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This is an introduction to Part 1 of The Trespass Offering, the Spiritual Application. It is a montage of my comments, which has been extracted from four different messages as an introduction to the concept of the spiritual application of the trespass offering.

This message stands alone as Part 1 of the series, and it is also factored into Part 2.

The Lord has been showing me for a while now, and I have shared with you to some degree, but not a lot because he is teaching me very slowly, how the spiritual aspect of the laws in the Old Testament are still valid for God’s spiritual people. But the danger is getting caught up in a religious spirit and going back under the law, and I do not want to do that for myself, nor for you.

I am going to tell you what is on my heart, brethren, and I did not have any intention of telling you this today. You can do whatever you want with it. I told the second person in this ministry, as I felt right to tell them, that when you sin, as it is laid out in the Book of Leviticus, including being deceitful and not relating properly to your fellow man; and I don't mean an ongoing sin that you are dealing with, but if you actually do something, and it comes to the point that God has me talking to you about it, whether you come to me or I come to you, and you are convicted of your sin, you have to make it right.

This came out in a recent message, Sin as God Sees It. We need to understand that we sin both against another person and against God. We do not just sin against the person. We sin against God.

And when we are convicted of our sin, we have to make it right. You cannot just apologize to God. You have to go to the person, admit that you did something wrong, and if restitution is necessary, you have to make restitution. If you took something or broke something, you need to replace it or to fix it.

The Scripture says, bring a trespass offering to the priest and you will be forgiven. I am really reluctant to give you this because your carnal mind might take it the wrong way. If you find yourself in a situation like that, where it is revealed to you that you did something wrong to another person, even though you did not mean it, and you make it right with the other person, you still need to bring a trespass offering to the priest, which is me. Then God is vindicated. You have to vindicate yourself with the person and vindicate yourself with God by bringing a trespass offering, and then you will be forgiven. It is not a you will be forgiven, la, la, la. Every sin is a wound on your soul. We all have problems in our lives. The Lord wants us to be problem-less.

Consider this: every serious problem in our life is the result of a curse. If God reveals that you have done something wrong, and you truly want to vindicate yourself and make a clean start and get it off your soul, the Scripture says you need to bring a trespass offering to the priest. In the Book of Leviticus it was an animal, so I have no idea how to tell you how much it is monetarily.

If you are in a condition like that; if you have a perception that there is problem in your life, something that you are reaping and sowing, even though you made it right with the other person, and the curse just seems to be sticking, maybe it is because you have not brought the trespass offering. Pray about it. I am not telling you that you have to do anything. I am here to educate you, and this is what the Lord is teaching me. I had to tell that, the other day, to the second person in the last couple of years, and they both received it. So please just pray about it.

The Lord is showing us areas of the Old Testament that are still valid, which we have rejected, saying that that is the law. If they are still valid in the spirit, and we are not doing what God requires, we are not getting the full benefit of our relationship with the Savior.

This morning the Lord spoke to me in the shower, which I thought it was amusing. How many times have I come out here and told you that the Lord spoke to me in the shower? In my ignorance I have been amused by this, and now the Lord tells me that He speaks to me when I am under free-flowing water. So, does this mean I am I going to get into some kind of religious ritual and start wondering and expecting a word when I shower? Do I have to shower at a certain time? I do not know. Let him teach me, but I am not getting into any religious spirit here.

The Lord told us, a couple of years ago, that He was going to start teaching us how to understand and minister the law of God that is in the Old Testament through a spiritual prism, and to not be in a religious spirit. It started very slowly. We have held a couple of courts of law here, and we have had some interesting experiences through them. Then a long time passed by. I even mentioned in a couple of meetings that I am waiting for the Lord to teach us how to spiritualize the law, and it is going very slowly.

Then, about a year or two ago, a situation arose where someone came to me to confess a pretty serious sin against God. When I sought the Lord, He told me to give them this teaching about a trespass offering. So that was another step, and I think those were really the only two main things that He taught me, if I am not mistaken. If there is another one, I have forgotten. Maybe I need to start writing these things down.

The Lord is talking to us this morning about the law of the mikvah. I was surprised to find out that Ultra-Orthodox men go into a mikvah.  I thought it was just for women. I heard the rabbi say that he goes in every day as a form of ritual cleansing. But we do not do ritual cleansing in the New Testament. So I have to ask myself, what does it mean that the Lord will speak to me when I am in the shower? I shower every day, so I do not have all the answers right now. The Lord is introducing this to you.

Brethren, it is no accident. There is a powerful judgment coming on the church. When I get to it, I will go over Numbers, Chapter 11 for you. Something terrible is coming; a plague is coming upon the church. I have no desire to lead you into religious bondage, but let us hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

I have told you two things this morning. The first one should be easy to understand: if you commit a sin against another person, if in your mind, it is simple, that you have deceived somebody or lied to them (I would have to look up the Scriptures for you), then you need to bring a trespass offering.

You need to be convicted of your sin. You need to confess it, repent to the person, restore anything that was stolen and then bring a trespass offering to the priest, and you shall be forgiven. No one is trying to force you to do this, but I believe that what the Lord is doing is giving us weapons and defense against the plague that is coming.

So what does that mean, Pastor Sheila? Are you trying to scare us into giving you money? No, I am not, and if that is your heart, please keep your money. I am trying to tell you that we are all vulnerable because none of us are fulfilled. So when this plague comes upon the church, it may touch us in little ways. I do not know.

I have told you all this, that even if an atom bomb falls, I do not believe I could die before my assignment is fulfilled. This is a better example: I believe that if a famine comes that God will feed me. I believe that absolutely and unequivocally, but I do not know that He will be feeding me the way I eat today. And I eat well today. We might go from steaks to gruel or just vegetables. We may go from eating 1,500 calories a day to eating 1,000 calories a day.

When the environment that we live in ceases to provide for us, the only person that is going to be 100 percent taken care of is the person who is taken care of by Christ Jesus inside of them. When the environment outside of us ceases to provide, we will be cared for to the degree of the maturity of Christ Jesus in the midst of us because the provision of the Holy Spirit is to take from what is outside of us and give it to us.

The provision of the Holy Spirit is to give you a job when you do not have a job, to give you overtime when you need more money, to have people that have money to bless you if you need money, to be able to go to the supermarket and buy food, that the food is in the supermarket so that you can buy it. So everything that the Holy Spirit gives you is from the world of the environment. When the environment dries up, the Holy Spirit has nothing to give you. Do you understand what I am saying?

What the Lord is telling us now are little things that a lot of people might find hard to believe, but that the charismatic church would reject completely because many of them do not even go into the Old Testament. What the Lord is telling us is you do not have to do anything you do not want to do. He is telling us, if you are willing to hear this, these are areas that God’s people are not living in right now because it is not commonly taught. But if you want to be more fulfilled, these are things that if you do them, it will increase the powers of Christ Jesus in the midst of you because He is the high priest. We should be doing everything to build him up.

You can take this or leave it; it is up to you. You can do whatever you want with it. On Thursday I introduced a concept to you of applying the spiritual aspect to the Levitical law of the trespass offering. And I want you to know that the Lord has completely convicted me of it. I did something wrong the other day that wounded another person; that actually got him quite upset. I said to the Lord, I apologized to the person. I apologized completely. And the Lord said, That is not enough. If you want full vindication, you have to bring a trespass offering.

So, I want you to know that I am going to give a trespass offering. I am going to give it to the ministry. If you have a trespass offering, you can give it to me personally. I give it to the ministry. You can start to implement this if you want to. You do not have to; nobody is forcing you. I am not talking about sins that you recognize in your mind. I am talking about something that you do; if you lose it, and you are unkind to somebody, or you do something wrong that affects another person. You can believe this or not. You can apologize to the other person (and some people in this ministry do not even apologize to the other person), and if you want to implement this in your life, you give a trespass offering to the priest. I am starting to live it and practice it. You can do whatever you want to do. It is my job to tell you. If you have any questions about it, please call me.

We see that there are two covenants: one is for the flesh, or the carnal commandment. And the other is for the spiritual commandment, which liberates us from the carnal commandment. So this is holy Jerusalem. Oh, to those who feel secure in holy Jerusalem, those of us who are free from the law because we follow after the Spirit of God.

Of course there are many Christians that say, I am not under the law, so I do not have to obey any of the righteous rules of the Old Testament. And this is a great misunderstanding. We have to obey all of the rules of the Old Testament in their spiritually liberated application. Every law of the Old Testament is valid for us when the Lord reveals to us the spiritual application of it to our lives.

Let me take another minute to talk about the trespass offering because the Lord is expanding it to me. I never realized that the offerings under the Old Covenant are penalties. I guess it is obvious that they are penalties, but it just never struck me the way the Lord is showing it to me now. He is likening it to getting a ticket from the police.

Someone called me the other day and said that they speed a lot, and asked if that calls for a trespass offering if they choose to follow this teaching? And I said, No, that is not my understanding of what God is doing here. I now understand that it is the form of a penalty, which has two purposes. A penalty, like getting a ticket from the police for speeding or for doing something wrong is a hindrance to you. It is a painful event because nobody likes to give up the money, and it is not pleasant being pulled over by a police officer. It is a deterrent to keep you from making the same mistake again.

The ticket from the police officer would be the sowing and reaping judgment. Let me make this clear. What I am teaching about the trespass offering, that is only if you violate another person. So the person that called me asked, what about my speeding?, and in that conversation, I wound up receiving a deeper understanding of the benefit of the trespass offering. I now understand that it is a fine, a penalty. And fines and penalties are given to deter us from making the same mistake again.

This was my counsel to him: as far as giving an offering to a priest, I think that is only if you violate another human being. But, if you are concerned about your speeding, why do you not get a glass jar, and every time you speed, put a dollar in the jar. This way it is a deterrent, and you are judging yourself before the policeman judges you. You cannot be giving an offering to the priest every time you do a little something wrong. That is crazy. We would all be bankrupt.

If you want to do it, if you think it is going to help you, get yourself a glass jar, and every time you do not put your seatbelt on or you speed, throw a dollar in the jar. And then when it becomes a sizeable amount, you can give it to the priest. See if it deters you from getting to the point that the policeman is going to stop and give you $150 ticket or $100 ticket for not wearing your seatbelt or for speeding.

So, I saw a really practical application of this trespass offering in that conversation, and I was so glad that that person called me because I see it as a fine for wrongdoing. You can fine yourself; you can judge yourself, or eventually a police officer or another source of authority will stop you.

The Lord gave me another example of that. I am going share this testimony with you. We are publishing a lot of books through CreateSpace, and I had it in my head to do the pagination of the books a certain way, which were unorthodox.

When I first started doing it, I did not realize it was unorthodox, but that was how I had it in my head to do. When our books would go through the evaluation process, initially they were putting them through the way they were, but then we started getting some resistance from the people who are authorized to make sure that all the books that are submitted to them line up with the guidelines of CreateSpace.

We went through about a year with no opposition, but there must have been a change in management. Whoever the new management was wanted everybody to line up with the requirements, but I could not see any harm in doing it my way.

So, what was it we were we doing? What I had in my heart was that the pages would be numbered sequentially: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. And then if we would get to a blank page, if the page before the blank page was 7, I would number the next page with text on it 8. Apparently the standard for printing, which I did not know, is that you do not have to put a number on the blank page, but you do have to count it. So the last page with text would be 7. The blank page would be 8, and the next page with text would be 9. I wanted to make that next page 8 and ignore the blank page, and so that is what we did. You do not have to actually print the number 8 on the page, so what you see is page 7 and then page 9. There is no page 8 because page 8 is the blank page, and that did not make any sense to me at the time.

So, CreateSpace must be under new management because the resistance to what we were doing became very strong about a month ago. We have been publishing books close to two years now. At some point, I think the Lord really did tell me that I was wrong. Sometimes the voice of the Lord is so soft, and I do not pay attention to it, which is sin. It was not the first time that I have done that. The thought came into my mind, that they are really right, and that it can be confusing to people reading the book if the left-handed page is an even number one time and an odd number the next time.

When you do not number the blank page, sometimes you have even numbers on the left side, and sometimes you have even numbers on the right side, and it is confusing to the reader. The thought filtered into my mind, and I think the issue was who is going to correct all of these books? I do not want to correct all of these books.

So I ignored it, and the other day I wound up in a conflict with the high management there, and there is just no way they are going to let these books through with my numbering system, which apparently is not the standard for printing. I did not realize it when we first started, but now it makes sense to me. When I got off the phone with the manager, the Lord told me that I had come under the sowing and reaping judgment. He told me, in a very soft voice, that they were right. As soon as I heard the Lord telling me that they were right and I was wrong, I was required to change it, and because I did not, I came under the authority of the publishing company, who told me I could not do it anymore. It was not pleasant, and it did not make me feel wonderful. I would have felt much better about it if I took the initiative and changed the procedure in the office myself.

That is the principle of the trespass offering. If you violate another person, you have to apologize and bring an offering to the priest.

You can use the example I just described about the glass jar. If you know that there is something that you are trying to overcome, every time you do not overcome it, throw a dollar in a glass jar, and when it builds up to something significant, give it to the priest.  I did not like the idea of giving that trespass offering, but I did it. I had already made one trespass offering that I told you about, and all I can say about that is ouch! I did not like it. And when I had that conflict with another person, it was not just a dollar; I put a nice donation into the ministry.

You can look at it as a penalty, but it is a penalty that will ward off the sowing and reaping judgment. That is the whole principle of the trespass offering, to avoid the sowing and reaping judgment. It is the same principle as the scapegoat. The Levitical law taught that you give the scapegoat to Satan (when I first started studying this, it just amazed me that the Kabbalists would say that you give the scapegoat to Satan because it is his due). It is his due because we are all sinners, and Satan is entitled to our lives. Satan is entitled to consume the energy, or the souls, of our body. So that is why under national Israel they gave animal sacrifices. Instead of God killing the people, He killed animals because Satan has a right to the energy of our souls.

You may say that today we are under the blood of Jesus. Well, brethren, sin produces a discharge of energy. Either Jesus takes it through your confession and repentance, or Satan takes it by making you sick or bringing on some kind of financial or other disaster in your life that is going to cause you distress. The sowing and reaping judgment is alive and well in the church in every area where we still sin. The blood of Jesus is amnesty. We can plead the blood of Jesus when we are trying to overcome, and when we acknowledge and recognize sin. In areas that are not recognized, we are under the sowing and reaping judgment.

That is where car accidents and illness and financial loss and everything that goes wrong in our life comes from. It is not some entity Satan out there that is just mad at us. Satan has no power over us other than that we sin.

If anybody is still concerned about or having any negative thought towards the concept of the trespass offering, which I have introduced to you (and you do not have to do it, this is here to help us to overcome), I am hoping to explain it to you in more depth. Just like the scapegoat, it is a penalty that will ward off the sowing and reaping judgment, if you choose to do it.

What I explained is that you can apologize to the person, but every sin is against God. So, if you have a conflict with a person in which you were wrong, you apologize to the person, you bring the trespass offering to the priest, and that cuts off the sowing and reaping judgment on every side, if you want to do it.

When I first taught that, I did not appreciate it to the degree that I am appreciating it right now, that it is a deterrent, and it is like a penalty that you can give to yourself rather than have the authority do it. I have heard drug addicts praying, I cannot stop drugging. Please stop me!, and a police officer comes along and arrests them. There are laws in this spiritual universe. Everything we do that is wrong has a consequence. Either you judge yourself, or an external authority will control you.

If you think bringing a trespass offering will be a penalty that will pinch you, that will help you to not do it in the future, that is fine. If not, and you keep doing it, the sowing and reaping judgment will catch you. The whole problem is, when you get sick, you are not going to realize it was the sowing and reaping judgment because of what you did God-only-knows-when, that has accumulated and caught you.

What has happened, for everyone that is now saying that Pastor Sheila is putting us under the law (you do not have to do anything that you do not want to do), is that the Lord has given us a tool. He has given us the understanding that every violation of another person is a violation against God, and that it is not enough to apologize to the other person. The Lord is giving us this information so that if you want to take advantage of it, you can give a trespass offering to the priest and hopefully ward of the sowing and reaping judgment, which can come from any one of a multitude of ways.

It can come from a judgment as simple as someone making the same mistake with you that you made with them. Or if it goes on long enough, if someone does to you what you did to them, and you do not recognize it as vindication of what you did, then it keeps rolling on and on and on and on and eventually results in death. At the very least, it results in death.

I just wanted the opportunity to explain that to you more, and if there is anybody that is thinking evil of me through this teaching, I really wish that you would talk to me or at least ask the Lord about it. Do not walk around holding onto this thing, thinking that I am trying to put you under the law, because I am not. I have given you a tool by which you might avoid the sowing and reaping judgment, and you can follow it or not. It is up to you.

I do not know how much of it is going to come out in this teaching today, but we really have to talk about the priesthood. That was the main question that the person who called me about the trespass offering was asking me, why I would say that I am a priest? The Lord told me years ago that I am a priest.

The person said to me, there are no priests in the New Covenant. But yes, there are priests in the New Covenant; we are all kings and priests. So, here we go again.

It says in the Scripture that we are all kings and priests. That is nice. Are you a king and priest? You have to appropriate it. The Scripture that says we are all kings and priests means that if you serve God, you have a potential to be made a king or a priest. It does not mean you are automatically a king and a priest.

I have talked to you about kingship. There are two ways you can look at being a king under the New Covenant. If you have subjects, you are a king. So, if you are a pastor, and you have a congregation that acknowledges you, from that point of view, you are a king or a leader over a group of God’s people.

But the true, spiritual meaning of being a king is that the Malkhut (which represents kingdom) of the Lord Jesus Christ resides in you. And the Malkhut of the Lord Jesus Christ is the grafted Christ. So, if the Malkhut of the Lord Jesus Christ is grafted to you, you are a king.

You may not have a congregation right now. You may be a king in training, or if you have a person that you have spiritual authority over, you are a king. The Malkhut of the Lord Jesus Christ, called kingdom, is grafted to you.

Who is the spiritual priest? Twenty or more years ago, someone in this ministry from out of state called me up and shared a dream that they had with me, and I recognized myself in that dream immediately. But the person who called me did not recognize me because the Lord told her in the dream that there was a priest that was sent to her to help her with something. I do not remember the rest of the dream. I said to her, that person is me. And she said, oh, I would have never thought that it was you. But the Lord was telling her that I was a priest all of those years ago.

The question is, what is the office of a priest today? It is interesting how sitting in the rabbi’s class helps me with little tidbits here or there. I spoke to him about the Levitical priesthood once; I was wondering if the priests were in the role of mediator. And his answer was, No, but the function of the priest is to energize the offering that the person brings themselves.

What does that mean? Say the person wants to bring a lamb to offer to God. Well, how do you offer it to God? There is a procedure, a mechanism, a process. The priest says the prayers over it. The priest slaughters it. The priest burns it. The mechanism is that you take the offering and you give it to the priest, who processes your offering and thereby energizes, or implements converting it into a form that is acceptable to God. And the form that is acceptable to God is in its burnt state. The Scripture says in Gen 8:21, And the Lord smelled a sweet savor, which is a type, of course.

What does the spiritual priest do? The function of the priest is to help you to offer your sin nature because the animals that they brought as an offering in the Old Testament were types of their own sin nature. There were teaching priests in the Old Testament. Priests teach you the law. They help you to understand what God requires of you. Then when you bring the offering, you bring it to the priest, who helps you through understanding to burn up your own sin nature, which we will go into when I read my notes.

I am no expert on the sacrifices, and I have just started looking into it, but under the Old Covenant, the sin offering that was brought to the priest they burn to a crisp, but there is always something of the animal left over for the priest. Under certain circumstances, they get the flesh of the animal. Their payment for assisting you with sacrificing what symbolized your own sin nature, was the offering that they brought, the flesh of the meat. That was their payment.

If you want to implement this teaching, and bring an offering to the priest today -- the priest who gives you the understanding, who helps you to offer your own sin nature to the fires of Binah, who teaches you and is willing to pray for you along these lines, you cannot give your sin nature, so you bring a financial offering.

We are going to have a town hall meeting on Sunday. Bring all your questions. If I cannot answer them, I believe that the Lord will answer them in the meeting. They were good questions. I am not afraid of your questions, and I know that the teaching I have given you is of God. If you are ready to embrace it, fine. If you are not, that is fine too. Come with all of your questions. Just be in the right spirit. I think we are going to have a great meeting on Sunday.

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