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We are going to deal with the writing of another author tonight, and I must tell you that I'm disappointed. I was hoping, and I'm not going to name any names, but I was hoping that this author, who I have a lot of respect for, was standing above the corruption of the doctrine that we're dealing with in this series.

       And what is this doctrine doing? This doctrine justifies the sin of mortal man. It is a doctrine that, in essence, says that man is okay. But the bottom line is that SOMEBODY has to be responsible for the condition of this world that we live in. SOMEBODY has to be responsible for men dying.  SOMEBODY has to be responsible for the evil, the wickedness and the pain and torment in this world.

So, the bottom line is that to  teach that mortal man is righteous, without actually saying so, but by reverse inference, is saying, then what?  If mortal man is righteous, what? If mortal man is righteous, God is....   Now I can just hear somebody screaming and saying, well he didn't say that, Sheila.  No, he didn't say that, but tonight we're going to read between the lines. 

You are free to disagree with me, but, Lord willing, I intend to respond to the statements in this newsletter, and at least show you how I feel about it.  You are free to say yea or nay, I repeat for anyone who is listening to me for the first time, I am not against anybody, I am not against any mortal man, I am not against any ministry. As a matter of fact, this particular author speaks to other authors in his newsletter all the time, and doing so  is legitimate.  We cross the line when we make it a personal fight. You cannot be insulting the other person. You should not be putting them down or in any way trying to destroy them, but it is perfectly legitimate to answer what other people preach. 

As a matter of fact, if you are a minister in Christ, that is what you are supposed to be doing.  And if you are a politician today, that is what you are supposed to be doing. Although with this politically correct movement, most politicians are afraid to do so.

We are supposed to have freedom of speech and  ideas in this country. You should be free to listen to other peoples' ideas, and accept them or reject them. If you get angry when someone preaches or teaches something that you don't agree with, you should put your reaction before God, because you have a problem.  How are you ever going to grow if you do not hear and consider what other people think?   So, we are going to respond to the statements of this author, who I have a great deal of respect for.

*The bottom line, brethren, is pride.  Mortal man wants to be righteous without taking responsibility for his own thoughts and behavior. So, I say to mortal man, you can be righteous. The lord Jesus wants you to be righteous. But true righteousness is acquired only  in accordance with God's plan, which is built around repentance. Mortal man’s concept of righteousness only produces Leviathan’s counterfeit, called self-righteous, which is the sin of pride.

But be encouraged, because righteous­ness is available to you, and not only is it available to you, God wants you to have it, even more than you want it for yourself. But you cannot call the shots. This is God's show. He is the creator and you are the clay, and it cannot be any other way.

The earth has brought forth a mind of our self, which reverses roles with God wherever she can. The clay always puts herself in the Lord's role and puts the Lord in the clay's role. 

Down here in hell, we call it mind control or projection, but whatever you want to call it, brethren, it is the sin of pride to call God unrighteous, even though you are not coming right out and saying those words.  When there is a conflict, when somebody must be guilty, and you declare yourself righteous, you have called the other party unrighteous. The Church needs to face this.  If you're saying that you're okay, that means that God isn't okay.

Now, if you try to convince me that you're okay and that God is also okay, and that all the horrible things that go on in this world are just a little plan to make people strong . . . . Well, you might believe that fantasy, but I don't believe that fantasy.  I don't believe that people are tortured, that people are tormented, that people are ripped apart in their emotions, that people are incested, that people are raped, that people are cut up, skinned alive, drawn and quartered, tarred and feathered -- I don't believe that our God, the creator of the universe, is the author of these things, so that we can become strong overcomers. 

Believe it if you want to. I can still be friends with you, but I will declare from the rooftops with my dying breath, that this isn't true of our God. 

God directed me to this newsletter today, and He said there it is.  It is a multiple page newsletter, and I had just glanced at one or two words before I saw it and said, oh no, let me read further. But as I continued to read, I saw that the leprosy has touched this ministry also. 

So let me show you what I see, and let this be a lesson in what is called critical reading. I assure you there are thousands of believers, if not millions, who read this international newsletter and can't see what I'm going to point out to you, because there is much written in this newsletter that sounds wonderful and is, in fact, wonderful, because Scriptures are quoted, plans of God are stated, and the sons of God are mentioned. 

There isn't a doubt in my mind that there are thousands of believers that read this newsletter and say, what a wonderful writing, because the underlying truth of what this man is preaching has gone right over their head. 

But I want to tell you, brethren, that, even though the hidden message of this newsletter may have by-passed your conscious understanding, the spiritual power that generated it has, nevertheless, penetrated your heart.

Words are living things, seeds which penetrate your heart, and begin to grow in your mind. This is why Jehovah commanded Adam, whose descendants we are, to keep, or guard, the garden of our own mind, from the seeds of false doctrine which produce death.          Adam failed to weed out the seed of the Serpent’s doctrine, and died, and we who were in his loins, died with him

We have inherited Adam’s susceptibility to the Serpent’s doctrinal deception, and therefore must ask the Lord to help us to learn to read critically, and to  recognize the subtleties of doctrinal error, if we are to overcome the tare doctrines of the Serpent, who seeks, once gain. to destroy Christ, the regenerated Adam within us.

Now, don't operate in fear, brethren.  God doesn't operate in fear and neither do I. Just tell the Lord that you would like  the ability to distinguish between good and evil, between true doctrine and false doctrine. Tell God that you would like the ability to read between the lines and see the truth of what is being seeded into your heart.

He may bring you to a teacher like me to help you, or He may develop the ability within you Himself, or both.  In any event, He will do it for you. You may need a teacher for a season , but, hopefully, you will eventually be able to recognize doctrinal err on your own. 

Don't be condemned if you can't do it, though, because the heart of the Lord, which is always turned towards the people who are honestly seeking Him, will provide a teacher for whoever needs one.  The Lord never requires more of us than we're able to give, but seeks believers who will follow Him wherever He goes, and love Him enough to give up anything He deems it necessary to take away. If you are truly such a one, He will never leave you, forsake you, or allow you to be captured by another mind.  And that's the truth! So, don't worry about  overcoming in your own power. Concern yourself with being faithful towards God. His faithfulness will keep the faithful, and even when we’'re unfaithful, His faithfulness will still keep us.

The bottom line is the condition of the core of your inner heart. If you love Him for Himself, not for the loaves and the fishes, but if you really love Him for Himself (I don't know the answer to that, only He knows), He'll keep you. Don't worry about doing it in your own strength, because it will drive you crazy.


Our author says,

God is in all things

That's true.

Including all the so called evil things as well as the good things.

Well, that's true too. Is it a fearful thing to say that evil is of God? No, we know that God created the evil (we know it in this ministry). But, brethren, I declare to you that there is an underlying suggestion in the statement at hand, that God desires mankind to experience evil.

Who is the evil? The Serpent is the Evil One. Now listen, there is a difference between saying that God created the evil, and that the evil works of the Evil One are desired and ordained of God.  Can you hear the difference?        God created the Evil One and placed her in submission to Adam, the living soul, who prevented her from DOING evil. But Adam fell, and we were sold to Satan.

God isn't the one that dreams up the evil that this Evil One does to us. The Serpent is, and shall continue to be, the author of  all evil experiences until her husband, Adam, the living soul, rises from the dead in the individual mortal man and, once again, prevents the Serpent’s sinful nature from doing evil.

We will find very hair splitting, fine lines as we go on. Yes, God did create the evil.  Now, our author quotes a Scripture,

Shall a trumpet be blown in the city and the people not be afraid?  Shall there be evil in a city and the Lord hath not done it? 

Well, yes, that is a true Scripture, and yes it is true (we preach it here) that the Lord does evil. We deserve everything that we get, because, if sin wasn't in us, the trouble couldn't touch us. Yes, we deserve it, brethren, and God has done it unto us, because we're sinners and God is the righteous judge of sin.

We're fallen, but the teaching of this doctrine is that Adam didn't fall, that our present condition was God's plan, and that God ordained it. Some preachers preach that there was no fall at all. Others say that there was a fall, but that God planned the fall, as well as the terrible things that happen to us here in hell, so that we could be strengthened and perfected. But I declare to you that this isn't true.

God made a man, Adam, the living soul, and that man was good, but not perfect. Adam never sinned, but he had the potential to sin and, therefore, needed to be tested to see whether he could distinguish between himself -- who was good --  and his other, evil self, who desired to escape from the restraints that the good Adam, had put upon her.

Jehovah did not test a mortal man who was dominated by an inherited sin nature, which is what our author is saying. Jehovah tested Adam -- the man who was good because his potential to sin was restrained by his relationship with Jehovah -- to see if Adam could maintain those restraints upon his evil self without Jehovah's assistance.

*Mortal man has the same protection against sin from  Christ Jesus, as Adam, the living soul, was before he died, because of Jesus Christ, I remind you that Adam  restrained his potential to sin (his evil side), not only because of his relationship with Jehovah, but because Adam had no prior relationship with the evil  of when Jehovah withdrew His strength so that Adam could be tested.

Mortal men, whether they have a relationship with Jesus Christ or not, are born into this world with an inherited sin nature -- evidenced by the ultimate death of their physical bodies -- which is the fruit of Adam's relationship with, or marriage to, his own evil self.

Adam, the living soul was test­ed by his own evil self which  had no power to force him into a  perverse spiritual relationship, because Adam was fully armed with the knowledge that he was the man who was to rule over his spiritually female, other, evil self. She could not break his resolve to dominate her, but did succeed in tricking him into a perverse relationship.

Adam, the living soul, failed the test and died to his immortality, and we, his descendants, were sold to Satan and cast down into hell, which is this present visible, physical world. God did not do evil to us, brethren. Adam failed the test and we are reaping what our original ancestor sowed.

We're not down here in hell to be made strong.  We're down here in hell because our original ancestor, Adam, the living soul, sinned. Our sin isn't as serious as Adam's was, because we're overcome by our sin nature at birth. Adam's sin was much greater than ours, because he had the ability not to sin, but was tricked. We're already down here in hell. Adam failed the test when he was above, but he wasn't deceived, he was tricked.

Adam made the wrong choice and failed the test, because he couldn't distinguish between his good self and his evil self.

So this sounds crazy to you does it? Well, you won't be laugh­ing when you find out that you couldn't distinguish between your good self and your evil self either, and that you married the Serpent instead Christ.

So, yes, God created the evil that was in the creature, which is a two horned creation. It is a creation that has both a negative and a positive spiritual power. If you know anything about energy, you know that there is always a negative and a positive charge.  Well, the creation that God made has a negative and a positive charge to it.

Yes, God created the evil, but it was Adam's failure to control her -- it was Adam's sin that cast us down to hell where we now are, and it is mortal man's sin that keeps us down here. It isn't God's desire that we should suffer all the things that we suffer. That's a lie. 

These statements are hair splittingly close. A lot of the things that he says are true, but you have to look at the context that he's saying them in, because he's twisting the whole idea.

Yes, it is true, if there is evil in a city, the Lord has done it. But the evil that God does is righteous judgment, brethren, which is designed to teach us righteousness. When God brings judgment upon a people, one of the ways that the Scripture expresses it is, that God does evil unto them.

But, as I have been teaching you here for years now, we must stop looking at behavior and start looking at motive.  The Scripture says that we are to know no man after the flesh, but by the spirit that is upon him. 

In the same way, brethren, we can't look at behavior and judge that behavior, because in the new covenant, God is judging the motives and the intents of the heart. When mortal man does evil his motive is sin, but when God does evil, His motive is righteousness.  This means that God does evil to destroy the evil and bring forth righteousness.

Mortal man does evil to the righteousness of God and brings forth destruction. So you can see two people doing the exact same behavior, and to one man it is sin, but to the other man, it isn't sin. 

A good example of this is in the book of First Kings, where the Lord sends a prophet to prophesy doom to the king. Apparently God told the prophet to go with a bleeding face, because the prophet went to a man and said to him in the Word of the Lord, smite me. But the mortal man couldn't perceive that it was the Word of the Lord telling him to smite the prophet, refused to do it, and came under God's judgment.

He came under judgment for not hitting the prophet, when it was God's will that the prophet should have a bleeding face when prophesying to the king. So it is sin for one man not hit the prophet, and it is sin for another man to hit the prophet.

In this hour, we know no man anymore after the flesh, and we should not know any behavior after the flesh either. You will stumble if you try behavior. You must try the motive. If you can't try the motive, or if you have tried and failed to accurately discern motives, just tell the Lord that you desire to try motives, because you know that you're not going to make it in this new covenant if you try behavior anymore than you will make it by judging someone's righteousness based on the clothing that they wear, or whether or not they tithe, or how much money they have, or what good works they do. That kind of righteousness is as men­stru­ous rags. You need to discern whether the spirit of the person is righteous. 

And how do you discern the righteousness of a person?  Does anybody know? What do you look for?  The Spirit of Christ. Christ. The only place where righteousness exists is in Christ. You must try the spirit on the person. It has nothing to do with the way they dress, or the way they talk, or what they eat, or what they drink, or whether they dance or polish their nails. If you try the spirit on people's behavior, your discernment may be right, or it may be wrong, because people who are in submission to Christ sometimes do things that, if the Lord hadn't commanded it, would be sin.

We just saw this in our last message, Elijah the man. King Jehu, at the specific instruction of Jehovah, made a pagan sacrifice and acted in subtlety to entrap Baal worshipers into a place where he could murder them.

Now, brethren, hear the word of the Lord. You've got to at least get to the point where you're praying and saying, Lord, I don't believe this, but if it's true, help me to believe it. You've got to be doing at least that, because you're not going to make it in this new covenant trying behavior. You're going to slip. You're going to miss it, if you're trying the behavior.

So what our writer says is true, God does evil, but you can't put the evil that God does in the same category as the evil that mortal man or Satan does. Why? Because Satan's evil is the wrath of God -- the evil that exists down here in hell where mortal man is reaping what Adam, the living soul, sowed, which judgment is designed to completely destroy  mortal man because of his sin nature,

But the evil that God does down here in hell, is the Judgment Seat of Christ -- the evil that is directed towards Satan, mortal man's unconscious mind, which judgment is designed to put an end to the Satanic reaping and sowing judgment that is killing us.

Can you hear it. Jehovah has sent his White Throne Judgment (Jesus Christ) to put an end to his own righteous, wrathful judgment (Satan), because He has chosen of his own counsel and will, to forgive our sins.

Now, brethren, if you refuse to submit to the white throne judgment, which exposes the operation of specific sin in your mind and personality, you continue to be subject to Satan's judgment, which is unto death.

So put away this foolishness that says you are already perfect and just need to be developed, which is a hidden expression of the Satanic judgment that is designed to destroy you, and submit to the exposure and destruction of your own imperfect sin nature, so that you might be restored to righteous­ness and marry your true husband, the Lord Jesus Christ.

So we see that our author has quoted several Scriptures about God doing evil without defining the difference between the evil that God does, and the evil that Satan or mortal man does. 

Now I believe that Satan is mortal man's unconscious mind, but our author does not. He believes that there is God, and that there is Satan, and that there is mortal man, but we can't put the evil that mortal man and Satan do in the same category as the evil that God does.  Why? Because the evil that Satan and mortal man do produce death, but the evil that God does produces life.

So what are you talking about brother?  You must define the different kinds of evil. But he does not.  So let us read some more of his statements here.

Can we not see that all the negative opposing forces we now encounter are working together for our good to develop the strength, character, wisdom and power we must have.

Well, that's true. The Scripture says that WHEN you're reconciled to the Lord, everything works for your good. As we have already explained, the Lord lays hold of that Satanic judgment, which is the sowing and reaping judgment which was unto destruction before we were reconciled to God, and uses it to teach us and bring us to confession and repentance of specific sin. But this doesn't mean that the evil that is happening, when we're sick, and dying, and tormented -- that doesn't mean that God has done it to us. Sickness, torment and death are the fruit of generational sin.

But, you say, all the curses were broken on Calvary! Brethren, Calvary produced the vehicle for deliverance from hell and death, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Christ must be formed in you and defeat your sin nature for Calvary to be effective in your life. Can you hear the fine line? Can you hear the difference? Okay, let's go on. 

The Scriptures speak much of positive ministries that edify and exhort and comfort, which are all wonderful, sweet and of great importance in the eyes of God.  However, there is the work of purging, pruning, discipline, dealing and training which must be accomplished in each and every one of God's sons.  Therefore, in the work of God, there is an additional part, the negative, opposing forces from the left hand of God. 

Now that sounds wonderful, but follow through with me and I'll show you what you should look for. This teaching is a very subtle teaching.  There's a lot of truth in it, but if you listen carefully, you're going to hear him saying that mortal man is not only okay, but that he is perfect.

Apparently, our author believes that we were created perfect, but still require training and discipline to develop us. This is a contradiction of terms because by definition, to be perfect means to be lacking nothing. Nevertheless, a little further on he says that, despite the fact that mortal man is perfect and has never sinned, he still needs some pruning and training because of stubbornness and other minor deficiencies. It isn't that he's evil, you know, it's not that he's a sinner, it's not that he needs to repent. He is perfect, but he isn't perfect yet. This statement is contradictory and confusing, but it's what he's saying. 

The positive work of God's right hand is wrought directly by the Holy Spirit, within, or by the spirit through His anointed agencies.

Now that means other people.

The negative work of God's left hand is brought about by Satan, the adversary, and his instruments, the whole negative realm of evil.  All the people, things and happenings used in the chasten­ings and judgments of God are Sa­tan's mortal manipulations.  For example, if someone is opposing us for righteousness sake and causing us trouble; this trouble or opposition is directly the work of Satan or the adversary.  Again, the thief who steals our money or the fire which burns down our house is the work of Satan.  The word Satan simply means adversary. Adversary means one who opposes or fights against another; an opponent or an enemy.  Satan isn't a monster out of control as a multitude of Christians imagine.

Now check this out --

Nor is he the adversary of God.  God is omnipotent and He has no adversary. 

Now brethren, this isn't true.  God has no adversary?  God has an adversary. First of all, as I analyzed this statement, I realized that he is saying that, because God is omnipotent, which means all powerful, because God is all powerful, that He couldn't have any enemies, but to have no enemies isn't the definition of all powerful.

The fact that one is all powerful does not presuppose that there isn't someone in the universe stupid enough to oppose an all powerful person.  Can you hear it?  Did you hear what I just said?  The suggestion that the author is making is that because God is all powerful, therefore, there is no one stupid enough to be His enemy. 

But I declare to you, that there is someone stupid enough to be the enemy of an all powerful God. And who is he?  Who?  Who is that stupid?  Mortal man, mortal man, us, mortal man. Mortal man is stupid and arrogant enough to be the enemy of God.

I picked out a couple of Scriptures about the enemies of God.

Romans 8:7,  Because the carnal mind is enmity against God, for it isn't subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. 

Now unless you're separating the carnal mind from mortal man, when the carnal mind is the mind which is in mortal man, it is saying right here that mortal man is at enmity with God. 

James 4:4,  Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God?  Whosoever, therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. The enemy of God?

So what he is saying, in case you didn't hear it, is that Satan isn't a monster out of control, which is true, nor is she an adversary of God.  But you see, Satan may not be a monster out of control, but she is the adversary of God, because Satan is the unconscious mind of mortal man. 

She is both the adversary of God and the servant of God. She is the servant of God because she executes the reaping and sowing judgment against the unrepentant sinner. Satan is the mediator of the judgment known as the wrath of God, and the only power she has is that which God has given her to execute judgment upon the people who are either wholly unrepentant, or unrepentant in a particular area.

Paul turned a Christian over to Satan so that he should learn not to blaspheme, which demonstrates that Christians can be turned over to Satan,  the wrath of God, in certain areas of their life, but the Lord Jesus Christ turns that  judgment over to the White Throne Judgment when repentance appears, and the Satanic judgment that was meant for the man's death, changes into the righteous judgment that raises­ Christ from the dead. 

So yes, Satan is God's servant and God has the ultimate control over her, but she does have a sphere of influence over people who come under her authority, and the only people who come under her authority are unrepentant people who have not confessed the sin, or sins, that are being judged.

And, of course, Satan being the unconscious mind of mortal man, the Scripture says, your own sin is judging you.

Numbers 32:23  But if you will not do so, behold you have sinned against the Lord and be sure your sin will find you out.

Your own sin, which is your own unconscious mind, corrects you. So to say that there is God, and mortal man, and that Satan is the judgment, isn't accurate. Your own sin corrects you. Satan in your own mind brings the judgment. It is only when the Lord Jesus Christ steps in and says, this man has truly repented, that Satan can no longer destroy him, because the Lord has canceled the reaping and sowing judgment, and is exposing and correcting that man's sins until righteousness appears and defeats his own sin nature, which is his evil self. Then Satan, his evil self, begins to die in that person's mind.  The judgment is already within you. 

Okay.  Jeremiah 31:30: But everyone will die for his own iniquity; every man that eateth the sour grape, his teeth shall be set on edge.  For your own iniquity you shall die.

We're not dying because God is perfecting us, we're dying because of sin. It's so subtle. It's true that we're being perfected, but we're being perfected after we fell, and God never pre-ordained that we would fall.

We're being perfected after sin was found in us. We're on the way back up, but the implication here is that man is okay, and that man always was okay, which belief locks out Jesus' White Throne Judgment -- the only way out of hell -- because it denies that we even need the righteous mind that Jehovah has prepared for us, which mind is accessible only through exposure, confession of sin and repentance.

As we go on you will hear him saying that mortal man was created perfect, which isn't true.  Mortal man was created good.  Now, therefore, all this evil isn't judgment for sin, but simply because this is the way God is putting us together. Can you hear it?  Do you know what I'm saying? 

Psalm 94:23:  And He shall bring upon them their own iniquity and shall cut them off in their own wickedness. Yea, the Lord our God shall cut them off.  He shall bring upon them their own iniquity. 

Brethren, Satan is your own iniquity within your own mind.  Ephesians 2:15-16 is another witness that the enmity is within mortal man. Satan isn't outside of mortal man. The Holy Spirit is inside of mortal man but Satan is outside of mortal man?  No. All spiritual forces are inside of mortal man.

Ephesians 2:15-16: Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new mortal man, so making peace;  and that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby.  Amen.

This is speaking about the Lord Jesus Christ reconciling in one body the negative and the positive spiritual elements of the creature, both of which were present in Jesus.

Right now fallen, mortal man is all negative, but if you have the Holy Spirit moving in you, or if even you have faith moving in you, the positive element of the creation, or the positive charge, has begun to be added to you. The creation which is negative right now, must become wholly positive, but it is not enough to have the positive charge, which must fully dominate the negative charge before the entire creature can be rendered positive. 

So the negative force is within us. Satan is within us. It is a fantasy that the Holy Spirit is within us, that the Spirit of Jesus Christ is within us, that Christ is within us, that the Kingdom of God is within us, but that Satan and the demons are outside of us. Ridiculous and childish, childish.

       But God has ordained an adversary in our experience for our development

No, no, the adversary isn't for our development. The creation is based on the principle of the atom.  There is a positive charge and a negative charge. The negative charge escaped from the dominating authority of the positive charge and converted the whole creature into a Wild Animal with a negative charge, instead of a Living Beast with a positive charge. The Serpent reversed the charge of the creature, and birthed the sin nature into Elohim's civilized man. 

And now the adversary, the negative charge of the creature, who was under the dominion of the positive charge, whose name is -- the positive charge -- whose name is? Adam, the living soul -- [the adversary] got away from the positive charge, and now has authority over the fallen, mortal creature.  Satan isn't here so that we can be developed. I rebuke this teaching. 

So if someone is obstinate and rebellious and sins against God and as a result becomes seriously ill or suffers some loss or complication, this trouble is a work of Satan, the adversary. Therefore all the people, things and happenings involved in the discipline and judgment of God are measured to us by God according to our need.  But the one who is manipulating or acting upon us in order to harm us is Satan, but that which is acting behind all the people, powers, things, circumstances and events is the hand of God controlling all the play and interplay until his purpose is accomplished. 

Now this is really subtle.  Let me go over this with you.  This is true.  Listen to this. 

If someone is obstinate, rebellious and sins against God, as a result they could become seriously ill.

That's true. 

Things and happenings involved in the discipline and judgment of God are measured to us by God. 

That's true, according to our need for correction.  That's true. 

But the one who is manipulating or acting upon us in order to harm us is Satan. That's true. But that which is behind all the people, powers, things, circumstances and events is the hand of God.

That is true. 

The hand of God controlling all the play and interplay till His purpose is accomplished.

Do you hear it? We're not being judged for sin, but we're being developed.  Can you hear it?  Jesus. 

If there was only the discipline, but not the manifestation of His life, it would be meaningless, thus the two hands of God bring beautiful balance in the lives of all of God's elect.  Glory to God. We see the left hand of God revealed in the life of Job.  God had blessed this mortal man with great wealth and a large family. He had seven sons and three daughters.  He owned 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen and 500 she asses.  His household was very great with mortal many hired servants so that this mortal man was the greatest of all the men of the East.  The only reliable of testimony that we have of Job's true state of being -- now listen to this --the only reliable testimony that we have of Job's true state of being is that spoken by the Lord, Himself.  For the testimony of Satan, the testimony of Job's friends and at times even the testimony of Job, himself, as he reasons in the crucible of testing --

You see, everything that is happening to us is testing. If you read between the lines, that is what he is saying. You're not fallen - and even though he admits that man sins, he says that man isn't being judged for that sin, because God made a perfect creation that merely needed to be tested.

We're going through everything that we're going through today because God ordained it. It's the test. It isn't the judgment that is restoring us from sin back to righteousness, but everything that we're going through, every painful thing that we're going through is merely the test of God, who has ordained pain as the vehicle by which we shall be developed.

Now I don't know about you brethren, but if I believed that I didn't deserve what I have been through in my life because of my sin and the sins of my fathers, that everything that I have been through is just a test, I would have to say that God was unrighteous.

Everything that I have been through in my life is the result of sin. My sin, my ancestors' sin, my parent's sin and my original ancestor, Adam's sin, has resulted in a judgment which is necessary to restore me to righteousness.  Don't give me this testing story.

Brethren, the test was at the beginning of time, and Adam failed it, and we, his descendants, are still paying the price for that sin. We're still reaping what our father, Adam, sowed. Adam failed the test, and now our sins are being judged so that we might be restored unto righteousness. 

This isn't the testing, this is the restoration. Can you hear the fine line difference?  Can you hear it?  And yet there is an element of testing here. The lines are crossing over. Yes, there is an element of testing but the bottom line is that God's motive for the fiery trials, is to restore us back unto righteousness.

And yes, it is a testing As Adam rises from he dead in us, he is being tested for the second time. And this time, because of Jesus Christ, he shall pass the test, because Adam can die only once. The testing is about who is going to possess, or marry, if you will, mortal man, Christ or the Serpent.

But the underlying motive for what is happening to us isn't testing.  The underlying motive for the test is the resurrection of the dead Adam. Can you hear the difference?  Do you hear the difference? I'll say it again.

It's true that the trials we go through are a testing, but the root motive for God sending this fiery test upon us, isn't testing for testing's sake, but to raise us up out of this hell that we have fallen into because of sin -- because of our own sin, because of our parent's sin, because of our ancestors' sin, and because of Adam's sin. But our merciful God has given us the grace of Christ, which is His righteous mind in us.

Jesus' test is to determine the maturity of the Christ in us, to see if He is strong enough to overtake and dominate our own sin nature. Can you hear the difference? It isn't testing for testing sake. We sinned, we're in trouble, and He is delivering us from our own iniquity (Satan) through the judgment which is raising Christ from the dead in us. He's not testing us to develop us. 

The only reliable testimony  we have of Job's true state of being is that spoken by the Lord, Himself.  The all wise God, Himself, declared that Job was a perfect and upright mortal man. 

Now let me read this to you again.  It is very subtle. 

The only reliable testimony we have of Job's true state of being is that God said Job was a perfect and an upright mortal man.

Brethren, Job was neither spiritually perfect, nor spiritually righteous. The righteousness and perfection that he did have resulted from complying with the law.  Job could not have been spiritually upright, righteous or perfect. Why? Because he was a fallen, mortal man, and his father was a fallen, mortal man, and his ancestors were fallen, mortal men, because his original ancestor, Adam, fell. 

Job could not have been a spiritually perfect and upright mortal man, because his righteousness was the righteousness of the law. And God says that the righteousness of the law is like filthy rags. The righteousness of the law is like filthy rags. 

The expression, filthy rags, as it is used in the Old Testament, means menstruous rags. Jehovah said that Israel was menstruating.  Now why would Jehovah say that about Israel?

Jehovah is saying that Israel had the potential to conceive -- now if he had conceived -- who would he have conceived? Elohim's Son, Adam, the living soul. Jehovah is saying that Israel had the opportunity to have Elohim's righteous mind raised from the dead in the individual. Why? Because he had the Word of God, which is mortal man's potential to conceive Elohim's righteous mind, but he didn't conceive, he spiritually menstruated. And in another place we're told that Israel brought forth wind. Israel brought forth a dead spirit, as well as a dead mind.

Elohim's Spirit was on him,  flowed through him, but even engrafted to him, but Adam abort­ed – he died in spiritual utero. That's why Jehovah said, you're as men­stru­ous rags. Elohim's Spirit was in you, and upon you, and around you, did miracles for you, even engrafted to you, but he aborted. You're spiritually menstruous. You conceived  Elohim's righteous mind, but you didn’t bring him to term. 

A physical woman has the opportunity to conceive once a month, and  menstruates either when she doesn’t conceive at all, or when the embryo spontaneously aborts. Now, the nation of Israel had one long opportunity to conceive and bring forth Adam, their righteous mind, which is, Elohim's resurrected Son, but Israel menstruated.

So why is Jehovah condemning Israel for not conceiving? Because, they rejected the teaching  of the Scripture, and agreed with the pride of their carnal mind, that the observance of a physical law can impart moral purity. But moral  purity can be obtained only through the resurrection of Adam, their righteous mind, because he is the only one who is strong enough to dominate their inherited sin nature.

All of Israel had the potential for Adam, to be conceived in their human spirit, rise from the dead in the individual mortal man, and control their carnal minds, but only Jesus of Nazareth ascended into moral purity, because Israel refused to confess their sin nature and condemn it.

So Jehovah sent Messiah to speak the truth in Israel’s own language, that they might see their sins and possess the true moral purity which produces an endless life, but they rejected Him.

So we see that they failed to enter in because they loved their dead existence more than they loved Jehovah’s life, and because they chose their sin nature over the resurrected Adam, Elohim’s righteous mind.

The same condition exists in the Church today. Many will accept teaching or counsel only from themselves and completely deny that Christ might be speaking to them through another mortal man.  But they are without understanding, because Christ in them would never reject Christ in another man.  Their counselor is the pride and rebellion of their own carnal mind.

So why is Jehovah indicting Israel? Because the pride of Israel says, we don't need Messiah to show us our sins, or teach us how to repent and dominate our own sin nature. We’ll let Adam rise from the dead in us, but we don’t have to join with him to condemn our sin nature. We are righteous because we keep the law.

So Jehovah indicted them, saying, your righteousness [which arises from keeping the law] is as filthy rags. The carnal mind that you refused to condemn, rose up and killed the resurrected Adam, and you brought forth wind -- a dead spirit -- because you refused Messiah’s exposure of your sin nature.

You think that you're righteous because you keep the law, but I will show you that without my Son, who is the only righteous mind, you have no life in you. Your prideful carnal mind, which you must dominate if my Son, Adam, your righteousness, is to rise from the dead in you, and prevail, refuses to condemn herself, and the righteousness of the law cannot give you a sinless mind.

Your mind isn't my righteous Son, but a dead, unrighteous, spiritually female mind, and your opportunity to live out of Adam's righteous mind has passed. You have menstruated. You have brought forth wind, instead of Adam, the righteous mind that can deliver you out of hell. Your pride has refused the saviour that I have sent you, because He exposed your sin nature.

You're bragging and boasting that you're righteous by your own works, but you're not. And because you claim to be righteous without my Son living inside of you and ruling over your carnal mind -- for this reason -- I shall expose your childlessness (Rev. 12:4) to the world.

Do you hear it?  It's a very fine line again. Jehovah is indicting Israel for the pride that caused him to think that he didn't need Messiah, who came to show him the way to true righteousness. Jehovah is indicting Israel for bragging that he had arrived, when he hadn't. Doesn't this sound like the doctrine that we are dealing with today?

So, Job, my friends, was not a righteous, mortal man.  Job was a fallen, mortal man who had the righteousness of the law.

There is only one possible explanation for this doctrine being in the Church: The leprosy of pride.

You, see, the same thing is happening in the Church today that happened in Israel. This prideful doctrine is responsible for many refusing to indict their own sin nature, which indictment must take place so that Adam can rise from the dead in the individual, as he did in the man, Jesus, and become our righteous Christ mind.

Anyone can fall into a false doctrine. It could happen to any of us.  It could happen to me.  If God doesn't keep Christ in you from falling under your carnal mind, if the carnal mind gets up over you, it's because of the sin of pride. If the Lord doesn't inter­vene when the carnal mind gets up over Christ in you, you won't be able to see it happening.  You will be blinded to your own backsliding, because your carnal mind is dominating you, and stopping you from thinking with the Mind of Christ.

Pride is a seduction that sneaks up on you little by little, and before you know it, it's too late. You can't see it happening, and you won't recognize it, even when it's in full bloom.

The most that you can hope for is that God will send a prophet to tell you the truth, and that you will recognize the man as a prophet when he comes. Outside of a miracle from God, a man with a leprous mind is blinded to his own backsliding because of pride. 

I've been praying for quite a while now, Lord, please don't let this happen to me,  and it came to me today that I was praying out of pride, saying Lord, I don't want this to happen to me.  I don't want to experience the disgrace of my carnal mind overtaking me, and the whole Church world knowing it, because I have an international ministry. So I repented, saying, Lord, if this happens to me and you don't intervene, I accept it. 

I've been praying in my own will power, don't let this happen to me, don't let this happen to me. What a disgrace, don't let this happen to me. But I repented today, and am believing that the Lord Jesus will defend the Mind of Christ that is maturing within me from the evil mind that I was born with, and from the fiery Serpent who incarnated her, because I have condemned my own sin nature, and am doing everything that I can to destroy her.

You see, we can't do anything of ourselves. We can't abide in Christ of ourselves. We can't abide in the true doctrine of ourselves.  We can't save our own souls [personalities].  We can't do anything of ourselves, and the pride of mortal man will absolutely destroy us if we don't destroy her first.  God have mercy on us all.  For without His mercy, we will abide in hell until this dead age rolls up like a scroll and goes out like a light.

So our author says that Job was a perfect and an upright mortal man, and he is, in fact, quoting the Scripture, but he doesn't understand what the Scripture says. He says right here, that the Scripture is the only reliable testimony we have of Job's true state of being, but the Scripture says nothing whatsoever about Job's state of being. It says Job was an upright and a perfect man, but if you know anything at all about Job, you know that his perfection was in his ability to do the works of the law, and the works of the law have nothing whatever to do with your state of being. 

This, by definition, is the difference between the imputed anointing, which is given without repentance, and the imparted anoint­ing, which is a state of being.

We are saved through the impartation of a new, righteous mind, which overcomes the carnal mind we were born with [our sin nature (Jn. 16:33)].

Paul says in Heb. 3:19 that natural Israel didn’t enter in because of disbelief, but qualifies his statement in Heb. 4:2, saying that the Word preached didn’t profit them because it wasn’t mixed with faith. This is Paul’s way of saying that the Word fell on their carnal mind, instead of their righteous mind, the resurrected Adam (Matt. 13:18-23).

And why would the Word fall on the carnal mind instead of the resurrected Adam? Because their carnal mind was covering the resurrected Adam.

And why was their carnal mind covering the resurrected Adam? Because Israel, believing that they were saved by the works of the law, wouldn’t confess their sin nature, repent, or wage the  warfare necessary to overthrow their carnal mind (Lk. 10:2). The truth of the Scripture is that we cannot believe ourselves into the Kingdom of God with our carnal mind.

The man, Jesus, typifies the perfection that arises out of one's state of being, and not of works: No man could take His life.

Adam was resurrected in the man, Jesus, at His Baptism, but Jesus didn’t become perfect until  He defeated Satan.

Brethren, this man has taken a quote out of the Scripture and totally perverted it. Does anyone not know what I'm talking about?

So Job was a perfect and an upright mortal man, one that feared God and eschewed evil, and may I add, perfect yes, but untried, untested and unproven.You see, he wasn't a sinner, he was just untried, untested and unproven. 

Brethren, I declare to you that Job was guilty of the sin of pride, the sin of fear, and the sin of rebellion.  He was a mortal man, a sinner, and his righteousness was of the law.

Now listen to me.  If it's true that Job was perfect and righteous,  and all that came upon him -- he lost his children, his servants, his house, his wealth -- if Job was righteous, what does that make a God who lets all this come upon a righteous man?  What does it make God? What does it make Him?  Unrighteous!!! Does a righteous God deal with a faithful servant who is perfect in his state of being by bringing evil upon him?

Only an unrighteous God would do that, but we will justify God's sin against us by saying that He is doing it to develop us. Can you hear this?  Mortal man hasn't sinned, and we're afraid to say that God sinned, so we make excuses for what happened and don't really put the blame on anybody, but say that we're untested, mortal men whom God is tormenting for our own good.

Do you hear it?  Do you hear it?  Do you hear the contradiction?  Do you hear the compromise?  Can you hear it? Okay, I'll say it again.

This is what our author is saying: He says that mortal man isn't a sinner. Mortal man is okay.  Mortal man is perfect. Job was perfect, but untried and untested. Our author is afraid to come right out and say that God is unrighteous, so he is saying that God's motive for tormenting Job -- who didn't deserve any of the trials he was experiencing because he was perfect -- God's motive was merely to develop Job, so that Job could become a Son of God. 

Do you hear it now? There is no responsibility to the man, and no responsibility to God for this evil.  But you just lay there in your sins, Job. All of you people out there who are reading this, that are in misery, that are in pain, that are in torment, just lay there and take your licks, and don't believe that this torment is coming on you because you're a sinner, neither believe that God is evil, but that this torment  is God's blessing to you. Be laughing, happy and grateful for your torment. You didn't do any­thing to deserve it, but be grate­­ful because it's going to make a man out of you. 

It is very subtle. Can you hear it?  Can you hear it? As a matter of fact, I don't know whether I passed by it or not, but he did say somewhere that God was responsible for all things, including the so called evil things, as well as the good things. So at one point he tells you right out that God, not your sin, is responsible for everything that hap­pens to you. On the first page he says that God is responsible for everything that happens to you, good and evil, and then on the next page he says that God's motive for doing it is that you're untested, and he wants you to be further developed. Apparently, our author  continues to declare that His testing has nothing to do with our sin. Everybody okay?

Then he goes on with a traditional teaching about God being the one to direct Satan towards Job. Please note that it was not Satan's idea to persecute poor old Job. Oh no, it was God, Himself, who brought up the subject of persecution.  Brethren, where in the Book of Job does it say that God sent Satan to persecute Job?  Persecution, brethren, is sin.  To persecute someone is sin. God sent Satan to test and reveal sin in the mortal man, Job.  Persecution implies that the one who is persecuted is innocent. Can you hear it?  Can you hear this? Are your spiritual ears working?

This is the message: Mortal man is innocent. Mortal man is good.  Mortal man is perfect.  His worst crime is that he is untried and untested. God is responsible for all things, and if it turns out that you drew the straw that determined that your life would include incest, and rape, and physical and mental torture -- well God is still good -- why are you sad, what's the matter with you?  What is your problem?  God is just developing you.

Thinking like that could put someone in a mental institution.  Can you hear it?  Can you hear it?  It is irrational. The bottom line is the motive. What is the motive for this doctrine?  The motive is to declare mortal man righteous, good, and without sin, thus, preventing the exposure of the sin nature, confession of sin and true repentance, all of which enables us to rise up, kill our evil self, and escape from hell.

And then again, he says in another place,

If you're obstinate or rebellious towards God, you will develop sin within yourself.

There is a bit of a contradiction here.  What he is saying is, yes mortal man is perfect, but even though you're perfect you have a couple of little things wrong with you. It's like tapping a little boy on the head and saying, well don't worry about it. You're okay because Jesus died for you, even if you find a couple of little spots of leprosy on you, God is just using it to perfect you. Don't worry about it. This spirit is throughout the whole society today. What spirit?  A spirit that does not want to call sin, sin.

I watched a talk show on TV today. The comentator had clips of interviews with some jurors, and a clip of the defendant admitting that he had murdered his mother. The man said right on the witness stand that he pulled the trigger,  reloaded, came back into the living room, and shot her again, but when the jurors were interviewed, one of them said, I wasn't quite convinced that he did it. Now, everyone watching the TV heard the defendant confess, and the host said, something very wrong is going on with our jury system

But it isn't just the jury system. This attitude is found throughout the whole nation. We justify sin.

I saw a clip on another show the other day, about a head justice of a State Supreme Court, who is known for reversing the death sentences of convicted mur­der­ers to life, because they’ve had a bad childhood. A spirit that justifies sin is running rampant through the whole country.

Brethren, sin is sin. If you murder somebody viciously, blatantly, and premeditatedly, the Bible says that you should be executed. You don't say I'm not going to execute you because you were afraid, or because someone incest­ed you. This spirit is going through the whole nation and producing many criminals, because God's justice isn't being executed.

This same spirit is in this newsletter and throughout the Church.  It is a spirit that justifies sin and says that man is really innocent, despite the sinful things that he is doing. The fact that he had a bad break makes him innocent. But brethren, that's not what God says.  God says that if you're a doer of sin, you're a sinner.  God says that if your state of being is sin, you're a sinner.  It has nothing to do with your experience. What you sow, you shall reap. It has nothing to do with your childhood experiences.

And as Job admitted in the midst of his ordeal, declaring He knoweth the way that I take.  When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.  His perfection remained to be fully proven, tested and demonstrated. 

Wow.  Job's perfection was to be fully proven, tested and demonstrated. Now what does God do, but deliberately hand over this perfect, mortal man into the hand of Satan to do her worst to him. It is a terrible thing for God to do his worst to a righteous man. Thank God it's not true!

What was it that Satan said?  Did he ask permission to put forth his own hand and touch Job?  No.  It wasn't Satan's idea.  Not at all.  He said, thy hand, or God, you put forth your hand and touch him.  He isn't even asking to be allowed to touch Job.  Satan is initiating nothing in this exchange.  But in response to God's question put to him, Satan challenged God to stretch out His hand.

Do you hear the justification of what Satan did?  Satan initiated nothing.  All she did was respond to God's question. Well, that's true. God did set Satan on Job, but not in the way that it's being related here.  Job was a sinner. God sent Satan to reveal Job’s sin nature, so that Job could confess his true condition, repent, and begin to dominate his own evil self.

We shall never dominate our sin nature, but she shall dominate us until we expose her, indict her, and begin to resist her.

Satan is the servant of God.  Very fine line. Is anybody not following me here? 

This is a Scripture citing Job's righteousness. Job is saying,

What shall we receive good at the hand of God and not receive evil?  In all this didn't Job sin with his lips. 

Now check this out, Job didn't sin with his lips. He sounded like he was saying the right thing about God,

Should I receive good at the hand of God and not evil

Look at this righteous man. He never sinned with his lips, but God persecuted this righteous man anyway -- for his own good.

And now please note,

Job didn't sin with his lips, but his problem was that his state of being is sin

The implication here is that God gave man a sin nature when He created him, and that Job did not reap a sin nature from Adam, or any other  ancestor.

Our writer is denying the fall, and saying that mortal man was created in his present condition by a sadistic God who is presently persecuting him in the hope that he will overcome the sin nature that God gave him in the first place.

Once again we see our writer using all of the words necessary to convince the reader that he is preaching the truth of the Scripture, but his own words expose the lie.

Of course you don't have to sin with your lips, brethren. Your heart sins. Your fallen nature is in your heart.  What you think is sin, what you feel is sin. Jesus clearly said, if you look at that woman to lust for her, it is sin. If you hate your brother in your heart, you have murdered him. So big deal, Job didn't sin with his lips. Big deal.

God was out to expose faithful Job's  sin nature, so that Job, who was convinced that he was perfect, just like our writer is convinced that he was perfect, could have an opportunity to dominate her.

I declare that many today are doing the same thing. They're saying all the right things, doing all the right things -- they're not sinning with their lips -- but their heart is oozing with pride, arrogance and rebellion towards God, because God says they are sinners, but they say no, I'm not.  Sin isn't only in what you say.  Sin may be in what you say, but whether you say it or not, sin is of the heart and mind.

Our writer says,

What faith,

Speaking about Job, because Job has just said, shall we receive good from the hand of God and not evil?  And our writer says, what faith. What marvelous understanding.  Job actually attributes all this evil to the work of God.  He doesn't even recognize Satan as doing anything. He isn't sitting on the ash heap moaning and saying, that old Devil has been after me all week.  No, he is all lifted up in pride, saying he is innocent. 

We have every right to conclude from this that Job was speaking the absolute truth when he attributed all this evil to God. In fact, he was right on. In no place does the Lord in any way rebuke Job for his words. In fact, at the end of Job's trial, God says that Job, not his friends, had spoke correctly about Him. 

Job's friends declared him to be an evil man that Jehovah was punishing, but Job declared himself to be righteous as well as Jehovah. Job's friends declared Jehovah to be a punishing God, but Job defended Jehovah, even though the pride of his mortal mind couldn't understand why a righteous God  would do evil to a righteous man.

Job never condemned Jehovah when he was without understanding, but confessed his self-righteousness when Jehovah revealed Himself through a mortal man.

Job did what Israel never did and what much of the Church is refusing to do today. He confessed that his own pride was so completely blinding him to Jehovah’s communications, that Jehovah had to speak to him through another mortal man.

Our writer goes on to say,

The left hand of God ,

Meaning that judgment is manifested through a people.

Is in the kingdom of darkness.  The left hand of God is manifested through a people, those who are in the left hand of darkness.

Do you hear it?  Anybody pick this up?

Who is going to execute judgment on sin? The two witness company, and the Sons of God are going to execute judgment on sin.  But our writer says, oh no, not so. He says the left hand of God is manifested through a people who are in the kingdom of darkness. He denies that all judgment is given unto the Son, but the Scripture says that all judgment is given unto the Son.

These are basic Scriptures. He isn't talking about deep doctrine, or the Kingdom message here. This is outright perversion of basic Scripture, not Scripture that's in a deep parable that we can't understand.

Those who will execute judgment are those who are in the kingdom of darkness.

 He's saying that he sinner will execute judgment.

Now we know that Satan is the mediator of judgment upon the heathen. And how does Satan mediate judgment upon the heathen?  Well, she sends another heathen to hurt him. But when you come to the Lord, brethren, you enter into the Judgment Seat of Christ. And the Sons of God, when they manifest, are not just going to the Church, but they are going to the Church first.  Let the judgment of God begin at the house of the Lord, and the elders thereof. The Sons are going to the world.

So we see the heathen executing judgment unto destruction until the Sons appear. Once the Sons manifest, Satanic judgment becomes the White Throne Judgment of Christ Jesus, who will judge the Church, beginning with the elders thereof, and then the world. That's basic, basic, basic.

The left hand of God is manifested through a people, those in the kingdom of darkness. The right hand of God is likewise revealed through a people, the sons of the kingdom

He is saying that the Sons of God will minister only blessings. Now I wonder, could this possibly be rooting from that doctrine of -- does anybody know?  Can you hear it?  The doctrine of the ascended masters.  The ascended masters don't execute judgment, they just appear, feed the hungry and heal the sick. They do only good works, and then they disappear. 

Once that leprosy gets in your house, brethren, it spreads.

Now the Scripture says in the Book of Leviticus that if leprosy appears on one of the stones in the house, the priest goes in to test it, and if it is in fact a leprosy, that stone has to be removed. Then, after no one lives in the house for a time, the priest goes back in. If the leprosy has not spread, then the house can stand, but if the leprosy has spread, then the whole house  must be destroyed. 

There is leprosy in the Church.  I pray that God stops it from spreading.  I'll read the first two sentences again so that you can hear the whole impact of it.

The left hand of God is manifested through a people, those in the kingdom of darkness.  The right hand of God is likewise revealed through a people, the sons of the Kingdom.  Thank God we're not called to be a part of the left hand company.

Thank God we're not called to be a part of the left hand company?

What about the two witness company? He quotes some Scriptures.

If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God

Well, that sounds wonderful.

Set your affection on things above, not on the things of the earth.

That has to do with lust, not righteous judgment. 

To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne.

Well, these are all wonderful Scriptures.  But what are you overcoming? And how are you overcoming? Through righteous judgment.

Now, brethren, check this out.  I'm telling you that as the elders go, brethren, so goes the whole Church.  If this doctrine is appearing in an international newsletter -- and this isn't the only newsletter I've seen it in -- if this is coming from ministers who have been writing deep doctrine for years, it has already come -- and is now coming -- upon the people that are under them.

Now check this out.

When on the earth, the firstborn son suffered reproach and finally death.  But where is He now?  He is exalted at the right hand of the Father, far above all principalities and powers and every name that is named, not only in this age, but in that which is to come. 

Well, that is a good Scripture, amen. 

He (Jesus) passed through a season of shame and reproach, but dwells now in a glory that can never fade. Amen.  And there is a place with Him for all who overcome; a place of glory and eminence and power at the right hand of God

It is very subtle, brethren, very subtle, but he is saying that the glory is after death.

He suffered reproach and finally death,

But where is He now? He is in another world. He isn't here.  Right?  Our writer says that He is completely in the world of the spirit, but this not true. He is in the earth as the Holy Spirit today, and as the resurrected Christ, who is experiencing our sufferings with us.

You see, Jesus Christ is connected to the Father who is in Heaven, but the Spirit of Jesus Christ is in the earth, which fact blows a hole in the trinity doctrine. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Son. It is not accurate to say that the Son is in Heaven and the Holy Spirit is in the earth. There is only the Father and the Son. The Father is in Heav­en, but the Son, who is joined to the Father, is in Heaven and in the earth at the same time.

 And there is a place with Him in the world of the spirit for all who overcome. A place of glory and eminence and power at the right hand of God.  Where is He now? Exalted.

We know that Jesus left His exalted position and returned to the earth in the form of the Holy Spirit for the specific purpose of reproducing Himself in the individual mortal man.

Now here is a very subtle, but very important point. Our writ­er is denying that our ascension is the result of the engrafted seed, and saying that all will ascend without the seed of Christ being added to them, merely because they were born into, and exist, in this present world.

This is the crux of this antichrist doctrine. It speaks about an ascended Jesus, but denies Christ in you, the hope of your own personal glorification.

It is a message that preaches the righteousness of this first [human] birth, which is lacking a righteous mind, and denies the true righteous mind, which is Christ, Elohim's resurrected Son in the individual.

What's interesting here is that there is a truth to what he's saying. There is an ascension that is not the result of the engrafted seed. John calls it the resurrection of the dam­ned­.

There shall be an ascension of the engrafted seed, which is the Son of God, and an ascension of the damnable seed, which is the daughter of the Serpent, because the creature that Elohim fashioned for Jehovah in the beginning is approaching marriage­able age, and, very shortly, the human spirits of  her mortal members will be permanently bonding with either the Son of God or the daughter of the Serpent.

Speaking about God, our writer goes on to quote Isaiah 63: verses 7-10, which says: but they rebelled, speaking about Israel, and vexed His holy Spirit, therefore He was turned to be their enemy and He fought against them.

Basically, our writer is saying that mortal man is not God's enemy, but that God is mortal man's enemy. Well, it is true that God is the enemy of those who are rebelling against Him, but He is also the enemy of His enemies.  There is a Scripture that says we're at enmity with God in our mind, and when we're at enmity with God, He becomes our enemy. This is true, but our writer is not accurately explaining this Scripture, when he says that mortal man is perfect, and that God is the enemy.

When Israel rebelled against the Lord, He became their enemy.

God becomes your enemy --  now remember God has no enemies -- so therefore mortal man isn't God's enemy, but God is mortal man's enemy.

God becomes your enemy when you walk after the flesh.  For the carnal mind is hostile towards God

Well that's true. But he seems to separate man from mortal man's own mind. 

The Lord's people, then and now, rebel and grieve the Holy Spirit.  Then when you do that, God becomes your adversary.

Now listen to this and open your ears. 

Then when you do that, after you rebel and grieve the Holy Spirit, then God becomes your adversary, your Satan.

He just said that God becomes Satan to you.

Whenever the believer frustrates the grace of God by being bull headed in his conceit or stubbornness or pride or bitterness, God becomes his enemy.  In that moment, the left hand of God becomes the adversary against that unholy attitude or action

I just read what he said a couple of paragraphs back, that the sinners, not the Sons, are the left hand of God. So the Sons are smel­ling like a rose. The Sons aren't doing anything bad to you but, he says, if you manifest any ungodliness, God becomes Satan to you, and God fights with you, and corrects you by sending the heathen against you.

Brethren, our author is describing what happened when Adam failed the test -- he fell under Jehovah's wrath, the Satanic judgment, which is being reversed in this hour, by the White Throne Judgment. In the regeneration, the Scripture says, the Father judges no man, because all judgment is given to the Son.

To be carnally minded is death, but God wants us to live.  God will trouble us.  He will pursue us.  He will put His sword at our throat until we break and learn that God's way is best.

 Look and see how our author links a legitimate Scripture with two scriptural, and one totally unscriptural, explanation of that very same Scripture.

To be carnally minded is death.

It is true that thinking with our carnal mind produces death.

But God wants us to live... This is true also.

He will pursue us. It is true that God pursues us, but with loving kindness -- meeting needs that we don’t recognize he meets, and sending help us that we don’t recognize He sends.

He will put His sword at our throat until we break and learn that God's way is best.

This is not true. God stands quietly by, while we experience the painful fruit of our own wrong think­ing. Personal convic­tion that wrong thinking generated by our sin nature (carnal mind), has produced, and is producing, every evil  that we experience, leads to the conviction that God’s way alone will satisfy our every need.

Such a conviction, leads to the confession that our sin nature, not God, is responsible for all of our suffering. It is Satan, the god of this world and the mediator of the sowing and reaping judgment, that holds a sword to our throat, because we have engaged in thoughts and activities which have loosed her upon ourselves.

God does not intervene when Satan, the mediator of the sowing and reaping judgment, arranges for us to experience the fruit of our own hurtful thoughts and behavior, because the ultimate answer to pain and trouble in our life, is to stop sowing the thoughts and behavior of our sin nature (carnal mind), which is programed to violate the righteous spiritual principles of the universe until she dies.

Therefore, the only way  to experience the peace and true life that the Lord Jesus Christ desires to give us, is to have the Mind of Christ formed in us, and to live out of that Mind.

During the  time that the Mind of Christ is being formed in us, both the carnal mind and the Mind of Christ co-exist, but not peacefully. The very existence of the Mind of Christ prophesies the death of the carnal mind and she, in turn, does everything she can, to kill the Mind of Christ.

So, for God to intervene in Satan’s sowing and reaping judgment before we understand that our only hope in this world is to lay hold of Christ Jesus, our spiritual weapon, and resist our own sin nature until she dies (Rev. 12:11),  would only prolong our painful existence.

This understanding is called, (1) confession -- that we have a sin nature, which is killing us, and (2) repentance -- preferring to live out of the Mind of Christ, rather than the carnal mind.

Some teach that repentance is a change of mind, but they really mean, a change of opinion. True repentance is to stop thinking with, and doing the deeds of, the carnal mind, and to start thinking with, and doing the deeds of the Mind of Christ.

Mortal man is not innocent, and God is not doing evil things to us to produce a perfect creation, or for any other reason.

We and our ancestors are respon­sible for every painful thing that happens to us, but Jehovah, in His great mercy, incarnated the Lord Jesus Christ, so that the Mind of Christ could be formed in all those who prefer His righteousness, and cry out for help.

So he says,

We should not shrink from the chastenings and dealings from His left hand that will make these truths work themselves out in reality and practicality.

Well, if the body of Christ doesn't chasten you, what will you  learn from a heathen with a fallen mind?

In this same newsletter in recent months, this man came down pretty hard on local fellowships, and extricated himself by saying, well if there are one or two that are of God, it is okay to go -- but he really came against local fellowships, the place God has provided for the Church to receive the corrective judgment of God. 

So what do you do if your fallen mind isn't being corrected in a local fellowship? Very few can do it themselves. Do you go out into the street and have some heathen that doesn't have the Mind of Christ correct you?

Of course not. He is talking about blind correction, such as being fired, for example, while completely denying the true judgment, which is the pointing out of specific sin in your attitudes and words, so that your deficiency can be corrected.

This doctrine denies the true, corrective Judgment Seat of Christ, because no heathen is going to show you your sins and give you an opportunity to repent. No heathen is going to come to you and say, look, what you just said to me is sin in your mind, but I know that you didn't know it, so let me show you how to deal with this situation  in a Godly manner.

We had a situation like that here tonight.  I know that you didn't know it was sin. How did I know that? Because I know that you want God. So we had sin pointed out in something that was said here tonight. They didn't know it was sin, but now they are going to pray about it, and ask God to help them make some changes. 

Our author is denying this cor­rective judgment that can change people's lives and improve their marriages and other relationships. According to him, righteous judgment is not our inheritance, but the judgment from the heathen -- which is the pure brute force that puts you in the hospital, or puts you a car accident or a plane crash, or robs you of your finances, is.

God doesn't send that kind of judgment on you, brethren.  That's the judgment unto destruction.  When judgment like that falls upon you, it means that you have been turned over to Satan in that situation, but God's corrective judgment reveals sin in your mind, attitudes, and  words, which results in confession, repentance and constructive  change.

Our author is totally denying the true judgment of God, which is merciful, and saying that the only way God corrects us is by putting us in a plane crash or giving us a broken leg -- after which you still don't know what you did wrong.

God is preparing a people who can't be moved, upset or frustrated by anything

Well, that's true.  And this is true, too. This is good wisdom.

We can't afford the luxury of our personal feelings.  We have no rights.  If we think we have rights and we move to exercise them, we will lose them under the dealings of God's left hand.  That's true.  Where testings will last as long as it takes to change your mind, attitudes and actions.

That's true.

Can we walk around in the furnace without complaining?  Can we sing and dance in the fire?  Can we shout praises in jail at midnight?  The key to God's whole program operating in your life is your spirit and attitude of response to His will in your life.

That's true. 

When your attitude and conduct become right, then the dealings of God's left hand will cease.

That's true.  That's true.  That's good wisdom.

Even in judgment, dear one, God is love

Well, that's true.

He kills only to make alive and wounds only to heal

Well, that's true, and it isn't true. Let me clarify this

Let me point something out to you on this.  It isn't true that every individual that God kills is raised from the dead.

If you're taking this in the natural, on a human level, God killed David's baby, but I don't read anything about him being raised from the dead. And if God is responsible for everything, then God killed Judas, but I don't read anything about Judas being raised from the dead. But, of course, our author is speaking about the great resurrection at the end of the age when, he believes, everyone who ever existed will be raised from the dead.

Brethren, God is killing the carnal minds of mortal man so that He can raise their human spirit  from the dead without killing their personalities and physical bodies. But every individual shall not be killed and made alive.

God formed the man out of the earth and breathed the breath of life into him. The original creature, who was made from Elohim's breath and the surface of the earth,  was spiritual, not physical, like it is now. Adam, is made out of the dust of the earth.

Paul said in another place, ye are of the same lump. He talks about us being a lump. A lump of what? Mortal man is a lump of clay, but Paul says, stop being a lump of clay and become a lump of bread:  Be converted from a fallen, mortal man, into a lump of spiritual bread that can feed the nations. That's what Paul was talking about.

This creation is made from energy vibrating in a variety of frequencies. The slower the vibration, the more solid it appears. Energy cannot be destroyed, but can only change form. Thus, a mortal man who dies does not cease to exist, but changes form.

When the body of a mortal man dies, his soul [personality] dies also. The physical body goes back to the physical dust, and the human spirit goes back to the Fathers.

The Scripture says, the potter marred the clay and reformed it. When a mortal man dies, his human spirit goes back to the Fathers, and the spiritual earth that his soul [personality] was made of goes back to the lump of spiritual clay, to be reformed in due season.

Jesus said the spirit that was in Himself [not in John the Baptist like the King James and his sister translations say], was the same spirit that was in Elijah: Same spirit, different personality, different body.

The Adam that God made at the beginning of time will be made permanent (baked in the oven like pottery),  in the last generation of temporary, mortal personalities, when Christ [Adam] rises from the dead and takes his place as the righteous mind of the personalities that are in the earth at that time, and the souls [personalities] of those mortal men shall be preserved [saved]. That should hold you for now, because this is another whole message. 

So we see the doctrine of ultimate reconciliation here, which says that every human being ever born will be killed by death and made alive again because of Christ, but it's not true. The truth is that Adam, shall rise from the dead in every human spirit, and the whole Living Beast shall be regenerated and mature into Elohim's NEW MAN. The personalities that are saved are the ones in which Adam, our righteous mind, is risen from the dead

Adam, spoke through the man, Jesus, saying, before Abraham was, I Am, and in another place, I  am the resurrection. The personality in which Christ rises from the dead, and abides, is saved.

We have skipped through several paragraphs of this writing and are picking up in a place where our author is speaking about Eglon, the king of Moab. As he relates that story, he does go on to say,

Instead of living out of the high realm of spiritual life and reality as new creation men who were dead, but are now made alive.

He is talking about people in the Church who are refusing to claim that they have already been made alive. 

Now brethren, we have not been made alive yet. We're still dead.  If we were alive, we wouldn't get sick, we wouldn't get rashes, and we wouldn't age.  You can't be raised from the dead by mind control. It hasn't happened to you yet. Only Jesus has been made alive. Paul, who attained to full stature, was offered up before he completed the third stage of resurrection.

Our writer has every right to speak to other doctrines in the Church. You see, there is malignant criticism and there is constructive criticism. Malignant criticism is when you malign the person's character and try to destroy them. But it's alright to constructively criticize somebody's doctrine. I'm doing that right now.

There are people who make their living criticizing plays and movies.  People who are not experts in a particular field want to know what the critics think.  That's why they're called critics.

Our writer is criticizing an aspect of doctrine in the Church that he does not agree with, and that's okay; and we're criticizing his criticism -- and that's alright too, so long as we're not out to destroy the man, which we're not.

Our author is talking about elements in the Church who don't believe that they have already been made alive, and he says,

Talking about King Eglon, as representing certain believers who have the unspiritual notion that immortality, incorruption and eternal life are experienced and known only in the body realm.

Now he is coming against another writer of another international newsletter who taught several years ago, that there is no consciousness after the death of this body. I believe the way the other writer expressed it is that after the death of this body we sleep, because there is no consciousness on the other side.

This teaching has been embraced by a large part of the Kingdom Church, and I happen to agree with it. Everything that God is doing, He is doing in the flesh. If this body dies, it means that Adam, our righteous mind, did not rise from the dead in our human spirit, which is our true consciousness, so the soul [personality] and the body disintegrate and return to the spiritual and physical earth, and the spirit goes back to the Fathers.

Our first writer doesn't agree with the second writer, who I agree with, but the second writer that the first writer is criticizing isn't in complete agreement with me either. The only area that we agree on is that when this body dies, there is no afterlife.  And it is a fact, that the doctrine of an afterlife, is Egyptian philosophy.

Our writer is criticizing this doctrine, saying that these people, typified by King Eglon,

Are bound by Satan to the crude unscriptural notion that immortality, incorrup­tion and eternal life are experienced and known only in the body realm. 

Well, I say amen.  That's true until such time as the body is glorified.

Thus, there is no spiritual consciousness of life apart from the flesh body.

I say amen, except in the case of glorification.

So although the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit bear witness with our spirit that we have been born from above and are the children of God . . .

Except that it hasn't happened yet . . .

Possessing eternal life, King Eglon . . .

The people who believe that all there is takes place in the flesh . . .

King Eglon tells you that the new creation man, the inner man, the resurrected man, the quickened man, has no enduring substance or eternal reality. And should your body die, you have no life at all.  You're just as dead and unconscious and non-exist­enct as a dog lying on the highway

The problem is, brother writ­er, that we have not been raised from the dead yet, and that you have received a lie. Let me go over this a little bit at a time.

King Eglon tells you that the new creation man, the inner man, the resurrected man, the quickened man, has no enduring substance. 

Well that's not true, but the only one in whom the inner man, the new creation man, the resurrected man, the quickened man, has been raised to the point where he can live after his body dies, is the man, Christ Jesus [the Spirit of Christ married to the resurrected Adam].

So when Christ is fully raised from the dead in you, and married to the Spirit of Christ, who is above, Christ Jesus, your new man, will marry  your personality, and you, too, shall live without a physical body.

But until that time, that is, before the glorification, the temporary personalities in which Christ is being formed, do not endure after the physical body dies, except for the personalities in which the resurrected Adam is preserving the physical body.

The problem is that some of us in the Church are only in the initial stages of our spiritual pregnancy, which is Christ, the manchild, being formed in us, and some of us aren't even pregnant, having only the Holy Spirit, the seed which has not yet engrafted to their human spirit. So, should the physical body die, the spiritual manchild  [Christ] who is given to preserve [save] our personality [soul] when He is fully born in us, spontaneously aborts.

It isn't correct to say that the NEW MAN has no substance. The truth is that the NEW MAN is growing up from seed within the carnal minds of the Church, but if the mortal man who is pregnant with the manchild dies before Christ Jesus, his NEW MAN, is mature enough to either revive his physical body, or survive without it, that individual expression of the NEW MAN  dies. 

But you see, brother writer, there is a day coming, in the very near future, I hope, that this NEW INNER MAN will come to perfection in the personalities of a company of mortal men, and when that happens, it will be impossible for their bodies to die, unless, of course, they agree to it, like Jesus did. Brother, you do err, because you don't understand the Scripture, or the power of God; neither do you understand the Resurrection of the Just.

Our writer goes on for a few paragraphs talking about some ministers bringing spiritual truths down to the flesh. Then he goes on to say that some of God's ministers claim a higher revelation than other of God's prophets. Well, that's true, brother. Everyone doesn't have the same revelation.  If every one had the same revelation, we wouldn't need teachers.

Now this is the same writer who encourages his thousands of followers not to join fellowships, nor submit to a God ordained authority or to that authority's corrective judgment. It's not true that everyone has the same revelation.

I  turned on the TV today and saw a clip on young ladies training for the ice skating Olympic games. This clip on the news showed how these little girls start training very young if the parents see any talent in them at all. I was amazed, myself, at the commitment that these young children make. One little girl said she was up at 3:00 A.M. to go for her lesson and practice before going to school. They work long arduous hours, and the whole family sacrifices when there is a sign that the child has talent.

The newscaster said that it isn't at all uncommon for the whole family to pick up and move to another city, and for the parent to get another job, so that his child could have the opportunity to train with a particular coach. The piece went on to show the commitment in time, and how they give up all aspects of life that other children have. Also, the whole family partakes of  this sacrifice so that at approximately 20 some years of age, that girl or in some cases, a boy, might have the opportunity to compete in the Olympic games. 

Well brethren, nothing is without a price.  If you want expertise in any area of your life, commitment is required of you, but it is very rare that we see this kind of commitment in the Church.

There are very few Christians who are willing to do that, but there are some. Brethren, it takes study to be a Son of God with power. It takes training and long hours of study.

It isn't true that all teachers are equal. Neither is it true that all ministers are equal.

Now this doesn't sound right.  He says here that the sword of the Lord is that word which proceed­eth only out of the Lord's mouth, therefore all ministers are equal.

Brother, Christ isn't equally mature in every teacher, and even in those teachers where Christ Jesus is equally mature, any two ministers may not have an equal amount of control over their carnal mind.

Every man that has the Holy Ghost is somewhat equal, in that they all have the same Spirit, but they don't have the same gifts. Few are equal in Christ, however, because everyone is growing up at their own pace. Everyone isn't the same age.

You, precious friend of mine, are called to be a part of the first fruits of this victory even if the total harvest has not come. 

The harvest is the separation of the Christ mind from the carnal mind. The only harvest that I know of was in the man Jesus.

Our author says,

You're to utter His burning word of authority smiting the earth with the rod of His mouth.  You're to speak judgment to all evil and life to all men everywhere

I thought that we just read that the Sons of God won't speak judgment. Didn't we read that? But he says here that we're to speak judgment to all evil, and life to men everywhere. He says that we're not the left hand of God's judgment, yet we're to speak judgment to all evil. This doesn't make any sense.

It is one thing to make a sword and it is another thing to slay King Eglon

King Eglon typifies the carnal mind. Well, that's true wisdom.  It is one thing to make a sword and another thing to slay Eglon. The way that I put it to you here, brethren, is that it isn't enough to have the Mind of Christ formed in you.  Christ Jesus is your weapon, which must be used to kill your own carnal mind.  If the Mind of Christ is formed in you, but Christ Jesus is not driving your carnal mind under Himself, you're the unfaithful servant who has buried his talent under the earth. 

God will do for us what he did for Jesus. He will raise us from the dead.

Now, here is another subtle heresy. Note how our writer says nothing about right­eousness being  a requirement for the resurrection, because his message is that all men will ascend merely because they exist.

Our author is saying

That right now we're seated with Christ at the right hand of God.  He says how can a man rule over Principalities and Powers and empires and universes if he can't rule his own spirit.

Well, that's true.

It is my deep conviction that what happens in your life and mine is a result of the use or abuse of the principles of the kingdom of God.

These are two different issues.

Our author says,

How can a man rule over powers and principalities if he can't rule his own spirit?

 The implication here is that powers and principalities are separate from our own spirit. But brother, our human spirit has been taken captive by the powers and principalities, and the reason we can't rule our own spirit is because he has been joined to them ever since they captured him.

The powers and principalities are inside the carnal mind of mortal man. We must, therefore, begin to wage war against them as soon as our wea­pon, Christ, has been added to us.

And then he says, and this is true,

Our authority is over spiritual wickedness, firstly in ourselves. Our great training in Sonship authority takes place in the bringing of our own selves . . .

Now check this out.

We must bring our own selves into conformity to the Christ. 

Brethren, we can't bring our own selves into conformity to the Christ. Christ is conforming US to His image. Isn't there a Scripture that says that? We're being conformed to the image of Christ. Do you see how he turned it around?  Christ is conforming us to His image, because we don't have the power to conform ourselves. Our author says that we must bring our own selves into the conformity of Christ.  You can't do it, brethren. You don't have the power. 

Then our author says,

 You will never have power over spiritual wickedness in the high places of this world. You will never be able to deliver your brethren or nations into the Kingdom of God until first every wicked and rebellious spirit within your own nature has been subdued to the Spirit of Christ within. 

Well, that's true. There is truth in this newsletter.  Brethren, a mixture of truth and lies is antichrist. If you're confused, it's because of the mixture.

Now listen to this.

Dear ones, we shall reign throughout the ages of the ages over all the vastness of infinity until every enemy everywhere is conquered and Christ is all in all.

What's wrong with that?  And Christ is all in all?  And when every enemy has been defeated and under His feet even the last enemy which is death, Christ shall give up the kingdom unto the Father. And THE FATHER SHALL BE ALL IN ALL.

Christ isn't all in all, brethren. The Father is all in all.  I suggest to you that our author is not saying that Jesus, the Christ, shall be all in all, or that the Mind of Christ shall be all in all, but that the Christ consciousness shall be all in all. Can you hear it?

Why would this author change that Scripture? I'm suggesting to you, he is talking about the Christ consciousness, which is another name for the UNREGENERAT­ED human spirit that mortal man is born with.

Our writer is preaching new age doctrine, which is Hindu philosophy, and calling it Christian.

Our author says

It may be an attitude, a habit, a weakness, an emotion, a lust, or the sin which so easily besets us, but none of these is placed there by God to destroy you.  It was designed to be your stepping stone to the throne. 

Do you hear it?  That this sin was placed there by God?  I'll read it again. 

It may be an attitude, a habit, a weakness, an emotion, a lust or the sin which so easily besets us, but it was not placed there in you by God to destroy you.  It was placed there by God to be a stepping stone to His throne. 

He's saying that God puts sin in you.  I just read it to you. 

God put the sin in you. 

The Scripture that comes to my mind is that God's creation was righteous, and then one day sin was found in him. Sin sprang forth, and appeared.

One day some woman woke up and found a lump in her breast;  One day a man woke up and his back was out; and one day leprosy appeared in the writings of an anointed man of God.

I want to tell you, the believers who can't discern this for themselves, or who are not attached to an end time ministry with a God ordained head to point it out to them, are going to follow the pied piper right into the ditch.

I believe that many in the Church today are following this doctrine because they prefer to believe that we can ascend without confession and repentance of the specific sin manifesting in our own personality.

We all need spiritual eyes so that you can think critically  for yourselves. One good thing that we have here is that I'm training you to think. You're supposed to listen to what I say, and think about it.  You're not supposed to be robots, you are supposed to think and pray.

In closing, I'd like to remind you of our last message, where we found out that after Jehu slaughtered the prophets of Baal, destroyed the temple of Baal, and killed all the unfaithful people, he went back to being a carnal man who continued to worship golden calves.

You can't keep your own personality [soul] alive, brethren, nor can you keep yourself out of false doctrine,  or from falling, or from sin.

All men everywhere should fear God, brethren, but we don't. We don't have an adequate fear of God, because we think too highly of ourselves. If we really, really knew our condition and we really, really knew the power of God, we would be afraid to say nine of the ten things we say, and we would be afraid to treat our brethren the way we treat them.  We would be on our face every night crying out in repentance, for fear of God, asking Him to forgive us.

Mortal man is ignorant, stiff-necked, lifted up in pride, and has  a very high opinion of himself.

The book of Job talks all about how mortal man is Behemoth and Leviathan, lust and pride. They fear no one. Behemoth is lustful, mortal man at the beginning of time, and Leviathan is prideful mortal man at the end of time. He has no fear of God, but, on the contrary, boldly, arrogantly and self-confidently, defends himself against the Holy One of Israel and His righteousness.

This is who and what we are brethren. Repent, and ask the Lord to impregnate you with His life, and to bring that life to term. Glory to God!

***** ATTENTION *****



Rev 12:11  And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb [the Mind of Christ formed in them], and by the word of their testimony [Christ Jesus], their spiritual weapon]; and they loved not their lives unto the death [they loved Christ Jesus enough to kill their carnal mind].


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