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Hello Ladies. I will tell you that I have one daughter who will be getting married in April. My life is a miracle testimony. God did not reveal Himself to me when I was a very sickly child. That did not happen until I was 38 years old. I had never read the Bible. I had many physical problems and the doctors did not know what was wrong with me. The Lord healed me with a great show of His power. It came in a supernatural way, and I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life. God marched me into the ministry, much to my surprise. Things changed for me so radically in my life that I was not the same person. It was His miracle working power. Hallelujah.


Jesus said I have much to tell you, but you cannot bear it now. He meant that the eyes of your understanding have not been opened. Spiritual things are not understandable to the man without Christ. Tonight I hope to bring you some things that God has for us. Let me start by giving you two Scriptures.


Ephesians Chapter 5:23; For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.


Galatians Chapter 3:27, 28; and 29. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise. I tell you a great mystery, how you are to relate to your husband. He is the head of the natural family, but there is a spiritual husband over your spiritual wife, and His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no male or female in Christ Jesus because unto the Lord Jesus Christ, every human being, male or female, is the wife of Christ. 


I will show you a mystery. We have two minds, side by side. We live our natural life, but there is a spiritual life. There is in you a spiritual life that is dwelling in the midst of you. He has much that he would like to tell you. He desires that the eyes of your entire family should be opened. He desires a secret life with you. He desires to give you all of the secrets of his Spirit, something between you and Christ. He wants to increase in you. He wants to talk in you. He wants to walk in you. He wants you to know that Christianity is the one religion that promises deliverance to women all over the world, from every form of bondage that society has imposed upon you. He wants you to know in his church you are his bride, and that he will teach you all the mysteries of the kingdom. There is what I call spiritual manhood in Christ. When Christ Jesus is in you, you are a spiritual man. Whatever the Lord calls you to, he will make a way, where he is speaking through you. You can teach because the Spirit of Christ is the man. In the household of Christ, there is no man or woman, in whom Christ is not speaking.


Men and women all have the opportunity to go on in God. We can do all things in Christ, so long as the Lord has called you to it. As I stand here, I exhort you, and I encourage you to be everything that you can be in Christ. I also warn you that that other life, is not defeated, and it will try to seduce you to enter into behavior that is ungodly and destructive to you and your family. But keep in mind, during this period of training that he has in store for you, you can teach, you can preach, you can evangelize, you can prophecy, you can do all things in Christ, as long as they are legal and in order. The spirit is subject to the prophet. If there is a spirit in you that is driving you, and demands to preach, this is not the Spirit of God. Therefore, try the spirit. It is His house, His church, His head. The head of this household wants to invite you to preach. That is how it operates. I was invited. Amen.


If you have a desire to preach, and you believe it is God, tell the Lord. Father, if this is of you, speak to my pastor. You cannot preach unless they invite you. Now that Christ is being formed in us, we have two minds, Paul tells us. He says, with my mind I serve Christ, but in this flesh I serve the law of sin and death. We see a double minded man. James say a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. One minute we are serving Christ and the next minute we are speaking with that lying vicious carnal mind. To be carnally minded is death. To live after the Spirit is life. We must learn to distinguish between the Spirit of life and the spirit of death. There is a strange thing going on in the church today, brethren. Children of God are being led around by human spirits saying I am God. Try the spirits, brethren. Every spirit is not of God. Look at the fruit. See what quality the spirit is accomplishing. Are you growing in grace? Or are you in bondage? Are you controlled? Is the spirit that calls itself holy dictating every aspect of your life? Is it telling you whether to take a left or a right turn when you walk down the street? Does this spirit tell you to break the law and say I authorized it? This is not the Spirit of God.


The Spirit of God is gentle. He submits to righteous authority. If you have Christ, and your husband does not, and you rise up and try to take authority over him in regard to your natural family, this is not Christ. You do have authority in your home when that authority is in Christ, because the husband is a law. Paul says that. You had better not flee from him until he dies. You are bound through his natural life, even if you see this man does not know the Lord, or who may know the Lord, and makes a mistake because he is flesh and blood. Petition the Lord with humility and meekness. When you do that, the Lord will look at your motives. Your motives are very important to God. Two people can perform the same behavior with two completely different motives. It is possible to have a spirit of rebellion, which is seeking to destroy authority in this natural world, and it is possible to have a spirit holy before God, honestly seeing that mutual deed to be a mistake.


Brethren, the problem is what we perceive to be innocent could be our mistake. I exhort you to pray with wisdom. Ask the Lord about everything. Say Father, make the correction wherever it falls. If I am wrong, correct me. If someone else is wrong, correct them. The Lord is calling us to be responsible Christian men today. We have something in the church today that is a very strange thing. We see a little bird making judgments about what is right and wrong for another person, and praying from that position. Furthermore, the judgment may be incorrect. I will give you an example. We see believers who see a single woman, and you decide she should be married. You decide that such and such a young man would make a wonderful husband for her, and you start praying about it. Brethren, this is not the Spirit of God. We may not choose a Godly husband. I am trying to speak to you about the fact that there is power in our minds.


I find that there is a lot of information that is not obvious in the King James Translation. Paul says in the Greek that our mind is a weapon. When that mind, which is in us is Christ, it is a weapon which destroys things and brings forth life. But when that mind, which is in us is death, sin in the mind, it brings forth death and kills the life of Christ. We must know that our thoughts can kill us. The Father is challenging us to grow up, and become responsible in Christ. Why not ask the Father, not what we would have, but nevertheless we want your will. What would you have us to pray? Who would you have us to pray for? What would this prayer be? Let that mind that was in Christ Jesus be in me, and let every imagination, every thought, which is not from the mind of life, but which is from the mind of death, let it be cast down. Let every thought be taken captive, and let us decide whether it is a thought, which produces life or a thought which produces death. When we make that judgment, if that thought is unto death, let us say, get behind me Satan. If that thought be unto life, let us say, Father, if it be your will, so be it.


This mind that is in us, the one that we were born with, the one which is born of water, it has power, and that power has a name. Does anybody know the name of that power that is not Christ? Anybody? It is witchcraft. You know, we have that in the United States, but it is a little different than what you have here. It is very different, ladies. There is no ritual. There is no charm. There is no chanting, but it is the power that comes from one's mind. Did not Jesus say, if you hate your brother, you have killed him? Did he not say, if you look after that woman with lust, that you have committed adultery? This was not a parable. Jesus was saying that you are coming forth from a spiritual infancy. When you receive the Holy Ghost, it is the beginning of your spiritual life. In this hour, all across the world, we see the spiritual power, which is in the minds of men, being crazy because humanity is growing up. The church is growing up, so we must know what is coming out of our minds. We can no longer claim no responsibility if a hate arises in us. I remind you, there is no more condemnation in Christ Jesus, but we must lay hold of that thought and cast it down.


We must know that that thought is hate, or that thought is envy, and can physically damage our brother. We must deny it. Paul speaks about it. I am going to repeat it. I know I said it before. He says, with my mind I serve the law of God, but with my flesh the law of sin and death. He said, who will deliver me from the body of this death? Brethren, to have Christ in your mind is the beginning of the warfare for you. The warfare is over who will be your God? Christ is the God in the midst of you, but there is another god. Does not the Scripture say that man of sin sits in the temple of God, calling himself God, exalting himself as God? He shall be revealed to be hiding in our mind, but when Christ arises in you, when the Son of your righteousness arises in you, by the brightness of his coming, he shall expose that man of sin, and destroy him. Hallelujah. From that time forward, we shall forever be with the Lord.


Brethren, there is a battle raging. It is a battle in the realm of the Spirit. There are children of all ages in Christ. Does not Paul say that the milk is for the babies, and that the meat is for the more mature? What are the signs of the mature in Christ? I believe this Scripture is in the King James, but it may be in another translation. In any event, it is in the Greek. The signs of spiritual maturity, or one of the signs, is that ability to distinguish between the good in your mind and the evil in your mind. Brethren, we must recognize that there are believers who have been with the Lord for years, who are being led astray. Let me give you one example. I know about a couple that received a prophecy that they were called to ministry in another country. They rose up, and followed the instruction of the word, sold all their possessions, and moved to another country, but God did not meet them there. They finally returned home, having lost all of their worldly goods. Has anybody here heard a similar story?


There is a prophecy that is not a true prophecy. That is why we must try the spirit on the prophet. There is much for us to learn. Even when the prophecy is of God, we must know that God's timing is not man's timing. You receive the word, and you wait for God to witness to you when it will come to pass in your life. If we try to bring it to pass ourselves, there will be destruction. I know several situations where a young woman or a young man had a dream, or had a prophecy, that another young person was their husband or their wife. They go up to that person, and they say God told me you are my husband. I know one instance where the man knew it was wrong. The marriage was not a good marriage. They are divorced today. We must know that dreams can be of God, or they may not be of God. Even if they are of God, keep the information in your heart, and you wait for the Lord to bring it to pass by His Spirit.


When we bring events to pass by our own will, this is a spirit operating in our mind, which is not the Spirit of life. The fruit that it brings forth will bring destruction in your life. I told another story, here in Nigeria. A young man convinced a young woman that the Lord had told him to be together with her without marriage. The woman had a child. By the time she realized that this spirit was not God, the child was at least a year or two old, and she had an illegitimate child. Now they have separated and she does not even have a mate. They did not marry. Brethren, we have to grow up in Christ. We must be responsible. If you receive a word in your heart for somebody else, that does not mean that the Lord is telling you to deliver the word at that moment. Keep it in your heart. Maybe the Lord wants you to pray. Maybe He does not want you to deliver that word. Maybe He just wants you to intercede.


What am I saying to you, brethren? Pray without ceasing. Seek the Lord for instruction in every matter. Lord, what do you mean? What do you want me to do? When? Where? How? Another big difficulty in the church with prophetic utterances is that we see people very gifted in prophecy, but they draw a conclusion that if they are gifted in prophecy, they are also gifted in interpretation. Brethren, these are two different gifts. I want to tell you that there is a spirit, which is of the world, and is not of Christ, in your mind. If he can do it, as you bring forth a prophecy of the Spirit of God, he will move in right afterwards with an interpretation that will cause the person who received the prophecy to lose control. We must ask the Lord to help us to discern where His communication ends, and where another spirit is trying to take advantage of us to speak through our mouths to receive glory for ourselves.




In this hour, the Lord says come closer, especially the women, come closer because you are Christ's. I give you the opportunity, saith the Lord, to be all things unto all men, but let it be my Spirit in you saith God. I shall blow you hither, and I shall blow you thither, for the one who is led by the Spirit of God is like the wind, you know not where you will be blown next. But I will speak through you, and I will teach through you, and I will manifest all of the gifts through you, but I will not have another prophecy in my name, saith God, for I shall cast you down, that evil one, that takes my name and snares my people, and brings destruction instead of life. I will tread you down, saith the Lord. I will separate my people from you as the wheat is separated from the chaff. And he, that wicked one, shall be stubble in the wind, for I shall bring my threshing floor unto my people, saith God, and I shall produce the fruit of Christ, and the wine of my spirit shall be pure, and I shall be glorified in my church, saith the Lord, but that wicked one, shall be revealed unto you, and together we shall tread him under, saith God.


Some of the things the Lord has been doing through me is this. Is it okay that I have the floor? Is it okay if I take questions? One of the ministries that God has given me is the ability to answer questions that you might have on any subject. If the Lord moves that way, we will take some questions. If anyone has a question now, I will try to answer it, but if you do not, we will do the same thing tomorrow night, so you can come in with your questions if you like.


I am just waiting to hear from the Lord, because I do not preach unless He tells me what to preach about. Let me just emphasize something that I said to you earlier. I call it spiritual manhood. What I mean is that if Christ is truly manifesting through you, for that moment, with regard to spiritual things only, whether your body is male, or whether your body is female, for that moment you are an ambassador of Christ, and you are spiritually male, to deliver that message, to deliver that teaching. When Paul said let the woman be silent in the church, what he meant was the person, whether they were in a male body or in a female body, if their mind is not Christ, keep still until Christ arises in you. There is nothing that the carnal mind can say to you that will edify. That was what Paul meant when he said let the women be silent in the church. We have a contradiction in the Scripture. How can Paul say let the women be silent in the church, and then say forbid not to prophecy. Many of the women prophesied.


Brethren, the churches are men of contradictory. Sometimes the translation is contradictory. Sometimes their understanding is contradictory, but God does not contradict Himself. There has to be an answer if there appears to be a conflict in the Scripture. What that means to me is that there is something that I do not understand. There is something about one or both of those Scriptures that seem to contradict each other, that I do not understand. I ask the Lord for understanding, and he is so faithful. He has never failed to give me understanding, but let me tell you this. Sometimes before we can understand, he has to teach us a few things. It may take a year or two, especially when I am asking a question about the revelation of the Word. I may have to wait a year or two for the answer, so be patient. The minute you pray the prayer, the Lord had begun to answer it, but because you are carnal, you are slow to understand. Our mind must be prepared to understand our understandings, so the Lord cannot always answer right away. In the same manner, if we are sick, and we are seeking to heal, God is no respecter of persons. Why does He heal one and not another? I am asked that question so many times.


I have heard so many testimonies about aches and pains being healed, and I had struggled almost fifteen years with health problems. Let me tell you, brethren, that God knows what is best for me. This deep travail that I went through produced a richness of His Spirit in me. God is not a respecter of persons, and we must be careful not to condemn God. Do you know that Job condemned God? Job said, I do not deserve what has happened to me. When we declare ourselves innocent, we automatically, whether we know it or not, declare God guilty. If Job did not deserve what happened to him, then God was punishing him unjustly, and Job was guilty of the sin of pride. I hear you say I thought Job was perfect in God's eyes. Job was perfect in his compliance, in the way he kept the law. He was perfect with the sacrifices. He kept the Sabbath perfectly, but he was not a perfect man. He had the sin of pride in his heart. He felt righteousness. He thought he did not deserve what happened to him.


Brethren, God is a just and righteous God. Everything shall happen just as He intended, and the sins of the fathers shall be passed unto the children, unto the third and fourth generation. If we have a problem, and it is not leaving us easily, we must ask the Lord if there is a sin on our family line, which He wants us to repent of. We must ask Father what must we do to be delivered from this affliction? Whether it be a physical affliction, a mental affliction, or a financial affliction. Brethren, this creation is hell. Do you know that in Adam we all die? That is how we received this carnal mind, which is dead. God is righteous. We are unrighteous, but we have a promise, Christ in you, the hope of glory. He shall produce righteousness in us. Our righteousness shall be added unto us. I just want to make one more point because I think the Lord is saying that is enough for tonight. He wants me to remind you of what Jesus said to you. Brethren, our righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees if we are to see the kingdom of heaven. If we are to enter into heaven, our righteousness must exceed Job's righteousness. It must exceed the righteousness of the keeping of the law.


The righteousness that exceeds the righteousness of the keeping of the law is needed. Do you know that there is a written law and that there is a spiritual law? Christ is a law. He is the law of life. When he dwells in your heart, he has the ability to destroy that man of sin. That righteousness, which is in Christ, is the righteousness which will bring you into the kingdom of heaven. It is a good thing to do good works, but we must know that our foundation is in union with the fruit of God. Life is in the Son. He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit. Salvation is when our spirit becomes one spirit with the Lord's Spirit. What produces this condition in us is the casting down of every imagination that is not of God. Cast it down. You have power in Christ. Get behind me, Satan. The war is on. Jesus said to the apostles, when Jesus was in the days of his flesh, he said do not take a sword. Do not take any money. Just go out without provision.


When he was going to the cross, when he was about to be crucified, he said now take a sword, take money, and go prepared. What is this confusion? Why this change? This was the change. Now that our Lord has been crucified, resurrected and ascended into heaven, he is pouring out of his Spirit upon all flesh, and when he falls upon your heart, his nature, which is sinless, is joining with your heart and producing that nature in you. Take your sword, and raise it against the man of sin, which is in your mind. Take up your sword, which is Christ, and cast down those imaginations, for the Lord desires you, and the bridegroom lusteth for his wife for the wedding night. The Lord desires to be joined to you in every aspect of your life. That enemy, which is the man of sin, which dwells within, must be defeated. I say to you this night, pick up your swords, put money in your purse, take a change of clothing, and engage in the battle, for the end of the battle is union with Christ.


COMMENT: That was a deep revelation. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. We will continue tomorrow.


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