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Glory to God. Ezekiel, Chapter 38.

I had a very good time doing the research on this, this first verse. I found the spiritual translation -- I am sorry, the second verse, the spiritual translation of it awesome. I hope it blesses you. It is really blessing me. If I had my choice last night, I would have done the whole chapter. I get all carried away with myself, and then the Lord tells me, well, you know, they could not stand the whole chapter all at once anyway, so let us do it slow.

Ezekiel 38:1, “And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying” --

The Hebrew word translated “Lord” is “Jehovah,” and the word of the Lord or the word of Jehovah -- who is the word of Jehovah? The Lord Jesus Christ, the preincarnate Christ, the Son. In the beginning, the word was with God, and the word was God. In the beginning, before Christ incarnated in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, he existed in a condition of perfect union with the Father in the realm of the spirit. The New Testament expresses this as to say that he was in the bosom of the Father. And on certain occasion, when the Lord -- one occasion, wanted to speak to a prophet, he sent his Son. Why? Because you may recall the teaching here that there is one spirit, but many administrations of that Spirit, and that every function of the Father has a specific assignment as to who does what or what manifestation of his Spirit does what and that we see this in a form of consistency.

When the Lord Jehovah communicates with a prophet, he does so through his Son. His Son is Christ, and we are told in another place that Christ is the only mediator between God and man. So when the Father God wants to communicate with a man, he does so through a mediator, and that mediator is Christ. Christ appears in the flesh of men. Sometimes God will send a man to you in whom Christ or through whom Christ is speaking, but in the event of the Hebrew prophets, the communication was direct between the Son or Christ or the word of Jehovah, a spiritual manifestation or a spiritual administration of the Father coming from within the mind of the prophet or from a realm of the unconscious mind of the prophet coming up and arising into his conscious mind, whereby the prophet would hear words, the words of God, in a language that he can understand because God’s first choice, you know, is not to speak in language.

The only time God speaks in a human language is when he chooses to come down to the level of men. And if you are in training as a son, you may find the Lord less and less willing to do that. He may be saying to you, come up here. Is that not what he said to John? Come up hither. I want you to start learning my language. I am not going to be talking baby talk to you anymore. And for those of you who watch me -- Paul said, follow me as I follow Christ. For those of you who watch me as a learning technique, I will tell you openly that I am much more suspicious of an audible voice than I am of a move of the Spirit that motivates me.

Let me just make that a little clearer. God rarely -- although, he does sometimes speak to me in an audible voice, it is much more likely that it is Satan if it is an audible voice, although it could be God. The Lord is much more likely to speak to me through motivating me, through raising up in me a desire or an inclination to do something, to go somewhere, to speak something. In this hour, he is arising in me as a mind because he is my mind. I am Christ. I have an enemy, my old man, my carnal mind, but fo- -- as far as God is concerned, I am Christ, and he is functioning as my mind.

Now when a mind wants you to do something, he does not speak in an audible voice. Brethren, if your mind wants a drink of water, do you hear an audible voice saying, now rise up from that couch, and go in that kitchen, and get a drink of water? No. Something arises in your understanding, a thought, an inclination, a motivation that you would like a glass of water, and you rise up from the couch, and you go get it. That is how the mind of Christ operates in a Son. He motivates you. So if Christ is being formed in you, he is more likely to be motivating you than giving you audible instructions, and this just happened to me the other day.

I heard an audible voice telling me to do something, and I said I do not believe you are God, but it was a pretty harmless thing. I said, I am going to try this, and I went, and it was not God. Let me say it one more time. Christ in you is much more likely to raise up a motivation in you than to give you a direct command with an audible voice. That does not mean that God may not speak with an audible voice, but we must get to know him. We must be able to recognize him and how he relates to us. That is part of knowing somebody, that you can know what to expect from them. You know what they are more likely to do than not. Now that does not mean you are right 100 percent of the time, but when you really know somebody, you know what they are likely to do and what they are not likely to do. That is all a part of intimacy with God.

“And the word of the Lord came unto me.” And the Lord Jesus Christ came unto me, the prophet, Ezekiel, and he came with a message, and this is what he was saying.

“Son of man, set thy face” -- this is Verse 2. “Set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal and prophesy against him.”

Now let me remind you that these Scriptures do have a surface reality, and all -- excuse me, all of these names are geographical locations or the name -- there is a prince of Meshech. All of these h- -- names and places and dignitaries existed at some time, but we found out that there is a spirit of the word and that every name and everyone in the Scripture has a spiritual significance, that if we could just unlock the code, we will find out that the Lord is giving us a deep, spiritual message in this surface word, and I mentioned it to you before. I really should check out this word. I just read it in a message, and I never found out what the word was.

In nations where there is not or there was not freedom of the press, we would find -- especially in England before they received their Bill of Rights, we would find protestors against the government writing -- I think the word is allegory, but I may have the wrong word, writing what sounded like a fairytale or a child’s story, but underneath it was a political message to everybody that had ears to hear, and they covered their tails by making it sound like a child’s story so that they would not be arrested and sent to jail. Well, the Scripture can be likened unto that. There is a deep, spiritual message for those whose ears the Lord Jesus Christ has anointed to hear, and that message is not to human beings, per say, but to the mind which dwells in the human beings because spiritual things deal with the mind. So what we have to do and what we -- yeah?

            [?Can you?] say that again?

Spiritual things have to --


OK. You cannot really be stopping. What you have to do is get the message and read it again because I am not even sure what I said, OK. So in the future, please, you know, get the message and read it again, OK. I am not even sure what you want to hear, but since I stopped, what is it that you want to hear? OK. You cannot tell me specifically?

            I think [?it was the message?] [INAUDIBLE]

Yeah, OK. The hidden message in the Scripture is to the mind of man because, in this hour, man is living on his surface. There is a whole world underneath our surface, a whole world that the average human being does not even look at because the way the Scripture puts it is that we are facing outward. We are looking out into this world. We are looking into the street. We are looking into the trees. We are looking into the solar system. We are looking into the skies, but the solar system and the skies and what is happening in the streets is just a reflection or a mirror image. It is like looking into a mirror. The reality of that which is being reflected externally is within us. And in this hour -- which is what hour? It is the hour of our redemption. Our redemption draweth nigh. The Lord is saying, in this hour, stop looking at the mirror image. Start looking inward because the hour of your redemption is at hand.

So we are going to interpret these Scriptures on two levels. First, we have to unlock the symbology. We have to find out what each one of these names means. And then on the second level, we are going into the Hebrew words, looking all of them up and finding out whether or not the Lord requires us to choose another translation or a translation other than the one that the prophet has chosen. So we have two areas of investigation here, the symbology of the word and which translation of the word to choose, and when we mix this information together with the Christ in us, hopefully, we are going to come up with the -- with -- we are going to break the code, and we are going to find out what the Lord is really trying to say to those who have ears to hear.

And let me tell you, your carnal mind does not want that code broken because the word of the Lord is a creative word. When the word of the Lord says to you, come out of Hell, you do not have a choice whether you are coming out or not. When it is truly Christ saying to you, come up, and come out, from the minute the word comes out of the mouth of a human being who is speaking it by the Christ within, your spirit begins to come up and come out of Hell. And let me tell you that when your spirit begins to come up and come out of Hell, there is a whole army waiting for you, trying to kill you rather than let this happen. And where you did not have trouble in your life, you have got trouble in your life. Where you did not have pain in your life, you have pain in your life. Where you had peace in your life, you now have war in your life, and you need to know why so [?you?] know how to fight, so that the result of all this distress is that you in fact get out. What good is all the distress if you are not going to get out?

“Son of man.” The Hebrew word translated “man” is “Adam,” so we see that the Lord is not just addressing any old man or a man by the name of Ezekiel, but he is saying son of Adam. And the instruction that God is giving to this man, I suggest to you, is to all of the sons of Adam and that w- -- and another way of saying that is the descendants of Adam.

The Hebrew culture or the Hebrew religion teaches that there is no difference, spiritually, between your great-great-great-grandfather and your father. We heard the Pharisees in Jesus’ day saying Abraham is our father. Abraham is our father, and Abraham existed many generations before the Pharisees who spoke it. So when the Lord says to Ezekiel, son of Adam, I suggest to you that he is speaking to all of the descendants of Adam.

This prophecy can be taken on the level of natural Israel. Ezekiel was the prophet is Israel. Son of Adam, Ezekiel, speak this to Israel. But in this hour, the Lord is saying, all you sons of Adam, all you descendants of Adam, this is the word of the Lord, and you are going to find out the word is to your carnal mind. The word is not to your brother. The word is not to your sister. The word is not to the criminal. The word is to your carnal mind, and I want to tell you that before you can speak the word of the Lord to your carnal mind, you must have a prophet in your mind because it takes a mediator to speak the word of the Lord to your carnal mind, and the only mediator between God and man is the man, Christ Jesus.

So before this prophecy can be made real to you, Christ Jesus must be in the process of being formed in your mind. That is why the prophecies are in parable form. They are not for everybody. Everybody is not ready to hear the deep word of the Lord. What qualifies you to hear the deep word of the Lord is that Christ is being formed in your mind because what good is hearing this if there is no one in your mind who is going to speak the word to your carnal mind. If there is no one in your mind that is going to make this prophecy real to your carnal mind -- and I will tell you right now, it is a threat. Well, it is not a threat. It is a word; it is going to happen. That carnal mind is going to die. If there is nobody in your carnal mind, namely Christ, who is going to make this a reality -- he is going to kill your carnal mind. If he is not in there, what do you even want to hear the word for? Plus, there is nobody to speak it, so this deep, spiritual word is for the saints in whom the prophet of Christ is manifesting. The intercessor of Christ has to be there for you to hear the word or for the word to make any sense to you at all.

Sons of Adam, all you descendants of Adam, set your face against Gog. “To set” means “to turn in a direction,” and the word, “face,” is speaking about your external appearance. I suggest to you the human part of you that dwells in the outer realms, and what this is saying is turn inward. All you descendants of Adam, turn inward. Would you please stop looking at that mirror and start looking at your heart?

And I remind you that the whole human race has fallen into a condition of narcissism. We have fallen in love with ourselves, and, spiritually speaking, every time we focus on another human being instead of God, as far as God is concerned, we are loving ourselves. We are supposed to be loving God, and if we love God and if our relationship with God is in right order, we will be relating to other human beings in a spirit of righteousness. That is OK. Do not anyone twist my words. We are supposed to have relationships with other human beings, and we are supposed to love other human beings out of the Christ mind in us. When it is our carnal mind loving another human being with a carnal mind, spiritually speaking, we are looking in the lake where Nis- -- Narcissus saw the reflection of himself, and we are loving ourself.

Now while we are down here in Hell, just as God said the marriage bed is undefiled, there are certain things that are allowed by God because we are in captivity, so he allows us to love one another with our carnal minds if that love is raised do a condition of what we call phileo love, if it is a love where you are not totally out for yourself, but you are at least willing for it to be an exchange. You are allowed to love your children; you are allowed to love your brother; you are allowed to love your wife or your husband as long as you are not totally using them for your own gratification. That becomes the sin of pride.

But as we ascend towards Christ, the Lord is changing us to direct our needs to express and receive love unto him, and as we look up, we will find that our relationships with men will change. As we seek Christ and follow after him and pursue him, the result of that will be seen in our human relationships, that our relationships will become more giving, more sacrificial. And the result of it will be not that we will experience a loss, but we will see that the way we relate to people will elicit a more loving response from them, a more sacrificial response from them, a more profitable, in a godly way, response from them. And our relationships will become better and better and more loving and more giving and more sustaining and more supportive and more of every good thing that we would hope for in a relationship. It will become less competitive. It will become less hateful. It will become less destructive because our relationship with Christ purifies us continuously, and everything that happens within will be reflected without to the people in our lives.

As we forgive, we will be forgiven. As we love, we will be loved. As we sacrifice, we will be sacrificed for, and it is not something that you can do of your own will out of your carnal mind because it will backfire on you. But as God changes you from the inside out, you will surely reap what you sow in your human relationships, and curses that are operating in towards destruction in your family life and in your human relationships will begin to break, and you will see little signs of change. And after a period of time, you will see major signs of change, but the bottom line is not to set your will into obtaining those changes, but set your sights on Christ. Make him the primarily focus of your life, and all of these other benefits will surely be added unto you.

I heard a young woman give a testimony the other night, and she was very excited. Apparently, she has been wanting a husband for a long time, and she got the message that the way to survive in this world until someone appropriate for you is given or until you are ready for marriage, the way you survive with a minimum of pain is to set your sights on Christ and to serve God. And, apparently, after much suffering, she got that revelation, and she said that she was happy for the for the time in a long time, that she permitted herself to receive joy and pleasure from serving God by laying down her own human or carnal pursuit of happiness.

“Son of man, set thy face against Gog.” All you descendants of Adam, stop looking to the external world which is just a reflection, and start getting a load of what is inside of your mind and your heart. Direct your attention towards your carnal mind, and Gog, I suggest to you, typifies the carnal mind. Now we read, “Set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog.” Gog and Magog is a symbolic word. Both Gog and Magog exist. They are in the Scripture in other places. I have it -- I will get to it. I have it written down here somewhere. They exist as offspring of some of our forefathers, but it is pretty obvious that these names are being used symbolically and mystically to signify some hidden nation in Ezekiel 38. These names also appear in the Book of Revelation, I believe, Chapter 20. I may be mistaken about that. I may have the chapter wrong. They appear in the Book of Revelation also, used mystically or symbolically to find out who they typify.

So let us work this through a little and see if we can find out who they typify. Gog is a descendant of Reuben. The Scripture says if you look up the number in Strong’s, we will see that there was a man who lived, and his name is Gog, and he was a descendant of Reuben, so we are going to try to find out the spiritual significance of this man. Let us take a look at Reuben. Reuben was Jacob’s oldest son. And who knows -- does anyone know what Reuben was notorious for, anybody? Let me just define notorious for those of you who do not know. Notorious means to be famous in an ungodly way.

            [?He slept?] [INAUDIBLE]

Mm-hmm, incest with his father’s wife. Now this was not his mother, but it -- Abraham had -- not Abraham, Jacob had many concubines. He had many wives. So Reuben lost the inheritance. Reuben was the firstborn. Scripturally speaking, the firstborn inherits everything, all of the material wealth, all of the natural wealth, and, spiritually speaking, all of the spiritual substance of the father, all the authority, the call on the family’s life. Everything is resident or deposited in the eldest son, but God has the power to remove it and transfer it to someone else, which is what happened to Reuben. And the reason for his rejection as the spiritual heir or as the heir of the spiritual riches which were destined to go down the line of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the fact that Reuben committed incest with his father’s wife, OK. A weakness was found in him that caused God to reject him.

The carnal mind, I suggest to you, continuously commits incest with the Father’s wife. And who is the Father’s wife?


The -- yeah? Well --

            [?Human?] spirit [INAUDIBLE]

Yes, the human spirit. But, more completely, this soul, this whole soul is God’s wife, and the human spirit, more specifically. The spirit of man is the area in which the Father connects with his creation, and the carnal mind is continuously committing incest with the Father’s wife. So I suggest to you that Gog signifies the carnal mind, and as you -- as we work with this, you will see there are more witnesses to it. The Scripture says, “Gog, the land of Magog.” Magog also was a man. His name is in the Scripture. He is the second son of Japheth. Japheth is one of Noah’s three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth.

And some of you may have read our messages on what happened after the flood with Noah. I cannot go into the whole thing now, but what happened was that Satan, w- -- known in that account as the spirit of Cain, arose in Noah’s mind and corrupted his Christ mind. What does that mean? The carnal -- w- -- it was the Christ mind in Noah. He was a preacher of righteousness. It was him and his family who were the only ones who survived the flood because God found them to be righteous in his eyes. And after they landed safely and the crisis was over, the carnal mind appeared in Noah’s mind and rose up, and Noah -- Christ in Noah was overtaken, and the carnal mind became Noah’s primary mind.

And if you remember the account, Ham recognized the tragedy, and he sounded the warning, and he called for his brothers, Shem and Japheth, hoping that they would join with him, if it were possible to save their father. I do not really know if it would have been possible or not, but I know that Ham was faithful, and Ham sounded the alarm. And when his brothers, Shem and Japheth, came, does anybody remember what they found? Does anybody remember what they found when -- or when Ham found them? When Ham found them, he found that the spirit of Cain was appearing in Shem and Japheth also and that Ham was the only one in whom the mind of Christ was still appearing, that Sh- -- that Noah, Shem and Japheth had been overtaken by the carnal mind.

So Japheth, I s- -- and I will get into this a l- -- well, let me do that later. Japheth, I suggest to you, typifies a man -- let me see exactly how I said this. S- -- f- -- a sc- -- Japheth typifies a man in whom Satan is appearing. Satan, that spirit of Cain, overtook the mind of Christ, and I suggest to you -- you do not -- this is -- you know, you have to pray about this, that Japheth is suggesting a man in whom Satan was overtaken. So Satan arose in Japheth after the flood, and Japheth -- now this is interesting. Japheth chose to cover himself with the carnal mind. The implication is that Japheth had the power to resist, just as righteous Adam did at the time of the fall but did not.

And here is the Scripture, Genesis 9:23, “And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they saw not their father’s nakedness.”

So I read that Shem and Japheth took a garment, and I believe, at least at this time in my revelation, that the Scripture is saying that Japheth had the power to say no because it says he took. He picked up a garment and covered himself, so I suggest to you that Japheth is a man in whom Satan arose and overtook his mind. And Magog, being the descendant of Japheth, I suggest to you that Magog is a type of Satan in the mind; Gog, a type of the carnal mind, and Magog, a type of Satan. And the Scripture says, “Gog, which is the land of Magog,” and the carnal mind is the land of Satan. Satan dwells in the carnal mind. Glory to God.

Now remember that the carnal mind is born of the flesh, so -- and the carnal mind is a part of the flesh. So when the Scripture says the land of Magog, I ex- -- I suggest that it is speaking about not only the carnal mind, but the entire fallen soul, which is ruled by the carnal mind, which is the land or the city which Satan dwells in. Jesus.

Alternate Translation, Ezekiel 38, Verses 1 and the first half of Verse 2, “Adam’s descendants, direct your attention towards your own carnal mind, which is Satan’s dwelling place.”

The Lord is saying, hey, all of you Christians out there that are fallen men, your mind is the place where Satan dwells. You want to know where Satan’s seat is. We hear about Satan’s seat in the Book of Revelation. Would you like to know where it is? Did you think it was on Mars? Did you think it was on Venus? Did you think it was the Catholic Church? Guess what, he is in your mind. Get your eyes off of what is outside of you, and start looking inward. If you want to see Satan or if you want to see Christ, if you are looking away from yourself, you are looking in the wrong place. He is inside. Behold, I show you a mystery. The kingdom of God is within you, and the seat of Satan is within you.

Continuing with the second half of Ezekiel 38:2, “the chief prince of Meshech Tubal, and prophesy against him.” Celia. “The chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.” This word -- this Hebrew word translated “chief” is where the surface Bible scholars get their doctrine that Russia is invading Israel. The Hebrew word translated “chief” is the Hebrew word, “rosh,” which means “head” or “king.” It is used frequently to describe the Lord Jesus Christ, but it is also used to describe Russia. And as we see many times in the Scripture, we have a Hebrew word, the same exact spelling, meaning three radically different things. The word, “rosh,” can be translated “Russia,” can be translated “head,” “the chief,” “the captain,” “the general.” It is used to describe Christ, chief. That is where we get the word, chief, from. And the surface Bible scholars have taken it and translated it “Russia,” but we are not going to translate it “Russia” in our Alternate Translation. There is even another translation of this Hebrew word, “rosh.” It is in Gesenius’ Hewbrew-Chaldee Lexicon, if you would like to check it out, under number 7220, and that translation, believe it or not, with the same exact spelling, is “poisonous plant,” and that is expanded to mean poison of any kind. So we see the Hebrew word, “rosh,” can be used to be translated “poison” or “poisonous plant.”

Now what do we know about plants? We know that we are spiritual plants. We are the planting of the Lord. Jesus is the true vine. We are producing fruit, hopefully. We are a spiritual plant. That is what we are. Well, if there is a true vine, we know that there must be a false vine. And if there is a poisonous plant, there must be a life-giving plant. And we know that there is a tree of life and that there is a tree which brings death. So this word, rosh, can both be translated “the head,” and is used, in fact, to describe Christ who gives life, and it can also be translated “poison” or “a poisonous plant.”

And, once again, I point out to you the richness of the Hebrew language and remind you that this contradiction in the definition or the potential definitions of the word is understandable when you have the understanding that this Hebrew language is designed to be applied to both the carnal mind and the mind of Christ. Every time any given word is used to give information with regard to the carnal mind, we choose the negative translation, and every time this Hebrew word is used to give information about the Christ mind, we choose the positive translation, so therefore we have to read the whole verse and sometimes the whole chapter to determine who the Scripture is speaking about.

And this is a very important rule whenever you are studying the Scripture. You need to know whom any given passage is speaking about or to -- or -- and/or to whom it is being spoken. We have very well-meaning Christians all over the church laying hold of Scripture verses without taking the time to find out whom is being addressed and whom and/or whom the verse is speaking about. And they -- because they do not have the answers to these two questions, they are drawing conclusions that are completely contrary to the purposes of Christ through the Scriptures, and we see a natural example of that happening today with our Supreme Court. They are laying hold of our Constitution, and they are imputing meaning to our Constitution that was never intended by the founding fathers, and because their foundational understanding of who or what was going on at the time of the writing of the Constitution, they are drawing wrong conclusions and writing law that is completely contrary to the entire purpose of our Constitution.

So we must start at the bottom, and we must start with the mind of Christ, and we must start with a m- -- a heart that is open to correction. We must start with a heart that is willing to lay down doctrine that we have believed for years, if the Lord witnesses that it is false. We must start with a heart that really wants to know what God wants to say, and we have to start with [?an?] -- many -- with a big question mark in our mind. Who is the Lord speaking to? Who is he speaking about, and what is the overall picture that the prophet is dealing with? So I suggest to you, since we have already established that the prophet or Scripture is saying, “Oh, you descendants of Adam, stop looking outward, and start looking inward,” I think there is a real good chance that this verse is speaking about that poisonous plant, which is the carnal mind. And, of course, we have already determined that Gog and Magog is Satan and the carnal mind, so this is just another witness that the Lord is speaking about the carnal mind to us, so let us follow this through and see if we cannot make some sense out of this.

The chief prince -- well, let me read you the King J- -- the whole King James here. “Son of man, set your face against Gog, the carnal mind, which is the land or the soul of Magog, Satan. He is also the chief prince of Meshech.” He is also the poisonous plant who is prince of Meshech.

The Hebrew word translated “prince” can also be translated “king.” Well, that is pretty close. But this word also, Gesenius tells us, is u- -- can be and is in fact used in at least two Scriptures in Jeremiah to describe the vapors which ascend from the earth from which the clouds are formed. The earth is continuously sending up vapor which is evaporated water the ascends and forms clouds, and then the clouds rain, and the water comes down on the earth, and then the sun shines and evaporates the water, and the vapors go back up into the heavenlies. There is also a cycle such as this spiritually speaking, and we know that we have described this formed world that we live in, our physical bodies and the physical world that we live in, as spirit which has become hard, and we have taught -- been teaching here for a long time that spirit is in the f- -- can be likened unto water vapor or steam and that when it comes into the soul realm, as it descends from the high place of the spirit, it is described as water. And as it pierces through into this realm of appearance, it s- -- it -- what? Spirit becomes hard and formed. Glory to God.

So we see this Hebrew word translated “prince” can be described as the vapors typifying spirit, which is in a continuous cycle of change from spirit -- when the person dies, the spirit goes back to the Father. Then as it recycles through the earth -- not the soul, but the spirit recycles through the earth -- it once again becomes hard and takes form, and the way that happens is that it is born as the offspring of man. The Spirit of the Father, which is the Christ who died at the time of the fall, is continuously incarnating in this world each time a human baby is born.

The Son came into the earth. He was propelled into the earth, and he has never left the earth. When a human being or a human vessel in which Christ is appearing waxes old and fades away, that Spirit which was in him is gathered unto his fathers, and I suggest to you he does not leave the earth, but I cannot tell you exactly how it happens. I am not sure, but the word in my heart is that what happens is the spirit that is in that man, when the body dies and the soul dies, somehow, completely is gathered into his existing, living relatives. For example, when a man’s parents -- when a man is alive, his spirit is one with his children. When that ma- -- the sh- -- they are sharing a spirit, and when that man dies and his body deteriorates and his soul deteriorates, there are now only two vessels left through which that spirit is being expressed, and the fullness of that spirit or the spirit of that family is now expressed only through two members instead of three members. If you can hear it, hear it. So I therefore suggest to you that the Hebrew word translated “chief” can also be translated “spirit” and that the phrase, “chief prince,” can be translated, therefore, “poisonous spirit.” Can you hear it?


Or “poisonous spiritual plant,” and the only poisonous spiritual plant that I know of is my carnal mind and yours, and I know that when I partake of her and I eat of her, I die. But Jesus said that if you eat of my flesh and you drink my blood, you shall have life everlasting. So there is a poisonous plant growing in the earth of my soul, and I must be eating of her because I am aging, and I get sick from time to time, and I have no reason to believe that this body will not pass out of this world unless the Lord Jesus Christ intervenes by his authority and his supernatural power because I am subjected to the physical laws. I have every reason to believe, by observing my life and my body, that I am subjected to the physical laws of this realm of death, which is called Hell.


You are really stuck? OK.

            Well, [INAUDIBLE] you said [CROSSTALK]

Just please use a microphone.

I do not know if you said something wrong or I misunderstood it wrong. You said “chief” can be translated as “spirit.” But did you not mean “prince” because you said “chief” was translated as “poison”? So that is how [CROSSTALK]

Yeah, no.

            -- spirit?

No. Chief -- did I say it wrong?


Chi- -- well, if I did, thank you for correcting me. “Chief” is translated “poison,” and “prince” is translated “spirit,” so, therefore, “chief prince” is “poisonous spirit.”


I said it wrong? OK. [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

I further suggest to you that the poisonous plant is the carnal mind and that the poison of the poisonous plant is the spirit which is in that plant, and that spirit in the carnal mind is Satan. And please remember that Eve has become one with Satan because we know that Satan is really not a spirit. He is really soul, but he takes his status as spirit from the fact that he has captured Eve and completely dissolved her within himself and taken authority over all of the qualities of spirit which she has. So we see that the poisonous plant is the carnal mind and that the spirit of that plant is Satan joined to Eve, but we just say Satan because she is invisible. She is completely -- she is likened unto salt, which is completely dissolved in the water of Satan’s soul life. So we see that there is definitely a very hidden meaning.

We have so far, son of man, look into your own carnal mind and recognize that the chief prince, that the poisonous spiritual plant is inside of you, and he is the chief prince of Meshech, so let us find out what Meshech means. First of all, the word, “of,” is not in the Hebrew. He is the chief prince of Meshech. The King James translators put in the word, “of,” because they could not get this verse to make any sense or sound like proper English without it, but it is nowhere in the Hebrew. The Hebrew word, “Meshech” -- Meshech is a man who lived at one time. He is the sixth son of Japheth and his descendants, and they -- and this is the name of -- and his descendants have -- are -- and his descendants are -- excuse me, a barbarous people inhabiting the [?maybe?] -- I do not know how to pronounce this. I may be pronouncing it wrong, the Moschian Mountains, Meshech, Moschian Mountains, and they exist between Iberia, which is another name for Spain, Armenia and Colchis. And whenever the name, Meshech, appears in the Scripture, it is always spoken about jointly with the neighboring nation, which is called Tiberini, or you may have heard it called Tubal. And I think right here in Ezekiel 38:2, we hear about the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. These two nations are always mentioned together, and that is -- there is a spiritual reason for that which we will get to eventually.

So we see so far, let me point out to you, that these verses are dealing with the descendants of Japheth. Now everybody on the face of the earth today, brethren, is either a descendant of Shem, Ham or Japheth. We have all these different ethnic groups, all different races, all different religions, all different kinds of people, but we are all descendants of either Shem, Ham or Japheth. Now as some of you may know, Ham pretty much is the progenitor of the black races. Shem is pretty much the progenitor of the white or the Caucasian races, and I get all mixed up as to Japheth. I may have some notes on that further down, but I think Japh- -- Shem and Japheth are pretty much the progenitors of the white race or the white races. And you will find out when I get to it a little further on that I believe that Shem and Japheth were one man in the same manner as Cain and Abel were one man, but I will get into that when I get to it. Let me -- this is a difficult teaching, so let me try and stay in order here.

We are talking about Meshech now, the prince of Meshech. So we find Meshech is the sixth son of Japheth and his descendants, which are a barbarous people, barbarous meaning uncivilized. And let me read you my note here. I suggest to you that Meshech and Tubal -- and I just told you they always appear together -- are carryovers of Japheth’s relationship to Shem and that Shem and Japheth were one man, just as Cain and Abel were one man. Shem was like unto Cain, the external or the earth man or the earth part of the man, and Japheth was like unto Abel, the spiritual part of that man.

The indication that Shem and Japheth were one man is in the Hebrew word translated “shoulder.” Let me get you back to that verse. That is Genesis 9:23. “And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders.” Now I taught this in Message 60, Part 3. If you look that up in the Hebrew and in the interlinear, the Hebrew word is “shoulder,” singular, clearly, clearly singular, which means that Shem and Japheth had, together, one pair of shoulders. And I suggest to you that they were one man, just as I have taught you that Cain and Abel is one man.

Now I have been challenged on that teaching, that Cain and Abel were one man, and I see that, if you can hear it, it is not something that cannot be denied, but this is the closing thing that I have found to a Scripture to support the fact that any two souls in the Bible were appearing as one man. So let me read you my note here. The indication that Shem and Japheth were one man is in the Hebrew word translated “shoulder.” Gesenius says that this word is translated only in the singular and signifies the upper part of the back just below the neck. It is not talking about the shoulder blades; it is the upper part of the back just below the neck. In other words, Shem and Japheth shared the same back. The Hebrew word translated “shoulder” is used in the Hebrew word idiom. It is the -- that word is used to express in the Hebrew the idea to serve God with one mind. And if you are speaking in Hebrew and you want to express that idea to serve God with one mind, they use the same Hebrew word translated “shoulder” in Genesis 9:23.

And I would like to read you our Alternate Translation of Genesis 9:23, which we worked up on message number 60, Part 3. “And the condition of Shem and Japheth’s mind was revealed, and it became obvious that they had turned back from their covenant with God and that Cain was appearing in their minds as well as in Noah’s mind. And as one man -- Shem and Japheth. As one man, they concealed their father’s seduction, and Cain was appearing in their personality, and they no longer could discern their father’s seduction.”

Please note that at the beginning of the verse, they had the ability to discern their father’s seduction, but they chose to conceal their father’s seduction, and the reason Shem and Japheth chose to conceal Noah’s seduction was that the same spiritual leprosy was appearing in them, self-preservation. And then after they chose self-preservation over righteousness, they lost their ability to discern the fallen condition of their father. Brethren, there is always a point in your walk with Christ where your eyes can still see the truth and your understanding can still understand the truth. And when you choose self-preservation over righteousness, one of the results of that choice is that you lose your ability to see the truth, and you too become subject to the seduction. If you can hear it, hear it.

It is no small thing to reject righteousness and choose self-preservation; you will backslide. You will backsli- -- I am not -- now do not misinterpret my words. I am not saying God is going to reject you, but in that instant, in that encounter, in that situation, you will lose your ability to see righteousness in that situation, and if you choose self-preservation over righteousness one time too many, you just may lose your spiritual sight, period. And I am not threatening you or trying to frighten you. You need to know the principles of the kingdom. If you choose the lie for your own selfish purposes frequently enough, you begin to believe your own lie. People in the world know that. People in this world right here know that there are men out there who lie so much for their own selfish purposes that eventually they begin to believe their own lie. Is that not true? That is true. It is a spiritual principle. You cannot compromise the righteousness of Christ without experiencing a loss in Christ. Jesus. Help us, Lord. Glory to God. So I read you that Alternate Translation, OK.

We are talking about the name Meshech, and I am suggesting to you -- did I get this right? I am suggesting to you that Meshech is the sixth son of Jacob. It is speaking about a barbarous people, and he is always spoken of in u- -- joint u- -- in joint verses with Tubal, and I am suggesting to you that it is a type of the descendants of J- -- of Shem and Japheth. Now, look, this is what I believe. You do not have to believe this if you do not want to. A lot of the things that you will hear here, you have never heard anyone else say because, probably, it is possibly no one else has ever said it. If they have said it, I do not know about it. And if you do not agree with me, that is fine, but this is my opinion, that at the time of the fall, back before the flood, up unti- -- well, back before the flood, human beings did not look like they look today.

We are a fallen creation. The condition of our bodies are vile. We break; we become diseased. We pass out of this earth system after 90 or so years. If we are blessed, we will live to 90 or 100. If we are cursed, we can die at a very early age. We are a cursed people, brethren, and when the creation fell, even at the beginning of their fall, they were glorious. They had so much of God in them that even in their falling condition, at the beginning of their fall, they were glorious. They were powerful. They lived up to 8, 900 years, many of them, just short of 1,000 years. How could -- brethren, if you think that they were living 930 years in bodies like these, you are mistaken because these bodies wear out. These bodies do not live 8, 900 years.

They were in a different kind of a body, I suggest to you, and I suggest to you that at the beginning of the fall, they were not in male and female bodies like we are in today, but they were some kind of superior being that was both male and female, and I have a lot of teaching on this specifically in the number 60 series. I may have it someplace else. And I believe that Noah and Shem and Japheth and Ham were those superior beings who were both male and female. Now I do not have all of the answers, and I cannot tell you, if your mind is asking this question -- my mind is asking this question. I cannot tell you why -- well, let me say this first. I believe that Shem and Japheth were as Cain and Abel, OK. I cannot tell -- now assuming that is true, just for the sake of this discussion, assuming that that is true, I cannot tell you why the Scripture would indicate that Shem and Japheth were one as Cain and Abel was one and why Ham does not have another name next to him or why Noah does not have another name next to him. Is there anybody that does not understand the question that I am asking? Did you not understand the question that I am asking?


Yeah, OK.

When you started saying that and I realized that there were three sons spoken of, I thought is it possible one of them Siamese twins because there are people that have two heads on one body. Is that a possibility?

Well, definitely. I was getting to that, and, you know, there is a humorous side to that that the Lord was giving me this morning. You definitely heard from God right now. [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

So, humorously speaking, over the years, we see horror movies appearing, you know, the two-headed man, OK. You will see a -- oh, my God. One of these days I will learn to draw. So we see a picture. That is not too good. And we have see- -- I have seen movies in Hollywood, and they will show you the -- let me try this again, OK.


They will sh- -- this is the torso of a man, and this would be his legs, OK. So this is the torso, and you see this man with two heads growing out of him, and I have seen some funny horror stories where -- even where they actually show you the head breaking through his shoulder. You know, did ever s- --


You saw a man with two heads?

            Two little twin girls [CROSSTALK]

Really, with --

            Twin girls [CROSSTALK]

-- two heads?


Really? Well, I did not even know that that existed in the world. I just know I have seen horror stories where it is like a joke where you see, all of a sudden, he is in terrible pain, and then a head breaks out of his other shoulder, you know.


But I suggest to you that that is the carnal mind’s expression of this spiritual truth, and now that I am told by some members in the congregation that this actually exists in reality -- I had no idea. That is Satan’s expression of a two-headed man, but I suggest to you that Jesus Christ is our head and that he is within us and that he is spiritual and that the spiritual reality of a two-headed man is one being which has two aspects of its personality. It is just another way of saying double-minded, if you can hear it. If you have a carnal mind and a Christ mind you are a two-headed man. You are a freak.

Listen, brethren, this condition of being double-minded is perverse, but it is a necessary transitional perversion because the only way we are going to get to the point where our only mind is Christ is to have two minds for a season because the -- when Christ comes unto us, he comes in seed form, and he comes in a form whereby he is not strong enough to sustain the existence of this flesh. So while Christ is growing up from a seed unto a great tree -- and the name of that tree is the tree of life -- the Lord lets the tree of good and evil abide in us. So we have two trees, or we have two minds, or we are double-headed men for the whole season that we are experiencing this transition, and that makes us freaks.


And we are deformed. We are absolutely deformed, and we found Scriptures in Daniel 7 where, when we looked up every word, we found out that when the fallen man, the man that has just a carnal mind -- when he comes up against a man that has the mind of Christ, the mind of Christ is so radically, radically different than the carnal mind that the carnally-minded man perceives Christ to be deformed, and that was the exact word that we found as an Alternate Translation in the Book of Daniel 7, exact opposites. One is good; the other is evil. One is darkness; the other is light, radical, total, complete opposites.

So we are two-headed men, and I suggest to you that the -- I just got the answer to my question, hallelujah, that the reason Shem and Japheth were a two-headed man was that the mind of Christ had broken through Shem’s shoulder. You see, Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth were all supposed to be superior beings with a single mind of Christ, but in the man, Shem -- and I -- as I did this study -- I am not going to take too much time on it today -- I perceived Shem to be the external or the overall man and Japheth to be a little -- I may have it backwards. I am not going to go into that because I may have it backwards. I do not want to get something wrong in this message, but I think what the Scripture is saying is that Shem and Japheth was a two-headed man, that the carnal mind had appeared in him. And the reason that Ham did not have another name associated with him was that Ham did not have a carnal mind appearing in him. Ham was single towards Christ. Ham was single towards Christ. You may recall that the whole clan fell. Noah, Shem and Japheth fell because of unrighteousness, and approximately five or so generations after them, their offspring broken down into what we know as male and female bodies today. Ham it took longer than five generations because Ham did not fall because of unrighteousness. Ham fell because of -- anybody remember?


Ham fell because he was cursed by his natural father who had authority over his life, and even though that curse was an unrighteous and undeserved curse, the fact that Noah had a natural, God-given authority over Ham gave him the power to curse Ham with a -- such a curse that it caused Ham to fall. So curse -- a -- Ham, excuse me. Ham was persecuted for righteousness’ sake. Ham went down not because he backslid, but because he was overcome by a spiritual curse or a spiritual pronouncement upon him that was stronger than wha- -- that was stronger than the imputed mind of Christ which was in him. Glory to God.

So we see -- just let me say it again -- Shem and Japheth as a type of the double-minded man, one mind typifying Christ and the other one typifying the carnal mind. And I might have it backwards. I know -- in my notes I said that Shem typified -- what did I say? I just read it to you. When I was standing up there, I thought I might have had it backwards, so I changed my mind. I said that Shem was like unto Cain, the external or earth part of the man, and that Japheth was like unto Abel, the spiritual part of the man. And I really want to pray about that a little more. Sometimes my carnal mind gets in here, and whenever your carnal mind gets in, things -- the truth comes out backwards because it is just like looking in a mirror. Frequently, I have the revelation, but I present it to you backwards because I had the revelation in my carnal mind, and the car- -- and the Christ mind has to filter that reversal out. So if it turns out that I am wrong, you are going to have to forgive me. And I did notice, you know, through the further studies, as I look -- as I read other Scriptures that -- and there are Scriptures that are -- they are used for some very ungodly means where it says that -- well, let us turn to it so you will know what I am talking about here. Let us just take a minute to turn to Genesis, Chapter 9. Let us take a look at that curse that Noah pronounced upon his children.

Genesis 9:25-27, and Noah said, “Cursed be Canaan; servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. And he said, Blessed be the Lord God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant. And God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem.” That is the one I wanted, Verse 27. “And God shall enlarge Japheth, and Japheth shall dwell in the tents of Shem,” tents signifying the external skin man.

A tent is made from the skin of a dead animal, OK. We are dead animals, brethren, and our skins are the tents that spirit live in. So I have always believed that Japheth typifies the inner man or the spiritual aspect of the man, and Shem typifies the external aspect of the man or the carnal aspect of the man. Even if Christ is not within us, we have a spiritual side and a carnal side. Many people today do not exercise their spiritual side, but every man has the potential for a spiritual life. We all need God whether we recognize it or not. Oh, I thank you for that revelation, Lord. OK. Let us try and get on here. Does anyone have any comments or questions with regard to this aspect?


What did I just say? That it is my understanding that the reason that Shem and Japheth were one man with both a carnal and a spirit nature but Ham seemed to be only a one-sided man is that Shem -- the carnal mind had appeared in Shem, and God gave him another name, Japheth, but Ham was single towards Christ. His mind was Christ, and therefore he did not have another name associated with him, OK.

[?In my verse?] on the 27th one, there is a star after it. On the bottom it says [INAUDIBLE] is a prophetic reference to Christ.

Verse 27?


Would you read that again?

My Bible has a star after that, and the reference in the front says that means the verse embodies a prophetic reference to Christ.

Yeah. Well, I really, offhand, do not know what that means. I would have to look at it and pray about it, so I am going to have to let it go for this message, OK. Yeah?

Sheila, I am, kind of, confused on the next chapter, on 10. It is talking about the generations. Now if the two of them are one, what happens with their wives and their children? Is that just a story, or did they really have the wives and the children? That would make three men and three wives and then all the children that they put down, and the sons of Japheth are Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech and Tiras.

Well --

            What does that mean? I do not understand that.

Well, just off the top of my head, OK -- I cannot -- I do not want to take -- go off too far on a tangent with this study, but off the top of my head, what is in my heart is that they started to differentiate, and there were hu- -- there were -- they reproduced, and the offspring that were primarily Christ w- -- are written as the sons of Shem and that the offsprings that -- who were spiritual. And the offspring that came up primarily carnal are written up as the offspring of Japheth, if you can hear it.

[INAUDIBLE] in the ark, it said three wives -- the three sons and their wives. That is eight people. Does that really mean it was eight? [CROSSTALK]

It says eight souls. The Scripture says eight souls saved by water. It does not say eight men. It does not say eight bodies. It says eight souls, and we do not know what kind of a casement those eight souls were in, and I suggest to you that each casement had two souls in it, OK.

Just one quick note [INAUDIBLE] two women who were Siamese women. They married two brothers, and each of them had four children.

Two Siamese twins married two Siamese twins?

            [CROSSTALK] yes.

That should have been fun. How did they do that?

They both had four children. They married the two brothers. They lived together.

And where were they attached?

I saw pictures, but I am not that clear [CROSSTALK] I think they shared much of the same body. The two heads were very clear, you know.

Praise the Lord. Well, that is a s- -- to me, that is a severe perversion, but it is demonstrating a spiritual point that two personalities or two minds can inhabit one body, OK. Anybody else on this point? OK, let us go on, brethren.

So we are still in -- I believe we are in Verse 2 of Ezekiel 38, saying, “Son of man, set thy face against Gog,” your carnal mind, “the land of Magog,” or the soul of Satan, who is “the chief prince,” the poisonous plant, “of Meshech and Tubal.” He is -- Gog, your carnal mind, is the poisonous plant which was revealed in Shem and Japheth in the man who is known as -- in the double-minded man who was known as Shem and Japheth. Can you hear it? And the reason it is coming out like this is that we know that the sons of Noah were pronounced righteous on the other side of the flood. But here we are told by the prophet Ezekiel that a poisonous plant was found in them, OK. Glory to God.

And I really -- I hear your questions. Look, I do not have all the answers, OK, but, possibly, as it comes into my mind, maybe Shem and Japheth were two completely separate sons, but when the mind of Christ appeared in -- when the carnal mind appeared in both of them, they grew together. I do not know because I do not know what they looked like. I do not know what they looked like externally. I have no idea, OK, but I do know that if -- they were pronounced righteous, that it was said that they have wives on the other side of the flood, but on this side of the flood, they became Siamese twins, or they became one in their sin, you know. I do not know exactly how it happened, OK. I hope that I can satisfy you with that answer. I c- -- most certainly do not have all of the answers. God knows. I do not have all the answers, but whenever he tells me, I would like to know, and I will be glad to pass onto you whatever he tells me, OK. But I do believe that answer that I gave you was under the anointing. I may not have the exact details of how, but I believe that was a true answer. I try not to answer you unless it -- I feel it is the Lord. I hope you know that. OK.

“Son of man, set thy face against Gog,” the carnal mind, “the land of Magog,” Satan, “the chief prince,” the poisonous plant, “of Meshech and Tubal,” of Shem and Japheth, “and prophesy against him.”

Let us just take a minute to speak about prophecy. Prophecy, brethren, true prophecy, is the creative word of the Lord. I do not know about you, but it took me a long time to get this through my head. I could not understand what was so great about prophecy. Well, it sounded good, and it comforted me, but I really did not comprehend that, when it is truly Christ speaking, from the second the word is out of his mouth, what he prophesies begins to happen. It is therefore a creative word, therefore if, God forbid, you are a person that has cancer and the word of the Lord says thou shalt be healed or thou art healed of thy plague, you might run down to the doctor. At that moment, you may be healed, but you may not be healed, but truly the healing has begun to take place in your members.

So it is ver- -- the word of the Lord is very important. If you are having a problem in your life and the Lord pronounced direction with regard to healing, with regard to finances, with regard to a direction to take in your life, when the Lord speaks it, it begins to become a reality, so it is, therefore, very important to know what he is saying. [?It is that?], and also the Lord prophesies judgment. So when the Lord prophesies judgment upon you, you really need to hear it, or if he prophesies instruction to you, look inward. Look at your carnal mind. You need to hear it because if you do not do it, it is disobedience.

And, again, I am not putting fear on anybody, but, if you are disobedient, a correction will come, and correction is never pleasant. So I do not know about you, but I do everything that I can do to obey God because I would much rather make that extra effort than be embarrassed or deal with the pain of finding out or of, in fact, going off in the wrong direction. And the truth is that sometimes, if you take a misstep, God can let you go a long distance before he corrects you. It is -- more likely than not, he will let you t- -- continue in the wrong direction until you get the revelation that something is wrong in your life, and then when you turn around and cry out and say, oh, Jesus, what is wrong in my life, he will say, well, do you remember five years ago when you had that choice? Remember that? Now it does not have to happen that way, but it can happen that way, so the Lord has a lot of mercy on me, and he knows that I am continuously doing everything I can to hear and obey his instructions because I do not like paying the consequences. If I cannot help it, I cannot help it, but I am doing the best I can. So prophecy is the creative word of the Lord, and prophesy.

Oh, I do have a comment on this phrase, “Meshech and Tubal.” The w- -- He- -- the word -- the Hebrew word translated “and” is in fact not a Hebrew word, but it is a prefix. It is a single letter [?of?], and it can also be translated -- in addition to “and,” it can be translated “namely” or “specifically.” In other words, the Scripture is not so much saying Meshech and Tubal, but it is saying Meshech, who more particularly is Tubal. It is just like me saying and the Father’s bride is the man, and more specifically the spiritual aspect of man. Can you hear that? Or the human spirit. And you need to know that for you to say amen to the Alternate Translation that I have for you here.

And what it is going to say is that poisonous plant, Satan’s barbarous human offspring -- that is Meshech, that poisonous plant, Satan barbarous human offspring. That is Meshech, and more specifically the mind of that barbarous human offspring, Tubal. Meshech, that barbarous nation of men, but more specifically the mind of that barbarous nation of men. Can you hear it? It is the same thing as saying the Father’s wife. He is joining with his wife, but more specifically with the spiritual aspect of that wife, the human spirit. That is what the Scripture is saying. Now I have another comment for you here. Th- -- I have a comment for you on Tubal. Tubal is the fifth son of Japheth. Five is the number of ministry, and I suggest to you that Tubal signifies the second generation of Satan’s carnal mind. Please remember that the corporate carnal mind in which Satan is appearing, which is the unconscious mind of fallen Adam, is the first generation of the carnal mind.

And to understand this better, we liken it -- let me remind you that the Lord Jesus Christ is the first generation of Christ and that in this hour the Lord Jesus Christ is one with Jehovah. So the first generation of Christ has been completely spiritualized and is now one with Jehovah and appearing as the unconscious mind of the new man and that the second generation of Christ is Christ Jesus who is being developed in you, who is not yet perfected. We have the same experience with Satan. Satan, who has -- is a- -- operating in the role of spirit, is now one with the first generation of the carnal mind, that carnal mind that he raised up to kill or to break the bones of Christ. Satan is now one with that first generation of the carnal mind, and he is appearing as the unconscious mind of fallen man. And the second generation of the carnal mind is the individual which is appearing in men who are living out of their fallen minds today.

So we see that -- I had s- -- a note here on the sixth son. Why did I not read that? Jesus. OK. Japheth is the sixth son of the descendants -- of his descendants. Meshech is the sixth son of Japheth, six being the number of man, so Meshech, typifying the barbarous people, and Tubal is the fifth son, five being the number of ministry, and I suggest to you that five is typify the mind because the m- -- spiritual ministry truly comes from the mind. So we see that the descendants in the earth today of Shem and Japheth are men who are partially Shem in their barbarous, external humanity, and the other part of them is Tubal, which is the condition, the barbarous condition, of their carnal mind. Shem and Japheth mixed together, if you can think about butter and flour. You are making a cake. The two ingredients mixed together, became one new substance. The barbarous man plus the barbarous carnal mind got mixed together, and then out of that mixture, pieces were pulled to form individual human beings that were part Shem and part Japheth. They were Shem in their barbarous humanity and Japheth in the barbarous condition of their mind. Can you hear it? OK. Praise the Lord. OK.

Alternate Translation, the second half of Ezekiel 38:2. We are talking about the prince. Let me read you the English. “The chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him.” “The poisonous plant, Satan’s barbarous human offspring and more specifically Satan’s mind,” OK.

I moved the phrase, “and prophesy against him.” I moved that up into Verse 3. We will do that with Verse 3.

Alternate Translation, Ezekiel 38:1-2, “Adam’s descendant or Adam’s descendants, all of us, direct your attention towards your own carnal mind, which is Satan’s dwelling place, that poisonous plant, Satan’s barbarous human offspring, and more specifically Satan’s mind.”

Amplified translation, Verses 1 and 2, “Adam’s descendants, direct your attention towards your carnal mind, that poisonous plant, which is Satan’s mind dwelling in his barbarous human offspring.”

And I suggest to you that the Lord is speaking to everyone who is living as a fallen man, which is all of us. We are all, in some area, living as a fallen man. Let me give it to you again.

Amplified translation, Ezekiel 38:1-2, “Adam’s descendants, direct your attention towards your carnal mind, that poisonous plant, which is Satan’s mind dwelling in his barbarous human offspring.”

I have a witness for you. Revelation 2:13, Jesus speaking, “I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is.”

This is Jesus speaking to members of his church. He is telling them I know that you live in Satan’s seat. He is saying I know that you are living out of your carnal mind, and we have a whole church world that think they are incapable of sin. May God have mercy on their soul, and may their eyes be opened, and may the light shine on them, that they might confess their sins because without confession, brethren, there is no remission of sin. You must appropriate the work of the cross through confession of sin. You are dwelling in your carnal mind, which is Satan’s country. You are living out of his territory.

“I know thy works and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain amongst you, where Satan dwelleth.”

OK, I suggest to you that Antipas typifies the Christ mind in some believers where the carnal mind was strong enough to rise up and break down the bones of Christ, and Jesus is indicting this element of his church, saying, I know what happened in you, and I know that the reason Satan was strong enough to kill Christ was because you were living out of him. When the believer lives out of him, it strengthens him. And how do you live out of your carnal mind? It means that you agree with him. If you are not living out of your carnal mind, it means Christ in you is beating down your carnal mind, beating down his thoughts, resisting him, aggressively resisting him continuously.

Brethren, if you call yourself a Christian and you are not in active warfare against your own carnal mind -- do not tell me about your brothers. Do not tell me about your fathers. Do not tell me about your husband. Do not tell me about your neighbor. If you are not in active resistance against your own carnal mind, you are living out of your carnal mind because, if you do not fight, you are a prisoner of war. And the only way you could possibly live out of Christ is to be in constant with your carnal mind because he is not going to let you do it. Your carnal mind is not going to let you live out of Christ. He is going to resist your efforts, and if you do not resist him, you are completely given over to him, and that is just a -- the truth of the Scripture.

Continuing with Ezekiel 38:3, “And prophesy against your carnal mind, and say unto him, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.”

So we already dealt with, “And prophesy against him.” I did that earlier. “And say, Thus says the Lord God.” The Hebrew word translated “Lord” means “possessor” or “owner,” and the Hebrew word translated “God” is “Jehovah.”

I would like to take a minute to point out to you that this expression, Lord God, or this word translated “possessor” or “owner” is found or we found it in -- well, I am sorry that I do not have the scriptural reference for you. I did -- the Lord gave me this the last minute, but I am taking this Alternate Translation out of our temptation series. I think this is in Matthew, the account of the ch- -- of the temptation in Matthew, but I may be wrong. I did not write it down.

In any event, it is Verse 7, and this is how it reads. “But Jesus said to his carnal mind, there is a new mind being revealed through the living soul, and you ha-” -- now this is Jesus speaking to the carnal mind. “And you have no authority to test that new mind, which is Christ, your God, the one who owns you.” “And you, carnal mind, have no authority to test that new mind, which is Christ, who is your God, the one who owns you.” And we see in Ezekiel, Chapter 38, Verse 4 or Verse 3, we see Jehovah pronouncing himself the owner of this creation.

Now this creation is a creation gone wild, and we think that we own ourselves, but we do not own ourselves. We are bought with a price. Even if we do not acknowledge Jesus Christ or his redemption, we do not own ourselves. We have been sold under sin, and if Christ does not own you, Satan owns you. Jehovah sold us, brethren. He sold us to Satan, and he made Satan the God of this world, and we live here under Satan’s authority. How do I know? Satan has the authority to kill us, and everyone ever born into this world system except Jesus of Nazareth has died and stayed dead. But in Christ we have become the purchased possession of Christ, our new owner, Lord and master, the one who owns us.

Brethren, there is a spiritual deity which owns humanity. An individual man is not his own. We have a God, and that God dwells in the midst of us, and he has the power of life and death over us. And the fact that most of us do not know that he is there does not change the reality. You are either owned by Christ, or you are owned by Satan, and if you think that is not true, let me see you keep yourself alive when Satan calls in your chips. You cannot do it, brethren. You do not have power to keep your own soul alive. That means you do not own yourself.

Do not get all carried away because Satan is a poor mother and she is letting you do all the wrong things and punishing you for all the right things you do in your life. Your true Father has returned unto you, and he is reversing the tables. You are about to begin to become or are already being chastised for your evil and rewarded for your good. Satan chastens you for your good and rewards you for your evil, and the wages of sin is death, so you lose with Satan both ways. Even when she rewards you, her reward is death. Her blessing is death, and her curse is death, but with Christ, brethren, his blessing is life, and also is his curse life because when God curses you, it brings judgment that produces life. Hallelujah.

So prophesy against your carnal mind, and say, thus saith the Lord who owns you, the one who owns you; Behold, I am against you, O Gog. You carnal mind, I am against you. Your carnal mind, which is the poisonous plant that was found in Shem and Japheth. You are the poisonous plant, that same poisonous plant which is now being found -- which is now being expressed as Satan’s mind, which is dwelling in a barbarous human offspring, also known as fallen Adam. I do not know about you, but these translations hit me so powerfully.

You see, I have no problem with the phrase, fallen Adam. Well, fallen Adam, so we are fallen, la-dee-da-dee-da-dee. But when God says to me, you are a barbarous mind dwelling in a barbarous human offspring, I want to tell you that strikes fear in my heart. I listen twice. My head raises up, and I look. Barbarous offspring, barbarous mind. I thought I was just fallen. Well, I cannot help it. The Lord is calling his people barbarians. We are spiritual barbarians, deserving nothing but death, brethren.

And when -- I find, consistently, when the true spiritual message comes forth, the indictment is so powerful that I feel like an electric shock has been channeled through me, and the amazing part of the whole thing is that it is truly without condemnation. It is just simply the truth, and it is a truth which will stir up conviction in you, which will stir up a godly fear in you, a godly concern in you. I thought I was just fallen.

Do you know what that reminds me of? When I was in Paris years ago, we stayed in a, probably, 10th class hotel on the Left Bank. That is a joke. It was a -- not the best quality hotel on the Left Bank, which is known -- that is a place where the artists hang out. It is like our Greenwich Village. And it was discovered that the place was running with cockroaches, and when I first realized that it was being overrun with cockroaches, I was very upset, but the friend that I traveled with, trying to calm me down said to me, oh, Sheila, they are not really cockroaches. They are mostly in the bathroom, and they are just water bugs. And I said, oh, they are just water bugs. Hmm, OK. I have a problem with cockroaches, but water bugs, that does not bother me too much. I am telling you the truth. I am laughing at myself right now, but I am telling you the truth. I said, oh, water bugs, that is not too bad, and I just proceeded to take my shoe and splatter them on the wall every time I found them, you know, for the few days or the week or whatever that we stayed in that hotel.


Huh? Nothing changed. The hotel did not change. I did not change. The bugs did not change. They looked the same; they walked the same; they acted the same. But someone told me they were not cockroaches. They were just water bugs, and I said water bugs I can deal with; cockroaches I cannot deal with. I mean, talk about denial, brethren. I am telling you, denial. Jesus. OK. This is going pretty well this morning. I hope you are enjoying this. I have a good perception in my spirit about this.

Alternate Translation, Ezekiel 38, Chapter 3 -- Verse 3, “And speak Jehovah’s words against your carnal mind, saying, this is what Jehovah, your owner, has to say to you. All you sons of Adam, I, the living God, am against you. I, the one who owns you” --

What does that mean? The one that has the power of life and death over you, I am mad at you. I am your enemy. I, the one who has the power to kill you, I am your enemy. You silly fools out there running to and fro, saying God loves everybody. He loves you, but he hates your sin, and he is against you because you are in full agreement with your sin. He is not just against your demons. He is against you because there is no separation in your mind between you and your demons. You are one. Until such time as repentance comes forth, then you separate.

OK, all you sons of Adams -- of Adam, this is what Jehovah has to say to you: Jehovah, your owner, is against you. You wicked, carnal mind, you poisonous plant, which is Satan’s mind dwelling in his barbarous, human offspring, which you are. Who, me? I did not mean it. I did not know [?anybody?] -- any better. I am innocent. It is my brother who did it, not me. Oh, really? And when the scourge falls on you, saith the Lord, your excuses shall do you no good, for my ears shall be shut unto you, saith God, and my heart shall be shut unto you, and I will have no pity, nor will I have any mercy, nor will I withdraw my hand from you, saith the Lord. When my scourge falls upon you, I shall not hear your prayers, nor shall I hear your cries for help, and I will turn from you, saith God, and you -- and I shall not be found of you, but you who have had an opportunity to repent and have not repented, you shall not -- I am sorry. I shall not be found of you again until every last jot and last tittle of my judgment has fallen upon you.

There is another word in my head. I cannot get it out. It is in the Scriptures, something about the scourge. What is it, the flying scourge or the -- something -- I know it is in there. I could not get it out. Some kind of scourge comes upon you. Jesus.

Continuing with Ezekiel 38:4, “And I will turn thee back, and put hooks in thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses, and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armor, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords.”

“To turn back” means “to be converted.” “And put hooks in thy jaws” -- the word translated -- the Hebrew word translated “and,” once again, is not a word. It -- but it is that Hebrew letter, vav, which is used as a prefix. And, again, this Hebrew letter can be translated “namely” or “specifically” or “particularly.” So what are we saying? I will turn thee back; specifically, I will put a hook in your jaw. In other words, this is how I am going to turn you back. It is not that I will turn you back and put a hook in your jaw, but I will turn you back specifically by placing hooks in your jaws.

“Hooks,” Strong's 2397, it means “a ring.” It is a ring [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- one of the translations of this word is “a ring which is put through the perforated nostrils of animals which are to be tamed and through which a cord was attached.” In other words, that you would put the ring in the animal’s nose, put a rope through it and lead him, but this word can also be translated “a hook or a clasp which fastens together the garments of a woman.” We are going to choose that second translation, and we are going to spiritualize it.

I remind you that this soul, which is God’s wife, spiritually speaking, is a woman, and that the garment of the spirit, which is dwelling within us, is the mind. The mind is the undergarment, and the soul is the outer garment. And I want to remind you that, in this hour, the carnal mind is divided. Christ is not divided, but the carnal minds of men are divided. How do I know? Men everywhere are killing each other, fighting each other, disagreeing with each other. Even little children are hitting their head -- their brothers over the head for or a toy. We are divided in our carnality. We are divided in our difference of opinions.

Brethren, there is no difference of opinion in Christ. Now that does not make you a robot or a clone, but somehow, I do not have all the answers, in Christ you will be more creative than you have the opportunity to be in your carnal mind. But despite the expression of your f- -- the full expression of your creativity, there will be no difference of opinion. You will all be saying the same thing, but a different way, just like the many instruments of an orchestra harmonize. And if you think back, you will realize that many times, as I teach you, I will say the same thing in three or four different ways, hopefully imparting an understanding to you. So everyone through whom the mind of Christ is manifesting may not be saying the same words, but we will be speaking the same spiritual truths and the same spiritual principles, and our lives will be an expression of the same spiritual truth and the same spiritual principle, but we will be 100 percent in agreement. There shall be no conflict in all of God’s holy mountain. The conflict in this world system is a perversion.

So I suggest to you that that which is being connected together again by having rings put through it is the divided mind and the divided soul of fallen Adam. Now I do have some Scriptures to point that up for you, if you can hear it. I pray that God helps you to hear it. I think, personally, this is pretty clear, if you can hear it. And you know that I will tell you, that if I am suggesting something to you that is really hard to perceive, I will tell you that, but I think that this is pretty clear, although not 100 percent clear, if you can hear it.

Oh, before I get to that, let me give you the word, “jawbone.” “And I shall put a hook into thy jaws.” Strong's 3895, the more accurate translation is “jawbone,” not just “jaws,” but “jawbone.” And Gesenius -- is it -- Gesenius says that the suggestion here is that beasts of prey i- -- when their jaw is broken -- beasts of prey, dangerous animals, when you break their jaw and you extract their teeth, they are not dangerous anymore. So this concept is suggesting beasts of prey, which we are. Remember, we are a barbarous offspring, but the Lord is going to break our jaws and extract our teeth, and we will no longer be able to do any harm. And I do not know about you, but I have taken some Scriptures out of the Psalms and frequently prayed, Lord, break the teeth of my enemy. Break their teeth; break their jaws; break their bones. Now we are not talking about human people; we are talking about the spiritual formation of the carnal mind, which is biting us.




Amen, carnal minds of men, and the demons are a part of those carnal minds. So, once again, the Scripture is suggesting that the Lord shall break the spiritual jaws and teeth of humanity, of fallen humanity, which is their carnal minds, and he is going to put rings in their broken jaws so that a cord can be run through them to fasten our minds and souls together.

As a witness, I would like to give you the Book of Exodus 25:12-14, and this is the Lord giving instruction as to how to transport the ark of God. “And thou shalt cast four rings of gold for it, and put them in the four corners thereof; and two rings shall be in the one side of it, and two rings in the other side of it. And thou shalt make staves of shittim wood, and overlay them with gold. And thou shalt put the staves,” or the sticks, “into the rings by the sides of the ark, that the ark may be borne with them.”

Does anyone not know what this is talking about? There is a carrying case that is in several -- there is a carrying case, and no one was allowed to touch the ark. You were not allowed to touch it, so the Lord said, well, make rings with a screw on them, and s- -- well, that is not exactly what the Scripture is saying. I just want you to understand this. And screw the rings into the ark, one at this end of the ark, one at the near end of the ark, one at the far end of the ark. Screw a ring in, in the middle, and take a long stick, and stick the stick through all the rings, and do the same thing on the other side. And then take four men, one at each end of the two sticks, and when they pick up the stick which is run through the rings, the whole casing of the ark will rise, and therefore the ark can be transported without a man touching the ark because we found that a man touched the ark, and he died. And David was very upset with the Lord for killing that man, if you remember. I think his name was Uzzah, something like that, Uzzah, I think. He touched the ark. He thought he was doing g- -- brethren, he thought he was helping God, but he broke God’s law to try and help him, and he touched the ark, and he died, and David was very upset with God. God did not raise the man from the dead, but he said, this is what you can do. Put these rings in the ark, and stick the wood through them, and just obey me, and no one is going to get hurt. You have to do it God’s way.

We are speaking about putting hooks into the jaws of the carnal mind. I have a New Testament witness for you also, Colossians 1:20, “And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven.” He is reconciling everything into one. Everything which is divided is being joined and is going to be one, nevertheless, with full potential to express our creativity. We shall not be clones.

So this is the judgment pronounced upon the carnal mind. God is very angry because, in her separation, in her division is her strength and her ability to do evil. The joining together of the divided carnal mind will be sapping her of her strength. The Lord is not promising punishment for punishment’s sake, but he is saying I am going to rearrange you. I am going to change you. I am going to correct you so that you will stop doing this evil. I am going to fix you. A modern-day word is rehabilitate. Man really -- rarely, rehab succeeds at rehabilitation, but our God has the power to rehabilitate. He does not have to burn you in Hell forever. He does not have to torture you. He does not have to punish you for all eternity. He is your Lord and master. He has created you, and he has the full authority, which is the ability to make you work where you are now not functioning.

He not only fixes broken legs and says, rise up and walk. He not only fixes diseased bodies and says, live and not die, but he fixes malfunctioning minds and says, function, that you might live and not die. Why? Because I am the God of univer- -- of the universe, and I destroy minds that are not functioning. Why? Because minds that are not functioning do evil. Minds that are not functioning are not passive; they are evil. They are criminal. They are destructive.

Therefore, I shall destroy you, saith the Lord. I shall destroy your ability to destroy, and I shall join you to the one who owns you, and he shall control you, saith God, for you need to be controlled. You are criminal, and you need a law, and I shall join you to the law, which is in my son, and he shall control you, and he shall preserve you, and you shall cease from your destruction pattern -- destructive pattern, and you shall become righteous. And there is no law against a righteous man, saith the Lord, therefore I shall cease from killing you and shall rescind my pronouncement of death upon you when you stop performing death.

But I shall not pardon you, saith the Lord. I shall not pardon one whit or one jot or one tittle of your sin so long as it remains in your heart, but I shall root it out, and I shall destroy it, and I shall burn it, and you shall be holy and righteous and virtuous. And because there is no longer any need for a judgment of death upon you, I shall rescind your judgment, and I will turn thee back. I will convert thee, and I will put hooks in your jaws. I am going to reconcile you all into one, and I will bring you forth. The Hebrew says “to bring out.” I will bring you out. Bring us out of where, brethren? I suggest to you, bring us out of Hell. The real you, if you are hearing this message, most likely, or if Christ is being formed in you, your true reality is Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus is being brought out of the Hell of your very own carnal mind, which is no longer the real you. Christ Jesus is being formed within your carnal mind, and the Lord is promising to bring him out from under her.

Revelation 1:5 says, “And from Christ Jesus, who is the faithful witness, the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood.”

The interlinear, which is the King James too, says, “The first born out of the dead,” or the first born out of this realm of death or the first one born into the realm -- into the spiritual realm of God. Jesus, the Christ, was the first one that actually was birthed out of this world into the true reality of the spiritual realm of God. This whole world is in utero, brethren. It is in utero, and the baby died while we -- while he was in his mother’s womb. We are being raised from the dead in utero. By the time we are born, we will be raised from the dead. In fact, that birth into God’s kingdom, that full birth, is the resurrection of the dead.

“And I will turn thee back.” I will convert thee. I will put hooks in your jaws. I am going to rejoin you and your mind and your soul. I am going to bring you out of Hell and, with you, all of your army, your horses and your horsemen.

Well, let us take that a little bit at a time. And along with you, I am bringing out your armies. “Armies,” Strong's 2428, the translation of that word which I have chosen, that I feel goes along with this verse, is “virtue.” It is amazing. The word is “armies.” A legitimate translation is “virtue,” “uprightness,” “integrity,” “fitness,” and it also can be used to describe a virtuous woman or an upright man. And I suggest to you that this word, “armies,” is speaking about the men in whom Christ is manifesting.

Now, remember, the verse before says I will bring you out. He is bringing Christ Jesus in us out from Hell, and along with Christ Jesus, he is bringing the soul that Christ Jesus is dwelling in, and the soul is female in relationship to Christ. So the Scripture is saying, I am bringing Christ Jesus out of Hell and also the virtuous woman, which is his wife; I am bringing her out of Hell also. Now we know, brethren, that Christ’s wife is no virtuous woman. On the contrary, she is a harlot. She is typified by Jezebel and a worker of witchcraft. So I suggest to you, corporately speaking, to all of humanity and to everybody within the voice or the sound of this prophecy -- and I believe it is for everybody whose ears it is coming to -- I say unto you, the Lord is bringing Christ in you out from Hell, and, with him, he is bringing your soul out, but she is not coming out until she has become a virtuous woman.

Your soul, your emotions, your feelings shall not be translated into heaven while she is still a harlot, therefore the judgment of the Lord is come unto you saith God, and I shall judge your sin, and I shall publicly abase you, if necessary. But I shall kill that poisonous plant, and I shall rip her up, and I shall root her out, and she shall cease to exist. And though your sins were scarlet, you shall be white as snow, and you shall accompany your husband in his exodus from this land called Hell. Praise the Lord, a lot of prophecy this morning.

So along with Christ Jesus, he is bringing out his armies, which we find out is his many-membered wife, and his horses and his horsemen. The Hebrew word translated “horse” is Strong's 5483, and “horsemen” is Strong's 6571. Gesenius indicates that both of these words mean “horse,” but, apparently, in the Hebrew language, there is a clear distinction between the horse which is used to transport a rider, a horse which bears a saddle and carries a man, and the horse which is trained to pull a chariot. The functions and the training of the horses were so radically different that the Hebrew language gives each category of horse a different name. And perhaps and probably so -- I think the Lord just told me this, that a different breed of horse or two different breeds of horses are used, one to carry a rider on his back and the other to draw a chariot.

So we see the Hebrew word translated “horse” as the word which means -- let me get you the right answer here. The Hebrew word translated “horse” is used to describe horses with men on horseback, and that is Strong's 5483, and in Isaiah 28:28, we see that word translated to describe horses treading out the corn, and that, I suggest to you, is the harvest. So we see this word used, this word ch- -- “horse,” translated 5483, used to describe the believer who has the power in Christ to separate Christ from the carnal mind. That is what the harvest is.

And Zechariah 10:3 says, “Mine anger was kindled against the shepherds, and I punished the goats: for the Lord of hosts has visited his flock the house of Judah, and hath made Judah his goodly horse in the battle.”

So we see this word typifying a horse that can carry a rider, and the rider is God, is typifying Judah in the Scripture. And I therefore suggest to you, although I have no proof, that the other Hebrew word, Strong's 6571, which are the horses that pull the chariots, are typifying the 10 tribes of Israel. So we see Christ is coming out of captivity. He is bringing his many-membered wife with him. He is bringing Judah, and he is bringing Israel, the 10 tribes of Israel, all of them clothed with all sorts of armor. The signification of clothing is the spiritual garments that we wear.

2 Corinthians 5:4 says, “For we that are in this tabernacle do groan, being burdened: not for what we would be unclothed” -- we are not waiting to have something ripped out of us so much as we are raiti- -- waiting to be “clothed upon, that mortality might be swallowed up of life.”

The -- although some Scriptures indicate that the evil is being ripped out of us, more specifically what is happening is that our evil nature is being joined to the Christ nature. We are being clothed upon with the Christ nature, which is defusing or making impotent the carnal mind. We are being clothed upon.

And they are coming out, the horses, the horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armor. Now these words, “of armor,” is not in the Hebrew, but the Hebrew word translated “all sorts of” is translated “most perfectly” in the interlinear, so this is a translation that I do not even know where they got it from. In other words, the Scripture is saying they are coming out clothed with perfection, so we see that the s- -- that the mind is being made virtuous and the soul, which is the outer garment, which clothes the mind, is coming out perfected. The mind is being made virtuous. That carnal mind, which is evil, is being made virtuous, and the soul, which is a wicked city, is being made perfect. When the mind is made righteous, the soul shall be perfected. I have two witnesses for you on that. I know it is getting late. I am going to ask you to hold on. I just feel to finish this. Hopefully, we will do it in about 15 minutes. I would like to go through, if you could just hang in there with me, OK. I have two witnesses for you.

Hebrews 6:1 says, “Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith towards God.”

So we see perfection is of the soul. Holiness or virtuosity is of the mind, and the spirit -- what is the word for the spirit, anybody? And righteousness is of the spirit. Virtue or sinlessness is of the mind, and the soul is perfected, and we are complete in him, or we are perfected in him when our husband, Christ Jesus, dwells in the midst of us.

And Psalms 50:2 says, “Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined.”

I looked up the Hebrew word translated “beauty,” and it is speaking about the beauty of the woman, so I suggest to you that is a witness that it is the soul which will be beautified. OK.

We are still dealing with, hmm, Verse 4. Christ Jesus is being delivered out of Hell with his many-membered wife, which is Judah and the ch- -- and the 10 -- and the tribes of Israel, and they are all going to be clothed with virtuosity and perfection, a great company of them. The word, “great,” just means “large.” The Hebrew word translated “company” is Strong's 6951; it means “a large assembly,” and it is frequently used to describe the congregation of Israel.

So, Christ Jesus, he is breaking out of Hell, and he is taking the whole congregation of Israel with him, and all of them will have bucklers and shields and be handling swords. They are going to be armed. Everyone that Christ Jesus is bringing out will be armed. Nobody is coming out a helpless babe. We will be strengthened first and then follow him out, participating in the war to the fullest degree that we are able.

“Bucklers” is Strong's 6793; it is “a shield of a larger kind.” It is a shield that covers the whole soldier. And the Hebrew word translated “shields” is Strong's 4043, which is “a smaller shield.” And I suggest to you that the buckler, the shield that covers the whole body, is the Lord Jesus Christ, and the smaller shield is Christ Jesus, the formation of Christ in us. “All of them handling swords” -- the phrase, “all of them,” is not in the Hebrew. “Handlers” is Strong's 8610, and it can be translated “to enclose in gold” or “to overlay with gold.” And I suggest to you that the correct translation or that the meaning of the Scripture, when it says “handling swords,” is not so much that they are proficient at fighting with the sword, but that the intention of the Scripture is a sword covered with gold.

The Hebrew word translated “sword,” they are -- you may know there are two kinds of swords spoken about in the Scripture. The Hebrew word translated “sword” here is Strong's 2719, and it means “circumcising knife.” Who is the circumcising knife? Christ Jesus is the circumcising knife. He is being formed underneath your carnal mind, and he is circumcising himself. He is cutting away that carnal mind so that he can come forth in his full spiritual manhood. This experience is known as the circumcision without hands or the circumcision of your stony heart. So we see the circumcising knife, Christ Jesus, overlaid with gold. Gold typifies deity, and deity, spiritually speaking, is spirit. I suggest to you Christ Jesus in you is coming forth clothed with the Spirit of Christ. He is not coming out alone. Jesus said, I am never alone. The Father is always with me. So we see that we do not have Christ Jesus alone, but we have the Spirit of Christ, which is the Father, there present as we are brought forth out of Hell.

Alternate Translation, Ezekiel 38:4, “And I shall convert you and make you into an undivided soul and bring Christ Jesus out of Hell and all of his many-membered, virtuous wife, which is Judah and the tribes of Israel, all of them clothed with perfection, the great congregation protected by the Lord Jesus Christ” -- that is the shield -- “and Christ Jesus” -- that is the small shield -- “overlaid circumcising knives.”

That is not the best English. I will give you an amplified version in good English in just a minute. I would just like to remind you and to put in this message that this Scripture is saying that the wife of God is Judah and Israel. Of course, in this hour, the offer of God for salvation has gone to all of humanity, and we have other messages where we have found Scriptures indicating that, as far as God is concerned, there is a spiritual Israel. There is a definitely spiritual Israel, and that is the whole world. The offer of salvation has been given to the whole world, and Judah, spiritually speaking, are those believers in whom Christ is appearing in his fullness. Judah was the tribe which ruled over the whole nation of Israel. Judah is the royal tribe. Judah is the tribe through which the k- -- the royal seed or the kings came forth, so, spiritually speaking, Judah are the members of the body of Christ in whom Christ is appearing in his fullness, and the rest of the world is Israel. This salvation is to the entire world.

This salvation is not promised to every human being who has ever appeared on the face of the earth, but this salvation is promised to the spiritual being who has been appearing in many members through the generations. The human beings which have appeared over the many generations can be likened unto the leaves on a tree. They appear for a season, and they die, and they fall off, and they never rise again, but the fact that they fall off and never rise again does not in any way steal the life force of the tree. But the life force of the tree, which is in the roots which are underground, which are unseen, abide and condinu- -- continue to produce new leaves, each in their season.

But we are told in another place in the Scripture that, in that hour that the soul is perfected and that our mind has become virtuous, which has resulted in the soul being perfected, in that hour, the tree of life shall produce a crop of leaves which shall never fade. They shall never die, and they shall never w- -- they shall never fall away, and, in fact, let me remind you that what has happened to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which has leaves which fall off and are never seen again, is that that tree of the knowledge of good and evil has been joined to and made one with the tree of life because, you may recall, that tree of the knowledge of good and evil is only a partial tree, if you remember the teaching from the Book of Genesis. And that partial tree, the Lord says, was to abide within the tree of life, but she disobeyed, and she separated out. Who? The tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and embarked upon an independent existence, an existence independent of the tree of life, and she died, and therefore the leaves that she produces exist for a season and die, and therefore the human beings who appear on the face of this earth live here for a season and die.

But in the hour that the tree of life is joined completely -- I am sorry, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is joined completely to the tree of life, the life, which is in the root of the tree of life, shall overtake the death, which is in the partial tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And in that union, which is known as the crucifixion of Christ, the joining of Christ to the carnal mind, permanently, in that union shall be the power or shall be found the power. Within the corporate tree shall be found the spiritual strength to produce leaves or human beings which shall not die and fall off of the tree.

So whoever -- whatever the human being is or whoever is existing -- whatever human being has been formed of the clay, in that hour that Christ is taken out of Hell and in that hour that his mind of Christ is made virtuous, which is really saying that the human spirit is returned unto virtue, in that hour, the soul shall be made perfect, and the body that she is living in shall be preserved, and that crop of trees will never fall off and die. But the leaves that have died over the many generations have been recycled. They are just clay. Your true reality is spirit. The true reality of the creation is spirit. That whole true reality of the creation is being raised from the dead, but the many generations of leaves, brethren, have been mulched. They have been chopped up, and they have decomposed, and they have been recycled into that last generation of souls and bodies which are clothing the spiritual life which is the reality of this creation.

Amplified translation, Ezekiel 38:4, “And I shall convert you by bringing Christ Jesus and all of the many members of his virtuous wife, Judah and the tribes of Israel -- his virtuous wife, which is Judah and the tribes of Israel, out of Hell, and all of the great congregation of circumcising knives, which are overlaid by the Spirit of Christ shall be clothed with an undivided, perfected soul.”

Let me try it again. The Lord is speaking to humanity. “And I shall convert all of you by bringing Christ Jesus and all of the many members of his virtuous wife, which is the sons of God and all of humanity, out of Hell, and I shall call them all of the great congregation of Christ Jesus, which are overlaid by the Spirit of Christ, and they shall be clothed with an undivided, pert- -- perfected soul.” Who? Christ Jesus and the Lord Jesus Christ shall be clothed with an undivided, perfected soul.

Alternate Translation, Ezekiel 38:1-4, “Adam’s descendants, direct your attention towards your own carnal mind, that poisonous plant which is Satan’s mind dwelling in his barbarous offspring. And speak Jehovah’s words against him, saying, this is what Jehovah, your owner, has to say to you: I am against you, you carnal mind, you poisonous plant, which is Satan’s mind dwelling in his par- -- in his barbarous human offspring.”

“And I shall convert you by bringing Christ Jesus forth in you and by bringing all of the many members of his virtuous wife, which is the sons of God and the rest of humanity, out of Hell, and all of the great congregation of men whose mind is Christ Jesus shall come out of Hell also, even the ones which are overlaid by the Spirit of Christ, and they shall be clothed with an undivided, perfected soul.”

Any questions or comments on today’s message? Can we please pause? [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

            Did you use the word, rings? And if so --


            -- what do they -- what did it mean? [?Typify?] [CROSSTALK]

I used the word, rings, with regard to the phrase, “And the Lord will put hooks in the jaws of the carnal mind,” and we found out that that Hebrew word translated “hooks” could be translated “rings” and that the significance is that we who are fallen and down here in Hell -- that we are divided from each other in our minds, and we are also divided -- we are separated physically, but we are divided in our minds, and that God is going to put rings in all of us and then put cords through that ring and draw us together, and we are going to be undivided and be one soul. That is the significance. And, of course, the extension of that is no more war, no more fights, no more division. It means total unity in Christ. Yeah?

One more thing, when Satan unifies, Satan unifies through the destruction of individuality, through the destruction of creativity, through the destruction of aspects of life. When Satan or fallen man unifies, it means we must give up creativity and freedom for the sake of the whole. But when Christ unifies, it -- well, of course, the whole comes into freedom. When Christ unifies, he does it by bringing all of us to our ultimate potential, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory, and we cease from being destructive, so Christ unifies through life. Yeah?

            I was just thinking [INAUDIBLE] made me think of Leviathan [INAUDIBLE]



Well, fallen man is Leviathan. We are Leviathan. In case you never heard me say it before, in Job 42 -- I believe it is Job 42. It may go back before that. We read about behemoth. I think behemoth might be Chapter 40 or 41, although I am not sure. First, we hear about behemoth, and then we hear about Leviathan. The overriding characteristic of behemoth is -- does anybody know?


Is what?


            Is it man? 



The overriding characteristic of behemoth is lust, and the overriding characteristic of Leviathan is pride. So we see in the early stages of the creation, the overriding characteristic of man is lust, and as he develops downward towards evil, his lust hardens into hardness of heart and evil and maliciousness. Lust leads us or seduces us, if we follow it, into severe sin. If we are pursuing the satisfaction of our lusts and we are pursuing it unrestrainedly, we are headed for trouble because we pursue the satisfaction of our lusts by the authority and the power which is found in pride, and we get to the point that we will do anything and sacrifice anybody to satisfy our lusts. And the end of the pursuit of the satisfaction of our lusts is typified by Leviathan in Job, Chapter 42 or 41.



-- and greater mercy and longsuffering, rewards the righteous and punishes the wicked. His name is merciful, and his name is high. His eyes are everywhere, running to and fro in the earth. Nothing escapes him, and every sin shall have its just recompense. It is the hour, saith the Lord, for the bringing down of the enemy of my people, and I shall bring her down, saith the Lord, into the dust, and she shall come down with a crash. Sit thou in the dust, oh, daughter of Babylon, for I have clipped thy wings, saith the Lord. Yea, I have stripped thee of thy power to hurt and to wound and to kill. Jesus.

My name is higher than yours, saith the Lord, and I shall be exalted, and my [?incense?] shall be seen, and men everywhere shall recognize me, saith the Lord. Yea, I shall be a God who hides himself for not very much longer, but I shall be revealed publicly, saith the Lord, and I shall be glorified in my people, and they shall be glorified because of me. And everyone that has known me and that knows me shall be revealed, and all of the imposters shall be revealed, and there shall be crying and wailing and gnashing of teeth and a great tumult as the ministries are exchanged.

For my people will no longer cleave unto the [?harling?], but they shall come unto my Son, saith the Lord, and they shall receive teaching, and they shall s- -- receive correction, and their hearts shall be converted, saith the Lord, and they shall leave off from dying, and they shall begin to live. And I shall not cease until I have completed the good work that I have started in them.

My name shall be known, saith the Lord, unto all the four corners of the earth. And those who have blasphemed me and repent shall be forgiven, and those who have blasphemed me and continue to blaspheme shall continue in their evil until they pass out of this world. And I shall reconcile all things unto me, saith the Lord, and I shall restore, and I shall rebuild, and I shall bring peace. And mighty shall be my peace, saith the Lord, and mighty shall be the peacekeepers, for there is no peace in weakness, saith God, but there is peace in military strength.

My armies are already upon the earth, saith God. I shall bring peace out of chaos, and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, and all shall worship me, saith the Lord, and there shall be peace in all of my holy mountain, for the enemy of God’s people and my enemy shall be found no more. She shall disappear, saith the Lord, underneath the cover and the feet of righteousness. She shall not be seen; she shall not be heard. She shall leave off from influence, saith God, and only my glory shall be seen in the earth.

Transcribed by Verbal Fusion, 07/27/16

08/02/16 1st Edit, rh


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