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I had gotten a prophecy from the Lord, not last June but the June before. I was already very sick, but it was before, I think I had collapsed already. I could not work, but I was not in the hospital yet. It was in June two years ago. And I got a word from the Lord that this was the last lease I would sign in Heatherwood.


I have talked to you about drawing conclusions about what the Lord says and the tendency for people to ask you questions. I just did it to  Xxxx and she had to tell me, that is the only word; I do not know what God meant, but that is what he said to me. I did not say to the Him, Lord, well, which lease are you talking about? I drew the conclusion that he was talking about the lease that I had already signed at my apartment. My landlord gives me two-year leases, and they are signed in June. So when the Lord gave me the prophecy, it was one year after I had signed my lease, and one year in the future, I would be signing the next lease. And the Lord said to me, This is the last lease you will sign. You will sign the last lease at Heatherwood. And I never said to Him, Lord, do you mean the lease I already signed, or do you mean the one a year ago, or the lease that is coming one year in the future? And I drew the conclusion that he meant the lease that I signed one year ago.


And it caused me a lot of grief. And if it was not for God’s mercy, it could have caused me a financial and an emotional disaster because my landlord wants you to sign a new lease three months before the lease is up, by June of this past year. If we were moving into that house, I had to give them notice. And I could have wound up on the street with no place to live. Or even if they had let me stay but given me penalties, I had no money to pay the penalties. I was in a severe, severe trial, and the money was not coming in. I had all these prophecies for the house, but no money. The guy was ready to sell to me, but no money.


One day, I went into very deep prayer. I was crying out to God all day. And I said, Lord, you have got to talk to me because I am going to be destroyed. What am I going to do? You know, and how are you going to be glorified in it? But the whole day, it was going on. And he spoke to me. And he said to me, Sign the lease. I had the lease renewal in my house, and he said to me, Sign the lease. And I did not understand what happened. I just refused to take the condemnation, and I was just grateful to God that he did not let me go into disaster. I could have been with no place to live and no money to put down security in another place.


So, all this time now, seven months. I did not understand what happened, and I asked the Lord to explain it to me. I refused to take the condemnation, and I maintain my faith that he has given us the house. And for whatever reason, he spoke to me today. And he told me, This is what happened. He said to me, You have signed the last lease at Heatherwood. And I never said to him, Lord, which lease are you talking about? The one a year ago, or the one a year in the future? And I assumed wrong. So now I have signed the last lease in Heatherwood. This is it. So I should be out by a year from June. Well, we should at least have the money for the house and the house should be available by a year from June.


So I am grateful for the answer to that because I do not like loose ends like that. It distresses me, you know? And I know that a lot of Christians would have been very bold and just not renewed the lease, and they would have been in serious trouble. And then they would have been saying, Well, what happened? I knew it was it not God. Well, it was God. But it is not enough to have the gifts. It is not enough to hear from God. We have got to have understanding. Even though he spoke this to me in English, it is like talking to some genius physicist or something. I just do not always understand what he says to me. So it is not enough to hear the words.


COMMENT: How do you know his intention?


PASTOR VITALE: His intention? Yeah, well, even amongst human beings, lots of arguments ensue because somebody says something and the other person thinks that they meant it another way, and you did not mean it that way. People are always misunderstanding each other. Why should we not misunderstand God? It just follows suit, right?




PASTOR VITALE: So when we get a word from the Lord, we have to ask him a lot of questions, a lot, a lot, a lot of questions. And then, and I cannot emphasize this strongly enough, when you have asked him all your questions and you think you know what he said to you, I strongly encourage you to pray, Lord, you know what I think you said to me. If that is not what you said to me, please straighten my brain out.


COMMENT: Change my thinking.


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah. Tell me what you said to me because people get hurt in God all the time. I am sure everybody has heard a story about people that have gotten hurt in God. They have sold their house. They have started a ministry. They have moved to Africa. It either was not God or it was the wrong time. OK, a lot of people have been really hurt in God. And I want to tell you that it was a very severe trial. I was in emotional pain for a long time, for months, a couple months, about two months.


But this is very exciting for me because I am finding that, when I really press in like this, and I am almost desperate to hear him and not go off on some tangent like so many Christians do, that he is responding to me, and he is giving me secrets of how to understand him. Everybody in the church world hears him. All the Pentecostal Church hears from God, but how many understand him?


Your own son was down here. God gave him the Scripture. The problem here is Jezebel and her doctrine. And I said to him, Xxxx, who is the Jezebel? You or me? And he said, Oh, Sheila, never. He would not even consider that God was telling him, You are the Jezebel with the false doctrine.


So I am very excited because God is giving me these principles, and he saved me from a disaster because I would not go on my own thought, and I kept banging on the door of heaven, and he finally answered me. And he did not answer me quickly, and I cried out, and I cried out until I heard from him. So I am very excited because, for years now, it has made me very uncomfortable to know how many Christians get into trouble.


And you want to know something? The whole church world that is not Pentecostal knows this. Do you know that this is the biggest argument that the Baptists have against the Pentecostal Church, that they go after these words of knowledge and this emotionalism? A lot of Pentecostals get into trouble. And this is the biggest argument. It is not just a complaint, but it is a legitimate argument that the Baptists have against the Pentecostals. The Lord led me. The Lord led me. The Lord led me. You have the led disease.




PASTOR VITALE: Right? And it is true. So I am very excited that he is showing me. And in my spirit, it is so clear to me that it is a secret path. It is the path where no fowl flyeth. It is a secret path, and you get directed to that path only by laying Adam aside and petitioning the Lord and petitioning the Lord and telling him that you do not want Adam. You do not care about your pride; you want what God has for you, and you want to know that it is him. And he is starting to respond to the -- and I have been praying like this for years.


COMMENT: It is a challenge [CROSSTALK].


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah. It is very exciting. It is very, very exciting.


You know, ever since I got hurt, you know, I do not know if I ever told you; I almost got evicted from my apartment. Did I ever tell you this testimony? I was working for Xxxx. God gave me a secular job, working -- he was my boss for a year. He paid me. I was writing his books. And at the end, I -- the whole year, I prayed every day: Lord, please do not send me back to a secular job. My daughter desperately needed me to be home. Plus, I had had terrible experiences with my employees. But I think it was really mostly that I wanted to be home with my daughter. I was there at 3 o’clock. I was there in case of an emergency. I was doing what I do now. She needed me during the day; I worked till midnight. You know?


And I was so sure that he was going to answer my prayer that, when Xxxx called me in, and he said, I am giving you two months’ notice. After two months, I will not be able to pay you. Start looking for a job, I refused to receive that word. And I was lifted up in pride. And I said to myself, You are not going to put an end to this ministry. God has given me a ministry. Only God can put an end to this ministry. And I want to tell you, from the day I made that statement and thought that in my heart --


COMMENT: Just the thought?


That was what I thought. Maybe I said it out loud. I do not know. But that was what I thought, and that was I felt, and that was what I believed. From that day, God shut off communication. I started praying for that rent money to come in. After a couple of weeks, I was getting very nervous, and what was making me nervous was the silence. God talks to me all the time. Silence. But I still did not know what was wrong. I was convinced that I was right, which is the condition of every Christian that gets into trouble. They are convinced that they are right, right?


So I run down to my mail every morning, looking for some miracle in the mail with my rent money. It was never there. I walked out, looking along the streets. OK, there was no rent money. I went into church. Nobody put an envelope in my hand. And after a couple of weeks -- it could not have been more than a couple of weeks -- I got a letter from my landlord. I was late with the rent. I was two weeks late with the rent, so they wanted interest, and they wanted penalties. And they, it must have been three, two or three weeks. They wanted interest, or they wanted the rent money, interest, penalties, and the rent for the next month was due in another week. They wanted, it was a couple of thousand dollars. It was like a joke. I think it was just under $2,000 they wanted, $1,500. [INAUDIBLE]


And I want to tell you, I was one scared person because I got the revelation that this money was not coming in. And I started screaming. I did not know what I did wrong. I did not know what I did wrong.




PASTOR VITALE: But I went before the Lord, and I do not really remember the details, but I did not know what I did wrong, but I was begging him to help me. And I got a phone call from a woman who has a very heavy prophetic anointing. And I was not close with her at all. I knew her [INAUDIBLE], but she called. She was the one that the Lord had to call me. And the word came forth, I really do not remember the details, but the word came forth that I had to go back to work. I do not know whether I got the whole revelation at that time, but I had to go to work. And then there was something I needed to repent of, so I repented, and I said, Lord, I am willing to go to work. I said, but, you know, I have a child. Please do not let me be put on the street. And I hung up the phone. And in five minutes, the phone rang from an employment agency that I had registered with a year ago, and they had a job for me.


COMMENT: That was fast. That was really fast.


PASTOR VITALE: I did not even leave the house. They had a six-month assignment for me at the Brookhaven town attorney’s office. I said, I will take it. But I still needed about $1,500. And I was really scared because I knew, if I went to my parents, they would not help me. They not only would not help me; they probably would have had a heart attack. You know, I could not tell my family.


COMMENT: This is how long ago?


PASTOR VITALE: This was eight, 10 years ago.




PASTOR VITALE: Probably closer to 10. Probably closer to 10 years ago. So I thought, I have never been here before. This is an utter disgrace for my family to be in any -- I know some people grew up like this. But for me, no one in my family has these problems. It is unheard of. And I started going around. After I hung up, I repented, and I got the job and all of that. But I said, Lord, I really would like another witness. Just in case, I would like another witness. And I felt very strongly that he told me to call Bill Britton.


But this woman who called me, she had told me to call Xxxx. She said to me, and I felt it was under the anointing, but I did not want to believe it because I know he could not help me immediately. I knew he would not help me. I said to her, He will not help me. Now, remember, he was my employer. So I said to her, How can I call him? He is not going to help me. And she said to me, Sheila, you have to call him because he is the one that should help you, especially if you are willing to tell him you have got a job and you will pay him back. He should give it to you. But if he will not give it to you, he should loan it to you because you have been working. You are in this trouble because you gave a year of devoted service and you made a mistake. And you have repented, and he is the one that should help you. So I said, No, I am not going to call him. He will not help me.


So I hung up the phone, and I felt the Lord was telling me to call Bill Britton. And I called Bill Britton. I am telling you this was an experience, talking to this man. What a presence of God about him.




I could feel, to this day, I do not know whether he was angry or, I think it must have been the anger of the Lord. He was very angry. He said, You have been working for him for a whole year. He is the one to help you. That is what Bill Britton said. So I hung up, and he prayed for me to be in the ministry. It was a beautiful experience.




Yeah. I said I knew he would not help me. And the Lord said to me, You had to go to him because that -- God is very legalistic, but -- legalism in believers in ungodly, but legalism is God is not godly. And the Lord said to me, He was the one to help you. And therefore, you had to go to him. And now that he did not, this sin is on him. But if you did not go to him, the sin could not be attributed to him.


You have to do what is right. Everybody has to do what is right. God has an order, and we have to do what is right. We have to go along the chain of command. God is very legalistic.


So I went back to work. My heart was broken. I could not believe that this happened to me, and it took me years. I do not know that I am still over it. It was such a terrible experience for me, not that I was almost evicted but that I missed God so severely that I almost had this terrible thing happen to me. And I thought that I was a hotshot in those days. You know, I prophesied in the church, and I was right up on the prayer line, and I had a strong ministry and a strong relationship with God. How could this happen to me? I was devastated. I was devastated.


COMMENT: I only know that you can explain it to someone [CROSSTALK].


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, let me tell you something. I was devastated.


COMMENT: Sure put you in a humbling [CROSSTALK].


PASTOR VITALE: He sure took me down a peg or two; I will tell you that. And when God first started calling me into this ministry, and he started taking my money away. I told you I had several thousand dollars in the bank. He took everything. When he first started taking my money away, I was still severely under this memory, and I was very upset. It was not so much that I was not willing to give my money to the kingdom, but I was afraid I was being deceived again. And I prayed continuously. I said, Lord, if you want it, you can take it. But is it you?




PASTOR VITALE: Is it you? And it was very, very painful for me. You know, but he has been taking me very slowly, and he showed me, years later, that I still had not gotten over what happened and that it was pride and that I was afraid to trust. I never was afraid to trust God. I was never afraid that God was not able. I was always afraid that the error would be mine. So he has taken me very slowly, and now he has given me no choice but to trust. So praise the Lord. He is faithful.


Why did I start telling you that?


COMMENT: About the house.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, about the house. Yeah. So he has taught me, through a very painful lesson, how we have to ask him about every little thing. And then, when we think we understand him, ask him if we got it right because there is a way -- what I am telling you is a positive message. There is a way to beat this problem in Pentecost, this problem that so many believers fall into disaster because they think they have heard from God, and either they have not heard from God or they have heard from him but they misunderstood what he said. It is a plague in Pentecost. It is a plague. I have heard stories of people that lost their house. They lost their business. All kinds of terrible things happened to them, and they thought it was God. So I am just very excited, after that terrible experience, now to be able to report to you that he is directing me on that very narrow, narrow path where there is safety. No fowl flyeth there. And there is total safety there. And that path, the name of that path is the death of yourself.




PASTOR VITALE: That is the name of that path where no fowl flies. It is a place where Adam cannot go. That is where it is, and it is the place where Adam cannot enter in. And the way we get in there is to just utterly give up any self-counsel or any self-will or any opinion that we have. I do not want any opinion except God’s. And he has blessed me, at this point, to the point where I usually know when I hear from him. I am not usually deceived by another voice. I am not usually deceived by another voice. I know if he has not spoken yet, and I know when he speaks. And, Lord willing, I am not going to make a mistake like that again.


I never said to him, Lord -- and let me tell you this also. It is very important. I said, Lord, why did you not speak to me directly? You speak to me directly about so many things. I assumed you would speak to me directly about this too. And this is what the Lord said to me. He said, When there is a natural order, I will speak through man. He said, In this particular situation, Xxxx was your employer. He was the one that was paying you. Therefore, with regards to your employment, I would not speak to you directly. He said, Is Xxxx not the one who hired you? And indeed Xxxx is the one who hired me.


Let me give you my testimony of how I got this job. And I was going through this fiery trial where I was getting fired from a lot of jobs. And I had gotten notice on this job; I think they gave me two months’, two or three months’ notice, and I could not get a job. I answered every job in the paper. I got letters from these big corporations with really big, good jobs, good pay, good benefits, big companies. You are in the final stages. We have narrowed it down to three people. You are amongst one of those three people. I must have got five letters like that. Nobody hired me. I was starting to get hysterical because I did not understand, at the time, that it was a trial. It was a terrible experience.


And I was praying and praying and praying and praying. And Friday was my last day of three months of notice. And this was Thursday, and I had no job. And I had been praying for three months. And the Lord spoke to me: You are going to work for, at the time, he said, the pastor. You are going to write his books. And I said, Oh, I am hearing things. Man, I must really be hearing things. Friday, I get a phone call at work from Xxxx. Did you get a job? No. Would you like to work for me and write my books? I said, Well, I guess it was God. I did not have any place else to go. He did not give me any choice, so I took the job.


So the Lord says to me, Did Xxxx hire you? I know I told you, you had the job, but could you walk -- I mean, if someone came here and said to me, God told me I am going to be your administrative assistant, I would say to them, Well, before you are going to be the administrative assistant here, God is going to have to tell me. He said, Who? Did I just send you there, or did I speak to Xxxx and have him hire you? I said, He hired me. He says, Well, then he is going to fire you or lay you off. He was out of money. He said he would not spend any more money. It was not that I was not doing the job. He said, Why would you think that he would fire you, that I would speak through him and I would not speak through him to end the job? Why would you even think that? And the answer is that I was just lifted up in pride.


He said, There is a natural authority. And God can speak to you directly about many, many things. But when you are in a relationship with somebody where God has given them a natural authority over you, expect him to not speak to you directly but to speak to that person. It is changes from relationship to relationship. It changes from situation to situation. And many, many Sons today are slipping because God has spoken to them directly in so many areas that, when it comes to an area that he is speaking through a man, they cannot receive it.


And I have had people say to me, talking about deep revelation, Well, God never told me that. Someone said that to me: God never told me that. And I said to myself, Well, he is telling you right now through me. But they do not want to receive it. It is pride.


OK, but it was also pride that happened to me. But no one had ever warned me. No one had ever taught me, and you were blessed that you are hearing these testimonies. I had never heard anything like this. Nobody was there to tell me, Sheila, you better pray about that; I think you are making a mistake. Nobody said that to me. You know, so it is pride. But, for whatever God’s reasons, there is no one -- well, I guess I am telling them now, but a lot of people are not listening to me. God has sent me to a lot of people that do not want to listen to me. And so, what is going to happen, they are going to reap the results of their failure to listen to the one that God sent to them because they did not believe God sent me to them.


I do not know if I ever told you this or not, but one Saturday night, I was studying, and I was overwhelmed with an urge to call the [INAUDIBLE]. And I called her up on a Saturday night, she is a married woman. You know, they probably have company or whatever. But God would not let go of me. So I called her up. And I said, I hope I did not interfere with your family life. And she says, Oh, no, I was sitting here studying. And I said, Praise the Lord. And she said, I was just really praying hard, asking the Lord who these demon locusts in Revelation 9 are. And the Lord had just told me that they are the Sons of God. And I told her everything that he had told me, and she got very upset. She did not want to believe it. She rejected every word that I said. And two years later, maybe it was two years, but it was at least a year. She called me over in the parking lot and [INAUDIBLE] said, Sheila, I have to tell you, the Lord told me it was true. So, do you understand what I am saying to you?




PASTOR VITALE: So at the very least, I am not telling you to just take whatever anybody says because we are not perfect yet. But at the very least, we should pray. I am telling you, I pray. I am telling you, if a derelict comes over to me and says, You should not be taking that bus; you should take another bus, I will say, Lord, did you send the derelict to tell me?


COMMENT: So even a natural man? [CROSSTALK]


PASTOR VITALE: I am telling you, I have a testimony about that too. I have a testimony about everything there. When I used to work in the city, there was a couple on the bus, and they were an adulterous couple. They were both married to somebody else, but they were on the bus. They were together all the time, and they had a thing going. Everybody knew. It was no secret on the bus. They guy seemed OK, but the woman, she was not normal. You do not have to be born again to look at this woman and know that she was not -- I mean, there was something wrong with her, man, something wrong with her head. She was strange.


And I went out for a bagel one Saturday morning, and she comes walking into the bagel store. So first of all, I said, Well, I guess I have ministry for her. And I said, Hi, how are you? She sat down, and she talked, and she talked, and she talked about her aunt, her elderly aunt that was living with her. And she got up, and she left after half an hour. And I said to myself, What was that all about?


And the Lord told me that she had something to tell me about my relationship with my elderly parents and that I did not understand something that they were doing because I really did not have any experience with elderly people up till that time in my life. And he sent her with advice for me. And when I asked him what that was all about, he told me. She did not think she was giving me advice. She was talking about her husband, who did not have any patience with this elderly aunt. And she was going on and on. And she, this deranged, adulterous woman, had a revelation of how you are supposed to relate to elderly people and have compassion on them. And she taught me in this area.

I am telling you, our God is something else. I want to tell you something, He is something else. And that advice helped me very much and helped my whole family because it helped me to understand my parents. It helped everybody. So I am telling you, if a donkey walked down the street and spoke to me, I would say, Lord, is that you? That is where the safety is. That is the path where no fowl flyeth. It is where the carnal mind is dead.




PASTOR VITALE: That is where the Savior --


COMMENT: How long do you think it took to get into that?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, it has been coming gradually now. As of a year and a half ago, I still made the mistake about the prophecy with regard to the house, and I am not perfect yet. I think this whole thing started because you said to me, What made you decide to switch the rooms? And I think I started to tell you that God told me to do it a couple of months ago. And the thought just came into my mind, and I utterly crushed it. So, because I rejected the thought that came into my mind, he sent my natural father to tell me. And when my natural father told me, I manifested, and I said, Nah, I am not going to do that. And then, after he left, I said, You know, that thought went through my mind a couple of months ago. I bet you it is God. And I got very hostile, and I said, I will put out a fleece with you, Lord. You send the manpower, and I will do it. And as soon as I said that prayer, it just came on me really strong. I just knew it was God. I just knew it was God. I am so excited about what he is doing. It is fantastic.




But this is the Lord, because I told him that I have been trying to preach out of Romans 6 for a couple of weeks now. And every time I come in here, he gives me something else. Tonight, I said, Lord, I will preach out of Romans 6 unless you give me something else. So, it looks like we are having a practical application.


See, we need everything here, and God works all things together. The deep revelation is very exciting, and believe me, I love it probably as much, if not more, than you do. Every once in a while, the Lord has to stop me, and he works it together. Well, let me stay with one thought. You cannot just dwell in this deep revelation because we are all growing up to be Sons of God, and we need these practical teachings. And I listened to the message from last Sunday. It is really excellent. It is over there. It is really excellent on the different kinds of deliverance and how it works. And we cannot just have only the Alternate Translation type teaching. because you need this to grow up in God.


The Lord will work everything together. And if I have a period where I cannot get to study because I sat down to study yesterday, and he would not let me study. He had me moving the closets, and he had me shut down the computer and put it away in the closet. And I just knew it was him, so I just went with it. And when the new computer came in today, I really saw the wisdom of it. It would have been a real confusion to have not done all that yesterday. So he will take situations like this, where I do not have time to study or, for any reason, I do not feel good and I cannot study, and he will move in with these practical teachings. So that is what he does.


Apparently, he did not even want me to expound on Romans 6 tonight. He wanted this practical teaching. It is very important that you hear all this stuff. It is just really important, because you cannot be walking around with just deep revelation and no practical knowledge, because you will be worthless. You know?




PASTOR VITALE: In the world, they call it an educated fool. You have all this education, and you cannot even get along with people. Did you ever meet somebody that had a Ph.D. in physics, and when they were invited to dinner or a local party, they could not hold a conversation with an average person? Now this applies to us also with this deep revelation that we have. There is not a doubt in my mind that God requires us to be able to relate to people, and we have to come down to the level that they are on. We cannot -- I know I used to do this. I used to try to force them to come up where I was, and people used to run away from me, and I used to get rejected. And I said, What are they running away from me for? Because did not realize, until the Lord told me, that I was speaking such a deep word, that I was burning them. The Lake of Fire was coming upon them, and they could not bear it.


I used to belong to this group that used to meet for coffee after Friday night services in that group. And at that time, I did not have anyone to talk to about this deep revelation word. And we would get together, and some of them were really carnal. Some of the husbands were really carnal. And I would start talking about this deep doctrine to somebody, and the whole table -- I do not believe it was on purpose. It was spiritual. Especially the men, with their deep voices, would start talking so loud, they would drown me out. And the minute I stopped talking, they would quiet down.


COMMENT: They did not want to be convicted.


PASTOR VITALE: They could not bear it. And a couple of the people that I thought might be able to tolerate the deep doctrine would listen for five minutes and walk away from me with this really weird look on their face.


COMMENT: Help, help.


PASTOR VITALE: You know, and for a long time, I was rejected. But then the Lord taught me, Sheila, they cannot bear it, and you have to stop trying to force people to come up where you are. You have got to go down to them. And when you go down to where they are, and you get in a relationship with them and you get in a conversation with them, the Lord told me I am in a position where I could just drop a word here, just drop a word there. And it was very painful for me at first, but now I do it without any problem at all. But there was a time that it was very painful for me. I had a need to talk about this deep doctrine. It was the only thing I wanted to talk about. And the Lord showed me that it was an immaturity, and that I was being very selfish because I had a need to talk about this stuff, and I did not care what your need was. I did not care that it was burning you; I wanted to talk about it. And he also showed me that it was spiritually homosexual.




PASTOR VITALE: Spiritually homosexual. Those of us that dwell in this place where we can have exchanges of doctrine on this level -- it is a male place. It is a spiritually male place.




PASTOR VITALE: It is a spiritually male place. And in this hour, there are very few men, spiritual men, in the church. The church is largely female. So for me to only want to speak on this level, spiritually, it was saying I want no exchange with women. I only wanted to be with other men. And the Lord started to teach me that.


You see, what was happening to me was I did not realize who I was in Christ. And all I could think about was my needs. And there is a Scripture -- I think it is in the Book of Acts; I could be mistaken -- where Paul says, The Lord comforts us so that we could comfort the body. Those of us that are called to spiritual manhood, we are to get our needs met from the Lord.


Now, there is nothing wrong with having a friend to talk to about this stuff. The question is: Do you need this friend? Or if there is a difference between needing this friend to talk to about this stuff or needing God and then coming down and then having a pleasant time with your friend. There is a difference. There is a difference. And to need your friend because she is the only one that will talk to you about this stuff is an ungodly state of being, that need. Now there is no condemnation in this, if you recognize yourself, and this is something to pray about and to start to change. That kind of a need is to be directed upwards to the Lord, who is your spiritual husband. Then, when your primary relationship is with him, and he is satisfying you, then you can go and spend a day or have lunch or have dinner with a friend. But to need that friend is adulterous. It is spiritually adulterous. That is what it is.


And it was a very difficult transition for me. I liked or I wanted to relate to human beings, and I wanted to find a human being that I could relate to on this level. But I failed, and for -- and I tried for years. And I found that, as I tried, I was always disappointed because, even though the Lord did bring me together with a few people that I could talk to on this level, I always came to a place where they either could not understand what I was talking about or I wore them out and they just could not take it anymore. Everybody cannot take this for hours. You know, you here take it for five hours. Most people cannot even take it for half an hour.


When I first started the ministry, I had a big rebellion in the ministry. There was a handful of people that were demanding that I did not preach for an hour and a half. At the very beginning, I was preaching for an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half, and they were demanding that I stop it.




PASTOR VITALE: [UNINTELLIGIBLE], yeah. And at that time, I was a new minister, and I was trying to please everybody. You cannot please everybody, you have got to please God.


COMMENT: That is true.


PASTOR VITALE: Because if you please God, you will please the people. If you please God, and the people are not pleased, then they are not right with God. You cannot try and please the people that are going to kill you. But at the time, I was trying. And I went before the Lord, and I said, Lord, you know, what do you want me to do? The anointing is still flowing here, and I was under such an attack, and I found out that these people were praying to make me shorten the message. And the Lord had to expose the whole thing. It was a big crisis.




PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, in [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. It was a big crisis in the fellowship.


COMMENT: That is why it is [CROSSTALK].






COMMENT: Sometimes, they think you are saying to them, I just have this much more to go on. I think I can get this done.




COMMENT: How much is that [INAUDIBLE]?


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, because the few of them that were into that, their minds were very strong, and they would sit there attacking me. So I sort of lost the train of what I was saying, but I think, basically, what I was telling you was, when God did send me people that could listen to this kind of thing, I always found that they were not enough for me, that I always drained them, and I started to recognize the signs that they could not meet my eyes and they would start looking down or they would be uncomfortable. Now I know that, when someone does that to me, that they cannot take it, and it is time to change the subject because I am hurting them.




PASTOR VITALE: So I look for these signs now, and I will change the subject immediately, if the person really cannot handle anymore. But at that time, I did not know it. I would get rejected when they would do that to me. And I found that, no matter what human friend the Lord gave me, nobody, at the time, could tolerate as much as I could tolerate. They either reached a point where they could not bear the conversation anymore or they just could not understand what I was saying. Or I said something spiritual without meaning, not knowing what I was doing, caused something to manifest in them, something Adamic, and they would attack me. And then I would get rejected, and say, What are they attacking me for?


The Lord has shown me today that the one person that I can have -- and I have a deep need for spiritual things, as I am sure you know -- that there is a person that I can have this relationship with, where none of this will ever happen, and that is him. It took me a long time to make this transition. And he told me that the reason I got rejected and hurt so badly was that the nature of my relationship with these people was ungodly and that it had to be directed upwards towards him. And now he satisfies me. There is not any question that I can ask him that is too deep for him.


COMMENT: [?Yeah?].


PASTOR VITALE: There is not any length of time that I could talk to him that is going to be too long for him. He is never going to turn away from me or cast his eyes down, and he is never going to manifest an Adamic spirit at me. And when he fills me up, now I can go and have spiritual people, spiritual conversations with other people, which is a godly exchange, a godly conversation, a godly fellowship. It is not filling my need for spiritual things, but it is filling a need for human fellowship, but not the primary need. Do you understand what I am saying?


COMMENT: This point, you discovered coming back from Africa, right?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. And I discovered this when I came back from Africa because I was in a household for five weeks which was a very godly household. There were four or more people there, besides Marie [SP] and I, the whole time, always someone to talk to. There were never any fights. There was no rebellion. There was no hostility. There was peace in this house. And besides the people that were there, there were constantly people coming in and out, all kinds of people there. They are very social people. And these five weeks, I knew, had put a wedge between me and God. I just did not have enough time with him. And it took me two weeks after I got back to get to where I was before I went away. And I want to tell you, now I appreciate being alone. And for years, I was in agony over my loneliness, and now I thank God for it.


As a matter of fact, he was talking to me about the house today because I said to him, Lord, what am I going to do? I really do not want to live with a house full of people. I need to talk to you all day long. I need hours a day with you to sustain myself on the level of spirituality that you have brought me to. I need access to you several hours a day. And when there are other people around me a lot, it cuts me off from you. What am I to do?


And I felt that I will have to pray through before we move into the house, but I felt that he was to tell me that whoever was interested in moving into the house, I was to tell them upfront, I need hours a day with the Lord, and there will be hours a day that I will be in my office with a Do not disturb sign on the door. And if this is going to disturb you, then you should not come into the house. And I would ask you not to disturb me unless it is a really real emergency. And if you feel that this would disturb you, then this house is not for you. This is what I feel he is telling me to do because I do not want to lose this relationship with him. It is my lifeline, only I never appreciate it. We never appreciate what we have. I never appreciated it until I got back from Africa, and I felt the change. I felt the separation. I definitely felt it. I do not like it. I did not like it.




PASTOR VITALE: So, even more than that, to really fill the need for intimacy, it is very similar to a natural marriage. People that are married have friends, and you can have some very good friendships. But your primary relationship is supposed to be your husband and your children. If you have a need in it, if, God forbid, there is illness or any kind of crisis in the family, first you go to your immediate family.


Well, a spiritual relationship is the same thing with the Lord. He is supposed to be number one, yet he has not created us to have nothing to do with other human beings. That cannot be because, when we are this close with him, we are a part of the Melchizedek priesthood, and he wants us to relate to other human beings because we are how he relates to the human beings that cannot relate to him the way we relate to him.


COMMENT: That is how you really get to know him.


PASTOR VITALE: Right. So he definitely wants us to have relationships with other people. We are talking about the nature of the relationship. And if your relationship with the Lord is such that he is filling your needs, then in your relationships with other believers, you can be the one filling their needs. Paul said, We are comforted by the Lord that we might comfort you. And that is what makes you a spiritual male.


A spiritual female is negative, and a spiritual male is positive. What does that mean? The positive force gives, and the negative force receives. Well, if in your relationships with other human beings, you are seeking to be filled, that makes you a spiritual woman. There is no condemnation in this. Know who you are. OK, so that is what I was doing. I was relating to people, and I was talking about the deep doctrines because I had a need that I was trying to get filled. That made me a woman. And the problem that I ran into was that I was going to other women to get my need filled, and they could not fill it.


I want to tell you, the only man I know today is Jesus. He fills my needs. Therefore, when I relate to you, I can be a man to you. I could fill your needs, not all of them; you have to go to him too. But right now, until you get there, where you are going directly to him, I am his representative to you. And therefore I am a man to you. But in the realm of the Spirit, you do not stay female forever.




PASTOR VITALE: So I am not saying to you that I am going to be the man and you are going to be the female, and you are going to be under me forever. I am not telling you that. I am telling you, for the season, that you are in training. I am the Lord’s representative to you, to impart to you all this incredible wisdom. I give him all the glory. It is incredible what comes out of my mouth. It is incredible. I am here as his channel to give this to you: wisdom, knowledge, Alternate Translations of the Scriptures, whatever we talk about.


If you had a relationship with him that was close enough, he would be telling you directly, but for this season that you are not that close to him, he is telling you through me. And he is telling you through me with the specific purpose of raising you up to spiritual manhood so that you can come out from under me and go to your own groups. You are not going to be women forever. But stay a woman until he makes you a man. Do not raise yourself up. If you raise yourself up, no good can come out of it. Be content with what he is giving you. When the time comes for you to go out, he will take you out, but do not go too soon. No good can come out of it, so just be patient.


COMMENT: Well, [CROSSTALK] you are saying going out to groups, like --


PASTOR VITALE: Would you flip that on for her? I think I shut it off before, [UNINTELLIGIBLE].


COMMENT: I was saying this sounds different because, in churches where there is one preacher, usually, I mean, for years, they stay under the same preacher for years, and they never change.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is --


COMMENT: I mean, you know, but --


PASTOR VITALE: -- stunted growth.


COMMENT: Yeah. But, I mean, this is going to be different then. I mean, if this is what is going to happen, that he is going to raise us up and then we are going to be teaching people ourselves --


PASTOR VITALE: Definitely.


COMMENT: -- that is really different.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, it is the way it is supposed to be. It is not the way it is supposed to be in [CROSSTALK].


COMMENT: I have never seen it that way before, ever. I have always seen the pastor remain the pastor forever, I mean, until he dies or until he moves to another church or --


PASTOR VITALE: In most churches, when ministry comes forth in the church, they leave. And frequently, they are not friends. A competition arises. But sometimes, they stay friends. But usually, a competition arises. See, it is OK to have ministry raise up in the church and stay in the church until God calls you out. Sometimes he brings you forth in the ministry, in the fellowship, and he tells you to stay in the fellowship for a season.


I do not know what he is going to do here. I have no idea how big we are going to be. Maybe there is going to be enough people and enough traveling to -- for this ministry to sustain five people preaching besides me, or that he may have you stay here as preachers for a while. But maybe it is going to stay this small, and there would not be room for five preachers. Even then, you stand until he specifically tells you, with many witnesses, that it is time for you to move on.


And then, Lord willing, you are going to say goodbye to me. You are going to have a godly parting. I will be honest with you; I have no intention of holding anybody here longer than God wants you here, but it really hurts me when people leave in an ungodly way. If God is calling you out, you say goodbye-- that just means all preachers, you know. You come, and you say goodbye, and you go. I have no problem with that. Go away godly. Go cut it right. Break it right, you know? There is a lot of immaturity in the church. Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: You said, I have seen, like, two or three ministers maybe out of a church of 300-something, and this is what I have seen. You know, here we are, a small group, and it sounds like that we are all going to --


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is because this ministry is raising up the Son. Now, when we were in that other church, he used to say that all of the time: that the Lord told him that we are all preachers in training. He would be up there preaching. He would say, I do not believe I am preaching this. He says, This is a message for pastors. And that happened frequently. So we were a church; it was really a school of the prophets. And this is a school for ministry. Just do not go before the time.


I remember when God told me I was going to be a teacher. Oh, I wanted to get up and teach. And I used to cry, saying, Lord, why do I have to wait so long? And he told me once, If I send you now, they will destroy you. I did not know what he was talking about. So I am telling you preaching is the easiest part of being in the ministry. It is the easiest part, because the Adamic souls of the people will kill you. They do not even know what they are doing most of the time. Sometimes they know; sometimes they do not. You have to be able to handle it or, no matter how gifted you are, you are not going to make it. You have to be spiritually mature enough to handle the wickedness that is in the hearts of men.


Well, I do not know what it is going to be like after the Sons of God manifest because, when the apostles were in charge of the church, there was a lot of people there. But when they were in full stature, or certainly a lot higher than we are now, because there are degrees of apostleship.




PASTOR VITALE: But I was impressed that the church had 1,000 people and that the testimony of the pastor was that he was trying to control everything, which pastors try to do. They try to control everything. That is the natural man. And the Lord almost killed him. He almost died. He was on his deathbed, and the Lord said to him, If you do not start delegating authority, I am going to let you die. So now they have 300-some odd elders in the church, and it is all delegated authority, and they all have their areas where they function, and they have people under them. They all answer to him. I was very impressed, but she said she found them very religious. Maybe I just saw one side of the ministry, and I did not see the other side of it. But in this hour, no ministry is perfect, so I do not know. You know, I do not know.


And yet there is still there is a lot of control there, too. But when you see control, the question is: Is it a godly control? I have told you that God controls. So I do not really know, and I do not want to get into that because it is none of my business. But the ministries today are not perfect. They are not perfect. And some of them are more likely to let ministry grow up in their church than others, but the same old thing happens. There is only one way to run a church of God, and that is to trust him for everything.


And the Lord was speaking to me about that today, and he spoke it to me very strongly. He said to me, Sheila, you do not need anything -- now do not take this the wrong way. Listen with your spiritual ears. “You do not need anything that anyone in that church can give you. All you need is me. Do not worry about anything except being right with me. There is not anything that you need that anybody could give you. Therefore, you cannot be bribed. Therefore, you cannot be compromised. Therefore, you cannot be influenced. Therefore, you just serve me and do the best you can to love them and minister to them and give them what they need. Do not worry about the numbers of people. Do not worry about the money. Do not worry about who you are pleasing or who you are not pleasing. Just worry about me, and I will take care of it.


And most pastors cannot do it. And I want to tell you it is quite a struggle. But he really spoke strongly about it to me today, very strongly, because when you start pleasing people, you turn against God. And when you start pleasing the people, you stop pleasing God. And when you stop pleasing God, the whole church goes off on another road. And this is what happens to the men that he raises up. I am not saying anything bad about them. It is our humanity. It is our fallen condition. And the only way to really please him is to serve him, and do not worry about anything. Do not worry about anything.


Were you going to say something?


COMMENT: I forgot what it was.


PASTOR VITALE: I am sorry.


COMMENT: It is all right. Maybe I have another question. A lot of times, when you are speaking to somebody on a practical level, do you not feel that your former experiences in life generally help other people?




COMMENT: Like, when God seems to send somebody to you, that you have gone through certain experiences. And so, when they come to you, and maybe they are not even looking for help or anything. They are just in the conversation. And you find that you had a similar experience, and just in conversation with them about that, not even speaking religiously or godly or anything, just showing that experience like you had before with that other girl, that he seems to send you people in the same circumstance that you were in.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, definitely. That is the way he runs his church, in my experience. Whatever you have come out of -- I do not have many drug addicts because I have never been a drug addict. I have never been a drug addict or an alcoholic. And he is teaching me. There may be alcoholics and drug addicts coming here in the future because he has shown me a few things recently. But to date, I have not had one drug addict, to my knowledge. He has sent me a couple of alcoholics, but I do not really know anything about drug addiction. And the one alcoholic that he sent to me -- I just learned a very important lesson in ministering to that person. I do not know much about them. I do not know much about them. So he will send you people that -- things that you have knowledge of.


COMMENT: Just like that one time that happened with you, Sheila, in a situation where someone came to you and, being you had experienced the whole thing in your family, you gave them the whole gist of the problem. And I could see it. I mean, you could say, wow, that is great. That story can just help that person so much, just by saying that you experienced all this and what the effects were on your life and what happened. I know that, at one time, I had to face a problem. And, well, the problem did not come up yet, but I was going through a lot with xxxx, and in the family here, and the drug problem and the alcoholic problem. And God made it very easy for me to accept the problem that came up later in life with me because I went through it all with xxxx, and it was so severe. And I do not know how she ever [?thought?] that she went through it because that helped me tremendously. I was able to deal with it and know how to go about it, and know to call on the Lord, because, you know, I just said, I was trying in my own way. My husband was trying in his way to solve the problem. But having known the situation and my own self, having to forgive a person that was very hard to forgive was a tremendous help through somebody else’s life.


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah. Oh, yeah. That is what he means when he says we are living testimonies or living epistles. We are open books for other people to read and learn from and be blessed by.


And I watched a talk show today. When I watch talk shows, that means I have fallen down. That is a sign that I have fallen down. I have been watching talk shows for a couple of days. Help me, Lord. And they had, on this program, married couples where the wife claimed that the husband was ruining all of her friendships, chasing all of her friends away. And they were really agitated and arguing up on the stage. And, in every instance, the men did not like the wives’ friends and were very aggressively against them. And there was all kinds of yelling going on.


And in the audience, they had a psychologist, and they invited her to stand up and give her counsel. And I want to tell you, and I am giving all of the glory to God because he said now that I am going to be doing a lot of counseling; there are going to be people coming, that do not even come to the meetings, to get counseling. And I think that is part of the reason why he opened up the office to a more formal office. And everything that she said, I know that God has given me to say to other people in similar situations.


And it was just another witness to me that he has just poured his wisdom into me. These people have PhDs from college, and they are saying the same thing that I am saying, and not only me but anybody that God gives this anointing and this wisdom to. So most people could not afford a psychologist like that, but it is available to God’s people, and it is going to be available for more and more ministers as the Melchizedek priesthood emerges.


COMMENT: They did not have the imparted knowledge that people will go for years to get, right?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Plus, with the power of God, because one woman that I counsel had told me she had gone to a secular counselor. And she said, Sheila, I have to tell you, that there is a difference. She said, I could sit in that counselor’s office for an hour, and she helps me somewhat. But somehow, when you counsel me, the power of God comes through with the counsel, and something happens. She said, It is incredible. So this is what God is doing. I am not exalting myself  through him. He is going to raise up a whole company of people that are going to have this anointing, that is going to have this wisdom. And the anointing is going to work with the wisdom.


COMMENT: Yes, amen.


PASTOR VITALE: You were just saying that last night. In the church today, we have the anointing, but there is very little wisdom, very little wisdom, and when the two go together, then are we going to see people set free.


COMMENT: Yeah. And there are even words of knowledge and gifts and all. Like, they [CROSSTALK] lucked out on that, but they are ignorant about --


PASTOR VITALE: They are really ignorant.


COMMENT: And there is no knowledge, the deeper knowledge about life problems, and how to get through.


PASTOR VITALE: Right. Not there.


COMMENT: They just expect you to go on this faith thing they are talking about.


PASTOR VITALE: It is not enough, not if the person is really disturbed. It is not enough. And most people are very --


COMMENT: But that is not even it. You know, it is not even real.


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah. And the wisdom is part of the imparted anointing. You see, the imputed anointing is the gifts, but that wisdom comes with the imparted anointing. And God is going to raise up a whole company of people with wisdom and anointing, and we are going to see just miracles.


COMMENT: I can see that fits in where the Lord said, The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. As he is bringing the new ones in, the brand-new ones, and they need counseling. That counseling is going to be the sort of the Spirit through love, and it is just going to cut right through, and they are going to be grown up.






PASTOR VITALE: Counseling under the anointing. But right now, the imputed ministers and a lot of the people are rejecting God’s provision.




PASTOR VITALE: You know, there is a man that I know, known for a long time. He has a very, very powerful anointing, and he comes out of a very troubled background. And God called him to deliverance, and he rejected it.




PASTOR VITALE: I am sorry, but at the time, I know a few churches dabbled in it in Long Island, but the only place where they really, as far as I am concerned, were doing it, the real thing. And he said to me, he was over there a couple of times, and he did not go for this vomiting in buckets business. You know, he just did not go for this filthy stuff, and he would not go back. And I just spoke to him about a little, a year ago, maybe less than a year ago. And this man is a bitter man. He is a bitter man. He has gone back to A.A. He is now a teacher with A.A., and he is very bitter. He wants to know why there is not enough power in the church to deliver from alcoholism. And he believed in deliverance for a while, but he was, like, doing his own thing, and I guess it did not work. He says that A.A. is filled with Christians that could not get help in the church, and that is why he is lecturing in A.A., because it has become very ungodly in many areas. So he, as a Christian, is there lecturing, trying to touch people to bring them back to our -- but a very bitter man.


And I send him our messages. When this ministry first opened, he refused to listen to the messages. And every time I saw him, he tried to talk me out of the ministry. I even said to him once, What have you got against me? You have not even read the messages yet. What have you got against me? He just put his head down. He would not answer me. You want to know something? He probably did not know.


COMMENT: It was probably because you were a woman.


PASTOR VITALE: No. Because I saw him once, and he said to me, Here is the name of a woman preacher, a great woman of God. Go to her services. And I said to him, I have my own ministry. Why are you sending me to another ministry?




PASTOR VITALE: He just refused to recognize the ministry. And it was not that I was a woman. He sent me to two other women. He said, Go, go. You need to go. I said, What do you mean, I need to go?


COMMENT: Maybe it is a form of jealousy.


PASTOR VITALE: I think so. I think you are right. God did show me that. But I spoke to him on the phone less than a year ago, and he asked me a couple of questions about deliverance that the answers to these questions are on the messages that I sent him. And he refused to read them, and now he is bitter. He is disappointed in God. He is back at A.A. And I want to tell you something, that this is the man that God brought into my path when he told me about the house. He is a real estate broker. He is a real estate agent, and he refused to help me look for a house.




PASTOR VITALE: He refused to help me to look for a house.


COMMENT: So, in other words, he cannot accept the anointing.


PASTOR VITALE: No. He mocked me. I do not know. Maybe I did not give you this history. I was not in a relationship with you at that time. The Lord told me to call him, and I did not want to call him. I said, Lord, the man has no patience for me. I have called him. I have invited him. He just does not want to come. I said, I do not want to call him about this house.


So the Lord had him call me. The phone rang on a Sunday morning when the Lord was moving on me first with the house, and I get a phone call from a man that I had not spoken to in years. He says to me, He is very spiritual, but he has a lot of problems in the world. He has problems with relationships. He has problems holding a job. He very frequently has no place to live. So he is very gifted, but his life is not in order. And he said, The Lord just told me to call you. I really felt the Lord was telling me to call you, even though I have not spoken to you in years. I said, Well, I am glad to hear from you. He says, Guess where I am living? I asked, Where are you living? He says, In this real estate broker’s house. I got thrown out of my apartment, and I am crashing on the floor. I am calling you from this real estate broker’s house.




PASTOR VITALE: Because I refused to call him.


COMMENT: Oh, wow.


PASTOR VITALE: So, as he is talking to me, the real estate broker walks in. And I said, Well, let me say hello to him. So he must have had a very bad day because he got on the phone and he said, What is it, Sheila? I said, Well, the Lord is giving me a house, and whatever else I said to him. And he said, Well, how much money do you have? I said, I do not have any money. He says, Do you have a mortgage? I said, I do not have a mortgage. He said, You mean you have nothing, but you are looking for -- you mean someone is going to give you the money?




PASTOR VITALE: I said to him, All I know is the Lord is telling me he is giving me a house. I do not know.


COMMENT: Is this man a Christian man?


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah. That is the man I am telling you about that is bitter, and he refused to go to gospel revivals, and he would not listen to my messages.


COMMENT: And he is a real estate agent?




COMMENT: He is a real estate agent?




COMMENT: He is not the one that shows you around the house, though.


PASTOR VITALE: No. He would not take me. So I said, I do not know who is giving me money. God is telling me he is giving me a house. So he wanted to hang up on me. I said, Wait a minute; let me tell you what I am looking for. So I told him, because God blinded me. He was so mean to me, and God just made me say the words. And I said the whole thing: [UNINTELLIGIBLE] bedrooms, finished basement, rented property. And he said to me, Yeah, and I am going to burn it in my brain. And I said thank you, and I hung up. And I realized he was being sarcastic to me, that he said I just cannot operate without any money. And now, when God gives us the house, he is not going to get the -- he is having a lot of financial trouble, and he could not perceive the anointing and maybe get a commission out of this. He just, something is really -- you know, he went bitter.


That is what happened. God did not do what he expected God to do, and he cannot see that that provision was right here in Suffolk County. For five, six, or seven years, God was pouring out that deliverance anointing, and he did not like the idea of vomiting. And now he is bitter that God did not do it.


COMMENT: Does he have children? Married with children, or what?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not want you to know who he is, so I do not want to get into that.


COMMENT: It must be rough in his life.


PASTOR VITALE: He has had a very hard life.




PASTOR VITALE: But the point is not that he has had a hard life. The point is that God answered his prayer, but he would not take the answer.


COMMENT: Thinking he knows more.


PASTOR VITALE: Thinking he knows more.


COMMENT: No way you can say that to him either.


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah. You see, he does not even want to talk to me. [INAUDIBLE] He is very, very, very gifted. Very gifted, but he has a terrible life, heavy curses, and he just would not go to that church. Yeah. But he does not understand any of this. He is having a very hard time, but without understanding that God sent me to him, and God sent me to him, and God sent me to him, and he does not want me. And I am Christ going to him. He does not want me.


And this man was present when God poured out one of the most powerful anointing I have ever seen since I am in the church world. He was there, and he saw it, and it just did not register to him. Christ was flowing out of every cell of my being. I actually felt the waves of his Spirit vibrating out of me, out of my head, out of my face, out of my hands, out of my entire body. The whole room filled with rain. It was just pouring down anointing. For that moment, he was fully manifested. I was in full stature for however long it lasted. It did not abide, but he was fully manifested in me. This happened to me three times that he was fully manifested in me. This was the most powerful outpouring. This was the most powerful outpouring, but he fully manifested in me three times already. He was there. He was present. It was a whole group of people; not one person denied what had happened. And it does not mean anything to him. Amazing.


And the reason for that outpouring was that there was a highly damaged man there, highly damaged, and the Lord had purposed to set him free. And that anointing was for this man. And, pray for him, he was not right in his mind, something wrong with his head. And the Lord said to me, Reconnect him. And right after the Lord said it to me -- I was just going to go over to him, and I was going to pray for reconnection. His wife comes. She realized that the ministry was for him, and his wife came over and said to me, You know, there is just something wrong with his head. It is like he is not connected. So that was my second witness.


And I went over, and I prayed for reconnection in his brain, and whatever. There was no manifestation. There was no response. You could see there was something wrong with him. No manifestation whatsoever. And when I left there was such an anointing. When he said goodbye to me, he had no awareness whatsoever of what had transpired. And I walked out, not feeling too good because I saw no change in him.


And a couple of years later, two, maybe three years later, I went -- I guess I would like to believe the Lord sent me to see Helen [SP] Belonas [SP] in the [?Indian Holy Hands?] Church. And I turned around, and I saw him. He was in the church. And I said, Oh, my God. Lord, I would really like to talk to him. I would like to see if there was any change in him. And the Lord would not let me go over to him. So I said, Yes, Lord. And by the end of the evening, Lorraine was with me. Someone came over and talked to Lorraine]. She was present there also when this had happened. She said, Do you who I just -- someone just came over and told me that, that guy, his whole life changed, that he could not hold a job. He could not work. He has got a job.




PASTOR VITALE: He is prospering. His whole life has changed since that night.


COMMENT: So he is connected.


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah. But there was no manifestation. It was not a demon, you see. It was not a demon. His soul was damaged. It was not a demon. Nothing came out.


COMMENT: Except that God did the work, right?


PASTOR VITALE: God did the work. Everything is not a demon.




PASTOR VITALE: If the demons are there, they have got to come out, but everything is not a demon. Some people have damaged souls. So, we have been all over the place tonight. Is there anything else you would like me to say tonight, Lord?


The reason I wanted to tell you about this dream was that we were talking about the path where no fowl flyeth, and that it is a place where Adam cannot go, which is the soul of Christ. The pathway -- let me show it to you this way.


The carnal mind thinks of a pathway as a road that is going that way, right? But spiritual pathways are circular. This age is a circle, a world without end. It is a circle. Age without end; it is a circle. So there is a pathway that we travel along. When Jesus said, I am the Alpha and the Omega, he is the Alpha; he is the Omega. He starts over here, and he goes all the way around, and he comes back to the place where he starts. The Alpha and the Omega is in the same place, a circle. OK, so when Jesus says, There is a pathway where no fowl flyeth, there is a place for spiritual life to walk, where there is no demon. And where is that? That is in Christ, who is in the very center of your being. So if you are out here, if you are an Adamic man, you are having all kinds of problems with demons and curses and Satan in your unconscious mind and that carnal mind who hates you. You are having all kinds of problems on this path.


Did you ever hear -- in astronomy, they will say there is a path that goes around the Sun. Sometimes we call it an orbit. But they will tell you that there is a path that the Earth makes, a path around the Sun, or Mars has a pathway. It has an orbit that goes around the Sun. Well, when you are on this path, this is your body out here. When you are on this Adamic path, you are going around this circle and around and around, you have got demons, curses, Satan and the carnal mind. But in here, in this path over here, no fowl flyeth. No fowl flyeth in here.


So you have got to get your spiritual being, which is all -- now remember, Eve is in solution. She is all through here. She has got to pierce through the veil, which is his flesh, and she has got to stop orbiting out here. She was got to start orbiting in here, and no demon can touch you. This is the path. It is Christ at the very center of your being. And what is he a path around? Every cosmos has to have a Sun. And if this is Christ, the Sun is the Father. It is you and Sun.


There is a being that makes a pathway around the Father. No fowl flyeth there. But this is the narrow place, and few there be that find it because, to get in here, you have to be very thin. The way is narrow, and when you are fat, you cannot get through the narrow way. And we are heavy. We are weighted down by sin, we are told; I believe it is in the Book of Hebrews. So as we get delivered from our sin, as it gets shed, we get narrower, and we get thinner. And what is out here now gets in here. That is the narrow place deep within. No demon is in there. Satan is not in there. The carnal mind is not in there. And we only get into trouble when we come into the outer realms.


Now this is what just happened to me. There is no condemnation in this, but we are on a journey. We are trying to get from Adam into Christ, and sometimes Christ in us gets attacked, and he gets knocked down. And we may have been abiding in here, and when we get attacked, all of a sudden, we are out here again. What happened, Dad? Well, you fell down, just like a 2-year-old or a 1-year-old. They stumble. And I want to tell you something, when your baby falls down, and he is on his belly, and he is kicking his hands and his feet, sometimes he cannot stand up until you pick him up and put him on his feet. Well, I must be pretty young because I cannot get up, and the only way I am going to get up is when the Father picks me up. I cannot stand up. I am waiting for the Christ in me to stand up. I cannot do it. I have no power to do it. I am waiting for him to do it.


I have no power to heal myself. I have prayed for people that have gotten tremendous miracles of healing. I prayed for a woman once who was bald for 30 years, and her hair grew back. I prayed for a woman with a brain tumor that was healed. I cannot heal myself. I cannot heal my daughter. And when I fall down, I cannot pick myself up. And I want to tell you, without a question of a doubt, I cannot pick myself up. There is nothing I can do but pray and ask the Father to restore me. I cannot pick myself up.


This is a very important word. We must know what we are capable of and what we are not capable of. Jesus said, Count the cost. And I know that, when I go into warfare and I get knocked down, I cannot pick myself up. Either the Father is going to pick me up, or I am not going to get up. It sounds funny, but I am telling you the truth. I am waiting for him to raise me back up again. I have recovered physically, but not spiritually and not emotionally. There is a deep wound in my soul, and it was very strong. The onslaught was very strong, so strong it made me touch my daughter, it made her sick.


So what am I telling you? In our weakness, we are made strong. Thank God I cannot pick myself up. I thank God I cannot pick myself up because the Lord has touched my thigh, and he has crippled me, and there is just about nothing I can do for myself. But in this weakness, I am already starting to touch the strength of his glory, and there is no way to touch it when you are strong in Adam. There is no way to touch it.


So it is painful, and it is difficult, when you see yourself weak as a human being. And there is a transition period. There is a period of overlapping where you see your weaknesses in Adam but you do not see the strengths in Christ manifesting. And you do not see them because they are not manifesting because there is a period of a degree to which you must die, and then you have to wait for the strength of Christ to come in. And there is a season where it looks like you do not have the strength of Christ and neither do you have the strength of Adam, and it is very frightening. But this is where our faith comes into play that the Lord will not let us be destroyed, that he will protect us during this season until his strength starts to appear in us.


And this is the dream that I wanted to tell you about. At the time God gave it to me, I had no idea what was happening to me, but apparently I had a measure of spiritual growth. I did not know it was coming, and I did not understand that it happened until a couple of years later. And in the dream, I was a motorcycle thug. And God has given me several dreams, where there are motorcycle thugs in the dream. And that, in my dreams, is a symbol of the Adamic man, who is a criminal. The Adamic man is a spiritual criminal. And the Lord has described him, among other ways in my dreams, as a motorcycle thug. And there was a mountain in my dream. And all of a sudden, I appeared on this motorcycle with my black leather jacket, and I started charging up the side of the mountain, and I got about two-thirds of the way up.




I guess there was a hand up. Who was it?


I got two-thirds of the way up the mountain. I could see it in the dream. And all of a sudden, the sirens went off, and the alarms went off. And there was all kinds of noises and bonging, bonging, bonging. And all the police came out. That is supposed to be an airplane, believe it or not. The police came out, airplanes, helicopters, guns, machine guns, and they wanted to shoot me down out of there. And then, all of a sudden, a voice said, No, it is OK. There is a dead body at the bottom of the mountain. And all of these helicopters and policeman, they all came down, and they were all looking at the body. And they said, Yeah, it is dead. She can stay up there. It is OK.


And this is the understanding of that mystical Scripture. Jesus said it several times: Where the carcass is, there the eagles fly. The Greek word translated carcass, these dead bodies -- now there are several words in Greek, in the Greek, that are translated death or dead. Carcass means a dead human body.


Where the dead human body of Adam is, the eagles fly. Where your Adamic soul has died, Christ receives power. When Adam loses power, Christ gains power. But I want to tell you, that before you start going up the mountain, Adam has to die. So there is a time period between him dying and you getting up there. And it is that time period that is difficult and frightening.


Now you may be thinking, Well, Adam is not dead. I am still an Adamic man. The way this works is that it happens an aspect of your personality at a time. I will give you a very carnal example. You used to be an adulteress, OK? You used to go out to bars and pick up men every night, left your husband home and picked up men every night. And Jesus Christ has delivered you in that area. You do not do it. You do not desire to it. You hate the thought of it, and it is over in your life. In that area, Adam has died, and you have ascended up to the mountain and received power over adultery in your life. And that is why you can be up here and still be an Adamic man, because you are up here but not in 100 percent of every area of your life. And we will be an Adamic man until 100 percent of him is dead and we have ascended in 100 percent of our life. We will still be an Adamic man that has some authority in God.


So where the carcass is, where the dead body is, this is where the eagles will gather. And the reason Jesus uses the word gather is that there are many Sons coming to glory. And we know that, in the natural realm, people are separated. Just in this room, we are separated. But when the Christ in this man ascends, he is going to the same place where this guy is. And when the Christ in this man ascends, he is coming in the same place. In the natural, the men, where Adam is dead, is spread out. But when the eagles gather, it is in the same place. Where? In the soul life of Christ. Adam is divided. Christ is not divided.


Can I erase this? And the natural example that we have for that is a forest of trees. We will make it green. It is a forest of trees. You can see this in Long Island. If you go on the right highway, you can see this on Long Island. Do you see what I am doing?




PASTOR VITALE: Do you like my drawing, Xxxx?




PASTOR VITALE: Now, if you are looking from up here, all you see is leaves. As a matter of fact, if you are looking from up there, you really cannot even see this. You cannot even see that. It is just leaves. All you see is leaves. This is in the realm of the Spirit. You are all one. Separate leaves, but it looks like one mass of leaves. But when you look in the realm of appearance, you see that there are many different trees. And this is what is happening to us that are ascending. We will continue to be individuals down here on the earth. This is the fulfillment of Jacob’s ladder. But in the heavenlies, we shall be gathered. We shall all be in the same place because there is no division in Christ. Christ is not divided.


We have a second witness to this on the Daniel series, where we find out that the creation of God is a sheep, and we are told that the sheep is one creation. I am struggling to remember exactly how we expressed it in the Alternate Translation. But what it was saying is this, that hair in the Scripture is likened to Spirit, so there are many, many hairs. This is ridiculous, the way I draw. Many hairs on the back of the sheep. But when you look at the sheep, all you see is one animal. And not only all that you see is one animal -- you are laughing at the way I draw? All you people with talent over there laughing at the way I draw, right? So there are many hairs. And down here on the skin, each hair is coming out of a hair follicle, it has its very own individual hair follicle. But when you look at the sheep, that is all that you see. Even with the hairs of human beings -- I mean, I do not say to you, you have nice hairs. Everybody knows that our hair is many hairs, but we talk about the head of hair. There is one head of hair, but in our scalp, there are many individual hairs. And we found, in the Daniel series, in Daniel 7, that it is revealed that the creature that God has created is a sheep. Many different spirits, many different human spirits that have been joined to Christ. But on the surface, it is just one -- what do they call it? The wool --




PASTOR VITALE: The wool that is on the sheep. What do they call it? Fleece?




PASTOR VITALE: Fleece? Is that it? Fleece? It is fleece. Singular. What were you saying?


COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] I was thinking that the [INAUDIBLE] Christ would be a beautiful [INAUDIBLE].




COMMENT: [INAUDIBLE] a beautiful music [INAUDIBLE].


PASTOR VITALE: We found that also, in the Book of Revelation. I am not sure what chapter it is in, one of the earlier chapters, maybe 5 or 6, maybe. And we found out that that is pretty much what it was saying, that the whole Body of Christ, where it says they will sing a new song, it is chapter 5. And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and 20 elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them hops and golden vials full of odors, which are the prayers of the saint, and they sang a new song.


And when we did the Alternate Translation on that, we found out that is exactly what it was saying. We are going to be individuals, at least before the glorification, for the period of the kingdom age where we are in full stature, when we are in the condition that Jesus was in before the crucifixion. We are going to have separate bodies, and we will still have individual personalities, I believe, but we will all be ruled by the Spirit of God, so there will be no more disagreements, no more arguing. And even though we all agree on everything, we are not going to be like robots. We are going to be individuals, but we are going to harmonize, and we are going to blend, and there is going to be no conflict at all. It will be a harmony. It will be a harmony, everybody working together under the direct government of the Lord, in peace and harmony, with no conflict whatsoever, because, of course, all selfishness will be gone.


The reason we fight with one another, if you really get down to this, the bottom of it, everybody is out defending themselves or defending their child or defending someone that is close to them. It is not that way in the kingdom. And, you know, that is another shattering thing. Saints have a lot of problems with that. When you start moving into the deep things of God, and especially when he moves you out into ministry, and you do not have to have a group like this to be in ministry. You know when you are in ministry. When God sends you people to minister to, you know. He is going to call you to minister to total strangers with the same love that you minister to your family. And sometimes, depending on where you are in God, he does not let you minister to your family.


I have heard testimonies like this. People in full-time ministry on the other side of the world, and they get a message that someone from their immediate family is in trouble or in the hospital or something, and God does not let them go back. And he deals with those people, and he takes care of them, but he does not let you, as their parents, go back. What am I saying to you? I am saying to you that these family loyalties are coming down in Christ.


You cannot do it before God’s timing. Now, this other church, there was some measure of that suggested, but it was not God’s timing. And what happens when you try to or encourage people to tear down family obligations before God’s time? You are a cult. That is what you are. If God does it, if God separates you from family obligations, well, he does it. But when a preacher does it, and it is not God, you have a characteristic of a cult. You are trying to break up natural families.


Transcribed by Verbal Fusion 08/28/18

08/31/18 1st Edit, rh


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