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We have on the board, as drawing number one, the -- a drawing of the spiritual being of the whole creation. We see the serpent at the root. Now each change -- you see, like here, the serpent is drawn with squiggy l- -- with squiggly lines. The subconscious mind, called the serpent’s neck or the serpent’s captain, looks like a tree trunk. Each change of form is a different level of consciousness and a different aspect of the serpent’s incarnation. So we see the serpent in the most invisible realm, of course, besides the eternal realm of God -- the deepest spiritual realm is the eternal realm of God, and I have a drawing that, excuse me, I hope will demonstrate that better for you. But right now we are dealing with this world. The deepest spiritual realm is the serpent, and, of course, I have it drawn on the board from bottom to top, but spiritual things are from within to without. Does anybody not understand that? I think you should all understand that.

So we see the serpent at the root, the tree trunk or the shaft of the penis, whatever you choose to -- however you choose to perceive it. Actually, both are correct -- is the serpent’s neck or the serpent’s captain. Leviathan, the subconscious mind of mortal man, is the ch- -- is the tunnel or the channel by which the serpent puts her seed into humanity, and the serpent’s seed, excuse me, is being channeled into humanity continuously. Why? Because the serpent’s seed does more than produce new human beings; the serpent’s seed produces thoughts. The serpent is interested in birthing thoughts in our mind, and the more evil the thoughts she can get us to agree with or even acknowledge -- the more evil the thoughts that she can even get us to acknowledge are in our mind because most people are trained to utterly repress ungodly thoughts in their mind.

And the serpent’s seed -- so, as I was saying, the serpent’s seed comes into our mind as a suggestion. By very definition, the serpent whispers into our mind. She is a very -- she appears to us whether we can hear her or not as a very subtle voice that whispers suggestions into our mind, and we all, having sin natures, unless we have the kind of training that is coming forth here, very likely may just pick up and go. Well, we think it is our thought. Maybe it is not such a bad idea, but it can be a thought unto destruction. And even if we know it is a thought unto sedu- -- unto destruction, we may have a weakness in this area, and the serpent whispers into our mind, oh, it is not so bad. You will not get caught if you rob that house. It will not hurt you. And this is how young people get into trouble. This is how kids get into trouble because they do not have the maturity that we have to say I do not care where this thought came from; I am not doing it, OK.

So the serpent is continuously seeding all of humanity. And, brethren, is that not what Christ Jesus is doing? Is that not what he is doing through me today? Am I not seeding you? Is he not seeding you through me? Words are spirit; thought is spirit. And Christ Jesus is invading this world and seeding everybody he can touch with the thoughts which are -- with thoughts and words which are of his Spirit, and both spirits want to produce fruit in your mind, and the fruit -- the very fruit of the spirit is a mind, you see.

So we are born with a carnal mind, and this exhibit number one is showing all these -- I am sorry I am not too much of an artist, but all of these serpents at the top of the shaft typify the individual carnal minds of the many members of humanity. That is what we are; we are a serpent. We are a serpent in our root, and we are a serpent in our expression, but most of us do not know that because we do not look like the serpent of the earth, but we are spiritual serpents. Even if the mind of Christ is being formed in you, we are spiritual serpents in whom the mind of Christ is being formed. That is what we are.

And the seraphim spoken about in the Book of Isaiah is talking about people like us who are influenced so strongly by the Spirit of God or by the mind of Christ -- I am not really sure. I have not really worked that out yet, which it is, but by some manifestation of the Spirit of God, serpents who are so influenced by some manifestation of the Spirit of God that they are saying -- all day long, they are in front of the throne of God saying holy, holy, holy. They are worshipping Jehovah. And this is what Jesus was referring to when he told the Pharisees that they were vipers. He was not calling them names.

So this is the con- -- this is our spiritual condition, and we have a mind which is a reptile, you see. And the mind that Elohim built into the living creature at the beginning was not reptilian; it was a clean animal that had the potential to become a civilized man, OK. And it was a spiritual animal; he was not an animal like the animals of this world. The animals of this world are unclean. Our blood is unclean. We are unclean, brethren. We have all kinds of parasites and diseases and all kinds of -- blood is filthy. We are filthy.

So the man that Elohim formed was a spiritual animal, and w- -- he is typified in Daniel 8 as a ram, but we do not really know what he looked like, but he was a clean spiritual animal that did not pr- -- that was not filled with the kind of filth that could produce death, but he was filled with the life of God. And the message today is more or less centering around -- about what happened to that man because one of the main messages and one of the main themes in the kingdom church today, if not through the whole church world on all levels, is that -- well, I do not know about the fundamental church, but the kingdom church is saying that the heavy or the bad guy or the one that is in trouble in our world today is fallen Adam. He is -- they make him responsible for everything, and the Lord has revealed here to us that Adam is the Son of God.

And I hope that this message today will show you, excuse me, in the Scripture -- I found a Scripture. It -- but, of course, you are going to have to be able to see it, that said that Adam died, and his remains is continuing on in this world. It is as if to say -- now here’s a way -- now when I give you these examples, remember, they are to make the point, OK. They are to make the point. It is as if to say that a -- somebody who had children died, and their offspring continued on, and they continued the family line, and they continued the business, and they continued their work, and they had the same qualities. But are they the same person? They are not the same person. Well, at their spiritual root they are the same person, but they are a different expression of the person that is c- -- you cannot -- even by the Scripture, you cannot impute the sins of the one who died to the one who is now living; it is a different person.

So Adam’s remains, who continued on and is in this present world, Adam’s remains, the spirit that was in Adam, is in this world, but it is not Adam; it is the spirit that was in Adam. You see, Adam was formed from the dust of the earth, but the life of him was the spirit that was in him. But if you take a mother and a daughter or a father and a son, you can say they are the same spiritual person, but they are a different formation, you see. Adam was the Son of God, and he was a double side -- act- -- well, I did not mean to get into that now. I did not want to get into that right now. I want to stay with these drawings, so I am going to stop right here. We will pick it up later.

So this is our drawing of the spiritual foundation of the creation that we are a part of, and I remind you that Elohim did not make this creation; the serpent formed this creation, OK. I am going to erase this board. OK, it is really hard to see on this drawing, but I do have an outline that shows the personality of the person that is lying on top of the serpent and the subconscious mind and the many conscious minds. And on top of the personality, I have in red, if you can see it; it is supposed to be -- indicates Satan’s sea lying on top of the serpent, the subconscious mind, the conscious mind. And, well, I have it down here that it is -- let me see, serpent, sea, personality. Satan sees that she is spiritually -- well, she is lying on top of everything, OK. The waters of the creation, it is through our spiritual being; it is through our physical being; it is through the atmosphere.

This whole world exists under a spiritual sea, and Satan, who is lying on top of all of this, is the serpent’s semen. She is the serpent’s semen. The seed flows -- you see, Leviathan is the passageway, but the waters through which the seed is transmitted is Satan. Can you see that? Maybe I will put that up here. She is the serpent’s seed, and she is the serpent’s semen. Let me put this down over here; I will put it in blue. So I have over here in red the serpent’s seed, but understand that the seed flows in a water medium, and Satan is the serpent’s semen. She is through everything: She is in our mind; she is in our personality; she is in our body; she is in our three -- the three aspects of our mind. She is everywhere. Praise the Lord. OK, we will take that picture now.

This is exhibit number two, and I have the board divided into A and B, and, basically, what I am doing here is making a correction to the drawings that I have previously shown you as to the location of the firmament, OK. My carnal mind saw it backwards, so we are making a correction today. And I do not have the firmament appearing on either of these drawings because, at this time, w- -- at the time which these drawings represent, there was not yet any firmament. At the beginning, we see this black outline indicates the tear in Jehovah’s fabric that created what we call the abyss. All of the universes, everything of the natural world, is within an area of Jehovah’s fabric that opened up as the result of a tear which occurred when Elohim separated from him, so that is what this outline indicates, the abyss.

And this is the best I could do with my drawings. I have drawn this black line aclo- -- across, and I have said the earth is [?underneas?] e- -- underneath, but please try to understand. If you need to, to use our natural oceans as an example, the earth is at the bottom; it is the ocean bed. And I wrote J-A-H-V out here. Jehovah is all around the abyss. All of the galaxies, all of the universes exist within this tear in Jehovah’s fabric that we call the abyss. And in red I have indicated the path of Michael’s river of life. You may recall that Elohim was the sperm, and he was completely dispersed through the waters because it was Jehovah’s semen that filled the abyss. Well, because what is the abyss? The abyss is a fabricated womb. It is a womb, a spiritual womb that Jehovah fabricated for the p- -- specific purpose of reproducing himself in a visible form.

So Elohim came forth as the spermatozoa in Jehovah’s semen, and the other -- and semester has two sides to it: spermatozoa and the waters that the spermatozoa flow in. So the abyss is filled with water, and you may recall that Elohim, as the sperm, was not strong enough to get up any momentum. Now his s- -- his goal, his commission was to impregnate the earth, was to bring forth a spiritual plant life in the earth; that was Elohim’s commission. Now Elohim is in the waters, and the earth is at the bottom of the waters. Elohim did not have the strength after -- departing from Jehovah took all of his strength, and we have messages likening to a star, to -- so to the events that a star or the experiences that a star goes through. And we even found an article in the National Geographic that completely described the whole situation and gave all the ins and outs of why the star lost its strength.

So then we hear that Jehovah hovered over the waters, and he joined himself with the separated Elohim, and the purpose of Jehovah’s hovering over the waters and joining himself with the separated Elohim was to give him enough strength to build up some momentum that would propel him down into the earth s- -- and then come out. He has to come out of the earth to leave Jehovah’s seed in the earth with the specific purpose of growing a spiritual plant life. Elohim, the sperm strengthened by Jehovah, takes on a new name, and his name is Michael. Michael is the seed. Elohim, strengthened by Jehovah, is the seed, and the name of the seed is Michael.

And I am not going to re-preach the whole message, but Jehovah is a form of energy, and his interaction with Elohim started Elohim’s ele- -- the electr- -- the spiritual electrons of Elohim’s particles agitating, and momentum, because of energy fields and magnetic fields and the interaction of these different fields, the seed, Michael, started to move, and he moves on a cycle or on a circle, which the Scripture calls the river of life. We have w- -- all this is taught on “Quantum Mechanics in Creation.”

So I am showing you here, with a red-dotted line -- well, with a red line because I see I did not dot it -- I did not dash it on the other side, on side B -- is Michael’s circuit. Michael is continuously circulating through the waters of the abyss. He is interacting with Jehovah, and he is propelling himself down underneath the surface of the earth. That is why the Scripture says the man was formed from the dust of the earth; that word means surface. [?It was?] -- for years, I could not figure out why just the surface of the earth. Because Elohim’s sea just penetrated the surface, and if you are growing a tomato plant, do you bury -- if you bury it down too low, what happens? It d- -- it cannot break forth through the earth; it dies. The seed dies. You have to bury the seed just deeply enough so that it will not get washed away by rain but that it has enough chance of sprouting and breaking through the earth because the plant that is being born out of the seed has to penetrate the earth coming up.

So we see Elohim’s -- I am sorry, Michael’s circuit established, and I say in blue that the waters of life cover the whole creation. They are covering the earth and every area up to that tear in Jehovah’s fabric. And in drawing B, the only change that I have made is t- -- and I do not know how accurate this is, but it is to show you how Michael is dropping his seed in the earth. You see, his river of life is penetrating the surface of the earth, and he is leaving his seeds in the earth. And in the next -- as soon as I feel that you are ready, when I take this off the board and I do part C and D, I will show you or I hope to show you that the firmament is going to grow right here on the surface of the earth and that the firmament itself is the breath of life, is the living breath of the creature. Michael’s seeds is the seed of life; it is the very breath of life that is added to the creature that Elohim is making.

The firmament -- and f- -- you know, for a long time -- I have been asking the Lord for a long time, who is the firmament? I think, as of the last -- most recent messages -- as the most recent time that I have addressed this issue, I think I have told you it is Elohim, that the firmament is El- -- because we know Elohim is the base of everything. Jehovah and Elohim is the foundation for everything, so if I am not sure whether it is Michael or Adam or whatever it is, I will tell you Elohim because you cannot go wrong. It is just that as we mature and as we -- our understanding deepens, it is beneficial to know a more specific name for a particular function.

So a fe- -- the Lord has shown me in this message that the firmament is the breath of life; it is the breath of life. It is the livi- -- it is the spirit of the creature. It is not Elohim because Elohim is the sperm, and it is not Michael because Michael is the river of life, but it is a part of Elohim, and it is a part of Michael. It is a deposit that Michael has left [?in?and?] Elohim and Jehovah and Michael. It is a deposit that they have left in the earth. It is a joining of the earth and the Spirit of life because Michael is all spirit, and the earth is all earth. But the plant that is going to grow as a result of the spirit being buried in the earth is a spiritual plant, and his name is Adam. He is spirit and earth; he is darkness and light; he is morning and evening. Adam is the product of this joining of the seed with the earth, and the seed is deposited by Michael, and Michael is Elohim and Jehovah. Everybody OK? OK. If we take the picture, I will do the rest of it.

OK. This is drawing two C and D, and I am showing you in drawing C that the seeds have sprouted and put down roots underneath the surface of the earth and have formed a platform or a foundation on the surface of the earth and that grass is growing on the foundation. You see, you may recall that I used to show the foundation up here somewhere. My carnal mind got it backwards, OK. My carnal mind had the foundation above the grass, OK, but the Lord has now shown me that, no, the foundation is underneath the grass.

And these roots and this foundation is specifically designed to avert soil erosion, OK. The Lord did not want the soil eroding, neither did he want his cultivated plant slipping down underneath the earth, and there was a potential for his cultivated plant, whose name is Adam, to slip down underneath the earth. And if that would happen, OK, well, we already know that a combination of the earth, the spirit that the foundation is formed out of and the waters of the creation formed the serpent; that is what happened, OK, a perverse expression of the spirit of life.

Jehovah, Elohim, Michael, the breath of the creature. Jehovah, Elohim, Michael, the living thing in the creature. These are all the descendants of Jehovah’s expression in the creature. Just as I had on the board before, it was the serpent; the serpent’s captain, Leviathan; the man individual minds, Leviathan. These are all levels of consciousness that eventually resulted in a human creature as we know it. The levels of consciousness of Jehovah’s Spirit that were sequential, that built upon one another with the specific purpose of producing a righteous, visible creature, the levels of consciousness are Jehovah, Elohim, Michael, the breath of life or sometimes called the living thing of the creature. It is right here, the firmament, the foundation upon which Adam is growing, and it is very essential that he continues to abide on top of the foundation and that he does not fall down underneath the earth.

So we have a foundation, a platform, with roots, and all of this is underneath the seas. And what are the seas? The seas are the waters of the semen with the specifically -- with a specific amount of the surface grains of the earth mixed with it, OK, just the right proportion so that the creature -- so that the seas are still under the control of Michael and so that the grass can grow and not be choked to death, but yet enough earth so that the creation is darkness and light, morning and evening. Why? For the specific purpose, as we see in drawing B, so that as Michael’s light, river of life and light, excuse me, continues to pass through Adam and the firmament and the roots underneath, that an image would appear on the surface of the waters, and that image, we are told in the King James translation, is a ram. So since I do not know what it looked like -- I do not know what the living beast looked like. I drew something that I am calling a ram. I do not know that you would call it a ram. Those are supposed to be his antlers or his horns up there.

Now all of this, the roots, the foundation and the grass, is on the surface of the ocean bed. It is on the surface of the ocean bed, and the waters are on top of it, but because Michael’s river of light -- I wrote life here, but it is also a river of life -- is circulating from the surface of the ocean bed, from the -- I am sorry, from the surface of the waters or from the surface of the seas, down through the surface of the ocean bed. And I am not going to reteach this whole thing; we had this on “Quantum Mechanics in Creation.” When Michael’s river of light pierces through the firmament and through the earth and starts back up again, there is an exchange of electrons. I think it is called the photoelectric effect, and an image is produced on the surface of the waters, and this image is the visible, spiritual world.

It is a very high spiritual image, just as this whole world, including our bodies, is a spiritual image, and it is a low spiritual image. How do I know it is a low spiritual image? Because the image is defective, and these images, they get sick, and they cause us pain, as we had here this morning. And these images that our spirit man dwells in are a heyday, a potential heyday, for Satan to torture us, but even more than torture us, to control us either with pleasure or with pain. So this image, this physical image of our bodies and of this whole world, is a defective image. We have quicksand, and we have all kinds of man-eating plants and insects that bite us and give us diseases. This world is Hell, brethren, and Hell is a defective image. It is an illusion, OK, because the reality of what we see in this world is the plant that is growing underneath the sea.

Now what I just told about the plant growing underneath the sea, that is for the creation before it fell, OK, and I am going to show you, as soon as I take this drawing off the board, how this arrangement became perverted when Adam fell or when Adam died. Actually, Adam died. You see, this drawing on the board demonstrates the arrangement of the parts of the creation: We have spirit; we have earth; we have water, and we have Elohim and Jehovah appearing as Michael, OK. And as far as God is concerned, configuration or arrangement or the way the parts fit together determines whether or not the creation is alive or dead.

Now that is not so way out, if you can think of it in a bizarre physical example. Brethren, if you were born with your head between your legs, you would be in an arrangement that could not survive, and we do have babies -- I do not know if they are born with their head between legs, but I know we have babies born with their stomachs on the outside. We have babies born without a brain or without essential organs, and they live for a season, a couple of hours, a couple of days, and they day. Brethren, this arrangement that we call our world, that we think is the creation of God, is a perverse arrangement of the parts that Jehovah supplied to build this creation, and we have been born in a condition that renders us incapable of surviving, you see.

So it is [?Jova?] -- Jehovah’s intention to extract his Spirit because the only thing -- the only part of us or of this whole world that is of value to Jehovah -- and, of course, he is meeting to us through his Son, Jesus Christ, today. The only thing that is of value to him is the Spirit of his Son that is within us. Now he could come and take back his Spirit, and j- -- and we would just all die, but he has chosen not to do that. He has chosen to give us the opportunity to go with him.

Now this is the same principle, brethren, as the relationship between the undercover agents that went into Canaan and Rahab. Remember that story? Jehovah said to the -- to -- well, the King James says the spies that went into -- I am sorry. It was not Canaan. Was it Jericho? I think it was Jeric- -- was it Jericho? It was Jericho, OK. You can correct me on something like that, please, OK. So the spies went into Jericho, and I believe it was Jehovah who said, if you can find someone who will receive you and who will accept you and go on your side -- now why -- now would not that make the harlot, Rahab, a traitor, if she turned against the fellow citizens of Jericho and joined with the spies that Jehovah sent in? Well, to the carnal mind it would make her a traitor, but the only people who are going to line themselves up with God’s people are someone who has the Spirit of God. Even though she was a member of Jeri- -- a citizen of Jericho and she was a harlot, there was something in her that acknowledged the Spirit of God and the people that he was traveling in, and Jehovah said that that recognition is as a cloak of righteousness to you.

Does that mean it is OK to be a prostitute? No, but it means it is an opportunity. Recognition of deity from something within you, from your spirit, is an opportunity to repent and change your lifestyle and live in Christ and live in God. That was the Old Testament. It is the same thing today. We are all -- we all have a sin nature. We all have skeletons in our closet, but the -- a spirit in us that recognizes deity and calls out to him for help, as the Gadarene demoniac did and as Rahab the harlot did, qualifies us to receive the mercy of God. Brethren, the mercy of God is poured out on the whole creation. Why is not everybody receiving it? Everybody does not qualify to receive it, but it is the will of God that all should be saved. Why is not everybody receiving it? Their spirit is not recognizing the opportunity. That is why Jesus is sending the sons of God to tell them the truth and give them the opportunity to receive his mercy because our personality must choose to serve Jesus if we are to go -- if we are to cleave unto him and thereby return to the world of -- above when this world ceases to exist.

Now the message in the church today -- I do not really know that the message has touched anybody. I think the Spirit of God has touched a lot of people, and most people cannot tell the difference between the message and the spirit. But for whatever reason, there are many people here whose spirits will respond to the truth -- to the true doctrine and the true love of God. And this big last time revival that you hear about in the church, it has not come yet because it is going to be headed up by the sons who are preaching the doctrine of Christ and who are manifesting a true Christ because there is no way we can love these people with our carnal minds because the a- -- the love that changes you, the love that convicts you, the love that converts you is the love of God, which is only in Christ.

The best person in the world cannot save you with their love, but Christ can save you when he loves you because that love of Christ joins to your human spirit and raises Adam from the dead in you. And he, your Savior in the midst of you, will save you. There is no human love that can do this for you, so if you are going out to save people and you do not have the Savior, you are wasting your time. And if you think you have the Savior and you do not have the Savior because the Savior is not the Holy Spirit, the Savior is Christ, you are wasting your time.

So that whole exhortation came forth because I was trying to explain to you that the arrangement that this wor- -- that the arrangement of the spiritual parts of this world is about to be broken apart for the specific purpose of rearranging them. And if you read the tran- -- a lot of the translations in Genesis or in the prophets, I think even more in the prophets than in Genesis, if -- you will hear me s- -- talking a lot about the arrangement. I do not really recall what English word that y- -- that -- what -- got my tongue twisted. I really do not recall how that idea or what English words that idea appears in, in the King James translation. But I know that when we did many deep translations, we keep finding that word, the arrangement. We just came out of some deep translations in -- on the account of Isaac, of Abraham supposedly being called to sacrifice Isaac and also a deep translation of Moses sending the spies into Canaan [?land?], and that word keeps coming up, the arrangement.

This arrangement -- what arrangement? The arrangement of the spiritual parts of the creation that has produced this world and these bodies is a perversion. Now you may not believe me, and that is your business, but they do not believe Noah either, and whether you believe it or not, Jesus Christ is come to extract the breath of life, which originates with Jehovah and Elohim, from this perverse arrangement of its parts. And the personality that recog- -- who? The personality whose spirit recognizes the Spirit of Christ and cleaves unto that Spirit will be spared destruction. Now I am not talking about being tortured or tormented; I am talking about destruction that ends your life. The personality whose spirit recognizes the Spirit of truth and obeys -- you see, it is not enough to recognize the Spirit of truth -- and obeys will be saved. And the path whose spirit does not recognize the Spirit of truth or recognizes it, but the personality who does not obey will come to an end because Jesus is taking your s- -- his spirit back. It is not your spirit; it is his spirit. He is taking it, and when he takes his spirit from you, you are going to cease to exist, unless you are in full agreement with what he is doing and working with him to get it.

So we are going to take a picture of this board, and I am going to show you, Lord willing, with another drawing, what happened to this firmament which is the spirit foundation of the creature after Adam died. Adam, this grass, all died; the spiritual plant life died, and I guess I will talk more about that when I get the next drawing up on the board. OK, June.

OK. We have drawing three on the board, and it is in three parts, A, B and C, by which I am attempting to show you what happened to the creation or the death of the creature or the fall of the creature. The fall resulted in his death, and not only did Adam die, but the whole living creature died. You see, Adam was the brain -- well, brain is not the good word. It is a word that makes a point, but it is not accurate. He was the mind or the life-giving force of the whole creature. Why is brain not accurate? Because brain refers to our physical body, and Adam did not have a physical body.

But as you saw in the other drawings, Adam was just one part of -- there was this tremendous primordial ocean, and it was seas, and it was an ocean bed, and Adam was just the grass growing on the foundation, but he was the spirit. He was the fruit, to be more accurate. Adam, the living soul, was the fruit of Jehovah and Elohim’s Spirit. It is as if to say we are living in this whole body, but without our brain, we are nothing. This body is a slave that serves the brain, so Adam was a part of a whole living creature. And I no- -- I have noticed for years, as I do my studies in the Old Testament, that word “whole,” it is there all the time, and the whole creature and the whole man. What does that mean? Adam was more than Adam, but because Adam was the driving force [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


Praise the Lord. We have had some technical difficulties, and we have lost approximately 15 minutes of this message. We now shall continue with the next segment. [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

-- [INAUDIBLE] that talks about the lamb being slain from the foundation of the earth is not talking about a sacrifice for our sins, OK [AUDIO CUTS OUT] about a provision that Jehovah made knowing that we would need a sacrifice for our sins, OK. [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [?talking?] about the spirit that was sacrificed, that was murdered, OK. It is talking -- and, of course, the lamb -- now the lamb -- let me just review what the lamb is for you. The lamb is the united Michael above the firmament and Adam beneath the firmament, and them -- and the two of them as one completely ruling over the waters and the earth, OK. That is what the lamb is. And in the New Testament, Christ Jesus becomes the lamb when he slays Leviathan, OK. Christ Jesus, who is Jesus above the firmament, the Spirit of Jesus Christ, and Christ growing in you and me united as one, spiritual marriage, that is the fifth level of consciousness; they are known as Christ Jesus until, as a unified force, they slay Leviathan, and that is the sixth and seventh levels of consciousness. Leviathan is slain; then Christ Jesus becomes the lamb.

So there was a lamb before the fall. It was the unified Michael above and Adam beneath, and they had -- and they -- we might say they were crucifying the earth underneath because the earth was barren, and the waters were under their control, and the creation was in the right configuration. And that lamb was slain so that the waters could saturate the earth and steal the spirit and incarnate her own world. Did I make that clear? OK. So we see the serpent; she is the foundation of this creation. And, of course, each area here represents a different level of consciousness, each level of consciousness bringing us closer to the visible spiritual -- to the visible physical world, our world here.

The next level is Leviathan, the unconscious mind, the tunnel through which the serpent’s seed travels, and then the next level of consciousness is the many Leviathans of the many conscious minds of the many members of humanity. And then we see human personalities, individual personalities and individual bodies, and this whole configuration, this whole arrangement, is under a cosmic sea. It is a different kind of a sea than existed before the fall. It is this -- just what we are all under. We are all under the sea because we are divided in our physical bodies, and the animals of the world are divided. So even though the serpent has absorbed all the waters, the wall that she produced is a water-based world.

Let me say that another way; I do not think I made it clear. There was a configuration, and you have your exhibits of it, your prior exhibits of it. The earth was at the bottom; the water was on top, and the earth absorbed all the water. And now she has formed her own creation, and even though the waters -- you might say the waters are on top; the waters are in the air; the seas are in the air; the seas are in us. Water is everywhere in this water-based world. It is still a perversion of the reality that existed before the fall. This world with water everywhere in the air, et cetera, is the serpent’s perversion of the reality of a world which is ruled by spirit, if you can hear what I am saying. It is a counterfeit.

And so -- because I asked the Lord that as I was drawing this, and I said I just told them that the s- -- that the clay absorbed all the w- -- that the earth absorbed all the water. How can we be a water-based world? Because the clay absorbed all the water, but then she gave birth to this world, and she rearranged the parts in this visible world. So the serpent is appearing in this world as Satan; she is appearing as the seas that are in control, you see. In the world that was ruled by spirit, the seas were not in control. The waters were not in control. It was spirit that was in control, but in this world, it is water that is in control. The spirit of this world is in bondage; he is a slave. [?There would?] be n world without him, so the serpent is enslaving him. So I hope I made that clear; it is, sort of, a fine line. Everybody OK with that? OK. We are going to break for dinner. Praise the Lord. [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

-- [?drawing?] number five. This is drawing indic- -- or depicting the two timelines. [INAUDIBLE] And the horizontal [INAUDIBLE] lines indicate the different levels of consciousness that the timelines pass through. This is the fallen world; this is the mortal world. This is not the -- what I am saying is this is the timeline, the eternal timeline or the golden timeline and the serpent’s timeline piercing into this mortal world. So the first level of consciousness that we see is eternity because Jesus Christ is coming from eternity, but the serpent does not come out of eternity. The serpent’s -- the first level of consciousness that the serpent passes through, I have labeled the serpent, and she is -- the serpent, at this point, is undifferentiated spiritual clay. What does that mean? It means that she is not formed into people yet; she is not formed into personalities, nor is she formed into bodies. Now we talk about her as being a serpent. I have a -- I drew a diagram right in this message of her being all coiled up, but we do not know what she looks like, you know. We have no idea what she looks like.

The only thing that we know for sure is that a world is a woven -- a piece of woven fabric. It is a garment made out of a woven fabric. I hope you know that. We have talked about that a lot, and that there is a warp, and there is a woof. And it -- and the -- well, actually, the l- -- I do not want to get technical about this now, but the serpent is the warp. She is going in one direction, and the Lord Jesus Christ -- actually, he is in the woof, and he is in the [?warf?] because there is spirit even where the serpent is, OK, but we have a woven garment.

But the serpent, OK, her world, her garment is not made up of the Lord Jesus Christ or of Jehovah or of Elohim or of Michael. She is both the warp and the woof [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [?was?] a product of incest. She is male, and she is female, and she is interacting with herself. And that is why, if you look in the Hindu philosophy book that we have, there are several diagrams of the serpent interwoven amongst -- aft- -- when we are offline, if you want to see it, I will show it to you. It is amazing, the degree of accuracy of spiritual knowledge of Ham’s descendants in India, OK, and they will show you a square, and it is obviously a serpent all intertwined amongst herself.

So that is why she appears -- well, first of all, the Bible calls her a serpent, but she appears as a very long serpent because it indicates that she has interwoven herself amongst herself. Did I make that clear? It gets a little confusing sometimes. OK. So the second level of consciousness is the serpent, undifferentiated spiritual clay. We do not know what she looks like; we just know that she is both the warp and the woof of her own garment.

And the third level of consciousness is Captain Leviathan. That is the tree trunk. That is the subconscious mind of mortal man. Captain Leviathan is the passageway through which the serpent disparit- -- disperses her seed into this physical world, and when the serpent drops her seed in this world, where does she drop it? Does she drop it on the lawn outside? Does she drop it in the World Trade Center? Where does she drop it, anybody know?

            In the mind?

Yes. She drops it in the minds of mortal men, excellent. OK, so we are up to one, two, three four. The fourth level of consciousness is Leviathan; that is the individual conscious mind of the mor- -- of mortal man. And, I guess, I did not -- I am sorry. I did not give you all the information on this board.

Captain Leviathan, on this level of consciousness -- now this level of consciousness has -- does not correlate to the 12 levels of consciousness that I have given you. I am just giving you these general layers that the timeline passes through. And Captain Leviathan -- where Captain Leviathan abides, which is called the subconscious mind of mortal man, there are whole immortal but disembodied personalities. Now these levels of consciousness, they are different dimensions. There are -- the -- all of these dimensions, including Leviathan, the individual mind, the temporary personalities and the physical world where we have physical bodies, everything on this board is a dimension. [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

OK. So we see that there is a whole dimension where there exist whole personalities, and I saw whole personalities as opposed to demons because demons are not whole personalities. Demons are aspects of our fallen personalities; they are qualities of our fa- -- of a fallen personality. one fallen personality, one carnal mind can have many, many demons, and, well, I do not want to get into what demons are right now. But when I talk about this dimension where Captain Leviathan rules and reigns, there exists -- there are not demons, but whole personalities which are disembodied. Now these are not so much personalities that have lived in this world and passed on to another world as we are taught -- as religion teaches us in this world. But the car- -- our carnal mind has got it backwards, you see.

Let me say that again. The religions, or at least the Christian religion, as far as I know, the fundamental religions, teach that we are born -- human beings are born into this world. We -- that this world, this existence is the primary existence, and then when the body dies, the personality that existed in this temporary world passes on to either an eternal Hell or an eternal heaven. But the carnal mind has it backwards, you see. There is a dimension which is inhabited by immortal -- men who are immortal in this world system because they never descended to the third stage of the fall. This world as we know it is a manifestation of the third stage of the fall where superior -- where the superior-type men that existed before the flood have deteriorated beyond that -- you see, this dimension over here of Captain Leviathan, that is the dimension that the world before the flood lived in, existed in. Where Captain Leviathan rules and reigns is the dimension where the pre-flood world existed, you see.

Now this is very interesting. I hope I can impart my thought to you that the Lord just showed to me by a vision. You know, the King James translation tells us that it had never rained before the rains that produced the deluge, OK. And, of course, our carnal mind assumes that the world before the flood looked like this world and that the rains came down and the flooding looked like the flooding that is taking place all over our country today. But may I suggest to you that is not so? I suggest to you that the world before the flood was a spiritual dimension which was the second stage of the fall, where very great s- -- powerful spiritual beings existed, more powerful than we are, OK. And the rains that came down -- now listen to me. I will say it again if I have to. The rains that came down produced the seas that we know as Satan. I am going to say it in another way. I will keep saying it until you get it. The rains that came down produced the third stage of the fall.

Now who are the powers and principalities of the third stage of the fall? Satan and Leviathan, exist only in the third stage of the fall. Satan and the conscious -- the individual Leviathan do not exist in Captain Leviathan’s dimension. They exist only in the third stage of the fall, so the waters that came down indicated that this dimensions where Captain Leviathan rules and reigns over whole immortal men, which are disembodied personalities, that -- I lost my d- -- I lost my -- the train of my sentence, so I am going to start again.

The rains coming down were this stage of the fall where Captain Leviathan rules and reigns over whole disem- -- immortal, disembodied personalities that this realm was descending. It was descending into the third stage of the fall, and the flood of waters, brethren, was Satan opening up this world, which is the third stage of the fall. Can you hear it? OK. It was a spiritual rain. It was a spiritual flood, and Noah was in a spiritual ark, which I have already taught you on that. He was in a spiritual ark, and the only animal on the ark was Cain because there were no animals. There are no animals in this spirit- -- well, I do not think there are any animals, not as we know them anyway and no physical animals as we know them in this spiritual world.

Now when the third s- -- when the world which is a representation of the third stage of the fall, which is this world, came into being, every whole immortal, disembodied personality that was in Captain Leviathan’s world did not descend. How did that happen, witchcraft? I do not know. Witchcraft is as good a guess as any. I have not looked at these Scriptures in the King James, but, apparently, from all the information that has been coming forth here, everyone -- well, I think the Lord just gave me a correction here. Thank God for revelation while I am preaching.

Listen, everyone in this dimension, of Captain Leviathan’s dimension, was destroyed, with the exception of Noah, and you may recall that Noah was pregnant with Shem, Ham and Japheth when he got on the ark, and I am not going to reteach that whole thing now. Shem, Ham and Japheth were within Noah; they were the seed of the new world which was supposed to continue on Captain Leviathan’s s- -- in Captain Leviathan’s dimension. When Noah came to the other side of the flood, he was still in Captain Leviathan’s dimension, and Shem, Ham and Japheth began to differentiate. And as you may know, as the story goes, Noah was seduced. He was seduced by Captain Leviathan, and Shem, Ham an- -- and Shem and Japheth were seduced by Captain Leviathan, and Ham was cast down by his father, Noah. And approximately five generations later, which could have been thousands or even millions of years, OK, we see appearing a p- -- we see appearing this third level of the fall, which is this physical world, another orbit on the atom of creation.

Now, apparently, everyone, every descendant of Shem, Ham and Japheth did not descend into this third level. Apparently, I do not understand -- you know, I really do not understand it. I do not understand it. Unless we want to weave this revelation together with our understanding of Balaam and our understanding of the Magi that we read about in Jesus’ today, that there were immortals in the earth that Jehovah had made a covenant with at the Tower of Babel. Well, that is our answer right there, you know. I had forgotten that for the second. That is our answer right there, so there were immortals that did not break down into this third level of the fall.

Now you might say to yourself, well, if they had a covenant with Jehovah, why -- if these immortals, if these whole disembodied immortals that exist in Captain Leviathan’s dimension never descended to the third stage of the fall because of a covenant with Jehovah, why are at least some of them -- we know not all of them because the Magi respected the Spirit that was in Jesus. Why are some of them entering into this world and interfering with the affairs of mortal men? OK. And the answer is in -- I cannot -- I never remember whether it is 1 Peter or 2 Peter. We did that translation in another message. It is these immortals that are saying it has been so long since our fathers went to sleep, and where is the promise of his coming? It is not Christians today, although Christians today are saying that. God, forgive them. My Father used to say that all the time. A lot of people say it; it has been 2,000 years. But Peter was talking about these immortals that have become evil because they have lost the hope of Jehovah’s coming.

And, brethren, you know, you are free to disagree with me on anything you want to, if you are reading this message, but I believe that the scientists are probably right, that this world is billions of years old because this world is not Jehovah’s cr- -- it is not Elohim’s creation. This world is not Elohim’s creation; it is the serpent’s creation. First of all, the Bible says that Elohim made the worlds in six days, but we have no idea how long each day was, and I ha- -- believe we have reason to believe that each day was of a different duration. And to lay hold of that Scripture that says one day to God is as 1,000 years to men and to assume that it means every day of creation was 1,000 human years is naïve, brethren; there is no basis to believe that.

This world is billions of years old. The scientists are probably right, and the creation of Elohim was made before this world was ever founded. This world is a prison place. It is a prison house that wicked spirits have been sent to until the procedure to extract the Spirit of God from the clay and reform it into an arrangement that glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ, who is -- who, to us, is everything. He is everything to us: He is Jehovah; he is Elohim, and he is Michael, to us -- until the plan is perfected that will extract the Spirit, Elohim’s Spirit, and reform it into an arrangement that will produce life. That Spirit that -- well, I am not going to get into who stole it now. That is the rest of the -- I am not going to get into that now.

But that spirit that was stolen that wound up as the energy force of the serpent is what Jehovah wants back; that is why he sent Jesus. He did not send Jesus to get these clay animal bodies back. These clay animal bodies were never Jesus’; they were never Elohim’s; they were never Michael’s; they were never Jehovah’s, and they are not going back. Going back where? Going back to the spiritual world where we live forever. The spirit is going back, and if we are blessed, our personality is going back, but not without fighting the war. Everybody’s spirit is going back; not everybody’s personality is going back.

So I hope I made that clear. This Captain Leviathan’s world, it is another dimension. It exists right here with us, but we cannot see it because of the veil of our flesh, and the veil of our flesh, it is over our mind, you see. It is not this flesh here. It is not our arms; it is our mind. The flesh mind that we have blinds us to these other spiritual realms. Not only does it blind us to Jehovah’s eternal realm, d- -- not only does it blind it to Jesus Christ, in many cases, it blinds us to the other realms of the serpent or the other dimensions of the serpent’s world.

We have been cast down into a deep sleep. We are in spiritual ignorance, darkness. Who said that? Did Paul not say that, darkness coves? I know Isaiah said it; I think Paul said it too. Isaiah said darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness is inside of the people, and I think Paul said spiritual wickedness in high places, something like that. Our minds are darkened. They are darkened by the god of this world. All that we know is what aro- -- what is around us, you see. We are sitting here in this room, and all that we know is what is going on in this room. But do you know that a spiritual person sitting in this room, a truly spiritual person, would know what is going on in the next room and in the next building and in the next country and in the next meeting? You know what is going on everywhere. There are no walls in the spirit, you see.

So we are in darkness. We are in darkness in this world. We are in darkness spiritually, and many of us are in darkness intellectually or in darkness socially. Darkness covers the whole earth, and darkness, gross darkness, inside of us. OK. So we are up to one, two, three -- now the fourth level of consciousness for the purposes of this exhortation is the personalities that exist in our world. They are called Leviathan, the individual Leviathan, the conscious mind, and then of course there is one more level where the physical body exists. One, two, three, four, the fifth level where the body exists.

Now the whole purpose of this chart and this exhortation is to make this point: that we are talking about Jehovah’s plan which is being executed by the Lord Jesus Christ to deliver us from Hell, which is this world system. Jesus is not killing the serpent’s root. He is n- -- this is the root right here, at the point of departure. You see, the eternal timeline starts in eternity, but the -- and the serpent’s timeline does not go into eternity, but the point that the serpent’s departed from the eternal timeline, time began. This point of departure is the beginning of time, and we see that both the serpent’s timeline and the golden timeline or the eternal timeline, in this hour, is penetrating into our world. It is penetrating into the minds of men in our level and also into the physical bodies. It is pe- -- the timelines are penetrating into our minds and into our brains. The place of the physical body that the timeline is penetrating is our brain, and Jesus has come to cut down the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Why? Because it has not produced the fruit of Jehovah’s life.

Now you heard about Jesus chopping down the fig tree, which is supposed to typify Israel. The fig tree typifies the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but there are good figs, and there are evil figs, and good figs are produced by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is under the influence of the Spirit of God. So when Jesus trop- -- chopped down the fig tree -- I have never studied this, personally. G- -- I do not know what I would find if I study it personally because very frequently it is different when I study it personally, but he chopped down the fig tree. N- -- he did not chop it down; that was George Washington. We are having some problems here tonight, are we not? OK. D- -- Jesus cursed the fig tree, OK. He killed it. Whether he chopped it or cursed it, he killed it. He cursed the fig tree.

Now whether the fig tree typified Israel under the anointing or whether the fig tree typified the whole of creation, OK, at this point, for this message, I do not know the answer, and for this message it is not significant. Jesus saw a fruit -- he saw a tree. Jesus saw a tree, OK, that was not producing the fruit of Jehovah’s Spirit, and he cursed it. He saw leaves on the tree, and what do leaves typify? Leaves typify these physical bodies that appear for a season and never appear again. New leaves come forth, no fruit, and Jesus cursed the tree, and he said you are finished. The whole tree is coming down, and the tree of life will be the only [?tree?] -- life that prevails. OK. Could you hit that stop button, please?

Now I have drawn a red circle here. Actually, this red circle, it does not go into the realm of eternity. I am just -- drawing is just not my forte, so I will try to fix it here. This river of death is Jordan River, OK, the river of death. You can see that the cycle of reincarnation does not generate from the realm of eternity; it does not generate from Elohim’s Spirit or Jehovah’s Spirit. It generates from the serpent, and what I am telling you is that reincarnation is a reality, and it is a reality for the immort- -- the whole immortal disembodied personalities that abide and exist in Captain Leviathan’s dimension. They receive their spiritual -- well, I -- you know, to be honest with you, I do not have the de- -- I am not going to talk about this because I do not have the details on it, so I am not going to tell you something that is not true.

And I just see that when I drew this Jordan River, I drew it, and I drew it embodying the s- -- the dimensions of the s- -- undifferentiated spiritual clay, which is one layer deeper than the whole immortal disembodied personalities, and I do not know where this reincarnation generates from. I do not know whether it generates from the spiritual unide- -- undifferentiated clay or whether it generates from the disembodied personalities. I am not sure, OK. Now the word in my heart from the Lord is that it is these immortals that reincarnate, but whether or not they have to gather strength from the spiritual clay to do it, I do not know.

Now, listen, let me try and clarify this for you, and I am going to try to avoid any confusion. Not everybody in this world is born or not everybody in this world is conceived by the same forces. If you are reading this message, I hope that you know that some people are conceived because Jesus has ordained their conception. What does that mean? It means Jesus has come through the golden timeline and somehow injected himself into a baby that is being conceived. He has injected his Spirit into a baby that is being conceived. Some people are just born because a man and a woman wanted a child. Some people are conceived and born because nobody wanted them; two people just had sex, and they were born. And then some people are incarnated the way we taught it when this ministry first started nine years ago, at the express will of the serpent, but now we understand that in a deeper understanding. Some babies are born because some whole immortal disembodied personality in Captain Leviathan’s dimension wants to appear in this world. They have the power to incarnate.

Now there are two forms of incarnation, one form requiring much greater spiritual power than the other. The preferred form of incarnation is what Jesus, the Spirit of Christ, is doing in this hour. The Spirit of Christ is not, except maybe in a couple of cases, a -- to be honest with you, I am not sure what happened with us. Those of us who are in this deep ministry in this hour -- because we are the forerunners, OK. We are the path where -- we are pathfinders, whatever you want to call us. We are the lead group. We are the first people that are doing this in this hour. We may very well have been specifically incarnated by the Lord Jesus Christ, but I am not sure what -- but aside from us, if that is what he is doing, in this hour, the Spirit of Jesus Christ is coming to fully-grown adult people.

He is not starting out with babies. He is not incarnating thousands of babies with his Spirit. He is coming to grown people, to adult people who have already been developed intellectually, who have been educated with the education of this world, who have some measure of discipline and some measure of the wisdom of this world, and he is taking them right where they are. And he is birthing his mind in them, and his mind is defeating the mind that possess these people at the time that he comes to them. And, brethren, we are all possessed of our carnal mind, and Jesus is invading us and reproducing himself in us, and himself in us is overthrowing the mind that is possessing us and taking our personalities, our spirit and, for a season, our body. This is the preferable form of incarnation because it is much faster. It is much faster to take already grown people.

The second form of incarnation is to incarnate as an infant and be born of a woman, as Jesus of Nazareth was. That is less preferable. Now I am told that when that form of incarnation takes place, there is a loss of memory. In other words, if a whole immortal disembodied personality decides to incarnate or if Jesus decides to incarnate from an inf- -- with an infant, that when that infant is born, there is a loss of memory because human infants do not have the intellect of an adult. Human infants do not have the intellect of an adult, even if they are incarnated by the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not believe Jesus, as an infant, had the intellect of a grow human being, least of all a great spiritual man. I do not believe that, so apparently there is some truth to what I have heard, that when a spirit incarnates as an infant and is born of a woman, there is a loss of memory. It is the same principle as Jesus saying you cannot put new wine in an old wineskin. A human infant is biologically incapable of adult intellect, no matter how great the spirit is who incarnated him. Can you hear that?


Jesus said that our carnal mind is incapable of containing the wisdom the knowledge that he is pouring out here. You will never believe it; you will never understand it unless you are trying to believe it and understand it with the mind of Christ. A human infant is simply, biologically, intellectually and emotionally incapable of manifesting, of expressing a superior, spiritual being. So that means the superior, spiritual being that incarnates as an infant has to just abide until the physical, intellectual and emotional capabilities of the infant mature to a point where he might be able to understand who he is and what he is called to, at the very least early adulthood, in your 20s, in your 30s.

So surely we can see how the first type of incarnation, of taking over, of capturing existing human beings who are already possessed of another mind, is highly preferable but, obviously, much more difficult. Why is it more difficult? Because if you try to possess human beings who are already possessed of another mind, you have got to fight to get them. You have got to bind that strong man before you could take his wife and the rest of his household because, if you do not, he is going to kill you. Praise the Lord.

We are talking about the reality of incarnation, so this is where I am now. The Lord has just started to teach me about that is, OK. I believe that some human beings in this world have been incarnated, born as babies, by the Lord Jesus Christ, and most of us go through Hell because we do not know who we are. We are different. Most of us have had very painful lives. It took me my whole life pra- -- it took me years to find out who I was. Now I know who I am. I know what my call is in life. I know where I am going, and I am straight on my course, but there was nobody in my life to tell me, so it took me years of Hell until the Lord manifested himself to me. Why? I do not know. I guess I needed all this experience because he is righteous, OK.

So there are some people who are incarnated by the specific will of the Lord Jesus Christ to be expressions of him in this world, to do his will and to accomplish his purposes in this world. And there are some people in this world who are specifically incarnated by whole immortal disembodied personalities that have decided to come into this world for whatever their purpose, and I do not think any disembodied personality incarnating by his own will has a positive purpose because I believe that it is forbidden by the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that this is an illegal activity of Captain Leviathan’s dimension, and then I believe that there are people here who are just born because a man and a woman had sex.

So the question is what happens to all these people when they die. I believe that the disembodied personalities do go back to Captain Leviathan’s dimension when they die. I believe that those who have a relationship with Jesus Christ, the personalities cease to exist. I still believe everything that I have taught you about incarnation and what happens to us after we die, that if Christ is not perfected in us to the point that he can sustain the life of our body, our spirit goes back to the Father, and everything that we did for Christ goes on, but our personality dies if our spirit is not mature enough to give it life.

Now what happens to the people who are not -- are neither incarnated by the Lord Jesus Christ or by a whole, immortal, disembodied personality? I am still of the opinion that they just dissolve. If they have not done anything for Jesus Christ, you know, that is just the end of them. But in any event, whether you have done something for Jesus or you have not done anything for Jesus, your personality will dissolve. The personalities in this world are temporary. The bodies are temporary. The personalities are temporary, and the personalities will dissolve, except for those people in whom Christ is mature enough to preserve, to save, to rescue their personality. It is not the body that is being preserved, saved and rescued. The body is being preserved temporarily until Christ is securely joi- -- s- -- is joined securely enough and matured sec- -- and s- -- matured end with the personality to live without this body.

So let me say it again. Disembodied personalities that have illegally incarnated in this world for evil purposes will go back to Captain Leviathan’s dimension when the body and the personality dies. Now, you see, these disembodied personalities are already personalities, but when they incarnate in this world as an infant, they take on another garment. They take on a -- these permanent personalities take on or clothe themselves with a temporary personality because, to exist in this third level of the fall, you have to have the garment of a person that dwells in the third level of the fall. So they take on -- so the permanent, disembodied personalities clothe themselves with a temporary personality for as long as they are here. They shed that temporary personality, and they return to Captain Leviathan’s dimension where they are still whole, immortal, disembodied personalities.

And everyone else in the world besides the people that were incarnated by the whole, immortal, disembodied personalities, the -- are all in one category: They are personality will dissolve when their physical body dies, the only exception being that Christ is mature enough in them to rescue their personality, and the only one that I know that that is to so far is Jesus of Nazareth. Is everybody OK? I have a couple of notes here I would like to read to you. Let us see. I told you this: Jesus is not killing to root; he is killing the fruit and capturing the spirit in that fruit so that it cannot channel back to the serpent. OK. That is an interesting point.

You see, when people in this world -- when their bodies die and their personalities dissolve, if they are not -- if Christ is not h- -- possessing their spirit, their spirit goes back to the undifferentiated spiritual clay of the serpent, and that means the serpent is going to rechannel it and reuse it. But when Jesus captures a human being, when he captures you, even -- when Jesus is in your life, he is absorbing your spirit, even if you are a person or if you know a person who has possessed on and the person has lived for Christ but Christ was not mature enough to preserve their personality, every drop of energy that they put into l- -- into Jesus Christ has been switched from the serpent’s timeline to Jesus’ timeline. It stays in the earth. I do not know exactly how it works. It stays in the earth. It goes to your descendants, however Jesus controls that. I do not know, but Jesus is sapping or absorbing or drawing the energy of the serpent.

In the same way that the waters that saturated the earth absorbed the energy from Abel, from Adam and from Abel, OK, in this hour, the Spirit of Christ is in the earth, drawing the energy out of this creation. That is why the Scripture says this world is going out like a light because energy is light, and Jesus is taking the light because he is the light of the world, and all of the spirit in this world belongs to him, and he is absorbing it all. And when he has got it all, he is leaving this place because only the one who came down is the one that can go back up, and the only way you are going up is if your personality is cleaving to the spirit in u., and the only way that is going to happen to you is if you join with Christ to kill your own carnal mind, who is your spiritual husband, who does not like the thought of you killing him. That means there is a war to get out of here, and if you think you are ascending automatically, well, you may be ascending into the spiritual world of the serpent. You may be amongst the damned who are resurrected. Let us see. What else do we have here?

So when a believer dies, whatever measure of spirit was in Christ travels on the golden timeline back to Elohim by- -- and it bypasses the serpent’s timeline. It goes back to the eternal realm. I said Elohim, but actually it is Michael. OK. The waters will not be returned. Now, remember, Jesus is here to withdraw the waters. He [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- he is here to get two things back, Jesus. He is here to get the spirit back, and he is here to get the waters back because you cannot have a world without the waters, OK. The waters of the visible, spiritual world are required because the world is a reflection of what is underneath the seas, so Jesus is here to get the waters, and he is here to get the spirit, OK.

Now the spirit he is taking back now in the manner that I just told you about, but the waters -- he will not be able to take the waters back until the individual -- well, this is not -- my own note is not right. He will be taking the waters back at approximately the eighth level of consciousness, when Satan is boiled away. That is the restoring of the waters unto Jesus, when Satan is boiled. It is the destruction of the waters. That is the eight level of consciousness, and it is happening a man at a time. Spirit or a measure thereof returns to Michael when the believer dies. OK. I already told you that. Waters return to Michael when Satan dies, OK. The spirit or the measure -- whatever measure of spirit is reconciled returned to Michael when the believer dies. Actually, it is being restored while we are alive, but if we do die, that measure of spirit stays on the golden timeline, but the waters are not being returned until the eighth level of consciousness, OK. Does anybody have any questions or comments on this drawing, anybody? OK, please.

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  •   760C Middle Country Road
    Selden, NY 11784 USA

    All correspondence to:
    544 Jefferson Plaza #562
    Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776-0562 USA
  •   631-331-1493
  •   631-536-2089

Pastor Vitale's Bio

Sheila R. Vitale is the founding teacher and pastor of Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah. In that capacity, she expounds upon the Torah (Scripture) and teaches Scripture through a unique Judeo-Christian lens.

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