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Brethren, every problem that we have in our thinking, in our emotions, in our health, no matter what problem we have, it is arising out of our carnal mind. That is where it is coming from. Our carnal mind is completely controlling our life. It may not look that way. You may have trouble seeing it, but it is true. And the world knows it, and the workers of witchcraft know it. That is how we have a movement right now to heal yourself with mind control, and they call it holistic healing. The whole world knows it. Every problem you have comes out of your mind. And the world’s answer is to meditate and take control of your mind.


But the problem is that, when you meditate and try to take control of your natural mind, you are fooling with Satan. And it looks like you are having positive results at the beginning, but the end of fooling around with Satan is that, when you need him really bad, he clamps down on you and stops doing good deeds unto you and starts using you for evil purposes. You are fooling around with spirit guides; you are fooling around with hypnosis or meditation or any form of witchcraft, and you are seeing positive results; do not be deceived because it -- Satan is baiting your trap, and he is giving you good things. Satan has spiritual power. He can heal you. He can bless you. He can bless you financially; he can bless you emotionally, and you are benefiting. You are not imagining it. But once he has got you in his grips, you see, he is baiting you in giving you all these good things. And you are getting closer to him and closer to him and more and more dependent upon him. And then, when he has really got you, the trap closes, snaps closed on you. And then he is not being good to you anymore. Then he begins to torture you and torment you, and you are really in trouble.


We see it in the world. We see it right here in this country. I am told you can go almost anywhere and get free drugs: free cocaine, free heroine until you are addicted. Then they put you out to prostitute to pay for it. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. The whole world is being set up, and witchcraft is everywhere. I know I have not started Zephaniah, but I really feel led to give you this testimony.


I turned on the TV the other day and was scanning the TV and stopped briefly at -- it was Saturday yesterday. This is Sunday morning, so it was cartoon day, and the Lord must have had me stop to look at this cartoon because I know that witchcraft has been incorporated in children’s cartoons for a long time: witches and casting spells. And I have seen all of this stuff. I watched a Bart Simpson show once and saw the two kids doing a -- some kind of ritual around a campfire to try to get it to rain so they would not have to go to church. But this is the first time I saw mind control in a children’s cartoon. So I really would like to take five minutes to share this with you.


I watched the whole thing with my mouth open, could not believe what I was watching. There was a pig and a rooster and a duck in this cartoon, and the rooster and the duck were wearing winter coats because it was winter, and it was snowing out and it was cold. But the pig walked over in bathing trunks, and the rooster and the duck said to the pig, “How could you be wearing bathing trunks in the middle of the winter?” And the pig said, “Well, I am on a Caribbean island. I believe that I am on a Caribbean island” -- and I am expounding too, of course -- “and therefore I do not need a winter coat. And even though it is the middle of the winter here, I am not cold because my mind says that I am on a Caribbean island.”


And the duck and the rooster did something. I do not remember the details, so I may be changing it a little if you have seen this cartoon. They did something to prove to the pig that he was not on a Caribbean island, so I am going to tell you they showed him a thermometer saying that it was freezing out. And his mind lost his grip on his fantasy, and he became cold. Do you hear what I am saying? The external circumstances, the external temperatures, the external factors of the reality of this world system was not affecting our friend Pig because he seemed to have the power in his mind to believe otherwise.


And I have been teaching you here that this whole world that we live in is an image which is created by the carnal mind. Now how many people would even think of sitting down and trying to convince themselves that it is the middle of summer when it is the winter out? Not many people would think about it, but workers of witchcraft think about it and, I believe, in fact do, do it. That is how you astral project. That is how you travel in the spirit. You think that you are someplace else, and if you have -- if there is enough witchcraft power found in you, you are in that place where you have thought yourself. And there are workers of witchcraft in this country that have been practicing this for years, and there are people who actually accomplish it. They think themselves in another place, and they are there. They astral project there. And I have no problem thinking or believing that there are people who, in the midst of the winter, believe themselves to be warm and experience warmth. It is mind control that lets a Hindu yogi walk on a bed of nails and not have his flesh penetrated because he believes that those nails cannot penetrate his flesh, and his mind is strong enough to do it.


So I watched this whole cartoon. Not only -- now it went way beyond what I told you, brethren, so you may be saying to yourself, if you are reading this message, oh, well, so the pig was in bathing trunks when the rooster and the duck were in winter coats. So what? Well, the cartoon did not stop there, brethren. The cartoon instructed our children in how to use mind control as a weapon. As a weapon? What are you talking about, Sheila? I will tell you. The pig got the duck and the rooster -- because it seemed so desirable to be on a beach in the middle of the winter, got them to come into his fantasy. And as soon as they became warm, they took off their winter coats.


But apparently the reality of this cartoon was winter. The reality -- what is the reality? The stronger mind is the reality. OK, the stronger mind is the reality. So the reality was winter. The stronger mind, which is the corporate carnal mind, was establishing the conditions of the existing world in that cartoon. It was winter. The corporate carnal mind, everybody living -- everybody in the whole world was in agreement or is in agreement that it is winter in New York City on December 30th. Nobody comes along and says, December 30th in New York City is the height of the bathing season. So the whole world is in agreement that, on December 30th, New York City is in the wintertime. It might even be snowing. It took three people -- a pig, a duck and a rooster -- to say, no, it is summertime, and we are on a beach. So because there were only three people saying it is summertime and we are on a beach, they had less spiritual power to form the external world than the external world which was being formed by the corporate mind of all of humanity. Can you hear what I am saying?


So they took their coats off. And what does that mean? It means that, if a mind greater than them had the power to disperse their -- well, they called it fantasy in the cartoon. I am going to call it their image, the world that they created around the three of them. If a mind or a corporate mind strong enough came along with a deliberate intention of dispersing or doing away with the mind that they had erected around themselves, which mind was creating surroundings and circumstances which were affecting their own body and health, another mind came along and dispersed that vision, they were back in the reality of the wintertime without a coat. And they became very cold.


And their full attention became directed towards correcting a situation which was causing them great distress. You could die from overexposure. So they -- any -- a thief or a robber could have come and been doing any kind of damage right in front of their face, but our friend Duck -- our friends, Duck, Rooster and Pig, could do nothing but be concerned with keeping themselves warm. And in fact, a wolf appeared and robbed the chicken house and filled a sack up with chickens whom our friends, Rooster, Duck and Pig, were supposed to be guarding. And our friend Wolf had the power to disperse or break apart the image of a beach and warmth, and he brought our three heroes into the reality or -- if you want to call it the reality -- into the reality of the stronger mind. And our three guardians of the chicken house could not protect the chickens because they were standing there in the cold shivering without a coat. And they failed to function in their assignment of protecting the chickens.


Now the way I teach it here is that Satan will either try to control you with pleasure or with pain. But whether Satan is controlling you with pleasure or with pain, what she is doing is exercising an authority to draw your attention away from your responsibility onto yourself and your own comfort. That is what Satan does. She puts the focus of your mind -- she gets your mind to focus upon yourself. It is the worst thing you could do.


Now of course you know you have to get up in the morning. You have to be clean, and you have to be fed. I am not talking about that. I am talking about the focus of your attentions being on your own comfort. It is not healthy because you just disappear into yourself, and Satan uses it to control you.


So we see our friend Wolf running off with the chickens and completely defeating our friends, Pig, Rooster and Duck, because Wolf was exercising the reality of the corporate carnal mind, which was stronger than our three friends who had not only tried but succeeded temporarily in removing themselves from circumstances which were less pleasant, cold, winter, snow, to circumstances which were more pleasant: pleasure, lying on the beach in bathing trunks, sunbathing, drinking piña coladas. So we see that our friends’ ability to provide pleasure for themselves by witchcraft made them vulnerable to the mind which was prevailing.


Can you hear this? Does anybody not know what I am talking about here? I could hear somebody picking up this message, saying, I always knew this woman was a nut. No, I am not a nut. You ask the Lord to open your ears and hear what I am saying. And aside from the reality of what I am telling you that should be helping you to understand spiritual principles, do not forget this is what is being subliminally pumped into our children.


So the next thing that happened is that -- and I did fail to tell you that our friends, Rooster, Duck and Pig, went individually up against Wolf and was defeated every time. So Rooster, Duck and Pig decided to join together to try to overtake Wolf. And the three of them went together and convinced him that -- well, I jumped ahead of myself. Let me tell you this first. They conspired. Wolf -- I am sorry. Duck, Pig and Rooster conspired, and they had it in their head that, if they joined together, they might be able to use their fantasy. Beyond giving themselves pleasure, they might be able to use it as a weapon. So one of them had the idea, well, why do we not create a tidal wave to overflow our enemy Wolf? And the three of them concentrated together and, lo and behold, there appeared a title wave in the middle of the winter in the forest. There was not even an ocean there. And the title wave came, and because it was a cartoon, nobody was killed. But where there was no ocean, there was now an ocean. And Wolf was swimming to save his life, and Duck, Rooster and Pig were on a boat. Apparently, they conjured up a boat also.


So Wolf, to save his life, took his coat off. They got his coat off of him because their mind had the power to alter his circumstances in such a way that he not only agreed to but desired to take his coat off because he was feeling the heat. And then, once he took his coat off, what do you think Rooster, Duck and Pig did? They sent the tidal wave back, and they let winter come again, and Wolf was cold. They got his coat off of him. They drove him into their fantasy without his agreement. And I am forgetting some of the details, but the end of the story is that the Wolf ran away, and the chickens were saved, and Pig, Duck and Rooster were on the beach. Their mind had overtaken the mind which was originally more powerful.


But as I have told you in my exhortations before -- we have talked about Star Trek along these lines. I will tell you that there are different degrees of power in witchcraft. Some witches have stronger minds than others and therefore have more power to give you pleasure or inflict pain upon you than others. But to the best of my knowledge, and I believe this with all my heart, there does not exist anywhere in the universe a mind or a group of minds or a many-membered mind which is strong enough to change our physical environment from one which produces death and abides in death to one in which everlasting life can be sustained outside of the mind of Christ.


I believe that there are minds which exist in this world which have the power to change the external physical appearance of the man in which that mind is dwelling. I believe I have heard of it from people who have experienced it and seen it in the countries they come from, that there are witch doctors, witches that have the power to turn themselves into animals or turn themselves into trees. They have the power to alter their external appearance, whether it -- for how long periods of time, I do not know. It is a question of illusion.


Whether or not there are witches in this world that have the power to change another person’s external appearance without their agreement, I have no information on that, although I believe it would take much more spiritual power than changing one’s own physical appearance. Why? Because, with regard to yourself, you are in full agreement. With regard to another man, he is probably not in agreement. Plus, although I cannot tell you why right now -- I am just feeling in my spirit -- even if the other man was in agreement, it would take much more power to do that to a human being other than oneself. I feel God is telling me that. I just do not understand the details right now.


So how could that be? I could be because what is happening is that one fallen man or a fallen body is being converted into another form of fallen body: a fallen animal, a fallen tree. So it is like saying we have a piece of rancid clay. You could form that clay into many different rancid forms. But to change the rancid clay into a life-sustaining clay is another whole matter, and that power is only in Christ.


This is what is being subliminally channeled into our children, brethren. They are being raised up to believe that, at any moment of need, all they have to do is implement visualization. That is the name of it. That is what the world and the occult calls it: visualization. And I believe children who watch cartoons like that begin to implement these ideas. They just think it is the thing to do, and they start doing it, which activities build spiritual power in them. And these very children may wake up one day and find out that they really have power to affect other people’s lives.


I know one woman who told me one time that she practiced visualization. She was having some problem with her husband. He was coming home grumpy a lot. She would sit and meditate for an hour before he came home, visualizing him walking through the door with a big smile on his face and whatever else she was visualizing, coming with flowers or candy. I do not know. That is a joke. I do not know whether she did that or not, but she was saying that it worked. Every time she put in the time and effort, he walked through the door in a fine state of mind. And every time she did not put in the effort, he came crashing through the door like the beast that he was, according to her. I never met him. Brethren, this is witchcraft. This is outright witchcraft.


What is this nation going to be like in 20 or 40 years? I do not know for sure, but I suspect very strongly it is going to be an outright battlefield between those who have ascended in Christ and those who have ascended in Satan. And I have been preaching that for a while, but I do not actually have an accurate vision. What? Are we going to walk down the streets and have people shooting us with their minds? I do not even know, but it is going to be something else.


But if you are not in this training now, you are going to be at one strong disadvantage because, let me tell you, I am not a weakling in Christ, and I am going through hell right now, with a full revelation that this hell is increasing my strength in Christ. I know -- I think the only thing that makes it tolerable is that I have a vision that I am getting stronger from it. But if you would have told me what I had to go through to ascend in Christ, I do not think I would have believed you. It is almost insanity, other people’s minds coming against you. I am praying almost continuously against other people’s minds so as to not be completely swallowed up. I believe that I and those of us going through this will eventually get to a point where we will be strong enough and where the walls of Jesus Christ or walls of Christ Jesus around us will be so strong that we will not be caught in the fire. It will not be able to touch us. But apparently, until those walls are built, this is hell.


I perceive it on the same level -- let me give you one more example, and then we are going on to Zephaniah -- as I perceived old order deliverance. You may have heard me talk about that realm where I bound and I loosed four pages of demon names every morning. And if I did not bind and loose, by the third day, I was very aware that demon forces were penetrating my life and causing havoc. Then one day, the Lord caught me up. I ascended in Christ, and it was no longer necessary to bind and loose on this level to keep my life sane.


If I would get sick, for example, a bad, bad cold that I used to get a lot, and I would sleep for two or three days, just sleep for two or three days. So I would not bind and loose. By the third day, I would be well enough to go out. I would find myself in my car going to the supermarket, for example, to buy some food. I could see in the Spirit how that truck almost hit me. It was sheer insanity. Or how someone was coming at me with insanity in their minds in the supermarket, or someone was bumping into me or almost knocking me down. I was aware of it, that my surrounding world was insane. And I ran home and, as weak as I was, I bound everything up. And if you think that I am crazy, I am not.


One day my car broke down at work, and a fellow coworker offered to take me home. It never occurred to me that my prayers of that morning had not included this car that I was driving in. This person was a carnal, everyday person. They knew nothing about me. They knew nothing about my prayers or binding and loosing or anything. We got on the Long Island Expressway and it was pure craziness: cars darting in front of us, cutting us off. This woman who was kind enough to give me a ride home, who knew nothing about my lifestyle, was panicking behind the wheel.


At the same moment that I realized what was wrong -- but I was not where I am now, so it was taking me a few minutes to get my mind together to realize what I had to do. At that moment, as I was trying to get myself together, the woman who was driving had a very real revelation that something was terribly wrong. She literally cried out from behind the wheel, “What is going on here?” Cars shooting in front of us, coming close enough, just missing an accident -- and I never answered her. I just started binding it up. And I am telling you, brethren, the hysteria went down like a balloon that was letting out helium, and it just stopped. And she gave a sigh of relief and said, “Wow, what was that?”


So I am not crazy. It is real. And I lived like that in old order deliverance for five years until the Lord caught me up to a higher realm where it was no longer necessary for me to bind and loose and apply the blood every -- break curses every day. I had ascended into a place where I had a force field around me, which kept out all of those forces without me actually repeating the words every day.


But now, all these years later -- what is this, seven or eight years later since this happened to me? I find myself in a new realm of warfare where I am up against people’s mind, where I almost -- I am not binding and loosing, but I am coming against their minds. And if I do not come against them, they are crushing me. Now I have not slid backwards. I have ascended into a new place of warfare, where I now find myself in a condition similar to that which I was in, in old order deliverance.


What does that mean? My force field -- and my force field has a name. What is the name of my force field? Christ. Christ Jesus is my force field. OK. I have ascended into a new place of warfare where the enemy is stronger, where I am not longer against demons, but I am against whole personalities and whole carnal minds. And I have become strong enough to become a threat on this level, and Satan is coming against me through whole personalities, through unconscious minds, through the carnal -- whatever it -- I may not even have the description right, but I find myself in a whole new realm of warfare, where I am in the battle almost every -- just about every day, almost all day long. And if I do not exercise the energy of Christ Jesus on the level that I am at to push this stuff back, I am going to be flattened.


And I have been hurt and wounded and shaken up. I have been uncomfortable. My life has been interfered with. I cannot -- I am having trouble accomplishing what I would like to accomplish. I cannot do what I want to do. I cannot get my work done. I w- -- I choose to be happy, and I have trouble being happy. I am in this war. Someone else’s mind, a mind stronger than mine, is influencing me. And right now I am fighting with all the strength I have, and I have some people fighting with me, but my whole point is that I believe that the end of this is that I shall ascend into a place in Christ where, as happened to me with old order deliverance, Christ will have increased in me to such a degree that the realm of warfare that I am on right now will not be able to hurt me just by virtue of the fact of the maturity and strength of Christ in me. And I will not have to spend my whole day warring against these powers and principalities.


I believe, after that, I will have a period of rest, unless the end of this is full stature, which I really do not know. I would expect a repetition of my prior experience, perhaps a period of rest, if God gives it to me, then ascension into a higher realm: an even higher realm where I have to walk continuously every day to keep from being overcome. And when I ascend to a place where that realm can no longer keep me in a warfare all day long, I am just going to keep on ascending higher and higher until I ascend into the highest place, which we call full statue, whereby Christ Jesus is so developed in me and is so powerful a force field that I will be untouchable by anything that Satan could throw at me.


And at that point, I will be qualified to go forth and do fully and unrestrainedly the work of the Lord, when I can stand there and say, The prince of this world cometh and he hath nothing in me. When nothing can by any means hurt me, I will be qualified to do the work of the Father without measure. Right now, for me to say nothing by any means shall hurt me is ridiculous. I am hurt every day. What I am not is destroyed. Nothing can destroy me. But to say that nothing can hurt me would make me a fool because it is simply not true. Praise God.


PASTOR VITALE: OK. I am going to -- how far along are we on that recording, Xxxx?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes. What I would like to do is start with a new message. Yes, please.


And God gave me the victory. That is a very exciting revelation to me, and I hope that it strengthens you. Just say what you are supposed to say, and Jesus will back up your words. Tremendous revelation for me, only second to the revelation that the Lord gave me two years ago when he showed me the power of confession of sin. There is such power in confessing of true confessions, not lip service. You see, when you truly confess your sins, Satan’s foundation crumbles. When you can truly say, I am absolutely, positively guilty of this sin and absolutely, positively overcome by it and yielding to it, but I know that it is wrong, and I just pray that you have mercy on me, Lord: there is power in that, tremendous power.


And this is the greatest revelation. God gave me that two summers ago, the power that is in confession, and now this revelation, which I got about a year and a half later, that you say the words. It has nothing to do with what you feel like or what your circumstances look like or what your brother or your sister is saying or doing. Just say the prayer of faith, brethren, and your Father in heaven will honor it if your heart is right. Tremendous revelation. So, I took a big victory today. I am just all beat up. Praise the Lord.


I wonder what it feels like to stand up in full stature. I wonder if you are happy all the time, or are you just content all the time? Or you wage the warfare and not feel it at all. I wonder what you feel like. I think the only emotion that I read about in the Scripture is that Jesus -- does anybody what the emotion -- the only emotion, to my knowledge, that Jesus had, which is recorded in the Scripture? Does anybody know?


COMMENT: Was it compassion?


PASTOR VITALE: He had compassion. Yeah. Well, he wept from compassion, did he not? Yeah. I believe that is the case. He wept from compassion. I do not read anything ab- --


COMMENT: I was thinking of when Paul said -- I was thinking of, too, when Paul said he was caught up to the third heaven, and whether he was in the body or out of the body, he did not know.




COMMENT: And I was thinking that may have been a full stature experience, where you are just so high that it does not really matter whether -- you are not in touch with the fact that you are in the body.


PASTOR VITALE: It does not matter.


COMMENT: Yes, and it does not matter because he was caught up so high. So, it must have been a wonderful experience or plateau --




COMMENT: -- that he was in.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen. I -- as a matter of fact, that Scripture is in my notes for tonight’s message, which I guess I am not preaching tonight. And we looked those words up in the Greek, and we found out that that is exactly what it means, that there really is no such thing as a third heaven. When we looked up all those words -- but the Scripture was really saying that Paul went beyond his Adamic mind. He went into the mind -- his -- who is Paul? His human spirit. His consciousness went beyond the limits capable of a human man. And what is beyond the capability of our human mind? It is the mind of Christ. He went into Christ, which I believe is the same thing as saying he had a full stature experience, a temporary full stature experience, at which time a revelation was imparted to him, a deep revelation.


COMMENT: When I [UNINTELLIBLE] -- when I came out with this question, I really felt an anointing on it. So I did not know that it was in your studies.




COMMENT: And then it just came out my mouth that it must have been a full stature experience, but I believe that is what it was. I think that was the Lord that was telling me. I never thought that before tonight.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen. Amen. Yes.


COMMENT: So it could be true that, in full stature, we will experience something like that, where, whether in the body or out of the body, we will not know.




COMMENT: It will not matter.


PASTOR VITALE: I believe that the full stature experience will be twofold. As is indicated, you know, in the information that we have about the Zadok priesthood, when we are ministering to or relating to average people, even though we are in full stature, I do not think we will be in such a place where we are getting high, high revelation. But we will be able to ascend into that place and go back and forth. That is Jacob’s ladder. So exactly what we will feel like or be like when we are in the low side of full stature, where we are in a condition where we can relate to fallen men, I do not know what we will feel like. I would imagine we would be emotionally stable and content and at peace, but there is nothing like flying around in that high place where it all comes together.


When I work on these messages, I do not know where I am on a scale of one to 10, but I am pretty high. And it is really strange because I am studying. I am looking words up, and at the same time, I am getting words of knowledge about things that have nothing to do with the message that I am working on. I am getting words of knowledge. I am praying for people. All kinds of information is passing through my mind. It is like I am just in a place where everything is happening together, and it does not confuse me. It is the strangest thing. I could be working on this message, looking up a Hebrew word, asking the Lord what this revelation should be, and in the meantime, I am getting a message that somebody is in the hospital or somebody needs prayer. And when I think about it, it sounds like it should be a lot -- there should be a lot of confusion on my mind, but there is not. I am OK.


I know, at one point a couple of years ago, and I am still not really sure what it means, on several occasions when I was up in this high place, I just had an awareness of hordes of people just marching through my mind. And they looked like the Hebrew children coming out of Egypt. But there were just hordes of people, and they were in my mind. Sounds weird, but that was an experience that I had, and it was not confusing me.


I know here -- down here in the natural, I used to be able to do several things at once and concentrate. I used to be able, at its simplest, to eat and read at the same time, and I cannot eat and read at the same time anymore. I do not know what that means or why that is, but I cannot do two things at once anymore when I used to be able to. But when I am in this high place in the Spirit, it is like I am doing five things at once, and I am OK.


So, I am just going with the flow because, when you follow the lead of the Spirit down here, life can be very confusing. If you are really ordering your day according to the mind of Christ, and you try to figure it out with your carnal mind, it is very stressful. And I have just pretty much given it up because, I have mentioned to you before, I have a whole list of things I am going to do, and God has me doing something else. And when he first started doing this to me, I thought it was just confusion in my own mind that I did not even complete an action or an activity. I was in the middle of six things at once, and it made me very nervous. And it is not making me nervous anymore. I just pray that God order my priorities, and if I am in the middle of six things at once, I am in the middle of six things at once.


What happened today? I was looking for that Scripture on the third heaven. I believe it is 2 Corinthians 12:2. Hallelujah. I remembered the Scripture. Glory to God. You are talking to someone who had almost no memory at all. My memory is being restored. When we looked in our Alternate Translation Bible, it was not there. I said, boy, I just now that we studied that. I know we did it. So I located the message on which we worked on it in the encyclopedic index, looked it up and found out that I had commented heavily on it but had not worked up an Alternate Translation, probably because the Alternate Translation was not difficult at all. And not realizing we would be making an Alternate Translation Bible, I did not -- there was such an intense commentary on it, it did not seem necessary to actually write up an Alternate Translation. So when I went through all of my notes to put the Alternate Translation Bible together, I did not pick up any Alternate Translation for that verse.


So what I did was write it up today. It did not take me long at all. And I put it into the Alternate Translation Bible, and then I realized that it really was not adequate to do that because anyone reading the Alternate Translation Bible that would read that Alternate Translation, that Paul ascended beyond his carnal mind, really just could not see how I got it. So I had to put a footnote in.


Now I had decided just the -- my plan, brethren, when I first started working on this Bible, was to have a whole series of footnotes just like the Open Bible does. Does anybody know what the Open Bible is? Sometimes half of the page is teaching notes. It had been my intention that, every time I took an Alternate Translation out of a set of notes that I had made up, if I -- when I teach from these notes, if any of you have seen it, I usually type out “comment, comment, comment.” And it is for me. It is for me. It is a jumping-off point as to what I want to talk to you about so that I have a logical sequence for these teachings. So it had been my intention that, every time I had an Alternate Translation with some comments on it, to enter those comments in the Alternate Translation Bible as footnotes on the bottom of the page, just like in the Open Bible.


And when the Lord rushed me into putting this Alternate Translation Bible together, just before I went to Nigeria, it was not done. The Alternate Translation Bible is, from a professional point of view -- from a professional publishing point of view, they were an absolute disaster, editorial speaking and on every level. And yet so many people are telling me how blessed they are in the condition that the books are in. And I picked it up the other day myself and started reading the Alternate Translations on Zephaniah 2, and they were so powerful I felt my body was going to explode, and I am the one that drew up the Alternate Translations. How is this affecting a total stranger, you know, someone that is not used to this? Well, anyway, I gave up all hopes of putting in these footnotes. So what I am doing now is trying to polish up the Alternate Translations before we reprint. That is what I have been working on.


And right in the middle of my studying today, the Lord had me put the first footnote in. So I stopped my studying. I said, Lord, I am not going to get these notes done. A couple of months ago, this would have made me very nervous to be in the middle of a couple of things at once. It does not even make me nervous anymore. I am just doing what needs to be done. And at such time -- at some point in time, these Alternate Translation Bibles are going to be phenomenal if -- when I get all the footnotes in, and I have started to put in a few cross-references, and it is really very exciting.


So I am not worrying very much about the time or the work that is not completed. I just keep praying that the Lord should be ordering my day, and then I am just going for it. And I seem to be putting a lot of time in on these Alternate Translation Bibles. So we will see. What they are going to be, I do not know, or how long it is going to take, I do not know. But that seems to be -- aside from my preparation to teach here three times a week, that seems to be a primary focus. And I just got excited today when I saw the first footnote go in on that particular Scripture that Rita just brought up. The Alternate Translation is very simple, but I have all my notes that I preached from, explaining how I came to that conclusion that that is what the Alternate Translation should be. It is very exciting to think about it. Glory to God.


We are very privileged here, brethren. I took a ferry ride last week. This week, I took a ferry ride, and I was sitting next to two sisters. One of them told me she had taken her sister on the ferry because her sister was depressed or had a problem. And I just hate to force myself on people. I think you know that about me. And I am sitting there, working on the Alternate Translation, and I ca- -- and the woman looked so sad, you know? And I said, Lord, what do you want me to do? I just do not like to offend people. If they are interested in this material, they can have it. But it just distresses me when I make people uncomfortable or they think I am trying to force this on them.


So the Lord said to me, ask her if she wants it. So I reached in, and I pulled out a copy of the Alternate Translation, New Testament. And I said to her, if you would like it, you could have this. And without even looking at it, she was so blessed. She said, “Oh, thank you.” And then she took it, and she looked at it, and she put it down on the table. So I thought she was going to leave it there, and I was prepared for it. But she was just getting her things together. And she picked it up, and she took it. So that just really, really blessed me. You see, a lot of people, they will read something like that before they will listen to a message.


So if you think of me when you are praying, ask God to help me to get these books done. They are going so slow, like at a snail’s pace, but they are going. And I think they are very important, very, very important. It is a great privilege.


Well, the next time I preach, hopefully Sunday, we are going to be finishing up Zephaniah 3. And I would like to -- I should have time now because my notes are all done on this part -- to put together Alternate Translations of the whole three chapters of the Book of Zephaniah and get them in a logical sequence. It should be very, very exciting to see what the Lord is really saying here. Very exciting. His promises to mankind are so exciting, just so exciting.


He is promising to deliver us from the carnal mind, and in these last three verses that I did tonight, where he calls the carnal mind “the mind which gives pain.” In another place -- I think it is in Romans 6 -- we found the Lord calling the carnal mind “the wounded heart,” the heart or the mind which has been damaged. And here we find “the mind which gives pain.” And that is interesting since we have discussed here how Satan will control us either with pleasure or with pain. So he is a name of a mind which indicates where the pain comes from. All illness comes from the mind, brethren. This mind gives pleasure, or the mind gives pain.


We were talking about, the other day, how all sexuality comes from the brain. That if your brain -- if the sexuality centers of your brain are not functioning, there is not any external stimulation that could make you respond as a sexual being. It all has to come through the brain. The brain, the organic brain, is under the control of the spiritual carnal mind. So, you see, all pleasure as well as all physical pain comes through the mind. The carnal mind has the power to not give you pain, only when she does it, you know, she has to paralyze you. Well, you do not feel any pain if you stick a pin into a paralyzed limb, but who wants to have a paralyzed limb? You know, she is imperfect. All pain or pleasure is dependent upon the brain, and the brain is controlled by the mind, which gives pain. Painful mind.


And the mind of Christ is the mind which -- anybody? -- satisfies. It is the mind which satisfies, which completes, which fills up. And there is a difference between pleasure and contentment because pleasure is something that you cannot hold onto. It is just for a moment, pleasure. But satisfaction is completion. And in completion -- see, pleasure is included in completion. It is just like saying the tree of the -- or the tree of life has the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil within it. But the Tree of Life can stand alone, but the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil cannot stand alone. So, you see, pleasure cannot stand by itself. It will fail you at some point. But completion, of which pleasure is a part, will never fail you. You will be satisfied always.


See, it is not good to partake of partial things. I know, for years, we were getting all kinds of reports from the medical community. Do not eat the yellow parts of the egg. Just eat the white parts of the egg. I never believed it. I always had a revelation in my heart: Eat whole foods. Eat whole foods. And sure enough, about 20 years after that big push telling people not to eat the yellow parts of the eggs, the medical community reversed itself, said, now it is OK to eat the yellow parts of the eggs. Eat whole foods, brethren.


And in the same manner, if you are looking for a sex life, eat whole foods. If you separate your sexuality from a whole relationship and a whole relationship in marriage, that partial tree of sexuality separated from the whole program of human relationship can be severely damaging to you. And human sexuality is part of the whole program of human relationships. It can be beautiful and very rewarding and very positive, but do not try and take it out of the whole. It could kill you. And that is the truth. Keep it in perspective, or that which is positive and good can become negative and quite destructive. You are better off with nothing. Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- the anointing here.


COMMENT: I thought, when you first started talking, you sounded [UNINTELLIGIBLE].


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, I did not know. I was not that --


COMMENT: It was just [?barely?].


PASTOR VITALE: Maybe, when you first started praying for me, I felt up to preaching. The reason I asked for prayer was that I was very tense, and I had that bitterness on me that I did not want it to seep into the message. But when you finished praying for me, I felt like I could not even keep my eyes open. I thought it was just that I had been all tensed up and now I was relaxed, but now this seems to be the anointing. I can barely keep my eyes open.


COMMENT: Maybe it was the anointing then that that was starting to [CROSSTALK].


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, that is what it seems to be now.


COMMENT: Because when you started talking [INAUDIBLE].


PASTOR VITALE: Seems that it must have been the anointing that was falling on me. I do not know. I have to hear from the Lord about what he expects me to do when I start getting slain in my own meeting. I do not know how I am supposed to preach when I am getting slain in the spirit in my own meeting. I need instructions, Lord, as to what I am supposed to do.




PASTOR VITALE: Yeah. I know sometimes, when I am preaching from notes, I am really going on automatic, you know, just going on automatic. I am passing out. And then you walk out of the door, and I pass out in the bedroom. I go running inside and pass out in the bedroom.




COMMENT: You could just put it on pause and fall out [INAUDIBLE].


PASTOR VITALE: Would it not be something if God gives us an anointing like they had on Azusa Street, where it is 24 hours a day? I was told that you could just walk in at any time and there would be people stretched out on the floor, and somebody would be preaching. But there were people there 24 hours.




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, a day. Yes.




PASTOR VITALE: Yeah. That would be wonderful. So, it will be interesting to see what the Lord has for us over the next days and weeks and months. The warfare has been intense. There is a lot of peace here tonight. And if not anything else, I have become tougher. Watch out, everybody. The Lord told me I was too soft, and I think he has toughened me up a little bit. He said I was not taking action quickly enough. There has to be peace and order in God’s house. You cannot have chaos in God’s house. Cannot be. Cannot have lawlessness in God’s house. Hallelujah.


And no one is exempt, brethren. It has nothing to do with your position or who you are or what you are. If you are overtaken by lawlessness, and you do not respond to the warnings, you are going to be turned over to Satan so that you should learn not to blaspheme because you cannot wreck God’s programs. You cannot do it. You cannot torment God’s people who are seriously trying to pursue truth and decency and honor.


If we -- the Lord gave us an exhortation. I think it was two Sundays ago. It is on the -- if you would like to hear it, it is on the Zephaniah 3 series. I think it is part 4. And apparently it was a prophetic word, and I did not even realize at the time I brought it forth. If you are dealing with an unreasonable person, you have to put them under the law. The law says, shut up or get out. If you will not shut up, you have to get out.


That kind of behavior does not please a reasonable person, but that is what jail is all about, brethren. Jail is filled with people who are unreasonable. There is nothing to do but restrain them. It is very sad. Just as I told you earlier, me as a minister of the gospel, I am very sad to think that a member of this congregation or any member of the body of Christ would have to go to a doctor, either for their physical body or for their psyche, a psychiatrist, because there is not enough spiritual power in the church to heal them. That really -- I find that humiliating. And in the same manner, I find it very sad and humiliating that there was not enough spiritual power here to put down the rebellion. I did not have it, so I had to put the rebel under the law. Sad day in Israel. Sad day, very sad day. But I do not have enough power to heal your body, and I do not have enough power to heal your mind, and I did not have enough power to put down the rebellion. So that is my humbling for the day. It keeps my pride in line. Praise the Lord.


Transcribed by Verbal Fusion, 6/30/18

1st Edit, 7/3/18, rh

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