226 - Part 3

Part 3 of 3 Parts


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I expect this to be the last of a three-part series, and I think it is pretty complete. I would have liked to have spent a little more time on it for you, but I just could not get the time. So I might refine the Alternate Translations a little more if I have the time, but I think it is going to bless you. It has really blessed me. It is very exciting to know that our God is a merciful God and a loving God who is righteous.

We have one group in the church or a category of Christians that believe God is going to wipe off the face of the earth the people who are disobedient unto Him. And then we have another group in the church that think that nobody is going to be punished, and everybody is going to be saved.

And I am preaching here that there is a middle ground, that we have a God who is merciful and who loves us, but He is also righteous, and He will execute judgment upon sin. However, the end of the execution of the judgment upon sin is that He restores us to life. He is an all-powerful, almighty God who has the power to wound, to correct us, to break a rod across our back because we are sinners, and we need to be corrected.

And after He executes that wound, He raises us back up to a life that is higher than not only anything we have experienced before He broke that rod across our back, but He raises us up to a life that is higher than any human being could ever hope to attain to without Christ. If you think of the very best life that you could order for yourself, if the Lord came to you and said, here, write it down, whatever you want, I will give it to you, whatever it is that you want out of life, whatever it is that you think would be a good life for you, the very best, God has something better for you after He corrects you. Where? In the way that you think. And He is going to do it for the whole creation.

A lot of people today are very bitter, and they do not understand how it could be 2,000 years after Christ was crucified and raised from the dead and how things could be in the mess that they are in, and many have lost faith. Many have never had it and have not found it because of this line of thinking. But we are living in a very exciting hour today, and we are about to see a group of people rise up or ascend or spiritually ascend in the image and the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And I remind you that one day to God is 1,000 years to man. The Lord has been wasting no time to save His creation which has fallen down into a deep pit. Spiritually speaking, we have fallen out of the Garden of Eden and down into a deep pit. The best of us in this world die after a season, and our God has promised us the life of the ages. And in case you do not know it, the death of this body and the physical illness of this body is a spiritual humiliation. It is not a way of life. It is not the way it is supposed to be. You are not supposed to be in the hospital before you die. You are not supposed to have your body cut open.

All of these things are gifts from God. If you have an operation, it is a gift from God for those of us who are in this fallen condition. If He does not chose to heal you supernaturally, He may send you to a doctor. I am not against doctors, but there is something better. We must know that there is a life where these things do not exist, where surgery does not exist, where illness does not exist, but where we abide in peace and righteousness and holiness and supernatural health because our mind is Christ.

The reason we have other experiences in this hour is because our mind is not Christ. Our mind is carnal, Paul says. Our mind is carnal, and to be carnally-minded is to abide in death, and it is only in the realm of death that we experience disease, that we experience having our body cut open and that we experience all of the humiliation that is down here, including the possibility of being bit by a tick and having that tick kill us or being bit by a mosquito and having malaria attacks for the rest of our life.

God did not make us this way. The Bible says when God made us, we were what? Good. We were good. God said the creation was good, but we did not stay good. We had an accident. We fell down, but our Father in heaven fully intends to pick us up again and set us upright in the Garden of Eden once again, not in the same condition that we were in when we fell down but in a new, improved condition whereby we shall never fall down again. And the promise of the Lord to the creation at the beginning of time was, Adam, I hope that you do not fall, but if you do fall, it will only be once because, in the resurrection, I will fix you in such a way that this will never happen again. OK.

We are in Deuteronomy 32. I will read you the Alternate Translations from the last meeting, and that was verses 23 to 30. You might notice that in verse 30, I change the word Satan to carnal mind.

"I will increase evil upon them and send My Spirit to cause them to pine away and be consumed and come to an end. I will send the carnal minds of fallen men against them and fight against them with the destructive, poisonous storm of Satan's evil spirit. And I shall strike them with hunger and sicknesses which will exhaust and emaciate them. Their children shall die violently, and they shall be filled with fear."

"And I shall remove Christ from all of mankind by separating My Spirit from believers with an immature imparted anointing from the believers who have not conceived Christ from believers who have the engrafted word from believers with the mature imparted anointing."

"And because they are a nation void of counsel and without understanding, I shall remove My Spirit from them so that they will know that their enemies were not just unaware that the Lord protected Israel and say, we are innocent. The Lord hath not sent this enemy against us, and there is no reason to fear His wrath."

"O if only Israel were wise, they would understand what I am speaking about and recognize that Christ is in them and that the kingdom of God shall not drive the carnal mind underfoot, nor the kingdom of heaven rescue the many membered fallen creation until Christ becomes their mind."

And what we see in those verses is an indictment of Israel under the Old Covenant, and it is an indictment of the church today. We have a lot of religiosity in the church today. We have a lot of Pharisees in the church today. The church is in a very similar condition to Israel at the time that the Lord gave this indictment to them. And He is telling them in these verses that He has great things for us. He is telling us He has great things for us, but things do not go as rapidly as we humans would like them to go. He is saying be patient. Hold on. Have faith in God. Deal with your immaturity and your lack of patience because God is faithful to bring forth His promises.

And what are the promises of God? The promises of God are the promise of God is that He is about, and very soon, to raise up a group of people in the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. And when He does that, He is going to send them forth to rescue the entire creation. By His power, by His strength, by His Spirit, by His mind, by His expression through them, He is going to raise this whole creation from the dead because we are all dead.

This is the realm of death. Everything dies here. Trees die; flowers die; people die; everything dies. And the only reason that things die is because we are already dead. We have a mind which is dead, and when we receive a new mind, which is Christ in which is life, everything will stop dying. This entire creation, including our persons, is an expression of the mind that is in us. And in this hour, the only one that I know of who has been raised from the dead is the Lord Jesus Christ. We are all dead. We are in the process of being raised from the dead, but either you are dead, or you are not.

So we are dead in the process of being raised from the dead because of the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ. And we are called to be persons who will express His nature and be vessels of mercy unto the entire world, even the people that do not believe like we do. We are going to be vessels of mercy to the Hindus and to the Buddhists and to every denomination that we are not because God loves people.

And if there is a mistake in their doctrine, He will correct their doctrine. If they are worshipping a false God, He will teach them, through this group of people, about Himself, even the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is the hardest on people who know the truth about Him and will not serve, will not submit to His Spirit and run after their ow- -- the desires of their own flesh.

But we have witnesses in the Scripture. The Lord sent Jonah to preach to the heathen, and the whole nation repented. The king repented; the people repented as soon as they found out that they were doing something wrong. They covered themselves with sackcloth and ashes and put the whole nation on a fast, even the farm animals, but Israel did not do any such thing, we are told. And Israel is the church today. It is the same indictment, but she stiffened her neck and shot out her shoulder and put her branch -- put a branch to the nose, and she ran in the opposite direction from where God sent her.

And this is the reason that judgment is now falling upon the church. It is falling upon America. We hear many nations praying for revival. Brethren, there will be no revival without judgment. Revival is that gift of God which is sent to people who have never known Him. Once you have known Him and thumbed your nose at what He has offered you, there is nothing left but judgment.

Hebrews, I believe it is 6:11 says, "For those of you who have known the glory of God, who have tasted of the good word of God and experienced of the miracles of the age to come, and you, knowing all that, tread Christ under your feet, there is nothing left for you but the fiery burning of judgment which will restore you to righteousness. It is not a punishment in an eternal Hell. When God punishes you, when God lets evil come upon you or does evil to you, His motive and His intent towards you is to correct erroneous thinking in your mind, to corrects something that is wrong in your heart and teach you righteousness so that you might live in His sight.

He is too great a God to just wipe you out because you did not receive Him. This is the God who said love your enemies. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who despitefully use you, and if you have fought with your brother, do not come asking Me for anything, but go make it right with your brother first. Now I do not know about you, but I have trouble joining that God to a God who burns people in Hell forever, and I declare to you He does not burn people in Hell forever. He fixes them through much fiery judgment, but the result of it is that He fixes them. He does not abandon them.

I want to tell you the people in this country are having trouble understanding the love of God because many of us, not all of us but many of us, are not very faithful today. Jesus does not abandon anybody. He does not abandon you when you hate Him. He does not abandon you when you curse Him. He does not abandon you when you run away from Him. He does not abandon you because you do not appreciate the gift He has given you. He does not abandon you even when you think evil of Him because He knows that He is greater than we are and that we are just worms in relationship to Him, and He has great mercy on us.

He is the epitome of faithfulness. And any of that would like to learn faithfulness must look at Jesus Christ and not a man because a man will fail you. A man will surely let you down, but the faithfulness of God goes all the way, goes the extra mile, does anything to bring you back. The Scripture clearly states that if the whole flock of sheep was safe, the Lord would go out, leave the whole flock, and go out and search for the one lost sheep. And that is what He does because He loves us, and He loves us enough to chasten us because our sins are killing us.

We are picking up tonight with Deuteronomy 32:31. "For their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies themselves being judges."

Now let me remind you that in the previous verse, the Lord is speaking about the heathen. And He is saying to them, well, is their rock not the same as our Rock? And who is the Rock? The Rock is Jesus. The Rock is savior. And what the Lord is saying in this verse is, well, are the heathens not -- do the heathens not have the same God as you have? Whether they know it or not, whether they are worshipping false gods or not, has not the same God created all of humanity?

The same God has created all of humanity, and all of humanity fell down. Some are in more sin than others. Some worship false gods out of ignorance, but God still created them. No matter what He is -- what they are doing, He made them, and He fully intends to save the whole creation, His creation. He is not casting it into Hell forever. He is correcting it, and He is correcting it by correct- -- by starting His correction with a group of people.

He started with Israel. He took one nation out of the whole world, and He gave them His law. And His law was imparted to the earth, thereby being a vehicle to convict everyone that was committing sin because now we had a moral standard of righteousness in the world. Any nation, wherever you are, whether you believe it or not, God has placed a moral standard of righteousness in this world, and it is the Word of God. And man thinks he can tear it down, but he cannot because it stands forever.

I recently read a survey by a left-wing liberal trying to disprove one of God's laws. And she went into nations where they were pagans, idolaters, very little education. And she said, well, look at what they are doing in that nation. They do this in that nation, and so you cannot tell me it is not normal. Of course they do it in that nation. God came into a world filled with sin, and He said what you are doing is wrong. This is the right way. So do not tell me that that nations of heathens over there is doing it and that makes it OK. Paul says that a lawless man is the one who needs the law. A man who has the law written on his heart does not need a law. He knows what is right.

But the whole world is lost in sin, so God gave us this book and the Ten Commandments. So you do not disprove the Ten Commandments by showing me that the heathen is doing it differently. Of course he is doing it differently. Otherwise, you would not need the book. So if you wonder how far our minds are getting reprobate in this nation, the more intellectual the writers, the more reprobate their minds are, with few exceptions. They make no sense at all if you are thinking clearly.

So they have the same Rock that we have. The same God created them, and He loves them just as much as He loves us, and sometimes people that are in the Lord get very jealous. And they say why am I under this heavy correction and that guy down that street is living any way that he wants and there is no correction? Well, it is because the Lord has not gotten to them yet, and even though you are under heavy correction, there are great blessings in your life. And you should not be looking at your brother. You should be looking at yourself.

If God has called you and if He has apprehended you and if He is fixing you up -- because that is the Scripture. Fix yourself up before you try to fix your brother up. Get the mote out of your own eye before you try and get it out of your brother's eye. If that is what He has called you to, at least ask Him to help you to be grateful because no one enjoys the chastening while it is happening, but what comes in the morning?


Joy cometh in the morning, and it also yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness. Nobody loves it when it is happening, and if any religious spirit tries to tell you, you are supposed to be loving it, tell them to leave you alone because they do not know what they are talking about.

So their rock is the same rock as our Rock, even those who are our enemies and our judges. Well, what does that mean? Brethren, do you not know that God raised Babylon up and sent it against Judah? God spoke to the king of Babylon and says, I am sending you. Go kill him. Drive him into captivity. So your enemies, if they are prevailing over you, are sent by God. If they are not prevailing over you, they are not sent by God. It is -- you know, it is a hard word, but I tell you the truth. If you are being destroyed physically, if you are being destroyed financially, if you cannot stay in a relationship, if you cannot hold a job, if you cannot get a dollar in a bank account, that enemy was sent against you by God.

Now turn around and repent and start to fight, and yield to God. Fight with His power, and those enemies will be broken off [?of?for?] you. But your enemies are your judges that were sent by God for the specific purpose -- does anybody know for what, to bring you to what?

            Full stature.

Well, before that. To convict you of sin and to bring you to repentance. Your enemies are sent against you so that at some point you are going to sit down and say, dear God, something is wrong in my life. Because, you see, the Lord spoke to you. He spoke to you through the book, and you said, oh, I am not committing that sin. Then He spoke to you in a dream, and you went around and told everybody, I had the strangest dream, but God could not possibly have been talking about to me. Then he sent a prophet to tell you that you were in sin, and you said that false prophet telling me that.

So after He tried every way that He could to tell you that you were walking down the wrong path, He sent spiritual judgment upon you. And somewhere along the line, Lord willing, you are going to sit down and say something is very wrong in my life, and God is going to say to you, well, I finally got your attention. I have been telling you for the last 15 years you are walking wrong.

We are a stiff-necked people, dull of hearing with dim eyesight. We do not hear God when he talks to us. Do you know that God talks to us continuously? What -- the Word of God is written in the heavenlies. It is like radio waves. They are out there continuously, but you need spiritual senses to hear them, and you are not likely to hear them if you are not listening for them. And most people are not listening for them, and sometimes even those who are listening for them cannot hear them.

Why? Because of the pride of man. That is what that Scripture says. Our pride gets in the way. God cannot possibly be talking about me. I am good. I go to church every Sunday, and I put money in the offering basket, and I visit the orphans and the widows, and I give my old clothes to the charity. I want to tell you, brethren, that is not going to cut it. He wants your soul. He wants your mind. He wants your whole life. He wants to live His will and His purposes through your mind and through your body, and we are all out there doing our own thing saying God would not be mad at me. That is what someone says to me. Oh, God understands me. He understands you all right. Watch out.

Alternate Translation, Deuteronomy 32:31, "Because Jesus is not only our savior, but He is the savior of the enemies He raised up to judge us as well."

Verse 32, "For their vine is as the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah: their grapes are grapes of gall, and their clusters are bitter."

Now just in case you think He is talking about the enemies that are judging you, you are mistaken. He is talking about Israel, and He is talking about the church today. And He is saying this is why I am sending enemies against you, to judge you because your vine is the vine of Sodom.

Now we know that Sodom was one of the four cities destroyed by the Lord because of its great and intense sin. And we have been doing deep studies here for many years now, and in these deep studies, the Lord has revealed, in many instances, the meanings of symbols that He uses in prophecy. So I cannot be re-teaching all of this now. If anyone is interested in following it up further, I can tell you what messages to listen to. But we did find out -- the Lord did teach us that a vine, in the Scripture, symbolizes -- does anybody remember what the vine symbolizes?




Well, there is more than one vine, OK, so it is true that the good vine -- He is the what vine? He is the true vine. The true vine is Christ. So if there is a true vine, there must be a --

            [?False vine?].

-- false vine. So the vine in the Scripture typifies the -- I made a mistake here. The vine in the Scripture typifies the mind of the individual, hmm, OK. For their mind -- for the mind that is in them is a mind of Sodom. Are we not told that Jesus was crucified in -- where was He crucified? He was crucified in Sodom in Egypt. Was it not Sodom in Egypt? He was crucified in the spiritual condition of the mind of Sodom in Egypt. So we are reading here the Israel and the church today, at the time that judgment falls, has a mind which is the mind of Sodom.

And Sodom was known for what? Sodomy, homosexuality. That is the condition of our fallen mind, the Lord is saying. Even though you are in church every Sunday and you are reading a Bible every night, you need a new mind. We have got to get a new mind because if we had a mind that was righteous, we would not be aging. Our relatives would not be dying. Those that spawned us would not be dying. If you expect to die after about 70, 80, 90 or 100 years, that means your mind is not righteous. Because if your mind was righteous, the Father would? He would what?


Well, He -- if He -- that is true. He would keep you alive, but if you did die, He would what?


He would raise you from the dead. So if you know someone who you think was the best Christian you ever met and they died and the Father did not raise them from the dead, they were not righteous. And I do not say that to condemn anybody. We cannot make ourselves righteous. Only Christ can make us righteous. And as Job said, we are waiting for our change. We are waiting for Christ to change our mind, to give us a righteous mind and let us live for the life of the ages.

So Israel, at the time of judgment, and the church today, at the -- as the judgment begins to fall on the church, has a vine or a mind which is ungodly. "And they are also as the fields of Gomorrah." The word -- the Hebrew word translated field is Strong's 7709, and it means vineyard. It would be the place where the vine would abide. A vine abides in a vineyard, so if the vine is our mind, the vineyard is our what? Well, if the vine is our mind, the vineyard is our soul? Our soul, amen. The vineyard is our soul.

So the Lord is saying, even though we do all these good things, we read the Bible, we go to church, we help people, our mind is corrupt, and because our mind is corrupt, our soul is corrupt because as the mind goes, so goes the soul. Did you ever hear that expression in the world? As America goes, so goes the world. As California goes, so goes America. As the mind goes, so goes your soul. If your mind is unrighteous, your soul is unrighteous, and he is your old man. When your mind becomes righteous, your soul becomes righteous. He is your new man. The soul expresses the mind that is in you.

So the -- Israel and the church, they have a mind that is corrupt. Their soul is corrupt, and, "Their grapes are the grapes of gall," and we have also done quite a bit of studying on that. We found out in our study on Daniel 8 that gall typifies Satan's seed. You may remember that the creation was righteous. It was in good standing. Thing would have lived for the life of the ages. God had made every provision for Adam, and Adam fell.

And as a result of his falling, Satan brought forth his carnal mind. He brought forth his own seed and reproduced it in the living soul. And we found that expressed in Daniel 8 by the word bile, which is -- bile is that bitter tasting liquid that comes up out of your stomach when you throw up and you have nothing in it. It is bitter.

So their mind is corrupt. Their soul is corrupt, and their grapes are the fruit of Satan's spirit, and their clusters are bitter. Now, remember [?you?] -- [?I remember?] -- I remind you that Jesus said He is the vine, and we are the branches. The Hebrew word translated clusters could be likened to the branches, can be likened to the branches. So this word that signifies branches, [?it is?] branches on the vine -- hmm, so please note that the gall grapes have no edible fruit, and the branches of this vine, which is the many membered carnal mind, can only produce the nature of Satan.

We find -- I believe it is in Isai- -- I may have the wrong prophet, but in the Old Testament, one of the prophets speaks about figs that cannot be eaten, inedible fruit. It is the offspring of Satan, the carnal mind in fallen man.

Alternate Translation, Deuteronomy 32:32, "Because their spiritual root is Satan and their souls are his habitation, they have no fruit, and their reproductive force is death."

Now, listen, [?becau-?] -- now this is both Israel and the church today. Because their spiritual root is Satan and their souls are where Satan lives, they have no fruit. You can only get fruit from the Father. The fruit of Christ must be born in you. The word must be engrafted to you. The fruit must start to come forth in you. When you have a reconciliation with the Lord, a new tree is put in you. You were the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and now you have received the seed of the Tree of Life. The tree has to grow, and it has to produce fruit.

But the Lord is saying that Israel did not produce fruit. It -- the Scripture says that in another one of the prophets. It says I was looking for that man to be born. I was looking for the manchild to be born out of Israel, and you brought forth nothing but wind. And Israel had mighty experiences with God, but they did not produce the fruit of Christ which would save the whole world because we are saved in childbearing.

You are not saved by the Holy Ghost. You are not saved because you speak in tongues. You are saved through childbearing. That Christ child must be born in your mind, and He must kill the mind in you which is death. Paul said He was crucified to the world. The mind of Christ in Him was crucified to that mind which was death.

We are saved in childbearing. You are not saved because you cast out demons. You are not saved because you preach. You are not saved because you heal the sick. You are not saved because you take a pilgrimage to wherever you are taking a pilgrimage. You are not saved because you kneel down at the altar and wave your hands. You are saved in childbearing when that Christ child becomes a part, a very part of your spiritual being. He engrafts to your soul, and He saves your soul.

So if I have the Christ child coming forth in me, He cannot save you. I can help you. I can teach you. I can strengthen you. I can pray for you. But if you do not get Him inside of your heart and if He does not start growing inside of you, your soul cannot be saved by the Christ in me.

So their spiritual root is Satan, and their souls are his habitation, and they have no fruit. They have not produced the fruit of Christ. The Holy Ghost is not Christ. First, we have faith. Then we receive the Holy Ghost. Then Christ must be formed in us. Now I have had a lot of people say to me, well, I have the Holy Ghost. I have it by faith. But my Bible says that that Holy Ghost is evidenced by the what? Speaking in tongues.

And I want to tell you that Christ is evidenced by a changed life. Christ is evidenced by a living, working, thriving manifestation of Christ in you that can reach out and touch other people's lives and see their lives turned around. Well, I am going to say it. And the only reason that you see so many people with the Holy Ghost going out and trying to force themselves on people who are not interested in their salvation is because they do not have the genuine article.

It takes Christ to bring a true conversion forth. If you have Christ vibrating through you, you do not have to beat anyone over the head. God will bring the people to you for ministry. Wherever you go, He will have someone in your path if it is Christ ministering. If it is not Christ, you may speak in tongues. You may love the Lord. You may read your Bible every day, but He may not be supernaturally directing every step of your life.

When Christ is living in you, every step of your life is supernaturally directed, and God will have people crossing your path. And He will put words in your mouth, exactly what they need to hear on that moment. Because I want to tell you, even if somebody is ripe for an experience in Christ, they need to hear what they need to hear.

And if you are not being controlled by the Spirit of God, if you are not being controlled by Christ, you can talk to them for six hours, and they are going to walk away from you without being touched because you did not say what they needed to hear. But when the Lord brings them into your life, He knows what they need to hear. And if Christ is in you, those words will come out of your mouth. That person will be touched. You may never see them again, but God will move them along in His ministry for them, possibly other people down the road.

God is supernatural. Jesus Christ is supernatural. You do not have to beat people over the head with Bibles. He will bring them to you when you get to the place where you are cleansed enough, not when I decide but when the Lord decides that you are cleansed enough to submit to His Spirit. Because when He brings people to you, brethren, He wants to talk to them. They do not want to hear what your carnal mind has to say.

And the Lord does not like you shutting Him up because you are yakking and yakking and [?yakkening?], and doing what you want to do to such a measure that you have tread Christ underfoot. So when you reach a point where Christ is not tread underfoot in you but where your carnal mind is tread underfoot, you will have more people crossing your path than you have energy to speak to. It will go on all day long because you have become the [?mouthpieced?] -- mouthpiece of the very Christ. And where Christ is ministering, there is no failure.

I amplified that translation. I put it in better English. This is Deuteronomy 32:32. "Because the fallen living soul has produced a people whose souls are a dwelling place for Satan and the carnal mind, and their dead mind can only produce more death."

If you are a Christian and you’re ministering in ministering in a religious sprit, all that you could do is bring someone into the church on another religious spirit. These people need to be touched by the power of God. They need to meet the power of God, and He is a savior who meets you right where you are. You do not have to sit and listen to five hours of ministry to hear what you need to hear if it is Him ministering.

Deuteronomy 32:33, "Their wine" -- this is speaking about Israel and the church now. This is supposed to be God's witness to the world. Brethren, judgment is falling because we are not what we are supposed to be. We are supposed to be the landmark to the world. The world, the heathen is supposed to know that when -- the day that they come to their senses and know that they need Jesus, they should be able to walk to any church on the corner and be met with the ministry of Christ and the power of God, but it is not happening.

Why is it not happening? Because the people in the church today have as their spiritual root Satan. The Holy Ghost is there sometimes when they go to church and they speak in tongues. But they walk out of the church, and they are doing everything that the heathen does. Sometimes they are doing worse. They are fornicating. They are committing adultery. They are stealing. They are lying. They are drinking. They are drugging. They are backbiting their neighbor. They are hating each other, and they are lusting after each other's wives and husbands. They are no different than the world, and that is the truth, and they are filled with envy and pride.

Now I do not want anyone to misunderstand me. I am not condemning anybody, but a righteous God will not permit this to continue. He will bring a correction because He is righteous and because He loves us. And the end of the judgment, the end of the correction is resurrection life. His judgments are merciful. Although, they do not appear to be that while they are falling.

"Their wine is the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of asps." Wine in the Scripture, we found, typifies spirit, and this is saying here that their spirit is not the spirit of Christ. Their wine, their spirit is the poison of dragons, and the Hebrew word translated poison is speaking about a poison that burns the bowels.

In the Scripture, the word bowels signifies our spiritual reproductive parts. Paul clearly said, "Gird up the loins of your mind." The Scripture is very clear that we have spiritual reproductive parts, and this poison burns out our spiritual reproductive part which is what? Does anybody know what our spiritual reproductive part is? What is the hope of what our spiritual reproductive part will reproduce? What are we hoping we will --

            [?It is Christ?].

Christ. We are hoping that our spiritual reproductive part will produce Christ. Right now, she, our human spirit, is in bondage. She is in slavery to Satan and the carnal mind, and he is poisoning her reproductive force. That is why before Christ can come forth in our mind, the carnal mind and Satan must be crushed. It is a warfare. You can have the Holy Ghost on top of you. You can have the Holy Ghost underneath you. There is a song like that. Is there not a song like that, Rita? He is all over me. He is underneath me. He is on top of me. He is all over me. There is a song like that. You can have the Holy Ghost all around you. You can even have Him in you bringing forth Christ in you.

If His per- -- if His presence in you has not caused the Word of God to be engrafted to you, if Christ is not being formed in you, the spirit of your person is Satan, and then the Holy Ghost is flowing in you and through you and over you and around you. And do not tell me, how could the Holy Ghost be in the same temple with a demon or Satan? It is His mercy that lets Him do it. It is not that it is impossible. It is who would want to? It is like one of us going into a leper colony and bathing a leper. That is what we are. We are spiritual lepers.

We are fallen, even though we have the Holy Ghost. That is just the first step. The Holy Ghost is the earnest of our inheritance. It is a promise that God is going to complete the job because we know that the Lord Jesus Christ will not cease from working on your behalf until He has completed the good work that He has started in you. And, brethren, the good work is not the death of your body or a rapture to another planet. It is the impartation to you of the mind of Christ. That is His good work to you because when Christ is your mind, you will cease from sinning. And when you cease from sinning, you will stop dying.

So their spirit is the poison of dragons, and the word dragons -- the Hebrew word translated dragons [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- suggesting to you that the Scripture is typifying Leviathan, so it is the spiritual poison of Leviathan. Leviathan typifies the carnal mind, and the spirit with the carnal mind is Satan. Did not Jesus say to the Pharisees, "Your father is the devil"? We are -- our father is the devil. We are bastards. That is why we must be adopted. Did you ever wonder why we must be adopted? Because we are not the offspring of God. Brethren, if we were the true children of God, why would He be adopting us? Who adopts their own children?

Satan got a hold of the Lord's wife, and she got pregnant, and we are the offspring. We are an illegitimate spiritual offspring, and the Father has decided to take His wife back and adopt her bastard child. So if you think that we are in the image of God now, you are deceived because my God is righteous, and I do not know one who is righteous. My Bible says, no, there is not one who is righteous, no, not one. So how can we say that we are in the image of God? We are lifted up in pride and foolishly deceived.

Their wine is Leviathan's poison and the cruel venom of asps. The Hebrew word translated cruel means virulent or just outright evil, and the Hebrew word translated venom means a poisonous plant which grows quickly and luxuriantly. So this Scripture -- well, who is the poisonous plant? Does anybody know the name of the poisonous plant?


No, Satan is the spirit. The carnal mind. There is a poisonous plant growing in your mind. You have to kill it, or it is going to kill you. If you do not have a full manifestation of the mind of Christ in your body, by the time death comes to take your body, you are going to die. That poisonous plant is poisoning you. It is poisoning this entire planet. It is poisoning the entire creation. We need a new mind. You have got to get a new mind if you desire to live. You need to have a new mind. This mind will not cut it.

Look, it is just like going to a doctor and him telling you, look, you need a heart transplant. That ticker in there just will not cut it. This mind just will not cut it. You can exist for a season, but if you want to experience true life, which is the life of God, you must get His mind. You must obey His rules. You must do it His way because He is not bending or compromising for anyone. It will be His way, or you will not come. He is not playing with you.

You see, He is not mad at you. He is not screaming at you. He is not punishing you. He is not burning you in Hell forever. But if you do not do it His way and He decides to allow that, you just will not come. There is no compromise with God because His original stand is perfectly righteous. When you have two people, we hope for a negotiation and compromise because you have two imperfect people. So you negotiate. You compromise, and you reach a peaceful reconciliation. But with God, His original offer to you is perfectly righteous. He will not compromise. It will be His way, or it will not be.

Alternate Translation, verse 33, "Their unconscious mind poisons their ability to reproduce Christ, and their conscious mind, the carnal mind, is an evil, poisonous plant."

This is the condition of Israel before judgment fell, and it is the condition of the church today, and judgment is already falling. We are told that judgment will start where?


Yes, in the house of God and the elders thereof. You may not be aware of it, but judgment is already falling, and it is falling on the elders. And, remember, the result and the end of this judgment is the peaceable fruit of righteousness, which is Christ, and when the Christ child is born in you, you shall live for the life of the ages having been raised from the dead.

"Their unconscious mind poisons their ability to reproduce Christ, and their conscious mind, the carnal mind, is an evil, poisonous plant."

It is like a weed. Did anyone every try to plant a lawn here without killing the dandelions first? Your grass will not go very far. You have got to put down weed killer. You have got to kill that weed, and the name of your spiritual weed is the carnal mind. If you do not kill him, he is going to kill Christ in you. He has got to be killed first. Why? Because when Christ is imparted to you, He is imparted as a seed. And the carnal mind is a full-grown dandelion plant with deep roots, and he will kill that seed.

This is a warfare. It is called Armageddon. Maybe you think it is happening out in the Middle East, and maybe there will be a war in the Middle East, but the true Armageddon is the war between Christ and your mind and the carnal mind that you were born with that you still retained after you came to the church. After you were reconciled to God, after you started reading your Bible every day, you still had and have the mind that you were born with, and he has got to die so that Christ can be your mind so that you can live for the life of the ages.

Verse 34, "Is not this laid up in store with Me, sealed up among My treasure?"

And I remind you that the Lord is still talking about the heathen, and He is saying, are the heathen not laid up in storage and sealed up among My treasure? Well, what is He talking about? Well, those of us who have been studying here for a while know that we have found out, mostly through the Book of Peter, that it is this fallen creation that is reserved in chains of darkness. We are bound -- we are the angels that fell. We are bound to Satan in our mind, and we are going to stay in this condition until the what, anybody? Until the judgment which will restore us unto righteousness. We are down here in Hell, bound to Satan in our mind, waiting for the correction in our mind and in our heart which will restore us to righteousness.

And the Lord is saying here, "Is not this heathen laid up in storage with me, and sealed up," sealed with Satan, sealed -- we were sealed with God. We fell. We are now sealed with Satan, but I remind you that the Lord Jesus Christ is opening up those seals. He is opening up the seals of Satan's ownership upon us. He is opening up the seals that make us a bastard, and He is going to take us for his own.

So the Lord is saying to Israel and to the church -- because we have Pharisees in the church today. They think everyone is going to Hell except them, and one denomination thinks the rest of the Christian church is going to Hell except them. God is not petty, brethren. He is God.

So the Lord is saying, "Is it not true that I have laid up this whole creation in storage?" what does that mean? He bound us in our minds with chains of darkness so that we would not cease to exist. If anyone that you are ministering to you ever says to you, how can God tolerate the wickedness in this world and the pain and the torment and the babies dying? What kind of a God is that? The answer is that He chose not to wipe us out completely but to let this creation abide in a condition of Hell. We are in Hell until such time as He would restore us.

Now maybe you cannot understand how being reserved in this condition would be preferable to being wiped out completely, but I declare to you that God is perfect, and His ways are righteous and holy. And if He said that it was better for us to abide in this condition until He raised us from the dead, that is was better for this than to wipe us out completely, then He must know what He is talking about. And I remind you that the Scripture says, "Eye hath not seen, and ear hath not heard what God has in store for us after the resurrection from the dead."

So the Lord is indicting Israel and the church today. He is saying, you Pharisees, they think you are the only one that God loves. Did I not lay up this whole creation in storage and seal them with Satan so that they could be among my treasures? The Hebrew word translated treasures means that which is laid up. It means provision. I want to suggest to you the Lord is challenging Israel and His church and saying, do you really think you are the holy ones in the world? Did I not reserve this whole creation? Did I not seal them all with Satan so that they can be My provision?

Do you know wherever the Lord Jesus Christ is manifesting, He is provision. He is all provision. He is all provision to the ones that do not have. He is the provider of food. He is the provider of love. He is the provider of health. He is the provider of life. He is the provider of victory over every and any enemy you can have in this soul realm. And what the Lord is saying by this verse is that all the sons of God are not going to be from the church. He is going to be calling people from the world.

The Scripture clearly bears it out. He says, I have made My marriage supper. I have sent out the invitations. My people have not come. Go out into the highways and the byways and compel the spiritual vagrants of the world into My marriage feast.

So when -- see, the -- large portions of the world are waiting for this great spiritual event that they know is about to happen. Every group thinks that it is something different, and there is great disagreement about what is about to happen, but everybody, including the Orthodox Jews knows that some great spiritual event is about to happen in the earth. And that great spiritual event is the resurrection of the dead from a small [?group?] -- of a small group of people who will then turn around and go right back to get the rest of the creation out.

And this small group of people is not just coming from the Pentecostal church. They are not coming from one denomination. God is going to bring them from everywhere. Yes, they will have to receive a revelation of Jesus Christ as savior, but He has saved Hindus before, and He will saved Hindus now. He has saved Muslims before, and He will saved Muslims now.

And if He has got one man over there on the other side of the world or right here in the Unites States that is a Hindu or a Muslim and it is the will of the Lord that they will be a part of this company, they are being approached right now, in this hour, by the very Lord Himself to give them whatever they need to qualify them for what He has called them to be in this lifetime.

The Lord is saying stop being so small-minded. Stop being so petty, all you Pharisees. I am the God of the entire world, and no one person is better than any other person, and no one sin is less sinful than anyone else's sin. And do not you cast the stones until you are straight.

Alternate Translation, verse 34, "Are the heathen, who are stored in Hell and sealed in Satan's image to preserve them until the regeneration, not called to be My provision to the nations also?"

This is a strong indictment. In case you do not know it, Israel was guilty of this. We see that clearly in the account of Jonah who did not want to go preach to the heathen. And when he finally went -- after God tripped him and twisted his arm, he finally did it. When the heathen repented, he was mad.

It is in the church today. I have seen it. I have seen the people mad that someone who has tormented them for 20 years might get saved in the midnight hour. What about the 20 years that that man came home drunk and tormented me? I have heard wives say it. After all he has done to me, now you are going to save him? This is our puny, fallen mind, brethren. God does not bless it. He does not bless it. You have got to get out of that fallen mind and start thinking with Christ who has mercy and who has pity and who has patience and who has love that suffers long with the person until they are able to change. He will not bless your small-minded pettiness, brethren.

Verse 35, "To Me belongeth vengeance and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste."

Now, again, we have some very well-meaning people who misunderstand these Scriptures, and they make God out to be a terrible monster. But let me show you that He is saying something glorious here. "To Me belongeth vengeance."

First of all, let me remind you that we did a series here called "The Unforgivable Sin" in which we found out that there is no sin known to man which is not forgivable. That which is unforgivable is Satan, and the scriptural principle behind it is this. Man -- well, first of all, let me tell you there are three or four Greek and Hebrew words translated evil. The word ev- -- you see, man in his present condition is evil, but it is a Greek word that means that he was good, and he fell down, and he became evil. And because he fell down from a point of goodness, he is redeemable. He is in a condition whereby the error can be corrected.

That is why there is no sin known to man that is unforgiveable. There is nothing that Jesus cannot correct because to forgive one's sins means to make a correction. God does not give you an intellectual forgiveness so that you can go out and do it again. He fixes your heart so that you do not do it anymore. There is no sin known to man that is not correctable. That is why the Lord has commanded us to love one another and forgive one another because there is hope of change for everyone no matter what the problem.

But Satan was never good, and the carnal mind is never good. They were created evil. God said, I created evil. He said, I made the darkness. That is what He said. Satan was never good. He was always evil. There is nothing for him to return back up to. Therefore, he is unforgiveable, and his carnal mind is unforgiveable because there is no hope of redemption. There is no hope of rehabilitation.

So the enemy of the Lord, brethren, is your carnal mind. Now as long as the carnal mind is manifesting freely through you, the Scripture says you are His enemy, but not all of you, you see. He fully intends to rip out and root out your fallen carnal mind, which is His enemy and which is killing you, and to give you a new mind which will not be His enemy but will be Himself. He is giving Himself to you, and in giving you that new mind, He is giving His life to you. And you will stop dying, and you will live for the life of the ages.

So we are the enemies of God. Those of us who think with our carnal mind, every carnal thought that you think, in that thought, you are the enemy of God. And He is -- especially, if His mind is in you. He is at -- He is fully armed and at attention and fully determined to utterly destroy every thought of your carnal mind and to replace it with His righteous thought, that you might prosper and live and do well and that He might be glorified in you.

But man today, brethren, is in a condition of spiritual insanity, and when the Lord comes to correct us, we see Him as an enemy, and we fight against Him with all of our strength. So as He touched the thigh of Jacob, when Jacob struggled with the angel, He must cripple us. He must wound us. He must show us our powerlessness. He must break us and defeat us so that He can save our life, and we will see the further on in the series of verses.

So, "To me belongeth vengeance," vengeance against Satan and your carnal mind, "and recompence," meaning -- well, vengeance means revenge. Recompence means retribution. "Their foot shall slide in due time." That makes Him sound like a terrible God. Well, what He is saying, brethren, all of you people out there who have made it in this world, you are successful. You are healthy. Your relationships are good. You have got no serious problems. Frequently, you do not need God, but He is saying, no matter how good your life appears to be, at the proper time, your foot will slip.

And what is the proper time? The proper time is when God -- it is that time that God has chosen to reveal Himself to you and to apprehend you for the purposes of His kingdom. When God starts to move towards you, to reel you in because He wants you -- why does He want you? Is He lonely? No, He is not lonely. He wants to have His mind being expressed through you. He wants to think through you. He wants to talk through you. He wants your body to go and do what He wants to do.

He is a mind without a body. Did Jesus not say He has no place to rest His head? He is now a glorified spirit. The Lord Jesus Christ is a glorified spirit, and He wants bodies to express Himself through. So in the hour that He says it is your turn, things are going to start going bad in your life. He is going to break your power. He is going to cut off your arms. He is goi- -- spiritually. He is going to show you your powerlessness so that you turn towards Him because man will never turn to God of his own accord.

"So to God belongs vengeance against Satan and the carnal mind, vengeance to Satan and retribution to the carnal mind. And all of the people manifesting their carnal mind, their feet shall slide at the time that God calls them because the day of their calamity is at hand."

And the word -- the Hebrew word translated calamity means destruction and ruin. Yes, the day -- excuse me, the day that their carnal minds shall be destroyed is at hand. And the day that everything that they are doing in their life that God has not ordained for them is about to be torn down and destroyed. God is a warrior spirit. When He calls you, everything that He determines will not fit into His plan for you is going to collapse.

And it shall surely be a day of calamity. Why? Because men do not understand that what God is doing is the best thing for them, and then when He removes these things from you, He has something way, way, way, way better to replace it with. But we do not understand that, and we moan and groan as the merchants watch Babylon burning, and they say, oh, that great city. We will never be able to sell our merchandise in her again. Praise God, our merchandise is killing us. The merchandise of the Lord will be revealed through us, godliness and peace and mercy and help for the widow and the orphan, which is true religion.

"And the things that shall come upon them make haste." The interlinear says, "And the things prepared for them are hurrying towards them." God has prepared judgment for us, brethren. It is not pleasant while it is happening, but it is going to bring forth life. No woman lying on the labor table loves having the baby. Some of them scream. Some of them scream; some of them yell; some of them curse.

But there is no place to run when the Lord decides that He will be expressed through you. You are just like a woman lying on the labor table. You have just got to have the baby. There is nothing else to do. You go through, and you scream, and you yell, and you curse, but you go through because there is no place else to go. And if you run away, you might find yourself in the belly of a big fish. And then when the fish spits you out, you will do what God tells you to do.

It is much easier to just do it the first time. The Lord said to Paul, "Do not push against the pricks." Do you know what that means? Do not push against the pricks of a pitchfork. Just because -- the Lord is saying [?either?] go the way I am telling you to go. If you go back, you are coming up against my pitchfork. It is much better to go forward. Just do what God is telling you.

But sometimes we have automatic reactions to things, and we run. I remind you that God told Jonah to go and preach at Nineveh, and the Scripture says he went in the exact opposite direction, did not hesitate. God called him. He turned around and ran in the exact opposite direction, automatic reaction.

Alternate Translation, verse 35, "Revenge and payment for damages belong to me says the Lord." Damages to what? To My creation. "Satan and the carnal mind's possession of the creation shall be shaken because the day of their destruction is at hand, and the judgment prepared for them is rapidly approaching."

I did not tell you that that the Hebrew word translated slide means to shake. If you have read that Bible, you know that there is a shaking coming, that God speaks about shaking. So what is He saying here? It sounds like He is a terrible God and He hates men, but what He is really saying is, I am going to shake you, men. I am going to shake you, humanity, and your foot is going to slide. But the end of it is that I shall destroy Satan and your carnal mind, and I shall raise you up, and you shall live in My sight.

I put that in a little better English. Let me give it to you again, verse 35, amplified translation. "Revenge and payment for damages to My creation belong to me, says the Lord. Therefore, the day that I will shake Satan and the carnal mind's ownership of My creation is at hand, and the judgment prepared for them is rapidly approaching."

Now the problem is that when you are completely sold to your carnal mind and Satan and God renders judgment on them, it falls on you too. And my example is occupied France during World War II. The Allies moved to liberate France, and they bombed France, and they bombed French farms and French businesses, and French people died. But the result was the liberation of France, and that is the condition we are in today.

Verse 36, "For the Lord shall judge His people, and repent Himself for His servants, when He seeth that their power is gone, and there is none shut up, or left."

The interlinear says, "For Jehovah will bring justice to His people and shall have compassion on His servants."

The word judge means justice. Brethren, we want justice. We have been taken captive by a carnal mind that is using us for his own purposes. He is using us to express himself, to have an outlet for expression in this realm of appearance. So we want justice. We want that carnal mind and Satan who has abused us and used us and used our body to put drugs in it and all kinds of wicked things that we have done with our body and with our minds, how we hurt people that we love, how we hurt ourselves. We want justice from our strong enemy that makes us sick, that steals our loves o- -- our loved ones from us. We want justice. God's faithful are crying out for years. They are before the altar saying, where is Your justice against these spiritual forces that have humiliated us and killed us and hurt us and made us sick?

Well, the hour is at hand. Justice is about to be meted out to the enemies of God. And if you are in Christ, they are your enemies too because they are hindering you from serving the Lord. Did you ever want to serve the Lord and had trouble doing it? Well, you have an enemy. It is your carnal mind. He does not want you serving God.

The Hebrew word translated people is used of Israel, and in this covenant, it is used in the church. And the word translated servants means slave, so I would like to suggest to you that those in whom Christ is growing, those in whom Christ is being formed, they are the people of the Lord. And those in whom He is not being formed, you can be going to church; you can have the Holy Ghost; you could be reading the Bible. But if the word is not yet engrafted to you, you are not of the household of God. I am sorry, and I know it is preached differently, but I am telling you the truth. To be of the household of God, His life must be in the process of being formed in you.

Now if you are not, you are a servant, and all you have to do is tell Him that you want it. Do not panic. You are not locked out forever. Just tell Him, Lord, if I am -- if Christ is not being formed in me and I am just a servant and not a member of Israel, please, do something fast because I want it. He loves prayers like that, and He honors them.

"For the Lord shall give justice to His people, and repent Himself for His servants, when He seeth their power is gone." That word repenteth Himself, you know, there is a big controversy in the church about whether or not God can make a mistake. There are two Hebrew words translated repent, brethren. One wo- -- Hebrew word means that God says, well, I am -- not God, but one Hebrew word means to say, oh, I am sorry. I should have never done that, and that word is never applied to God. God is never sorry for what He does because He never makes a mistake.

But sometimes there is another Hebrew word that is translate repent. It is a poor translation, and it means that God just feels bad. God has feeling. We are told, in the days of the flood, He looked at His people, and He repenteth that He made this creation. God was not saying I made a mistake. I should have never done it. He was saying that His heart was hurting Him because of the people that He made, but God has never regretted making us. And He loves us, and He will not stop His work in us until we are truly in His righteous image. He is not giving up on us, and we are not to give up on others. OK.

So the Lord shall give justice to His people. He is going to feel sorry for His servants. You see, He cannot give justice to His servants because, remember, the justice that God gives is to smite and destroy the carnal mind. Now the Lord is not about to destroy your carnal mind if Christ is not being formed in you because if Christ is not being formed in you and He kills your carnal mind, you will not have a mind. And you cannot live without a mind. So He is giving justice to His people; He is killing their carnal minds. And He is having mercy on those in whom Christ is not being formed. He is helping them. He is doing miracles for them, but you still are saved in childbearing. You have to bear that child.

"And there is none shut up, or left." And that Hebrew word translated power, it is speaking about the power of the human hand. So He sees their ability to accomplish things in this world broken, and He has done it to them. The Hebrew word translated none means to come to an end, and the Hebrew word translated shut up means to be compelled, and I suggest to you it means to be compelled to come to Christ. This is not a very good translation here.

"And there is none shut up, or left." The Hebrew word translated left means abandoned, and it can also be translated to loosen a beast from his bonds and to let him go. We are the beast, brethren, that is go- -- that is enslaved by Satan and the carnal mind, and we are about to be loosened.

So we see an Alternate Translation of verse 36 as follows. "Because the Lord shall bring justice to the men in whom Christ is appearing and have compassion upon those in whom He is not appearing."

Or we could say, "Because that Lord shall destroy the carnal minds of the sons of God and shall send them out to minister to the nations."

So this b- -- this verse that sounds like blood and guts, and it sounds terrible, we find out that what the Lord is really saying is that He is killing the carnality in His son's mind. He is giving them the righteous mind of Christ and all of the power and authority that goes with it. They will have the spirit without measure, and then He is sending them right back out to the rest of the world to do the greater works.

Jesus said, "You shall do the greater works." What are these greater works? Those are members of this first company are going to have the honor of going out into the creation and ministering to individuals and not tell them that they are going to be raptured off of the earth but minister a ministry of Christ to them that will bring forth the mind of Christ in them that will raise them from the dead.

It is a ministry that is typified in the Scripture by the Gadarene demoniac. The man was as total social outcast, and Jesus rebuked the Legion, and the next time we see him, he was in his right mind. And I suggest to you if he was in his right mind when he -- after the Legion was rebuked, he must have been in his wrong mind before the Legion was rebuked. And this is the greater works of the sons of God on behalf of Christ towards His people.

Verse 37, "And He shall say, Where are their gods, their rock in whom they trusted?" this Hebrew word translated rock is a different Hebrew word from the verse above where the Lord says, "Is their Rock not the same as our Rock?" And this word just means to take refuge, so that is a simple verse.

I have an Alternate Translation for you. "And the Lord shall say, where are their gods?" This is all the heathen now. "Where are their gods in whom trusted and sought refuge?"

After God breaks their human power, after God breaks their natural power, strips them of all ability to make it in this world, in whatever area -- He may break you in only one area. He may break you in several areas. But when you recognize your powerlessness, the Lord is going to say, and where are your gods in whom you trusted and sought refuge?

If you are in a religion that worships idols, the Lord is going to say, where is the power of your idols? If your faith is in your money, that is an idol that is in your heart. He is going to take your money away, and He is going to say, where is the power of your money? I am the only power that can help you. I am the only power that is incorruptible.

Whatever your god is, He is taking it away from you, and He is going to say, well, now what are you going to do? Do you not think it is time to turn to Me? If your idol is your husband or your wife, you just might lose him or her. Be careful, nobody comes before the Lord. Whatever your idol is, He is taking it from you. If your idol is your physical appearance, you might get fat. Whatever your idol is, He is not going to tolerate it. Sometimes our idol is ourselves, self-pity, pride.

Verse 38, "Which did" -- now He is still talking about the heathen here, the ones that worshipped other gods, and they did eat the fat and -- of their -- "And the gods ate the fat of their sacrifices and drank the wine of their drink offerings? Let these gods rise up and help you, and be your protection."

Another thing that the Lord has taught us here over the years is that the true sacrifice is our own soul. We must sacrifice our soul life. God requires -- at the time that He calls you. Do not run ahead of the Lord. But when He calls you, He requires your soul life. He wants you to lay it down and follow Him. Pick up your cross, and follow Him. The cross typifies your carnal soul. Pick it up. Stop submitting to it. Stop obeying it, and wage war against it when it tries to turn you away from God. Pick it up off the ground. Take its power away, and turn and follow after Christ.

So these gods, they did eat the fat of your sacrifice. They joined themselves to your soul. Do you know that your god will join himself to your soul? We are told that Christ will be the God in the midst of us. Every human being alive has a god in the midst of them, and whoever that god is, is the one that you worship. Now most people think because they go to church and read the Bible that the God in the midst in them is Christ. But my Bible, in the Book of Revelation, I think it is chapter 21, says that it is a promise that He will be the God in the midst of me.

And I want to tell you again. I said it earlier tonight. The god in the midst of you is Satan, and the Holy Ghost is over you and around you and underneath you and going through you hoping to plant the seed of Christ in you so that eventually Christ will begin to be formed in you, and you will have two gods in the midst of you. And when you have two gods in the midst of you, the war is on. And Christ will crucify your carnal mind, and He will be the only God in the midst of you. And when Christ is the God in the midst of you, you do not get sick, and you do not die.

So we have a whole church full of people whose god in the midst of them is Satan through his carnal mind, and who have the Holy Ghost in them and around them and underneath them and on top of them, but He is not the God in the midst of you. And I am telling you the truth. You would not have the problems you have if Christ was the God in the midst of you.

So these gods did eat the fat -- the sacrifices of their souls. They joined to them, and they drank the wine of their drink offering, and wine typifies spirit. That means that they joined themselves to the human spirit, and they joined themselves to the souls of these people, your carnal mind. Let him rise up and help you, and be your protection against the judgments of God that are falling upon you.

You know, there are a lot of people in the church that try to pray their way out of judgments because they believe when something negative happens to them that it must be Satan. And they go before God trying to pray their way out of the trial. Well, you do that, brethren. If you have trouble in your life, you try to pray your way out of it. You go up for healing. You go up for deliverance. You pray every way you know how. And I want to tell you something, that if that trial does not go away, Satan did not send it. If you cannot get rid of that trial through prayer and fasting and whatever other technique you use, God has sent that trial to you.

And I highly recommend you get down on your knees and cry out to the Lord and tell Him that you repent, and ask Him to show you specifically what you need to repent of. And ask Him to deliver you to accomplish His purpose in your life through the trial and bring you through it.

And the Lord is saying to these carnal minds that you have worshipped that have called themselves god to you, that have convinced you is god. Do you know how many Christians hear from a spirit other than Christ and because they hear a voice they think it is of God? I know a pastor that used to say all the time they have the led disease. God led me. It was God all right. Your carnal mind is a god. He is the god in the midst of you, and he talks to you, and he calls himself god. He is in the temple of God calling himself god, and he is that man of sin, and he is telling you that he is Christ.

So if any of you out there think that you cannot hear another voice in the height on the anointing, you are deceived because the carnal mind is the god in the midst of you, and he can talk to you in the midst of the highest anointing that you could tolerate at this stage in your maturity. And he can, and he will speak to you in the highest anointing until he is unseated, and he is about to be unseated. The scriptural term is beheaded. I saw the souls of those who were beheaded for Christ, did not see the bodies of those who were beheaded, saw the souls of those who were beheaded.

So if you believe that there is a guillotine coming to chop of believer's heads, please, read that Scripture again. You cannot behead a soul with a guillotine. It is a spiritual judgment, and it is Christ that is beheading you from your head, which is the carnal mind. And then He will sit down on the throne of your life and be the God in the midst of you.

Alternate Translation, verse 38. He is talking about the gods that the heathen worshipped which possess their souls and spirits and let them -- and the Lord is saying, "Now let them manifest in your mind and protect you against Christ." That is what He is saying. Let us see this carnal mind manifest and protect you against Christ. He cannot because Christ is undefeatable in His mature condition.

Verse 39, "See now I, even I, am He, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any who can deliver out of My hand."

Well, He sure does sound like a monster to me, but I do not believe our God is a monster. "See now that I, even I, am He, and there is no god with me." The Lord is the only one. He is the only one. Christ is not divided. This fallen creation is divided. There are many gods. There are many carnal minds.

If two people have a disagreement, at least one person is not in Christ. If two people have a disagreement and one person is definitely not in Christ and the other person is in a mature manifestation of Christ and praying through the whole conflict, it is most likely that peace and reconciliation will follow. God is a God of peace, but He is a God of righteous peace, and He will break a rod across the back of the unreasonable person and thus make peace.

"I kill, and I make alive." The Hebrew word translated kill refers to the animal life, which is the soul life. "And I make alive," refers to breathing creatures. He restores breath. What that is talking about is that He is killing you in your present condition. He is killing your carnal mind, and He is imparting the breath of His life to you. He is killing your carnal mind and giving you true life because this is not life, what we are experiencing now. It is existence. It is -- and this existence has a name. What is the name of this existence?


Hell and death. Yes, Hell. The existence is death, and the place we live in is Hell. He is killing our carnal mind and imparting the true life to us in Christ. "I wound, and I heal." The Hebrew word translated wound means to shake. We all know this creation is going to be shaken, including the individuals. And the word -- the Hebrew word translated heal means to sew together, and that is the same word that appears in Isaiah 53.

He is shaking us, brethren. He is separating us from a mind which is death, and He is sewing us back together again to the life of God. We were separated from the life of God when we were driven out of the Garden of Eden. We were separated from God, so He is shaking us. He is separating us from our carnal mind and Satan and sewing us back together to Him. Do not despise the chastening of the Lord, brethren. It yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness.

"And neither is there any that can deliver out of My hand." Brethren, there is no demon, there is no carnal mind, there is no witchcraft power that can deliver you out of the judgment of God. I know someone. The judgments of God have been on him for years. He keeps blaming it on the demons. I am telling you, if you cannot get out of that trial, it is God that is after you. If you have been to every church and you have had all kinds of people praying for you and you are not going in a positive direction, it is God that is after you. And there is no one that can pluck you out of His hand. Your only hope is to turn and confess your sins and repent and throw yourself on His mercy.

Alternate Translation, verse 39, "Now you can see that I, even I am the one who kills the living soul and restores her breath. I shake her, and she is healed: neither is there anyone who can snatch her out of my hand."

Verse 40, "For I lift My hand up to heaven, and say, I live for ever."

Lift up means to raise up as in ascending up into heaven. This Hebrew word translated hand can be translated human hand, and I suggest to you the hand that the Lord is raising up to heaven is the body of Christ. We are His right hand in the earth. We are the expression of His invisible power. We are the ones He is raising up to heaven. Why would He be lifting His -- first of all, God does not have a physical hand. We are His hand, and we are the ones that are being raised up from Hell into heaven. Glory to God.

And the Hebrew word translated heaven is plural. It is the two heavens. And I remind you of the message that we did on the kingdom of the two heavens whereby we found out that the kingdom of God is the mind of Christ, and the kingdom of the two hea- -- or the -- if you look it up in the Greek, it says not the kingdom of heaven. It says the kingdom of the two heavens is speaking about the kingdom of God which has taken full authority over that person's carnal mind and brought it into such a complete submission that the carnal mind cannot make us sin.

So the Lord is saying, in verse 40, that He is lifting us -- He is lifting His hand up. He is lifting the church up to a condition where their mind will be the kingdom of the two heavens. He is raising them up. He is giving them the mind of Christ. He is giving them the overcoming victory over the carnal mind. He is bringing that ox into submission and binding her to the horns of the altar. Is not Christ our altar? The carnal mind shall be bound to Christ in us, and she shall be a continual sacrifice in the flames of His spiritual fire. It will not be a torment for her, but it will be a blessing because those flames will preserve her from sin.

The Hebrew word translated say means command. "For I lift up My hand to heaven, and say, I live for ever." Now this Hebrew word translated I, it is Strong's 595, and it is an unusual form of the pronoun. Our Gesenius's Lexicon system that this form is used less frequently than the shorter form, and I suggest to you that this, in Gesenius's words, fuller form, is used because the I is the Lord's flesh, the whole body of Christ, the many membered Elohim.

Verse 40, "Because I lift up the living soul into the kingdom of the two heavens, I command the she lives for the life of the ages." [?Why?]? Or, "Because I am raising My Son up into the imparted mind of Christ and command that He live for the life of the ages."

There is no way we can enter into life, brethren, without the command of the Lord. And what does that command do? It puts down the rebellion of the carnal mind.

Verse 41, "If I whet My glittering sword, and My hand take hold on judgment; I will render vengeance unto My enemies, and will reward them that hate Me."

The Hebrew word translated if can be translated when. The word whet means to sharpen or to pierce through. And I remind you that it is Christ who is piercing through the carnal mind and the soul, and that we -- that part of us which is joined to the carnal mind, which is coming out of the carnal mind, escaping from the carnal mind, we must pierce into the life of Christ. We must pierce into the veil of our carnal mind and pierce through into His spiritual flesh.

And we are told in the Book of Revelation that those who see -- who pierce Him shall see Him, so some people think that those who crucified Him will see Him, but I want to suggest to you that those who come out of their carnal mind by the power of Christ and pierce into the mind of Christ, they shall see Him, and when they see Him, they will be like Him.

Brethren, if you see a body out there hanging on a cross, that does not make you like Him. That does not put you in His nature because you get a visual view of a man hanging on a cross. You have got to see Him because you are one with Him because you have pierced into His mind.

And this phrase, "glittering sword," the word glittering means lightning, and it is really saying -- is Christ -- well, Christ is Jehovah's sword. Christ is the weapon. When Christ, Jehovah's sword of lightning, pierces the carnal mind through. And that, of course, is the crucifixion. When Christ pierces the carnal mind, that is the crucifixion of the carnal mind. Paul said he was crucified to the world. We -- Christ in us must be crucified to the world in us.

If you think that you are coming out of the world because you are stopping certain kinds of behavior, that is -- well, it is only partially true. It is good to stop ungodly behavior, but you have not really come out of the world until you stop thinking with the mind of the world. The world is inside of you as well as outside of you. It is in your mind, and it is not until your mind becomes Christ and you think with the mind of Christ that you have truly come out. It is good to stop smoking and doing all kinds of ungodly behavior, but it is not enough. You have to stop thinking with the thoughts of the world. [?No?].

"If I whet My glittering sword," if I pierce through with My glittering sword," and My hand take hold on judgment." Now, remember, His hand is the body of Christ, and the word judgment is speaking about the execution of righteous judgment. The job of the sons of God will be to minister the judgment or minister the correction in the love of God, which will convert people from carnally minded people to the mind of Christ. The judgment of God is executed against the carnal minds of men through conversation.

And if it is truly the power of God in the son having a conversation with a carnally minded person, that word, which would be of Christ, of the wisdom of Christ, would penetrate their carnal mind and enter into it as a seed. And it will grow, and it will prosper because it will be righteous truth. And when the truth begins to grow in that person's mind, it will wage war against the lie, and it will kill the lie. But do not think, if you are going to be a son of God, that you are going to have this great honor without that person's carnal mind rising up and taking a swat at you because he is going to do it.

Paul said, "I wrestled with beasts at Ephesus." There is a deep, elongated training associated with being able to minister to people in Christ in a manner that will eventually save their life because your words will enter as seeds into their heart, which will produce that mind of Christ, which will be the engrafted word. There is a lot to learn, and there is a lot of overcoming of your own self, but God is able. He has got a whole creation to do this to. He has got to be doing something that He is doing now because we just do not have enough people.

So He says, if I pierce through with My glittering -- with My sword which is Christ, and My hand, which is the body of Christ, begins to execute judgment, "I will render vengeance to Mine enemy," which is the carnal mind, "and I will reward them that hate Me."

Now the Hebrew word translated reward means just that. It means to make whole, to make [?sound?] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- it sounds like salvation to me. It is Strong's 7999. God is saving the people who hate Him. He is not burning them in Hell forever. He is saving them against their own will because He loves them. So do not be deceived because your carnal mind cannot comprehend how long He has let the wickedness in this world continue. Do not be deceived.

Alternate Translation, verse 41. "When My lightning sword pierces the carnal mind through and Christ executes righteous judgment, I will take revenge on My enemies and make them whole, sound and safe."

Well, that sounds like a contradiction. He is going to take revenge on His enemies. Yeah, He is going to kill their carnal mind and give them the mind of Christ, and then they will be whole and sound and safe.

Verse 42, "I will make Mine arrows drunk with blood, and My sword shall devour flesh; and that with the blood of the slain and of the captives, from the beginning of revenges upon the enemy."

It makes no sense at all, very, very poor translation. Again, this verse makes the Lord sound like a bloodthirsty monster. Let me remind you that the arrows of God are us. We are the arrows of God. He sends us against His enemies, those of us who are submitted enough to resist our carnal mind so that the word of Christ will be spoken through us. We are the ones that He is sending into the lion's den. We are the ones that He is sending to say, thus saith the Lord.

We are His arrows, and He says He is going to make us drunk with blood. Well, brethren, I have been teaching you here for a long time. You have to read this Bible with a questioning mind. You have to ask yourself -- does anyone know what question you have to ask yourself there? "I will make Mine arrows drunk with blood." I do not know. Our answering ministry here has been very quiet these last few meetings. Does anybody have any idea what question you have to ask at that verse or at that phrase? What question do you have to ask about the blood?

You have to ask whose blood it is, brethren. You have to ask whose blood it is. There is two kinds of blood talked about in the Bible, the blood of fallen man or the body of Christ. One gives death, and the other gives life.

"I will make My sons," who I am calling arrows here, "drunk with blood," and I want to s- -- and we did something on this in the Book of Revelation, chapter 17, where the harlot is drunk with the blood of the saints. I want to tell you that when you get drunk on the blood of Christ, the word drunk means intoxicated. It means your will is broken. What happens when you drink and you get intoxicated? Does your will not get broken down? Well, when you are drunk with the blood of Christ, your carnal will gets broken down, and righteousness appears in you. I will be drunk on the blood of Christ any time. It destroys your carnal mind, and it gives us righteousness.

"I will make My sons drunk with the blood of Christ." I will ha- -- influence My sons against their nature. Does alcohol not influence you against your nature? Does it not tear down morality than -- that you have been taught as a child? Well, the blood of Christ tears down your self-defense in the carnal mind. It tears down all your defenses against Christ entering into your life. Come and make me drunk, Lord. Did you ever hear of being drunk in the spirit?

You need to know that everything you read about in the Scripture can be taken one of two ways. You can take it from the vantage point of the carnal mind, or you can take it from the vantage point of Christ. You have to ask the Lord who He is talking about. You have to pray your way through these Scriptures.

"So I am going to make My sons -- I am going to influence My sons with the blood of Christ, and My sword, which is Christ, shall devour flesh." Oh my, that sounds terrible. Well, I hope you know, those of you that have been studying with us, that Christ is going to devour the carnal mind, eat it up. Did you not read about in the Book of Revelation where He is going to send for the fouls and say, come and eat the flesh of captains and kings? It is not this physical flesh. That is ghoulish.

The carnal minds of men are going to be consumed or swallowed up by Christ. That is another way of saying that the carnal mind will be crucified. We are talking about a joining of the mind of Christ and the carnal mind. And the Scripture says of the two, of the twain, He made one new man. Of what twain? Of the two minds, Christ and the carnal mind, He made one new man whose mind was the kingdom of the two heavens, a new creation man.

"And with the blood of the slain and of the captives." This is a terrible translation. "My sword shall devour the carnal mind together with the blood or the soul life of those of the slain of the captivity."

Brethren, we are all slain. God slew us when He put us out of the Garden of Eden. We were bad. He slew us. When we were separated from God, we were slain. We have a lot of people wondering about this -- about the wound to the head of the beast, what the wound was. Brethren, the living soul is the beast, and she was wounded when she was separated from God. That is why we have to be sewn back to Him. As we said in an earlier verse, we are going to be sewn back to Him. We died in the separation. Spiritual death is separation from God.

Now this phrase, "From the beginning of revenges upon the enemy," that -- I do not even know how they got that, so I am just going to tell you what the interlinear says. The -- for these same Hebrew words, the interlinear says, "From the hair of the head of the enemy." I mean, that is quite amazing, is it not? "From the hair of the head of the enemy," that is what it says in the interlinear. I remind you that hair in the Scripture typifies spirit.

I also remind you that the head is typifying that part of the creation which is most easily seen. When you meet a man, you look at their head right away. That is -- usually, that is the first thing you look at. You look at their face. You want to see who you are talking to. You look at their eyes. You look at their expressions. Well, the symbol of the head in the Scripture is indicating the s- -- the physical appearance of the man.

Brethren, we are spirit. We are all spirit. That part of us which you see is this whole body, but spiritually speaking, it is the head. It is that part which is seen. So the hair of the head would be the spirit of that part which is seen. And right now, that part which is seen is fallen, and the spirit is joined to Satan and the carnal mind.

So what is this Scripture saying here? "I shall fill My sons with soul -- with My soul life," Christ speaking, "and Christ shall crucify their carnal minds" -- that is with the glittering sword -- "together with the soul life" -- that is the old man -- "of the ones who were slain and captives. And Christ shall deliver all of the slain and captives" -- that is us -- "from their enemy, the carnal mind."

"I shall fill My soul -- My sons with My soul life, and Christ shall crucify their carnal minds together with the soul life of the slain captives, and He shall deliver them" -- that is us -- "from our very strong enemy, our own carnal mind."

This is the last verse, brethren, 43, "Rejoice, O ye nations, with His people: for He will avenge the blood of His servants, and will render vengeance to His adversaries, and will be merciful unto His land, and to His people."

Well, that is pretty clear except for one word. The Hebrew word translated merciful is Strong's 3722, and it really means to atone. Christ will atone for the sins of the nation. Now you hear a lot taught in the church today about the atoning blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. And I want to tell you that the red blood that is poured out on the earth in Calvary 2,000 years ago is not the atoning blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Brethren, we have got to grow up. That human blood that feel on the ground is not doing anybody one bit of good. It is the spiritual blood of His resurrected life, which is alive and living and vibrating in the realm of the spirit, down here, penetrating into the soul realm and touching us and getting inside of us. The blood of His life, it is Christ, the spiritual life of Christ that lays over our carnal mind and makes an atonement for our sins. Brethren, blood out there cannot atone for your sins. It has got to get inside of you, and it has got to literally lay over your sin. We can quote these Scriptures all we want, and we have been dying for 2,000 years.

But when that blood gets inside of you, it is spiritual blood, and it engrafts into your soul. The blood of Jesus, it is the Word of God. It is going to cover over your sin-filled carnal mind. It is going to suffocate it to death. It is going to pierce it through. It is going to kill it, and you shall be raised from the dead, and that is the atonement. If you are still dying, you have not -- your sin has not been atoned for. It has got to happen to you.

Alternate Translation, verse 43, "Rejoice, O nations of His people." His people exist through many nations. "For He shall take vengeance because of the blood of His servants." He is going to take vengeance on the carnal mind because His servants' blood have been shed. "And He will do vengeance to His enemies, and He shall make atonement for the living soul and for His people."

I just put that in a little better English for you. "Rejoice, all of the nations from which His people are gathered: for He shall destroy the carnal mind who has stolen the life of His servants." That is the ones who do not have Christ being formed in them. They may have the Holy Ghost, but they do not have Christ being formed in them. "And He will do evil to Satan, and He shall make atonement for the living soul and for His people." I should say, "He shall do evil to your carnal mind." He is going to crucify your carnal mind and make atonement by covering it over for the living soul and His people.

I will just read you all of the recaps. And if there is any questions, we will take them, and then we will close.

Recap, Deuteronomy 32:31-43, "Because Jesus is not only our savior, but savior of the enemies He raised up to judge us as well. Because the fallen living soul has produced a people whose souls a-" -- now this is the reason judgment is falling. "Because the fallen living soul has produced a people whose souls are a dwelling place for Satan and the carnal mind, and their dead mind can only produce more death."

"Their unconscious mind poisons their ability to reproduce Christ, and their conscious mind, the carnal mind, is an evil, poisonous plant. Are the heathen, who are stored in Hell and sealed in Satan's image to preserve them until the regeneration, not" -- I think I read that wrong.

"Are the heathen, who are stored in Hell and sealed in Satan's image to preserve them until the regeneration, not called to be My provision to the nations also? Revenge and payment for damages belong to me, says the Lord. Therefore, the day that I will shake Satan and the carnal mind's ownership of My creation is at hand, and the judgment prepared for them is rapidly approaching because the Lord shall destroy the carnal minds of the sons of God and shall send them to minister to the nations."

"And the Lord shall say, where are their gods in whom they trusted and sought refuge which possess their souls and spirits? Let them manifest in your minds and protect you now. Now you can see that I, even I, am the one who kills the living soul and restores her breath. I shake her, and she is healed. Neither is there anyone who can snatch her out of My hand because I am raising My Son up into the imparted mind of Christ and command that He live for the life of the ages."

"When Christ pierces the carnal mind through and executes righteous judgment upon the many members of the living soul, I will take revenge upon My enemies and make them whole and safe and sound. I shall fill my sons with my soul life, and Christ shall crucify their carnal minds together with the soul life of the slain captives. And He shall deliver them from their enemy, the carnal mind."

"Rejoice, all of the nations from which His people are gathered: for He shall destroy the carnal mind who has stolen the life of His servants and will do evil to Satan, and He shall make atonement for the living soul and His people."

Glory to God. I would just like to mention at this time that it is the Christian influence that changed the nature of war throughout the whole world. Victors in war never did good to their -- to the people that they defeated, but it was the Christian nations that did good to their enemies and raised them up. But, of course, we have had some problems as a result of that because man is not perfect. We have had some nations that we have done good to, that we have defeated in war. We have done good to them, and they have come against us because man is not perfect. But when God does good to His enemies, their regeneration and their conversion to the mind of Christ shall be perfect.

And the Scripture says that, "The lion shall lie down with the Lamb, and there shall be peace in all of My holy mountain." That means peace in the mind of each individual. Have you experienced torment? Have you experienced sleeplessness? Have you experienced pain in your soul? Peace in the mind of the individual, peace in families, peace in relationships, peace in fellowships, peace in nations and peace throughout the whole world, it starts in the mind of the individual man.

Glory to God. Any questions tonight? I do not know. I spent a few weeks with some light messages, and I lost you all. No questions. Would you just put that on pause for a minute in case somebody change- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

            Yeah. I got the impression that you do not believe that there is an eternal Hell. Is that correct?

That is correct. I do not believe that it is scriptural, and I have done a lot of studying in the Greek. And that Greek word that is translated eternal is not eternal. It is the life of the ages, and that means it will last for the life of the ages. But beyond that, you ha- -- my understanding of what Hell is, I know it says eternal punishment. It is just a poor choice of translated words by the King James translators. What it really means, to me after much study in the Scripture, is that Satan, who has caused the creation all of this trouble, will be --

Well, let me put it to you this way. The reason he was able to cause all this trouble is that he is out. He has broken the bands. Do you know there is a -- one -- a Psalms that says, "Why do the heathen rage? Let us break off the bands of the Lord." Satan has gotten out of his place, and he has done a lot of damage. Christ is bringing him back into the position of servitude, where he is supposed to be. And it is the fire of God that will keep him in a place where he can do no damage. And that is the eternal punishment or the punishment for the life of the ages, that Satan will be forced back down under the authority of Christ and forced to stay there. And that is what the King James translators call eternal punishment.

And Satan does have a function in the creation because God is an invisible God, and He determined to be seen by covering Himself with clay. And there was a moral and is a moral impurity in that clay, and his name is Satan. So he is not being totally destroyed. He is an element of the clay that will make God visible. He is going to be controlled, and that control is going to be eternal torment for him, but it is not pitchforks like sometimes we think. [?I know?] --

            I guess I do not know [INAUDIBLE]



Yes. Well, I am sure it is very different from everything that you have heard so far, yeah. Well, you have got a sweet spirit on you anyway. That is OK. I do -- we do have some messages on it if you would like to borrow a couple of messages and listen to them.


Would you? OK. Before you leave, [?OK?]. I will give you the message with all of Michelle's questions on it.


12/11/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

12/23/14 1st Edit CAS/BP

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