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Praise the Lord. I have drawing Mark number 1 on the board. It is very similar to the last drawing that I did in Part 1 with one exception. This drawing is a correction of the last drawing of Part 1. And the correction is this -- well, let me just go over the drawing in case someone -- well, I will just review it for you.

We have a tree here, and the tree is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The roots of the tree are the serpent. The serpent incarnates Leviathan, the collective, subconscious mind of mortal man. I am not going to spend too much time on it -- excuse me -- because I spent a lot of time on it in the previous message. Anyone who needs the review, please read to the previous message.

The mind of man is both conscious and subconscious, and on the subconscious level, all men are connected in the s- -- in the collective, subconscious mind. And Leviathan is the tree trunk. The leaves of the tree -- the leaves are the only part of the tree that appear or are born and die and do not rise again. The root of the tree brings forth new leaves every season.

The leaves typify the devil, which is the physical body and the personality of mortal man. The fruit of the tree is the mind of man, and it is the part of Leviathan that is conscious, that exists in each individual. Each individual has his own conscious mind, but he is -- that same individual is a part of the s- -- collective subconscious mind of mortal man.

And then again of course, there is a collective unconscious mind of mortal man. The unconscious mind is never individual; it is always collective. It is typified or signified by the sea, and that is Satan.

I have labeled this drawing, “Spiritual Marriage,” which is the correct term for a full-stature -- I may have mentioned it in the last message. I have been asking the Lord for a long time what the scriptural term for full stature is because I know that that word -- that that phrase really does not appear in the Scripture anywhere. And it is taken from the Scripture that says that we are to come into the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I finally have my answer, OK. That term is talking about spiritual marriage, which is clearly outlined in the Scripture, that there is a wedding coming, that the Lord Jesus is the bridegroom and that his Church is the bride. The -- what I have been calling full stature is another word for a spiritual marriage.

And this tree, as I have shown it to you here, is a diagram of what spiritual marriage is. I do not know about you, but I have never heard anyone in the church preach what spiritual marriage is except some fantasy about being caught up into heaven with streets of physical gold, which is not true.

Now I am -- I have marked off two paths, one in blue and one in red. Excuse me. And if you will notice, both paths are ascending from the roots of the tree, which is the serpent.

On the drawing from part 1 of this series, I had shown the serpent ascending through Leviathan and then descending through Satan, completing the cycle of spiritual marriage. Spiritual marriage is a condition of mind whereby the spirit that has incarnated the human being, or the mortal man, has full, unrestricted access to the mind and to the brain of that man because the brain is where the mind is.

The brain is like a computer that needs to be programmed and manipulated. And the spirit that has access to the brain has access to the whole man, can make your body do whatever he or she wants, can makes y- -- can make you think whatever he or she wants. Why do I say he or she? The serpent is a female acting like a spirit. And the Lord Jesus Christ, our true husband, is the male spirit.

So you -- we see that the spirit who has incarnated mortal man desires to complete the cycle of spiritual marriage whereby that incarnating spirit will have the full use of the members of mortal man. And if you stop to think about it, that makes sense because we have not been incarnated for no reason. The spirit that incarnates us wants the use of us. It is a spiritual marriage, brethren.

The man who marries the woman wants the use of the woman. This is life. I am sorry if I am offending you, but is that not true? That is true. OK, the man who marries the woman wants the use of the woman. There are laws on our books that say if a woman is damaged in an accident, and her husband loses the use of her, he can sue for damages. OK, that is the reality of marriage.

I have noted here that mortal man is born with the conscious mind -- that is Leviathan -- connected to the serpent. We are born that way because this condition is necessary for incarnation. The condition of our conscious mind being connected to the serpent is how we are incarnated. We have to have a connection to our foundation, and the serpent is our foundation.

If this is the first message that you have listened to, and you are screaming that Jesus Christ is your foundation, let me shock you by telling you that Jesus Christ is your new foundation, but until you are steadily standing on him, you dare not separate yourself from the foundation that incarnated you. And to separate yourself from the foundation that incarnated you and stand steadily upon the Lord Jesus Christ is the second stage of the resurrection. So if you have not yet attained to full stature, this may come as a shock to you, but the serpent has incarnated you.

And the Lord Jesus Christ is apprehending that which the serpent has incarnated, you and me. We have a connection to our foundation, our root system when we are born. We are not born in a condition of spiritual marriage. I do not know why. My guess would be that Jehovah has placed restrictions on the serpent. That is my guess. Jehovah placed restrictions on the serpent.

And indeed we discussed this when we did the first few verses of Genesis -- I believe it is Genesis 11, where we found out that Jehovah separated Leviathan from the serpent. Then we connected that -- those Scriptures -- to the teachings of Kundalini.

Now do not stop reading this message; there is spiritual truth all through the world. And the Lord has taught us much through this Hindu philosophy. We have taken the chicken and spat out the bones, and now we are going on and way beyond that.

And the teaching in Kundalini is that the serpent is coiled at the bottom of the spine and that the serpent is desirous of ascending up into the brain. But for some reason, the serpent’s natural position in the bodies of mortal men is facing downward, and she is the originator or the author of the sex drive because she continues to thrust downward.

But spiritual men of the Hindu persuasion in the 10th century attempted to find a means to turn the serpent around and to stop her from thrusting downward and to turn her around that she might thrust upward towards the brain because these men had a revelation that when the serpent got to the brain that they would have -- that they would ascend above the laws, the physical laws of this world.

When I first read this, I went before the Lord and asked him if it could possibly be true. And much of the teaching that has been coming forth ever since has been authenticating it.

The -- one of the first Scriptures that the Lord gave me was Genesis 11, where in the Alternate Translation we see that the Lord separated Satan from Leviathan. And as far as I could see, the Hindu philosophy has no -- of course I am no expert on it -- no teaching that Leviathan is the mind of man. But we have gone way beyond that right now. So we see that it is established, at least to my belie- -- my satisfaction that the serpent, who is our foundation or the foundation of fallen, mortal man, is separated from Leviathan, who is the mind who resides in the brain of mortal man because Jehovah separated them.

Why did Jehovah separate them? They were building a tower unto Babel. They were ascending into the spiritual world in an -- and what they were headed for was a full stature of good and evil. Now the full stature of good and evil or full stature or spiritual marriage is designed to make the creation permanent.

And Jehovah has no intention of letting his creation turn into eternal torment. You see, the -- I am sorry to tell you this, and I am sorry if I am offending anybody, but the Christians or anybody else who preaches eternal torment if you refuse Jesus Christ, that is the serpent’s doctrine. Jesus Christ is not putting anyone in eternal torment. He is here to save the whole creation from eternal torment, which is spiritual marriage to the serpent. And if you believe that Jesus Christ is sending anybody to eternal torment, you have received a doctrine of devils. Jesus.

OK, what I tol- -- I think I said this already. What I told you on the last part was that the serpent ascends through Leviathan and then descends through Satan, completing the cycle of spiritual marriage, which gives a full access to the brain, which is the control panel of the whole human being. But as soon as the meeting was over, the Lord told me that this was not correct.

And he told me this, that we are born with our connection to the serpent. That is the blue arrow, OK. That is what gives us consciousness. And from the minute we are born, the serpent is reaching up to us, is reaching out for our mind through the back door, through the unconscious mind. She has already ascended through Leviathan, but she is restricted from ascending through the back door, which is Satan, because of a -- frequently a fear and prohibition against spiritual activity.

And I want to tell you that this prohibition against spiritual activity is not just in Christianity. We see it in the Old Testament, and we see it in the New Testament. Jesus said if you enter in through any other door, you are a thief and a robber. Well, who is the other door? Here is the back door right here. It is the back door; Jesus is the front door. And the serpent through Satan is the back door.

If you enter into the spiritual world -- we enter into the spiritual world through spiritual marriage, through union with the spirit. And if we enter into the spiritual world through union with the Lord Jesus, we enter into the spiritual world where Jehovah dwells, which is eternity. But if we enter into the spiritual world through the back door by connecting to the serpent through Satan, we do not enter into the same spiritual world. We enter into a different spiritual world. We enter into the spiritual world of the serpent. And this is a permanent marriage; it is a permanent condition.

So we see that it is not Leviathan ascending and Satan descending but Leviathan ascending and connecting to the mind at birth and the serpent sending out hidden, secret communications through the back door, through the unseen world, to the mind of every human being, saying, talk to me. Talk to me; come to me. How is the connection made? Through spiritual activities, through activities with spirits, to act- -- through activities with psychics. Am I against psychics? I am not against anybody, brethren.

I am telling you the truth. I am not a condemning Christian minister. I am telling you the truth. You choose. I am not here to save you. I cannot save you. I am not your savior, but I am the mouthpiece of your savior, who fights with the truth. I come today with the truth.

If you are reading this message, you have heard the truth. Choose ye this day good or evil, a blessing or a curse. And whatever you choose you shall have. I am not beating you over the head. You are a big boy now. I have got enough problems of my own. Make your choice.

The serpent is reaching out for everybody through the back door. There is a plague of occult activity across this nation. If you play with the back door, you are going to fall in.

And we have found a Scripture -- we found -- I have an Alternate Translation in our Old Testament before -- going back a couple of years before I ever had this revelation -- I think it is in Ecclesiastes; I am not sure -- that if you enter into the spiritual world through the mind of mortal man, you will fall in, and you will lose your salvation. Why? Because you will be trapped in the black hole, and the serpent is not going to let you out.

Jesus, I have so much that I want to tell you, and I wanted to finish this image. And I forgot the first thing that I wanted to say, so let me s- -- let me tell you what is in my mind right now. Maybe the Lord will bring back the other thing.

I saw a clip from a movie that will be released in a couple of months. It was horrendous. It was a documentary about what is going on today in India, fathers selling their daughters as young as 9 years old into white slavery.

And as I was standing here talking to you about falling into the serpent’s world, a flash came back of this movie where they locked this little girl in a room, and they slammed the windows closed, wooden windows, the shutters. She would spend the rest of her life in that room being beaten before the man came in and beaten after the man left and forced to have sexual intercourse up to 10 times a day with beatings in between.

And her own father sent her -- sold her into this slavery. They had a clip of one father selling his -- the little girl is sitting right next to him, the sweetest little thing. And they are telling her that she is going to live with an aunt in the city, and she will be trained for some good job so that she goes willingly. Sweet, little thing sitting there smiling. And the father is counting the money.

Brethren, there is a type in this world of everything that goes on in the spirit. The serpent is selling you. He has incarnated you, and he is selling you. He wants you to complete the marriage with him, which will make you a slave -- it is not a him; it is a her -- which will make you a slave to her. She will gain acce- -- full access to your brain, which is the control panel of your body and your mind. Exactly what purpose she will use you for I am not really sure, but we can see what is coming on the earth, vampirism and human sacrifice and all forms of abominations. I do not think we could imagine the worst.

Now you see the Lord Jesus wants to marry you. And because he wants to marry you, he is telling you the truth about the other one who is courting you. Praise the Lord.

So we have found out why the serpent desires to ascend to the brain. It will complete the cycle of full stature although it appears -- and in all of the Kundalini books that I have read, it appears that the serpent has no desire to ascend, that her desire is to descend and -- but the spiritual men who expound -- excuse me -- this philosophy feel that they have to encourage her to ascend. I suggest to you that she was turned downward by Jehovah and that she is in a sleeping trance, that she has no strength to turn around, to turn -- to rotate herself, you know, and turn herself around and face herself upwards although some claim that we will see spontaneous examples in mortal man of human beings being born with the serpent already turned around and ascending upwards.

Now this might be true. My personal opinion is that it is a result or that it only happens in people with heavy, heavy, heavy witchcraft on the family line. You see, it is the practice of witchcraft that turns her around.

Can you see this? She is reaching out to you through Satan and for the mind and the personality who is engaging in witchcraft. That person is reaching towards Satan, and that connection with Satan is turning the serpent upward. Can you hear this? It is turning the serpent upward. That is what it is doing.

Now people involved in turning the serpent upward because they think that they are going to attain spiritual power as a result of it, they do not realize they will be the serpent’s harlot. The people who do it, they engage -- or at least the ones who follow this Kundalini philosophy -- they engage in physical exercising -- exercises, breathing exercises, and they use mantras. They use all forms of techniques to encourage the serpent to turn upwards.

What they are doing is connecting with the other side of themselves, with the back door. They are connecting with Satan, their own unconscious mind, who is their guide to the serpent.

Someone wrote to me not too long ago, and they told me that they were channeling to their higher self. Someone who used to study with this ministry said, I am not interested in your messages anymore. I am into channeling to my higher self.

Do you know who your higher self is? Your higher self is the serpent, and the guide who is taking you to marry the serpent is Satan. Praise the Lord. OK, any questions or comments on this issue before we go onto the next image? Praise the Lord.

We have drawing 2 on the board, and it is a drawing of a cup. This was given to us by one of the members of the congregation, and it is accurate, so I put it on the board for you.

And we see that the serpent, who is the foundation, is the saucer. And Leviathan is a little hard to see. Leviathan came up as the tree truck. When we are showing the creation as a cup and saucer, Leviathan is the base. It is hard to see, but if you look at a cup, you will see that there is a little base, OK, on the outside of the cup that actually sits in the saucer that separates the liquid in the cup from the saucer. I accentuated it a little there, but Leviathan is the base.

And the actual cup is the visible vessel that mortal man is in. That is our physical body and our personality. The liquid in the cup is Satan. I have been saying for quite a while now, although I have not mentioned it recently, but going back several months, I told you that I believe that Satan is in the blood [?or?] that Satan is the blood and the fluids of the physical body. Why? Because the Scripture says that Satan is the sea. She is the liquid. She is in all of the fluids of the human body.

Now, brethren, for a long time, I had -- I felt I was missing a link. I had -- I did not have the connection between everything that I was seeing in the spirit and how it was happening in the flesh. For some reason my mind was just blocked to thinking that all these physical thing- -- all these spiritual things were happening in this body. I just did not think it could be until I heard about it and I prayed about it.

And the Lord witnessed to me, yes, it is true. Everything that we read about is happening in the spirit, and the spirit -- our spirit is in our body. Our human spirit, it is in our body. What else is there except what is in our body? It is happening in our body and in our brain and in our flesh. The brain is the control panel, is the computer that runs the whole body. The mind runs the brain. And Satan is the bodily fluids and largely the blood.

What I am telling you, brethren, is that we are androids. From God’s point of view and from the serpent’s point of view, we are androids. We are spiritual androids. That is what we are.

OK, now remember if you have not stop reading the message yet, that we are a tri- -- well, if Christ is in you, you are a tri-part being. Well, you are still a tri-part being. We are this outer person that dwells in outer darkness. If that is where you are living, in this external world, if your whole world is tied up in the physical activities of your body, OK, you are dwelling in your identify as cattle. The Scripture calls us cattle. We are the horse of the Lord. Israel is the goodly horse of the Lord. We have another part to us, which is mind, and we are born with a carnal mind. That is two parts to us. And part of that carnal mind is unconscious. Our unconscious mind is engaged in all kinds of activities that our conscious mind knows nothing about.

Then if you are being renewed in the spirit of your mind, and Christ is being formed in you, you are a tri-part being. If Christ is not being formed in you, you are still a tri-part being in that your human spirit is the spirit of Elohim and has the potential to be regenerated into Christ. We are a tri-part being, brethren, and we can be living out of any one of our three parts.

I am not condemning anybody. I am not telling you anything is wrong or anything is bad. I am giving you information. If your whole life is carnal, and you are focused on the activities of the physical body largely, is that bad? No, it is not bad, but you are dwelling in the realm of cattle, and you are living and dwelling in outer darkness.

If you are focused largely on the activities of Leviathan, well, that could be good or evil. Leviathan is mind. You could be an intellect. You can be deep into the studies of this world, which is not a bad thing. It is a good life except that it will not get you into -- it will not regenerate you and bring you back into the spiritual world where Jehovah is.

And -- but of course you could be in Leviathan on the evil if your activities, if the -- if your lust for life -- if everything that satisfies you in life is spiritual on Satan’s side, OK, you are -- that is where you are dwelling, OK. And you are entertaining a marriage, a complete marriage, to Satan -- to the serpent. I am sorry.

And then the third possibilit- -- so whether you are the intellectual scientist, which is a good life down here in hell, or whether you are the Satanist, who is dwelling on the evil side of Leviathan, it does not matter. You are still operating in that second realm. It is a spiritual realm which is given to you by the serpent. And both wind up in the same place, a full stature of goodness or a full stature of evil. You still wind up married to the serpent.

Did I make that clear? I am getting a little woozy here. Did I make that clear? That heavy anointing is rolling in. OK.

Our third opportunity is that our human spirit will make contact or will be contacted by the Lord Jesus Christ and be regenerated back into Abel. Abel will be raised from the dead in us, and from there Adam will be raised from the dead in us. And from there we will have a full marriage to Jehovah and enter into a relati- -- an eternal relationship with Jehovah in the glory of his Spirit in a restored Eden, the place of pleasure, the place of spiritual pleasure, where every single need is met.

Praise the Lord. I would like to point out to you that this diagram is a diagram of two worlds, which is an inaccuracy. You may recall me teaching you that the world -- the visible world has to exist either in Christ or in the serpent. They do not exist simultaneously. But I have drawn you a diagram showing them existing simultaneously as a contrast. Is that OK?

See, this world down here -- I do not know if you could see it because Satan’s sea is on top of the visible, physical world. That is why there is so much water in this world. We are under the sea; we are Atlantis, OK. And the geometric symbol typifying the world down under the sea is the circle, the circle of the earth.

But we see up here, in the reconstructed world or in the regenerated world, when things -- when the world matures into the condition that it was intended to be by Jehovah, there will be no sea down here underneath the firmament. The sea will be above the firmament, and the last Adam will be circulating continuously from the eternal realm, where Jehovah is, down through the firmament, piercing the surface of the earth and rising back up again. That is the river of life. That is his circuit. And this circuit will produce an image in the sea.

And in the glorification, the sea will be the crystal sea. It will not be -- it will be a sea in a different form than Satan’s sea. It will be a sea in a different form than the waters were at the beginning of the creation. And in another -- in a few minutes, I have a definition of liquid crystal for you, which I think you might find very interesting.

We see that the geometric symbol of the visible, spiritual world is a cone, OK. I did not know that; I thought both worlds were circles. But the visible, spiritual world is a cone, and that cone penetrates into the earth.

This is the new man’s phallus. The earth is female. The earth is female. The spirit is male. The circuit of the Spirit, which is the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the last Adam, is continuously circulating through the abyss where civilization is and penetrating the surface of the earth, exchanging electrons a la the photoelectric effect. I am not going to reteach that whole thing. And particles of earth are necessary to produce an image on the surface.

Now I remember years ago studying in Genesis, where it says, and Elohim formed the man from the surface, the dust of the earth. That is the surface of the earth. And I kept saying, Lord, why did you form the man from the surface of the earth? Why not from the rest of the earth?

And here many years later is the answer. The surface of the earth -- because the man is largely spirit. OK, I -- at the time that I was doing that study, I thought the man was all clay, but the man was not clay. The man is all spirit with just a smattering of the surface of the earth. That is the answer to that question.

I think we have covered everything on this board except the crystal sea. Does anybody have any questions on this before I read you this definition of the crystal -- of liquid crystal? Is everybody OK?

The new creation man is a spiritual phallus that penetrates into the earth, OK.

            What is a phallus?

A phallus is -- well, in this case it would be a penis. It does not have to be a penis. We have used that word in other -- well, that word phallus comes up a lot in the Hebrew. And we have used it a lot in a lot of our translations, where it means undifferentiated sexual tissue, in other words the sexual organ that is not yet distinguished as to whether it is male or female.

That is the condition of mortal man today. We are neither male nor female, OK. We are not differentiated yet. With most people you cannot see whether they are ma- -- spiritually male or female yet, OK.

But it could also mean the penis, and in this case, it would mean the penis. This is the penis of the new man penetrating the earth permanently. You see, spiritual intercourse between the spiritual male and spiritual female is permanent. There is no withdrawal.

Withdrawal of the male from the female destroys the image or brings an end to the image, shatters the image, which is very interesting because this is a diagram of bliss. This is a diagram of being back in Eden, the place of pleasure where every need is met, OK, and it is continuous pleasure. So a discontinuation for any amount of time would break the image of the world.

I am having a little trouble preaching tonight. Did I make that clear? Did I make that clear? OK, praise the Lord.

It is continuous pleasure, but it is pleasure of the mind. It is the last Adam joining with the earth to form a mind, which is in continuous communion with Jehovah, spiritual pleasure. Pleasure of the physical body is given in the serpent’s world.

Everything down here in the serpent’s world is an example to help us understand spiritual things. And there is spiritual marriage, and there is spiritual sex. And there are spiritual sexual organs. It is all of the mind.

Is everybody OK? OK, I am going to read you this definition of liquid crystal. This is from The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia from the Columbia University Press, “Liquid crystal, whose component particles, atoms or molecules, tend to arrange themselves with a degree of order far exceeding that of ordinary liquids.” OK, are you with me? The molecules of liquid crystal are arranged in an order that exceeds that of ordinary liquids. “And it approaches that of solid crystals.” It means it is very similar to solid crystals but not quite solid crystal. “As a result, liquid crystals have many of the optical” -- that has to do with vision -- “properties of solid crystals. Moreover, because its atomic or molecular order is not as firmly fixed as that of a solid crystal” -- do you hear what I am saying? It is not immovable. Solid crystal is set in its form and cannot be changed. Liquid crystal is almost like solid crystal, but it is changeable.

Now is that not what we are talking about when we compare the physical body to the spiritual body of the new creation man? I have told you that this physical body -- we are trapped in this body. Whatever you are born with that is what you have got.

But the spiritual man can change forms. He has a body. He is a fully born man. He is not a spirit; he is a spiritual man. And he can take on any kind of body or any form that he wants. So we might say that mortal man is a crystal, and immortal man is a liquid crystal. Can you hear what I am saying? OK.

OK, let me -- and this is interesting. Listen, “Moreover because its atomic or molecular order is not as firmly fixed as that of a solid crystal, a liquid can be easily modified by electromagnetic radiation, mechanical stress, or temperature” -- that means heat or cold -- “with corresponding changes in its optical properties” -- that means the properties that you see. “This characteristic has made possible liquid crystal displays, such as those used on digital clocks, electronic calculators, portable televisions and notebook computers.”

I thought you might find that very interesting. The sea that is a part of what we are is being converted into liquid crystal. And we will be strong. We will be -- our molecular structure will be orderly, but we will be able to change forms. Is that not interesting?

OK, is everybody OK? Any questions or comments on that drawing? OK.

            When you say crystal sea, is that -- can you see through it also?

Can you see through it? That is a good question. Well, according to my understanding of the Scripture, you can if the individual who is made out of crystal wants you too. When Jesus took the form of a man on the road to Emmaus, you could not see through him. [?OK?], when he walked on the water, you could see through him.

So I suspect that he could take either form. I am not sure that he was crystal when he walked on the water. I do not have a lot of answers, but apparently, you know, once we get to that point, we can do anything we want with our appearance.

I had always thought that we would be an appearance of gold, like beaten gold so fine that you could see through it.

Well, I do not think the gold is the -- what you think of as gold. The gold is spiritual gold, Mary, spiritual gold, and every part of us will be changeable, but the gold is spirit, not solid metal.

            What is the symbology of gold then of God?

Gold typifies the Spirit of God.

We are on drawing number 4 -- this is a very, very interesting concept that the Lord showed me in -- on the A part of the board. First of all you see linear view of serpent in the garden. That means we are no longer looking at a three-dimensional view. I have fla- -- linear means I have flattened it out. We only have two dimensions here on the board, height and width.

So instead of saying that the serpent covered over -- you see -- OK, let me put it to you this way. Here is the abyss, and we have the firmament. Underneath the firmament is the earth. And the right side of the earth is where the grass grows. And the grass is the beginning of the Son of God. Is everybody OK? Do you remember that? Excuse me. That is Eden. And on the left side of the garden is where the serpent is. OK, it is east of Eden. And Adam was warned to not let the serpent get into the cultivated garden.

You may recall or if you look in the Old Testament, the Alternate Translation of the Old Testament, there was a part of the earth that received consciousness. That is called Eden. And there was a part of the earth that did not receive consciousness. So the serpent is in the part of the earth that did not receive consciousness, and the grass is growing in the part of the earth that did receive consciousness.

But you may recall the waters fell down through the firmament and gave consciousness to the other part of the garden. Is everybody following me? And the serpent started to grow and put down roots. And the roots from the part of the earth that was supposed to be barren overtook the cultivated plant, which is the grass in the part of the Garden that was supposed to be producing fruit.

And what I have done is I have flattened this out. I have given you a linear drawing of what happened. If we were looking at this three-dimensionally, the roots would be on top of the grass, but I have flattened it out. Are you following me?

OK, when I did this -- you see, what I do is just I take a pack of paper, and I start drawing, OK. And I come up with the most interesting things, and I have to believe the Lord was in it. I just turned my piece of paper on the side, and I said, would you look at that?

It is the picture of our brain. When I turned it on its side, I rotated it, the B side of the board. And I see that the part of the garden, Eden, where the grass was, well, the weeds overtook it and shrunk the grass. And that whole part of the garden just shrunk in and came under the authority of the part of the garden that was supposed to be barren, where the serpent’s roots are. And when I turned it on its side, it looks just like our brain.

Here is the forebrain with -- and even the brain ha- -- looks serpentine. Does not the brain look serpentine? OK. And the forebrain is hovering over and completely shrouding the posterior brain, which we have discussed in other messages is Eden, which is not dried up and withered. And the grass is dead. Can you see it? And what was the firmament, over here on A side, OK, now appears -- the extension of that firmament appears to be the brain stem and the spinal column.

So what am I saying? I am saying that the creation was probably -- what did we say it was? Five-dimensional -- we did that in another message -- it had height, width, depth, time and space. It was five-dimensional, and -- but when it died, when it fell, it ceased to be -- well, I do not know. Maybe it was more than five-dimensional.

I think in that prior message, we said that this creation right now is five-dimensional, height, width, depth, time and space. So there must have been another dimension. I do not really know at this point. I am not going to comment on that. It is very late, and I am having a lot of trouble preaching tonight, but there has to be five dimensions plus in the spiritual, visible world.

So when the spiritual, visible world died and became the visible, physical world, for all intents and purposes, it flattened out. Even though we are three-dimensional now, when we are spiritual, we are -- I cannot even talk -- we are expanded beyond the dimensions of this time-space continuum. Can you understand that?

So even though we are not flat -- we are three-dimensional people -- compared to beings who dwell in eternity, we are linear. We have flattened out, OK. We have flattened out.

And it just -- it seems to me that this is a spiritual truism that the Lord is showing me, that when we flatten out, this is a diagram of how we came into this body. East -- the eastward side of Eden, or the east side of Eden, overshadowed Eden, which shrunk up and became withered. And the firmament actually became the brain stem and the spinal column. The physical body was formed.

Now we see that in the A side, the serpent is -- the circular drawing is the serpent. And on the B side, I have labeled that Leviathan.

Remember that going back to Genesis 11, Leviathan and the serpent were in the same place. OK, now this was before the physical body was formed. I do not know what man looked like at that time. But Leviathan and the serpent were in the same place.

And then Jehovah separated them. He gave their altar to the animals, and he separated them. Jehovah ordained that they would start to exist in physical bodies and when they did, that Leviathan and the serpent would be separated. So we see Leviathan in the brain and the serpent down at the bottom of the spine. Somehow this firmament extended into a spinal column.

If you can see it, praise the Lord. If you cannot see it, do not worry about it. It is, however, very real to me, and I do recommend that you pray about it.

Is that not interesting? Is that not interesting? All these years in God, and every time -- I cannot even say that it never even occurred to me that these spiritual things actually took physical form. There was almost -- how can I describe this -- a mechanism in my mind that would deny such a thing. I cannot explain it, almost, like, a prohibition in my mind. Perhaps that prohibition was put there by Leviathan, that it could never, ever be. It just could not be. It was just -- was not even an option.

And then when the Lord showed it to me, I said, of course. It was like a veil over my mind, Leviathan saying, do not you dare believe that. Do not you dare believe that. Can you see it at all? If you cannot, it is OK. Can you see it at all, what I am saying? Is that not exciting. I -- oh, my God, like, I am all excited about this stuff. Praise the Lord.

I have been toying with the idea that this image, image 4, is that we turned on our side. And just as I was closing out the meeting, the Lord gave me a Scripture. When Jacob wrestled with the angel, the result of it was that he halted on his side.

And I actually believe that the serpent, in taking over the creation, caused us to halt on our side, that it was -- it is a true revelation. He turned us -- the serpent, she, turned us on our side. And when the angel, which was Christ in Jacob -- when the angel made contact with Jacob and defeated his own carnal mind, he halted on his other side. He tw- -- he flipped him back. I believe that is what it means. And Mary is going to read the Scripture for us.

Genesis 32:31, “And as he passed over Penuel the sun rose upon him, and he halted upon his thigh.”

Amen. Is that amazing? I am looking at this dra- -- actually I am looking at this drawing for a couple of weeks, saying, we turned on our side. We turn on our side. But it did not click until right now. The serpent turned us on our side. She lay us down. That is what she did. She laid us down on our side.

And the angel flipped Jacob back, and he is flipping us back. Hallelujah.

Transcribed by Verbal Fusion 04/09/16

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