by Anthony Milton




I remember my first year as a Living Epistles Member, before the CCK teachings and the website. I heard Pastor Sheila saying she wished she had the time to write a book about the spiritual meaning of words from dreams and the messages she preached from the Spirit of Christ.


Since the 1990s, I wrote down some of the meanings of my dreams, other dreams she interpreted, and various messages I heard and read. This glossary is from the fruit of her labor.


The Bible is full of allegorical writings. Matthew 13:34 (KJV) 34 All these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable spake he not unto them:


The things of the spirit is learned from the spirit.  I learned when the symbolic esoteric meaning of common words and their repetitious use was understood, they open up entirely new avenues of wisdom and understanding.


Pastor Sheila, through the Spirit of Christ, brings forth the spiritual substance from words as the Lord reveals them to her and as it pertains to the message or dream. The definitions come from the mind of Christ Jesus in her and the meaning of the words could vary.


Pastor Sheila’s definition is esoteric. Esoteric is taken from the Latin esotericus and the Greek exoterikos meaning “outside.” Webster defines it; Designed for, and understood by, this is the concealed or hidden meaning.


As one grows in spiritual perception, he grows into a deeper understanding of the Bible and the Doctrine of Christ. Each time you and I read them, a new and richer meaning comes to life.


This glossary enables us to understand certain words along with the esoteric Doctrine of Christ.


A great learning tool both for new comers and current members to eat spiritual meat as the Lord reveals it to you and me.



A Piece - you discontinue to attempt to understand

A Tooth - carnal mind

Abel and Cain - are really one mind

Adam - the living soul

Adam/Christ - door to the righteous timeline

Aleph - ox

Alms deed - give more than what was asked of

And I - personality

Assembly - gathering the consciousness of each man

At evening - the night signifies Leviathan

Awake - come back to his senses and what had happened



Back tooth behind - unconscious mind

Back tooth coming out - deliverance from a hidden sin, dark part of your sin nature

Bathroom - a place of deliverance

Bed –         

  • carnal mind
  • holding only one person, Christ is lacking
  • root energy center

Began - to give, opening, through, pierce

Behind - signifies unconscious mind

Bent over - carnal way of thinking

Birds - the Eagle in the brow center

Black hole - the carnal mind

Black spots - black eggs signify the molecules of the fiery serpent which joined herself

Body - can also mean mind; the mind is the body of the spirit

Body were transparent - spiritual bodies

Bottle - our personality

Bowed over - fiery serpent, 3rd in the center causing Abel path to be bend back toward the root center

Boxcar - is square, which is Adam’s geometric expression

Brain - which is the spirit express itself through

Brass - signify the serpent

Breaking bread - teaching the doctrine

Brow - 6th energy center, between the eyes

Building - physical body and physical world



Cain - mortal man’s conscious mind

Came from behind me - unconscious mind

Canal - represent one of the higher energy center in Christ’s Jesus

Carnal mind

  • artificial waterway typified by the sea
  • door way our gate
  • eyelid

Child - man child

Choicest Vine - sees the righteousness of the Almighty God

Chop a fish head - death of Leviathan, any man or any company of men

Christ - not conscious

Christ mind - spiritual eye

Clothing - typifies the mind of Christ that is hated by the carnal mind

Cloud - some positive aspects coming of the Lord

Cloud mind - of Christ


  • energy center
  • etheric body
  • shapeshifters
  • uniform dimensions

Clouds of wisdom - signify a mind of Christ

Color - eye

Congregation - a group of people whose collective, ascended consciousness has caused forth a collective manifestation of Adam Christ in the New Testament

Conscious - the carnal mind

Conscious mind - not spiritual

Correct moral order - spiritual atoms and molecules of Christ Jesus in our etheric body determine our nature

Covered by the son - under the protection of the Lord Jesus Christ

Crooked - winding, spiraling energy

Crossway – a place where people are passing, crossing over from being a natural man to being a spiritual man, the place where the battle is located.

Crown - 7th energy center, top of head

Crystal - ice or frost

Crystallization - conversion, condensation, hardening

Cultivate - something learned

Cut off - you start manifesting Christ



Dark room - carnal mind

Day - positive force ruling

Devil –

  • conscious plane
  • Leviathan’s mouthpiece
  • old man

Dippeth - betray me

Door post - carnal mind

Doorway - any mind which will receive Satan’s thought and agree to speak and act them out

Dragon – space, subconscious plane

Drink - accept




  • man
  • signifies a hydrated, or water to the point clay, which is call the fiery serpent

Eat - we agree

Eating and drinking - sharing ideas. It is talking about thoughts, what thoughts you agree with. We drink from the spirit that originates the thoughts, and we eat of the mind that we agree with. If we eat and drink of the carnal mind, we are idolaters.

Eating the fish - starting to do just the message about Leviathan


  • signify the flesh
  • spiritual flesh, Cain

Elders - the spiritually mature people

Empathy - thoughts, memory, emotions and dreams of this in both spiritual world

Esau - typifies the flesh

Every - a whole

Evil and righteousness - Angels Rev 12:7


  • is spirit
  • signifies that which is seen

Eye lid - is flesh

Eyes was open - the spirit and knows spirit of truth and the promises of God



Fabric - carnal mind

Face –

  • personality
  • the front of a part which is seen

Fathers - mortal men, spiritual authorities

Feet - signify the carnal mind

Fellowship - communion

Female baby asleep in my home - the female (bride) aspect of the church, she’s asleep to the spiritual world

Fiery serpent - spiritual female organ of the personality

Fiery serpent waste - is your dream, is urine

Fine gold - the real thing

Fish - Leviathan

Fish on a string - mean that you are victorious over her ministering to others

Front - conscious mind

Fruitful - fruit of Christ



Gate - carnal mind

Gather - to collect, convene, assemble selves, take in

Glory cloud - the mind of Christ touching others

Gold - to shimmer, gold colored

Good and evil - Satan

Great Dragon - collective subconscious mind of mortal man


  • earth
  • meaning fiery serpent




  • anointing energy
  • spirit

Hairy - signifies the energy of the creation which is presently possessed by Satan and Leviathan

Hand - our subconscious mind/Christ or Satan

He bowed himself with his face toward the ground - he bowed his personality down low and let Christ arise in his personality

Head - captain

Heart - spiritual center

Hedge - protection

Hidden - Doctrine of Christ

Hold the wall - sin, opening for sin

Holding a piece of clothing or sheet sin that I’m not convicted of yet

Horse - soul life of this creation

Horse up the mountain - ascension into the brow energy center (the mountain)

House - spirit live there

House empty - not yet arrived at the place where you have dominion over Satan



I asked a man - the Lord Jesus

I fell - to fall down

I had dirt - sin

I met a lady - the fiery serpent is the woman

I met two friend girls - two spiritual females who were inclined to Christ

I pick it up and throw it away - you have ejected the messages

I rejected a piece - you discontinue to attempt to understand

I want to teach - lust of your carnal mind

I was aware of you - spiritual understanding and discernment

In degrees - false ascension

Insects - ants and moths. Fiery serpent changes into them when she has ascended in the third eye center



Jacob - typifies the spiritual man

Jewels - armor or weapon

Join - to an unclean spirit entity



Knew - to be aware

Knife - circumcising

Knocking on the door - influencing your thoughts



Last floor - 5th energy center at the throat

Lay down - no spiritual strength

Left side - is judgment

Left side of the house - left side of the heart center is the place beyond Satan’s grasp

Left-handed - carnal mind subdues the righteous side

Lesbian - people don’t have Christ forming in them


  • door to the primordial serpent timeline
  • fiery serpent/spiritual females
  • is a collective subconscious mind of mortal man
  • is one part of the female mind
  • is the primordial spear, or male organ penetrating mortal man
  • our mortal mind
  • spiritual male organ
  • the carnal mind
  • wife is the devil

Leviathan, devil and Satan’s - expression of the primordial serpent who appeared in the garden

Lifting up his arm - preaching out to God


  • Christ Jesus
  • spiritual activity in the physical world

Little children - infant disciple

Loin - spiritual strength

Look into a window glass - seeing into the spirt

Looking at me - recognize

Looking at you – the exposure of sin

Looking into the sky - looking into the spiritual plane

Lust - fiery serpent

Lying down - spiritual weakness



Make up thy bed - stretch out, to spread out

Male baldness - union with the fiery serpent

Mall - marketplace uses talked about, spiritual place have not made use of the spirituality that is there

Manna - Doctrine of Christ

Mark - forehead/spiritual eye

Michael - the last Adam


  • eyes
  • is a wave, energy stream
  • is spirit
  • physical hand

Mind of God - mind of Christ our new man

Moon under feet - prevailing over the serpent household

Mountain - higher energy centers


  • 6th energy center
  • are the energy center of the counterfeit timeline

Mouth - signifies a mind that generates the thoughts, that the physical mouth speaks, not the physical mouth itself

My wife - carnal mind



Neck - spiritual street

New man - word of God

Night - negative forces ruling

No rain - no one of his spirit


  • a place associated with state
  • Satan’s stomping ground
  • where Satan is

Number - accumulation of consciousness into the higher energy center



Observing people expression – We will receive an ability to discern the hidden motive of man’s heart

Old man - woman

Older man - the devil

On top of a blanket - laying on top of Christ you cover him with your carnal mind

Ooze - to leak, to flow through small openings

Open eye trance - Job 14-17

Our old man - a state, she goat

Our spiritual sex organ - Christ Jesus, our husband, the spiritual phallus of the glorify Jesus Christ, shall fill and satisfy the fiery serpent, our spiritual virginity

Overspread - to dash to pieces, to scatter, to cast down a mind that is moving in the righteousness of Jesus Christ (Heaven), to cast down to hell a mind that is ruled by the evil that dwell in the earth



Passing those horses - passing by people who are chronologically older than you, and who have more years with the Lord, and all of the members of the church who think they are elders

Passover lamb - carnal mind

Pearls - typify wisdom

Personality lust - after Satan and Leviathan

Planted - to fix in place, to stick in place

Pride - know what to do

Prince of Persia - the God of the carnal mind



Ran into the house - you ran into the will of God

Reaping - to harvest

Recorder - signify the spiritual ability to consciously recognize and hold in memory spiritual events

Red ground – tail of the unconscious mind

Refuse to eat the fish - refuse to confess, repent of their own sins and their true motives. Each man must sacrifice his own Leviathan

Relinquish - to fill

Remembrance - to mark


  • to do violence to those in Christ by tearing apart their hair and clothing as a sign of anger or insanity
  • to pierce with sound

Right side - carnal mind

Right side covered - some exposure of sin

Right side of Chest - white throne judgment

Right side of mouth - is your righteous spiritual the mind of Christ

Righteousness - Christ Jesus



Sat down - returning to their carnal mind


  • an expression of primordial serpent, she is a cosmic sea
  • is a product of the fiery serpent’s marriage to Leviathan
  • unconscious mind from mortal man

Scales - leviathan


  • expression of the primordial serpent
  • spiritual sea where Satan lives

Search out - concealed or masked

Separation of the head - separation of Christ Jesus from the carnal mind

Shame - the word for your sexual parts

Silver - salvation, in the 6th center

Sit - Hebrew word means to marry

Sitting up in bed - 5th energy center

Sleeping trance - Job 33:14-17

Sodom - homosexuality

Sodomites - whoever sleeps with Leviathan

Solid - description of the carnal mind

South - is a warm place associated with summer and spring time

Sow - to sow seeds, to scatter

Sparks in the sky - spiritual activity in the physical world

Speak to the air - to speak in vain

Spider - fiery serpent, individual subconscious mind

Spiritual column - foundation upon which the Lord is building a new house

Spiritual sex drive - fiery serpent lusting for Satan and Leviathan continuously

Spots - indicates sin in the Scriptures


  • a supernatural man
  • in Christ

Standing up near to our bed - still the carnal mind

Stay - to make to lie down

Stirring - remembering something

Stones - demon power

Straight - a spiritual street

Strait gate - the timeline of Jesus Christ

Stretch forth - to bend down, to bend over

Struggling to get upstairs - struggling in your mind to get over your carnal mind

Subconscious - Leviathan

Subconscious mind - Christ Jesus

Sup - to partake something

Surface of the tooth - conscious mind

Swine - Satan the moral impurity in the second energy center



Take a shower - deliverance before ministry

Teeth - signifies the carnal mind

The canal - signifies the part of Satan and water within us which has been purified

The fiery serpents - in the individuals, Leviathan’s triangular spearhead

The gate - Adam

The left side space - Satanic, reaping and sowing judgment

The root - is hiding in Satan the unconscious mind

The top - world above the mountains, up a window from 6th/7th energy centers

Third birth - 7th energy center liberated from the bed

Thought - mental movement

Threaten to leave - sin of witchcraft, mind control

To beat the air - Proverbs, to labor in vain

To cast out - to deprive a power and existence

To lay down - signifies no spiritual strength

To sit down - signifies some spiritual strength

To stand - a level of spiritual maturity

To stand up - signifies full spiritual strength

Tower - strength of the Lord Jesus Christ

Train - signifies a linear pattern


  • closed eyes sitting
  • night vision

Translation - converts the idea of a word in one language, into the word of another language which expresses the same idea


  • carries the word, as well as the idea, into another language. For example the English words baptize, is a transliteration of the word bapto means to immerse in water. Greek Word: βάπτω
  • baptō. Baptize is a transliteration of the Greek word : βάπτω

Tree - man

Two number - to gather into the brow energy center



Unconscious mind

  • married to Jehovah/Lord Jesus the spirit of Christ
  • Satan carnal mind

Understanding - ears



Valley - fiery serpent

Vibration - thought

Vineyard - Lord Jesus Christ



Walk to the front - unveiling of the public ministry of the sons of God


  • personality that surrounds the mind
  • protection

Wallpaper - powers from the other planes of consciousness

Wash my face - with water Eph. 5:26-27

Wash with water - teach them the word

Web – Leviathan, the two or one

Went outside one wife - outside of Christ, in the doctors of the carnal mind

Went upstairs - deliverance results and spiritual section growth

White meat - white meat with oil, Christ is the oil

Without - separate by a wall

World - is hell



You pointing at me - Satan continues to judge a man who is submitted to Christ with regards to one’s confessed sin


Meaning of numbers

9 - signifies the ninth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is teth, the serpent

10 horns - power of law

12 - divine government

12 - Lord Jesus Christ is fully intertwined with the spirit of Elijah

12 stars - one who ascended into the crown center

60 - 5th energy center

200 - 6th energy center

1000 - signifies the seventh energy center

2000 - signifies swine, the name the fiery serpent takes when she consumes so much of the individual energy

10,000 - spiritual ascension

I started this glossary 1/8/2016. I went to bed, and the contents about this book were running wildly through my mind. I couldn’t go to sleep. The words and definitions were flowing back and forth in my mind. I was recalling scriptures, verses and words associating them with the definitions in this glossary.

I perceived this glossary has an anointing on it. When it is read, meditated on, you will receive a greater understanding of the scriptures, and the hidden meaning of words that flows from the Christ mind in you.

Lord give everyone who reads this book a new and greater understanding of the scriptures according to their spiritual maturity, and understanding.


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