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We are dealing with here today is a deep revelation of the word, and if you listen -- now it is not just this ministry. I do not want you to misunderstand what I am saying. God is doing something special here. Eventually He is going to be doing it all over the world. It is just that He has to start some place, and this is at least one of the places that He started. I do not know any other place, but they might be out there in China or Japan; I do not know.

But when God brings forth a new age in the church -- let me put this on the board for you -- He brings it forth in the midst of an existing church. You see, He started out with the carnal church. OK, then out of the carnal church, He brought -- I guess I should make that bigger -- the base -- the base -- you might -- what is the carnal church? Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopalian. All of the churches that are not spirit filled. Then He brings forth the next age.

OK, and all -- as He brings forth each layer of truth, all the other layers of truth still exist. And the latest layer of truth has the smallest numbers of people. The ministries that are bringing forth the latest layer of truth have the least physical equipment. The oldest churches -- the Episcopalians, the Methodists, the Lutherans, they have the biggest buildings. They have the most money. They have the most people. They have the biggest programs. The people in the latest move of God have the least physical things. Sometimes they do not even have music. Most of the time they do not have buildings. They are small in numbers, but they are rich in what? Does anybody know?


Well, they are rich in the things of God, in the spirit. They are rich in the spirit. And it is a great mystery, but it just seems to be that the more physical things God lets you have, the more likely you are to lose the move of the spirit.

So ministries have to be very, very careful when they start to expand. They have to be very careful to make sure that that expansion is of God because it happened right here on Long Island. One pastor used to have meetings in his basement. I went there. He was very anointed. He built a big church. It is a beautiful church. And people that had been with him for 10, 15 years left because every time they walked through the door he was hitting on them for money to support this big, beautiful building. Now, if God gives you a big beautiful building, that is fine.

This is dead here tonight. OK, let us see what God is going to do.

I was talking about what Celie [SP] was saying. So what is coming forth in this hour is a deep revelation of the word. Now, if you have ears to hear, when you listen to the most anointed message of very anointed ministries that are from the layer underneath, you hear them quoting scriptures, and they quote scripture with a lot of emotion, and it sounds really good, but if you stop to think about it, you do not how to relate that scripture to your everyday life. What does it mean to you as a human being, to your family and to your everyday life? If you really stop to think about it, you will recognize that you do not know. It is wonderful that there is a catching up coming. When, who, when, where, or how is it going to happen, nobody knows. Where is it going to happen? Nobody knows. It is abstract. It is separated from your everyday life, separated from your everyday life.

So what we are bringing forth here is we are bringing these scriptures down to Earth, and we are making them real, and we are finding out that this whole Bible is talking about the mind of man, what happened to it, and how -- and what happened to it -- what happened to it? What happened to the mind of man? It died. It died. It died. And how God is in the process of raising it from the dead, and if you -- when you get to this point, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] you will find out that that is what the whole Bible is about. Even the history books are parables which can be related to the spiritual warfare that must go on before your mind can be raised from the dead, especially the books of prophecy are talking about that final battle of the mind of Christ and your fallen mind.

We were -- had some kind of a conversation today about Russia invading America. A lot of people that study the scriptures took the terms Gog and Magog, and they decided by some kind of computation that that is Russia.

Well, I want to give you my opinion. Whenever God gives a mystical name, He is talking about something spiritual that the people cannot understand. Gog and Magog, in my opinion, are your carnal mind and Satan. Gog and Magog is appear -- that name appears in the Book of Revelation. It appears in the Book of Ezekiel, and it is talking about a big war that the carnal church is waiting to take place in the Middle East. And my opinion is that it is a war that is happening right now in the minds of God’s people.

Now, if you are looking for that war out in the Middle East, you are not going to be able to fight this war in your mind. So what Celie [SP] just said, what she was trying to say, is that the -- there is a different anointing on the message. We are not knocking any other ministry or putting any ministry down, but she is making a distinction and saying that she is recognizing that the next level of God’s truth is operating, and once you start to get a [?revelation? Revelation?] knowledge of this word, once you start to be able to take -- open this Bible to any place and relate it to your life, that when you turn on another message, it does not satisfy. It is -- there is nothing wrong in that. The truth is going to set us free, and it is a religious bondage that would try to prevent us from saying such a thing.

Now as you get into the latest move of God, some people call it the cutting edge of God’s spirit. It gets tougher and tougher to stay in the battle. There is more and more spiritual opposition that will come against you. I remember when God first sent me to that deliverance church, I had been crying out for help for years, and I found this church, and at least 15 people came to me and told me not to go to that church, and I said to them, why not? They could not tell me why. They just knew that it was no good for me. Well, they did not know what they were talking about because it was good for me. Look at what happened to me.

So, to be involved in the latest layer of God -- the move of God’s spirit, engage involves a deep measure of spiritual warfare.

Deep measure of spiritual warfare because Satan does not want you here. And as I have been telling you all along, he does not particularly want you in the church. He can live with you being in the church. He does not really want you healing the sick, but he can live with that. He is not crazy about you casting out demons, but he can even live with that. But when you start killing your carnal mind, that makes him nervous. That makes him nervous. And a lot of people that come around this ministry that teaches you how to kill your carnal mind find themselves filled with fear and anxiety and evil thoughts about the minister and the ministry, so you have to pray your way through this. You have to pray your way through. You have to hang on to Jesus and pray continuously asking Him for His will in your life no matter what, no matter what, and when you pray that prayer and you really mean it, He is going to do it.

It is absolutely dead here tonight, and this is not the word of --


[INAUDIBLE] spiritual [INAUDIBLE] This happened once -- This happened twice before, and it was somebody’s mind that was [?very sick?]. I will not have somebody’s mind controlling [INAUDIBLE] spirit. I [?broke?] every curse. [INAUDIBLE]

Now, listen. Listen, brethren, this is a perfect example right here on the entire ministry. Here is the question: is one person’s mind going to stop this meeting from getting off the ground, or are seven of us going to bring forth Christ? So let us have some spiritual warfare. [INAUDIBLE]


Just cast out every [INAUDIBLE] imagination. Every power and principality [INAUDIBLE] against this man. You just cast down to the ground. The Father was asked by the Christ to rise. [INAUDIBLE] tremendous victory was in the realm of the spirit, and [INAUDIBLE] destroyed, oh, God. Let every negative spirit be destroyed.


[INAUDIBLE], anyone?


Let me teach on the carnal mind here a little bit. Why could this happen? How could one person’s mind affect a meeting with two, four, six, s- -- eight believers? How could this happen? Does anybody know? Can anybody say?

            [?No?] [INAUDIBLE]

We are not all in one accord. And why are we not all in one accord?

            We are not all manifesting Christ.

OK, we are not all manifesting Christ. Now, is this a condemnation? No, this is not a condemnation. This is not a condemnation. It is the truth. It is the truth. OK?

Now, we all know about Christ being in full stature. We all know about Christ being in full stature. What does that mean? What did it mean that Jesus the Christ was in full stature? It meant that the mind that He thought with, every second of every day of His life was Christ. He had a carnal mind, but His carnal mind was completely pressed down and crushed under -- or the scriptural term is “bruised under” His feet. It could still talk to Him. How do I know His carnal mind could still talk to Him? Does anybody know how? What is the scripture that says His carnal mind could still talk to Him? The temptation, temptation. We know that even though His carnal mind was powerless after the temptation, during the temptation His carnal mind was not powerless. We had a three- or four-part series on that. The carnal mind was not powerless. At the moment that Jesus ascended to full stature in Christ. The carnal mind was waiting for Him to take his crown from Him. But after Jesus passed the test, the carnal mind was bruised under his feet. OK? So even after he bruised Him under his feet, my Bible says Satan -- what did Satan do after Jesus won?

            [?He departed from him for a season.?]

He departed from him for a season, for a season.

So I suggest to you that your carnal mind can speak to you even when you are in full stature. OK? Now, we are not in full stature, but, brethren, you have to be in full stature to exist as a human being. You need a mind that is in full stature for you to exist as a human being, and if Christ is not full stature in you, who is in full stature in you?


Satan is in full stature in you. And most people have to pump Christ up to get him manifested. Now when you come into a meeting like this, usually the music has something to do with it, and usually I have something to do with it, but I am down tonight because I have been sick, so Satan does not waste a second. So we have a group of people whose very existence is based on the fact that the mind in them which is in full stature is not Christ but their carnal mind. The source of our existence in this flesh is our carnal mind, and Christ is what? Does anybody remember?                           




He is the invading force. He is the invading force. Our natural example is that a country goes to war, and the royal family is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] to another country, and they leave a loyal army fighting this civil war, and the royalist army wins the war, and they send word to the crown prince, come home. I am sorry; I said it backwards. They say -- I am sorry; I said it backwards. The king and the prince flee from the nation. OK, I got it. And the loyalist army says, come home, we have taken the city; we have taken the royal city, but there are some rebel forces between you and the country where you fled to and the royal city wh- -- which we have secured, and for the king to get back and rule his country, he has to pass through that hostile territory to possess his land. In Jesus Christ of Nazareth, all power, rule and authority was given over to him, and now he has to go and take it. He has to take your mind, and he has to take your mind, and he has to take my mind. God said to him, all the kingdoms of the world, they are yours; each of us is a kingdom, and He said, Jesus, I give you the power and the authority to go take what is rightfully yours, but if you do not go and fight the war, you will never have it.

So we have a creation full of people who are existing because their mind is in full stature condition of death. Jesus Christ is the invading force, and as He penetrates your mind, He is being met, we are told in the Scripture, with militaristic, spiritual militaristic strength. We have a lot of ministries today getting guns together because they have a revelation in their mind about this war, but they do not understand that the war is in the realm of the spirit and that the war is between two minds. It is between the mind that is keeping you alive in this hour and the new mind that is invading you to displace Him, and the mind that is invading you to displace Him is not in full stature.

So we have had several messages here in the prophets and in the Book of Revelation. I think Revelation 21 where the scripture is very clear that for Christ to manifest through your mind, does anybody remember what must happen?


No, for any specific moment, for this evening, for Christ to arise in your mind, what must happen?


Yes, the carnal mind must be crushed. He must be wounded. We have had at least three scriptures showing it, that Christ arises and gives a blow to your carnal mind and knocks him down. He is knocked down permanently, and He will not -- we know he will not be down permanently, but the Christ arises and knocks him down and becomes your mind for as long as Christ wants it that way, most likely for the length of this meeting. And every time Christ in you gives a blow to your carnal mind, he gets weaker and weaker.

There is a chair here, Michelle, if you want to take it.

We found in the Old Testament, Proverbs. We find it in Daniel. When we looked up every word in the Hebrew, I think the King James says, “And the angel took a lock of Daniel’s hair.” Well, what does that mean, brethren? That is exactly what I was talking about earlier. We have got -- these scriptures have got to begin, to be made real to us. That is wonderful, to preach eloquently, that the angel took a lock of Daniel’s hair. And if you believe that he grabbed him by his hair like this, I want to tell you that you are immature, and I am not insulting you. You have to know that you are immature so that you can pray to the Lord to build you up.

If you have received teaching that makes you think that you have arrived and there is nothing more for you to do, how are you going to know that you have to grow up? I am not here to embarrass or insult anybody. I am here to give you new thoughts so that you can pray and ask the Lord to grow you up because angels do not lay hold of your hair. Angels are spirit. And they lay hold in your spirit, and they fight in the spirit, and they manifest in the spirit, and what happens in the spirit affects your physical body and your natural life. What goes on inside your mind is manifested externally. Jesus clearly stated it when he said if you look after a woman to lust after her, it does not matter whether you do it or not, you are guilty of adultery. Did He not say that?

And I know that we did one series. I think it is in the 38 series where we discovered the anatomy of sin. Sin begins in the mind.

There are some manifestations here tonight, excuse me. Sin begins in the mind. It begins as a thought and what you do with that thought depends on whether or not you are guilty of sin. If, by the grace of God, you are able to wreck it -- to lay hold of that thought, does not the scripture say, lay hold of every imagination and cast down everything that is not of God? If you can do it. If you can recognize that thought as sin and cast it down, you have not sinned, but if that thought is strong enough to seduce you, and how are you seduced? If you agree with the thought, how do you agree with a thought? If you say, yeah, that sounds like a good idea; I receive you; it is in my whole being, and you head out to do it, you have agreed with the thought, and the Scripture says that you have committed spiritual adultery. Now, look, I am not here to condemn you. Rita and I watched a very famous preacher on TV Sunday morning, and we enjoyed his message very much, but my comment on it was, this message is for mature believers, and if a young Christian here says, he will surely be condemned because this man was saying, whatever your sin is, stop doing it. Exercise your willpower that comes to you from Christ, and stop doing it.

So, brethren, where is the ministry for the believer who has not yet been strengthened enough to stop doing it? What is their lust for him but condemnation? So the tru- -- this is not the true ministry of Christ. This was a man of God. He is preaching the message that the carnal church preaches, but I declare to you that this message that is in the carnal --

Michelle, honey, could you move back just a little? [?I do not know if?] Hazel can see me. Thanks a lot.

-- But this message that the carnal church is preaching --

Excuse me. OK, OK.

-- I am not knocking it. But we see a ministry in the world today that has only touched a fraction of humanity. Now there has to be a reason why the church is not bringing in the whole creation. And because many people could not understand why this message that is being preached has not brought in the whole world, and God did not give them the answer. What did they do?


What is happening here? You all used to have answers to these questions. What did they do?


No, they made up the answer. They made up the answer. You know, when man asks God a question and He does not answer, the carnal mind answers, and the answer of the church world is the reason the whole world is not responding to this message is that you are just wicked and no good, and you rejected Jesus and therefore you are going to burn in hell forever, but the truth, I suggest to you, is that this message that is being preached today is not the gospel of God. It is -- does anybody know what it is? The gospel of what? The gospel of the cross. It is the gospel of what happened to Jesus, and there are only a few -- whatever, a few million, appointed to respond to this message. Why? Does anybody remember why? Nobody remembers why. OK. I will tell you again. Praise God. I will tell you again.


No. God raised up a whole nation of Israel. He did mighty feats for them. He blessed them. He healed them. He took them out of slavery. He did miracles for them. What was the overriding one purpose that he raised up Israel? For what?


To bring Christ forth. To bring Christ forth, Christ the Savior of the world, not just the Savior of Israel but the Savior of the whole world. So He [UNINTELLIGIBLE] with Israel for several thousand years to bring forth a race that was stripped enough of sin, to bring forth the Savior, and in [?like men?], He has brought forth the existing church. We found it in the scripture. I think it is Joel 3 where it says God will pour out of his spirit upon all flesh. He says it twice. God does not stutter. God does not repeat himself for no reason. If you look at it in the Hebrew, what He is saying is, I am going to pour out of My spirit twice. And the first time I am going to call up a few million people similar to what I did in Israel, and out of them will come a seed, and the name of this seed? The saviors of the world, what is their name?

            The sons of God.

The sons of God. I am going to bring the first time He did it with Israel, He brought forth a one-man seed. The second time He is doing it, He is bringing forth a many-membered seed, and He is sending them back to get out, the rest of the members of humanity who are too weak to respond to this present call. The reason the whole world is not coming is that this call is not to the whole world. When the sons of God manifest, when the saviors that come from Mount Zion will be sent back to the hurting millions and billions of people who are writhing in this hell-filled existence because it is hell. Hell in their mind, hell in their emotions, hell in their physical life sometimes, sometimes hell in their body, sometimes hell in what is going on in the streets, but hell is always hell in your mind. And when He brings forth the seed out of this present church and they stand up in full stature, it is time for the whole creation to receive the mercy of God.

So we see a church world today that this is -- may sound shocking to you, but it is preaching that is coming forth from the carnal mind. Now, remember, the carnal mind is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. There are men in this world who are both- -- there are men who are good, not good like God, but men who do good works, and there are men who are evil, and I remind you that I use men as a generic term. I am talking about men and women, and in this world there is a category of people called Christian, and they are trying very hard to be good, but the whole world knows that they are flopping on their face. Is that not the truth? Someone is always in the newspaper running off with the organist or the church secretary, robbing the church funds, so the whole world knows it, and the message that they preach -- now, listen to me; It is the message that the carnal mind of man understands when he reads that scripture. That is a good book. You give it to the most sin-filled person, and it can help them. It will instruct them in righteousness, but when the carnal mind reads this, this is a spiritual book; this is probably the most spiritual book you could buy; we have billions of people studying Hinduism, reading -- I am sorry; I cannot repeat the name of the book, it is escaping my mind right now, the Hindu Bible, if you want to call it that; it is a very spiritual book, but that book I am told only asks questions; it asks spiritual questions; there are no answers in the book. I met an American woman who had become a Hindu. I said, oh, praise God, I have got the answers for you, but she did not want to hear what I had to say. She thought I was one of those other Christians. She did not want to talk to me about it.

So, listen, this is a tough word. The people preaching today are not Christ. The best of them well intentioned, well meaning, nice people, do not anyone go out of here or listen to this message and say that I am preaching against that ministry because I am not. I appreciate them. I thank God for them, for every person that they have helped, including me. I thank God for them, but the truth is, that they are preaching this word out of their carnal understanding of it, and therefore, they are preaching the letter of the word, and therefore, they are preaching death because death will condemn you. When you preach the letter, it condemns you. They are not preaching the mercy of God. I tell you the truth. They say to you, come on in; let me pray for you and be healed; be healed of your drug addiction; be healed of your alcoholism; be healed of your sickness; be healed of your adultery; be healed of your perversion, and if you walk off the prayer line and you are not healed, what do they say to you?

            You have no faith.

You have no faith. Well, is that not what they say?

Brethren, that is a message of condemnation. I am not condemning anybody, but I am telling you the truth. There is a better message, and there is a better ministry, and that is the one which comes forth from a man in whom the mind of Christ is preaching the spirit of the word, and the man who is preaching the spirit of the word out of the mind of Christ has power to heal the hopeless. Jesus healed the hopeless. And the reason He had the power to heal the hopeless, and it is a rare occurrence in the church today, is that His mind was a fully mature Christ. You see, Jesus never condemned anybody because when you have the power to heal them, there is no need to condemn them, and the ministry or the man that condemns someone for not being healed -- now, what spirit is that operating in that man?


No. What spirit condemns so that they can appear righteous?


Yeah, and what is that?


Pride. It is pride. Pride says it is not possible that you were not healed because I do not have the power. It is not possible that you were not healed because God is not with me. It is not possible that you were not healed because then my message is in the Gospel of God, which has a greater power, spiritual strength in the Gospel of the Cross. Therefore, since there’s nothing wrong with me, there must be something wrong with you. And God healed me, so I must be OK. And He did not heal you, so you must be a bum.

Am I telling you the truth?

Look, brethren, there are different levels of sin in the world. Some people are more bound than other people. The more bound you are, the greater measure of power you need to set you free. So the church that exists today, which is a bunch of carnal men doing the best they can, doing the best they can -- do not anyone twist my words. They are paying a price. They are persecuted for whatever they are doing. They are paying a heavy price, many of them. Their power is limited. Their authority is limited, so the power that they have heals people in certain categories. They are not healing everybody today because the spirit without measure is not in the church today. The measure of the spirit that is in the church today --

Do you have a question? [?P-?] --

-- is just that, a measure of it. It is not the fullness. There is a power that will heal every single one. My Bible says Jesus went out, and He taught them, and every single one was healed. So if it is not happening today, all you Pharisees, it is because you do not have what He had. And if it is not happening today, you Pharisees, it is because you do not have what the apostles have, and you better start admitting that you have not got it if you want to get it because if you cannot admit that you do not have it, you are not going to get it because the Lord is about to pour out that kind of power in our lifetime. And if you say that you can see, there is no help for you because He just came to help the blind. So if you have your sight, there is nothing that He can do.

So we have the church world that is made up of carnal men preaching out of their carnal mind, preaching a word that is the letter of the law which brings condemnation and death, yet this is a great mystery. It is able to heal and bring deliverance to a certain measure of people. The majority of which you quickly stand up, declare themselves Pharisees, put on their dove pants and go out and condemn everybody else, that this measure of healing has not raised up.

But there is a new ministry in the earth today. It is at the top of that level. It is coming in. It is seeping into this world system like a leak out of a faucet, a drop at a time. It is seeping in because the carnal mind is fully defensed against it. He is operating to the fullest extent that he can. He has all his armor up and all his artillery up an- -- and where is his armor and his artillery? Anybody? In the minds of every human being that is not waging war --


-- [?oh?] -- with your own carnal mind. You belong to Him. You are His. I tell you the truth.

Now, Christ comes into you as a mustard seed. This carnal mind is likened until Goliath. He is not only a fully mature man. He is a giant trained in the skills of war, and Christ in you is a David, a young teenager, without any military training at all, but he has one weapon. Hallelujah, that is undefeatable. And that is what? He is Christ. He has Christ. And this is Armageddon. This is the war of the ages. So there is a ministry coming forth in the earth today. Let me say it again. Preaching out of the mind of Christ, and if they are preaching out of the mind of Christ, their words are spirit, and their words are life. And what does that mean? These scriptures must be made real to us. What does that mean? Jesus said, my words are spirit. And my words are life. Well, that is nice. What does that mean to you? Does anybody know? What does that mean? What is going to do to you? Look, if my words are spirit and my words are life, they have the power to penetrate your mind. Spirit is likened unto energy. Spirit is likened unto energy. If it is Christ preaching, these words are going into your mind like bullets, and when they get into your mind, they are rooting into your mind, and Lord willing, they will grow there, and Christ will start to arise as that little shepherd boy David and will start to wage war against your Goliath, which is your carnal mind.

So where the ministry of the letter brings condemnation and death but yet, mysteriously, deliverance to some category of people, which is enough to confuse a lot of people, confuses a lot of people, that some people are held by the church, and other people are out there ready to kill themselves becau- -- I have met people; they are out there ready to kill themselves saying there is no hope for me; I am just a rotten, no-good sinner, might as well just kill myself.

And there is another ministry in the earth today. It does not mean the first ministry is bad. The first ministry is good. For every person that they have helped, they are good. But, brethren, let us not stay here. If the Lord permit, let us what?

            [?Go on to perfection.?]

Let us go on to perfection. If He will let us -- let Christ arise in us, let our ministry be the spirit of the word, let us understand what these scriptures mean to us personally. Let us understand what we must do so that we can go forth and speak words of spirit and words of life and raise this whole creation from the dead. Let us get these people that cannot get to church.

Now, listen, the new order ministry is anyone that God sends you to. God can have one sentence for you to say to somebody. You can go for a walk down by the water at Port Jefferson and get in a conversation with someone for two hours and say one spiritual sentence that came out of Christ, and if it be the Lord’s will, their mind will be penetrated by His what?


By his life. And when the life of God comes in contact with the death of the carnal mind, what happens? The carnal mind dies.

Now, brethren, the ministry of the carnal mind will tell you -- because it is out there in the church world today. They see a lot of things backwards. Why? Because their mind is carnal. Let me just say this before I go on.

And how do we help them when they see things backwards? Do you fight with them? Do you tell them that they are stupid? Do you tell them that they do not know what they are talking about? You just join in the conversation and speak the truth. And if the truth coming out of you are words that are spirit and life, they are going to enter into that person’s mind, and when Christ gets into their mind, Christ will bring the correction in them. You do not have to enforce it.

What was I saying? What was my point before -- I said I just want to say this first. I lost my thought.

Oh, yeah, so this new order ministry, it is for -- it is not just for people that come to a meeting like this. God is sending us out into the streets. There are people that cannot get to a meeting like this, that cannot sit through a meeting like this. I have had people run out of these meetings. They cannot sit here. The very first meeting I had that I preached the truth about witchcraft at, there was a highly demonized woman, she has been in the church for 15 years crying out for help, and she jumped up and ran out in the middle of a meeting, never come back since. She called me on the phone a few times. She could not sit there. So the point is that the spirit of Christ must penetrate the minds of his people because all the human race is his people. The whole human race is his. And the world is not out there making decisions for Christ. If you heard that, you heard a lie. You do not have to make a decision for Christ. If He wants you, you are His. Do not you believe that [?while?] He is no gentleman -- you heard the Holy Ghost is a gentleman, you heard a lie. He is your master. He is your Lord and master. And if He wants you, you are His. If He has to break your legs and arms, you are His. He broke your ankle, did He not?


He did. Did He not?


 I know you told me that. Your ankle broke in two or three places?

            Three places.

Three places. And you asked the Lord, how did this happen to me? And He said, I could not get your attention. I just met a minister from Chicago who had the same testimony, only it was worse. His ankle was crushed. He would have never walked again. The doctor said there is nothing he could do for him. He said, Lord, how could this happen to me? And the Lord said, I could not get your attention. He gave you the supernatural healing. Brethren, if He wants you, there is no place you can run. Jonah tried it. You can rebel all you want. He has got a rope around your neck. And you can only run so far. Now, why would He want you? Why does the Lord want us? Does anybody know?



            To serve Him.

To serve Him, amen. OK. How are we going to serve Him?

            To express Him.

To express Him, OK. Can anyone make that a little clearer in case there are people who do not understand that?



            He wants [INAUDIBLE]  

He wants the use of our hands, and He wants the use of our feet. He is the mind. The Lord is a mind, and He wants bodies to live in. Let us get some Star Trekky information here. He wants bodies to live in. And if He wants yours, He is going to have it. I will tell you the truth. Where do you hear this preached? Sounds like the body snatchers, but I am telling you the truth. He does not need you to fellowship with Him. There is nothing that you have that He needs. But He wants to live His life through your body. He wants to be your mind, and there is a great mystery going on. The life of the flesh that He wants to live in has brought forth its own mind, and that mind is waging a spiritual military campaign against the Lord of hosts who is coming to take his own property, and even more mysterious than that is the fact that we fight against Him because life with Him when He becomes our mind becomes what? What does our condition become? Heaven. Our life becomes Heaven. And when our carnal mind is living its life through us, our life is what?


Hell. So who in their right mind would fight against the Lord who wants to bring you to Heaven? Every carnal mind and person in the world because we are spiritually insane. Compared to Jesus, we are insane.

You know, we look at people that do [?way out?] things. Let us talk about cannibalism. What do you think of someone who eats someone else’s flesh? You think they are insane. Well, everything is relative, you know? We have insanity in this world so that we can understand a mind that is utterly demented, that kills people and cuts their arms and legs off. Jack the Ripper, ritualistically mutilated all those women. To us, that is a really sick person. Well, you want to know something? The Lord, compared to Him, sees us that way. We hurt one another. We destroy one another. We are filled with sin that kills. That is why we need a savior. We are dead.

So this new order ministry has the ability to impart life, and the way it is done is through speaking out of the mind of Christ. Then once Christ begins to grow in you, you might want to come to a meeting like this because you need to be taught. The Lord will bring you into meetings [UNINTELLIGIBLE] you need to be taught. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the old order ministry is confined to the churches. They may go out on the street and beat people over the head giving out tracks. K- -- but the new order ministry will go out just as Jesus walks through the crowds and talk to the people, and some of them knew who He was, and some of them did not. That is the new order ministry. And that is the ministry that has the authority to save the hopeless and the spiritual leper. I had a young man here once. I did not say it to him. He kept getting the word in his heart that he was a spiritual leper. And in my opinion, he was a spiritual leper, but he kept getting the word, and he was all upset. Said I feel like a spiritual leper. It had to be the Lord telling him he was a spiritual leper. Brethren, if you are a spiritual leper, get delivered. Get delivered.

So I think we started out this whole message -- just let me sum it up -- saying that the reason we could not get any power up was because every one of us here has a carnal mind which is in full stature, and Christ is the invading force. He may be very weak in you.

Now, you need to know that this group [?could rally?], that God came forth in me. Even though I am sick, you need to know that. The Lord did [?rally?] in you. I did not see any manifestation of Christ anywhere. I am not condemning you; you need to know it, that there was no pressure in the meeting tonight, and it was stronger than the ability of the Christ in you to rise up. I tell you the truth. You need to know it. And you need to get in your prayer closet and ask the Lord, how come? And what is He willing to do for you? Is He willing to increase you? Is there anything He wants to teach you? What do you need to know? That is what you need to do because, brethren, the hour of the lone ranger is over. He had -- believe me, He does not want me to be the only one preaching here. The reason this is the way it is, is that you are not ready; you are not ready. As soon as you are ready, you are going to have your own group. This kind of ministry cannot teach thousands of people. It is a personalized ministry.  You can only have a limited number of people that you minister to. As soon as you are ready, you are going to get your own; believe me.

So you need to know this, that an oppression came into the meeting, and that Christ in you could not get over it. Well, you were not here. He could not arise over that oppression. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? This is the end-time spiritual warfare. This is the end-time spiritual warfare, and I am just going to review it for you one more time. Old order, you get people standing up in the front of the church saying, please cast this demon out of me, and they are in submission to you, and therefore, Christ may not even be Christ. Maybe the Holy Spirit is strong enough, if God lets you, to cast that demon out. New order ministry is against -- could be demons but most of the time, it is someone’s carnal mind who is not in submission to you. Their mind is not in submission to you. Their mind is trying to kill you. Their mind is trying to crush the Christ from forming, and it is always unconscious; they do not even know what they are doing; it is the condition of their mind.

Old-order deliverance is dealing with someone who is in submission to you. New-order deliverance is dealing with someone who is not in submission to you. And if you can hear what I am saying, I want to tell you that old-order deliverance is really not much of a warfare. It is not much of a warfare. It is a warfare; it is OK for where you are in Christ, but, brethren, let us go on, let us grow up, and let us take on the real thing, unrepented carnal minds that are trying to crush Christ in us. And why do we want to take on unrepented carnal minds? What is our goal? Somebody, please.

            To bring them to Christ.

To bring them to Christ. Anybody else?

            That Christ may be formed in them.

That Christ may be formed in them, yes. We overthrow their carnal minds so that Christ might be formed in them, and we looked up that Scripture that said He who endureth to the end shall be saved, and what do you think that word means? Now, what does that mean? Here we go again. He who endureth till the end shall be saved. What does that mean to you? What does it -- what does it mean? We looked up that word, and we found out that it means to overthrow. He whose carnal mind is overthrown shall be saved. Christ in you must overthrow your carnal mind, and before you are going to find within yourself the strength to overthrow someone else’s carnal mind, you have to overthrow your own carnal mind, and I want to tell you, that probably the primary reason why Christ could not stand up in anyone here is that He has not taken enough of a victory over your own carnal mind because when there is a strong oppression in a meeting, if your carnal mind has the strength to do it, He will agree with wherever the oppression is coming from. If Christ in you is not strong enough to wound your own carnal mind, He will rise up and join forces with the carnal mind that is bringing in the oppression. Do you do not know what I am talking about? Does anyone -- do you -- does anyone? You do not know what I am talking about? OK, let me try again. Thank you for your honesty.

Listen, brethren, we have two minds. We have a carnal mind, and we have a Christ mind. If someone walked into this meeting or a group of people walked into this meeting and they were not here with an honest heart, they were here because they wanted to disrupt the meeting, they could just sit down and just be praying that -- they could be witches. Let us do it in extremes so you can understand. Witches come in and start thinking thoughts against Christ, thinking thoughts that will prevent the meeting from rising in Christ. Are you with me? OK. The person who does not have control over their carnal mind, OK, that carnal mind will be seduced or brought into bondage by the carnal minds of the witches who came in.

Our natural example is the European nations who will conscript men into the Navy by hitting them over the head and taking them against their will. If Christ in you is not strong enough to take authority over your carnal mind, he will be taken by the strong mind that is entered in, and He will be joining them in their ungodly exit. OK?

So this is the word of the Lord to you. This is the word of the Lord to you. The reason Christ could not arise in you is that [?if?in?] the place in your spiritual development where you are, you do not have enough dominion over your carnal mind and your carnal mind was captured by a strong mind that brought him into submission; Christ could not stand up. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? Do you not -- does anyone not know what I am talking -- you need to know this. You need to know this because, brethren, we are going into new-order days whether you are ready or whether you are not ready. This whole creation is going forward, and as I told you in the last meeting, I am going to repeat it again because it is really the word of the Lord of the hour. Those of us that have been watching this country for the last 50 years, we have watched pornography made legal, and we have seen it get worse and worse and worse, and now we have kiddy porn. They did not want to put any legislative restriction on it when it was pornography, so now the people are selling their babies to make pornographic movies. Now they are going to put legislation on it. OK? We saw homosexuality made legal and all kinds of liberals out there fighting to make it legal, and now we have NAMBLA, the organization that is promoting love between grown men and little boys, and what they are trying to do is remove all legislative restrictions against this activity, which means if a grown man has -- how much mind control do you need to seduce a 7-year-old boy to get him to agree to it? Now, there is -- this man is no longer threatened with any kind of jail term. They have not done it yet. That is what they are trying to do. I saw something on TV. I cannot recall what program it was, but there was a bunch of legislatures around that were very liberal, and they were very pro-homosexual, “leave these people alone, consenting adults,” and when these representatives of NAMBLA came out and they stated that they now want this legislation, that makes sadomasochistic activity legal, every form of perversion legal and that you can get involved with little boys with no threat of punishment at all, all of these liberals were just in shock. I looked at their faces; they just were speechless. So what am I saying? I am saying that sin descends. It gets worse, and it gets worse, and it gets worse, and government must put down its foot somewhere, or the whole nation is going to be in the bottom of the pit. It is bad enough now. So what am I saying? I am saying the same thing is about to happen with witchcraft. Witchcraft has been made a legal religion by the United State- -- did that just go off?


No? Witchcraft has been made a legal religion by the United States Supreme Court. They are practicing their religion openly. The Supreme Court just said that now it is legal to have animal sacrifices if it is a part of your religion. What am I saying? Witchcraft is about to expand just like we saw it with pornography and just like we saw it with homosexuality. They are going to be out in the streets. They are going to be very bold, and they are going to walking down the street, and they are going to be doing anything with your mind that they could do if they could do it. And if you are a Christian, they are going to be after you and they are going to want a notch in their belt for you, and if you are a Christian with a carnal mind, you are going to be in trouble because the Holy Ghost does not have any power against a witchcraft-developed carnal mind. You better have Christ, and you better have a mature Christ, and you better be trained in spiritual warfare because I am telling you the truth. They are going to be throwing spiritual bullets at you, and it is not going to be funny for those who are not prepared. And we have a whole church-world out there going to and fro and all involved in the things of the world, and they think they are going to die and go to heaven and get their mansion and eat Italian food every night and drive a Cadillac. I want to tell you there are witches’ covens out there right now kidnapping people, children, adults, cutting them open and drinking their blood while they are still alive. If you want to hide your head in the sand, hide your head in the sand; it is happening; the police know it is happening. You better get Christ, and you better ask God to grow Him up in you because the Holy Ghost is not going to cut it, and there are very few heeding to this call in this hour. It is going to be a slaughter out there. I am telling you the truth. Let those who have ears to hear, hear. Get into the training because the last call has been going out for the last few months. I do not know -- I do not understand everything about spiritual things. I do not know how long the last call is going to go out, and I do not know whether that means that this is coming on the earth tomorrow or that it is a training period that is going to take five years and if you do not start now you will not be ready; I know that the Lord told me the last call is going out, and very few are heeding and coming in. So if the message has come to you, praise God; your ears are blessed if the message has come to you; you are not flying away to la-la land. The war is here on the streets of New York, and there is going to be lawlessness in the natural, and there is going to be lawlessness in the spiritual, and in both ways, if you do not have Christ, you are not going to have any defense. Do you have a Christ that is going to manifest a shield in front of you when someone takes out a gun in the middle of a riot and goes to shoot you? The Holy Ghost does not do that. The Holy Ghost is curative. Christ is defensive.

Watch some science fiction programs, brethren. As you can tell, I am an unconventional preacher. You will see what is coming. Everything they are showing you -- well, I do not know about everything -- a lot of the things that they show you in the science fiction movies is coming to pass. Some of it I am beginning to experience. I am just beginning to enter into this thing. I personally do not think I have great powers. I have some power, and I have a lot more than a lot of other Christians, but I look at what some of these occultish people have, and I have not got anything. And they have got it. If you do not think they have it, you are mistaken; they have it.

So if for no other reason, if you want the excitement of being in the war, I am not here to scare you, but do you not want to be in the war? I do not know about you, but I want to be in the war. I want to be developed in Christ enough to play their game. I want to see them walk down the street and try to woo me with their thought and for me to respond and not kill them but raise them up in Christ. I want to see it. That is the ministry of the two-witness company. You heard in the Book of Revelation about the scorpions that sting. We looked up every single word in the Greek. Do you know what it i- -- what the scorpions are? They are the sons of God that have a mind that penetrates into the carnal mind. And plants the seed of Christ right there. And they are going to come, and they are going to try and kill you with their mind, and your response will be life. I do not know about you, but I want to play the game. I cannot stab demons for five years, and now I want to play this game. I want to see people pick a fight with me and turn around, manifest in Christ. I want to see people try to kill me and wind up servants of God. This already happened once. This already happened once, but that was -- that had nothing to do with Christ in me. The Lord just decided to save my life. That witch in Harlem tried to kill me, and I found him two years later praising God, but that was not because I had Christ in me. That was a gift. I want to see it. I want to see people try to shoot me and turn around and serve God, and you have to be prepared. Pentecost is drying up. It is drying up, brethren. It is drying up. See, you could -- we were allowed to minister at Pentecost with sin in our hearts. We were all sinners casting out demons, all of us, but for the entire ministry that I am talking about, you cannot be a sinner, so to be prepared for that ministry, what is the first thing you must do?


Well, you have to get yourself cleaned up, yes. You have to confess and repent. H- -- your own sins have to be dealt with. You have to be able to deal with your own carnal mind before God’s giving you the authority to deal with someone else’s carnal mind because if you have not dealt with your own carnal mind, and it is -- well, if it is your carnal mind dealing with someone else’s carnal mind, it is witchcraft, and if it is your carnal mind against their carnal mind, you cannot raise them from the dead. Maybe if you develop spiritually, you can kill them, but who wants to kill them? I want to raise them from the dead. So Christ has to grow in you, and He can only grow in you by killing your carnal mind, so the self-ministry is the first step to being prepared for this glorious, glorious ministry. It is called the two-witness company. When you are steal imp- -- when you are still imperfect but Christ is mature enough in you to go out and deal with people’s carnal minds, and you are a member of the two-witness company, and when you are brought to full stature, your name changes to son of God, but the hour for people, for Christians to minister while they still have their own sins that are unconfessed is past. The two-witness company has sin, but they have to be confessed, and you have to be dealing with them, saying, God help me every time you sin; confess it, and say, God help me; deliver me, and He will let -- that is the two-witness company. You are ministering to others and yourself. If you are not ministering to yourself, He is not sending you to others. We saw it happen with that [UNINTELLIGIBLE] evangelist. He made a public show of citing someone for adultery, and within a year, his name was all over the newspapers too. You cannot point out sin in other people when that sin is not dealt with in your own life because when you execute judgment it falls like a blanket, and if that sin is in you, it has fallen on you too.

So I am going to end with this thought. There is a radical difference between casting a demon, which is sin, and of someone that stands up before you and says, I submit to you; please cast this out of me, and confronting the mind of a man who was not repenting and who would kill you if he could, and as you become more and more spiritual, you pr- -- you feel the arrows of these carnal minds more and more. You have to know how to deal with them. It is glorious. If you are afraid, you are manifesting. Rebuke it; rebuke it; it is glorious. It is wonderful. Very exciting, but it is a real warfare much more so than casting out demons, and you will take some blows, but you cannot ever be defeated as long as you are hanging on to Jesus. It is wonderful.

Any questions tonight? Any questions? What happened to our question ministry? It is dying on the vine.


[UNINTELLIGIBLE] talk about the lock of hair, and that is going around in my mind, and I would like you to elaborate on that.

Well, actually what it meant was that the Chri- -- well, Daniel, the prophet Daniel had the angel link up with his lock of hair. Daniel had -- how do I explain this, oh, Lord -- Daniel was not -- lived before the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, so he did not have available to him a mind of Christ that grew up from seed. We all have a mind of Christ in us that is starting out as a mustard seed and is growing in us, and as it grows in us, He gives us experiences, and we are strong in Christ because of the overcoming experiences we have in Him. Daniel did not have that natural -- Israel did not have a Christ that grew up from seed, but the spirit of Christ was upon Israel. We are told that in the New Testament. What Israel had was a fully mature spirit of Christ that would appear in the prophets at the will of the Lord. And it would just -- the spirit of Jehovah would just come upon the prophet and reach out for that man’s human spirit, and he would blink with it and have a temporary formation of Christ for just so long as the will of the Lord [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- if the man would -- if the Lord wants you to give him a prophecy to write down, the spirit of Jehovah touched Daniel, and the Scripture says it took a lock of his hair. No, it touched his human spirit and linked with it. When you grab someone’s hair, that is a joining. That is a joining, right? If I went to grab your hair, I am joined to you. Hair is a type of spirit in the Scripture, so that is a mysterious way of saying the angel, which was Christ, joined with Daniel, but He joined with him; hair typifies spirit. He joined with him in his spirit. There was a temporary mature manifestation of Christ that crushed his carnal mind, crushed it so that every word of the prophecy that was given to Daniel was the word of Jehovah. Without mistake, the Scripture said, if the prophet says one thing that does not come to pass, kill him. Now how come we have false prophecy in this hour? OK, it is a different anointing. We have a Christ that is growing up from seed, by -- and we are no longer a servant where we just -- where the spirit grabs on our end and speaks through us. We are now sons, and God wants us to sync with the mind of Christ and make decisions based on the mind of Christ, and therefore, He is growing up from seed; He is getting stronger and stronger, and we are growing with Him, and because it is not a fully mature manifestation of Christ in us at this hour, why, because He is growing up from seed, God does not kill us if we have a false prophecy. Does that make any sense to you?


OK. Did I answer your question?

Just thinking of Jeremiah, when he grabbed hold of the rebellious people, about him, by the hair.

He grabbed the -- I am not familiar with that scripture. He grabbed them by the hair? Well, I am not familiar with that scripture, but, of course, Jeremiah was not a spirit; he was a man, so I am not familiar with that scripture. Anybody else? OK.


OK, God bless you. [INAUDIBLE].


OK. Anybody else have a question? Going -- put that message on [INAUDIBLE]



How do we combat this mind that comes against us? You know, when you were saying there is a mind that is oppressing -- what is the -- what is the weapon we used [UNINTELLIGIBLE] --

That is a good question. And the only counsel I have for you is to say, Jesus, arise, and if He is strong enough, He will do it. That is the only thing that works for me. I could rebuke; I could do anything that I want. When I -- well, fight against another mind and my own strength, I never win. He wants to be my savior, and I say, Jesus, you know, are you going to come up, or, you know, are you not? What are you going to do for me? And He w- -- came up tonight.

            So if each of us did that, then [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

Well, I honestly do not know how strong He is in any view. I honestly do not know. By the next time this happened, and, I guess, I, well, I guess I could have counseled you to do that, but the thought did not come to me, so this only happens, like, once a year. The last time it happened was a long -- it was last summer the last time that happened, if you all remember it. So in any time -- in any such an encounter -- I know that I went to have a conference with a pastor of another church once, and he was completely crushing -- of course, that was a much longer time ago. I have gotten much stronger since. He had a very strong mind, and He was completely crushing me with his mind. He had authority over me because he was my pastor, and I had gone to see him, and I had put out a fleece with the Lord saying, if he throws me out of the church -- because I had broken a curse on somebody in his church, and he -- I knew it was something like that. That is what it was. He did not want me breaking curses on people in his church, but if God told me -- if God tells me to do it, I have to do it, so if you want to throw me out of your church, throw me out of your church, so that was the attitude I had when I went to see him. I said, Lord, if he throws me out of his church, that is going to be the sign to me that you want me -- because I had a group that was meeting on Saturday nights. Nobody is left from that group, but I had a group that was meeting on Saturday nights. I said, Lord, if he throws me out of the church, that is a sign to me that you want me to start having Sunday in regular meetings. He did not throw me out of the church. He really did not want me to leave, but he t- -- put it to me that I could not break curses in his church, so I had to tell him, if God told me to break the curse, I had to do it. You know, and if he wanted me to leave, I would leave. I would not argue with him about it, but I had to obey God.

See, he was crushing me with his mind. First of all, he had authority over me, [UNINTELLIGIBLE], well, he was a very strong-minded man, and I literally felt myself -- I guess it was not physical, but I felt I was just going down in the seed, and I just cried out. I said, Jesus, he is crushing me. What am I -- you know, what am I supposed to do? And what if -- I did not want to be rude to the man. He was my pastor, you know? I wanted to -- and Christ just rose up in me, and I do not really remember what I said, but I stopped shrinking. I was actually shrinking into the seat, and I rose up. I know that I did not say anything ungodly to him. I just rose up, and I walked out of there that day, and that is how this ministry started, the next Sunday. We had a meeting here.

So, you have to cry out to Jesus, and I have been telling you this for as long as you are coming here; that is your biggest problem, all of you, everybody, every person in the church. I am not picking on anyone. Your biggest problem is that you want to do this in your own strength. Your biggest problem is you want to fight your own strength. I think we talked about this at the last meeting, and because He is training you to stop fighting in your own strength and call out to the Lord for help, He is going to let you drown until you call out to Him. He is letting you drown and trip and flip and flop and fall all over the place because He wants you to know that you cannot do it yourself. He wants you to say, Jesus, help me. You know, and we all come out of a ministry where we were trained to do it ourselves, so it is like turning over our nature, and the stronger-minded you are and the stronger will you have, the longer it is going to take you to break your spiritual legs. He is going to break your legs. He will do whatever He has to do to lay hold of you and live His life through you. He will do anything He has to do. Once He sets his eyes on you. He is not doing it to everyone in this hour, but if He has got his eyes on you, watch out because you have met someone that is tougher than you, and that is the bottom line. Did I answer your question?

It is so simple, yet it is so hard for us with our carnal minds. You do not have to know any prayer in your head. You do not have to have any formula. All you have to do is say, Jesus, help me; I need help, but for people that have pride, you try to say, Jesus, help me; I need help. And [UNINTELLIGIBLE] cannot -- you cannot get the word out of your mouth. Hel- -- you know, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Jesus, I need help. I cannot do it. He is breaking the power of your carnal mind. He cannot live His life through you until He breaks the power of your carnal mind because your carnal mind, think of Him as Goliath, fully militarily defensed mind that is saying to the Lord, you are not getting inside of me even if it means my death. It is irrational; it is irrational. It is insane. The Lord has come to save our life, and we are telling Him, You are not taking over my life even if it is going to kill me because most of us think that we are going to lose our power over our own life, and what we do not understand is that we do not have any power over our own life. We either have a lord whose name is Jesus Christ, or we have a lord whose name is who?


Satan. We are not our own man. That is what the world does not understand. You are not your own man. You are Satan’s. He is the prince of the power of the air. Is he not? Is he not the god of this world? Has not the god of this world blinded your eyes? He owns us. How does Satan own us? Does anybody know? How does Satan come in possession of us?

            [INAUDIBLE] God gave it to him at the [UNINTELLIGIBLE].

Yeah, God sold us to him. God sold us to Satan. Agh! All the Pharisees are going crazy. God sold us to Satan. It is in the Bible. He sold us to Satan for a season. Well, now that the season is up, Satan does not want to let go, so we have got a war on our hands, but God sold us under sin, and those seals in the Book of Revelation that are being broken, they are the seals of Satan’s ownership on us, and those seals are in our mind. You are not your own, and if you are fighting against God, you are spiritually insane, which is all of us. It is the whole creation, spiritually insane.

I had a dream once that I was in an insane asylum, and the people in the ministry were in the dream. Everybody was doing their thing. One person was riding their bike. Another person was taking a hike, and I was the only one that knew I was in an insane asylum. No one else knew it. We are in a spiritual insane asylum, and most of us are fighting to stay here. Why would we be doing such a foolish thing? Because we are so sold under Satan that he is our very mind. And deliverance for us means the death of Satan’s carnal mind, and he would rather see us dead than see us delivered under the mind of Christ.

So, you see, you are not your own person. No one in their right mind would kill themselves when life is available right over there. Only Satan’s carnal mind would do such a thing. He would rather kill you than have the other guy -- than let the other guy have you.

Did you have a question?

[INAUDIBLE] walk down the street and [INAUDIBLE] should attack us, is our prayer [UNINTELLIGIBLE] falle- -- protect our carnal mind? That seems like it would be a contradiction.

No, not protect your carnal mind. You see, we have to develop to a point that our automatic reaction to such an attack would be Christ. You cannot do it out of your carnal mind. Christ has to arise in you to wage the warfare. And He is only going to get that strong when our carnal mind dies. You do not want to protect it. You want it to die. And as your carnal mind dies and Christ becomes your mind, you will have au- -- an automatic reaction just like you would have a reflex of action right now if someone came up to you and went to punch you; you would do something; either you would punch back or you would put your hands over your face. You would do something. OK, that is the automatic reaction of your carnal mind. Christ has his own set of automatic reactions. You are not going to have time to pray. It has to be Christ living and dwelling in your mind at a certain measure of maturity that Christ will see it coming when you might not even be aware of it, and He will rise up in you and wage that warfare. Your reaction will be automatically Christ.

So we are just to wait upon the Lord as He processes us? We do not pray anything?

You do not pray anything?           

Or --

I would pray every day, Lord, raise up Christ in me. Let him be my mind. I pray that all the time. Lord, be my mind. Let my thoughts be Christ. Let my reactions be Christ. Let my words be Christ. Let my emotions be Christ. I pray that all the time.


Yeah. Anybody else?

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