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I have already translated half of Isaiah, Chapter 66. I have got through verse 12. And I am just so excited at the truth of what God intends for us and how much He loves us. And even the truth of the understanding of the Book of Revelation, which I have been telling you for a long time, is not a book for the world. It is a book for the Church.


The Lord is not dealing with the Church as a collective in this dispensation. He dealt with national Israel as a collective, but today He deals with each one of us individually. The whole Book of Revelation is a description of the maturation process or the transition process for His Church, and not only for His Church but for the members of His Church that have been given permission to go on to perfection. The maturation or the transitional process that, whereby we begin as the First Adam and we wind up as the Second Adam, the Second Adam being likened to, similar to, parallel to humanity on the other side of the flood, the main characteristic of which I understand to be an extension of the potential lifetime of this physical body, because humanity on the other side of the flood lived hundreds of years. The oldest man lived to just under 1,000 years.


There is a Scripture in the Book of Job, where Job talks about the fact that he is waiting for his change to come. That Scripture has been in my mind, I think it has been in my mind for a while, but I have not reviewed it yet. I have not seen it in many years. Brethren, there is a change coming, and it comes at the end of a process. Maybe the very end of it will come suddenly, but only for those that are prepared. And everyone will have the opportunity to be prepared in his right order.


The Lord is starting with a small group so that He can demonstrate His handiwork to the members of the Church that do not understand or are having difficulty understanding or are afraid. Listen, brethren, the whole Church is the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are His bride. We must be prepared. The Scripture even says that the Lamb has prepared itself, but nobody in the Church today seems to know what that means.


The Lord is fully aware of the seduction that has taken place to His bride. He is fully aware of the decimation that has been done to His love letter to His bride. What is His love letter? That He is going to save us from complete destruction through judgment. He will save us through judgment. The whole purpose for judgment, individual judgment, is to save us, because His law, the Sowing and Reaping Judgment, will destroy us if we continue in the way we are going.


I would like to give you the latest understanding that I have of the process that will result in us being born again as the Second Adam. Brethren, we were not born again when hands were laid on us. We were not born again when we answered an altar call. What happened when we answered the altar call and had hands laid on us was that the Holy Spirit of Promise entered into our life and began to influence the first man, to prepare the first man for the change, in a very, very, very small way, that preparation taking the form of learning the letter of the Word, learning some of the basics of spiritual warfare, and learning the morality of God. You do not learn that overnight. Eventually, as you get to the advanced stages, you start getting some insight into how God thinks. He is a Savior. Even for those that are not in His Church, He is a Savior.


His enemy is the perverse offspring that is the result of His Son Adam's indiscretion. The unacceptable union, the incestuous and adulterous union of Adam and the animal side of the creation, produced a perverse offspring that does evil deeds. The Lord says, in Isaiah 45:7, I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things. God created the evil one. He created evil.


What is evil? Evil is the exact opposite of what God is. Evil is amorality. Evil is unrighteousness. But even more accurately than that, the amoral side of the creation, that has no knowledge of God, does not know the difference between right or wrong, or righteousness or unrighteousness, that element of the creation is created by God for the purpose of being the backdrop of a visible creation. The blueprint for the creation is that the amoral element should be controlled by the righteous element of the creation. And the righteous element of creation is the man who was supposed to be attached to God.


Man has the potential to be the Son of God. The animal side of the creation does not have the potential to be the Son of God, so it has no potential for righteousness at all. The animal side of the kingdom is the reflection of, or the mirror image of, the invisible righteousness of God. It is the mirror image; it is the footprint; the exact opposite of God.


The intention of God is that the man should be joined to God in an inferior position. The Son of God is not equal to God. God is his Father, and He never does anything that His Father does not tell Him to do, or He never does anything that He does not see His Father do. The Son of God is not equal to God. The prince is not equal to the king. He is not.


The Son of God is destined to be joined to God, never separated from God. And the two of them together have the authority to rule over their reflection. You might say there is a warfare between the invisible and his shadow. The shadow of the Son of God has taken off and done its own thing. And what it is doing is the exact opposite of the reality. That which is supposed to be a reflection of the reality, but is the exact opposite of the reality because, if you look in a mirror, it is the exact opposite. The inmates have taken control of the asylum. That is what has happened.


So because the young boy was seduced away from his Father, he was seduced away from agreement of mind with his Father and turned towards the Serpent or the Snake. The correct word is the Snake. He entered into a union with the Snake; an unholy, illegal union with the Snake, that he actually separated from His Father, out of a combination of curiosity for the animal side of the kingdom and a seduction coming from that direction, and just unawareness, an ignorance of youth. He turned away from the Father, turned towards the Snake, and the Snake bit him.


The Snake was not evil as we understand evil. He was just doing what snakes do. I told you this on Sunday. If you put a human being in a cage with a hungry lion, most likely, the lion will eat the human being. Is the lion evil? No. He just did what a lion would do under those circumstances.


The young boy put his hand in the hole of the asp, and he got bitten. And the result of that bite was; what happens when a snake bites you? The venom goes into your veins and it kills you. Spiritually speaking, the venom went into the boy's veins, but there was an exchange. It was a little different in the spirit. It was an exchange. The two were stuck together, just like that venomous beast hanging off the hand of Paul. Spiritually speaking, that beast attached itself to the boy. And in the spiritual plane, there was a spiritual connection that produced an offspring.


The Snake's venom gets into your veins, and you die, and it is the end of you. But in the spirit, the boy died to his immortality, but there was an additional dimension that does not happen in the natural. That union with the Snake activated the reproductive powers of the animal side of the creation, the part that is the form that will reveal God.


That reproductive ability, that ability to migrate from being a spiritual entity (because the Snake was still spiritual) to be born into a visible form, a visible container that the Son of God would dwell in, was activated. And there was a birth, and that birth is called Cain.


The boy is actually female. I know that is confusing. Adam is male, but with relation to God, He is female, because he is to increase and fill the earth. He is to reproduce. So everything is opposite in the spiritual plane. In this world, it is the woman who has the eggs who produces the physical child. In the spirit, Adam, who is male to us, is female to God, because everyone is female to God. Sometimes I do not know whether to say he or she because I am trying not to confuse you, and I might confuse you because I go back and forth between saying he and she.


The Scripture says it was the woman that spoke to the Snake. Adam was a woman at that point because he had separated from Elohim. His manhood is through union with Elohim. Your potential for spiritual manhood is through union with Elohim. And the proof of your union with Elohim is that you have the mind of Christ. And the proof that you have the mind of Christ is that you start to understand; not only understand esoteric doctrine but desire a deeper understanding than the letter of the Word.


We are told there was an adulterous marriage. The Snake married the boy. That means, in the spiritual world, a permanent union. Although in this world it is supposed to mean a permanent soul union. I am saying it is supposed to mean; it does mean, that is the whole issue. A marriage does mean a permanent soul union. You can get divorced; you can a legal separation; you can physically separate, but you have a soul tie with that person until one of you dies. That is the whole basis of the prohibition for divorce and the restriction against remarriage once you are divorced. Especially if you have children, once you have children, your soul never separates, until either the husband, the wife or the child dies. The soul, that marital soul, never separates.


Let me not lose my place in my colloquy here. There was something born in the spiritual world. There was the boy and the Snake, the female side of the male (because Adam, the Son of God, has two sides: a female side and a male side), and the male side which is attached to Elohim.


When the young boy turned away from Elohim, just for a moment, just for a split second, he just turned away from Elohim and looked towards the Snake, his male and female side separated. His male side that was attached to Elohim remained to Elohim. It was just his female side that turned towards the Snake. The Scripture says that the woman (his female side) turned towards the Snake, joined with the Snake, and the two of them were born together with their offspring. And that is the reality that I just described to you about human marriage that Paul says, It is a great mystery, but the man and his wife are one flesh.


Brethren, when you start reading the Scripture with the mind of God, you will be amazed at what you find. The very same words that meant something completely different to you a day ago or a month ago or a year ago, when you find your mind functioning on a particular level of the mind of God, and you look at those same Scriptures, you see something completely different.


It is all how the spirit in you is reading the Scripture. I am talking about the marriage and the three parties being together. That is the mystery of the Hebrew language. Years ago, when they used to have newspaper stands, you would see Jewish newspapers on the stand with all the Hebrew letters, no vowels. No vowels. So the mind of the Hebrew person reading the prayer book or reading the newspaper had to understand what the writer was saying somehow without the vowels. I do not even understand how they do it, to tell you the truth. But here I am telling you the same principle about the person reading the Scripture. So I guess it is the same thing. It is the mind that is reading the newspaper, or it is the mind that is reading the prayer book.


That Snake and that female side of the boy joined permanently, and when they had that offspring, Cain, they were joined forever. The rescue of the boy from this unholy union is a miracle. It is a miracle in process because the only way you are separated is through death. I just told you that. The only way the soul tie of a marital couple that has produced children is fully broken is through the death of one of the parties. God forbid it should be the child. Nobody likes to hear that today, but that is what the Scripture teaches.


And that spiritual principle is played out fully, with regard to the union with the Snake and the boy, because that did not take place in the physical realm. It took place in the spiritual realm. We are actually giving personal names. It would be as if the soul of the woman and the soul of the man had a name, and the name would be the same name as the outer person.


Let us say John and Mary, just to make up two names. John and Mary got married. John has a soul named John. I went through this with you with the name of God. I said the name is Jesus. The man is Jesus; the soul is Jesus, so the name of your soul is Jesus. So again, you have a physical marriage, and John's soul is also named John, and Mary's soul is also named Mary. And they marry, and they have a child, Jack. And Jack's soul is also named Jack. In the physical world, you have a family: father, mother and son.


The world thinks that you can go to a courthouse and get a piece of paper that says you are divorced, and then the husband and wife split up and go their own way. And when the child grows up; what is happening in this society today is that children are moving away, sometimes to the other side of the world. I know a family where their son is living in Thailand, and their children are living all over the world. Sometimes the family breaks up, and the children do not stay in touch with the parents.


We see children that do not take care of their parents when they are elderly. You think that you cannot take care of your parents when they are elderly? You are very mistaken. That is a serious violation to your soul, because that soul tie exists. Whether the physical shadow is reflecting the reality or not, the soul tie exists, and therefore the obligation exists. And the violation of the shadow doing something different than the reality produces or brings into or activates the law of God, which brings a judgment. So that was just a deviation of what I was saying. That is just the reality of our existence.


I just want you to check out one of the Scriptures I woke up with this morning. I read this Scripture that says, And the cities fell. And I said, Wow, they are falling now. This city is fallen, and each one of us is an individual city. We are falling morally.  The individual is falling morally. The actual geographical city is falling morally. Everything is falling. We are in freefall, brethren. The culture of the world is in freefall, and the West is taking the lead; America and Britain are taking the lead. We are in freefall.


The Scripture says the woman, the woman or the boy, depending on point you are trying to make. You could say it either way. Technically, a young boy is asexual. A prepubescent boy could be, from a spiritual point of view, female, if you can hear that.


The two of them are stuck together with their son, Cain. They become one entity: the Snake; the spiritual female, which is actually a prepubescent boy, that is why he is called a female; and their offspring, Cain. And that embryo has metastasized and produced an environment for itself, which is this world. And it is evil. It is evil.


Jehovah came in with His Spirit to bring a good influence to an evil world. The world became good and evil but, at its root, primarily evil. We find that its good inclinations come from the external influence of God. All you have to do is look at children, and you see the evil inclination in the child, which must be civilized by the influence of God.


This is the condition of humanity. This is the First Adam of the earth. The boy was born: the boy, which is actually, if you can hear this, the male seed of Jehovah. The male seed of Jehovah, on a very high spiritual level, is given a personal name, Adam. It is actually the seed of God.


Paul says, in 1 Corinthians,  Do you not understand? That which is sown is not that which is reaped. The First Adam is the seed that was sown that sprouted into a physical form prematurely. The spiritual is supposed to go under the ground of the earth. The animal kingdom is tied to the earth.  The animal kingdom is the soul of these earthen bodies. The earth was not supposed to bring forth before the boy, who was attached to Elohim, brought it forth. The animal soul caused the earth to produce, to come into existence in a visible form and create this whole world.


The plan of God is still going forward, just from a fallen state. He has to pick it up from its malformation and go forward with the plan. And the plan is that the First Adam is of the earth, earthy. We are the seed, this combination of animal soul with the earth that forms the body. As far as the human is concerned, it is the nefesh soul in your blood, the soul that that died because it sinned. It is in the blood; it is in your blood. And the body, which is the source of lust; we are talking about all kinds of lust: lust for dominion, lust for control, lust for food, lust for love. It does not have to be lust for sex, although lust for sex is a big issue for humans, but it is the body that is lust. And the soul, which is emotional, comes from the animal kingdom, which was created between the third, fourth and fifth but mostly the fifth day of creation.


The intelligence of the animal kingdom was created on the fifth day of creation. This is when the Snake (the Snake is a many-membered Snake), that Serpent, the reptilian world and the aliens, which are both the insects and the birds, came into existence.  We do not know what they looked like. Spiritual insects, spiritual birds, spiritual reptilians; that consciousness, that intelligence came into existence on the fifth day of creation and they are very intelligent. They are more intelligent than the boy, but they are not more intelligent than the boy joined to Elohim. All of these aliens that you hear about, they are all demons, brethren. And they are more intelligent than you are unless you are approaching them joined to the Lord Jesus Christ.


That does not mean that you answered an altar call and you have a born-again experience, which is really not a born-again experience. What has happened to you is that the Spirit of Promise has entered into your life and is influencing you, the First Adam, to be a better person. On a scale of 1 to 10, let us say you are an average, 5. If you have problems in life, maybe you are a 4 or a 3 or a 2. The Holy Spirit of Promise in your life can move you up that scale to a 6, a 7, an 8. You are still the First Adam. You are not born again. The Lord is influencing your life for the better, because there has already been a birth. The earth has given birth. The first birth is the formation of these bodies. The earth was formed prematurely, and that is why we die after a season: because we are the premature formation of the earth.


The earth is going to be born again. The earth is going to be reformed into a form that does not die after a season. And the formation of the earth comes from the soul within. So for the earth to be reformed, we need a new soul, because the soul, which is in the marrow of your bones, which died because it sinned, can only form the earth for a short period of time.


It is actually the soul of the Second Adam that does not have a body. The Lord Jesus Christ does not have a body today. He gave up His body. His body died. The body of the Lord Jesus Christ was called Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of Nazareth died. The body of Jesus of Nazareth did not rise from the dead. What rose from the dead was the hybrid child, which was the offspring of the higher soul of Jesus of Nazareth.


This is very important, brethren. Jesus of Nazareth was born with a higher soul. The angel Gabriel came to visit Mary, and Mary's soul conceived. That was the virgin conceiving. Her soul, her virgin soul, conceived. Then she got married, and the marriage was consummated, and she and Joseph conceived a human child. And the conception of Mary's soul entered into that embryo, and there was a dual birth there. Just read the King James. There was a dual birth: the child and that holy thing.


A physical body cannot be a holy thing. This body is not holy; it is an animal body. It eats, and then it eliminates. It has to sleep. This body cannot be holy. Jesus slept. He ate. There is no reason to believe He did not sleep. We know that He ate. We have no reason to believe  that His body did not have an elimination process. The body is not holy.


The baby was born, and that holy thing was born with it; a holy soul, a soul that comes from God. It was imparted to Mary, and that conception was the union of the soul of God with the soul of Mary so that it could be imparted to the physical embryo. And I think there is something there that I do not understand completely, but that is the way that I understand it right now, to my best ability: that the soul of God had to be joined to Mary to be transferred to the embryo.


That was the conception of Mary's soul. Mary's soul was joined to God, like the boy was joined to Elohim until he turned his back towards the Snake. I keep preaching things I have never heard of before, so that is why I stumble; this is the Lord preaching through me. The soul of Mary was joined to the soul of God through the mediator, the angel Gabriel.


And through that union of Mary's soul to the soul of God, which is what we have when we are joined to Christ, not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is great, but He is not the end. There is an experience that comes after the Holy Spirit and it is called Christ. There is an element of the Godhead that comes; we are only experiencing the Godhead an element at a time or a layer at a time. Christ comes after the Holy Spirit, and they are not the same.


Christ is the man. The Holy Spirit is the female. You have to have a relationship with the man. And the sign that you have a relationship with the man is that you start to desire a deeper understanding of the Word because the female sings and dances and feeds the poor and has many joyous experiences, but the man is intellectual. And if you are not intellectual, when He attaches Himself to you, He will make you intellectual. Do not panic because you are not intellectual, but you need to submit yourself to the process that will birth that intellectual ability in you. If you do not have it naturally, it has to be birthed in you.


I just had a really interesting thought. Do you mind if I use your two boys as an example? Well, somebody sitting in this room has two sons; one is obviously intellectual, and the other is not. I do not mean; you all understand what I mean, OK? And the two young men grew up, and one young man went to college, and the other young man got a very good job working with his hands, and actually wants nothing to do with going to college at all. And so the question has been asked: Why did the young man that is working with his hands get the Holy Spirit, and the other young man did not, at least, as of this day, get the Holy Spirit? Because the Holy Spirit is the beginning of his ability, if he will pursue it, to develop the intellectual mind that the other young man has.


I have met a lot of Christians that say, Oh, that is not for me. I like to give out tracts. My ministry is to feed the poor. Well, that is a good ministry. But if you want to go on with God, you must become a man because all of the children of God are males. They are spiritual males; God only has male children. If what you have is the Holy Spirit, you are not a child of God.


Oh, I just hear them screaming! I am telling you the truth. Having the Holy Spirit does not make you a child of God. The Holy Spirit is the female that comes to introduce you to God. To be a child of God, you have to start reading the Scripture and moving in the intellectual mode because God is intellectual. God is mind. God is righteousness. God is morality. All of these are functions of mind. Righteousness, morality; it is not what you feel, it is what you believe and then how you act on those beliefs. Ethics, morals, righteousness; that is the nature of God.  And that is not the female. The female is the divine influence on the heart. The female is compassion. We need both. But if you want to go on with God, you must submit yourself to Him and let Him develop that intellectualism in you. And He can do it if you will let Him.


Some of you may remember my testimony when the Lord brought me into Kabbalah, the book that He started me with. I did not even realize I was doing it. I got all excited, and then I opened the book, and I read it, and it was not conscious that I did not understand a word that I was reading, and I just put it down. It was not conscious. I think the Lord brought me back to it about three times, and I unconsciously just put it down.


The Lord came to me one day and said, Sheila, why are you not reading the book that I told you to read? At which point, I said, Lord, I cannot understand a word of it. And He said to me something like, If you will submit yourself to Me, I will enable you to understand it. That is the book I want you to read. I do not even think He said that to me, He just said, That is the book I want you to read. I said, Lord, I do not understand it. He said, Read it anyway.


I had the same experience with the Bible. Reading the prophets, I did not understand a word I was reading. But I had a breakthrough when I was reading the Bible. After six months of reading words that meant absolutely nothing to me, the experience was very painful. I had a vision, and my whole spiritual world opened to me, and I saw the mighty angel of Revelation holding the book in his hand: one foot on the sea, one foot on the land. And from that day forward I started to understand the Scripture.


Something similar happened with Kabbalah. I was reading the book, and it meant nothing to me, nothing to me at all. And then I had another spiritual experience, which actually alarmed me at first. I said, Lord, if this was not of you, I am in a lot of trouble. But apparently it was God. Something entered into me and enabled me to begin to understand Kabbalah. So that is the reality.


Humanity is the material manifestation of the unholy soul tie of the boy, the female side of the creation; the Snake, representing the animal kingdom, who was wiser than the boy that was separated from the Father; and their offspring. They are all stuck together, and they produced an environment, which is this world, and that child has to die. The spiritual child, Cain, has to die so that the soul tie can be broken up.


It is really interesting, what I just said. Yesterday, as I was translating Isaiah, Chapter 66, one of the verses led me to Scriptures in the Book of Revelation. I woke up with it this morning. And the city was divided in three parts. And I said, Lord, what city? The city is talking about the great Babylon. The great Babylon was divided into three parts. What is the great Babylon, and what are the three parts it is divided into?


As of this morning, I got to the revelation.  I am seeing very clearly right now that the great Babylon is what I just described to you. Everything, all of the actions, the activities, the mentality, the evil that comes out of Babylon, all originates from a core. And the core is that ball, that soul, which is comprised of the female aspect of the man, the animal wisdom, and their evil offspring, which is Cain.


In case I did not make it clear, the offspring that was produced does evil deeds. The Snake itself is only evil to the extent that it is incapable of righteousness; therefore it must be controlled by the righteousness of God, because it can go in either direction. It has the wisdom of God without the righteousness of God, so it must be controlled. The animal kingdom was not doing any evil; they were not performing any evil deeds. They just had a potential to do evil. Just like the boy was immortal and had not sinned yet but had the potential to sin, the animal kingdom, signified by the Snake, had the potential to do evil but had not done any evil yet. And the naive boy and the animal kingdom that had the potential to do evil, his animal side, that union resulted in an offspring, called Cain, or a new form. They were born into a new form that now began to do evil deeds.


We see how the Snake (that term typifying the animal kingdom, the animal part of the creation, the animal kingdom), actually was the boy's potential to do evil. The boy was innocent. He was immortal because he had never done evil, but he had the potential to do evil, and his potential to do evil was the very Snake that he communicated with. So he communicated with his own potential to do evil. And something was born of that union, and as he communicated with his own potential to do evil, then the actual evil action came forth in the form of Cain, which has been doing evil actions ever since. Is that not interesting?


So this is the state of the First Adam. First of all, Cain has to die. Who is going to kill Cain? The Second Adam, the Lord from heaven, is going to kill Cain. Who is the Lord from heaven? He is that which was born in Jesus of Nazareth, that which was supposed to have been born from Adam, had he not committed adultery with the Snake.


How did this happen? God, through the angel Gabriel, gave Mary a new seed or a new soul that was not corrupted. The boy's soul was corrupted. He was corrupted. Two things happened to him: He separated from God (turned his back on God, lost communication with, lost contact with God) and joined with the animal kingdom. And he just turned his head away from God towards the animal. He did not even know what was happening to him. That is why the Scripture says, Forsake not fellowship with the saints. It is very dangerous being out there on your own.


The Lord sent a new soul to Mary, to be imparted to her baby, the whole intention being that Jesus of Nazareth was intended to be a human being similar to the other human beings but different in that He had a soul that was not blemished. I just said that incorrectly. Let me say that again. Who was Jesus of Nazareth? In the soul realm, He had the potential to be who Adam was before the fall. He had an unblemished soul. He was born with the blemished soul that we all are born with, which is actually Cain.


That is the core of humanity, whoever you are; I do not care how good you are. I do not care what a nice person you are or whether you cast out demons or you tithe all the time or you prophesy. None of that matters. We are all in the same state. The foundation by which we were born into this world is the foundation of the Snake, joined to the female side of the boy, and their offspring, Cain.


That is why Paul says, There is only one foundation that is laid that can be actually called a foundation. And that foundation is the Lord Jesus Christ, because the foundation that you are born with is not much of a foundation, since it collapses after a few years. We have a spiritual foundation, and it is the Snake, joined to the female, joined to their offspring, Cain. We need a new foundation, and the Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation stone, the first stone of the new building. What is the new building? The new man that is going to live up to a thousand years. It is a new building.


We are called the building. We are a many-membered building, which is a  temple of God. All of humanity is a many-membered building. The buildings that have the root or an element of the foundation of God in it are the temple. You must have the root of Israel to be the temple, but all of humanity, everyone born of a woman, is part of a building. It is a building because Adam is made to be the house of God.


The Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation stone of the new building. The first building that was born was born prematurely is corrupt, so it dies after a very short period of time. What the Lord is doing is an outright miracle. He is building the foundation of the new building that is designed to live for up to a thousand years. He is building that foundation by planting the foundation stone right in the first building that only lives for 70, 80, 90 or maybe 100 years. Is that an incredible message?


Why would He be doing that? Because this building is made from the spiritual earth. So the spiritual earth is no longer just particles floating around. The spiritual earth is no longer just a flat terrain that you can look out your window and see. The physical earth has already been formed. The material earth has already been formed. The substance that forms the material earth has already been formed, even though He did not want it in this form. He had wanted to build the building out of earth that was just flat earth to start with. But there was an accident, and the young boy, His young son, made a mistake. God warned him, but he turned away. He did not think. He was not even thinking. He just turned away. He was joined to the animal kingdom, got bitten by the animal, and the earth was formed without God.


This is the earth. We are all there is, so if the Lord wants to reform the earth (at least the next stage is bodies that live up to 1,000 years), He has to do it with this earth, because this earth, my body, your body, is all that there is. He is planting the foundation of the next building, the building that is going to live up to 1,000 years. He is building the foundation of that building in this building that only lives 70, 80, 90 or 100 years, on the average. Not many make it to 100, although more and more are making it to 100 these days. But the question is, if they make it to 100, how functional are they? We live a very short, very, very short lifetime. Apparently, once you hit 1,000 years, that is the beginning of immortality; the beginning of the age that will never end. The average person does not even live to one tenth of that ideal, which would be 100 years.


I will say it again. Humanity is a building made for God to inhabit. We are a house for God. And the earth was formed prematurely, and it is not eligible for immortality. The second body that is capable of living up to 1,000 years, that body is eligible to return to the immortality of innocence. This body is not good for anything except to be trashed. This body is the home of Cain, the illegal offspring who does evil deeds. At some point, it will burn up, but it will be a spiritual burning. Peter talks about that: The elements will collapse, et cetera, et cetera.


So God is laying the foundation stone of the second building right inside of the first building. Who ever heard of such a thing? And that is what He did with Jesus of Nazareth when He sent Gabriel to cause Mary's soul to conceive. To conceive what? A union with God, which therefore restored Mary to the condition, or to a parallel condition because, of course, the First Adam before the fall was not fallen, and he was not in the flesh. Mary was fallen, and she was in the flesh.


So she came into a parallel condition to Adam before the fall, through her union with God, through the mediator, Gabriel. And that parallel condition is demonstrated through her soul's direct union with God, which soul also entered into her human child, being that holy thing that was born with her human child, called Jesus of Nazareth; giving Jesus of Nazareth the opportunity to fulfill the potential of Adam before the fall, not from the soul that was in the marrow of His bones, of the human man Jesus of Nazareth, but through an additional soul that was given to Him by a miraculous union of the Elohim, the Spirit of God, to the human woman Mary, that was then transferred to her son.


Opportunity. An opportunity. When you are born with that union, one would say, how could you fail? The union that I have now; I believe that I have a higher soul that is attached to God. He is my everything. I cannot even imagine life without Him. That was what Mary received. That is why Mary became Jesus' disciple. There is no talk of Joseph becoming Jesus' disciple. Mary was a disciple. She was attached to God, so she recognized her son. She recognized Him for who He was, and she submitted to Him in His adulthood and submitted to Him spiritually and was one of His followers.


Jesus was a natural man. He was the First Adam, but He had something additional that no one else had. No Jews had it. None of the Israelites had it. He had something additional. When I say that no one else had it, what did national Israel have? To the best of my understanding, national Israel had the higher soul of God. They were caught up to a very high place, but it was not born in them. It was given to them. It was not born; it was not a part of them.


To help you understand that, let me review the two kinds of reincarnation. The first kind of reincarnation is called gilgul. It is when the soul enters into the embryo while the embryo is still an embryo, and it is born as a part of the child. It is born like your heart is born, like your lungs are born. It is born as a part of the child Then the other kind of reincarnation is ibur. It comes after the person is born, and the additional soul enters in and can leave because it is not permanently attached. It enters in, and it can leave.


That was what happened to Israel. That is how national Israel lost their anointing without being killed, because national Israel turned to the worship of the goat god. They started worshipping idols. The judgment for idolatry is death. If the additional soul of God was joined to the men of Israel as gilguls, as a very part of them, God would have had to have wiped out the whole nation of Israel. But that was not what happened. What happened was that the higher soul of national Israel left, and they ceased to be a supernatural people, and they became natural men that could not overcome the enemies of the land of Canaan. They did not fully take the victory. They never fully possessed the land of Canaan.


Jesus was born with the soul of God, or probably He was born with a cleansed soul, because the soul in the marrow of our bones is filthy. That is why we die after a season. Our soul is filthy, filled with sin. Jesus was born with an additional soul that was clean.


Was it attached to God from His birth, or not? Possibly not. He was raised up as a Jew. He was taught the Bible. I honestly do not know. We will see if the Lord tells me. I keep telling you, brethren, I preach by revelation. A lot of this, I am hearing for the first time, and then I have to go back and ask the Lord, so I am not really sure. Sometimes He answers me right here while I am preaching, and sometimes He does not.


If I had to guess, I would say that Jesus was not born with that holy thing already attached to God. He was born with a holy thing, a soul of Israel, that was influencing the boy. And of course, His parents trained Him up, taught Him about God, and then gave Him the Scripture to read, et cetera, et cetera. According to Israelite law, at 13 years old, if you train up the boy, and he has the ritual and the ceremony called Bar Mitzvah, what is supposed to result from that is the union of the righteous soul with the Spirit of God. So my guess is He was born with an additional soul, or that the union did not take place until He was 13. I could be mistaken, but that is my guess right now.


What I am telling you this morning is that Jesus was born with the potential to have a relationship, an experiential and actual relationship, with the Spirit of God. And then Jesus completed the process that we are all waiting for now. We are waiting for a parallel experience to what Jesus had.


And what was the experience that Jesus had? The additional soul that He had did hook up with the Spirit of God, and that union produced an offspring. Just like the boy, or the female side of the soul, joined with the Snake, and it produced an offspring that expressed the potential of the Snake; the union of the female side of the boy and the Snake produced an offspring, called Cain, that produced a soul that would express the nature of the Snake who moved into the male role and replaced Elohim. Their offspring reflected the nature of the Snake: evil. But the Snake had never done any evil deeds, but he materialized in a form; through the substance of the boy, the Snake was able to come into existence in a form whereby he could now act out his evil potential.


Jesus was born with an additional soul, and His interaction with God produced an offspring, a parallel of Cain that, these days, I am calling Abel; I am calling the resurrected Abel because we know Cain killed Abel. The union of God, with the additional soul in Jesus of Nazareth, produced an offspring. This is a parallel experience to what I just described about the female side of the boy and the Snake that produced Cain. The additional righteous soul that Jesus inherited through the angel Gabriel had a relationship with Elohim and produced an offspring that reflected the nature of the male in the relationship, and that male in the relationship is Elohim.


We have an Abel, or what I have been calling a hybrid soul, because it is more than Abel, it is a hybrid soul, fathered by Elohim, which has the ability to act out the righteous nature of Elohim. We have a hybrid soul, which came into existence, which is modern-day humanity, that has the potential to act out evil deeds, the nature of the Snake, and only one of them can continue to live.


Jesus of Nazareth was the first human being to have the fullness of the two natures. Once those two natures come into existence in you, only one can live. Either Christ in you has to kill Cain, or Cain will kill Christ in you. And that is the warfare of the believer. If you do not understand this message, first of all, the hybrid soul may never be born in you. Or if He is born in you, as demonstrated by the Dragon getting ready to consume the man child being born; if He is born in you, He will be swallowed up by the Dragon. If you do not fight the fight, if you are not engaged in the warfare, He will be consumed. If you are passive, He will be consumed.


Jesus of Nazareth was the first man to have this experience. Or let me say, He was the first one that the experience was completely fulfilled in. I do not know how many others came before Him that failed, if any. I do not know.


Jesus' soul gave birth to a hybrid soul, the enemy of the soul of fallen Adam, which is humanity as we know him today. The Savior, the hero, the hybrid soul. Sometimes I do not know what the right names are. I am not calling Him Christ because I think that we can have Christ in us, and He is not a hybrid soul yet. Christ would be the higher soul of God that has the ability to give birth to the hybrid. And I do not know what to call the hybrid other than the hybrid. Maybe it is Christ Jesus; I am not really sure. Maybe that is who Christ Jesus is. I do not know.


Jesus gave birth to the enemy of Cain. He gave birth to the Savior. He gave birth to the avenger of blood. Jehovah actually birthed the avenger of blood right into the human being where the murderer was living.


Now, what happened in Jesus of Nazareth is just a sample of what is happening in every member of humanity. Every member of humanity, which is a cell in the body of the First Adam, has the potential to reproduce this experience. The reality of the birth of Cain was that it was also the death of Abel. For Cain to be born, Abel died. Who is Abel? Abel is the boy that interacted with the Snake. Abel is the boy, the prepubescent boy, so he is called a female. He is called the woman, because he is prepubescent, that committed adultery with the Snake and prematurely produced a child with the nature of the Snake.


That was the death of Abel. Who was the boy? Who was the female side of the creation? The potential, when attached to Elohim, to interact with the earth and produce a creation that had the ability to perform actions with the nature of God. That is who Abel was. He was the boy. He died when he was born as Cain because he interacted with the wrong male, and he was born as Cain instead of Christ.


It is not easy preaching this knowing that the whole Church is steeped in false doctrine; fantasy, fantastical doctrine. The whole Church and all of humanity is enchanted. We have been taken over by an enchantment, the delusion of the Snake.


So that is who Jesus of Nazareth was. His soul, His higher soul that was given to Him by His mother, who received it from God through the angel Gabriel, He was born with an additional soul. His soul, which was already a holy thing that He was born with, gave birth to a hybrid, the offspring of Elohim and the boy. Jesus of Nazareth became the boy. Now, there is a term in the Zohar, I think it is called lad in the Zohar, the lad.


Jesus, with the higher soul, also had a lower soul. Brethren, you cannot have a physical body without having a lower soul. There are very well-meaning Christians that have just believed the King James translation in faith, but there is no way that a human body could be God. God was revealed through that human body, through the higher soul that Jesus had. But Jesus was a human being. A human being cannot be God. He was not deity. He was the Son of God, and He was the Son of God because the life of God was present in Him and flowed through Him.


Jesus said to Nathaniel, Nathaniel, do you not know? Do you not recognize the Father, that He has been with you? I have been with you all of this time, and you do not know the Father? You are still asking to see the Father? In other words, I have been teaching you for three years, and you still do not get it.


There are people here that I have been teaching for a lot longer than that that still do not understand a lot of things that I say. And that is not a condemnation; it is something I have to live with. You cannot understand these principles until Christ in you understands them, and it really is line by line. So if I preach something here, if I preach on a level of 10 here, and your development is only up to 5, you may not understand it today. But maybe, five years from now, maybe you will remember it and understand it.


That is what Jesus was saying: I have been teaching you esoteric doctrine for more than three years, and you still do not understand that the Father is the nature that is inside of Me? You do not understand that there is an additional soul in Me that has produced an offspring, a hybrid soul, a soul that can dwell in a physical body as well as surviving without the physical body? That this hybrid soul that I have is capable of being joined to the third degree of power of Jehovah, which is called the Mother, because she is the element of Jehovah that is actually doing the hands-on work of creation?


The Zohar calls her the Mother, and ex-Catholics get all upset with me. But you need to get a grip on yourself. It is a spiritual reality that Jehovah has a female dimension, and she is the dimension that is actually bringing forth the children and nourishing them. What children? The hybrid soul that is born from the righteous soul, which is Christ, interacting with Elohim, producing a spiritual offspring, a soul with the nature of God, who is capable of existing in a human form and also capable of existing without a human form through union with the third degree of Jehovah's power, which is called the Mother.


That is exactly what happened to Jesus of Nazareth. When His body died, the hybrid soul that was joined to the Mother; He received permission from His Mother to continue without the body. He said, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani. Mother, will this hybrid soul in Me (that He called El, the name of God associated with the fourth grade of power), Will you let El (meaning El and everything that was attached to Him, the whole hybrid embryo. It is still an embryo: hybrid, embryonic soul), Will you permit us to continue? Sabachthani means continue. Forsake is an accurate translation of the word or continue is an accurate translation of the word.


Will you let the El within me, the God within Me; the hybrid soul is God. The hybrid soul inside of Jesus of Nazareth was God, but Jesus of Nazareth was not God. Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani, Mother, will you let the soul, the hybrid soul, which is God inside of Me, will you let Him continue? And obviously she said yes because He continued. He appeared to 500 witnesses.


There was something inside of Him that could live without the body if it was attached to the Mother, but the Mother had to receive it. There are probably souls from the Snake side of the creation that can live outside of the body, but there is nothing for them to attach to, or what they are attaching to do not have immortality themselves.


Let me say that again, because I do believe that there is a dimension where there are beings that are living for thousands of years, but that they will eventually die when Jesus takes over the kingdom. In other words, the false or the counterfeit son (Cain is the counterfeit son in that he is not entitled to the inheritance). The inheritance of the hybrid soul: the wisdom of God, the intelligence of God, the nature of God, is in the hybrid soul. I believe His name is Christ Jesus, but I can get the names wrong. You need to understand the spiritual principle.


The hybrid soul that is born of a righteous soul, which can only come from God, it is in addition to the soul in the marrow of the bones that has formed this body. When that higher soul interacts with God, with Jehovah Elohim, and produces an offspring, a soul capable of performing actions based upon the nature that it received from the male, which is Jehovah Elohim's righteousness, that is what was was born in Jesus, the hybrid soul; an embryonic, hybrid soul. The other side has the same thing: an embryonic hybrid soul. Listen, the other side has the same thing and has had it for a long time.


And it is not everybody that is born of a woman. There are people that practice witchcraft in this world that have this experience. There is a lot of literature about it if you want to believe it. There is a whole spiritual discipline, I think it is called the I AM (I have not looked into that kind of thing in a long time), that will claim that the hybrid soul on the other side has come forth in Aleister Crowley and other people that have pursued the dark arts.


What happens to them when that hybrid soul comes out of the body? What happens to them is that there is a dimension that they dwell in, but they can only live for a season, unless they are either attached to God or attached to another body. And the Mother is not saying, Come. She is not holding out her hand. That imagery of Peter asking Jesus if he could come and walk on the water, and Jesus saying, Come, that is an image, a word picture of the Mother, of Jesus crying out on the cross, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani. Can the hybrid soul (can El in me, because El is Me), can I live? And the Mother saying, Come. The Mother is not saying, Come, to the hybrid soul of Cain, which is called Lucifer. She is not saying, Come. So all of those that have survived, and apparently there is a company of them, are in another spiritual dimension.


Now, brethren, listen very carefully. You are in another spiritual dimension which very well may have a material application in this world as another planet. Listen, listen. I am going to say it again. Cain has produced a hybrid soul, it is called Lucifer. It is a hybrid embryonic soul, and there are people that Lucifer existed in where the body has died, and Lucifer continues to exist in another dimension.


There is a company of them, Luciferian hybrids, that their bodies died. They exist in another dimension; it is a spiritual dimension. And that dimension has a material expression of itself that appears in our world as another planet. But the reality is not the planet. The reality is the invisible spiritual dimension. The projected image of the demon (because that is what they are; they are demons); their projected image is not the reality; it is a projected image. The reality is the hybrid soul of Cain, called Lucifer.


Listen to me very carefully, because this is very important, and you really need to know this. I am going back to Jesus now. Jesus was the first man to have this experience. There are many Luciferian souls. Jesus was the first man; He is the only Begotten Son and the first begotten from the dead. His hybrid soul, we are going to call it Christ Jesus, survived and is now joined to the Mother. So His hybrid soul is now immortal, but He is lacking a body. The creation of God is a hybrid soul born into a form. Jesus needs a body.


The Scripture says, A body you have prepared for Me. We are His body. The Church is His many-membered body, and the true Church are the people that have the root of Israel. The true Church are the people that have the higher soul of God that the Lord Jesus Christ, who is a spiritual man, will be stepping down into and taking on our physical bodies permanently.


Initially, He will be an ibur, which means He came in and He can leave. He can come in and He can go at will, but He has not attached Himself permanently yet. He has not performed the miracle of making the relationship between Himself and the body as a gilgul after the birth of the body, which has never been done before, except in Jesus of Nazareth. I am sorry; it has not been done in Jesus of Nazareth yet either. Jesus' hybrid soul left. His body died. His body died.


The miracle we are about to see; let me tell it to you again: two kinds of reincarnation. A gilgul, the soul that is going to be the overriding personality and inhabitant of the body, is born with the baby. That is what its intention is, but in the past has never been able to overtake the soul of Cain, which is in the marrow of the bones. Cain is too strong because he is married to his mother and his father.


Jesus escaped the body. The hybrid soul escaped the body and exists in an immortal state through attachment to His mother. But He has to leave His mother and His father and marry His wife. His wife are the physical bodies of the Church, and the true Church are the people that have the additional soul, and that that additional soul has managed to connect with the Spirit of God above and is serving Jehovah, the living God.


Every human being that is born with the root does not see its potential. And then that person dies, and the root has to reincarnate again. But the reincarnating roots are the feet. They are the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ, that of Himself which He will be attaching Himself to. The creation of God is the Lord Jesus Christ, joined to the right hand of the Father, joined to His Mother, and yet attached to His feet in humanity, being permanently joined to both.


Right now, as I understand it in me (and you can ask Him what your condition is), we all have the potential for this experience. I saw Him step down into me a couple of weeks ago; I told you that. But He is not permanently attached to me. First, it was His influence teaching me or allowing me to preach like this. First, I experienced His influence. Then His influence in me grew. Then the hybrid soul in me came into existence, and there was a time when it was the hybrid soul in me that was preaching. Then, somewhere along the line, I do not know when, maybe when I started preaching Kabbalah. I do not even know, brethren. All I know is that the message coming forth in me is the most incredible thing I have ever heard, and it is coming forth from Him, as He grows in me.


So exactly where is He in me right now? I am just the example you can look at. This is for you too. I saw Him step down into me a couple of weeks ago. The next step is for Him to attach Himself in a way that would be as if He was born as a gilgul: attach Himself so that He is completely, in every cell of body, one with me. I am the example. This could happen to you too.


Does anybody not know what I am talking about? Sheila made herself God. No, I am not making myself God. Jesus was not God. I am talking about the experience that is about to happen to those who are ready. I am trying to get you ready by telling you the truth.


So, Christ in you; where are you? You have to ask God. Do you have Christ? Do you have Christ Jesus? Do you have the Holy Spirit? Who are you? Are you just assuming who you are, or have you asked the Lord? Where are you in your spiritual development? What month, what trimester are you in?


Right now, my understanding is that He has stepped down into me. The sign of it is that the revelation just keeps pouring out. Each layer of revelation gets us closer to understanding the process that will bring our change. Job said, I wait for my change to come. The change is from the First Adam to the Second Adam, which, once the Second Adam is resident in us, not present in us but resident in us, will change the DNA so that these bodies can survive to the end of the age, which is another 200 some-odd years, at which time we enter into the new age, where the return to the immortality of innocence will be available to everyone. If we do not experience the Second Adam, we will die before that invitation is offered.


He is inside of me, but He is not attached to me. He is about to be attached to me. I am not even sure how that is going to happen. I just understand that it will be the unification of the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus in me, which unification will produce a change in my DNA, and then He will be possessing me through every cell of my body, which will change my DNA. That is the next step.


Now, listen, it is not about me or you. It is about Him. It is about the hybrid soul whose name is Jesus. But He is not Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of Nazareth died. This is the hybrid soul that was born of Jesus. His name is Jesus too. And right now, instead of being joined to a physical body of Jesus of Nazareth, He is joined to His Mother. But He does not have a body. And God has promised Him a body, and His body is His wife, and not just a body but a body with Christ Jesus formed in it. He has to have something that He can marry. He is marrying the higher soul in me. He is marrying the higher soul in you.


And that union is a fusion that will produce a large degree of energy that will change your DNA, because the union of the Lord Jesus Christ (that is the name of the hybrid soul), joining with Christ in you, will cause a fusion that will change your DNA, that will let you live until the end of the age or the beginning of the next age, when the offer to return to the immortality of innocence will be offered to everyone, but through the same process that I am describing now.


You do not get this from answering an altar call or having hands laid on you. It is a process, and you have to die to everything that you were. You cannot have both lives. You cannot go to heaven, brethren, and be eating Italian dinners because, when you go to heaven, you are like the angels. You do not eat Italian dinners anymore, and you do not have sex anymore.


And, as hard as this might be for you to hear, your relationships change. You no longer have a human-type family life. Now you become members of the family of God. It is His business that occupies your mind and your life. So the people that you have relationships with, the people that you get closest with, are the people that are absorbed in what He is interested in. Your priorities change. You do not abandon anyone who is in your life today, but your priorities change. Your whole life changes. Your interests change. You become a different person.


The main message this morning is: That is the next stage. Right now, the Lord Jesus Christ is; who is the Lord Jesus Christ? He is the hybrid soul that was produced from the body or from the higher soul of Jesus of Nazareth, that survived the death of the body of Jesus of Nazareth, that is joined to the third degree of Jehovah's power, which is called the Mother. And He needs a body, and the body that God promised Him is the many-membered body of His Church. But we have to be prepared for Him to step down into us without destroying us. He does not want a dead bride on His hands. He wants a living bride. He wants to give us eternal life.


How are we prepared? By and large, to be thinking on His level. Now, of course His mind is infinite, but at least in that realm. We may never, although the Scripture says we can attain to what He attained to, but we can never go past Him. We need to be able to relate to Him on His level.


When you are a child, your prayers are, Lord, give me, give me, give me, give me, give me. I need, I need, I need, I need. When you become an adult, first of all, you no longer go wherever you want to go. Jesus clearly said, Now someone dresses Him; you go where you are sent, and where you are sent is not always pleasant. It is frequently unpleasant.


Jesus, the hybrid soul that was born from Jesus of Nazareth, needs a body, and we are His bodies. He is stepping down into bodies. How long He will be in there without joining to us, I do not know, but when He joins to us, that union will be in every cell of our body, and it will change our DNA.


The Luciferian hybrid souls that are in another dimension, who are manifesting or projecting an image of themselves on some planet out there somewhere, they need a body also. There is only one Lord Jesus Christ. He is a great spiritual being that can possess many bodies. But there are many Luciferians out there, and they need a body too. They are looking for a body.


It is going to be impossible for them to get into a house that is already occupied. There is no rapture, brethren. Your safety is in being married because you cannot get into a strong man's house unless you first remove the strong man, and you will never remove Christ Jesus. So I think I just explained the process to you.


I read an article today or the other day that I wanted to share with you. I want to give you an application of what I just told you. Do you understand that there are two camps of spiritual entities? Jesus is in that camp by Himself. He is the only one, but He is capable of possessing all of us and marrying all of us. And there are many Luciferians, disembodied Luciferians that have been forbidden by God to go anywhere near humans, who are looking for a body because, if they do not attach themselves to a body, they will eventually die. Even if they are thousands of years old now, they will eventually die. This is the story of the Tower of Babel: Let us build a tower, lest we should be scattered on the earth. A tower is a building. Humanity is a building.


So, are they coming? I do not know. Listen, God gives me the message from God. I do not have the message from the other side, and I never did. I am going to say it again. I have the message from God to His Church, from me to you. God does not give me the message of the other side, but I hear the message of the other side from other people. In other words, the Lord is saying to me, Sheila, all you need to know is to serve Me the way you are serving Me, believe what I am telling you, and I will marry you. And I will possess your house, and no one will be able to get in because I will beat them up when they come to the door. That is what He is saying to me.


But the other side has a story. Is it true? It is probably true for the people that Jesus is not resident in, and this is the story that I heard from the Church. I read an article the other day, a couple of articles, actually, from the same man, Steve Quayle. Am I saying anything bad about Steve Quayle? Absolutely not. I am not even thinking that he is not of God. All that I know is that his message is for the outside. So I guess I have no trouble believing that God gave a Christian the message for the outside, but He did not give it to me. The only thing that I know that I can tell you that God told me is what I just told you, the message for the people on the inside. Remember, Ham was on the inside. Shem and Japheth were on the outside.


Let me first tell you this.


We recently completed the Alternate Translation of Ezekiel, Chapters 38 and 39, and in which (I think it must have been Chapter 39) we read about the Armageddon, and I gave you what God gave me with regard to the understanding of Armageddon. Now, remember, the Bible is for God's people. It is not for the Chinese or the Hindus or the Amazons, if they still exist out there, that never even heard of Jesus. It is for the Church. It is for His people.


People get afraid sometimes. One time, we had a visitor in the meeting,  and I said something; it was really mild, nothing at all what I just told you now, and I actually heard her thoughts. I actually heard, witchcraft!  I must have used the word, witchcraft. I heard, witchcraft! So she was terrified, and then she never came back. It was her error in her mind.


This is what God told me to tell you that Armageddon is all about. The roots of Israel are incarnating. And where the roots of Israel are incarnating, they will judge the sins of the people that they are incarnating in. Why? Because the roots are the forerunners of the soul that Jesus will step down into. They are His feet in you. They come to expose your sins so that you can have the opportunity to repent and hopefully overcome many of them, in preparation for your husband to come who is going to possess your house.


That is a very sexual image, brethren. He is coming to possess His bride, and He wants to possess every cell of your body. And the less sin you have when He gets there, the more likely it will go well with you. I guess it could be a less difficult experience or a more difficult experience. I am telling it to you as He gives it to me. He sent the advance guard to prepare you for Him, to cleanse you of as much sin as possible, because we will never be cleansed fully of sin until He joins with every cell of our body.


The roots of Israel are incarnating, and they are to reveal the sins from the unconscious part of your mind. Brethren, as far as I know, you cannot do it yourself.


Who did it for you, Sheila? He did it for me because I am called to this position. Are you called to this position? Are you getting unique revelation from Him? No. OK. Well, if you are, I would like to meet you. I would like to see your work. I would like to see the fruit of your ministry. I am not saying I could be the only one getting revelation like this. If you are getting revelation like this, I would like to meet you and see your work. If you are not, then you cannot do it yourself. You cannot see what is in in the unconscious part of your mind yourself, at least at the beginning. Someone else has to see it for you, and it is not an easy thing to see sin in you. I have to see it in the relationship.


I had a very beloved sister come here more than 20 years ago, so anxious to get help for herself, that she came, and she wanted me to give her a list of all of her sins. It does not work like that. I have to see that sin, that thought process, that corrupt thought process manifesting in your very words to me and your behavior towards me and your attitude towards me, and then I can reveal it for you. Then you take it before the Lord for your second witness and for your personal help in overcoming. It is between you and Him.


That is what the valley of Armageddon is; it is a painful experience. It is not a pleasant experience. And everybody must decide; as the Scripture says, Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision. You have to decide, are you going to face the truth, that your very foundation is that boy, that prepubescent boy, or the female side of the creation, plus the Snake, who is now called the Devil? The foundation for your existence is the Snake and the prepubescent boy, who became Satan; they are the Devil and Satan and Cain, your personal personality, the evil root in you. Every time you have ever been envious of anybody or have been prideful, that is Cain manifesting in you. That is the foundation. That is your basis for existing in this world. Are you going to face the truth?


Are you going to face the truth? All of you Christians that have been telling yourself that you cannot sin or that you are God or you are a Son of God or whatever you think are, that you have exalted yourself above the average man, many of which are better than you. Some people are better than other people in this world. The bottom line is we all die because nobody has reached the standard of Jesus Christ, so we all die. But there are better and worse people in this world. You do not become a better person because you answer an altar call or carry a Bible or speak in tongues. Some of those people out there that have not received the Lord Jesus yet are better people than you. They were born that way or raised that way. So be careful.


That was just an aside. What is my point? That there are two companies of immortals. Jesus is alone with the Mother, and there is a company of Luciferian souls, and they all want bodies. Steve Quayle says they are coming. Steve Quayle does not understand what I just told you, but he understands that the aliens are demons. He understands that there are many in the world and in this country today that think that aliens are good. There is one guy; I can see his face right now. I guess he is some scientist, Ph.D., and he is out there waving to the aliens, saying, Come on down. He thinks they are good.


Brethren, I am not against education, although, today, it is really corrupting the kids. But the fact that you have a Ph.D., when it comes to spiritual things, it does not mean a thing. If God has raised you up, your Ph.D. does not mean anything. If you are being deceived by demons, your Ph.D. is not going to save you.


If you wanted to get a Ph.D., well, God bless you, that you are so intelligent, and you are so industrious, and you have persevered, and you have studied, and you have gotten these degrees. And now you have a good job, and you are making a lot of money, and God bless you. But, spiritually speaking, it does not do anything for you at all. I do not care what you know about astrophysics; it may even make you spiritual. Stephen Hawking became very spiritual, but he was spiritual on the other side. To be spiritual in God, you go down instead of up. You have to humble yourself.


Now, you can have a Ph.D. and humble yourself and be spiritual in God. That would be awesome, to have all of that knowledge and a relationship with God so that He can speak to you through that knowledge. That would be absolutely awesome. But I am telling you, that Ph.D. alone does not mean a thing when it comes to the spirituality of God or the message that I am preaching to you. You can have 10 Ph.D.'s and not understand a word that I am saying, but you have a relationship with God that has given you permission to go on to perfection, and you will understand what I am saying. He will help you to understand it.


Steve Quayle says they are coming. He says all these demons are real, and they are on all these different planets. They are coming from different planets. I do not know what he thinks they are going to do when they get here. I do not know what he believes about that, and his information might be true, but I do not know what he believes about what they intend to do when they get here, just that they are demons and they are dangerous to all Christians.


Steve Quayle lifts up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. He always says, a million times,  every time I ever heard him, he keeps saying, Repent, repent, repent, and serve Jesus. So I guess the Lord sent him to preach the outside message. The Lord has not told me that they are coming, but I think it is probably true. I think that Steve Quayle is sent to preach that message. They are coming.


I think he believes in the rapture. I do not know what he is preaching, what they are going to do when they get here, before the rapture comes. I do not know what he believes yet. But he says they are coming. He says that Armageddon is the convergence of all of these demons that come from all these different planets. They are all coming here for the final showdown, and it may be true.


But what I do not think he knows, and I will tell you this. It may very well be true that the final showdown is not between the demons and some invisible entity up there called the Lord Jesus Christ. The showdown is between the demons and the Lord Jesus Christ, fully born again in a company of people whose DNA has been changed.


So how will the final battle, because there is a final battle between Christ Jesus, who is, you might say, although it is not 100 percent accurate, the regenerated Adam, the regenerated Abel. Just to click you in to what is actually happening in the whole scheme of things, Abel was killed. He is under the ground. Adam was killed. It is the regenerated Adam, it is the second model. It is who the Son of God was supposed to be.


He passed His prepubescent stage, and not only did He became pubescent, but He actually sent forth his sperm to impregnate His wife before He entered into her. Everything is backwards in the spiritual plane. He sent forth His sperm, and it is in humanity now. He sent forth an ability to people that have faith in Him, to develop this higher soul that He can relate to: a soul that is capable of giving birth to a hybrid soul that (well, the Lord corrected that, and I keep going back to the same thing. I am sorry).


I was preaching for a while that we ourselves would give birth to that hybrid soul. But, no, the Lord said, no, there is only one hybrid soul. So He sent his sperm forth to establish the foundation that He can join Himself to, so that His hybrid soul (He is the only Begotten Son of God) can reform our earth. And He is being born again; He is fusing together the Second Adam and the First Adam and reforming out of the clay of our earth, and everyone will benefit from it. He is the only Begotten Son.


But these other guys over there, they are coming down for the final battle with the Lord Jesus Christ. But they think He is; I do not know what they think He is: He is still dead? He is still prepubescent? I do not know what they think. But He is a full-grown, married male. Although He is not married yet. He is not married yet. The battle will come when He is married, when He is fully joined to every cell of our bodies, with the people who will be having this experience.


Steve Quayle says that they are coming, that these demons are coming from all the different planets, that they are in all the different planets, and it is probably true. But their roots are in spiritual dimensions. It is very possible that they have colonies on these planets. Let me just give you an example of what I am talking about. If they do have colonies on these planets, but their reality is in a spiritual dimension, that is the same truth today which is the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that it does not happen, but if Satan succeeded in killing me today, he can only kill me. He cannot kill Christ Jesus in me. You cannot kill the Lord Jesus Christ. He is in a spiritual dimension, attached to His Mother. You kill me, He will raise up someone else to preach this message.


So you kill those demons, and their reality, which is in an invisible dimension, will just produce more projections. That means, any demon that you kill, should it manifest in the material world, which it very well might, I do not know, because the Lord does not talk to me about these things. Let us say it materializes; it manifests in the material realm. Killing the demons in this realm will not help. They will just project other computer-generated projections. And the only one that can kill them in their spiritual dimension is Jesus. So the battle will probably be taking place on two levels. We read about it in Chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation, Lightning came down from the saints in heaven and destroyed them.


So that is the story. We are not to worry. We are told not to worry, but to repent and to have faith in Jesus Christ. Repent, ask the Lord to help you to repent, because maybe you do not know what you are supposed to repent of. That is what I just said, you cannot do it all yourself. You do not understand everything you need to repent of. Why? Because you are still dealing with a carnal mind that tells you what is wrong, is right. You need someone to tell you what you are thinking is right, is wrong. Then you go back to the Jesus that you have a relationship with, and you say, Help me to understand that this is wrong.


The second thing that I wanted to share with you was an email advertising the GenSix Conference that some of us have tickets to go to in September in Missouri. We were there last year. It is called the Genesis 6, the GenSix Conference, and it is all about aliens. Genesis 6 is the chapter in which the Sons of God looked upon the daughters of men and found them fair and took wives for many.


The email was a part of a testimony by a retired military man who had an experience with aliens. I thought it was so interesting. The part that I remember, basically, was that he was taken aboard a ship. He was shown this ship, and the ship passed through rocks. He said it was like a blue haze, and they passed through the rocks, and he saw these blue aliens. There was no indication that they were hostile. He said that they were humanoid-looking, but their eyes were unusually large. They were blue. I have to rephrase what he said because I cannot remember his exact words: that their eyes were magnetic, that there was a form of mind control coming from their eyes.


What is the message? That there are many alien communities under the earth. It may be true, brethren. It may be true. But they are forbidden to come up here and communicate with men. God has forbidden them to communicate with men. Why? Because they are male to us. As I just explained to you, our foundation, our personality, is Cain. We are founded on the prepubescent boy and the Snake.


Let me say it another way. The Snake represents the animal kingdom. There is the kingdom of man and the animal kingdom. There is supposed to be a unity there. The kingdom of God is supposed to be joining with the kingdom of man and ruling over the animal kingdom. When the prepubescent boy separated from Elohim, the creation separated into two parts: the animal kingdom, which is wiser than the prepubescent boy, and the prepubescent boy. Cain is the materialization of the prepubescent boy with the Snake's mentality.


The whole animal kingdom at the same time, not just the Snake; that name just represents the whole animal kingdom, and the animal kingdom is much wiser and smarter than the prepubescent boy. The whole animal kingdom became male to the prepubescent boy and his materialization, which is Cain, which is what we are.


That whole spiritual animal kingdom out there is male to us, male to humanity, although they are not really a male, they are male to us. So, from that point of view, there are two males out there, and they both want to marry us. There is the Lord Jesus Christ and the animal kingdom, which is male to us. And God said, You are not allowed to marry them, so I am going to put you behind this spiritual dimension. Stay away from them. Then he told us, Stay away from them.


Christians are much more desirable than other peoples because they want the energy of the Spirit of God. They are not just looking for any human; they are looking for the Church. They want the power; they are dying out there. They are going to die eventually when their energy is used up. That was what we discussed in Sunday's message. Sin causes the traveler to leave you, and then the energy that is left in the vessel, when it is used up, when it is consumed, the person dies spiritually. Or sometimes they die in the natural also.


They are dying. They could be thousands of years old, but they are dying. They want the Christians. They want the energy. They are male to us. Jesus is male to us. Jesus is the true male, but they both want to marry humanity. That is what is coming. I do not know if Steve Quayle believes that or not. I am not sure what he believes will happen when they get here, but he was just warning everybody that they are demons, and you need to repent.


So that is the message: You need to repent. Let men everywhere repent and pray to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him what they need to be doing that they are not doing and ask Him if they are doing everything they can to be protected in the last day. He is our ultimate protection, but He is manifesting through people. You need to stay close to the fellowship that God puts you in. And it is hard here because many of us are not in the same geographical location. We need to stay in touch.


I think I made the point that the Lord wanted me to make to you. There are all kinds of signs out there in the world that we are hurtling towards some conclusion, which is going to be a big crash, a big impact coming.


Do not be caught off guard, brethren. Stay very close to Jesus. Repent. Repent, and ask Him to help you to change, and know He is going to protect you. He is going to protect you no matter what, but His protection might involve you hearing what He wants to say to you and obeying. So you need to be close to Jesus. You need to say good morning to Him when you wake up. You need to be in touch with Him all day long. I talk to Him all day long like He is right here with me. He is right here with me. So if you think you may not be close enough to Him, do not panic. Just ask Him to help you to get closer to Him. We need to hear His voice when the instruction comes. It is a very exciting time to be alive.


We also need to stay in touch with each other. We need to be in touch with the ministry on whatever level, through emails or whatever level that we are in touch with. You should know what is going on. The hub of it is here in New York; you should know what is going on. Even if it is just to say hello, you should be in touch. Send an email, tell us what is going on in your life. Share your spiritual experiences so that the soul ties here are very strong.


Remember what happened to the boy. He just turned towards the Snake for one minute, and he disconnected from Elohim. I do not want to scare you, but you need to be alert. It has not happened until it happens. We are waiting for the Lord Jesus Christ to fully possess us. That is the ultimate protection: Him living fully in us, that anything coming towards us will be met by the Master of the house saying, You cannot come in here. That is the ultimate protection. But if we are not there yet, He will take care of us.


If you are getting fear out of this, the whole purpose of my exhortation is wasted. You need to believe the Lord will take care of you, but you need to repent, and you need to get as close to God as possible, and you need to find out, because we are all doing something wrong. I am just one of you, brethren. I am just the trustee in the jail cells, I have been telling you that for years. You need to find out what needs to be improved at this moment and work on it, and you need to treat other people very well. If you make a mistake, you need to repent right away. Apologize. You cannot just apologize to God. You have to apologize to the person that you mistreated. Very important.


PASTOR VITALE: Are there any questions before we go?


COMMENT: A while ago, you were talking about Jesus and the two souls in Him. Did you say that the two souls were at the fullness? So, the evil First Adam's soul was fulfilled, was at the highest peak?


PASTOR VITALE: No. Just in some people, but those people are very evil.


COMMENT: But in Jesus, because He had two souls, and He had to subdue the one soul.




COMMENT: Did that one soul grow to the maximum level?


PASTOR VITALE: You mean, did the soul of the First Adam grow to its maximum in Jesus?


COMMENT: Yes, and then He had to subdue it at that point.


PASTOR VITALE: No, no. That is an interesting question, because I think you are seeing a truth, but you are seeing it not from the right perspective.


So let me just expound on that. Very good question.


The maturation of the higher soul of Jesus of Nazareth; the more He matured in the higher soul, the more his lower soul was repressed. But what is happening now, which is what probably you were seeing, is that, not in the man Jesus of Nazareth, but in humanity as a whole, the lower soul, the soul of Cain, is maturing. And I think it has already reached its highest manifestation, not in the man Jesus of Nazareth, but in individual members of the soul. We are all one soul.


What is happening is; this is what you are seeing. All of humanity is one soul. So what is happening is that the two souls are reaching their zenith at the same time, but not in the man Jesus. The evil soul is reaching its zenith in other people who are evil people: the epitome of evil in evil people and the epitome of righteousness in Jesus, but not in one man.  Although it is one soul, it is not in one cell of the soul.


In each individual, you can either be the epitome of evil or the epitome of righteousness. The stage in which we are both is the beginning stage. But we are not evil by the standards of this world. We are just average people by the standards of this world, and then the higher soul of Jesus comes, and we move up and down. We move up and down on that scale of 1 to 10. We go from being a 4, to being a 6, to being a better person or a worse person, but the full maturation of righteousness is only through full union with the Lord Jesus Christ, which changes us forever. He is the only individual that experienced the fullness of the maturation of righteousness, and there will be a company of people that experience that.


I hope I did not confuse you. The good and evil and the righteousness coexist only for a season, while the righteous soul is still very immature. The more the righteous soul matures, the more the good and evil soul is repressed. Or the more the good and evil soul becomes good, the more the evil is repressed, and the good soul becomes good. The balance or the maturity of the two different kinds, which Jesus describes in the parable of the wheat and the tares, happens in whole people.


Each individual has to go one way or another, but yet we are all one soul. So the reality of the full maturation of both sides will occur in the soul, but not in any one individual. Each individual must be one or the other.


04/11/19 - Transcribed by VerbalFusion 

1st Edit 4/17/19, rh

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