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There are people in this world who are truly evil and in order to be initiated into their cult, they will actually go out and focus on somebody to control that person=s mind, to prove who they are, and that they have the power to do it, to focus on someone that they never met before, and have the person go into confusion, or do something self destructive.  I do not, I can believe that, that is true, I believe that, witchcraft is real, I believe that there are practitioners of witchcraft, I believe there are black witches, I believe that they target Christians, because they hate Christians, I believe all of that, I just do not have any proof or reason to believe, other than abstractedly, I do not have any practical reason to believe that someone like that is after me.  After years of being afflicted in my mind and years of praying to the Lord for deliverance and understanding and instruction as to how to cope with this, I come to the conclusion that as far as I know, my afflictions come from the carnal minds of the people, of people who I know, most likely the people in my own ministry or other Christians.

People who are, if the Lord were to appear before them and say, Do you know that you are really doing great damage to Sheila, that the person would be horrified, okay.  This is the practical evidence that I have, although I do not doubt that it is a real possibility that actual practicing witches know about me either through my website or they have recognized me spiritually, and are praying against me, I have no problem believing that.  After years of praying, I have not seen any evidence of it, so I keep it open as a possibility. What I have seen evidence of, is the carnal minds of the my own people killing me.

This is what Jesus was talking about, when He said to the Pharisees, Why are you trying to kill me? and they said to Him, Are you crazy, we are not trying to kill you, you have a devil.  Right?  That is what it says if you read the Bible, that is what it says.  Paul said, we are killed all of the day long.  I believe at least at this stage of my development, that this is what Jesus and Paul were talking about.  I hope you all understand that as we mature from level to level, our understanding increases in accordance with that level that we ascend into.  I have been struggling with condemnation severely for the last couple of weeks, you know, and I get annoyed at myself because I tend to, now all of us are naive okay, but I tend to forget.

In other words, Xxxx was put out of the ministry, a judgment was written against her, she was given the option to reapply in a year.  She has utterly refused to honor the judgment, she called a couple of people six months ago, very arrogant and hostile and demanding to talk to people.  Then I got an email from her, what was it a month ago, you know with some story, you all got the email with some story which was, I hope that you all, that all of you who got the email recognized a manipulation, I do not know if I talked to you about it, about the email, I did not?  Okay, now if you did not recognize the manipulation, do not feel bad, but I am telling you that it was a manipulation and what the, see every, I will not say every, in this case, there was a double message, there was a message in the natural, and there was a message that would be understood by what some people would call the initiated, the disciples, the people who are moving in the spirit, the people who fulfill Isaiah 11, they do not judge anything with these eyes, these physical eyes, these physical ears, or the physical senses, that they judge everything by the seven spirits of the Lord, not the fruit of the Spirit, but the seven spirits of the Lord, which comes out of Christ in you, the spirit of the fear of the Lord.  I am sorry, I am just not good with my memory, I cannot recite the seven spirits from memory, the spirit of counsel, the spirit of understanding, they judge everything with Christ. 

This is the whole foundation of your sonship brethren, if you stay in the natural, you cannot be a son.  No one is telling you that you cannot, it is your choice.  It is going to be easier for some people to function in the spirit than others.  How hard are you willing to work?  If you are one of these people who your tendency is to be carnal?  You can be praying everyday that the Lord raises you up into a spiritual person.  The possibility is there for everybody, Jesus is no respecter of persons, that is my point.  Just like in natural school, some children are very brilliant, they do not even have to study and they are getting A=s, and other children, they study everyday and they are just getting by, that is our limitations, Jesus is open to everybody equally from His point of view. 

If you want to be spiritual, it is your choice, and if you choose to not pursue spirituality with vigor, nobody is condemning you.  But you need to know that you are not moving in the same place as the disciples who are spiritual, and that if you feel bad about that, or if you desired that, you are not rejected.  You may have to work harder than somebody else, but Jesus will work with you if you will go before Him, and say, Lord, I am carnal, but I want to be spiritual, if you, if everything that happens, you go before Him and say, Lord explain this to me, Lord let me not be carnal, let me see with my spiritual mind, He may not speak to you directly, but to your shock, I will start talking about your question in a meeting like this.  He may speak to you directly, or He may speak to you through me, but you have to pant after Him if you want His lifestyle, and that is Scripture. 

Back to Xxxx, that email that she sent had two messages, it had a double message, you may recall me teaching a long time ago, when Jesus came out from the mount of transfiguration and the Sanhedrin, the police of the Sanhedrin were looking for Him, and Jesus said to them, Who are you looking for?  And they said, Jesus of Nazareth, and He said, I am He.  The teaching of the doctrine of Christ on that Scripture is that, that was a double message.  Jesus spoke to the Sanhedrin through the carnal people who wanted to arrest Him and kill Him, I am the one you are looking for.  Then the spiritual man in Him which was Elijah, you do not have to believe that if you do not want to, that is not my point, my point is the spiritual man, the Father within Jesus spoke from a high spiritual realm, just like you can blow a whistle for a dog and only the dog can hear it, the Father spoke from a high spiritual realm, and said, This is Jesus of Nazareth, my beloved son, who can perceive that He is my beloved son, and Malchus  who was not one man, Malchus referred, because the King James says Malchus responded, and the carnal mind says, one man named Malchus responded, but if you read the spiritual literature, Malchus just means Malkhut which is the lowest Sefirah, which is the lowest level of spirituality, it was a company of people out there who are ascended above their carnal mind into the lowest level of spirituality in Christ, and they recognized that Jesus, when He spoke, brethren, it is in the voice, spirit is manifested in the voice, when Jesus said, I am He. 

Every man out there within the sound of His voice, when I say man, it is a generic term, man, woman, child, animal anybody that had the ability within them to recognize Christ knew who He was.  What is the ability within us to recognize Christ?  It is Christ, Christ in you, and we know that there is all different degrees of Christ, we know that people who pursue the Scripture and pursue the living God, they pant after Him, they want Him, they want Him desperately, strongly do not get hung up on my words, please use your own word, that there is some temporary formation of Christ that results from someone who desires God, enough to pant after Him.  It is only a temporary formation, that becomes permanent after they fully contact the living God that they are pursuing it. 

The way we express that is His seed grafts to us.  There are two messages frequently, even with the carnal people in everyday events, people are not honest, they say one thing, their heart says something else.  Although some people, what you see is what you get, but with a lot of people, what you see is not what you get.  The spiritual person hears the speech of that person=s heart, and knows the truth even though their lips lie, or their lips are silent.  If we are spiritual, we know what is in the heart of man.  The Scripture says, Jesus knew what was in the heart of man.  What was His response to that, to that knowledge of what was in the heart of man?  Does anybody remember what the Scripture says?  He attached Himself to Noah. 

To read the Scripture with your carnal mind will absolutely kill you, does that mean Jesus had no close relationships?  Absolutely not.  It means He attached Himself to no man=s carnal mind.  He had relationships in Christ, but even though He had relationships in Christ, he knew very well that anyone could turn on him at any time.  He was not foolish.  I guess this is an ability of a particular level in Christ Jesus, but my tendency, I have several weak points, and my weak point, what does that mean weak point?  It means areas in which Christ Jesus is not fully functioning in me, my carnal mind seeps in.  One of those areas is that when someone rises up and tries to manipulate me or tries to get something from me that I am willing to give because it is ungodly or tries to control me or just attacks me.  I deal with it at the moment and I forget about it.

That is a good thing, because no one wants to hold a grudge, but they have not forgotten about it and they are mad at me because they failed, and their steaming and they are steaming and they are talking about me, and they are angry at me, and I am walking around saying, I wonder where that condemnation is coming from.  I woke up this morning and I feel a spiritual knife in my heart, what is going on Lord?  Well Sheila, wake up and smell the coffee.  This was a failure in me, to just forget about it. 

People do not forget about it when they try to manipulate you and fail, they get mad, and she is mad at me, going all of the way back to when she was put out of the ministry, and the anger results from her failure, from Xxxx=s failure to recognize that, that judgment truly came from God, that I am God=s spokesperson, at least in this ministry.  Also what I told her, was that if it was up to me, I would never given an opportunity for her to return, that was the mercy of the Lord in the judgment, that was the mercy of the Lord that He gave her an opportunity to return if she would meet a certain criteria, He had more mercy than I did.

Her behavior today reveals that she is controlled by an antichrist spirit, she cannot see Christ in me.  He who denies that Christ comes in the flesh is an antichrist.  John said there are many antichrists that have gone out in to the world.  There may be one figure head, one public antichrist, but the carnal mind is all of us is the antichrist, Cain is the antichrist, and Cain is the conscious part of the carnal mind. 

If she really believed that if she would just wait one year and humbled herself and come back and repent, although she does have to face up to what she did, which she is still not doing, she stood chance, an excellent chance of being reinstated.  If she believed that, it is only three months away, or maybe four or five months away, why will she not wait?  Because she does not believe it.  She does not believe the judgment came from God, she does not believe I am God=s spokesperson, at least over this ministry, she does not believe the judgment, she has despised the judgment of God, which is the mercy of God, which is the white throne judgment, and she has now catapulted herself into the path of the sowing and reaping judgment which is enforced by Satan. 

I have nothing personal against her, but she has proven that she does not belong in this ministry.  This is a discipleship ministry, and if you do not believe that Christ Jesus rules here and if you do not believe that I am His spokesperson, and if you do not believe that I am here to train you, how to be spiritual, which is the true Christianity, you know, people that have faith in Jesus Christ but are not spiritual, well Jesus loves them, but they are really not in the thick of it you know, if you could hear what I am saying, they are very, very young infants hanging around in the outer court. 

If you do not believe that, what are you doing here?  She was here for ten years, she pulled the wool over my eyes for ten years, telling me she was so physically sick and weak and frail, that I was afraid to show her, her sins, she really deceived me for ten years, she manipulated me for ten years, she did.  I have told you this many times, that I am only God knows how very imperfect I am, if I miss something like that, if I miss some error or some wrong doing in the ministry that He has given me charge over, He gives me, and this is true for you too, if He is speaking to us and we are not hearing Him, and He speaks to you through me and you are still not hearing Him, He gives you a certain period of time to get it, and if you do not get it, let us say, He wants you to do something, then He takes matters into His own hands. 

For ten years she manipulated me and I did not get it, and after ten years, He well, it is just enough, and He started to expose her, He began to expose her, and there were series of little incidents that led up to the final event of her being exposed, exposed how?  That she would not deal with her sin nature and that she would not deal with problems in Christ.  The doctrine that we teach here is wonderful, it is exciting, I love it, but it has an end result and its end result is to form Christ in us.  If all we are interesting in is doctrine, and the nature of Christ is not being formed in us, I teach you, I have been teaching for years, I have numerable messages on it, how to deal with problems in Christ Jesus, how to deal with me, if I have hurt you if you think I am wrong, how to deal with your brother in Christ Jesus, I have preached it over and over and over again, how to deal with problems in a way that is acceptable to God, but if you have not heard me and you deal with problems out of your carnal mind, you go under judgment, you cannot manipulate God. 

She has learned nothing other than doctrine, therefore she comes under the category that Paul describes when he said, ever seeking knowledge, ever seeking knowledge and never gaining a knowledge of the truth.  Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life, every seeking knowledge and never gaining a knowledge of the one who is knowledge, or who is life and truth.  She never, I want to tell you, she knows the doctrine.  That woman has a grasp of the doctrine of Christ, and an excellent grasp of the doctrine of Christ, but it has borne no fruit in her, it has borne no fruit in her. 

Anyway, back to the email she sent, it had a double message, the message that was obvious to anyone who can read was, Sheila, I have been in contact with two women who are open to the doctrine of Christ, and I need your prayers and your counsel so that I can pursue the mission the Lord is given me.  Is there anybody here that did not get that out of her email, did you all recognize that out of her email?  Okay.  Here is the second message, Sheila, I reject the judgment that came down on me, I reject the terms and conditions of the judgment, one of which is that there shall be no communication between you and any member of this ministry for one year at which time your petition for reinstatement will be considered if you repent. 

Xxxx made a judgment that because God sent her, if in fact He sent her to these two women, but let us just assume that He did send her to these two women, let us say, the Lord gave ministry to Xxxx, she drew that conclusion that because the Lord gave ministry to her, that disannulled the whole judgment and all of the rules of it.  Is there anybody here that, I do not want to embarrass you at all, but if you want to raise your hand, it will kill your pride, is there anybody here that did not recognize that, did not recognize that, that is what her email was saying?  You all got that?  No, the email from like a month ago, that by saying to me, Sheila I want your prayers and your counsel because God gave me ministry, that what Xxxx did was she, in her mind, she said because I have received ministry, that then I can break the rules or disregard the judgment that came down on me.  Did anybody here recognize that? 

I do it the other way, did you recognize that?  Who recognized that, that she was disannulling the judgment that came down on her?  Okay, and not only was she disannulling that aspect of the judgment to not communicate with anyone, but she was completely denying the judgment which said, Xxxx, in this ministry, general repentance, I am sorry, I do not really know what I did, I do not understand what I did, therefore I have no mechanism within me to not do it again because I do not understand what I did but I am sorry, and let us go on.  That does not fly in a discipleship ministry.

In a discipleship ministry, you can not ignore the details of what you did, not to condemn you.  If there is any condemnation, the ministry is not in Christ.  There is no condemnation, we are here to learn how to be translated into the image and the nature of God.  All of the promises of the Scripture are in Christ Jesus.  When we get into Him, and He fills us, we inherit the promises, our old man will never inherit the promises.  Our old man will never be made righteous, our old man will never be put back together again, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, and all of the kings horses and all of the king=s men will never Humpty Dumpty back together again. 

This is my message, and this is the message that the Lord has given me to preach, if you are not interested in the having the new man that Paul talks about built in you which new man will surely destroy your old man as soon as he is powerful enough, then this ministry is not for you.  I do not wish you any harm, but this ministry is not for you.  If your desire is just to learn the doctrine for whatever reason or however that satisfies you, but you are not willing to deal with problems amongst the brethren, and it is supposed to trickle out into your personal life with your family also, out of the nature of Christ, you are bringing an irritation, a spiritual irritation, a vibration, a level of spirituality that opposes the nature of Christ into this ministry.  You may not say anything, you may not do anything, but the very fact that you are living out of your carnal mind and resisting every effort from the teacher to start to move as Christ would move, you are an influence in this ministry that is negative to everybody that is working and confessing their sins and studying and doing everything that they can to live out of Christ.  Do you know that it is painful to live out of Christ? 

The Scripture says, or the King James says anyway, that Jesus, I may not be quoting this properly, I just read it the other day, that He suffered for our sins.  Carnal Christians think that, that means that He was nailed to a cross and He physically suffered, but I challenge you to look up that Scripture, it is does not say, Jesus suffered, it says Christ suffered, and past tense is a wrong tense.  Christ is suffering every time that you choose to reject the feelings of your old man, which says, by angry retaliate, hate, be envious, every time you make conscious choice to recognize the emotions and the thoughts of your old man rising in your mind and saying, No, I choose to be Christ, I will not react like that, and I rebuke that mind in me, and you could be killing the inside, but I will say and do and believe to be and have the reaction of Christ. 

Do you know that, that causes Christ pain?  Do you know that to do that, Cain in you is trying to penetrate Christ in you, do you know that, that in every response you have, either Cain is crucified or Christ is crucified, and they are at each other with a sword?  If your old man prevails, Christ is killed.  Thank God for the glorified Jesus Christ in you will be resurrected in you through the forgiveness of sins.  That battle, that dual when you recognize the reaction of your old man and Christ tries to rise in righteousness and you the personality agree with Christ, Cain has a sword in Christ in you, and it hurts to have somebody call you an ass and other names and that happened to me recently, and to not say anything, it hurts.  Christ suffers for our sins, Christ in me suffered because of the sin of the person who said that to me. 

Is anybody not getting me?  The suffering was not for a few hours of physical pain which I do not even believe He experienced.  Jesus was a magician, a wielder of spiritual power, are you telling me He was in pain, and the Guru walks on nails and sleeps on a bed of nails and He did not feel any pain, come church, wake up, wake up, wake up.  No, no, the pain that Christ suffers is when Cain or Leviathan, and they are just two different levels of the same serpentine spirit, tries to crucify Christ both in the individual and in others.  He suffers, He did not suffer, it was not true that He suffered, past, He suffers. 

If you do respond out of your carnal mind, then you have to put your pride away and go back and make it right.  That hurts, that causes pain, and you know when you live like that, you are Christ.  We are all Christ but we are double minded, so it hurts to go and say, you were wrong.  Christ in all of us, He is suffering, 2,000 years already, 2,000 years of pregnancy, He is suffering already.  To get back to Xxxx, she completely denied the authority of the judgment, my authority that He has given me, and said to me, and I may not be quoting her exactly, something to the effect of, the Lord Jesus told me, in other words, God told her one thing, and God told Sheila something else, and the God that spoke to Xxxx has authority over the God who spoke to Sheila. 

Can you hear what I am telling you?  God told me to write the judgment, God told me to put her out, God told me to have mercy, an element of mercy in the judgment, and now that whole thing is disannulled because the same God that told me that, did not tell me He changed His mind, but went to the person under judgment and gave her the authority to correct me.  Do you hear this?  We see antichrist, denial that Christ was in the judgment, Jezebel, trying to take authority over the spokesperson of Christ, a manipulation, trying to trick me, trying to trick me brethren, trick me, into being unfaithful to God.  I want to tell you that if I fell for that, I would have been in trouble with the Lord, tricked me, manipulation, another word for manipulation is tricked me.

Then she tried to get me in my pride.  She suggested to me, Well, here is an opportunity to minister the doctrine of Christ, is that not important, will that not build you up, maybe that will result in you getting additional disciples?  Or your name will be glorified, or your ministry will be expanded?  Or maybe these people are the connection that you are waiting for to supply the funds that we need to prepare the literature here for mass distribution?  Do you not think it would be in your best interest Sheila to have more people knowing the doctrine of Christ?  I want you Sheila to pray for me and counsel me so that I can do this great work.  Can anybody not see what I am suggesting to you?  All of this was there, that was a bribe, and it was flattery, flattery and a bribe. 

All of this effort to undo the judgment of God, when all she has to do to undo the judgment of God, or not to undo it, but to satisfy it, would be to face her sins, admit what she did and apologize, not a general apology, but an apology with direct relation to the sins that arose in her and how they manifested through her, so simple.  All of this work, all of this effort, all of this energy, I do not think she has ever stopped thinking about this, since it happened back in last may or June, how she is going to circumvent the judgment. 

Everything except the simple solution, admit what you did and repent, but we see that to the carnal mind, the simple solution is not simple, the simple solution is unthinkable.  I know there is somebody sitting in this room today who at one time had a situation, I cannot even remember what it was, but they said to me, I can see where we were driving in the car, Now I wonder what I should tell them?  I said at the time, How about the truth?  In that person=s mind, the truth was not an option.  They were thinking about all of these different ways to deal with this problem, to tell the person the truth never occurred to them. 

Brethren, Jesus deals in truth.  If you made a mistake, face up to it.  This is Xxxx=s condition, she is being proven time and again, she is being proven that she is reprobate, there is nothing of Christ in her, this is my opinion, at this point, she is reprobate.  The Scripture says, if you are reprobate, Christ is not in you, it does not say, the Scripture does not say, if you are reprobate, it means you do not have a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Anyone who thinks that walking with God is easy is very naive, walking with God is extremely difficult, and it requires a large measure of wisdom and knowledge and understanding. 

If you do not have it, it is no crime, but if you do not have it and you really want it, the Lord will at least initially attach you to somebody who has it, and eventually it will be developed in you.  The Holy Spirit is not Christ, Christ is the real thing.  The Holy Spirit is the vehicle that is, at least the Holy Spirit that is in the church today, it is a different Holy Spirit that was in Israel.  The Holy Spirit that was in Israel, I think it is the same thing as the Shekinah or the Shekinah but, it is certainly not the Holy Spirit that is in the church, it is more likened to the Spirit of Christ that I preach today. 

The Holy Spirit is an aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ that is specially prepared and given to people who without it would never be able to enter into the inner court.  It is given to the Gentiles brethren, the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is given the Gentiles as a vehicle that will lead them into the inner courts of a relationship with the Lord.  That is the truth.  The Holy Spirit is given as a down payment, Paul tells us, it is a down payment, a promise of the things to come.  When Christ begins to be grafted to you and live His life through you, the world to come is in you.  The carnal mind thinks the world to come, the next age, physically, this age has to end and we will enter into the next age, no, the ages of God are spiritual, and they are inside of us.

We are told in the book of Ecclesiastes that the worlds are within us.  Right now the Serpent=s world is within us, and when Christ is grafted to you, the world to come is within you too, and the Scripture says that when the world to come, when Christ is grafted to you, you are wholly alive because He is the life.  The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is not the life, it is not the way and it is not the truth.  I know people that talk in tongues and prophesy, and do miracles, and they lie all of the time.  The Holy Spirit is the down payment, who is given to lead us to the way the truth and the life.  She has the Holy Spirit, I do not doubt it, she has something, maybe she does not, who knows who she is, and I do not mean to insult her, we do not know who anybody is. The Scripture says, We will know them by their fruits.  What kind of fruit do we see here. 

I have told you, she has a very excellent working knowledge of the doctrine of Christ, she understands it, but that is no proof of anything.  I think it is possible for a spiritual person outside of Christ to understand the doctrine of Christ.  I have to tell you, I do not know who she is, and I do not mean this as any insult, I simply do not know who she is.  She has had some very, very high words of knowledge that have come out from her, very high spiritual plane, that when she first told me, words of knowledge that came to her years ago before she ever met me.  As I preached, like I said, she was with me for ten years, answers to those explanations of those words have come to pass, explanations that I did not have when she first told me about them.

I want you to know that I am going to confess this to you, that I took that, all of those words of knowledge as a sign that she was really called, and that was a mistake on my part, because Leviathan can give words of knowledge from a high spiritual place.  I am telling you, she had me deceived for ten years.  She may be, she may have the true Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, and He may be fighting for her.  How would He be fighting for her?  He would have to be trying to overthrow her carnal mind. 

Do you remember how Michael was struggling with Satan over the body of Moses, and if you look that Greek word body up, it is talking about the living body of Moses, it is not talking about the dead body of Moses.  Satan was in conflict with Christ in Moses.  That may be going on with her, you know, it is very possible.  I know in her own mind, she has been seeking the Lord Jesus her whole life, but where are these words of knowledge coming from, they may or they may not be coming from the Lord, they could be coming from a high manifestation of Leviathan. 

You see, we are all born with what we are born with.  We all come in to this world with a spiritual inheritance and it is very, very, very, very rare, for someone to be born with the life of God in them.  Jesus of Nazareth was born with the life of God in Him from birth, the life of God was in there from birth.  I believe Samuel was born with the life of God in him from birth.  One of the earliest messages that I preached years and years ago back in 1991, it was one of the earliest messages, was that in the future, we would bear live young.  I want to tell you that after I preached that message, in those days I listened to every message that I preached, I panicked, I thought surely I had preached something wrong, however it struck me, and I was ready to wipe out the message, but the Lord said to me, No Sheila, that is true, I told you to preach that.

At some time in the future, our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren, whoever it turns out to be, will be born with the life in them, that means Christ, not the Holy Spirit, Christ, they will be born with Christ in them from birth, like Samuel, and like Jesus, all of us, for the whole world, because in that day the whole world will be the church, only the church will exist.  Every human being on the face of the earth will be a manifestation of Christ in that day. 

For as long as humanity is still reproducing the way we reproduce today because this form of reproduction will come to an end, I hope you all know that.  It is going to be a process, so it will come to a point in the history of mankind, that every human being on the face of the earth will be in Christ to the point that the children that we bear, will be born with Christ, they are going to be born alive. 

Today our children are born dead.  Those of us who are in Christ, who have life joined to us and therefore are alive, if Christ is in you, you are considered to be alive, our children are still born dead.  Living parents, a living mother who has Christ grafted to her today, will still bear a dead child, but we have reason to hope that at some point in the child, as the child matures, that the Lord will receive them, but our children are born dead today.

I am not, if anyone thinks I am insulting this woman, really you are mistaken, I have no hard feelings towards her at all, I completely understand that situations like this have to come into my life to test me to teach me and to give me the opportunity to recognize that once again, I ignored this email, and it never entered my mind for a second that she was going to be, well it entered my mind that she would be angry, but as the condemnation started to descend upon me shortly thereafter, she was the last person that I thought about, and that shows that my Christ mind was covered in that area. 

I have been fighting condemnation for like two or three weeks now.  Does anybody know how long it is since she sent that email?  Is it four weeks already, three or four weeks, for at least two or three weeks I have been this severe condemnation.  Maybe it started the very next day, I do not know.  When this kind of condemnation comes on me, my first reaction is to yield to it, so I yielded to it for about a week or so, and actually I yielded to it for almost two weeks, which has got to stop, so my goal, what is my goal, to recognize it immediately, and to relate it to where it was coming from immediately, but I finally rose up against it, just a few days ago, maybe a week ago tops, if it was a week ago, I finally rose up against it and said, I do not know where you are coming from or who you are, but I broke the curses, I broke ungodly soul ties, and I prayed a whole slew of things that I pray, and within a few days or a week, I get another email from her.

What am I saying to you?  When I broke the power of it, the source of it was revealed.  Another email came from her the other day, just like absolutely nothing is wrong, completely denying again the judgment, denying that it came from the Lord, denying my authority, and meeting me nose to nose saying her authority is equal to mine, and saying, Sheila, this is what this email said that just came a few days ago, Sheila, I was reading a transcript, and I found this mistake in the transcript, the word not is missing, and in fact what she quoted me, the word not was missing, and when the word not was missing, it completely reversed the intention of the sentence, so my first reaction which was actually pride on my own part, Well does she not realize that I could search for this transcript, and I went into the search engine on our web page and searched in every which way I knew how, but I could not find that sentence.  Either it is a transcript that she has at home because she was the head of the transcribing department, that was never uploaded, although, my instruction were, and I believe they were followed that all transcripts were uploaded at such time as they were edited, the edited version replaced the uploaded one.

What it probably was, was that she changed the whole sentence around, she changed it in a way that I could not find it.  She tried to trick me again, and she signed it, love Xxxx, like nothing is wrong.  Brethren, this is mind control, she is setting her mind against me, her mind control is intense, and her mind control, now does she get down on her knees and light a candle and say, Mind control, mind control?  No, it is her will.  She is setting her will against me, that, that judgment does not exist, that I am wrong in cutting her off, that she is valuable to the ministry, look at the mistake that she found.  Brethren, I do not know if you are aware of this or not, but that kind of mentality will tear down the will of somebody who is not strong in that area.  I know that I have preached on this not too long ago, and the example that I used was someone declaring that somebody is not a good driver.  We have to be very careful what we say, and that attitudes that we take because our will and what we believe goes towards the other person in a spirit designed to bring them into that image.  Even if the person is not a good driver, should you not be looking for every way to encourage them, or do you want to designate them as a bad driver, that, that is who you are, that is your inherent being.  We should not be doing things like that.

We need to know that if a rule has gone forth and somebody consistently for years and years will not obey that rule, that the mind of that person for whatever reason, you will not obey that rule, or you keep forgetting to obey that rule, you may intentionally be doing it, but there is something deep in your spirit, that will not obey a simple rule, you need to know that in that area, your will, the will of your carnal mind has set itself against the will of the headship of this ministry, and every time you do no follow that rule, or you disobey that simple rule, complicated rule, whatever it is, every time you do not follow the rule, and you cause the authority to rise up and correct you, you need to know that you are in a warfare that something deep inside of you is in a warfare to break the will of the leadership of the ministry.

There is something inside of you whether you understand it or not, you will reap what you sow, you will bear the consequences of it, because something deep inside of you is seeking to bring the authority of the ministry to a point where they say, I give up, I am tired of bringing this correction, do whatever you want.  I am telling you the truth.  Any of you, if you see that you break a rule consistently, you truly need to go before the Lord, it could be the simplest little rule, catch it now before it does something big.  You do not want to be guilty for something big right?  Recognize that you are having trouble obeying the rules, confess it as sin, and ask the Lord to help you, that is all.

Then your sin is covered, if your heart is truly pure in this area, and you just happen to have a problem in that area, your sin is covered and He will help you in due season.  My main purpose in what I am telling you here today, is to reinforce whatever you already know about mind control.  Mind control arises out of the will of the carnal mind, and that mind control can be directed against someone else=s carnal mind, or it could be directed against Christ in somebody.  It is very real, and we are entering into the last days, when mind control will be extended towards the saints to tear us away from the Lord, to tear us away from the path He has put us on, where I really believe in the end times to influence people to do ungodly acts.

Today we read about serial killers or ritualistic murders, like the son of Sam where he said a dog told him to do it you know.  We say, Oh that poor man, that highly demonized man, that one in a couple of million people in this country that would do just dastardly thing.  Brethren that is a prophesy of the things to come.  That is a prophesy of the things to come.  John told us that humanity is going to be polarized.  There is going to be a resurrection of righteousness and a resurrection of damnation.  That is the polarization of humanity.  The translation is not accurate. 

There is going to be a resurrection of the righteous one, and there is going to be a resurrection of the damned one, not of damnation, but of the damned one.  Abel is going to rise and in his resurrection, his name is Christ, and Cain is going to rise.  The creation, or at least the church, at least the church.  Did not Jesus say that, I am going to separate the sheep from the goats?  Is that not what Jesus said?

You cannot separate the sheep from the goats until you can recognize the sheep and goats.  Did not Jesus say, Let the tares grow with the wheat until the time of harvest?  Then you can recognize the tares and you can recognize the wheat, and you will separate it, we all look the same except for those who have the eyes of the spirit.  I do not think we are going to have a big problem with somebody who would go walking around with a black cape and a green face, and black fingernails, I mean we would look at that person and say, I do not think they are in Christ, you know, they are not the problem, the people in the church are the problem.

The witches in the church are the problem, and you want to know who the most serious enemies are?  The people in the church who do not know that they are the problem, they really think they are in Christ, they really think they are the righteous ones, and they are doing everything in their power to kill the righteous or the people who are manifesting the righteous one.  They are the problem.  Jesus clearly said, was it Jesus who said it?  It may have been Paul, I am not sure, that Satan comes as an angel of light.  Who said it, does anybody know?  Paul said it, comes as an angel of light, Satan comes as somebody who really believes they are Christ.  Do you know that the most difficult enemy to defeat, is an enemy who is fighting because they believe that they are right? 

Somebody who believes that they are right will fight to the death, you have to kill them.  They will never compromise with you, they will never negotiate with you, because they think they are right, and they think you are Satan, and they want you to die, or at least die to what you believe, depending on whether we are talking a spiritual war of what we have in the middle east today.  This is what we see manifested with Xxxx, I am always open to the mercy of God when repentance comes forth.  I at least desire to and believe that I manifest the heart of God in every situation in this ministry, and if I do not, that a correction will come forth from the Lord to me, and all He is looking for is repentance, a broken heart and a contrite spirit, and He is ready to restore you.  The ultimate foundational desire is not to punish, as far as I am concerned, she is out because she is polluting the ministry, she cannot be here, she is the person who is in the wedding party without a wedding garment.  It is not that she cannot get back in if she will go and get a wedding garment, but there is nothing more I can do, ten years, I gave her ten years, she manipulated me for ten years.  That was the second email which I have ignored also, and the reason I ignore it is because the judgment that came down from the Lord was that there would be no communication of any kind for at least one year. 

Someone said to me, Well Sheila, are you not going to send her an email and tell her, that she is out, I did not tell you this, at this point, I think the mercy aspect of the judgment is completely gone.  If she has completely failed to acknowledge the authority of the judgment, it is not valid in her life, so even if she were to write to me one year, I think I told her, the last email that I sent her, I said, Every time you communicate with someone in the ministry, your year will start again, so apparently she has no respect for the judgment at all, but I have respect for the judgment and it says no communication, that is why I am not answering her.  If however she should write to me, on the anniversary date of the judgment in the appropriate way and say, It is one year from the date of the judgment and I am applying for reinstatement, if she writes to me in accordance with, and in acknowledgment of the judgment, I will respond to her.  Does anybody not understand what I just said?  If she complies with the judgment which says after one year you may apply for reinstatement, that communication I will respond to, and I will tell her that she is completely disqualified, because of all her attempts, because of her obvious denial of the authority of the judgment, and the authority of Christ in me, and made herself equal to me and even higher, that the Lord told her something that completely negates the judgment that came down from me.  Brethren I do not have to fight for the authority that I manifest in this ministry.  If you are going to fight with me for the authority, you have to leave, I am not supposed to fight to exercise the authority that the Lord has given me.  That is not the way it is. 

This is what I will tell her if she ever does write to me in accordance to the judgment, which she probably will not, that she has lost all possibility of reinstatement, why?  Because she has proven herself to be antichrist.  Are there any questions or comments here? 

COMMENT:   I just have a comment.  When you first started talking about Xxxx and the two emails, this couch must have been shaking for about fifteen minutes.  Did anybody else feel it, did you feel the couch shaking?  I did.  You know how like the earthquake we had years ago, that is what it was like, it was shaking. 

PASTOR VITALE: That is very interesting, since no one else sitting on the couch felt it, I would have to say that you had a spiritual experience.  You know the Scripture says that a great shaking, there will be many shakings, the Scripture says everything that can be shaken will be shaken, and that which is left standing will be the real thing, right?  Everybody know that, that is what the Scripture says?   Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.  That means every piece of fruit on the tree that is not truly the fruit of that, that is not connected to the root of the tree, meaning the tree of life, will fall off of the tree. 

COMMENT: Sorry, you know that I have been sick for a couple weeks, and I am trying to understand.  What does it have to do with me being the only one on the couch feeling the couch shaking, the floor was not shaking, it was just the couch.

PASTOR VITALE: It was a spiritual experience that you had.  I do not know for sure but these would be my educated guesses, you experienced her shaking, she is being, you experienced the shaking of the tree or at least the branch of the tree which is this ministry, we are grafting into the root.  Jesus said, we are grafted, the King James translation is, He is the vine and we are the branches, but my understanding is, He is the tree of life that is rooted in the eternal realms of almighty God, and we are attached to Him.  He is the tree.  You felt the tree shaking, the tree is shaking.  I do not know why you would experience it that way, but it is interesting that you did, I do not know why, but that is my take on it, that it was a spiritual response to the truth.  It would be a witness to the truth. 

I am talking about a shaking, I keep talking about a shaking, see I keep talking and then I finally get it, okay, (chuckle), it was, that was the way Christ in you witnessed to the truth because as I preach, hopefully you are all getting your witnesses that I am preaching the truth, you should be, and if you are not getting your witnesses you need to be putting it before the Lord, just to remind you all, to ask why you are not witnessing to the truth that Sheila is preaching.  Your initial response should be that, I am okay, and you are the one that has the problem, and when you humble yourself and take that position, if I am the one who is wrong, the Lord will go the head and straighten it out.  Do you all understand that?  You are not to assume because you have a different word, that you the disciple is right and I the teacher am wrong.  That is the carnal mind, but you are to resist that, and consider it sin. 

Everybody is supposed to be getting their witness to what I am preaching even if the witness is simply that you have peace sitting here, and that you have no problem believing it, it sits right with you, it would be the way that we would say it, that is your witness, but you had a special spiritual witness, and I do not know why, but it is exciting, it was a witness, I said shaking, and you experienced the shaking.  Who knows, maybe she was being shaking off of you because you did have an ungodly soul tie with her at one point.  That is another possibility, that she was being shaken off of the tree in you, because each of us has the tree of life in us, so that is another possibility.  Anybody else?  Okay.


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