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I had a word for you that was coming forth under a high anointing, and I fell down. So I am going to just give you the word because as of this moment, God has [?not?] restored the anointing. Therefore, we will faithfully execute my office, believing that Christ will come back up again.

Brethren, we are clearly told in the Scripture that there is such a thing as instruction in righteousness. It is possible, not only it is [sic] possible, but righteousness is a learned experience. We are told that there are some people who have the law of God written in their hearts. Some people just know righteousness. They are born that way, but most people are not. Righteousness is learned. Just as those of us who have either had our own children or been around other children that are being raised, you may have noticed that babies and young children are unrighteous. They do not know what is right in [?any?a?] given circumstance, and then as they begin to grow up, even if they know what is right, they do not have the power to do what is right. So we see that righteousness is a learned experience that comes in two layers, or in two levels, or in two experiences. First, instruction in righteousness, and then our dominion over the unrighteousness, which is born in our emotions. You will never take dominion over unrighteousness in your emotions or in your mind if you do not first receive instruction in righteousness. If you do not have a revelation of what is right, it is not likely that you will ever do what is right, especially in a crisis. It is highly unlikely that you will do what is right.

So we see, brethren, that there is instruction in righteousness, and there is righteous behavior, which is an act of the will. Righteous behavior is a choice. It is an act of will. Blessed is the man whose natural reaction is righteousness. Life is easy for him. Blessed is the man whose natural reaction is unrighteousness but who knows that which is right and has found within himself the power to do right. Cursed is the man, brethren, who knows righteousness but has not the power to perform it. And doubly cursed, brethren, is the man who is reprobate who does not even have a revelation of what is right. And that is the man, brethren, who abideth in the lowest depths of Hell. The man who knows what is right but cannot find the power to perform it at least has the option of crying out to the Lord. The man who does not even know what is right abideth in Hell, brethren, with very little opportunity of deliverance.

So we see that we are admonished in the Scriptures, brethren, to receive instruction in righteousness. And when we cannot do that righteousness to confess that weakness to perform or do righteousness as sin so that our savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, can give us the power to do righteousness. He is giving us all power over all the power of the enemy. Not the enemy on Mars and not the enemy in your brother. But we have received power over all of the power of the enemy in our own minds and in our own emotions.

If you choose to sin, brother [sic], or brethren, at least let it be your choice. For to be so overtaken that one has no choice but one sins and has no power to do otherwise is a condition of spiritual slavery, which is likened unto a woman caught in white slavery at the hands of unscrupulous drug dealers and pimps. It is a shame unto you, brethren. Cry out to God that you might be delivered, that in the hour of your testing, at the very best, you will choose and do righteousness. If you are not there yet, you will choose righteousness that the Lord Jesus might come and assist you to do what you choose. And that if you are not there, if you are really in Hell, and you choose unrighteousness, and you do not do righteousness because you choose unrighteousness, that at least you should have a revelation or a vision or another thought in your mind the whole time you are doing your unrighteousness and loving it, that you do have a choice. Because anything less than that is the pits of Hell.

So I pray for everybody within the sound of my voice that you should always have a choice, brethren. Be in control of your own life. Choose righteousness because that is the only choice that indicates that you are truly in control of your life. If you can hear what I am saying, the man who willfully chooses unrighteousness is a prisoner of war in the concentration camp run by Satan.

Praise the Lord.

So let us go on, and let us know that this war is raging, that there are rules which are given unto us. Number one, you never, ever, ever abandon your post. Not for pleasure, not for pain. You never abandon your post. Make your body do what it is supposed to do, and put it where it is supposed to be, and stay there no matter what you are feeling, no matter what pleasure or what pain rule your body, and make it do what it is supposed to do. Put it where it is supposed to be, and do not let it leave. Because if you let it leave, brethren, you could get killed by the enemy. And if you do not get killed by the enemy, you could get killed by your commanding officer because AWOL prisoners in a time of war can be shot as they are fleeing the battle zone with impunity to the soldier that kills them.

Thank you, Jesus.

You have to know who you are. Why? Because when you look around you, brethren, your eyes are viewing a lie, and your eyes are telling you that you are living in a free country, in a real nice place with trees outside the window and beautiful Gospel music, and you do not know where you are. And you do not know that you are in a war. And you do not know that you are in a prison camp. And you do not know that you [?can?] get shot if you run away from your post in the time of crisis. So you have to start listening to the words of the Spirit, brethren, and rejecting the image that you see with your eyes. And if you cannot do it, ask the Lord to help you, or you are going to be continuously overtaken and ultimately destroyed. What you see is a lie. We are in a spiritual jail. It has a name. It is called Hell.

And the torment that you experience in your mind and in your emotions from time to time, depending on the depth of [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- depending on how deep down in that hole you are is directly related to your ability to not respond to what your five senses see, to not respond to what your ears and your eyes hear and see, but to respond to the word of the Spirit. If you cannot do it, there is no condemnation. If you do not pray the prayer, Lord Jesus, if there is any truth in this, open up my spiritual senses. If you are not even praying the prayer, you are a fool. Because if what I am telling you is junk, praying the prayer cannot hurt you. But if what I am telling you is true, praying that prayer will save your life and will deliver you out of the grips of the enemy who, through the fear of death, has kept you bound to death all of your life.


So we follow the rules laid down by our elder brother, the Lord Jesus Christ. You never run, ever, ever, ever. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Submit to one another, and you make it right as fast as your legs can carry you, or Satan shall be given dominion over you, and he shall extract every second of torment that he is given legal right to extract from you because of your failure to follow the Lord Jesus Christ's instruction. I did not say it. Jesus said it. Make it right, or you are turned over to Satan. If you do everything you can to follow the Lord's instructions no matter what you are feeling, do what is right. Confess whatever part you had in it, that sin, and repent, and go on to do what is right, no matter what you are feeling. Carry on, brethren, carry on. If you do that, the power of God comes in to make it real in your emotions. But if you do not do what you are able to do when your behavior, you are turned over to Satan. And you shall not be released until you have paid every whit for your transgression in the form of torment in your soul and in your mind. And your soul is your emotion.

So get smart. Get smart, and separate out from the mindset that you were born with. Come out from under the illusion of the lie, which has taught you how to deal with conflict in an ungodly way. And choose righteousness. Righteousness is a choice. You may have heard it preached, love is an action word. You choose to love, or you choose to not love by what you do. It has nothing to do with what you are feeling. You do not have to do what your emotions dictate to you. Once the Lord Jesus Christ is in your life to empower you to choose otherwise. So may you all receive instruction in righteousness, brethren, and may you receive the power to do righteousness, that all of us may be delivered out of the pits of Hell and enter into the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ where there is peace everlasting.


We left off in the last Bible study in Romans, the Book of Romans, chapter 11. Thank you, Jesus.

Can I have just a little more volume, please? Thank you. OK.

Chapter 11, the Book of Romans. I believe we finished up with verse 24, speaking about the fact that natural Israel -- Israel after the flesh -- chapter 11, we finished up in verse 24 discussing the fact that the Scripture clearly states that natural Israel is the natural tree out of which Messiah came and that although the branches of it have been broken off, meaning that the spiritual ministry of Christ is no longer being found in Israel but today is found in the Church, that despite that apparent perversion, the Lord is not finished with natural Israel. And we found out that the Lord is saying that the fact that natural Israel is without the mind of Christ in this hour and that the Gentiles of this world is with the mind of Christ in this hour, is as perverse as a man with a female mind and a woman with a male mind. Br- -- OK. And we see that it is the Lord's intention to restore this entire fallen creation to normalcy.

I guess when you have it in the right deck, I get a lot more volume, so just -- if you will just turn the volume down a little. It is a little -- Testing? OK. Good. Thanks. 

OK. So we see that it is the intention of the Lord to fully restore all of humanity to normalcy. It is the intention of the Lord to restore a male mind to Israel, and it is in- -- the intention of the Lord to give the Gentiles, which now have a male mind, a glorified body, which will express the mind of Christ. And before -- of course both Israel and the Gentiles will receive a glorified body, but let me put it to you this way. There are great blessings on natural Israel that still exist 2,000 years after they have rejected Messiah. Of course, not every single Jew, but the Jews as a nation, are people with a high degree of intelligence, and frequently, although not all the time, despite generalities which circulate, many of them are blessed financially, and many are blessed with health, although we see these things changing. We see these blessings melting away, mor- -- much more so in the Jews who have been assimilated into a heathen culture. If you examine the Jews who are serving God, who are in the Scripture and have somewhat of a relationship with the Lord, they have blessings in their life. So we see, also, on the other hand, many Gentiles who are received by the Lord. They are reconciled unto God, and their bodies are still sick for a season. Their finances are still sick for a season after reconciliation. Their way of thinking, which has brought great destruction into their life, may continue in their mind for a season until this renewed relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ lines up their body or their lifestyle with the mind that is dwelling in them. And we see natural Israel, who have walked away from the Lord, who are in the process of losing their blessings because they have lost the mind of Christ needing to be equalized.

So the Lord intends to have a humanity, one many membered soul, all of which are expressing the mind of Christ. And every individual member of which whose life or whose body is expressing the fact that the mind in them is Christ because the proof that the mind in you is Christ is prosperity. And indeed, the very word salvation means prosperity. Prosperity, peace, and peace with your enemies, not from a position of being defeated or overrun, but peace with righteousness. Health, contentment, and many good things in your life, while you are down here in Hell.

One of the many problems in the Church today, brethren, is that the members thereof are inclined to condemn other church members who have been reconciled unto the Lord for a season, one year, two years, five years, 10 years whose life is not lining up to one's concept of prosperity, which a believer should have, who has known the Lord for 10 years. So we see condemnation in the Church, brethren. I have been preaching for all these years, and I will continue to preach. Beware of condemning your brother because of the progress that they have made, either in their emotional health, their physical health, their financial health and/or their relationships. Everyone who was reconciled unto the Lord does not come unto him in the same condition. Some people are reconciled unto the Lord at the point of extreme disaster in their life, and it will take the Lord more time to put their mind straight, to put their health straight, to deliver them from their addictions, to put their relationships and their family life straight than the man who has had a reconciliation experience with God who did not have any addictions, who was in his sound mind, who had been raised in a family where he was taught right from wrong, who had already accomplished completing his education and had gainful employment.



OK. So, I would like to know, there is a Scripture that [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE] about the Scripture love covers [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] --


-- and I would like to know what that means in relation to, is it Jesus that is going to [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [?cover?] us in the fire?

Is it Jesus covering us in the fire? That is an interesting question.

Because if we are doing all that we can do, and we are t- -- we are crying out for help, and our sins are exposed, what is Jesus going to do in the fire for us?

OK. Th- -- first of all, the fire is two-fold. It is the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus in us working together. There is really just one Christ, but there is two sides to him. Spirit, the conscious and the unconscious mind, the first generation and the second generation of Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ and his Son that is being reproduced in us. They are really just one, OK, but temporarily, they are two as soon as Chri- -- until Christ in us is fully grown. And the covering of the sin is the layering of Christ over our carnal mind. The sin or the sin offering -- the sin or the sin offering is the carnal mind. And that which covers over our sins is Christ. So what Christ does for us, as we heard in our study in Zephaniah on Sunday is, number one, knock the carnal mind on its back and, number two, jump on her and keep her pinned down. First, Christ Jesus in us tries to do it. If he fails because the sin is too strong in us, the Lord Jesus Christ, lends his strength to Christ Jesus in us and knocks that sin down. And the fire is the lake of fire, which is Christ, which is burning the sin with a preservative fire. We are told in the Scripture, "And every sacrifice shall be salted with fire." Did you ever wonder how something could be salted with fire?


OK. Every sacrifice, every carnal mind, shall be salted or preserved with the fire of the Spirit, which is typified by salt, of Christ. So the covering of the sin is the power of God to restrain the carnal mind.

Why -- I thought the carnal mind was going to be destroyed? Why is it being preserved? Did you say the carnal mind is being preserved by the Spirit of Christ?

No -- well, maybe I did say that. Let me say it another way. OK. The destruction of the carnal mind is in stages. Before she is destroyed, she must be captured. After she is captured, she has to be tied up. After she is tied up, she is paralyzed. After she is paralyzed, she is killed. OK? So the preserving [?or?of?] the -- of the sacrifice is referring to that stage of the destruction of the sacrifice which is preserving the spirit which is in her, which is the human spirit. And the way the human spirit is preserved was saved from sin is by the fires, which prevent the carnal mind from sinning. The one who is preserved is our spirit who is still in there joined to the sin.

We regret to inform you we have lost our exhortation on verses 25 through 27. However, we do pick up with the message [AUDIO CUTS OUT] Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They are beloved for their father's sake. God has not forgotten them. And the day will come that he will reveal himself to them, and there is a remnant of natural Israel which will come in and join with the Church. And therefore, brethren, all Israel shall be saved. The election from natural Israel and the election from the Gentiles are being formed into a new nation. They are being made into one new spiritual blood that they might be called the Israel of God.

Verse 29. "For the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. For the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance." That means you do not have to repent to receive the gift of God. What is the gift of God, brethren? The gift of God is the -- Do you know what the gift of God is?

            The Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost. The gift of God is the Holy Ghost. You did not do anything great because you have the Holy Ghost. He is a free gift. And the calling of God means that now you are called by his name. And his name is Spirit. That means he has given you his Spirit. You did not do anything so wonderful. We are dirty, no-good [?sinning?sinners?]. And he had mercy on you. So how do you think you are better than anybody else? And how do you think that you deserve the measure of mercy that no one else deserves? He forgives you every time you mess up. What makes you think he should not forgive anybody else? And do not tell me they mess up worse than you. It does not matter. You both mess up. We all mess up. And God takes us back. And if he does not take us back, if we do not take our brother back, he will not take us back. The Scripture is very clear. You will forgive seven times 70. Forgive, and you shall be forgiven. Do not come to me with your petitions if you have ought against your brother. Leave your sacrifice at the altar, brethren, and do not come back and talk to me until you make it right with your brother. Because how could you tell me that you love me, who you cannot see, when you cannot love your brother, who you can see?

"For the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance." You are no great one. Christ is the only great one. And when it is his life being revealed through you, you shall be great. But every time the carnal mind is revealed through you, the Scripture is very clear; you are ashamed. It is a shame unto you that the carnal mind has thought through you or spoken through you. So quickly, confess your sins and repent, and let Christ be restored as your mind and as your emotions. The Scripture is very clear, brethren.

Verse 30. "For as he in times past have not believed God or have not been obedient to God, yet you have now obtained mercy through the disobedience of the natural Jew."

Verse 31. "Even so, have these also now not believed, even" though your m- -- "even through your mercy, they also may obtain mercy." Even though have these -- even so, these also have now not obeyed, that through your mercy, they also may obtain mercy. The Church is supposed to be merciful to the natural Jew. Supposed to be praying for them, supposed to be ministering to them as God leads you. You are not supposed to be hating them, brethren. There is prejudice in the Church. You are not supposed to be walking around preaching that they had their chance, and they blew it, and God has just put them in the garbage pail. Supposed to be showing mercy to all men if you are truly Christ. Now, all of us in this hour are both Christ and Satan. And every time mercy is coming out of you, you are Christ. And every time, revenge and retaliation and hatred is coming out of you, you are Satan. There is no condemnation in that. The truth will set you free. So reject Satan, brethren, and choose righteousness, and the power of God will be behind you until his righteousness becomes a reality unto you and your very state of being. And when your state of being is the righteousness of Christ, you shall cease from sin, and you shall enter into life everlasting. Not in torment but with peace and contentment and joy and satisfaction and all provision without labor.


Without carnal labor, brethren, we will labor in the spirit of Christ doing the works of God. We will not labor with our hands [?a?the?] work of the Spirit.

Verse 32, "For God hath concluded them all in unbelief or disobedience that he might have mercy upon all." God has -- c- -- has concluded or has, my margin says, "Shut them all up together, the natural Jew and the church," everybody is in disobedience; nobody wants to confess their sins and repent, and it is a condition of our fallen humanity that we do not want to confess our sins and repent. So we are told that God has shut up the whole of humanity, Jew and Gentile alike in disobedience so that God might have mercy on all. What does that mean, brethren? No man has the power to save his own soul. There is not one man on the face of this earth that has the power to bring himself to repentance. Israel could not do it, and the church cannot do it. You cannot repent unless God grants you repentance. And if you think you can do it yourself, if you think you have the power to confess sin and repent of your own strength, watch out because it says in another place, the one who thinks he is standing, the next step he takes, he is about to go into the ditch. Pride goeth before destruction, brethren, and a horny spirit before a fall. Do not think you are better than your brother because you are both going to fall in the ditch together, and as long as you think you are better th- -- your brother will get out, and you will still be in the ditch. So have mercy, brethren.

And if there is no mercy in your heart, quickly ask the Lord to put mercy in your heart, quickly, because you are not standing up until you become an expression of mercy. You are not having your needs met until you become an expression of mercy. You are not. God might show you mercy here and there along the way, but overall you are not getting up on your feet without showing mercy. Why? Because you will reap what you sow. And if you do not sow mercy you will not reap mercy. If you sow hardness, you will reap hardness. If you sow condemnation, you will reap condemnation. Why are you so surprised that the fiery trial is upon you? Did you not just treat someone else that way last week?

Verse 33, "Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God, How unsearchable are his judgments and his ways are passed finding out." Brethren, you cannot understand God. Your mind is not like his mind. Your ways are not like his ways. You will never figure him out, never ever. Stop trying; just do what he tells you. Do what he tells you. And when you do what he tells you -- where does he tell it to you in this book? He tells it to you through his sermons. If you think you have to hear every instruction from God directly, this is a spirit of pride in you. Listen to his prophets. Listen to his servants. Submit yourself to his righteousness, and you will receive his mind. And when his mind begins to be formed in you, you shall understand. When you grow [?up,?a -- a?] maturity in Christ is the mind of Christ. When you first come to the Lord, you do not have the mind of Christ. All you have is your carnal mind. Even if you have the Holy Ghost, that is not the mind of Christ.

There is not wisdom in the Holy Ghost, and anyone who is honest knows that the Pentecostal Church is filled with people singing and dancing and upping [SP] and bupping [SP] and talking in tongues, and they are filled with sin and reprobate minds and all kinds of wrong thinking because wisdom is not in the Holy Ghost. Wisdom is in Christ, brethren. So it is not until you begin to grow up into God, when the mind of Christ begins to be formed in you, that you will understand spiritual things. So be quiet, and listen. That the mind of Christ might be -- find place in you from the wisdom that is being spoken to you, that his falling upon your ears. Maybe some of that wisdom, which is spirit, will fall on your heart, and Christ will begin to grow in you, and then you will know it for yourself.

Verse 34, "For who hath known the mind of the Lord or who hath been his counselor?" Brethren, he who [?confetheth?], [?confetheth?] not that Christ has come in the flesh is an antichrist. Do not you be a carnal-minded man who is giving counsel to the spiritually minded man. That is foolishness. I do not care if you are the wisest man on the face of the earth in your carnality. Who can give counsel to the mind of Christ wherever he is appearing and especially in the counselor and the minister of God? Who hath known the mind of the Lord? I do not care how smart you are. Who could be his counselor?

Verse 35, "Or who hath first given to him and it shall be recompensed unto him again." Brethren, God is the first cause. He is the origina- -- original source of every good gift and precious promise. There is nothing that you can give to God. He needs nothing from you. He is self sustaining. He is self sufficient. He is all powerful. He is complete. He does not borrow; he lends. There is nothing he takes in from the outside. Every source, everything that he needs, is generated from within himself. He is completely, absolutely and totally self sufficient to the point that he has so much more than he needs that he is giving to you. He is the lender and not the borrower. He is the head and not the tail. There is nothing you can give to him. Neither is there anything you can give to his ministers that is not coming out of Christ in you. Christ gives unto himself. Your carnality has no place in his ministers. There is nothing you could give to them. He will meet their every need on every level: human, emotional, spiritual, financial. There is nothing your carnal mind can give to them.

Verse 36, "For of him" -- of who -- "of Christ and through him and to him" -- in the Greek it says, "into him" -- "are all things to whom be the glory forever, amen." That means, he is the first cause. Everything that exists began with Christ. Everything that now exists, exists because we flow through him, and we flow through him and into him in the circle of this existence.

"He is everything that is in this age to whom be the glory, forever, amen." Everything that exists came out of him. What we are now is because of him, even though we are fallen. This is a great mystery, brethren. If you have heard me say that this is Satan's creation, that this is Satan's image, how -- how could God be in this? Because Satan stole the lump of clay, which was made out of the life of Christ. Satan has molded that which is made out of the very life substance of Christ, but the clay had to come from some place. The wood of this creation had to come from some place, and that which it comes from is the very life of the Son of God. Nothing whatsoever would exist without him. Everything originates with him. Everything flows through him in this world through the human spirit of man, and everything that dies flows back into him. If a man dies, the spirit goes back to the fathers. The flesh goes back to the lump of clay. The body goes back to the dust, and he -- ev- -- all of that is formed out of him.

The Spirit and the clay, it is all formed out of him; began with him, goes through him, goes back to him, and in the age to come, what does that mean? It means the time period, which is coming, in which this world, which is formed by Satan out of the substance of God, is going to be reformed. This same substance, which is out of God, which is now formed in the image of Satan, is going to be reformed in the image of Christ, you see? This is the meaning of being in the likeness and the image of God. When the Scripture says, "We are in the likeness of God," it means we are made out of the substance of his life. Brethren, if you want to make a house -- build a house, first, you have to go into the forest and cut down the tree. Christ is the tree out of which this creation has been built, and we see as a natural type all through the history books that Judah or Israel would defeat a nation, and they would dismantle the city, take it apart a board at a time, a stone at a time, rip down every house and rebuild it. It is a type of the spiritual. This whole creation, the physical, external world that we live in plus our spiritual being, plus our bodies, we are going to be dismantled a stone at a time, a wood plank at a time and rebuilt in the image of Christ.

So you see we are in the likeness of God in that we are made out of the tree that was the cut-down that made the building blocks of his creation, but to be in the image of one is to have his nature, and we do not have the nature of God. We have the nature of [?our daddy?], the Devil, the one who built this world, and the dismantling of this whole world, including our very person, is beginning with the spirit or with the soul -- with the spirit and the soul of men. We are told the soul shall be separated from the spirit. The rebuilding of the creation is beginning with the spirits of men, and for God to begin to rebuild your spirit, the first thing that he must do is separate her from your soul. This is the separation of your human spirit, the wife of God from this soul, which is ruled by Satan, whom she is presently married to, and the way the Lord Jesus Christ is going to separate your human spirit from your soul is two-fold. There is a two-fold process of separation. He is boiling the waters of Satan's sea in which your human spirit is dissolved as salt is dissolved in water. You are being boiled, brethren; have things been hot for you lately? And your conscious mind or your soul is being roasted. You are being cooked, brethren, in the fires of Christ. You are being smelted so that you might be reformed, and you are kicking, and you are screaming, and you are yelling, but you are being changed.

And you who are kicking and screaming and yelling, by the time God gets through with you, you shall be as the three Hebrew children standing in the fiery furnace not making a sound, not kicking, not yelling, not screaming. The only thing that is going to happen to you is that your [?bands?] are going to be burnt off and the heathen is going to look into the fiery furnace and they are going to -- our hearts are going to be filled with fear. They are going to say, I saw three children in there, three children of Israel, but now I look, and I see four in there, and the fourth one, he looks like unto the Son of God. Christ is going to be in the fiery furnace with you, and when you come out of that furnace, the only thing you will have lost is your bondages, and they will not even be the smell of smoke upon you, but you shall have been refined as pure gold. Now you shall no longer be only in his image, but -- in his likeness, but you shall be in the likeness and the image of Christ, and you shall be holy, brethren, and righteousness shall be revealed through you, and you shall receive the life of the ages, the promise of God to you through his covenant with Abraham, amen, and amen. So let it be.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus, and save us from our sins, for we shall surely kill ourselves, Lord, if left to our own devices -- and are in fact killing ourselves all the day long but we shall kill ourselves [?unto?onto?] the ultimate destruction if left to our own devices.


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