579 - Part 1

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We are going to comment on Xxxx’s dream today, it is a very exciting prophetic dream, I preached on it in New York yesterday and it did not get recorded, so we are going to do it again today.  It is basically the whole message, the whole end time message which is very exciting because you cannot hear the end time message in the church today.  God’s plan for His people is very exciting, it requires more than our being an audience, it requires us being a participant.  He is not rapturing us and taking us away to another place, He is going to appear in us, and He is going to give us His nature.  It is impossible for us to be righteous, we fell down, we, everybody here, all human beings of mankind, we are the descendants of Adam who fell, He broke into many pieces.

They even wrote a nursery rhyme after him, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, that is a nursery rhyme written about the spiritual truth of Adam, He fell down off of the wall, and the wall that was supporting him was Jehovah, he fell down off of that wall and he broke into many pieces.  We are the many pieces that he broke into, and all of the king’s horses, and all of the king’s men cannot put us back together again, only the Lord Jesus Christ can put us back together again.  The way that He is putting us back together again is that He is filling all of us with Himself, and we will be one spiritual entity joined together by His Spirit, not joined together physically, but joined together by His Spirit and by the way He thinks.

We will be receiving a new soul because the soul that we have now is a dead soul.  He died, and in Adam all died, that is what the Scripture says, in Adam all died, so we are dead except for those of us that have Christ grafted to us.  All of humanity is dead, but the Scripture tells us that if the Lord is joined to us, this day you are alive, if the Lord is joined to you, your spirit, you are alive, life is in you. 

Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life,

JOHN 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.  KJV

and if that life is joined to you, we can say that His blood is painted on the doorposts of your soul.  Everything that exists in the Scripture is a type of a spiritual experience that is ordained for all of to have.  The Passover for example, there is a spiritual Passover, the church world teaches you that Passover, the spiritual Passover has passed, spiritual Pentecost has passed, and we are waiting for the third Hebrew feast, Tabernacles, but this is not true, each and every one of us has to have the spiritual experiences for ourselves.  

Jesus of Nazareth experienced the spiritual Passover, He experienced Pentecost, and He experienced the third feast which the church calls Tabernacles, the Hebrew word or the Hebrew holiday, if you know any Jewish people the Hebrew holiday is Sukkot, and that holiday calls for the practicing Jews to build in their back yard little huts made out of sticks, and they literally move out their physical house.  If you were practicing that holiday, you would move out of your house, and live in like a tent in your back yard for a couple of days.  It is a prophecy, it is a declaration of the day that our whole consciousness will depart from this physical body and continue to exist.

Today in the condition that we are in, if our spiritual being, our soul, our spirit, departs from this physical body, you die, because we are already dead you see, the body is dead, our spirit is now made alive, we are joined, our spirit is joined to the Lord Jesus Christ, our spirit is made alive because of Him, but the body is dead because of sin.  It is not my habit to tell you what the Scripture, book, chapter, and verse it is, so I am not sure whether you are familiar enough with the Scripture, that is why when I preach a Scripture to you, I will say, that is what the Scripture says.  When I say that to you, that is what the Scripture says, if you want to reference it, just write it down, if you cannot find it yourself I will find it for you after the meeting, but that is my way of letting you know that you can find those words, or that concept in the King James translation.

Our spirit is made alive through union with Him, but the body is dead because of sin.  There is more than one kind of body, anything that contains something else is a body.  You look up the word body in the dictionary, and it talks about the body of knowledge, all different pieces of knowledge are contained in the body.  Then we have the body of Christ, consists of all of the mind, all of the people that have the mind of Christ in them.  The mind is a body that contains the spirit. 

Our spirit is joined to the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is quickened, it is made alive, we have life in us today, but the body is dead, the mind is dead, if you are still in your carnal mind, your mind is dead and your physical body is dead.  This is a great mystery because we were raised to believe that death that you cease to exist, but that is not the Scriptural definition of death, the Scriptural definition of death is that you cease to exist to a particular thing. 

You use to drink, you do not drink anymore, you die to the lifestyle of someone who drinks.  You use to be a florist, you are not florist anymore, now you are a farmer, you died to your lifestyle as a farmer, it does not exist to you anymore. 

When I sit here in this room in Minnesota, I have died to my whole life in New York, I am absent, I am missing, and I have come into a whole new world.  This principle was made so real to me when I went to Africa for five weeks. 

Africa is radically different than western society, I went into emotional crisis actually, I was completely transplanted into another culture that was so radically different, that it affected me, I had to really pray my way through it.  To be honest with you, I thought that I would find some white people over there and it would be a mixture, but I was the only white person around and the woman that I traveled with was an American black woman so I was the only white person, and it really shocked me, I died to my whole life in this country, I died in my own mind and I emerged, I died to that world, I disappeared, they did not see me anymore, it was like I went to sleep and I woke up in another world, where everybody was black.

Today I died to New York, and I woke up in Minnesota, a whole new world.  That is the spiritual principle of death, you were absent, you depart from a particular lifestyle or aspect of your life, for all intents and purposes you die to it.  I do not know how I got on that exhortation, but I was saying that this happens to me all of the time, I go off on a tangent and I lose my point, so I will just go from here.   I know that I was saying that the spirit is alive and the body is dead, so our mind is dead, our carnal mind is dead, and the physical body is dead.  We do have access today to a living mind, and the living mind and the living soul is in Christ.  This we can receive from the Lord Jesus.  He has available to us the mind of Christ. 

What we have to understand is that life is in His blood, life is in His blood and His blood represents His nature, the Holy Spirit, although as wonderful as the Holy Spirit is, is not His blood, this is where I am coming from, the Holy Spirit is not His blood, the Holy Spirit can be likened to, it is not exactly the same, but can be likened to the Old Testament Shekinah, I do not know if you have heard that word or not, the Shekinah glory, that is the manifestation of God that was with the Hebrew children in the wilderness, it appeared as a cloud during the day, a pillar of cloud during the day, and a pillar of fire at night.  This is a high manifestation, a powerful expression of God, it is an expression of the power of God.

It was that power that led the Hebrew children through the wilderness to a place of safety, but it is not His blood.  The blood of Jesus that gets inside of you is His nature.  The blood represents His nature.  So we have a lot of people today, a whole church world that are experiencing the gifts, that are experiencing the Scripture, but we are not yet experiencing His nature.  We have just begun to experience His nature, life eternal you see. 

The promise of the Scripture is eternal life, the promise of the Scripture is not going to heaven, it is inheriting the earth.  It is eternal life without sorrow, without pain and without sorrow, because this is hell and no matter how good our life is, there is always some pain, there are different depths, different levels of hell.  Some people suffer more than others, people suffer in different ways, but this is hell, people die here, they suffer and die.  The best of us suffer and die.

This is where Adam fell to when he fell off of the wall that was supporting him, and he broke into pieces and we are the pieces that cannot be put back together again, but Jesus, I like to say that, but Jesus, Jehovah sent Jesus to put Himself inside of us.  We are being resurrected from the inside out, spirit first, then our soul, and this body is not going to be resurrected, but it will be exchanged for a spiritual body when we ascend out of the body. 

Personally I do not think that, that is going to be at any time in the near future, I think what is coming very soon, which is very exciting, it is coming in our lifetime, I really believe that, that the door is going to open which will begin to extend lifetimes.  I use to preach that there was a quantum leap happening, that we would just go into it, we were going to go over a wall and go into immortality, but the Lord told me that, that is not true, the people that have His life, that have His blood, that are willing and brave enough to look at their sin nature, to look at our sin nature and reject it, in favor of the nature of Christ, as we reject our sin nature, as it is revealed to us, because we do not even know what our sin nature is, as the Lord reveals it to us, and we reject it in favor of the corresponding personality characteristic in Christ, we die to that sin nature.  We have to die to our carnal mind, you cannot cast out your carnal mind, you have to recognize it, perceive it as sin, hate it, die to it, and wake up and become alive to the corresponding characteristic in Christ. 

I use to lie, I now recognize that lying is sin, that there is no such thing as little lies and, Oh, do not worry about it, lying is sin, I see you, I recognize you, you are of the carnal mind, you are not of Christ, and I do not want to do that anymore.  Jesus give me the power to become a teller of the truth.

You close the door on that by His strength, now even if you go back and you lie again, do not be discouraged, it is just a day at a time, but basically speaking, you die to that lifestyle where you thought that lying was not serious, and you wake up in a different lifestyle where lying is a very serious thing. 

You have been renewed in your mind, you have a new understanding in your mind.  This is very serious, that lying to people hurts them, lying hurts people, dishonesty hurts people, truth is life.  Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life, that means life and truth are intimately associated.  By reverse inference, we might say that death and lies are intimately associated. 

Lying produces death, it kills the relationship and you think lying is okay, you are bringing death into that relationship, if you want to bring life into that relationship, you have to bring truth, truth with the right spirit hopefully, but truth really will set us free, the truth will solve the problem, or at least it is the beginning of the solution.

I am trying to give you an introduction to this dream by telling you in advance what the Lord’s purposes are in our life, to quicken our mortal body.  The Scripture says in the book of Romans, If that spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, it will quicken your mortal body, it will quicken your soul, and our soul is our personality, it will give life to our personality. 

It is the personality that is being saved.  If you have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, your spirit is already saved, your spirit.

The particular kind of salvation that we see connected to the salvation of your spirit is called redemption, your spirit is redeemed, and to redeem means to be purchased, the Lord Jesus Christ has purchased your spirit and you are joined, and now He wants to save your soul. 

The redemption of your spirit is relatively easy.  You seek the Lord, He grants you repentance, although it is not easy, sometimes we have to go through some very hard times to get to that point, but from our point of view, there is not much to do to have our spirit redeemed, we have to have a heart for Jesus, we have to repent a general repentance, He joins us and our spirit is redeemed. 

The salvation of our soul is a process, and we are told in the Scripture that we have to work out the salvation of our soul, it has to be worked out with fear and trembling.  You are not supposed to be walking around afraid like this, that is not what it means.  You have to work out the salvation of your soul by the fear of the Lord, and the fear of the Lord is not a human fear, it is a respect of the Lord, it is an honor of the Lord, it is a recognition, and a revelation of His word, that His word is truth over everything the carnal mind would tell you.  That is what the fear of the Lord is, an honor and respect of God’s ways. 

You might hear someone that does not know any better saying, and I gave you an example of mine before, Well I can lie, that is no big deal.  That is not in the fear of the Lord because that is rejecting the truth of the word.  We have to honor what the Scripture says over what our carnal mind tells us.  That is basically what the fear of the Lord is, to walk in a lifestyle where you respect Him and you know even more than that, you know how powerful He is.  He is a very powerful God.  I believe it is another Jesus in the church today, He is a very powerful God, He could wipe us out like that, but His love for us is so great.  First we have to find out how powerful He is that He could just step on us in a second, do you know that if He forgets about us, we cease to exist?  We exist in the consciousness of God, if He forgets about us, we would cease to exist.  After we come to an understanding of how powerfully dangerous He is, then we have to learn about the love of God which works together with the fear of the Lord. 

When you love the Lord and you know that He loves you, even though He is so powerful and dangerous, you do not walk around like this, does that make any sense to you at all.  He loves us, He is already God, He can kill us in a moment’s notice, He absolutely can.

I do not see any fear of God in the church at all.  It is a fearsome thing to fall into the hands of an angry God, that is in the Scripture, and the anger of God is manifested to us as the sowing and reaping judgment.  The Lord does not go around and say, You are bad, bang, it does not work like that at all, there is a universal law throughout the whole, all of the world and through the universe that says, what you sow, you shall reap.  He is not after anybody, He is not out to get us, He loves us but He is very strict, and He is righteous.  What you sow you shall reap.

If you sow death, you shall, if you fight with the sword, you will be killed with the sword, that is in the book of Revelation.  If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword, but there is no law against love.  There is no punishment for loving someone.  There is no punishment for righteousness, for doing good to somebody.  This universal law that says what you reap you are going to sow, if all that you do is good, it will not hurt you.  You have no reason to fear a powerful God that could wipe you out in a second, if your heart is determined or set to do good, because there is no law against goodness, so we respect and revere the power of God, but we do not have to walk around trembling, because we know that our heart is right towards His nature, righteousness and kindness, and love.

If you do not have those qualities, you can ask for them.. The bottom line is this, we are all sinners, and that is why we die.  The sin is in the unconscious part of our mind, it is in our motives, it is in our heart, it is in every aspect of our being, but He has come to give us or to renew us in our whole mentality, our whole thing, our emotions and our mind, He has come to give us righteousness, He has come to make us capable of sowing only goodness so that the law of sowing and reaping loses its power to hurt us.  This is what Jesus meant when He said, I have not come to take the law away, the law will be fulfilled, every sin shall have a just recompense, be not deceived, God is not mocked, every sin will have its just recompense.  That is the law, He did not come to change that, He came to change us.  He came to change us who are being killed, we are being executed by the law.

That is why people die.  Jehovah’s righteous law is executing human beings everyday.  That is not going to change, and you need to know that, and you are not okay because you go to heaven, well they tell you, you go to heaven.  What is the answer for us, we fell off of the wall, our ancestors fell off of the wall, and we are all little Humpty Dumpties, and we are all broken in pieces and not only are we many human beings that have fallen out of that one Adam, but our emotions are frequently broken into pieces, and our mind in some people are broken in pieces, all of us are broken in pieces.  That is what the sin is emerging out of.  Envy is a sign of brokenness, hatred is a sign of brokenness, rebellion is a sign of brokenness.  We sin because we are broken.  We are all broken, some of us better than others, but we are all broken.  He has come to sew us back together again. 

In Isaiah chapter 53, where it talks about, there is a prophecy of Messiah coming, the word is not sew in the King James translation, but it says He is going to repair us, if you look that word up in the dictionary, it says He is going to sew us up, and who is He going to sew us to, He is going to sew us back to Him.  The reason we sin is that there was a rupture, and we were separated from Him, He is our righteousness, He is our ability to never sin again, He is our ability to overcome the sowing and reaping judgment.  He is out potential to put that law to sleep, it has no power over us.  That is what the Scripture is all about when it says that Jesus made an open show of the powers and principalities. 

He made an open show of them, the grave could not hold Him.  Satan could find nothing in Him that gave her the legal right to kill Him, so she could not kill Him.  Satan is female, nothing personal against human females, I am a human female, but every entity in relationship to God is female.  Satan is soul and she is female.  That is what that Scripture is all about, Oh death where is your victory.  In another place it says the sting of death is sin, the power that Satan has to kill us is that we sin and Satan is so wicked that she seduces us to sin, and then when we sin she goes before the Lord and says, I have a legal right to execute the sowing and reaping judgment against them.  That is how it works.

The solution, Jehovah’s solution to our predicament, we have a predicament brethren, the best of us, the people living the best lives ever, have a predicament, we will surely die after leading what is considered a normal lifestyle, 70, 80, 90, 100 years, people use to live a thousand years, what is this 70, 80, 90, 100 years?  Jehovah’s answer to our predicament of premature death because the whole creation is under a curse of premature death, is to infuse us with righteousness, to give us what we are lacking.  We die because we are lacking righteousness.  Sin or death is the result of the departure of righteousness.  The creation is a dual creation, we are earthen, we are earth and we are spirit, the earth is darkness and the spirit is light. 

The creation is designed to be a mixture of the two, and that was the first day, and the evening and the morning was the first day, and the even and the morning was the second day, Genesis 1.  We are a mixture of darkness and light, because the darkness in us which is the soul, which is the earthen part of us, forms the light, the spirit in us wants to be formed, God wants a visible creation.  We are a mixture, and what happened when we fell off of the wall was that the spirit, the light stayed up there and the earthen part of us fell down here to the bottom of the wall, so we are all soul, mortal humanity is all soul, we are all darkness, and the solution to our problem is to have light infused into us.

The Scripture talks about casting out demons, well sometimes somebody needs to have a demon cast out of them, but they still die, in Pentecost you hear of people being healed, healed of cancer, I have heard of people being healed of aids, then they live out their life of 70, 80, 90, 100 years and they die.  They were not healed of death, they were healed of a premature death.  The only one today that has been healed of death is Jesus of Nazareth, and the prescription for death is life.  He has come to infuse us with His life.  We are lacking, all physical disease, to relate what I just told you to our human life, all physical disease is caused by a lack of something.  This is why, I was talking to Xxxxx about it earlier, this is why medications frequently do not help, or if they do help, the side effects are worse than the disease that you had in the first place, because all disease is caused by the lack of enough energy to neutralize the disease.  Do you know that every disease known to man flows in our blood stream?  They have a switch on them, a spiritual switch on them.

Either the gene is turned off or the gene is turned on.  Everybody has cancer, but it is turned off, in some people the gene turns on.  I have heard of stories of someone having a bad fall, they just bang their leg, perfectly healthy and they wake up and find that wound, they now have a cancer, the impact of the wound turned the gene on.  We are walking death because life has departed from us.  The answer to our problem is to have life joined back to us. 

That is true for our physical health, our spiritual health, our mental health, our emotional health.  We have to be rejoined to life, and that is the message that Jesus has for us, not that we are going to fly away and walk on streets of gold, but that life will be restored to us, that which was lost, did not Jesus say, I came to seek that which was lost?  The earthen part of the man separated from the spiritual part, and fell down into a pit, He came to seek what was lost and to rejoin the two parts of the creation.  That is the message.  How does that happen to us?  We have to recognize and reject our fallen nature, in favor of His righteous nature. 

We have to do that knowing that we cannot do it by ourselves, that this infusion of life into us will change us, and that our job is submission to the Lord Jesus, it is His power that will do it, we need a willingness to change and a confession that there is no way that we can do it, that He has to do it for us, and then we have to try in His power.  It is a process.

This basically the message of Xxxxx’s dream, coming from a different point of view.  Does anybody not understand what I told you, this is the true message of the Scripture, we are dead, our ancestor died and we fell down into hell and this is hell, and Jehovah sent the Lord Jesus to help us to escape by sewing us back together to the source of life which is the Lord Jesus Christ.  Ascension begins with the mind, your mind ascends first, and then your soul ascends, and then ultimately you will ascend out of this body into a spiritual body, because this body is a prison house.  We were meant to be spiritual beings, but our spirituality is being crushed by being joined to this physical body. Why?  Because the spirituality apart from the life of Jesus is illegal spirituality, it has a name, it called witchcraft.  The practice of spiritual power apart from the will and wisdom, and rationale of God is witchcraft. 

That is why so many people cannot tell the difference between witchcraft and the spiritual power of God, it looks the same to the untrained mind.  The only difference is the motivation behind the exercise of it.  If the motivation behind the exercise of spiritual power is the will and wisdom of God, it is legal, if the motivation behind the exercise of spiritual power is the will of a fallen mortal man, it is witchcraft, but it is the same, it appears the same.  We are called to be spiritual people, we were spiritual before we fell off of the wall, we are spiritual, we are spiritual and we do not even know it, we do not even know what is coming out of the unconscious part of our mind.  You think you are just a little annoyed at somebody.  If that person that you are just a little annoyed at, happens to be a spiritually ascended person, they are walking around with a headache, with a stomach ache, with a backache, they do not know what is wrong with them.  We have power.  That is why Jesus said, If you hate your brother, you have killed him.  

We cannot stop sinning, I am not here to put you under condemnation, I am here to prepare you for the Lord’s visitation to you personally in this higher way.  So when the Holy Ghost, yes He comes and He gives us gifts, and He heals us and gives us miracles, and the Spirit sets our feet a dancing and it is wonderful, but to have an experience in the Holy Ghost with the Lord, that is the Lord drawing you to Him. 

He is like the servant that went out to bring presents to the potential bride for Isaac.  He is introducing Himself to you, He is helping you to trust Him before the difficult process of conversion. 

The Bible talks about conversion, our soul has to be converted, our personality has to be converted.  The Scripture says, see we do not go from being evil to being righteous, you do not go from being evil to being righteous, you go from being good to be righteous, so if you are evil in this world, and the Lord is taking the evil as well as the good, because some people are more broken than others, it does not mean that it is a good thing to be evil, you will reap what you sow, if you are an evil person in this world, you will reap evil in this world, but that is this world.  The Lord still wants to save you, because to Him, in this world, everybody, we are all evil, some a little more than others, but you reap what you sow.

By the standards of this world, if you are good, you will reap good things, you will have a home and a healthy family and food to eat, there are people that do not have these things, I trust you all know that.  If you are in a suburban area you need transportation, all of your needs will be met.  If you do evil in this world, you will reap evil.  If you have trouble in your life right now, I do not want anybody thinking that I have just condemned you because I have not, this reaping and sowing judgment goes from generation to generation and we are experiencing the reaping, or we are reaping what our ancestors possibly going back 4, 5, 6, and 7 generations have sown.  If you have trouble in your life, I am definitely not condemning you, because believe me I have got my own share.

What I am trying to tell you is that if you have trouble in your life, you need to know that it is the fruit of the sowing and reaping judgment, so with that knowledge, you can go before the Lord, and say, Lord, I confess the sins of my ancestors. 

There was a time when I would read, Deuteronomy 40:38 I think, and it tells you all of the curses and all of the things that are going to happen to you when you depart from the living God and engage in idolatry, and everyone of those curses was manifesting in my life, and I would just read that chapter, and I would say, Lord, I repent, I do not know what my ancestors did, because I was dying at the time, I do not know what they did, I do not even know my ancestors, I knew my grandparents, I did not know anybody before that, but I confessed the sins of my ancestors back a hundred generations, and I repent, and I just ask that you deliver me.  If you have trouble in your life, I want to make this very clear, if you have trouble in your life or your family, it could be easily, most likely it is family line curses, but there is no reason to be condemned for that, I have given you the information that you need as to how to go about getting help from God.  Is everybody okay?  Okay. 

He wants us all out of trouble, He wants us you know in an ascended place with Him.  Right now He has, with most of us He has a child adult relationship with us.  What kind of a relationship is a child adult relationship?  The parent, the child talks, like we saw earlier, the children do all of the talking, and the adult does all of the listening, and the adult meets the child’s need.  If that is the relationship that you have with the Lord, that is fine, but I am here today to tell you that there is a more mature relationship available to you with the Lord, that He is willing and desires to have an adult relationship with you.  How do you have an adult relationship with the Lord?  You talk to Him about the things of His world. 

It would be the equivalent of a parent having a relationship with an adult child, and what do you talk about?  You talk about business, the child’s career, maybe you talk about politics, maybe you know you are interested in the world.  To have an adult relationship with God, you talk about the things of His kingdom.  You talk about the deep revelation of His word, you talk about the state of the church, you talk about the state of the world through a spiritual point of view, and He shares with you His plans for the whole planet.  His plans for the whole planet is to bring us under His Spirit. 

The whole world is going crazy, and we are headed towards another tower of Babel situation.  It is only for a season, there is no time or space in the realm of the spirit, the Lord timing is perfect, He is going to bring this world into order, He is going to bring all of mankind into order, and into order means that every human being on the face of the earth will be manifesting His Spirit. 

I am not preaching ultimate or universal reconciliation, ultimate or universal reconciliation teaches that every human being that has ever lived on the face of the earth will be saved, I am not saying that.  I just said, I want to clarify what I just said, that at the time that the Lord fulfills God’s will, and every human being on the face of the earth will be a manifestation of His Spirit, that means His Spirit will be infused in them and expressing itself through them, no one will be sinning anymore because only His nature will be revealed, in all of the people, human beings on the face of the earth at that time, at that time.

I do not believe that every human being that ever appeared on the face of the earth will be saved.  Everybody okay? That is important.  Does anybody have any questions or comments before we start with the dream? 

COMMENT: I was going to say that you said that every disease known to man runs through the human blood, there is a spiritual significance in that, in that every sin known to man runs through our spiritual blood and we have that weakness towards certain sins, that switch.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is completely true, that is why I say frequently on a lot of my messages, that if it were possible, I do not think it is possible, that if it were possible for a human being to live a whole lifetime and never do one thing behaviorally wrong, or even emotionally wrong, we would still die because this sin is at the foundation of our nature.  If we never act out one sin, the fact that we have the potential for sin makes us sinner, so you are right, you are completely right. 

This was Adam’s condition before he fell off of the wall, but he had not yet sinned so he was considered innocent but he had the potential for sin, because if you do not have the potential for sin you cannot die, so he had the potential for sin and once that sin activated, we are now born with the activated sin nature, we are not spiritually innocent, and that is the explanation for the unfortunate occurrence of newborn babies dying, this is one of the questions that people, like someone with an anti-Christ spirit would challenge a Christian on, Well why would God kill a newborn infant or a newborn child? 

It is true that God is responsible for everything that happens in the world, but it is how you look at it, it is His righteous law, it is His righteous sowing and reaping law, that produces death, it is true, it is not God saying, You are bad, whack, you are going to die, that is not how it goes.  A young child or an infant that dies, dies because of some sin that maybe an ancestor you know 5, 6, 7 generations back committed, it is the whole process, we are all a part of this whole process, and we are all, just like you come into this world with a physical genetic heritage, you look like at one of your parents if not both of them, usually you come into this world with an intellectual inheritance.  It is not likely that a rocket scientists would be born to two retarded people that got married, and certainly I am not prejudice against retarded people, it is not likely they would produce a rocket scientist. 

Everything that we come into this world with is inherited including our spiritual inheritance which is sin.  We also come into this world with a potential to cleave to the Lord Jesus, depending on our ancestors also.  We not born in a vacuum, we are the product of everyone who went before us, and that is physically, spiritually, intellectually, and mentally, we are the present day expression of everyone that went before us.  This is exemplified on the Mount of Transfiguration where we see Jesus talking to Moses and Elijah.  What that meant, what that was demonstrating to those disciples who were so shocked that they fell to sleep, was that the consciousness of Moses and Elijah was within Jesus.  That is what He was telling them.  Jesus was saying, I am not just Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus also said the same thing to the Pharisees when He said, Before Abraham was I am, He was telling them, I am not just Jesus of Nazareth.  I am not just Sheila Vitale, you are not just whoever you are, you carry within you the consciousness of your ancestors.  Some people, some nations are more inclined towards ancestor worship, you see they have this revelation that we are our ancestors, and they worship their ancestors.  On the one hand, I have to tell you that is idolatry, but on the other hand, I have to tell you that the reality of that doctrine is that yes, I worship my ancestor, the Lord Jesus Christ.  I, as I talk to you today, see we have two sides, either it is our old man or it is our new man. 

When I live out of my new man and I talk to you out of my new man, I can honestly tell you that I worship my ancestors.  I worship the Lord Jesus Christ who is bringing forth Christ in me, and the Lord Jesus Christ was of a line that included Moses and Elijah, and I believe Michael and Enoch, and however far back as you want to go.  Again, if you do it in Christ it is legal, if you do it from your old man’s side, it is illegal.  This is the foundation of the message in a nutshell, we are two people, and if you are seeking the Lord, and Christ is in you, we are two people, that is why Paul said everything was legal to him, but everything was not expedient.  That meant if he does it out of motive of Christ, everything is legal.  If it is Christ motivating you to do it, how could it not be legal.  He is incapable of sin.  Christ is incapable of sin, your old man is still capable of sin.  Everything depends on your motive.  We are two people, and yes I worship my ancestors, I worship the Lord Jesus Christ most definitely. 

Let us take a look at this dream, I guess I should have asked you first, do you mind if I am doing this?  I should have asked you first.  Xxxx has been having some questions she has been asking the Lord, and do you mind if read the whole introductory paragraph?  I had a dream last night, I wanted to seek the wisdom within you on an issue.  I am not sure if it has helpful insight for me or not, but it seems that there may be some significance.  First I will say that I have been struggling with what in a nutshell is, what is the point of all of this.  I see the struggles, and I know it is my carnal mind that says, Yeah, this is too hard, it is not worth it, take the easy road.  I do not know if I am just going through some routine, even going to meetings, or if I am responding to that seed within me.  I do not feel that a great love of Jesus is motivating me, at least not within myself of Xxxx, because I am not doing all that I do out of love. 

Xxxxx is acknowledging that she does not know what love is, we may be seeing love as one thing and the Lord being seeing love as something else.  I just had a thought, I do not know if it was from somebody here or not, if you need to take a break, you have to tell me, because I will go on for five hours, did you want to take a break before I start with the dream, does somebody here need a break?  You have to remind me, wave at me or something. 

My response to this paragraph is, in general children express love for their parents through obedience.  The love of God is obedience, it is not a feeling.  There are three Greek words that are translated love in the Scripture, the highest kind of love is called God love, and the Greek word is Agape, you may have heard that term Agape love, that is how God loves.  God does not love us emotionally, God loves with His Spirit, He loves us by, He is not losing anything, but it is a sacrificial kind of love.  That is God’s nature, to sacrifice, although I am only hesitating because He does not lose anything when He sacrifices.  When a man manifests the God love, even that is coming from Christ within you, to manifest the God love is sacrifice, because to manifest the God love you have to sacrifice your carnal mind, you have to sacrifice all of the, because the carnal mind is just selfish, anyone that is honest is going to acknowledge that, we are all selfish, we just are, you know.  In order to manifest the Agape love, we have to sacrifice that selfishness. 

If you marry and your husband or wife has a need and you were planning on going and hunting or she was planning on going out and working in her garden, I do not know what you do around here, whatever you do, and your husband or your wife needs you, you should sacrifice what you were doing to stay home to meet his or her need, that is the Agape love, you really did not want to stay home.  As much as you love your husband or your wife, as much as you love them, you really wanted to do what you had your heart set on doing, that is just human. 

There is no condemnation in feeling that way, but there would be condemnation if you went anyway, because that is what marriage is, I am hitting on it.  That is what marriage is, you are supposed to be meeting each other’s needs, that is what it is all about.  Of course you run into problems if either one or both parties becomes unreasonable, and this is what marital problems are all about, we are not perfect, you do not have two perfect people coming together, saying, I am only going to ask you to sacrifice for me when I really genuinely need you, we have people with all kinds of problems because we are broken. 

Basically that is what the Agape love is all about, it is about sacrifice.  We sacrifice for our children, you work hard, you know, you only have so much money, you can keep it all for yourself and starve your kids, or you can feed your children.  Most people give their children and do without something that they would like.  That is the Agape love of God manifesting in a mortal man. 

The next word, Greek word that signifies love is phileo, and it means brotherly love.  That is the kind of love that you have for each other, that you really genuinely care for each other, as brethren in Christ, and friends, and your workers, but it is not that, if your friend wanted to do something with you, but you have an obligation to your family, you are supposed to sow into your family, it is brotherly love, you genuinely care for each other, but there is no obligation, of course if the person needed help, you would want to help them, but the commitment of family life is not there, it is just that you have a good feeling towards that person, and if you could help them in any way you could, but if God forbid they went into a deep need, and helping them would mean you would have to deprive your family, you would have to say you could not do it, so that is the phileo love. 

The third kind of love is called eros, and that is sexual love, and included in sexual love is romance, romantic love.  It is a good feeling, it feels good, but you cannot base your life on that kind of love because you are going to wind up in trouble.  Now if you have all three, you have really lucked out, but to base your life on eros alone, if you have a romantic love, a good feeling, for a man or for a woman who is not going to make a commitment to you, who is not willing to sacrifice for you if you have a need, that eros goes right out the window. 

Even if you get married based on eros and you find that your partner is very selfish and not willing to sacrifice for you, you can wind up hating that person.  That romantic kind of love and sexual kind of love can turn into hate, if the other two kinds are not there.  The most important kind of love in a marriage or in a relationship or in a family is the sacrificial kind of love, that you get married and you make a commitment, the two parties make a commitment to build a life together, and to do what is best for the family, to do what is best for the family.  Hopefully what is best for the family is best for the individual, but family life and marriage is a compromise, it is negotiation, it is seeking God to find out what He wants, it is sacrifice, it is not easy. 

If you have eros love alone, you are going to have a rocky marriage if it lasts.  Anybody not understanding me?  This is Xxxx’s dream again, I do it more, now she is talking about, I guess attending meetings and pursuing the Lord, I do it more out of curiosity because I desire understanding.  I do so struggle with whether that understanding is worth it or not.  This is my response to Xxxx, I pray that the Lord reveal to you your true motives for pursuing the doctrine of Christ, whether it be out of obedience to the Christ within you, or for your own selfish motives.  I also ask that the Lord reveal to you the source of your doubts, whether or not they are a satanic deception, if they are a satanic deception, you always have the option to place your attitude on the altar, and ask the Lord to give you godly motives for pursuing the doctrine of Christ, and maturity of Christ in general. 

This is one of the absolute wonders of pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ, He not only does not condemn us when sin is revealed, but we have the option of going to Him and saying, Lord, I see this sin in myself, and I cannot stop, or I do not want to stop.  You could say, Lord, I do not want to stop, but I read it in your book that it is wrong, help me.  This is an absolute miracle that you could go to our God and tell Him that, I love that sin, but I love you more than I love the sin, help me.  And He will help you, I am not going to say it is going to happen overnight, or it is going to be easy, but He will help you.  The Scripture says that if we keep His statutes and we obey His commandments, He will give us everything.  He will give us wisdom, and do you know that prosperity is associated with wisdom?  Prosperity includes physical health, mental health, and material prosperity.  The Lord does not want us to be poor, but He will not be pouring riches upon us if our soul is not yet mature to a point where we can deal with it without being destroyed.

He is more concerned about us developing His nature.  When His nature develops in us, ultimately it leads to prosperity on every level, including material prosperity, but you cannot be following God because you want to do better financially, that will not cut it, you have to be following God because you love Him, and His most important thing in the world to you, and that in due season when He makes a judgment that your nature is where He wants it to be, material prosperity will come, but that cannot be your goal, it is just a part of the package that you get when He is your everything.

Xxxx says, With that said, I will share my dream.  It seemed to be a long dream.  I do not believe that I can explain the details so maybe that is not important.  I was in the church building that we use to attend.

Sheila speaking, We, all of God’s people are the church, each one of us individually is a church building.  This church building represents you in your dream.  Each one of us is a church building.  You are a house, our physical self is a house for spiritual life.  This is a great mystery, we look like we are a whole entity from the outside, but we are not, we are a whole conglomeration of spiritual aspects and spiritual life lives in us. 

The Lord Jesus Christ lives in me, the Holy Spirit lives in me, Christ lives in me, Satan lives in me, maybe some demons live in me, I have had demons cast out of me, I do not know if any left, I do not know.  We are a house of spiritual life, we are inhabited.  That is hard to understand but it is true, we are not a single person.  There is a being in the unconscious part of our mind that motivates us. 

I read a survey once that was done by some psychiatric society, and they came to the conclusion after interviewing many, many people, that 75% of life’s decisions are made out of the unconscious mind of people, they do not know why they make that choice, as high as 75%.  They do not know why that man fell in love with that woman, they do not know why that woman fell in love with that man, they do not know why they like light wood in their kitchen better than dark wood, 75% of decisions come out of the unconscious mind, people are not aware of their motives.

I use to like a particular kind of furniture, I will not describe it because maybe somebody here has that kind of furniture in their house, but I use like a particular kind of furniture, I was very drawn to it, and as the Lord became more and more powerful in my life, my whole taste has changed, He has changed me, everything about me has changed, my desires have changed, what I am attracted to has changed.  The kind of people I am attracted to has changed.  The kind of activities that I am attracted to has changed, why?  Because I have a new being in the unconscious part of my mind.  It is a different entity in the unconscious part of my mind and now I am attracted to different things. 

We really are, the physical person, we really are the expression of the spiritual life that, well if it is not Christ, it is not life, but the spiritual beings that live inside of us, make us who we are.  That is why sometimes people with a serious spiritual problem need a demon cast out of them, because that demonic life is living in them, and influencing their choices and their preferences.  We need to have Christ living inside of us, so that our preferences and our choices will be motivated by the life of God, and the consciousness of God.

We are the church building, and in this dream Xxxx is the church building.  I found this really interesting, the building looked the same from the outside, but it was totally different inside, it had been redone in a way that I would describe as ancient architecture.  The ancient architecture, if you want to think of this in the terms of creation, who is the ancient architecture?  The ancient architecture is Adam.  Adam in the age of innocence before he fell, Adam was the Christ of that age.  Christ merely means anointed one, what does anointed mean?  It means that the Spirit of God is joined to you.  We talk about that earlier, that we are all damaged, we are all broken, and the prescription for us is the infusion of the life of Christ into us.  Adam in his original state of innocence, what does innocence mean?  He had the potential to sin but he had not yet sinned, so he is called innocent, he was the Christ of that age.

Adam is the ancient architecture of the creation. 

My understanding of this aspect of Xxxx’s dream is that she is the church building, we mentioned in the dream, but her internal workings have changed.  Xxxx like every other mortal human being had the internal workings of her old man, her carnal mind, but now the ancient architecture, the consciousness of the Christ of the previous age is appearing inside of her.

This is a view that comes from a spiritual mind.  When you look at Xxxx or any of us, I hope we all have Christ grafted to us, if we do not have Christ grafted to us, or if you doubt or you do not know whether or not you have Christ grafted to you, ask the Lord to graft Christ to you, nothing to be upset about, nothing to be nervous about, nothing to be afraid about, nothing to be jealous of, if you do not have it, ask Him for it.  Ask the Lord, who gives to all who ask liberally.  That is in the Scripture.  Ask, make your petitions known, He wants you to have it, okay, nothing to worry about.

We see that Xxxx’s internal workings, her spiritual internal workings now reflect the ancient architecture of Adam in his age of innocence.  The Christ that is being formed in us is not in the same condition as the glorified Jesus Christ, the glorified Jesus Christ can never die again, He is invincible, you see, immortality usually implies the potential to die again under certain limited circumstances.  As long as, well I believe okay, I believe that as long as Jesus was in the flesh, He had the potential to die or to fail, but the stronger He got in Christ, the weaker that potential was, and obviously He took the victory, but it was not until He was delivered from the flesh that He became invincible, incapable of dying again. 

Jesus said, in the days of His flesh, I only say and do what my Father tells to say and do.  That has to mean that it was possible for Him to not say and do what His Father tells Him to say and do.  There is something called reverse inference.  If I say to you, Xxxxx’s shirt is not black, how am I going to say this, if I say that something is, if I say that Xxxxx’s shirt is olive green, green, that means that her shirt is not black, it means her shirt is not white, it means her shirt is not grey, orange, pink, yellow or purple, I already told you her shirt is olive green.  There is something called reverse inference, if I tell you that something is, that means that it is not the other thing.  If that Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwell in you, it will quicken your mortal body.  If you have a mortal body, what is the reverse inference of that?  There has to be an immortal body, because if there was immortal body, what is the point of saying, it will quicken your mortal body.  I call it reverse inference. 

We were talking about the ancient architecture of Adam, I was telling you that the Christ in the individual is not in the same invincible condition that the glorified Jesus Christ is in.  The glorified Jesus Christ is invincible, He can never die again, but Christ in us can die, until He ascends and matures to the same condition as His Father.  Christ in us is the offspring of the glorified Jesus Christ.  The glorified Jesus Christ can never die again, and He is impregnating, His intention is to impregnate all of humanity with His offspring.  The glorified Jesus Christ has become the Father and we are son, if Christ is in you, you are the son.  Christ in you is not invincible, and Christ in you is having a similar experience to Adam in the age of innocence.  The major difference between Adam and the age of innocence and Christ in you, is that Adam had not yet sinned in the age of innocence before the fall.

The Christ in us, He is born, He is gestating in the midst of the sin nature, He is surrounded by the sin nature.  The spiritual reality of Jesus being born and being placed in a stable, is that Christ is being gestated in the Adam around, in the midst of the animal nature of the human being.  We are in a similar condition, Adam before the fall in the age of innocence was tested, and he failed the test, and he is still taking the test, we are, when Christ is grafted to us, we are picking up, what Adam left off.  We are being tested continuously, will you choose Christ or will you choose the thought of the carnal mind, do you choose Christ or do you choose the thought of the carnal mind.  The Lord is not raising up a nation of robots, He is raising up sons, and we have to learn righteousness, we have to be instructed in righteousness, so that when we are presented with a moral situation, we will choose the righteous solution. 

A lot of you here have children, or you have been children yourself at some time, if the parents make the decisions for the children all of the time, the children will not learn to choose the right way.  You cannot cripple your children, you make decisions for your children while they are still minors, but at some point and you should start them with small decisions, by the time they are 18 years old and they are leaving home, you hopefully have built a structure of righteousness within them that has prepared them to function in this world, or even before you are 18 years old.

Your children go to school, there is a society in school, 12, 14, 15 years old, hopefully by then you have built a structure of righteousness within your children, so that when presented with any kind of a moral situation, hopefully they will be equipped spiritually, emotionally, intellectually equipped to make the choice that will benefit their lives.  That is what God is doing with us.

He could just make us sons of God and raise us up and put us back in the same condition that Adam was in, in the age of innocence, He could put His righteousness in us, cut off the sowing and reaping judgment, say it is all over, and stand us up in the garden again, and what would happen?  We would make the same mistake, we would be seduced by the Serpent, and fall down again.

What the Lord is doing, what Jehovah is doing through, well actually it is what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing through Christ in us right now is He is teaching us righteousness.  Our old man is not capable of reasoning righteously, our old man is not capable of it, so we have a new man with a new mind that is capable of righteous thought and righteous reasoning and righteous decision, but he has to be instructed as to how to do it, very important point.  I am going to say it again, our old man does not have the potential to be righteous, to think righteously, to reason righteously, or to make righteous choices, we really do not have the potential.  When you look at humanity, we see a shadow of the righteousness of God, we see human beings making moral decisions you know, over is someone going to live or is someone going to die, we have society here, but I am talking about spiritual decisions on the level of a son of God.

We have to be trained and we have to have that structure developed in us through a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through a knowledge of His word, and through experiences with Him, we need to have that structure built in us, and that structure has a name, and the name is Christ in you, the hope of glory. 

Your ability to look at a problem, to view that problem with the mind of God, to reason it through, to think it through and to draw a conclusion based upon the rationale of Christ.  Christ in you, let me clarify my point, Christ in you has to be trained up, if the Lord just raised us back up to the garden again, we would fall again, that was the problem with Adam in the age of innocence, righteousness was imputed to him, it was given to him, but he did not earn it, he did not learn it, it did not grow in him, it was given to him.

It is like someone who inherits ten million dollars from their father, so you get somebody who inherits ten million dollars from their father, one son will who is trained up in the father’s business you know, in the father’s wisdom, will go out and make ten million more, another son, and this is the prodigal, this is the parable of the prodigal son, another son will take that money and go out and spend it all. 

I know someone who just did that, who that just happened to, I know someone, he was a son of poor family, there was a time in their life they just had mayonnaise sandwiches to eat, that is his testimony, his mother divorced his father and married a very wealthy man, she lived with that man I think for twenty years and he died first, he died before the mother, so all of his money went to the mother.  Then the mother died, and the son got all of the money, in fifteen years he spent just about every penny of it, he did not know what to do with that money to make it endure, when you get, I do not know how many millions it was, but it was a lot of money, you have to invest it, if you spend it all, you do not have it. 

He did not know, he was not trained, you see, my point is, he was not trained by his father or by his mother or by anybody how to handle money so that it continues on.  You keep your money, you invest it, and you live off of what that money produces, and then you have it forever, and then your children have it and it goes on down your family line.  You get an estate and you have to hold on to your estate.  He never learned that.  He spent the money for a good cause, he helped a lot of people with the money, and what this man, the second man that his mother had married, his stepfather, he had worked his whole life building up this business to become as wealthy as he was, and the whole thing was gone in fifteen or twenty years, because the son, the stepson, was never trained how to deal with large sums of money, you have to be taught.

Christ in you has to be taught what to do with his inheritance, and that is what this is all about, you are here today being taught, but before you can be taught what to do with your inheritance, you have to find out who you are.  It is very hard for human beings to realize that they are the son of God.  That does not mean that you are the son of God in perfection, we are told in the Psalms that Jehovah said to the Hebrew children, Ye are gods, but you will die like men.  

What does that mean?  You are gods because Christ is in you, you are a god because Christ is in you, you are a god because God is in you, but when you cleave to and live out of your old man, you are going to die like a man, like a mortal fallen man.  First off, we all have to find out who we are, and this is what Xxxx is struggling with right now.  The Lord in his absolute mercy has given her this dream, because she honestly went before Him, and said, Lord, I do not really know what I am doing here, am I phony or am I for real?  Am I doing this just because my pride likes the knowledge, or are you driving me to pursue you?  This is His answer to her.  You are Christ, you are Christ. 

It is very hard for us to see that we are Christ, because we look around ourselves and we see, everybody has problems, we all have to have something right?  Unless everybody here is perfect except me, everybody has to have something right?  We all have problems in our lives.  How could I be Christ?  How could I be a god?  Then sometimes the carnal mind picks that up and runs with it, Oh, they think they are gods, they are exalted, they think they are this, they think they are that.  You are baby gods, you are kid gods.  Like when a prince is born into a royal family, let us say the king dies, there are situations like that where the king, there is a six or seven year old child, we have that in the Scripture, there was a seven year old king of Judah at one point, does that seven year old pick up the reigns of state?  Absolutely not, he is under advisors and counselors until he is trained up to make political decisions and financial decisions and economic decisions.  How could you be king when you do not know what you are talking about?  Especially if you have a mind of a seven year old, God help us, if our president would be seven years old.

You are gods, if Christ is in you, you are a god, not the God, you are not THE GOD, Jehovah, He is THE GOD, and Jehovah is appearing to us today as the Lord Jesus Christ, He is THE GOD, he is God almighty, but you because His son is in you, you are a god.  The Lord Jesus has become the Father, and we are today the son.  All of the promises to the son are made to us, when we grow up enough and pass the test to prove that we can do the job.  All judgment is given unto the son.  Do you not know that you will be judging angels?   What does that mean?  Well certainly not an immature Christ is going to be doing that.  Christ in you cannot be raised up in you until you know that you are Christ, you have to know, you have to know who you are.  That is not easy.  It took me a very long time to find out who I am.  I am Christ, I am a son of God.  Today I sit here before you, I am manifesting the son of God to you.

Does that mean I have all power?  No.  Does that mean I am right all of the time?   Absolutely not, I am as human and mortal as you are, but every second that Christ is expressing Himself through me, He can do everything that the Father has given Him the legitimate authority to do, and right now for our intents and purposes what He is doing is judging sin.  What does it mean, you will judge angels?  Who are the angels?  There are different kinds of angels.  Christ in you is an angel.  That means the son of God, Christ in you wherever He is appearing, now it is not a person, it could be Christ in me now, and I could my carnal mind a minute from now, I am human, I have feelings like everybody else, sometimes I even lose my temper, do you believe that?  Sometimes I do, lose my temper, that is not Christ.

It is not a person, it is Christ in the person.  We have to ask the Lord to help us to recognize Christ wherever He is appearing.  We have to be able to recognize Christ wherever He is appearing.  If you cannot do it, ask the Lord to help you to do it.  It is very exciting to be able to recognize Christ when He is appearing in somebody, because if He is appearing in somebody because if He is appearing in somebody to you He has some information for you, or He has some encouragement for you, see Christ is not frivolous, whenever He appears, He appears for a purpose, so if He is appearing to you, He has something to say to you, or something to do for you, or an encouragement for you. 

Lots of times He has information for you, and if you cannot recognize that it is Christ, you could lose the benefit of His counsel.  Everything that He says to us has value, so number 1, you all have to know who you are, and you should ask the Lord who you are, maybe Christ is not grafted to you yet, then you say, Lord I would like Him to be grafted to me.  You know that you are a prince in training.  We are all princes in training, we are under tutors and counselors, that is what the Scripture says.  How do I know that I am still a kid in training?  My power is very limited, mature manifestations of Christ have a lot more power than I have.  I am a teacher right now, I am a teacher, I can teach you, I do have the ability to reveal sin, to recognize sin in you for your edification if the Lord shows it to me, when the Lord shows it to me, and I have the spirit of counsel in me which is in Christ, but I do not have any, the Lord keeps correcting me on this, I keep saying, I do not have any miracles and He keeps telling me the every person that Christ gets grafted to, it is a miracle, but I do not have physical people getting up out of wheelchairs or anything like that. 

It is a miracle, me sitting here preaching to you, because my words are spirit and my words are life, that Christ can be grafted to you in this meeting, that is a miracle, I have that limited power, my power is limited.  My Father is limiting my power, because I can only exercise power in direct proportion to the structure of righteousness that has been developed in me.

We are all being raised up, the Lord is raising up a body of believers that are going to be a blessing to the world.  We are not being raised up for ourselves, we are being raised up for the world, but because He needs us to be in a condition where we can bless the world, He has to fix us up too.  It is the truth.  He, the Lord, wants to express Himself to the world, He wants to express the mercy of His life and of His Father, well He is the Father, the mercy of God to the world through us.  If you want to be in the safest place, physically, financially, economically, serve God, Ask Him what kind of, you know, what He requires of you, and whatever He shows you, study, go to church, whatever He shows you, be close to Him.  When you become integral, when you become important in His plan of salvation for the whole church and the whole world, He is going to take care of you. 

That is just the truth, everybody does not get taken care of equally, it is grow up time.  I knew two women in the church that had cancer, one lived and one died.  If you want to be in the safest place, if you want to be in the place where you are most likely to get the benefits from God, ask Him what He would have you to do, and be as close to Him as you could be, because He takes care of the people that are a part of His plan for salvation of the whole.  I am telling you the truth.  I think a lot of people would not like that word, but I am telling you the truth, everybody does not receive from God equally, it is the truth. 

We may be doing this dream for two days.  The building looked the same from the outside but it was totally different inside, it had been redone in a way that I would describe as ancient architecture.  Christ was appearing in Xxxx, inside, her whole total insides had been converted.  It was stacked stone with tall and narrow hallways.  The Scripture tells us that we are living stones, that we are living stones that are being built up into a temple for God.  This is a great mystery.  God, He is infinite.  I do not know about you but I have trouble conceiving infinity, I just really do, I know that it is very large, but to have no beginning and no end, I really cannot comprehend it.  He is so great, He could never fit into one building, so He is going to be appearing through all of us, through all of humanity that is existing on the earth in that day when He possesses all of humanity, and He is so great, His Spirit is so great that in that day, not only will He be inside of human being that is on the face of the earth, but He will overflow them, because He is infinite and we are finite, we have a border, He has not border, so He is going to fill all of us, and overflow all of us in that day that He appears fully on the earth.

It was stacked stone and each one of us is a stone in this temple, stacked stone with tall and narrow hallways, going to larger rooms all over.  Each of us is, to be honest wit you I do not really know, each of us is, well I guess the answer is that each one of us may not be our own stone.  How do I explain this, this is really very technical.  Let us say for example, just by way of example, a whole family is one stone, let us say your whole family is one stone, and then you would have the little areas within it, narrow hallways and rooms all over, so each member of your family would be a room, but your whole family would be one stone. 

God is so vast and so great that everything He does is in layers, and I think I just want to leave it there because it is going to get too confusing.  You just need to know that we are stones, we could be stones within stones, but He is building a living temple, because nothing, nothing can contain Him.  I do not know how many of you have computers or what you know about computers, I got a computer with a big hard drive and I wanted to back up that big hard drive, and I am trying to figure out, What am I going to back up this big hard drive to, I had so much room on this big hard drive, I needed a hard drive bigger than that to back it up to.  God is infinite, how could anything contain Him.  He fills us from the inside and overflows on the outside and He appears as a cloud. 

That cloud, that pillar of cloud that followed the Hebrew children in the wilderness all day, it was not just a cloud out there, He was inside of the people, that was Shekinah inside of the people just like I explained it to you, and overflowing all of the people, and He was a cloud that they could see, but He was also inside of them.  That cloud was coming from within them. 

When you are in a service like this, or if you have been in a Pentecostal service where the anointing falls, it is not falling out of the sky, it is rising up in the people, it is rising up from the anointing in the people.  That is why you go to some areas and it is possible to go to one area and have a really bad spirit there, because all of the people in that area, let us say it is a criminal area, or they are all into drugs, they are all taking drugs, and you walk into that area of town and you can just feel the spirit, but you just walk into the town. 

The carnal mind says, Well how could that be in the spirit, I feel it when I walk into the town?  It is the spirit in the people and it flows out of the people and creates an atmosphere in the whole town.  It comes from the people.

Human beings are the connection between the spiritual realms and this physical world which Jesus called outer darkness.  If you want to get into the spiritual realms, you have to go in, not out.  We are inclined to believe that God is out there, in that physical heaven, but He is not, He is in here in the spiritual heaven within us, because each one of us is a world, we have a sun and a moon, and we have two sets of suns and moons, because we have a carnal old man is one world, and our new man is another world, so our sun is the Lord Jesus Christ, and the moon is Christ in you, the moon reflects the sun.  Christ in you is a reflection of His Father, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Each one of us is a world, each one of us has a sun and moon in us, and the Spirit of God, each one of us is a hallway, or a channel, for the beings in the other spiritual worlds to enter into this world, they come from inside of us.  Angels that appear come from inside of us.  That is a hard word, demons are inside of you too, Satan is inside of you too, so people that are really into satanic things, when there is a manifestation of a satanic entity, it comes from the inside. 

I saw a man once who came for prayer to the church that I was in, he would wake up every morning all covered with bite marks, and he was completely alone, there were human bite marks, something on the inside of him was biting him from inside.  We are outer darkness, everything is inside of us.  The entities inside of us know all about us, but the average human being does not know what is inside of us. 

Did anybody here see the movie The Three Faces Of Eve?  You did.  It is a movie about a woman who had multiple personalities. Her regular personality that she got married in and that she had her child in was a very mild woman, and she had no idea that she had all of these other personalities inside of her, but she would have headaches and she would lose time, time would go by and she did not know what happened to her, because one of the other personalities came out, and was expressing itself through the very same physical body. 

The personalities inside of her knew about her, they knew about the personality which was the outer personality, just like we are outer darkness, everyone inside of her knew that she was, who she was, and that they had to penetrate her to express themselves, but she did not know that anybody was there. 

The first personality that appeared when it came out, was a wild woman.  Eve, she was a housewife, very mild and meek, and afraid of her shadow and she would never hurt anybody, when this other personality came out, she was wild, you know, putting on sexy dresses and going out to bars, and screaming and yelling and dancing with everybody in the bar.  At one point the switch happened when this woman was in the bar, and she switched back to Eve, to this timid little housewife, and she finds herself hanging over the piano in a bar with some guy hitting on her, and she got so scared, she just went running out of the bar, she could not figure out how she got there. 

My whole point is that Eve, the personality that the world knew, the name that was on the birth certificate, the woman that got married and had the child, she was the housewife, she had no idea that these other personalities existed inside of her, and they all knew about her, waiting for an opening to get out and have the use of her body to express themselves. 

This is our reality, there are kinds of aspects of ourselves that would like to get out.  Do you not all know that you have another side, does anybody here ever get mad?  We are all sitting here like little saints today?  Does anybody ever get mad and lose their temper?  Everybody except me of course.  We all have aspects inside of ourselves that would like to express themselves but we usually keep them down because we know it is not creative behavior, so we repress it and keep it down. 

With this woman, it went to an extreme, but of course we are aware of these other qualities within ourselves and we restrain them.  This woman had a mental illness, she had multiple personalities, but that is who we are.  There is spiritual life inside of us.  If Christ is inside of you and you do not know it, that is your condition.

COMMENT:   Is that the same as the extent of thoughts and imaginations?

PASTOR VITALE: I will answer your question, if I do not answer it, because I am not sure what you mean, so if I do not answer you with what I am going to say now, you tell okay.  Thoughts and imaginations we are familiar with, I think all day long, I have all kinds of thoughts in my mind all day long, some I accept, some I reject, but there is a communication, and an imagination is just a creative idea, that is what an imagination is.  I have all of these thoughts, we communicate, I know that they are there and they know that I am here, but if Christ is in you and you do not know that He is there, there is a life inside of you that wants to get out, that wants to express itself through you and you do not even know who is there.  Xxxx was not sure that He was there, I hope she knows now that He is there, she did not know whether He was there or whether He was not there.

COMMENT: Is Christ the only one that can take entities that are in you?

PASTOR VITALE: Christ is the only answer.

COMMENT: What are these entities, creative thoughts or imaginations? 

PASTOR VITALE: Well they are, oh is that what you are asking me?  Yeah, well, there are different kinds of demons.  Demons, coming from the point of view of your old man.  There is one kind of demon that comes from a soul which all of us are a fallen soul, that sows into a bad habit, and keeps pursuing the bad habit, and every time we pursue the bad habit, something starts to form in us that could be likened to cancer cell, something that is going to influence us back towards that bad habit, and as we continue to pursue that bad habit, this mass of spiritual cells continues to form in us and it makes it harder and harder for us to stop because it is manifesting as a drive towards that habit.  That becomes a demon, it is not a demon initially, it is like a mass of cancer cells on your soul driving you to do a destruction behavior, but at the time that the Lord comes, this is the way I explain it, He scores it, like if you want to cut a piece of glass, you have to score it, you put a score on that glass, and then you tap it and the glass breaks clean.  Do you know what I am talking about?  The Lord comes, and He will score that mass of spiritual cancer cells, and prepare, and that is prepared to be removed, and once He scores it, it becomes a demon, it is no longer you, but until it is scored, it is you, it is just a part of you like your arm is a part of you.  That is what the Lord does for us.  That is one kind of demon.  Then there are demons that are whole personalities which is another whole thing.

COMMENT: We cannot do anything with it until Christ scores it, do we ask Him to score it? 

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, you ask Him to do it, you ask Him for deliverance, you pray for deliverance. 

COMMENT: It has to be recognized in you. 

PASTOR VITALE: You have to recognize that it is sin in you.  Again, without condemnation, the Lord is not into condemnation, wherever it came from, did it come from something you did, did it come from an ancestor, it does not even matter, He just wants you to confess that it is there, that it is in you, that it is a problem, and that it is sin, and that you want it out.  It is possible to cast a demon out, outside of Christ, if that is what you were asking me.  There are all kinds of religions that do that, I have seen a picture of a Hindu mass deliverance, everybody getting the demons cast out of them.  There is a satanic religion called Santeria, from the Spanish culture that casts out demons, but it is just a temporary fix, because even if a demon is cast out of you by the Lord Jesus, if you do not replace what was cast out with the corresponding attribute of Christ, it will come back.

COMMENT: When the Hindu or whatever does it in the wrong spiritual, does it just kind of go back to Satan then he wants to use it against you again? 

PASTOR VITALE: I think they die, the demon that I just described that is a cancer on your personality, I believe that it really lives in your spiritual being, and they die when they get cast out.  A whole personality that is cast out, I do not have much information about it, so I would rather not say anything.

COMMENT: By whose authority are those demons cast out?

PASTOR VITALE: They are cast out by raw spiritual power, it just the raw spiritual power, it is the gurus that do it, it is just raw spiritual power, those gurus have spiritual power.  You would be amazed at the anointing that comes down, it looks just like the anointing in a Pentecostal church, they even speak in tongues.

COMMENT: So they are male to the demons which are female and they can cast them out.

PASTOR VITALE: Exactly, they are very ascended, these are the gurus that swallow fire and walk on beds of nails, or sleep on beds of nails, they are spiritually ascended, absolutely.  There are cults in Africa that walk down the street with knives slicing their arms and they do not bleed.  There is more spiritual power in the world, in the occultic world than in Christ, we do not, the power is not here yet, it is coming, and when it comes, it is going to come with righteousness. 

That is pride walking down the street just slicing your arms and, See, I cannot bleed, you know, be afraid of me, I have spiritual power, and then they fight with each other.  If you get into a culture where this is common, which happens a lot in South America, you see a lot in South America, if someone finds out that they are cursed, they just go to a white witch, they go to another witch to curse the person that is cursing them, and all of these spiritual people, people who are spiritual, they are fighting with each other, you know, and it is a fight of good against evil.  The Lord Jesus Christ, He is righteous, He is higher than good and evil.

COMMENT: My husband had that happen to him actually, he was on drugs, and he had been into a higher ascended state, and he saw this one witch fighting for him, because another witch had, had a curse on him, but one of them was actually fighting this other witch, to control them, yeah, and that was his down point where he had gone, that was it, he said he, and then that is when he started praying and going to church, and started getting into God because he just, it scared him right to God.

PASTOR VITALE: Well that is good, something good came out of it anyway.


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