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We are dealing this morning with the parable of the soils in Luke, Chapter 8.  In verses 5 thru 8 Jesus is giving the parable.  In verses 12 thru 15 it is the interpretation.  We are just going to have some comments on it this morning. Luke 8:5; A sower went out to sow his seed: and as he sowed, some fell by the way side; and it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it.  Verse 12; Those by the way side are they that hear; then cometh the devil, and taketh away the word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved.  Who is the sower?  Jesus is the sower.  It is his own seed, which comes forth from himself in this world in the form of the Holy Ghost.  As he sowed; and how does he sow?  How are we saved?  By the foolishness of preaching.  He said my words are spirit and my words are life.  The way the seed is sowed is that we are being sowed through the preaching out of an anointed person’s mouth. 

Now a carnal man could read these Scriptures, and read them to you, and there is no life.  There is a seed going forth, but it is a dead seed, and it is incapable of sprouting.  To have the seed of the Word of God sown in your heart, it has to be coming forth from a man in whom the Holy Spirit is present, blessing and anointing the words that are going forth.  It has to be the seeds which have the potential for life.  Those of us know that a lot of seeds will never sprout.  That is why you always sow more than you need because you know that there are some seeds that are not going to sprout.  Brethren, who are the seeds?  The seed is the word of God.  That means that there are some seeds that are not going to sprout.  That means that you have to get as much seed as you possibly can get.  I know that I had to submit myself to a ministry where the seed was coming forth on me for a couple of years before Christ was conceived in me.

At that time I did not even have the revelation of Christ being conceived in me.  I just knew that God sent me to this church.  I knew that it was a church with deep teaching, and I had no scriptural background at all.  There were people in that church that had been in the Word of God since they were small children, and that the teaching was way over my head.  I just had a word in my heart, and I submitted myself to five meetings a week.  I just went in and I just sat there.  I had a revelation in my heart that the word was just flowing over me, and whatever I caught, I caught.  Whatever did not catch, I did not catch.  At the time I did not even have a revelation that whatever seed landed in my soil stood a chance of sprouting.  Whatever seed went past me, that was the seed going by the way side, because  I did not understand it.  We are going to go over this in a minute.

The seed going by the way side is the seed that you do not understand.  That is how the devil gets it and steals it from you.  I submitted to five meetings a week.  There was a lot that I did not understand.  I did not have the mental, emotional, or the spiritual capacity to lay hold of every word and study it.  I barely even have it now, as spiritually immature as I am.  I tried.  Lots of things that I want to look up just get right past me.  I was in that church and a lot of what the pastor said I did not understand, and it just disappeared from my memory.  Not only did I not have a recollection of a word that meant nothing to me, but I could not say to you five minutes later, you know the pastor preached such and such.  I did not even remember what the man said.  This is the seed going by the way side.  The seed is the Word of God, and it fell outside of my comprehension.  It fell outside of my understanding, and the devil, which is who?  The carnal mind.  The devil, which is the carnal mind of man, took away the word out of my heart, just like verse 12 says.  He took it out of my memory because the devil knew that if he did not do that, it would be possible to believe that word.  If you believe the word it would be possible to be saved.  The devil takes every opportunity to lay hold of every word that we do not understand, and strip it from our mind.

If we do not understand it, and it abides in our mind, there is going to be a question there, and you will say, I have got to look that up.  I have got to look that up.  If you do not look it up, let us say that it is a revelation that you need, you will miss out.  This is what meditation is.  Father, I heard this word.  What does it mean?  Does it mean this?  Does it mean that?  Could this be correct?  Could that be correct?  I call it an inquiring mind.  I was just speaking to Rita about it the other day.  For centuries this is how the great philosophers taught.  They did not have formal classes, and the great philosophers only had a small group of disciples, and they spent a lot of time together in informal surroundings.  They had formal classes, where the students were taught Greek, and all the great accumulated knowledge of the world, but they fellowshiped together. 

I saw a movie on Alexander, The Great One.  The person who tutored Alexander the Great was the great Greek philosopher, Aristotle.  In case you have not heard, he was one of the greatest Greek philosophers.  What is a philosopher?  A philosopher is a man who thinks.  He thinks.  He has an inquiring mind, and he asks questions.  Through asking questions you get answers.  It is called an active meditation.  He did not know Jehovah, but when you ask questions with a heart that really wants the answers, the answers come. 

The Word of God never comes back void.  That is a general principle.  It is as if to say that a married woman’s husband has the ability to impregnate her every time they come together, but only one seed will fertilize her.  To say she could be impregnated every time is not true.  There are many sperms that die.  It is your overall ministry to some person that will not come back void, but every single word you have said to the Lord will be answered.  Please hold your questions for now.  I was talking about Aristotle.  He had an inquiring mind.  This is the way people learn, even people that do not know God.  There is a wellspring of information in me, and it is in the unconscious mind of man.  If you do not know the Lord, I am just giving you some general principles.  People that are truly seeking truth, people that are seeking solutions to problems, is how devices are invented.  Men with inquiring minds think about what information they have, and ask questions, and they let their mind work. 

Outside of Christ, sometimes men come up with good ideas.  The Satanic mind, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, sometimes comes up with benefits to mankind.  The refrigerator, for instance, and various ways to cook food.  The fallen mind of man is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  It comes up with some good ideas, and it also comes up with some evil ideas.  But this is the kind of meditation that Christians do.  They meditate on the Word.  This is what it means when you have Christ.  If you have the Holy Spirit the answer may come to you, or the Lord may send you to someone who has the answer.  God is faithful.  When you have a mature Christ in you, this is the true meditation.  This is the fulfillment of the word no man need teach you.  The heart of fallen man need not teach you his false doctrine.  If Christ in you is not mature, or if you do not have Christ being formed in you, if you do not have the engrafted seed, if you have only the Holy Spirit, so long as you have a relationship with the Lord, so long as you have been reconciled unto God the answers will come.  The Lord will send a teacher. 

This is the meaning of the word no man need teach you.  It does not mean no teacher.  It means no one with the heart of man need teach you.  Either God will give it to you himself or send you to a man who has the heart of God.  We were told that John was a teacher sent from God.  No matter how much you are hearing from the Lord yourself, unless you have a clear word from the Lord that you do not need any teacher except the Lord, you should be praying to be sent to a teacher.  As I have told you before, and I will tell you again, this is my personal opinion.  If you are really so anointed that you do not need a minister or a teacher, the sign to me would be that you have disciples.  I do not believe that God wastes anybody.  It is possible to have disciples, and still be under a teacher.  You are not deceiving any one but yourself.  Beware of pride.

I just want to talk about that other series that we are doing about Right Identification.  I did not preach that message last night, but hopefully I will sometime in the future.  One of the statements that I perceive to be error in that booklet is a direct counsel against active meditation, of laying hold of a thought and pondering on it until you hear from a source greater than yourself.  It is a counsel against this for the people to do who are following this doctrine that we are discussing.  It is called Secret Of Life and Right Identification that counsels silent meditation.  It says just empty out your mind.  Do not think.  Just make yourself available to whatever the higher source of the universe would say to you.  This is the way that Eastern religions meditate.  You open yourself to demons and to Satan, himself.  In this hour there is a lot of knowledge flowing into the church through this empty meditation.  This is where this whole doctrine has come from.

The carnal mind has enough knowledge to put together a doctrine without the ability to produce life.  It is a doctrine that is an expression of what is happening in the church today.  I do not want to preach this whole thing over again.  I am going to try and go with the Lord.  We were talking about it earlier, that what is happening in the church today, in many areas, is that we have a group of people that call themselves Christians that are saying I am going to be a Christian and run my own life.  I do not need the male seed to be a Christian.  I do not need the male seed of Christ to produce life.  I do not need it.  All I need is the Holy Ghost, and speaking in tongues, and prophesy, and the Word of God, and I am going to go out, and I am going to be a Christian, and I am going to be glorified.  It is there.  This mentality is in the church.  That is what this doctrine is all about.  Do not meditate, just empty yourself out, and that which is within yourself, which you are born with, is going to rise up and give you teaching.  That is where this false doctrine is coming from.

Do you see the analogy?  I am saying active meditation is to meditate on the Word of God.  The Word of  God is the male seed.  We have meditation with the male seed, or communion with the male seed, or communion without the male seed; one being, spiritually speaking homosexual, and the other being spiritually speaking heterosexual.  A seed which grows up of itself, communing with a seed from outside of itself, the male seed, joining together of the Word of God with the female seed, heterosexual spirituality that which is within you from birth, joining to that which is eternal, producing a revelation of the true Word of God in your heart.  Then we have the meditation which denies the need to study, a meditation which arises from the individual saying I need nothing from any man.  It is empty meditation  that is not on the Word of God.

Let me see if I can review to stay in the flow of the Spirit.  The Book of Luke, Chapter 8 verses 5 and 12;  A sower went out to sow his seed: and as he sowed, some fell by the way side; and it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it.  Let me point out to you that the seed was trodden down.  I suggest to you that means it was trodden down under the carnal mind.  When the word of God flows into your mind, it automatically takes a position of authority over the carnal mind.  We see here that some of these seeds was trodden down and was forced down under the carnal mind.  Who forced it down?  We are told in verse 12, that the devil forced it down.  Those by the way side are they that hear; but then cometh the devil, and taketh away the word out of their hearts.  How does he taketh it away out of their hearts?  Because they do not understand it, but technically how does he do it?  He treads it underfoot.  That is how he does it.

In one of the teachings that is coming forth today, it is the practice of Christianity.  The spiritual question is how does the devil take it away?  How does he cause you to not understand it?  He rises up and takes authority over you, and buries it under the sand of your carnal mind, and the fowls of the air devour it.  You ask how could the fowls of the air devour it if it is buried?  Because it is buried, it is forced down into hell.  Now in the natural world when you bury something under the sand, the sand stays on top and suffocates it.  When the word of God comes into your mind, and sets itself up over your carnal mind, the carnal mind reaches up and swallows it up, and drags it down, and treads it under.  It is not the sand underneath.  It is a whole other existence underneath.  The word of the Lord is dragged down where the fowls, the spiritual powers of this world, get to it and destroy it.  Now the fowls eat it.  It does not disappear completely in some instances.  Sometimes it is consumed and brought up again as false doctrine.  The fowls devour the seed.  Seed is food.  It disappears as the pure word of God. 

When we eat steak, the flesh of that cow is devoured, and appears as our flesh.  When that word of God appears, and it is used in some instances, by the carnal mind’s chewing and devouring of it, it becomes the intellectual doctrine that is without life.  It is just like the “Secret of Life, Right Identification” book we have been exposing. There is enough in man’s teachings to sacrifice the legitimate word of God.  Well, where do they get their information  from?  Their carnal mind laid hold of this word of God, and trod it down, and dragged it down to hell, and their spiritual authority in the carnal mind devoured it, and possessed it, and brought it forth in the form of their own false doctrine, the corrupted word.  It sounds wonderful, but is is incapable of producing life.  The Scripture talks about a tree that produces figs.  Some were good and some were evil.  We see in the natural world there are plants that produce fruit, but if you eat them, they will kill you.  If you are growing up in the church, you need to know what you can eat and what you cannot eat, because you could eat a poisonous fruit.  There are plants that are poisonous like the poisonous doctrine in the church today that says you can eat anything.  Your spiritual life could die, and you will never enter into eternal life. 

It is not that you believe this doctrine and it will stop you from entering into eternal life, but when you act on this doctrine, it will stop you from entering into eternal life.  We are not saved by doctrine, and we do not lose our salvation through doctrine, but when you obey the doctrine, it is your behavior, and the result of the fruit of obeying the doctrine brings forth in you, that you turn unto other doctrine and you die.  Verse 12; Those by the way side are they that hear. They hear the word. Then cometh the devil.  Their carnal mind.  And taketh away the word out of their hearts.  He takes that word away.  He overtakes it and trods it down.  He eats it and steals the spiritual potential within it for himself.  Lest they should believe and be saved.  Lest the word in its unconverted form should produce the belief in the truth and obtain salvation. 

We are captured by this world system, and Satan is the life source.  She is the life source originally from the Father that gives Satan the strength needed to produce this world image.  He does not have it within himself to produce life.  We are the female seed of God’s wife that he needs to produce the image of this world.  I want to point out to you the same principle with dealing with the Word.  The mind of man has no ability to bring forth the doctrine that was founded  by Christ without something of Christ.  We have something of Christ, which the teachers of the dead doctrine knew and possessed as the true word of God, but they digest it with their own carnal mind, and they pump out of it the doctrine of death, which sounds like the real thing.  Thousands are dying from eating this polluted food. 

We see that those upon whom the seed falls on the way side, they are in two categories.  The people who just worship are completely devoured and walk out of the church.  They say this is not for me.  I do not understand it.  Just leave me alone because I am not interested in it.  Then there is another category that receive it, and then an ungodly spirit, their carnal mind, steals it and uses it to kill other people.  In both instances, the seed is fallen by the way side.  It was captured.  What does it mean to fall by the way side?  It means the seed was killed.  The seed was killed.  The reason the carnal mind is engaged in this activity of killing the word of God is that it is for the purpose of preventing human beings from believing  the truth because Jesus said the truth will set you free.  Why does the carnal mind want to stop us from believing the truth?  It is because the truth will eventually set us free.  True doctrine gives us instruction that we need.  We need to know that we must wage war against our carnal minds. 

We need to know what to do.  We need to know what to do.  There is a whole church out there that says we are ascending automatically.  Their Christ mind is tread under the foot of their carnal mind, if it is formed in them at all.  In the day of Christ’s appearing, the Lord will say to them, you are menstruous  rags.  You never even conceived.  You are menstruating.  Christ is not being formed in you.  You have got a false doctrine that came out of your carnal mind.  It is not even me.  There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth when they see that they are locked out, and the faithful on the other side. 

Verses 6 and 13.  And some seed fell upon a rock; and as soon as the seed was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture.  Verse 13.  They on the rock are they which, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and these have no root, which for a while believe, and in time of temptation they fall away.  I would just like to read you my note on it now.  Those who hear and receive the word with joy and believe for a while, but when temptation comes, they fall away because they have no root.  The seed touches the spirit.  Now where do I get that from?  Let me show it to you.  Verse 13,  They hear the word with joy.  I have done studies on the word joy in the Scripture.  If you really follow it through, it is speaking about the joy of the spirit.  That is how a lot of people get into trouble.  They read the word and they want the joy.  You are suppose to have joy.  What is wrong with you that you do not have joy? 

It is the joy of the Spirit.  It is not a joy of the soul.  It is a joy that keeps you going while your body is in pain, and your emotions are in pain, when the problems of this life are crushing.  It is a condition of your spirit, and that condition is your relationship with Christ.  The joy of the spirit is your relationship with Christ.  You could be crying many tears and have the joy of the Lord.  You must be careful and try not to force a human carnal false joy upon people who are really suffering.  It is cruel to do that to them.  This is how I draw the conclusion of an inquiring mind thinking things through, based on scriptural principles, that the seed that falls on the rock is speaking about a seed that engrafts to the human spirit of man.  I draw that conclusion because I read in the Word that they which hear receive the word with joy.  They receive the word into their spirit, but these have no root, which for a while believe, and in time of temptation they fall away.  I do not believe the seed engrafted.  I believe it touched their spirit.  It touched their spirit, but it did not engraft. 

Let me finish with my thought.  The seed touches the spirit, but it does not engraft because it has been preached by the intellect of man, and not by the living word of Christ.  The root that is missing is the  engrafted seed which is joined to the human spirit.  Most people call that the zygote.  It is the root of Christ, a beginning of Christ.  These people fall away with temptation because their revelation is not attached to their human spirit.  They cannot draw strength from it and it cannot sustain them.  The revelation is in their mind.  It cannot work for them or in them.  The same principle is a disease that I almost died from.  I was taking food into my body, but the food was not being absorbed to nourish my body.  I want to suggest to you that this category is on two levels.  It can be, as I just read to you, the revelation.  It  could be true revelation preached by a carnally minded man, and it touches the human spirit, and there is a temporary blossoming of the signs of the life of God, but because it did not engraft to the human spirit in that man, the foundation of Christ is not formed

It can happen on two levels.  It can happen because it is preached by the intellect of man.  It can also be preached under the anointing, but sometimes it just does not engraft.  You know the ladies that are trying to get pregnant, and do not get pregnant each time they come together with their husband.  There is some reason that it does not engraft.  This is the category of people that the truth touches their spirit but does not engraft.  Verse 6 says and some fell upon a rock, and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture.  Moisture is a type of the Spirit.   They on the rock are they, which, when they hear, receive the word in their spirit, but Christ is not formed.  The reason he is not formed is because there is no moisture.  That means either the word was preached by a man’s intellect or somehow it was just a lack of enough power.  I believe it could also be possible for the seed to come forth from an anointed vessel, but maybe, for some reason, there was not enough power of Christ in that projection to engraft. 

I mentioned that I have sat under that overflowing of the seed falling on me for a couple of years.  I did not even have this revelation.  I had two prophets in the church that I was going to.  They came to me and said that they had a dream that I had a baby.  I did not know what it meant until years later.  Two witnesses that really did not fellowship in the church, and both of them came to me with that word, that I had a baby.  I had no idea what it meant.  The seed had engrafted in me.  I had been sitting under that anointed ministry for at least three years by that time.  The seed does not engraft for lack of moisture, or because it was preached by the intellect of man, or it just did not come with enough power to engraft.

Remember the teaching that I was talking to you about the other day when we had church in the diner?  The Holy Spirit is an administration of the Spirit of God, which is not the most strongest administration of the Spirit of God.  I do not want to say it is weak.  People get all upset with me, but the truth is that  the power and the Spirit of Christ is coming, or penetrating into this world system, at an increasingly powerful strength.  The strength of Christ and of the Holy Spirit of the Father, in this world system, has been increasing ever since the apostles died.  It is penetrating this world system with greater and greater power.  What we have here now is something called the Holy Ghost.  If you want to get people reconciled to God, pretty much what you have to do, you have to get them, or they have to get into a service, or into a place where they are subject to the preaching that is coming forth under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. 

They have to get into the church.  They have to sit through the preaching.  They have to answer the altar call.  Most of the time someone has to lay hands on them, and they have to submit themselves to the teaching over, and over, and over again, until this moisture gets through into their human spirit.  One experience with the Holy Spirit is rarely enough.  There is not enough moisture in that one experience, but as Christ penetrates this world system, Christ being the more mature manifestation of the life of God, that is beginning to appear in this hour, it is not going to take that whole process to get someone reconciled unto God.  The sharper the knife or the axe, like this word of God, the less strength you have to use to bring down the tree, or cut whatever you are cutting.  The power of God is increasing.  

When you see the Lord bringing someone into reconciliation through a believer that has Christ, that person does not have to necessarily go into a church, sit through the whole service, and go up on a prayer line.  We see God using or manifesting through believers, in whom Christ is being formed, actually apprehending people against their will just by sitting next to them.  Christ rising up by his Spirit, through just a few spoken words, is apprehending that person sitting next to them, even if they are an unwilling vessel, whether they agree or not, or whether they are answering an altar call or not. We see that the seed that falls on the rock is seed that is either from the intellect of man, or a seed that is coming forth under the anointing of someone that has the Holy Ghost, that is not strong enough to complete the work.  It may be powerful enough to penetrate them, and enter their heart, and it touches their spirit, but the strength of the moisture, the strength of the anointing falls short of bringing forth the engrafted seed.  Can anybody not understand?

It is the seed that falls on the rock in verse 13; And these have no root.  Because the grafting is not completed, the root, or the zygote, or the first cell, which is the foundation upon which Christ is going to be formed in that person, it does not take form.  If you do not have a foundation your house is built on sand.  When the storm comes, your house is going to fall.  That is what it says here in verse 13; And these that have no root, which for a while believe, and in time of temptation they fall.  It is so exciting when God pulls these scriptures together.  It just really excites me.  To have an anointing that is not founded upon the engrafted seed is to have a house which is built upon sand. When the temptation comes, if Christ is not the foundation, whatever anointing you have, you will fall.  If the anointing you have is the Holy Ghost alone, when the serious temptation comes, you can fall.  Christ is the only foundation, and there is no other foundation laid that is laid upon which we could stand.  Hallelujah.  I am getting excited. 

They on the rock are they which when they hear the word, they receive it.  It gets to their spirit, but it does not engraft because they have no root, so they believe for a while.  Now check back in verse 12.  They have to believe so that they could be saved.  In verse 13, those on the rock, they believed, but they  do not get to salvation.  They just believe, because the end of your faith, the end of your believing, is the salvation of your soul, so they just believe for a while. They do not get to the end of their belief.  The reason they do not get to the end of their belief is that when the temptation comes they fall away.  What is the purpose of the temptation?  The purpose of the temptation is to prove whether or not that anointing on you is founded in Christ or whether it is not.  That is the purpose of the temptation.  That is the plummet line of the two witness company.  The Lord is asking who is in there?  Who is answering me?  Is anybody in there?  Well, who are you?  Identify yourself.  What is the code word?  Who are you?  I see you wearing your military uniform, but for what army?  Who are you?  Let us have some proof, so the storm comes.  If your house blows down you will know that you are not the genuine article, or that the genuine article is not resident in you.  This is not for condemnation.

Glory to God.  They fell away.  They fell off the vine, brethren.  The flower falls off the vine.  If the fruit is not present, when the storm comes, the flower falls off the vine.  Your potential to produce fruit  are blown away.  If the Lord permits, and sometimes He permits another chance.    Anyone that I have ever spoken to, that has fallen off the vine, and had to start from the beginning again, they had to wait years, many years before God gave them another chance.  One woman waited for twenty years for that flower to appear on her vine again, for that flower to appear in her again.  Actually she had waited for thirty years.  I know another woman who has been waiting for ten years already, and there is no sign of life in her yet.  Let us go on to verses 7 and 14.

Some seed fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it.  Does that sound familiar?  Let the tares grow with the wheat until the harvest.  If you pluck up the tares too soon, you destroy the wheat, and pluck it up with the tares.  Some seed fell among thorns, and the thorns sprung up with it, and choked it.  Does anybody remember what the thorns typify in the Scripture?  They are a weapon.  A thorn is a weapon.  This is not a little rose tree thorn.  Remember they put a crown of thorns on the head of Jesus.  These are long thorns that penetrated right into his mind.  A thorn is long enough and hard enough to get you at a sensitive spot and can even kill youThe carnal mind, according to the doctrine of Christ, is the weapon of the fallen man, so we see that the male seed fell on the carnal mind.  It did not penetrate through the carnal mind and get to the spirit.  Remember the human spirit is in the innermost part of our carnal mind.  The word, I suggest to you, penetrated the carnal mind, but did not find its way to the spirit.  It got bogged down in the external armor of the carnal mind, which is the carnal mind itself, Satan, Eve, and the human spirit in its innermost part. 

Verse 14 says;  And that which fell, and the seed which fell among the carnal mind, are they.  These are the people in whom the seed fell amongst their carnal minds.  They are they which, when they heard the word, they go forth, and they are choked with the cares, and the riches, and the pleasures of this life, of  this existence, and they therefore bring forth no fruit to perfection.  As I worked this up last night, I believe the Lord told me that the word of the seed does get through to the human spirit.  Let me read you my note here.  The thorn; those who hear but are nevertheless choked with cares and riches and pleasures of life, and bring no fruit to perfection.  Excuse me, the seed does engraft.  It does make its way to the human spirit, and is formed as a root, which is capable of providing spiritual nourishment to the human spirit, but the cares, riches, and pleasures of this life, or the lusts of these believers, overpower the seed.  

The seed being  present and engrafted, these believers are very likely to demonstrate the gifts of the Spirit.  Now listen to this!  Some individual believers  even have an immature imparted  anointing.  Please note that they produce fruit, but not to perfection.  Since it is impossible to stand still, because we must either go forward or backwards, the failure of these believers to produce fruit to perfection results in the spiritual abortion of the manchild.  The seed does engraft and the fruit begins to come forth, but they fail to transfer their primary life goals from the carnal mind into the mind of Christ.  The cares and the riches, and the pleasures of this world, grab hold of them, even though  the Christ is engrafted.  Christ is being formed in them, and the mind of Christ is available to them.  They have  what they need to wage war against their carnal mind, and they have what they need to begin to understand deep doctrine.  We cannot understand deep doctrine without the mind of Christ.  The carnal mind cannot discern it.  They have everything they need, but they do not use it.  They continue  to live out of this existence, and the fruit is not formed unto perfection.    

We have all farmed here.  We see tomatoes fall off the vine.  They just never grow.  Some tomatoes get green and they just never mature.  You get a green tomato on your vine, and you leave it there all summer, and it finally just falls off the vine as a green tomato on the ground.  Who knows why?  It just did not mature.  The seed that falls upon the thorny ground is a seed that makes it through the carnal mind.  It touches the human spirit, but that thorny ground chokes it.  What that is saying here is that the carnal mind is very strong.  Now remember, the carnal mind is over the engrafted seed.  That carnal mind is so strong, and the reason it is so strong is that the believer really has a love for the things of this world, and the seed is dying underneath the clods of their carnal mind.  The only way the engrafted seed in a believer is going to break through that carnal mind, and prevail in the mind and in the life of that person, is when that person moves their heart, and their desires, and their lusts from the carnal mind. 

They have to take that spiritual strength, and pull it in, and give it to the Christ that is being formed in them.  That simultaneously weakens the carnal mind and strengthens the Christ.  The warfare goes on, and the warfare continues, and Christ prevails over the carnal mind.  The seed which falls on the thorny ground is the seed which falls in the mind of the person who is not willing to give up the things of this world.  The Lord may choose to intervene in your life, if you have been called from before the foundation of the earth,  if God has a specific purpose for you, or for whatever His reason.  Maybe somebody prayed for you, or whatever His reason, He decides to not stand by while your spiritual life dies.  He will take away from you the option of your cares, your pleasures, and the riches of your life.  He will take your money away. He will take whatever pleases you away, like your big boat.  If it is women, He will take your women away.  If it is men, He will take your men away.  If it is children, He will take your children away.  If it is education, He will take your education away.  He will take everything away that is not Christ, if you are focusing on it, if you are concentrating on it, or if you are putting your will into getting it.  He is going to take it away and give you something far better.

I just got a vision of a man holding out his hand on the head of a little boy who is flailing his arms.  You will fail at every attempt to bring to pass a positive carnal lifestyle for yourself, if God has truly called you.  He will hold on to your head, and let you swing your arms, until you give up.  Then He will show you that He has the riches of His life for you, and the pleasures of His kingdom for you.  There is going to be a transition and some pain.  He does not do this to us for nought if only we let go of the things of this world.  The things of this world, and a life that is blessed by God, can be so satisfying that no normal human being will want to give it up.  Brethren, for you to give up one thing and to go to something else,  without having tasted of that something else, without having a clue or a revelation of why you should want this something else, makes no sense at all.  It makes no sense at all.  No fallen person is going to do it, even if God comes to you, and appears in a vision, and talks to you.

A bird in the hand is better than a bird in a bush.  That is what the carnal mind says.  Hold on to what you have got.  Who is going to give up what you have got for something you cannot see?  I cannot speak for the whole world, but most people, if not all people that are called, God can give Satan permission to bring great destruction in certain areas of their personal life.  It could bring destruction to your marriage.  It could bring destruction to your home.  It could be destruction to your body.  It could bring destruction to your mind.  Otherwise we would never let go of our own plans and dreams.  We see the seed is choked that falls on our mind, whose carnal mind is strong enough to choke back the word of God.  Notice that word, which when they heard, they go forth and are choked with cares.  This engrafted seed is choked because the carnal mind is strengthened when that person lusts for the cares, riches, and pleasures of this life.  Although they have the engrafted word, the engrafted  seed, they bring forth fruit, but it died before it reached perfection.    

The most important significant thing I would like to leave with you is this.  Number one, the fact that you see someone with the anointing, that is no indication at all that the person is moving on to perfection.  It is the imputed anointing, the gifts, or the calling of God, where they can prophesy, or travel in the spirit, but they have not yet repented.  What does that mean?  They are as carnal as this table.  You know when someone is moving in the spirit of repentance.  How do you know it?  You see it.  There is growth in their life.  You see change.  You see their sin exposed, and their response to the exposure of that sin is that by the grace of God, and by His mighty power, they are changing in a positive direction.  When you see the spiritual growth, then you start to look further to see if there are any signs of maturity.  Are there any signs that Christ has laid hold of their mind, and laid hold of the way they think, and laid hold of their mouth speaking through them, not in the thus saith the Lord, but is the wisdom of Christ being formed in them.  Is it coming forth in them, is it appearing in them as their own mind?

It is very hard to discern whether or not someone has the imparted anointing because what I am describing to you can appear in somebody that really does not have the engrafted word.  At least at the very beginning it is hard to tell.  The whole point that I am making here is that you can know someone who you are convinced has the imparted anointing.  Is it Christ manifesting through them in an everyday average conversation?  Is he speaking through them?  Is he walking through them?  Is he giving them revelation knowledge?  It still does not mean that they are going to stand up in the future.  Do not follow any man, brethren, that is not following Christ.  Until that man is up in full stature, he can fall away at any time.  I want to suggest to you that this concept of the thorny ground is not just applied at the initial grafting of the seed.  As Christ is being formed in us, at any time when the riches, or the cares, or the pleasures of this world is strong enough to block that engrafted seed, this scripture can be made real in that person’s life.  They can fall.  They can fail to bring forth their potential for perfection.

Until that fruit is brought forth to perfection, there is always the potential of failure.  The way you protect yourself to prevent your ability is to cry out to God.  It cannot just be words.  It has to be a true attitude of your heart, that you want him, no matter what your wicked soul is craving or desiring, that the real you, which is the Christ in you, wants him, and that he should help you to overcome the lusts of your flesh.  That is what this battle is all about, the mind of Christ against the lusts of your flesh and your carnal mind.  You should have an ongoing open fleece with the Lord before the temptation ever comes.  You should have a fleece with the Lord, that when it comes, he should save you.  Pray before it comes, that when the temptation comes, he will pull you through, no matter what you are saying, or screaming or yelling, you want him.

I had a very easy affliction, but I guess some women are taken with all kinds of crazy things.  They hate their husbands.  They want a divorce and all kinds of crazy things when you are in the affliction.  Anybody here ever do anything like that?  I hear all kinds of stories.  When you are under pressure, you never know what you are going to do.  Until you get this relationship with God, when things are good, when your mind is rational, when you are strong, you make this covenant with Him, that when you are weak, He is going to make His word real in your life, and be your strength. 

Verses 8 and 15.  And when the other seed fell, and the seed that was left, when it fell on good ground,  and sprang up, and bear fruit.  The seed that was left fell on good ground, sprang up, and bear fruit an hundredfold.  For years I pondered on this.  Lord, what is the difference between one person’s soul and another person’s soul?  What is this good ground?  I now find after all these years of asking that question, that the good ground is the soul.  The seed falls upon the soul man who cries out to God, get your seed through the thorns of my carnal mind, protect me from my own carnal mind, protect me from the devil in my own mind, that is trying to devour the seed.  What is the other category?  Protect me from not submitting myself to a condition where there will be enough moisture, so that the seed will engraft to me.  Get me to where I have to be.  Give me the strength to do what I have to do.  Do everything to help me to get me through.  The good ground is a heart that is putting all these  cares under Him.  The good ground is a heart that has been given the power needed to get this done over to Jesus.  The good soil is a heart that has surrendered to Jesus.

You know, you cannot always tell or recognize the heart if it is surrendered to Jesus.  You could look at a very wicked person, a person engaged in very wicked behavior, and say, well, this person cannot possibly be surrendered to Jesus.  You do not know.  At the very beginning, only Jesus knows what their inner heart of hearts is, whether or not their inner heart of hearts has cried out.  The most wicked, wicked, wicked people, somewhere deep inside their soul, may have cried out to Jesus.  It could take fifteen years for you to see them come to a condition where you can tell with your visible eyes that Jesus is working in their life.  We have to be very careful whom we condemn, and we have to be very careful  of any opinion that we form about somebody, whether or not they are in a condition of repentance or not, or whether or not Jesus is really working with them or not, or whether or not they are really reprobate.  You have to be very careful.

Nevertheless, nevertheless, when we meet people, when people come into our life, we have to reach a temporary surface judgment that is going to determine how we are going to relate to them for that day, for that moment.  We have to know if that person is dangerous to you, or if that person is going to be a positive influence in your life.  We have to make a judgment on two levels.  You have to find out whether or not God wants you involved with that person right now, and then you have to be very careful about making a judgment about that person, unless God tells you there is no way for you to relate.

The seed that was left, it fell on the good ground.  It fell on a soul whose heart was completely open to God, and it sprang up.  It does not say it there, but the implication is it engrafted.  How do I know it engrafted?  Because it bore fruit, so it had to engraft.  It sprouted.  That is the Holy Spirit.  It bore fruit.  That is Christ, a hundredfold, unto perfection. Verse 15.  But the seed that fell on the good ground are they, which have an honest and good heart.  An honest heart is someone willing to confess their sins, brethren.   It is an honest heart and a good heart.  Now remember, none is good but God, so we see an honest heart.  The carnal minded person is dishonest, and gets the good heart of God.  There are two stages.  The good ground is covered in two stages.  In your carnal mind you have to be honest with God. Confess your sins, and be willing to repent.  When you do that, you can expect the engrafted word that sprang up.  We read about that in verse 8, where it produced the fruit of the good heart. 

That is so interesting.  Look how I got to work these two verses together.  But on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, in a carnal heart that is willing to confess sins and repent, on that heart the seed will engraft to it, and it will spring up, and it will bear the fruit of Christ, which is the good heart, having brought forth fruit with patience.  It takes a long time.  Fruit takes a long time to mature and develop.  You will receive a hundredfold.  Do you see how I interspersed the two verses?  I left something out.  When an honest and good heart, having heard the word, they kept the word in their heart.  They held on to the seed.  Brethren, we have to hold on to the seed.  The seed can fall out of our heart or it can die.  That is not a good choice of words, but it can die in our heart.  You have to hold on to it in your heart.  Having heard it, you have to keep it.  Remember God’s commandment to Adam in the garden to keep the garden?  You keep it by guarding it.

How do you guard your heart?  In the Hebrew, God told Adam to guard the garden, or to keep the garden.  I am under the anointing, and I am going to take that chance to say to you that I would expect this to be the same thing.  Keep that word guarded.  Guarded against who?  Guard it against the carnal mind.  What that means is, in order to do that, you must engage in an ongoing spiritual battle against your own carnal mind, which is trying to do what?  Let us go back to verse 12.  You have to guard it against your carnal mind, whose name is the devil, who is trying to take away the word out of your heart  for what reason?  For the reason that if it stays in your heart, you could believe it, and you might be saved.  As I told you last night, it is not enough to resist.  I know the Scripture says guard your heart against the devil and he will flee from you, but every scripture, for every believer, at  every stage of their  development is not enough.

I am telling you that to keep that word in your heart it is not enough to resist the devil.  You have to put on the full armor of God.  You have to get all the scriptures, brethren.  You have to get the full armor of God, and when you have done all that you could do to stand, you must stand.  Do not just resist him.  Wage a full outright warfare against him, and kill him.  Is there a scripture for that?  Yes.  Crucify your carnal mind.  Paul said, I am crucified to the world.  That is another expression for your carnal mind.  Yet I live, but not I, but Christ in me.  When you are a woman or a child, you resist the devil, and he will flee from you, but when you become a man, you stop acting like a child, and you do what men do.  Men are warriors.  In a war you kill the enemy.  If you do not kill the enemy, the enemy will kill you.  The carnal mind is an enemy and it wars against the mind of Christ.  The battlefield is in you, between your own carnal mind and the mind of Christ, as you mature.  Christ in you is your hope of glory.

An honest or good heart, which is the heart of Christ, or the mind of Christ, having heard the word, guards it and brings forth Christ to the hundredfold or to perfection with much patience.  This warfare, this process of your carnal mind growing up from seed, and engaging in a warfare with your carnal mind, and overcoming your carnal mind, and killing it, takes a long time.  It can take a whole lifetime.  It is a combination of overcoming experiences in Christ, and overcoming natural experiences of this existence in this world.  It is learning.  It is studying in the Word of God.  It takes a whole lifetime.  Some people may overcome at a younger age than others.  I do not have all of the answers, brethren, but I do not see any indication of little children entering into this.  I just do not.  The imparted anointing  is an overcoming process, which includes a growing up from seed that involves an overcoming knowledge, and wisdom, that exercises your thought processes.

By the way, there is another point in that message that, Lord willing, we will get to Thursday night.  They are teaching that God is not rational and that God does not think.  God thinks.  There is a mind that is in God, and He wants you to use it.  It is a process that takes a whole lifetime.  I do not see little children coming into this at any time, into the kingdom, right now.  Even after there are sons in full stature on the earth, I do not see little children standing up in full stature.  Why?  Because they are incapable of overcoming.  They may be coming into it a lot younger than we are, but they are going to have to go through it.  They are going to have to be trained.  They are going to have to be taught.  They are going to have to grow up from seed.  That is the definition of the imparted anointing. 

We must bring forth fruit to a hundredfold with patience.  Sometimes it is very hard to have patience.  We want that deliverance right away.  We want that increase right away.  We want that ability to overcome right away, but it does not happen like that.  Brethren, it is built into us through trial and tribulations, and overcoming victories in Christ, and that is how you get it.  You have to go through the trials.  Remember me telling you that the other day.  You have got to have the trouble.  Do not run from the trouble.  Stop running.  Turn around and look it full in the face.  Do not run.  You have got to have the trouble.  Turn around, face it, look at it, evaluate it, call on the name of your God, and kill the thing.  You are going to bring fruit to a hundredfold after exercising this kind of patience, and a knowledge of knowing that it is not just going to happen overnight.  You have an intense relationship with your God.  He will tell you what area of your life, what area He is working on with you at this time, and you work on a continuous program of self improvement.  He shows you a weakness and you give it everything you have to overcome, and when you have got nothing left to give, He is going to kick in with His power, and He is going to go over the wall.  That is the bottom line.

There is suffering and there is persecution for preaching the true Word of God versus the false doctrine in the church.  The truth can be preached out of the intellect of man.  I have seen intelligent people pick up my tapes, with the intention of reproducing deep doctrine.  Because it was not coming forth from the heart of God, but from the heart of man, they are not capable of doing it, even though it is the truth.  It does not have the reproductive power.  It is the truth, so the spirit of man can rise up and say I hear truth, and lay hold of it, and there can be some sort of a response to it.  That seed, which is coming out of the carnal mind of man is not a male seed.  It is a female seed, and even though the words are the truth, it does not have the power to engraft.  The seed does not engraft.  

The question asked was why does it not engraft?   Was it because the true word is preached out of a wrong motive, or fear of persecution, or intellectual pride?  There are two possible reasons. It was intellectually English language thinking, or the doctrine was correct, but it was preached in a form misunderstood.  It was not the genuine word coming from the true heart of God.

There are other examples.  Some people have come into one service, and the word fell upon their ear, and they heard it, and they thought they did not need any more services.  I have had people come in here.  They sat here for a couple of meetings.  All they could think about was that they wanted to be a preacher.  They rose up and left here and went out to deliver the Word.  God never sent them.  They were not ready to go.  They got the true word in their heart, but they did not sit in enough meetings for the word to engraft.  I believe that the word is not powerful enough in this hour.  If I sit here and talk to you for fifteen minutes, I do not believe that the word in me is powerful enough to engraft to your soul.  You have  to sit in the meetings over a period of time.  It is just like it might be necessary for a woman to come together with her husband for a period of time before she conceives.  Some women have to wait a year or more before they can conceive. 

There are two potential reasons that the seed does not graft to someone.  No, the emphasis is not on the persecution.  The persecution is the test which proves whether or not the seed engrafted.  The emphasis is on whether or not the seed is engrafted.  I show you verse 6 where it says  the seed fell upon a rock, and it sprung up.  There were some signs of spiritual understanding, but after it sprung up, it withered because it lacked moisture.  It lacked moisture.  The life of God was not there.  Did you ever see someone throw seeds on the ground?  Sometimes seeds get sprinkled on the ground.  They do not get buried under the earth, and you water them, and you come out in a couple of days and you will see the roots growing on top of the ground, but a plant cannot live that way.  The root has to be buried under the ground.  These were seeds that touched the Spirit, but did not engraft to the Spirit because they were not buried under the ground.  They sprung up, they sprouted, but as soon as the bad weather came, the seeds were devoured.  Their roots were not buried. 

The question was asked, is it possible that a person could sit for awhile, and be receiving that word, and when the test came after a period of time fall away.  If the test comes and the person falls away, my understanding of this scripture is that there is only one possible reason for it, that the seed never grafted.  If Christ is really in you, he is going to bring you through, unless you willfully turn away from him.  If your foundation is truly Christ, no matter how severe the temptation, if you are throwing yourself into Christ, you will survive.  There is no storm that can bring you down.  The only time that you can come down when you have the engrafted word is if you try to save yourself with your own power, and you deliberately turn away from the Lord.  Once Christ is found in you, if you throw all your cares upon him, there is nothing that can separate you from him, except your own wickedness in turning away willfully.  Then he lets you go.

You cannot look at somebody and say that is a wicked, wicked person.  I see the signs of the imparted anointing, but they are not going to make it.  That is a dangerous thing to do because you are not looking at this person as God looks at this person.  It is very possible that something deep, deep, deep inside of that person, has cried out to Jesus, and said I know I am the wickedest sinner that was ever born on the face of this earth.  Please forgive me and save me.  God starts working with that person, and that person came up all the way unto righteousness and full stature.  Where the person who was never that wicked, and would never touch the depths of wickedness does not make it because they have not really cried out to Jesus.  You cannot just look at what you see.  If you have a vital union with the Lord, and he is willing to answer  you, you have to ask him, Lord, show me this person.  What are your plans for this person?  Are they going all the way?  Are they lukewarm?  They look okay in this world system.  They look like they are making it.  They look like decent people.  What is in their heart?  Have they reached out for you?  Have you engrafted them?  He will tell you.

In this hour, he seems to be taking more wicked people than non wicked people.  He is taking the people that have a revelation of how wicked they are, and are horrified at what they are seeing, and are horrified at the condition of their life.  He is cleaning them up, and bringing them past the people that have not such a bad life in this world.  Right now, the church is filled with pharisees.  They think they are okay because a group of these wicked, wicked,  people that God is raising up to sonship, some still have their lives in a lot of trouble.  The pharisees hold themselves up above them.  When these people start to repent, when they start to go past the pharisees, as the signs of Christ and  righteousness begin to appear in them, they are going to be shocked. 

The rock group are those that have no root, which means the seed did not engraft.  It is my understanding of the scripture that if the seed has not engrafted, you are not a son of God.  It is always possible that God will give another chance to someone.  This is just my personal observation.  Things could change tomorrow.  I think we were talking earlier today this was how it was done fifteen years ago.  Things could change tomorrow.  From what I see, when God gives you a chance, and you fall away, and whatever spiritual work you have done was completely destroyed, you have to wait years before you get another chance.  Of course, God can do anything He wants.  I see what you are saying.  God gives you a chance, and if you do not take it at that time, there is definitely a possibility of another chance, but it could take years.  It is already ten years and there is no sign of him coming back yet.  That is my opinion.  I have never seen anyone come back in less than ten or even twenty years.  There is definitely a chance for him.  You pray, especially since he has a Godly mother like you storming on the doors of heaven for him.  I think he has a real good chance.  Anybody else?

In this hour, Christ is appearing in men, so you have to follow me as I follow Christ.  That is what Paul said.  You have to find the man in whom Christ is manifesting.  You cannot get on the edge of your seat every minute, looking for signs of the person falling, because it will break your heart.  This is the way I live my life.  This is the way God taught me.  No one is in perfection in this hour.  Everyone has imperfections, so you just pray until you are satisfied that God has attached you to a man of God.  The Father will tell you this is the man through which I am manifesting, the man through which I want to teach you.  When you have tried the Spirit, prove him.  How do you do that?  You pray, Father, if you do not want me here, tell me.   I prayed and I prayed, and I think you have directed me to this man.  I am going to start coming to this ministry.  If you have not sent me here, please get me out.  If you are praying this way for five years, and you are still in the ministry, I think you have every reason to believe God has put you there.

I think, if you are actively praying that way, and you are there for six months, you have every reason to believe God has put you there.  If you are there for a year, that is pretty definite, which means you can start to relax a little bit.  Remember that you are trying that spirit, but the burden for knowing whether or not this man is Christ is not on you.  It is on your God.  You can go crazy every day of your life saying is this Christ.  It is like taking the whole responsibility on yourself for knowing whether or not that person is Christ.  It is stealing the authority of God and relying upon yourself.  Once you are satisfied that God has put you in a ministry, then you make an open fleece with the Lord, if this man begins to fall, show me.  Even if the man begins to fall, that does not mean that you get up and run.  Maybe God wants you to pray the man through.  You make an open fleece with the Lord that He opens your eyes, and that He shows you how to deal in love and righteousness with what you see.

You have an open fleece with Him, at such time as He wants you to leave, that He tells you clearly.  Keep your mind open, your eyes open, that you should know when the ministry is no longer  for you and is over the line.  Do you have a line?  If it is more than 50% Christ, the ministry is valid.  When the ministry starts going down, down, down, and there is less and less of Christ in it, you had better really start praying heavily about whether or not to go, but you cannot lay hold of one thing that is not right and let it upset you because the ministry is in imperfection.  Your faith has to be in God, that He is going to be behind that minister in their imperfection.  He will make things right.  If you have been mistreated, or you have been violated, go before the Lord.  Follow the rules of how to deal with it.  If you speak to the minister, and you are not satisfied with the results, the rules are that you put it on the shelf, and leave it in God’s hands.

Your job is to communicate in a Godly manner what you feel.  If the minister makes it right, that is the end of it.  If the minister does not agree with you, you have got to leave it in God’s hands.  You just pray, and just make sure it is not a physic prayer.  Sometimes, even if you are right, God does not resolve it right away.  It may take Him a year to get through to that minister, or to teach that minister, or show that minister that they are wrong.  That is a challenge for you to abide in this ministry.  Put your pride aside and live with it a moment at a time.  We are all living with each other in imperfection.  The thing that gets you, or anybody into trouble, is taking the burden on themselves for judging that minister.  That is when you become Jezebel, and get in trouble with God,  for coming against that minister, because you are trying to do what the Lord is suppose to be doing.  The Lord is suppose to be watching that minister for imperfections and checking him out.  Your faith is suppose to be in God to help you if the ministry really goes bad, to believe that God will direct you.  Your faith has to be in God.

One more thing.  Until God witnesses to you to move out, I believe anybody that God puts in a ministry, He expects you to make a one hundred percent commitment of faithfulness, and honesty, as a condition of your heart.  You should be praying for everybody in the ministry; the minister, the ministry, everything.  Put everything you have got into it so that it will be the best ministry it could be.  If you are going to be there for one month, you should give it everything you have got for one month.  You should not be thinking a year from now God has a ministry for me.  It interferes with a total commitment to what God wants you to do at that time.  It is what keeps the Christ alive and makes you grow.  You have got to put your mind in it.  You have got to study.  You have got to think with it.  You have got to pray with it.  You have got to fight with it.  That is how we are acceptable to God and ascend.  We must place ourselves under the authority and priesthood of God wherever He has ordained us to be.

Continuing on with various questions coming from the congregation and answers.  I am sorry, but our audio system is terribly flawed and interferes with much of the communication flow throughout this entire message.  May God give us what we need to hear by His Spirit, we pray. 

This is in answer to your question of why the soul man would rise up.  The minute he engrafts he has power.  The soul man in us is fighting against our spiritual husband, Christ.  Paul talks about that.  Any other questions?

Before we stop, God has just given me another witness.  I believe it is the same answer to your earlier question.  There is always the possibility of a second chance, but in my opinion I have never seen it come forth in less than ten years.  They are wounded.  Something is wrong with their heart, There is something wrong with the way they are thinking.  There is something wrong with their attitude towards God.  The reason it takes ten, fifteen, or twenty years is that it takes that long for God to bring the church in line.  It is not that God’s arm is short, it is that we could not bear the chastening any faster.  Whether or not, that time is short or long, God is going to enable men to repent.  As long as there is existence in this body there is hope.  If this body should die, whatever blessings we have incurred will go on to our children.  The question of spiritual children can be answered on two levels.  If you have the Christ, and you have ministered the seed of God to people, and they grow up in Christ, you now have spiritual children.  The truth is that, in this hour, if you have that seed in you, if you have the ability to reproduce, if you have that, God is moving in your spiritual seed even more than in your natural seed.  That is the truth.  You have to be in the truth of Christ to do this. 

Spiritual seed takes precedence over the natural seed.  That is a strong scriptural principle.  You should not abandon your natural seed either.  If you do not have natural children, and you do have spiritual children, there is really nothing to worry about.  Spiritual children take precedence anyway, bu tif you do not have spiritual children, if you did not come to that point, and you die without children, then the blessings go on to your nieces and your nephews.  Once you come to the place where you can have   spiritual children, those children definitely take precedence over your natural children.  God loves your natural children too.  He is a faithful God and He is going to take care of everything.  It is possible that all of your natural children are not called.  I believe we should be grateful if God blesses them in this lifetime and they lead a decent life.  Thank God for whatever He gives you.  I know that pastor in Connecticut, that I am fond of,  has eight or ten children.  Only one of them is with him in the ministry.  The others do not even know the Lord.  He has a church of a thousand people.  He has got people that he loves, and young people that he considers his children, yet he has sons and daughters that do not even want to know the Lord.  Just be grateful that your natural children are healthy and that their lives are  good, and give them to God in prayer for whatever He is going to do. 

His primary focus right now is to raise up a first fruits company.  He loves your children and He is going to be watching over them, but they are not His primary focus.  It is just time to grow up.  If you are living in a natural family, and you are a child, and your father is coming home from work, and you want him to take fifteen minutes to show him your drawing, he may say to you, I am really interested in seeing your drawing, but it will just have to wait because right now I have to go see the landlord to pay the rent before it is too late.  You may not like it, but you have to accept it.  Your Father’s focus is more important and benefits you as well.  As far as God is concerned there are more important things right now than the fact that you want your natural children saved.  I exhort you, as long as He is being kind to them, and they are in good shape, be grateful for what you have.  His primary focus is to get this first fruits company raised up, so that not only your children, but that the whole world should benefit because He loves everyone as much as He loves your children, so we just have  to grow up.  We have got to grow up.  He has a plan that is going to benefit everybody.  That overall plan is the most important thing to God.   

The ones that are engrafted have more to account for than the rock group and the seeds that do not engraft.  Yes, they definitely have more to account for.  The first group, the seed falls on the way side.  Maybe their carnal mind is too strong for them and swallowed up the word.  The rock group, if the seed does not engraft, it is because it is preached by an intellect, or they just did not sit under the anointing long enough for it to affect them.  Once that seed engrafts to you, we do not all grow consistently in all areas.  We all grow and mature differently depending upon the soil, which puts us in different categories.  We each have weaknesses and different strengths.  God puts us together to help each other out.  We are not suppose to be condemning one another.  We are suppose to be strengthening one another. 

I would like to give you one more scripture.  This is 1 John, Chapter 2 verse 24.  I have read this verse so many times and I never related it to the parable of the soil and the seeds.  Let that therefore abide in you, which ye have heard from the beginning.  Let the word that you heard from the beginning abide in you.  If that which you have heard from the beginning shall remain in you.  If you keep it, if you use it, if you guard it by using it so that it remains in you, ye shall continue in the Son, and in the Father.  If you use it, when we engraft, Christ is going to be formed in you, and in the Father.  We also shall continue in the Son and in the Father.  If you lay hold of that word that you have received, if you keep it in your heart, if you meditate on it, if you use it, it is going to engraft.  Christ is going to be formed in you, and after Christ is formed in you, you eventually are going to be glorified, and you are going to become one with the Father.  Then you will be in the Father. 

There are two other scriptures that I meant to share.  I forgot to look it up, but another witness to this  is the Holy Spirit will point you to the Son.  Is there a scripture that says that?  First you get the Holy Spirit.  That is the word that was given to you at the beginning, and that will lead you into the Son, and then there is another scripture that says the Son will point you to the Father.  Are you familiar with those scriptures?  I am going to have to look those scriptures up and add it to this message when we are finished.  We now have three scriptural witnesses to this study on the parable of the soils.  Did anybody ever see this verse that is related to the parable of the soils before?  The Lord just gave it to me this morning.  He just really blessed me.  Glory to God.  Hallelujah. 

Let me just repeat this from 1 John 3:24 again.  Let that therefore abide in you, that word or that seed, which you heard from the beginning.  Let it abide in you.  Do not lose it.  The way you do not lose it is by using it.  If that which you have heard from the beginning, if it remains in you because you are using it, it is going to engraft, and the son of Christ is going to be formed in you.  Eventually you will be glorified, and you will become one with the Father in you, and you too shall be in the Father.  The Holy Spirit, which is the Father, that the word shall lead you to the Son, and the Son is going to point you to the Father.  When I first heard those two scriptures, I thought it was a confusion.  One said the Father will lead you to the Son, and the other said the Son will lead you to the Father.  I said what is going on here?  Well, the Father in the form of the seed or the sperm will lead you to the Son.  The Son helps you to be converted into a mature manifestation of the Father. 

In answer to your question this is the acid test.  You have to make a judgment for here and now.  Is this person destructive to your life?  Get before God.  If he or she is destructive to your life, there has to be a separation.  I believe this person could have a relationship with the Lord in the future.  The Lord may tell you or He may not tell you.  It is hard to say that you know for sure even with some good signs.  As far as you are concerned, my counsel to you is to release this person from your life, and separate.  I would not in any way entertain  any hope.  If God has not laid it on your heart to pray for that person, that is a real good sign that there is not much hope.  You just never know what God will do, but that is a sign that there is no hope for this relationship.

There are scriptures where God says do not pray for that person.  I am glad that you asked that question for the reason that this should be in the message.  That is a real good sign.  If you are an honest believer, and you know that you have an intimate relationship with Christ, and there is no prayer in your heart for that person, that is a real good sign that  things do not look very good.  If there is an anointed prayer in your heart for that person, that is an excellent way of recognizing whether or not God has future plans for them.  Even if God has future plans for them, if they are destructive for you now, but you release them, maybe in ten or twenty years from now there can be a reconciliation.  I do not see anything wrong with giving a strong opinion, as long as you let that person know that God is God, and that He could turn the whole thing around any time He wants.  This is my opinion based on the facts as I evaluate them now.  What is happening five years from now, your guess is as good as mine.

There is nothing wrong with having a strong opinion, as long as you are not using it to change people’s minds, or influence them to turn against somebody else, or hate somebody.  There is nothing wrong with having an opinion about a situation that is affecting your very life.  You have to have opinions that are affecting your life.  If you do not have opinions that are affecting your life, then you are under the law.  You are saying, God, guide me, open doors, close doors, do not let me walk through, and you do not have to think.  That is the imputed anointing.  If you are going to be a son, you need the imparted anointing.  You need to function in righteousness.  There should be no condemnation and no ungodly conflict.  God is training us to think.  Do you know what people go to college for?  A lot of people think that people go to college to learn a trade or a profession.

The reason for going to college is to develop your mind, to think logically, to analyze problems, and to find solutions.  College is not a training ground for your profession.  At least it never used to be.  After you finish college, if you want to be a lawyer, you go to Law school.  College is designed to teach your mind to function and to get the best ability possible working out of your mind.  It is a training ground.  This is what is going on in our business world today.  There are a lot of corporations that will not hire you unless you have a college degree.  A lot of people are saying what good is a college degree?  You learn history, and science, etc.  What does that have to do with business?  Well, what the corporations are hiring is somebody whose mind is trained to think, whose mind is disciplined.  Somebody who knows how to sit down and follow what an investigation proves until they get the answer and solution to a problem.  That is what they are hiring.

You are getting something very valuable here.  God has seen fit to do this.  Your mind is being trained.  It is very important.  You responded that our minds are being trained to think, to rationalize, and to evaluate.  Well, I have to correct you because rationalize is a wrong word.  We need to think rationally.  To rationalize means to make excuses.  We are not getting trained for that.  What we are also being trained for is to gather facts until the difference between a fact and someone’s imagination is obvious.  We are being taught to analyze and place the facts in an orderly order, and to analyze them, and to draw Godly conclusions based on Godly facts.  To draw conclusions is not always wrong if the facts and the circumstances that you are looking at are true, and have been examined, and proven in the proper order.  That is what scientists do all the time.  They draw Godly conclusions.  They call it a hypothesis based  on available facts.  Sometimes that hypothesis is right.  Sometimes it is proven to be wrong.

It is okay to draw a conclusion if you are basing it on valid facts.  You may hear me correcting someone about drawing conclusions because they drew a conclusion based on some experience that they had twenty years ago that hurt you, or based on some irrational fantasy, or imagination in your mind. I will say that conclusion had no logical basis to draw upon.  All conclusions are not valid.  That is how our minds work.  You get your facts, you get your scriptures, you draw your conclusions, and you go before the Lord, and you say, Lord, is this a true conclusion?  Are the steps of my thinking correct?  If it is pointed out by other facts, you have to be ready to say I drew a wrong conclusion.  Absolutely!  I tell you again, mistakes and contradictions are part of the process of learning.  Do not panic when these mistakes take place.  God will straighten it out.  Sometimes God will take two years to do it.  If you cannot be flexible this ministry will be a challenge.  God has golden knowledge and wisdom in this ministry.  He gives us golden nuggets and it is all mixed up in all that stuff that we have to get rid of.

There is big controversy in the church.  It has to do with the pharisaical mind set that has a rigid mind.  They have a mind that is not flexible.  They read in the Bible that one thousand years to man is like one year to God.  They have drawn the conclusion that this creation was created in six thousand years.  I do not believe that.  In fact I never believed that in my heart, but I could not give you any explanation.  Now I heard a science TV program that explained that time was continuously expanding, and time starts from one point.  As it expands outward and as the years go by it forms a cone.  Time starts at a point and it is not going forward on a vertical line.  It is expanding outward.  I will show you this on the blackboard here.  Therefore this is day #1 and this is day #2 and this is day #3 and this is day #4.  Can you see that the fourth day is going to have more time involved in it than the first day because the time is expanding. 

Now everything in the soul realm is the mirror image or the reverse of the realm of the spirit.  I would suggest to you that day #1 is the greatest day.  The way I drew it here with this cone shows that day #2 is longer than day #1 and day #3 is longer than day #2.  I am suggesting to you that in the soul realm, where we are, where our mind is thinking, it is backwards, and day #1was the greatest day, and day #2, I believe, is smaller.  Day #3 is even smaller.  Now we are in the 6th day.  The days are getting shorter.  In any event, the 6th day is not equal days.  We are just beginning to enter into the 7th day.  The 6 days are not equal days because time is expanding, so they are not equal days, and they are not all 1,000 year days.  The chances are that day #1 could be a million year day.  It is a very real possibility.  I think that this creation has been around for a very long time. 

You asked if I think there were prehistoric animals around before the flood.  You went on to say that you know the dinosaurs existed, but I just see them living on the ground like the giants.  They were the giant animals at that time, but I do not see it as prehistoric like the evolutionists believe.  I answered, right, the man was giant and the animals were giant, but you have to define the word prehistoric.  Prehistoric means existing before recorded history.  Recorded history only goes back maybe five thousand or six thousand years before Christ.  When I read my account of Genesis, I read that man was the last one formed.  Well, maybe the descendants of Adam were on the earth, but I do not know.  When I read the Book of Genesis, when I read about the time of Seth and Methuselah, I do not read anything about animals, actually, until Noah.  I have been asking the Lord for a long time why the bones of the dinosaurs were discovered.  

I have thought about it because I have an open and inquiring mind, and I want to know why man found the bones of the dinosaurs, and have not found the bones of the giants.  Someone told me that they found the bones of Goliath.  Well, Goliath was after the flood.  I have been praying about this for a couple of years.  Somebody said to me, very casually, that their bones were not made out of the same substance as our bones.  I started to think about that.  Now listen to this.  We are fallen now, and we are living in animal bodies.  They found dinosaur bones, and the bones look like bones we are familiar with.  This is the skeleton of a man and this is the skeleton of a dinosaur.  Well, how come we have not found the bones of a giant from that period?  Maybe before the flood, man was not living in an animal body.  Maybe there are no animal bodies that wear the residue of man.  Maybe they did not have animal bodies.  Did everybody understand what I just said?  Did you hear what I just said?

Maybe they were living in bodies that were not animal bodies.  Therefore, the residue of the inhabitants of the earth, before the flood, would not look like this.  Just maybe.  There are residue of prehistoric bones everywhere, but we do not recognize them.  What about the ice man and the cave men?  I remind you that there were two family lines in the earth.  Cain was sent out from the garden.  He was a whole different line of people which fell before the flood.  They fell into animal bodies.  How do I know that?  The Book of Genesis says they started to have more children.  How do I know that?  The Book of Genesis gives the names of Cain’s descendants’ wives.  I do not want to get into any long thing.  On another teaching, the Lord pointed out to us that the name of the wives do not appear in the Scripture until later. 

I suggested to you that the reason for that is that these men’s wives were not separate beings, but these men were superior beings whose wives were within themselves, and therefore their wives were not named.  They had no names.  All it said was, so and so’s wife because their wife was within them.  If you look in the Book of Genesis, and you follow the line of Cain, you will see that Cain’s descendants  went about four generations before the start of names are mentioned.  What that says to me is that their wives had separated out from them, and were bearing children.  That is a condition that did not happen to the descendants of Seth until about five generations after Shem, Ham, and Japheth.  You do not have to agree with me, but do you understand what I just said? 

I am very excited about this, that the form that humanity was in, before the flood, was not in an animal body, and that is why we have not found their bones.  It just popped out of your mind, like it popped out of your mouth.  Now I have an answer to a question that I have been asking for about three years, through an off handed remark from an anointed believer’s mouth.  Brethren, you have to be listening for Christ out of every word of everybody’s mouth.  All of the bones that were found of the ape man, etc. was what this whole theory of evolution was based on.  They said how could Adam have been glorious?  The only bones we find are these ape like bones, and those people that read the Bible do not know what they are talking about because prehistoric man was animalistic.  I suggest to you that these were the descendants of Cain, and not the descendants of Adam. 

Now listen.  We are inquiring with our minds.  The Lord could turn this whole thing over.  It could be some of the sons of men, some of the sons of  Seth, got messed up with the daughters of Cain, and got trapped in animal bodies, and fell very rapidly into bodies like what the scientists show us.  There still were faithful remnants of the descendants of Seth that continued.  Maybe the whole of the descendants of Seth got trapped in animal bodies that fell rapidly whose bones were found.  Maybe Noah and his sons were the only ones who had not fallen into animal bodies.  My recollection right now was that I said on another message that the sons of God came down and found the daughters of men fair, and that the spiritual descendants of Seth found it possible to fornicate with the carnal descendants of Cain.  They found it possible to be in a spiritual body, and somehow had intercourse with the descendants of Cain, and come away and still be spiritual men.  They liked the pleasure of the flesh, and they kept coming  to the descendants of Cain to have this sexual intercourse.  Then one day they became trapped. 

They must have had a spiritual body and a spiritual mind.  The giants at the very beginning were not in an animal body.  That is why we do not find giant bones.  Now remember the genealogy in the Scripture is not accounting for every human being on the face of the earth.  It is just that line that God  records.  The Lord records the righteous line.  The righteous line was still in spiritual bodies and their wives were within them because they were not named, so they would be the giants.  If they were spiritual men, they somehow got trapped in the bodies of the women.  I do not think it would have been like physical intercourse between physical men and physical women today.  We do not really know what happened to them, but there still was no signs of their physical giant bones found.  Goliath was already in David’s days with that descended mind.

These are all educated guesses based on the Scripture.  At the formation of Adam, he was spiritual, and some kind of superior being.  I believe he was visible, not physical, but a superior spiritual being. The only thing I am actually convinced of is that they did not have bodies like these fallen bodies.  They became corrupted in their mind.  This body is a reflection of our fallen spiritual condition.  We have two eyes,  two ears, two legs, two arms, and we are doubleminded.  We are vile and corrupting.

This thought came to me the other day.  Cain and Abel were one man.  One was male and one was female.  It is not clear, and there is nothing that says both Cain and Abel were men.  What we are told is that Cain was of the earth and that Abel offered the fat of the flock.  I want to suggest to you a new thought, that Abel was the mind of Christ, and that Cain was the earth man.  They were one being, and  Cain typified Satan, and he was suppose to be in submission to Abel, the mind of Christ.  That is why the Father said to Cain what is your problem?   

Now hear this all you people that think you are in full stature.  If you need flesh to sustain the life of this flesh, you are not in full stature.  When you are in full stature, the life of God sustains the flesh.  We need to consume flesh for flesh to grow on our bones.  Science tells us that the cells of our body is completely replaced every seven years.  I am making an educated guess now.  When it is the life of God that sustains your flesh, your cells are not going to be replaced every seven years.  That which you have will receive the life of God and it will invigorate you just like the leaves on the tree of life because you will be made incorruptible.  Jesus said, no man could take my life.  There is a process of death working in our flesh.  The reason our cells are replaced every seven years is that this flesh is dying.  When the life of God is sustaining your flesh, and this flesh stops dying, there is no reason for the cells to be replaced.  There will be no reason for it.  When the mind of Christ is raised from the dead in us, it will bring to a halt the working of death in us.  Paul called it the movement of sin in our flesh.  It will come to an end.  When death stops it will not be necessary for our cells to be replaced.   The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.  1 Corinthians 15:26.








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