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And you are a little distressed because we are not talking about Daniel 11 yet. Do not be distressed. Just go to Part 3 or 4 of this message. We are going to get to the translations soon, but the Lord is giving us a spiritual foundation to understand Daniel 11. And as we were just saying earlier, one picture or one image is worth 1,000 words. There [?is?] -- there i- -- th- -- you see, this is what John was talking about in the Book of Revelation. There are just some things that you just cannot describe with words, and what the Lord is pouring out here is just awesome. OK.

We have two drawings, the first drawing which is off th- -- for the people who are here, which is off the board already, is pretty similar to the drawing that we did in Part 1 of this message, the difference being that in Part 1 -- and you proba- -- if you listen to Part 1, you heard me say in the message, I do not know where Satan is in all this, OK. The Lord has shown me where Satan is in all this; that is why this drawing is back up on the board again. Could I see your drawing so I could just go over it for the people reading this message or for you too?


 Is this the first one that you did? OK. Thanks. In n- -- drawing number one, we see that -- we have the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Celia, could you please put that down on your drawing? I did not have room on the board, on your exhibit, yeah. It is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and we see that the roots are the serpent, and the tree trunk is Leviathan in the -- is this [?on?]? -- Leviathan in the unconscious -- well, you see, Leviathan is both conscious and subconscious.

The l- -- the subconscious mind is the mediator. In the Christ mind, the mediator is the man, Christ Jesus. He is partially conscious, and he is partially subconscious. The subconscious part of him attaches or connects to the unconscious world, which is the Lord Jesus, and the conscious part of the subconscious mind connects to our conscious mind. He is the mediator who is c- -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- because in this hour, the Lord Jesus is one with the Father, so he is the connection to the Father. The subconscious role that the man, Christ Jesus, is in, his subconscious end, if that is how you need to understand it, is connected into the Father, and his -- the conscious side of him is connected into the earth. Part of him is in heaven, and part of him is in earth. He is the mediator. He is the connector. He is the subconscious, OK, and the subconscious is partially in the conscious mind and partially subconscious.

Now what is the difference between the -- let us define conscious, subconscious and unconscious. We will get to this, OK. We will get to it. OK. Let me define this for you. Conscious mind -- in your conscious mind, you have full vision of what you are thinking, what is in your mind, what you believe. Unconscious mind -- you have -- you are completely blind. We are complete blind to our unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind is Satan. Satan is working actively to destroy our conscious mind and our physical bodies. Why? Because we are our own worst enemy.

You know, this doctrine may sound crazy at first listen, but if you stop to think about it, it lines up with everything that the whole world knows about human beings. We are our own worst enemy. Every human being on the face of the earth has a side to themselves that they must guard themselves against. We must guard ourselves over overindulgence, or we can be destroyed. We must be disciplined. We cannot attain anything in this life without discipline, without commitment, without responsibility. These are all qualities of character that need to be built into someone from the time that they are a child. We are not born with these qualities, OK, and if left to ourselves, our unconscious mind -- you see, people panic because they hear the name Satan. Our unconscious mind, Satan, will rule our life unto torment in this present existence and ultimate death, unless our conscious mind is strengthened in righteousness, hopefully by the Lord Jesus. If not by the Lord Jesus, there are many people in [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE] [?every?] man, which is Satan, and Satan is the serpent’s expression in this visible, physical world. Did any -- anybody not following me? OK.

So now what is the subconscious? That is most mysterious one. Any s- -- modern psychology will tell you that the conscious mind or the personality -- I am sorry. The personality is both conscious and subconscious. Sub- -- the co- -- subconscious mind is what I would define as denial. It is the world of denial. It is the realm of denial. The subconscious mind, on some hidden level, knows what is going on but is denying it to the conscious mind. You see, the unconscious mind -- we have no idea what is going on. We have no control over it, unless you are in Christ and you are at war with it. The conscious mind, the personality, is both conscious and unconscious. The u- -- and subconscious. The subconscious part of our mind is something that we really should know, you see. A lot of us, we do not know what Satan is doing, except for us here who are spiritual in Christ. The average person does not know that their own mind is set dead against them to destroy them, although psychologists know it. It is in the literature, OK. But for the average man on the street, our mind is both conscious and subconscious. The subconscious mind should know this -- whatev- -- should know what? Whatever is in your subconscious mind, whatever you are denying.

We all have secrets. We all have things going all the way back to our childhood that we just could not deal with, so we repressed. But something -- repressed thoughts are something that, should the day ever come, and it really has to come if you want to go on with God, that we start to deal with every repressed emotion, every repressed fear, every repressed resentment. When we start to deal with it, the unconscious mind will be revealed, repressed emotions, repressed sin. The subconscious mind: the world of denial. The more denial you are in, the more or the greater your subconscious mind is. Hopefully, our subconscious mind is very small because all things will be exposed in Christ Jesus, including our unconscious mind. When we have Christ as our weapon, we are not only after our subconscious mind, but we are after our unconscious mind. We are out to utterly destroy her, but we cannot do that until her replacement is in place, her replacement being the Lord Jesus Christ, the foundation that can never be moved, upon which our new man, Christ Jesus, is being matured or built.

Is everybody OK? OK. Do I hear a ring on this microphone? Is there a -- no, it is just me.


 Yeah. Maybe you should turn it down just a hair, Xxxx. Thanks, OK.

On with this exhibit. So we have the -- an image of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

D- -- Xxxx, do me a favor. Let us -- OK. You are doing that.

The roots of the tree are the serpent. The serpent is the roots of the tree. The serpent goes all the way back to the beginning of time. Remember, this world that we live in is the top -- is appearing at the f- -- well, OK. I will say it this way for the time being. At the top of a tower, there is a foundation, a base -- and the foundation consists of a base and a pedestal that we -- that this whole world exists on, and that is interesting because, you see, this knowledge is in the world. You go back to pagan religions, to Greek are Roman mythology, and they have images of -- I do not know whether it is Atlas or Hercules, to tell you the truth, down on his knee holding the whole world on his shoulder. Men from the beginning of time have had revelations of some sort or another that this whole world is held up. OK. Now there was a time when they thought that the physical world was held up by some kind of pillars, but we know that this phy- -- this visible, physical world is held up by spiritual pillars. It has a base. It has a foundation, and it has a base or a pedestal that sustains us here.

The serpent is the foundation of this visible, spiritual world. She has founded it, and she is the god of it. You check it out in the Scriptures. It does not say -- I challenge you to show me anywhere where it says who the god of this world is. It does not say it. It is a secret, you see. It is a mystery that is only in the mind of Christ. The god of this world is the serpent, and Satan is the prince [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [?and?] serves her, OK. I do not want to spend too much time on this, OK.

We have the leaves. The leaves are the only part of the tree that do not endure. The roots endure; the trunk endures; the branches endure, but the leaves appear only for a season and die, never to rise again. The tree produces new -- the leaves and the fruit. The tree produces new leaves and new fruit every season. The leaves and the fruit that is perishable is speaking about the physical bodies and the personalities of mortal man.

We are temporary. That is going to hurt your pride, but you really better ask the Lord if it is true or not before you stop reading this message. Our bodies and our personalities are temporary expressions of the serpent. Why? Because she is the god of this world. She has incarnated you. Those of us who are rejecting the serpent, Leviathan, Satan and the devil and are cleaving unto the Lord Jesus Christ are in the process of changing. But the f- -- the truth remains, we have been incarnated by the serpent, and our conversion has not yet been completed. How do you know that, Sheila? If your conversion had been completed, you would not be living in this dense, gross, vile physical body; you would have a glorious body like the Lord Jesus has. Glory to God.

Did I cover everything? Hmm, OK. And the visible world is the leaves and the fruit and, I guess, the branches too. I am not going to get too technical here. What is seen in the visible world is our physical bodies; that is the leaves. And our personalities are seen in the visible world. Our personalities are part conscious and part subconscious. That is the fruit and the branches are seen in this visible world.

The tree trunk, which is the collective unconscious mind, the -- I am sorry, the collective subconscious mind of mortal man, OK, that part of our mind which is one with every other mortal man on the face of the earth, you see. Because the division -- the d- -- you see, we are a divided creation. You are -- you have your body, and I have my body, and you have your mind, and I have my mind, but the division exists only here in the visible, physical world. In the subconscious realm, we are one, and in the unconscious realm, we are certainly one, just like a tree. You see how solid the tree trunk is. As the tree begins to appear in the visible world, the substance of which the tree trunk is made, the woody, tough part, branches out into branches. The division only comes as the tree appears in the visible world. Can you see that? Is everybody OK? OK. You did not take a picture of the second one yet. Could you shut that off for a second, please?

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is solid at the foundation. The foundation is not merely roots as you would think of roots in a tree in this world because the roots -- the serpent’s roots are interwoven with Elohim’s breath of life. The foundation is a woven fabric; it is solid. Spiritual roots are different than physical roots. There is no separation; it is woven slid.

Then as the serpent ascends, she a- -- each level of ascension has a different name. You see, Leviathan, Satan and the devil are all expressions of the serpent in different levels of existence and in different functions. But this whole world is the serpent’s world. She has formed the world. She as- -- when she ascends out of the f- -- her foun- -- her condition of foundation, the next stage or the next level that she ascends to is what we call the base or the pedestal. It is the subconscious, collective mind of mortal man. Just as an infant, just as a f- -- an embryo begins to form in a woman’s womb. It starts, I am told with the heart, and everything starts to be built around it. This is what the serpent is doing, and as she begins her climb -- her climb into what? Her climb into a visible world. She is climbing up from an invisible world into a visible world. She is ascending, OK, and she starts to rise up out of the fabric of the foundation, which she is. She starts to arise into what [?it?] will be or what she is making into the subconscious -- the collective subconscious mind of man, and she is still solid. She is -- that is the tree trunk.

The division only begins as the tree begins to appear. The trunk branches out into woody branches, which endure, and the most visible part of her tree, the leaves and the fruit, are the devil, the personalities and the physical bodies of mortal man. And then Leviathan, the subconscious -- the collective subconscious mind, is also partially conscious, and the conscious part of her is appearing as the conscious mind of the devil. The devil is your physical body and your personality, OK, and your conscious mind is Leviathan, and Leviathan -- and your individual, the -- your conscious mind in your personality, think of the branches branching out from the tree. There is a branch -- you see, the trunk is Leviathan, and she branches out into branches which are family lines, and off of each branch are many individual twigs. The conscious mind in an individual personality is a twig off of a branch. Did you ever hear of a family tree? That is what we are talking about, OK.

So your personality and your physical body is the devil. Your conscious mind is Leviathan, but y- -- that conscious mind of yours also has a subconscious part in which you are one with every human being on the earth, every human being in existence. And then that subconscious mind is connected to the foundation and the roots. When I gave you this drawing in Part 1, I could not see Satan in this thing. Satan is the unconscious mind. I now see Satan in it, OK.

We have drawing number two, which is a picture of -- or which is an image of spiritual marriage. You know, for a long time, I would have been saying to the Lord, I know that full stature is not really a scriptural term. There is a Scripture that say -- where Paul says we should ascend to the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ, but I knew it was not a scriptural term. Here is the scriptural term: spiritual marriage. Spiritual marriage is very scriptural. There is going to be a marriage in Israel. The bridegroom cometh. The Lord Jesus cometh for his church.

What we have on the board today is the -- an image of the negative spiritual marriage. We are talking about the serpent today. If the Lord lets me, I will put the positive spiritual marriage on the board for you. The reason we have the negative spiritual marriage on the board is because there is a crisis in the church today, and there is a crisis in our world, but mostly in the church because the serpent is intending to marry Jesus’ wife. And the bride, you see, is completely unprepared for the attack because of a lack of knowledge.

It would be wonderful for me to put an image up of the relationship between the Lord Jesus and his bride, the church, except that that is not going to come to pass in anyone’s individual life if they do not understand that the serpent is trying to marry them right now. We are in a crisis; the trumpet is blowing. This is what is happening to you right now, and if you cannot get past this, you will never marry Jesus. Can you hear that? So anyone out there who is thinking that I am putting the negative up, you had better look at the negative because you will never get to the positive if you do not look at the negative. I am sorry, but could you give me just a little more volume because I am straining my voice? Thank you. OK.

It is a spiritual mar- -- it is an -- this is an image of spiritual marriage. Spiritual marriage is what we have been calling full stature. This image is a full stature of good and evil because this is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What does that mean? Some individual mortal men who the serpent marries will stand up in a spiritual maturity of phariseeism, where they will be doing good works in -- but, of course, no good could come out of it because righteousness is only in Christ. And other mortal men will be completed or perfected in evil, and that is going to be pretty horrible to see. It is already happening in this country. [?We?] saw some young men arrested for an evil deed. They were a part of a vampire cult. That is going to be pretty bad, people drinking human blood sacrifices. They are going to be doing whatever the Philistines were doing, really evil, evil deeds, destructive and deadly and sadistic.

I have quoted Song of Solomon 4:16 for you, which talks about Jesus going into his garden to eat his fruits. That is a positive Scripture that I am using negatively because, at this present time, I do not know where the Scripture is that describes the serpent doing the same thing. It has got to be in there, but I -- the Lord has not shown it to me yet. OK.

On this image is a circle. You see, I had trouble getting this because I was looking for a traditional circle, and it is a traditional circle. I am going to have to show you that in another drawing, OK. I have to take it a step at a time, so please do not concern yourself that this is not a traditional circle right now. I will show you the traditional circle eventually.

The circle is a cycle. The circle of the earth is a cycle. It is a cycle that sustains the image of this world and the existence and the consciousness of everyone in it. This is the cycle: The serpent ascends or begins to ascend from her place in the unseen world, and she -- as she ascends, she rises up through the subconscious mind of mortal man. She is not hindered; there is no opposition. This is her offspring; Leviathan is her offspring. And she starts to ascend through the subconscious mind of mortal man, no opposition. Brethren, Jesus called the Pharisees vipers. We are the offspring of the serpent. This is her world; she is the god of this world. We belong to her, except for those of us who have st- -- who are standing up in Jesus Christ and saying I will not belong to you anymore, but technically we still belong to her. She could kill us, you see, but Jesus will intervene if we are serving him.

But the point is that she has the power to kill us. Jesus says, “No man takes my life.” He might as well have said the serpent cannot take my life because individual mortal men are expressions of the serpent. We are her henchmen. Every one of us in this hour who is even -- has the potential [?and?] -- let me tell you. That is everybody, Lord. Lord? That is every­­- -- oh. That is everybody. It -- everyone that I know, every mortal man, is vulnerable to the serpent rising up in your mind and giving you a command and you carrying it out. We are all vulnerable. I hope it does not happen, but it happens every day, minor little things. I think things that are of the ser- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] I do wrong things. I feel sin. Sin is in my emotions. She is right here in my head. We are hers. We are in rebellion right now. We are rebel- -- we are in rebellion against the serpent’s ownership of us, but she still owns us. Can you hear this?

We have a weapon, and we are trying to blast our way out of here. Our weapon is Christ, but we still belong to the serpent. How can I say that? She could kill me tomorrow. Jesus could raise me from the dead, but she has the power to kill me. Jesus said, “No man taketh my life.” No expression of the serpent can kill me. I cannot say that. That means I am still hers. Oh, they are screaming. It is the truth. Listen, you will never get out of Hell if you cannot overcome your pride and your fear because fear comes from pride. I come with the truth, and the truth will set you free. Rebuke your carnal mind, the serpent, your foundation, vipers, all you fellow vipers, your god, who you are resisting in this hour, trying to vote her out. You have taken a new God, the Lord Jesus, but she is still your god. Oh, God, they cannot stand this.

Listen, Jesus is the God of your new man, Christ Jesus. You are two men. You are your old man, and you are your new man. In this hour, your new man is a young child and not strong enough to sustain the existence of your body. So, all you fellow vipers, this is our condition in the serpent until such time as Christ Jesus matures to the point that he kills Satan, Leviathan and, eventually, the devil, and the serpent is going to be turned into the seraphim. She is going to serve God, OK.

If you are still reading this message, all you fellow vipers who are in rebellion, the serpent ascends up through your subconscious mind, the collective Leviathan, and she enters into the visible world. When she enters into the visible world, she enters in through the mind of a man. Brethren, the serpent is seeking to enter into your mind. Now those of us who are in Christ Jesus, Lord willing -- and this is what you are being trained to do here. You are being trained to look at and to hear and to recognize every thought that comes into your mind and say, are you of the Lord Jesus, my new man, or are you of the serpent, my old man? And if you are of the serpent, get out of here. I will not let you into my house because I finally have been armed with a weapon that has the strength to resist you, if I pick him up and use him. Get out. That is what this war is all about.

But the serpent -- and -- but we have certainly not perfected our warfare, brethren. Why? Because it is very difficult for us to recognize or to distinguish between the thoughts of the serpent ascending into her garden. Our mind is her garden. You see, both the Lord Jesus and the serpent are claiming that we are their garden. You see, they are both claiming us. That is what the temptation was all about. Which mind would rule in the man, Jesus? The serpent desires to eat of the fruit of your garden because she believes that your garden is her garden, and, in fact, your garden was her garden, but there is a new God in the garden right now. There is a new Lord and master of your garden right now, and if you are in this war, you are in the temptation, if you are fighting the war. If you are not fighting the war, you are not in the temptation; your garden is the serpent’s garden.

And she desires to eat of your goodly fruit. What does this mean? She wants to marry you. She wants a relationship with you. The serpent desires to complete this cycle. This cycle -- what cycle? Look, she ascends out of her unseen realm. She ascends up through your unconscious mind. She communicates with your conscious mind, OK, in the form of Leviathan. Now it is not the serpent anymore. As she moves into the re- -- world, she is coming in the form of Leviathan. Is everybody OK? As she ascends and ascends through the various levels, her name changes. She contacts your conscious mind as Leviathan, OK. Now this link is established. Pretty much everybody who is born whose carnal mind is Leviathan has an established connection with the serpent. Oh, they are screaming. I c- -- listen, brethren, how come people murder people? On an extreme level, how come [?petum?] -- people murder people? The serpent has communicated with their conscious mind.

Let us make it real simple, OK. Why did you yell at your husband the other day? OK. Why did you abuse your wife or say something unkind? Why? Because the serpent got into your mind, and your morality, your ethical training, whether it be in Christ Jesus or otherwise, did not resist. Is everybody OK? OK. Everybody is born with this link between their conscious mind and the serpent, and we receive some ethical, moral training. Hopefully, you have re- -- you received the life of Jesus Christ. You are standing against the serpent’s thoughts.

But there is another part to our mind; it is called the unconscious mind. Her name is Satan, and she is a wild, raging, vicious -- I do not know if beast is the right word. I am going to let it go for the moment. She has a spirit, OK, wild and raging. She is the part of our mind -- she is the other half of the cycle. She is the part that we have been taught to keep under wraps since we were little children. Do not yield to that urge. You stole that cookie, junior. Stealing is a sin. I am going to have to paddle you because you must learn not to steal. If you continue to steal, it could ruin your whole life.

You see, Satan has no problem with stealing. Satan has no problem with committing adultery. Satan has no problem with a little boy beating up on his sister. Satan is amoral. Satan has no conscience. She is not -- she does not have a negative conscience; she is without conscience. She is evil. She is the part of us which is our evil self, the part of us that we have been resisting all of our lives, but she is the second half of the link to the serpent.

Brethren, I am going to put this very, very simply. If you have received the lie that you can contact God by mediating through the emptying out of your mind, the one that you are communicating with is Satan, the unconscious mind, the part of your mind which you have been resisting all of your life. And when you start to communicate with Satan, you think you are ascending into enlightenment, but the truth is that you are descending on the negative, unseen, spiritual side of the link, and the end of your journey will be marriage to the serpent.

Communication with Satan completes the cycle which is a marriage to the serpent. This marriage, this completion of this cycle, breaks down the wall between the visible and the invisible world. You see, there is a veil between the visible and the invisible world. That veil is the activity of the conscience which resists and blocks us off and keeps us away from the unseen spiritual world. Your communication with the serpent completes the cycle of your relationship with the serpent, tears down the wall between the visible and the spiritual world and opens you up to the full power and authority of the serpent through her possession of you.

Listen, brethren, pow- -- true power and authority is a result of a powerful spiritual being living their life through you. Full power and authority in Christ Jesus is the result of Adam, the l- -- excuse me, Adam, the living soul, the king of Elohim’s creation, rising from the dead in you and exercising his authority through your personality. Power and authority outside of the Lord Jesus Christ is the result of the serpent rising in you and exercising her mind and -- not her mind -- and exercising her personality -- and exercising her nature, OK, through your personality. You can only receive spiritual power and authority from either the resurrected Adam or the serpent who has completely ascended into and is -- has completely ascended into your conscious mind and is abiding there with no walls, with no resistance on your part saying I will not have that thought.

You become her wife, and not only that, you become an obedient wife because once you are married to the serpent -- well, you do not even have to be married to her. If you disobey, she punishes you. Marriage implies no walls. Marriage implies consummation of a spiritual, sexual union, no resistance. A woman is not supposed to hold anything back from her husband. Some do. You are not supposed to. The Scripture says, “Withhold yourself not from your husband.” In a spiritual marriage, the serpent has complete use of your personality, your body and your conscious mind. She has completely access to it and complete use of it. What does that mean? If she wants you to murder somebody, you will murder somebody. You will do anything that she desires to do through you.

The positive Scripture is -- I believe, it is in Peter, saying, when you are young, you do whatever you want, but when you mature, another will dress you. You had better be praying for marriage to the Lord Jesus, brethren, because the marriage day is approaching, and you are going to marry either the son of God or the daughter of the serpent. Let us not have Leviathan ascending in our life, but let us have Christ ascending in our life, and let our connection to the spiritual world be the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the Spirit of Christ, and not Satan.

So there is a marriage coming. This is a very important message because the A- -- [?our?] -- Adam, the living soul, fell because he could not tell the difference between his own evil self and Elohim. Adam is rising from the dead in us, brethren, and the test is being given for the second time, and I declare to you that the same weakness that was in Adam, the living soul, is in the members of the church today. We cannot tell the difference between the voice of the serpent and the voice of Christ. That is why we will never make it without the Lord Jesus who has already overcome. But the Lord Jesus will not support the maturing Christ in you unless you humble yourself and ask for help. No matter how great you think your discernment is -- and I have an intense discernment, but I would not trust myself to distinguish between the Lord Jesus and my other evil self because I know how easy it is to be tricked. Glory to God. Mary.

I was just asked to go over, once again, the difference between the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is Satan. The -- we have no conscious connection with our unconscious mind. What does that mean? The c- -- our unconscious mind operates independently of anything that we desire or would like, OK. The Scripture that says your own sin will find you out is -- describes Satan. Satan is the judgment which is the wrath of God that is within us. When Adam fell, he fell down out of heaven, which is a place where he was protected i- -- through his relationship with Jehovah. He fell down under the authority of Satan. This whole world is under the wrath of God.

Now Jehovah has mercy on us. Even before he sent the Lord Jesus, he always had mercy be- -- how do I know that? Because the instructions to Israel talk about the stranger in their midst, OK. Anyone who truly sought righteousness, I believe, there was a response from Jehovah. Now it was not a response that brought salvation. It was a response in an immediate situation, OK. But we are -- the whole world, this whole visible, physical world is under the wrath of God. The wrath of God is the name for the judgment that we fell under when Jehovah sold us to Satan. [?I?] -- is everybody OK? OK. And that judgment is not just outside of us in storms, in tidal waves, in car wrecks. The judgment known as the wrath of God, like every other judgment, is inside the mind of mortal man. The judgment is attached to us. We carry it like a ball and chain wherever we go, and the name of that judgment is Satan. Our own unconscious mind is executing the sowing and reaping judgment, which is unto destruction on every mortal man.

I have mentioned to you recently. It was quite a few years ago, but someone -- I am really sorry I did not keep it. Someone came to me with an article from a psychology journal where some psychologists were saying that man’s unconscious mind actually plots that man’s whole life, completely separate and apart from his conscious mind. What does that mean to me? It means [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- well, let me put it in the jargon that we use here. The curses and the blessing that we are born with, the family that we are born into t- -- really has plotted our course from birth. Now in the Lord Jesus, we can change that course; we can change that timeline, OK. But, largely, what you are born into t- -- determines the direction you are going to take. More often than not, what you are born into determines the direction that you are going to take, and that is Satan within us, just plotting our whole life. Depending on the curses -- the balances of the curses and blessings in our heritage, that life is primarily positive or primarily negative. So that is the unconscious mind. She is the enemy of the conscious and the su- -- of the conscious mind and the personality.

Now the subconscious mind works against us also, but not in the same way. All repressed emotions and repressed memories are in the subconscious mind. Ano- -- the subconscious mind would be the area of our mind where everything that we are denying exists. It is the abode or the hold of denial. Am I making any sense at all? OK. The subconscious mind deals with things that we should be able to see. You see, what Satan is doing -- unless we are in Christ or spiritual people, we cannot see what Satan is doing. But the subconscious mind is a part of our mind that is dealing with things that we should be dealing with, but we are not dealing with; we are repressing, OK.

And then, also, that subconscious mind is a collective mind, OK, because mortal man is just one being, OK, that is divided into many members. We are one mind. We are many physical bodies and many personalities, but there really is such a thing as a group mind. I call it the collective mind. People from all f- -- walks of life know this, OK. This is how psychics receive knowledge because there is a place in our spiritual being that knows what other people are thinking, what other people are doing, that connects with other people. This is where telepathy roots from because we really have one root.

The tree is the perfect example. We are only divided at the top, but we are all connected in the trunk, and we are connected more to some people than other the peop- -- than other people through the branches, you see. You might consider your physical family or your spiritual family, wherever you are really plugged in, where you are involved with somebody. That is a branch on the tree, you see. Now you may be spiritually connected much more to the people of your family line than you are to people over on the other side of the world, but the bottom line is that we are connected even to the people on the other side of the world, but much more connected to the people who are on the same branch that we are on. Can you hear that? OK. Did I explain it to you?


I wanted to get that concept of your sin will find you out in this message. Satan is the judgment -- the reaping and sowing judgment known as the wrath of God, and everything is inside. Do not be deceived by what you see outside of you because what you see outside of you -- no matter what kind of weather disasters we are having or car accidents, what you see outside of you is only a manifestation of what is going on inside your own mind and the minds of other men. So the wrath of God can be executed upon an individual from Satan within themselves, through -- how would you recognize that? Anyone that has self-destructive tendencies, that is Satan within themselves executing judgment upon them. If you look at people that do not have destru- -- self-destructive tendencies, Satan could be executing judgment upon them through other people, other people influencing you to do ungodly things, other people hurting you, other people hindering you, punishing you, other people seducing you to ungodly pleasure, other peop- -- either seducing you to ungodly pleasure or inflicting ungodly pain upon you. But the end result of whatever Satan does is destruction.

Another manifestation of Satan in another human being, which is very subtle, is someone who will not support you in something godly that you have resolved to do, but, through very subtle suggestion or innuendo, attempts to break your will. If you want to diet, for example, and someone is tempting you to eat cookies or cake and saying, oh, come on, just have just one, when you are really trying to resist and you are not strong in that area, brethren, y- -- the church needs to know this: That is a satanic manifestation of your mind.

We are to support people in everything that they try to do. If you know that somebody is resisting a particular behavior or activity that is not really a terrible activity -- they are trying to lose weight; they are trying to stay away from some kind of activity -- we are to support them in every way possible because, if you are doing anything otherwise, it is Satan in your mind, and I tell you the truth. I know that you do not know this. I know that you do not know it. That is why I am telling you, because you need to know it, that that is Satan in your mind. If you are saying to somebody, oh, come on, have just one more, and they are saying, no, I really would rather not, but they really want it, you see, but they know that it is in their best interest to not take it, and you are saying, come on, come on; that is Satan in your mind. You need to know it. You see, you need to know that it is sin because, if you do not know that it is sin, well, you think it is not all that terrible. But to break somebody’s will on a teeny-tiny level or on an intense level, to really try to d- -- seduce them to do something illegal does -- it is the same expression of Satan; it is Satan in your mind. Support people; do not break their will. OK.

I would like to read you a few Scriptures with regard to this image. The Scriptures are emphasizing the idea of cities without walls. I have asked the Lord for years what it means to be a city without a wall. I suggest to you that the meaning of this expression, to have no walls, means that you are a person who has no separation between your conscious and your unconscious mind. We have a Scripture in -- that says the veil -- his flesh is the veil, OK. A veil, a wall, the same thing; it means a separation. We are talking about a separation. I suggest to you this concept of a city without wall -- without a wall or a -- people without a wall is speaking about people whose mind is in complete contact with the spiritual world, no veil between the conscious and the unconscious mind. It is talking about someone who is married to their unconscious mind. There is no separation. Is everybody OK? I would like to take a look at some of these Scriptures which will emphasize that to you.

Proverbs 25 -- oh, wait, excuse me. Before we go on, did you have something that you wanted to say?


 But please use the microphone.

            It was about my drawing [CROSSTALK]

 Oh, OK.

Proverbs 25:27-28, “It is not good to eat much honey: so for men to search their own glory is not glory. He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.”

Honey typifies wisdom. It is not good to get too much wisdom, “so for men to search their own glory is not glory.” Well, this is the King James translation. It is a little difficult to understand, but I suggest to you that the second part of the verse modifies the first part of the verse because how could you have too much wisdom? We are n- -- exhorted to seek wisdom, but the second part of the verse indicates that it is speaking about ungodly wisdom. Can you hear that? The first part says it is not good to have too much wisdom. Really? So for men to search their own glory, to search the wisdom of -- that comes from their own mind is not glory; it is not really wisdom.

The wisdom that comes from the carnal mind is not really wisdom, so it is not good to search for too much of it. It is OK to go get your education and have your career in this world, but, of course, it is talking about spiritual wisdom. It is not good to have too much spiritual wisdom that is coming from your carnal mind. As a matter of fact, you are better off having no spiritual wisdom coming from your carnal mind. I do not know what that says in the Hebrew. Do not seek the spiritual wisdom that comes from your carnal mind. The Lord just gave me another Scripture. Let me write myself a note here, OK.

And then verse 28 says, “He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down.” Well, what does one thing have to do with the other? Listen, brethren, this Scripture -- this -- these two verses of Proverbs are saying, if you get wisdom that comes from your own carnal mind, the end result of it is that the wall, the veil in your mind between your conscious and your unconscious mind is going to come down, and you are going to lose control over your own spirit. And to lose control over your own spirit means that the evil potential that every mortal man has will be able to express herself through your personality at will. Can you hear this?

Listen to this. Verse 28, “He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and that has no walls.” The wall that the Lord, in his mercy, put in the mind of the immature, mortal [?men?man?] -- now, remember, mortal man in this hour is sexually undifferentiated. We are good and evil. We have some access to righteousness through the word of God. We -- it does- -- we cannot see yet what we are going to be. It is not known what we are going to be. It is a 50-50 chance of whether we will marry the serpent or marry the Lord Jesus, shocking but true.

There is a veil between our conscious and our unconscious mind because when that veil comes down, that is like a virgin losing her virginity. You see, that veil that separates our conscious from our unconscious mind is our spiritual maidenhead. And when the veil comes down because you have married th- -- some spirit, you will bear that spirit’s child, and that spirit’s child, whether it is the Lord Jesus’ child, who is Christ, or whether it is the serpent’s child, which is a -- which is Leviathan, you will become -- your personality will be dominated by that mind, and it will become you. Paul said, “I no longer live, but yet I live by the life of the Son of God.” Well, that is my hope, but there is a possibility, and there are people in this world who will marry the serpent, and they will cease to exist, but they will exist by the daughter of the serpent. Did I make it clear? Can you hear it? Can you relate it to this Scripture? Let me just give it to you one more time.

Proverbs 25:27-28. Do not eat the honey that comes -- do not seek the wisdom that comes -- OK. Let me put it another way. Do not seek wisdom because you are trying to build up your own glory. Do not seek wisdom because pride in you wants you to be a great one because, if you seek the wisdom that comes from your own carnal mind, the reason that you are doing it is because you want to be a great one or because you want spiritual power. All of this comes out of Leviathan, your carnal mind. Do not seek spiritual knowledge because your carnal mind desires it. Did I make that clear? OK.

This is the verse, Proverbs 25:27: “It is not good to eat much honey,” wisdom, “so for men to search their own glory,” their own mind -- your glory is your mind. “For men to search their own mind is not glory.” It is not wisdom. I do not know what it says in the Hebrew, so I am expounding. Have you got it? Do not search your own mind for glory because what you get is not going to be glory. I guess, I just got the interpretation of it. I just got the translation. Do not search your carnal mind for glory because you n- -- what you get is not going to be glory. You are going to get a marriage to the serpent that is going to be Hell.

And the result of that, searching your own mind for spiritual knowledge, will be that the veil that separates you from your unconscious mind will come down. You will lose your spiritual maidenhead, and you will lose control over your own spirit, and you will be a city that is broken down and w- -- has no walls, and the serpent will ascend into your garden at will and express herself through you in any way that she chooses, at will. OK. Now that is a negative one. I have got a positive one for you too.

Listen, brethren, everything is 50-50. I do not care how rotten you are or what you have done in your life, the Lord Jesus Christ is Jehovah’s forgiveness of sins. Repent, and seek the Lord Jesus for cleansing, and you too have a 50-50 chance -- you have as much of a 50-50 chance of marrying the Son of God instead of the serpent as the person who has been in church all their life, and do not let anybody tell you different. Now you will have a harder warfare getting in, but your chance is 50-50, just like everyone else’s.

Ezekiel 38. I put down verses 9 to 20. I really do not want to go through all these verses. Y- -- this is the -- Jehovah pronouncing judgment upon Leviathan, starting with verse 9, “Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land.”

“Thus saith the Lord God” -- verse 10, “Thus saith the Lord God; It shall come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into your mind, and thou shall think an evil thought.”

Verse 11, Leviathan or the serpent -- I am not sure. I have not studied this through. “And thou shalt say” -- I guess, it is the serpent. “And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of un-walled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates, to take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thy hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations.”

Now I want to suggest to you that Jehovah is warning the serpent that he knows her plan, that she will even come against people -- now I do not know whether it is people that are in full stature or whether it is people that have a relationship with Jesus. I do not know because, you see, there is a breaking down of the veil between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. You see, the veil is his flesh. Which unconscious world -- which spiritual world are we going to enter into? OK. Who are we going to connect with when the veil -- who is taking down the veil? Who is marrying us? Is it the serpent? Then we enter into the visi- -- to the -- then we enter into the spiritual world that is known as the North, the spiritual world that is underneath this visible, spiritual w- -- this visible, physical world. Or we ent- -- and that is another drawing, which, obviously, we are not going to get to tonight. Or do we enter into the visible, spiritual world, which is the South and the East of the glory of God?

There are two different spiritual worlds, and the way you enter into the spiritual world is through the child that you bear, and to bear the child, you have to get married. You see, we are all born with a mind which is Leviathan, but -- this sounds strange, brethren, but it is only half a mind, you see. Every mortal man in the earth, we just have half a mind. We are underdeveloped. We are undifferentiated. We are immature. We are very young children. We have half a mind. The other half of our mind is our spiritual self, so we have to marry either the son of God or the daughter of the serpent. We have to enter into a spiritual world, and we have to be completed. Our walls have to come down; our maidenhead is coming down. OK.

Now I have not looked at these verses in the Hebrew. My first thought was that the serpent is coming against people who are even in full stature. Now that should not be so shocking because Jesus had f- -- had risen into full spiritual maturity when the serpent -- when Satan came to tempt him, you see. Jesus’ walls were down. He had made full contact with Elohim. He had no more walls, so this is probably talking about the temptation.

I do not want to get too deeply into it, as to exactly what it is talking about. My purpose for putting this Scripture in this message is to indicate that all mortal men have walls in their mind. The wall is between the conscious and the unconscious mind, and that spiritual wall can be likened to a spiritual maidenhead. It has got to come down, and we need to cry out to the Lord Jesus and ask him to not let the serpent take our maidenhead.

This is what happened to Adam, the living soul, at the time of the fall. He could not tell the difference, you see. If you read my latest book, “Leprosy in the House,” it is very clear that Adam was very strong in his instruction from Jehovah. He would have never yielded to the one who killed him, OK, and he would have never yielded to her. She had to trick him. He knew what was right and wrong. He was too strong. She would have never brought him down. That is all of us in Christ. You cannot get us to serve the serpent. We will never do it, but we are vulnerable to being tricked, and the trickery comes in that we seem to have an -- a weakness in our ability to distinguish between the mind of the serpent and the mind of God. So cry out to Jesus. Tell him, do not let this happen to me. Do not let me be tricked. I desire to be your son. Keep me from the deception. That is the principle here.

Now we have taken two different sets of Scriptures. The first one said do not seek the wisdom of your own mind it will -- you will lose your maidenhead, and you will find yourself in the serpent’s world, as a garden through which the serpent enters in and expresses herself any ti- -- or a personality through which the serpent enters in and expresses herself any time that she wants. And that was Proverbs 25:27-28.

Now Ezekiel, verse -- Chapter 38:9-20 is speaking about people who have lost their maidenhead to Christ, and the serpent is coming after them. Their walls are already down. They are not innocent virgins anymore. What does that mean? They are spiritual people. What does it mean to lose your spiritual maidenhead? It means you are a spiritual person. You are dabbling in spiritual things, and the man that you are dabbling around with is the Lord Jesus, and the serpent is out there going after you too, you see. You have married the Lord Jesus; you have a relationship with the Lord Jesus; you are engaged in spiritual things in the Lord Jesus. And the serpent has set her cap for you to come with deception, to steal you away and direct you into her spiritual world, seduction. She is coming to seduce you.

And it is interesting because I have talked about this recently. I have said that the church that has been seeking Jesus -- people who have been seeking Jesus and engaging in speaking in tongues and healing and if you are doing it, casting out demons, it -- just following doctrine. We are open to the spirit. We have been spiritually opened. That means we are more vulnerable to seduction by the serpent than if we were not spiritually opened. Does that make any sense to you? Do not think, because you are spiritual and you are in Christ Jesus and you are understanding doctrine and you are hearing the spirit and you get words of knowledge, that you cannot be seduced because, if you think that you cannot be seduced, if you think that you are standing, the fall is already at your door. That is the word.

One more, Zechariah 4:4-9 [sic]. I believe this is the positive one. “And said unto him, Run, speak to this young man, saying, Jerusalem shall be inhabited as towns without walls for the multitude of men and cattle therein: For I, saith the Lord, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and I will be the glory in the midst of her.”

That -- this is the Lord saying you will marry me. I -- now, of course, I have not seen this in the Hebrew, a wall round about. I doubt that that is what it says in the Hebrew. What it is probably saying is that I, the Lord, will marry you. I will complete your cycle. I will be -- I do not know about a wall round about, but what is in my mind is I will be the river of life that flows through you, OK. I do not -- “and I will be a wall of fire” -- “will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and I will be the glory in the midst of her.” And his mind will be in the midst of you, so he is saying, when the wall comes down in Christ Jesus, OK -- when you marry me and the wall, the veil between your conscious and your unconscious mind, comes down because you are married to me, I will be a wall against the serpent coming in. Can you hear the difference? OK. That is how I see it. Anybody have anything to say about any of this? Did you have something to say?


 Well, shut that off for a minute, please, Xxxx.

            [?Yeah?]. On this picture on the blackboard -- whiteboard, breath of life, who does that represent?

 OK. This is another fine line, OK. The breath of life is that part of Elohim which he breathed into the creature. Excuse me. Just as when a woman has a child, that child is of her, but it is not her. There is a wa- -- as soon as there is a separation, it is not her. Elohim was breathed into the creature by Jehovah, and while the creature, the living beast, was fully connected to Jehovah, it was just Elohim’s breath flowing from the eternal realm, where he was with Jehovah, into the earth, where the creature was, and there was one circle, one river of life, and there was no break. But when Adam fell and the creature separated from Jehovah, that part of Elohim’s breath that was in the creature became the breath of life, and then Elohim was still Elohim. Do you understand what I am saying?

            So would that be Adam or Abel? I am not getting this.

 Yeah. OK. Let me try again. No, it is definitely not Adam. The breath of li- -- Elohim’s breath is the life, the vital force of the creature. There would be no Adam without it, OK, and the breath of life was in Abel. When Cain killed Abel, I know -- everything that I have been telling you before, that it was Abel -- I have been saying Abel died, OK, and I am having trouble explaining this, OK. Let me try again.

Elohim breathed his breath into the creature. It was the life force in Adam. Adam died, and Jehovah raised up Abel to be the priest over Cain, and the life forth f- -- life force, Elohim’s breath, was in Abel. And when Cain killed Abel, Abel broke down into the dust and the breath or the spirit. He divided into breath, OK, and dust, and we did a whole series on the dust. We found out that the dead Abel is the dust.

Now in a lot of prior messages, I have been telling you that the serpent married Abel and -- but it was not really Abel that she married; she married Elohim’s breath, which was a part of Abel until Abel died. Are you hearing this? When Abel died, he divided into the dust and the s- -- and Elohim’s breath, his Sp- -- the -- his Spirit, OK. He divided, and the dust went -- just joined with the earth, and Cain swallowed up or soaked up that Spirit and became the serpent. So I am trying to make a change. I am trying to stop saying Abel and say the breath of life because, when Abel die- -- Abel is not the breath of life. The breath of life is what made Abel alive. Oh, God, it is getting so hairsplitting. Do you know what I am saying?

            Yeah. The reason I ask that, one day last week, [?we were asked?], and we said -- I do not remember what we said, but it was Abel.

 Yeah. I am tr- --


 At this point, I am going back and forth because I cannot -- I recognize that I cannot throw these changes on you. You see, God starts showing me on even a finer level, and I realize that I cannot force it on you because your mind is just going to go bonkers, so I will say Abel is OK until I work it in -- I work this revelation in.

            [?So it is still Elohim?]?

 It is Elohim’s breath. It is not Elohim; it is Elohim’s breath. It is the Spirit that gives consciousness to the creature, and it comes from Elohim.


 It is the Spirit that gives consciousness to the creature. The reason we have consciousness is because Elohim’s breath is in us, but we are not alive, you see. We have consciousness, but we are not alive. Elohim’s breath gives us consciousness, but it is only union with the Father, through the Son, that gives us life. So we can have consciousness without life. That is what the people of this world have. They have consciousness without life, and their consciousness or their existence is because Elohim’s breath -- is because the serpent -- because Cain stole Elohim’s breath and became the serpent and formed this world. Did I make it clear?

            It is getting deep.

Yeah, OK. It is getting deeper and deeper, so I am not -- that is why I am still saying Abel because I do not want to force it on you. We will take it a little bit at a time, OK. Is everybody OK with this? Did you understand what I said? Yeah. OK. This is supposed to be Daniel 11. I have the next drawing for you.

Would that wisdom, -- the carnal mind’s wisdom that you were talking about in Proverbs, would casting down imaginations and every high thing against the knowledge of God be in connection with something like that?

 OK. I have been telling people here for years, OK, that to ask me something like that while I am preaching -- it just so happens that I have an answer to this question, but it is a question that you should not have asked me because I have to meditate on the Scripture to find out if that is right, so it is the kind of question that is not acceptable here.

            [?I see?].

 OK. But I want your questions, but not while I am preaching, OK, but I do happen to have an answer to that one, so I will answer you. No. I do not think it is the same thing. I think that high imaginations and the casting down of thoughts has to do with the serpent’s thoughts that are entering into your mind. This Scripture is specifically talking about spiritual wisdom. You see, we have a society today that is fascinated with the -- with spiritual things, and spiritual things are fascinating to a lot of people. Some people are frightened by them, but they are fascinating to a lot of people.

The serpent is very bold in our society. It used to be illegal to tell fortunes; now they are all over the TV saying how wonderful this psychic is. You know, call, and she told me everything about myself. And do you know what I see in it? I see lust in it. I see spiritual lust in it. That is what I see, spiritual lust. Let me explain that to you a little more. This lust for spiritual things without any restrictions -- you see, the Lord Jesus wants us to be spiritual, but to come in the Lord’s way, you have to come in with holiness, you see. Because to come into the spirit world -- to enter into a relationship with the spirit world without holiness places you in the serpent’s world. It is very interesting. I hope that I am imparting this to you.

The creature -- you see, mortal man, we are the creature. Jehovah made -- sent Elohim to make a creature. That is what we are. We are not just a creation; we are a creature. And I -- what I see is this spiritual lust arising. To me, it is another witness that the creature is coming of marriageable age. You know, look at our human children and ourselves, you know. As mortals ascend into their teenage years, physical lust is all over them, OK. They have to deal with it. That is why they have parents, and they have counselors, and they have elders that are giving them wisdom and knowledge and instructing them in morality and telling them you have got to deal with this. You know, it is rising up in you. If you do not deal with it, you could ruin your whole life, and that is the truth.

You know, you tell a young man, you just cannot go out having sex with anyone that you want to. You get somebody pregnant; you will wind up married, and your whole career is down the drain, plus you could be married to a woman that you do not even love. You have sons. You all -- you know, all you ladies have sons here. Did you not tell your sons that or did your husband not tell your sons that when they were growing up? You cannot go and do anything that you want, you know. You can get a disease, you know. And, of course, you tell your daughters, you know, stay home. It is the -- you know, you really do not want to get pregnant outside a marriage or -- you are teaching your children all these things. Deal with your emotions. Control yourself because the whole rest of your life depends on what you do in these teenage years. Is that not what you tell your children?

Well, the Lord Jesus is desperately trying to give this counsel to the church, but they are -- [?it?] -- they are deaf, you see. Spiritual lust is rising in you, you see, and spiritual lust is rising in the whole world. It is r- -- well, I do not know about the world, but it is rising in this country, so here is another -- here is a witness to what I have been preaching here for three or four years now. We are coming of spiritual age, and one of the signs is that lust is appearing in us, lust for spiritual things. But just as you say to your children, wait to get married, and do not go just marrying anybody. Wait for the person that the Lord Jesus picks for you. Have a godly marriage, and have your lusts satisfied within the framework of a loving, godly marriage. Wait, control yourself, OK. The Lord Jesus Christ is saying to the people, not only to his people and to whoever has ears to hear, OK, do not enter into the spirit -- do not pursue spiritual things without holiness. Do not engage in sexual activity without the holiness of marriage, you tell your children. And the Lord Jesus is saying to his people, do not engage in a spiritual marriage without holiness. Do not go in before you are ready. Do not go in without righteousness. Do not go in without the spiritual preparation of my word and all the training that we are getting here. Do not do it because you are going to mess up, and you are going to ruin your whole future when you wind up married to the wrong person with some baby that you were not supposed to have. Can you hear it?

I see lust all over these people on TV. Oh, she told me everything about myself, yeah. She even knew I was fired yesterday. So because she knew what happened to me yesterday, well, surely she is going to know what is going to happen to me in the future. Oh, it is wonderful. It is free, no restrictions on it, enjoy. But there is a day after, you see. There is a spiritual day after; there is a spiritual morning after, when you are going to be laying in your bed crying because we are all spiritual women, you see. And when you wake up -- well, not me. I am s­- -- we were. We -- before you start entering into your manhood in Christ Jesus, you are spiritual women. We start out as spiritual women. I am a spiritual man at this point, a young, spiritual man. There is a morning after. You are going to wake up, and you are going to find out that you married a monster and that he is turning you out to prostitution. You will have dabbled into something that you cannot get out of, and this is the lust. I see it all over, OK.

So to get back to your question, no, I do not think that Scripture applies to this. That Scripture applies to the thoughts of the serpent, to do with everyday life, OK. It is not talking to this spiritual, sexual activity that is starting to appear all over this nation, you see. We have got a bunch of promiscuous kids rising up in this nation, and there are not many people -- I am the only one that I know of. There may be others. I am the only one that I know of that is preaching that is what is happening to you is that you are being spiritually aroused, and do not go following after your thoughts because the thoughts of your mind are going to lead you to disease, illegitimate birth and a husband who abuses you. Jesus. Get this message out to them. It seems it is just so difficult to have this kind of a word and see the whole country going off and -- but, you see, even if they would hear this, they would not believe it anyway.

So this is supposed to be Daniel 11. We are taking a long time building the foundation for Daniel 11. As I told you on Part 1, I have Alternate Translations of the first 10 verses, but the Lord is leading us into this study with this very deep foundation. It is 25 after 12. I really cannot keep you with another image. I would expect that Part 3 will still be drawings, and we will see if we cannot get to the translations by Part 4. Any other questions? Anybody else? Praise the Lord.

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