393 - Part 10

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[INAUDIBLE] the Father witnesses to me, and I used to think -- my carnal brain used to think, well, here is this man, OK, and he is talking the things of God, and he says, “I am wit- -- I am one witness and the Father is the other witness.” I could not understand it, and the Lord just told me the second witness is in the person that he is talking to. You see, Christ in me, the words that come out of my mouth, the witne- -- the wisdom that comes out of me is one witness that God is in me, and the Father witnesses to you that this is Christ --




-- in me.


I see [?it?]. I see. 


The second witness -- because I had -- my carnal brain had it that both of the two witnesses were in me. No. The one witness is in me, and the Father has to talk to you. Because I was just praying. I said, Lord, you know, you have got to witness to these people that what I am saying is the truth, Lord. [?What am I?] knocking my brain? This is killing me. You have no idea the pain I am in. I was going to ask you for prayer. I was trying to wait for you, Xxxx [SP], but I guess the Lord -- I am sorry. You can take it, you know, [CROSSTALK]


I do not have [INAUDIBLE]  


Yeah, OK.


Our spirit witnesses the truth [INAUDIBLE] 


Yeah, but it is not -- I get -- yeah, but I used to hear that it was Christ in you witnessing to Christ in me, but it is -- that is not it. It is the Father in you that has to witness to Christ in me. The second witness is the Father, you see. The second witness is the Father in you. The Father has to talk to you. That is why the only people who can recognize who I am are the people in whom Christ is being raised, and that Christ is married to Jesus above.


We are talking about the third level of consciousness. Christ in you alone will never recognize Christ in me or the authority that is given unto me. Jesus above, the Father, will tell your Christ, and if your Christ is obedient to the Father, you will know who I am. You cannot hear that?


Christ alone will not recognize me. How come all these believers are killing me? They have Christ. [INAUDIBLE] how come? Because even though they have Christ, they are being killed by their carnal minds. Christ is being utterly prostituted by their carnal minds. So Christ in you will never recognize me. Only the one in whom Christ is in communion with the Father above, only Jesus above will witness to me. You cannot hear that? Let me say it again.


To have Christ in us, would we not have to have the Father above witnessing in us?




That connection, is that not what forms Christ in us with the Father?


No. OK. I can explain it to you. Just let me get my -- I am in a lot of pain. I was really going to ask for pa- -- for prayer first. And what I am -- what you see on my face is that I did not int- -- it is going to take me a long time to explain that, and I did not intend to go that way. So -- but maybe the Lord wants me to, OK. So we are going to wait until Xxxx [SP] finishes reading this, and then you are all going to pray for me because I am dying here, and then if the Lord wants me to answer it, I will. If the time is not now, you call me on the phone, and I will explain it to you on the phone. OK?




[?I know I?] just [INAUDIBLE] the name [INAUDIBLE] that we just read [UNINTELLIGIBLE], and the Lord just told me it is [?Sam Fife [SP]?] that I heard from [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. So that erases that.


Let us try and be quiet so Xxxx [SP] can [INAUDIBLE]. Thank you, Father.




This ministry of [?discipling?] the sons is just horrendous. I do not know whether you have any idea of the pain. I guess it is like unto the ch- -- pain of childbirth. Can you reach that string and shut that light off, Xxxx? Can you reach it? Thank you.


It is -- their carnal mind is killing me. My carnal mind is killing me, and then all these other people that Satan has raised up to be attacking me is killing me, and I feel like I am dying, and the only thing that I could have to say for myself is that I did what the Lord told me to do. I did it, you see, but the truth is I did not want to do it. The truth is that I just hate this aspect of the ministry. I recognize that it could not be Christ in me saying this, but it is how I feel. I am dying, you see, absolutely dying. It is like two animals killing each other, OK.


You know, the reason that I am in this kind of pain is that I am not in full stature yet, you see. Our carnal mind -- you see, all these other people that are attacking me -- the carnal mind of the people that are writing to, or even if it happens here, if it is your carnal mind, the only reason I am in this kind of pain is that my carnal mind is exposed, you see. If I was in full stature, I would be --


I just want -- I have so many ideas in my mind that I do not even know which direction the Lord wants me to go into, and I just had an image to put something on the board. Just bear with me a second. I am in -- I am just going in a million directions at once.


Full stature means that I would be lined up -- my carnal mind would be lined up completely behind Christ in me and the Lord Jesus above, and that means when your carnal mind hits me, I do not feel anything, you see[?, and that?. That?] way I will be able to do this kind of ministry for as many people as God sends me to at once, you see, but I am not lined up like this, and what -- the image that I am seeing right now, it is an eclipse, you see.




You see, the eclipse -- you see, the sun of this world, of my world, is the carnal mind, and that carnal mind -- this -- my sun has to be covered with sackcloth, you see. My sun has to hide, --




-- and the sackcloth is the mind of Christ, you see. Now, I am not going to go into that right now why that is called a sackcloth, but this is my carnal mind, and when your carnal mind hits me, OK, I am in terrible pain. Now, there has got to be a lot of carnal minds hitting me right now to be in this kind of pain. And Christ is coming, you see, and he is covering me, covering me, covering me, and when my sun totally eclipses behind Christ, there will be no more pain, you see. You s- -- understand what I am saying?




  1. This is the covering over of my sins. Love, Christ, covers a multitude -- the multitude of my sins, you see.

 So I am being hit on many levels. Now, I was much worse this afternoon. I confessed to the Lord that my -- I confe- -- you see, confession and repentance are -- do not always come forth at the same moment. So I confessed to the Lord that I just ha- -- and I do not feel as strongly now as I did this afternoon and yesterday, but I just hate this. I just hate showing people their sins, and they think I am crazy, and they are opposing and they are killing me, and they do not even know what they are doing. I just hate it.


So I had to confess that to the Lord yesterday. I could not repent. I had no repentance. As of this morning, I had no repentance, but confession -- my brain knows that this is not Christ.




It is not, OK, and my prayer was that he would help me to have Christ’s attitudes at this time, in this circumstance because my attitudes are the attitudes of the carnal mind. Even though I was doing what Christ Jesus was telling me to do, my carnal mind was in full rebellion, OK, but I did it. That is the most important thing. I did what he told me to do, but I -- my sin nature was manifesting, so my prayer was let my attitude be the attitude of Christ.


I do not know that anyone could ever find this joyous, OK. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] you are upsetting people and hurting people, and they think you are evil towards them and all that. And I do not know that anyone could ever enjoy this, you know, but the Scripture says that we count it a joy. That is what the Scripture says.




So that was my prayer, that whatever Christ’s attitude would be [?in this?] circumstance, that that would be the attitude that would be in me.


Now, things are much better this evening, and repentance is flowing. I actually feel bad about the way I felt, you know, which I did not -- the reason I say I confessed it and I did not repent was that I did not -- I knew it was wrong, but I did not feel bad about it, you know. So now I am really sorry that I feel that way.


Ah. And my prayer is that I succeed in obeying God in everything no matter what the price is, OK, and I have got this revelation of what full stature is, you see. I got it today. Like, I never even had it this deep before. I have -- now, I have talked about it so many times. We know it is not a rapture. We know it is not a physical rapture. We know it is not a spiritual rapture. We know we have to walk into it. We know we have to mature into it, but I just never saw it like I saw it today.


You know, you wake up in the morning, and you say, well, Lord, when? Is it going to be in July? Is it going to be in August? Is it going to be in 1997? Is it going to be by the year 2000? This mentality is saying Jesus has it. He has everything I need for full stature, and he is just not ready to give it to me yet. That is what we are really saying, if you think like that, but that is completely untrue.  


Nobody wants us to go into full stature more than he does, so why are we not in full stature? We have to overcome our carnal mind, and if you could just picture --


Oh, I knew there was something else I wanted to say. When I was talking about the sun being eclipsed, I would like you to try and relate that to our drawings on the board of the brain, of the cerebellum expanding and covering over the cerebral cortex. Do you remember those drawings at all? The cere- -- our cerebellum is eclipsing our cerebral cortex, you see, and what is happening -- and I am -- what I am going to do is pull a few threads together of a few things that I have told you.


I told you that our human spirit is dispersed throughout our entire physical body and mental body and s- -- it is just through us completely like salt is dissolved in water. And every thread of our human spirit is bonded to Satan, or the carnal mind. I may not be using the right word. Bonded to some part of our fallen nature. Every thread of our human spirit is married, she is bonded in some way to our fallen nature. And if she is bonded to -- let us say to Satan. She is bonded to Satan. She is dissolved in Satan’s seed, OK, and then a part of her is nailed to the cerebral cortex. So we are bound to Satan, and we are bound to the cerebral cortex. And the human spirit is likened to water. Our Holy Spirit is likened to water, filled up with the Holy Spirit [?water, OK?]. OK? You OK?


So if you could think of our human spirit as water, and then you think that all the threads of our human spirit are nailed to our cerebral cortex, that is why our cerebral cortex is expanded and our cerebellum is not. Why? Think of a bean, a dried bean. Think of a dried bean. Our cerebral cortex is expanded because it is soaked, saturated in the water of the spirit that is nailed there. Can you hear that?




  1. So -- is this not exciting?

 [UNINTELLIGIBLE] so now the Lord has told us in recent days that the Holy Spirit has come into us, and to be honest with you, at this point, I am not really sure whether it is the Holy Spirit or Christ, but someone from the household of God, OK -- and it is probably the Holy Spirit is flowing through us. He has entered into our being, and he is spirit, and he is flowing through us.


What is the Holy Spirit? He is energy. What is spirit? He is energy. Spirit is energy. So the Holy Spirit is flowing through us as well as our fallen ener- -- I -- what is our fallen energy? Our human spirit bonded to Satan and the carnal mind is our human energy. Well, the Holy Spirit has come in, and he is male, and he is fully determined to marry our human spirit who is bound to Satan and Leviathan in threads. Are you with me?




So the Holy Spirit -- now, the Holy Spirit -- now, I may not be exactly right on how this is happening, but it is good enough to understand by. The Holy Spirit is going to each thread of our human spirit which is bound to Satan and Leviathan, and taking her away from Satan, and Leviathan and marrying her -- him. It is really him -- joined to himself, and then nailing that thread to the cerebellum. So the waters that are saturating our cerebral cortex are being rechanneled into our cerebellum, and that is why the cerebral cortex is shrinking. The water is being taken away. The water is being extracted. Are you with me?




  1. And how is this happening? As we choose by an act of will to not respond to our carnal mind but to punish our carnal mind and live out of Christ every time we have a choice, OK -- and you did not choo- -- you chose wrong tonight.




  1. So as long you realize that you had a choice, that is good. That is progress, OK.



Praise God. OK. So -- and that is just the beginning -- that is already the victory in [?progress?]. It is just a matter of time until the day will come that carnal mind will rise up in you, and instead of speaking to me, you will speak to your carnal mind and you will say, “Get down, Satan. Get thee behind me, Satan. Get behind Christ in me.”




  1. So as we do this, as we make these choices, as -- it is not easy to -- it is very easy to say, I choose Christ. Well, let us see you do it, honey.




OK, let us see you do it.


Each and every time.


It is no easy thing. Let us see you do it, OK, but we do it a second at a time, a moment at a time, an incident at a time. And as we wage this warfare unrelentlessly, we are weakening our carnal mind, and we are recapturing the waters and channeling them to our cerebellum, so the cerebral cortex is shrinking. Full stature will occur when all waters are drained out of our cerebral cortex. It is not that Jesus has it and he is denying it to us or he is holding it for a certain date. That is why Paul said it is a race, --




-- you see.


Now, remember that the most important thing is that you accomplish your goal, but the truth is there should not be any competition in this, you see. There should not be any -- some people are spiritually stronger than other people. That is just the way it is, but the only thing that matters is that you get there, you see. But we really are in a race. It just -- we really are in a race. I do not know about you, but I cannot run fast enough.


So what am I saying? Full stature will occur when I succeed in fully extracting all of the waters from my cerebral cortex and reestablishing them in my -- in Christ Jesus’ palace, which is the cerebellum. And how do I do that? By utterly refusing to live out of that mind, and when I fail and when I do live out of it in any moment, to confess it as sin and pray that Christ cover my sin nature and get me in as soon as possible.


And this is what is happening, --




-- and Jesus is up there saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” It is not in his hands. It is our hands, --




-- you see.




So as much effort as we put into it, that is as fast as we are -- I am not here to condemn you tonight, but you need to know this because everything is a choice, and if you cannot do it, you have the opportunity to say, “Lord, I hear it, and I want to do it, but I cannot do it. Will you help me?” See, there is no excuse once we are in Christ because all you have to do is say, “I want to. I am willing to do anything, but I cannot.” It is like a cripple siting in a wheelchair saying, “Lord, I believe you can make these legs work. I am willing to do anything I could do, but if you do not empower me, I cannot do it.”




So there is no excuse, you see. All we have to do is admit that we heard the message, we believe it, but we are utterly impotent to do it, and he will give you the strength[?, you see?].


So what is blocking us? Only pride that cannot say, “Lord, I heard the message, but I cannot do it, and I want to do it.”


But I heard the message and I cannot do it, and I want to do it, Lord. I need your help.


Praise God. Did you want to ask [?me anything?]?


As you were talking about the cortex and this -- and you were saying about the water and the cerebellum, --




-- I saw it as a sponge --




-- and just absorbing, taking away.




I said, wow.




And it [?acts?] -- it is small now, but the water that [?it has taken in?] is going to spread up the whole -- wow.


Oh, wow, I just had a thought. Oh, is this exciting! I remember telling you that when we did the series on Elisha, there is an expression that came up -- not only in that series, but it came up several times. “And Elijah smote the waters and ascended above the firmament.” Does that sound familiar --




-- to you at all? Elijah smote the waters. The way it comes out in the King James is it comes out with regard to the Jordan. He smote the waters and walked over dry shore.




Does that help any? Yeah. Does that he- -- are you with me?


Excuse me.


And I remember telling you on that Elijah series that I do not know what that means, but from -- I do not know how to relate it to our experience. Do you remember me telling you that?




But that -- apparently from what -- the way I see the Scriptures at this time is that that was the last act that Elish- -- Elijah did -- both Elijah and Elisha did before they ascended above the firmament, but I do not know what that means to you and me, to “smite the waters and they ascended.” And the Lord just told me that every time we choose Christ over the carnal mind --




-- let us just say by example, one drop of water comes out of the cerebral cortex and goes into the cerebellum -- we are smiting the waters --




-- and ascending. What is the firmament? Where is the world above the firmament? It is life out of the cerebellum, if you can hear it.




Can you hear that?




We are not moving -- we are not -- this physical body is not moving up there, but our consciousness is emigrating from our -- or migrating from our cerebral cortex to our cerebellum.




And it -- if -- can you remember the picture of the brain, that the cerebral cortex is big and the cerebellum is just this little ball underneath?




  1. So the place -- the rim that separates the little ball from the cerebral cortex in our physical body is the firmament. So when we -- when our consciousness migrates from the cerebral cortex over to the cerebellum, we have to cross over a border. Can you see that?



  1. And that is the physical manifestation of the firmament.

 [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [?shown?] on the board. The firmament --






Right. OK.


Was that not also cerebellum Christ’s palace?


Christ Jesus’ palace, yes.


Christ Jesus’ palace.


So that is -- let me say it again. I do not think everybody got it. This is the physical expression when the Scripture says “And they smote the Jordan and went over dry shore,” that is the King James, OK, but we did an alternate translation. We found out that [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Elijah and Elisha on separate occasions smote the waters and ascended above the firmament. And I said to you I do not understand how that is going to be played out in our physical bodies, and now the Lord has told me that this smiting of the waters -- our carnal mind thinks it is a one-second act. I dropped the cassette tape case [sic], but everything in the spirit is a process. There is no sudden --




-- movement in the spirit. Everything is a process that moves slowly. So, therefore, the smiting or the killing of the waters is a process, and every time we extract one drop of water from our cerebral cortex and relocate it in our cerebellum through rejection of our sin nature and cleaving unto Christ, we are in the process of smiting the waters. And we keep smiting the waters and smiting the waters. Every time we say no to Satan and Leviathan, we have smitten her. I will not do what you want. I will not thi- -- well, most of us will not do what she wants. I will not [?think?] what you want. I am not in agreement with you. I punish you. I smite you. I burn you with fire. I will do what Christ wants me to do.


This was my warfare these two days, and I have been punished severely, but every time we do that we smite the waters, and some more of our spirit -- because water typifies our human spirit, OK, more of our spirit transfers from Leviathan’s palace to Christ Jesus’ palace, from the cerebral cortex to the cerebellum. And just -- we just keep doing that, and one day, the last drop of water will be extracted from our cerebral cortex and will migrate to our cerebellum [UNINTELLIGIBLE] and the eclipse will take place, and Christ Jesus will become -- or, I am sorry, our cerebral cortex -- our cerebellum will become so inflated that she will pass over and then the cerebral cortex will become so withered that the cerebral cor- -- cere- -- the cerebellum, I am sorry, will pass over the cerebral cortex and eclipse her completely, --




-- and she will be found no more. Is that exciting?


There is a Scripture that says [INAUDIBLE] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] away like a drop of water. [INAUDIBLE] context, but that came to my mind.




I cannot interpret Scriptures while I am preaching. I have to think about it, but you ask me later, and we will see what we can get out of it. Hmm, I see where you are coming from, a drop at a time like the she- -- but I have to think about it. I cannot do it now.


Well, is that not exciting? I do find that the -- when I am tortured for righteousness’ sake, the reward is alwa- -- has always been for me revelation. It has always been revelation. Now, why would that be? Because when you -- how are you tortured for righteousness’ sake? OK. Now, I just told you that. I am going to say it another way to make sure you got it.


The Lord told me to do something, but my carnal mind did not want to do it. Why? Because my carnal mind was being punished for doing it, punished by Satan and Leviathan. I have been in pain for two days, OK, but I obeyed Christ, and in the areas where my s- -- where I was in sin because my mind was screaming that it did not want to do it, that it hated this aspect of the ministry, that -- and another part of my sin was that I was saying I really do not care whether the person responds or not. Now, that is not godly, OK. I did not wish that they did not respond, but I did not care whether they did or not. That was genuinely how I felt, you see, and now the Lord has shown me, no, Sheila, you have to care -- not with your emotions, but with Christ, and you pray for the person that the Lord Jesus above, the Father, will witness to the Christ in them as to the validity of what the Christ in me is saying because if he is not going to do it -- if the Father is not going to witness as a second witness to what Christ in me is saying, what am I knocking my brains out for? No one is going to believe this stuff, you see.


So the reward of being tortured is revelation. Why? Because revelation coming down as a reward after I have resisted Satan and obeyed Christ Jesus -- I resisted Leviathan and Satan and obeyed Christ Jesus; the reward is another drop of spirit -- of my human spirit has been extracted from Satan and Leviathan’s grasp. And as soon as that drop of my human spirit comes into Christ Jesus’ palace, my understanding expands, and the way that registers in my mind is through revelation. Can you hear that? Is that not exciting? Thank you, Jesus.




So the prince of Persia cannot get through, OK, because your carnal mind is lying on top of your Christ mind. So Michael, who is Jesus above, is coming to fight with your carnal mind so that Christ in you can hear what Gabriel the messenger has to say.




So let us pray. Xxxx, please.




-- more than he -- we did not get any of that on there? Oh, what a shame. OK. He honors his name more than he honors his Word. What does that mean? This is his Word. These letters are his Word, OK. The doctrine is his Word, OK, but he honors his name even more. What does that mean? There -- this Word, well, it is in me and it is on the paper, it has come forth from Christ Jesus, which is Christ in me married to Jesus above. Jesus is the name; Christ is the Word. Name is spirit. Jesus -- the Lord Jesus is the spirit of Christ, and Christ in me is the Word. Can you hear this?


It is like the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Word?


I think it is the logos, this -- but I am not going to get into that now because I am not really su- -- I never did get these details straight. I am just spiritual. I do not know all this other stuff, OK.




I am still talking, Xxxx [SP].






I am sorry.


So -- I forgot what I was going to say.




OK, just hang on a minute. OK. So we are saying why does Jehovah honor his name more than his Word? Because the Word is going to just die on the vine if his name does not come and fight the battle, but the carnal mind, which will help us to hear the Word. Can you hear this? He honors his name, his spirit, more than his Word because the Word is going to -- the Word is seed.


Jesus clearly said that the Word of God is the seed. The seed is going to die on the vine, it is going to die in the rocky places, it is going to die when the sun rises up, everything that Jesus spoke about in the “Parable of the Soils,” OK, unless his name, the spirit of Christ, Jesus who is above, comes and wages war with the carnal mind who is stealing the seed. The birds are stealing the seed. The rocks are killing the seed. The sun is killing the seed. So the Word is worthless, unless his name comes from above and kills the birds and gets rid of the rocks and covers over the sun with sackcloth. Can you hear that?


I never -- we have had three major points of doctrine tonight, three major points of doctrine: why the Lord’s name -- why he honors his name more than his Word, what it means to smite the waters and cross over and revelation on Daniel with Gabriel and Michael. I never knew any of those three things before tonight. Praise the Lord. Did you want to say something [CROSSTALK]


[CROSSTALK], but, I mean, yesterday [CROSSTALK]


I am not going to receive this.


No, no, no. Not about that.


I am not going to --


About the Word.


-- I am not going to receive this.




I do not want to hear you say I may be wrong.


All right.


I have warned you about that. I will not accept anything that you say that you preface with that.


All right.


OK, so let us start.




Just one minute. Hold it. I am still in charge of this meeting, OK? OK, please, start again.


I thought -- when I told you the other day I read that Scripture, I thought it was --


What Scripture is that, Xxxx [SP]?


That he honors his -- let me see. Where did I read that in? That he honors his Word more than his name.


No, his name more than his Word.


Oh, so you looked it up then, huh? Because I thought when I had told you, you said, “That is strange.” [CROSSTALK]


I do not remember talking to you about it. You must have been talking to someone else. I have no recollection of that conversation at all.




I do not remember you reading from the Bible.


I told you that morning before I came on Sunday. All right.


I have no recollection [CROSSTALK]


I stand corrected because I was saying to myself, gee, I thought it was the other way. OK.




The Scripture is -- it sounds in the King James like you heard it, but the Scripture is “Thou has magnified thy Word above thy name.” That is the King James, but I said to the Lord, how could I have made a mistake like that under this anointing? If it is a mistake, I have to tell them, but how could it have happened? So I looked into the interlinear text, and the interlinear text does not say that. The interlinear text says, “I have raised up my spirit, my name and my Word, which is Christ, above the firmament. I have raised them --




-- both up above the firmament. That is what it means. So the only Scripture I can give you to witness to what I just said to you is Jesus saying “The Father is greater than I.”




So the spirit above is greater than the Christ in the Earth. So the name is greater than the Word, although I cannot give you a King James --




-- Scripture that says just that, OK? Xxxx [SP], I do not care if you have a different opinion, but you really cannot be arguing with me in a meeting, you know. You really and truly have to understand --


Well, what I was afraid of [?maybe?] the other day I had said it wrong to you when I [INAUDIBLE]


Honestly, I have no recollection of you saying that to me.




I mean, if you say you said it to me, to me, it is no big deal, you know, but I have no memory of it whatsoever. Why would you have read a Scripture like that to me? For any particular reason?


I told you what I read that morning or something, and you said, Wow. More than his name? And his name means nature?


And you are sure you said that to me?


Yeah, and then you said that to me.


Oh. Huh. And what did I say to you?


That -- [?that is?] something. You said that his name means nature.


Yes, his name means nature. Well, I am sorry. I have no --




-- no recollection of it at all, but I am glad that we straightened that out anyway. There is just so much wrong in the King James translation. It is -- I keep saying it has done its work for 2,000 years, but it is --




-- it is just really off in so many things. I -- in one of these letters, I had to look up a Scripture to make a point. It must have been in this one. I am going to have to get this in the Alternate New Testament. It is very important. Oh, it is Hebrews 6. That is what it was. Did you -- do you remember reading that --




-- translation of Hebrews 6? Here it is. This is the true tran- -- well, the King James says, “Therefore, leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on to perfection.” Now, I read that and I said, “leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ?” I am teaching here that the doctrine of Christ is the ultimate.


What is going on here? It says, “Leaving --.” It is indicating “leaving behind the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection, lest wha- -- not we lay again the foundation of dead works, of repentance and of faith towards God, and the doctrine of baptisms and of the laying on of hands and of the resurrection of the dead and of eternal judgment.” It is making -- the King James translation makes the doctrine of Christ the lowest, the most immature, the most basic doctrine, which is the exact opposite --




-- of the truth.


And this is the Alternate Translation: “Therefore, let us go on to perfection, lest we renew the foundation of the carnal mind” -- because the mind is the foundation -- the mind is the foundation of our existence in this world. We cannot be here without a mind, OK. So [?it is?] “Let us go on to perfection, lest we renew the foundation of the carnal mind, which faith in God has cast down.” You see, if you have faith in God and he has raised -- and have faith he has raised up Christ in you, the carnal mind is cast down by faith, and now we are waiting for her to be cast down in reality, OK.


So the Scripture says you better go on to perfection. If you do not go on to perfection, the foundation of the carnal mind, which your faith in Jesus Christ has cast down, is going to be rebuilt.




Can you hear this? You better go on to perfection. All these Christians that are not going on to perfection, your carnal mind is going to kill Christ --




-- and will be your foundation again.


Wow, that is something.


There is going to be millions falling away, I am telling you. The Lord has promised to save his church. There will be a remnant, but there are going to be thousands and millions that are not going to survive this, I am telling you.


Is that where it says [?that he steals?] the Word? That if you do not go on -- there is a Scripture. I do not recall what it is, but it is something about the -- Satan steals the Word. Maybe it is the seeds?


I think it is probably that it falls on the ground [CROSSTALK]


When it falls on -- by the way, the birds come --


And he steals the Word. [CROSSTALK]


Right, and that is if you do not understand it. If you do not understand it, the seed falls by the way and the birds steal it. However, the birds -- the spirit -- [?it is?] Satan who is the bird.


So “Therefore, let us go on to perfection, because if we do not, we are going to renew the foundation of the carnal mind, which faith in God has cast down. And let us send forth the principles of the doctrine of Christ. Let us teach -- let us send out to the world and to the church the principles of the doctrine of Christ, which are the doctrine of baptisms, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment.”


You see, the doctrine of Christ is the spiritual understanding of the whole Scripture. I have had people say, send me a message on the Doctrine of Christ. The Doctrine of Christ is the spiritual understanding of the whole Scripture. I do not have any message on the Doctrine of Christ. It is the whole Scripture. It is the whole Word of God on the spiritual level because the King James translation is on a carnal level. I am not putting it down. It is just the truth. It is on a very baby -- spiritually baby level. OK, so the doctrine of Christ is the whole Word of God and the spiritual understanding of the whole Word of God.


The gospel of perfection is just one aspect of the doctrine of Christ, you see. The gospel of perfection or the gospel of the kingdom, OK, is the message of how we ascend into perfection, which is only the fifth level of consciousness. It is just a part of the doctrine of Christ.


Now, I sort of got excited when I wrote this part in the letter because I see that the principles of the doctrine of Christ are the doctrine of baptisms -- which we have. We are making a book out of that right now. I tell you, it is so simple compared to what we are doing now. The doctrine of the laying on of hands -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- now, the Lord has not really spoken to me about the doctrine of the laying on of hands, and almost every time I assume that I know what something means, but [?if it is?] something that he has not spoken to me personally about, I almost always find out that it is something else. So I do not -- I really -- I would have to look up the word “laying on.” I know “hand” could mean mind, but -- oh. Oh.




I wonder if that is what it means. The doctrine of the overlaying of the carnal mind, that Christ must cover over our carnal mind.




That is something.


Aha! Is that not interesting? So I will have to straighten that out before I put this in the New Testament. I bet you that is what it means, the overlaying of the minds. OK. We have taught that. And the resurrection of the dead, [?we have?] taught that. Does anyone know who the -- was -- who was the dead one who is being raised? Think before you answer. It is a trick question.




Yes? Xxxx [SP] raised her hand.


[INAUDIBLE] I think she is right, but I was going to say Abel.


It is Adam. Well, it is Abel too, but Abel is really the residue of Adam after he died, --




-- but that was pretty close, Xxxx [SP]. And I want to point something out to you, you know, that your spiritual dyslexia just failed, you see. That answer was close enough to say that in this question your spiritual dyslexia was defeated.




That is wonderful. That is a real good sign.


[?Thank you, Jesus.?]


  1. Adam is the answer. So we have taught that. It says “Send forth the doctrine.” We have sent forth the doctrine of the resurrection of Adam and of eternal judgment, the truth about the judgment that is killing the carnal mind. We have sent -- we have done it all. If this is all there is to it -- of course, there is more to it than that. I do not know why it is not here, but we know there is more to it than that because we are talking -- the Lord is teaching us about the origins of the universe here, and the whole story of creation, which is not even mentioned here.

 Do you realize what we are into here? Do you realize what is coming forth here? It is just awesome, and I just feel that I am just getting more spiritual. Every day is just going very fast, you know. So if it is happening to me, it is happening to you, you see, to all of you. It is happening -- things are happening very fast, and what continues to amaze me is that the more spiritual I get, I keep seeing Christ doing the same things that the spiritual people of the world are doing that I have always rejected.


Well, not that it was wrong that I rejected it. I probably was not ready for it in Christ. You cannot take it because the world is doing it, but my whole point is that it is really hard to tell the difference when people are spiritual whether they are in Christ or whether they are -- it is your carnal mind because I -- we went over that line with that Kundalini teaching, and I know I have that on a few messages.


This ministry went spiritual with the Kundalini teachings, and the more spiritual I get, the more it is -- they are all doing the same thing. The only thing that I could see is that they do not have the morality. You know, they are all -- there is -- they are all nice and they are kind and they are into being good to your neighbor and all these things, the -- but they do not have the rev- -- they are not convicted of fornication and homosexuality, and sometimes they are not convicted of adultery. So aside from a spiritual discernment that would say that is not Christ, the only signs that I could see -- well, of course, they are not talking about the things of God either. They are not talking about the Word of God.




I had an experience tonight while you were all reading these letters. Apparently, I had a very spiritual experience, yeah, and something else happened to me too. I had that word that Satan was really coming for me, and I do not like getting messages like that, you know, but they usually [?worse?] when I hear them. They never -- they have never, ever yet been as bad as I think they are when I get the word of knowledge.


I remember when I was in your basement. I had slept over, and I saw this crowd, and they were coming for me. There was a whole crowd. It was a lynch mob, and they were shaking their fists at me. It really scared me in those days, you know, and it really turned out to be Johnny, you know, and all the people that he roused up to pray with him, but it was not nearly as bad as I saw it in the spirit.




So I am not going to panic, you know, when it is -- well, you are not supposed to panic anyway, even if it is a lynch mob coming for you. But it probably means some kind of heavy seduction is coming, and I started, you know, praying towards it while I was waiting for you. And then this is the second experience I have had along these lines, and I know that pop psychologists have been teaching this for years, and I have always rejected it.


Again, it was not wrong that I rejected it. You cannot do it until Christ in you is ready to do it. You see, if you do these spiritual things before Christ in you in mature enough to do it, you are doing it with your carnal mind and you are supposed to reject it. Does anybody not understand what I just said? OK.


So as I was praying about that -- and it was really Christ in me doing it because I never really have thought about it before, but I used visualization. Now, do you remember three or four years ago -- I forget when it was -- and when we were all being attacked sexually? I was being molested every night in my sleep, and no matter how I prayed, I could not stop it. It was really upsetting. And when I cried out to God, he told me to put myself in a castle. And I said, Lord, this is visualization. It is witchcraft. I do not do things like that, you know.


But of course, if the Lord tells you to do it, it is OK, and what the Lord said to me at the time was the way the carnal mind uses visualization is that they use it to control other people. And that is true. Every time I have ever heard of visualization being used, it was always being used to control other people, sort of like what we were talking a- -- I do not want to put any names on this message, but we were talking about -- and that is wrong. But he said this is not to control other people. You put yourself in a castle. It is to protect yourself. It is for you. It is towards you. It is not towards anybody else, you see.


So I started putting myself in a castle every night, and you imagine it. You see it in the spirit. It is a creative thought. And I put a wall around myself and around the castle and a moat around the castle and crocodiles and alligators in the moat, and pull up the drawbridge, and I put mounted soldiers on the far side of the moat. And it worked. It worked, and I was doing that every night for several months, and then I slacked off, and now -- I only do it now if I feel threatened in the spirit. Why would I feel threatened in the spirit? Because on some level I have an awareness that either someone is astral projecting here or something is going on in the spirit, and I -- that is the only time, though, it has ever told me to use visualization, and this really is the only time I have ever done it.


Now, what he told me to do tonight was a form of visualization that even goes beyond that, and this is what he did. It was Christ in me that did it.


Now, remember, we are in parts. We are the woman. The woman is our personality, OK. We are our carnal mind who is our enemy, and we are Christ, who is the husband of the woman, and actually -- and the enemy of the carnal mind. Did anybody not follow me? So far, we are in parts, OK?


Where does the human spirit fit in there?


The human spirit cannot exist in an unmarried state. So the human spirit is joined to the mind, and before Christ is formed in us, the human spirit is joined to the carnal mind and Satan, but now that Christ is being formed in us, she is divided. That is why we are doubleminded. She is adulterous. She has got one foot in the carnal mind and the other foot in the Christ mind.


That is why Paul says in the book of Romans, “Consider your husband dead and consider yourself married to another.” Do you know the Scripture? It is in Rom- -- OK. That is why he says -- he does not say your husband is dead. He said act like your husband is dead because you are -- we are all whores, you see. We are the harlot of Revelation, you see.


No, that is not true either. I did not get that right. The woman is the harlot of Revelation, OK. I am sorry. That was not a good example. The woman is the harlot of Revelation, but our human spirit is bound to the mind. So she is partially in our carnal mind. She is pa- -- he is partially in our carnal mind, partially in our Christ mind and even through our body because spirit is energy.


So the human spirit is the remainder, the residue of Adam’s breath, the breath of life that was in Adam before he died, OK. Adam died, and the only thing that remained was the breath. [?You with me??] Let me give you an example. OK, let me give you -- this is a way --


[CROSSTALK] it is just not getting through.


  1. I am going to give you a way out example. It is not true, OK. Let us say there was a man and he died. OK. Wait a minute. I got a better example. The example is the King James version of Elijah’s bones. Elijah died, and there was some -- a remainder. Something remained: his bones. And his bones were so anointed that when a man fell on them, that man rose from the dead. So Elijah’s bones was what remained after Elijah died -- Elisha died, OK?

 So Adam’s -- a part of Adam remained after he died, like Elisha’s bones, only it was Adam’s spirit. The spirit that was in Adam remained after he died, OK, and the serpent captured that spirit [UNINTELLIGIBLE] and that spirit -- you see, the spirit cannot be unmarried. Adam died, and there was just a spirit out there. It cannot be, so the serpent just went [SLURPING SOUND], breathed him right in.


So the human spirit is completely dispersed through our mind, through our body. The energy flows through our whole person, physical, mental and spiritual person. The human spirit is completely bound to Satan and Leviathan at every level. The human spirit is dispersed through this body. The human spirit is in the blood. The human sp- -- but she is married to Satan -- he is married to Satan and Leviathan. That is why the soul has to be separated from the spirit and the joints from the marrow. We have to release the human spirit from Satan and Leviathan and translate him into Christ Jesus. OK.


So the spirit is our energy source. Our personality is the woman. The spirit is our energy source.




The spirit is our energy source which takes on the nature --


[?Oh, I am sorry.?] [INAUDIBLE]


-- which takes on the nature and the characteristics of the mind that he is joined to. The human spirit takes on the character, the nature of the mind that he is joined to, you see. See, the -- see, these are all very fine lines. Do not worry about it, and you will get it eventually. I am still struggling with it myself. Look, spirit and mind are not personality.


How can I say that? Think of it this way. Both the carnal mind and the Christ mind have -- are appearing through many human beings. Can you say amen to that? The Christ mind and the carnal mind is appearing through many human beings. Is everybody OK? OK.


The mind has many personalities. Every human being that the mind, whichever mind we are talking about, is appearing in, those are all the many personalities or faces of that mind. The mind is not personality. Mind in the case of the Christ mind is rational thought. In the case of the carnal mind, it is emotions. But personality, individualization, OK, is in the individual. It is not in mind. It is in the woman. Mind is spirit. Mind, will, emotions, spirit, OK. Spirit. Mind is spirit. Is that not one of your books? Mind is spirit.


But the woman is water, unstable. Remember, Reuben, unstable as water? Reuben, that was what Jacob --




-- pronounced upon Reuben. “You are as unstable as water.” He lost the inheritance of the firstborn. What is another -- that is another way of saying you are female in your mind, is unstable as water. The woman is likened to water. Personality is likened to water, flowing, unstable, continuously changing, up and down. You never know what to expect from her. Spirit -- water is female. So the woman is wa- -- is the waters.


  1. Satan is the sea. Now, the woman is the waters, but the waters are all mixed with the seas. I do not want to confuse you. Forget that I said that. OK. The woman -- it is not that it is wrong. I do not want to go off on that tangent now. The woman is water. She is fem- -- a spiritual female is unstable.

 Spirit is male. Male is strength, OK. Male is -- spirit is mind. Personality -- spirit is mind, mind is male, personality is water and female. Mind needs the personality, and the personality needs a mind. Spirit needs water. Water needs spirit. What is another word for spirit? The spermatozoa of the semen is spirit. The water of the semen is the woman. Did I help you? It is very confusing.




I am still struggling with it myself. You know, this really just came down a couple of months ago. It is very confusing, but it is very essential. OK, so this is what the Lord gave me tonight. We are in all these parts now. OK, we are spirit. We are the carnal mind. We are the Christ mind. We are the woman, OK, and I just got this word that Satan is coming for me, and Christ -- I think I must have said, Lord, help me, or something like that, and Christ rose up and spoke to the woman in me.




I actually observed this with my eyes closed, and it was something that you would see in a movie of Great Britain years ago with a damsel --




-- with a long dress in a castle, and Christ in me was saying to her, “Now, you will not leave this house because this man is pursuing you, and you are likely to go with him, and I will not permit it.” Christ was in the role of father/husband, and he said to the woman -- and he put her in a bedroom, and I saw a four-poster bed, and he stationed a chaperone in the room, and he put bars on the window, and he said, “You will not talk to him if he calls. You will not see him if he comes, and he will not put a ladder and climb up to the window because I barred up the window. And there is a chaperone at your bed, and she will not leave you,” and he put a chastity belt on her and locked it with a lock. And the woman said -- humbled herself and said, “Yes, my Lord, I will obey.” I saw all this in my mind.




Is that not amazing?


That is something.


Yeah, and this is the second time the Lord has used visualization for me, but it is the first time I have actually seen this kind of interaction of the parts.


I remember years ago, I had a revelation. I think -- actually, it was even Charlie who has talked about David, and there is a Psalm where David says “be still my soul” or something like that, excuse me, and Charlie said, “He talked to his own soul,” you know. So I sort of had a revelation.


I have been talking to my emotions for years. I have been talking to my carnal mind for years, but the Lord is showing me -- you know, lots of times I have talked to my carnal mind I have had a minimum of success, and the Lord showed me, well, maybe I was -- the reason the success was only minimal was that I should have been talking to the woman and not the carnal mind.


So if we are going to take authority over the whole Earth, you see, we have to rule -- Christ in us must rule our whole Earth, you see. So if that is going to happen to us -- there is -- you know, there is no rush. I am not pressuring you. God will give it to you as he gives it to you, but eventually I am going to have to really see the divisions of ourselves because if we cannot recognize all of our parts -- this is how Adam fell. He could not recognize all of his parts, and his evil self rose up in dominion, you see. So we who are the woman, we must be able to recognize Christ and the carnal mind so that we can reject the carnal mind and cleave unto Christ so that Christ Jesus will rule our whole Earth, you see.


Now, look, this is what -- let me tell you what full stature is. See, going along with a lot that we have been teaching here -- this is a really good message. I may have to listen to it and see if we should produce it. I have to loo- -- there is a lot of good stuff on here, huh? Before you take it to transcribe it, Mary, I am going to have to listen to that first message and see how messed up it is. It is probably not nearly as messed up as I think it is.


  1. I have talked to you in our series on Kabbalah about Cain being enslaved by the Earth, and I told you not too long ago that I never fully understood that. I thought it meant, well, Cain, you know, he worshipped the Earth. You know, he did not worship God. He was disconnected from God, but then the Lord showed me that it is much more serious than that.

 The Cain company, which we all are -- all of man today, as far as I know, you know, is part of the Cain company. How do I know that? Because everyone who was a member of the Cain company has their spirit -- their human spirit enslaved by the Earth. Our human spirit has been interwoven with our physical body and with every part of our spiritual being, and what is the result of that? The result of it is that we cannot get out of this body.


You see, we are spirit. We are not this body. We are spirit. We should be able to fly. We should be able to travel in the spirit. We should be able to asc- -- go -- ascend into Christ Jesus where the saints are being ingathered. We should be having all kinds of high spiritual experiences, but we are woven together with the Earth, and the physical body, which is the Earth, is bound to the planet, but our spirit is not bound to the planet, you see. Our spirit is not supposed to be bla- -- bound to the planet, but our spirit is interwoven with our physical being, which is bound to this planet.


Poor June. Look at her.




I could just --




-- I -- are you following me at all? Are you following me?


I am getting sleepy. I went to bed at quarter of eight last.


  1. Let me finish this thought. OK. So our spirit is woven together with our physical being. Full stature is the releasing of the spirit from the enslavement of our physical being. Now, in full stature we are still in the body, but the spirit is no longer enslaved by the physical being. The spirit is liberated. Now, the spirit dwells in the body, but ascends, goes up and down, Jacob’s ladder. I do not have all the details yet. This is all I have to tell you, is that the spirit man is liberated, but not the spirit alone because no spirit could be unmarried, but it -- through marriage to Christ Jesus -- our human spirit through marriage to Christ Jesus is liberated from the enslavement of the flesh, and we start living a spiritual life.

 So any measure of spiritual life that you are having now, it is because your human spirit has a s- -- is joining with Christ to that degree. The more you are joined to Christ and to Jesus above, the more intense your spiritual experiences because Christ is not bound to the Earth. You see, the carnal mind is bound to the Earth.


Does everybody understand what I said? And it would put you -- look at you. [INAUDIBLE]




  1. I am losing you all. Does anybody want to say anything or ask a question before we end this tonight? It has nothing to do with the time. It is just exhausting to have these conversations. Does anyone have anything to say? OK, Xxxx.



Here we are talking -- this is on, right? We are talking about Satan trying to sift Peter like wheat, and sifting means to separate. So, you see, when Christ first rises in us, we are doubleminded. Then Christ rises -- covers over the carnal mind, and your world is turned upside down, so you live out of a -- excuse me, you live out of Christ instead of out of the carnal mind. Your mind is turned upside down. That is another way of saying that you are living out of your cerebellum instead of your cerebral cortex, OK, and remember, the cerebellum is down under the cerebral cortex. So if you start living out of your cerebellum, you have turned your world upside down, OK.


So when Jesus said to Peter, “Satan has come to sift you like wheat,” it means he has come to separate you. Your Christ mind that is firmly fixed over your carnal mind, Satan has come to break that up and separate Christ from your carnal mind because as soon as that happens, as soon as Satan succeeds in separating Christ from your carnal mind, the very next step is that your carnal mind covers over Christ. You see, there is no vacuum. There is no such thing as a vacuum. Doublemindedness is only a temporary, transitory condition. One mind must prevail over the others. There can be only one. That is the famous saying from “The Highlander.” There can be only one mind, you see.


So as soon as Satan gets your Christ mind off of the carnal mind, you are really in trouble. Unless you cry out to Jesus for help and he restores your position, Christ over the carnal mind, it is just a matter of time until Satan empowers the carnal mind to cover your Christ mind.


And you may recall in our study in Elisha, that was what happened to Elisha. As soon as Elijah ascended above and Elisha was on his own, the test came, and Satan attacked and Elj- -- Elisha lost control of his carnal mind, and his carnal mind came out from underneath his Christ mind, and Elisha knew the very next step would be that the carnal mind would cover over his Christ mind and kill Christ in him. So while he was still doubleminded, what did Elisha do? Please, raise your hand if you have an answer. While he was still doubleminded, before the carnal mind covered over Christ’s mind, he was doubleminded, what did he do? What would you do if that happened to you? What would you do? What would you do if you were in trouble? What would you do?




Cry out to Jesus. If you do not know the answer, cry out to Jesus, and that is what Elisha did. OK, he knew that if he did not get help from above, that the carnal mind was going to cover over his Christ mind and that would be the end of him. But he cried out -- well, he cried out to Elijah, and the spirit of Elijah came down from above the firmament and wounded Leviathan and Chr- -- and strengthened Christ in Elisha, and Christ covered over [UNINTELLIGIBLE] his carnal mind again, and Elisha was saved because he cried out to the glorified spirit who was above.


And if we do not cry out to Jesus, we will not make it, and of course, Elisha had the same experience. We found in another Scripture that Satan and Leviathan were coming to destroy him, and the Scripture says he hid behind -- I do not know ho- -- exactly how I phra- -- how it was phrased, since it was the Old Testament, but he hid behind Elijah -- the spirit of Elijah and the resurrected Adam in him, and that is probably how I said it. The human Elisha, that woman part of Elisha, hid behind the resurrected Adam and the spirit of Elijah that was above, and in that way he defeated the carnal mind that was coming to destroy him.


Well, actually, let us get technical now. The -- Satan and Leviathan were coming to destroy the Christ mind and to recapture the woman part of Elisha, so the woman hid behind the resurrected Adam and the spirit of Elijah, and she was safe. But if the woman does not hide -- the woman, our personality, if she does not hide behind Christ and Jesus above, if she is standing out here vulnerable when Satan comes, Satan is going to grab her. She is going to be captured, OK, and is going to join with her and is going to weaken the Christ mind because the woman chooses the m- -- chooses the husband. As soon as Satan grabs the woman for her daughter Leviathan, Christ is weakened, you see.


So we -- that part of us which is the woman, we have got to hide behind our protectors. That means you do not do or say anything except what Jesus says or does, and if you do not know what Jesus is going to say or do, you say nothing except “Jesus, let your mind and your words be expressed through me.” Nothing more, [?OK?].


And if you do not know what to do, cry out to Jesus. There is a lot of pride around here. Cry out to Jesus. You know, the Lord has revealed to me that to take one’s own counsel instead of crying out to Jesus is idolatry, OK. This is what he -- he started talking to me about this a week ago, and it is true for me, as well as for everybody else here. This is an important word because I really did not have this, and maybe you did. I really did not have this understanding that the ultimate idol -- well, I have preached the ultimate idol is our carnal mind, but I never quite saw it the way he showed it to me this week, that to take our own thoughts or our own solutions to problems or our own decisions over his mind is the epitome of idolatry. It is the worship of our carnal mind because the one that we submit to is the one that we worship.


The true worship -- I mean, you can go into church and praise and sing, and that is very nice, but that is not the true worship. Worship is submission, and when we did the series on Elisha, we said, and Elisha worshipped the resurrected Adam in Elijah. He did not worship Elijah. He worshipped the resurrected Adam in Elijah.


So worship, what does that mean? It is submission. So if you can discern Christ in a teacher, if you can discern Christ in me and submit to that Christ, you are worshipping Christ. Now, if -- you are worshipping Christ. See, you are not worshipping me. It is submission. It is submission to the anointing that is on me. What does that mean? How does that -- how do you separate the anointing from me? Well, the day that I tell you something out of my carnal mind, the day I tell you to commit suicide because we are going up to the Hale-Bopp comet, you do not do it, you see. Praise the Lord.


Well, we had better end this meeting.




Everybody is gone, yeah.


[INAUDIBLE] I was thinking of sifting is one way as a [?beggar?].




[CROSSTALK] is completely mixed. None of us remember [?our?] sifted stones -- I mean, sifted sand, but the stones stay on is --


[?Right, it?] is the separation.


See, but I was thinking the other was -- how could that be separation? Then there is --


But it is separation because what is the purpose of sifting in baking? Is not the purpose to get all of the lumps out of the flour and to separate all --


If it was to mix in the salt and the baking powder and the flour. I think that was it, and it all came out as powder. Oh.


Well, I guess there is a truth in that, but I know that you can sift flour alone, and what it is doing is really separating all the grains of flours [sic]. I have baked for a long time, and you sift -- sometimes you sift flour alone. OK, I --


Oh, yeah, I always sift out --


You sift flour alone.




So if you are sifting flour along, what is it doing? It is separating all the granules out and making them nice and fluffy. It is separation, OK.




So I know that you have baked a lot more than me. I really do not have any recollection of sifting flour and sugar, you know.


And even getting powdered sugar and flour too. So it is, like, everything -- you could not tell what was what or [CROSSTALK]


And you put that through a sifter?


Yeah, but when I do sand -- I did sand. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] in my [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. In one part, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [CROSSTALK]


Right. Well, we will have to say -- as far as I know, sifting is separating. Maybe in that one instance, it, you know, affects the way that you bake, that you mixed your --




-- sugar and all that together with the sifter.


[CROSSTALK] means separating.


Yeah. In that case, it was mixing, but it is not at all uncommon that one word would have more than one mean- --




-- one meaning.


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