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Praise the Lord. We are picking up. Well, at the end of Part 3, we had some spiritual drawings, and I am going back to the notes now, and then, Lord willing, we will get into some more spiritual drawings. I am in the middle of page 3 of your notes at the comment which reads, “The double-ended tunnel, which is the dragon, is not the two-headed beast.” You see, the dragon is not the two-headed beast; she is the connecting tube. She is the tunnel that connects one part of the two-headed beast to the other part of the two-headed beast. You see, the two-headed beast is divided. This is the judgment that Jehovah placed upon the serpent and Leviathan at the Tower of Babel, and we talked about that when we translated Genesis 11.

So now there is a tunnel, a passageway, separating the two-headed beast from herself, OK, if you can hear what I am saying. It is as if you had two heads. If you ever seen a horror movie, the two heads are growing out of the same place where your neck is. Well, it is as if a bar was placed between your two heads, and now you had one head growing out of your shoulder and another head growing out of your other shoulder. The two parts of the beast, of the two-headed beast, have been separated, OK. It is a judgment of Jehovah.

And what is J- -- was Jehovah’s judgment? Jehovah’s judgment was let the creation go to the animals. Let the creation go to the animal side, you see. The creation, at the beginning, had the potential to either be a spiritual, civili- -- a civilized spiritual man or an uncivilized physical animal, and now, as long as the creation was joined to Jehovah, he was a civilized, spiritual man because Jehovah was the law, you see. Jehovah w- -- Jehovah’s nature was in everything that he did, but when Jehovah separated himself from the creation, the creation had no choice but to continue to mature or, if you can bear it, I will use the word evolve. I have no problem with the word evolve. The creation had no choice but to continue to evolve into a wild, physical animal with a criminal mind because separation from the only righteous one, Jehovah, can lead to no other result, you see.

So as soon as Jehovah separated himself from the creation, the next thing that happened was that the serpent bring forth the dragon. However it happened, I -- you know, I am getting more and more information every day. I encourage you to not get too hung up on these details because they are changing every day, so just go with the flow, OK. Right now what the Lord is showing us is that, in accordance with Jehovah’s judgment, the serpent was separated by Leviathan and the- -- and what separated them -- what is separating them now, anyway, is this tunnel called the dragon, which we believe is physically manifesting as the backbone of the human skeleton.

Now, brethren, we have a physical body, and we have a spiritual body, you see. Some of the things that I talk about are spiritual, and some of them are physical. Now the backbone is physical, but spirit is flowing through the backbone, you see. Our brain is organic. It is physical, but mind is spirit, and the mind works through the brain, so we have a spiritual being and a physical being. Now some people say -- and I have heard Christians say this. I heard one deliverance preacher say this, that we have a spiritual body that looks just like our physical body. Now I have to tell you that the Lord has never told me that. I have never hear- -- I am not saying the man is wrong. The Lord has not given me any information on what our spiritual being looks like, if it looks like anything at all, you know. Spirit might be invisible, you see.

And the reason I am telling you this is because, on several occasions, I have preached other men’s revelation as if it were my own because it sounded right to me, and, almost without exception, when the Lord gets around to dealing with that issue, he tells me something else. So I am telling you outright that I -- the Lord has not told me that our spiritual being is a translucent form of our physical being, you see, ghost-like, sort of, you know. Some people say if -- when a man comes out of his body, he looks just like his physical body except you could see through him, but the Lord has not told me that, you see.

Well, L- -- I am sure he will tell me because he wants to tell us everything. The only reason he is not telling us everything right now is that we cannot bear it, you see. We cannot learn that quickly. The revelation is an unfolding revelation. We need to go in order. We need to learn in order so that we can have the foundations which will help us to understand the next level that he is teaching us, and then our mind has to be able to comprehend all of it, and also our emotions have to be able to bear it. This revelation is a shock to our emotions, brethren. Whether you are aware of it or not, it is a pounding. Our emotions are taking a pounding. Our emotions and our carnal mind, our human mind, the m- -- these things that are being told are shocking.

As a matter of fact, I had a very high spiritual day today, and you may have -- I may have s- -- I probably said it to you because I pretty much tell you everything that goes through my mind. I know I have had a question in my mind, how the members of the church who are going to be drawn into the kingdom without their agreement, what they are going to have to go through, how tribulation will affect them. I know how tribulation affected me. I know what it took to bring me into the kingdom, a very, very painful life, but I do not know that we have reason to believe that the faithful people in the church -- you see, there are a lot of people in the church that are reconciled to Jesus. Some of them may have a very basic justification, but Christ is not really manifesting in them yet, but they are really doing the best that they can. Either they were not called to this message, or they could not bear this message, whatever, but, as far as Jesus -- you see, it is not my judgment; it is Jesus’ judgment, that they are faithful.

And there is a faithful church that he is going to bring into this salvation that they are praying for every day, you see, without their agreement with this mes- -- without their initial agreement with this message because they cannot bear this message, you see, and I wonder how he is going to do it. And I have said, well, it is going to be painful; it has to be painful. But what is going to happen to them? Is it going to be the same thing that happened to me? Is it going to be physical sickness? Is it going to be torment in your life, personal troubles?

And I never really got a witness to that, but today a thought came to me, and this is what it might be. I think I heard the Lord, but I have not really trusted it yet. It sounds OK. This is the thought that came to me, that, brethren, once we stand, once the sons -- the firstfruits company stand, the people out there that are praying day and night for salvation are going to be gathered into the kingdom with such force and with such rapidity that, when they see the truth, it is going to be horrifying to them. You see, we have come into this truth gradually, but Jesus clearly said he is coming as a thief in the night to those who are not prepared for -- who have not prepared for him. That means all of this truth that we have been moving into slowly is going to be dumped on them suddenly.

Suddenly, they are going to find out there is no rapture. Suddenly, they are going to find out the truth of the immortals of this world. Suddenly, they are going to find out that the immortals of this world are coming through the veil and that they have no power and that Satan is not ashes under their feet and that they are in great danger and that their only help is the sons of God. And if they are filled with rebellion and pride and covetousness, they are not going to get one ounce help until they humble themselves, so they are going to be between their sin and the immortals that are invading this world and possessing everyone that they can.

Now I do not know about you, brethren, but I think that is pretty shocking. I think this sounds like a science fiction movie, and they are going to be absolutely terrified. They are going to feel betrayed. They are going to be angry. It is going to be a tremendous shock. They will believe when they see what is going to be walking on this earth and they see the only ones with the power of God that are going to be the sons, unless they get seduced by those in a full stature of goodness. I am not really sure how that is going to work. Praise the Lord. I think I heard from God. It sure does sound right to me, OK.

I am read- -- trying to read this comment on the middle of page 3. The du- -- the dragon, who is the double-ended tunnel, is not the two-headed beast. The two-headed beast is the serpent and Leviathan, who Jehovah separated because, when they were together, they were building an illegal spiritual world that the -- that Jehovah made a judgment would not go any further.

The devil -- and now this is a change. I have been telling you that the devil is just the physical body, but I realize now that the devils is the whole fallen man. And the devil include- -- the term “the devil” includes the two-headed beast, so that is the serpent and Leviathan, plus Satan, plus the personalities of the many members of mortal man, and each fallen individual can be called a devil in his own right. The double-ended tunnel is the dragon who connects the serpent at one end to Leviathan, the conscious mind of mortal man at the other end, and the wild animal is the term that we are using in our Alternate Translation for the beast of the earth, which is the devil. So the Scripture talks a lot about the beasts of the earth; that is mortal man, the beast of the earth.

Now I am not going to take too much time on this because I have already started to prepare Revelation 7, where I go into a deeper study on this. This study in Revelation 11 has unsealed the message of Revelation 7, and even as I work in Revelation 7, I see that it is enlightening me in certain areas in Revelation 11. They seem to be working together, so I am going to -- since I have that teaching prepared for -- it will probably be Sunday morning. I am just going to pass on right now, OK.

Now the rest of this page is on Part 3, so I would like to go forward to -- well, I will just read it to you again, OK. Now in “Moses, Part 7,” this is what I said: Remember, this world is the opposite from the spiritual world. One yoke, one indivi- -- one yoke seen with the carnal mind appears to be for two men. If you recall on a past message, I had a picture of a yoke for you, one yoke for two oxen. One yoke seen with the carnal mind appears to be for two men, but I suggest to you that the spiritual yoke bar holds the spiritual generations together. That is, the spiritual yoke bar connects the serpent and the devil, the first and the third generations. Remember, Leviathan is the second generation.

Now that is what I said in “Moses, Part 7,” and now I am saying to you, first of all, we did “Moses, Part 7” before we started calling the dragon the serpent’s captain. You may remember that we were still calling both the dragon and the conscious mind Leviathan because I had not yet decided how to distinguish between the two, which are signified by the tree trunk and the branches arising out of the tree trunk. I am calling -- I was calling them both Leviathan, the tree trunk and the branches. I was calling them both Leviathan because I did not know what the name was.

And now -- and then we found in Moses that we started calling the tree trunk either the serpent’s captain or the serpent’s neck. We called the tree trunk the serpent’s neck in relationship to the serpent, which was the roots of the tree. So the trunk was an extension of her roots, and we call that tree trunk the serpent’s captain in relationship to all the branches which typify all the carnal minds of mortal men. So the tree trunk or the serpent’s captain, she is the head of all the individual carnal minds; she is the subconscious mind. And now the Lord is tell- -- and I always felt that was clumsy, the serpent’s neck or the serpent’s captain. I felt it was clumsy. And now the Lord tells me that this is who the dragon is, that tree trunk that we called the serpent’s neck and the serpent’s captain, and now we found out her personal name is the dragon, the subconscious mind of mortal man. Is everybody OK?

Secondly, I said that the yoke bar connected the serpent to the devil, the first and the third generations, and then I drew the conclusion that Satan must be that yoke bar, but I now believe that the dragon -- and the reason I said Satan was I did not know who else it could be, but now I believe that the dragon, the subconscious mind, is the yoke bar that connects the serpent to Leviathan, the conscious mind of mortal man. I also believe that the yoke bar of Numbers 12:23, also called the double-ended tunnel, in the physical man, is the spinal column.

            You said 12 [INAUDIBLE] 13.

I am sorry. Thank you, 13:23. You are right, 13:23.

Now I am going to read you something that is not in your notes because these are the notes that I prepared for the last message. We did not finish it, and today, when I was working on Revelation 7, somehow -- I cannot even tell you how these things happen to me. I wound up in a study. I did a word study looking s- -- a word search for the words “bones,” “back,” looking for “backbone,” and “break.” To be honest with you, I expected to find more Scriptures on these words than I did. I only found one word -- well, I only fu- -- found the word “backbone” once, and it really did not seem to apply here.

I did find one Scripture, however, that I found very pertinent, and it excited me. If -- I hope it excites you too, and it was -- oh, I did not write that down. It was -- actually, it was the Scripture in the Book of John in the New Testament that is quoting the Old Testament, saying that not a bone of Jesus’ -- not one of Jesus’ bones will be broken, and I always wondered about that. I do not know about you, but it never really sat right with me, and when something does not sit right with me, it means that the explanation given for it really is not deep enough for my spirit at the time.

And I think the explanations that I heard for it had something to do with, well, he could not be treated like one of the criminals, or he could not be treated -- even though his human blood hi- -- was the blood -- did you get the Scripture for me?

I -- Xxxx just said it is John 19:36. She gave me two Scriptures. I think that is the one, John 19:36. He quotes the Psalms, saying none of his bones will be broken. Well, we know in the church world, they teach that Jesus’ human blood has saved us, which of course is not true, and I have also heard it taught that the reason his physical bones could not be broken was because, since he was the animal sacrifice, he was in place of the animal sacrifice, he could not be treated like an animal, some ridiculous, carnal explanation. I do not mean to put anybody down, but when you compare it to the truth, it really is not rational.

So I could not really see anything in the Greek, which is not at all uncommon. I had to go back into the Hebrew to find out what this Scripture is saying, and I am in Psalms 34:20, and I guess I should put the King James on here. Thank you, Jesus.

Psalms 34:20, “He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.”

Well, I looked in the interlinear text, and this is what it said to me. That word “keep” can be translated “to save.” He saves the whole. That word “all” can be translated “the whole.” He saves the whole. The whole what? He saves the whole creature. And then we have “not one of them is broken.” That word “not” is a negative particle, and I have translated it “the two-headed beast,” actually. I translated it “the two-headed beast,” and the word “one” is talking about -- that word “one” in the Hebrew can be translated “once and for all.” That is in the Brown-Driver-Briggs Lexicon. Now does that not sound familiar, sacrificed for us, one sin for all, once for all? That is in the Book of Hebrews, once for all. So this Hebrew word translated “one” can be translated “once for all.” And the Hebrew word translated “them,” Strong's 2007, can be translated “on this side,” inferring more than one side. That is how I got the two-headed beast out of that.

And this is what it sounds like in the Alternate Translation, Psalms 34:20, “He saves the whole creature once and for all. He breaks in pieces and crushes the dragon side of the two-headed beast.”

“He saves the whole creature once and for all by breaking in pieces and crushing the dragon’s side of the two-headed beast.”

I made it the dragon. I guess it should really be Leviathan’s side. Sorry about that, Leviathan’s side.

“He saves the whole creature once and for all by breaking in pieces and crushing Leviathan’s side of the two-headed beast.”

And the way he gets to Leviathan, I suggest to you, is by breaking the whole backbone. I hope that is a bleth- -- a blessing to you. I think when I wrote it up, I, sort of, read, “He breaks in pieces and crushes the dragons side.” I really think it should be the dragon’s, and now I am going to have to go back into the interlinear text and see what to d- -- see if there is a translation of Strong's 2007 other than side that would apply to the dragon. Can you hear what I am saying? He saves the whole creation by breaking in pieces and crushing -- well, I guess it has to be Leviathan, so it is not as accurate as I thought it was.

But it is still -- so, apparently, you see, I thought I was giving you a Scripture that was saying that the backbone was going to be broken. That is what I thought I was giving you, but it is not saying that the backbone is going to be broken. For he breaks in pieces and crushes Leviathan’s -- the side -- Leviathan’s side of the two-headed beast. Well, I guess it really does not fit here after all, but it is a nice translation, and I am really glad to find out what that was all about, that not a bone of his was broken, you know.

All of this exaltation of the physical body, that his bones should not be broken, that his physical blood, which is the blood of a human body -- brethren, the blood of the human body is tainted. There -- I firmly believe that the red blood that flowed in Jes- -- in the veins of Jesus’ physical body was as polluted as the blood of everyone else because he was a mortal man, and he inherited a carnal mind from his mother, you see. But the whole issue is that he was not living out of that body. That body was not giving him life. That blood was not giving him life. He was living by the life of the son of God, so he had a physical body with blood in it that was completely polluted, but he was not living out of it, just like he had a carnal mind that was completely polluted, but he was not living out of it.

I know I was talking to the Lord today about my own -- my -- a certain aspect of my own emotional life, and I am just very aware that -- well, that I am not living in those emotions anymore, but that, if I were -- but these emotions -- and this potential to get off into an emotional life that would be destructive to my spiritual life, that potential was not taken away. Jesus merely gave me dominion over it. He gave me the power to live out of the Christ mind, but I know that, if I go off and I willfully sin and this Christ mind is taken from me or this Christ mind dies, these emotions that did not do well for me in my past life are there, ready, willing and able to take over my life again. They have not changed at all; they are just under the control of the controller, the Lord Jesus and Christ, you see.

And I think they will ever change; I think they are going to be there until they are killed. These emotions are in the animal nature, which is Leviathan, our carnal mind, and everybody is not born with the same measure. Some people are born with a lot of self-control, in Leviathan, over their own emotions, and some people are born very emotional. The Lord Jesus does not -- he does not change your defects. He gives you a new mind, and he gives you the choice of living out of that new mind or your old mind in every area of your life.

So when you choose to live out of Christ in a particular area, it may look like you are not excitable anymore; it may look like you have calmed down; it make look that -- like you are not doing what you did before because you have changed. But your carnal mind has not changed; your new mind is reacting differently in the same situation. If you should lose that mind, that new mind of Christ, you would go right back; you would revert to everything that you were. That is why we must guard our heart diligently, police our life and our relationships and everything that we do and to stay away from people who would strengthen that which we are rejecting in ourselves. Unless, of course, the Lord specifically sends you to somebody, you should stay around people who strengthen Christ in you. OK.

That was Psalms 34:20, “He saves that whole creature once and for all by breaking in pieces and crushing the Leviathan side of the two-headed beast.” Praise the Lord. OK.

Well, we are up to the next verse now, continuing with Revelation 12:10. I think the anointing has come up somewhat. I am going to try to go on with these spiritual drawings. Praise the Lord.

I have the first one on the board for you, so I could start right in commenting on it. You may recall, at the end of the me- -- at the end of Part 3, we had on the board a drawing of the spinal column showing the tailbone, the coccyx at the bottom, typifying Leviathan. Now Leviathan is spiritual; Leviathan is your conscious mind. Leviathan is not your physical tailbone, you see. There is a spiritual counterpart to your physical tailbone. I do not know what she looks like.

As I told you 10 or 15 minutes ago, some people say we have what they call -- some people call an ethereal body, a body that you could see through that looks just like this body. I do not know whether that is true or not. It may be; it may not be. But the tailbone, the [?coccys?] at the b- -- coccyx at the bottom of your spinal column, is the physical type of Leviathan, the serpent’s tail. Now somehow the -- Leviathan is in there. I do not know whether it is an ethereal body or she is in there by spirit with no form. I do not know, but she is down here around the [?coccys?], and, as we explained in Part 3, when she starts to become spiritual, when someone’s personality starts to become spiritual, their mind starts turning in.

You see, you have heard of the ingathering. The church makes a big to-do about the ingathering, but they do not know what the ingathering is. The ingathering is the gathering in of the saints. It is not talking about making a big party with a couple of hundred people and singing and dancing and banging on tambourines, not that there is anything wrong with that. I like to sing and dance, but that is not what the ingathering is. The ingathering is the gathering of your mind into -- inward into the spiritual world that is within you. There is a spiritual world within you, and there is a city within you, and there is the beginnings of a second city within you.

You see, Babylon is within you, that wicked city. She is in all of us. The name -- that is the name of the cit- -- that is the name of the dragon, you see. That is the s- -- the dragon has four names: She is the serpent’s neck and the serpent’s captain, which I already explained. She is the dragon; that is the name of the part of the serpent that connects her to Leviathan. And then, for symbology purposes, when the Scripture talks about her as that great city where everybody whose spirit is turning inward meets -- because, you see, when you turn inward, you turn into your subconscious mind. So when she is known as a city, she is called Babylon. She has four names, indicating for different aspects of her being. A man could be a father, a husband, a son and a pastor of a church, four different names, you see. This big city is the place where you get to when you are gathered in.

You see, everything in the spirit world, it is the exact opposite of what is out here in the physical world. Out here in the physical world, if you want to gather together, you gather with your physical bodies, and you have to travel either -- even if you just have to walk a half a block, you have to travel to the place where everybody is meeting, and you sit around, and you talk, and you eat, and you have a barbecue, or you do whatever you do, and you stay in the same place.

But if you are going to have a spiritual ingathering, you have to go inward because -- I know this makes no sense to the carnal mind, but inside of you is this big collective city. Well, how could that be? It does -- it is as if -- think of it like this, as if you are going into an underground tunnel, and when you get underground, that tunnel is connected to everyone else’s tunnel, if that helps you. It is hard to envision; it is hard for me. When you turn inward, you get into this -- into Babylon, and you start having spiritual experiences. Sometimes you hear people’s thoughts. You get a lot of knowledge. I have a lot of knowledge about what people are thinking with regard to me. Thank God I do not know what they are thinking about everybody else.

You know, a lot of people, they do not -- they cannot imagine what I do all day. You would not believe how every second of my day is busy. I am either praying about a dream that I had or asking the Lord about something that I heard in the spirit or praying for somebody who came to me in the spirit. This is all besides my workday. My mind does not stop working for a second, unless I physically stop it by -- because I just need to relax, and I will turn on a TV program. If I am not concentrating on something else, my mind does not stop.

Now when I concentrate on carnal things, I have to do my checkbook or something like that, I do not hear in the spirit. But when I am working on these translations, it takes an intense concentration, and the whole time that I am concentrating, I am getting words of knowledge and hearing all kinds of things in the spirit. If you ever saw me, I do not know what people would think of me. I am studying; I am praying; I am crying; I am up, and I am down. I must look very strange to people who are carnal, but, apparently, I enter into this spiritual place to get this revelation, and in this spiritual place, there is all kinds of words of knowledge. You all come to me and ask me to pray for somebody, all kinds of things going on. There is tremendous activity in this city. You see, people say to me how could you bear living alone. I am not alone. You have no idea who l- -- who is in here with me. Do not believe what you see. OK.

So this drawing is the first drawing of Part 4, and it really follows right after the last drawing of Part 3. Just by way of review, this is the spinal column with Leviathan turning upwards. The blue lines are Satan’s sea. The Satan is the fluids of the body, and she is appearing as the spinal fluid in the spinal column. This curlicue area up here typifies the brain, and in the center of the brain, the pain-pleasure center, physically called the -- excuse me, the limbic system, certain glands that are responsible for plain -- pain and pleasure.

The serpent is in the cerebral cortex, and now the spinal column is the dragon or the serpent’s neck. Leviathan’s path is -- well, on this board it looks like it is upward, but it is really inward, and Leviathan’s goal is to reach the serpent because, when the serpent, Leviathan and Satan come together, they will have enough power to manipulate the full potential of the organic brain. I think science says we only use 5 or 10 percent of our brain. Why? Because we are Leviathan, and Leviathan -- because -- I am sorry, because we are Leviathan, but serpent -- the serpent is in the brain with Satan, and she is not strong enough to fully -- to use the full potential of our brain.

I have heard reports that people outside of God who try to ascend in consciousness sometimes go insane, and I have asked the Lord why they go insane, and I think the answer -- at least, one -- or at least one of the answers might be that, as you ascend in consciousness in evil, you become more and more evil, and to be intensely evil is to be insane, you see. As Leviathan ascends and gets closer and closer to the serpent and Satan, your potential for evil is increasing, increasing, increasing, and you go crazy because, to be completely evil, you have to be insane. I hope you could see that. OK.

So what do we have on this board here? Leviathan, the serpent’s tail, mortal man’s conscious mind, turns inward and begins to gravitate towards the serpent, and over here we see that Christ is engrafted to the cerebellum. I am not sure how the Holy Spirit does that. The thought occurred to me, but it -- really have not established it yet, that as the Holy Spirit comes into our being, he starts gathering up our spirit. Now I think it may have been six months to a year ago, the Lord gave me a revelation that I shared with you, that our human spirit is completely dispersed through our spiritual being and through our physical bodies, and I have a Scripture for it -- on it for you now.

This seems to be the way the Lord operates: He gives me these words. I pray, and I -- he expects me to take them on faith, and six months to a year later, I find the Scripture on it, and it is in Revelation 7, so we will hear that either Sunday -- I hope Sunday. At the [?wait?] -- rate I am going right now, it does not look like I am going to finish this series tonight, but I got very excited when I did that translation of Revelation 7:1. I said there it is, the Scripture, proving that I have heard from the Lord, OK.

So Christ is engrafted to the cerebellum. I am not sure how he gets engrafted there, but the thought is in my mind that, when the Holy S- -- that the -- when the Holy Spirit comes in, he starts gathering the Holy Spirit together. Now the Holy Spirit -- if the human spirit is dispersed all throughout our spiritual being and throughout our physical bodies, it sounds to me like the human spirit is in particles. Remember that Elohim came dow- -- or actually it was Michael who came down in a stream of light particles, OK. And the spirit, of course, the breath of life was in Michael’s light stream. So it seems -- this is where I am now, that the human spirit must be in particles, dispersed and dissolved throughout every aspect of our being, and perhaps when the Holy Spirit comes in, he starts gathering up those particles. And as he accumulates any kind of spiritual mass at all, he nails them to the cerebellum, and that is all I have got for you so far. But we see that Christ is growing in the cerebellum, the withered part of the brain that is responsible only for muscular activity and the ability to stand upright, and the cerebellum is Christ’s palace.

We see in Daniel, Chapter -- I think it is Chapter 11, if I am not mistaken, talks about the king of the north and the king of the south and the palace of the king of the north and the king of the south. I believe that this ch- -- this Book of Daniel is talking about the human brain. I started to translate that several months ago, and the Lord moved me on, OK. What does that mean? It means one or two [?thrings?] -- one or two things: Either I really did not have the revelation to translate Chapter 11 -- I hope that is the right chapter. I think it is Chapter 11 of Daniel -- to the Lord’s satisfaction. Either he made a decision he did not want me putting in all that work because I simply was not able of bringing forth a reasonable translation that could be related to the doctrine of Christ, or he just wanted me to do something else first. It was not his program, you see. And I started getting all excited with this revelation this year. It is just pouring down so fast that I actually had a choice for the first time this year. I started translating Job 1. I started translating Daniel 11, and the Lord had to stop me because it was not his plan, you see. I have to teach you what he wants me to teach you. OK.

So back to this drawing here, OK. So Christ is engrafted to the cerebellum. Spirit in us -- spirit is in us in the form of mind. Our human spirit is intricately interwoven with our carnal mind, and he is being drawn out of our carnal mind and every other part of our body and drawing towards the Holy Spirit who is accumulating his particles in his cerebellum.

How can I say to you that the Holy Spirit is in the carnal mind and all through the rest of our body? I believe, just as s- -- a- -- just in the same way as Satan and Leviathan are really one -- think of it this way now: Satan and Leviathan started out as being a sea, a body of water that was heavily laced with earth. And a large part -- now not all of the earth, but a large part of the earth was gathered together, and an animal was formed. A large part of the earth was gathered together, and an animal was sculpted. Now there was still earth dissolved in the rest of the waters, but the majority of the earth came together in the form of Leviathan.

So in the same way, the large part of the human spirit is in the carnal mind. He is being used for mind, you see, yet there are still particles of himself that are flowing throughout our spiritual and physical being. I read in our encyclopedia that more than half of the nerve endings or the neurons in the -- or of the whole body are in the brain, you see. So a large -- the majority of the particles of our human spirit are in the mind, and the mind -- the large majority of the mind -- of the particles that form mind are in the brain, but they also flow. They flow through our whole body and spiritual being.

Now this is what is new. Pretty much what I have told you is on the last drawing of Part 3, but you may or may not have noticed in this drawing that Christ is maturing, and as Christ matures, he is exercising authority of the pain-pleasure center, you see. Up until now, the serpent and Satan have fully controlled the pain and pleasure center. The pain and pleasure is in the midst of the cerebral cortex, surrounded by the serpent. There is blood in the brain, whatever other fluids there are in the brain; that is Satan. So between the serpent and Satan, they just manipulate this pain and pleasure p- -- center at will.

But we see that Christ is starting to influence the pain and pleasure center, you see. Christ does not want us to be emotionally hurt unless it is a sorrow unto repentance. Unless it is a sorrow unto repentance, we are to remain stable, brethren. Do not let anybody tell you that you are supposed to be upset or that you are supposed to feel bad because it is a lie because you cannot help somebody else by feeling bad and losing your own integrity. You do what you can to help people, but you do not have to feel bad.

Now if you feel bad out of Christ, that is a different story. Weeping out of Christ will not damage you. You see, for a while here, I was getting very concerned about myself. I was losing all of my feelings. I felt I was becoming so hard, it was really concerning me, and I put the matter before the Lord. He really did not say very much to me about it, and then, slowly, I started to see the compassion of Christ rising in me from time to time; I have no control over it.

So this is what has happened to me, brethren. I can hear all kinds of hardship. I can -- all kinds of stories of terrible affliction to people can come to my ears, and I have no response. I appear to be a very hard-hearted person, but when a story -- when I hear a story that Christ responds to, Christ cries for them, but there is no damage to me. It does not weaken me. It does not strip me of anything of God. It brings forth a prayer that I believe is very powerful because it comes out of Christ, and it elevates me in the spirit. You see, when I am weeping for somebody or I am feeling bad for somebody and it is my carnal mind, it is pulling me down out of Christ, and it is dangerous for a son of God to come down out of Christ. Satan is heading right for you like a homing pigeon to get you. Our goal is to stay in Christ continually, if we can.

So, you see, the sorrowing which comes out of Christ does not make us vulnerable and does not bring us out of the spirit, thereby making us vulnerable to Satan, but the sorrowing out of carnal mind is very dangerous. It also can open us to an ungodly soul tie with somebody, and it definitely strengthens our carnal mind. So I hope you are going to hear this now and hold on to this because this is the story. Everything I go through, there is nobody that has had this experience. I just -- well, I am pretty much dealing with things OK now, but I had several years where I did not know what was happening to me. It was very stressful. Now when something happens to me, at least I know that I am in his love, and I just pray it through. I am really OK now, but for a long time, I did not know what was happening to me. It was very frightening.

So hear this; this is what is coming in your life: You are going to feel like you are really hardened up, and you are hardened up, and you are supposed to harden up. And the only compassion and concern that is supposed to come out of you should be coming out of Christ, and if Christ is not compassionate or concerned, maybe that person -- maybe he does not want that person -- you to be concerned about that person. So we see that Christ is controlling the pain-pleasure center, and I would say that includes compassion and concern and every tendency to weep, everything that comes out of your carnal mind. But, also, please note that the cerebellum is expanding.

Now, remember, the cerebral cortex is a good deal larger than the cerebellum, and I have told you on other messages, in my opinion, as Christ increases, the cerebral cortex -- the ph- -- I believe the s- -- the physical cerebral cortex will shrink and that Christ will expand. I believe that with all my heart. There is going to be a physical response to our spiritual change. So if you can see over here, the cerebellum is expanding, and as he c- -- as Christ, who is in -- who is now controlling the cerebellum, expands, he is moving into the spinal column, and his intention is to completely overshadow and block off this passageway. This, I suggest to you, is the sixth level of consciousness. Christ begins to block Leviathan and Satan’s access to the serpent. This is the sixth level of consciousness: Christ penetrates the dragon.

And in the next drawing that I will do for you, I will show you that the cerebellum has completely expanded and blocked off the whole spinal column, therefore cutting off Satan and Leviathan from the serpent. Any questions or comments on this drawing?

Drawing number two, it is just a continuation of drawing number one. We still have the spinal column. We still see Leviathan, the serpent’s tail, turned upward, and Satan is in the connecting tunnel that connects Leviathan to the serpent, but the big change is that Christ Jesus, who is nailed n- -- I am sorry. Christ who is nailed to the cerebellum has now married the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the fifth level of consciousness, which marriage enables him to expand.

Actually, I should have put this on drawing number one because when I showed Christ starting to move into the spinal column, I told you that it was the sixth level of consciousness that the dragon has penetrated already. Christ had married the Lord Jesus Christ; that is the fifth level. But we see that this marriage [?can?] -- it strengthens Christ to continue to expand until he completely takes over the opening between the top of the place where the dragon connects to the serpent. The dragon is the passageway, the tunnel, and Christ has completely filled in the area and blocked it off and dammed it up.

So Leviathan can no longer get through to the serpent, and Satan can no longer get through to the serpent, so we see the serpent is worse off than before because before Christ blocked up the tunnel, the serpent definitely had Satan flowing through there. Blood flows through the brain all the time. Blood flows throughout the entire body, so now we see that the blood flow is cut off from the brain, and we have these Scriptures that Satan’s waves cannot pass over Christ. All of these Scriptures up here in the upper left-hand corner and Scriptures witnessing to the fact that the waves, Satan’s sea in the spinal column, cannot overflow Christ.

And you may recall that what happened at the time of the fall was that the waters of the creation overflowed the firmament; that was what happened. The waters of the creation, the waters of life, overflowed the firmament and crashed down upon the earth and mixed the waters with the earth and rebelled and ran off from her head, the seed which was to produce the civilized man. And the beginnings of the civilized man were in fact there, and he died. The civilized man was out of the living soul, and he died when the waters crashed down into the garden.

So here we see the firmament is restored in a greater condition. The waves cannot go over Christ. They will never crash through the firmament again, so we see the serpent and the brain is isolated, and the pain and pleasure center is being purified by the lake of fire. You see, the lake of fire is not a punitive judgment; it is a judgment that purifies, and, according to Ezekiel 1:27, in our Alternate Translation, which I will read to you in just a minute, this fire will burn eternally.

You see, the Hebrews in the tabernacle -- or, according to the law of Moses, there was a fire that had to burn eternally, and that was just a sample or an example or a symbol of that is fire which is Christ, this lake of fire which will burn continuously, purifying all of our parts that have a potential to sin. You see, we have a side to us that has a potential to sin. Why? Because it was necessary for there to be darkness and light in us so that, when the light -- when Michael’s light stream passed through us, we acted like a negative, and an image would be cast on the waters of the creation. That is why we are mixed with darkness, you see. That is why Adam was mixed with darkness and Jehovah and Elohim instructed him.

You are mixed with darkness. You have an evil side to you, but you must rule over it, but Adam was tricked, and we, his descendants, many of us are still being tricked, but because of Christ Jesus, it is now possible to overcome the error that Adam made. Christ stands in the gap, and the waves cannot pass over him, so we see the fire of Christ burns downward, controlling Leviathan. Leviathan cannot get by, and we did read a Scripture earlier in this message that Leviathan will be crushed. You know, crushed is a term that can be used with regard to fire; fire crushes.

Well, the fire of Christ is going to crush Leviathan and break her down, and the fire of Christ Jesus will also burn upward and purify the serpent and turn the serpent into a seraphim, a serpent that will serve God. She is cut off from her other two parts, and she is under the fire continuously. She is -- that is who the seraphim is, and the whole pain and pleasure center is no longer a pain center. Let me take that out. There is only pleasure here now. There is only pleasure there, and, in the next drawing, I will show you what gives the pleasure. And, over here, what do we have? This is the cerebellum. Christ members Jesus, fifth level, and expands. Christ covers the opening between the spinal column and the brain. That is the seventh level of consciousness. Leviathan is circumcised. And, over here, Satan is boiled; that is the eighth level of consciousness. But, of course, before she is boiled, her waves cannot go over.

So unless someone has as question right now, I am going to read you Ezekiel 1:27 from our Alternate Translation, and then we will read these Scriptures. Any questions or comments right now? OK. Let me read you Ezekiel 1:27, Alternate Translation, with regard to Christ Jesus being the lake of fire, burning up into the brain and down into the spinal column, as a preservative action as the mercy of God, not the fires of Hell.

“And I h- -- and as I looked within the glorified man,  I saw the serpent which had been made righteous.” You see, this is how the serpent is going to be made righteous. “And she was shining with the spirit of Jehovah’s life, which looked like a fire in the innermost part of her spiritual being, and he was burning up to her outer edge and into her innermost depths, and the serpent was Hell, but Jehovah’s spirit was the f- -- s- -- was the serpent’s fire, and the glorified man was all around her, as well as deep within her. I saw fire everywhere, within her and outside of her, and compassing her all around was a spiritual body infused with the light of Jehovah’s life.” Hallelujah.

This is what is going to be happening to us, and it is already happening, you see. It is already happening here. We had an example, a very practical example, last Sunday, of the lake of fire, how the lake of fire rose up and spoke out of the mouth of a man and utterly crushed Leviathan. I do not know if Satan was present, but it was definitely a manifestation of Leviathan, so we see how this is going to be accomplished. It is going to be accomplished -- you see, we have got to relate these drawings to our reality. This fire is e- -- is manifested in the word of God, in the spoken word of God, which is the logos. The word of God that comes out of the mouth of a man has the power to do this to you. So every time Christ in me or anyone else who has this office, who is -- who speaks to your sin, I am burning your sin.

And, again, I tell you, I am limited because of my imperfection. If you work with me, we can really bring you into this lake of fire, you see, but without your cooperation, I am extremely limited in this present condition. And, of course, the more I burn the powers and principalities in your mind, the less opposition they give to Christ in you and the more opportunity that is for Christ to grow in you. That is the whole purpose -- excuse me, the whole purpose of someone who is -- who has ascended to this place where I am, somewhere between two and three, t- -- second and third level. I am not in a very high place but I am high enough to do you some good. The whole purpose of me speaking judgment upon your powers and principalities -- and when you are cooperating with me, the judgment is merely hearing the truth. That is all it is, is hearing the truth, you see. It takes the pressure off of Christ in you, you see.

If the Lord has you in a place like this, what it means is that Christ in you is not strong enough to be throwing Leviathan off, or maybe, if someone was not around in the place where I am, well, maybe Christ in you would be strong enough to throw Leviathan off, but maybe it would take you 15 years. Brethren, it has taken me more than 15 years. S- -- 18 years I am working on throwing Leviathan off of me, so the whole point is that the Lord Jesus sends a human being in, in whom Christ is manifesting, to help you to burn Satan and Leviathan in you so that Christ in you can grow and become strong faster. That is what it is all about.

Now this is a hard word, you see, but if the Lord has sent you to someone like me, and a lot of people have passed through this ministry, and you have felt that you do not want this assistance, that you could do it yourself, it was going to take you 15 or 20 or 30 years to do it, your body may not make it. I tell you the truth. Your body may not make it for however long it is going to take you to do it yourself, if it is possible for you to do it yourself. And for this reason, the Lord Jesus has raised up teachers in the church, sons of God who are still imperfect, to assist the people who are not where they are. And the chances are excellent that, if you do not have it now, you will soon have disciples under you, maybe not to the extent that I am doing it here.

But if you are just -- if the Lord raises you up to pray one prayer for somebody, that is going to weaken their carnal mind or one prayer that is going to impart a seed of Christ to that person. The more Christ is freely manifesting in you, the more expanded your ministry will be. Believe me, the Lord wants you in ministry more than you do, but you have got to get to the place where Christ is freely manifesting in the spirit of Jesus Christ, and that is what we are doing here, and the whole issue is discipline. It is going to raise you up fast. The more discipline you can take, the faster Christ is going to stand up in you. Praise the Lord. OK.

So let us read some of these Scriptures talking about the waves not being able to pass over. I always used to look at those Scriptures, and I always wondered what they meant. We will just go around the room. I will take the first one, which is -- so I will take the first one, Job 38:11, so you can figure out what you are going to be doing. Job. Praise the Lord. I cannot find the Book of Job. I got you.

Job 31:11 -- nope that does not look right, 38. Did I put 31 or 38 on the board?


OK. Job 38:11, “And said, Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed?”

So that is the word of the Lord, and now we know what it means. Hallelujah. OK, Xxxx.

            Psalms 89:9, “Thou rulest the rag-” -- oh. Psalms 89:9, “Thou rulest the raging of the sea: when the waves therof arise, thou stillest them.”

OK. And that is Psalms 93:4 next.

            Psalm 93:4, “The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea.”

Hallelujah. The Lord on high is mightier. Glory to God.


Hallelujah. These Scriptures are exciting me. It is exci- -- I think that they are exciting when you do not know what they mean because you are j- -- your spirit responds, but when you know what they mean, it is just really exciting.

Jeremiah 51:55, “Because the Lord has spoiled Babylon” Hallelujah. That is the -- that is your backbone there. That is your spinal column. “Because the Lord has spoiled Babylon, and destroyed out of her the great voice.” That is Leviathan, the great voice. “When her waves do roar like great waters, a noise of their voice is uttered.”

And I think -- I have not looked at this in the Hebrew, but it sounds to me like it -- that it is putting Satan and Leviathan together, and Satan and Leviathan are always appearing together because the Lord hath spoiled Babylon, that wicked city, your backbone, that is in your spiritual backbone, “and destroyed out of her the great voice,” Leviathan, when her saves, when Satan’s waves do roar like great waters, a noise of their voice, Satan and Leviathan, is uttered. Hallelujah. OK, Xxxx.

            John 2:3 --

Oh, that is Jonah, I am sorry.

            Oh, Jonah.

It is Jonah. Did I not make it clear up there?


J-O-N, [?Jonah?]. John is [?JN?]. Jonah 2:3

            Jonah 2:3, “For thou hast cast me into the deep, in the midst of the seas; and the floods compassed me about: all thy billows and thy waves passed over me.”

See, that is very interesting. Again, I have not looked at the Hebrew, but it sounds to me like this, that when Jonah would not do what Jehovah told him to do -- you see, Jehovah must have told Jonah to go in and be spiritual in him, you see. Oh, wow maybe this is what is going to happen to all these Christians. I was just talking about this at the beginning of this message. See, I know it does not say it in the King James translation, and it may not even say it -- although, there would have to be some indications of it in the Hebrew. The Lord told Jonah to do a mighty feat, you see: Go and preach to this wicked city. Now Jonah did not want to go. Maybe he was afraid that the people would turn on him and kill him, you see, but Jehovah was telling him go inward, you see, and go in the power of my Spirit. Remember what the Scripture said about Jesus? And he went in the power of the Spirit, OK.

So Jonah would not turn in; he would not become spiritual. Now, remember, Jonah was a Jew. Is this not the problem with the Pharisees? They did not want to become spiritual; they wanted to continue on in their law. Is that not what is happening with the church today? So Jehovah threw him in; he threw him in. He threw him into the city within him, but because Jonah did not go in willingly -- you see, as we go in willingly, I do not really have it 100 percent in my head how it is happening, but I d- -- I can tell you, generally, we are passing up our spinal column, and even though Christ is all the way up here, because we are s- -- going step-by-step, Jesus is leading us step-by-step, somehow we are passing through these floods that are in here, and we are not being overcome. We are passing under -- through deep waters to connect with Christ in our brain.

Our consciousness is down here, right? You know what we are doing with our consciousness, right? You want to know where your consciousness is? Look at your behavior. I am telling you the truth. Where would you rather be, down in your genitals or up in your mind? You know where you are. I condemn you not, but you tell me -- you tell yourself where you are, you see. Now if you hear this call from God and you start moving up from genitals up towards your brain, you have to pass through this deep, which is Satan.

Now, remember, we are Leviathan, right. Our human spirit is largely in Leviathan, so when we start turning inward, it is our carnal mind that turns inward. But as we pass through here, as bec- -- as we reach for the Lord with all the faith that we can muster, eventually this condition will result in us, that Christ will expand to such a degree that he is going to stand g- -- do you know -- boy, it is just coming to me now, going back to Balaam, the angel that stood in the way and would not let him through. This is the angel standing in the way. Leviathan cannot go through.

You see, we are Satan and Leviathan. We start up this passageway, but if our relationship with the Lord is right, Christ stands in the way and blocks Leviathan, excuse me, and boils Satan’s waters. Only Christ can go through. I have it written here somewhere. Only Christ c- -- I had it written here somewhere. Only Christ can pass through. Do you hear -- do you under- -- am I mak- -- am I reaching you? Do you know what I am saying? Only Christ can pass through, so somehow we are getting through the depths of the seas, and we are being protected. This is what -- largely what the warfare is all about. Brethren, we are underwater in a stormy, tempestuous sea, and we are trying to rise to the surface, which is our brain, the cerebellum.

So Jonah did not want to become spiritual. He was a Pharisee, and he is like the church is today. They are just very happy. There is nothing wrong with dancing and singing, but they are going to die out there in the outer realms. Excuse me. So Jehovah picked up Jonah and threw him in, and, apparently, this is a witness to what I told you at the beginning of this message. That is what is about to happen to the church. They will not go willingly. How is it going to happen? Well, I do not have any [?probo?] -- problem believing that, for the people who Jesus is calling who will not go towards spiritual things, they will wake up one day, and they will be having a massive spiritual experience. They will be seeing visions. They will be experiencing this warfare that I have been telling you about that some of you are starting to go through. It is going to scare them half to death because it is going to come on them suddenly like a thief in the night. That is what this is talking about. Is that not exciting, understanding these Scriptures? Oh, wow.  This is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. I just love it.

“For thou hadst cast me into the deep, in the midst of the seas,” in the s- -- in your spinal column. “And the floods of Satan’s waters compassed me about: all thy billows and thy s- -- waves passed over me.” And let me tell you, brethren, that is talking about satanic torment.

“So then I said, I am cast out of thy sight; yet will I look again towards thy holy temple. The waters compassed me about, even to the soul: the depth closed me round about, the weeds were wrapped about my head.”

Who is the weed? Leviathan is the weed, the seaweed, the false plant. Adam is the true plant.

“I went down to the bottoms of the mountains; the earth with her bars was about me for ever: yet has thou brought up my life from corruption.” You see, he did not -- Jehovah did not bring all of him up; only his spirit got through.

“When my soul fainted within me I remembered the Lord: and my prayer came in unto thee, into thine holy temple.” Wow. Is that not exciting? Oh, hallelujah. OK, Xxxx, I think you are next, Matthew 8:24.

            Matthew 8:24, “And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, inasmuch that the ship was covered with the waves: but he was asleep.”

Well, I am going to -- one of these days, I am going to have to do a study on Jesus sleeping in the bottom of the ship because I do not think his physical body was sleeping. I do not really think that is what it meant at all, but I do not think that I have any revelation on it right now. 8:24, “And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea.” You know, that might be an internal sea, or maybe these Scriptures could be taken on two levels. “Insomuch that the ship w-” -- who is the ship? We are the ship, “was covered with the waves.”

Satan was -- I had a dream. Remember when I went through that severe attack a couple of months ago? I had a dream that the waters were o- -- coming up over the windows. We were about -- I -- we were about to be covered in, covered over by the waves. It was pretty bad. I am laughing because I do not know what else to do, you know. You just hang in there, you know. The Lord is going to come through. And what was I reading?

Matthew 8:24, “Was covered with the waves: but he was asleep.” It does not really say who -- you have to watch these pronouns. It does not say who was asleep. “And the disciples came, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we perish.” Hmm, well, it sounds like they are talking about Jesus, but you never know what you are going to see when you go into the interlinear. It really sounds to me -- you know what it sounds to me like? Oh, then it says, “And then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the seas.”

I cannot see it right now, but he must have been hoping that s- -- that -- see, I do not know whether it was Christ in the disciples or not. There was a time that I would have said to you, well, the disciples could not have had Christ in them because Jesus was not glorified yet, but at this point I do not know, but it sounds to me, off the top of my head, that J- -- that they -- we know that Jesus gave the disciples power over diseases and demons, OK. Sounds to me like the Lord was waiting to see what they were going to do for themselves, and, apparently, they must have had the power to do it, or he would not have been standing back, and I really think the one who was sleeping was not Jesus, but the Christ in the disciples, if he was there, you see. And my revelation now says they could not have Christ, but we will see what the Lord says [?to?] -- are you following me, where I am going? Yeah.

It was the Christ in the disciples who was sleeping. Jesus was not sleeping. Christ in the disciples was in the bottom of the ship. That means he was underneath their carnal minds, and they were covered with the waves. Listen to this: “And, behold, there was a great” -- see, and there was “a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship” -- that is the disciples -- “was cov-” -- were overcome with the waves, and Christ was sleeping. Christ is supposed to be blocking off the waves, but he was sleeping, so the disciples came to Jesus. And I do not know about this “awoke him.” I do not know what it says in the interlinear.

“Saying, Lord, save us: we perish.” We could not do it ourselves. And he says to them, “Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith?” You know, Christ is very young. “And then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.” The disciples did not pass the test because it sounds to me like they did not even try, you see, and I know that I s- -- how many times I have gone through this myself. I spent years calling people for prayer until the Lord finally convicted me that my heart was wrong, you know, that I had a lot more -- I know that I have power for other people, but when you are under the attack yourself, the tendency is to think that you need someone else to help you. And I am at a point right now where I will not call for prayer unless the Lord tells me to. The first thing I do is pray for myself, and I confess to you that, for years, these storms would come. These spiritual storms would come on me with -- of such intensity that I would not or I could not or, I do not know, I thought I could not pray for myself. I would go running for somebody else, and I had to repent of that.

And now I -- and now do not let anyone reading this message think that you should not call for prayer, you know. Maybe I could not do it. Maybe it was an immaturity in me at the time, you know, but now I am at the place where, at first, I pray for myself. Then I cry out, and I ask the Lord to back up my prayer. And then, if I still cannot overcome, I will ask the Lord to raise up someone to help me, and sometimes he has me call other people. But what he is been doing more and more lately is not even call for prayer, just to call to s- -- talk to someone who has this anointing. And when we just talk about the Scripture, it is that -- it is -- the Christ in the other person just strengthens me, and I s- -- I just -- I am OK on the occasions that I have to call somebody, you know. Christ is in us. He is very powerful, but it is our carnal mind that panics, just like the disciples pan- -- I -- many -- I cannot tell you how many times I panicked, you know. Yeah?

            There is a Scripture that says when two or more are gathered in his name, there I am in the midst of them. So could that possibly be when you speak with someone else, that it strengthens [CROSSTALK]

Well, it could be. I never looked at that Scripture in the interlinear, but the King James translation certainly does fit in here. I just want to ask you a question. Did you pray before you asked me that question? Because it came at a time that was OK. It did not break any anointing here, but did you pray? You should have prayed. OK. You should have prayed, but this time it was all right. I guess it was just an accident that this time it came at a right time, OK. Anybody else? OK, Xxxx.

            In Matthew 14:24 --



Matthew 14, “But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with the waves: for the wind was contrary.”

The wind -- that is interesting. Now s- --  we see, if we are relating this to our spiritual experience in our spinal column, now we have the wind in there. So who is the wind? The wind -- I -- or I would say, off the top of my head, is coming from the top. That is the serpent coming down into the spinal column. We have the sea. We have the waves. In another Scripture we had the loud noise, and now we see the wind that is opposing us, and it sounds to me like it would be the serpent traveling down. The wind works with the sea. Does the wind not stir up the sea? That is the serpent stirring up Satan, working together, very interesting. So we have one more, I guess. We have two more, OK.

Luke 21:25, “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.”

So, of course, this is talking about the tribulation. All this is happening because Christ is blocking o- -- do you know what it is like to have a blockage? Do you know what it is like to have an intestinal blockage? It is Hell. You die from it. You cannot hold any food down. You can have terrible pain, right? And you are in great distress. Well, brethren, there is a spiritual, intestinal blockage coming upon us, and the sun and the moon are going to -- and the stars are going to be giving signs. The sun of this system is the serpent, and offhand -- I do not have these symbols offhand. I do not want to say anything wrong. I think the moon -- well, I think the moon is the dragon, but I am not sure right now. I have it written down somewhere. And the stars are the individuals. “And upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity.” What is going on? And the sea and the waves are roaring within. They may be roaring without, but they are also roaring within. Perplexity, what is going on?

You may be pregnant with Christ if you reading this message. You may be pregnant with Christ and not even know it, and maybe Christ is moving in to block off the spiritual activity that, up until this time, has been flowing freely through your spinal column, and you do not even know what is happening to you, but you are in torment. Where are you in torment? You are in torment in your mind, which is -- largely manifests through your brain. Maybe if you have come to the Lord, you are unduly sexually stimulated, which is very common.

I never heard a preacher preach about it, but I sure heard a lot of people tell me that that happens to them when they first come to the Lord and they sit down to read the Bible. They are horrified to find themselves sexually stimulated. It is the response of the serpent, you see, great distress in your brain, in your mind, in your pleasure-pain center, in your ability to focus, in your ability to concentrate, and great distress in your emotions, great distress roaring in waves in your emotions. Any questions or comments on this drawing? Praise the Lord. This turned out good. OK, Xxxx.

            Jude 1:13, “Raging we- -- waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.”

Jude, I am looking for it. Well, this Scripture really starts with verse 12, speaking about -- whoa, it is talking about Balaam too, huh. Back in verse 11, “Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain,” who killed Abel, who killed the righteous one, “and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished at the gainsaying of Core.”

These men who live like this, following after their carnal minds, they are “spots in your feasts of charity.” I do not really know what that means. “When they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear.” They are feeding off of you. “Clouds they are without rain -- without water, carried about of the winds; trees whose fruit withereth” -- well, these -- that is interesting. They are trees -- now this sounds to me like it is talking about Christians, trees who are supposed to be trees of life, but their fruit [?wizzer?] -- withereth. That means Christ is not expanding there. They were also without -- the fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots. I guess, I would really have to look at the Greek for that. “Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.” Huh, well, I cannot really do anything about that. It would be interesting to look at it in the interlinear text, but I cannot do that now. Any questions or comments on this drawing? OK.


Right. You said something off the air, that I said Christ earlier. If I did, I used the wrong word because what is coming up through the tunnel here is not Christ. Christ is up here, so this is your carnal mind. [?It is?] -- the Leviathan is passing up the tunnel, and your human spirit, a large percentage of the many particles that make up your human spirit, is in your carnal mind. So it cannot be -- we cannot be talking about Christ passing through because Christ is the one that is blocking Satan and Leviathan from passing through, so if I said Christ, I -- sometimes I get my words the -- mixed up. It is not easy keeping all these terms straight. OK.

We have something very unusual here, OK. Now you probably do not remember, but I think it was back in February of 1996. We were doing a series of drawings, and I was showing how the serpent appeared in the garden that Adam was still alive in, and I just had a burst of inspiration, and I saw that, if I turned it on the side, it was a picture of the brain and a backbone and how the creation -- when the creation died, it lilted to one side. That is what the Scripture is talking about in the Book of Genesis when it says, “Jacob wrestled with the angel, and the angel touched him, and he [?lipped?] -- and he limped ever since that day.” Well, the basic principle of what the Scripture is talking about --

We turned on our side. Now I just turned the board upside down, and it took a chunk out of my ceiling. But if you look at the board turned upside down, you can see the drawings the way we have done it in the past with the abyss and the garden down here and Michael’s river of life passing through the firmament, which is Christ Jesus, and coming back up and casting an image on the surface of the abyss. Can you see it, that it is the way it was?

Now over here, actually, it -- in the beginning, before the fall, the garden was underneath the firmament, but I am showing the garden separate from the firmament because, for a season, we are still going to be in this body, OK, so it is separated out. But, eventually, as we are restored to the way we were before the fall, what I show you is the garden, which is the withered cerebral cortex of the brain, is going to come merge with the expanded cerebellum, and they will really be one, one within the other, one inside of the other. They are going to merge together.

So let me put this back for you. Does everybody see that, how that is the drawings that we used to have? So when we separated from Jehovah, we limped on one side because we had two sides. The creation was made with two sides: spirit and earth. And when we separated from Jehovah, we just went -- it is as if Jehovah was holding us up and he walked out of the way, and we just bent over like that, and we bent over at a right angle. Now we have had teachings from time to time. I do not know. You may recall; you may not recall, how this world is going on the circle. We are on a circle, and we keep going round and round and round, and, when the Lord from heaven came down to set us free, he came down from above. And when he came down, he bent the line of our earth upward, you see. He bent us upward. We have to go upward. We cannot keep going round and round.

Now what does upward mean? I want to suggest to you it means to go into a different dimension, and that dimension is the mind of Christ. I have told you on the last couple of messages that this is a four-dimensional world that we live in: height, width, depth and time. If you are trying to describe a particular point, you talk about the height of it, the width of it, the depth of it, and, according to recent or modern quantum mechanics, there is a fourth dimension called time because this height, width and depth may vary depending on what point on the time commenu- -- continuum you are looking at it from.

And now we have a fifth dimension, mind, and that fifth dimension radically changes us, bends us in a completely different direction, and, you know, to me, this is really exciting because I told you on the last part that, when we are fully operating in the fifth dimension, we will see through walls. Nothing will be hidden from us. Why? Because we are coming from a completely different position. You see, the reason we cannot see through this wall is that we can only see height, width, depth and time.

But to say that you are going to start seeing with mind, it is -- the closest example I could give you is that, if you were to ascend in a spaceship above the earth and watch the earth rotate on its axis; you could see all the nations of the world just rolling past you. When we ascend into the mind of Christ, we will be able to be seeing from a different angle that will enable us to see through the walls, if you can hear what I am saying. Another possible way of my explaining it to you would be if I were to leave this building and ascend in a balloon above the building. You see, you have to go up in the sky, and let us say there were no ceilings on the houses. If I was up high enough, I could look down into everybody’s house. When we ascend into the mind of Christ, we can see beyond these walls.

That is another explanation why -- we were talking about astral projection off the air. When someone astral projects into a room where you are, you never see them full-frontage. You never see a full-frontage image of the person. If you know what you are seeing because [?if you do not?] -- most people, if they do not know what they are seeing, they just ignore it. But if you know what you are seeing and someone astral projects into your room, you see them with your peripheral vision. All you see is a fleeting shadow with your peripheral vision. Why? Because they are in another dimension, and, in all honesty, I cannot tell you that I understand this completely myself. I understand it in principle, but I really do not understand it completely myself, experientially. Your mind goes to another place that adds a dimension.

You see, the reason we cannot see the one astral projecting in here is because they are not existing in height or in width or in depth; they are existing on a plane of mind that we can only see them when we go into that plane. It is the same thing as saying, when we go inward into that spiritual city, we are going to be able to communicate with everybody who is in there. Well, the person who is astral projecting in here is in that city, and, if you are seeing the shadow from your peripheral vision, you might have your big toe in the city, you see. Depending on how deep you are into the city, that is the extent to which you will be aware that they are present with you. This is what astral projection is all about.

Now the person who is astral projecting here is doing it in witchcraft. They have the power to enter into the subconscious mind, which is likened to an underground tunnel. Did you ever see a horror movie where the person goes into the underground tunnel and they travel and they crawl or they swim or whatever they are doing and then they come up through the gutters into someone else’s house? You must have seen some movie like that at some time. That is what happens. That is what astral projection is. Someone has the ability to go into their inner city, and then they swim underground until they -- and -- until they find the household that they want to spy on, and they ascend into the household. And you cannot see them because they are traveling in a dimension that is at a right angle to where you are existing. You cannot see it unless you have the ability to enter into that same place.

OK. I have a few more points I want to make. It is really late. Now this place of pleasure over here, I do not know what happened to my Alternate Translation. I am going to have to check this out, but I know when I originally translated it, it included the words “place of pleasure,” but it is not there now. I will read it to you.

Genesis 2:14 -- actually, it is talking -- this is a translation of the four rivers. “And A-” -- well, “And Adam, the living soul, walks in the female aspect of his nature when” -- well, I have Elohim. [?We?] -- I have Elohim written down here. Now we know that it is the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course, this is the Old Testament, so we would be saying Michael. Well, for this message I am going to say the Lord Jesus Christ.

“And Adam, the living soul, walks in the female aspect of his nature when the Lord Jesus Christ, or Michael in the Old Testament, descends into the earth that is the surface of the ocean bed of the abyss and then steps up through Adam, the living soul, to reflect his image on the surface part of the waters of the abyss.”

And I know when I originally did the translation, the Hebrew indicated that this was the place of pleasure. It is spiritual intercourse, brethren. It is intercourse of the mind. It is, in the Old Testament, Michael with his light stream penetrating the garden where Adam is, penetrating Adam. It is the place of spiritual pleasure. [?OK?]. Now in the restored creation, we see Christ Jesus is the firmament. He covers the earth, and I have a few things here. OK, let us deal with this Scripture first. Xxxx, would you please read us a backup 2:14, please? OK.

“The earth” -- that is the barren earth, “shall be filled with a knowledge of the glory of the Lord.” That is -- Christ Jesus is covering the earth, and remember what we showed you on a prior drawing, that the lake of fire coming out of Christ Jesus is going to be burning downward into the earth. That is the filling of the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God. It is the lake of fire continuously burning downward, keeping the earth barren. You see, no water can get to the ocean bed and saturate [?it?] -- and saturate the earth ever again. Why? Because Christ Jesus is a continual fire. Any water that gets down there is going to be evaporated immediately, you see. If the water should get through, zip, it is going to boil; it is going to turn to vapor, and it is going to go right back up above the firmament where it is supposed to be.

So the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. Now -- and this is an interesting point. You may recall me telling you that this could not -- never happen in the physical, in our world. But, first of all, the waters -- I have to sit down, brethren. It has been a long day. The waters -- remember what the waters are: The waters are the female side of the semen. The male side of the semen is the spermatozoa, right? And what are the seas? If you recall, at the beginning, Elohim said, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters,” and then all of the waters flowed over the earth, and then the earth was separated, and the waters were no longer called waters, but they were called seas because they were water with a measure of earth in them. Do you remember that? Because the creation is light and darkness; it is a negative, OK.

So what is the difference between the waters and the seas? The seas are -- well, I just told you. The seas are the waters after the earth came in it. So how could the waters cover the seas? What does this mean? It is referring to the fact that the seas covered the waters, and the seas covering the waters are called Satan. What does that mean? That the percentage of the density of the earth in the waters became very increased. More earth came into the waters [?and?] -- or came into the seas, OK, and the seas became Satan, and the waters, the female part of the semen, could not be seen anymore. All that we see -- you see, when something covers something else, all that you see is the cover. Now this book is covering my hand. Can you see my hand? No. When the seas covered the waters, they became Satan. When the waters covered the seas, that means that the percentage of the density of the earth in the waters is small enough so that it does not kill the sperm, so it does not kill the seed. I am sorry. What it killed was the plant. I have to keep up with my own revelation.

Do you understand what I am saying? I am going to say it again. Everybody is very tired. I am just trying to finish this so that on the next part we can finish this message. The term, the waters cover the sea, means that the density of the earth in the waters is not to the point that it is going to kill the creation. Remember, the waters crashed through the f- -- the seas crashed through the firmament, mixed with the earth, and it wound up killing Adam and all of his descendants, and then the seas covered the waters. But to say the waters covered the sea, it is speaking about the restoration where the waters and the seas will be -- well, let me say that another way, where the percentage of the earth in the seas will be small enough so that the waters will prevail. Is everybody OK? Everybody is going out on me, OK. Let me just finish this up. You will hear it on the message.

Now I have a couple of radical things written on this board here. You have heard this before. I have shown you this before, that the restored world above the firmament is Jesus Christ’s penis and penetrating the female aspect of the creation. I am sorry if that offends you, but sex makes this world go round, and this world is a physical example of everything that is happened in the spirit. Sex is a very important force in this world, and spiritual sex is a very important force in the world of the Lord Jesus Christ. Spiritual sex is union of the mind. And we see here the Lord Jesus Christ’s male organ penetrating the earth, penetrating the garden, penetrating the firmament of Christ Jesus, penetrating the place where Adam, the living soul, is, all of which working together is producing the image of Christ Jesus on the surface of the seas, which is what we call the visible spiritual world.

Now we know, throughout the Scripture, we hear about Jacob having someone put his hand -- have his son put his hand on his thigh. The thigh speaks of the reproductive organ, and if you look at this diagram, you can see it looks like a man sitting down. Here is his thigh. Here is the knee joint, and here is the leg. I told you off the air today that, as I was working on Revelation 7, I came across a spiritual understanding of the knee joint being the mind of Christ, and here it is right here. The place where the earth is bent upward is a knee joint, OK. Now it does not have to be the carnal mind. The knee joint does not have to be the carnal mind. It is the place of mind. In this diagram it is the mind of Christ Jesus, and we see that the carnal mind is the foot down here. In this drawing the carnal mind is all the way down at the bottom. The foot typifies the carnal mind. I did not draw a foot here, but the foot typifies the carnal mind. We see the backbone has become the leg. The knee joint is the mind of Christ, and the thigh, the reproductive organ of the Lord Jesus Christ, is our connection to the world above. I do not have any revelation on the rest of the body, but I cannot wait to find out, sounds interesting.

So anybody have -- I do not think any of you are going to have any questions. You are all passing out on me. It is very late. It is 20 after 12. I thank you for staying with me. These drawings are very heavy. It is very hard going from these drawings back to the kind of message where I am doing Alternate Translations. It is a totally different spirit. I do not know if you can perceive it or not. It is a totally different spirit, so I wanted to finish this out tonight so that Sunday morning we could finish off this message and go on to Revelation 7, which is very exciting. OK. Anybody else? OK, Mary. Wait a minute. Let me comment, OK.

So -- now that is the King James translation. It is not all that clear, but it -- basically, it is talking about the Lord Jesus Christ putting the head of the serpent under his feet, and the head of the serpent is the -- is talking about the carnal mind, OK, the head of the whole false creation. So I am putting that Scripture to show that the Lord Jesus Christ is sitting down and that his foot is on top of the serpent’s head because we know that the foot us a euphemism or a symbol for the carnal mind. Is everybody OK with that? OK, Xxxx, Psalm.

            Psalm 110:1, “The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.”

Praise the Lord. So we know the enemy is the carnal mind, and we see the Lord Jesus Christ is sitting down, and he is using the carnal mind as his footstool, OK. Now, of course, I hope that you could see that this drawing has a double meaning. We see that the -- what was the abyss, you know, that is penetrating into the place of pleasure in Christ Jesus, it is both Jesus’ reproductive organ, and it is also his thigh. Apparently, according to the Scripture, they are the same. Now in a human man, that is not possible, but, spiritually speaking, his thigh and his penis are the same. I do not know what the rest of his body looks like. I am sure the Lord is going to reveal it to us in due season. OK, Xxxx, you are taking Hebrews 1:3.

            Hebrews 1:3, “Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high.”

Praise God. So he is -- we have -- this whole series of drawings has shown how he has purged our sins, and he has sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high. I do not yet know what that means, the right hand of the Majesty on high, but at least we could see how he is sitting down, so we are getting there. The whole -- the Lord is unsealing the whole Scripture to us; it is amazing. Are you going to take 10:12 also, Xxxx? Thank you.

            Hebrews 10:12.

12. Did I say 13? It is 12.

            “But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God.”

OK. And I remind you of the Scripture that I brought up at the beginning of this message: The sacrifice for sins is the carnal mind that he crushed once and for all. Do you remember the Alternate Translation of what I read? Let me give it to you again, and I will put that Scripture in the message, if I can find it. Here it is.

Psalms 34:20, “He saves the whole creature once and for all by breaking in pieces and crushing Leviathan’s side of the two-headed beast.”

The sacrifice that that Scripture is talking about is by one sacrifice. Well, there is -- it is a double sacrifice, OK. It is a double sacrifice. Let us get this straight. The sacrifice that Jesus made was the sacrifice -- well, I guess, it really is not a double sacrifice. I think I am getting slaphappy here.

Listen, the Son of God was not killed; the Son of man was crucified. The sacrifice that Jesus sacrificed was his life in a human body, which is the image of the serpent. The image of the serpent was crucified, and his carnal mind was offered up and sacrificed. Jesus gave up his flesh life to ascend to a higher place so that he could pour out of his spirit upon all flesh so that a- -- everyone, all of mankind, could have the power to do the same thing that he did. So the one sacrifice was of the serpent and Leviathan. That was the sacrifice.

He sacrificed his existence in a serpentine body, if you can hear it, and he also sacrificed his carnal mind. He sacrificed his carnal mind so that he could stand up in full stature, which is the fourth level of consciousness, and then he sacrificed his serpentine body so that he could ascend on high, which is the 10th, the 11th and 12th levels of consciousness. The one who was sacrificed was the serpent and Leviathan, the two-headed beast, which was separated by the passageway called the dragon. He broke the rod and the staff and the scepter of this whole timeline for himself and made available the power for each and every one of us to do the same thing. The sacrifice was of Leviathan and the serpent.

Did anybody not hear this? Can you hear it? Can you hear that? OK. Everybody is -- for any one of you listening to the message, it is now 20 to 1 in the morning on a Thursday night. Yeah. Xxxx, do the last one. It was pretty much -- Hebrews 10:12 was pretty much the same as Hebrews 1:3. God bless you if read this message. May the Lord Jesus come quickly for all of us. Hallelujah.

This is Sunday, and we are continuing on this message. It sounded like we were closing out, but I decided to continue on with the message. The Lord has given us -- well, I thought it would just be one more drawing, but it looks like it is going to be several drawings. This is drawing number four, and it is i- -- the image of Nebuchadnezzar’s -- it is a drawing of Nebuchadnezzar’s image in Daniel 2:32-33. I guess I will put that in the message.

“The image's head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, his legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay.”

Praise the Lord. This is a very full board. I have a lot more to tell you besides this, so what we are going to do is I am just going to go down everything that I have written here, and then I am going to erase everything that I have written and put -- and write a few more things in there. OK. This is Nebuchadnezzar’s image, and, well, it started out to be -- it is not really Nebuchadnezzar’s image because Nebuchadnezzar’s image was standing upright. The man that we see here is sitting down, OK, and we know that Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father.

So this image can be taken on two levels: This is an image of the redeemed creation as a whole, and it is also the image of the individual son that is redeemed. We could take it on either level. We see, down at the bottom, we have the feet. The feet are made of iron, and I remind you that the feet, the sym- -- the spiritual symbology of the foot is the carnal mind, and the f- -- so I have written here the foot is in the car- -- is the carnal mind, and it is in the earth. The feet are in the earth, and also -- and I remind you that the earth is a strong magnetic field. The earth is a powerful magnetic field that is drawing everything of the spirit down into itself, OK.

And we see here that there are toes. We are told that the toes are both earth and iron, and the toes typify the individual human being. We are both earth -- did I tell you what -- well, iron is -- the leg is the personality, and the leg is made of iron, which is easily magnetized. So whatever is of spirit that is in the personality is being magnetized and dragged down by the earth. Is everybody OK? This is where we are, over here, and we can go up, or we can go down, and the earth is exerting a powerful magnetic pull upon our personality, you know, to bring us down into the earth. So I already told you the toes are the individual fallen men that are trapped in Hell by the magnetic attraction of -- the iron in us is being pulled down to the earth. Praise the Lord.

Now the -- I only have two words written in blue, and what is written in blue is speaking about the physical body, so I have spinal column written here. The leg of the image -- oh, I just see -- could you shut that off for a minute? I just saw some [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

You know, the -- obviously, this drawing is very complicated, OK, and apparently we have both a physical and a spiritual manifestation of everything. You know, I am going to try and keep some order about this, OK. We talked about the foot; the foot is the carnal mind. And the spinal column is the physical manifestation of the dragon, the one who connects the carnal mind, which is Leviathan, to the serpent, who is up in the brain, and the other word that is in blue is brain, OK. Now please note that, in prior drawings, we show the serpent to be in the cerebral cortex and Christ to be in the cerebellum, which is a withered area of the brain that is underneath the cerebral cortex.

The reason, in this drawing, we have the brain in the midst of what I am calling Christ -- I have something here identifying it as Christ. My goodness, this board is busy -- is that, at this point, this is a redeemed man, you see. That cerebellum, the p- -- the organic part, the part of the brain where the engrafted word is anchored, OK, has expanded, [?has?] com- -- and completely covered over the brain. That is why I am drawing it like this. Is everybody OK with that? The cerebellum has expanded, and the cerebral cortex has shrunk, OK. The cerebral cortex has shrunk, so, for all intents and purposes, what I am calling the brain is the cerebral cortex. Maybe I should not say brain. Actually, this is the cerebral cortex, and this is the cerebellum. Maybe I should not say brain because together they are both the brain. Let us get this straight, OK.

I have changed brain -- if you are listening to this message, you are going to see a photograph or a copy of a photograph that does not say brain; it says cerebellum and cerebral cortex on the left side of the board. If you have been following our studies prior to this, you will know that the cerebral cortex is the upper part of the brain and that the cerebellum is the lower part of the brain and that they were adjacent to one another; they were touching one another. But in this redeemed man, the cerebellum has expanded; the cerebral cortex has shrunk, and the cerebellum is now covering over the cerebral cortex. They are no longer touching one another; they are one on top of the other.

And I remind you that the cerebral cortex is what we would think of as the brain, although both the cerebral cortex and the cerebellum together are the brain. But when people think of the brain, this is what they are thinking of, the cerebral cortex. It looks like a serpent is all it looks like. It is all a bunch of stuff all wound together, and that is where the serpent is, so I s- -- have the word serpent in parenthesis underneath cerebral cortex.

The spiritual serpent abides in the physical cerebral cortex. Spirit or mind or spirit abides in the flesh. We are integrally woven together, spirit and flesh; we are woven together. That is where spirit is; it is in the flesh, or it is in the earth. That is where we are. So you will see a blue arrow and a black arrow going into this curlicue center, which is the cerebral cortex. That is the front part of the brain where the spiritual serpent abides. That is why there is two arrows going in there.

And then we have the cerebellum, which in fallen men is the small little brain that is in the -- at the bottom of the brain of a civilized man. All civilized thought, intelligence, appreciation of art, creativity, talent is in the forepart of the brain called the cerebral cortex, and underneath that is this little ball of the cerebellum that is associated with our muscular -- our muscles and our ability to walk upright, OK. And that is the cerebellum, which in fallen man is very small, OK, but, in redeemed man, the cerebellum has completely expanded. The cerebral cortex, the home of the serpent, has completely shrunk, and now Christ, who was nailed to the cerebellum, has full authority over the pain and pleasure center that is in our organic brain.

You see, the serpent and Satan, the -- Satan is the bodily fluid, and she flows in all forms of bodily fluid, blood and other forms, spinal fluid, whatever. Satan is all through the body, so Satan together with the serpent has the spiritual strength to manipulate our brain. Our brain is the control panel of the computer that runs our body, OK, so the serpent and Satan together are responsible for everything we do, OK. Now that does not mean we are innocent, OK. If you are an overeater or if you are a drug addict or something like that, we are all expressions of the serpent, you see, and we are dealing with our fallen nature, OK. We have to deal with our fallen nature; we cannot completely give ourselves over and yield to it. OK.

Since I am talking about the pain and pleasure center, let us read this sentence next. Well, I am not up to that yet. OK. Let us try this one. Well, nope, not up to that yet. OK. I am all the way up at the top on the left-hand side, and I have written “mind of Christ,” OK. Now what I am talking about now when I say the mind of Christ is the mind -- like, I just told you the spiritual serpent is in the cerebral cortex; the spiritual mind of Christ is in the cerebellum. Are you OK? The spiritual mind of Christ is in the cerebellum, and the cerebellum is the circle that is outside of the curlicue circle, which is inside. The curlicue circle typifies the brain and the cerebral cortex, where the serpent is, and the straight line circle outside of it typifies the cerebellum, where Christ is engrafted, OK, and where Christ is engrafted is the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is the spirit that abides in the organic part of the brain called the cerebellum.

So mind of Christ -- and what is the mind of Christ? The mind of Christ is the fruit of the union of the human spirit and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit joins with the human spirit or crucifies the human spirit, and they join so completely that they become a new kind of cell, the first cell of the embryonic Christ, mind of Christ. So the mind of Christ, the human spirit joined to the Holy Spirit, is -- I guess I have to put an is in there -- is the spiritual, sexual, undifferentiated tissue called a phallus, OK. Let us get this on the message. I think I told you this off the air tonight. Sexually undifferentiated tissue, the -- our example is a fetus, in a human fetus or a human’s embryo, human embryo.

There is tissue present that is designed to develop either into the male sexual organ or the female sexual organ. In the early stages of development, it is undifferentiated. You cannot look at it and know whether it is a male organ or a female organ. It is tissue that science knows, in several months, however long it takes for the sex organs to develop, this tissue that is in this place will differentiate. It will either become -- it will become different. You will be able to look at it and tell whether it is female or whether it is male. It will become distinct, you see. But this mind of Christ in its early stages is just like it is in a human embryo; it is not obvious whether it is male or female.

Now, spiritually speaking, as far as God is concerned, everything, every tissue that is not a male organ is female, as far as God is concerned, OK. But for the purposes of everything that we are teaching here, we are going to have to say this, and it is the truth. The s- -- the mind of Christ is the spiritual -- or the newly conceived, the newly engrafted mind of Christ, is the spiritual, sexual, undifferentiated spiritual tissue, OK, that is called a phallus, and we have been preaching this here for years. This is a translation of the word that -- the Hebrew word that is translated “hand.” If you look in the lexicons, one of the translations of the Hebrew word translated “hand” is “phallus,” and I had a revelation years ago that this is the hidden message in the Scripture of the embryonic mind of Christ, but I could never prove it to anybody until now, if you could see -- well, we get -- when I get through explaining this whole drawing to you, I do not see how it could be denied anymore. OK.

So we are saying here that the cerebellum, this solid line circle that is at the top of the leg. On this drawing, your spinal column -- the leg goes right into the brain, OK, if you can hear what I am saying, OK. Could someone please read Isaiah 49:16?

            [INAUDIBLE] [?take that one?].



            Isaiah 49:16, “Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.”

Well, praise the Lord. The palm -- what is the palm of the hand? The palm is the inside of your hand, and the cerebral cortex, which is our brain, is now on the inside of the cerebellum. So to say that we are engraved on the palm of his hand, his hand is the cerebellum, which is the mind -- where the mind of Christ is engrafted, and the flipside of his hand is the brain. And is the brain not the place where his nature is being engraved? I have preached -- you may not remember it. You are all looking at me, but I know that I have preached it. I have it on a message somewhere, that the Lord Jesus Christ’s nature is being engraved in our brain, you see.

Right now, the serpent and the serpent’s nature is engraved in our brain; that is why we die, because we are a fallen creation. But when the Lord Jesus Christ -- but when -- I am sorry. When Christ, OK, who is engrafted to our cerebellum, expands and covers over the cerebral cortex, OK, that nature that is in the cerebral cortex is going to be changed to the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ. Can you hear this? Can you hear it? OK. So it fits right in there. Now as for the second part of the Scripture with the walls, I am not prepared to deal with that right now. I would really have to pray about that. OK. Let us go on, OK.

Now the way we got into this drawing was that the Lord showed me the abyss, OK. Now you may recall that before the fall the creation dwelled in the world above the firmament. It was the heaven above the firmament, and the heaven above the firmament is water. The very word heaven means water, OK, but the whole creation fell down underneath the firmament. Now this object here that I have marked thigh, brass, male organ, judgment, when I first drew it, I did not draw it as a thigh of this image; I drew it as the restored upper heaven, you may recall. I drew it as the restored upper heaven, which is conne- -- which is growing out of our brain, which is now covered over by Christ.

You see, Christ is the angel of death that is coming to cover over our cerebral cortex, where our brain is in our fallen condition. Christ, who is small and shrunken, OK, and the cerebellum is expanding and covering over. He is the cherub that covereth. He is covering over the part of us that is in the image of the serpent, and after he covers over that part of our brain that is in the image of the serpent, he is going to erase that writing and put a new writing in it, and it will be the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord, OK. Is everybody with me? I am going to go slow. OK. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] OK. So we are deal- -- so when this whole thing -- I put this whole thing together, all of a sudden, I had this image here, and I see that this restored world above the firmament turned out to be the thigh of this ma- -- of this image that we have got here, OK. Nobody was more surprised than me today.

Now the Scripture that we are dealing with, Daniel 2:32-33, says that the thigh is brass. Brass typifies judgment. The serpent -- if you follow the word all the way back in the Scripture, the serpent has a red color inside of her throat, and the word brass and judgment, it all arises out of the same word as the serpent. The serpent is judgment, OK. Now what does that mean? There was a time when I thought it meant, well, the serpent was sent to judge you, but I do not think that it means that anymore. I think what it means is that the w- -- I remind you that the f- -- what the fall was, you know, was that the spiritual seminal fluid that came out of Jehovah, which was designed to build a spiritual, visible world in Jehovah’s image, that seminal fluid divided. It divided into seed and water, and the waters separated from the spermatozoa, separated from the seed, and the waters formed her own world. And the result of the waters’ rebellion was that she got messed up with the earth and became formed and trapped [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

OK. And that serpent -- that clay animal that the waters became is called the serpent, so the serpent is the judgment upon the waters that rebelled. It is as if to say -- let me give you a radical example. A young woman is being raised in a godly way, and her father says to her, “Do not go out with that man. If you go out with that man, I am warning you, he is no good, and it is going to be the end of you,” but she decides to rebel. She runs off with the man, and she becomes a drug addict and a prostitute, and this man becomes her pimp, and she becomes trapped in this life as a prostitute and a drug addict with this man who is beating her every day.

So what she became is the judgment upon her for disobeying her father. Did her father make her a prostitute and a drug addict? No. Who made her a prostitute and a drug addict? Her own sin has found her out, you see. Her own sin produced the prison house that she is now trapped in, which is her own judgment, and this is what the serpent is. It is what the waters -- and the waters, of course, are female to the seed. The semen has a seed, and it has a water side to it, and the seed is the head, the male, and the waters is female or the wife of the seed, if you can hear it, you see.

So the woman rebelled against her head and ran away and did her thing, and she became a serpent. That is us, and we do not know how to get out, and we are now the prisoner of what we became. Have you ever heard the expression in the world, “You made your bed; lie in it”? We have become the prisoner of what we became. Can you hear this? This is our story, you see. So the thigh is brass, and it is the male organ. The thigh is the dragon, the serpent’s male organ, and it is judgment. The serpent is judgment to us. And as you can see, the serpent is penetrating our brain. Again, if you are reading this message, I am really sorry if this is offending you, but the whole story is sexual. This whole world is a type of what -- of the spiritual world, and sex makes this world go around, and it is spiritual sex that is at the root of everything that is happening in our life. We are the life of God, and we rebelled, and we got trapped in a prison house that was the re- -- fruit of our own rebellion, and we cannot get out without a miracle.

So we see that there is spiritual sex going on, that the dragon, the serpent’s male organ, is fully penetrating our mind. You see, spiritual sex is of the mind. The dragon, the serpent’s male organ, is the judgment known as brass upon the woman whose brain the serpent is penetrating, and that is everybody who is fallen. I did not -- I am sorry, the dragon. The dragon is penetrating the brain where the serpent is. They are stuck together, and, you see, in human sexual intercourse, a man and a woman come together and depart. They come together, and they depart. But in spiritual sexuality, you come together, and you do not depart. You become firm- -- permanently fixed, and we found Scriptures. Offhand, I do not remember where they are. I believe it is in the Old Testament, OK, which indicate this reality, that the woman rebelled. She became formed into a female animal, a clay animal, and th- -- and part of her became male, and part of her remained female, and they came together in an incestuous sexual union that is permanent. They are now stuck together, and the truth is that, if they were fin- -- if they were to find the strength to pull apart, this whole world would cease because the world only exists when they are together.

Now, you see, in human sexuality, a man and a woman come together. A seed is dropped. A child is born, and all three are separate, the w- -- man, the h- -- the wife and the child. All three are separate, but in spiritual things it is the exact opposite. The male and the female come together. The child is born, and all three are in there together, you see. All three are stuck together. And when they come apart, the whole world comes apart, if you can hear it. I am not going to go on with that with this message because w- -- I do not even know if we are going to finish what we have tonight. OK.

Now we see here the belly. Next comes the belly as we ascend in this image, and the belly is brass, which is judgment also. The belly -- I looked up the word in my lexicons, and it -- the belly is talking about the female reproductive parts. You see, the word “thigh” is talking about -- is clearly talking about the male reproductive parts, and the word “belly” is clearly talking about the female reproductive parts. So we see that the -- what the -- we -- I remind you that the woman is the waters that rebelled against the seed, and the waters in this fallen world is called Satan. The waters mixed with the earth, became Satan, and we see the dragon arising out of her waters.

Now we watched a little clip on TV this morning. I do not know how to impart this to the people reading this message. I have talked about this principle a lot. Satan is a body of spiritual water laced with earth, with particles of earth. She has the ability within herself to gather the particles of ears to hear, when she so wills, to a mound. She has the ability to mound them up, and there are words I have studied in the Hebrew. There are words that mean just that, to mound up the earth, so she has gathered together some of the earthen particles in herself, and she has pressed them together, and she has formed the dragon. Satan has formed the dragon.

So here we see the belly is the woman, which is the waters. She is brass; she is under judgment. And she is joined to the solid dragon that is growing out of her, and the dragon [AUDIO CUTS OUT] to the brain of physical man or joined to the physical brain. You see, the dragon and the waters are spiritual. It is interesting to see [AUDIO CUTS OUT] in my mind right now. This image is sitting down. Now as you look at the thigh, the -- what the thigh does with the man who is sitting down is that he [AUDIO CUTS OUT] off to the right. If he was not sitting down, it would be one straight line. The man would be one straight line, but this fact that the image is jutted off to the right, it is moving the whole rest of the man into another dimension.

See, and you may recall me telling you that mind is the fifth dimension and that mind is off at an angle somewhere. We can see height, width, depth, time. Mind is the fifth dimension. Where is it? The only way -- I do not understand it completely, but I know that it is off at a spiritual angle somewhere. That is why sometimes, if you are at all spiritual, you will catch a fleeting shadow, and you will turn around, and there will be nothing there because what happened was you got a glimpse into that other dimension that is off at a spiritual angle. Are you following me?


Well, when Jesus sat down at the right hand of the Father, he moved the creation away from this flat, linear plane that it is in. He moved us in line with the fifth dimension, you see. When the serpent started her own timeline -- and I will show you that on the next board. We need three boards here. When the serpent started her own timeline, I have shown you drawings of a point and a V, you know, two different timelines going out. But now I am -- I do the best I can with what I have got. Now I see it differently. I see the serpent’s timeline as just a shift over.

You see, this -- here is Jehovah up here. If you have the message, you should be looking at a picture. Jehovah is the gold. I have it -- I have the word gold written in and Jehovah underneath it. Here is Jehovah, so, if you want life and if you want Jehovah’s timeline, this is it over here, but the whole fallen creation is over here. We just shifted over. It is another way of saying that principle that we are halting. Remember when Jacob struggled with the angel? It says he limps. He went to one side, you see. So in the King James translation, it makes it sound like Jacob was crippled, OK, but I have not looked at that Alternate Tran- -- that interlinear in a long time, but, probably, Jacob is crippled as so far as this world is concerned, but he must be straightened out as far as God’s world is concerned because we are the one that is out of synch with God. We are the one that stepped over into another dimension.

You see, this whole timeline, this whole world that we live in, it is next to -- there is another dimension. We are side-by-side, but there is a veil between the dimensions. We cannot see it. They can see us, but we cannot see them. It is a one-way mirror because we stepped over. We stepped from here to here, you see. It is off to the side, whatever that means. That is all I -- that is the only understanding that I have right now. So we see that the -- Satan and the dragon are brass; they are judgment. And what is interesting is that this area here that I am calling the hand, Christ, the phallus, the cerebellum and the cerebral cortex, it is not mentioned in Daniel 2:32-33.

Now when I was working on this image this morning, well, t- -- I had two experiences. Yesterday or the day before, when I was looking at this image of the spinal column and the brain and then when I started putting it together with the image of the man, I said, Lord, how could this be the hand? How could the knee joint be the hand? It did not make any sense to me at all, but I just kept on going. Then when I looked at this image this morning, when I first drew it, I drew the hands out this way. You might recall that. And I looked at the Scripture, and I said, hey, Daniel 2:32 does not say anything about hands. It just says arms, and when it clicked, that was when -- this morning, when I h- -- redid the whole drawing, and I got this revelation that the hand is down here and the arm is up here, so the arm has to be connected to the hand, and that was when the whole revelation opened up to me.

So what am I trying to tell you? This concept that the knee joint of the man -- you see, the knee joint is the hand; that is the mystery. It is not in the Scripture, you see. It is not there; it is not in Daniel 2:32-33. It is the missing piece of the puzzle, and there is no way you are going to understand this image unless you have a revelation that the knee joint is the hand. And how can I say the knee joint is the hand? Because when we started drawing this whole thing, this knee joint was the brain. What are you talking about, Sheila? Well, we have got a physical man here with a carnal mind and a spinal column and an organic brain, and then this man, this physical man, has a spiritual part growing out of him. The dragon is spiritual; he is in the invisible world. And Satan, she is spiritual; she is in the invisible world. I hope I am making sense. Am I making any sense at all? Are you following me? This is very deep. You are not following me?


OK. Xxxx. Let me go over this again. Xxxx, let me try and help you with this. We have here an image of a man who is part physical and part spiritual. This diagram is the physical man. From here, the bottom on the left side, to the top of the circular area, which is the brain, typifies the physical man. Do you remember the drawings that we have done where I draw the spinal column and Leviathan turning upward into the brain? Do you remember that? OK. This is Leviathan down here. He is going up the -- she is going up the spinal column to the brain. Do not look at the rest of this, OK.

This is the physical man that we have been dealing with for a while, but this time we have added to the physical man, and we are not depicting the spiritual parts of the man that is growing out of the physical brain. This thigh, OK, talks about the dragon; that is the subconscious mind that is growing out of the physical brain. So the dragon connects the physical man to the other spiritual aspects of the man. This is the connecting to the dragon, is connecting the organic brain of the physical man -- the spiritual dragon is connecting the organic brain of the physical man to the spiritual sea, Satan, and the whole rest of this drawing here is about the spiritual anatomy of the man. Did that help you at all? OK.

So now what else do I have here? The dragon is the serpent’s male organ, OK, and this area over here where the dragon, the thigh -- let me fix what you told me to fix over here. You said this word was being erased, OK. This whole area by the thigh, the ma- -- serpent’s male organ where it overlaps into the belly, the woman’s female parts, this area here is the union of the serpent’s male organ, the thigh, with the serpent’s female organ, the waters. This is where they are meeting, and here is an arrow showing you that this is the serpent’s spiritual, sexual union with the rebellious woman right here. The serpent’s male organ, the thigh, is connecting with the serpent’s female organ, the belly. The male organ is called the dragon, is mixing with the female organ, which is called Satan. They are connected to one another, and this typifies the serpent’s spiritual, sexual union with the rebellious woman. Who is the rebellious woman? The waters, OK. And this sexual union, this spiritual, sexual union, gives emotional and physical pain and pleasure.

Now how does this union in the spirit world, between Satan and the dragon, give human beings pain and pleasure? Well, one end of the dragon is connected to the woman, the spiritual woman, but the other end of the dragon is connected to your brain, and it is the connection of the dragon to your brain that is producing you the pain and pleasure in your emotions and physically because this relationship, the relationship of the dragon with Satan, is what is driving you to engage in physical, sexual intercourse. And I am sorry if that offends you, but if you follow -- if you investigate, if you have never heard this before, you will find out that it is possible to experience sexual pleasure in a laboratory with an electrode hooked up to the pain-pleasure center of your brain, and it is possible for surgery to be done on a highly sexed person that will damage that pl- -- pain-pleasure center of your brain, and you will never enjoy sex again, you see. You do not have to be castrated physically; you can be castrated in your brain.

So the dragon or the thigh of this image is permanently connected to Satan at one end, and a- -- which is the spirit, which is your spiritual man. And at the other end, the dragon is connected to your brain, and the corporate or the collective spiritual strength of Satan and the dragon is meeting with the serpent in your brain and manipulating your pain and pleasure center. And the only thing that is restraining them, you see, is the blessings on your life, and the blessings on your life come down on the family line, and they have to do with service to God. And if you do not know the living God, there is a reaping and sowing judgment that has to do with your relationship with your fellow man, you see.

So we see that we already have Satan and the dragon manipulating your brain, so the only thing that is missing is Leviathan, your conscious mind. Now your Leviathan -- now let us come back to the physical man. Leviathan is down here in your feet, in the feet of this image, and the dragon and the serpent who are up here in your brain, they are sending spiritual communications down to your feet, saying come up, Leviathan. Come up, Leviathan, because when we get Satan and the dragon and the serpent and Leviathan in the brain, you are going to be in a full stature of evil, you see. You are going to be in a full stature of the serpent. Excuse me.

So man, as we know him, is down here. We are the toes of this image, and Jehovah ordained it that way because he does not want us in full stature of the serpent. The condition that we are in is a penal condition. We are here as in a prison house, keeping us from being completely destroyed until the redemption of the creature. So when Jehovah cursed the creature in Genesis 11 and turned them over to the animal life as opposed to the life of the civilized man, he deliberately arranged it that Leviathan would be down here at the bo- -- at the feet and that Satan and the dragon and the serpent would be together. They would not be complete, you see, breaking their power. He broke their power. He broke the power that is in oneness. You doing a little better? I think you are doing a little better, OK.

So we really -- you know, we really see two experiences of sexual -- spiritual sexual intercourse. We see the dragon attached to Satan, and we also see the dragon attached to us, so the dragon is bigamous at the least. He has got two women, if you can see it. OK. Now above the belly, I cannot put it on this board because I cannot get another word in, but I will tell you that this line that divides the belly from the breast -- and the breast is silver, typifies redemption. This line here is the ceiling or the sky of the brass heavens, and I will -- we are -- we -- I have at least four Scriptures on brass heavens, which I will deal with on the next board. In other words, if it was not for Jesus Christ, there is no way that we can go higher than the belly. There is no way we can get through this sky to get to Jehovah, where the only true life is.

But as you can see, that the breast is connecting this redeemed man to Jehovah, and the breast is silver, and it is talking about Jesus Christ married to Michael. Michael is the one who is above. It was Adam, the living soul, who died. Michael was the seed that generated or is the seed that generates Adam, the living soul. So we see that Jesus is now up here with Michael, above the firmament. You could say this is the firmament. You could say this heaven or what I just told you about the brea- -- the l- -- the border of the brass heaven. You could say it is the firmament. We cannot get up above the firmament. We cannot get up there, but Jesus is up there, you see, and Michael is up there, and Michael is attached to Jehovah, and now Jesus is married to Michael.

But if it was not for Jesus, there would be this big space between the firmament or the brazen heavens and Jehovah. And not only would there be this big space, but if it was not for Jesus, the man would not be sitting down; the man would be standing up. So this whole thigh and belly would be lined up with the physical brain, and the whole creation would be lined up with the physical brain, and Jehovah would be over here, two different dimensions. I will put -- I will make that another drawing. Let us just finish up what we have here. OK.

I wrote over here hands not mentioned, and another -- when I looked up the word “arms” in the Scripture, another word for “arms” is “branches,” and Jesus clearly said he is the vine, and we are the branches, OK. I always wondered why he said that. And, well, let me do this first. So I am talking about the breast. The breast is silver, and it is talking about Jesus in his c- -- married condition to Michael, OK. And now the Scripture says that this image has arms, and I think I told you, when I was meditating on these images over the last couple of days, when this image started to ev- -- appear in my mind, I saw that the physical brain was appearing as the knee joint of the spiritual man, and I could not understand how the mind, the phallus, the mind of Christ, could be a knee joint. I could not understand it, so I did not -- I just put it on the shelf.

When I put this on the board this morning and I first drew the arms, I drew the arms facing upward. And then I got a revelation: Hey, the Scripture does not say anything about the hands. So I redrew the arms, and I connected them to the hand, and I see the whole message of salvation here. Jesus has ascended on high. He is up here above the firmament, and his everlasting arms are reaching down to the mind of Christ in fallen men, you see. So now we have a ladder; this is Jacob’s ladder, you see. We have a highway. Another way Jacob’s ladder is expressed in the Scripture is as a highway. We have a highway by which we could travel from the mind of Christ to the world above the firmament, you see. We do not have to go through the dragon, and we do not have to go through Satan; a highway has been opened.

I think it is one of the Psalms. It is a beautiful Psalm. It says, “And a highway will be opened, and all that travel thereon will be glad,” something like that. This is the highway. I cannot even write it in, OK. So what we have with this drawing number four is that the arms, stretching from Jesus down to the mind of Christ -- now, brethren, listen. To partake of this glory, you have to have the mind of Christ, and you not only have to have the mind of Christ, but the mind of Christ in you has to be covering over your cerebral cortex. The mind of Christ in you has to be -- you have to be living out of the mind of Christ. You cannot be living out of your carnal mind and partake of this glory, you see.

This is what Jesus did for you. This is what he did for you: He submitted to crucifixion so that he could attain to the 12th level of consciousness, come out of his body and ascend above the firmament, from which place he is stretching his arms down to your Christ mind, creating a highway, a way of escape for you. But there is something that you must do: You must do in the earth what you can do because he has done his job in heaven, and your job in the earth is to get into the mind of Christ because this highway is not connecting to your carnal mind, which is down here. You have got to get into the mind of Christ.

So we see here that the everlasting arms that the Scripture talks about are the arms that Jesus is stretching down towards the brains of human men. And could someone read that Scripture please? That is Deuteronomy 33:27.


OK, yeah.

            Deuteronomy 33:27, “The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall    say, Destroy them.”

Hallelujah. Well, here is the -- here is God up here, and underneath him are the everlasting arms, you see, and he shall thrust out the enemy. I have not looked at that in the interlinear text, but I have no problem believing that we can satisfy that Scripture by saying that, if we travel along this highway to the world above the firmament, that we have thrust out the enemy, to thrust out, to defeat. We have bypassed the enemy; we have defeated him. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

Now I have one more thing to show you. I believe we touched -- no, I have two more things to show you, OK. I am also showing you the Lord Jesus’ spiritual sexual union with the repentant woman. Now, remember, over here with the dragon and the woman, we have the dra- -- the serpent’s spiritual sexual union with the rebellious woman, and it is spiritual, you see. And over here in the physical brain, we have Jesus’ arms coming down in the form of the Holy Spirit, initially in the form of the Holy Spirit anyway. And he is entering right into our brain, and he is engraving his own image in the cerebral cortex, and he is joining with us, and this is Jesus’ spiritual sexual union with the repentant woman, and that union gives pleasure only, no pain and pleasure, you see. Union with the Lord Jesus gives pleasure only, through knowledge, OK.

Now how does the serpent give you pleasure? The serpent gives you pleasure through the manipulation of your body. I am telling you the truth. I am telling you, if these messages ever get out, I am going to be crucified for this, but I am telling you the truth. Sexual intercourse is pleasure through the manipulation of your physical body, and there are limitations on that pleasure, and we have talked about that many times. We also receive pleasure in our emotions, but there is a price for pleasure in our emotions, OK. Pleasure in our emotions -- well, even sexual intercourse is acceptable to God in marriage, but it is still pleasure through the manipulation of your flesh. Brethren, it is a very spiritually low form of pleasure, very spiritually low, acceptable to God in marriage, but very spiritually low.

And the emotional pleasure that the serpent gives you is through lust. And what is wrong with that? Because in most instances, there has to be another person involved or the sacrifice of another person, almost always. And if it is not the sacrifice of another person, it is the sacrifice of the Lord, you see, because, to receive pleasure through the emotions of your humanity, you have to crucify Christ. You have to put Christ underneath so that you can live out of your carnal mind, you see, so you have to crucify Christ to have the pleasure of your emotions. I tell you the truth.

Jesus said, “I have much to tell you, but you cannot bear it.” Now I tell you the truth. Every time you have an emotional pleasure in this world, you have crucified Christ. You see, if your emotional pleasure is malignant and it is at the expense of another person, that you have to put them down or control them, well, that is definitely sin. But what about something that does not involve d- -- another person? Let us say you are an overeater. Are you telling me that it is an activity of the mind of Christ to gouge yourself with bulimia? Or even if you do not have bulimia, if you are emotionally upset and you go out and eat a donut, is that an activity of the Christ mind? You have not gone to God to comfort you; you have eaten a donut because you were in pain and you have crucified Christ. Can you hear this? You had a choice. You could go to God to comfort you, or you could eat a donut to comfort you, and every time you pick the donut, you crucify Christ.

Now I am not here tonight to condemn you. I do it too, you see. I am here tonight to tell you the truth so that you can have an intelligent opportunity to pray and ask the Lord to raise you up out of this hellish world that we live in, and I tell you without condemnation that every time you satisfy yourself in any way other than through God, you have crucified Christ. So you need to know this, you see. I condemn you not. You need to know it so that you could choose to not do it, and then, when you choose to not do it, Jesus makes a way for you to stop doing it, you see. You have to say I do not want to do that anymore.

But if you are reading this message -- I do not think anybody here has this problem. Please, do not condemn yourself. The deliverance from Hell, the deliverance from a life, from an existence where all satisfaction is either emotional or physical, is not done overnight. Please do not give up anything that the Lord does not take from you, unless, of course, it is overt sin. Yes, give up fornication. Yes, give up adultery. Yes, give up lying and thievery. But if you like a donut when you are upset once and a while, please continue to eat your donut until the Lord gives you victory over that because that does not glorify God if you eat a donut because you are upset. You know, but do- -- you know, do not worry about it. You have a lot more problems than that. You are smoking; you are overeating; you are stabbing your husband in the back. You are doing all kinds of things. The Lord just wants you to get this revelation so that you could work with him to overcome your carnal mind and your behavioral sin so that you can ascend into a place where it will be impossible for you to sin, you see.

Today we can do nothing but sin. We cannot help it. We have some power over the degree of sin that we perform, but everything -- every thought that we think is sin, so it is really important that you do not receive condemnation from this, but it must be exposed if you are going to get out of here. You have to know the truth and accept yourself, accept that this is the condition we are in until Jesus delivers us, of course, trying to do better every day. OK.

So we see Jesus’ sexual union. And, of course -- did I do this wrong? I think I drew this wrong. Jesus’ sexual union is with the cerebellum. I had this right, and I changed it. Jesus’ sexual union is here with the cerebellum. The dragon’s sexual union is with the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is the serpent’s palace, and the cerebellum is Christ’s palace. It is the dragon’s palace. I am sorry. Cerebral cortex is the dragon’s palace, and, as you can see, the dragon is inhabiting his palace, and the Lord Jesus is inhabiting the palace with Christ.

Of course, Jehovah is all the way up here at the top, so this is a drawing of the redeemed man. This is Jesus sitting at the right hand. This is what it means to be sitting at the right hand of the Father. To be sitting at the left hand of the Father would mean that he -- if he was not sitting down, that he would be straight up, and he would be in a different dimension, and I will put that on the board as soon as I take this off. Oh, I see I had one more Scripture I wanted to read for you. Oh, yes, OK. This is an Alternate Translation, so I will read it for you. Thank you, Jesus. Here.




This is Je- -- the cerebellum, here, that is Jesus’ palace. Actually, it is Christ’s palace, but Jesus means Christ there. OK. Now over here we have Jesus’ spiritual sexual union with the repentant gives pleasure only through knowledge.

Habakkuk 2:14, “Jehovah’s mind of Christ shall satisfy mortal man, which is the earth, with knowledge instead of pain and pleasure, when Jesus’ sons ascend to the double portion of the 10th level of consciousness, at which point the lake of fire is concealed within them.”

And what this is saying is that we are going to be satisfied  by the knowledge that comes from Christ ascending in us and having a marital union with the Lord Jesus who is above, and that will -- when that happens, Christ will be the lake of fire that will be judging our sin nature because the only way that we are going to st- -- that Christ is going to stay ascended in us so that he can have a relationship with the Lord Jesus is to judge our sin nature.

And you may remember, it may be in this message or a prior message, I read you -- I think it is Ezekiel 1:27, how the fire will burn all the downwards, and the fire will burn all the way upwards, and every sacrifice will be salted with fire. That means the whole sacrifice, the carnal mind, every aspect of the sin nature will be salted with the lake of fire, preserved by the lake of fire, so let me read it for you again with that explanation, see if you can hear it. Of course, I amplified it.

“Jehovah’s mind of Christ shall satisfy mortal men -- we are the earth -- with knowledge instead of pain and pleasure, which comes from the dragon, and this will happen when Jesus’ sons -- that is us -- ascend to the double portion of the 10th level of consciousness, at which point the lake of fire will be concealed within them, which lake of fire will restrain the powers and principalities of our carnal nature.”

And the reason I say the double portion of the 10th level of consciousness, I remind you that every level of consciousness that we ascend to is doubled over because Jesus is with us every step of the way. So the 10th level of consciousness -- to get to the 10th level of consciousness, that is after Satan has been boiled away, OK, and we are doubled because we are hooked up to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a double portion because Jesus is with us in every level of consciousness, overlaying us and keeping us strong. Is everybody OK? Take two pictures of this, Xxxx. I would not want to have to do this again. Let us take the picture, OK. That was just a joke when I said take two pictures.

One more area that I did not talk about, this triangle that is formed by the everlasting arms stretching from the breast to the cerebellum, where the mind of Christ is, OK, that forms a right triangle. And the -- one of the sides of the triangle is the m- -- the line of the breast and the belly, and then I drew a line along the thigh, which is the dragon, and we see the right triangle of the spiritual man is formed, the three sides of the triangle: the everlasting arms, the thigh and the belly and the breast. Can you see it, right in here? OK. It is marked in red. OK. If that picture came out, I am going to erase this. OK.

That is side B over there, OK. This is drawing number five, and I just barely sketched what we had on drawing four. My whole purpose is to show you the belly where Satan was and the line that divided that belly from the breast. Now you may recall the breast is where Jesus was married to Michael, and the breast where Jesus was married to Michael was the mediator between Satan’s sea and Jehovah, who is above, because Jehovah is not going to have anything to do with Satan. But we see that Jesus is not here, OK. Before Jesus’ sacrifice, before Jesus ascended on high, this whole area, which before the fall was inhabited by Adam, the living soul, and the visible spiritual world, is now a waste place, you see. So there is this big expanse between where Jehovah is and between the ceiling of Satan’s sea or the crust of Satan’s sea. You see, Satan can go no higher than the firmament.

And, again, once again, we see that this is a brass heaven. It is the heaven of judgment. Is this condition something that Jehovah has put upon mankind to punish us, that we cannot ascend above the firmament? No. We are reaping the fruit of our own sin. You may recall that we were supposed to be above the firmament. The only problem is that when the w- -- now when I say we, we are the descendants of the waters, OK. Our personalities are the woman, OK. The woman was the waters that was one side of the spiritual semen, and she dwelt above the firmament with her head --- you know, with her head, Michael, who was the seed part of the semen, and together they brought forth Adam, the living soul, who was in the garden, and that was the visible spiritual world. The waters rebelled against her head, crashed through the firmament, killing Adam, the living soul, and set up an animalistic, visible, physical world underneath the firmament, you see.

It was Jehovah’s intention. It was Elohim’s intention that a civilized man would dwell above the firmament in continuous communion with Jehovah, but in order to have a visible, physical worl- -- a visible, spiritual world, the waters had to remain above the firmament because the world is an image that is appearing on the waters. Well, the waters broke away in rebellion and crashed through the firmament with a specific intention of twisting together with the earth that was underneath the firmament to strengthen herself. Why did she need to be strengthened? Well, she broke away from her head, the seed, so she needed to add something to herself to replace the seed, and she did it with the earth, and now she is trapped down here underneath the firmament, you see.

She deliberately left her head, Michael, came down to the earth beneath the firmament because she wanted to do her own thing, and she did exactly what she wanted. She twisted together with the earth. She formed her own world, and now she cannot get back. She is trapped underneath the firmament, therefore the firmament has become the heavens of brass, the heavens that no one down here can ascend above, OK, or the woman who broke away cannot ascend above. That which she deliberately penetrated in a deliberate act of rebellion has now become that heaven that keeps her locked in this prison house down here, and she cannot get back because it is as if to say -- if I wanted to give you a natural example, there is no water up there for her to swim through to get back to Jehovah. This is now a waste place. She separated from Jehovah, and she cannot get back. So I would like to read you these few Scriptures on the brass heavens.

Leviticus 26:19, “And I will break the pride of your power; and I will make your heaven as iron” -- well, this is not a brass heaven. This is a brath- -- brass earth. “And I will break the pride of your power; and I will your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass.”

Well, what that is saying, remember, iron is easily magnetized, so, in this case, the firmament is being magnetically attracted to the earth. In other words, there is no way to get back up above this firmament because of the magnetic attraction. The -- let me get a marker here for you. The earth here is exerting a magnetic field towards the heaven, and the heaven is being pulled down towards the earth. They are pulling towards each other. There is no way either the earth or the waters or anything under this heaven is going to get back up above it because of the gravity. We are talking about gravity. So the earth is judgment because of its gravitational pull, and the iron -- and the heaven is iron, is a part of the judgment because that iron is easily pulled downward, OK.

Now we had a whole exhortation off the record this morning about being easily swayed, you see. That whole incident that happened this morning where jezebel manifested and somebody was swayed to do something that they would not have chosen to do if they stopped to think about it, that is exactly what we are talking about. When your heaven is iron, that means you are susceptible to the magnetic pull of the earth, and you are going to have a very hard time even staying up as high as you are because the earth is continuously pulling you down lower and lower. And is that not the contish- -- the condition that we live in with regard to sin? There is a continuous pull of our lower nature to come down lower, come down lower, come down lower.

Did you ever see one of these terrible movies where they show you some Christian person trying to live a holy life and some lowlife seduces them, you know, and it is usually a sexual seduction? And then when they get the minister or whoever he is to do what he did not want to do, they laugh, and they mock, and they call the- -- him a hypocrite. Well, he may be a hypocrite, but he may not be a hypocrite. The fact is that to live above this world is very painful. It takes a lot of strength to live morally above this world because the gravitational pull of this world is corrupt, so anybody that is leading a righteous, holy life in this world is holding on by the skin of their teeth; they are vulnerable.

So if some wicked person comes along with the deliberate intent of seducing someone who is living holy and you pull that person down, that does not mean the person who fell was a hypocrite. Maybe they were stupid, but it does not mean they were a hypocrite. They were living above the mess of this world, and they were doing it until you deliberately set your sights on them to pull them down. That does not make them a hypocrite. You have to understand that the nature of this world is corrupt, and anyone who lives above that corruption is vulnerable because, when you live above the corruption of this world, technically speaking, you are not of this world, you see. That means, if you are not of this world, you are the enemy of this world, and you can be hurt by this world.

Deuteronomy 28:23, “And thy heaven that is over thy head shall be brass, and the earth that is under thee shall be iron.”

Is that not interesting? That is reversed. Deuteront- -- Deuteronomy 28:23 is the exact reverse of Leviticus 26:19. “I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass,” and, “The heaven that is over thy head shall be brass, and the earth that is under thee shall be iron.” There has to be a significance to that, but offhand I do not know what it is since the purp- -- my purpose in giving you this Scripture is merely to give you the understanding of what the heaven of brass means. The heaven of brass is the surface of Satan’s sea, OK. It is the firmament that we cannot ascend beyond because of judgment which exists because of our own sin, you see.

Now in the world today, if we had a worldly person here, they would be telling us that wicked Jehovah has done this to us. But, you see, wicked Jehovah has not done this to us; we have done this to ourselves. Great Jehovah has provided a way of escape for us, but because people have carnal minds, they see everything backwards. They see themselves as innocent, and the one that is righteous is the one who is guilty. That is what the carnal mind does, you see.

Now there was something else. Yes, I did want to show you this. Now I did not draw it that way, but -- now, remember, it is possible -- well, full stature is the ascendancy to Satan’s edge. We have found Scriptures that say there is an edge to her sea, and, if you dwell in this area here between the firmament and the edge, or someone had a word of knowledge, the crust of the sea, this place here is where the immortals dwell. This is where the immortals of this world dwell. They dwell above Satan’s authority, you see. They are beneath the firmament, and they are fallen, but they dwell above Satan and Leviathan and the dragon’s authority. This is Leviathan all the way down here; he is our conscious mind. This is the dragon.

This is where the immortals of this world dwell, and there is a whole world up there. I do not know what it is like. I do not know what it looks like. I believe that there are good and evil immortals. I do not believe that we ha- -- that we hear from the good immortals because I believe that Jehovah has forbidden these immortals from communicating with the people in this world, so the only ones that we have contact with are the evil ones.

I do not believe that there are good angels all over this world, that there are many, many, many good angels, because I believe that even the good immortals are fallen, you see. They are not angels of God. They are fallen, but they are obeying their covenant with Jehovah, waiting for their return above the firmament, so they do not have anything to do with us. They are forbidden to communicate with us. The only angels that I am aware of, brethren, are the spiritual men who are in Christ. There is -- the angel of the Lord is Michael above, OK. Jesus, OK, is the angel of the Lord to us, in the person of Jesus, but down here in the earth, OK, the only angels are the human beings, the spiritual men and the human beings that are being stirred up by the Lord Jesus Christ to do his will. Those are the angels or the only good ange- -- the only righteous angels or good angels, OK. Let us finish this off.

Daniel 4:15, “Nevertheless leave the stump of his roots in the earth, even with a band of iron and brass, in the tender grass of the field; and let it be wet with the dew of heaven, and let his portion be with the beasts in the grass of the ears to hear.”

A band of iron and brass. Well, I guess this does not really have anything to do with our point right here right now, so I am going to take these last two in Daniel off. We have two Scriptures talking about the brass heavens, and that is what the brass heavens are. They are the firmament that we cannot pass over to ascend back up to the world above where there is only pleasure through union with Jehovah through the mediator, the only mediator between God and man, Christ Jesus. And this is the condition of those of us who do not have the Lord Jesus Christ: We are completely cut off from Jehovah, and, hopefully, some of us are in the process of having the highway to heaven or Jacob’s ladder built in us personally, you see. It has already been built in the man Jesus. It has to be built in each of us. Each man is ascending out of this world on -- by traveling on the highway that Jesus erects in that individual man’s mind. This lie that is in the church that we have to go up collectively is just that; it is a lie.

Your salvation, brethren, is between you and Jesus Christ. Your salvation is built on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and the way of escape is being built in your mind. The place that he went to prepare for us, you saw on drawing four. He is the breast, the silver breast from which his arms are stretching down to us, which arms are the highway of escape, you see. The place that he went to prepare for us is the breast of the image. The pr- -- place he went to prepare for us is the restoration of the world above the firmament, and then he came back to get us. How is he coming back to get us? He is building a bridge from above the firmament into each individual mind.

I have a lot more drawings to give you. I just -- I really just cannot go on tonight. I have a lot -- I have some very exciting drawings to show you with regard to what I am saying now, but I -- it is better that I stop because I will not be doing a good job, so we will continue on this message with these drawings, Lord willing, on Thursday night. Anybody want to say anything before we go off, anybody?

            Just looking at all these drawings, I said, would it not be something if eventually God has us put them into a book?

Well, it would not surprise me at all.

            How does waste places fit up there?

Well, it is -- now we are desert. The waters were up here, and on the waters was the image of the visible, spiritual world that was in Jehovah’s image. It was glorious. Now all the water is gone, so the image is gone, and it is a desert. See, and people that do not know the Lord, they have -- these waste places is in their mind. This is all in our spiritual being, you see. The people who do not know Jesus, they are disconnected from God, and they are under this judgment called the wrath of God where we have pain and pleasure, and we have a whole country -- I do not know about the world, but a whole country full of people that have no fear of God, blaming everything on Jesus. It just absolutely amazes me, you know.

And then I see someone get up on TV who is a teacher that is teaching about the goddess, and he sounds so wonderful. I have nothing personal against the man, you know. He sounds so wonderful. I could just hear the minds of the people in the audience, you know, and they are all Caucasian people. I would venture to say all of them were raised in some form of Christianity, Catholicism or Christianity, and they are all sitting there listening to this Hindu philosophy, and it sounds so wonderful. You do not say anything bad about anybody, and everything is good, and just think right, and everything works out, and it makes Christian teaching sound like an abomination, and they are abandoning the churches in droves and going for this philosophy that sounds wonderful, except that it is a lie, you know, but it does work for some people for a season, you see.

I know that, in my case, by the time I came to the Lord, the family curses were severe. I was highly demonized. That kind of teaching would not have helped me. As a matter of fact, I got all mixed up in the occult before I came to the Lord. I was looking for God, but I did not know where I was looking, and I got mixed up with a group of people, and amongst that group was -- I do not know what to call him, whether he was a psychic. I do not know what he was, but he was -- he prayed for you, and he did whatever he did. I do not know. And I had a lot of demons in those days, you know, and I wrote to him once, and I said God told me. Some demon had told me. Somehow he recognized that it was a negative force in me, and he cut me off. That was how he dealt with me, would not answer my phone calls, would not answer my letters.

So, you see, this is a lie. All of that is philosophy that teaches you good, good, good, there is no help for the heavily cursed person in this philosophy, you see. And all the people that follow after that philosophy, if you follow it for enough generations, you will be one of the people that there is no help for, you see. And I was looking at this man teaching this group of Americans who were naively lapping it all up, and I could not he- -- and it sounded wonderful, you know. He -- and it s- -- it is true. There is a lot of truth in what he was saying, if you are still in a relatively high spiritual place when you practice this.

One of the things that he said was, “I told my children, when they were young, to not be interested in making a lot of money,” and whatever else he told them. He said, “But find out what you really like to do and where your creative talent lies, and pursue it,” and I really, you know, believe in that, you know. And he said, “So my children did that, and they wound up in the best schools, and they wound up making a lot of money.” In other words, everything worked out for them because they were starting from a spiritual place where they were still OK, where the family line was still OK, you know.

And I looked at this man. He is an Indi- -- I think he is Indian. He is In- -- I think -- I am pretty sure he is Indian, and I am looking at him on the TV, and I talked to the TV, and I said why do not you teach this to the millions of starving, devastated people in India? Why do not you go to India, to the untouchables? Why don't you teach this to the untouchables? Because it does not work for the untouchables, you see. It only works for the people that are already OK, and, if you follow this teaching for enough generations, you will be an untouchable. I tell you the truth.

So, you see, a lot of the things that he was saying is true. If you are doing it in Christ, it works, you see. If you are also confessing your sins and confessing and acknowledging that God is the God of heaven and the earth, it will work for you. It will work for you if you are already OK, and it will work for you if you are an untouchable, you see. But if you are following this philosophy without acknowledging the God of heaven, it will not work for you, and people are being deceived in the droves because judgment is very slow to come, and it happens slowly over a series of generations. And the people who are following this Hindu philosophy may have very good lives, and their children may have very good lives, but by the third or fourth generation, the curse that is pronounced in Deuteronomy will be taking effect.

And I want to tell you that Christians who turn away from Jesus Christ for this philosophy, for these people judgment will fall much more quickly than Hindus who are li- -- who do not know any better who are living this way for generations. But it is my understanding that the percentage of families in India that are educated and that can study this great philosophy, there may be 1 or 2 percent. Is that true? One or 2 percent, you know. What are you doing in this country selling this stuff? Go back to India, and raise up your people. He cannot, you see. He cannot do it because his -- whatever he calls it, religion, philosophy, I do not what he calls it, it is a lie, you see. It is a lie. God, help us all in this hour, OK. Let God just -- God, help us all. The seduction on this country is intense. Anybody else want to say something? Yes.

            If we were to give that a name, would we call the wrath of God judgment? [CROSSTALK]

That is the wrath of God, yes. That is the wrath of God.

[INAUDIBLE]-- -imulation, but you have to know that the spirit is connected to the body. This was a big revelation for me. I would think, in retrospect, that this should have been the most obvious thing in the world to me, that the spirit is connected to the body, but I never thought of it, I think, perhaps, because the general teaching is that spirit is as far away from the flesh as it could be, and I never could make the connection until the Lord showed us. I think it is within the last year that he showed us.

Spirit is intimately intertwined with our flesh in this fallen condition, and, apparently, our spirituality is manifesting through our nervous system, and that makes sense too because the nervous system operates with nerves, and nerves do not touch each other. I do not know if you know this or not. They come -- the ends -- the nerve endings come real close to each other, but they do not touch each other, and the nerves are the -- well, let me say it this way. The energy of our body, the energy that keeps us alive takes the form of electrical-type energy. That may not be the right word. If you know more than I do, I am sorry if I am using the wrong word, but I am going to say electrical-type energy. It goes through our body, and it travels through the nerve end- -- through the nerves.

So you get all these nerves that are not really touching each other. When the electrical charge gets to the end of the nerve, it has to jump to the other nerve. It is called a synapse. It has to jump over that space where the nerve endings are not touching each other, and this is going on in our body probably millions and trillions of times a day, and the energy, of course, is our human spirit. That was my whole point, that the energy in our body arises out of the human spirit, largely out of the human spirit. We also -- our physical body gets energy from the food that we eat, but there would be no body. There would be no consciousness without the human spirit, so -- and I just know if this was heard in the fundamental church, they would call it occult, just this concept of spirit being so intertwined with the flesh, but it is. And if you just stop to think of it, it really makes sense. In all these years in the church, it never occurred to me, but I got there. That is all that matters is I got there, and we are growing, and we are ascending. That is all that matters. OK.

Did you take this picture, Xxxx? Did you have a -- something else to say?


OK. See, I have had reports from people that they ha- -- experience what they might even describe as a mental illness associated with this intense sexual stimulation, and I was just talking to someone about this a couple of days ago, and I said to them, well, I cannot relate to that. Then when I started thinking about it, I remember that there have been times that I have told the group here that the attack that I am under is so severe that it is like mental illness. Have I not told you that? I believe I have told you that. The reason I got thrown off was that I have not experienced this overwhelming sexual stimulation with it, but I think that the Lord is telling me that, because I have been celibate for all of these years, that I have a grip on my sexuality. For whatever reason, that it -- that even though the serpent is moving to enough of a degree to make me experience what could really be classified as mental illness, it is not torment- -- she is not tormenting me sexually. Ever since I took that victory two or three years ago with my castle, OK, I am not being tormented in that area.

So I never really associated my experiences with what -- with the other people who have told me. There are two other people that I know who are in Christ who have told me that they have experienced the heat going up their spine and s- -- and extreme sexual stimulation and something that seems like mental illness, so I have experienced what seems like mental illness. To the best of my knowledge, I have never experienced heat going up my spine, and the sexual torment has gone so many years ago, I did not put it together, so I do not know why I do not feel heat going up my spine. Sometimes I get very warm, but it -- that is usually when I am preaching, and I do not have any awareness of it being during these attacks that I come under, which are -- sometimes I really do feel like I am mentally ill, and I have shared that with you.

So now I have an understanding myself that, when that serpent starts to move, when she perceives our consciousness turning inward, she gets so excited and so stimulated, she starts to vibrate, and that vibration in our brain must -- there must be some center in our brain that gets unsettled, just like she upsets the pain and pleasure center and stimulates our sexuality if she can. There must be some aspect of sanity in our brain that the motions of her sins turns over or upsets or stimulates or knocks around, and I myself have learned a lot from this study because I go through Hell. I -- thank God, the la- -- I think things have been good here for a month now. All I know is I tell the Lord every day that I praise him for every good day that I have because I do not know when I am going back into torment again, but it is be- -- things have been good for about a month, and, apparently, a lot of my torment is because of the motions and the vibration of the serpent that is stirring up.

Now I would like to make a very important point to you here, brethren, you see. Once you get into this spiritual life, there is really no backing out of it, you see, because the more times you spend turning inward, the more the serpent is going to be stimulated in your brain, you see. And it gets to the point, after a while, that the only place that you have peace, the only place you can run away from this torment or this -- what sometimes manifests as mental illness -- and if it is affecting you with ungodly sexual stimulation, if that is what is happening to you, the only safe place is in Christ.

So once you get far enough in to be ha- -- to t- -- so that the serpent is moving, OK, you are going to have to go more and more into Christ to be protected from her, you see. You are going to need more and more of this doctrine. I want to tell you, any move of the spirit is not going to do it. I have been in churches with moves of the Holy Spirit; it does not help me, you see. When I am in this torment, when the serpent is all stirred up and I am in this torment, I have been in churches where the Holy Spirit is moving; it has not helped me. I have been in churches where there is beautiful, anointed music, well, sometimes there is beautiful, anointed music playing here; it does not help me. Nothing helps me when the serpent is moving, except fleeing into the city of refuge, which is Christ. And the only way that I can get in there is through the doctrine of Christ, so, you see, once you are in this far, you are really in deep. There is no turning back. Praise God.

Does anybody have anything to say, any comments or questions? It is midnight. We had a long day today. Anybody have anything to say?

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