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I was just going through all these different feelings that I could not -- I did not understand them, and I was constantly crying and feeling lonely and s- -- and just lost. And so I had this dream one night, and it was a class reunion of when I went to the Bible school, OK, but it was not just my class. It was everyone who had been in the whole school, OK, that -- at that time, OK.

And what it was, was the school was changed, OK, but this is what it was, OK. I did not -- the Lord wanted me there, OK, but he knew that if he told me it was a Bible reunion, you know, from my class that I would not go because I would not feel worthy. I would be around all these people that I had gone to school with, and I would have looked at them and thought, oh, they have done all these great things for the Lord and what Christian lives they had, and what have I done, and I am not worthy. And so the Lord finagled away -- he told me there was some reason why I had to be there, OK, at this school, otherwise I would not have gone.

So Craig [SP] took me because he would be the only person that could drive me upstate to this place, and I said, OK, Lord, I will go to this -- to the school for this week to do whatever it was. And I cannot remember what it was, but he got me there by craft. You know, he got me there.


He had tricked me into getting there, OK. So I get to this school, and Craig [SP] leaves me there, and I am walking down this walkway. OK, now, first of all, the whole school was totally different than the one that I really went to. It had all changed, OK, but it was definitely the Bible school, but it just looked different in the dream.

And as I was walking down this walkway I saw this girl that I remembered from years ago, OK, but in reality I do not know who this girl was. She was not really at the Bible school I went to, but when I saw this woman, she had two children. You know, she had b- -- grown up and had children of her own, and they looked just like her. And I looked upon her, and the love that was inside me was just incredible.

It was just -- see, this is what was happening before I went -- had this dream. I was going through all these feelings of love for people, and I have -- a lot of times people have -- I cannot help the way I feel, you know. It is just I love people. When I get to know somebody, I just -- I love them, and I do not -- I cannot control that. And I felt like sometimes people said you should not be like that. You are too open, and you are too this and you are too that, and it is hindered me and it has confused me. OK.

So as I am walking down this path and I see this girl, this love is just, like, pouring out of me. I am, like, oh, my God, and you have children, and, you know, where have you been and what have you been doing? And then as I am walking down a little bit farther, I see this other girl that I knew, --


-- and my love is just pouring -- and my feelings are just overwhelming me. I mean, it was, like, oh, my God, these people that I loved. And then I went into this school, and I kept seeing more and more people, and each time the love that was inside of me was just [?intensified?intensifying?].And we went into this auditorium, and there was so many different people.

And then what happened was finally I went behind the auditorium up onto this -- it was like a platform backstage, and I saw Craig [SP] sitting on this bench, and I just looked at him. And at that point in the dream I had reached the capacity of my love, and I just took one look at him, and I started crying. And I was embarrassed because I did not want to tell him what was happening to me. It was just -- it was -- the love was so great, and I was thinking about how the Lord had tricked me into coming here so that I could experience this great love, otherwise I would have missed it.


And he was showing me that he loved me -- even though I could not walk every Christian thing out that I had lear- -- even though I could not attain these things that my -- so wanted to for the Lord Jesus Christ, that he still loved me no matter what, and that it was OK. He created me this way, and this love was OK. And all these people accepted me and loved me too.

But when I saw Craig [SP], I did not know what to say. At first I was, like, a little scared because I thought that he was going to be, like, “Why are you crying?” and then I would have to explain to him that it was because of this love because I would not know how to explain it to him. But as I came closer to him, he was crying, and he understood. I did not have to say anything.

So I went over to him, and I gave him a hug, and as I was giving him a hug, I looked over to the right of me and I saw this huge, gigantic fishbowl -- not a tank, a huge fishbowl, OK. It was about, like, this big, OK, and there was two big goldfish in it, and there was this, like, colander -- like, the long-handled colanders, you know, that your mom used to have when you were a kid. It was laying next to the fishbowl broken in half, and there was water all over the floor, and there were three little kids. One was about 2 years old in diapers, and then there was, like, a little 4-year-old and another little boy about 3 years old standing by the fishbowl. And there is big mess of water and this broken colander, and you could see that the kids had been trying to scoop the fish out.

OK, so I am looking at this fishbowl, and all of a sudden Gene [SP] comes on the scene.


So you knew. So all of a sudden my tears were turned into such joy, and I said to Craig [SP] -- I said, look -- and the two of us just sat there laughing at Gene [SP], and it was -- my joy was totally fulfilled.

And what was Gene [SP] doing?

Well, he was just coming over because -- he had really been there, you know, but when he saw the mess and what -- you know, he got scared because he is a little smarter than [INAUDIBLE], and he ran from the scene. But then what it was is after a while he thought, you know, maybe he is OK to come back now and see what is happening, you know.


No, he was not facing me. He was just coming over to see if anyone was getting in trouble [?for the mess?] [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

[?From all the water?] [CROSSTALK]


In the dream, was Gene [SP] one of the boys that had done this? Did you know for sure [CROSSTALK] 

I knew. When -- see, when I saw the three other little boys there, you know, I did not know what to make of it. I was just staring at it. Then when --

[?But what --?]

-- Gene [SP] came on the scene, I knew that my son had done this, that he was the instigator behind this, that he had probably gone to the kitchen, gotten the colander and said, “Come on, let us get these fish out and whatever happens, you know, happens.”

But it was an incredible dream. I woke up thinking -- I was in total shock because it was, like -- it was so real because I had just been going through all these incredible feelings.


I had been crying over feeling this love for people. You know, I have met a lot of people at these meetings I am going to, and a lot of good people, and I just been realizing that I have feelings, that God made me human. And then one night what I was doing was I was crying so incredibly, and I guess it is my human -- it is my child within that wants to just be hugged.

You know, there is -- somebody once told me that if you have a newborn baby, OK, and you take this baby, OK -- if you hold the baby -- I mean, if you take the baby, and you feed the baby, and you change the baby, and you bathe the baby, and you take care of all its needs, but you never hold it, the baby will die. And because it is just me and the kids all the time, I am alone, and I do not have -- you know, I do not have anyone that ever gives me a hug or -- you know. And a lot of times I am afraid to -- I do not feel like I am good enough, or I stand back. I do not know what it is, and I do not feel like I am worthy.

See, this is what the Lord is showing me, that I am not feeling I am worthy, and he does not want me to feel like that because I guess it is a form of pride in reverse.

And --


-- what was happening was I was going through all of these things, and I kept crying. And one night I just laid in bed, and I said, Jesus, you know, I just wish that you were here and you would just hold me. And in my mind I am thinking, oh, but, you know, Jesus would be too -- he would be doing all these things, but I just -- I reached a break point where I cried out, and I said, Jesus -- you know, and I was crying like a baby. I said, if you were here right now, and I asked you to told me, I said, would you hold me or would you tell me that you had to be about your Father’s business? [INAUDIBLE] I prefaced it, you know. And I heard the Lord say very distinctly -- he said, “I would hold you as you have never been held.” I mean, it was just -- it was so real.


Yeah, and he is just showing me that he has made us -- we are human, you know.


I was really touched.



It just made me fall in love with the Lord.

He really loves us. He loves us more than we can imagine, but he loves us in a way that is alien to everything that we have experienced. He does not love us like a human man loves us. He loves us from within, and because we are not used to that form of love, when he reaches for us to love us that way, we do not -- either we reject it because we do not understand what he is doing, or we are not even aware that he is reaching out to love us. And what the Lord is saying to me right now is that we need to be re-educated. We need to be taught how to receive his love.

And the Lord has brought a horse into my life recently, and I go out every once in a while to the stable where the horse is kept, and the Lord is teaching me from this horse. The horse was born a thoroughbred, a race horse, and he won a couple of races, but the competition is very heavy, and he was not going to be a big moneymaker, so his owner sold him. And they did not sell him to be a racehorse anymore. He was trained to be a racehorse, and they sold him to be somebody’s pet. You know, someone would keep him and ride him now and then, and the horse had to be retrained. He had to be retrained.

And this is what the Lord is telling me now. We have to be retrained. We have grown up in families that have taught us that our love needs are met in a particular way -- by a man in a particular way, and that he wants to give us his spiritual love, and it does not -- I -- when you first look at it, it is alien to us. We are expecting to be loved by a -- if you are a woman, by a man, and if you are a man, you are expecting to be loved by a woman, in the way that all humanity loves one another. But his love is a different kind of love that when we are prepared to really receive it will go way beyond anything that we could imagine to achieve in a human male/female relationship. But when he first exposes us to it, we either do not like it, or we do not think it is capable of doing the job, and we need to be retrained.

And as we look around the church world, we see a lot of single people, mostly women, but I do see single men -- mostly single women, but I do see single men, and they are desperate to get married, and they cannot understand why the Lord is not giving them a mate. Now, I am not saying in all of the cases, but in many of the cases, the Lord is not giving you a mate because he has called you to be drawn closer to him and to experience the love of God -- spiritual love, as opposed to soul love.

I know, most everyone that I know, including myself for years, were saying -- I mean, I used to go before the Lord until very recently and say, look, something must really be wrong. Either I do not understand what you are telling me, or there is something wrong with me because this spiritual love that you are offering me, it leaves me in a lot of pain in my soul. I am lonely. I feel that I need to be held. I feel that I am lacking intimacy. What is wrong with me that I am not filled by a love relationship with you when your word tells me not only it should be enough for me, but that it exceeds the love of women. That is what he said about the relationship between David and Jonathan. That is not exactly what I am talking about, but it is sort of along the line.

And when I started praying this way, which was not too long ago, the Lord just opened up this whole realm of his love to me. I do not believe I am experiencing it in its fullness. I hope not because I expect glorious things from what he has told me, but I am no longer lonely. I no longer walk around with a need to be held. I used to -- I prayed almost the same prayer that you prayed -- yeah.

[INAUDIBLE] because [?I said?] I need it [INAUDIBLE] assure me [INAUDIBLE]. You know, it was -- like, I was hurting so bad I was [?heaving?]. My emotions [INAUDIBLE] I knew [INAUDIBLE] I needed to [?hear it?]. I needed these things for him to increase. And since then I have -- [?it has stopped,?] you know, the [CROSSTALK]

That need, that intense need has stopped. 

[INAUDIBLE] because God is not like anything that we will ever [INAUDIBLE]. Like, what you said about the inward. You know, Je- -- for me the -- to go inside myself and hear him say that [INAUDIBLE] is what I need, you know, but it was that I had to reach this point where he could have me totally to himself where he could speak to me in that way, you know. I was -- you know, I was -- [?it was?] beyond [INAUDIBLE], you know, [INAUDIBLE] happened. It was just -- it was incredible, you know, and it was God.

Well, your experience with him is what he has told me is a transitional experience because your mind is still needing the love of the soul, so he gave it to you because you needed it. Or he said -- he comforted you in your soul by saying if he could, he would put his arms around you. But ultimately he is bringing us to a place where the filling with the Spirit is so rich -- it is so rich that you look at some -- most relationships you fight sometimes. You have disagreements. It is human. It is the way it is, but in a relationship with God you never fight. It is the perfect relationship, and it really is possible to be so filled with his Spirit -- not just at a service, not to be filled with his Spirit and for -- but the music and the dancing, and then go home and be lonely, but to be filled with his Spirit every day as you do your work, as you pass through the day, to be so filled with his life and his love that you could not possibly feel any better from the very best relationship with a man.

And I know there was a time that somebody would say this to me, and I would go, what is wrong with that woman? She must really be nuts. But when it was not manifesting in my life, I asked the Lord for it. I said, Lord, you have not given me a husband. Well, why do I feel so bad? And, I am telling you, very shortly after I started praying along these lines -- it could not have been more than a couple of months -- I am really content. I am so filled with his life and his love that I am so full of peace, and the word that I would use to describe my life is rich. My life is so rich, and the phrase just came to my mind. My cup ru- -- truly runneth over. It -- I am just so content and satisfied and filled.

So I am not telling anybody not to get married, but what I am saying is if you are praying for a husband for 10 years and the Lord has not given you one, if you are praying for a wife for eight years -- neither am I telling you to give up, but I am suggesting to you that you might want to ask the Lord if he has called you to marriage with him. You know, I know people that wait for a husband for 15 years and get married, but in this hour he is calling a lot of people -- mostly women, some men -- to marriage with him. And what that means is a life in the fullness of the things of God.

You said that in the natural -- between a man and a woman, sex in the natural is a type of the union that we have with Christ, right?


How do we make our minds more fertile for the mind of Christ? [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- do you know what I am asking [?you?]?

Do you mean what can you do to encourage this marriage?


Well, the -- what you could do would be to turn towards God, be in the Scriptures more, but even more than that just on a daily basis ask him what he would have you to do. Not only what does he want for your life, but what would he have you to do today in this hour, to ask him to be your Lord, to order your day, to plan your life, to set in motion all of the encounters with whatever people he would have you to encounter. Turn towards God. Stop laying your own plans. Take an attitude of, Lord willing, I will do such-and-such. Turn your total life over to God for his instruction, for his control, and that will definitely encourage the growth of this relationship with him.

We have a lot of people in the church that spend 99 percent of their time in the things of the world, and they go to church on Sundays, sometimes once during the week, and they may even read “Daily Bread” every morning for 15 minutes, but their heart is not turned towards God. It is turned towards the things of this world, and I think the answer is pretty clear. The Scripture is pretty clear: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all of these things shall be added unto you.” If you try to do it in your own strength, you are sure to fail. Amen?


OK. You have another question?

[CROSSTALK] I -- that was one song I have not learned, so maybe just sing that one.




Oh, I will just tell you what I hear him saying. [?He is?] saying, “I am here to meet your needs if you trust me with all your heart. Lean not to your own understanding. I will bring to pass all that I have said in your life. I am here to meet your needs. You shall not want. Look not to the things around you. Seek not the things around you, and even in relationships, but seek me. Seek me,” saith the Lord. “Keep your heart open before me, for I have great things in this ministry for you. I have great things. Trust me and believe. Believe me with all your heart. Fear not, for there are many who would manifest against you and desire to discourage you, but keep your heart open to me. Keep your heart open to me, and fight the fight,” saith the Lord.

“Stand up and fight the fight. Be not afraid, for I am with you. I am the man of war within you. I am the warrior, and I will do your battles -- I will fight your battles, but stand in me. Stand in me and pray without ceasing. Keep your heart in tune with me. Keep your heart in tune with me, and pray together, and fear not to come together to pray. For I have great things for you in this ministry, and I will cause it to grow, and I will bring it together by my Spirit. And, yea, it will be this night and it will be that night, and it will not be of your choosing, but it will be of my choosing,” saith the Lord.

“I desire a close walk, and this walk is the not the walk that you see within the church world,” saith the Lord. “It is a walk that is close with me. It is a walk that -- I call you to a walk where you see no death,” saith the Lord, “where you shall see no death. A walk -- I am calling you to a walk like Enoch walked with me,” saith the Lord. “And if you keep your eyes on me, you shall s- -- you shall not see death.” Hallelujah. That is all that is coming right now. Hallelujah.



Glory to God! The Lord just said to fear not the silence, that he is controlling the meeting and to just rest in him. And we just praise you, Lord, for the privilege of being at a meeting that is controlled by your spirit, that we do not have to be in a legalistic format where they play the music and they have testimonies, and they make the announcements, and the preacher preaches, and then maybe they have a healing line. There is nothing wrong with that, Lord, but there is something more in you -- a meeting where you rule in every person present. And we understand that the people in the meeting must be sensitive to you to some degree to have a meeting like this, and we thank you for putting it together. For whatever else you wish to do now, we wait upon you, Lord. Hallelujah.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you [INAUDIBLE] Jesus.

Thank you, Lord.

Hallelujah. I thank you for your presence, Lord. I thank you. I thank you, God.

“Yea, I shall visit you,” saith God, “and I shall visit you even in the night season,” saith the Lord. “While darkness still covers the earth and the earth of your mind,” saith the Lord, “I shall visit you in dreams and in visions, and I shall bring gifts,” saith God, “and thou shalt speak in tongues, and thou shalt prophesy, and thou shalt heal thy brother,” saith the Lord, “and even cast out demons in the night season,” saith God. “But, behold, the day dawns upon you,” saith the Lord, “and in the light and the heat of the day,” saith God, --


-- “I give unto you even myself,” saith the Lord. “No more gifts,” --

Oh, hallelujah.

-- “for they indeed are passing away,” saith God, “but I give unto you my very life and my presence” --


-- “and my being. Arise,” saith the Lord. “Look up, for indeed your redemption draweth nigh. Fear not,” saith God, “for the work is of me, and to those who I have ordained, they shall come,” saith God. “They shall come. There shall be no mistake. There shall be no error, for, indeed, in me there is no shadow of turning,” saith the Lord, “and that which I begin, I complete,” saith God, “and that which I do, I do in perfection,” saith the Lord. “Yea,” saith God, “I am with you. Behold,” saith the Lord, “your redemption indeed draweth nigh, and the bridegroom, he is at the door,” saith the Lord. “Look up! Look up! Do not look behind you,” saith God, “for, indeed, I am upon you.”

“Yea,” saith God, “indeed they shall mount up with wings of eagles, but where the eagles fly, I remind you,” saith God, “the carcass lieth dead upon the ground. There shall be no soaring in the heavenlies,” saith the Lord, “without a dead Adamic soul. The two realms are not compatible,” saith God. “I say unto you, indeed, your body shall walk upon the earth,” saith the Lord, “but the Adamic soul shall not reign in the kingdom of my Spirit,” saith God.

“Only the life of my Son shall reign. “The soul that sinneth, indeed it shall die,” saith the Lord. “You shall be renewed in the soul of my Son. Adam with his sin shall not enter into the kingdom. He is the one,” saith God, “that shall be raised from the dead unto condemnation. Remember the word of my prophet Daniel,” saith the Lord. “Those that shall be raised unto eternal life, and then there are those that shall be raised until eternal damnation.

“And what does that mean?” saith God. “The carnal minds of men would put fear in people and speak of torment without end. That is not of me,” saith God, “for, indeed, the torment of the ages is the power of my Spirit burning without end,” saith God, “ruling and reigning through the Adamic soul, keeping him in submission to Christ and giving life, even to death itself. Even the Adamic soul of man, when in submission to the Christ, shall be raised unto life.

“But for the Adamic soul,” saith God, “it shall be indeed eternal torment. He shall not manifest through you,” saith the Lord. “He shall not think his evil through you,” saith God. “He shall not raise up his pride through you,” saith the Lord. “He shall not cause your foot to slip,” saith God, “for the fire of my Spirit shall burn in him brightly. Unto the bottom of his depths and unto the top of his heights, he shall be immersed in my Spirit. For him, eternal torment; for you, the glory of God.”


I would like to expound on the prophesy a little bit, and for anyone that did not fully understand what the Lord was talking about. We know that the Bible speaks about eternal torment, and many people fear that they will be burning in hell forever. What the Lord was saying in that prophesy is that our Adamic soul, he which chooses, if we would let him, to cause us to die through exalting himself.

Through using our members to sin, the Adamic soul, which is ruled by Satan, he shall abide for the life of the ages in the fire of Almighty God, which is -- will restrain him from being proud, which will restrain him from causing you to sin. So for him it would be torment. Why? Because he will not be able to manifest his lusts through you. But I declare unto you, brethren, that even for the Adamic soul the torment that the Lord speaks of is not the torment that your carnal mind tells you it will be. It is not that way.

He will -- he, Adam, who is ruled by Satan, who in this hour is a raging bull, he will be made to eat grass like an oxen. He is going to be tamed like the wild stallions that used to run in the hills of this country. Now the only horse that you see is the horse that you go for a ride on, and he tolerates a saddle, and he tolerates you on his back. The wild stallion, if you had told him that this would be his future, would have said to you, “Eternal torment! The thought of not being able to run in the hills and do what I want: truly eternal torment.” But we look at the modern-day horse, we see him cared for, and we see him fed, and we see him in total submission to the soul-man, to Ada- -- to the Adamic man.

In this way shall the Adamic soul, who is now a raging wild beast doing whatever he wants -- running through the hills, galloping through the hills, herds of wild stallions -- the hour of your freedom is coming to an end, and you think -- and I address this to the Adamic soul -- you think that you are headed for eternal torment in service to God, but I declare to you it will not be eternal torment. That is just the fear of the carnal mind that is in you. You shall be cared for, and you shall be loved and accepted, and you shall be a part of the creation of God, but you must take your legitimate place. You cannot rule. You must be subjected unto Christ.

The eternal torment -- what that word -- what those words mean is that you shall be brought into submission. Adam, you shall not rule any longer. You shall not manifest through God’s people, but it is not going to be as bad as you think. It is going to be better than what you have now. Although your carnal mind cannot accept it and cannot believe it, the word of God says fear not, for your captivity unto Christ shall be greater than the greatest things that you could accomplish in this world through the freedom that comes to you through the Adamic soul.

Can you hear this? Fear not. The living soul right now is a herd of galloping stallions. He is terrified, for he knows his time is short, but he really believes that his end will be tormenting for him. And we are told in the Scripture that the powers and principalities shall be taught the truth of God’s word by the church, and in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ we declare unto the heavenlies in this hour, Adam, ruled by Satan, your fate is not burning in a tormenting hell forever. That is a figment of your imagination. That is your carnal mind interpreting the word of God that has never been taught unto you, but by the authority of Christ in this hour we teach it unto you. It is not what you think it will be. It shall be glorious, but you must be in your place. Jesus Christ is Lord, and his Father rules in the heavenlies -- Father God, Jesus Christ, the offspring of Christ. “Adam ruled by Satan, you must be in your place, and all of the blessings of obedience shall be yours,” saith the Lord.

Glory to God. Wow. Thank you, Lord. Glory [INAUDIBLE]


The Lord said wait on him. He is going to pour out his glory. So we are just going to wait on you, Lord. He said something to me about angels singing. I do not know whether I am understanding him correctly, but I am told during the revivals that took place in the ’40s and maybe in the ’50s when congregations were praising God in song, they heard what they called angelic hosts singing with them. Now, if I understood the Lord correctly, that is what he said to me. So whether or not we have to be singing in order to hear this, or whether it is just going to manifest, I really do not know, but glory to God.


So if you feel -- you know, if you feel to play, you just go ahead and play. I do not know how this works, and I am going to be honest with you. It really makes me nervous, having to wait on the Lord like this. My carnal mind wants to control the service. It does not like that there is quiet spaces on the message, and it --


-- does not like, you know, that I do not know what is coming next. And as much as -- I do not know about you. I will speak for me -- as much as I cry out, Jesus, control the service, if he does not keep it moving, I get very anxious. So I am going to shut up now, and anybody, you know, if you feel led to play or to sing, if you feel it, it is God. Just go for it. Just --

I just wanted to mention that that is spoken of, that that is very normal when we are learning to wait on God, and it is very normal to get anxious, --


-- but when we are waiting on God together, he moves in mighty ways. So this is really beautiful, and it is death to the carnal mind.

Amen! Down, Adam, down!

And it is death to pride.


I praise you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord.

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