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We are going to continue with our review tonight. You may recall that last week I told you that the Lord has brought to my attention that he has given us a lot of new revelation over these last couple of months. It has come in very, very quickly. And he told me that most of you are not or have not fully absorbed it. So he wanted me to take a couple of meetings to review it.


For all you Pharisees that are listening to this message, I will repeat my statement on the prior message: that I very well know there is no such thing as new revelation. I am very aware that spiritual truth merely is. It has always existed. It exists now, and it shall always exist. Truth is eternal, but we are not. Therefore, the Lord channels layers of spiritual truth into his Church as we are mature enough to handle it.


So therefore, as, I believe it was, the apostle John said, I give you a new commandment, but it is not really a new commandment; it is really an old commandment. I say to you, in the same way, the Lord has given us new spiritual truth, but it is not really new spiritual truth; it is old spiritual truth, but it is new for you. And it is new for me, and it is spiritual truth that the Lord is challenging into the Church at this hour. It has come in very quickly. That is a sign that the Spirit is moving. It is a sign of spiritual growth. It is a sign of power. But sometimes, it comes in so fast that it comes in like a tidal wave.


So we are reviewing, and this is the second message on it. Well, let me start with questions. Does anybody have a question on it? Well, let me read you my list here. This is what I have down for the subjects that the Lord has been dealing with that really have been relatively new for us. The truth about the old and the new covenant -- basically speaking, that there is no old and new covenant. There is one covenant in two stages. And the first stage has two phases to it. So you could say there is one covenant; you could say there are two covenants, or you could say there are three covenants. I will never argue with you about words.


But the technical detail, as I understand it in this hour, is that there is one covenant in two stages. The first stage reconciles you unto God, brings you back into relationship with him. And the second stage makes your sinlessness a reality through the ripping out and actual experiential destruction of sin in your spiritual being. Some people call this the old and the new covenant. I say it is just one covenant. I do not really care if you think there are two covenants; makes no difference to me what you think or what you need to understand it. You understand it in whatever way it is understandable to you. The only thing that is important is that you understand it, but you understand the spiritual principle of it. I do not care what words you use. It makes no difference to me.


And just as if it was not complicated enough, now I declare unto you that the first stage of God's covenant with mankind comes in two phases. What does that mean? It means it is the first stage of God's covenant, which is -- what? Reconciliation unto God. The Lord receives us into a relationship with him. He talks to us. He walks with us. He teaches us. He heals us. He has mercy on us. He delivers us. But we are still filthy with sin, and he loves us and has a relationship with us anyway.


This first phase of God's covenant with man is given in two phases. What does that mean? It means there are rules for you to be reconciled unto God. It is a covenant. It means the Lord does one thing, and you do something else. It is a contract. The Lord says, You do this, and I will do that, and we will be friends. That is what it says. Well, there are two phases in that: there is one set of rules of this contract of reconciliation unto God for the Jew, and there is another set of rules for the Gentile, but the results are the same.


What is that, the first stage of God's contract with humanity? Reconciliation unto God, the entering into a relationship between man and God, despite the fact that man is still filthy in sin. One set of rules governing this relationship goes to the Jew, and another set of rules, if you want this relationship with God, goes to the Gentile. The first stage of God's contract with humanity -- reconciliation while you stay dirty, and two different phases under two sets of rules to two different categories of people.


So you can call it anything you want: three contracts, two contracts, one contract. What we are talking about is God's program, which requires action both on the part of God and on the part of man, which will result in man being stripped of all sin. Another way to say that is man's restoration unto holiness and righteousness, or man's resurrection from the dead, because there is no resurrection while we are still in sin. Man's deliverance from hell -- you cannot get into heaven while you still have sin, because God said so. The only way into heaven is through holiness. The only way to stop dying is through holiness.




Because God said so. That is why. That is the way it is. Because. When you grow up, you will understand. That is the way it is.


But more specifically, heaven -- the Lord told me to answer your question. I would appreciate it, though, if you would not speak out like that in the future. You throw me off. Heaven is an unending life. Heaven is unending existence. For the Lord to allow us to enter into an unending existence in a condition of sin would be eternal torment. It would mean to live forever with your pain, and God loves you too much for that. He will not let you live forever in pain and torment.


Therefore, you must be delivered of your sin before he lets you live forever. That is the covenant. If you want to come back up into life, if you want to ascend back up into heaven, if you want to come back up into a place where all of your needs are met and you are never, ever lacking or wanting anything, the way that you get it is to stop sinning. And no man can stop sinning. It is impossible for fallen man to not sin.


Therefore, God has made a provision. He has made a way of escape. My Bible says, No matter how severe the trial, God will always make a way of escape. And God's way of escape is that he has given his Son to us. He has nailed his Son to our sin-filled soul. And the end result of that union is that we shall be cleansed from sin, so that we can stop dying and enter into everlasting life in a condition of peace and contentment and victory.


Why would the Lord have one set of rules to the Jew and another set of rules to the Gentile? It is just a condition of the evolution of God's relationship with man. God's relationship with man evolves. It goes forward. It increases.


Did you have another question? Are you sure? Just put it on the microphone, please.




Well, if you have it, ask now because my mind has already been interrupted. Are you sure? Anybody have a question right now? Because I have already been stopped, speak now. OK. If you do not speak now, please wait until the end of the subject. Thank you, Jesus.


So the terms of Jehovah's covenant with the Jew is the Mosaic Law, which, we are told in the Scripture, no man could keep. It was so hard -- all those animal sacrifices, all that religious ritual, all that bondage. No man could ever keep it. That is why there was a continuous blood sacrifice and the forgiveness of sins because no sin-filled man could keep that law. It was horrendous.


The end result of several thousand years of the Lord's relationship with Judah was that -- what was that? What was the primary event that came out of God's relationship with Judah and all of Israel, actually? Somebody should know that. Wake up, everybody. Somebody should know that answer. God's covenant with Israel produced --






COMMENT: Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ. Amen.


Every miracle that any Jew ever received was a side event, a side effect, an outgrowth of God's primary purpose in his covenant with Israel. God had one primary end to his purpose with his -- to his covenant with Israel. And that was the birth of Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. And when Messiah was born, crucified, raised from the dead and ascended, all of creation ascended. In the same manner, we are told that, when the law was given to Israel, when the Ten Commandments were given to Israel, the whole creation ascended, in that the law of God was now in the earth.


Well, whether you believe in him or not, when Jesus Christ of Nazareth ascended into heaven, all of humanity went up a notch higher. Therefore, God's covenant with the Gentiles, which came after his covenant with the Jew, is now easier to bear. God's covenant with the Jew was made through a mediator. Who was the name of that mediator? Moses, thank you. God's covenant with the Gentiles is made through a mediator. His name is Jesus Christ. Amen. More specifically, the man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man.


So because Jesus Christ of Nazareth was glorified and is now the mediator of the new covenant, the Gentiles have it a lot easier than the Jews had it. We are told, Keep from things strangled and from fornication. Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, your mind and your soul, and love your brother as yourself. Believe me, it is much easier than the Jews under the Mosaic Covenant. So every time God completes another stage of his covenant with man, it becomes easier for the people being drawn into the kingdom after that.


So we see that now both the Jew and the Gentile are being offered the second stage of God's covenant with mankind together; no longer two different phases, but the same deal is offered to the Gentile and to the Jew. What is the deal? Perfection, spiritual perfection through deliverance from sin, through a spiritual cleansing, which is a reality: the ripping out of that sin from within your spiritual being and the replacement of your sin-filled carnal mind with the righteous mind of Jesus Christ.


Let me say it again. Two stages of God's covenant with man: reconciliation -- God does not require you to be sinless but enters into a relationship with you despite your sin. And he loves you, and he talks to you, and he heals you, and he walks with you, and he teaches you, and he forgives you. And he changes you from being on the negative side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He picks you up off the floor. He gets you out of your drug addiction. He gets you out of your codependency. He gets your out of your alcoholism, gets you out of your insanity, gets you out of your poverty, gets you out of your physical illness. And he cleans you up and makes you a productive, fallen, sin-filled sinner, who is no longer drinking, who is no longer fornicating, who is no longer stealing, who is no longer codependent but still a no-good, dirty, rotten sinner. How do I know? You all die, brethren, and a righteous man does not die. Or if he dies, he is raised from the dead. So you have gone from being on the negative side of hell to the positive side of hell.


I was listening to one of my own messages today. It really blessed me. You are all just trustees in Sing-Sing. That is all you are. You went from solitary in Leavenworth to some low-security prison where you play tennis all day, where they put the white collar criminals, but you are still in jail.


The new covenant offers us righteousness and, with righteousness, the resurrection from the dead and the glory of an endless life. I think the word, in the Book of Hebrews, if I am not mistaken, is the power of an endless life. To have an endless life requires power over all of the powers and principalities that rule this world system. We are told, in another place, that when Jesus was raised from the dead by the Father he made an open show of the powers and principalities. I prayed about that for years; I did not know what it meant.


Brethren, the rulers and the wickedness in the high places of this world have authority to kill you. And everyone who is born into this world, whether they are negative or positive aspects of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, are subject to death. Satan's power over you is limited or modified in accordance with the degree of blessings that the Lord pours out on you. But the bottom line is that Satan has the power of life and death over every human being on the face of this earth. Whether it is sooner or later, he has the authority to kill you, with only one exception: Jesus of Nazareth.


The Lord Jesus Christ may say, It has to be later, and it cannot be sooner. And the Lord Jesus Christ might say, You cannot torture them for 10 years with cancer; they are going to die in their sleep. But, brethren, if your righteousness does not exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees, you shall surely die. Do not tell me how spiritual you are. You are going to die. And you think you are going to go to heaven and walk on streets of gold? You are silly.


So we see the second stage of Jehovah's covenant with mankind to change us into a spiritual condition that will give us the power of an endless life, the power to make an open show of the rulers of this world. What does that mean? They will come to kill you, brethren, and they will not be able to do it. They will fail to kill you because the Son of God has made you holy and without sin. And there is no law against a righteous man. And you too will say, The prince of this world cometh, and he has nothing in me. And you too will make an open show of him. He will have no power over you.


Did you ever see some cowboy movie or some martial arts movie, where two men come against one another in a contest? One of them is so sure that he is the stronger of the two. First, the other guy takes a good punch at him, and the champion is shocked. He cannot believe that the other guy has this kind of power, and he just stands there, sort of stunned. And then the little guy just comes in and finishes him off. Satan does not believe it, but it is going to happen anyway.


The weak things of this world -- he is going to lose power over them because the weak things of this world are being strengthened. They are being crucified by Christ. They are being shored up. We found out that there is another definition, in Webster's Dictionary, for the word crucifixion. As a matter of fact, the first definition in the dictionary is positive. To crucify means to strengthen while piercing with stakes; to strengthen; to shore up; to give the strength to stand by adding wood or iron stakes to something. Our human spirit is being crucified to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is being added to our human spirit, strengthening her, shoring her up, standing her up. And together, in their union, they are producing a third element, a new mind in the creation. His name is -- somebody, please? Christ Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Glory to God.


It is just a matter of time. Nothing can stay his hand; nothing can turn him back. What can happen is that an individual can fail to experience this glory. That is possible. All the human beings that we see are likened to the leaves on a tree. The spirit, which is within us, is likened unto the root. The conscious mind, which is within us, is likened unto the tree trunk and the branches. And the individual clay person that you see walking around on the earth is likened unto the leaves. Some leaves fall off the tree, brethren, and they never get back on.


There are some people who will not experience everlasting life. Some individuals that are walking around now will live out their life, and they will die like natural men, and they will cease to exist. But the Lord Jesus Christ is going to appear in this creation. He is going to completely overthrow the powers and principalities and the wickedness in high places that rule this world. And they will be seen no more in the hour that they are defeated in the last human being who is walking on the face of this earth. So we see that, in a season of approximately 1,500 years, every human being on the face of this earth will either die of natural or unnatural causes or will be granted everlasting life because the Son of God will be fully possessing them and will have purged them and purified them from all sin. And this is the first resurrection.


As the King James translation says, and as our Alternate Translation says, And this is the first stage of the resurrection, for there are three stages of resurrection, brethren. And in the third stage, we shall be like our elder brother, Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ, who is now a ball of light, a superior being with the ability to take any form that he wants. He is not in a rigid form. We are in a rigid form. We have no power to alter our form. The glorified Jesus Christ can alter his form. He can take any form that he wants. He has all power in heaven and earth. He has power to form this flesh, as we would have power to go to the beach and build a sand castle out of the mud. We do not have power over this flesh; we are subjected to this flesh. It has power over us. Power to do what?


PASTOR VITALE: What does this flesh have power to do to us? Somebody?




PASTOR VITALE: It has power to torment us. Yes. It also has power to -- what?


COMMENT: Put you to sleep?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, but the opposite of torment is -- put us to sleep.


COMMENT: Oh, pleasure.


PASTOR VITALE: It has power to give us pleasure. And then he kills us because the pleasure is illegal. Gives us pleasure, and then God kills us. Does anybody not know that that is a scriptural principle? You cannot curse Israel, brethren, God will not let you curse Israel. What you do is get Israel to sin, and then God curses Israel. Jesus. That is the way it works. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Any questions on this topic?


Crucifixion of Christ -- we covered that. The first and second generation of Satan -- let me go over that again. I was listening to a message on that today, and I had a little trouble with that. It is wrong on the message. Again, I tell you, when God is bringing something like this forth for me, sometimes I just do not get it straight right away. And I used to go through all these messages and make changes on the messages. I just cannot be bothered with it anymore. You all have to grow up. This is an unfolding revelation. God is continuously changing it and polishing it.


And it is not that the revelation is changing, that it comes out clearer and clearer and clearer. And sometimes I get it backwards. What does that mean? I get things reversed. Sometimes, I get soul and spirit backwards. Why? Because it is going through my carnal mind, so sometimes I do not hear it exactly straight. You always take the revelation on the latest message. You always take the revelation on the most recent message. There are little technical details that sometimes come out of my mind twisted. So let us go over this again.


PASTOR VITALE: Let us do Christ first. There is a first and second generation of Christ. The first generation of Christ -- does anybody know what it is?


COMMENT: [?I did not raise my hand?].


COMMENT: Christ.




COMMENT: Jesus Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Jesus Christ. Yes, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, first generation. Boy, we are getting some good answers here tonight. Anybody know the name of the second generation?


COMMENT: Christ Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ, in this hour, is one with the Father. He is one with Jehovah. And down here, we have man. The man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man -- this is the reality of Jacob's ladder and the angels walking up and down the ladder. Christ Jesus is Christ in you, the hope of glory. He has the ability and the privilege of relating on a high spiritual level with the Father, and he also has the ability to relate on a lower spiritual level to man.


Christ Jesus is in the personality of fallen man. He is your new man. And he has two aspects to him. He has an unconscious, and he has a consciousness. The unconsciousness of man -- whether he is fallen or renewed, the unconsciousness is always spirit. The unconsciousness of man is spirit. Unconscious is spirit. Man's consciousness is always mind. Unconsciousness is spirit, and consciousness is mind. So we see, in the man Christ Jesus, his unconsciousness is called the Spirit of Christ. And the mind of the man Christ Jesus is the mind of Christ. So we see that every man has an unconsciousness and a consciousness. Unconsciousness is always spirit, and consciousness is always mind. Glory to God.


PASTOR VITALE: Does somebody have a question? Yeah, please put it on the message. Xxxx, do me a favor. Move that speaker over because I am getting some feedback when I write on the board. Could you move --


COMMENT: You want that [INAUDIBLE]?


PASTOR VITALE: Let us see if that works. Testing, yes, that is much better. Thanks.


COMMENT: You talk about the altar. How do you get the altar in that whole gizmo? Why is it an altar?


PASTOR VITALE: Why is it an altar?


COMMENT: How did you get that?


PASTOR VITALE: We get the concept of altar from the Levitical law, which we are told is a pattern of the altar and the ark and the holy things which are in heaven. OK. So when we look at the Levitical law, we look in the ark. We look in the tabernacle and the ark of the testimony. And we see that there is a mercy seat and cherubim on the mercy seat. And this is where the cloud of the Lord rests. And then we have a brazen altar. And this is my weakest point in the Scripture, but if you study the Levitical law, you will see that the sacrifices are made on an altar. Even in pagan worship, the sacrifices are made on an altar.


So we have spiritual sacrifices. I believe that we read about them in the Book of Peter. And in the Book of Revelation, we read about spiritual sacrifices and how most of the teaching that goes out in the Church is a very shallow understanding of what that spiritual sacrifice is. The Lord has shown us clearly that the sacrifice, the depth of the spiritual sacrifice, actually is our mind, that there are two gods in the creation right now.


PASTOR VITALE: Who are the two gods?






COMMENT: And Jehovah.


PASTOR VITALE: It is Jehovah, but in this hour, it is the Lord Jesus Christ. There are two gods. Each god has a high priest. Who is the high priest of Satan?




PASTOR VITALE: The carnal mind. And the Lord Jesus Christ's high priest is --


COMMENT: It is Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: It is Christ Jesus right now, the mediator, the one who is -- the mind is the high priest that is serving the god, which is spirit. And we see that these two high priests are continuously in a continuous battle to offer up the other mind to their god. The carnal mind wants to offer Christ up to his god, Satan. And Christ Jesus wants to offer up the carnal mind to his God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the end of this whole thing being that there can only be one God in this creation.


Right now, if you have both gods in you, you are double-minded. Most of the men out there just have one god. His name is Satan. But those of us that are double-minded in this hour are double-minded because the Lord Jesus Christ has already begun his blitz on humanity, and he fully intends to take this many-membered creation away from Satan. And the way he has to do it is to sacrifice the carnal minds of men up to the Lord Jesus Christ. Only the sacrifice does not kill the man; it kills the carnal mind and replaces it with the mind of Christ. And in every human being, where the carnal mind is killed on the altar, it makes him a sacrifice to the Lord Jesus. The Christ mind replaces it, and that individual becomes a kingdom under the rule of the Lord Jesus Christ.


At the back of the Book of Revelation, we see Christ Jesus on the white horse with many crowns. That means every human being in which he kills your carnal mind and offers it as a sacrifice up to the Lord Jesus and puts his mind in its place. He is wearing your crown. That is the significance of his having many crowns. He is wearing you as a garment. He is your mind. He is possessing you. He is thinking through you, talking through you, walking through you, doing through you. And the Scripture says he is wearing you as a garment. In the Book of Revelation, we see him wearing you as a crown.


So we see this concept of altar. It is a part of the spiritual procedure on which spiritual sacrifice is offered. So did I make that clear to you? You have to understand this concept of spiritual sacrifices, that we see a type of it in the Levitical law, that it is happening every day in the realm of the spirit. Every time you have a decision to make, when you make your conscious or unconscious decision to obey the carnal mind, your carnal mind, for that incident, has sacrificed Christ unto Satan. Every time you take the victory and you submit to the thought or the instruction of your Christ mind, Christ Jesus has sacrificed your carnal mind up to the Lord Jesus. And this sacrifice takes place on an altar.


So the altar is the place where the mind rests. There can be no Christ mind until the altar is formed. If you read the Old Testament, you see instruction after instruction after instruction. And Jehovah said, And you will go to this place, and you will build an altar unto me. And you will go to this place, and you will build an altar unto me. It is all through the Old Testament: And once the altar is formed, you will make a sacrifice unto me.You will sacrifice a goat; you will sacrifice a bullock. This is all the type.


So in the realm of the spirit, the Lord is saying, Go into that person's mind, and build an altar unto me. And after you build an altar, I want a sacrifice on it. I do not want a goat, and I do not want a bullock, and I do not want a pigeon. I want that person's carnal mind, man, and I want it dead.


Do you understand what I am saying? So this is the concept. This is the concept of altar. That which is being sacrificed on the altar is a mind. It is being sacrificed to a god by a high priest. So where the altar is, there is a high priest.


PASTOR VITALE: The altar upon which Christ Jesus rests -- do you know who that -- who has formed that altar? Do you know the two elements that form an altar?


COMMENT: The Lord Jesus Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: OK. What is the element that is in all altars?


COMMENT: The mind, spirit [INAUDIBLE].


PASTOR VITALE: The human spirit. The human spirit is a part of every altar. The human spirit and the Spirit of Christ form the altar upon which Christ Jesus is born. They come together; it is a union. And the result of that union -- see, the human spirit is the mom. She is mom Christ. And -- actually, this is not correct. Sorry. This is not the Spirit of Christ. [?Joseph?], could you move that speaker back by you? I think it is just too loud now. This is the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not the Spirit of Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ joins with the human spirit. He is dad Christ. And the child of the union is Christ Jesus, the man Christ Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: The man Christ Jesus has an unconscious, and his unconscious is the Spirit of Christ. And he has a consciousness, which is the --


COMMENT: Mind of Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the mind of Christ. And we see here the whole family of God, which is in heaven: mom Christ, dad Christ and son Christ, with a conscious and an unconscious mind. First generation of Christ, second generation of Christ -- and the two are one. The two are one.


So we see that we cannot have a mind without an altar because a mind is a high priest offering spiritual sacrifices. So it must have an altar upon which to offer spiritual sacrifices. After Christ Jesus has offered up the entire carnal mind to the Lord Jesus, he will exist.


PASTOR VITALE: Does anybody know what the type of Christ Jesus is, after the carnal mind has been sacrificed? I do not think you know, so I will tell you. The type of Christ Jesus, after the carnal mind has been sacrificed, is the bush that burns but is not consumed. The bush that burns -- behold, a bush that burns but is not consumed. You see, when your carnal mind gets offered up unto the Lord Jesus Christ, you do not die. You do not. You are not going to physically die. You will be a bush that is burning. You are going to be in the Lake of Fire, but you will not be consumed, to the extent that your life will not cease to exist. This fallen life existence will cease to exist, but you will not cease to exist. Your old man will cease to exist, but you will not cease to exist. You will experience conversion. You will be a new creature, the creation of God. You will experience the reality of the Scripture.


I do not care what they are telling you; you have not experienced it yet. You are not saved. You are not converted. You are not a new creature. You are in denial, and you are believing a lie. And it is all mind control, and you are going to die anyway if you do not come out of this junk.


So let us do the other side of this coin now. Now, we are going to do the first and second generation of Satan. And this is where I have made the changes. I have been groping with this for the last couple of months. I knew something was not right with the -- see, the principles that I am teaching you are correct. I do not always have the exact names, or I do not have the names correct. So I have been groping with this for a while now, and it finally came through. And on the message that I was listening to today, I got the devil and the carnal mind reversed. So this is what the Lord is showing us now.


And again, I understand that it is confusing, that you have to regroup and you have to make changes. And you have heard me giving it different names all along. Do not worry about it. Just let it go into your spirit, and God will make it real to you. As the revelation gets deeper and deeper, it really is necessary to have your names right. But it has to go through your spirit. Do not worry about doing it with your intellect. These little details will come. The most important thing is that your spirit is being ministered to. When Christ Jesus matures in you, you will have all knowledge. Do not worry about it. I will just keep saying it until you get it. That is all.


So I have been telling you here that the altar that produces the carnal mind is formed of the human spirit and Satan. And now the Lord has told me that, as Jehovah is the name of God which is outside of a man's mind, and when he comes into a man's mind, his name changes to the Lord Jesus Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: There is a name for the pestilence in the earth before he incarnates. Think back. What was the name of the moral corruption in the earth?


COMMENT: The Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: The Serpent, before he incarnated. His name really was not Satan at the beginning; it was Serpent. That is what my Bible says, Serpent. That dead corruption or dead evil is called the Serpent. And the human spirit -- she is always in there. She is the harlot. She cannot say no to anybody. She is still mom. So we see an altar is formed between the union that occurred between the human spirit and the Serpent. And they had an offspring. And the name of the offspring, which is new also, so I am not going to ask you, is the devil.


The name of the fallen creation is the devil. Did Jesus not say to the Pharisees, Your father is the devil? It is the same thing as saying the Lord Jesus Christ is your dad. Your dad is the devil.


PASTOR VITALE: And the devil has an unconsciousness, and the unconsciousness of the devil is always spirit. What is the name of the spirit? Satan. And the consciousness of the devil is always a --




PASTOR VITALE: -- a mind. And the name of this mind is?


COMMENT: The carnal mind.


PASTOR VITALE: The carnal mind. So on the message that I was listening to today, I had it backwards. I said the name of the offspring is the carnal mind and the name of the mind is the devil. So just ignore me when you hear the message. That is what we got. First generation is the Serpent; second generation is the devil. Unconsciousness, spirit of Satan; consciousness, the carnal mind.


So let us do it like we did it for the Lord Jesus Christ. I would like to do a comparison here. The name of the Father before incarnation is Jehovah. The name of the moral corruption before incarnation is the Serpent. We have the first generation of the offspring of Jehovah as -- no, Jehovah, the Lord Jesus Christ. And the first generation of the Serpent is the devil. And the second generation of Jehovah's offspring is Christ Jesus. And the second generation of the Serpent's offspring -- How did I do that now? Lord, what did I do here? I lost something somewhere. Could you put that on hold for a minute please? There is no second generation of the devil. OK. Jesus Christ of Nazareth gave up his unending life so that he can reproduce his life in us, in the form of a second generation. Put that on hold for a second.


I am going to have to pray further about this. As I told you before, do not get all hung up on these technicalities. Eventually, it helps to know the right names. But it is not worth getting hung up on. But at least, for the time being, the information that God has given us now is that the offspring of the Serpent and the human spirit is the devil, whose unconscious is Satan and whose consciousness is the carnal mind. And I will put this question before him because I do not know the answer, and I am not at my sharpest tonight. The Lord knows that. Sometimes, I get these answers as I preach, but I am not getting it right now.


Does anybody have any questions on this that I can answer? Anybody have any further questions? Did I answer your question on the altar? OK. Is that not interesting? We will see what the Lord says about that. There has to be an answer to it. This is called an unfolding revelation, brethren. Just keep getting more and more truth. The Lord did give me some revelation on the -- is that correct? Your daddy is the devil. Well, I will see what the Lord says about that.


I do have some revelation for you on Jesus telling the adulterous woman, Go and sin no more. And he also told somebody, Now that you are healed, go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you. And I know that several of us have asked the question here: How could Jesus be saying that, when the man was not yet cleansed from his sin nature? What could he possibly be meaning by that? And the Lord spoke to me about that over these last couple of days. So I wanted to share it with you.


When Jesus said, Go and sin no more, lest a more serious thing come upon you, what he was saying was, Confess your sins and repent, because, from the moment you truly enter into a condition of repentance -- now, that is not just lip service. Repentance is a condition of heart that we can only enter into when the Lord Jesus Christ grants us that permission to do it. It is a gift to be able to repent. And I mean that there is such a thing as a general attitude of repentance, where we just find ourselves in a spiritual condition where we are continuously being convicted and repenting without condemnation. It is just an ongoing process of being convicted of our sins, where our reaction is, Yes, Father, You are right, and I am wrong, and I am truly sorry; please help me to change because I will never change if You do not help me. It is an attitude.


Many people say the words. I repent, and it is just lip service. If that is the best that you could do at the moment, then give your lip service, and hope that the Lord gives you genuine repentance in your heart. But we are told, in the Book of Romans, that to those who have truly repented, there is no now more condemnation in Christ Jesus.


To those who are called, according to his purpose, and are truly in an attitude of repentance, Paul said, That which I desire to do, I cannot do, and that which I hate, that I do. He is saying, if that is your condition, if you are really hating your sin and you cannot stop doing it, but you would really stop if you could -- and only God knows the truth. I do not know the truth unless he tells me, but Jesus knows the truth. You are not fooling anybody. If you really had the power, would you stop? If the answer is yes, but you are sinning because you just have not found the power yet, then, Paul says, it is no longer you that is sinning but sin that dwelleth in you.


So therefore, Jesus can say to you, Go and sin no more, lest a worse sin come upon you. What He is saying is, I have healed you; I have forgiven you. I have healed you; I have delivered you from a serious affliction, either in your body or in your soul. And I am giving you the power to truly repent, if you will do it. So get all your sins under the blood and exercise the power of God to the fullest extent possible. And those sins which you really cannot stop doing, continue to cry out to Me for deliverance because, if you do not do this, if you do not continue to confess your sins and truly repent, and, as another Scripture says, As it is written in another place, Submit yourself to God and resist the devil that he might flee from you; if you are not working the work, if you are not doing the program, if you are not exercising all the power that you have, you can expect a sin to come upon you worse than the one I have delivered you from.


Let me say it again. Paul said, That which I desire to do, I cannot do, and that which I despise, I do. In my heart, if I had the power to stop, I would stop. But I do not have the power to stop. My mind has stopped; my spirit has stopped. Christ in me has stopped, but my carnal mind is still thinking it. And maybe my carnal mind is still doing it, but the real me, who is in Christ, has stopped.


Therefore, it is no longer me sinning but evil in me sinning. And you are not fooling anybody. Only Jesus knows if this is truly your condition of heart. If this is truly your condition of heart, that you hate sin, every sin, everything about it, that you truly desire holiness and righteousness, that you are willing to pay any godly price for it, that you are willing to pay anything that Jesus asks you of it, asks of you, as far as the Lord is concerned, it is not sin in you. It is not you sinning, but it is sin that dwelleth in you.


And therefore, Jesus can say to you, Go and sin no more. Be truly and genuinely convicted of your sins, confessed-up and repented-up because, if you take a healing like this from Me, and you are going to go out and take your walk with Me lightly and not truly repent of sin, something worse than what you were delivered from will surely come upon you. Anybody not understand that? That is an important revelation. I have prayed about it for a long time. It is a very important revelation.


And it fits right in with the revelation that is coming down in this ministry right now, that the missing link -- at least, it has been a missing link for me. The missing piece of information that I have needed to understand this end time ministry, this standing up in full stature, is that we must confess our sins and repent. We see, in this hour, the kingdom of God being formed in men. And what is the kingdom of God? The kingdom of God is a mind. Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you. Our human spirit, which is presently joined in marriage to the Serpent and also joined to her offspring, the devil, is incestuous. She is engaged in a union with her husband, the Serpent, and with her daughter, the devil.


So we see that the Kingdom of God is a mind. Those of us who are double-minded, in this hour, have two minds: the mind which is formed, as I just told you, between the -- on the altar of the Serpent and the human spirit has produced the offspring, the devil. And the mind of the devil is the carnal mind, which is the kingdom of darkness. We also see that we have the mind of Christ, in this hour, which is the conscious mind of the man Christ Jesus.


Now I have looked around me, brethren. I have been looking for months. I have been looking for a couple of years. I see people that have the Kingdom of God in them. I see the people that have the mind of Christ. And I cannot understand how they could be going into full stature. With the understanding of the Scripture that I have here, I have not been able to understand how -- at first, I used to think that they did not have the mind of Christ, that they just had an imputed anointing, and therefore they would not go into full stature.


But I have been realizing lately there are people out there in false doctrine. They are not living holy. There are all kinds of unrepented sin. You see, everybody has sin, brethren. The key is repentance. Are you repented of that sin and doing everything you can, crying out for deliverance? Or are you blatantly yielding to it? That is the key. OK.


And I have not been able to find an answer as to how these people in this Kingdom church, who seem to have the mind of Christ and who are not confessing their sins, who think they are going to be entering in automatically -- I just have not been able to put it together. And now I found the missing link. It has come out in our studies, in the Book of Zephaniah, that it looks like you are ascending automatically, and it looks like you have got the devil under your feet. And in fact, you do have her under your feet, and you are doing pretty well for the time being.


But the message that is coming forth is that there is trumpet that is about to sound. A satanic trumpet is about to sound, which is going to strengthen the devil, whose mind is the carnal mind, which is under your feet. And if she is under your feet but she still has consciousness, she is going to find the strength to rise up and kill Christ in you. So it is not enough to have her under your feet. You have to be killing her.


And she dies in several stages. First, you have to get her under your feet. That means that she is having a very, very low success rate of speaking through you and doing through you. Then you have to paralyze her. And then you have to kill her because, if you do not, she is going to rise up when you are not looking, and she is going to kill Christ in you.


And we have many people in the Church today that are complacent. They are resting. They are at ease because they have got the devil under their feet, and they think that she is OK, that now all they have to do is ignore her. But they do not have this revelation of this satanic trumpet which is about to sound that is going to empower her. When that happens, she is going to rise up and kill Christ Jesus in you. She must be paralyzed while you have got her down there. Otherwise, it is going to be too late for you. And there is only one way to paralyze her, and that is through the continuous ongoing confession of sin and repentance.


We cannot justify our sins. And the Church is filled with believers who are doing all kinds of good works and justifying their sin, saying, I did not mean it; God forgives me. The Lord knows I just said it the wrong way. I do not believe it. All kinds of excuses and justifications -- and you think that it is OK, and you think that this is acceptable to God because your life is pretty OK. But my understanding of the message that is coming down right now is that that satanic trumpet is about to sound, and there will be an empowering, a last-ditch empowering, of the carnal mind.


It is in Revelation 20: And Satan got out of the bottomless pit, and he went up on the breadth of the earth, Gog and Magog, and he gathered together all of the evil in the world to bring down the saints of God. You have got to paralyze her, so that she cannot respond to or become empowered by that call because, when she is empowered by it, she will be stronger than Christ Jesus in you, and Christ in you will die.


So that is the missing link. This is how it is possible for believers who are not actively confessing their sins and repenting and still have Christ Jesus being formed in them. You see, the refusal to repent will not hinder Christ Jesus from being formed in you. That is where I was stumbling. The refusal to repent will not stop Christ Jesus from being formed in you. Christ Jesus can continue to be formed in you, despite the fact that you are not repenting. That is why the Scripture says, Peace, peace; but there is no peace. You think there is peace, but then comes -- what? Sudden --


COMMENT: Destruction.


PASTOR VITALE: -- destruction. You think you are OK, and then sudden destruction -- that means that it is coming so quickly that you are not going to have time to defend yourself. You have got to kill that thing while you have got her down. So do not be mistaken and think that, because your life is under control, you do not have to confess specific sin as God shows it to you. It is essential. It is what is putting the whole program together. It is the connection between Christ Jesus being formed in you and a carnal mind that is still pretty powerful.


And the teaching in the Kingdom Church is that you are going to ascend automatically. It is a lie. Just ignore your lower nature, and you will ascend automatically. Well, you may be ascending now, but when she is empowered, she is going to rise up and kill you. And that is the message that we are finding in the Scriptures right now.


And the Lord ministered to me, in the last couple of days, the Scripture: Now go, and sin no more, unless something worse come upon you. This is the principle. You cannot ignore your sin and say, Oh, I did not mean it, and the only thing that matters is that I study, and I listen to messages, and I get revelation, and I pray for the sick, and I cast out demons, and Jesus understands me.


I had a woman come in here and tell me she had a dream that she was being left behind. I said to her, Sister, do you not know God has just spoken to you? That He has called you to this ministry, and you will not come? And He just told you that you are about to be left behind? And she said to me, Oh, Jesus would not do that to me. He understands me. He knows what I need. That is what she said to me. And she walked down those steps, and looked back over her shoulder. He loves me. He knows what I need. Do you not understand English? Do you not understand dreams? Do you not hear what I am telling you? It was your dream. Can you not hear it? You are being left behind. She could not hear it.


You see, there is a perfect example. The Lord said to this woman, I have called you to full stature, but there is a training that is necessary. And why do people hate this ministry? Because you come here and your sins are pointed out. This is a tough ministry. You have got to look at yourself, and you have got to see yourself for what you are without condemnation. And you have got to do the work that is going to help, that is going to make you change. You have to lay hold of the power of God and, by sheer force of that spiritual power, change, after warring against the powers and principles in your mind that want to keep you in sin.


I am just using this woman as an example. I am not giving you her name. I am just trying to teach you. I am not against her in any way. She just did not want to look at herself, brethren. She wanted to believe that she was good and that she was holy and that Jesus just loved her so much that she did not have to be cleaned, that He was going to miraculously do all the work for her. And she would wake up one morning and be all cleaned up or in heaven or some place. I do not know what she thought. But you have got to do it Jesus' way. You cannot do it your way. I cried when she walked out of here. A lot of people are in some fantasy world here. Jesus.


Go and sin no more. The connection, the missing link -- I now understand how people can have the kingdom of God in them and not confess their sins and repent. I have been saying to them, What am I going through all these years, all this confession and repentance? And it is hard work. How come no one else is doing it out there? And they have the kingdom of God in them also. Well, they have it now. But in the last hours or the last minutes or the last seconds, when that trumpet sounds and the carnal mind is empowered, it is not going to empower my carnal mind because she is going to be paralyzed.


We have seen this concept expressed in the Old Testament, I it is in the Psalms, if I am not mistaken. I could be mistaken. The phrase is, Bind the sacrifice to the horns of the altar. Bind the carnal mind to the altar of Christ in you, and let her be burned in the Lake of Fire. If you do not bind her, she is going to get up and run away. And ye shall not enter into the kingdom, brethren, without blood. You cannot enter into the kingdom without blood.


And that brings us to another revelation that is new and quite shocking to a lot of Christians because the whole church would like to believe that the blood that gets you into the Kingdom is the human blood of the man Jesus that was shed on Calvary 2,000 years ago. Do not shut off the message. You owe it to yourself to pray about this. That is not true. That red blood that was poured out on Calvary 2,000 years ago is long turned to dust. It is long turned to dust. Jesus is no longer flesh and blood. He is now flesh and -- somebody?




PASTOR VITALE: He is now flesh and bones. Absolutely. He is now flesh and bones. You are now bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. You do not have any more blood, brethren. He is a spirit. Spirits do not have blood. They are spirit, and they are soul. The life of the flesh is in the blood.


Fallen man has blood, brethren. Jesus' fallen humanity had blood. There is no more fallen humanity. The days of his flesh have passed. He has ascended. He is a ball of light. He is a spirit. The blood of the covenant, under the Old Testament, it was an animal sacrifice. The blood of the new covenant is spiritual blood. I do not even know if that is a -- it must be somewhere. Is that the Scripture you are looking up over there? I hear that in my head. The blood of the covenant -- is that what you are looking up? I am -- I do not even know if that is a Scripture with regard to the New Covenant, but if it is, it is spiritual blood.


We are purified by his spiritual blood. You are not purified by the blood of the man Jesus of Nazareth. That was fallen blood. You are purified by His Spirit, by His glorified, resurrected, righteous, sinless Spirit. You are justified, I think that is the Scripture, justified by His blood, if I am not mistaken. Justified by His blood. The justification, which comes by his blood, means his spiritual life. It is in the form of Christ Jesus. You are justified when Christ Jesus begins to be formed in you. But the blood by which you enter into the most holy place is the blood of your carnal mind. Your carnal mind has to die, the beast. It is the blood of the beast.


The Lord told me I am not making this clear. Let me try again. There are several aspects to this. And ye shall not enter in without a blood sacrifice. What that means is you will not take your carnal mind into the Kingdom with you. You must have a sacrifice, and the sacrifice is your carnal mind. You must shed the blood of the beast in you. Your carnal mind has to die. And that which is killing your carnal mind is Christ Jesus in you. Christ Jesus is offering up your carnal mind on the altar as a sacrifice to the Lord Jesus Christ. So you are entering in by the power of the resurrected life of the Lord Jesus Christ, spiritual blood, power, sin sacrifice. The blood of your carnal mind is the sin sacrifice. That is the blood of the beast.


And the second part of this revelation is the teaching, the false teaching that the Lord Jesus Christ is the reality of the type of the animal sacrifice. This is not correct. If Jesus Christ were the fulfillment of the animal sacrifice, he would be boiled and burnt like the animal. I do not know of any animal that was crucified. The animal that is being boiled and burnt is your carnal mind, and we have found Scriptures that Jesus is boiling also like a sin offering, as a sin offering. And surely, we are being burnt in the Lake of Fire. Our carnal mind, the beast in us, is the fulfillment of the animal sacrifices of the Old Covenant, not Jesus of Nazareth.


Jesus boiled and burnt his own carnal mind. Jesus' sin offering was his own carnal mind that He inherited from his mother. And now He is in us in spirit form, offering up our carnal mind, boiling it and burning it. The man Jesus of Nazareth was crucified and gave up His life not as a sin offering for us but that he could be converted into another form, which would enable Him to reproduce His life in us.


Yes, He is our sacrifice, but not a sacrifice that replaces the Levitical sacrifice. He is sacrificed for us. His sinless soul life that could have lived forever was sacrificed for us. He stopped living in this flesh so that He could be changed into pure spirit form, so that He could pour out upon everybody's heart and reproduce His life in us. Yes, our sacrificial -- our Passover lamb is sacrificed for us, but not the sin offering. He was not a sin offering. Your carnal mind is the sin offering.


So we are talking about different kinds of sacrifices, and we found the Scripture, in the Book of Zephaniah, which calls Him the bloodless offering. Under the Levitical law, there is a blood sacrifice and a bloodless sacrifice. The bloodless sacrifice is the sacrifice of grain. That typifies Jesus Christ. He is the bloodless offering. The blood offering is your carnal mind, the beast.


So you owe it to yourself to pray about it. Now do not misunderstand what I am saying. Your body does not have to be crucified. Your carnal mind has to be crucified. Your carnal mind has to be offered up, burnt and boiled. Your carnal mind has to be burnt and boiled. You are not entering into the Kingdom without blood, and the blood is your own carnal mind. The spiritual blood of Jesus is the power to get you in, but you are not coming in without a sin offering, your very own sin offering. Hallelujah.


Additional information on this subject may be read in our book, Not Without Blood: Understanding the New Covenant, by Sheila R. Vitale, which may be purchased on Amazon.com.


12/17/18 – Transcribed by VerbalFusion

12/18/18 – 1st edit CAS

12/18/18 – 2nd edit RH

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