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-- -nity, and we all have an opportunity, with you, to learn something.

            I did not really catch it. I, kind of, crushed it.

You crushed it?


Yeah. And what I find very interesting, as I turned on the news last night -- and I do not watch the news every night, but I turned it on. And did you know that there was an airplane crash?

            Yes, Farmingdale.

In Farmingdale, a serious airplane crash. Both planes were creamed, or sh- -- not creamed, they were burnt to a crisp, and four people died. And, to me, this is no coincidence.

            Only four people died? 

Two baby -- two s- -- not baby,


-- two small planes, just two-seater planes.

            They crashed [INAUDIBLE]

[AUDIO CUTS OUT] two-seater planes. All four [?people?] died.

            In the air?

In the air. Now I do not understand it completely, but I believe that there are waves of destruction that come out, and a command goes out from Satan’s government, crash, you know, and that it manifests in many different realms. God only knows how many car crashes there were that were not reported. The airplane crashes are reported because they are not that common, but I am told more people die from automobile crashes than [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] so we do not even [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] on the roads, OK.

So [AUDIO CUTS OUT] I [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE] an instruction has gone out, you know. An instruction has gone out [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] and the Lord is saying it has [?got you?], and we -- what we are doing right [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE] bond to the spiritual word that is [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] loved ones and that this [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] like I said, I do not [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] your husband was not [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] too thrilled abou- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] but no man would b- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] too thrilled about his wife having a [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE] they even make [?the comment?][AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE] upset when their wife has a little [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] joke, you know. My wife had a [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [?car accident?], or it used to be, anyway, you know.

[INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] believe me, t- -- [?compares?] to what could have been, this is [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] hurt. I acknowledge [?the hurt?] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] you know [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] compared to what could have been, and it is a learn- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] experience for all of us, that we need to pray that God opens [?the?] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] realm of the spirit, that we hear it when he speaks. Sometimes we hear the words, but we underst- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] I am telling you, it is st- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE] to me. It happens to me. I get so mad. I am teaching this stuff, and I hear from the Lord, and I do not heed. And the -- you know, whatever happens, happens, and, of course, nothing really serious has happened to me, you know, in a long time, but I do not know -- but, even so, why should anything happen at all.

If you hear the warning, if the words are spoken and -- why should you not have the best you could have [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] heard the words, but you [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [?speech?], you know, and that is what we are going through now. Jesus said, “What is the matter with you? You hear my words, but you do not understand my speech,” and that is the -- our problem. You see, we are under the water. We are down here under the water, and our thinking is dull, and our eyes are dim, and the Lord is sharpening us up. And he is letting some trouble come upon as learning [?experiences?] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] because we were j- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] down here, if he did not start giving us a couple of nudges, you know. He is sticking us with a couple of pins.

Did you ever see a movie about somebody who was paralyzed and the doctors, they -- when they test to find out if there is any re- -- nerve recovery at all, they come with a pin, and they stick his toes, and they see if there is an- -- because if you stick your toe or your finger with a pin, it -- the automatic reaction is a jerk. So the doctors come to the paralyzed man with pins, and they stick pins in him. That is what the Lord is doing to us. We are dead in our sins, brethren, and there is very -- except for those of us that are reviving, there is very little or no spiritual reflexes. And the Lord is knocking us and joggling us and doing everything he can to wake us up. He is yelling in our ear. He is causing us pain so that we are going to wake up. That is what this is all about.

Why? Because in the very near future we are about to see openly -- as openly as you see the homosexual pressure groups demonstrating and demanding their rights and gathering in groups and doing damage -- in case you do not know, they went into Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. They are interfering with religious services. They are demonstrating. They are going to Washington. They have been very violent these last few years. Now this homosexual community, w- -- you know, when I was a young woman, they would not demonstrate. It was a shame to be a homosexual. They hid it. At all costs, they hid it. So now it started out with simply expressing themselves and desiring to be accepted, and now they are violently, or s- -- a s- -- a portion of their community, anyway, are violently trying to force their acceptance on the community, and they are trying to make converts.

Well, in that same manner, if you could use that as a natural example, in the very near future, we are about to see a spiritual phenomenon appearing on the face of the earth, and that is human beings who are spiritually powerful and evil, and they are about to appear very shortly, and at the same time will be appearing another community of mature spiritual beings who are righteous in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. And if you are called to be a righteous human being, this -- you are going through a lot of pain and a lot of travail.

The Bible calls it an overcoming because God is going to have a man in the earth. He is going to have a son in the earth. He is going to have a high priest in the earth. He is going to have a judge over this nation and over this world who is going to be or is who -- through whom the power of God will be flowing without measure at the same time that the spiritually mature evil beings arise, and it is what is coming upon the earth. Brethren, Noah preached for 120 years. Do you know, before the flood came, it had never rained on the earth? Noah went around preaching, saying, “The rains are coming; the rains are coming. There is going to be a flood.” It had never rained before. Did you know that? The people thought he was crazy. What kind of floods are you talking about? They had never seen rain, but God told Noah that it was going to rain, and it was going to rain with such an intensity that all of the habitable earth would be covered over. And because Noah believed God, God found his righteous and saved him and his house.

Now, brethren, I am preaching a very strange message. I never heard this in the church before, but I have got a flash for you; the occult workers know about it. You want to watch a horror movie or a science fiction movie, they will tell you all about it, but the church thinks it is being raptured. I am telling you, in the word of the Lord, to anyone that has ears to hear and eyes to see, man, spiritually speaking, is approaching his 13th year. He is approaching puberty, and, up until now, man has been spiritually neuter in the same way that human children -- let us stay with the parables. Human children, until the age of puberty, are not sexually active. So even though they are differentiated -- what does that mean? Some have male bodies, and some have female bodies. They are not using their bodies sexually, neither are their minds developed as male or female, although you might see some male characteristics. Boys li- -- might like to tease, and girls might like to play mommy, but their minds are not really developed, male or female. They are neuter until puberty.

Well, that is hard to believe because we know humanity -- the church confesses 6,000 years. I happen to agree th- -- with the scientists; it must be much longer than that. And I am not going to get into that now, but I do believe there is a scriptural basis for that. But at least 6,000 years, we will concede to that. How could man be in his puberty? Because man is a spiritual being, and the people that we see in the Earth today are types for us to understand spiritual things, which are so beyond us, it is hard to understand them.

But Adam, we are all Adam. He is a plant; Adam is a plant. The original creation is a plant that has expanded into many members; that is what we are. And, spiritually speaking, we are just now approaching puberty, and, up until now, human beings have not been predominantly evil or predominantly good. And the way the Scripture explains this is that, sexually, we have not really been sexually active, spiritually sexually active. But as we approach puberty, it will be revealed. It is about to be revealed whether or not we are male or female, and to be male, you must be in -- you must be predominantly in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. You must have a male mind, and your spiritual sexual activity mu- -- you must be functioning as a spiritual male. Your mind must be male. And what dose a man do? I am sorry that these messages are so graphic. It is the message the Lord has given me. A man penetrates the woman, and those who have a male mind will be t- -- penetrating the minds of human beings who have a female mind. For what purpose? To deposit the seed of Christ, that they might too arise in righteousness.

But at the same time, there will be a company of spiritually mature human beings who have matured in Satan. They have matured, spiritually, without the seed of Christ. They are acting like men, but they are not spiritual men. Why are they not spiritual men? Jesus Christ is the only spiritual male. But, as our natural example, we see in this world women, who are not men, acting like men; they are called lesbians. So we see Satan being the spiritual lesbian, standing up in a measure of spiritual strength, in a company of human beings who will be using her strength to engage in spiritually mature behavior. Can you hear this? Am I making any sense at all?

What will these men be doing? And, of course, when I say men, that word is generic; I am talking about human men and women. They will have a spiritually developed mind, which is developed on the evil side, and they will be penetrating the spiritual women of humanity. For what purpose? To deposit the mature seed of Satan, to perform a spiritual work that will assure that the human beings that they do penetrate will differentiate not towards the righteousness of Christ, but to the spiritual maturity of Satan, making them a spiritual lesbian, arriving into spiritual maturity en- -- which will enable them to engage in spiritual functions on the evil side of their potential. Is there anyone that does not know what I am talking about? You do know what I am talking about?

It is coming, and if you do not believe it, that is OK. They did not believe Noah either, and the rains came. And I am telling you the people that are in the occult, they know that it is true. Well, what they do not know about is they do not know about the sons of God. They do not know about the sons of God, but they know that man is coming to his spiritual maturity, and, as far as they know, it is going to be in the spirit that man is born with, and this, by many, is called the Christ consciousness. They have a revelation that some will be good and some will be evil, but, from -- I -- and, of course, I have no way of knowing what every individual new age group teaches. I just know what God brings to my attention, but what I do know is that the truth of what is happening to mankind is only in Christ, therefore I know, however many groups there are in the new age, they cannot have the whole truth because whatever knowledge they have is coming out of their carnal minds. So I know they cannot have the whole truth, and I know most of what they believe is perverted or twisted or not exactly accurate, nevertheless, when you look at it, you can see the reality or the foundational principle there; the understanding is just messed up. Is everybody OK?


 OK. But it is not Christ; it is really Satan and the carnal mind saying that it is Christ. So the bottom line is this [INAUDIBLE]

[AUDIO CUTS OUT] to left or to the right. We cannot be neuter anymore, OK. Now in this neuter condition that mankind has been in for all of these years, there -- like I mentioned earlier, the ones that tend towards being male, you will see in our natural example, little boys being rough and tumble and being very different than little girls, although they are not sexually active. We also see that in humanity, if you have eyes to see it. We have some people who, if they had a choice, would tend towards righteousness. If they could choose, they would choose to be good. They may not know how. They may be all messed up because of family line curses and problems in their life, but, if they had the choice, they would choose righteousness.

And then we see another group that, if they had their choice, they would really choose to be evil, and they are in the woodshed all the time, and they are -- hopefully it is their father that is whipping them in the love of God, trying to teach them righteousness. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? There are people in this world that, if they had free choice, would choose evil. That is why we have policemen and armies because there are lawless people as a part of humanity. So we see, in a human race which has not yet differentiated into mature spirituality, we see neuter human beings who are inclined either towards manhood or womanhood. They are inclined either towards righteousness or towards evil.

Now some of them have some spiritual power. You have all heard about witchcraft, and, in certain parts of the world, it is pretty developed, but I -- as a general rule, humanity has not yet differentiated. We have some; in the natural we would say precocious children. Every once in a while, you see -- hear about an 8-year-old or a 9-year-old girl getting pregnant. Some people are ahead of their time, but we are talking about the masses. Humanity has not differentiated yet.

She is about to differentiate, and the people who are headed towards evil spiritual maturity are way ahead. They are precocious. They are way ahead in their development of the people who are destined for spiritual righteousness, maturity in spiritual righteousness. And the tendency seems to be that the neuter or the immature members of humanity, which are headed for spiritual maturity in the -- in evil, that they are just wiser, and they are strong, and they are out there studying and pursuing their goals; whereas, as a general rule, the people who are called to spiritual maturity in righteousness are immature and hurting and afflicted by the things of this world, in many cases overwhelmed and overcome and damaged and sick.

And the reason for this is that the prince of the power of the air, the king of this world, is Satan, and he is raising up his children. It is like the members of humanity which are destined to differentiate towards righteousness are Cinderellas. We are the stepchildren. We are not the real children of the god of this world, and he hates us, and he is being cruel to us. And if he could do it, he would even kill us because he may not understand the details, but he is got some little revelation in the back of his head that God has not just turned this creation over to him forever. Something in there is telling him I better get rid of these people, danger, danger, danger. Why? Because he is spiritual, and he has discernment.

So, brethren, this is the message. I do not know anyone in the church that is preaching it besides me. Maybe they are; I do not know. But, brethren, this is the message: We are about to be confronted with large numbers of human beings who it will appear that, overnight, have ascended into evil spiritual maturity, and they are going to be as bold about it as the demonstrating homosexuals because witchcraft has now become a legal religion. And there is going to be no stopping them other than the sons of God, who have ascended into righteous spiritual maturity.

So every unhappy experience that we have, getting back to you, is God’s way of shaking us and saying, come on, wake up, wake up, wake up. You must be trained to hear my voice when I speak, and, when you hear my voice, I want you to be trained as to what to do with it. Because just as we have said here recently, it is one thing to have the -- to be able to prophesy and something else to be able to understand the prophecy. It is one thing to hear the Lord’s voice, and it is something else to understand what he is saying, and then it is even a third thing to know what to do about it.

And the children of light are way behind the children of darkness. Even those of us here, even me, I believe I am way behind the children of darkness. It looks like the Lord is moving to increase me, but I am no fool. I am telling you I am way behind the more powerful children of darkness. I am crying out every day for strength. The hour is very short. So every negative experience that we have must be used for our training and our edification because we are going to wake up one morning. It is going to look like it is going to happen in a moment, but it is not. And I just remind you that Job said he is waiting for his change, and Paul said, “We shall be changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye.” It may look like it is happening in a moment as we pass over the threshold, if you remember the teaching on threshold. But we have been in training, at le- -- those of us that are called to righteousness for this whole lifetime, everything that has happened to us has been in preparation for what we are called to. You have a question?

            First of all, I have to apologize to Tracy. I did not have it on when she first started to speak, and then I want to thank you because you are elaborating what I was going to speak about. Tracy was saying that God warned her three hours before she had a car accident. Now my bag stolen the other day in front of the house, and the bag was soaking wet, and [?then next the policeman?]  [UNINTELLIGIBLE] lost over $20. It did not bother me, but I knew I had [?to be prayed for the curse of the fool?]. So I Sh- -- called Sheila, and we prayed for that, and then I go home on Thursday, from the prayer meeting, and I left my -- and I did not have my wallet, not my wallet. It is a tiny little thing that I use because my bag was drying. It is a leather bag. It took a long time --


            -- to dry. And I felt -- I thought it was my thoughts yesterday saying -- I was  trying to put my bag back in order, and it was like, “Go to your coat, and look for your wallet,” and I did not obey it. Now I realize it was God. Had I gone, I would have seen I did not have it, that it was over here. And I went through a horrendous morning. I went -- put my hand in my pocket to get the money to  get gas, and that little thing was gone that had my license in it. I said, oh, I cannot drive. I went home. I ransacked everything. I prayed. I said, Lord, reveal it to me. When I came here to ask for prayer [?for the fool?] again, she says, “I should have called you. It was here.” It was in the house. And so what -- this whole exhortation is teaching me that, when you get these thoughts --


            -- start doing something about them, so I have to thank you for that whole exhortation.


            It was a blessing.

At least, ask the Lord. At the very least, say, Lord, is it you? Or d- -- what do you -- I get words that I say, Lord, what do you want me to do with this information? At least ask. At least let him -- at least turn towards him for instruction.

            I have been really praying, I mean, praying like I have never prayed in my whole entire life, and the Lord gave me two words because I am so -- you know, I was so bent. So I was -- he gave me -- what did he say? Recompense and comprehensible.


            Comprehensible I think it was. That is all he said to me, two words. He just uses one word, and that is it, and that means to repay and  to pay back a debt or something like that.

Well, comprehensible means understandable, but there is an insurance term called comprehensive. Could you have been hearing that?

            Maybe, I do not know. 

Because what it says to me is the Lord is saying that your comprehensive insurance will pay for it; do not worry.

            It was so strange because I have been hearing voices in my head lately that I have never heard before in my life, and it will just be one word or whatever,  and I do not -- and it seems to me -- I am like, what is this? Is it a demon? Is it God? What is it, you know? And not only that, one time I actually thought I heard Rita laugh, in my head, for some reason. I do not know why. Like, I do not know if it was joy.

When was that? 

            A couple of weeks ago. And I am like, what does this mean? Is this happiness? 

Well, sometimes when you hear someone else’s voice that you know to be high in Christ, well, you could be hearing her in the spirit, but it could be the Lord. Since we do not know what the Lord’s voice sounds like and since we do not know what he looks like --


-- when he wants to communicate to us that it is him, he will either show us the face of someone that we know is seriously in Christ --


-- or hear their voice. So it might have been the Lord saying he was joyous with you. I do not know. You would have to know the whole -- what was going on in your life --

            Yeah. I do not remember.

-- at the time.

            I just thought it was amazing.

Yeah. Well, it sounds --

            Like she was right there in the room. I really --


            I mean, it was very odd.

Yeah. Well, it is interesting because it sounds, at the very least, like you are becoming more spiritual, and the Lord is breaking through.

            I just thought I was losing my mind.

No. You see, the workers of witchcraft, they do not think that. Only the Christians think that we are losing our mind. I remember the first time that I heard --


 -- somebody’s voice, I heard her talking behind my back, speaking evil about me, and I knew who she was talking to, and I got really upset. I was a young disciple, and I knew that it was very possible -- she was talking to my pastor, and I knew that it was very possible that this person could have been saying that wicked thing to my pastor, but I cried out to God because I thought it was a demon. I was all upset, and I carried on like a lunatic. And when I went to chur- -- praying that he would deliver me if it was a demon because I actually recognized her voice. And when I got to church that night, Win Worley was there preaching, and he preached on Elijah hearing the king of Syria in his bedchamber. It is something that happens in the Spirit of God. We can hear other people’s voices when the Lord --


-- opens our hearing.

            That is right. 

So we need to know this, and also another great danger for the sons of God coming up is reverse pride, you know. Oh, [?it?] -- the whole church is caught up in reverse pride. Oh, how could we be the sons of God? How could we ever be equal to Jesus Christ? Blasphemy. But it is really Satan in their mind denying the plans of God for his church.

            Since we are talking on this subject -- while we are on the subject, I would just like to say that I have definitely heard that when I, like, ask God a question,  and I hear somebody else’s voice sometimes in there, and sometimes I can recognize it, and sometimes I do not know where it is coming from and if it is God or not. But if I actually recognize the voice of the person, then I understand. Please, like, put that on pause for a second. [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

            -- your mind. And, like, I heard -- I had a mental picture, and Sheila was right there. Without condemnation, she was rebuking something in me, and it was --    

That will not shut it off over there.


Yeah. Did you just shut that microphone off?


Oh, OK. I thought you shut it off. I am sorry.

No. And she was saying -- and there was not any condemnation. It was just like -- it just -- like she was happy, and she was, like, saying I just -- you know how she does that, like you do that. [?You just?], I just slay that thing, and that is how I saw her in the spirit. I just slay that in the name of Jesus, you know. And it just made me have -- it -- I felt good about that, so I have had bo- -- I have had negative and positive, so you can see people in the spirit. It is like it is in     the mind, but it is real. It is not just [INAUDIBLE]

            [CROSSTALK] it was like you were right in the room, and I heard your voice [CROSSTALK] 

Yeah. When she was laughing?



            [INAUDIBLE] did you hear that?

No. He did not. Well, you see, I do hear voices sometimes, but more common with me -- and to be honest with you, I do not know which is the more mature form of communication. I do not know. What happens to me a lot is I will -- words will come out of my mouth, and I will realize that it is the other person by what they are saying and by the way the thoughts are going in my mind. I will know that it is the other person’s thoughts actually being spoken out of my mouth, and then Christ in me answers them, and I have whole conversations with people that are spoken out, and then I see the fruit of those conversations. I will run into that person a week later or a month later, and sometimes they will speak the exact same words out of their mouth towards me, or, however the Lord will witness it to me, I know that the wisdom of Christ that was imparted to them or the rebuke or the judgment that was executed in that conversation is being made manifest in their life and that it was a very real thing.

So my communication is very real, do not hear about it much in the church, but I know that they know all about it in Africa. They know all about it in Africa, and the church in Africa knows about it. Whether or not they are doing it in Christ, I do not know, but what I am saying is the witchcraft workers in Africa know all about mind communication and speaking to people in the spirit. And when we were over in Africa on the last trip, we saw one particular congregation that engaged in that mind communication very seriously, and I just do not know whether it was Christ or whether it was the carnal mind. The whole point is that the children of darkness know all about it; it is just the children of light that do not know anything about it, or, if they hear about it, they are afraid that it is not God.

            [CROSSTALK] [?evil?].

Yeah. Because --


OK. Now hold up. Would you put that on pause please? [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

So we see a church today that is -- well, part -- a large part of the church is not spiritual at all. The Pentecostal church is in kind- -- is in preschool, is in spiritual preschool. And I say this without condemnation, without -- I am not insulting anybody. Brethren, if we do not hear the truth, we are just not going to make it. Speaking in tongues and the gift of prophecy and the interpretation of tongues is kinder- -- is spiritual preschool. You are not even in kindergarten; you are in preschool.

And that is the -- except for a few splinter groups like us, because I do not really know what is going on in other places, by and large, the major churches, where you can walk in off the streets, they think that that is all there is. And, of course, we know some churches do not even accept the tongues and the prophecy, but you go into the church with the tongues and the prophecy and you talk about this stuff, they will throw you out as Satan. They do not even want to believe it. Then, of course, in deliverance churches, we see people casting out demons and all that, but I am talking about this deep spiritual stuff of mind communication and executing judgment in the Spirit of God and all that. They would be afraid that it would everybody occult.

So the church is spiritually very immature; we are way behind the workers of witchcraft. Brethren, we have got the catch up, and the number one indictment that I believe is falling upon even the spiritual church today is that this spiritual growth f- -- in most cases, is not a priority in people’s lives. And I want to tell you, if you want to go up and start manifesting mature spirituality, this has to be at the top of your list, and I assure you it is at the top of the list of all the workers of witchcraft. It has got to be at the top of your list. Now it is your choice whether it is at the top of your list or not, but it has to be a top priority that you get here, that you overcome when there is hindrance in your way, all this little stuff in your life.

I am sorry, but, spiritually speaking, it is little stuff. I am sorry, and you have got to get your priorities straight, and I am telling this to everybody. I am sorry, but it is what is coming out of me, and you are supposed to know what your priorities are. You have to grow up, or you are going to be creamed. It is real simple. I cannot enforce this; I cannot enforce it. And I have been preaching it for years. I am getting tired of preaching it, so whatever -- OK. Does anyone else have anything else to say about this, this morning? OK. We are going to do something a little different today. Well, you could [?shut that off?] [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

I would like to show you something on my computer with regard to this teaching that Hell -- excuse me, that Hell is lying over Eden. Do you remember that teaching, Hell is lying over Eden or Hell is lying over heaven? OK. And, spiritually speaking, that is the teaching that came forth out of the Scriptures. So what am I saying? We have two layers of existence. We can also say it another way. The spirit is within, and this physical, carnal life is without. Jesus talked about being cast into outer darkness. Well, we are living in outer darkness. This is the curse that the Lord pronounced upon the serpent, that on his belly he would crawl. If you look it up in the Hebrew, what it is [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] but you have to let him int- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE] I have [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

So it is a new software program in my computer where you can open up, up to nine documents at one time, and they all lay on top of one another. And as I was working this morning, the Lord showed it to me. When you look at the screen, all you see is one document. There is no clue. There is no indication whatsoever that there is anything underneath. And when you close out the document, when you give the command to close out the document that is visible, it folds up like a scroll, and that which is -- and it just disappears, and that which is underneath appears.

And the Lord th- -- spoke to me as I was studying this morning, and he said this would be a wonderful example to the people in the group to show them how we cannot see what is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- what is underneath us because what is lying on top has completely blocked out what is underneath, and, therefore, we must arise in Christ and war a- -- from underneath our soul, we must join with Christ and war against what is lying on top of us because what is lying on top of us is our blindness. So I would like to show you that, and then we are going to watch a movie this morning.

You may have heard me talk about a TV program called “The Highlander.” Now this -- it is a series. It is not a movie; it is a series. It is a one -- each episode is one hour, and “The Highlander” is about a man -- well, more than about a man. Well, let me start from the beginning. Let me give you the background on this, OK. This series speaks about -- according to their -- what they -- what the program says, what the announcer says when it comes on, this program is about immortals who are dwelling in the Earth, side-by-side with mortals, and it is a bit of an intrigue. The story goes that -- well, I am stumbling. Hold on. Let me get -- I just rebuke this confusion.

The new age teaching is that humanity is evolving. You may recall the teaching that we have evolved from monkeys. Well, the new age teaching is that man is continuing to evolve, and he will evolve into a condition of immortality. And the way it is going to happen is it is the same example that I use with your tomato plant: You just wake up one morning, and there is one ripe tomato, and the next morning there is two ripe tomatoes. So the teaching goes, the new age teaching goes, well, spontaneously, without anything -- effort on man’s part, we are going to see human beings start to be born into the Earth that will not be able to die.

And as their lifetime exceeds a normal lifetime of, let us say, 90 years, OK, and they keep on living -- they are 100 years old, and we hear about people being 100 years old in the world today, but then they get to be 120 years old and 150 years old and 200 years old, and everybody that they -- that was of their acquaintance in the world has now died off, and they are living in a whole new generation of people. They become -- who? These, quote, immortals, who are now living 150, 200 -- and the star of the show has been alive for 400 years, OK. They now become a new order man, if you might, living in a world of old order men. And as the story goes, the -- most of the old order people in the world do not even know that the new order man is there or the m- -- immortal, as they call themselves, because they look just like the mortals, OK. But there is a group of mortal men in the world who know about the immortals and are threatened by them. They are called the watchers, and they are out to kill them, but we are not concerned with that with this episode, but we see three groups of men.

Let me make this introduction complete. Mortals, OK, in one c- -- well, the mortals -- the immortals are in two categories. They are differentiated human beings. Some are good, and some are evil. If you remember the earlier exhortation, there are mature spiritual beings, OK, and some have differentiated into good, spiritual, mature human beings, and others have differentiated into evil, mature, spiritual human beings. And, actually, there is three categories, and then there is a third category of immortal, which is an immortal which has not yet differentiated. It is not permanently determined whether or not they will be good immortals or evil immortals. Is everybody with me?

And as the story goes, the good immortals conflict with the bad immortals, and it is acknowledged by the immortals that, as they continue to evolve, at some time in the future, only the good or the evil immortals will prevail and inhabit the earth. Is everybody with me? So we have here a group of human beings, mortal human being are bl- -- who are blind, totally blind to spiritual things. Then we have some mortal human beings that are aware of immortality but threatened by it and trying to kill it. Then we have immortals in three categories: good, evil and undifferentiated, OK.

Now there is an inconsistency in the story, unless I am missing the point. It is possible I am missing the point, but these immortals can die. I do not know how you can be immortal and die, except a thought just popped into my mind. The only way you could die, if you are an immortal, is to have your head cut off. If you get shot or if you get stabbed or if they try to drown you, they cannot kill you. You cannot die; you come back. But if you lose your head, then you are finished, OK.

And now I am telling you all this because all of this -- we can all relate this to the promise of the maturation of the sons of God, except that they have got it fictionalized, and they have got a few things backwards. But I just -- did you just hear what I said to you? Unless I do not understand it, I do not know how you could be immortal and die. But the Lord just said to me, well, the Lord Jesus Christ was immortal, and yet, as the Lord has brought forth here a few weeks ago -- and I was very reluctant to preach it, but someone asked me the question, and I had to tell them what God had told me. I believe, at this point, that Jesus could have lost it, that up -- that if he -- that he had to hold that carnal mind, that Satan. He had re- -- gotten dominion over him, and he had to hold onto that dominion until the crucifixion.

Satan was killed, excuse me, in the crucifixion. He lost his existence, and he was converted back into a harmless form, which was what he was ordained to be. But J- -- Satan, we know that, in the temptation, Jesus prevailed over him, and the Scripture says he departed -- Satan departed from Jesus for a season. And we know Jesus said, “The prince of this world cometh, but he has nothing in me,” so Satan was coming for Jesus in power, looking for any opportunity to trap him. So the Lord just -- I believe the Lord just said to me that the type of the immortal who could die if his head was cut off is someone who has attained to the first stage of the resurrection but could lose their immortality if their Christ head was cut off. Praise God. Is anybody not following me? Everybody OK?

So this movie that we will be watching, it is one hour. It is one episode of “The Highlander” series, and it is just an excellent example of what we are ascending into in Christ. And, aside from that, let me give you some -- I will go through this, and then I will stop the movie as we are going on, and then we will have questions and answers and comments afterwards.

This particular episode has three immortals in it, MacLeod, who is an immortal which has differentiated unto righteousness, and I cannot remember the other guy’s name, but there is another immortal that has differentiated into -- well, they are calling it -- well, is this not interesting? This is really interesting. I am not even sure what they are saying there.

This other immortal, I would not say he is unrighteous, but he believes in the law. He is a Pharisee, and he believes in the letter of the law, and we know that the law kills, and he is been a lawman for 400 years. He is -- and every lifetime that he is experienced, he has been a lawman, and there is no room i- -- for justice or for mercy. There is no room for extenuating circumstances like there was -- you will see. There was a young woman who killed in self-defense. All he knows is you killed, and he is out to get you, so he is a Pharisee. Now whether or not there is a -- see, I have not been watching this series that long. Whether or not there are immortals who are purely evil, I am not sure, but what we see here is the one who is in righteousness with mercy and compassion, the spiritual law flowing, and then we see another one who is immortal in the letter of the law, and we see how he kills and brings destruction to human beings. And then there is a young immortal who has not yet differentiated, and, as you will see, I will tell you upfront, that he falls down into his emotions.

Now the danger to the young mortal who has not ye- -- immortal who has not yet differentiated is that he is still wrestling with his passion. Now MacLeod, who has differentiated into righteousness, of all the episodes I have watched, I have never seen him wrestle with his emotions. He is on top of them, and he is moving in righteousness 100 percent of the time. The other immortal who is the Pharisee, he does not seem to be wrestling with his emotions either, but he has differentiated into a Pharisee. The young man is snared. The young immortal is snared by his emotions, and he falls in love with a young, mortal girl, and the sons of God looked upon the daughters of men, and they took as many of them to wife as they pleased. And he fell into a romantic love. I am not saying there is anything wrong with romantic love, but that romantic love overshadowed the rational mind of his immortality, which cost his life. Anybody not hearing me?

He falls in love with a mortal woman, and, when she dies, by the en- -- the immortal Pharisee kills her, and the young immortal who is undifferentiated rises up in such a rage of passion at her death that he goes after the Pharisee, the immortal Pharisee, in a spiritual warfare, and the righteous immortal goes to him and says, “Stop, it is not too late to stop.” This is wrong. What he was saying to him is that this is wrong. You are using your spiritual authority [UNINTELLIGIBLE] t- -- because of rage. Your passion, your human passion, has laid hold of your spiritual authority. Your motive is wrong. Can you hear it? Your motive for using your spiritual authority is wrong. It is not righteousness; it is human rage because you, personally, loved this woman. It is not the righteousness of God.

And the young man would not stop; he would not listen to the righteous counsel of the righteous immortal. And the r- -- the end of the matter was that, as way out as it sounds, because of the way things worked out -- I do not know if they believe in divine intervention here. I do not know. But the way things worked out, the young man succeeded in beheading the pharisitical immortal. And when he took the life, when the undifferentiated immortal took the head and the spiritually mature life of the pharisitical immortal, the result of it was that the undifferentiated, the immature immortal, differentiated. Does anyone know which direction he went in?


Evil. He became an evil immortal, and it was too late to go back. And what forced him in that direction? He yielded to his animal nature when he had everything that he needed to overcome it, including the counsel of a mature immortal right at his side saying -- in the midst of the battle, they portray it as a sword battle, the righteous immortal said to him, “It is not too late. Walk away. It is not too late,” and he listened to his emotions rather than to the righteous counsel of an elder.

And he had no intention of killing the m- -- I do not think he had any intention of killing the man. He was just venting his rage. I guess, he just wanted to beat him up because, as soon as he cut his head off, he was, like, in shock. I do not know. He probably did not even stop to think of what the end of the fight would have been. I guess, it is possible to have a fight that is not to the death, but you will see what happened on the movie, that the immortal Pharisee -- it was a very bizarre thing that happened to him, which makes me wonder if they do not -- in this program, if this doctrine does not believe in some kind of external intervention because the pharisitical immortal fell through the floor, and he was standing there. And it was ju- -- his waistline was on the floor, so it was real easy for that young immortal to swing his sword and just lopped his head off. He was at the perfect height. Can you hear what I am saying?


OK. The pharisaical immortal fell through the floor; his legs went through the floor. So that means, instead of being 6 feet tall, he was only 4 feet tall.

            [INAUDIBLE] external?

Well, why -- it was --


 Well, what kind of a coincidence that he should fall through the floor and could not move? He fell through the floor, and he was, like, stuck there, sort of like Absalom hanging in the tree by his hair, if you will. And the kid, the undifferentiated immortal, had the option to kill him or not because the man was stuck in the floor.

            So what are you saying their doctrine is?

I am saying that I do not know.


I do not know if some external power caused him to be stuck in the floor as a test for this undifferentiated immortal. What will you do? You know, in Rome, when they used to have the games where men were killed in Rome, in Ancient Rome, when one gladiator would overcome the other gladiator and he would have him down on the ground with his sword pointed right to the man’s throat, excuse me, the winning gladiator would look up at the king or the emperor. And if the emperor went thumbs up, he would save the man’s life, and, if the emperor went thumbs down, he would kill the man. So you can defeat a human being without killing them. Just the knowledge that their life is in your hands says that you are the victor. You do not have to kill them. That is a second choice. The first choice or the first feat is to defeat them. Then it is a whole new area. Will you take their life? So the guy was stuck in the floor, could not move. The kid could have walked away, but why did not he walk away? Did he make a rational decision to kill this man? No. He was so caught up in the passion -- hear it now -- in the emotion, in the passion of his anger and the fight, that it was an automatic, I suggest to you, bestial reaction to finish the man off.

So we get caught up in our passions, and we may not be able to stop when we want to. It is like someone who is drinking saying, well, I am slobbering drunk every night, but I could stop whenever I want. No, you cannot. it is like someone having an adulterous affair saying I can get out whenever I want. No, you cannot. You are lying to yourself because that which is driving you has power over you, and you are not in this alone. You are being driven by your bestial nature, and it is way beyond the individual you. It is the god of this world that is in every bestial thing we do, and if this bestial activity is allowed by God, then it is allowed by God under certain restrictions. And as soon as you break out from under those restrictions, you are in trouble. And some things that are bestial [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] out to eat [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] when you over- -- you can even eat to enjoy yourself. When you overdo it, it does become a sin of gluttony. Does anybody not know what I am talking about or have any questions about what I am talking about?

So I would like to take you inside and sho- -- demonstrate Eden and Hell to you on the computer, and then we are going to watch this hour episode, and I will stop it just in one or two places to point things out to you, and then we will have questions and answers afterwards. Does anyone have anything to say right now? OK. Let us go inside. [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

I would also like to point to you some of what I perceive to be the inaccuracies in the doctrine that is coming forth in this seemingly harmless TV series. Number one, the righteous immortal, and this is true of all immortals, they are very concerned with their bodies. MacLeod is all into bodybuilding, so he still needs the external bodybuilding to perfect his body. I do not think that will be necessary. Also, he still engages -- although he is not married, he still has human relationships with women, which I do not believe was the case for Jesus in full stature or that it will be for us. And he still has a human means of fighting. With immortals, he engages in spiritual warfare, and, with mortals, he is an expert at karate or whatever it is. And it is my understanding at this point that even when someone in full stature engages with someone who is not in full stature, that they will not be using human techniques; they will be using spiritual weapons with both spiritually developed people and spiritually undeveloped people. I never have -- I do not have any knowledge of Jesus using a human technique to fight with mortal men. It was always a spiritual technique, so I do not go along with that. And I think there was something else, which I cannot recall right now. OK, Celia. If I think of any -- just put it on pau- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

And please note, towards the end of the episode, you will see MacLeod begging the pharisitical immortal to not pursue these children. [?We?] call them spiritual children that really did not have the understanding. And also please note that, although the young immortal, he did fall into his passions and differentiate towards the evil side, MacLeod was begging the mature Pharisee. He was saying, “Do not push these kids. They are just children.” So the evil immortal who lost his head definitely contributed to what happened because of his fanatical imposition of the law upon the s- -- the young immortal. But, nevertheless, the determining decision was that the young immortal fell down into his emotions; that was the primary event that resulted in the loss of a life here, OK.

And I do not know whether I said it before, so let me put it on here, that it is clear in this episode that there will be spiritually e- -- spiritually mature people who are evil and spiritually mature people who are righteous and that, at the end of all things, is that only the righteous or the evil immortals would be able to prevail over the Earth. And the last thing that the young immortal said to MacLeod, whom he loved, when he went away, was, “Will I have to come up against you someday?” So what was being said was that MacLeod was a righteous immortal, and it was just a matter of time until he would be fighting to the death with this young man who he loved so much because he had gone over to the other side. Because, at the culmination of all things, only evil or righteousness could prevail, and, of course, the understanding that I get from this episode is that it is not really determined, but we know, in reality, it is determined because we read the end of the book, and we know that righteousness will prevail. OK. Let us watch this.

What I was saying was it is possible for people who are in the church, at this stage, they have not deri- -- differentiated yet to become an evil immortal. How has that happened? We have seen it happen. People who were in Christ were moving in a strong manifestation of the power of God, and their heart turned evil, and they are now using that spiritual power that was developed in them by Christ; they are now using it to do evil works. I know one man, and we all know who I am talking about here, who was very powerful in Christ, and his heart turned evils towards the Lord. He is now using that spiritual power for his own gain. What is evil? It is the using of spiritual power for one’s own gain. That is what evil is, for one’s own purposes instead of the purposes of the Lord, and the purposes of the Lord are always righteous and sacrificial for the weaker vessel.

So when you t- -- when God develops you spiritually and you turn away from him, you still have that spiritual power. I have been teaching you that here for years, that if you go bad, the spiritual authority that you have in witchcraft is in direct proportion to the spiritual authority that you had in Christ. And, on the contrary, if you are a rehabilitated worker of witchcraft, the spiritual power that you had in witchcraft is directly proportionate to the spiritual power that you shall have in Christ. And as unfair as this sounds to the carnal mind, when I look at the people that God is raising up to spiritual righteousness in this hour, I see him taking people with heavy witchcraft backgrounds, and he is taking them over numerous people whose family has been in the carnal church for generations.

To the carnal mind, this sounds very unfair, but the truth is, for you families who have had generations in the carnal church, you have reaped what you have sown. Your children have not gotten into trouble; they are not on drugs; they are not in any form of compulsive behavior; they are safely married in a godly lifestyle that is giving as much peace as possible in this existence, and there are great blessings upon your natural family. But when it comes to the sons of God being raised up, the Lord is looking for people with the raw material, and the raw material that he is looking for is spiritual development that these people are born with because of sin on the family line, and that is mind-boggling, but it just seems to be the truth.

And a lo- -- almost everybody that I know who is called to be a son is, if not first g- -- if this is not the first generation that they are in the church, it is only the second generation. I do not know anyone that is called to a son that is been in the church for six generations; it is one or two generations, but there may be some exceptions, you know. So the Lord is taking the people with the spiritual potential, with the potential for spiritual power, and we are receiving instruction in the law, in the Scripture and in righteousness, and that is what is happening in this hour. Glory to God.

So I am sorry I did not have that. The only thing that I could think of that might have happened with that message -- well, it does not matter. It is really a shame. It was just an excellent episode, even the way they describe the differentiation of the young man after he beheaded the pharisitical immortal. They showed it as a traumatic experience that looked like he was being electrocuted, and he was crying out, and he was in pain, and you could see the p- -- spiritual power flowing through him. So we see that ascendency into spiritual maturity is traumatic and painful, although, in this episode, they showed it ha- -- that -- they showed the distress only lasting a couple of minutes.

I believe that the distress is not as intense as it was portrayed but that it goes on for a long time, and our natural example is being a bodybuilder. You have to experience that physical pain over a long period of time to become powerfully spiritual, to become a powerful boxer or a powerful wrestler or to become a powerful ice skater. People practice their whole lives. Athletes that become at the to- -- come to the top of their field have given their whole life to acquire this skill, and, if God gives you a choice, fine. If he does not, you do not have a choice, but there is no compromise here. There is no compromise. There just is not because every -- for everything you do that you are not practicing the power of God, every minute you are not practicing the power of God, every minute you are doing something else, you are not practicing the power of God, and that is just the truth. That is the way it is. So take a look at athletes in this world as your natural example, and see what they put into it; what you put in, that is what you get out, Jesus.

Not many people in the church qualify. To most people in the church, the things of God is at the -- are at the bottom of their list, if they have time, if they can fit it in, if they are feeling well enough, if they do not have to do this, if they do not have to do that. If they have any time leftover at the end, that is what they give you. God, help us, but he is going to do it anyway. He is going to raise up this army anyway, despite ourselves, despite the condition of the church and despite the lack of commitment in the church. No one wants to be uncomfortable. I remember when I -- when the Lord first called me 15 years ago, there were at least six or seven churches right in this area that had Sunday night services. The average church had services four nights a week, and now you cannot fi- -- we are the only Sunday night service that I know about in the area, and nobody wants us. Praise God. Well, anybody have anything to say? [AUDIO CUTS OUT]                  

I may make a message out of this. It was interesting, was it not, even though you did not see --


Well, I really just do not feel to repeat it, but it is just my understanding that, should one cry out to God after being completely cast down because of willful sin, God will hear your prayer, but it has to be in your heart to cry out, you know. So the bottom line is, is God going to put it in your heart, or is God not going to put it in your heart, you know? So it is back to square one; God controls everything, you know.


And some people will pass out of this world system without ever being restored, and some people, God will put it in their heart to cry out, and I think the prayers of others are very significant, you know. But, then again, God even puts it in the hearts of the people who cry out for you. He is just in control of everything, and the bottom line is, brethren, that there are some vessels of honor and some vessels of dishonor and that these clay vessels that we see walking on the earth in this hour were just temporary formations or -- of the creation that can be likened to the leaves on a tree.

There are going to be those that fall away and never rise again, and the only th- -- the reason God can so cold-bloodedly say some vessels are not good for anything except to be burnt -- is that not in the Scripture? Jude said it. Some men are not good for anything except to be burnt, that there are vessels of honor; there are vessels of dishonor; there is hay, wood and stubble, and there is gold and silver. The reason God can co- -- so cold-bloodedly say that is that he knows that human beings, as we know them in their fallen condition, are just temporary manifestations of this creation that can be likened to leaves which appear on a tree and fall off after a season and die, but that the root of the tree remains and that the trunk and the branches remain and that the life in the root of the tree, in due season, will produce leaves that will abide forever. And that is how God can so cold-bloodedly say some men were just born to be burnt because the spiritual substance in them shall be saved and eventually formed into a leaf or a human being that will abide forever.

What a liberating revelation, I -- it is liberating, if you can believe it. Of course, it is hurtful to the person who loses a loved one, you know, that you had someone in your life, and now they are not in your life anymore, and you miss them. Of course, you miss them, but it -- that is nothing compared to thinking that they are burning in Hell forever. Their spiritual substance shall be reformed in that day, in that last day, and we are a temporary creation. I should not say we are a temporary creation. The form that we are in now, the form that the creation is in now, is temporary. We are imperfect, very, very, very imperfect, and the Lord keeps marring us and reforming us and marring us and reforming us.

Let me put that another way: The Lord keeps marring our outer layer and reforming the inner layer, which is spirit. He keeps marring the outer layer and putting a new layer of clay around the spirit until such time as the spirit, which is Christ, is raised from the dead and learns how to rule the clay which is trying to kill him and has in fact succeeded in killing him once. I could live with that. I do not know about you. I do not deny that it hurts when a loved one leaves your fellowship, you know, leaves your -- you know, he passes from this Earth, but it is just a childhood pain. I am sorry. It is time for everybody to grow up. It is just spiritual childishness. So you miss them; you go on with your life. God will put other people into your life. I know that I sound like a monster to some people, but I am telling you that I really believe that this is where God is coming from.

I was watching someone on TV the other day. They had a little baby, a very young child, and they were making a plea. If she does not get a liver transplant, the child is going to die. Oh, woe is me. This little child is going to die without a liver transplant. Look, you can think whatever you want of me, and I really do not care what you think of me or what you call me, but I want to tell you my reaction to that. That is ridiculous. First of all, it is ghoulish taking organs from one human being and transplanting them in another human being. Either God will save that child alive or she will die and you ask God for another child. That is what you do. If God has taken this child at one year old or at birth or whatever with a severe liver disease, to run around cutting out people’s organs to save her life, I am sorry, it is sick.

And I know it is your child, and it came out from between your legs, and I know that -- now hear this. Your emotions are hurting you, but you can have another child. Petition the Lord for another child, and, if the Lord is not saving that child alive, would you please let them die and be in peace? And I am so- -- I do not care what you think of me; that is how I feel. Now if God saves your child alive, if you have a -- [?got?] a spina bifida child or a severely damaged child and God saves them alive, well, then you have to love them, and your challenged to minister to them, and it is a real trial. But if God is taking the child, let her go. Have another baby.

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