625 - 1 Part

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We have a job in this ministry, and our job is to bring forth the word of truth because, basically, the doctrine in the church, in the entire church, is perverted. You might find one ministry here or one ministry there that has one element of the truth. One ministry I am thinking of right now, he preaches that this world is Hell, but, in the rest of his doctrine, he goes along either with the church world or with the kingdom church, which has its own degree of error.


Brethren, we, humanity, are the descendants of a superior being called Adam, the creation of God. The name of the creation of God that was formed in the Book of Genesis is called Adam, and that creation is a powerful, awesome, spiritual being who fell. And when he fell, or at least an aspect of himself fell, the female side of him fell. I cannot do the whole message here, but I really have to clarify this because I think some people are stumbling or at least questioning.


This super human bri- -- being shattered, broke into hundreds of thousands of pieces, and all of those pieces fell down into a lower world, fell down under the earth. That is why we are covered with earthen bodies because this body is not our true reality. Our true reality is who we are in thought. Spirit is thought. We are what we think, see. We can look like a woman, and we can think like a man. We can look like a man or a male and think like a woman. We are what we think. We can sound like a Christian because of the language that we speak, but the speech of our heart could be a pagan because the speech of the heart is thought and attitude. We are not this body.


Mankind, however, is so fallen that the majority of the people live on a level, exist on a level, that deals, 99 percent of the time, with this body. How could this have happened to us? We became needy. Brethren, if your toe hurts, you are going to forget all about other parts of your body and do something to make your toe feel better. Well, we were beings who lived from our innermost point, which is spirit, and something happened to us. We became encased in a body that cries continuously for satisfaction.


The [?so?] -- the mystery of the Scripture, the spiritual understanding of the Scripture, calls it the emotional animal because it is not just this body. There is an emotional -- there is an inner part. There is an e- -- our hand has an inner part in it and an outer part. Every aspect of ourself has an inner part and an outer part, inner part and outer part, so there is an inner part to this body, and we call it the per¬- -- I call it the personality. We are what the Scripture calls the emotional animal, which can be likened to the horse of the rider which is supposed to be Christ Jesus, but we see in the Book of Revelation that the rider of the horse is not Christ Jesus. Who is the rider of the horse in the Book of Revelation, anybody?




Well, you are close, but it tells us clearly.






 Yes. Death rode on the horse, and Hell followed after him.




Hell, his environment, OK. So the rider of the horse of the human being that does not have -- is not in the process of having Christ regenerated in him is a horse, and his rider is death. That is why we die. That is why this body dies because death is riding on the horse, and death cannot keep us alive. Brethren, that is the condition of fallen man; we worry continuously about this body, and I am not saying that we should not do so. I am no- -- I mean, I am not saying it is a bad thing, but, for those of us who have the privilege of being received or having been received by Christ Jesus, we are called to a higher lifestyle; we are called to faith in Christ, that he will take care of us. So even though our toe hurts -- I served God very, very -- as a very, very sick woman for 13 years, on the point of death, and I served him with all of my strength. It took that long. Well, [?I am?] -- my illness was severe.


But the average person that does not serve Christ Jesus, we worry about this body. We worry about getting shelter for it in the cold. We are the only mammal that does not have a fur coat. We are the only mammal that dies from the -- would die from the elements. We worry about feeding ourselves, and today things -- the situation of providing food for ourself is much more severe than it was 50 years ago when the average person had their own garden and cow and, you know, livestock and vegetables and means of providing for themselves. Brethren, if the food supply was cut off to you or to me today, where would we go for food outside of Christ? Does anybo- -- well, maybe some of you. We are in the suburbs here. Maybe some of you have a garden, but are you canning your food? Do you have a whole store? I mean, even if you grow some tomatoes in the summertime here, are you canning your food? Do you have a smokehouse with slabs of bacon hanging there? No. We would starve to death. We are needy, helpless.


You see, the fact that we are strong and provided for is an illusion. The only reason that we are in the condition that we are in -- and some of us are a little too chubby here, except me, of course, [?you know?], OK. The only reason that we are in the condition that we are in is because the Lord Jesus Christ has had mercy on us, but very few people understand that. We are in danger every second of every minute of every hour of our lives. We are in danger of death, if we were not cared for by our Father in heaven, but this lack of knowledge causes pride to rise up. Well, you think you did it yourself because you spent 10 years educating yourself, and now you make $200,000 a year. Well, God bless you, but what if there was no corporation?


And you are in the same position as I am if the food supply was cut off tomorrow and all the restaurants closed down and transportation was cut off so the farmers could not get their produce here, and the meat packers could not get their meats here. I do not care if you are a multi-billionaire. You are in the same desperate condition that I am in. You read about manna in the wilderness. I get my manna every day; only I go to [?Meat Farms?] to pick it up, or maybe I go every other day. I go to gather my manna. I do not provide my own food, my own shelter, my own heat.


So we see that fallen humanity is obsessed with the spiritual house that we live in, this body, which needs physical ministry and the emotional needs of the inner side of this physical body, which is my personality. I need shelter; I need f- -- clothing; I need food; my emotional needs need to be met. Isolation is deadly; we need other people. We -- our emotional animal does, and that is why we go into a level of crisis when Christ Jesus begins to be formed in us because the resurrected Adam does not need, you know, human companionship; he only needs God. That emotional animal in someone who is spiritually ascended is cared for by Christ Jesus, but he sends us back into the masses. Why? Because it is the will of God to minister to the emotional animal, so anybody who has ascended, you cannot stay up there in Never Never Land or in your ivory tower or by yourself because the reason you are ascended is that the Lord raised you up to send you back to his people because he wants to deliver everybody from Hell and death. But, ultimately, brethren, every one of us will be so tight with Christ Jesus that we will not need anything but him. What our existence will be like at that time, I do not know because I believe the Lord made a creation that he intended to multiply. That was the command, was it not? Go forth and multiply, you know. Bear fruit, multiply, fill the Earth.


So he has a purpose for us and for each individual one of us, even after we are fully provided for by him. I just do not know what it is. I do not feel too bad about that because Paul did not know what it was either. He said, “We do not know,” but he said, “But we see Jesus.” We do not know because, right now, we are too busy worrying about our horse because, if our horse does not get fed, physically and emotionally, our horse will die, and the real us, the person who we really are, which we are a soul, OK, cannot exist in this plane of consciousness without a house or without a horse. Our horse is our house, depending on the context that you are referring to us. We are either a horse which carries the spiritual life, the soul, wherever it wants to go or a house that the soul lives in.


So if the house dies, the soul has to department from this world, and we are in such a desperate condition. I think Jesus said something like this in the Book of Revelation, did not he not, when he was talking to the churches, to the d- -- I think the seven churches? He said to one of the churches, “You are desperate and naked and needy, and you do not even know it.” That is us; we are desperate. We are doing all kinds of things to make ourselves feel good. Sometimes we eat; sometimes we smoke; sometimes -- we do all kinds of things to make our bodies feel good, to make our emotions fell good, and everybody is running here and there, helter-skelter. Everybody is running, doing things, doing things, doing things to make ourselves feel good because we are cut off, at least to some degree, from the living God who has promised to meet every one of our needs.


Now in order for the Lord to meet every one of our needs, he has to prepare us and form us and configure us in a way that we can receive him. He wants to meet our needs. Right now, he is not meeting -- I do not know that he is meeting anyone’s needs 100 percent and, obviously, including me. Is it because the Lord is not capable? No. It is because I am incapable. It is be my soulish existence is still so strong, craving the things of this world, craving a nice house to live in, craving food for my body, craving emotional satisfaction. Whatever I crave, I am just like the rest of you. I really am, whatever your little idiosyncrasies are that I do not know about. I am just like you, really. So I know that he is not meeting my needs 100 percent, and he is not lacking.


I am not yet reconfigured in my mind. My emotions have not yet been brought to a place where he can satisfy me because I am still craving the things of this world. I am s- -- my mind I still programmed to desire the good things of this world. You know, what the -- when the Lord first called me to this ministry, I had a big problem with my family, with my mother, more -- most l- -- of all, who loved me very much. She did not want me in a house, in a little room, working all by myself. She wanted me to get a job in a big corporation where I would meet a man and get married and be happy and live happily ever after, and I struggled with her mind for years because she was convinced that is what was best for me, and I believed it myself for years.


Then I came to a place where the Lord is satisfying me so much that it would be a real, real challenge, that it is a real challenge to balance my natural life and my spiritual life because which way will I go? At this point, I am capable of locking myself in this house for a week with the Lord and not coming out for a week and having a wonderful, glorious time with him. So which way do I go? I am pulled in two directions. I have a daughter; I have grandchildren who need me and who I want. I love them, but I am definitely pulled in two directions because I am in transition.


Christ Jesus in me is mature to the point that I have a real conflict, but most people in the church do not have a real conflict. They come to church or -- and I am not knocking anybody. I am not. If you are not there, you are not there. I am giving you a vision. So if you listen to one message a day or if you listen to one message a day for an hour and then you go up that -- then you have no conflict. Do you understand my point? I am not in any way criticizing you. I am identifying your condition, OK. You listen to your one message a day, if you do that much, OK, and then you have no problem. You go and you minister to your family, and you watch TV, and you do whatever you do. You cook; you shop; you clean, and you are happy, you know, because you are satisfied. There is no conflict. You have satisfied your spiritual need with that one message a day or that one hour a day.


I am not like that anymore. I am insatiable. I am spiritually insatiable, but I have a problem. Me, the real me, the soul that I am, is attached to an emotional animal, this physical body that sometimes gets tired or just burnt out or just frustrated. And on the other side, on the inside, is a personality that has emotional needs that pull me in another direction. So when I go to have my emotional needs satisfied, my spiritual side is cli- -- is crying for God. Woe is me. Who shall deliver me from this body of death?


So the purpose of this whole exhortation is to tell you that the living God intends, fully intends, to deliver us from this body of death, both the outer part, which is the physical body, and the inner part, which is the emotional man, or I should say the emotional woman because th- -- our emotions are female. [?Excuse me?]. Now Jesus had emotions. There are emotions in spiritual manhood, but they are different than d- -- excuse me, human emotions. His plan, the plan of the living God, to deliver us from the bondage -- we are enslaved to our physical body who will be fed and comforted or scream and cry.


I --- you know, brethren I have never experienced hunger, but I have spoken to people who have. I have spoken to people who tell me they have -- they lived for weeks on mayonnaise sandwiches or ketchup sandwiches. I have never known hunger. I am a very blessed person. There are people, I guess, in this country and other parts of the world that do not even have that. They forage in garbage pales. Let me tell you something. When your body is hungry, you cannot think about anything else. You do not think about listening to a Living Epistles message when your body is hungry. All you can think about is going out and getting food. If you do not have shelter, you are not thinking about listening to a Living Epistles messages. And in the same manner, if you are emotionally needy or if you are emotions are -- let me change that. If your emotions are clamoring to be fed or satisfied, it is, sort of, hard to listen to a Living Epistles message and go about your life.


This is bondage; it is slavery. Anything that draws our attention away from the living God is idolatry and slavery and sin. Why is sin? Are we bad because we sin? It is sin because it keeps us away from the living God, the only one who can truly satisfy us. It is sin because it is bad for us. D- -- the Lord is not out there whipping us, saying, you bad person, you. He is identifying sin because it is bad for us, and he loves us, and he knows what we need more than we know what we need because what we think we need is going to prolong our bondage to what we need or what we think we need.


We think we need the things of this world and our physical body and our emotional body think so too, and they scream and clamor like an infant. They scream and clamor when they do not have it, and they think these things will make them happy. Well, you may have happiness to some degree, but the happiness of this world does not last, and it carries with it the potential for great unhappiness. The happiness of this world carries with it the potential or the seed of great unhappiness. The happier you are, the greater the potential for unhappiness when you lose it, you see. So when Christ Jesus is the focus of our life and he gives us some of the happiness of this world, we say, thank you, Lord. We appreciate it for as long as we can have it, but you are my prime source. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, and, when I lose it because nothing lasts forever except Jesus Christ, when I lose it, I am going to be OK because you are my foundation. I am rooted and grounded in you. I can never ever lose God, and I can never ever lose the word that he has put in my heart. That is what he wants to do for us, and humanity is fighting against him tooth and nail because all we want is what which -- is that which satisfies and physical and emotional person, which is really a woman.


So it is the intention of the living God to deliver us by putting his life inside of us, and, by putting his life inside of us, he calls that life his son, his life, a potential, a seed inside of us to desire the things of God. And that seed and those desires war against the desires of the flesh, and the desires that prevail in us establish the environment that we live in, the condition of the health of our body, the condition of the health of our emotions and mind and, ultimately -- and the conditions of our life. If you are in poverty, the development of Christ Jesus in you can change your immediate environment, and, ultimately, it is designed to deliver us from this corrupt world. We are losing two people here, OK.


Brethren, this world is corrupt. The Scripture clearly says this world is corrupt. Why do you crave it? Why do I crave it? Because my emotional animal is not yet being satisfied by the Christ in me. He has not yet penetrated into all layers of my being. He is satisfying the spiritual me, but the carnal me still craves things that are not good for me. Eventually, he will get into the -- all the layers of my being, all the aspects of my soul, and satisfy me so completely that I will be invulnerable to the lusts of this world because that which corrupts us, Paul tells us, is the -- are the lusts of this world. They corrupt us.


You see, we think we are OK because what is corrupting us is not heroin or what is corrupting us is not alcohol, which the whole world knows that that is bad. You should not do that. That is going to corrupt your body, your g- -- your health, right? OK. What we do not understand is that the desires for the things of this world corrupt our ability to mature into Christ Jesus, God’s plan for ultimate deliverance from Hell and death. Did anybody not understand what I just said? You see, there are certain things that are acceptable in this world, and they are not only acceptable, but we are -- we teach our children you should seek them. But once Christ Jesus calls you or calls us, it becomes a problem. We are living in two worlds, and the desires of those two worlds conflict.


So, anyway, I am long-winded this morning. The plan to deliver us is to put the nature of God inside of us. The emotions of God, the thought process of God, the desires of God, and that is what he calls his Son. There are two seeds in us, two existences in us, two minds in us, two cities in us, however you want to say it. One craves God and cannot get enough, and the other craves the things of this world, the acceptable things of this world, marriage, home, children, friends, respectability, love of this world. If the Lord has not called you, tha- -- they are good things, and you should seek them. And during the period of transition, you should desire them too. It is only when the seed of the world of Christ in you swallows up the seed of the world that you give it up. You should not be giving up anything under your own power; that is just a religious work. But the word is that the life that Christ has put in you has an assignment, and that assignment is to utterly corrode and swallow up the desires of the things for this world in you, so you should know it is coming, and hopefully you will not fight it. Is everybody with me? Everybody, wake up, please. Wake up, everybody.


That holy -- that thing inside of us, it is holy. The life of God inside of us, it is a holy thing. The King James calls it a holy thing, but it is really more than a holy thing; it is the holy one. Who is the holy one? The Son of God. A seed, a drop, a sperm, if you will, of the life of God inside of you and inside of me, capable -- a seed capable of reproducing the nature, the character and the power of the whole tree, but you are not the whole tree, and I am not the whole tree. The Father is the whole tree. The son in me and the son in you -- S-O-N, son. We are the fruit of the tree, but we are not the tree. How could a human being born of a woman with a visible border, a visible, physical border -- and I said this on Part 3. I do not mean to be a irreverent, brethren, but I have got to make my point. A man who urinates and defecates and has bacteria all -- do you know that our bodies are filled with deadly existence, bacteria, viruses? Everything is in the blood. He had all of those things. He had blood. He bled on the cross, did he not?


Listen, brethren, the church has made a serious error. The church has made a serious, serious error. Jesus of Nazareth, in the days of his flesh, was the Son of God. He said, “I go to my Father,” meaning that he was returning to the spiritual level or the spiritual grade called Father. Down here in this world, in the flesh, he existed on the spiritual level called Son. He departed from this world and returned to a higher spiritual world called Father. What is the difference between Father and Son? The Father can reproduce. Is that not what he is doing today? Is he not sprinkling on us? Is a seed not falling on all of humanity, seeking to root? He said, “I am the vine. You are the branches.” Is he not a vine in the earth, seeking to reach out and put a branch in each of us, that we should bear much fruit?


So what I am telling you is exciting. It is not -- the only thing that is bad about it or frightening about it is that any -- well, I do not know about the people here, but, wherever this is going, and I am preaching it into the Spirit, people are scared. Sheila is saying Jesus is not God. I am not saying that. The glorified Jesus Christ who is today one with his Father is God, but in the days of his flesh, he was the Son of God, and the Scripture says nothing other than that. There is not one claim in the Scripture that Jesus was God in the days of his flesh. He was a man who attained to a spiritual condition that we call full stature. Actually, that term is not even in the Scripture. We are exhorted to attain to the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. Well, you know, brethren, you cannot throw one Scripture away. The Scripture says that we should attain to the fullness of the stature of Jesus Christ in the days of his flesh, and we knock the Mormons because they think they are going to become Gods. Is that not what the Scripture says? Seek to the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. Well, if he was God in the days of his flesh, that means we should all be seeking to be Gods.


Brethren, the doctrine in the church is unsound. It is unsound. It is simply unsound, all the advanced doctrine. The glorified Lord Jesus Christ is God. The Holy S- -- the truth of the Holy Spirit is that he can come, and he can dwell in you. Christ can be formed in you. Faith in God produces deliverance. Beyond that, their doctrine is unsound and wrong, completely wrong, proven wrong by the Scripture itself, not by me.


Jesus was a man who was born with an incarnating aspect of God. I believe that was Elijah. I am not going to fight with anybody over that now. He was born with an incarnating life that came from God, and as this m- -- as this whole message is revealing, Gabriel, after he spoke to Mary, got inside of her and was born as the man Jesus of Na- -- as the baby Jesus, and we have discovered that Gabriel is the name of the glorified Elijah. Now that part -- you know, if -- anybody hearing this, if you do not want to receive that, you just pray about that. But I am telling you that there is not one Scripture that would support the fact that the man Jesus of Nazareth or the baby born of Mary was God himself.


There was an aspect of God that was born in this child, and the child was his house. Jesus of Nazareth was the house of the aspect of God called the Gab- -- the angel Gabriel, a messenger of God sent to bring deliverance to humanity. How? By showing us what we have to do to get out of here and by giving us the ability to do it by imparting his seed to us. So we see that the fruit of the life of God can be growing in a human being, and, when that fruit becomes mature and fully joins with the seed that we received to help us do it, the seed of Christ can depart from this physical animal body, which is a manifestation or an expression or an impression of the carnal mind. It is an animal body; it is a reflection of an animal mind.


And one of the things that we receive from the life of God in us is an ability to understand that we should desire to depart from this flesh that clamors continuously to be fed with the things of this world. Until we are delivered from it, we need to deal with the clamoring of the animal that we live in, thus we have the formation of society. We have marriage; we have families; we have godly pursuits in life, all arranged to satisfy and quiet the clamoring of the flesh until we depart from this world which is Hell.


So Jesus was the Son of God. Everybody that has Christ Jesus formed in them is the Son of God. Now we could be sons of God in full stature, for lack of a better term, or not in full stature. I am in Christ a large part of the time, but not 100 percent of the time. Anything that you do, think or say that is generated by the Christ within you at that time, you are the Son of God. You are so-and-so the Christ, if it is coming from the Christ within you.


That is who Jesus of Nazareth was, but, as Christ matured in him and became Christ Jesus and continued to mature, he eventually departed from this body, and the Scripture says he died. Jesus of Nazareth died because Christ Jesus, his inner man, departed from this house, this horse, and the horse cannot live without the rider, and it died, but the inner man did not die. The inner man ascended to a high world where he arose to a level called Father, from which he could impregnate all of humanity so that we might, hopefully, have the same experience that he had, which experience is deliverance from Hell and death and from the bondages of the clamoring of the flesh that clamors and cries like an infant to be satisfied day and night. And it is not just the physical flesh, and it is not just the emotional flesh; it is the flesh of the carnal mind that thinks that it needs all of these things to be satisfied and cries like a baby.


And we are told in the Book of Revelation, I believe it is Chapter 17, “And they watched that city burning.” I watched my carnal life burning. I said, woe is me, Lord. What is going to happen to me? Because my carnal mind could not see or b- -- understand or believe that there is a whole other world. There was a whole other world waiting for me. Did I dare to go in and look and spy out the land? I did, and I saw that the fruit there was so great that one man could not carry it. It was wonderful and prosperous, [?great?] -- filled with promise, but [INAUDIBLE] was there. There were giants there, so there is no way you could stay in this new place without a continuous warfare.


So Jesus of Nazareth, brethren, was a human being. He ate; he defecated; he washed himself; he had emotional needs and physical needs. And inside of him was the holy one. The name of that holy one was Gabriel when he got inside of him, and then, once he was -- before he got inside of him, and, once he got inside of him, his name changed to Christ. And then when that Christ completely intertwined itself with the personality, the inner part of the horse, the personality -- when the inner man, Christ, so completely entwined itself with the personality, the name changed to Christ Jesus, and that is how Jesus was saved. His life, his soul was -- not his body now. His soul was so completely integrated with the soul of Gabriel, which was now called Christ, that when Gabriel or -- now called Christ, departed from the house, the soul of Jesus of Nazareth went with him, and the body, the house, died, just like a cocoon falls away when the butterfly leaves the house.


But the whole man Jesus of Nazareth was not God. How can you put an infinite God inside a single animal? Because that is what we are; we are animals. But the glorified Lord Jesus Christ is God. He is in me. He is in his church. His Holy Spirit is in the ears to hear. His Son, Christ, is in my earth and to some measure has become Christ Jesus. There is different degrees of everything. He is God. Christ Jesus is the Son, the mature Son, and the glorified Jesus Christ is the Father God.


Do I dare to say to you, if you have seen me, you have seen the Father? I do, these messages that I preach, this revelation that I bring forth. I am not saying if you look at my human side you see the Father. I have faults; I have many faults. That is not the Father, but this anointing on me, these messages, the wisdom that is on me, yes, if you have seen me, you have seen the Father. Yes, you have. You have seen as much of him as your mind could bear at this time. Even Moses could not see all of the Father. He was only able to see his hind part. Remember that? When Moses ascended into the mount, Jehovah said, “You cannot see all of me. You would die. What man can see God and live? But you can see my back part.


So, brethren, we are at a very exciting place in this ministry. Whoever will depart from us, depart from us. I am telling you the truth. I believe that we are going to see an appearance of Christ Jesus in full stature in our lifetime. I believe it is coming soon. Exactly what form it will take, I do not know, but I know that it is his plan to appear in the earth of humanity, and it has to happen. I believe this is the season. I also believe that the Lord has taught me that every -- how do I say this? Let me start another way.


Let me s- -- let me give you a testimony. When the Lord first started teaching me about Masonry and other spiritual organizations that identify themselves with words such as a 33rd-degree Mason, do you know -- excuse me, we have somebody sleeping over here. Thank you, OK. Do not mean to embarrass you, but you all need to hear this, really, OK. [?Do you know?] -- I asked many people, what does that mean, 33rd degree, twenty-th- -- second degree? What does this mean? Nobody could answer me, but today I know the answer.


Brethren, there are different degrees of spiritual power. The church is very naïve. There was a pastor here on Long Island that was going around telling his people and telling everybody there is only one Holy Spirit, and they are all the same, and even that is not true. Some people are more anointed in the Holy Spirit than others. That is just not true. Brethren, there are multiple degrees of spiritual power. Now this message is not popular in the church because anyone who believes it would then have to ask -- what question would they have to ask? If there are multiple d- -- if you believe there are multiple degrees of spiritual power, what question would you ask?


Where am I?


Where am I? At what level of spiritual power am I? Ah, the church does not want to hear that, especially the pastors. They do not want to hear that. You know, years and years ago, I had a dream. I have mentioned this dream on multiple messages because it never left me. It was such a mystery to me. In that dream there was a big -- what looked to me like a big water tank, but a -- like, a water tank that would hold the water for a town, a big, big water tank. And next to it was a building that looked like a high-rise building, and I could not even see the top of it. And I looked at the building, and on multiple floors, not every floor, but there were people looking at the window, so there were people on some of those higher levels. And I said, Lord, what in the world does that mean? He was telling me there are multiple levels of spiritual consciousness, and every level of spiritual consciousness has associated with it a level of spiritual power.


So we see that our spiritual consciousness is directly related to the level of power that we have, and the Lord has taught me that -- I have to back up to explain what I want to say. There was a time when someone challenged me openly in the church that I was raised up in. Well, what good is all of this revelation? You know, because she was jealous, you know. What do you need that for? What good is that? And at the time, I did not have the answer. I just knew it was wonderful understanding the things of God; it was wonderful, you know.


So, anyway, today I understand that this is how we climb Jacob’s ladder. Also, I knew that Jacob’s ladder connected this world to the heavenlies, but I never understood that th- -- each rung on Jacob’s ladder, each -- because when you ascend a ladder, you take a step, a rung, at a time -- that each rung was a level of spiritual power or authority in itself. I never even thought of ascending to heaven as attaining spiritual power because the church teaches you, when you ascend to heaven, you get into some spiritual social estate where God does everything for you, and you just eat Italian dinners and walk on streets of gold.


Brethren, ascending into heaven c- -- takes with it tremendous responsibility. You become responsible for the people on the rungs below you, and because they do not know what they are doing, their carnal mind is trying to knock you down out of that high place continuously. The ones you are trying to help are trying to bring you down because they are fallen. So today I know that spiritual ascension means spiritual power, if for no other reason, power to not be destroyed by the carnal minds of the people you are trying to rescue and, on a higher note, power to overcome the carnal minds of the people you are trying to rescue because you are trying to rescue them from their carnal minds. It is their carnal mind that is craving and clamoring like a baby for the things of this world, the things of the body, the things of the emotions and the things of the mind of this world, screaming like an infant in the middle of the night.


So now I know that each rung of that -- now I know what Jacob’s ladder means; it is the way we ascend into not just h- -- what is heaven? A place of spiritual power whereby we have all power over all the power of the enemy, where all our needs are met, where we are s- -- our needs are so completely met that we have the power to help others who have not arrived yet, which is the will of God for us when we ascend, to help those who have not yet ascended. That is clear in the King James. When you have been strengthened, brethren, what?


Strengthen your brethren.


Strengthen your brethren. I heard somebody say to me once, “When I ascend, I am going to be traveling in the spirit to Europe [UNINTELLIGIBLE].” No, you are not. Someone really said that to me, yeah. You will never ascend in Christ with that attitude, maybe by the other guy, you know.


So, brethren, there are multiple levels of spiritual power, and, to get to heaven -- I do not even like to use that term because it is not -- [?well, the?] -- it is -- the understanding associated with it is not accurate. You have to ascend into various levels of spiritual power; that is what 33rd-degree Mason means. If somebody who is a 33rd-degree [?mate-?] -- Mason has gone through 33 steps, each one ascending higher and higher in spiritual power. That means there are 33 levels of spiritual power, and what is really interesting about that number 33, which is really arrogant, is that -- I recently found out that Masonry is really based on Kabbalah. It is an ungodly form of Kabbalah called practical Kabbalah. It is magic. It is separating the power of God from the holiness and our submission to God, you know, so they are taking -- and Kabbalah teaches there are 32 levels of power. That is what Kabbalah teaches, 32 levels of power, but the Masons have 33 levels of power. They are claiming to be higher than the God of Israel. That is my understanding, certainly higher than what the Kabbalists teach.


So, brethren, we are not going to fly away. We are exhorted to ascend into the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. How? By stepping up that ladder a ring [sic] at a time, and each ring on that ladder has associated with it a level or a revelation of the doctrine of God. Each level, each rung on that ladder has associated with it, has nailed to it, a spiritual understanding of the message of God because the whole Scripture is a message of God to us. The whole word of God -- because the Scripture is written, but the whole spiritual word of God is a message from God to fallen mankind, and the way we ascend out of Hell is by embracing the truth and letting go of the lie.


So each new revelation that comes through that is truly of God -- and, you know, you have to pray this through. The t- -- you have to -- although I think everybody is here OK [sic]. Whoever is hearing this message, you have got to put your thoughts away, your clamoring mind that is screaming no away, and tell God that, if it is true, you want to believe it. Why? Because when you believe it, it will nail you and bring you up or raise you up to a particular rung on the ladder that ultimately ascends into the heavenlies, which is full provision by God to your every possible need. And, again, when you get up there where your every possible need is met, you have to go help the others.


So this revelation, it must be very high. This -- we have been bringing forth revelations here that have been undermining the doctrine in the chur- -- c- -- for a godly reason, undermining the doctrine in the church for a couple of years now, but this just takes the cake. This just really takes the cake. How does all -- how did all this false doctrine get into the church? It was seeped into the church by spiritual forces that want to prevent God’s people from ascending up the ladder, and we have not arrived yet. How do I know we have not arrived yet. How do I know we have not arrived yet? Because if this was the ultimate truth, my nose would not have been running this morning. I fully believe that. I fully, absolutely, believe that. I would not have had to take a vitamin C pill because my nose was running this morning.


The ultimate -- the -- a possession of the ultimate level of truth -- which aside from that I do not think we are capable of embracing the entire truth so long as we are in the flesh, OK, but -- so I should not say the ultimate truth. But to embrace the level of truth that Jesus had attained to -- let us just leave it at that. To embrace the level of truth that Jesus had attained to, which equipped him to depart from this world and from the b- -- and this body is a part of this world. That is why he left his body behind in case I did not make that clear. He left everything of this world behind him, including the body and the animal emotions and the animal mind that clamors day and night like an infant in its crib screaming for its mother. He left all that behind because it is only a part of this world. He did not take that with him to the next world.


So I know I have not attained to that yet, so it has to be more. Can you imagine? What could be more than this? With every revelation, we are saying, what is coming next? But you and everybody listening to this message, you need to understand that, first of all, you cannot just believe me because you -- now you are going to believe me because you want to ascend up to the next rung of the ladder. No. You have to believe this. You have to get before God, and you have to be convinced that this is the truth of his word. It has to be yours. You cannot ascend on my belief. It has got to be -- it is something alive in you. The word is alive. The word, the spiritual word that I am now preaching in human language so you can hear it. It is a living thing. It has got to get inside of you and become a part of you, become a part of the Christ in you, become a part of the new world that is growing in you. And then it is actually the new world that is growing in you the matures up the next rung of the ladder.


So we are dealing with multiple revelations right now. I mean, I think this is shocking to the church, that there are multiple levels of power. The church does not even talk about power, although maybe a deliverance church will. Behold, I have given you power over all the power of the enemy. Well, you hear that in the deliverance church, or you hear that in a ch- -- in a prosperity church, yeah. I have given you power over all the power of the enemy. Go out and get that job. Is there anything wrong with getting a job? No, but that is not what it is about. Does the Lord want you to have a good job? Yes, he does. Why? So that you can be freed up to pursue him. He wants you to have a good job so that your needs could be met, so that you could have enough peace to pursue the kingdom of God. Does he want you to have food? Of course he does. He does not want you to die. If you die, his Son in you dies. Does that sound heartless? It is the truth. We have absolutely no value until his Son is in us.


Human beings that are not manifestations of Christ are disposable, are dispensable. Oh, Sheila, that is a terrible thing to say. No, it is not. Because -- why? Because they are going to die anyway. They are going to die anyway, so what is the difference if they at 40 or they die at 90? They are not -- t- -- people who are not manifesting the Christ or the purposes of Christ, because some people who do not have Christ still work for the kingdom, you are going to die anyway, so, if your removal is necessary so that someone who is manifesting the Christ can go on, what difference does 10 years make? To the Lord, it is nothing. That is the truth, and everybody who is shocked by that, you do not even know who you are serving. You do not even know who God is. You think he is some babysitter that is your copilot or something that is here to make you happy and feel good. That is Satan; that is not the God of the Bible.


I keep think- -- I keep -- I have been hearing in my head for a while now that, you know, when Jesus said to his followers, “You must eat my flesh and drink my blood,” you know, I think, what was it, 500 people left him? A hun- -- or was it more than that? Well, people left him. They left. Maybe there were only 500 left. I am sorry I do not have the number right. The people departed from him because they thought that he meant that they really had to physically cannibalize him or whatever they thought.


You know, when this message really spreads into the church, a lot of Christians will depart because they are false Christians. They are Christian the name only. They will not be able to bear the truth. A lot of people can be Christians because they think, you know, they are going to get the loaves and the fishes. They are there to get the blessings. It makes them feel good. And do I have anything against these people? Absolutely not. My goal is to reach the people who have the potential to rise in Christ. That is what my job is, and to touch them with this message and to awaken Abel in them and let them start on their spiritual journey upwards. That is what my job is.


Would I willingly hurt anybody? Of course not. Would I have mercy on someone who was not in Christ? Of course I would. If they knocked on my door, I would help them in any godly way that I could, but I would not sacrifice the people that I have a responsibility to towards someone who other people out there could help. If someone knocked on this door and had a need that there were 50 other people out there that could help them, if they had a human need that there were government agencies, people that would take them in or do things for them, I would not do it for them because it would interfere with what I am doing for you all. I would not leave someone laying on the street; I would find someone to help them, but I would not take them on as a responsibility.


So this exhortation has gone a lot longer than I expected it to. My message, for those who still are listening to this -- the -- to this message and do not get what I am saying, I am saying that I do believe and we do preach that the glorified Jesus Christ is God, but the man Jesus of Nazareth who was born from a woman’s body, who came out of a woman’s body covered with blood, who urinated and defecated, was not God, and that it is really an abomination to say so, if you can see it in the terms that I am describing it. It is an absolute abomination to even suggest that, and you wonder why the Jews reject Christianity.


I closed Part 3 with a profound statement that I will repeat here. Brethren, the reason that the -- that Israel under Solomon broke down into the northern and southern kingdoms was because the living God would not permit -- well, let me say it another way. The unified Israel and Judah are an awesome force. They were, in Bible days, an awesome force, an awesome military force, an awesome spiritual force. They were so powerful under Solomon and under David towards the end, anyway, but basically under Solomon. They were so powerful that all of their neighbors were at peace with them.


Brethren, read the Scripture; it is very clear. Nations that are at peace with you, as soon as you get weak, start to rise up against you to test you. Nations, people that you have relationships with, you think they are your friends. You will find out who your friends are when you get weak. The unified Israel was an awesome force, and, when Solomon departed from the Lord and started to worship under gods, the kingdom was taken from him, and his son, Rehoboam, did not have the moral authority that Solomon had. The king that ascended to the throne, Solomon’s son Rehoboam, was just an -- a continuation, and to a much lesser degree, of the -- Solomon in the days of his demise. He had no wisdom.


There was no wisdom in Rehoboam, so Jehovah broke up the kingdom. He was not going to put a nation, the unified Israel and all of that power, under the control of a reprobate man. And what was Rehoboam’s worst crime? Was it that he had no wisdom? Was it that he had no compassion? No. W- -- the real reason the kingdom broke up -- that Jehovah broke up the kingdom was that Rehoboam did not seek the living God for counsel. He sought the counsel of his peers, of his friends, of his contemporaries, of those who were equal to him. He sought the counsel of man. No way, brethren, no way.


If you continue to seek the counsel of man, you will go into destruction, or at least you will not prosper. And if you cannot understand that it is possible for the wisdom and the counsel of God to come out of another man, then you are missing a lot. If you think the only way you can get the counsel and the wisdom of God is by his speaking to you directly and you do not acknowledge the Son of God in a man, you do not acknowledge the wisdom of Christ Jesus that is in me and in this ministry, you will be depriving yourself of the wisdom of God and maybe a c- -- some wisdom that he is not -- he does not intend to tell you directly.


You have not because you ask not. Whatever it is that you want that you do not have, you have to ask for it. You do not ask, you do not get. You can be in your prayer closet praying daily for God to ask somebody or ask me to tell you something or offer you something, and y- -- it is not going to happen. You have to ask me. OK. I hu¬- -- you have to humble yourself and ask me, and your pride has to take the risk of me saying no, but, hopefully, you would believe I would only say no if it was the Lord saying no. See, there is no risk in staying in your prayer closet and praying that the Lord tells me to do something, but, if you humble yourself and you ask me, there is the risk that I might say no. But as I said, hopefully, you have some faith in me that I am a person of God and that I would only tell you the Lord’s answer, yes or no.


So that is my position and the position of this ministry. The doctrine in the church that Jesus of Nazareth in the days of his flesh was God is an abomination, but it is such an abomination that you cannot even be mad at the people because they are just overtaken, and I am -- 30 years in the church, I believed it. I believed it until a short time ago. I am in the church for 30 years. I am a teacher of the doctrine of Christ, and the ministry is 20 years old, and I believed it all this time, so we see that we believe error until we are enlightened. We believe all kinds of things until we are enlightened, so, you see, to say, well, I have been believing that for 50 years does not mean that it is right. When you hear it the right way, the Lord requires you to change. Did I make my point? Does anybody not understand what I am saying?


Now this is really important because you must understand there are people who will hear this and say Sheila is preaching that she is against the deity of Jesus Christ, that he is not God, and w- -- if you get into a conversation with somebody over this, you will find -- I [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- and I would like to hear it, if you find otherwise, but I can almost assure you the person that you are talking to will never in a million years have thought of distinguishing between Jesus in the days of his flesh and the glorified Jesus. In their mind, the mind of the person that is offended at what I am teaching here, they never ever considered that -- not that they were different people, but they were a manifestation of God in other s- -- conditions, you see.


I think I gave this example on Part 3. I am sitting here. You see me. This is a powerful message coming forth. You should be seeing me as a powerful preacher. Anyway, I hope you are. Then I go down to Florida, and my -- to my grandchildren, and I am just grandma, and they are dragging on me and pulling on me and screaming and jumping on me and dragging me in the pool and whatever else they are doing. They do not have a clue. So Jesus of Nazareth in the days of his flesh is a completely different manifestation of God than the glorified Jesus Christ. They are in two -- they were in two different places, OK. They had two different functions. They had two different goals.


What were the two different goals? Jesus of Nazareth, his goal was to asce- -- was to complete the process and ascend out of his body, and the goal of the glorified, to impregnate humanity with his life, two completely different goals, two completely different stages of life. Think of yourself at 5 years old, at 10 years old. What were your goals? And now think of yourself as mature people, making your mark in the world. You have careers; you have families. Are you the sa- -- ho- -- what do you have in common? Those of you that are adults with, you know, established family lives, what do you have in common with the 5 year old who you once were? The only thing you have in common is that, most likely, you can see that you came from the same body, but you have stretched out and matured and that your name is the same and that your family is the same. And maybe you have some of the same goals, but in a -- from a cer- -- completely different perspective. What would you have in common with yourself at 5 years old today? If your 5-year-old self could appear before you and want to be your pal, what would you have in common with that person?




Nothing, absolutely nothing. I am comparing Jesus of Nazareth to the glorified Jesus Christ. I just received an email last week asking a very naïve question, and it was obvious from that question that that person’s mind saw the two of them as exactly the same, in the same place, in the same condition, with the same motives, with the same goals, with the same powers. Brethren, Jesus of Nazareth did not have the same powers that the glorified Jesus had. They were not the s- -- for all intents and purposes, they were not the same person. So compare yourself to the 5 year old. Are you the same person?




For all intents and purposes, Jesus of Nazareth in the days of his flesh and the glorified Jesus are not even the same person; that is why they have different names, Jesus of Nazareth and the Lord Jesus Christ. They are not the same person. Wake up, everybody. Wake up. I am winding down. We are going to take a break in just a minute. OK.


So I really have to do that. Are there any questions or comments before we stop for a break?


When Jesus rose from the dead, was he glorified when he was on the earth still, when he was with the disciples? I do not know if I am getting confused just on the words. Is he only glorified when he is with the Father in heaven as spirit or when he was physically -- not physically, but I know he w- -- he took on any form he wanted. [CROSSTALK] is that considered glorified at that point?


I do not know that. It is a really, really good question, and I do not know what the answer is, and to compare his condition after the resurrection in the earth to his condition -- to his ascended condition, I just do not have that -- there has to be a difference, in my opinion. I just do not know what it is, yeah.


I gather that she is talking about the transfiguration.


Yes. No, no, not the transfiguration, the resurrection. She is talking about the resurrected Jesus who appeared on the road the Emmaus and who appeared to the disciples.


Oh, I thought she was questioning when Jesus was on the Mount of Transfiguration.






And the glory shone from him.




OK. Do you want to make another question out of that because that is not what she meant? I -- if you have an- --


[CROSSTALK] the words to --




-- express it.


OK. Because then I do not -- are you saying -- are you comparing the transfiguration to his ascended state? Is that what you are saying?


Yes. I do not believe it is the same, far from it, but is there some kind of a connection? I guess, that is my question.


Well, there is always a connection, but in the -- in his -- in the transfiguration, I think all that that was, was that what was inside of him -- the glory that was inside of him was revealed to those who were watching, but he was still in the flesh, so that was definitely not the same spiritual place after the resurrection, after he departed permanently from the body, so they are different levels of ascension and I do not know how to distinguish them at this time.


The Scripture says, “Know no man by the flesh,” and that includes Jesus.


Well, that is true, so he revealed who he truly was, but most people do know people by the flesh, although most people know me by the flesh and have a lot of trouble -- they have a lot of trouble seeing the Christ in me, you know. It is easiest to see the Christ in me when I preach, but most people just really stumble over me, you know, but that is what the Scripture says, “I am a stumbling block.” That is why you should really pray about everything that I say because most of what I say, unless I am manifesting -- which I do once in a while, you know. Almost everything I say, if I f- -- you know, and, even in a normal conversation, you really need to pray about it because the Lord could be answering one of your questions through my everyday speech, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] See. [?Is?Was?] there anybody else? Did you say something?


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