270 - Part 3

Part 3 of 3 Parts

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For those of you who are not aware of this, we are moving into a very powerful wave of the Lord’s Spirit. The Lord’s Spirit moves in a way that can be likened to the waves of the sea. It starts way out in the ocean, and it starts rolling in, slowly starts rolling in, and it has already started. That is what was happening today, OK, but it started a couple of weeks ago, actually. If you have eyes to see it and ears to hear it, all of this joy is part of it. There is going to be healing. There is going to be deliverance. Now we have seen these kinds of waves of the Lord’s Spirit in the church before, in Pentecost, and there is always healing and deliverance and joy and new music written and all kinds of goodies happening.

But there is something additional happening with this wave of the Spirit that is very, very exciting: Christ is appearing to judge the church. It means that the righteousness of God is appearing in the earth to plead the cause of those of us who are too weak to help ourselves, and, spiritually speaking, we are all too weak to help ourselves. We do not know the whole story. We do not know what is right in a circumstance. If we know what is right in the circumstance, we do not have the power to do what is right in the circumstance. Then after we get ourselves messed up, we do not have the power to get out because we are all bound up with pride and unforgiveness and all kinds of junk in our carnal mind, and we are hurt in this world because of spiritual weakness, and the job of the church is to judge the people. Now that is not a bad word; that is a good word. A more -- a modern English word might be, more likely, “to rule the people in righteousness and in the love of God.” People need le- -- or “to lead the people.”

People need leaders. We need leadership. We need leadership that have power, that have the -- that have access to the power which will help us when we have needs, and the church, to date, has been pretty impotent. There has been some power in the church. There have been some people healed and some people delivered and some people helped from situations in their private life, but minimally, and the reason the help has been minimal is that the anointing that is in the Holy Ghost does not have the wisdom or the authority to rule God’s people with the mind and the wisdom of God. Why? Because the Holy Ghost is not the mind of God. The mind of God is in the Son, whose name is Christ.

So as we see the sons arising, what it means is that righteous judgment is coming to the nation. That is very exciting. How does that affect people? How does that affect human beings? Brethren, the righteous judgment of the Son has a spiritual authority to erv- -- overturn any wrong judgment made by another believer with a lesser anointing or to overturn any judgment made by a natural government. There is authority in the Spirit of Christ to pray prayers that will affect the lives and the circumstances of men, and this ministry of righteous judgment is not in the professing church; it is not in the Holy Ghost. It is in a mature Christ who has overcome a large measure of sin in his own mind.

The government of God is an appeals court. An appeals court, brethren. Every human being alive has the privilege of petitioning the living God with a problem. Now the Scripture clearly says he hears some more than he hears others, but he hears a righteous prayer. If you are a sinner, he is not likely to hear you. If you are praying a sinful prayer, he is not listening to you, and I do not care if you are the worst sinner in the world. If you come to the end of yourself and you reach that point where you just know that you cannot help yourself and you cry out to God, that is a righteous prayer. A pr- -- what is a righteous prayer? It is a prayer from a man who has said I do not have the power to help myself. I humble self -- myself before the God of heaven. Please, forgive me for whatever I have done wrong and help me. That is a righteous prayer.

So we have a misunderstanding in the church today. The Scripture says God does not hear the prayers of the sinners. Well, that does not mean if you are a -- everybody is a sinner, brethren. That does not mean if you are in a sinful lifestyle that God does not hear you. That is not true. That is a misunderstanding of the Scripture. If we had to become righteous before the Lord heard our prayers, we would be in one mess. Why? Because the Bible says who is righteous? “None is righteous, no, not one,” and the Bible also says, if you sin in one point of the law, you are guilty of the whole -- of breaking the whole law, and the judgment for breaking the law of God is death. So, therefore, the righteous prayers is the prayer that puts down pride, that says I do not have the power to help myself. Please, Lord Jesus, have mercy on me, a sinner, and help me. It has nothing to do with your lifestyle; it has to do with an attitude of your heart.

So we see, as the sons begin to appear on the earth, that they are pleading the cause of the widow and the orphan. Who is the widow?


OK. Who is the widow?

            [?The Holy Spirit?]?

Well, it is fallen man. The widow is fallen man; she has no husband. The Lord divorced us, except for those that are being reconciled unto him. The Lord divorced us. He threw us out of Eden, and then he married the natural Jew, and he divorced them also, so all of humanity is the widow. And the orphan -- who is the orphan?


Well, not the carnal mind. Humanity, we are both the widow and the orphan. We are both the wife and the offspring of the Lord, so man is the widow and the orphan. Brethren, any human being who is not in a relationship with the Lord that permits him the privilege of praying with power is a widow and an orphan, and that includes many people in the church. They do not know how to pray or, even if they do know how to pray, they do not know the righteous prayer. They are praying their own solutions to their problems. There is a great lack in the church today. The Scripture says to be ruled by women and children is a what?

            A curse.

Is a curse. You know, the Scripture is not speaking about people’s bodies. To be ruled by men whose minds are female and childish is a curse. Why? Because they will give you wrong counsel. They will pray wrong prayers, and you will fall into the ditch, and you may or you may not climb out after you fall in. So the only blessing is to be ruled or governed by men whose mind is Christ, and the only men whose mind is Christ are the true sons.

So there was judgment executed today, and I have been preaching here for five years. Please, do not fool with this. If you are not sure that it is Christ in you, you should not be executing judgment on anybody, but the day will come. Especially if you are in this training, the day has to come, eventually, where the Lord will be manifesting through you and executing judgment. I would guess that being in a ministry like this, that the first couple of times that it happened, it -- what happened here in front of the group, that the spirit should be tried by an elder. That would be my guess.

God could do anything he wants, but all that I am telling you is that, if you think it is Christ and -- telling you to execute judgment against somebody and it is not Christ, you know, you are not going to die, but you will -- the Lord will show you your error, and you will reap a consequence for your error, but the most important thing is you really do not want to be hurting anybody. You really do not want to be hurting anybody. It is not so bad if you make a mistake.

But we have to realize that we have spiritual power, that the people that are moving in a ministry like this -- we have spiritual power. You just really cannot be hurting people. The Lord is going to call you to task for it. [AUDIO CUTS OUT] you cannot be misusing the power of God like that. You have to be using it to bring relief to God’s hurting people. You have to be using the power of God to be bringing deliverance from ungodly situations. You see, in Pentecost, when the movement in Pentecost started 40, 50, 60 years ago, the major thrust was healing of the body and deliverance from evil spirits, some deliverance from circumstances but not too much power for that, a little bit.

About three years ago, I was at a meeting at the time that California had just passed -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] what law they passed, some kind of perverse law, and judgment was executed at that meeting three years ago, and look at what is happening in California. So, you see, nobody ever knows what God has done in secret, but God has his officers, and he has his authorities, and he has his sons, OK. We are told about the sons of God in the Book of Isaiah, and we are told that they will not judge situations by what they see or by what they hear or by what their emotions are telling them, but they only judge situations by what the mind of Christ tells them and what is righteous to the mind of God. You never believe what you see. This whole world is an illusion. Men are manifestations of the serpent. You do not believe man’s words; you do not believe your eyes. You ask the Lord what is really going on here, and he will tell you.

The sons of God will be very feared. They know what is inside of mind’s men -- men’s minds. They know what is in their hearts. They know what their plans are. Elijah knew what the plan of the king of Assyria was in his bedroom. He thought -- the king of Assyria thought that he had a spy in his courts, but he did not. Elijah knew what was going on in his mind.

Go make yourself some coffee.

So the sons of God will not judge the way other men judge, therefore their judgments will appear to be perverse to men. We have a whole nation today that is under a delusion, that is under an illusion, that is seeing ethical and moral situations with a perverted mind, and the nation, unfortunately, appears to be crumbling. I do not think our president is doing too well. It is just one scandal after another, after another, after another, so we shall see what shall be happening.

So that is what was happening today: There were several judgments executed. The Son manifested to pray either intercessory prayers to overturn a wrong judgment made by another pastor, very exciting. There is a wave coming in. For all those that have eyes to see it and ears to hear it, it is coming in; it is rolling in. And what does that mean? It means the power is going to intensify, intensify, intensify, and anything could happen. Definitely, there will be miracles of healing and deliverance, physical healing, emotional healing, deliverance from all forms of bondages.

But there is a big breaking through that is -- it is happening. I cannot even say it is about to happen. It is happening, and what is happening is that Christ is piercing through from the unseen realm. If you remember the teaching on the threshold, he is piercing through from the unseen realm into the visible realm, and people are going to see his power in the men that he is manifesting through, and there shall be great fear because people are afraid of spiritual power. What weapon do you have against spiritual power? The strongest man has fear of spiritual power.

I was very surprised when I saw a movie tha- -- I must have seen it four times, “Shaka Zulu.” That movie was really excellent, and it was about A- -- South Africa. I think it was back in the 1600s if I am not mistaken, and I was very surprised to see that witchcraft was feared by the average Zulu, who was the tribe. It was the Zulu tribe, and witches were burnt. It was a -- it was not an acceptable thing. I always thought witchcraft was acceptable in Africa. It is not an acceptable thing, and the king was against the witch, and when they caught her, they burnt her. They burned -- they killed her, and they burnt her bones, and the people were afraid of witchcraft. Who has power against witchcraft unless you too have spiritual power? Guns do not help; muscles do not help; your mind, intelligence, does not help. People are afraid of people with spiritual power.

So this is the promise of the Scripture: Christ is going to pierce through into this realm of appearance, and he is going to be seeing with his power as he manifests in men. He is going to be manifesting with great, miracle-working signs and wonders, and it may just be happening now. A lot of people are saying this is the year. It comes in slowly. If you do not have spiritual eyes, you wake up one morning, and you are in the middle of a full-blown manifestation of the power of God.  What happens? People get convicted of sin. They repent. They cry out to God. They have spiritual experiences. He receives them into his kingdom.

And in this revival that is coming now, there are added elements, the righteous judgment of Christ and also the murder of the carnal mind, the taking of authority over the one who has subjected humanity and kept us down here in Hell for all of these thousands of years. He is about to be subjected by Christ, so we shall see judgment executed, people corrected for their behavioral and mental sins. It is not enough to say I repent of pride. In this hour God is pointing out to people what you just thought, what you just said, the way you just behaved. That is pride, and you need to repent of that thought, of that way of thinking, of that behavior, and you have got to change. And if you do not change, I am going to beat you until you change. This is what we are moving into. It is called the white throne judgment.

The judgment of Satan is different. The judgment of Satan just kills you. Once -- when you come under Satan’s judgment, it just wipes you out. You get sick; you die. There is a barrenness in your family. There is no sons, no children, and you just die out. But when Christ comes a- -- when Christ comes to judge you, he shows you your sin so that he can change your heart so that you do not die but so that you could live.

And as we found in the prophet Zephaniah this last -- in these last couple of messages, the Lord warns us in Zephaniah 1. When Christ comes to show you your sins, be silent. Listen, and make changes because the fact that God has sent his Son to you to show you your sins is the sign that the hour for your deliverance from bondage to Satan is at hand. So I am -- I was very excited in what the Lord was doing today and at the anointing that has been flowing here, very excited, and it is g- -- it is not going to stay the way it is. It is mounting. I perceive it mounting.

And I did get a couple of phone calls, as I told you, one from a woman who had asked for prayer with regard to a problem with her child that had existed for years, and she said, in less than 24 hours, the bondage was broken. Someone else I spoke to on the telephone that was having a drug problem, and they said, after one prayer, they just pulled right out of it. They were in a backslidden state. So it is really funny because, you know, a lot of these people, they think that I am down on my knees, binding and loosing for hours for them; I am not. That is what you are doing in Pentecost; you pray for hours. Some of these people, they would freak. I say a 60-second prayer.

Look, brethren, we do not have to be down on our knees praying for hours for one person. My famous story about this, this goes back years ago when I was in that other church, and I was sick in those days. I was a sick person, physically ill, and I received a phone call at 1 o'clock in the morning. I do not know how I even worked. There was a woman in the church who was having a baby delivered by -- and two women in the church were midwifing her. The baby had been delivered, but the pl- -- they could not get the placenta out, so one of the women -- and the phone rang here at 1 o'clock in the morning, and I needed my sleep. That is why I am telling you I was sick. I really needed my sleep, and the woman said to me, “The Lord said to call you. We cannot get this placenta out,” so I said OK. I hung up the phone.

As I went back to my bed, I said, I rebuke you, Satan. Let go of that placenta or something like that, and I went back, and my head hit the pillow, and I went back to sleep. Twenty minutes later, the phone rings again. They thought I was down on my knees, binding and loosing. She said, “I just called to tell you, you can go to sleep. The [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- the placenta came out.” I said, oh, that is nice. Thank you, hung up the phone.

Brethren, the Bible says, when you have a sharp knife, you do not need that much muscle power. The sharper the knife, the less muscles you need. Brethren, the more spiritual authority you have, the less time you have to put in, the less carnal effort you have to put in. Brethren, we are not called to be on our knees for hours; we are called to speak the word and see it done. There are millions of people out there with problems, brethren. You do not have time to pray for hours for one person.

Jesus healed everyone that came to his meetings. How do you think he healed them? I do not believe he even touched everybody. H- -- the Bible says he sent his word, and he healed them. He said my words are spirit, and my words are life, and I believe he spoke, and that spirit went forth like light waves, and it touched everybody within the sound of his voice, and they were healed supernaturally. His knife was very sharp.

And we know that Peter and Paul just walked down the street, and just because their shadow fell upon the people on the streets, the people were healed. Now some of us know that that was not the shadow. When we walk down the street here and the sun comes over our shoulder and casts a shadow, that is not what the Bible was speaking about. The shadow that healed that was in Peter and Paul was the shadow of the Spirit. It was the shadow of Christ that was projecting through their humanity, but it was so vibrant and it was so alive that, when they walked down the street, it just touched the people on the sidewalks. They did not even talk; they just walked through.

So I want to tell you, all you Christians out there that think that you are so great because you bind and loose and fast for three days and someone gets set free from a bondage, you are very immature. So if you are lifted up in pride, knock down your pride because you are very immature if it took you three days to break that yoke. I am telling you --- is that not the truth?


[?Yeah?]. Well, that is the truth. You are no great one; you are a baby if it took you three days to break that yoke. God, keep us from pride; it is going to kill us. It is going to absolutely kill us. Brethren, you have nothing to be proud of. Everything you have is what?


Given. You are not responsible for anything. You are not responsible for your anointing; you did not get it yourself. You are not responsible for your good looks; you did not get it yourself. You are not responsible for your personality; you did not get it yourself. You are not responsible for your talents or your wisdom or any good thing that you have; it was given unto you, and it was given unto you to be used by God, for God’s people, to help humanity.

So if you think you are a great one, get ready because the rod is about the fall across your back. You are going to find out how weak you are. If you think you are anointed, you are going to find out how unanointed you are. If you think you can heal anything that comes your way, you are going to find out you cannot heal anybody, so get ready, OK. So that is what is happening. That is the state of the church. There is a revival rolling in, and it is just really exciting.

Listen, there is rage in the spirit. That means a couple of little things happened here tonight that should not even have been noticed, and I felt the anger start to come up in me, and that anger is breaking the anointing in me, OK. I have no reason to be angry. It is in the spirit. It is coming from outside of me. It is trying to find place in me. You see, right now it is not my sin, but, if that anger that is hanging out there, if it gets me to mistreat somebody, then the sin becomes mine. Does anybody not know what I am talking about?

James calls it -- he calls it spiritual adultery. I am not supposed to be having any kind of a union with someone else’s ungodly emotion. I am supposed to be having a union with Christ, who cleanses me from all sin. That means, when my connection of the mind is continuously with Christ, that means everything that is flowing through my mind and everything that is coming out of my mouth is of Christ. There is life in it, and there is peace, and there is joy in it, OK.

And there are spiritual forces all over this world, everywhere, usually -- well, they are in people’s minds, so they are in the minds of the people that are either near you phy- -- that are either physically near you or people that you have a soul tie with, who may or may not be physically near you. And if great anger is raging through them and you are spiritually sensitive, it is coming to you to seduce you to commit -- the Bible says it is adultery if you let that anger in and you -- if it gets into you and then comes out of you as your own anger, the Bible says you have had a union with that spirit that has been adulterous and has been unfaithful to Christ, and now you have given birth to the offspring of that anger, your own anger, which is your own sin.


Well, no, not --


A root of bitterne- -- a root --


Oh, OK.


OK. So there is great anger in the spirit right now, and it tried to manifest through me at least four times tonight. I crushed it down, but it had the effect on me of breaking the anointing. I am having a lot of trouble preaching here, so I just rebuke this anger, and I declare that the root of it is unforgiveness, brethren, and pride because we become angry because we feel that we have been mistreated and disrespected. And is that not too bad? They beat Jesus, and they put a crown of thorns on his head, and they strung him up on the cross, and they nailed him to it. So it is just too bad if you are mistreated. I am mistreated every day of my life.

We must forgive people. We must go on with our own lives, so I rebuke this anger, and I absolutely forbid you to manifest through me, at the very least, or through anybody here. In all the authority of Christ, I command you to go down into the pit where you belong, and I bind you, and I chain you, and I curse you, and I just pray that Christ should arise and grant forgiveness and grace and truth and peace. I break the power of this hostility and of this enmity, and I ask you, Father, that Christ should arise and that your spirit should prevail over this meeting and that you should be glorified in all things. In the name of Jesus, amen.


Are we on? Yeah.

I want to tell you that, if you are looking at your notes, you see that we have a very legal-looking agreement here. When I started working on the message this morning, I had every intention of starting Zephaniah 2, and after about four hours, this is what I had. It was very difficult to do, and what it -- what I have done is I took the Alternate Translation of Zephaniah 1 and wrote it up as a legal document between -- an agreement between Jehovah and mankind.

And at one point I was having such a hard time with it, I said, Lord, I think I was seduced today. I do not think this is of you, and I think I wasted four hours putting this silly thing together. So I stopped, and I had a bite to eat. When I went back to my computer, I just continued to work on it. This is one of those situations where my carnal mind was completely out of sync with the Christ mind in me, yet the Christ mind prevailed. And I finished it up, and it sounds OK, so, I guess, it was of the Lord.

So what I have for you today is Zephaniah 1. We will make this Part 3 of Zephaniah 1, and we will go over this legal agreement. And the second part of the notes that I have given you is the Alternate Translation, pretty much, in the form that I gave it to you in the last message, where I have noted in each of those paragraphs where the Scripture is speaking about the three different stages of the resurrection. So let us start with the agreement. Is that not neat?

Agreement between Jehovah, the living God and creator of the universe, and mankind. Preamble -- a preamble is just some preliminary statements which give you an idea of why this agreement is taking place, and this is the preamble. We have two paragraphs.

The day in which the Lord’s Christ shall appear is very near, and it is approaching with violent speed to aid God’s dying people. This is the day that the Lord shall express his anger against Satan and his passionate love for mankind. It is a day of great distress for Satan because Christ is cutting into the carnal mind, flowing through and scabbing over her, bringing sudden ruin for the dark prison of the carnal mind, which covers over man’s spirit, and the misery of the kingdom -- I am sorry, with the misery of the kingdom of the dar- -- of darkness. And that is why we are having this legal agreement, because Satan and the carnal mind have taken mankind captive, so Jehovah has made this agreement or this covenant, if you will, with mankind.

And this is what Jehovah promises: Jehovah is -- see, Jehovah is doing all of the doing. There is very little for man to do. I think there is just one or two phrases about what man has to do. Jehovah is doing the whole doing. He is the man in this covenant. The man does the giving; the woman does the taking. Or the man [?gives?] and the woman [?receives?]. [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE] he has not taken pity on us, but he is going to burn us in Hell forever. He looked down at us in our weakness and said, you poor, miserable worms, I do not think you have had enough suffering. I think I will put you in Hell with some devils with pitchforks for the rest of eternity. God help us.

Jehovah, almighty God, has looked down upon man and has said, you poor, miserable worms. Did he not call Jacob a worm? You poor, miserable worms, you not only cannot even keep yourself alive, but you are down there in all kinds of misery and suffering and killing each other and torment, and therefore I have taken pity on you, says the living God. And because I have taken pity on you, the day of my Christ and the day that my Christ shall appear is very near and approaching with violent speed to aid you.

And in this day, says Jehovah, I shall express my anger against Satan, and I shall also express my passionate love for mankind. And how is he expressing his passionate love for mankind? By showing his anger to Satan, he is defending us. Glory to God. That is a wonderful feeling, to have the Lord defend you. It is a day of great distress for Satan because Christ is cutting into the carnal mind.

Now please note that this is a manifestation of the second stage of the resurrection. It is the second stage of the resurrection, which is the circumcision without hands, and we got this translation from a word that appeared, I believe, in verse 15. It is clearer in the other part of the Alternate Translation.

So this great day of distress, it is stressful for Satan because Christ is cutting into his carnal mind, flowing through -- now, remember, Christ is down in the dungeon. You heard that part of the earlier message about the dream. Christ is down in the dungeon, but he is cutting through into the carnal mind. He is flowing through and scabbing her over and bringing sudden ruin for this dark prison, which covers over man’s spirit with the misery of the kingdom of darkness.

And because of all of this, Jehovah -- the form- -- the legal format is whereas I, Jehovah -- I am the one who is able to free the human spirit from her bondage to Satan and the carnal mind, and whereas I, Jehovah, am able to heal Adam from his beast nature, and whereas, I, Jehovah am able to gather the whole creation, which is in outer darkness, into a protective relationship with me, I, therefore, agree that I shall prepare mankind for the battle to liberate their human spirit from her illegal marriage to Satan and the carnal mind with the doctrine of Christ. The doctrine of Christ is the preparation for the battle.

But, nevertheless, warns Jehovah, that -- I am sorry. But, nevertheless, Jehovah is warning mankind that the tyrant’s response -- to what? The tyrant’s response to what? To the doctrine of Christ, shall be a fierce, raging battle cry. Who is the tyrant?


Satan and the carnal mind, amen. So we see Jehovah saying that since I am the one that has the ability to help you and you do not have any ability to help yourself, I am going to burn you in Hell forever. Listen to this. I mean, this is just -- that was a joke. Everybody here knows it is a joke.

Whereas I, Jehovah, am able to free the human spirit from her bondage to Satan. And what it does not say is that the human spirit cannot free herself from bondage to Satan and the carnal mind. And whereas I, Jehovah, am able to heal Adam of his beast nature, Adam cannot heal himself of his beast nature. And whereas I, Jehovah, am able to gather the whole creation, which is in outer darkness, into a protective relationship with me and man cannot protect himself, therefore Jehovah agrees that he shall prepare mankind for the battle to liberate their human spirit from her illegal union to Satan and the carnal mind with the doctrine of Christ. But, nevertheless, Jehovah warns mankind that the tyrant’s response to the doctrine of Christ shall be a fierce, raging battle cry.

So, brethren, we see a distinct disapproval or dis- -- I am out of it tonight. We see a distinct disproval of a major doctrine in the church today, that you just ignore your carnal mind and serve God, and you ascend. Brethren, as the sister pointed out with the undertow, every step that you take towards the Lord Jesus Christ, you are going to have the carnal mind and Satan pulling on your feet, trying to drag you down to this earth with a fierce, raging battle cry. You try to get up out of this place called Hell, and you have a war on your hands, and, if you do not have any war on your hands, you are not even trying to get out.

So Jehovah, having decided to deliver mankind from the grips of Satan and the carnal mind, now agrees to do the following.

Could I have a little more volume on that, please? Thank you.

Jehovah agrees to do the following: A, he shall bind Christ to Adam. Bind Christ to Adam, first stage of the resurrection. Right now, we have a creation that has two spiritual sources, one positive and one negative. The basic building block of this creation is base- -- is fashioned after the atom. This creation has two charges, a negative charge and a positive charge. The negative charge was designed to be under the dominion of the positive charge, but something went wrong, and the negative charge went out and set up its own existence. And when the Lord comes to heal us, one of the first things he is going to do is bind Christ, the positive charge, to Adam, the neg- -- or to fallen Adam, the negative charge. The two charges must be bound together, and a positive and a negative charge equals -- does anybody know?






I cannot hear the word that -- what word are you saying?


Yeah, positive. That is right. A positive and a negative is a positive, so the binding of the two charges of the creation results in the neutralization of the negative charge, for all intents and purposes, the neutralization of the negative charge. When she is bound to the positive charge, the whole creation becomes positive, but, with the separation as it is now with the negative charge out doing her own thing, the creation is negative and dying.

So Jehovah agrees that he shall bind Christ to Satan. He is going to take authority over this negative charge run wild and make the creation positive again. After he binds up fallen Adam to the Christ -- to Christ, he shall sacrifice their carnal minds up to Jehovah. Christ shall sacrifice the carnal minds of the many-membered man called fallen Adam to Jehovah. And how is he going to sacrifice that carnal mind? What is the sacri- -- what form does the sacrifice take?




Yeah. Fire in what form? He is going to boil it. The beast is going to be boiled. Excuse me, not -- excuse me, it is in -- the sacrifice is in two stages. Satan, the unconscious mind, is being boiled. Does anybody remember why?


To free the soul, yes, which is --


-- Eve. That is right. So we see the carnal mind is being dealt with on two levels, the conscious aspect of that mind and the unconscious aspect. The unconscious aspect of the carnal mind is Satan, and he shall be boiled to free the human spirit, and the carnal mind itself shall be a burnt offering, so that was correct.

Jehovah also agrees -- number three -- oh, I see I started out as A and B, and I switched over to three. Number three, Jehovah also agrees the mankind shall die to their ignorant and miserable lifestyle. Hallelujah. He is going to rob us of our ignorant and miserable lifestyle. Thank you, Jesus. Is someone knocking on our door?




And, number four, mandki- -- Jehovah agrees that mankind’s fallen, animal bodies shall be made waste. Now please note, brethren, that these bodies are not going into the kingdom when the resurrection is completed. These bodies are in the image of --


-- Satan. Now I am sorry, all you Pharisees that believe that the Lord made men and women as we are today; it is just not true. We are fallen, and God did not make his glorious creation in our fallen, corrupt image. We are death. We are an expression of the fallen creation, which is called death. These bodies are prison houses. The Lord’s ultimate goal is to develop us spiritually to the point that we can exist without them. They are a hindrance to us; they are a source of pain; they are a source of captivity; they are a problem.

Brethren, these bodies are animal bodies, and we are spirit, and our Father is spirit, and we are called to the high realm of the spirit. We are not called to live like the animals, brethren; we are called to live as spirit lives, and the re- -- in the resurrection, we shall live as spirit beings. Therefore, this body must become waste because if -- we are only in this bodies when we are living like animals. That is a hard word, all you Christians with all your fancy clothes and all your perfume on. Brethren, these bodies are animal bodies. We are destined to come up out of them. I tell you the truth. In this hour Jesus is a ball of light. We do not know what we shall be, brethren, but we see Jesus.

Number five: Jehovah also agrees that fallen Adam’s own devices or spiritual power shall not be able to save him in that day, so we see fallen Adam’s own devices or spiritual power. His spiritual power, the -- what is the source of his spiritual power? Who is the source of his spiritual power? Satan, and his devices are the ingenuity of the carnal mind. The inventions of man shall not be able to save him in the day that Jehovah turns his spiritual power towards the destruction of Satan and the carnal mind and these physical bodies which man dwells in.

What kind of devices does Adam have that tries to counteract the judgments of God? Does anybody know? The medical profession, for one, is a device of Satan, which is designed to counteract the judgments of God. Now, brethren, if you become ill and you go to a doctor or you go into the hospital and you recover, especially if you recover from a disease such as cancer -- I know someone; I have her in my mind right now. It is 20 years since her surgery. She is fine. God has blessed that woman and used the medical society to bless her. But if you go in and you are healed from cancer and three years later you have cerebral palsy or cancer of another organ, brethren, God is only letting the medical society torment you.

Brethren, I am a firm believer in what I am told they do in the Philippines. They -- if somebody dies, they take the body into the church, and the whole congregation prays until either the Lord raises the person from the dead or the Lord speaks and says, “I have taken him.” Brethren, when you are sick, my counsel to you is petition the Lord, and if he is not going to heal you, if you should tell you that he is not going to heal you, you would be better off not bothering with the doctors and the torment of their treatments.

I know people whose lives have been prolonged, particularly with cancer, and they have been in agony for years, emotional agony and physical agony. If the Lord is going to heal you, you submit yourself to whatever ministry the doctors have for you. Petition the Lord as to whether or not you shall die. Do not petition the god of Akron as to whether or not you shall live or die. Why? Because if you petition the god of Akron, even if the Lord had intended to keep you alive, he may change his mind. Is there not a God in Israel, that you should ask him whether you shall live or die? Is there not a God in Israel that you must petition, the god of Akron, to find out whether or not you shall live? For their sin, saith the Lord, I have pronounced only seven more years of life upon you. It was 15, was it not? I do not know why I said seven this time, whatever.

So Jehovah agrees that in the day that Jehovah’s sacrifi- -- the -- in the day that Jehovah binds Christ to Adam and sacrifices the carnal minds of men up to Jehovah -- and Christ shall -- sacrifices the -- those carnal minds up to Jehovah. In those days, man- -- as a result of this sacrifice, mankind shall die to their ignorant and miserable lifestyle, and mankind’s fallen, animal bodies shall be made waste, and fallen Adam’s own devices and the spiritual power of Satan shall not be able to save him in that day.

Brethren, everyone that goes to a doctor does not survive. Some people go to the doctor, and they die. Some people have surgery, and they die. Some people go into the hospital for a hangnail, and they die. All of the devices of the carnal mind and all of the spiritual power of Satan cannot save you in that day, carnal mind. All of the king’s horses and all the king’s men cannot put your carnal mind back together again. Hallelujah. So all of the devices of the carnal mind and all of the spiritual power of Satan shall not be able to save fallen Adam in the day that, one, Jehovah destroys their carnal minds with his spiritual power and, two, in the day that Jehovah perfects everyone who is joined to her own soul.

Now let me remind you that we came up with this expression for the first time that I am aware of, to be joined to one’s own soul, when we did 1 Kings 19, the study on Elijah. We are supposed to be joined to spirit, brethren. The soul creation of the Father was made to be joined to a spirit, and that which must be joined to the soul is a mind, so we have a mind which is born of the spirit, or we can have a mind which is born of the soul. The expression, to be joined to your own soul, indicates that the mind in the creation or the mind that you have is not born of the spirit, but born of the soul or, as Paul says, born of the flesh. And, therefore, if the mind which is in the creation is born of the flesh and the mind joins to the soul which is it -- which it is supposed to do, the Scripture says you are a man who is joined to his own soul instead of being joined to the son of God.

So in the day that Jehovah destroys the carnal minds of men with his spiritual power, he shall also perfect everyone who is joined to her own soul. And how shall this perfection come to pass? If you are joined to your own soul, you are dead. The Scripture says you are dead. If the mind in you is born of the flesh, you are dead in your sins because you can only have a mind born of the flesh if you have committed incest with your own soul, so, therefore, you are dead in your sins.

The way the Lord will perfect you is to break down your carnal mind. It is called the renewing of the mind. He will break down your carnal mind into three elements; the spirit, which is Eve, the human spirit; the soul, which is Satan; and the offspring, the carnal mind, which is both spirit and soul. He is going to break all of that apart. He is going to lay hold of the human spirit, which is our true reality, and that human spirit shall be joined to Christ, and we shall be perfected.

It is another -- a parable as to say the Lord will take a piece of gold ore and extract the gold from the Lord. The Lord is taking our mind and getting rid of all the sludge and all the dirt and everything that is misshapen and misformed, and he is going to extract from it that which is good, that which is valuable, that which is usable unto him, which is the human spirit, join her to his Christ and perfect her in Christ. It is a cleansing, brethren. A cleansing is required to ascend into Christ, and a deep cleansing because we are dirty. We are filthy in the depths of our being; we are filthy in our spirit; we are filthy in our soul; we are filthy in our flesh.

When I first came to the Lord, I was in a deliverance church, and there was a rumor going around that you could not have a demon in your spirit. I read the Bible one day where Paul said that there is filthiness of the flesh and filthiness of the spirit, and I asked somebody. I said, how come their teaching me you cannot have a demon in your spirit? And I was told by a preacher, “Well, that is what they say, but I never did believe it myself.”

Brethren, your spirit can be filthy. How does your spirit become filthy? Your spirit -- your human spirit is Eve. She is filthy when she is joined to Satan and the carnal mind, and your soul is filthy when your soul is joined to the carnal mind, so the spiritual filth must be cleansed away, and before it can be cleansed away, you have to be stripped and broken down. There is a separation, a stripping that comes with great trials.  Jesus.

And the reason Jehovah is going to do all this, the reason Jehovah agrees to do all these things, is that he passionately desires to consummate his marriage to mankind. So for that reason, he is binding Christ to Adam; he is sacrificing the carnal minds; he is going to cause mankind to die to their ignorant and miserable lifestyle, and he is going to make our fallen, animal bodies waste because, brethren, the living God wants to join with us in a communion of the mind on a high, spiritual realm. And you cannot have an existence in -- your mind cannot be in Hell and heaven at the same time. I know Jesus was in heaven and Hell at the same time, but his mind was in heaven; his body was in Hell.

You cannot have a mind which is in heaven and Hell at the same time because the mind which is in heaven is the mind which is in the image of C- -- of the Father, and the mind which is in Hell is in the image of Satan. You have to be one or the other, and the mind which is in heaven is not using this animal body. The mind which is in heaven can be likened to a bird which is flying with its wings. The legs are not being used. So you have the use of both a heavenly mind and an earthly mind for a season, but when you reach a certain point of maturity, brethren, you do not put your daughter and your son in the same bathtub after a certain age. That is the bottom line. What does that mean? It means we are babies. We are spiritual babies. We have both the use of our carnal mind and the mind of Christ. We are very, very, very spiritually young.

So we see in this agreement that the basis of everything that Jehovah is doing to set us free is that he wants to consummate his marriage to us. It is a marriage of the mind. And before he can marry our mind, he has to destroy everything of our flesh. So if you think that he made man and woman in the Garden of Eden to live happily ever after in a house with a white picket fence, you have received the same lie as the mansion in heaven with the Italian food dinner; it is just not true.

Therefore, Jehovah orders that judgment -- number one, judgment shall be mediated by Satan. The carnal minds of unregenerate men shall be sent against Judah or the church, and everyone therein who is either dwelling in their souls, living out of your flesh, brethren, swearing by Jehovah with their mouths but really swearing by Satan and obeying the armies of demons in their carnal minds [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

Yeah. Judgment by Satan shall also be mediated against those who have turned away from Jehovah, those who are not looking for him or those who are not loving him enough to trample their carnal minds underfoot. So we see here the two judgments, and the first judgment is the one mediated by Satan. You may recall I mentioned earlier this evening that the judgment mediated by Satan is unto destruction. It does not point out specific sin. It does not give you a chance to repent. Satan’s judgment comes out of the blue and kills. Satan’s judgment can take the form of natural disasters. Satan’s judgment can take the form of disease or anything that kills you, a car accident. There is no opportunity re- -- to repent; he just wipes you out.

So let us go s- -- more slowly over, once again, the categories of people that Satan’s judgment is being sent against. Those who are dwelling in their souls, what does that mean? Well, for God to be sending judgment against you, if you are dwelling in your soul, you must have an opportunity to be living out of the spirit. Why would God send judgment on you if you have no opinion? Brethren, there are people in the church today -- there are God’s people who have an option to be spiritual, and they are choosing to be carnal. To be carnal is to live out of your soul. What you sow, you shall reap. If you sow to the things of the flesh, brethren, you shall reap flesh. If you sow to the things of the spirit, you shall reap the things of the spirit.

So we have people who claim that they have been reconciled unto the Lord, and they are doing the things of the flesh. They are not sowing -- how do you sow to the spirit? You read your Bible; you listen to messages; you pray; you come to as many meetings as you can. Engage in spiritual activities, brethren. That is sowing to the spirit, and you shall reach spiritual growth. But if all that you do is carnal things, how can you reap spiritual things? That which you sow is that which you reap. Brethren, you do not sow the seeds of an olive tree and reap figs or a fig tree. That which you sow, you shall reap. So if you engage in activities that cause spiritual seeds to fall upon your mind, your mind will produce the mind of the spirit. But if you use your mind to think about and engage in activities and talk about the things of the flesh, you shall find the mind of the flesh growing in your mind.

Our soul is a garden, and it produces the fruit of that garden, which is a mind. So whatever seed you sow upon your soul, that is the kind of mind that you will have. If you sow to a low spiritual realm, you will have a carnal mind in a very low condition. You can even have a carnal mind in a higher condition. There a carnally-minded people in this world today that have high morals, that have high ethics, who have a very positive lifestyle. That which you do, that which you put into your mind makes you what you are. This whole nation is under a delusion today, thinking that they can watch the filth that is on TV and in the movies and not have it affect their mind because what you put in is what grows there. You have got to think on high things, brethren. Think on high things, and your mind will be high.

So the people who dwell in their souls, judgment is coming from Satan. Well, why? Because when you dwell in your soul, you are going to be doing evil deeds, and every sin shall have its just recompense, and that recompense will come without warning. The judgment mediated by Satan is also coming upon those who are swearing by Jehovah with their mouths. They are saying I love the Lord, but they are really swearing by Satan and obeying the armies of demons in their carnal minds.

Brethren, I know people like that. Every other word out of their mouth is the Lord this, the Lord that, the Lord this, the Lord that, but it is just lip service. In the world we call it lip service. God is not fooled. He knows that you are looking good in front of other Christians but that, in your heart, you are really serving Satan and you are obeying all of his demons, that you walk out of church, and you are fornicating, and you are cursing, and you are stealing, and you are lying, and you are not even trying to change. That makes you a Pharisee. It makes you a phony, and Satan’s judgment is headed for you.

Satan’s judgment is also coming towards those who have turned away from Jehovah, those who have had a relationship with him and have rejected him. Well, why would anyone reject Jehovah? They would reject him because they have chosen the things of the flesh, which is number one up above there. They have chosen to dwell in their soul. Brethren, there is a pleasure of the mind, and there is a pleasure of the soul, and you cannot have both. You have to choose. You have -- if it is a choice of going to church one night or going out and -- whatever your thing is, ice skating, roller skating, and you choose to do the soulish thing, you have turned your back on Jehovah, if you were a churchgoer. This is talking about backsliding. If the Lord has not called you yet and you never go to church ever, the Lord is not judging you for going ice skating. But if you have been called to his kingdom and there is church two or three times a week and you make an active, willful choice to do something soulish instead of serving God, as far as the Lord is concerned, you have turned your back on him.

Everything we do is a choice. Every day of our life, we have choices. Will we serve God, or will we serve the flesh? Will we do the righteous of Christ, or will we do what feels good? Every day of our life, we make choices, and the choice that we make determines the spiritual condition that our mind will be in. And if you have Christ developed in you to any measure and you begin to turn away and choose the things of the flesh, Satan will be sent out to you to bring destruction.

The judgment mediated by Satan is being dispatched to those who are not looking for God. You know, there are people in this world who are not looking for God. Celia told me about a man just the other day who was an orphan but did very well in this world, and he believes he did it all by himself, and he does not need God, and he is not even looking at him. So there are people in this world who are very successful, who one morning will wake up and fine themselves either having lost all of their money, having lost their wife and their family or having lost their health. Judgment must fall if that is what it takes to turn you to God. If you are carnal, if you are ignorant, if you are in darkness, if you are lifted up in pride and you think you do not need God, when your hour comes, Satan will be loosed upon you to show you that your good life was only for a season and that you really do need the Lord.

So Satan’s judgment is unto destruction, and it is also falling on those who do not love him enough to trample their carnal minds underfoot. What does that mean? That is speaking about believers who have the mind of Christ. To trample Satan underfoot, you have to have feet to trample him under, and the spiritual feet that will trample Satan underfoot is Christ.

So there are believers in the church who have Christ formed in them to a degree of maturity and strength where they can trample Satan underfoot, but they do not do it. Why do not they do it? It is hard to fight this war, brethren. Some people do not like to fight. They are not willing to wage the warfare. It is the one who has the talent and does not use it. So if you have Christ and you do not use it, if you have Christ and you are continuing to live out of your soul, Satan’s judgment of destruction is coming upon you; hard times is coming upon you; tyrannical people are coming into your life, financial problems, possibly. Brethren, if you have Christ, you must use him to kill your carnal mind. If you do not fight against your carnal mind, you will find yourself face-to-face with an enemy who is the Lord Jesus Christ, who has sent Satan against you. You have to fight, brethren.

I remember I heard a story years ago from a friend of mine. He was a -- he -- I do not know. He was a teenager, I guess, at the time, and he did not like fighting too much, and the neighborhood bullies were after him, and he ran. And his father looked out the window and saw him running, and when he tried to get in the house, the door was locked. His father would not let him in the house, and then he opened the door, and he said, well -- he said, you go back, and you fight them, or you fight me. Take your choice. So he went out, and they never had any trouble after that. He found out that you do not have to be a coward in life, and that is what the Lord is doing with us, brethren. You cannot be a coward. We have got to take on this carnal mind because, if we do not, we are going to have -- find our enemy to be the Lord Jesus Christ because there is [sic] no cowards in the kingdom. Jesus.

So Jehovah is -- now these are -- this is the order of Jehovah. The first one is that judgment shall be mediated by Satan upon all these categories. The second order is that judgment shall be mediated by Christ. Now listen to this: After the judgment mediated by Satan causes God’s people to cry out for help, this is what Jehovah promises to do. So we see that J- -- that Satan’s judgment is unto destruction, if you do not call out for help. For those who call out for help, they transfer over into the white throne judgment of Christ, which means that the destruction that is coming upon them is now turned around and used to, A, purify everyone who overcomes their own carnal mind and offers up -- and offers her up to Jehovah as a sacrifice by ripping their carnal minds out.

Now this expression, ripping their carnal minds out, that was the way it came up in the Hebrew, but there is two stages of ripping the carnal mind out, two or three. It is certainly not in one stage. The first stage of ripping the carnal mind out means that it becomes in operable. You start living so much out of the mind of Christ that the carnal mind is not used, so, for all intents and purposes, it is found lacking. It is missing. It is not there, but it is not actually until the glorification, when she is burnt up and divided up and separated, that she is actually ripped out. So this word “ripped out” is speaking about the full three stages of the resurrection.

So Jehovah is promising to purify. Purify everyone from what? To purify us from sin. Jehovah is promising to purify everyone who overcomes their own carnal mind, everyone who beats down the carnal mind, who says I will not sin. I do not care what kind of a thought you are putting in my mind; I do not care how much pleasure or pain you offer me. I will be faithful to Christ, and I will not sin. When you overcome, the promise of Jehovah is that he shall purify you from that sin so that you do not have this battle anymore. Look, you are not supposed to spend the rest of your life fighting or wrestling with sin. Now some people believe that, people who do not have Christ but have problems. Some drug addicts, some alcoholics, you have to say I am an alcoholic. You have to struggle with that problem; you have to wrestle with that problem. But my Bible says that the Lord Jesus Christ has promised to rip that sin out of you in the day that your turn comes. So when Satan pursues you to the point that you turn and cry for help, you now become eligible to have Jehovah rip that sin out of you so that you do not have to spend the rest of your life in a wrestling match with it. But now do not give up the wrestling match before Jehovah rips the sin out because then you are just a fool, and you are going to fall back into your trouble again. You do everything you have to do to wrestle with that sin until God rips it out.

So everyone who overcomes their carnal mind shall be purified, and then they shall offer up their carnal mind to Jehovah as a sacrifice. Now, remember, that sacrifice is on two levels. It is the boiling of the unconscious mind to release the human spirit, and it is the burning of the carnal mind, and the Lord shall rip your carnal minds out at the end of the process. The end of the third stage of resurrection, there shall be no more carnal mind. She shall cease to exist, and for those upon whom the judgment of Christ is still being mediated, Jehovah promises to appear in these men he has purified. He is going to appear in the men he has purified.

Now this is a great mystery, but he is going to appear in them before the third stage of the resurrection. He is going to appear in them before their carnal mind is completely ripped out. Jehovah will appear in the purified men after the first stage of resurrection, which is full stature. It is the binding of Christ to the carnal mind; it is the positive charge of Christ taking authority over the negative charge of the carnal mind, at which point Jehovah will appear, and we still have two stages of resurrection to go. And when Jehovah appears in the men that he has purified, these men shall strip the pastors who are abusing God’s people of their authority. Strip them of what? Strip them of their authority. He is going to take them down. He is going to remove his anointing from them, and, in some instances, he will remove them right out of the pulpit.

These men in whom Jehovah is appearing shall also show God’s people, who are in bondage to Satan but deny their condition, their sins. Brethren, we have a whole church world full of people who are in bondage to Satan and are in denial of it. And this is the ministry of the sons: to go to the people, some of them very well-meaning people who love the Lord, but they are in denial. Some people are just in denial, so the Lord will send a son to them and say, listen, that is sin in your mind. I know you cannot see it, and I know you do not believe it, but I see it in you. I hear it in your words. I see it in your behavior. I have a spiritual discernment of it, and this sin is operating in you. And we are told in another place in this very agreement, in that day, do not let your carnal mind speak. Be silent, and at least pray about what you have been told, telling the Lord that, if it is true, you want the deliverance.

So these men, also called the sons of God, are going to come and show God’s people their sins. They will also rip the carnal minds out of the sin -- sons of Israel after they confess their sins and repent, and they will also rip the carnal minds out of everyone else whose human spirit is covered by Satan. So we see here the natural Jew and the -- the natural Jew and the church and the rest of the world covered in number three.

Now let me mention, at this point, that these men in whom Jehovah is appearing, that they are going to appear in two different stages of maturity. The early or imperfect stage of maturity is the -- known as the two witness company, and these are imperfect men who are battling with their carnal mind and prevailing over her and moving in a spirit of righteousness. In the hour that Christ completely binds up fallen Adam and the carnal mind becomes disengaged, these same men shall be called sons of God.

And the last thing, number four, that they shall do for God’s people is to break up their carnal minds. This is speaking about the third stage of the resurrection, the burning of the carnal mind and the boiling of Satan and the breaking down of it into its basic elements. Now, therefore -- because Jehovah has promised all that he has promised and because he has ordered all that he has ordered, now, therefore, let your carnal mind be silent when Christ shows you your sins because the time when he shall defeat your carnal mind is very near.

And let the harlot, who is sitting on and possessing the soul of God’s people as a queen, perish, and let the carnal minds of those of God’s people who are believing into Christ for salvation be divided up according to the following procedure. So we now see a command coming forth that men -- if -- either -- if they either should do it or pray for it. Let your carnal minds not talk when Christ is showing you your sins because it is your time for Christ to defeat your own carnal mind. Work with Christ, not with your carnal mind. And let the harlot, who is sitting on and possessing the soul of God’s people as a queen, perish. Now who is this? Who is this harlot that is sitting on the soul of God’s people? That is on two levels, brethren. That is your carnal mind that is sitting on Christ, and it is also the professing fivefold ministry, which is not manifesting Christ, which is sitting on God’s people and not letting them grow. She is spiritual; the harlot is spiritual. The harlot is our human spirit joined to Satan; that is who she is.

So let the carnal minds of those of God’s people who are believing into Christ for salvation be divided up according to the following procedure: A, Jehovah says, I shall examine the souls of my people to determine whether their mind is born of Satan or Jehovah. We just talked about that. We said the mind born of the flesh is flesh. A mind that is born of the flesh has been fathered by Satan. A mind born of Jehovah is the Christ mind, the son of the living God, and that which is born of the spirit is spirit. So Jehovah says he is going to examine everybody’s soul to see whether their mind is Christ or carnal.

Brethren, we must learn to distinguish between the Christ and the carnal mind; it is essential. Why is it essential? Because you do not want to be obeying the carnal minds of men just because they are manifesting in someone who calls themselves a Christian. I had this today with someone that I counseled on the telephone. They believe the office of the man, and they did not check to see the spirit, so we must ask the Lord to help us to do this.

And Jehovah also says that he shall rip out the minds of the men which are born of Satan and saying Jehovah shall not judge the sins of his people. That is all over the church today, all over the church, Christians saying, oh, the judgment is not for the Christian. The judgment is not for the Christian. We are going to be raptured, and we are going to heaven. We are going to have a mansion, and we are going to walk on streets of gold, and that dirty old sinner that rejected Christ is coming under judgment. That is a lie. The judgment is for the whole world, beginning with the church. And what part of the church gets judged first? The elders thereof.

So in the day that Jehovah rips out the minds of the men who are born of Satan, who are saying Jehovah shall not judge the sin sort of his people, this is what is going to happen to them: They are going to lose their imputed anointing; it is going to be taken from them. That is the Holy Ghost. They are going to lose the Holy Ghost and the gifts and the calling of God. And as a result of that, their souls shall begin to die because there is a measure of life in the Holy Ghost. It brings healing to your soul. It gives a measure of life to your soul, but when that Holy Ghost is removed, their souls shall begin to die.

And we are told that these men that had the Holy Ghost, they shall revert to man’s methods to rebuild their dying souls and bodies with the wisdom of men, but they shall not be able to keep their souls and their bodies alive. And they restore their spiritual life? How shall they restore their spiritual life? By Satan’s power, which is in their carnal mind, but Satan’s power shall not be able to repair their minds. The mind is spirit. The Scripture says a breach in the spirit is unbearable. When your mind separates from God, it is an unbearable break, and the end of it is always death. The Script- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

-- so ordered the honorable Jehovah, creator, Lord, master and husband of mankind. So we see that all of this blood and guts in the Scripture is the death of the carnal minds of men so that the Lord can lay hold of the human spirit of man and renew her and join her to Christ and raise her up in the resurrection of the dead, in the glory of the shadow of our true husband. The problem is that, in the hour that the carnal mind responds to this -- we are carnal. If you could just come back with me for a minute to the first page where it says -- under the witnesseth clause. There are three whereas’s, and then it says Jehovah agrees that he shall prepare mankind for the battle to liberate their human spirit from her illegal marriage to Satan and the carnal mind with the doctrine of Christ but, nevertheless, warns mankind that the tyrant’s response shall be a fierce, raging battle cry.

Brethren, we are the tyrant, you see. The tyrant is our mind. When Christ comes to us to show us our sins, we are the tyrant, and we are raging and waging war against the Son of God who is trying to save our life by pointing out our sins and saying, look, this is sin in your mind; ask God to help you to change. But we -- at the beginning, when this procedure first starts, we are one with the carnal mind. We are the tyrant, and our response to the Son of God is a fierce, raging battle cry. It sounds like this usually: Who do you think you are telling me my sins? I hear from God directly. Who died and made you God? That is about par for the course. I do not believe that is Christ in you. You just hate me, and you want to control me. That is what is coming out of the mouth of that f- -- average man that God has sent a son to, to save their life by saying, look, this is the operation of sin in your mind.

But, at some point, we become sanctified. That part of us which is spirit separates out from the tyrant and starts to join unto Christ, and at that point, we have to start beating down that tyrant in our own mind and do what is best for us and take the correction that is best for us and follow the road that is going to save our life, even though there is a beast inside of our own head saying do not go to that place; do not bother with those people; that person is a liar; they say they are of Christ, and they are not; they just want to control you or use you or get your money or whatever they want from you. We have got to start to resist these thoughts, to pray consistently and continuously unto the Lord Jesus Christ to keep our minds sound, to show us the truth about who we are to submit ourselves to and to what degree and in what ways we are to submit ourselves and to help us to obtain this glorious inheritance that he has promised us after he kills our carnal mind and boils Satan as a sin offering.

Let us be raised from the dead, brethren, and let us be renewed in Christ, and let the contract or the covenant that Jehovah has made with mankind be executed, and let the results of it come to pass as we enter into this glorious hour of the manifestation of the sons of God. Hallelujah. Any questions?


            This anointing is so strong now. What is it going to be as you get closer to the final stage?

Well, I am told that, when that anointing at Azusa Street came in, when the Lord first brought the Holy Spirit into the church, when was it?


What year was it?




That anointing was so strong that you could walk -- the house was open 24 hours a day. You could walk in any time, and there were people just stretched out on the floor and people preaching around the clock, and the anointing was awesome.

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  •   760C Middle Country Road
    Selden, NY 11784 USA

    All correspondence to:
    544 Jefferson Plaza #562
    Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776-0562 USA
  •   631-331-1493
  •   631-536-2089

Pastor Vitale's Bio

Sheila R. Vitale is the founding teacher and pastor of Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah. In that capacity, she expounds upon the Torah (Scripture) and teaches Scripture through a unique Judeo-Christian lens.

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