunctional families where we were not trained or, for whatever reason, never learned to overcome Satan's influence in our life, when we come to Christ, we have to begin overcoming Satan in a place where a lot of other human beings had already overcome him when they were small children. But in Christ Jesus, it is the challenge. It does not matter. See?


So to answer your question, yes, Jesus had a great advantage growing up in a godly family where he was taught self-discipline. He was taught the law; He was taught the fear of the Lord.


But now, remember, Jesus had it much harder than we have it. I do not even understand. I have a lot of questions out before the Lord, but Jesus had it much harder than we have it. I do not even know how he overcame Satan. He did not have an elder brother that already overcame. We have an elder brother that already overcame. So somehow, Jehovah Himself must have been the elder brother. I do not have all the details. But I know that Jesus had a much harder time of it than we do, so God gave him optimal conditions.


It seems to me, as I look around now, the people that are coming into Christ right now are people who have had troubled childhoods. That is what I see when I look around. I see that, the easier the life a person had, the less likely they are called to this end time move of God. It is people who have been fighting the Devil all of their lives, everyone who is in this end time, we are all survivors. We are survivors of very, very hard lives. Most of us have been persecuted and abused, if not physically, emotionally or verbally. God is calling a bunch of tough people.


Now, I do not see that as being true of Jesus. He was sheltered. He had a mother and father who loved Him, a whole extended family. He had all the education of the law. So I do not really have it straight in my head yet, how come, He had a much harder time than we did because He did not have an elder brother that had overcome.


But I do agree with you that His being raised up under the law was very significant. The group that is coming up now, the second generation, seems to be the exact opposite of what Jesus was. We seem to line up with David, who was in exile with his band of criminals. He had an army following him that were all soldiers of fortune. They were all criminals and exiles from their nation. We seem to be lining up with that. We are all a bunch of spiritual criminals; well, most of us, anyway, that I see in this end time move. Spiritual criminals.


COMMENT: Why is it easier for us, having Jesus as our elder brother, than it was for Jesus of Nazareth? Because he had, you know, Jehovah as his father, I thought that would be even a greater advantage.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I do not really have all the details yet, but the way I am looking at it right now is that He had Jehovah as His Father, but there was no man who had yet overcome Satan. Jehovah had not overcome Satan. You see? We have an elder brother, who is right in here with us in our own heart, who has already overcome Satan. He overcame. He killed him. Jehovah did not do that. Jehovah was the Father. You see? So Jesus' experience had to be different than ours. I just do not really have any details yet about it.


COMMENT: OK. Thank you.




COMMENT: I would like to know -- you said that the Serpent is the earth, correct? Is that correct?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is correct.


COMMENT: The Serpent is the earth. And you were saying the Serpent had a seed, and, was it the Serpent's seed or the Son's seed? And you were talking about that up there. And my question is, if the Serpent is the earth, earth is receiver of seed. And in my mind, this is what I am thinking. How could the Serpent have its own seed?


PASTOR VITALE: All that I can say to you is that the creation at the beginning of time was of a high spiritual order, and it did. In the same way that I can tell you the birth of the Devil into the creation, which was a perversion that the Scripture likens unto, let me change that. I did not say that correctly.


The fact that the raised her head up and took on a male role is a lesbian relationship at the beginning of time. You see, Christ was waiting to join with a male. But the female joined with him and produced a child. Well, two lesbians cannot produce a child in the fallen creation. So to answer your question, all that I can tell you is that the creation was of a much higher spiritual order than it is now. And apparently, that was the case. I do not have any more information than that, but it is a good question.


COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] said that got me thinking that. You have said that Eve copulated with Satan and brought forth the carnal mind. Is that correct?




COMMENT: OK, well, somebody was saying that, no, it was not the Serpent because, in the beginning of time, you know, the woman partook of what the Serpent gave her. And the only thing I understood was that there is no indication that that woman was Eve. Xxxx, have you not said that before?


PASTOR VITALE: Could you repeat that, please?


COMMENT: That there is no indication that that woman was Eve in the beginning of time.


PASTOR VITALE: Where it talks about the woman in Genesis 3?


COMMENT: The woman and the Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah. Well, you see, a lot of people reading this message, they are going to be all confused because the Scripture does not say it was Eve. It says it was the Woman. And I am talking about Adam messing with the Serpent. So a lot of people get all messed up in their mind. So let me just put this on this message for those of you who have not heard my message on Romans 7. I think I go over this on my exhortation of Romans 7.


The Scripture does not say it was Eve who messed with the Serpent. It says it was the woman who messed with the Serpent. Now, you have to read this Bible with your ears and your eyes wide open. It does not say Eve; it says the woman. So the question is: Who is the woman? Adam is the woman.


And we have been talking a lot about that. As a matter of fact, the earlier messages of this series show you how Adam was a man, but he became a woman because he joined with the seed of the Serpent. And the Christ, which was in the image of the Father -- Christ, the sperm, was in the image of the Father. But when Adam chose to join with the Serpent -- these are on the earlier messages of this series, OK? When Adam chose to join with the Serpent, the Father took back the spirit or the breath that He had breathed into the creation and reformed it into a woman.


Now, remember, the Father was watching Adam to see what name he would give the creation. If he joined with the spirit, with the seed of Jehovah, the name of the creation would be --


COMMENT: Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: -- Christ. But if Adam joined with the Serpent or the seed of the Serpent, the name of the creation would be the Devil or the Serpent.


So when Adam chose to join with the seed of the Serpent, God reformed that breath that He had breathed into the creation, which was in the image of the Father, which made him a man, and reformed it into the image of the Serpent. And Adam became the woman.


Is this not a unique way, the way the Lord is reviewing this? [INAUDIBLE] Genesis -- well, let me read you these.


This is our Alternate Translation, Genesis 2:21-25: And the Father and the Son took back Christ, the spiritual manhood they had loaned to Adam. Why did they loan him spiritual manhood? Adam had not earned his manhood. He had not overcome the Serpent. He did not deserve it. It was an unearned gift. And when Adam chose the Serpent instead of Christ, the Father and the Son took back their spiritual manhood that they had given him of themselves. And Adam went to sleep, and he died.


Verse 22: And the Father and the Son rebuilt the Christ, which they had taken back from Adam. And they rebuilt him into a woman, and they joined the woman to Adam.


Verse 23: And Adam said, 'This one' -- that is, this one what? It says, in the Interlinear text, this one, this human spirit which is now joined to Satan, 'which is built from my own dead spirit,' which is Christ. Adam said, 'This one, which is built from my own dead Christ' -- he is talking about the woman he became -- 'and whose flesh or whose carnal mind is formed from my own flesh' -- in other words, he says, I am now a woman. I was a man, and now I am a woman. And this one that I became 'shall be crying out because his manhood was tread underfoot.' And Adam shall be called woman because his manhood was taken away.


Brethren, this is Verse 23 of Genesis 2. It is time to come up out of the Santa Claus fairy stories. If you do not want to believe this, you do not have to. If you want to stay a baby forever, stay a baby forever. The King James says, And Adam said, 'This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. She shall be called woman because she was taken out of man.'


But after our deep study in the Alternate Translation, I believe God's translation is: And Adam said, 'This one' -- this woman, which is built out of my own spirit that died because I mated with the Serpent instead of the father -- 'and whose flesh is formed from my flesh, she' -- what I have become -- 'is going to be crying out because my manhood was tread underfoot.' And Adam shall be called woman because his manhood was taken away.


Verse 24: Because his manhood was taken away because intercourse with the Serpent results in man -- he is no longer called Adam now -- results in man separating from Christ, who was his Father, and the cultivated earth, which is Satan in submission to the Christ, and it became one flesh instead of one spirit.


Let me give you that again. And Adam shall be called manhood because his manhood was taken away because intercourse with the Serpent results in man separating from Christ and the cultivated earth, which is Satan, becoming one flesh with the creation instead of one spirit.


Verse 25: And Adam and his wife -- the lesbian, more specifically known as the Devil -- were confused. Confusion was born of the union between Adam and the Serpent. Another name for confusion?


COMMENT: Babylon?






PASTOR VITALE: Babylon. Babylon is confusion, and the Devil is the daughter of Babylon. The confusion is that Adam mated with the woman. Adam mated with the female seed. Not only could not tell the difference between the Father and the Serpent; could not tell the difference between a man and a woman. Man, that is confusion. That is confused.


Give me just one second please. Let me put on this message that the Hebrew word, translated ashamed -- confusion is the translation of the Hebrew word, ashamed, in verse 25 of Genesis 2. It is a different Hebrew word than the word, ashamed, down in -- I am sorry. And they were both naked, man and his wife, and they were not ashamed. That Hebrew word, translated naked in verse 25, is a different Hebrew word than is translated naked in verse 7. Jesus.


And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and they were not ashamed. See, the King James makes it sound like they were not ashamed. Well, if you want to know how we got this translation, you have to read the earlier messages. I cannot redo it. But they were ashamed. They were ashamed. They had become the Devil. Adam, the creation, and his wife, the Serpent, found out that they manifested as the Devil. And they were confused because they were an unnatural couple.


God calls homosexuality confusion. You are all mixed up. You do not know who you are. You do not know what you are supposed to be doing. You are doing the wrong thing. You are supposed to be with a woman, and you are with a man. You are supposed to be with a man, and you are with a woman. You are mixed up. You are confused. So this is a fairy story translation of Genesis 2


COMMENT: So I would like to know if there were two copulations that took place, the woman with the Serpent and Eve with Satan?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Yes, because --


COMMENT: What is that then? Two different generations?


PASTOR VITALE: -- we are talking about two different generations. Exactly.


COMMENT: At the very beginning of time, the generation came forth from the woman and the Serpent, which is Adam on his female side.




COMMENT: He was --


PASTOR VITALE: Adam joined --


COMMENT: Adam was both male and female in one body?


PASTOR VITALE: Adam was both male and female, with the man predominant, with the man ruling.


COMMENT: And he switched over to his female side and copulated with the Serpent. Is that correct?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Yes, that is correct.




PASTOR VITALE: And he became locked into his womanhood. It is like --




PASTOR VITALE: Let us put this in a natural example for people to understand. You take a man. Now, what is happening in this society today, young men are being encouraged to experiment with homosexuality. They are teaching it in the schools. They are saying, try it; you might like it. And there are a lot of young men out there who, if they have never tried it, may have never liked it. But I have seen TV programs on it. I have seen news clips on it. We have young men being encouraged to try it. And once they try it, the experience births something in them that locks them into the lifestyle, and they cannot get out.


Adam tried it, and he got locked into the lifestyle; could not get out. He is still here. Could not get out. Does anybody not know what I am talking about?


COMMENT: So then could you explain that? Is Eve copulating with Satan the second generation of the Serpent?




COMMENT: And when did that take place?


PASTOR VITALE: Not the Serpent, but Satan. When did that take place? That is a good question. Adam connected with the Serpent, and the Devil was born. And offhand, I do not know. I will have to; I do not want to take the time to think about it now. But I will try to get an answer for you. I am going to have to think about it.


COMMENT: Because I thought that the carnal mind and the unconscious mind, being the spirit of Satan, was the Devil.


PASTOR VITALE: That is correct.


COMMENT: And the Devil was born by the copulation of Eve and Satan.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is correct.


COMMENT: So what was born from the copulation of the woman and the Serpent? What was --


PASTOR VITALE: What was born?




PASTOR VITALE: From the copulation and the woman and the Serpent, the Devil was born.


COMMENT: So the Devil came out of both copulations?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know. I really am going to have to think. It is a good question.




PASTOR VITALE: I am going to have to think about it. It is the end of the night, and I am a little tired. Anybody else? If I forget to answer, you remind me. That is a good question. I want to know the answer myself. Anybody else? I think I am going to just read off these alternate verses. You had another question?


COMMENT: If the mating with the Serpent brought forth the carnal mind, and it had not yet been done, how was he reasoning?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not understand your question. If what had not yet --


COMMENT: If he did not have a mind, how was he reasoning to make these different decisions if he did not have a mind?


PASTOR VITALE: Instinct, instinct. He did have a mind. He had the beginnings of a mind. He had the beginnings of a mind, the first thread.


COMMENT: Then why do they say the sin of Adam was so much more serious than the sin of us because we are fallen?


PASTOR VITALE: Because Adam had the power to not fall prey to the Serpent. God gave him the strength to say no to the motions of sin that he was experiencing. His lower nature was stirring. He had the power to say no. He made an active choice to say yes. He wanted to experience it. It is like some kid saying, I want to try heroin. I could do it once and stop.


Genesis 2, Alternate Translation of verses 18-25: And the Father and the Son said, 'It is not good for the man to have an incomplete mind made of threads running in only one direction. So I will make a thread to run in the opposite direction.' And the Father and the Son formed the Serpent out of the earth. And Adam's incomplete mind was joined to the Serpent. And the Father and the Son watched to see whether Adam would complete his single-thread mind by having intercourse with Jehovah or with the Serpent because Adam's single-thread mind would receive the nature of the one who completed it.


And so Adam completed his single-thread mind when he committed adultery with the Dragon, and he gave the Serpent's nature to the whole living creature and to all of his spiritual ovum. And Adam incarnated as the Devil, who became the spiritual threads which were running in the opposite direction from the living soul. And Adam's completed mind was flesh and not spirit. And the Father and the Son took back Christ, the spiritual manhood they had loaned to Adam. And he went to sleep, and he died. And the Father and the Son rebuilt the Christ, which they had taken back from Adam, into the woman and joined her to Adam.


And Adam said, 'This one' -- the human spirit joined to Satan -- 'which is built from my own dead spirit' -- Christ -- 'and whose flesh' -- carnal mind -- 'is formed from my flesh, shall be crying out because his manhood was tread underfoot.' And Adam shall be called woman because his manhood was taken away because intercourse with the Serpent results in man separating from Christ, which is his father, and the cultivated earth, which is his mother, and becoming one flesh instead of one spirit. And the cultivated earth is Satan in -- is the Serpent. This is wrong. It is the Serpent in submission to the Christ.


Verse 25: And Adam and his wife -- the lesbian, and more specifically the Devil -- were confused. Sounds very different than Genesis 2.


Choose ye, brethren. You want to stay a baby forever? You want to believe in fairy tales? That is fine. If not, you pray about this. And you ask God that, if it is real, to make it real to you. You do not have to believe it because I said so. If you want to grow up, if you want to be a spiritual adult, you ask the Lord, if it is true, to give you this revelation in your heart. Praise the Lord.


Any more questions, comments? Good group tonight. Good group. Boy, tremendous fruit coming forth in this fellowship. Good group. You are really blessing me.


COMMENT: Does the woman in the Revelation 12 have any relation to this whole thing too?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, very much so. Very much so. The Woman in Revelation 12 -- now, who is the Woman? Who is the Woman?




PASTOR VITALE: No. Who is the Woman?














PASTOR VITALE: Good show. Wow, this is a very special night.




PASTOR VITALE: I love it. I love it.


COMMENT: I said Eve.


PASTOR VITALE: Somebody told me once. It must have been either xxxx or xxx, told me that you were in your car at one point. And Xxxx had made some comment about the carnal mind. And you were just amazed at --




PASTOR VITALE: -- because you gave her understanding.




PASTOR VITALE: Xxxx, that is wonderful.


COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] That was great.


PASTOR VITALE: Glory to God. I love it. I love it.




PASTOR VITALE: The Woman in Revelation 12 is the same Woman that we see newly formed at the end of Genesis 2. She is Adam. But she is Adam in the process of being saved. How do I know that? She is pregnant. And she is pregnant with who?




PASTOR VITALE: With the man child, which is Christ Jesus. And the Dragon is present. The Dragon, the corporate carnal mind of this fallen creation, is present, trying to kill Christ Jesus because he knows that, when Christ Jesus is born, he will have a mind which is completed, which will be a threefold cord, which will have the power to defeat him. And he will have to go back to becoming the Serpent under the submission of Christ.


So to answer your question simply, the Woman in Revelation 12 is Adam in the process of being restored in a greater or more mature condition than he was when he died.


PASTOR VITALE: Anybody else? That is amazing.




PASTOR VITALE: That is amazing.




PASTOR VITALE: That is amazing.












PASTOR VITALE: Let us get this on a message. OK.




COMMENT: In the Scripture, it speaks of the moon being under her feet in Revelation 12. I was wondering if Satan was the moon.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not think so. I think that the moon typifies the emotions, the soulish realm of the creation and that we see. The Scripture seems to give a separation between the soul, which are the emotions, and the intelligence in the earth, which is the Dragon.


We have it in Revelation 12. We have a Woman, Adam. The sun over her head is spirit. The moon under her feet is her emotions. Her emotions are completely under the control and authority of her spirit. And the Dragon is also present. So we see that the Dragon is Satan. So I think, in that parable, in any event, the moon is typifying her emotions, the soulish or the female element.


You see, when Christ begins to arise in us, when Christ Jesus arises in us, spiritually speaking, we are male and female. We have the male in us, Christ Jesus, and we have the female in us, our carnal mind. And our man has got to get on top, you see? Christ Jesus has got to get on top of that carnal mind, or he is in a perverse position. So we see that this woman was in a right moral order. She was in a right moral order, and she was about to be born again out of this world of hell. So I do not think so, xxxx, to answer your question.


Although there is a possibility; I would really need more time to think about that. What is in my mind right now is that that moon and our emotions might be Satan and the Serpent, and the Dragon is that corporate carnal mind. The moon just might be Satan. Satan is in the emotions. It just might be. I cannot give you a firm answer right now, but I think -- you know, at the end of the night like this, I am a little weary. But I think it just might be Satan operating in the emotions, completely under the control of the Woman, the whole person ruled by the spirit. And then the Dragon is that corporate carnal mind.


You see, Satan, to each of us, is our own individual experience with Satan in our emotions. Then there is a corporate Dragon out there that is ruling everybody. For a long time here, I have been calling him the corporate carnal mind or the corporate satanic unconscious mind. That is what I have been calling him. But with this new revelation that is coming down, I now found out that the Scripture calls him the Dragon, the corporate unconscious mind.


I have called him several things over the years because I am usually pretty accurate, what I preach in principle, but I frequently do not have the names right away. So I am not really changing what I was teaching; I am just changing the name. On past messages, you will hear me calling him the corporate unconscious mind. I now found out his name is the Dragon.


And Satan is part of our own personal makeup. He is operating in our emotions. So the moon might be Satan. It is possible that the Lord has Satan and the Dragon in that parable. It is possible.


COMMENT: I was going to say, naturally speaking, the sun comes up in the day, and the moon appears at night.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, we are both day and night. And I talked about that this morning also. Within each of us, although the Scripture does not call it day and night, we are now called the evening and the morning. Why? Because the evening, which is the darkness, has some elements of light mixed in it, but the darkness is predominating. And morning has some elements of darkness in it, but the light is predominating. And who is the morning? The morning is a name for who?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes. He is the sun in the morning. Yeah. The morning is Jesus. We are waiting for him to arise in our hearts. And when he comes to high noon, he is going to completely take us over and be our king and defeat the Devil totally. He is slowly arising from the east.


COMMENT: It is almost like the yin-yang sign.




COMMENT: Like the yin-yang sign.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, to be honest with you, I do know much about the yin-yang sign. What is the yin? There is a symbol for yin-yang?


COMMENT: Yeah. It is darkness and light mixed together in a swirl.


PASTOR VITALE: Really? Well, for those of you that do not know what yin-yang is, I do not know what yin-yang is. I do not know much about it, but it is some kind of Chinese witchcraft. That is all I know about it. And I really did not know that that was the symbol for it.


But this whole creation is a mixture of darkness and light. It was intended to be that way. The light is the spirit, and the darkness is the earth. And they are supposed to be mixed together with the spirit in control. But our ancestor made a mistake. He made a misstep. That is what sin is. It is a misstep. And the darkness is in control.


That is why we are all messed up, and that is why the whole world is covered with wickedness. We are in darkness. The people are covered with darkness. Isaiah says, And within us -- within our minds -- is gross darkness, the prophet Isaiah says. And because the darkness took on the predominant aspect of the creation, we were reversed. We were supposed to be light and darkness with the light in predominance.


So now, those of us that have Christ arising in us, we have both light and darkness. And there is a battle going on. The light is trying to take the darkness and put her back down under his feet. And every time you have a choice and you choose, consciously or unconsciously, to obey your carnal mind, darkness prevails, and Christ, your husband, is tread underneath the carnal mind, puts you in an unnatural position. He is supposed to be on top.


Who is recognizing, at this moment, that this intense anointing that has been visiting us has just fallen? Can anybody notice that? Am I the only one that is perceiving it?




PASTOR VITALE:  It has just fallen. It is real heavy. Someone else have a question?


COMMENT: Yes. I just want to make a comment in line with what you are talking about. In the Scripture, it says, Walk as children of the light.


PASTOR VITALE: That was your comment? OK. So what that means is we have a choice: to walk as the children of light -- the King James does not really say the children of darkness anywhere, I do not think. What does it say? Does anybody know? The children of disobedience. The King James says the children of disobedience.


Follow after Christ, brethren. Fight the good fight of faith because the Devil does not like you following after Christ. To fight after Christ, you have to wage warfare. To follow after Christ, to do what Christ tells you to do, you have to wage warfare. The Devil is not going to agree to that junk. Well, it is what she calls junk. She does not like you following after Christ Jesus. And when you do that, you are being unfaithful to her. She is going to punish you. She is going to punish you good, going to get you where it hurts. She is not going to reward you for following after Christ. She is going to hurt you.


But our Father says to us, Walk as children of light. He says, Be holy as your Father in heaven is holy. He says, Do it. You do it; I will back you up. Do it. If you fall down, I will pick you up. Do it. Just do it.


COMMENT: Why is it so difficult to hold or even grasp the comprehension of these different terms?


PASTOR VITALE: The Scripture clearly states that this learning is with the mind of Christ, and the mind of Christ is continuously under attack from the Devil that is trying to prevent you from learning this, number one. Number two, the mind of Christ is not fully manifested all the time. The mind of Christ, hopefully, is up in you if you are sitting in a meeting like this. And then you walk out of here, and you go home, and you worry about all your carnal problems with your family and your dog and your job and all that. The mind of Christ goes down. It is very hard to hold onto this revelation with your carnal mind. It is very difficult.


But I will repeat to you what I have been telling you here all along. And that is, do not really worry about holding onto this revelation or even under- -- it is nice if you can understand it. It is great. But do not let the lack of it, do not let it distress you because comprehending this revelation is not your primary goal in being here. Your primary goal in being here is that the power of Christ is washing over you and is penetrating your heart and is either forming Christ in you or, if Christ is already formed in you, feeding that Christ so that He can grow up in you. And when He grows up in you, He is the eyes of your understanding. And when He opens His eyes in you, you will understand all things.


I am starting to lose my concentration. I do not have an example to give you. I have an example, but I do not like it, so I am not going to say it.


Do not put the horse before the cart. Your primary focus is not on learning this doctrine or not on giving this doctrine out to other people. Your primary focus should be on Christ Jesus being formed in you because, brethren, if the end of the world comes, this doctrine is not going to save your life. Christ Jesus is going to save your life, you see? So you have to have the Son of God growing inside of you to save your life if disaster falls upon this country. And I hope it does not happen, but if we get caught in a tornado or a whirlwind or an earthquake, you are going to need Christ Jesus in you to supernaturally save your life. The doctrine is not going to save your life. You need the very presence of the Son of God.


So your primary focus in coming here should be to have Christ formed in you. And when Christ is formed in you, one of the byproducts of His being formed in you is that you will understand this doctrine and you will be able to give it out to other people. But I am telling you all, since you are coming here, if your primary focus is to learn this doctrine because you want to go out and teach, your focus is in the wrong place, and you are coming out of a spirit of pride. You are supposed to be here to have your life changed. The purpose of being here is to have your sins exposed so that you can be converted into the righteousness of Christ. And then a byproduct of your being converted into the righteousness of Christ is that you will minister. There is nothing wrong with wanting to minister; just do not put the horse before the cart.


When your heart is converted from carnal person to spiritual person, when Christ Jesus is formed in you and swallows up your carnal mind or your old man, one of the natural results of this event is that you will understand the doctrine and you will minister to others. In the meantime, while this is happening, the Lord is likely -- not only may but is likely to give you some experiences with other people, to minister here or minister there.


But check yourself out. If your primary focus is that you want to grasp this doctrine so that you can teach somebody, your focus is wrong because, I am telling you, if disaster falls on New York -- and it is falling all over the country. It is not so way out to think that disaster might fall on Long Island. A knowledge of this doctrine is not going to save you. It is only the formation of Christ Jesus in you that is going to save you. And if you come into these meetings with your focus in the wrong place, He is not developing properly in you. So check it out.


PASTOR VITALE: Xxxx has the microphone. Is this directly -- can you give her the mic, please? Thank you.


COMMENT: I just want to ask about that because, on the one hand, you are saying you need this doctrine for Christ Jesus to grow up in you. And on the other hand, you are saying that you do not need this doctrine in another sense. So -- you know what I am saying? You are saying [CROSSTALK]


PASTOR VITALE: No, I just said it twice. I will say it again.


COMMENT: I hear what you are saying about the thing about, you know, you should not want it to just go out and teach it. But if you need this doctrine for Christ to grow up in you, and the full-grown Christ Jesus is the only one that is going to save you, how is He going to grow up in you without this doctrine?


PASTOR VITALE: You are here for the spiritual ministry. There is a spiritual ministry here that, if you do not understand what I am saying, the spiritual ministry is going into your heart to form Christ Jesus. And once He is formed, you will understand.




PASTOR VITALE: I am not saying you do not need the doctrine. I am saying, do not put the horse before the cart. Let a knowledge of the doctrine grow out of the presence of the Son of God in you because, if it is not happening that way, what is happening is that you are understanding the doctrine with your carnal min, which can be done. It is like a false pregnancy.


COMMENT: So this is like a subliminal way of receiving the Spirit of God?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, it is subliminal. It does bypass your intellect. It goes into your heart. If that if your definition of subliminal, it goes into your heart. Some people can understand this message with their intellect. But the doctrine is not the primary fruit of what we are doing here. We want the fruit of Christ being formed in our -- and that is subliminal in that it bypasses your intellect. Yes.


COMMENT: I very often fall asleep with the message in my ear, in earplugs. So, the Spirit of God is ministering to me then, even in my sleep, even though I am not intellectually comprehending it?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I believe that the world believes that. You know, the world will tell you to go to sleep with messages or whatever you are trying to learn. I believe it goes into your spirit. I think it is better if you can understand it. But if you cannot, better you should sit here without understanding it than not come here because the spirit is soaking into your heart, and the seeds are going in. And somewhere along the line, the Lord will cause those seeds to sprout. And then, as Christ begins to be formed in you, you will understand, and you will be able to preach this message.


It is very common for people to tell me that they understand the message, but they just cannot get it out of their mouth. And the reason for that is that the seeds have not sprouted in your heart yet. You are probably understanding largely with your intellect. But when the message that I am preaching to you; you see, my words are spirit, and my words are life. And when they fall on your heart and they start to sprout, and they have begun to be reproduced in your heart, the sign of that is that you will be able to teach this message. It will come out of you, see? If it is not coming out of you, if you cannot preach it, it means it is most likely in your intellect. The seeds have gone in, but they have not reproduced the nature of Christ yet.


I did get a word during the song service. And that word was, how did the Lord say it to me? It was a Scripture out of Revelation. The Scripture in Revelation where it talks about the Euphrates being dried up, that the ways of the kings of the east might be prepared -- does anybody know where that is?




Chapter 9 in the Book of Revelation, verse 14: Saying to the sixth angel, which had the trumpet, 'Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.' And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour and a day and a month a year for to slay the third part of men and the number of the army of the horsemen.


Well, I guess that is not it. For the kings of the east to be prepared -- I thought that was where it was. Loose the angels that are bound in the great river Euphrates. How do you like that? I had the wrong Scripture myself. Well, I am not going to waste any time looking for the Scripture. That is strange. I wonder where it is.


There is a Scripture that says the Euphrates is going to be dried up -- it is somewhere in the Book of Revelation -- so that the ways of the kings of the east can be prepared. Now, Euphrates typifies what? If you go back to our study in the Book of Genesis, where we see the four rivers in the Book of Genesis, Euphrates typifies the human spirit. And the human spirit is going to be dried up. How could the human spirit be dried up? Does anybody have any idea at all how the human spirit can be dried up?


COMMENT: I do not know. This is just a wild guess. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] burnt up, so it would become dry. And I was just thinking, when all of the things that are in us are burnt and destroyed, then the mind of Christ would come forth. I thought that would be what that would be.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, what you are saying is true, but that does not relate specifically to Euphrates being dried up. And Euphrates typifies Eve. So that is true, but the question was, how can Eve be dried up? I will give you a hint. Who is Eve dissolved in?




PASTOR VITALE: No, but you are close.




PASTOR VITALE: The water. Who's water is Eve --




PASTOR VITALE: Satan's water. Eve is dissolved in the water of Satan's life. Eve is typified by salt. Spirit is the salt of the earth. Salt is a preservative. And spirit is the preservative which preserves the earth of the soul part of our being. And our human spirit, Eve, she is dissolved in this, in Satan's sea. That is why Satan's sea is described as the salt sea: because the salt of Eve is dissolved in the water. Satan's life -- how do we describe Christ's sea? What is the name of Christ's sea?




PASTOR VITALE: The crystal sea. Amen. Good group, tonight. Good group. A lot of answers coming forth here.


So this is a great mystery. You see, the more we can learn to understand how God thinks, the more we are going to understand because, if God thinks one way and we think another way, and we refuse to yield to God's way of thinking, we will never know what He is thinking about because He is not changing for us. It is like saying one person speaks Greek and another person speaks Spanish. And if you are waiting for God to speak Spanish, you are going to wait for the rest of your life because He speaks Greek, man. You better start to learn Greek if you want to understand what He is talking about.


So God has a specific way of thinking. And we speak what we think. And this is a great mystery. But God thinks of Satan as nothing, zero. God says Satan is nothing. So when the human spirit, which is of God's life, is dissolved in nothing, what does He call the combination? The human spirit. Look, the human spirit is out of God's life, and she is dissolved in what God considers nothing. So that means that God is calling Satan's salt sea His human spirit.


Everybody is looking at me. Let me try this again. Help me, Lord. The reason that we are in the likeness of God is that we are spirit. God is Spirit; we are spirit. We are in His likeness. In Genesis, God says, Let man be made in my likeness and in my image. We are not in God's image. We are in His likeness; we are spirit. But the spirit is not formed, in this hour, in the image of God. The spirit is formed in someone else's image. Whose image is the spirit formed in? No, that is what coming. We are not there yet. Who?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is close. But actually, we are in the Serpent's image. Wow. What a sharp group tonight. We are really all sharp here, a lot of sharp answers. We are formed in the Serpent's image. Well, this is a great mystery. God thinks of the Serpent as nothing.


Was anybody aware that, during the Gulf War, President Bush consistently got on that TV and called Saddam Hussein, Sodom Hussein? Is anybody aware of that? Do you know the difference in the intonation is of -- what does that mean? The difference between calling him Saddam Hussein and Sadam Hussein is the difference between respect and disrespect in the Iraqi language, if that if what it is called. I do not know if it has a name other than Iraqi language. Maybe it is just plain Arabic. I do not know. And, to call the man Sadam, means bootmaker, which, to an Iraqi, is an insult. To be of a high order in a mil- -- they have a caste system over there in Arabia. So to be called a bootmaker, you are very, very low. And it was a consistent insult to call him Sadam all the time.


Well, the Lord is doing the same thing. He is not even acknowledging Satan. He is saying, My spirit is in man. She is spirit; she is human spirit, and she is completely dissolved in Satan. And I will not even acknowledge you, Satan. I look at this whole salt sea, and I call you My spirit, Eve. I deny that she is dissolved in you. I deny your existence. I deny that you have engulfed her and consumed her, and she is completely disseminated in you, because the truth of this illusion -- that sounds like a contradiction, but the truth of this illusion is that God's spirit is completely dissolved and helpless under the dominion of Satan. She is in the Serpent's image. She has been captured. The type of her is Dinah, Jacob's daughter, Dinah. She has been captured by the enemy. She has been raped. She has been taken as the wife of the Serpent against her will, and she is in total captivity.


And the Lord Jesus Christ looks down at this creation, completely denies the whole thing and says, All I see is my spirit. I do not care about the condition she is in now. I do not care that she is living in your house. I do not care that you have raped her. I do not care that you have got her. I do not care what you have got her doing on a day-to-day basis. That is my spirit down there, and she is all that my eyes see. I do not believe your illusion. This whole world, to God, is an illusion. He is above it all. He says, I do not believe your lie.


So when God says He is going to dry up Euphrates, if the Lord Jesus Christ were believing the lie -- what lie? That the human spirit is completely overtaken and dissolved in Satan's sea, giving Satan dominion over her, which is a reality for us who are trapped down here. When the Lord Jesus Christ looks at it, He says, I will not give you the satisfaction of telling you that I see the spirit, which is of Me, dissolved in your sea. I am just going to say, I am going to dry up Eve. I am going to dry up My spirit.


You are all looking at me. Does no one know what I am talking about? Eve is typified by salt. How could you dry up salt? You cannot. Salt is dry. But she is dissolved in Satan's waters. That is how she is going to get dried up. God is going to evaporate the waters of Satan's life so that Eve can be separated or distilled out from him. But God will not give Satan the satisfaction of saying, I am going to dry up Satan or I am going to boil out Satan. He is calling Eve. He is giving Eve the dominion. Nobody knows what I am talking about here.




PASTOR VITALE: What is hitting me? Something is hitting me here. I will try it one more way, and then I will go on. Someone does not understand me. I will try it one more way, and then I will go on.


The salt crystals of Eve, which typify God's life, are dissolved in the waters of Satan's life, which is a defeat for Eve. She is overtaken by Satan. By the Lord saying, I am going to dry up Eve, He is denying Satan's victory.


I will put it one more way. When a woman marries a man, she takes the man's name. For all intents and purposes, Eve is married to the Serpent, and she has taken on his life form. She is in the Serpent's image. She has taken on his life form. She is dissolved in the waters of Satan. It is like saying Eve's name is now Mrs. Satan. But when the Lord goes to deliver her, he is refusing to call her Mrs. Satan. And even though her condition is that she is completely under the dominion and under the control of Satan, God is denying that Satan is her husband, and calling her Mrs. God. That is what we are talking about here.


PASTOR VITALE: So the Lord says He is going to dry up Eve. And the reason he is going to dry her up is so that the ways of the kings of the east can be prepared. What does that mean? What does east typify in the Scripture? Anybody?




PASTOR VITALE: The life of what? Wow, sharp group tonight. Sharp group tonight. The kings of the east. Well, if the east is the life of God, who are the kings of the east?




PASTOR VITALE: Kings are people. Kings are people, the people who are manifesting the life of --


COMMENT: Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: -- Christ. Amen. The kings of the east, the people who are manifesting the life of Christ.


So God is going to dry up Eve. He is going to boil Satan's sea. How is Satan going to be boiled? The whole fallen personality is being cast into the Lake of Fire. And that part of our fallen personality which is water will boil and will evaporate, and Eve will separate from Satan. And she will join with or marry Christ Jesus. And the kings, whose mind is God, will appear.


So we see that Eve, who is joined to Satan, is going to be boiled or dried up so that the Sons of God can appear in humanity. And that was the word that I got when I was listening to the song service, and it really blessed me.


And of course, a manifestation of this is our fallen blood. We have fallen blood, liquid blood, flowing through our veins, through our physical veins. But we know that the Scripture teaches that, in our glorified condition, we will not have liquid blood flowing through our veins anymore. We are presently flesh and blood. But when we are glorified, we shall be flesh and --




PASTOR VITALE: -- bones. Flesh and bone -- well, the spirit is true. The Scripture says bones, but it means spirit. And we are told, in the Old Testament, the life of this fallen flesh is in the --




PASTOR VITALE: -- blood. This blood -- if your body is drained of this blood, this body dies. This body dies. That makes us very vulnerable. If something punctures this body, and the blood pours out, we die. That is not a good -- that is not a strong condition to be in. It is a weak condition to be in.


But if the life of the spirit sustains this flesh, if someone punctures you, purposely or accidentally, if a knife pierces you, and if your heart stops pumping, the body will not die because it will not be this blood, this bile blood, that is sustaining the life of your body. It will be the Spirit of God sustaining the life of this body.


You see, when our spirit is dead, we have a mechanism that keeps this body alive. It is called the blood. When the spirit is dead, the body, or the blood of the body, is keeping the body alive. And when the spirit is dead, the soul has no life. The soul only can live so long as the body is pumping this blood. But when your spirit is raised from the dead, your spirit keeps your soul alive. So even if your blood stopped pumping, if this physical body dies, your soul does not die because the life of the soul is being sustained by the inward parts of the spirit.


Now, just relate this to what I have been teaching you: that, in our fallen condition, all of our needs are met from the outside. Food is gotten from the outside. Warmth is gotten from the outside. Affection and companionship are gotten from the outside. And that this is a vile condition because everything that we receive from the outside we can lose. But in the regeneration, brethren, our every need will be met from within. Do you hear this?


Now, this physical body that we have is extraneous. It is extra. The only reason we have it is because our soul is dead. We are not supposed to need it. It is an additional shell. It is a jailhouse. It is a source of torment for us. It is just necessary until we are raised from the dead. When our spirit is raised from the dead and our soul is sustained by our spirit, we will no longer need this body.


So we see, once again, that that which is sustaining us from the outside has a weakness. This body has a weakness. It can die. It is not ideal. But when our needs are met from the inside out, when it is the spirit that is keeping the soul alive, nothing can kill the soul.


You see, we are supposed to be spirit and soul. We are supposed to be spirit and soul, Father and Son, heaven and earth. There is not supposed to be a third layer to this atom. It is extraneous. It is extra. Satan built this on us. Satan incarnated this creation. And in order for her to do that, she had to build this spacesuit around us. She does not have what it takes to do it right. There are just supposed to be two layers to us: spirit and soul. This physical body is extra. It weights us down. It locks us down here in hell. We are in jail. It is chains on us. We cannot get out.


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