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Praise the Lord, brethren. I have Ecclesiastes 12 for you this afternoon. It was a real blessing to me doing that. I just wish it did not take me so long. I would just run through this whole Bible. I get so excited when I find out what the Lord is really saying to us. I just want to -- I think there might be an exhortation, if you will just bear with me for a minute. I would just like to see if there is anything that the Lord would like to say to you. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. [INAUDIBLE] Well, I guess we will just go right on with the message.

OK. Let us try it. Ecclesiastes 12. I have prepared through verse 8. If we can do it, we will get through verse 8.

“Remember now thy cry- -- Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, ‘I have no pleasure in them’; while the sun, or the light, or the moon, or the stars, be not darkened, nor the clouds return after the rain: In the day when the keepers of the house shall tremble, and the strong men shall bow themselves, and the grinders cease because they are few, and those that look out of the windows be darkened, and the doors shall be shut in the streets, and the sound of the grinding is low, and he shall rise up at the voice of the bird, and all the daughters of music shall be brought low; also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail: because man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets: Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. ‘Vanity of vanities,’ saith the preacher; all is vanity.”

The most interesting thing that has jumped out of me is that everything that seems to sound negative in these verses is really positive, and the one positive phrase -- that sounds positive, “and the almond tree shall flourish,” actually is negative. So I just find that very interesting, proving, once again, that the carnal mind sees everything as a mirror image. That would be to say if I held this Bible up in front of a mirror, and you tried to read these words out of the mirror, most likely you could not read them. I know could not read them. Maybe you can. Maybe you have some special skill, but mo- -- some people have all kinds of special skills, but I could not read it. So every time the carnal mind looks at spiritual things, she perceives them backwards, and particularly when she looks at the spiritual truth or any spiritual communication which is from the Father, she gets it all mixed up, completely reversed in her head.

And this principle, I really just began to understand it in its depth about six months ago when the Lord led -- allowed us to do the study on the temptation of Jesus. I always thought that Satan was a deliberate trickster, that he deliberately tricked Eve in the garden, that she -- I should call her she -- that she deliberately perverted the Scripture to Eve, and that she deliberately perverted the Scripture to Jesus in the temptation; but during that series, the Lord showed me this is not so. Satan just cannot get it straight.

The reason this world is such a mess is, of course, it is because she is evil, but if you want to look deeper into her problems -- like, we have sociologists and psychologists in the United States that justify every evil thing by looking into people’s motives. If we look into her motive, we will see that this poor thing just cannot cut it. She just cannot rule. She just cannot get this world straight. She thought that she could project the image of a world as well as Christ. She thought that she could do it, and she did it all right, but she did it in a way far inferior. Her product -- when Satan had stole [sic] the opportunity to construct -- spiritual speaking, construct this world, she did succeed at constructing a world, a world far inferior to that which was constructed and was to be constructed by the Father’s Christ, and a world far inferior than the Lord’s image of us, than the Lord’s vision for us, than the Lord’s purposes of us and for us. She has produced an inferior product that has resulted in torment and death for every man who is subject to the illusion of this world.

As we said last night, if you are a part of the picture, you are subject to it. You only are not subject to it when you are a painter of the picture, and the way we are escaping from our subjection to this corrupt picture is to ascend up above it, whereby we transfer from being an image in the picture to a painter of the picture, and in order to do that we need spiritual power. We need spiritual power which transcends that which man is born with, and it also requires spiritual power which transcends anything that man in his present condition can attain to without union, or outside of union, with the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no way we are getting up above the authority of the carnal mind which has painted this corrupt, fallen, unhappy world.

So, once again, the message of the hour is no matter how good spiritual events make you feel, no matter how good revelation makes you feel, whatever turns you on, we say in New York, you may have your pleasure for a moment in this world, but you will die with this world unless you join to the only one that can bring you up above it where the true life is. Hallelujah.

So just to give you some -- something to work with as I go through these verses, I find, once again, the Lords has -- probably this message is in every Scripture and every word of this whole Bible, but, once again, the Lord has led me to a series of Scriptures which are pronouncing the death of the mind which has constructed this world system, and the Lord is heralding boldly his plan for her destruction.

In case you do not know it, let me just -- maybe someone who is reading  the message will not know it. Let me put this on this message. The word of the Lord is creative. If it is truly Christ in me preaching, and it better be Christ in me, because if it is not Christ in me, I am going through all this persecution that I go through for nothing, and that is a sad day in my life, OK. So if it is truly Christ in me preaching this message, my words are spirit, and my words are life, and I am prophesying the death of the carnal mind. It is one thing to have it written in this book, in the letter, and it is something else to have it spoken into existence by the very life of God, even though still imperfect in this hour. And if Christ is in you, and the Christ in you is witnessing to this message, that means the Christ in you is also contributing to the creation of an image which opposes this existing image.

Can you hear it? The image of this world, the image of the individual, the image of the physical world, is spoken into existence. It does not have to be a verbal word. It is thought into existence by the carnal mind. It stands from second to second by the spiritual authority of the carnal mind just as a reel of the film of a moving picture will continue to appear on the screen so long as there are frames which are spinning past a bright, white light which is shining through them and projecting the image on the screen. For this world to continue to exist, it must be recreated, if you will, if you would like to use that word, from second to second, or from frame to frame of this corrupt moving picture.

In case you are interested, we actually found this principle in the Scripture in Ezekiel 1 when we looked up every single word. That is on the number 38 series, if you would like to study that one. I believe everything is in this book, and when we get an alternate translation on every word in this book, we may know where everything is, but then we may have to start in Genesis again and go a layer deeper, but everything is in this book, and, in my opinion, you do not need external books, unless God witnesses to you that there is another book here or there, but, once again, beware of these other gospels because most of them to date seem to be false.

OK. I guess there was an exhortation after all. If you would just bear with me a second, please.

OK. So we see that the reason the Lord keeps preaching his message -- he keeps preaching his message, death to the carnal mind, death to the carnal mind, death to the carnal mind. “I shall beat you into pieces,” saith the Lord, “and I shall separate my Christ from you. Even though he be dead in this hour, I shall separate his bones from you,” saith the Lord, “and I shall raise up the old waste places, and I shall stand again in power in this earth, and I shall preserve it,” saith the Lord, “and I shall give life unto it,” saith the Lord, “and death shall be found no more, for I shall purchase my purchased possession,” saith God, “and I shall rule the earth, yea, even the dust of the earth,” saith God, “who has chased my people. Yea, this dust has chased my people,” saith the Lord, “and has covered over the blood of my life which cries out from underneath the earth,” saith God, “but I shall recompense,” saith the Lord, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I shall destroy the one who has destroyed my people. Yea, this carnal mind shall go down,” saith the Lord, “and she shall not rise again, but my son shall stand for the life of the ages. And you who engage in this warfare with me,” saith the Lord, “you too shall stand with me in that last day. In the glory of my public appearance upon this earth, we shall appear together,” saith the Lord, “and you shall be in submission to me, but you shall be equal to me. And we shall break the bondages on creation,” saith the Lord, “and we shall set the captive free, and we shall raise the dead,” saith the Lord. “Not for a season, but we shall raise the dead Christ in every one of my people, and they shall live. And you shall not fall prey to corruption,” saith the Lord, “nor shall you bend your knee to greed or selfishness or pride, but you shall stand against all of the wiles of the enemy because I shall stand in you, and no man shall pluck you out of my hand. But be not deceived,” saith God, “I shall chasten you sore at the slightest deviation because I love you, and I shall keep you on the mark,” saith the Lord, “and I shall train the up as my beloved son, and thou shalt suffer many things, that thou shouldest learn obedience, and thou shall enter into glory with me, and thou shalt abide there with me forever.”

Hallelujah. There was a question in my mind today. Somebody or somebodies are wondering how I could come here and say the Lord is establishing the church in Lagos when there already is a church in Lagos, and there has been a church in Lagos for years. The answer, brethren, is that the established ministry which God offered this message to has refused it. This is my third trip to Lago- -- my third trip to Nigeria. I have been in Lagos all three times. The established ministry has refused this message, so the Lord has bypassed the established ministry, and he will raise up another ministry, and that is what is being done this time. If you can receive it, receive it; if you cannot receive it, put it on the shelf. The Lord will have his way. Every new move of the spirit has been rejected by the preachers of the move before. I wish that were not true, but it is true. So I encourage you to follow me as I follow Christ, but to follow Christ and to turn away from any preacher that is not following Christ, including me. Make him your head, and you shall never fail. Amen.

OK. Let us try this. Verse 1: ““Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, ‘I have no pleasure in them.’”

I have no idea what these eight verses are talking about, as far as the King James is concerned, so let me show you what the Lord has shown me. Verse 1. I am just going to give you my Alternate Translation, and then we will talk about it. I will point out to you, however, that there is a negative -- not.

“Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not.”

I mentioned to you in a prior teaching that there is a mystery in the Old Testament, especially in the prophets. The Lord has a secret name for Satan. He does not even acknowledge her. He calls her “nothing.” He calls her “wind.” Does not even call her by name, and there is a Hebrew word. It is Strong’s 3808. It is translated merely in the lexicons as “not” or “nothing,” but we do have a word study. It is in the 78 series somewhere, towards the latter end, where we did establish through usage of that word in the prophets, that God will use that small word as a symbol to Satan without actually giving her the power of a name. And this word “not” that I just read to you in verse 1 of Ecclesiastes 12, I want to suggest to you that it is not a negative in the form of the word “not,” but it is indeed a negative, and that negative is Satan. It is speaking about Satan. So let me give you the Alternate Translation, and then we will talk about it a little more.

“Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, when Satan” -- that is the “not” -- “when Satan’s evil day arrives and pierces through into the years when you shall be saying, ‘I will not pleased’” -- going on to verse 2 -- “‘until the sun, the light of the moon, and the stars, of this, Satan’s world, are darkened.’” That is what it is saying.

Let me just give you a couple of words that I looked up here. The word translated come in the King James, it can be translated to arrive a place, speaking about the evil days which are coming, the evil days when Satan is flexing her muscles in this world system. I would dare say we are in that place right now. The word “not” is speaking about Satan. And this word that I translated strike into -- let me tell you what word that was. “Now the years draw nigh when thou sh- -- days of the youth, while the evil days come not, nor the days draw nigh.” I am sorry. I did not write down the King James word, but it is Strong’s 5060, and it is in that verse 1, and it is speaking about passing from one season to another season. We hear about days and years and coming and drawing nigh -- that must be the word, drawing nigh. And that is what it is saying. In the days when things get tough, in the days when Satan pierces through and starts flexing her muscles, and you are still youthful, remember your creator. The answer to all of your problems is to remember your creator.

I would like to point out to you, once again, that this creation, where we are right now, we are young. I mentioned it last night. Let me go over it because it is really an important truth of this hour. Everything God does he brings forth from seed. The creation at the beginning of time was good but not perfect. It was -- it could be likened unto a conception or a fetus of -- a couple of days old. We are in -- we are still in utero right now, OK, and we are growing up. We could be likened to human children who have not yet attained to adulthood. Spiritually speaking, we are supposed to be asexual. We are not supposed to be practicing either manhood or womanhood at this time of our spiritual development. And manhoo- -- spiritual manhood and womanhood is speaking about the practice of spiritual power.

So have you ever wondered how come there are so many people in Satan’s kingdom exercising, especially here in Africa, a great deal of spiritual power -- illegal spiritual power, and there just does not seem to be the power in Christ? It is frustrating to serious believers, but I daresay, brethren, the age of our maturity has not yet arise -- arrived. We are no supposed to be exercising that intense spiritual power at this age. So all of the workers of witchcraft who are doing it are precocious spirit children who are way beyond their years. This is how God sees it.

If you can hear it, hear it; if you cannot, it is OK too, but do not be deceived. Many workers of witchcraft, they are deceived. They laugh at the Christians. They mock us. They think we are an inferior spiritual power, especially in societies where witchcraft is a common thing and people see the power of witchcraft. And I have heard testimonies right here in Nigeria of men and women who have experienced the power which is available in witchcraft, have renounced it, have become Christians, and out of utter frustration at the lack of power over their lives have turned back to the herbalist or to g- -- have gone to someone to cast a spell for them because they just could not seem to overcome the powers of darkness that way -- were making them sick or stealing their job, or some such problem.

And I am telling you that this is the answer to the problem. Christ is not yet moving in his full manhood, but we do have individuals in Satan who have matured before their time. We saw that in the Apostle Paul, and perhaps in the other apostles. They were cer- -- they certainly had more power than we do today, but, I do not know, maybe you know somebody who has that kind of power in Christ today. I do not. I wish I had it; I do not have it.

So the creation is a youthful creation. We are just approaching puberty now. I have been preaching this message for approximately one year. It came out when we did Daniel 12 just about a year ago. That was the beginning of this message coming forth. The creation of God is approaching puberty. Every human being must grow up either as a man or a woman. The hour in which the majority of people, except for these few precocious people that I just spoke about, every -- the average human being is neuter. We are not functioning in any defined sexual role. The hour is coming that every human being on the face of the earth shall grow up and pass into a condition of spiritual maleness or femaleness. To be a spiritual male, the mind of Christ must have matured in you. To be a spiritual female, the carnal mind must have matured -- or another way we could say it, have been completed in you. The Scripture says we are complete in him. You see, in our immaturity we are incomplete. So we shall either be completed [INAUDIBLE] Christ, or we shall be completed [INAUDIBLE], which describes this condition, which the Lord has given me is differentiated spiritual maturity. I have a message on it. It is a recent message. Sister Margaret [SP] has it.

Every human being on the face of the earth is going to begin to differentiate. We have got to go one way or the other. Right now we are like small children. You can look at their bodies and see if they are male or female. Some small children even have some characteristics, voice, maybe they are a little rougher than girls. That is -- we -- most of us know that girls are sitting there with their dolls; the boys are out there playing with frogs. I do not know. Do you have frogs here in Nigeria, [INAUDIBLE]? I mean, there is a truth that there is difference -- that there is a difference between little boys and little girls, but basically they are not functioning in their predefined sexual roles.

This is what man -- this is the condition that man is in today. We are neither completely righteous, nor are we completely evil. We are both, and little boys and little girls, although an emphasis might be on male or female, are both. We are neuter. We are neuter. We are neuter. The hour of puberty is at hand. So if you have heard me say this before and you think -- or anyone reading this message, if you think it is way out, it is not way out. It is in the Scripture, and there are several Scriptures that indicate that this condition of the soul, that we are youthful, that we are growing up. There are Scriptures that speak about manhood. There is one Scripture that speaks about the Lord looking up on Israel and saying if he looked at her and it was time for love -- it is a scriptural reality. Though most -- a lot of people are rejecting it, it is the truth whether you -- whoever rejects it, it is the truth, and if you reject it -- I smell something burning. I hope it is not that converter. Is it something outside? OK. And if you choose to reject this teaching, that means you will not be waging the warfare, and you shall differentiate onto the evil side.

Now, we found this principle when we did some Alternate Translations on the temptation, and, to be honest with you, when I recently, in this past week, read one of those Alternate Translations from the Book of Matthew where Satan was tempting Jesus with the bread, and I looked at my own Alternate Translation, I realized that at the time that I worked it up I did not even realize the depth of what I was saying because as I preach God brings -- God evolves and matures this doctrine in me as I preach it. So I look back at what I did six months ago, and I could radically see the difference. So when I read that Scripture just the other night, I said, oh, my goodness, Satan was saying to Jesus, “Mature this creation -- differentiate this creation on the evil side.” I did not realize it to the degree that I am preaching it now when I did the temptation series that that was what Satan was tempting Jesus to do: “I want these human beings, and I want them completed on the evil side.” Sounds like a science fiction movie, except there is no doubt in my mind that it is true.

And the only way you will mature into Christ is to fight this war. If you are not fighting, you are a prisoner of war, and you will either finish out your life and pass out of this world system, or you will stand up in evil. And the only example that I see of it in the Scripture is the [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. Now, as I mentioned to you the other night when we talked about [UNINTELLIGIBLE], apparently Jesus has the power to set this man free. Now, I could be wrong, but before I thought of the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] in that context, I was of the opinion that once a human being differentiated into evil, or completes into evil, that he loses his opportunity for deliverance. So I do not know whether that is not true, since we see that Jesus saved the [UNINTELLIGIBLE], or whether the Lord is saying if it gets that -- to that point, that it goes that far, well, he is just going to let you pass out into the draft. I am not sure. I am not sure. I do not have all the answers, but -- I do not know about you, but I do not want to try it. I would like to be completed in righteousness. I am not taking any chances.

So we see that the Lord is exhorting us in these evil days that this evil day -- Satan’s evil day, when it arrives, and it turns into the years when we shall be saying, “I will not be pleased until” -- going into verse 2 -- “the sun, the light of the moon and the stars of this world system are darkened.” The thing you should be doing is remembering your Creator, staying very close to him. Now, of course, the King James makes it sound like the Lord is saying he has no pleasure in them, but the way it looked to me when I wrote it up is that it is the individual who is saying that. And I do not know about you, but I am at that point now. Now, if you are not at this point, do not be condemned, but I really do not have pleasure in anything else, except the things of God. If you have pleasure in other things, that is OK. Do not be condemned because of me, but I am an example unto you as we transfer from carnality unto spirituality.

And as we transfer from death unto life, we will be dying to the things of this world. When the Scripture says that Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights and then he hungered, I am convinced that he was fasting from the pleasures of this world and that which he hungered for was dominion, or power, over his own soul and over this whole soul realm. Not power as you have seen -- workers of witchcraft desire power in this part of the world -- but the power which is in God for the purposes of God. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the thought of exercising spiritual power as long as you understand that the only way you can exercise the spiritual power and authority of Christ is to die to everything which is carnal that is within you because the Lord will not give you power over this world system to glorify yourself. He will not do it. If you want spiritual power in Christ, you have to do it the Lord’s way; you have to have the Lord’s motives; and you have to have the Lord’s results, and that means your carnal mind has to die.

So we see Jesus was fasting from the soul realm, and he said, “Lord, I want that power,” because for a season you do not have power. You see, I have some power, but when I look at the power that is out there, the power of the god of this world, sometimes I get very frustrated, but the Lord has not given me that kind of power yet. So you just live with it. Jesus lived with it, and at the time of his baptism, he said -- I have -- I understand from the Scriptures and from what- -- however God was ministering to him, “This is the time. This devil challenging me. I want power over the devil.” You see, God is not giving you power to rule your brother. He is not giving you power to enslave other men. He is giving you power to set men free from the power of the devil, and if you are using that power, or desire to use that power, for any other reason, your motives are ungodly, and the power that you are exercising, if you are exercising it, is not of God. So examine yourself, brethren, and see if you are in the faith, and if you are not, confess it and put yourself before the Lord for correction.

The fields are white to harvest, brethren. The laborers are very few. Those who are willing to fight this war, those who are willing to kill their carnal minds are very few. So all you need is a willing heart, and he will help you kill your carnal mind so that you can have power with him. Praise the Lord.

Going on to verse 2: “While the sun, or the light, or the moon, or the stars, be not darkened” -- that is speaking about this world system -- “nor the clouds return after the rain.”

Well, I found that last phrase very symbolic, and let me remind you that, especially with the Old Testament -- it is true of the whole Bible, but especially with the Old Testament, we are translating these Scriptures on two different levels. Frequently, we are taking an alternate translation for the individual word, an alternate, legitimate translation from the Hebrew lexicon for the individual word, and then, not infrequently, we find this word, or some word, to be a symbolic word, and we have to interpret the symbol.

So we see here in verse 2 of Ecclesiastes 12 the phrase “the clouds return after the rain.” Now, I am suggesting to you that that phrase has a symbolic translation. The word clouds can also be translated darkness. It is Strong’s 5645, and the word rain is Strong’s 1653. It is specifically speaking about the heavy rain, which suggests the latter rain, which suggests the outpouring of power which is coming through the sons of God, the second generation of Christ. And the word return -- “the clouds return after the rain” -- that Hebrew word translated return, Strong’s 7725, can be translated conversion. I am suggesting to you, therefore, that the phrase “clouds -- the clouds return after the rain” is speaking about the conversion which is and shall -- is being and shall be brought apart by the outpouring of the anointing -- the latter-day anointing which we shall find in the sons of God. That is the imparted anointing which is without measure.

So this is our Alternate Translation. I will take it from verse 1 because verse 1 and verse 2 run together. “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, when Satan’s evil day arrives and turns into the years, or that time, when you shall say, ‘I will not be pleased until the sun, the light of the moon and the stars of Satan’s world are darkened.’”

And you may be recall- -- you may recall that -- what is darkening? The sun and the light of the moon and the stars of Satan’s world, what is darkening them? Does anybody remember?




I cannot hear. What?


I said what is darkening the heavenly bodies of this world? I did not -- what -- Christ. Amen. Christ is covering them over.

And then the last phrase -- “of the darkness of this world and --.” Now, the last phrase about the clouds, we are seeing the word darkness again. So if the darkness of this world is being covered over by Christ and then the individual darkness, the carnal mind in the individual, is being converted by the rain. So we see in verse 2 -- verses 1 and 2 together, we see the mention, actually, of the first and second generations of Christ. It is the first generation of Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ himself, which is covering over the carnal minds of the church which is rising up today, and then Christ Jesus is arising in the individual and bringing forth the conversion of the individual carnal mind. You see, there is a corporate carnal mind. It is the unconscious mind of man, and it travels through the whole human race. The Lord Jesus Christ is covering that over, OK, and Christ Jesus in the individual is covering over the carnal mind in the individual. So we see in verses 1 and 2 together the mention of both generations of Christ.

I would like to go over this corresponding concept of two generations of the carnal mind. Pretty much, as far as I know, everything that exists in Christ, exists on the negative side with Satan and the carnal mind. So we know that the Lord Jesus Christ in this hour is glorified and that his river has flowed together with the ocean of the Father, that the unconscious mind of man, which is in Christ, also known as the Father, is now the Lord Jesus Christ. He has become the Father to us, and Christ Jesus in us has become the son. Is everybody OK with that? OK, in the case of Jesus of Nazareth, Jehovah was the Father, and that Christ Jesus, that mind that was brought forth, that was raised from the dead in the man Jesus of Nazareth, he was the son. Now, Jesus of Nazareth has returned unto his Father, has become inseparable from his Father, and he is in fact the Father. He has poured out of his spirit, and he is in our hearts; he is in our minds; and he is the expression of the Father within the mind of man. The name of the Father outside of the realm of time, if you recall the teaching, is Jehovah. The name of the Father in his form -- in the form in which he appears inside the minds of his people or inside the mind of Christ Jesus -- his name changes. Jehovah’s name changes when he is inside of the mind, and it is now called the Lord Jesus Christ, the Father unto the second generation of Christ. And Christ Jesus, the mind of Christ coming forth in us, has become the son, and if -- to the fullest extent that we are living out of Christ Jesus, we are the son.

But the son, until he fully matures, is still under governors and tutors, brethren, and is still a servant. You are a god, but you are a very little god. Do not get all carried away. You cannot do anything unless your teacher says it is OK. You are like a little boy who is born prince and sovereign of a nation, and you are still wetting your pants. OK, you are under governors and tutors. Do not get all carried away. The Lord is not going to tolerate it. Stay humble. You do not have power without measure.

The really strength behind -- you see, we do have power. The greatest impact of strength that we have in this day as Christ Jesus is our access to the throne, that, I believe with all my heart, every righteous prayer we pray is answered. We have a direct line to the throne, but our Father still has all the power. He -- you see, he has control over the force. Either he lets the power flow through us, or he shuts it off. We have some power, but only to the extent that he permits it, and if we misuse what we have, he will take it back. You had better believe it. He will take it back, and you are going to have a problem with your Father. You are not on your own. OK.

So there are two generations of Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ, who was glorified and is now the Father unto the sons of God, and the sons of God are the son -- in the same manner, Satan appeared as the carnal mind at the beginning of time. The carnal -- Satan in the earth of the creation brought forth the carnal mind through his union with the spirit which was in man, and that carnal mind killed the Christ, and in this hour Satan is the god of the carnal mind, and there is a carnal mind that is the unconscious mind of all -- of fallen humanity. He corresponds not in power or authority, all you Pharisees reading this message, but positionally speaking, there is a corporate carnal mind which can be likened unto -- functionally likened unto the Lord Jesus Christ. He is in the position of unconscious mind, so sometimes I call him the first generation of the carnal mind, and he is bringing forth offspring -- she is bringing forth offspring -- she is female, and her offspring is the carnal mind in the individual man on the face of the earth today.

So if you hear me speak about the second generation or the first generation of the carnal mind, which we will speak about in this study, that is what I am talking about. Does anybody have a question on that issue? Everybody OK? OK.

[INAUDIBLE] So let me give you this again. We see -- in verse 2, we see mention of the first and second generation of Christ.

“Remember your Creator in the days of your youth when Satan’s evil day arrives at the point in time where you will be mature enough to be saying, ‘I will not be pleased until the sun and the light of the moon and the stars of this, Satan’s, world are darkened by the first generation of Christ, and that the darkness in the individual, the second generation of the carnal mind -- the darkness, which is the second generation of the carnal mind, the carnal mind in the individual, is covered over by the clouds or by the’” -- that -- that is the darkness -- “‘the clouds or the darkness, which are covered over by that heavy latter rain,’” which is speaking about the second generation of Christ in full stature.

OK. We are the second generation of Christ, but we do not see the heavy rain coming forth yet. We still have some maturing to go through, but even more than maturing, what we are waiting for is the offering of the sacrifice, which is our own carnal mind. We are waiting for Christ Jesus in ourselves to rise to a position of maturity where he is strong enough to offer up our own carnal mind as a sacrifice to the Lord Jesus Christ. Carnal mind is not ready to put his head down on the guillotine yet. Glory to God.

Verse 3: “In the day when the keepers of the house shall tremble, and the strong men shall bow themselves, and the grinders cease because they are few, and those that look out of the windows be darkened.”

Sounds pretty terrible. Let me give you the -- oh, thank you, Jesus. Thank you. I really appreciate that, Father. I really do. Let me give you the Alternate Translation first, and the we will go over it.

Verse 3: “And this will happen: The corporate carnal mind will be covered over. Satan’s world is going to be covered over, and the individual carnal mind will be covered over. In that day, when the guardians of this fallen, dead soul shall be shaken” -- who are the guardians of this fallen, dead soul? The carnal mind is the guardian of this dead soul. “When they shall be shaken” -- your carnal mind must be shaken, brethren -- “and when the mighty soldiers” -- that is speaking about Satan in the individual’s mind. Satan is the god of the carnal mind. “When the carnal mind in you shall be shaken, and when Satan in you shall reverse himself” -- and I will tell you that there is a word in there that we translated reverse himself. What does that mean? He is acting as spirit when he is soul. He is acting as male when he is female. He is acting as god of this world when he is supposed to be soul in submission to Christ. He is inside-out. He is upside-down.

So in that day when the first generation of Christ lays over this world system, the darkness of the unconscious mind of fallen man and Christ in you lays over your own carnal mind, in that day, your carnal mind will be shaken and Satan, the god of your carnal mind, will reverse herself. She is going back down under the authority of the Christ, and, brethren, that is exactly what the tribulation is all about. If you follow that word in word study back to its root, it means to go down under. It means to be vexed and goaded until that which is being vexed and goaded is forced down under the feet of Christ.

And also in that day the enslaved concubine -- which is Eve. That is your human spirit, and she is enslaved by Satan in the carnal mind. In that day, the enslaved concubines are freed from their enforced labor. Brethren, this whole world that we live in, it is a world of enforced labor. It is a world of continuous labor. It is under the curse. Man was created to think and have things created. Man was created and is created, although we are not in that position now, to be a former of the worlds, to form the worlds with our word, to have our needs met with our word. We are in a world of continual employment. It is a curse that we have to labor the way we labor.

We are in a vile spiritual condition. We are in a condition of spiritual weakness that does not glorify God. It is a position of slavery that is indicated by the word grinding or grinding at the mill. In the New Testament, we read about it also. Our condition can be likened unto Samson’s shame. Samson was grinding at the mill, and blind and enslaved, and he fell at the hands of a woman, and that is a spiritual type of what has happened to this soul. We have fallen under the seduction of Satan’s carnal mind. We have been blinded, and we are chained to a grist mill where we labor unto the benefit of the carnal mind and Satan, and unto our own death. This is the condition of the spirit which is in man.

So in that day -- now, remember, this book was written 2,000 years ago, and more than 2,000 years ago, probably closer to 5,000 years ago. In that day, when you and when the creation matures to a point where you have this revelation, brethren, and you are saying, “Nothing will satisfy me except to see this world come down and Christ stand up.” In that day, your carnal mind will be shaken. Satan in you will reverse and go down under the authority of Christ, and your human spirit will be freed -- who -- your human spirit is a concubine held in captivity to Satan and the carnal mind -- in that day shall be freed.

Now, I declare unto you, brethren, this day is not the same day for everybody. If you are hearing this message, and it makes sense to you, and you could see yourself in this category, this is the day of -- for you, but there is a whole world out there that could not understand what I was talking about, and then there are other people c- -- that could understand it and would walk away from it. But if this message is setting your heart on fire, it is that day for you.

And I believe that there is a season where the individuals, or the individual men, who mature to this place begin to enter into it. I do not believe that this promise was available to individuals a hundred years ago. It is available today. That is why the message is coming forth today, because the door is opening today. The opportunity to have your carnal mind shaken and Satan forced down under and your spirit freed from her enforced slavery to Satan and the carnal mind is about to happen. It is beginning to happen. It has already begun, but I do not know of anybody in the flesh today who has seen the fulfillment of it, but that door is opening very soon. There is not a doubt in my mind that it will be in our lifetime, and those who are prepared will go through.

I have had several dreams where I have been in a house with other people, and I have been in the attic of the house, and walking along the ceiling with my head. In other words, have you ever seen a balloon that is filled with helium? It clings to the top -- it ascends. It rises, and it looks like it is walking along the ceiling. I have had dreams where I have been in the attic, the highest place of a house, as high as you could go in that house, walking along the ceiling just waiting for the roof to be lifted off.

So, you see, there is a ceiling, there is a high place that we can go to today and get no higher, but those people who are walking along the ceiling with their heads, when the roof comes off you are going through, and the people who are down there in the basement are not going to go through. We see this principle in the parable of the 10 virgins, the five which were prepared and the five which were not prepared.

Glory to God. The Lord just told me something else, and I lost it. Just give me a second, please. What did I want to say to you? Ten virgins. Praise the Lord. I did not grab hold of it. Sorry, Father. I was talking about the door opening and closing. Oh, yes. OK.

And this principle that I am speaking to you about, this is the fulfillment of the Scripture written about by Matthew which says when Jesus was crucified, the centurion saw those saints which were in the bosom of Abraham arise out of their graves and appear in Jerusalem. I suggest to you that did not happen 2,000 years ago. I suggest to you that the centurion was seeing a vision. He was seeing a vision. There was no way he could have seen into Jerusalem from Golgotha hill. He was seeing a vision.

And if you read that Scripture clearly, it does not say that the saints went into Jerusalem. It says the saints went into that holy city, and Jerusalem was not holy then, brethren, nor is it holy now, brethren. It is a filthy place. That Scripture is being fulfilled today, and everybody that is in Abraham’s bosom, who is walking along the ceiling on their heads, when that door opens, you are just going to float right through, and you shall appear in the holy city, which is the renewed Jerusalem which we read about in Revelation 21, that soul, that great city, which has been made holy because of the resurrection of the dead mind of Christ within it.

So we see in that day the guardians of the fallen, dead soul, which are the individual carnal minds, shall be shaken. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken in that day, brethren, and the mighty soldiers, Satan in the mind of the individual, shall reverse themselves. They are not going to be spirit or gods anymore. They are going back down under the Christ, and they are going to start acting like soul and submit to their true husband, Christ, and the enslaved concubines, the human spirits of men, shall be freed from their enforced labor in that day. As soon as -- your spirit shall be freed as soon as she is separated from Satan.

And I suggest to you the very last thing that will happen as a result of this war against your carnal mind is that your human spirit shall be freed up, and we will -- we see the whole program of how this -- oh, my voice is really bad tonight. Excuse me. We see the whole program for the dividing up of the soul so as to free up the human spirit, so that she can marry her true husband Christ -- we see that whole program spelled out in verses 6 and 7, if we get to it tonight. We should get to it tonight.

OK. Let me just give you some pointers on verse 3, how I retranslated some of these words. In verse 3, the word keepers -- “In the day when the keepers of the house --.” Keepers, that is the same word translated -- well, it is translated keep in Genesis 2:15. That is the same word that the Father used when he told Adam to keep the garden. Actually, it is a military word that says guard the garden. When the Father told Adam to keep the garden, he was saying, “Adam, guard your fertile parts, and do not let anyone fertilize you except the Father because if Satan gets in there, this creation shall materialize in the -- in a visible world in a perverted form.” I believe Adam knew that. If you wait for the Father to join with you, you, Adam the creation, will materialize in a visible form, which will be the glorious image of the Father. And he said, “Adam, keep the garden. Guard that garden. Do not let that spiritual weed get in there because your descendants are going to have generations of torment if you do that.”

And you may recall the teaching, Adam, really, I believe, did not quite understand what the Father was speaking about because it is really hard to understand what you have not experienced, brethren, and this is one of the reasons why the Lord allows his sons to have painful experiences. It is really hard, if it is at all possible, to have compassion on people if you have no idea what they are going through. Brethren, if you have never felt physical pain, even though you are looking upon someone that is crying out in agony, you just cannot identify with them unless you feel it. It is just the truth. There is nothing like going without food for a couple of days, or a couple of weeks, or a couple of years, to have real compassion for hungry people, and we have talked about that here.

We have talked about Marie Antoinette, the French queen. She was told the people were hungry. Her intelligent, educated, sophisticated answer was what? “Let them eat cake!” She could not relate to the emotions which are associated with hunger. Hungry people tend to be desperate. Hungry people frequently will have no problem killing for food because they are dying anyway. This all went right past her head.

So Adam heard the instruction from the Lord, but he could not quite related to it, and then when the temptation came, when the Father removed his hand and sin become exceedingly sinful and tempted Adam with all she had within her to tempt him, I believe the Scripture says the man was not deceived. And the man, you may recall, was in charge of his wife. God did not say “Eve, guard the garden.” He said, “Adam, guard the garden,” and I believe that Adam was tempted. I do not know how he experienced that temptation. I just know our natural type is a temptation to commit adultery in this form world, and Adam said, “Well, I think I am going to try it. It cannot be all that bad.”

Praise the Lord. So the word -- [?was?] speaking about the word -- the keepers of the house. So those people are supposed to be keeping the garden. That is us, brethren.

“In those days, the keepers of the house shall tremble,” and house can be translated to mean tabernacle. This tabernacle that we live in. The Hebrew word translated tremble can be translated to be shaken. Remember, the carnal mind is going to be shaken. It can also be translated to move oneself. It can also be translated soldiers, host, army or mighty. So I suggest to you, “In that day, the keepers of the house,” that is the soul man, OK, the soldiers of the soul man.

“In the day when the keepers of the house shall show their strength, their soldier, milit- -- soldierly military strength, and the strong men shall bow themselves” -- oh, I am sorry. That word strong is soldiers, host, army or mighty. That is not a part of the word shaken. I cannot read my own handwriting. Sorry. Let me just repeat that. The word tremble means to be shaken or to move oneself, and the Hebrew translated strong means soldiers, host, army or mighty ones, and it is speaking about, I suggest to you, the carnal minds in the men.

The keepers of the house are the carnal mind, and the strong and mighty ones, the soldiers, is Satan in the minds of the individual, and they are going to bow. The carnal mind is going to be shaken, and the soldiers are going to be bow, and this word bow -- translated bow, it is Strong’s 5791, and it means to pervert or to reverse.

Now, we found -- when we did a word-by-word study in Daniel 7, we found a Scripture in that chapter which indicated that Christ to the carnal mind of man appears perverse. Everything that Christ is, everything that he thinks, everything that he does appears perverted to the carnal minds of men. Another way to say it is that the carnal mind of man is very offended by the things that Christ does. He is offended by the way he thinks, by the way he acts. He is offended -- the carnal mind is offended by Christ’s reaction to things. We know that because they crucified Jesus. OK.

So I suggest to you that this word perverted, what it is saying is that the carn- -- that Satan in his present form shall bow or shall be made perverse. He is going to be reversed from what he is. In comparison to what Satan is now, he is going to be perverted, which means he is going to be brought into a condition where he will look exactly opposite than he is now, if you can hear what I am saying. He is going to be restored back to what he is supposed to be.

See, the carnal mind perceives Christ as a perversion. Satan is supposed to be a part of the soul, a part of the earth which is in the image of Christ, and Satan thinks Christ is perverted. So for Satan to become perverted, it means she is going to be a part of the clay which is going to be formed in the image of Christ, and she is going to be a part of that Seraphim, that redeemed serpent, that serpent who now ministers at the throne of God, which to Satan and her carnal mind is an absolute perversion. She is going to be made perverse.

-- “and the grinders shall cease.” Cease means to cease from labor. We are going to -- well, we are the grinders. Our spirit is enslaved, and we are the Samson grinding at the mill. We are going to be released from this forced labor and get our spiritual strength back as Samson did.

And this word, few, means to be naked, polished or scraped off. This will happen to us when we are scraped off or separated from Satan. We have got to be separated from Satan. We married him, and that act of spiritual adultery, the event of which is called the Fall, we married Satan. We have borne his child, the carnal mind, and we must be separated from him and leave him and the child behind just as the Hebrew men had to do when they left Babylon to rebuild Jerusalem. And there is only one way that we shall be separated from Satan and the carnal mind, and that is to be broken in pieces. Our union with them is likened unto the salt in the sea water. We are completely -- our spirit, likened unto salt by Jesus himself, is completely dissolved in the water of Satan’s ocean. It has to be separated.

And another example that we found in the Scripture is that Eve is likened unto the dye which has dyed a garment. There is no way to separate this dye, this color, from this garment. It is humanly impossible. It is taking a miracle for Jesus to separate us, and it is not without its consequences. It is not without our experiencing any discomfort at all, but, brethren, I declare to you if the Lord -- if a doctor told you, God forbid, that you had cancer and your only hope was to have surgery that would cause you pain, even if you were told that that pain would last for a year, it is -- would be a very rare man who would not go for the year of pain that he might have another 30 or 40 years of life.

One of the biggest problems we have in the church is that we have been taught wrong. We have been told that we have it all now and that we could have anything we want. Just ask for it or speak it into existence, and then if you do not get it now, you just wait till you die, and you will get it up in heaven. So people get mad when they hear this message, and it is a shame. It is a shame that we have been taught wrong because people in the world know that it is a fantasy message being taught in the church.

We have an organization. I think it is international, but I think I asked you once, and you told me you do not have AA here in Nigeria. It is -- the name of -- A -- the letters AA stand for Alcoholics Anonymous, and it is a secular organization which has been -- it is based on Bible principles, and its function is to help alcoholics who are overcome and powerless in the face of the disease of alcoholism. They cannot control their drinking, and they have a very interesting program. They do help some people.

I really do not want to spend too much time on it right now, but I -- over a period of time, the Lord sent me to several of their meetings. He had something for me to learn there, and I found them to be a group of very serious people sitting around in a room acknowledging that they have this problem in common and that if they do not get some help that they could die because severe alcoholism kills you. It destroys your liver. It destroys your body. Aside from the fact that if it is extreme, you cannot hold a job, it destroys your life. Many of them, their marriages break up. But the people sitting around in these rooms are very serious people. Their life is on the line. They are certainly not playing church. They are not playing games.

And one day a Christian woman came in, and they have what we would call body ministry. Everybody has an opportunity to talk at the appropriate time, and they give a lot of testimonies. Now, after having attended these meetings for weeks and being very impressed with the sincerity of the people, this Christian woman came in. What a terrible witness for Christ. Her whole testimony was “I am a Christian. I should not have to be going through what you are going through. How come the Holy Ghost has not kept me from drinking? The only reason I am here today -- you see, I do not want to be here today. I am a cut better than you are. I have the Holy Ghost, but I was drinking last night, and it scared me half to death. So I am here, but I should not be here, and I do not deserve to be here, and I do not want to be here, and I am mad that I am here.” In so many words, that is what she was saying. And the man running the meeting said to her, “If we could help you, you stay, but if you are that upset over being here, that is called the door.”

If you can hear what I am saying to you, Christians have been mistaught. If you have problems in your life, no matter what form they are taking, and you have been laboring in Christ for any period of time and you have only minimal victory, you do not let any baby in Pentecost make you feel bad that you have not advanced beyond the point that you have advanced. These things take time. With the measure of Christ in the church today, they take time.

A lot of people recognize that they have problems, and they want it cast out. Well, that is what you have been taught: Cast it out of me. Cast the symptom out of me. Brethren, Jesus might cast the symptom out of you to save your life, but the root, the spiritual root in you which produced the symptom cannot be cast out despite the teaching in Pentecost. It must be overcome. The spiritual root which produced the symptom must be overcome and put down under the authority of Christ. And just as a spider weaves his silken web around a fly so that at some time in the future he can kill him, Christ was putting down Satan, putting her down under his authority, little by little binding her up until that day that he completely penetrates her and kills her.

And I am telling you the truth. If you are a person with a severe problem in your life -- and I was one of them. I am talking from experience -- the very most that you can hope for as an immediate treatment is that the Lord moves in your life in such a way that Satan in you is hindered from producing demons or exercising destruction in your life. What am I saying? If the symptom can be controlled, if you come to the Lord and he begins to control your symptom, right away you are blessed.

I know people who come to Christ. I have seen them s- -- coming to meetings, coming to Pentecost begging God for help while they were still engaged in the activity. I know a woman who came to church with alcohol on her breath for a year and a half. I was there the night they cast that thing out of her. One and a half years she bore the persecution of all the Pharisees. “Did you smell her breath tonight?”

Look, you come to the Lord hoping for the best, but if in your case things are going forward little by little, you do not let any foolish, immature Christian condemn you, and shore yourself up and get ready for this battle because if Satan has enough power over you to give you a severe affliction in your life, she is well-armed and entrenched, and you have to break her weapons and break her military strength and force her down under you, and you are not likely to do it overnight, and that is the truth. And if you have been told anything else, you have been bought [sic] a lie. You have been sold a lie, and you bought it. It is unfortunate.

OK. Let us go on. We are in verse 3. “And those that lock [sic] out -- and those that look out of the windows be darkened.” “And those that look out of the windows be darkened.” This Hebrew word translated look out -- look out of, it is speaking about a lattice work. We find that same word in the Song of Solomon which he says “My beloved looks out through the slats.” It is simply speaking about the life that is within us that is looking out of this body. You could see spiritual life in one’s eyes. If it is the carnal mind and God opens up your spiritual eyes, you could see that carnal mind in someone’s eyes, and if it is Christ in there, you can see Christ in that person’s eyes if you could see them. So that is what the word look out is speaking about here.

“Those that look out of the windows be darkened,” and, of course, the ones looking out of the windows of the fallen man are the carnal minds of men. So the carnal minds have to be darkened, and that is the backup.

I will give you the Alternate Translation again. This is verse 3, Ecclesiastes 12. “And in that day the guardians of this fallen dead soul, the carnal minds [sic] in the individual, shall be shaken, and the mighty soldier, Satan in the individual, shall reverse themselves and go down under Christ, and the enslaved concubines, the spirit which is in man, shall be freed from their enforced labor as soon as they are separated from Satan.” That is what we have to look forward to, and all takes a warfare.

Verse 4: “And the doors shall be shut in the streets when the sound of the grinding is low, and he shall rise up at the voice of the bird, and all the daughters of music shall be brought low.”

I will give you the Alternate Translation first. OK, here it is. “And the doors of the city --.” And we are the city. We are a city for spiritual life. Spiritual life dwells in us. “And the doors of the city shall be shut up against the attack of Christ.”

OK. Right now these cities that we dwell in, the carnal mind is possessing them. You may recall the teaching “Possession: Nine-Tenths of the Law.” The carnal mind is possessing this city, all of our cities. Christ is the invading force. Christ is coming with the full intention of cutting off the heads of the carnal mind -- cutting off our carnal minds, the head of our person, and sitting down on the throne of our soul as the presiding king. “And I saw the souls of those who were beheaded for the witness of Christ.” Your body is not being hea- -- beheaded. Your soul is being beheaded. Your carnal mind is being cut off, and Christ is sitting down as the full possessor of the purchased possession. That is what the war is all about. They are fighting over your soul and my soul.

“And the doors of the city shall be shut up against the attack of Christ, the invading force. When the voice of the spiritual adulteress” -- that is our human spirit -- “shall be cast down.”

And, of course, who is her voice? We are told in the Book of Revelation that the beast has a voice, OK. The voice is the voice of the person who she is speaking through, and let me remind you that the spiritual adulteress is joined to Satan. We just talked about that a few minutes ago. She is inseparable from Satan, and the voice of that spiritual duo is the carnal mind speaking through the personality of the individual person.

“And the voice of the spiritual adulteress shall be cast down, and the voice of Christ shall arise, and the spiritual power of the individual human workers of witchcraft shall be weakened.”

Brethren, every human being existing in this world has resident witchcraft in their mind. We have found this principle clearly demonstrated in the Book of Daniel -- mostly in the Book of Daniel, but it is throughout the prophets, and, of course, we see it now in Ecclesiastes. The way it is expressed in the Book of Daniel is that “the witchcraft power of the saints” -- saints, the witchcraft power of the church -- “must be broken.” What does that mean? It means the whole church whose nature has not yet been converted, the church of the living God who has received power without a change of nature is moving in at least some measure, in most instances 99 percent measure, of the witchcraft power which is resident in the carnal minds of men.

What does that mean? It means they are getting their needs met by a spiritual power which is not coming out of Christ. Another way to say that: by their carnal willpower. If you are getting your needs met in the same way that you did before you came to Christ, you are using the spiritual power of the natural man, and the spiritual power of the natural man is witchcraft. Now, I know that y- -- some of you -- you know, you think of something else here in Africa, but it is an inherent and indigenous spirit in the mind of all men that is resident in the carnal mind. It is a power that is not of God. When you do not have Christ, you would perish in this world without it.

For example, if you go to purchase something, you barter here in most of your businesses. You have to barter over the price. You have to negotiate the price. If you did not exercise your willpower against the man you are negotiating with, you would probably be robbed every day of your life because that is your society here. That is the way it is. It is expected. It is not considered a crime in your society to negotiate over a price, but if that is what you are doing, what the Lord is saying is you are still getting your needs met by carnal methods, and if Christ is not mature enough in you for you to say [sic] food and see [sic] -- say [?I?] have a platter spread out before you, well, you had better barter. You had better negotiate your price and go buy your food.

So the bottom line is we are just not all that spiritually mature as we think we are. We are just not, brethren. And I am telling you that I am not, and I am more spiritual, actually, than anybody I know, to tell you the truth -- ma- -- well, maybe one or two exceptions. The average person is not even where I am, and compared to Jesus, I am not even spiritual. I go to the supermarket, and I buy my food. I do it all -- now, we do not negotiate in New York over prices the way you do here, but, you know, I go, and I pay for things with money. I do not snap my fingers and see them appear on the table. And of all humiliations, when I was sick three years ago, I was really expecting that supernatural healing. Did not get it. I had to go into the hospital, submit to the whole thing. Cried, complained to God, and he only had one word to say to me: “You have to go through. This is the way it is.”

So, you see, we are not all that mature, brethren, and we are not all that spiritual. We have got a ways to go, and we are finding out in the Scripture that God is not about to pour out that heavy power on us until the witchcraft power, that was in in us that -- from birth that we need to survive without something else, it has to be broken, and it takes time because it is painful because nobody wants to believe. Nobody is willing to give up their old ways to see God provide their food. And I have been telling the Lord for years I am really pretty much willing to do everything, but what torments me is the concern that it is not God telling me to do it, and if I stop eating and it is not God, I could die. That is my problem. I know God can do anything he wants to do.

When I was sick, I told him I was prepared to die. I had a member of my congregation who was a nurse spend a week with me. She said she never saw anybody go that far without going to a doctor. I said, I am going to die. If he does not heal me, I am going to die. If he does not think that he wants to heal me, let me die. Until he came to me, sent a brother to me, and said, “I do not want you to die, but I am not going to do it supernaturally.” And I said, all right, Lord. All I need to know -- all I need is proof. I need some more witnesses that it is your will that I go into the hospital, and I will go, but if it is not your will, I will die right here in this house. So he sent the witnesses, and I went into the hospital, and I did not die, but I was told if I did not go in, I would have died. I had another two weeks to live. I had a rep. Everybody in the hospital was talking about me. That crazy woman that believed in Christ, she waited until the last minute to go into the hospital. They were all talking about me.

So that is my problem, that I doubt. When it comes to anything controversial, I have to determine whether or not it is God telling me to do it. I am willing to give up anything if I am convinced it is him. So you do not stop eating, brethren, because some devil tells you to stop eating, you know. You can only move into this power of God as God leads you into it, and you only have the spiritual power that you were born with broken as God breaks it. If you try to do it yourself, you will damage yourself. Do not do that. Do not do that, brethren.

You know, so I do not know if it happens here or not, but in New York, we will see some young mothers standing their babies up on their feet saying “Come on. I will help you to walk” at 6 months old, and an older woman, a more mature woman, will come over and say, “Do not do that. That baby’s legs are not strong enough to stand at 6 months old. You are going to hurt that child, so that when they are old enough to stand, there will be some damage there. Do not do that.” You cannot grow any faster than the Lord is bringing you. When he comes to you and he witnesses to you that this is the hour that he wants you to stop doing it your way and doing it his way, he will make it very clear to you that in this area of your life he is apprehending you. He will make it very clear to you.

How will he make it clear to you? You will become completely powerless in that area of your life. No matter what you do in that area of your life, you will fail. That is the sign he is getting ready to mature you spiritually or build your faith in that area. So you do everything that you could do that would qualify you or categorize you as a responsible person in this society. You do everything, and when you are being hindered at every turn, you better start crying out day and night to Jesus because there is a transference going on in that area, if you could hear what I am saying.

We are not entering into a supernatural walk until he brings us into a supernatural walk. You cannot force it. So do not be damaging yourself, brethren, but know that the day is coming that -- well, first of all, be aware that everybody has inherent -- someone talked about the latent power of the soul. Somebody -- was it you?  OK. It is just semantics. It is just a different word. The prophets call it witchcraft. I call it witchcraft, the latent power of the soul. There is power in the soul, and that power is at war with the power which is in Christ. So at the exact right time, Christ is breaking that witchcraft power.

Now, you do not go breaking your brother’s witchcraft power and do not do it in yourself before the time because there is no value in religious works. Religious works will not bring forth Christ in you. I am going to say it again, I repeat myself a lot because pe- -- some people do not hear me and some people misunderstand me. You have to put up with me. I repeat myself a lot. You do everything you could do that would characterize you as a responsible young adult in your society, and you cry out to Jesus if you have unmet needs, and you continue doing every responsible thing until you break through by the power of God.

Do not go getting religious. When I was here three years ago, I met a young evangelist who was -- told me he was starving to death. I do not know where he was living. I think he wa- -- he would not -- I was part of a team on my first trip to Nigeria, and he -- we could never pick him up at his house. So I do not know whether he was living on the street. I really do not know what he was doing, but he would not let us pick him up at his house, and he was in desperate condition. You met him. He was at 1,004 when you came one day. Were you at 1,004?


Yeah, whe- -- but Ron [SP] Ray [SP] was there when he was there. A young man, a very nice young man, evangelist. I do not know if you saw him. I know Ron [SP] Ray [SP] did. And after spending, you know, three or four weeks -- I was there for five weeks again -- the Lord had a word for him. I sat him down. I said, how come you are hungry? Why do you not get a job? He said, “I am called into the ministry.”

Brethren, you are not called into the ministry to beg. If you are in fulltime ministry and you do not have food to eat, you better go get a job. If God has not provided a place for you to live, if he is not meeting your essential needs, you had better go get a job. God has not called you to starve, and he has not called you to lead a decent life with a bed and a roof over your head.

So when I questioned the young man, he told me that he had had a job working for a large Pentecostal church and that he had had a fallout with his pastor. The man had not fired him. He just -- he -- I think he told him to stay home for two weeks, and he just never went back, and I told him he had better go back and get that job. He had failed in two years to land another job in the ministry. I said, brother, your problem is pride. That man did not fire you. You go back and get the job that God provided for you. That is why every other door is closed, because God has provided a job for you, and the sin of pride has landed you in this poverty. And [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- when I was here last year, I heard he went back and he got his job back, and he was working and leading a decent life.

You do every responsible thing, and God will meet your needs. Do not get religious. You cannot enter into a spiritual walk before the time. You will just hurt yourself. Do not hurt yourself, brethren, Jesus died for you. Do not hurt yourself.

OK. We are on verse 4. “And the doors of the city” -- that is us -- “shall be shut up against the attack of Christ.” The carnal mind does not want Christ to come in. “When the voice of the spiritual adulteress” -- that is your human spirit -- “speaking through the carnal mind shall be cast down and the voice of Christ shall arise and the spiritual power and the -- of the human workers of witchcraft shall be weakened. At the time that Christ comes to wage war against your city, to wage war against your carnal mind, the carnal mind will be cast down, Christ shall arise in you, and your witchcraft power that everybody has shall be broken by Christ.”

So the outstanding point I would like to hit home to you, brethren, is that everybody -- everybody -- when Christ comes to invade your city -- no matter how much you are sitting here now and saying, “Oh, no, Lord, I would never betray you,” the cock is already crowing in the back of your mind, and I am telling you that when Christ comes to invade your city, you are not letting him in, at least on the first military thrust.

You are saying, “You are not Christ. Get out of here. What you are calling sin in me, that is not sin. Get out of here,” and you shall deny him. By the time the cock crows, you shall deny him, but he is coming back again, and he is coming back again because he loves you, and because he loves you enough to do whatever [sic] necessary to defeat the doorkeepers of your own mind. And he has some faithful sons that are coming back to you and coming back to you no matter how much your carnal mind shoots at them, and he is going to penetrate those closed doors, and he is going to plant the seed of his son in you, and the voice of Christ will arise and defeat your carnal mind and break the witchcraft power which is resident in your natural person, and you shall be a converted man. You shall be a Christian who has experienced a change of nature, and in this change of nature is the ultimate deliverance.

You see, you could cast out a demon of this; you can cast out a demon of that. You can be healed from this, and you can be healed from that, but you will just get something else. You will just get something else why? Because your soul is cancerous. There is leprosy in your house. In your carnal mind is death. She must be torn to pieces, and your true reality, your true life, that which is the spirit which is in man, must be saved from her bondage to Satan and the carnal mind and joined to her true husband, Christ.

“He who endures to the end shall be saved.” That means he whose soul is overthrown shall be saved. He whose carnal mind is torn to pieces shall be saved. He who thinks he is entering into the kingdom on doctrine shall not be saved. He who thinks he is entering into the kingdom based on good works shall not be saved. He who thinks he is entering into the kingdom because he casts out demons shall not be saved. He who thinks he is entering into the kingdom because he has not missed a service in 20 years shall not be saved. He who thinks he is entering into the kingdom because he has done the best he could shall not be saved. He whose soul is overthrown by Christ and replaced by Christ, he who has a change of nature shall be saved, and his whole house.

Did you wonder why your whole house is not saved? Do they push that Scripture here in Nigeria, “You shall be saved, and your whole house”? Yeah. Did you ever wonder how come your whole house is not saved? It is because you are not saved. When you are saved, your whole house shall be saved. Get saved. Your carnal mind has to be torn to shreds.

OK. Let me just go over some of these Alternate Translations for you on verse 4. What did I do here? The Hebrew word translated doors indica- -- in the [?Gesenius?] lexicon that it could mean any door, but it means especially the doors of a city. That is where I got that from. And the word translate street is from a root which means to be strong, to leap upon or to attack. So that is where I got the translation that Christ is attacking the doors of your city.

“Those who will be grinding at the mill,” this Greek -- Hebrew work translated grinding is speaking about a hand mill. Those who are working at the mill, implying slavery. That is where I got the spiritual adulterous from. It is our human spirit that is grinding at the mill like Samson was because it is low. Let me give you that exact phrase. “When the sound of the grinding is low,” that Hebrew word translated low can also be translated to be cast down.

And go on. “And he shall arise up at the voice of the bird.” We have been translating the bird as a -- we have been using the bird as a symbol of the spiritual man in New York for a long time. Now, you know the Scripture that says “Where the carcass is, the eagle shall fly”? OK. Well, the word carcass means dead animal, and the beast in us is our carnal mind. So where your carnal mind is dead, the eagle of Christ shall be freely flowing -- flying. Christ will not be flying freely in your head then until your beast is completely dead.

There are three Greek words transla- -- at least three tra- -- wor- -- Greek words translated death. This is the Greek word -- I get my languages mixed up. I think it is muertos [SP] I may be speaking in Spanish. I do not know, but it is morte [SP] or muertos [SP], something like that. It sounds the same. OK. It is the word that means, dead, dead, dead, dead. When your soul is complete dead, when the beast in your is nonfunctioning, the eagle in you, Christ, will be freely flying in your heavens.

So we see the bird as the type of the spiritual man. Even in the Book of Revelation, that gory-sounding Scripture which says “And the fowl shall eat the flesh of kings and captains,” and -- what it is speaking about is your spiritual man, Christ, eating the flesh of your carnal mind. Thank God he is eating the flesh of our carnal mind. That carnal mind has to be ripped to pieces by the fowls of heaven. Why? Because our spirit is trapped in there, and salvation is in union with the Son. Our spirit has to get free, so the flesh is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- and spirit is typified by bones. So to get to the bones to save our spirit, the flesh has to be ripped off the bones, right? You cannot see the bones. It is underneath the flesh, so your flesh has to be ripped off. Not your physical flesh; the flesh of your carnal mind.

So when the bird shall arise -- “at the voice of the bird, and all the daughters of music shall be brought low.” This Hebrew word translated daughters is speaking basically about human women, but there is -- it is translated once in the Old Testament as female disciple worshippers of a false god, and, spiritually speaking, anyone that is female is speaking about Satan. So we are speaking about -- well, of c- -- and Satan’s daughter is the carnal mind. So the women that are spoken about here are the female offspring of the soul, the carnal minds of men.

And music in the Scripture typifies spiritual power. We see in the case of -- both in the Book of Revelation and in the Book of Daniel, or if you do a word study on the occurrences of music and look at the context of how it is used in the Scriptures, it is always associated with the exercise of power, even the -- Nebuchadnezzar’s edict said, well, when the music plays, everybody shall bow down and worship my idol. It is always associated with spiritual power, so we have to find out in this instance which spiritual power: the spiritual power of Christ or the spiritual power of the carnal mind? So how do we find that out? We look for the modifying words, modifying verses, modifying concepts, and we see that the modifying word of music is daughters: daughters of music, female music, witchcraft power. The male music is Christ. Male spiritual power is Christ, and female spiritual power is the carnal mind. OK. That is how I got there.

Verse 4: “And the doors of the city shall be shut up against the attack of Christ when the voice of the spiritual adulteress shall be cast down, and the voice of Christ shall arise and shall --.” I cannot read my handwriting. “And the voice of Christ shall arise and shall break the spiritual power of the human workers of w- --.” Oh, I see. “And the spiritual power of the human workers of witchcraft shall be weakened.” OK.

Verse 5: “And when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fear shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail because man goeth to his long home and the mourners go about the streets.”

Now, remember, all of these things that we are talking about, this is all going to happen in the day that Satan -- that Satan’s -- the -- in the day that the human race matures to the point of Satan’s evil day when we are dissatisfied with the things of this world and nothing will satisfy us other than entering into Christ. These are all the signs of the end time.

So let us go on with verse 5. I will give you my Alternate Translation first, and then we will go over how I got that. “Also they shall reverence the tree of life.” Who? The many members of humanity, they are going to reverence the tree of life. “And they shall fear the transition from death into life.” Brethren, the -- your carnal mind -- you may be in denial, but I pr- -- trust me, you will experience fear when your carnal mind starts to believe the message that this attack is no joke and that her life is in danger, and when she starts feeling the arrows of Christ, you will experience her fear.

You see, logically speaking, there is no reason for us to be afraid. We are the ones who are being rescued. Why would be -- we be afraid? Because we are Eve. We -- which is typified by salt, and she is so joined to Satan, and her offspring the carnal mind, that when the carnal mind experiences fear, we perceive it as our own fear, and that is the truth. So as this attack gets underway, depending on the person -- different individuals will experience more fear than others. It is my understanding that what we are as an individual, that which we are as a human being, is a definite factor in the way in which we respond to all these things I am preaching about.

OK. The more fearless a person you are, the less likely you will be touched by fear, but if you experience fear, do not be condemned. Maybe you have never felt fear in your life. You know, maybe you are a really tough bunch of guys here and you have never experienced fear in your life. Well, you may get ready for a new experience here. Look, whatever you experience, do not let anyone condemn you. Do not let anyone condemn you. The fact remains that there is a -- an existence inside of you. There is an alien inside of you that probably has already begun to come under a severe military onslaught from Christ, and it is only natural for you to experience that fear. If you do not experience it, that is wonderful. You may be an unusual person, but if you do experience it, deal with it, endure the hardness as a good soldier, but do not let anyone condemn you.

There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. The Scripture says “In that day we will see men sitting around with their hands on their loins as a woman in travail.” What that means is that you are going to be experience pain. Now, please -- oh, you know, I have to tell you this story. There is so much perversion in this -- in the church it is unbelievable. I went to a convention where the pastor was preaching the birthing room, and she was actually having people go through all of the movements of having a child, and these people were doing it -- women and men. I sat there, and I said, I must be having a bad dream, but I was not. It was real. It was not a bad dream. She was actually teaching this.

Brethren, what you start in the spirit, do no end in the flesh. Stay in the spirit. Stay in the spirit. This is a spiritual book. It is a spiritual experience. It is a spiritual happening. Do not get seduced into fleshly pursuits. We do have a body. There are some things that are in the flesh, but be very careful and pray always for the Lord to show you where the line is. Do not go into error.

So you could expect to experience pain. Some people are just very tough. I am physically tough. It takes a lot for me to feel pain, even when I gave birth to my daughter. I had a cesarean section. The nurses kept coming and saying, “Do you not want some painkiller?” And I really did not take anything until the last minute. I just -- I can just endure a lot of pain. I have a very strong endurance for physical pain, but this is not a physical pain. It is an emotional pain. It is a spiritual pain. You may never have felt anything like it. I do not know. I do not know your experience, but my whole point is, please, I want you all to go through, and I want you all to prevail, and I want you all to make it with a minimum of distress. So if you have to feel pain, you have to feel it, but condemnation you do not have to feel. That, you never have to feel. So I am just doing the best I can to prepare you.

So “Also they shall” -- who? You and me, the many members of the living soul -- “they shall reverence the tree of life” -- that is Christ -- “but they shall fear the transition from death unto life, and Christ shall be despised and rejected.”

Now, that sounds like a contradiction: “And they shall reverence the tree of life” and “Christ shall be despised and rejected.” You may have heard me mention this before. When we work, especially -- although I would not call this prophecy -- I guess it may be a form of prophecy in Ecclesiastes. I find that these translations come forth in a wrong sequence. I do not know why. I do not know whether the Hebrew has been copied wrong over the centuries or whether it is just part of the parable condition that it is in. I do not know. I did not have time to do it today, but in New York, especially when I have the computer -- it is really hard without -- to do this kind of work without a computer. I usually take all the different phrases, and I move them around, and I put them in the right sequence, but I have not done this today, and I am sure I will not have time to do it for tomorrow. Oh, I do not think so. We are starting at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.

So all that this means is that the sequence is out of order. It means that at the beginning Christ shall be rejected and despised. When he comes to your city, when he comes to kill your carnal mind, initially speaking -- excuse me -- the typical human reaction is to deny that it is Christ. You see, Paul said -- he said to a group of people, “I came to you in my infirmity, and yet you received me as an angel of God, even Christ Jesus,” and the whole religious church world for 2,000 years is trying to figure out whether Paul had trouble with his eyes, whether he had trouble with his back, whether he had trouble with his legs. Paul came in a spiritual infirmity. What he meant was he was not in full stature; nevertheless, this faithful people of God recognized that it was Christ Jesus in him teaching, despite this -- the -- that he -- the fact that he was not perfect. That is what he meant, you know, that spiritual infirmity.

So all that this means is that at the beginning Christ will be rejected most likely because your first experiences with Christ will be Christ in an imperfect form, but, of course, Jesus was perfect, and he was rejected too. So initially Christ is rejected, but eventually they will reverence the tree of life, which is Christ. Let me just see the end before the beginning here.

“Also they shall reverence the tree of life and fear the transition from death unto life, and Christ shall be despised and rejected, and Christ Jesus” -- the second generation of Christ -- “shall impregnate himself.” And what does that mean? It means that right now this is Christ Jesus in me hopefully having impregnated all of you. I hope that is true. If not, I hope it is true before I leave. So Christ Jesus is a many-membered body. So if it is Christ Jesus in me, and I am speaking with words that are spirit and life, and my words are impregnating you with Christ, this is Christ Jesus impregnating himself.

Now, let me remind you that when we first started studying spiritual reproduction, and we went into this in the number 18 series, it was revealed to us that if you are looking for a natural type of spiritual reproduction -- does anybody know what the natural type of spiritual reproduction is? Do you remember?




No, it is plant life. Plant life, yes. Plant life. Animal life is not a natural t- -- I do not know about snails, but animal life is not a type of spiritual reproduction. Plant life. Jesus said we are the planting of the Lord. He said, “I am the true vine.” He said, “I am the vine, and you are the branches.” OK. There are many -- as -- he speaks about wheat and tares and harvest. So spiritual life is patterned after plant life, and there are many plants who self-pollinate. There are many plants which self-pollinate. So this pra- -- and when we did this study we found out that at different points of the program that God has for this soul we will see different aspects of reproduction employed. So at this point of the program where Christ Jesus is moving forward, he is pollinating himself, if you will. That is what is happening right here, and if after this meeting is over you guys are getting together and talking, you are pollinating yourself.


The leaves are what?


At the moment, I really do not know. I have to meditate on that. I would rather not say anything right now, but it could be, but I do not know, OK. It is hard for me to relate a Scripture that I have not incorporated in my message. It takes my mind off, and I do not -- I would rather not say the wrong thing. So if I do not answer your question, that is the only reason I do not answer your question, is because I really -- I do not know based on a past study, and I -- it takes me time to think something through. OK.

Every once in a while, someone gets offended at me. They want to -- they cannot understand why I will not answer their question when I answer the other guy’s question. I had somebody walk out of one of my meetings one night because I would not answer his question. I do not know. Sometimes I do not know. OK. Yeah.


I do not know. I do not know. Let us see. Pollination -- self-pollination would be within the same plant, and cross-pollination would be the spreading of the pollen from one plant to another. Well, I believe we are just one plant, that Christ Jesus is one plant. So I would say it is self-pollination. OK. What a bunch. Great. Absolutely great. OK. You are great. You keep me on my toes. I will never be the same after this visit, definitely. I will never be the same.

“Also they shall overcome [sic] the tree of life and fear the transition from death unto life, and Christ shall be despised and rejected, and Christ Jesus shall impregnate himself, and the carnal mind shall break up, and only Satan shall remain because Adam continues along his life’s journey.” Here is another witness that the living soul is maturing, growing up from seed. “Adam continues along his life’s journey unto immortality, and those who are mourning the loss of this present life will turn around or will convert or will change their minds.”

Did you hear that? Those who are mourning this present life will change their minds. And we have touched on this principle in past meetings. Some people are distressed at the thought of losing this life. We see that principle demonstrated in the Book of Revelation where it says “And the merchants watched that great city burn, saying, ‘Oh, Babylon, that great city. Nevermore shall we be able to partake of her merchandise. Woe unto us. What a loss.’”

And we find this to be a very typical reaction from the average human being, and the reason this reaction comes forth is that our whole existence is wrapped up in this life, and the reality is that we have [sic] not a spiritual -- I talked about this tonight already -- we are not nearly as spiritual as we think we are, and in most instances the large majority of satisfaction or a sense of well-being or pleasure that we experience in this world is coming from soulish things: family life, relationships with people we love, wives, husbands, children, satisfaction on your job, whatever activities you enjoy doing. Do you have hobbies? Do you exercise? Most of our satisfaction in this world comes from worldly things.

Why? Because -- well, unless it is different here in Nigeria -- I do not know. Maybe you guys are different, but the people that I know in New York, most of them cannot tolerate hours and hours and hours of spiritual things every day. You see, I could be in the Spirit for 10, 12 hours a day. I have had people run screaming out of my house. They just cannot bear it, 10, 12 hours every day. I work seven days a week. I only stop when my body stops going. I have an internal clock. I work every day until I cannot work anymore, and then I will take a couple of hours off. It is rare that I take a whole day off, very, very rare, and most people cannot bear it. And, to be honest with you, sometimes I cannot bear it, but I just seem to keep on going, and the more I go, the more my tolerance for it builds.

So I have a great deal of satisfaction in my life that comes out of the spirit. See, my -- I do not have any more family life. My daughter is married. She is 22 years old. She lives in another state, and I do have a mother and a father and a sister. I have three adult nephews that are married with children, but I do not see them that often. The primary focus of my life is the ministry and God’s people, and I am in the things of God as I have just described to you day in and day out. Some people call me during the night, in the middle of the night, and I do not know anybody that could really bear my lifestyle, and I have a lot of satisfaction.

Sometimes I will experience a sense of satisfaction that I will just stop and praise God at how -- and the way it registers in my mind is that my life is so rich. It is just rich. It is like you might feel after you have a really delicious meal, your favorite meal, whatever it is, you know, and you are just completely satisfied. I have actually experienced that in the spirit, but not many Christians can say amen to that, that I have met anyway. It is something that you have to work up to. Your tolerance has to be built up to it because to have Christ that active in your life is a burning experience. If your carnal mind is still strong in you, it can cause you great distress in your emotions. Having so much activity of Christ in your life can be painful to your carnal mind.

And I am not kidding when I tell you I have had people run out of my house, OK. I had one young person that was trying to get off of drugs. I -- he stayed in my house for about a week. He rose up at 7 o’clock in the morning, ran out of the house and came back at 11 o’clock at night. When I finally got ahold of him he said, “I cannot stand being in your house. I am tormented. Every second of the night that I am sleeping I am tormented.” And he stayed for a week. God gave him whatever he needed, and he moved on. I did not see him for about a year and a half, s- -- and he got in touch with me just recently before I came to Nigeria this time. He had had a tremendous breakthrough because there is a lot of power in my house.

There is a lot of power in this ministry. It is not my power, but there is a lot of power here, and his whole life was diverted into another track from that. I guess it was more than a week. It had to be two or three weeks. Well, I think he lived in my house for a week, but he was around for a few weeks. It was not that long. It was not that long, and the Lord just completely moved the direction of his life, but he still needed a lot of help, and he needed a lot of help that I could not give him because our group is very small. He needed a larger group. He needed to be around men more. So he just stayed to get that anointing that was here, and the Lord just moved him off, and he went to a much larger organization with a large staff of men that could minister to him on that level.

And to -- he contacted me a year and a half later. And, by the way, he was rejecting this doctrine when he was with us, and he could not decide whether I was of Christ or whether I was a witch. He could not make up his mind, and he was very frightened, by his own confession, and he had a couple of very supernatural experiences with me, he said, a couple of experiences that really scared him because the Lord did manifest a lot of power through me. And he was one of those people who was in a hospital being detoxified from drugs. Why, I think I told this group that he heard my voice -- he heard me praying for him in the middle of the night, and he was terrified. He said there was so much power coming down. Now, it may have been Christ in me. I was not aware of it -- of any of this happening, but there was so much power coming down that it really frightened him.

So he called me a year and a half later. He told me he now is convinced I am not a witch, that I am of the Lord, and he has been reading the messages. He had a breakthrough, and he cannot get enough of this doctrine of Christ, which is flesh to his bones. He was so afraid of it, and it tormented his mind a year and a half ago, and now it is like he peers through and he just cannot get enough. Now it has become his food.

What happened to him? In that short time that he spent with us I believe he conceived Christ. That is what happened to him. When he was a carnal man, he could not receive this doctrine. He could not understand it. It frightened him. It caused torment to his soul, OK, so he stayed with us for a short season, but he got that seed. It took, apparently, a year and a half to start to function in him, and at that point when the Christ was appearing in him, it was the Christ in him that was receiving the doctrine and understanding the doctrine, and now he cannot get enough, and he is growing by leaps and bounds, and a great blessing to us. We are just so excited, Seeley [SP] and June and I, to see what is happening to him. OK.

So to get to the point where Christ is satisfying us to the degree that we do not need anything else we have to build up our tolerance because people cannot -- and the tolerance is in Christ. People cannot bear it. You have to increase little by little. So most people have the majority of their comfort in life from soulish pleasure still.

So this last phrase said “and those who are mourning the loss of this present life will change their minds.” They will stop mourning the loss of this present life. When? When Christ matures in them enough for them to be looking for and receiving their satisfaction -- a large percentage of their satisfaction from the spiritual things of Christ, and when they get this vision, not just in their intellect, but in their spirit, when they really understand what I am preaching that the satisfaction which is in Christ far transcends anything you could experience in this world. When they -- that becomes reality to them, they will change their mind.

But, brethren, so long as your whole life or 90 percent of your life is centered on the things of this world, you are most likely going to mourn the loss of this world, and it is just a lack of understanding, a lack of ability to project yourself into a position where you will be so spiritual that this world will mean nothing to you. It is the same thing as if to say God told Adam “If you eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall surely die,” and Adam said, “Well, I hear you, Lord, but what is death?” Here I am preaching life to you, and you say, “That is wonderful, but what is life? What is it like? Now, here you are telling me it is not a mansion in the streets of gold and one preacher preached an Italian dinner every night at this table.” That is not it. Well, what is life? No matter what I am going to say to you, until you experience it, you do not know what it is. So the thought of losing everything that stabilizes you here in this world is grievous unto you. It is to be expected. So let the Lord translate you in little by little. That is why it is a slow process.

We are on verse 5. “Also they shall reverence the tree of life and fear the transition from death unto life, and Christ shall be despised and rejected, and Christ Jesus shall impregnate himself, and the carnal mind shall break up, and only Satan shall remain because Adam continues along his life’s journey unto immortality, and those who are mourning the loss of this present life shall change their minds.”

Let me give you some of the Alternate Translation back up here. Verse 5: “Also they shall be afraid of that which is high.” That which is high can be translated a lofty tree, a mountain or powerful, so I translated that the tree of life. And then everything else is pretty self-explanatory down to the almond tree.

“Also when they shall be afraid of that which is high and fears shall be in the way” -- that is the fear of this transition that I mentioned to you -- “and the almond tree shall flourish.” This is very interesting, this -- these comments on the almond tree. Well, let us do the almond tree first, except that I cannot find it. I know I wrote it down. Is there an entry? Here it is. OK.

In [?Gesenius?] lexicon, under the almond tree it says that the almond tree is the first tree “to arouse and wake from the sleep of winter.” It is a type of the firstfruits, and it also says that, contrary to some writers which say the flower of the almond tree is white, actually the flower is rose colored, typifying the color of Adam blood in the face. So we see the almond tree is a symbol of the firstfruits.

The word flourish is Strong’s 5006, and there was no positive meaning to this word. It means to despise, to reject with contempt and derision, to cause to speak evil. Now, [?Gesenius?], that is the author of the lexicon, he translates this word blooms but confesses that he has no legitimate basis to do so. They just could not figure out how in this context the almond tree could be negative, so what the translators do -- both Strong and [?Gesenius?], what they both did was look for -- they found another verb that has a spelling similar to this Hebrew word flourish, and they said it must be some kind of a mistake. We found this happen a lot. When the translators, they just cannot make sense out of this prophesy, they say, well, it must be a mistake, and either -- I have even found cases where they actually changed the number in Strong’s concordance. I can read the Hebrew letters. I just read the letters. I do not really speak Hebrew, but I can make the letters out, and so when I look up in Strong’s Concordance, and they show the spelling of the word in Strong’s Concordance or in [?Gesenius’s?] lexicon, I could tell you that that word is not the same word that is in the interlinear text. I can read Hebrew and Greek to that extent.

So what am I saying? The Hebrew word in the text does not line up with the number that they give you. There is the Hebrew word in the interlinear text, and it has the number -- the corresponding number of Strong’s Concordance. So I say to myself, well, maybe it is a typographical error. So I cross-reference. I go into my Strong’s Concordance, and I look up the English word in Strong's Concordance. It gives the same number that is in the interlinear text, but when I look it up in the lexicon, the word -- the Hebrew word under that number does not match the word in the interlinear text. Why? Because the translators could not make this word fit. They could not make any sense out of this word, so they changed it. And people criticize me for taking other translations which are legitimately appearing in the lexicons. It is just their carnal minds, brethren, because it does not make any sense at all. Every Alternate Translation I take appears in a legitimate lexicon of the Hebrew or Greek language, but we find the King James translators and the translators of other translations of universally accepted translations of the Scripture. Simply changing words and giving translations that are not found in any lexicons because they cannot make any sense out of the Scripture.

So, once again, I declare to you that without a question of a doubt in my mind, this is the doctrine of Christ which is coming forth. It is the spiritual truth that has been hidden from the beginning of time, and it is coming forth now under the anointing of Christ, which is in me, which is digging out the truth. You could believe it or, whoever is reading this message, not believe it. It is up to you.

So this -- so [?Gesenius?] and Strong say that this Hebrew word, well, it looks like a form of another verb that we c- -- and if we could believe that, we could translate it bloom because the actual spelling of the Hebrew word has no positive meaning whatsoever. The word means despised, and I suggest to you that -- does anybody not understand what I just said? [?No??] And so the almond tree typifies Christ, and the word which is modifying almond tree, blooms, is talking about the despised and rejected reaction of Christ -- to Christ from carnally minded men. If you can hear it, fine; if you cannot, do not worry about it. Do not worry about it. Do not get stuck on one point.

So the almond tree shall flourish, but, you see, Christ shall be despised and rejected. That is how I got that in my Alternate Translation.

“And the grasshopper shall be a burden.” The Hebrew word translated grasshopper means a winged, edible -- speaking about winged and edible insect so called because it covers the ground. It covers the ground. Now, the only one that I know that covers the ground, brethren, is Christ. Christ is the only one that I know of that covers the ground. The fact that this insect is winged, means that it has the ability to fly, indicates spirituality. And do not be put off by it being an insect because we read in Revelation 9 about the locusts, which I believe are a type of Christ Jesus. How could I say that? Well, they come up from under the earth of your carnal mind, and they are consuming all -- they are consuming vegetation. The grasshopper is Christ Jesus in you that is consuming the weed which is in your mind, which is called the what? The carnal mind.

So in some contexts we see Christ appearing as a bird which is tearing the flesh off the bones of the captors and kings, and now in this context we see Christ typified by a grasshopper which is eating the vegetation of the carnal mind. It is just a question of what point the Scripture is trying to make in the same manner that we see the winepress and the lake of fire both typifying the judgments of God but different symbols being used to present a different point. So to make one point we see the Scripture using fowls to signify Christ, and to make another point we see the Scripture using a grasshopper to signify the covering over of the land, which is the carnal mind, an insect that chews up the vegetation that is not supposed to be there.

And the Scripture says “the grasshopper shall be a burden.” Now, this Hebrew word translated burden, first of all, there is another word in the Hebrew that is not translated. It is a word that means self. In other words, it makes the word reflexive, which means to say to burden oneself. A reflexive word means it comes -- whatever the significance of that word, it comes back to yourself. So the grasshopper will not be able to burden itself. Now, the way it appears in the King James it sounds like all of us weak people, we are going to be so weak that when the grasshopper lands on our shoulder it is going to knock us over, but that is not what it is saying. It is saying the grasshopper shall burden itself.

And this word burden is the equivalent of the Greek word arrow, which I have spoken a lot about over these last few days and weeks. It can be translated to bear or carry away sins, to lift up and carry away sins, and it also can be translated to be pregnant, and that is how I got, in our Alternate Translation, that Christ Jesus shall pollinate or impregnate himself. So we see the King James saying, “and the grasshopper shall be a burden,” but what it is really saying is the one who covers over the carnal mind, Christ Jesus, shall impregnate himself, if you can hear it.

“And desire shall fail.” Desire is -- it is a Hebrew word that is specifically speaking about appetites, all forms of appetites, and we find that the overriding characteristic of this soul is lust: lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life. It is the overriding characteristic, lust for everything: lust for power, lust for money, lust for sex, lust for everything. It is not just sex; it is just lust. It is the overriding characteristic of man -- of fallen man, and that is what this word is speaking about.

And it says “desire shall fail.” The Hebrew word translated fail means to break in pieces, to divide, to bring to nothing. Brethren, the lust of this flesh is going to fail. It is going to be broken in pieces in that hour that the carnal mind is ripped to shreds because all lust is in the carnal mind. L- -- there is no lust in Christ. There is no marrying or giving in marriage in heaven. I am sorry. It is what my Bible says. I mean, that is what it says.

So we have some conflict in doctrine here in Lagos. You choose. It is OK with me if you do not believe it, you know, but it is there in the Bible. I will never be separated from anyone because of doctrine.

So lust shall be broken in pieces, brethren. Lust is the carnal mind. The carnal mind is lust. All lust comes out of the carnal mind, and when she is torn in pieces, you are not going to lust anymore. And when Christ comes to invade your city, he is going to rip the carnal mind to pieces, and when that happens you will not lust anymore, but you shall be fully satisfied in Christ, a different source of satisfaction, a completion. You know, the word in the Greek it says “to be completed in him.” It is the same concept as the word salvation, both in the Hebrew and in the Greek. The whole concept of completion is to be lacking nothing. We lust because we are lacking something. We eat, and tomorrow we must eat again. We fellowship, and tomorrow we must fellowship again. We love, and tomorrow we must love again, but a completion, which is in Christ, is a permanent condition of satisfaction.

The world knows about this. Does anybody know what the Hindus call it? Nirvana. Every religion has a name for it. I forget what the Buddhist name is. The Hindu name is Nirvana. Completion, complete satisfaction, complete evenness, the principle being that when -- as you empty out and your need builds, you go down into a valley. As your need is filled and you are satisfied, you come up, and then after however long it lasts, you go down into the valley again. And people who are existing in this world are in a continuous condition of ups and downs, highs and lows. The Scripture calls it valleys and mountains. Every religion of the world knows about it, that what we are seeking is evenness. We are seeking something that will come in and fill up all the valleys to the -- to be even with the mountain peaks, and that we shall be even across, stable, lacking nothing. Is there not a Scripture that says that, that you should be lacking nothing?

Now, that [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- that -- when Paul said that, tha- -- I think Paul said it -- that you should be lacking nothing, the carnal mind says, well, he means that I should have a home and a wife and a job and food on my table, and I -- that is -- OK, well that is true for where it is at, but it is greater than that. Brethren, this continuous needing to fill ourselves is a manifestation of the curse. It is a condition that exists in this world of continuous labor. Continuous labor for what? Continuous labor to satisfy ourselves. It is a curse. There is a better way. There is a state of being known as satisfaction where you are so filled and so completed that your whole existence is spent pouring out of yourself to help others. This was the condition of Jesus of Nazareth. He was so complete with the life of God in him that all he could do was minister to the incomplete. He needed nothing. That is the promise of the Scripture.

And most of us want second best. Why? Because the appetites of the carnal mind are screaming in our brains day and night, and with that screaming in our brains we have a problem imagining a condition of complete satisfaction from an area that in this hour is so incomplete that we are subject to the passions of the carnal mind. We are subject to this image. We are a part of the picture, and we are feeling the passions of the picture, but when we ascend above, out of the picture, we will not be subject to it anymore. And although I have just begun to enter in just a little bit, my Bible tells me that when I get there the satisfaction that I will experience will be so much higher than this up-and-down satisfaction of this world that there will be no comparison. But while we are subject to this world, it could be very painful. Not having your needs met can be painful, but there is a wilderness experience getting from one place to another, and we can do all things in Christ which strengtheneth us.

I know once when God first raised up this ministry, I had a few complaints because I had it in my head -- I did not understand. I thought it was going to be a Pentecostal type ministry with all kinds of wealthy people coming in and tithing and all kinds of stuff, but it did not turn out to be that way. And the Lord said to me one day, he said, “If you have if, you need it. If you need it, you have it. If you do not have it, you do not need it.”

Now, brethren, we need food, and we can believe Christ to supply food to us. There is no doubt in my mind if, God forbid, the crisis hits Nigeria or the United States that you cannot get food, he will feed you. I believe that as long as the natural avenues to obtain food are open unto you he expects you and me to go through the natural avenues, but in the event they should dry up one of two things will happen to the faithful: either the food will supernaturally appear on your table or your need for it will dry up and he will sustain you. There is not a doubt in my mind.

Food you need. Everything you need, you have. If you do not have it, you might want it, but you do not need it. I tell you the truth. He has promised to meet your every need, not your every want, and the hard, cold fact that nobody wants to hear is that areas of denial force spiritual growth. Hardship, lack in this soulish world forces spiritual growth. Just like you cutting -- pruning a plant and cutting off the leaves, it forces the strength of the plant into the existing leaves.

And some of the people having the hardest times are the people who are coming up who will be the most powerful in Christ -- some of them, and the church world is persecuting them and condemning them because they are having a hard time spiritually, but the first will be last and the last will be first. There will be many who [?have had?] really tough times in Christ and really tough times in this world, but they have stuck it out. They have toughed it out, and when they finally do start entering into Christ in any great strength, they are going to really have spiritual maturity.

No pain, no gain. Do they say that here in Nigeria? No pain, no gain. All of these Christians sitting in the king’s houses with no problems, singing and dancing, and working in the choir. And in New York, we talk about chi- -- we have a lot of chicken dinners in New York. Now, we are doing all these carnal things in the king’s house. It is nice. No pain, no gain. The Christian walk is a hard walk. Not many people in the United States would admit that or even know that. I think here in Africa you may know it a little more. I do not -- I am not sure, but Christianity is a hard, rigorous, arduous walk requiring discipline and commitment and perseverance. You just do not hear it preached very often, but it is true anyhow, whether you hear it preached or not. It is a walk that is supposed to build your character and make a great person out of you, not someone who is puffed up, but someone who is h- -- great in humility. Moses was the meekest man. That does not mean anybody could walk on him. He was humble before God.

The greatest amongst you shall be your minister. The greater you are, the more you have to come down and minister to the people who do not have what you have, many of which cannot get what you have. They do not have the intellect. They do not -- they cannot get to the meeting, whatever. They cannot understand. Some people are so demonized they could not sit in a meeting like this. It does not make you a great one. It makes you a minister. OK.

The Hebrew word translated -- that I am translating “they will change their mind,” in the King James it says “go about the streets.” It means turn back. And mourners, I suggest to you, are fallen human beings. And “man going to his longtime home,” this word long means eternal. The Hebrew word translated long, it means eternal. It is the w- -- Hebrew word used to speak about the eternal kingdom of God. Glory to God.

Verse 6. OK, verse 6. OK, this verse 6, it is a little complicated. I am just going to -- let me give you this Alternate Translation first, then verse 7 is easy. Let us just do this. It gave me a tough time, this verse 6. I am going to give you -- I am going to give it to you in two forms because the final form sounds so different than the King James Scripture. When that happens, I like to give it to you in a form where it is close to the -- as close as I can get it to the King James, and then I just put it in good English, and it does not sound anything like the King James at all.

Verse 6 -- well, I will read you the Scripture here. I lost my place. “Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.”

This phrase, or ever, it means -- well, the word or is translated before in the interlinear text, and the word ever -- in the Hebrew text, it is that same word translated not, which I said we did the word study on and found many instances where the Lord uses it as Satan -- as a reference to Satan. So we are translating it before Satan. The King James says or ever, and we are saying before Satan. Before Satan can be removed, brethren.

“Or ever the silver cord be loosed.” That word loosed -- it is all -- the words are all out of order. Apparently the King James translators could not make any sense of it at all, so they made up this fantasy about a silver bowl and a golden bowl, and they just changed all the order of the Hebrew words. This is what it means.

“Before Satan can be removed from this world system,” brethren, “the purchased possession,” which is the soul of man, “must be broken in pieces, and the walls of salvation --.” That is the human -- that is the golden bowl, and we are speaking about the human spirit. The walls of salvation are Christ, and if you were with us for the study that we did, I think it was last Sunday, if I am not mistaken. We did it in [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. We found out that God calls the human spirit of man Christ, even though he is dead -- in the form of human spirit, Christ is dead and fallen and female, and actually the human spirit is the female seed of Christ, likened unto a woman’s ovum, but with the potential to be born into the male warrior Christ.

So when the Father looks at the dead human spirit in any of us, he does not call her dead human spirit, he does not even call her, her. He looks at her, and he says, “You are my Christ because the end of you is that I shall raise you from the dead, and you are not going to stay an ovum. You are going to become a full-grown man.” So just as Levi paid tithes in Abraham’s loins, the Father looks at each of us and says, “Your dead human spirit, I call you my Christ,” if you can hear it. OK.

And in this particular Scripture he is calling him Christ, and he is describing the human spirit as the golden bowl. [?I think?] that is what he said. The silver cord and the golden bowl. The silver cord is speaking about the redeemed soul, and the golden bowl is speaking about the human spirit which is to be raised up into the glorious resurrected male warrior named Christ.

“Before Satan can be removed, the purchased possession must be broken in pieces, and the walls of salvation” -- that is Christ -- “torn in pieces.”

Why would the walls of salvation have to be torn in pieces? Because the human spirit is attached to Satan, remember? Eve is in solution. She is diluted in the salt sea. She is the salt of the salt sea, OK. In another instance she is described as bone. Remember, the Scripture says “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh”? Eve and Satan typify one bone, so that bone in you which is -- remember we have talked about Ezekiel’s bones, and we said that every one of us has one of the bones of the dead Christ in us? That human spirit which is in us is the bone of the dead Christ, but she is joined to Satan. So that bone has two parts to it. Does [sic] not your bones have two part- -- do not your bones have two parts to it? The marrow and -- what is the exterior called? Is it bone and marrow? The hard part and the soft part? Bones have a hard part and a soft part. OK.

So Eve -- or the human spirit of man is joined to Satan in a spiritual bone, which is within us, and for Christ to be raised from the dead, for that female ovum which is in us, spiritual ovum, to be brought forth in the glorious -- unto the point of the glorious resurrected male warrior Christ she must first be separated from her present husband, Satan, and that bone has to be broken. There is only one way to separate the bone from the marrow, brethren. You have to crack that bone.

So “Before Satan can be removed, the purchased possession” -- that is the silver cord -- “must be broken in pieces, and the walls of salvation” -- that is the golden bowl of the human spirit -- “she must also be torn in pieces, and that pitcher -- the pitcher” -- the individual human being, this clay that we live in is the earthen pitcher -- “must also be torn in pieces.” Everybody is getting torn in pieces here. And it says “the pitcher must be broken at the fountain.” The fountain is referring to the spiritual life, the life of the soul. Fountain refers to soul life, which is present in this flesh body.

And the Hebrew word translated wheel means chariot, which is a symbol, we have found, in the Scripture for the soul. The rider of the -- well, the horse is the whole individual. The rider of the horse is the spirit which is ruling in that man, and the soul is between the man and the spirit. The soul is the saddle that the spirit sits in. So we see this Hebrew word translated wheel in Ecclesiastes 12 really means chariot or whirlwind or chaff. Chariot, meaning soul. Whirlwind is a symbol for the move of God.

We see in the Book of Job, when the young man finally begins speaking to him, and the spirit of Christ stirs up in him, all of a sudden, he becomes a whirlwind. What does that mean? Well, some -- the people who believe that Elijah and Enoch were translated would say that the young man was translated. Well, it all depends on what your definition of translation is. That young man, who had an active manifestation of Christ burning in him, was so one, was so in agreement with the Christ in his mind that for all intents and purposes he became the whirlwind of God. He became a manifestation of Christ at that moment.

And I believe that anyone that has such an experience where Christ is being revealed to you with this level of intensity, which is a very high level of intensity, the person that is at the other end of that ministry ceases to see you as any form of a human being but just sees the Christ in you. It does not mean that you leave your body. I just means maybe -- I do not know that this is accurate, but just by way of example, what happened to Jesus at the Mount of Transfiguration, it just means that the Christ is so manifested in you that you cease to even see the person as a human being. All you could see is the glory coming out of the person. So that is the symbol of the whirlwind. And the chaff, of course, is the symbol of the carnal mind.

So, once again, we see a Hebrew word that has a negative translation and a positive translation, and we will find out -- we will decide whether to choose the positive or the negative translation when we look at the word -- at the modifying words and sentences. So the modifying words and sentences are -- what did I say here? Well, what happened was that there are four times -- the Hebrew word translated “to be torn in pieces” appears four times. So I had to find four subjects that would fit into a correct doctrine of being torn in pieces. In order to do that, I had to translate -- this word, which is translated wheel, I had to take a negative translation because the whirlwind of God is not being torn in pieces, you see. And as far as the chariot, we already have another word that means the soul is being torn in pieces. So I, therefore, chose the word chaff, which is a type of the carnal mind, which is definitely being torn in pieces. So we see four different things being torn in pieces. And let me give you that translation. As is typical of Bible prophecy, we see the first time an overall statement being made.

“Before Satan can be removed far away, the pitcher,” or the individual -- or the feather pi- -- the fountain -- the pitcher with the fountain -- they are talking about the individual -- “must be separated from the corporate unconscious mind” -- that is the second generation of Satan, and this is how he is going to do it: “The purchased possession” -- that is the silver bowl -- “which is the individual soul man, must be separated from his -- the -- his own individual carnal mind, and the chaff,” which is the wheel. “The individual carnal mind must then be torn in pieces.” See, we are -- bit by bit, we are being dismantled. And that is the separating -- separation of the carnal mind from the spirit. “And the walls of salvation must” -- that is the golden bowl -- “must be separated from Satan in the individual.”

Let me give you that again. There are four separations here.

“Before Satan can be removed far away from the living soul, the pitcher, the individual -- the pitcher at the fountain, the individual man, must be separated from the -- from his unconscious mind, the corporate carnal mind. And the way we are being separated from the corporate carnal mind is that we are being given a new unconscious mind. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ.”

You see, you cannot -- there is no way that you can be separated from the carnal mind without dying unless you first have another mind. You see, you must have a city of refuge to run into. If God kills your carnal mind, you are going to die. You cannot live without a mind. That is at least part of the reason why this whole process is grievous. He is raising us from the dead by a form of blood transfusion. He is giving us a new mind before he kills the mind which is killing us, and then that part of us, which is our true reality, the human spirit, has to flee into that safe haven. And if we are not in that safe haven when he burns up our carnal mind, we will die in the burning building. Did Peter not say “the elements are coming down with a crash, with burning heat, fervent fire”? That is the carnal mind being cast into the lake of fire. There is a transference going on.

So “Before Satan can be removed far away from this soul, the pitcher at the fountain, the individual man, must be separated from the corporate c- -- unconscious mind, Satan, and the” -- that is the second generation of Satan -- “and the purchased possession,” which is the silver bowl, the soul in the individual, “must be separated from that same person’s individual carnal mind. And the wheel, or the chaff, which is the carnal mind, that carnal mind after it is separated from the soul, the carnal mind must be separated into two parts: the carnal mind and then the separate of Satan and Eve, which are together. And that must then be separated, must be torn in pieces. Those walls of salvation” -- that is the golden bowl -- “must be separated from Satan in the individual.”

So we see four separations mentioned in verse 6 of Ecclesiastes 12, and then we are told in verse 7, after those four separations take place, not without pain, brethren, because God has to crush you, and he has to crush your carnal mind to get it -- to get your spirit free.

“Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was.” Who was the dust? Anybody know who the dust is?


Satan is the dust. “Then shall Satan return to the earth as it was.” I did not have time to look at this last verse in the interlinear, but it seems pretty clear to me. Satan shall return to her original position in the earth. What was her original position? Under the authority of Christ. Her position was soul. She was never meant to be a spirit. She was never meant to be a man. She was never meant to wield authority. She was meant to be in submission to the Christ. Her function in the creation is form.

Our example is the garment which the Lord Jesus Christ is weaving for the Father. We have a series of threads going from top to bottom and a series of threads going from left to right. I believe -- I still cannot get this warp and woof straight. Satan is one of them, and Christ is going the other way, and if you have the threads of Christ, which are vertical, and you have no threads going across, you do not have a garment. All you have is a bunch of threads. So Satan is the -- are -- is the threads that are going across. Satan is the foundation threads.

In reality, people who weave textiles, the foundational threads are colorless. They are, like, white threads, and then the threads going from top to bottom, which I think is the woof. I think it is the woof, if I am not mistaken. The colored threads are woven in and out of the white threads. Satan is the warp, the colorless threads, and without her there is no garment. She is the structure. She is a form of spiritual skeleton. You cannot have a garment without the opposing threads. There is a place for her in creation, and that is what verse 7 is talking about. Some people get very offended when I say she is not being annihilated. She is not being annihilated.

She -- Satan has a function in the creation. The whole problem is she got loose, and she assumed a function that she was not created for and became very destructive. She became the woof as well as the warp, and the garment fell apart. So she has to be forced back into her position of warp, and the garment will be rewoven, and when Christ is flowing in and out of her weaving, in and out of her, she shall be firmly placed in her position, and she will not ever get free again. It is my understanding of the Scriptures that at the beginning of time -- I am sure it was not exactly this way, but just by way of example -- a temporary garment was erected by the Father, and Satan was the warp, and Christ was the woof, and they were laying -- or they were lying one on top of the other, but they were not intimately woven. Christ was not intimately woven in and out of the warp, and that is how Satan got loose. It is just like a dressmaker takes all the pieces of the pattern and bastes them together. The whole garment fell apart. It was not finished, but at the end of this resurrection the garment will be completely woven and finished, and it will never come apart again. Satan is not being annihilated. She is being forced into her God-ordained role, which is necessary to the structure of the creation.

So “In that day, the dust,” Satan, “shall return to the earth of the soul in the position that she was designed to inhabit, and the spirit” -- that is the spirit which is in man -- “shall return unto God who gave it.”

And I have not looked it up, but I expect that word God to be Elohim, and that means we are not talking about the Father who is beyond the mind of man. His name is Jehovah. We are talking about Elohim, the God which is in the mind of man: New Testament, Lord Jesus Christ; Old Testament, Elohim.

So what does that mean? She shall return unto her true husband, Christ. And the spirit shall return unto the Christ who gave it or who gave himself for her. When the Father breathed him as the breath of life into the earth of this creation, the son who died to everything that he was in the loins of the Father to become the life force of this creation.

“‘Vanity, vanity,’ saith the preacher. ‘Everything of and in this world is vanity. Christ is the only reality.’”

Is that not beautiful? Praise the Lord. Any questions? OK. We are just keeping it to this message at first. It is on this message?

In the beginning of the chapter, it says that we should remember our Creators in the days of our youth. [?You did not?] elaborate on that very -- it is like you just translated it. The Alternate Translation [?does not have?] --

What I believe it means [sic] that in the days of our youth -- and I thought I spent some time on our youth. We are in this youthful -- a position where we are about to differentiate either going on to being completed in Christ or completed in the carnal mind. That is the condition of our youth. And the Scripture is saying in that day of trouble, when you come to that place of your development, of your spiritual maturity, that is the time that Satan’s evil day will be present. It is almost like saying a lot of young people have emotional problems when they go into puberty. They have identity problems. They have hormonals ari- -- hormones arise sometimes. They have highs and lows.

That is the natural type of this spiritual condition. As you enter into your spiritual puberty, and it is that evil day where Satan is going to be giving you a problem -- spiritual or emotional problems, and you are going to be unsatisfied or dissatisfied with everything of this world. In that day, remember your God. All satisfaction is in him. That is what he is saying. In this hour, when you are discontent and your spiritual emotions are going all over the place, and you are just not content, and you do not know what you want, and you are restless, remember Christ. There is peace in him. Everything that you feel that you would like or sometimes you think you need in this world that you do not have, what the Lord is saying is you can receive that peace from him, although most people do not know it.

We found that when we did a word-by-word study in the prophet Zephaniah. He was -- the Lord was addressing this same issue. All of this distress and turmoil in your emotions because nobody in the church today that is engaged in this warfare is completely satisfied. If there is anybody who is completely satisfied, if they exist, they are a carnal Christian who has not started on this walk yet. So everybody is not yet completed. Everybody is lacking in some area. Everybody is suffering in some area. Everybody feels deprived in some area. The Lord is saying when you come to that condition, remember your God because if you will just give him a chance to do a different -- to do it a different way --

You see, what happens is we get it in our mind that this is what I need. I need this pair of glasses. I cannot survive without this pair of glasses. If God does not give me this pair of glasses, it is hopeless. And the Lord is standing there saying, “I want to heal your eyes. I want to heal your eyes, so that you do not need glasses.” But we will not accept anything except these glasses.

So we find people today who have it in their head that they perceive a particular lack in themselves, and they get an idea in their head that there is only one way to satisfy that lack, and they concentrate on it, and it becomes and idolatry, and God will not give it to them. And the whole time he is standing back there saying, “There is another solution to your problem. You may have trouble believing it, but if you will just give me a chance, I will fill you in this area with myself, with my life, with my spirit, with my word, with ministry. There is satisfaction in all of these things if you will just give me a chance.”

But the average Christian -- the average -- it is just a condition of our humanity. We do not understand that God is able to meet every need, but not necessarily the way it would be met in this world. So we have to ask him to help us to expand our horizons and believe that there are ways that we cannot even imagine for him to satisfy us, and that is what he is talking about when he says “in the hour of trouble.” Where nothing satisfies you, when you are in the wilderness, when you are in between, remember your maker, remember God. He will minister to you. Did I answer your question? OK.

When you were talking about the spirit, you were talking back to the creator, to God, and you said Elohim. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] you always say -- you say in your New Testament [?it is?] Jesus Christ, but in the Old Testament [?it is?] Elohim in the mind. So c- -- and you Christ goes back to the Father and becomes a glorified spirit.


You said Christ, Jesus Christ has ascended to the Father --


-- and is one with the Father as a glorified spirit.


Could you even say the spirit [UNINTELLIGIBLE] to Christ is that no one can get to the Father except through Christ. So it is like the spirit has to go through Christ to be purified, so as you go back [UNINTELLIGIBLE] unite with glorified spirit because the Christ is already a glorified spirit with the Father, no different.

It sounds right, but I want to hear it again. [CROSSTALK]

It is -- you said the spirit returns back to the -- to God.

The human spirit. [CROSSTALK]

Yes, it returns back to God and to what you said could be Elohim, --


-- and you said in the New Testament it is Jesus Christ using [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Elohim. So it is like now that Christ is ascended to the Father, --

Now that Jesus Christ [CROSSTALK] --

-- Christ has ascended to the Father and is now one --


-- glorified spirit with the Father. So it is -- as I -- am I -- I am saying this is he saying there that he has to come to Christ because is -- there is no way to the Father unless through Christ. So when he comes to Christ, the spirit is purified by the mind of Christ to unite with the glorified spirit that he himself is united with.

That sounds OK. I am a little tired at this point, so [INAUDIBLE] very deep statement that you made, but it sounds OK. It sounds OK. OK.

You just talked about the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] being Satan. [?Am I right? Can?] you harmonize that with the commandment [UNINTELLIGIBLE] commandment or the statement that the Bible says dust shall be your [?food to?] [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

[?Dust shall be your meat.?] The dust shall be the Satan’s meat. Yes, I can reconcile those two statements to you. The serpent has digested his meat, and they have become one. Does that satisfy you?


OK. Praise the Lord. Anybody else? Praise the Lord. OK. We will wait another couple of minutes. If there are no more questions, maybe we will have a couple of songs, and we will break because we will be back here at 10 tomorrow. OK. We will just give it another minute to make sure no one else has another question. Could you put that on pause [UNINTELLIGIBLE], please?

You see soldiers on -- are those soldiers on every corner, or policemen, that keep stopping our car -- our car, your car? Are they soldiers or are they policemen? They are policemen, OK.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we just continue to bless this nation, O God. As the deadline of June 12th approaches, we pray for peace, Father. We pray for a mighty move of your spirit. We rebuke the forces of chaos and confusion and corruption and war and conflict. We directly attack and bring down the gods of this world, and the powers and principalities that are criminal in this hour. And we seek to execute the righteous judgment of Christ, Father, but not being sure what this prayer should be, we just offer a general prayer up unto you, believing that you who knows all things will receive the good intentions of our heart and send forth your spirit to work all things for the good of the faithful, Lord.

And we ask that you have mercy upon this nation and upon all Africa, and as we see you preparing to raise up sons in this area that will wage war against the carnal mind, we see first in the natural a stirring of trouble, and then in the spiritual. And we pray for the people, Father, and we pray that righteousness be done. We pray that it be done, if at all possible, without bloodshed, and we pray that your perfect will should be done. We speak stability and reason and safety and every good thing which is in Christ unto this nation, and we bless it, and we declare that our blessings are greater than the curses and that Christ should prevail. In the name of Jesus, amen.




A greater and more perfect tabernacle,

To far exceed the temple that now stands,

One prepared by God, reserved in the heavens,

'Tis the building that is made without hands.

Changed into the image of the Savior,

What mortal tongue can find the words to tell

The glory of the new creation temple,

In whom God's fullness shall be pleased to dwell.

Not in your creation with its service

is found the answer to our heart’s desire.

By his grace our God in works are his purpose

till we have been purified by his fire.

Changed into the image of the Savior,

No mortal tongue can find the words to tell

The glory of the new creation temple,

In whom God's fullness shall be pleased to dwell.

How sovereignly the spirit is transforming

From glory unto glory to [?the hope?]

Is redeemed by God [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

With his holiness the theme of the soul.

Changed into the image of the Savior,

No mortal tongue can find the words to tell

The glory of the new creation temple,

In whom God's fullness shall be pleased to dwell.


Just sit with me for a minute. The Lord is not finished. Can we get this [INAUDIBLE]?

First of all, I just pray that for everybody who cannot -- if there is anybody here -- I am not asking you to say yay or nay. If there is anybody here who cannot perceive this anointing, let God enable you to perceive it. If there is anybody here who cannot recognize the difference between this anointing and the anointing of the past two or three nights, if there is anyone here who cannot discern levels of strength of anointing, I rebuke your carnal minds, and I rip scales off of your eyes and off of your hearts, and I pray that the Father grant you this privilege.

This is an awesome outpouring of his spirit. He does not always reveal himself in the same measure of strength. There is power in this kind of an anointing. If you have a need, I encourage you to speak directly to the Father and ask him if he will not meet that need to night, any kind of a need. There is intense power here right now, miracle-working power. Jesus.

I did see something in the spirit just before. I am not really sure what it meant, but all I would say to you is what I have been saying all along. God is doing something here -- very unusual here in Lagos. You see, the Lord does not bring in this kind of power to do nothing. If you look at our natural example, you would ask yourself -- let us take fire. Fire is power. Why would one start a fire? You start a fire to cook food. You start a fire to make fuel. In the areas where it is not tropical, you start a fire to keep warm. He does not pour out this kind of power for no reason, and he is literally pouring power into this area -- intense, intense power. It builds inside of you. It builds in this room. It builds in this house.

It does not mean that God is a respecter of persons, that he is building it here and he is not building it there. It means that he is raising up something here. It does not mean that he loves anyone more than someone else or that he is meeting a need here and not meeting a need there. Right now, the Lord is raising up ministry.


So I just -- the only thing that I could tell you that I saw was some sort of reorganization.

Now, as I exhorted you the other night, I encourage you to not slip into anything that would resemble the misuse of prophecy or prediction, such as the workers of witchcraft use it to try to attempt to change circumstances. When God gives you information about what is to come, his purpose is that when it comes to pass, you should know that he told you before it happened, and that, therefore, he is God, and he is in control, and he loves you, and everything is OK, and that if you hear a word, reorganization, you should feel free to say, Lord, is there any part for me in this? Is there anything that you require of me? Is there anything that I should do? I highly recommend a prayer like that, but God does not give us dreams so that we can go ahead and try to alter the circumstances or avoid what is coming. He g- -- tells us so that when it comes to pass we should know that he said it. That means there is no power, even here in Africa, that could change it if God said it. So when it comes to pass, you know that it is of God. Either he did it or he allowed it. Jesus.

The Lord says that he is confirming the message tonight, that everything that you heard about tonight is being made a reality, or at least the -- it is -- the beginnings of it are operating in the hearts of the people here. He is making it real to you. He has -- if he had not already begun, he has begun to make it real to you. If he had already begun, he is proceeding along with the work. I suppose you all know that when a plant grows, no matter how well it is doing, it needs sun, if not every day, frequently. It needs continuous water until it matures. So if it is already started in you, he is increasing it. If it has not begun in you, he is beginning it. He is invading our cities. Jesus. Jesus.

He says the time is very short. We are going to begin to see men in full stature. It is very short. It is very close. It is very close.


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