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I find myself virtually binding and loosing again, and the reason that that distresses me is that I perceive it to be a religious work. I do not dare to go to sleep at night without praying in a prescribed, verbal format that the Lord has shown me because, if I go to sleep without saying all of these words, I am raped in my sleep, anywhere from a full, fully accomplished rape to being touched, or finding myself in a passionate kissing session. And it has been very, very disturbing to me. So at this point, my pride is not worth two cents, and I do not go to sleep without binding and loosing, at which point I sleep very well. Nothing comes nigh unto me.


So that has been very upsetting to me. This is what the Lord has told me: I am not backslidden. He said that when I was back in Old Order deliverance, I was at a certain level of spiritual authority. Let us make it simple. Let us say the powers and principalities are in three categories. We can say one, two or three, one being the lowest and three being the highest. I was in the first category of spiritual warfare. And I was in a condition of weakness.


Maybe I should say it another way. When we are fully adequately defensed, our state of being is our defense. You do not have to bind and loose and break curses and do all these things. You have shields up. And whatever you are up against, devils or principalities or demons, they cannot touch you. But if your shields are not fully erected, then you have to use other methods. You cannot be dumb now. If your machine gun is not working, you use a shotgun. And if your shotgun is not working, you use a slingshot. And if your slingshot is not working, you pick up stones and throw them with your hands. Let us not be stupid about this.


So when I was down in Old Order deliverance, my machine gun was not working. I am not sure whether it was my slingshot or I was just throwing the stones, but something was working. And when I used to bind and loose five printed pages of demons' names every morning, I was free, pretty much free, from harassment from demonic spirits. And when I did not do that, my life was good for two days. By the third day, all kinds of wickedness, including car accidents and losing jobs and all kinds of destruction, was on me. I could not make it past the third day without binding and loosing. And anyone that looked at me, you want to call it a religious bondage; you are right. It is a religious bondage, but it is better than getting hit by a car and losing my jobs once a week, all you Pharisees out there.


So I did that for five years, and the Lord caught me up to a higher spiritual realm where I did not have to do that anymore. What is a higher spiritual realm? I just explained this to somebody the other day. I am glad we put that recording on. This is definitely turning into a message. What am I talking about? A higher spiritual realm.


Brethren, you may recall the principle of the imparted and the imputed anointing. The imputed anointing is a gift. It means God says, You do not have any machine gun. You do not have any slingshot, and you do not even have any stones. So, here, I am giving you my gun. Shoot it. And the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. It is the loaned authority of God; He loaned it to you, and he can take it back whenever He wants. That is the imputed anointing.


The imparted anointing is Christ Jesus actually being formed in me and spiritual strength, spiritual defenses, spiritual weapons, intimately woven together with my very thoughts, without having to think about it. It is not loaned to me, but growing up in me, a part of me. No one gave it to me, and no one could take it away from me, except for gross sin, then the Lord could take it away from me. But it is there. It abides and never goes away. As I think, the defenses and the warfare go forth; that is the imparted anointing.


So I had no imparted anointing when I first started with Old Order deliverance. I had a slingshot which was loaned to me by the Lord. But somewhere along the line, Christ Jesus was conceived in me and started to be formed in me. And I had some kind of a weapon. Maybe it was a slingshot; maybe it was just a stone. I do not know. I am trying to make this light with some humor. Maybe it was a hard peanut. I do not know, but something started to grow in me that was not loaned to me. It was me, because I was woven together with it.


Somewhere along the line I had a catching up. If you want to call it a rapture, call it a rapture. I do not care what you call it. I was caught up into a higher spiritual realm, where I had the defenses built into me that made it no longer necessary for me to bind and loose. And those demons, or whatever they were that could get at me in the first realm of warfare, and therefore I had to use a borrowed machine gun to keep them off of me, they could not get at me anymore. They lost their power over me. To all intents and purposes, I died. Or I should say Satan died.


Let me put it this way: The warfare between the powers and principalities and Sheila in level one of spiritual warfare or in level one of hell (we know there is more than one level of hell), that spiritual warfare died because of the formation of Christ Jesus in me being strong enough so that these powers could not touch me. They literally lost all authority over me to even harass me in my mind. So, I do not have to bind and loose anymore. I do not have to worry about them anymore. They were no threat to me.


Just as if to say, in this natural world that we live in; I live in a brick building. We have had a couple of hurricanes here over the last couple of years, and I do not even bat an eyelash. Maybe some of the people right here on Long Island, with frame houses, were batting a few eyelashes in the hurricane, worrying about their roofs or whatever. But in this building here, I have weathered several hurricanes. This building does not even squeak. It is solid; it is built on cement, and it is brick all the way through. Well, that is what happened to me. So I died to the conflict in realm one of hell because, for me, it lost its power in that those powers and principalities were absolutely no threat to me any longer.


So I have had now about seven years of rest and relaxation. I do not have to bind and loose. I had not been doing very much at all in the way of spiritual warfare. I just seemed to have dominion over everything that was coming against me. And as I look back on it now, I see that this condition, which has now resulted in me binding and loosing again, has been coming on me for quite a while; I just did not realize what was happening.


And this is what the Lord said to me: Sheila, you have ascended into realm two of hell. The powers and principalities in hell are much stronger than the powers and principalities in realm one of hell. And the maturity that Christ Jesus has in you, the strength, the natural strength or the strength with which the Christ Jesus in you has by virtue of His age, not by any spiritual warfare that you are praying, or any binding and loosing that you are doing (just as an 18-year-old man has strength by virtue of the fact that he is now 18 and he is not 8 anymore), Christ Jesus has a certain level of maturity which gives Him enough spiritual muscle that you have died to realm one of hell, but you are not dead to realm two of hell, where the demons and the devils and the powers and principalities are twice as strong as they are in realm one of hell.


Christ Jesus in you is not, by virtue of His age, strong enough, in relationship to the powers and principalities in level two of hell, for you to just walk through without being touched. You are being touched, and you are being touched heavily. Therefore, here is your slingshot back again, and you have to start binding and loosing again because you are ascending up out of hell. And the closer you get to full stature, the stronger the powers and principalities are which will come against you. And as you wage this warfare, you will overcome, and you will ascend. You have not backslidden. You have entered into a different realm of hell.


You now find yourself in a relationship to the powers and principalities that you are up against, that is the same relationship as 15 years ago, except that the powers and principalities are stronger, and you are stronger, but the relationship is the same.


Does anybody not know what I am talking about? If you are 8, and you are fighting an 8-year-old boy, the odds are equal. If you are 8, and you are fighting an 18-year-old man, the odds are not equal. But if your opponent is 18, and you are 18, you have both grown up, but the fight is still the same.


That is what is happening, and I believe that what is happening to me is happening to the whole fellowship. I may be out in front, but as long as you are here, you are following me through, so you need to hear this because, if it has not touched you yet, it is about to touch you. What is about to touch you? The powers and principalities that exist in level two of hell.


So, please, do not be a Pharisee. If you need to bind and loose, bind and loose. Do whatever you have to do. Just make sure that you check it out with the Lord. Just make sure that you are not compromising on your faith. Just make sure that you are not acting out of fear. Just make sure that you are not taking your own defense into your own hands, unless the Lord has told you and unless it is His instruction to you that this is what you have to do.


You see, it is OK to do it if the Lord says to do it. It is OK to do anything if the Lord says to do it. I have been teaching this here for a long time. If you try people's behavior, you are going to mess up. If you try people's actions or words, if you look at them and determine whether they are angry or not and base your judgment on what you see what these eyes and hear with these ears, you are going to wind up judging before the time and be guilty of sin. The only thing that matters is, did the Lord tell them to do this or that or did their carnal mind tell them to do it? You cannot tell the difference, brethren.


What is legal for one man is not legal for the other. I remind you, David ate the showbread, and it was legal. Jesus plucked the corn on the Sabbath. He healed on the Sabbath. He continuously broke the law because He was a higher law. So what does that mean? Be very careful to seek the Lord on every judgment you make and ask Him to help you to not be a Pharisee and kill someone who is already being persecuted enough because they are obeying Christ. You do not want to do that. You love the Lord. I know you do not want to do that. So do not be deceived by the pride of your own mind.


If you are a wicked person, and it is your choice to do that, well, then go do it. But do not let Satan use you. Do not be a vessel of dishonor. That is one of my basic teachings here. You choose. You have Christ in your life; you choose whether you are going to be a vessel of honor or a vessel of dishonor. Do not be swept away by some devil. You are a Son of God, and you have access to the mind of Christ. And He will honor your prayers if you just ask Him. He wants you to ask Him.


Someone was just telling me the other day that she was looking everywhere for something and she could not find it. For half an hour, she was looking. As soon as she asked the Lord, He showed her where it was. He wants you to ask him, and He is not likely to give you information you do not ask for. Why? Because He is training you to ask Him. He wants to be close with you. He wants your mind and His mind to be the same mind. Therefore, He is giving you an opportunity to find out, that when you do not ask Him, you get into trouble or you frustrate yourself, or you lose hours, days and weeks. So He is waiting for you to come to Him.


That is what is happening here today. Apparently, this whole ministry has moved into a realm of warfare. Maybe you have seen it before, but I have never seen anything like it in all my life. I am very weary in my mind. I am believing that God is not going to give me more than I could bear, but it is intense. I guess I am getting the brunt of it, probably getting hit harder than all of you. But that does not mean it is not coming against you this hard tomorrow. Or maybe God has just given you what you could bear. And if you are hearing this word, you can expect anything to come your way.


And the Lord told me (I think I shared it with you a couple of weeks back) that, if He let me see, because I had been praying, Lord, what in God's name is this? I have never been in a war that has gone on this long. And the victory is only to the extent that I am succeeding at controlling it. It is not going away, and I am very tired.


So I have never seen anything like it. And the Lord said to me, that if He let me see what I was up against, I would be so frozen with fear that I would not even be functionable. But He said that when He brings it down, He is going to let me see what I was up against. But He will not even let me see it now. That is what He told me.


So I am praying in several areas. One area that I am praying intensely in is to have the source of these attacks exposed. Let me just say this, The attacks are spreading. This perverse spirit that has touched, well, almost everybody; I do not know if it has touched everybody here. I have gotten reports that it has touched the brethren in other cities, and now I am getting reports that it is touching the families of people that are associated with this fellowship.


I got a call the other day from someone who is associated with this fellowship, whose backslidden sister -- the woman is not living right. But she has two little children, 4, 5, or 6 years old, who she has caught trying to do perverse acts to each other. I do not know how far it has gone because she did not give me any graphic details, and I really did not want to hear it. I find, when I hear graphic details, it gets in my head. It is not good for me, so I did not ask her. I do not know whether their clothes were on or their clothes were off. I do not know how far it went. I do not know.


But that is what she said to me, perverse acts. The mother is so scared that she has literally got the kids locked up in the house. She cannot imagine where they have even got the vision of it. Little kids, around 5 years old; she does not know where they have seen it. Maybe they have not physically seen it; maybe they have seen it in their mind. I do not know. So, it is spreading out, and it is touching our relatives.


I do not know about you, but I am not that close with my relatives. I have a couple of adult nephews and adult nieces, but it is not likely that they would be telling me if they are being attacked in their sleep or anything like that. As far as the sexual perversion goes, I do not know, but other things are attacking my family.


One night, we got hit very hard. And the next morning, my nephew was in the hospital with an emergency appendectomy that turned complicated. It was much more serious. The incision was four times what it should have been, and he was out of work four times longer than he should have been. And my niece, my other nephew's wife, just went in for an appendectomy that came out perfectly healthy, and they do not know what is wrong with her. I was told, when I was on vacation this past week, that two of the three days I was on vacation, my father was sitting in almost a catatonic trance for two days, which had my mother all upset. When I was in Nigeria, both of them, my mother and my father, were in the hospital.


So there is a lot of stuff going on and a lot that, I am sure, I do not know about and you do not know about. There were some accidents your family, your niece and your nephew, your son and your daughter-in-law. Everything is working out OK, but, brethren, who needs the trouble? I think we had some trouble in your family too, did we not?




PASTOR VITALE:  Your children; and you have had problems in your family. So there is heavy-duty stuff going on here, brethren. And as I said, I am binding and loosing. I believe I am keeping them at bay. And you should all be aware because you have to carry your own. I am praying in general, but you have to be carrying your own, that you are up against something very big, and that your families need protection.


I am continuing to pray to expose the root of this, and I have had all kinds of thoughts in my mind: that it is that one, that it is that one, that it is a witch's coven. I have gone through all these things. My problem is that I cannot hold onto the revelation, which is very hard for me. And I know it is hard for you if it is hard for me. And it is harder for some of you than for others, to look at people who look like normal, average, everyday people and believe that they are really, actively doing wickedness. You might be able to deal with the fact that it is in their conscious mind; some people even have trouble with that. But to believe that this person, that you can look at say good morning to, that they are actually going to some secret place and worshipping Satan and doing human sacrifices — I do not know about you, but I have trouble holding onto the revelation.


There is one man that God showed to me, and He gave me undeniable proof of, as far as I am concerned. And I keep losing the revelation. I look at him; he says, Hi, how are you? with a big smile on his face. And I have trouble holding onto the revelation. But the Lord gave me, with this one man, some proof that I cannot forget. So I believe it, but I go into confusion that anyone could be diabolically really trying to destroy me or anybody here.


Then again, of course, we see it on a lesser level, which we have all known about over the years. People leave a church for an ungodly reason, and because they cannot face up to the truth that God did not tell them to leave, they go around trying to hurt the fellowship or hurt the pastor. You see, I could believe that. It hurts me, but I could believe that because I have seen it happen, and I may even have been guilty of it once or twice.


I never did it full scale, but I think I did do it once or twice. I was just repenting of it yesterday. On a very mild level, I did go to one or two people, which I should not have done. Why should I not have done it? Because it was not God. If God sends you, it is OK, but it was not God. I think I did it on two occasions. My only saving grace is that I did not press it, but I did do it. I do not think I prayed any psychic prayers, but I did say, to two different people, things that I should not have said, two times.


So that is hard enough to deal with, people that you know and love could be doing that kind of wickedness. That is hurtful. And that they could be doing that kind of wickedness, while out of their mouth they are telling you that they love you, that is hurtful. But, brethren, you must see the truth. And you must know that they are lying when they are saying things like, I do not want to hurt her, but... brethren, if you did not want to hurt me, you would tell me. You would not be going to the members of my congregation, trying to convince them to leave the church that God put them in. So you are a liar, and you are an evildoer. And I have to live with that.


Now, that does not mean that there is not another side to you. That does not mean that Jesus does not love you. It does not mean that He is not ready, willing and able to forgive you at a moment's notice. But you must face the fact that, if this has been said to you, that that person is an evildoer and seeking to do harm, consciously and knowingly doing evil. That is bad enough. But to think of someone actually having services, praying unto Satan, I just cannot deal with it. I get a headache.


So, anyway, what I deal with most easily is people confessing to me that they hate my guts and trying to do harm to me. I have no problem with that. I have a problem with dishonesty. You hate my guts? Well, I expect you to try to do harm to me if you hate my guts. But do not go around telling me how much you love me and then go out and try to kill me. And do not be calling up members of my congregation and telling them that you really do not want to hurt me (that is why you go behind my back, trying to secretly get them out of the church), because that makes you a liar and a deceiver and subtle. And those are the qualities of the serpent. It makes you a devil when you do things like that. You are dishonest; it makes you a devil.


So I have trouble dealing with that. But I really have trouble dealing with this witchcraft, with this outright practice of evil in a satanic church. It just blows my mind. So everybody, please, wake up. This is very important.


This morning I got a phone call. And we have somebody associated with this ministry right now, who has some associations outside of the ministry, that, I believe God told me a year ago, was a practicing witch. And a lot of the times, when things get bad around here, my mind has gone back to that person or that group of people. And I say, Well, it must be them. They must be the practicing witches. And then I cannot hold onto it. And I go through this whole ritual. What could it be? What could it be? What could it be?


Well, never in a million years — if you would have told me that I would have had a conversation with this person, who is associated with this ministry, who is not here today, if I would have been telling them that they have associations with practicing witches, I would have never believed that it would have come to that. I thought, for sure, that God was just going to get them out from their clutches (the person is a relatively young Christian) and He was just going to snatch them to safety.


But this person has been asking me questions over the last couple of weeks. And you may know me as very, very slow to answer. Unless our relationship is proven, and we have an agreement that you want the truth and you want it as fast as possible, and I know you can handle it; unless we have that kind of a proven relationship, which I have with a few people, I am very slow to tell you the truth.


Why? Because I am afraid that you will not be able to bear it and I am going to lose you, and there may be a little bit of Ahab in me; I do not feel like getting beat up. Whatever the reason, I think, most of the time, I am slow because I do not want to lose you. I am afraid you will not be able to bear it. And I am really trying the spirit to make sure it is God telling me to tell you now because, everything I tell you that is hard to take, I want it to be life unto you. I do not want it to be death unto you.


So there has been some questions coming down from this person. Why this, and why that? And I have already told him there is another spirit; the New Age spirit. I could not bring myself to tell them it is the spirit of Satan. But it came to a head this morning, and I told this person the whole story. I believe God told me you are involved with a Satan worshiper/worshipers, and the whole thing came out.


What does this mean to you and to me, aside from this other person? I believe what it means is that this whole thing is coming to a head. It looks like it is more than a possibility; it looks like I really did hear from God, and I have to deal with the reality that we are up against a witch's coven, and maybe even more than one. We are up against practicing black witches, and they are not playing.


And this person, who is associated with this ministry, is right in the midst of them. That is the way it looks to me, or at least the way it looked to me this morning. I could change my mind tomorrow, but everything I tell you is what I call an educated opinion. It could be wrong, but I am not pulling my opinion out of the air. I am basing it on some knowledge that I have, but God could always tell me that I am wrong. But the situation seems to be progressing.


And as I evaluate it, this is what I see: The person involved with the witches is getting stronger every day, seems to be able to take more every day. And the Lord seems to be putting these questions in their mind because this was not a question that came out of the air. It is at least the third question along these lines over a period of a month. The person is really seeking answers, not out of a compulsive anger, not out of fear. There seems to be a right spirit on that person, asking some genuine questions and looking for some genuine answers.


As I minister this situation, as God has shown it to me, I told this person that this does not seem to be a question of getting out and running for your life, because I have prayed that, if the Lord wants you out of there, to move you out, but you are still there. And therefore, I am drawing a conclusion that the Lord has everything under control, and there is much more involved than your running for your life, but that there is ministry for these witches. And then, very possibly, the Lord wants them converted.


I do not know whether the Lord wants them in the kingdom or He has a plan to shut them down permanently. I do not know; He has not told me. But I have to believe that there is a reason why you are this close to them, because, if the only thing that mattered was your safety, you would have been out of there a while ago. So it looks like there is a real chance that the Lord is reaching out and offering them conversion.


Please try and wake up. This is very important, everybody, please. Shortly after I got off the telephone and ministering this information, which took an hour of my time — I never talk to anybody on a Sunday morning when I am studying, but I really felt it was God and that it was essential and that it was the Spirit of God. I break every rule when it is the Spirit of God — I came under a heavy attack. It is getting heavier by the minute. I have a headache. I got hit with anxiety, anger and just general oppression. So we are going to do some warfare this morning as the Lord leads.


Right now, there is a spirit of passivity on me. I do not want to preach; I do not want to do anything. So we better start praying, and we will see whatever God gives us. The floor is open to anyone led by the Spirit, and we will try to do honor to our heritage here, and we will sling some stones. Maybe we have a slingshot. I do not know if we have a slingshot or if we are just throwing stones with our own arm power, but we will see what we can do. And we will see to what degree the Lord is trying to back us up.


Let me just give you this information, that every time I bind and loose, I try to remember — I do not know if I did it last night, I just know I slept well last night. I try to remember to say, Lord, I have done everything I could do; please back me up because this Goliath is very big. And it seems that, when I pray thoroughly and ask the Lord to back me up, I am OK. But right now, there is a heavy spirit of passivity on me, trying to shut my mind down.


So I do not know what the end of this is going to be. I would like to believe that these witches are going to repent and convert. I would really like to believe that; I really would. I think that that would glorify God much more than Him destroying them because they are human beings, and it is my understanding of the Scripture that human beings are salvageable, except in the rare cases where they are so evil that they have gone beyond the point of no return. And like I said, I am in uncharted waters in these areas; I have no experience to draw on, but I do not perceive that these people are that far gone. I think they are salvageable. And nothing would make me happier than to see them repent and come to the Lord.


A lot of these witches, I am in no way making excuses for them, please, but they are people who have been powerless over their own lives at one time and have found no power in Christ. They have gone into the churches, and they have found no power in the churches. They found power to help themselves in witchcraft, and therefore, they became servants of Satan because he had the power to help them, or so it seemed, and Jesus does not. That is the way it looked to them. Maybe they just did not understand how to get power from God, or they were not willing to pay the price for power in God. Or they were not willing to hang onto the horns of the altar because it was taking too long, or whatever reason. It was sin in them.


But I think that most of them, in their conscious minds anyway, believe that the power in the Church just is not adequate. I think a lot of these local witches (I do not know about all of them), could really be convinced that there really is power in Christ Jesus. I am told this about the witches in Africa: that they serve the most powerful god. All you have to do is show them that this God is more powerful than the god they are serving, and they have no loyalty at all. They just move over to the next god. That is what I am told.


And when I was there on my first trip, one woman said, Let this Jesus show me his power, I and will serve him. That is how they think. So it appears that most, if not all witches, in this country or anywhere, do not believe that there is any power in Christ even [UNINTELLIGIBLE] with. That is why they are not likely to repent, not that that is any excuse. I hope you know what I am saying. But I believe that, in many cases, the Lord Jesus Christ is perfectly willing to meet people wherever they are, and if that is where you are, He will show you his power.


If you stop to think about it, is this any different that Jesus dealing with a strong-willed person, not a practitioner of witchcraft, but just a strong-willed person that does not want to come to the Lord? And they are running their own life, and they are running here, and they are running there. The expression in the Church is, You must come to the end of yourself. When you come to the end of yourself and you realize that you cannot make it without God, then you repent. Do you not hear that in the Church?


Well, is it such a far cry to say that this group of people over there went to a bit of extreme. They were not out there fornicating. They were not out there stealing to get their money. They were not out there lying and cheating to get what they needed. They were casting their spells to get their needs met. Try and open your mind. Is it really that different? I really think that, at the root of it, it is not that different. So if the Lord had mercy on us, why would He not have mercy on them? They are deceived people who are ignorant of the truth, and they are probably just as hurt and bleeding as we were and we are. They just dealt with it a little differently.


It never ceased to amaze me how the Pharisaical Church has trouble forgiving divorced people and prostitutes. They will forgive you if you committed murder. They will forgive you if you steal something. They will forgive you if you were in jail. They will forgive you of all this stuff, but they have a lot of trouble forgiving you if you are divorced. A lot of Christians cannot deal with it. I have heard stories about ex-prostitutes, that a lot of Pharisees have trouble forgiving them. So why would this be any different? Let us not be Pharisaical, and, if it be the will of the Lord, let us welcome them into the family of God.


So we are going to come against this heavy oppression. We are going to break some of these curses, and we are going to pray for these people's salvation, unless the Lord tells us not to pray for them. You may know that there are Scriptures that support this fact. Jesus will say, on occasion, Do not pray for those people. I have turned them over. It is in the Bible. It is the prophets. The Lord says, Do not pray for those people, and we are not to condemn the Lord. We are to pray for everybody's salvation, unless we have a specific word from the Lord, then it is hands-off.


We are to have mercy on all men, up to the point where our mercy compromises righteousness. You never compromise righteousness. You have mercy, and you have to have a mindset that is willing to receive everyone into the kingdom, no matter what they have done or may have done, unless you have a specific word from the Lord not to do it.


I just feel to give you this witness. I am told that, the church in the Philippines, when people die (of course, you could not do it here; they would probably arrest you), but when people die in the Philippines, they take the body to the church, and the whole congregation prays until the Lord speaks and says, Give it up. I have taken them. Go bury them, or until the Lord raises them from the dead.


So this is to be our attitude. We are to believe that all men are salvageable, no matter what they have done, unless we get a personal, specific word from the Lord, Leave it alone. So I am going to start praying. Let us pray, please, because the Lord leads you.




Father, in the name of Jesus, we just break these curses. We send them back to the head of the sender a thousand times over. We just rebuke your evil deeds and your evil works and your astral projection, and we cast down your plans to bring down the Sons of God before they can manifest in the fullness of the authority of Christ. We declare unto you that your power has been rendered null and void by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and continue to extend to you His love for all men everywhere, saying unto you, Let men everywhere repent and confess their sins and worship the only true living God.


But we will not tolerate your wickedness. We will not receive your curses. We will not receive your evil plans or your mind projections towards us. We cancel them; we render them null and void. We break them. We break the power of your witchcraft, red and black and yellow witchcraft and voodoo, Santeria, every form of Caribbean witchcraft, everything coming from Haiti, all you workers of witchcraft over there that have already begun to curse the United States because of our military policies. We stand against you in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. And we declare unto you, that the Scriptures state that the day will come and, I believe, now is that the Lord Jesus Christ will raise up an army of Sons whose spiritual power will exceed the spiritual power of Ham, and that that power will be in righteousness and in mercy and in forgiveness.


Lay down your weapons, saith the Lord, and come into My kingdom or lose your power. If you come into My kingdom, you can keep your power. But if you will not lay it down, I will take it from you, saith the Lord, and I will strip you. And you will find yourself with no spiritual power in the earth, saith God, but you will be a weak, voiceless beast, unable to have your own needs met. And in due season, says the Lord, you shall surely repent, for I am the living God who has created you. And I shall demonstrate unto you, saith the Lord, that you are nothing unto Me, but that I laugh at my enemies and I laugh at your power. I love you, but I laugh at your power. And that power shall surely be broken, for it is as splinters shooting at Me, saith the Lord, that you are nothing unto Me shall surely be made manifest for all the world to see. Thank you, Jesus.




Thus saith the Lord, In the days and in the months and in the time to come, saith the Lord, I shall demonstrate My power unto you, and you shall see the power that you have laughed at, saith the Lord, and you shall see the power that you have denied, saith God, for I shall appear in My Christ, saith the Lord, and I shall utterly defeat you, and every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the God which is greatest of all the gods, saith the Lord. Yea, I shall exalt Myself. Yea, I shall exalt My Name, and I shall exalt My Word. And I shall have all men see Me, saith the Lord, in the glory of My power. And none shall waver, saith the Lord, and every man shall come unto Me, each with his sacrifice in his own hands, saith the Lord, and there shall be peace in My holy mountain, saith God. Hallelujah.


What a wonderful God we serve. What man could ever comprehend His mercy or His grace or His truth? Who could ever comprehend His ways? For His mercy endureth forever, and His peace is beyond understanding.


Transcribed by VerbalFusion 12/20/18

1st Edit 1/2/19, rh

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