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I most humbly thank you for your cooperation and your understanding that sometimes the war hits me very hard and hinders my ability to prepare to serve you. I appreciate your cooperation very much. So, boy, this war is getting to be something else, let me tell you, and the war is against the carnal minds of men. Now as we get stronger, but, particularly, right now, the whole emphasis is on me. Why? Because I seem to be the one that i- -- has the most mature mind of Christ, at least amongst this group, OK. So as I increase, as Christ increases in me, God brings more and more carnal -- or permits more and more carnal minds and individuals to war against me or to war against the Christ in me.

But, you know, the line becomes very fine that divides the person from the Christ mind, and we want to be very careful not to take -- that our humanity should not take any credit for what God does. But, also, let us not fall into a false pride which says we are not paying any kind of price because that godhead is using our members as his own. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? You do not know what I am talking about, OK.

Christ is in fallen man in this hour. He is in me. I am not perfect, OK, so anyone in my condition, which is pretty much everybody here -- what condition is that? We have two minds, Christ and the carnal mind. So we must be very careful that, in our carnal mind, we do not say we are God or we do not take an authority which is only in God, OK. And the truth of our condition is that Christ in me and, eventually, when you become mature enough, Christ in you -- and he is the only one that decides who is -- when you are mature enough; I do not decide it.

When Christ in you is mature enough to use your mind, your mouth and your hands or feet to accomplish his, Christ's, purposes, OK -- at such time as Christ speaks through you for that second, for that minute, for that communication, you are a Son of God, as long as it is him using your flesh, using your body to get you to the person he wants to talk to, using your mouth to say the words that he wants to say to the person. For that moment, you are a Son of God. The danger that we fall into is that, as soon as Christ finishes what he is saying and our carnal mind comes back up, our carnal mind would like to say you are still a Son of God, but you are not. When the mind that is using your mouth and when the mind who is thinking through you is your carnal mind, you are not a Son of God.

So we see that we have two personalities. You have heard me talk about that somewhat. We have two personalities using our one body, Christ, who is God, and the carnal mind, who is the devil. And they are both using our hands, the same hands; they are both using the same feet; they are both using the same eyes to see out of; they are using the same mouth to talk out of. And people who do not understand think either that they are God all of the time, which they are not, OK, or they think evil about Christ when he is speaking through your mouth. Did you understand what I am saying? OK.

So this is a tremendous challenge in this hour. The Jews stumbled over Jesus of Nazareth. What does that mean? They lost the call to lead the church because they could not recognize that Christ was in a human man who not only was born of a human woman but appeared to be born of fornication, OK. Israel did not lose their relationship with God. Everyone from that day of Jesus' revelation until this day who seeks God, my Bible says, finds him. Seek after me, and I shall be found of you.

So if you have heard a teaching that says Jewish people cannot contact God or that God does not hear the prayers of Jewish people, you are mistaken, and you need to put your pride aside and admit that you did not understand that God is found of everyone, Jew or Greek, black, green, white or yellow. Everyone who seeks after him will find him, every man, every animal in this world who has a spirit. Dogs and cats do not have spirits. Man is the only animal who has a spirit, therefore everyone who has a spirit -- because if we seek God, we must seek him or worship in spirit and in truth.

You have to have your end of the communication to contact him. If you are human, you have it; it is your spirit. And if you are truly seeking him, he will be found of you, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, and it is not at all uncommon for it to take quite a few years. But if you knock and you keep on knocking, he will be found of you, and it has nothing to do with what language you speak or where you live or whether you ha- -- what you look like. It has nothing to do with it. Your spirit, when it seeks after the Spirit of God, will eventually connect with him, if you can hear it.

So I missed my whole point. What was I talking about? I was talking about the war, OK. Are you following me? Everything OK? I was talking about the war, OK. Now Christ -- so long as the man whose body he is appearing in, OK, has not yet Christ, the mind, the Son of God who is perfect, who is dwelling in imperfect flesh, which imperfect flesh has a mind of its own creating a condition of duality -- what is that? A man who has two minds, the mind of the flesh of the man plus the new mind or the additional mind of Christ. The imperfect man in which Christ, the new mind, the new man, has not yet overthrown the carnal mind, which is born at the same time that the man is born --

See, there is two minds; only one can win the war. You are born with a mind, the carnal mind. Then Christ comes to you, and until such time as Christ completely paralyzes the mind that you were born with, until that time you have two minds, and, until that time, you are imperfect, and, until that time, Christ in you is growing in wisdom and in grace. Christ enters into you as a mustard seed, in the form of the Holy Spirit. He takes up residence in you. He implants himself in you. He becomes engrafted to your spirit and begins to grow, and he grows, and he wages war against your carnal mind that you were born with until such time as he defeats him so completely that it -- she is a she. Everything in relationship to Christ is a she. Until he defeats your carnal mind so completely that she is, for all intents and purposes, paralyzed, not functioning, brain-dead. I do not care what word you use; I will never argue with you about words.

But you must be incapable of sin to claim this condition exists in your mind. What condition? That you are a Son of God. You must be incapable of sin, not fasting from sin, but you must have been made a eunuch, incapable of sin if you wanted to, incapable of doing it. Now we have people in the church that are fasting from sin, and they say they are sinless. Well, they are not. And we have people in the church who are fasting from human sexuality, and they say they are eunuchs, but you are not until you are incapable of functioning on that level. There is a line. Brethren, we are very close to the catching up here. It is time for the truth. A faster is not a eunuch, no matter what it is that you are fasting from. Kindergarten is over, brethren, OK.

You do not understand what I just said? OK. Try and hold it, OK? Try and hold it. You should have a pencil and paper and writing -- be writing it down, OK.

So, therefore, for every man who has two functioning minds, which such man I am -- I have a mind of Christ that functions a large part of the time in this flesh, but I am not a eunuch because my carnal mind comes up and takes control of this body and of my behavior and of my thought patterns. So at every moment that Christ is being revealed through me, I am fasting from my carnality, but I will not be a eunuch in the sense that Jesus of Nazareth was a eunuch and in the scriptural sense of spiritual eunuch, of virgins who follow the Lamb whithersoever he goest. I will not be a eunuch, and you will not be a eunuch until you are incapable of sin. Too late to go back, brethren, the deed is done,  the point of no return. It means you cannot go back. If you cut off your arm, you do not have an arm. If you pluck out your eye, you only have one eye, too late to change your mind, OK.

So for those of us who are fasting from unrighteousness and expressing the mind of Christ, from time to time, in varying degrees from man to man, Christ in us is increasing in strength and in wisdom and in power. And as he increases in strength and in wisdom and in power -- I should say wisdom, power and strength -- the Lord will permit an increasing number of carnal minds of individual people to wage war against the Christ in a particular man. The Lord said he will not give us more than we could bear. He is not going to let enough minds, enough carnal minds, come against us to kill the Christ in us because the Christ in us, before he is perfected, can be killed. I am sorry if that offends all you Pharisees, but it is true. [?All of them out?] -- all of those people with all those glorious ministries that are now in the world, happily fornicating or doing whatever they are doing, [?and?] no more ministry. Christ in them was killed, the immature Christ. The fetus of Christ was killed; it is possible. Jehovah can never be killed. The glorified Lord Jesus Christ can never be killed, but the seed of his life which is being reproduced in you can be killed.

So as we grow in grace and as Christ in us grows in grace and in strength, the Lord allows more and more carnal minds to come against Christ, and the stronger you get, the more soldiers the Lord permits to come against you. And this will continue until such time as Christ in a man is so strong that every -- if every carnal mind in every man -- and what are there, trillions of human beings on the face of the earth? -- were to come against him, Christ would not be cast down but would overthrow the carnal minds coming against him.

So as I ascend -- and I believe I have every reason to hope that I will experience full stature before I pass out of this flesh. That is my hope. I think it is a real possibility. I know Bill Britton had that hope, and he did not attain to it, but I have the hope, if the day that I die -- if I die, if I pass out of this flesh and I have not attained to full stature, do not call me a false prophet; I am not prophesying. But if I do not attain to it, you will attain to it. It did not happen to Bill Britton. It will happen in this generation. If it does not happen in this generation, it will happen in the next generation, but it will surely happen as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. That baby is going to be born, and Christ is going to appear in the flesh of men in this world system, despite all the mockers, despite everybody that is saying it is 2,000 years. All of you ignorant, brute beasts, it does not matter what your carnal mind thinks; Christ is going to appear in the flesh of men in this world system despite your ignorance and the darkness of your mind.

So as I increase in Christ, as his strength in me increases, the Lord lets more and more carnal minds e- -- oppose the Christ in me, and the battle is raging. It is unbelievable. I am just speechless, to tell you the truth. The message today talks about the battle, and I want to tell you I have been preaching about this battle for several years, and every time it increases, I never cease to be amazed at the viciousness of it, and I am speechless. You know, you can talk about it; you can read about it; you can hear about it. But I want to tell you something, brethren. No matter how nice people appear to be, no matter what good and kind deeds they do towards you, there is a beast in them, in the nicest ones, and the nicest people are at the greatest disadvantage because they would like to believe that there is no beast in them, but the beast is in them too. And they can cover themselves up, and they can hide behind corners, and they could do all kinds of things to make themselves look good.

But in the hour that the Lord Jesus Christ comes to save them, the first thing he is doing, the first stage of your salvation, brethren, is to have your beast exposed, and the more effort you extend to hide him, the fiercer the warfare. And when your beast attacks the Son of God, who is doing whatever he is doing for righteousness sake, the end of the whole thing is the exposure of the beast in you. Paul calls him the man of sin; John calls him the beast. Everybody is looking for the beast in the black lagoon. He is in your head, brethren, and he has to be exposed. And if can work with the Lord, fine, and, if you cannot because you were raised up to be a nice boy or a nice girl who does not do things like that, you are going to find yourself saying things and doing things that you cannot even believe, and your first reaction will be, oh, it was the devil in me. I have a demon. Brethren, you are married to your demons; they are you. They are p- -- a part of your old man.

Now once the man of sin, also known as the beast, is revealed in you, you become an active participant in this war by joining with the righteous mind of Christ, which is also in you, to wage against the beast mind, which is also in you, to stop her from attacking the Son of God in you and to stop her from attacking the Son of God in others. And you are probably going to fail miserably the first times that you try because the beast is very strong, and Christ in you is still very young. But my Bible says that if you refuse to accept failure as a condition which is permanent, if you keep getting up off the floor and slinging those stones because you are young David, if you keep slinging those slo- -- stones at Goliath, eventually, you are going to hit him square in the head, and then you are going to knock him down and cut his head off.

But you cannot fight until you locate your enemy, and so long as you think your enemy is in the other guy, what you are doing is fighting with your own reflection in the mirror, and you cannot hurt yourself by fighting with a piece of glass. You cannot kill your enemy by coming against his reflection because, every time you knock him out, he crops up over there, and when you knock him out because you shoot out the mirror, he is cropping up over there. And when you shoot out this mirror, he is cropping up over there. So it is necessary to locate the enemy.

Now when I talk about people's minds, I rebuke condemnation in this group. If I do not tell you who I am talking about, it is because I feel, at this moment, either the Lord has witnessed to me that it is not appropriate -- but the bottom line is this, that you may still be too immature to get this information and restrain yourself from condemning the man. If I do not tell you who it is, that is the only reason I do not tell you who it is because either you are going to condemn the man, or you are going to condemn me. If Christ in you is not mature enough to handle the information, your carnal mind will come up, and you will either condemn the man, or you will judge me unrighteous and condemn me, both of which is sin unto you. Why? Because everything that comes out of your carnal mind is sin. So if you are too young to judge righteous judgment, I may feel led of the Lord to not tell you the name of the person, and that is the only reason why. So things have been crazy here, and I just want to tell you it is nobody in this group, neither is it Tracy. So stop guessing, and leave it alone.

And this is what happens: Somebody's mind raises up in great wrath against something that Christ in me has done or refused to do, and this wrath goes forth and presses everybody's buttons. If there is anything in your mind at all, anything in you at all that has a potential to manifest, any immaturity at all, that is why the younger members get drawn into this spider web -- that is why a spider web is up there. That is why the younger members of the body get drawn into the spider web so much more easily than the mature ones. Why? Because the longer you have been laboring in this warfare, the more authority you have over your own carnal mind, so the more liberty your own carnal mind has, the more likely is that carnal mind, which is in you, to be seduced to join the raging carnal mind that is going to everybody, saying, join me, join me, join me.

But it is not conscious. The wrath of someone who is initiating this goes to everybody that is a part of a local fellowship, and that does not just mean here. It means everyone who is spiritually tied to us. That would include the people in New Jersey. There are a lot of people who do not come to these meetings who are spiritually tied to us. For all I know, this is touching people in Africa, whoever is spiritually tied to us. And the rage, the wrath of the beast, goes to every one of those individuals and sees if there is not any potential to sin, in that person, which is not yet paralyzed. And when the m- -- when the wrath finds it, it presses your button, and you get drawn into this wickedness. What does that mean? You start doing things that are sin.

Now whether you do it against me or not, I feel the burden of it because of my position in Christ. You do not have to say a word to me. You do not have to do a thing. I know what is going on in the spirit, you see, and sometimes people say things and do things. They act out the rage of the moment. So we need to know this, and part of our training here is the instruction on what to do when we feel our own carnal mind being stirred up. We may not know why.

I wake up in the morning sometimes -- you see, I have a lot of control over my carnal mind, OK. Christ in me is very developed. I wake up in the morning, and you may hear me say to you there is a rage in the spirit. You may have heard me say that. That means that my Christ mind is mature enough to perceive rage without being seduced to rage. The rage is not flowing through me. I am not attacking anybody with rage. I have utterly restrained that rage from expressing itself through me, and not only have I done that, not only have I succeeded in restraining it, but in this instance, I am having so much victory that I know that it is not my rage, that the wrath of another man has come to me, looking to find place in me, looking to see if he cannot get me to rage against some innocent party. So because of the accomplishments that the Lord has given me in this war so far, it is not at all uncommon for me, and I usually feel it in the morning when I wake up, but it can happen any time during the day, where I will perceive sin in the spirit, sin that is coming to get me to conscript me into his army, sin that has not yet connected with me. I see it coming, and because I see it coming, I frequently can knock it out. I shoot it before it gets my carnal mind to join it.

So what has been going on here for these last few days? For whoever has been feeling it has been absolutely horrendous, and it is somebody's mind who would never, ever say one wrong word to me. You see, they have not said one wrong word to me. They have said please, and they have been very nice, and they accepted my refusal, and they hung up the telephone, and their beast is going crazy. They tried to do the right thing. They asked me if I could do something for them. I said, sorry, I cannot help you. And they said, "I understand." Well, maybe Christ in them understood, but their carnal mind did not understand or did not care, and he is roaring like a wild animal, and this very nice person thinks I do not know what they are thinking.

And it is called repression. They are hiding their true reaction to my righteous refuve- -- refusal of their request. Why? Because they know it is wrong. They know it is wrong to be mad at me. They know I had every right to say sorry, but you cannot do that in Christ because every sin will be exposed. You see, it has to be confessed as sin, you see. You need to say I know you had every right to say no, but I really would like to kill you for saying no. I would like to take your neck between my hands and bang your head on the floor until blood comes out.


It is the truth.


Of course not. It is sin.


You must confess your sins, that that is what you feel like, and you must confess it as sin so that I could forgive your sins so that you can get deliverance. But what the Pharisee does is say, oh, no, do not tell Sister Sheila that I would like to kill her. I want her to think I am nice. I want her to think I am a good Christian. Do not tell her; keep it a secret. And they repress their true feelings, which are coming out of their carnal mind, which is sin. They hide them, but nothing is hidden in Christ. You do not know what I am talking about?

            Yeah, I do, but [INAUDIBLE]

OK. Repression of sin is what we were taught to do i- -- under the Old Covenant because, under the Old Covenant, we have no power to kill our sins. Now, remember, the Old Covenant is in the Holy Ghost. There is no power in the Holy Ghost to kill sin. There is healing in the Holy Ghost; there is deliverance of a tormenting aspect of sin in the Holy Ghost; there are gifts in the Holy Ghost, but there is no power to kill sin. That power exists in the New Covenant, which is in Christ, the warrior.

So long as Christ is not in us or is still immature in us, for so long as we do not have the power to kill our sins, the Lord says, I forgive your sins. Restrain yourself from the acting out of the behavior of that sin, and it is good enough for me. I will count it unto you as righteousness. But in the hour that we begin to enter into the New Covenant, which is eternal life, it is the hour for the destruction of our sins, so, therefore, brethren, we are called to regroup, to change the way we deal with sin.

And I want to tell you that God's people are having one heck of a time regrouping, and I want to tell you that stronger your pharisitical upbringing, the longer you have been a Pharisee in the church, the harder it is to switch. The hour of hiding your sins because it is the socially acceptable thing to do is over; the hour for confessing your sins because you now have the weapon or the mechanism to kill them has begun.

So the Lord is challenging us to do the exact opposite of what we were taught, to tell the truth in a godly spirit of confession to a person of God who will forgive us and lend his strength to us to kill that thing, but we have a church full of Pharisees. They are failing to switch over. Why? Because they do not want me to know that they are really the beast. They want me to think that they are Christ, but, brethren, you are not Christ until Christ in you has killed the beast, and the fact that you do not act out or speak out the commands of the beast in you does not make you Christ. The beast must be killed by the Christ in you. Denial of the beast does not make you Christ; the death of the beast makes you Christ.

And this is the issue of the hour: We have a kingdom church existing in the Unites States right now which is preaching something that sounds very much like the true message, and as I go on with Christ -- and you will see it in the message today if I ever get there. I expect I will get there. You will see it in the message today, that the Lord is now revealing to me -- he just started a couple of weeks ago -- the message of the professing kingdom church. I am finding it in the Scripture.

The only difference being is that they are preaching this message with a hairline of a false twist to it, and they are saying that you can enter into eternal life without killing the beast, you see. They have got the truth of the message, but they are forgetting to tell you one essential point of the message, that this covenant only becomes valid with the shedding of blood. No blood, no covenant. And it is not the blood of the man, Jesus of Nazareth, that was shed 2,000 years ago; it is the blood of your beast. That they are not telling you.

So what they are really saying, if you can hear it, is that they are perpetuating the rules of the Old Covenant. They are saying deny your sins; cover them up; spread them over, and live out of Christ. And I say unto you, in the word of the Lord, impossible. You shall never enter into righteousness without the shedding of blood because you cannot collect your inheritance without the death of the one who is currently possessing the inheritance.

And I have got all kinds of people telling me I am turning the Scripture around. I am not turning the Scripture around, brethren. The King James translators did not get it straight. Their carnal minds saw it backwards in the mirror. And I will make a wager with you, that the one who enters in to the fullness of the life of Christ will be the one who enters in by the shedding of the blood of his own carnal mind.

And the wager is -- on the result of that wager is life or death because, if I am wrong, I am going to die, and you are going to live, and, if I am right, I am going to live, and you are going to die. So if you do not pray about this and openly, honestly, ask God if I -- it is impossible, that I just may know what I am talking about, you are a fool, and you are betting your own life on your own foolishness. If this is bothering you, if someone wants to pull this blind, I do not care if you pull it, if it is in your eyes.


OK. So I put this spider web up there for you this morning -- thank you, Celia, for drawing it -- because the Lord spoke to me this morning, and he said, you have -- I have revealed to you that the symbol for the joint body of Christ is a what? Does anybody know? Is a what? The joint body of Christ, it is a crystal. It is the crystal sea. Crystal is hard; it is durable; it does not shatter; it is transparent; it has many planes, each individual one of the planes or surfaces of that crystal. We are one, nevertheless, we are individual in our -- in that area in which we are a plane or one side or surface of that crystal.

And the Lord has said that the body of fallen Adam, of the carnal mind, is the spider web. Now I have seen the spider web in the Scripture before, but I never knew that it typified the carnal minds of men. And we see that there is one body of fallen Adam. It is typified by a spider web, which is weak, which is easily swept away by someone powerful enough to do it, and we see that each member of the corporate carnal mind has its own thread in the spider web. And, of course, the spider is the first generation of the carnal mind who is the unconscious mind of fallen man. He is spinning the web, and not only is there one existing spider web of this fallen body of Adam, but in every aspect of our existence.

For example, if a warfare erupts and a secondary spider web begins to be formed, one person's mind erupts in great anger because they have failed to control it. They have controlled their mouth, but their carnal mind they have failed to control. Why? Because Christ in them has failed to kill their own manifestation, and there is no condemnation in that. I still lose it from time to time. There is only condemnation when you fail to confess your sins and repent. There is no condemnation in losing control of your carnal mind because, if you had full control of your carnal mind, you would be in full stature. That is why there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus and who are called according to his purposes because we are in the war against our carnal mind.

And if he overtakes us, if he overtakes us every minute of our life, the only condemnation is in our failure and/or refusal to confess it as sin and start over again because the Scripture says it is this kind of persistent, consistent endurance of confessing your sins, repenting and starting over again to attempt to exercise dominion over your carnal mind to restrain her from doing this again, from thinking evil through you again, it is this consistent, persistent endurance in your attempt to harness or lasso or bridle or carnal mind, so long as your weapon is Christ, which will eventually result in her complete and total bridling. James calls it, in a parable form, the bridling of your tongue because your tongue speaks the words of the mind which is thinking through you. What is another way to say that? If you will not stop, if you will not give up in your attempts to restrain the beast in yourself, the day will come that you will completely subdue her so long as the weapon you are using is Christ. If you are using another part of your own carnal mind to try to restrain the beast in you, you will fail.

So we see drug addicts and alcoholics dry or clean, sometimes for years, and they slip. Why? Because the weapon with which they have restrained this ungodly behavior is the same mind which is producing the behavior. So when pressure comes, you see -- what makes you drink or drug? Pressure. When pressure comes, that same pressure that would tempt you to drink or drug is on the bridle because the bridle is coming out of your carnal mind. And if the pressure is strong enough, your carnal mind will not be able to hold back the dam anymore, and the bridle will come off, and then the ungodly behavior will manifest.

But when the bridle is Christ, brethren, when the bridle is Christ, there is no pressure that the carnal mind or that circumstances of your life or your existence, there is nothing that the carnal mind can produce in your life which will cause a resurrected Christ in you to loose the carnal mind once that Christ in you matures to full warrior status. If you can hear it, hear it. If you cannot hear it, that is OK too.

So we see that all that it takes is the rage of one carnal mind to begin spinning a spider web that will draw into it the carnal minds of every person tied in the soul, in any way, to the two people who initially begin the conflict. And depending on your maturity in Christ or you immaturity in Christ, without condemnation -- look, brethren, if you are immature, you are immature. You have to know where you are so that you can pray adequately and know what to expect from yourself and to know what to ask the Lord for.

So depending on the measure of your maturity or immaturity in Christ, you will either be built into this spider web -- what does that mean? You are going to start to manifest too. All of a sudden, you are angry. All of a sudden, you are leaving the ministry. All of a sudden, you have a problem. What happens? Your carnal mind was conscripted into this enemy army and built into that spider web, and the rage of the person who initiated this whole incident is being expressed through you, and you do not even know why you are raging like a lunatic. You just woke up one morning, and you were mad. And the Scripture says you were spiritually raped because, if you had your choice, you would never have joined in with this rage that is attacking everyone who is in Christ who is fighting the war, you see.

If the rage has succeeded in getting you mad, you are a prisoner of war, no condemnation in it. You were completely overcome by this rage. If Christ in you is mature enough to recognize, on any level, that this is not God, that this is sin, that I choose, if I just had the power to not think this way, to not do this behavior, if you are resisting on any level, you are in torment because the rage wants to express itself through you, and Christ in you is saying, no. And you are now not a prisoner of war, but you are in the battle, but you are paying the price: You are feeling pain.

So, brethren, we are back to the pleasure, pain principle which we will hear about in Isaiah 22 today, if I ever get there. I will get there. Brethren, those of us who wage this warfare, we do not think or do based on pleasure or pain. We think and do based on -- anybody?


Righteousness, as revealed to us by the word of God. So here we see an excellent definition of the word, manipulation. What is manipulation? It is an attempt, by either someone who does not understand or someone who knows very well what they are doing to produce an emotion in another person, sometimes guilt, sometimes rejection, any emotion that will control that other person. If you do not like something that that other person is doing, if you do not like a decision that they have made and manipulation rises up in you, you can recognize it because what manipulation will do will be to say something that will produce pain, usually pain, by making the other person feel guilty or rejected, in the hopes that that emotion of guilt or rejection will make them change their righteous position.

But those of us who are in Christ, brethren, do not respond to pleasure or pain; we respond to the righteousness of Christ, which is manifesting in our mind. Let me say that again. Those of us who are in Christ, brethren, do not respond to pleasure or pain, which is being revealed through our emotions; we respond to the righteousness, which is being revealed through the mind of Christ. Now if you cannot do that, there is no condemnation in it. Everything I ever tell you is for your good. You can hear it, and you could say, well, I do not do that, therefore she is condemning me. Or you could believe the truth, that I am giving you a vision. Without a vision, my people perish. Brethren, if you do not know what you are supposed to be doing, if you do not have a goal to strive for, how will you ever enter in?

And, initially speaking, the first time you perceive a vision that I am trying to impart to you, the chances of you accomplishing that vision at the first time that you hear me express it are almost nil. You are living your life in a certain way, and I am giving you another thought, and I am telling you I believe this is the thought of God. Now you have a choice. You can continue what you have been doing for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 years, or you can ask God if it is not his will that you respond differently. And when he witnesses to you that the answer is yes, you can confess the way you have been responding all your life as sin and repent and ask the Lord to help you to change your response from sin to righteousness; from sin, which is rooted in pain, to righteousness, which comes out of the rational mind of Christ. Brethren, because somebody's behavior or words hurt you, you are not bound to respond in any way. You are not bound to it. The war of the Hatfields and the --


-- g- -- and the McCoys is over. The Hatfield-McCoy feud, it is over. You do not have to be a wild, raging beast and do what your family has been doing or what the human race has been doing for the last thousands of years. You now have a choice.

So there has been a rage in the spirit. This has been something else these last couple of days. I am just amazed, and I have been manifesting myself, telling the Lord I have had it with this war. I am thinking of going AWOL, and of course that -- everyone that knows me knows that is a big joke. Of course, I will never go AWOL because, the second I turn my back on the battle, I am finished. I would not last very long. I have done too much damage to Satan's kingdom. I am a goner. So it is possible to be weary of the war and keep on going.

But I am amazed at the extent of the viciousness, but what it says to me is that I am ascending. I must be ascending. And as painful as it has been, I am standing, and I want you to know that if a day should ever come that it is you who are raging at me, you need to know how I pray. And my prayers are that wherever -- whichever mind this is, that it should be exposed. You need to know that, and God has never, ever failed to answer my prayer. You see, it does not have to be exposed to me. I know who you are. Who does it has to be -- have to be exposed to?


The person who is raging and thinks that they have put down this wickedness, if they ever admit that it has manifested in their mind at all. I love you. I had a dream that somebody wanted to shake you to death. It was not me; it was some devil out there. I love you. No, you do not. You hate me, at least at that moment. You could love me and hate me at the same time. You hate me, and you are enraged at me because I have hindered you in whatever it was that you desire to do, or you are enraged at me because I have told you the truth about your motives.

So that is my prayer, that this mind should be exposed to the person who is in denial, and God has never failed to answer my prayer. Why? Because that prayer is in accordance with his will for you. And why should it be his will for you to find out that you really hate my guts, at least at that moment? Because unless the man of sin is revealed, brethren, Christ shall not destroy him.

And the truth of the Scripture, as I understand it, is that the Lord is not only allowing you or your carnal minds to rage in full, unrestrained hatred against those men in whom Christ is maturing -- because let me tell you something. This was the beginning of my exhortation. If Christ is mature enough in you to be standing in righteousness to the degree that you are resisting ungodliness in men's minds, that you are refusing to do what is wrong and you are doing what is right no matter how harmless the situation looks and the war is coming against you, let me tell you, in that moment, you are Christ, and this is the true persecution for righteousness sake. The war does not come just against the mind of Christ; it is coming against your whole person; it is coming against your emotions; it is coming against your physical body.

So the reason the Lord is not only letting you rage against the sons of God -- or in their imperfection, their name is the two-witness company, the members of the two-witness company. The Lord is not only permitting it, he is setting up his own sons. He is setting up circumstances which will permit this to happen to his own two-witness company. The reason for that is that, when the righteousness of Christ commands that your sins be exposed and forgive those sins, the end of it is your salvation. You see, you can sin against average men for a whole lifetime and just reap what you sow, destruction. But when you sin against a true member of the two-witness company or a son of God and it is truly Christ in them and they forgive your sins, judgment falls on you, which exposes the man of sin in you, which will eventually result in his death as Christ appears in you too. And for all intents and purposes, the Lord is sacrificing those people who are bearing this persecution.

Now this is important: As long as you are a member of the two-witness company and still in perfection, at least in some measure, you are reaping what you have sown because there is still sin in you, so your persecution is partially for righteousness sake and partially a reaping of sin that you or your family have sown. That is why there is more power to resurrect the dead in a man who is a son of God or a man who is in full stature or a man who is totally sinless. He has more power to raise you up out of your own sins because there is nothing, not even a speck of the wickedness that you are thinking towards him which is justified. Therefore, his forgiveness of your sins has much more power than the man who is still imperfect, than the man in whom there is some -- a sin that could be justifying the attack of the other person.

But as long as Christ is manifesting in the man at all, he has the power to forgive sins, to impart the seed of Christ to the offending party, to expose the man of sin. It just -- it is -- the issue is that his knife is not sharp. The member of the two-witness company has a knife which -- whose blade is much duller than the Son of God. The knife is duller. That means -- what happens with a dull knife? What is the difference between a dull knife and a sharp knife?

            [?You cannot cut all the way through?].

You cannot cut all the way through. Well, you -- let us say you can cut all the way through. What is the difference between the ministry of the dull knife and the sharp knife.


It is what?


Well, let us say --




One is slow; one is fast.


Because it is slower, it is more painful. Well, now let us just say, for example, that the dull knife can cut through. It takes longer with the dull knife, OK. It is more painful with the dull knife, yeah, OK. It is more painful for the son, and it is more painful --

And it takes longer. It takes more -- a strength to cut it through, more of the -- your carnal strength. That is true. And it is more painful, both for the son of God or the member of the two-witness company and for the person who is receiving the operation. So we had some spiritual activity these last few days.

It takes longer for Christ to come back up, if Christ has been knocked down, depending on the degree of the maturity of that Christ mind. I used to get knocked down for days at a time. Now I am -- usually, I am up in a couple of hours. It is rare for me to be even down for a whole day anymore, but I still go down for a few hours, or I will get very tired, or I will not feel well for a day or something. But compared to -- I used to go down for days, sometimes weeks. What do I mean go down? I mean I was not functioning in Christ, or I was sick. I was sick for years. Or manifesting myself, screaming and yelling at somebody, manifesting sin myself. That sounds like you?

            I said everything you just said sounds familiar.

Familiar, OK.

            You are sick; you are manifesting [CROSSTALK]

Well, praise God. So I praise God that I am sitting here this morning with a smile on my face and a very heavy anointing on me, in case you have not discerned it, because it is been a rough few days, real rough. Praise God. OK.

Any questions or comments on this exhortation? Di- -- would you like to ask that question? Just, please, use a microphone.

            Well, I have got three questions.


            The first one. What do you mean when you say a eunuch [INAUDIBLE] what does that mean?

Definition of eunuch --


-- the English word. A eunuch is a castrated male, but we are speaking about spiritual things here. Jesus said there are three kinds of eunuch. He said there is the physical eunuch; there is the spiritual eunuch, who has made himself a eunuch for the kingdom of God's sake, and there is the spiritual eunuch who had no choice. God made him a spiritual eunuch.

And we see in the days of Daniel -- the prophet Daniel was a eunuch. It was a very common practice when nations took slaves or captured people. Da- -- like, Daniel the prophet was -- he was of the royal seed of Judah, and when him and all the -- he and all the princes were captured by the king of Babylon. They were -- the Scripture says the seed royal was taken into the palace of Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, and they were made eunuchs.

And there were two purposes behind it, that the royal seed could not be passed on, that there would be no heir to the throne, OK, and i- -- that was the case with Daniel and the seed royal, but then also the kings in those days had harems, and they would just castrate men and make them keepers of the harem, knowing that they would not bother the women. They had their physical -- the m- -- the physical strength of the male to protect the women without any danger of fornication, and that was just a common practice in those days.

So we see, in this hour, that God is bringing spiritual eunuchs into the kingdom. And what does that mean? It means human beings who will not have the ability to fornicate with their carnal minds. You see, right now, we are fasting. We are refusing the carnal mind. We are trying to resist the -- you see, God speaks about a spiritual adultery, OK, so everybody here, everyone except Jesus of Nazareth, is engaged in some form of spiritual adultery, OK.

The day that that spiritual adultery stops, we will be completely functional eunuchs incapable, OK, of fornicating or committing adultery with the carnal mind. Until that time, we are fasting. Every time we do not sin, we fast. And Jesus spoke about eunuchs, and, in the Book of Revelation, we read about those virgins who follow the Son of God wherever he goes. And that is what he is speaking about, men who have lost their ability to commit spiritual adultery with the carnal mind.

            [?Yeah?]. And the second one is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [?our spirit?] can teach people. [?His Spirit?] in you today is teaching us.

Christ in me.

            So you worked something up about the dog, and I think I have asked you this before, but the question is why would the dog not have a spirit? Man can teach a dog right from wrong, and that dog can use its intellect, if that is right [INAUDIBLE] spiritual [CROSSTALK] everything that you would talk about [CROSSTALK]

Yeah. Well, your basic premise is not true. Dogs cannot tell the difference between right and wrong. They do have an ability to obey or not obey. Animals have instinct. In other words, if you reward an animal, he will know that if he doe- -- if he goes to the left, he will get a goody, or if he goes to the right, he will not get it, or, in some unhappy instances, he will receive a beating, OK. So that is dealing with the animal instinct, but right or wrong implies righteousness and the ability to reason, which animals do not have, OK. They can be trained, and when you train animals, they are trained on this principle of pleasure or pain.


OK. There was a man called Pavlov, a Germ- -- a Russian scientist who did a very famous experiment. He had some dogs in a cage, and he would feed them every day at the same time. He would ring a bell, and then he would put food in their cage. And after a period of time of doing this, he tried an experiment. He rang the bell, but he did not put food in the cage, and he found that the dogs salivated. They -- their glands acted as if the food was there, so this is the -- it is a reaction. It is an animal reaction. It has nothing to do with reason. They could not even tell that the food was not there. Their flesh was just reacting in the same way.

            When you say [INAUDIBLE] are you talking about female and male? [INAUDIBLE]

Yeah, I am talking about man.

            Why is man used so much, you know [CROSSTALK]

Well, it is not just man. It is called a generic term. It means -- the man is Adam, and Adam is both male and female. It is talking about human beings.

It is talking about human beings, and that is a scriptural term, and usually the word is Adam. It is translated man, but it usually appears in the Greek or the Hebrew as Adam, and God made us male and female, but we are all man or humanity, OK. Did you have a question, Mary?

            Is there a difference in which we react to people who Christ is not being formed in?

I am sorry. Would you ask me again, please?

            Is there a difference in the manner in which we should act with people who Christ is not being formed in? [CROSSTALK]

Is there a difference in how we act?

            [CROSSTALK] my husband, I will say we are just going to the zoo, and he will say to me, I will know I told you I was going to [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- was going to take you to the zoo, but I do not feel like going. Now I could just accept that he is tired, and that is what it -- how it is. There will always be another time. Now even though I really, maybe, feel very disappointed inside --

Well, OK, I think I hear what you are saying. Listen, disappointment in a circumstance like that is a very human reaction, and your upbringing, just as a human being, you sh- -- if you have had any kind of an upbringing at all, you -- and you are an adult, you would know that the man is tired or he is not feeling well and what he has said to you is reasonable, and you just have to control your disappointment. A child might cry. A child might have a temper tantrum, OK, but that is not what I was talking about, and, of course, it has nothing -- that has nothing to do with whether the man is in Christ or whether he is a carnal man. He had promised you something, and he changed his mind, which is not ideal, but he had a problem. You see, that is called being flexible.

There are people in this world who would say, well, you promised to take me to the zoo. I do not care if you have a 104 fever. I do not care if you were just hit by a car and you are bleeding. I do not care if you are sick with a desperate, sore throat. You said you were taking me to the zoo, and I expect you to keep your word. That is a rigid personality who is -- and it is ungodly. It is sin, OK. So as adults -- and it is childish, you know. You find children feeling that way. You promised to take me. Children d- -- they do not care. They do not care if you are covered with blood, you know. They just want what they want, right. That is true, right? Six children, right, and a million grandchildren, yeah, right. That is true, OK. So it is childish, very immature.

But when -- I was not talking about that, OK. Of course -- well, I guess, the reaction -- what you are saying is the sinful reaction is really a childish reaction. You see, the problem of man is immaturity. The problem is that when an adult is immature or when a human being that has as lot of witchcraft it -- heritage is immature, their mind is a weapon, and their mind is dangerous. So by way of natural example, the person -- if a child had a temper tantrum as a reaction to this disappointment, OK, that temper tantrum could bring chaos into the household, but if it is a small child, you know how to deal with it. What we are talking about, really, is an adult temper tantrum of a high scale, which rises up from a mind which becomes murderous because it is disappointed, so we are talking about different degrees. Can you hear what I am saying? We are talking about different degrees of sin, OK.

Now I could see a wife. Let us take it from this point of view, a wife who is enraged at her husband's change of mind, OK, and starts a vicious fight with him. That is pretty serious, you see. It is OK to have a child who is disappointed, and the -- you will hold them in your arms and kiss them or give them a lollipop, and they will be OK, but you expect the person's wife to not attack, you see. Even if the wife is severely disappointed, the issue is do you turn and attack. That is the issue. Do you say hurtful things? Do you condemn? Do you use ungodly pressure to make the person do what they do not want to do? That is where it becomes very serious sin.

And there is one other point I would like to make to you. When it comes to an issue of righteousness, see, it is a different story. You did not describe an issue of righteousness; you described a human situation that happens every day, OK. But here we are talking about issues of righteousness. If someone asks you to do something, to preach a particular thing at the meeting, for example, and I say, I am sorry, cannot do that, can only preach what the Lord tells me to preach.

A man who is in a denomination, for example, and his overseer says, here, come preach this, and the man says, sorry, I can only preach what God tells me to preach. And the denomination comes in a rage against the -- you see, we are talking about the things of God here, OK, righteousness, and you have your temper tantrum and your rage against a man who is refusing to do what you want him to do because God would say it is wrong. That becomes very serious.

Now your husband who is not feeling well, he has two choices. He can see your disappointment, and he could say, sorry, I am -- I -- we will do it another time. I just cannot make it. Or he could say, well, I really feel bad that you are disappointed. I am going to go the extra mile, and I am going to go even though I am not feeling well. But that is not an issue of righteousness. Can you see the difference? OK. Anybody else?



            Is a castrated male the same thing as the circumcision of the carnal mind off of the spiritual son?

I do not think so. The circumcision of the carnal mind is the second stage of resurrection. The castration is the death of the carnal mind, complete -- the complete death, the complete inability to ever reverse.

            Oh, so then that is the process of the third stage --

I -- yeah --

            -- of resurrection --

I would say so, yeah.

            -- when your carnal mind is completely crucified.

Irreversible process, yeah, irreversible condition.

            Can you c- -- go a little further with that?

The irreversible condition?

            Yeah, j- -- a little bit, or you want to move on?

OK. Well, the circumcision without hands is the second stage of the resurrection. You see, we have two minds, the carnal mind and the Christ mind, OK. In the first stage of the resurrection, the Christ mind rises up and layers on top of the carnal mind, paralyzing it.

I am sorry. You have two minds. Actually, the Christ mind is underneath the carnal mind. The first stage of the resurrection, the Christ mind is ruling from the position underneath. It is like saying you have two wrestlers. One guy has got his shoulders down on the mat. The other guy is on top of him, OK, but somehow that guy who is pinned to the mat, he is powerf- -- well, let us say he has got his arms wrapped around the guy that is on top of him. So even though he is lying there with his shoulders to the mat, he still has control of the situation. Can that make any sense to you? OK. That is the first stage of the resurrection.

The second stage of the resurrection, the guy pinned to the mat flips over, gets the other guy on the bottom. That is the circumcision without hands. He cut the guy on top of him away and put him underneath, OK. The third stage of the resurrection is that he kills that guy that is now underneath him, and once the guy is dead, it is impossible for the war to ever go on again because the guy is dead, and that is complete castration, irreversible, you see. Up until the point of it being irreversible, you just -- it is not a castration; it is a restraint of activity. If you are not engaged in any kind of activity, you are fasting from it, as long as you are capable of doing it. When you are no longer capable of doing it, you have been completely -- it has been cut away from you completely, OK.

10/13/15 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

10/15/15 1st Edit BP

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