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Praise the Lord. We have drawing number 1 on the board, and -- well, let me write “spinal column” over here just in case someone does not know that this is the spinal column. OK, we have a spinal column and an outline of the skull, and the word “brain” written in the midst of the skull.


Now, those of us that have been studying here for a while, we know that the spiritual energy that is in man is ascending up the spinal column to join with the brain. We are made of energy. Our energy, which is our human spirit. So- -- in some Christian circles, if they hear the word “energy,” they get very distressed thinking that you are New Age, but all that energy is spirit. That is what it is. It is our human spirit.


And if the Holy -- if we have received the Holy Spirit and he is active in -- within us and in our life, he is moving to join himself to every particle or every aspect of energy which is dispersed through our bodies, through every aspect of our body and every aspect of our spiritual being. Our spirit is dispersed as salt would be dissolved in the sea. So for every particle of energy that the Holy Spirit has joined to, Christ is emerging out of that particle of spirit, see.


This drawing in particular talking about the believer’s physical body. We are talking about believers here, and I have drawn the energy or the spirit, which is no longer the human spirit. It is now Christ because for every particle of our human spirit that the Holy Spirit has joined to and clave unto, Christ is coming forth, and that particle is no longer the human spirit and it is no longer the Holy Spirit, but it is Christ. So we have trillions of particles of Christ in us, just as we have trillions of cells.


OK, now, I may not be expressing that exactly accurately, but that is the understanding that I have right now. We are going to stay with “particles,” OK, which can be likened to the cells of the human body. It is just trillions of particles of Christ. When taken together -- when all of the particles of Christ in our physical and spiritual being are taken together, he can be called a “light stream.” He is a light stream or a river of light or a river of life flowing through us. Now, those of us in whom Christ is being formed, we are going through this process of Christ being formed in us in every particle of our human spirit. Is that incredible? That is incredible to me.


And we have had a lot of teaching here that the Holy Spirit -- well, let me be a little more accurate here. Oh, could you shut that off for a minute? I want to --


  1. Now, I hope I am not confusing you, but I was speaking p- -- just prior to this about the Holy Spirit joining to our human spirit, but that will be drawing number 2. Sorry about that. The drawing that I have put up first is the drawing of the person ascending spiritually without Christ. Everything that I have told you is correct. I was just referring it to drawing number 2. So we are going to -- is everybody OK with that? OK.

This drawing that I put on the board first is a diagram of the -- of spiritual ascension without Christ. OK. So we see that the world is filled with people who are doing all kinds of exercises and breathing exercises and all kinds of manipulation of their flesh. Some of them are using sexual intercourse with women in an act that dehumanizes the woman. How does it dehumanize the woman? The ultimate goal of the male that engages in tantric yoga -- his ultimate goal is to lay hold of the sexual energy that is discharged in sexual intercourse and drive it upward to his brain, which makes the woman an object. OK. Does everybody understand that? OK.


So we see people, all kinds of practices, doing everything they can to manipulate their body to produ- -- to force the energy -- to gather the energy from the four corners of our personal Earth and to drive it upwards to the brain where the serpent is waiting for it in the cerebral cortex, OK. Now, this is a review. Everybody, if this is the first message you are reading, you are going to have to get some earlier messages if you do not know what I am talking about.


Now, every particle of our human spirit, OK, it is -- I called it particles at the beginning of this message. The Lord just reminded me that he has revealed to us that it is -- that the human spirit is in threads, not particles. OK, the human spirit is in threads, and wherever this thread of our human spirit is, one end of that thread is attached to a particular part of our body or our mind, and the second end of that thread is nailed to the cerebellum. That is why the cerebellum is so expanded because every thread of spirit in our being, in our physical and our spiritual being, has one end of itself nailed to the -- I am sorry.




Yes. Thank you. I just said cerebellum instead of cerebral cortex. Sorry about that. And this is in the -- now, this is for all of humanity. OK. Every thread of our human spirit has one end of it nailed into the cerebral cortex, and, therefore, the cerebral cortex in the human brain of fallen man is expanded. It has all that spirit in it, you see, and people who study the brain will tell us that all of man’s creativity is in the cerebral cortex, that the cerebellum -- all the cerebellum does is -- somehow is to monitor our muscular condition. The cerebellum is responsible for our walking upright on all fours [sic], but all of man’s talent and creativity and knowledge and wisdom is up here in the cerebral cortex because -- why? Because all of our spirit, at least at one end of that thread, and spirit is made up of many threads, nailed to the cerebral cortex, you see.


Now, the -- now -- OK. I am going to have to change this board. Mary, could you put that -- please?


So on the board, I have a picture, a very basic picture of a spinal column, a skull and the brain depicting the cerebral cortex much larger than the cerebellum, and I just put the brain stem in because I put it in. I do not know. We have not really talked much about the brain stem.


I have the energy of this world in blue markings and the human spirit, which is Elohim’s energy, as it leaves the physical body in red markings. So we have many people in the world today trying to gather together the physical -- I am sorry, the spiritual energy that we all possess. We are all born with a measure of spiritual energy, or we would have no consciousness at all. People are trying to gather it together and direct it, and they want to direct it up in to the brain where it will join with the serpent, giving an explosion of spiritual power to the person in whom this is accomplished, so they say, OK. That is what they believe, and that is what they are striving for, OK.


And this is the point that I am trying to make to you now. This whole world is made of energy. You have heard me talk about a cosmic sea. I have told you that we are under water. We are really under energy, see, because energy takes many forms. It takes the form of vapor, which we would call spirit. It takes the form of water. As it descends, it gets more and more solid.


From water -- this air is filled with water vapor. We cannot see it. The air of this planet is filled with water vapor. It is called humidity. OK, we measure humidity, [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. And as the vapors condense, OK, they become more solid. Humidity, you will see it condensing in droplets of water on whatever it is accumulating. That is what we get mold, mildew from, right?


  1. So energy can appear as vapor. Well, you cannot really see it. You cannot see anything in this air, OK. It could appear as water or it can appear as ice. Spiritually speaking, we are ice. Every part of us that is solid, our body, everything that is solid in this room spiritually speaking is energy formed as an ice cube is formed, formed solid. The only way you can mold it is to take a hammer and sickle and cut it, and do we not cut our nose? And some women cut their chins, and we try to mold -- we try to do a -- to -- try to do ice ar- -- ice sculptures -- is that what they call it? -- with our bodies.

The whole world is trying to get the -- is trying to harness the energy in our flesh and get it to meet -- in our flesh and our mind and get it to meet and join with the energies of this world in the hopes of increasing the energy to this body in this mind. It is as if to say there is something in me, and I believe that if I can get it to rise up and meet with the [?likened?] energy in the universe, the universe will benefit and I will benefit because now we are going to have an alliance.


That is what this is all about. If you read any New Age documents at all, this is what they are trying to do. New Age, Hinduism, every Eastern philosophy, this is what they are after. They are trying to harness the energy of our body, our mind and of the universe. And by the way, that is what witchcraft does. Witchcraft is designed to harness the energies of the universe and make it work for us.


Now, man is already doing this. Have we not harnessed the energies of water? You heard of hydroelectric power? OK. We capture the water. We dam it up, and we direct it, and we convert it into electric power. So this is -- in principle, man has been doing this for a long time.


  1. Now, the -- as far as I know, every philosophy that is trying to accomplish this union of personal energy with the union -- with the energy of our world, OK, believes -- well, let me say it this way. Let me say it this way. OK. There are teachings within -- because I cannot tell you that every discipline preaches this. There are groups of people -- because I do not even know who is out there. I may not even know everybody that is out there that is preaching along these lines -- who believe that to harness this energy, OK, there is also a fusion within us, and that fusion is of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, and that becomes one, and then that -- we also join with the energy of this world.

Now, if you stop to think about it, that is exactly what I am preaching here, except that I am preaching it in Christ. Who is our subconscious mind? Our subconscious mind is Christ Jesus, OK, and our conscious mind is Christ, and we are most certainly looking to join with Christ Jesus because if you remember the earlier messages in this very series, I told you that the city which -- to -- into which all saints are being gathered, the city that when we enter into it makes us spiritual, is Christ Jesus. Do you remember that? You remember the teachings on the city?


So we want our conscious mind to join with our subconscious mind, those of us who are in Christ, see, and the people who are not in Christ, they want the same thing, but they do not even know about Christ, you see. They think that they have Christ. They think they have Christ, and they are trying to bring to pass a union of their conscious mind and their subconscious mind, but, you see, if you do not have Christ, who is your subconscious mind? Does anybody remember? If you do not have Christ, who is your subconscious mind? Yes?


            Satan is your --




            The serpent?


Not unconscious, subconscious.


            Oh, subconscious.


The city. Who is the city outside of Christ?




Well, that is true, but what is the name of the serpent that we are calling the city?




No. OK. Anyway. OK. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] it is the dragon, you see.




The dragon. It is the dragon.




Yeah, the spinal column, the subconscious mind is the dragon, you see. So -- and of course, the conscious mind is Leviathan. So we are talking -- now, remember, Leviathan is coming from down here. Leviathan is the foot. So we are talking -- what these people are talking about is Leviathan, their conscious mind, ascending into the city called Babylon, OK, meeting with the dragon, and of course, Satan is in here too. Satan is in the city also but ascending even further up into the brain and joining with the serpent because, you see, the serpent is the one that has the communication with the energy in the world around.


So as the human energy ascends, it gathers power, you see. The people who are not in Christ, they are gathering together their human spirit, [?you know,?] which is really the remains of Adam or the dead Christ. So we see it is the human spirit who was a part of Leviathan traveling into the city, meeting up with the dragon and Satan and continuing to ascend until they communicate with the serpent, who is in the cerebral cortex, and according to the New Age and the Hindu and the Buddhist teachings, as they pass up the spinal column, they are passing through a series of knots that they call chakras, and they claim that each chakra that they pass through more energy is released. So they gather -- this human spirit, or Leviathan, who is formed into -- the human spirit who was formed into Leviathan is traveling up the spinal column, gathering energy every time she passes through another knot -- oh, releasing the energy and gathering up that energy.


That is what the New Agers say. What Sheila says and what we are saying here is, well, l- -- and they would not even tell you that it is Leviathan. They would tell -- they think it is the serpent, but Sheila would say to you, well, Leviathan is rising up here. He is joining with Satan’s energy because Satan is in the spinal column, and then he -- she is joining with the dragon also, and then she is getting up there, and she is reaching -- she is contacting the serpent. So if you can hear it, we are really saying there is very little difference in what we are saying. It is just our terminology here.


So what is the drago- -- what is this dragon? What did I drink for breakfast this morning? What is the dragon? Anybody reading this message, I do not drink spirits. That was a joke. The purpose of this drawing is to show you what happens to the human spirit, which is our personal energy, when it passes through the opening in the skull for the person who is not in Christ. I will say it again. The purpose of this drawing is to demonstrate to you what happens to our human spirit, who is bound to Leviathan -- this is an unsaved -- this is a person who is not in Christ -- what happens to the human spirit of a person who is not in Christ when it ascends to what we would call full stature in that person and passes out of the opening in the skull, what happens to the personal energy.


Now, what I am suggesting to you -- not only am I suggesting to you, but there are books that are written on this, and the people who follow these Eastern disciplines believe this to be a good thing, that our personal energy exits the skull and joins to the threads of energy in the atmosphere in the same way that the Holy Spirit is joining to every thread of our human spirit while we are still in the body. Our human energy when it -- that is not attached to Christ, when it exits the body, is joined thread by thread to some thread of energy in the atmosphere. Is there anybody that does not understand what I just said?


In other words, we can think of every thread of energy as an electron that is unpaired. Every thread of our human energy needs to be married, you see. It is unsatisfied unless it is married. So when it ascends out of the human skull not attached to the Holy Spirit, it is open to be swallowed up or gobbled up by the energy that is simply in the atmosphere of this world.


And this is what Revelation 12:4 is talking about. Can someone get that Scripture out? Does someone have a Bible with them? So Revelation 12:4.




Yes, please. [?Yeah.?] The Scripture says -- we will read it to you from the King James, but basically it is saying that the dragon is waiting to devour the man-child as soon as he is born. Now, the man-child is the human spirit. The man-child is one way of talking about the human spirit. The human spirit is Christ. He may be dead right now, but he is Christ.


And of course, the whole Bible is a parable. This is what the Bible is talking about. The serpent wants as many human beings as she can get to ascend in consciousness without the human spirit being bound to the Holy Spirit and increasing into Christ. The serpent wants us to ascend without our protection, without our armor because as soon as our consciousness ascends through the opening in our skull and meets with the energies in the atmosphere, which is the dragon, you see. The dragon is within and the dragon is without. Everything that is spiritual is both inside of us and outside of us. Is everybody OK with that? You OK with that? OK.


So the serpent wants us to ascend spiritually without being bonded to Christ, so that the dragon, who is out here in the atmosphere, can swallow up all the unmarried threads of our human spirit. Can you read that Scripture, please?


Revelation 12:4: And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them to the Earth, and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered for to devour her child as soon as it was born. 


What does that mean? It means that the serpent is doing everything she can, or the dragon is doing it on behalf of the serpent, to cause Christians who are not following the program outlined by Jesus Christ, because either they have not heard it or the do not believe it, to ascend spiritually in a condition that will be utter destruction for them.


It is happening to the kingdom church right now, you see. If you think you are safe because you have the Holy Spirit, if you think you are safe because you are speaking in tongues, if you think you are safe because someone told you Jesus died on some hill called Golgotha for you, you are making a dangerous mistake. If you think you are ascending naturally, you are making a dangerous mistake because you probably are ascending naturally, but you are ascending with your human spirit unmarried, and you are in great danger of being gobbled up by the dragon that is present in the atmosphere of this world.


Because what will happen to you? What will happen when your human spirit becomes entangled with or interwoven with the energies of the atmosphere? Well, the people who want this to happen to them will tell you. Pick up any book on Eastern philosophy. You will become interwoven with the atmosphere. You will connect spiritually to the trees and the flowers and the animals, and there are people who think that it is good. This is good. They want it to happen to them, but, you see, I read Genesis, and Genesis says that Cain was born, and Cain was enslaved by the Earth. And then Abel was born, and Abel smeared together -- smear, implying oil -- appearing -- implying spirt -- Abel smeared together with Michael who was above. So we see, brethren, that Cain and Abel are appearing in the Earth in the church.


There is a man-child being born. There are many children being born, you see, and everyone who ascends in spiritual consciousness, everyone whose consciousness makes it through the top of their skull -- and if you think that this is crazy, check out the Scripture in Zechariah that says Jesus will land with his feet on the Mount of Olives. That is what he is talking about. He is talking about the top of your head. That is what he is talking about, and if you cannot receive it, pray about it. Everyone who is ascending because -- with the Holy Ghost -- that means Christ has not bound up your spirit, OK -- you are going right out into the atmosphere, and you are going to be enslaved by the Earth. That means you are an offspring of Cain. You will be enslaved by the Earth. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


You are going to be interwoven into the very fabric of the Earth. Now, they think it is wonderful because you are going to know -- you are going to have communication with the animals, and you are going to live in harmony with the trees and the plants. Does that not sound good to your carnal mind? I think that would sound good to me if I did not know better, right. Does that sound bad? We are going to be in harmony with nature. We will be able to control the storms. Everything will be at peace. The lion will lie down with the lamb, and everyone will be happy ever after, except that we will all be dead for whoever it happens to. You will be dead, interwoven into the ground, entangled.


And I suspect that there will be some very negative aspects to that that I really do not know about right now. I guess I do not want to know about it. When the Lord shows me, I will have to tell you, but I do not have -- I do not want to panic. I do not want to say something that is not true, but, brethren, this cannot be a good condition to be in. At the very least, what comes to my mind is if you are a Christian that has a relationship with the Holy Spirit or who even has Christ beginning to be formed in you, when you are interwoven with the dragon -- when you are swallowed up by the dragon and interwoven with this world, you will be cut off from the God of heaven. Now, that is hell, you see. That is absolutely hell.


Now, let me clarify something that I said earlier. I just see a discrepancy in something that I said. I was comparing the people whose human spirit is bonded to the Holy Spirit in whom Christ is being formed to the people who will safely ascend into the atmosphere, as opposed to the people who may have the Holy Spirit, but whose Holy Spirit is not bonded to the human spirit and Christ is not being formed. I am sorry. That is not completely accurate.


The ones who are safe are the ones who have ascended -- oh, boy, I thought I put that on the board and I did not. The ones who are safe -- you are not safe even if the Holy Spirit has bonded to your human spirit and Christ is being formed in you. You are only safe if you are married to Jesus above, and I believe that is the third level of consciousness. Does anybody remember that? I believe it is the third level of consciousness called -- nobody -- can we check that out so I could add it to this message, please?




OK, we got our notes on that. We have done some studies on the 12 levels of consciousness, and the Lord worked the first five with us on a message called “Human Sexuality and Perfection: Are They Compatible?”. So reconciliation, that is a relationship with the Holy Spirit, is the first level of consciousness in Christ Jesus. The second level is justification, which is the exposure of our sin nature and confession and repentance of specific sin, OK. The third level of consciousness is marriage to Jesus above.


Now, I may not have made it clear in this message, but justification, although exposure of the sin nature and confession and repentance of specific sin, is the sign that you are flowing on the second level of consciousness. The reality of that level, for you to flow in that place, Christ must be being formed in you. OK, so the Holy Spirit that you entered into a relationship with on the first level of consciousness is now joining with the threads of your human spirit and forming the -- forming himself into Christ in you, OK.


So the believers who have Christ being formed in them are on the second level of consciousness, OK, and many of them are thinking that they are going to ascend automatically and arrive -- whatever they think is going to happen to them -- I do not know what their doctrine is, but that they will be sons of Elohim in full stature, you see. But if you are only at the second level of consciousness, even if Christ is being formed in you, OK, unless you are at the third level of consciousness, which is marriage to Jesus who is above the firmament, you are going to exit out of your skull -- your consciousness is going to exit out of your skull and enter into the atmosphere where the dragon will swallow you up. That is just another way of saying the dragon is going grab you. Jonah went into a big fish. It is just another way of saying that the energy -- your energy, which is your consciousness, is going to be interwoven into the atmosphere and then entire fabric of this world -- not just the atmosphere, the entire fabric of this world.


Now, listen, brethren, we cannot get off the Earth now, we are so bound because of gravity, OK. We think we are bou- -- we are bound to this planet now. What is it going to be like to be fully bound? I cannot even imagine, but I know that it cannot be good. All that I know right now is that we -- I believe we will be cut off from Jesus. OK.


Now, the second drawing that I have for you -- it is very late. I do not want to really keep you much longer, but I will just tell you this, and I think we will go on with this tonight. The second drawing that I have for you will be also a spinal column and a skull and a brain, but it will be of a believer who was married to Jesus above.


Now, for the moment, can you recall our drawing on the everlasting arms? OK. Jesus is above the firmament, and his arms are li- -- are reaching down right into the brain of the believer that he is married to. So the believers whose threads of human spirit have been joined to by the Holy Spirit, in whom Christ is being formed and in whom that Christ is connecting with Jesus from above, is going to step onto his hands, you see. You see all these pictures and statues of hands. We are going to step right up onto his hands and bypass this whole world system where the dragon is waiting to join to the threads of your human spirit, and we are going to slide right up Jesus’ everlasting arms and make it right above the firmament. He is a tunnel, he is a passageway, he is safe passage, he is our lifeline to the world above. We are going to pass right through this spiritual place where the dragon is waiting to devour.


And I declare unto you, if you look close at that Scripture that Xxxx just read, if you ask the Lord to give you a revelation -- and I think you may have to read this -- the next Scripture, verse 5, after that -- you will see that it is really saying that many will be devoured by the dragon, but there will be a remnant which will slide up the everlasting arms and go right through. This is the fourth dimension here. I guess should put that on there. This is really the fourth dimension, the dragon -- where the dragon is.


You see, on a prior drawing -- I will wait until you -- if you shut that off, I will wait until they write.




In a prior drawing, I showed you the fourth dimension, but I showed it to you linearly. In other words, I said, well, from the bottom to the middle of the board is the first to the third dimension, and then comes the fourth dimension in the middle of the board, and the fifth dimension is at the top of the board. That is linear, one, two, three, but nothing in the spirit world is linear. Everything is on top of everything else, OK, and that -- sometimes that is hard to understand. I know that I do not know how to draw it, but it would be the same way as if you would see a picture of our universe, see. It is a picture of our universe. There is a sun and there are planets circulating around it, and to us it would be three dimensional, but in the spirit it is even more than that. I honestly am at a loss of words to explain it to you, except to tell you that what I draw on the board as something that is flat, in the spirit it is everything on top of each other as if you are looking at a picture, and it would look like all the planets are on top of each other, but they are not. Do you know what I am talking about? Have any idea at all? OK.


So the fourth dimension is not really out there, you see. It is right here. As I told you earlier on the “Round Table” message, the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension is right here, right exactly where we are. What is the fourth and the fifth dimension? It is a level of consciousness that is vibrating at a more rapid rate than our present consciousness is vibrating at, so we cannot see it. We are ice, and the fourth dimension is water, and the fifth dimension is spirit, you see.


So it is all right here. Everything is together. It is the same thing as saying your heart and your lungs and your spleen -- everything is in there together, and it is all -- when I look at you, all I see is the shape of you, but everything is in there. Everything is inside of you. Everything is together.


That is my point to you, brethren. Cain and Abel are about to be born into the spiritual world, and their experience is going to be the end of what was started probably billions of years ago at the time of the fall. Cain is about to be born and enslaved by the ground, but Abel, who is smeared together with Jesus above, see, will not be enslaved by the ground, see.


Now, I have been working on these translations, and we will talk about it when we get to it. I never know what God is going to do here. It is a part of the series called “The Rudiments of Kabbalah,” and it is very clear -- I was working on it this morning -- on those translations this morning -- that Abel too is nailed to the ground, but the whole point is that we are nailed at two ends. We have to be nailed at two ends. Both Cain and Abel are nailed to the ground. We are nailed to the ground. Our spirit is nailed to the ground of this body, but where are we nailed at the other end? Those who are of the company called Cain are nailed to the Earth at the other end, and those who are of the company called Abel, we are nailed to Jesus above at the other end.


You see, we are nailed to our personal Earth now. We are nailed to our personal Earth, OK. Those who are Abel, will go up the everlasting arms, and one end of their spirit will be down here in their brain, and the other end of their spirit will be up with Jesus. But those who are of the Cain company, one end of their spirit is nailed down here in their cerebral cortex, and the other end of their spirit is nailed to or woven to the trees and the grass and the animals, and, brethren, this is the fulfillment of pantheism.


You see, the serpent has not fully possessed mankind. Why? Because Jehovah has said, “You cannot do that. They are in these bodies, and I have attached them to you as a judgment until it is time for resurrection.” So he separated us from the author of this world. Our spirit is locked inside of this body so that she cannot get at us. I mean, [?of all these?] people trying to get out and giving themselves to her -- can you hear this? Can you hear this?


What happened possibly 15 billion years ago, it says in Genesis 2 and 3, and Cain was born, and he was enslaved by the ground. It is first going to be fulfilled now. I happened in the spirit, and it is about to happen in the -- as a -- as an event for the physical world. Horrible. Enslaved by the ground. Cut off from Jehovah completely.


But I have news for you, brethren, Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ will have more mercy on the Gentiles of this world than he will have on the Pharisees who have refused this truth, who have refused this teaching or the -- who have refused to recognize his spirit on the teacher that he has raised up. [?And I will tell you that?] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] truth.


But even those pe- -- and, you know, this can be seen as a spider’s web, you see. They are going to be woven into the spider’s web. I keep seeing an image in my mind of a quilt. If you know -- when you make a quilt, they weave all kinds of designs into the quilt. That is what I am seeing in my mind, you see. The -- not we, but these other people, they are going to become a part of the serpent’s quilt, you see, our world, but the serpent’s world will not go on forever. She would like to produce a world that would be eternal torment, but Jehovah in his great mercy has forbidden her this privilege and in due season this entire world, which has not yet finished being made -- it is not finished. This world is not finished yet -- there will come a time that this whole world will cease to exist, and whoever is woven into the serpent’s garment will no longer exist. They will be delivered from their pain.


Do you hear this message? Is this incredible? And when you stop to think about how few people are believing this, it is just awesome, but all that we could do, brethren, is work on ourselves -- ourselves first, ourselves first, ourselves first -- and as we work on ourselves and as we are willing to see the things that have programmed us, the things that are programmed into us, as we are willing to go deep, deep, deep and see what our sin nature is, simultaneous with that, Christ is ascending, and the transfer of the threads of our spirit -- or our thr- -- the threads of our spirit are being transferred from the cerebral cortex to the cerebellum.


And I remind you that Jesus Christ who is above is connected to the cerebellum. Jesus Christ who is above is not connected to the cerebral cortex. So if you are ascending out of your cerebral cortex -- I do not care if you sing “halleluiah” with a beautiful voice, I do not care if you prophesy, if you see visions, I do not care what you do, brethren, if you are living -- if you are not connected to Jesus Christ above in your cerebellum, you are going out into the atmosphere, brethren, and you are going to be woven together with the trees, and you are going to be a product of the reality of pantheism, cut off from God, woven into the serpent’s web.


So let us look in, brethren, and let us be willing to confess our sins and to repent, and let us all come into obedience and do whatever the Lord has for us to do and do the best that we can to lead a holy life, confessing unholiness wherever he reveals it in us because great tribulation is coming upon the Earth.


I guess that is all I have for you today. Any questions or comments?


I found it very interesting how you talked about the ends of the threads rooted in the cerebral cortex. I was talking with a man yesterday, and he spoke to me about a man who had an arm amputated, and evidently it happened in a very traumatic way because even though the man’s arm was amputated, in his mind, he was feeling the pain of his arm, but not only the pain. His hand was clenched into a fist, and in order to alleviate this, the doctors had to make some kind of a box where they put an artificial hand in it and folded it as if it was his arm, so that his mind -- and then they severed it, so that his mind could make the connection that it was no longer there in order to relieve him of this psychological pain -- 




-- that he had his arm. 


Very interesting. They call that a phantom limb. That is a psychological phenomena [sic] that is called a phantom limb, and I will tell you, I had several teeth pulled years ago, and every once in a while, I get a pain that anyone would call a toothache, and it is right where I do not have a tooth anymore. So there is really a reality to these things.


What am I saying, for tho- -- everyone here knows what I am talking about. What am I saying? I am saying that we are more than this physical body. We are m- -- there is a part of us that is not this physical body, and that part of us is emanating from the mind, you see.


So the mind has formed us -- what Mary was saying is this, that the mind has formed us. So if someone has their arm cut off, but their mind is not convinced of it, we can still feel pain. Is that what you are saying? And this is just one more witness to what I have been telling you here, that every experience known to man can be experienced in the laboratory if the -- if an electrode is hooked up to the proper section of your brain. I want to say it again. Someone did not understand that.


[?Listen,?] it is not our individual conscious mind that forms us, OK. It is the dragon. It is the subconscious mind who is not herself in [INAUDIBLE]. She is not in this world, OK. She is in the fourth dimension. It is the collective mind, subconscious mind of the serpent who determines when a man will incarnate, when a baby will be born. You see, it is not just a question of having sexual intercourse and an egg joining with a sperm because the baby has to have a spirit and a personality. So -- excuse me. There is something operating in the spirit world that has to agree that this baby is going to be born, and that entity imparts the personality and the spirit, and that is the dragon, the collective subconscious mind of man, OK.


So everybody’s conscious mind is connected to their subconscious mind, you see, and it is the subconscious mind flowing through the conscious mind that is forming this flesh, which is really just an illusion. Our reality is the mind that we are. So what Xxxx was saying is that s- -- is that if someone cuts someone’s arm off and that person’s mind, OK, which is connected to the dragon in the subconscious realm, that is generating this body for some reason cannot believe that it is gone, OK, they still have all of the feelings of an arm. If you can understand it, it is the truth. We are not this body. We are our mind, and mind is spirit. Our reality is spirit.


So if we live out of this flesh, we are really in hell. If you think that whatever the pain is in your life, if the answer for you is the manipulation of this body, you are not dealing with the reality of your existence. Sex may make you feel good for a minute, you know. Even bodily exercise, it may make you feel good. You know, dancing may make you feel good, but we have to deal with our spiritual roots.


That is why the people who practice yoga and all forms of Eastern body manipulation, exercises, they are not just exercising their body. They are dealing with their spiritual roots, and they are deliberately attempting to connect their conscious to their subconscious mind, and then to take the joined conscious and subconscious mind and join it to the spirit of the world. They are -- that is what they are trying to do, and I have heard reports that people that accomplish that to any degree have gone insane trying to do it. Why? Because the spirit of this world is insane. The dragon is insane. The serpent is insane. They are insanity.


So we have this theory floating around in the -- in our world today of what will happen when we harness this energy and get up there. There is going to be a lot of people that are going to be very surprised what they find when they get up there, when they get in there. Actually, it is in. They are going in.


And only those of us that are traveling through the lifeline of the everlasting arms are going to pass through this dangerous fourth dimension unscathed. There will be a warfare in the fourth dimension, but we will have our -- but the everlasting arms will be our armor. I believe that we are going to have to fight our way through, OK. I did not mean to give you a wrong impression when I said “tunnel” or “lifeline.” It is really -- the lifeline is really -- or the everlasting arms are really in the form of armor. I believe we will have to fight our way through -- spiritual warfare.


And we are not going through alone. You see, when the Lord raises us up, we are required to take the weaker members with us, and we will have our specific instructions from him at the time. Do not take any ungodly burdens because you will fail, and not only will you fail, but you will not have your attention focused on the burden that Jesus is directing you to. So someone is over there screaming “Jesus help me!” And he said, “I sent so-and-so, but she is helping somebody else who I never sent anybody to.” Obedience, obedience, obedience, obedience. We are not going to make it without obedience.


  1. It has been a really late day. Any questions or comments before we go?



Xxxx, please. OK. Yes. Yes.


The Scriptures that he counts the hairs of our head just came to my mind, and I am realizing the roots of the hair, that it makes a connection with us.


Very interesting. Yes, very interesting. The roots of the hairs goes [sic] down underneath the -- at least underneath the flesh. Well, we know that it cannot go past the bone skull, but the connotation is there, that the roots are underneath as the brain -- as the threads of our spirit would be underneath the skull. That is what you mean, is it not? Yes. Anybody else? Yes.


When Xxxx was talking about -- Xxxx, is it on?


Yes, it is on.


When Xxxx talking about when the man’s leg or arms were amputated, I was thinking of Joni the artist. Now, she had a stroke. She went into a pool [?that?there?] no water, and she could never paint anymore because her hands were paralyzed, but she painted with her mouth. But it is -- so it is coming from the [?brain?].


Coming from the brain. Very interesting, yes, because to me that is incredible to paint with your mouth, but it was coming from the mind, yes. Coming from the mind, which is in the brain.


Praise the Lord. We have had a very rich day today. OK, when we come back from dinner, I will put the second drawing on the board, and we will see what the Lord has for us, [?OK?]. God bless you all.




Praise the Lord. We are back from dinner, and we have drawing number two on the board. Once again, we have a spinal column, a skull and a brain within the skull, but the brain looks different than it did in drawing number one. The cerebral cortex is shrunken, is withered, very small and has been completely overlaid by the cerebellum. This is -- oh, I should put that Scripture on there too. This is the true -- this is the reality of the truth of the Scripture that says “Love covers a multitude of sins.” Brethren, your sins are covered by faith until the faith of the Son of God covers them in reality in the form of your cerebellum expanding, your cerebral cortex shrinking and your cerebellum completely covering over the sin nature which is nailed to your cerebral cortex. Did everybody understand that? OK.


So this -- the name of this diagram is “Spiritual Ascension in Christ,” and I have already given you the whole backup on this. We see the energy -- the red markings as the energy, which is our human spirit, ascending up the spinal column into the cerebellum, and from the cerebellum into the highway, which is Jesus’ everlasting arms -- eternal arms.


What does that mean? Are his arms eternal? No, it means the arm of Jesus Christ which is extending down to us from eternity. The -- another translation of the Greek and the Hebrew word that means “everlasting” is “eternal beyond time.” It means beyond time. So what are the everlasting arms? Does it mean they are going to hold up forever? No, it does not mean they are going to hold up forever because this whole world is not going to last forever. It means the arm of Jesus Christ who is now beyond time in eternity. Jesus Christ is now in the everlasting. He is beyond time, and his arm is coming down to us from the everlasting, from beyond time, and he is reaching down into time. That is why he is called the ever- -- this arm is called the everlasting arm. Does everybody understand that?


  1. So Jesus’ arm, which is extending down from eternity, is directly connected to the brain of the believer in whom their human spirit has been gathered together by the Holy Spirit completely enough to raise Christ from the dead in that human spirit and the many threads of that human spirit, and that Christ who has been raised from the dead is married to the Lord Jesus who is above the firmament, and there is a -- now a union. There is a river of life flowing between Christ in the Earth and the spirit of Christ who is above and the connecting tube. Of course, the connect- -- well, the connecting tube is also Christ Jesus. Christ Je- -- just as we had on drawing one, the dragon is both in the spinal column and outside of the body, Christ Jesus is both in the spinal column, and the highway continues, and Christ Jesus continues as Jesus’ everlasting arm. He is the passage way. And so we see that the Christians in whom Christ is raised from the dead and in whom that Christ is married to Jesus, and we say that was the third level of consciousness. Marriage to Jesus makes us eligible for this highway to be erected in us.

Now, brethren, the fact that the highway is erected in you does not mean that you have the strength to walk on it, right. The fact that you buy your baby a pair of shoes, it does not mean that he can walk, right? Right. OK.


So the third level of conscious erects the highway, but we do not walk on that highway until the -- what is it? -- the fifth level of consciousness. The fourth level of consciousness is sanctification, divorce from Leviathan. You have to -- you see, the -- Leviathan has ascended, OK, and is in the cerebral cortex with the serpent, and you are only divorced when the cerebellum covers over that sin nature. And then the fifth level of consciousness is perfection -- Leviathan completely tread under, and we walk over him. He is truly -- or she is truly ashes under our feet as we tread over Leviathan and enter into the highway to salvation.


And, brethren, this is the truth of salvation. No one down here is saved. Jesus is the only one who is saved. I am not saved. You are not saved. No lie is going to get you anything that is worth anything. Salvation is restoration to the world above the firmament, and I do not know about you, but I am not there yet.


  1. To get to heaven, the world above the firmament -- oh, and we are going to -- it has many names. For the purpose of this teaching, we are calling it the fifth dimension. I guess I should put that on the -- well, there is no room on the board. Here, let me squeeze it in here. Heaven above, this is the fifth dimension. To get to the fifth dimension, you have to pass through the fourth dimension, and there are dragons in the fourth dimension. Evil angels, evil immortals, beings energized by the dragon’s energy, threads -- as our human spirit is in threads, threads of energy seeking to join with and combine with the threads of the human spirit of the person trying to get to safety, to true eternal life.

And we see that the faithful saints have a safe highway, a safe passage. As they -- as the energy enters out from their skull, they are not vulnerable to the threads of the dragon’s energy coming to join with them and marry them against their will and, thus, forever, for as long as this age lasts, to bind them to this world system. They would be bound -- you see, all of these people, brethren, that are ascending outside of Christ, they are getting to heaven, but they are getting to the lower heaven, which is the fourth dimension, and they will be trapped there for as long as this age lasts because the dragon will grab them and weave them into the fabric of this world system.


And there is only one safe way to the fifth dimension, which is true rescue, true safety, true salvation, and that is through Christ Jesus, the everlasting arm of Jesus Christ that he has sent down to us and to those who he has married. And we are going to have a lot of very surprised Christians who are going to wake up -- what did Daniel say? Daniel said it and John said it. They are not going to know that their ex- -- that they are experiencing the resurrection of damnation until it is too late. Daniel said they are going to wake up, John said [INAUDIBLE] they are going to wake up, and they are going to be shocked to find that they have not entered in to the resurrection of the just.


What does that mean? They are going to wake up and find themselves in the lower heaven, and they are going to be servants and subjected to these evil angels for the rest of the age, and there is going to be -- I do not know. I think I found something a while ago that indicated that it is a possibility for deliverance if you cry out. I do not know. The way it looks to me now, I do not see any hope of deliverance, but of course, this might be my carnal mind, yeah. There may be a point of no return. This may be the point of no return if the dragon grabs you and swallows you up and weaves you into the fabric of this fourth dimension.


But of course, in Christ all things are possible. At the moment, I do not remember what I read or what I saw. I do not remember whether it was a Scripture or a word in my heart that made me think that the Lord could still extricate them from the fourth dimension, but sometimes I get a revelation, and it slips away from me, and then the Lord has to give it back. Sometimes he can -- brings it back six months later. So at this moment, I have a recollection of seeing something that made me think there was hope for people caught in the fourth dimension, but right now tonight that is not in my spirit. If it was a true word, the Lord is going to have to bring it back to me.


Praise the Lord. OK, so we see Jesus’ son is on the highway. I think I read everything on the board. Jesus’ son is on the highway. The everlasting arm is the highway. Another name for it is Christ Jesus -- also Christ Jesus.


Praise the Lord. OK, we are going to read some Scriptures into this message, and we are going to start with Micah 7:17, and this is specifically referring to the opening in the skull. You know, the Lord showed me that Scripture I think it was eight years ago. I was fascinated with this Scripture, and when I did the alternate translation on it, I knew that it was saying that they vibrated out of their holes, and I just -- I could not get my mind off it, but of course, I could not understand it. This is a good eight years later. OK, Xxxx.


Micah 7:17: “They shall lick the dust like a serpent. They shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth. They shall be afraid of the Lord our God and shall fear because of thee.”


I do not really know what it means, “they shall lick the dust like a serpent,” but I suspect that is a tran- -- an inaccurate translation which means something like they will overcome the dust, but I am -- I would have to look at it in the Hebrew. But they will vibrate out of their holes. They will fear God. They will revere -- they are going to do this. They are going to get out because they revere the Lord. Now, what was the last phrase there?


            “They shall be afraid of the Lord our God and shall fear because of thee.” 


  1. So it is a double fear. They are going to fear Jehovah, and they are going to fear the Lord Jesus -- double fear. Every time you see the same word twice, look for two subjects. You have a question? Huh?



Oh, OK.




OK, we are up to Revelation 12:7.


Revelation 12:7: “And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought, and his angels.”


OK, so that is in the fourth dimension, and we see the dragon trying -- you see, I do believe that there is going to be warfare on the fourth dimension. I know that this drawing makes it look -- and this is a -- the tone of the King James translation a lot. It makes -- this everlasting arm and this word “highway,” it makes it look like the poor, helpless sheep are going to walk up the highway, but -- and it even looks like that in the Hebrew, but there are other Scriptures that would modify that.


F- -- the reason -- for whatever reason, the Lord used this word to describe the trip to safety, but I believe that each of us has our own everlasting -- has our own measure of the everlasting arm. Just as the ark is within each of us, the everlasting arm is in each of us, the highway is in each of us. This is our armor in Christ, and I think -- it is my opinion at this time, that we will have to fight our way through the fourth dimension. We will have to fight our way through the lower heaven and that it is not one linear highway, OK, from the brain up to heaven. It is something that we wear like a garment as we advance through because, remember, there are 12 levels of consciousness, and what we are talking about here is the fifth level of consciousness, so there is another seven levels to go through, and those seven levels are the journey. From the moment we exit -- our consciousness begins to exit the brain until we are completely out of the body, it is seven levels of consciousness. So it looks like just a short distance on the board, but it is much more than a short distance on the board.


  1. We have several Scriptures now witnessing to the word “highway.”

            Isaiah 11:6 --


Wait. OK. OK.


            Right now? 


It is OK.


Isaiah 11:16: “And there shall be a highway for the remnant of his people which shall be left from Assyria, like as it was to Israel in the day that he came out of the land of Egypt.”


  1. Isaiah 35:8 is next.

Isaiah 35:8: “And a highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called the way of holiness. The unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for those. The wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein.” 


Halleluiah. Glory to God.


Isaiah 40:3: “The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, ‘Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.’”


Isaiah 62:11.


Ten, 62:10.


Oh, 62:10.


62:10, yes.


I am sorry. “Go through, go through the gates; prepare the way of the people; cast up, cast up the highway; gather out the strongest the sto- -- or rather, gather out the stones; lift up a standard for the people.”


Halleluiah. Cast up the highway. That is what we are doing because the firstfruits to go over -- there is another Scripture. I was going to -- I felt led to put it on this board, but I rejected it. I decided not to because the only word that I had in my mind was lifeline, but when I looked it up, that word is not in the King James. It is in our Alternate Translation in Zephaniah -- one of the books of Zephaniah, and it says “In that day, there shall be a company of men who will be a lifeline.” So I did not put it up there because we are not talking on this -- [?and we?] -- I just run out of room on the board, and we are not talking about a company of men here, but I guess the Lord wanted it in this message because here I am talking about it. Excuse me.


We are the ones that are casting up the highway and the first ones there to go through. Of course, Jesus is the first one who went through, but now we who are still in the flesh, the first ones to go through. We are a lifeline. We are a lifeline to the house of Israel, you see. And they are killing us right now, but we are still their lifeline, you see.


OK, there is one more. Is someone going to take that?


There is a song “Throw Out the Lifeline” too.


Is there?






Jeremiah 31:21: “Set thee up waymarks, make thee high lea- -- high heaps. Set thine heart toward the highway, even the way which thou wentest. Turn again, O virgin of Israel, turn again to these thy cities.” 


Halleluiah. Was that “O virgin of Israel”? Was that what that said? “Turn again,” repent, “O virgin of Israel.” You see, if you re- -- if you truly repent and the reality of repentance is that you reject your carnal mind and you live out of Christ, then you are a virgin of Israel because Christ is the virgin. Christ is the lamb without spot that is going to be offered in marriage to the Lord Jesus who is above. So turn, repent and you shall be a virgin of Israel, and that shall qualify you to ascend up the everlasting arm, the very highway of God into the true salvation, Jehovah’s gift to us.


Awesome. I am speechless. I am just absolutely speechless. It is too awesome. Every time we meet, you hear me saying the same thing. It is just too awesome. It is just so awesome that it is overwhelming. Does anybody have anything to say, any questions or comments? OK.


I would like to know if in this fourth dimension, would that be the resurrection of the -- to damnation? 




Oh, that would be.




And this highway is the resurrection to life?


To life. No. The world above the firmament is the resurrection to life. The highway is the means by which we get there, you see. Salvation is a pla- -- is -- well, he is a person, but he is also a place, and we have to get where he is. Remember, he said, “I go to prepare a place for you.” We have to go get where he is, and the highway is our safe passage, OK, but the resurrection unto life is above the firmament, the fifth dimension, and the resurrection unto damnation is to come -- is for your true essence, for your spirit to come out of your head, to come out of your skull and to be so close to the world above, to go so far as to -- for your energy to actually get out of your body and to be swallowed up by the dragon, just -- probably with the promised land right in sight, and you cannot get there. Being devoured by the dragon, yep.


All of this is happening at the same time, is that right? 


Well, exactly what do you mean by “all of this”?


Like, the resurrection of damnation and the -- going up the highway.  [CROSSTALK]


Well, the two resurrections are happening in --


At the same time.


Is that what you are talking about, the two --




­-- resurrections?




Yes, but they are happening in different groups of people. OK, there are very few people that are rising in Christ. You see, this is a great paradox, but the carnal Christians who still believe in the rapture and are going to some carnal church, you know, doing all the things that a lot of people -- I hope I do not do it -- look down on them for. Sometimes I get frustrated with them, but I hope I do not look down on them for it. Those people stand a much better chance of getting in -- above the firmament than the kingdom church who thinks that they have the answer and are all into New Age practices and doctrine and are ascending automatically. And in --


I remember the first time I read something by a kingdom preacher who I know, and I said, wow, Lord, he is having the same experiences as I am, and I know his doctrine is wrong. I know it is wrong, but it -- maybe I am wrong. What is going on here? He is ascending too. He is having the same experiences. It upset me. It scared me. Not that I did not want it to happen. It scared me. I thought something was really off here, and so the Lord showed me he is ascending. He is ascending, and he is ascending without conflict, and when he ascends, when he is at the end of his journey, he is going to open his eyes, and he is going to be married to the serpent because the dragon is the one that gathers you in for the serpent. He is ascending, and he is having all the same experiences that I am.


Is that frightening? Is that frightening? It is frightening. It is absolutely frightening. They are not going to know until they open their eyes and they find out who they are married to. This is the account in Song of Solomon 5. It was the second message we preached in this ministry, “The Seduction of Eve.”




Wow, I just thought of that Scripture. It fits right in here. She says, “And my beloved was at the hole of the door.” I could never understand that. When I did that translation, I looked up every lexicon I had trying to find a translation that meant “doorknob,” but I could not find it, you see. I do not fabricate it. If it is not there, it is not there, and for all of these years, nine years now, I never understood that. “My beloved was at the hole of the door.” Her consciousness, her spirit, her energy ascended as high as the opening in her skull, and as she walked -- as she stood at the door, the dragon’s energy was at the hole of her door. Wow.




Can we look up that Scripture? Could someone find that? It is in Song of Solomon 5, and it is in the first five or six verses there. “And my beloved --.” “And he put his hand at the hole of the door,” and now we know that hand means “mind.” I never forgot that Scripture. Jesus. “My bowels moved for him.”


Well, as I am seeing this now, the only reason her bowels could be moving for him is that she was -- see, we are supposed to be married before we go into the tunnel, you see. OK. I know you have it. Just wait one second. We are supposed to be married before we exit from the top of our head. If our spirit is already married to the Holy Spirit and Christ is already formed in us and Christ is married to Jesus above, it is that threefold cord that is our armor. It is that threefold cord that is our safety. So if she says that “my beloved put his hand to the hole of the door and my bowels moved for him,” that means she was spiritually speaking a woman filled with lust. She was not married to the Holy Spirit and to Jesus above, or in the Old Testament, to Michael above. Am I making any sense? Are you following me? OK. You are going to read it for us?


It happens to be in Song of Solomon 5:3: “I have put --.” No, 5:4: “My beloved put in his hand by the hole of the door, and my bowels were moved for him.” 


Excellent. I finally fou- -- finally got it. Nine years of laboring in the Scripture. Song of Solomon 5:4? Let us put it up there. Excuse me. “And my bowels were moved for him.”


Well, now, look at this information that we have here. How could you indict her, Lord, if she could not tell the difference between the dragon and in the Old Testament we have to say Michael? I could never understand it, and the answer just came down. You are not supposed to come out unless you are married. You are supposed to stay in the house unless you are married. Is that not interesting? Halleluiah. Her beloved was at the hold of the door, but the Lord never told her to come out.


You see, this is talking about the seduction that is in the church today. I have been talking about it a lot. Every -- this desire or this -- there is a bi- -- a spiritual carrot being waved in front of the whole country today, an interest in spiritual things, and people in the church who have the tende- -- you see, well, I should not say that. People in the church who have the tendency to be attracted to spiritual things, OK, they are sticking their nose out without checking it out with Jesus first, yes, and no -- and silence from the Lord means no. Silence means no. Very few people in the church know that.


The Lord sent me to a woman. I a- -- I almost want -- my carnal mind wants to say I made the mistake -- that is my carnal mind talking; it was no mistake -- of asking the Lord who should cut my hair, and he sent me to this woman to cut my hair. And I do not want to go back here. She did a good job. She is a nice lady, but she works out of her house. She has three different jobs. I take -- I have to make an appointment a week in advance because she is so busy.


If I go to a beauty parlor in the area for the price -- whatever the price is of the haircut, I also get a shampoo. I am a lady. I sit down. They take care of me. This woman, she does not shampoo my hair. I have to shampoo my own hair. She stuck my head under the faucet of her kitchen sink to wet it down, and I sat on a backless chair in the middle of her kitchen, and if I include what I would pay in the beau- -- in the -- a beauty parlor locally with the tip, she is a dollar more. So I could see it if she was charging me less money, you know.


And I said, Lord, I really do not want -- that is the re- -- I just told you. It is pure pride. I am being perfectly honest with you. That is why I did not want to go back, because my carnal mind is saying if I am paying this kind of money for a haircut, I want someone to wash my hair, and I want to lay back and I want to relax, and I want to look in the mirror while she is doing it. When she blew my hair out, I had to sit on her toilet bowl so she could blow my hair out. I am telling you the truth. I did not want to go back.


So I am praying for two weeks, Lord, I am going to need a haircut soon. Lord, I really do not want to go back. Silence. Lord, I really do not want to go back. Silence. I just thank God that I have a revelation that silence means no, do not go someplace else. Silence does not mean go someplace else. So I am going back. She is going to stick my head under her kitchen sink with her three kids running around with their trucks and a daughter banging the rock-and-roll music and sitting on a backless chair and then on her toilet bowl to -- for her to blow me out for $15. I have to pay her $15 for that. I do not pay $15 for a haircut. Is it not amazing what Jesus will do for those that he loves?


So silence does not mean do it, you see. So this is Adam. He had to have had an instruction. Do not move. Stay in the house. Do not open the door for strangers, but when the dragon hovered over the opening, the hole in the skull, that -- now, of course -- well, I do not want to -- I am going to mix up my sentences. Just a minute. When the dragon hovered at the place where the consciousness of this person was ascending, OK, she felt lust, and she forgot all about the instructions.


I want to tell you, if I was not as well trained as I am -- I have done this, you know, going back a couple of years. I do not want to get my hair cut under these -- I do not want to pay 15 bucks under these conditions. I am telling you the truth, [?all right?]. And I would say, oh, well, I am not going there, and I would just go someplace else, see. And I would say, well, the Lord did not tell me not to go back. I said, Lord, I do not want to go back. Do I have to go back? And there was silence. So I went someplace else.


I cannot tell you how many people think like that. More people than not think like that, see, and then they come to me, and I have to tell them, uh-uh, silence means you do not move from your last assignment. They do not like -- people do not like -- a lot of people do not like to come to me. They do not like what they hear from me. I am telling you the truth. You keep going to the same place that the Lord sent you unless he sends you someplace else, unless, of course, you are being violated there, but I would like to believe he would tell you to get out if you were being violated. I am not talking about extreme circumstances.


So she was in the house. What is the house? Well, maybe the garden. She was in a safe place, and Elohim Michael said, “Stay there. Do not come out. When I want you, I will come and I will get you.” Remember the Scripture says, “And Jehovah was walking in the garden in the cool of the day?” Maybe the dragon could not get in here, but Elohim and Jehovah could get in. But her lust overtook her because she was not yet satisfied.


You see, another word for salvation is satisfaction. Adam was incomplete. He was incomplete. We are all incomplete, you see. That means spiritual lust is working on us. Just like young teenagers, we are out there. Our glands are going, looking for a mate -- the mating instinct. If Adam was married he would not have been -- his bowels would not have been moving, OK, but his bowels were moving, so what was his protection? His only protection was obedience.


I am telling you, brethren, I encourage you -- now, nobody can be perfectly obedient because we are not perfect, but I am telling you obedience is the name of the game. Obedience is your place of safety. Make your covenant with the Lord that if you are blind, that if you are missing it, that if you are trying to be obedient and you are off, for him to bring you back. When he shows you your sins, repent. Make peace with the adversary immediately before you are locked up, and you will pay every jot and tittle of what you have brought upon yourself.


I tell you the truth that you will surely be snared and seduced if you are fleeing from the righteousness, if you are fleeing from what righteousness requires of you because it is never pleasant. Most of the time, it is not pleasant doing what righteousness requires of you, but if you flee from it, you are going to flee right into the dragon’s mouth, and this is exactly what we are dealing with here -- the dragon, the energy, the dragon and his angels, the serpent’s energy in the fourth dimension. For those people whose consciousness is ascending without being married to Jesus who is above, may God have mercy on your soul.


Any questions or comments here? OK.


What does it mean to make peace with the adversary?


It means that if you are having a controversy with somebody, you have -- you -- God requires us -- Jesus requires us to do everything possible to bring reconciliation, and that means we must open ourselves to the possibility that we are wrong, even if it is partial. You have to forget about the other person and say, “Lord, if I am contributing to this in any way, show it to me. I pray -- I -- when I pray like this, I say, Lord, I am not asking you, I am begging you, do me a favor, Lord, show me where I am wrong that I might repent.


And then if he shows you that you are wrong in some area, you have to go immediately to the one that you are having a controversy with and apologize for everything that you did wrong. Do not worry about them. That is just your pride. Do what -- we have do to what we have to do, and then he will take care of the other person. Make your peace because if you keep the war going, if we as Christians do not do our part and if we are responsible in any way for keeping the war going, we are going to be -- what does the Scripture say? You will be locked up until you pay every jot and tittle. The war could go on forever. That is what it means. There will be spiritual -- a spiritual price to pay.


In my mind, the adversary was always Satan and the devil. 


But we are Satan and the devil, you see. You see, if you are having a controversy with -- you see, Christ does not have any controversies, you know, but it is possible that you are on Chri- -- that you are in Christ and that you are completely blameless. That is possible, especially if you are moving in a ministry like this. If you are moving in this kind of training, it is possible that you are completely blameless. So if you are completely blameless, you are completely blameless, but in many instances, you are -- you -- ev- -- both parties have contributed somewhat because we are Satan, see. So do not be Satan. That is what it means. Make peace with the adversary. Do not be Satan; be Christ, you see. Make peace.


Now, that is not the false peace that says peace at any price. That means when you are guilty -- that means open yourself up to conviction by the Lord, not by someone who is going to use it against you and kill you -- to the Lord. Open yourself to the Lord. If he tells you that you are wrong, I run to apologize. Run. I run. I am telling you because I have experienced the other way. I walk on such a fine line in the life that I lead, for me to know that I did something wrong and not apologize could bring repercussions on me that could go on for months. But even more than that, I really desire to be righteous. Tha- -- I really desire to be righteous. That is my first [INAUDIBLE]. Anybody else?


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