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One of the things that the Lord is doing in this hour is that He is starting to bring forth some correction to the element of the Christian Church, which is embracing some New Age doctrine. Now we have New Age Christians. This may come as a surprise to you, but we have churches where the spirit of God is flowing, where there is prophecy and speaking in tongues and other manifestations of the Holy Ghost, and they are preaching some New Age doctrine. And what seems to be happening is that they are mature Christians who have a revelation that there is more to the promises of God than dancing in the spirit and speaking in tongues and prophesying, although there is nothing wrong with that at all, but they want more; they have a hunger, and they want more. And for those of us that are students of how the Lord moves, you may know that frequently, to the mind of man, He moves very slowly; He moves very slowly.

And the Scripture clearly states that the children of darkness are much wiser than the children of light, so what does that mean? It means that there is information available in the world that is coming out of the mind of man and that the children of God who are waiting for this information to come forth out of Christ are without information that is available to people who are not willing to wait. Does anyone not -- want to -- let me say it again. I think some of us know what I am talking about.

Look, the whole creation is growing. We are all growing up. Just as you go from the second grade to the third grade to the fourth grade to the fifth grade -- we are all waiting to experience greater spiritual knowledge. People want spiritual knowledge. We want to know about origins and where we come from and where we are going, and the mind of man has some answers, some answers, and they are out there, teaching men whose mind is carnal, teaching answers about our origins and where we are going and about the spirit world. They are teaching; they are writing books; they are ministering, and there is an element of people in God’s church who believe that -- who believe that this information is for God’s people and because the Lord h- -- at the time that this movement started, New Age Christianity -- at the time that New Age Christianity started to stir up, there were many Christians who were hungering and thirsty for this spiritual knowledge, and when they could not find it in the church, they went outside of the church for it, and we find in the church today what I call New Age Christians. They have got the anointing. They have got the Holy Ghost, and the manifestations thereof, but their doctrine is New Age. And what is the overriding characteristic of New Age doctrine as compared to spiritual truth coming forth from the church? Does anybody know? Anybody have any idea? I do not think you do, but I will give you a chance. The overriding characteristic when comparing New Age doctrine to spiritual truth that is coming out of Christ is that the New Age doctrine comes out as a mirror image, comes out backwards, comes out backwards. They get it backwards in their minds as they bring the doctrine forth. They get things reversed. Did you ever hear of dyslexia? Dyslexia? They have got spiritual dyslexia. They have spiritual dyslexia. They have a lot of spiritual truth, but much of it -- I am not saying that they do not have anything that is accurate, but much of it comes out backwards, and the most overriding principle that they get backwards is the nature of God; they get it backwards, just as the large part of the world, including the church world, sees the Lord as some kind of a vengeful monster who was burning people in Hell forever if they do not love Him.

Now, remember, He is not burning them in Hell forever because they have murdered people or they have done damage to people. According to the doctrines of the church in the world, God is burning people in Hell forever because they have rejected Him. Is that not true? They will say to you, well, all you have to do is receive Him and save yourself from Hell. Is that not true? Is that what they teach you? So this punishment of eternal torment is not for any sin that man has committed. It is just Jesus Christ manifesting rejection.

Now in case you just turned on the message and you did not hear the beginning, I am being sarcastic. The Lord Jesus Christ does not manifest rejection. Man manifests rejection. And we see consistently over the ages man trying to form God in His image. God is not a man. God does not do the things that man does. God does not lie like men do. God does not sin like men do. God is a righteous, holy god, and the demented, deformed mind of man has been mispresenting him to the world for the -- this -- for this entire age. So we see in the New Age movement -- and this New Age doctrine is in the church. We see some spiritual truth, but we see that they have got it backwards; much of it is backwards. And one of the things that the Lord has called to my attention about a year ago is what I call the nothing-something doctrine, the nothing-something doctrine. I do not really have any information as to what scripture they base it on if they have a scripture. I pray it -- as God gave me this message today at the last minute -- I said, Lord, if there is any scripture that they base it on, I would like to make this study complete, but if it does exist, He did not give it to me.

So let me tell you what the nothing-something doctrine is. You have heard me mention it several months ago; you may or may not recall. I have heard it now coming out of at least three or four ministries, and they say that God was nothing. God was no-thing until He formed mankind, and He is now living in mankind, and He has now become something, and that something that He has become is humanity, so He was no-thing, and he became something, us, and they follow it up by saying, God is only present in man; He is no longer outside of man. And we did talk about this once before. I told you then, and I will tell you now that I disagree. Let me put it on the board for you.

Eternity, brethren, has no borders; it has no beginning, and it has no end, so just for argument’s sake, we will say that eternity goes off the board, has no beginning and has no end. Time has a beginning, and it has an end. Therefore, time must be within eternity. Time has a border; time has a border; it has a beginning, and it has an end. Eternity, where God is, where Jesus Christ is, has no beginning and no end. Therefore, time is smaller than eternity. Everybody OK?

So, to say that God was no-thing, and He became something when He made himself into a man is to say that there is no longer an eternity out here, but I declare to you that this is not true, just as when a woman bears a child and the child goes out from her, she still remains the same woman that bore the child. She has not changed, yet she has produced a child.

So the Lord Jesus Christ who is now one with Jehovah is an eternity, and He is also in the realm of time. He is everywhere inside of us, outside of us, so to say that there is no -- that there is nothing outside of man, I must disagree with [?him?it?]. We are going to go into this study tonight. I am going to disagree with the nothing-something doctrine, and aside from the fact that I am disagreeing that there is nothing outside of man, I am opposing this teaching that our God was no-thing until He became a man, and I would like to suggest to you that the New Age doctrine -- or this New Age doctrine is backwards. It is one of the instances where they have got it backwards, brethren. God is the something, and we are the nothing that God is giving him something-self to, and because God who is something is giving himself to we who are nothing, we too shall be something.

So when I first heard this doctrine, it offended me to call God no-thing, but I said to myself, well, I think what they are trying to say is that when -- before God was manifested in a form, in a human form, that is just their way of expressing that, that God, before He -- [?for?before?] man was not manifested in a human form, but the word really offended me to say that God was no-thing, and He is now in a superior form to that which He was before He formed us.

So let us take a look at some of these words, and we are going to look up some of these words. I took these definitions out of Webster’s Dictionary, and then we are going to go over some scriptures out of the prophets where the Lord refers to nothing, to certain people as being nothing, and we are going to find out that the true nothing, according to the Scripture, the no-thing according to the Scripture is man whose mind is carnal, and the something is God incarnate, or not incarnate; God is something, and He is one big something, and these people preaching this false doctrine are very blessed people, that He is as merciful a God as He is because that is a pretty outrageous thing to say, that God was no-thing, and now that He is in us, He is something, but what really amazes me is how many people do not stop to think; they hear it being preached, or they recognize the name of the preacher that is preaching it, and they just repeat it; they just repeat it; they do not stop to think about it or pray about it themselves, and that is really quite amazing thing, but the Scripture does say, brethren, that God’s people are sheep. That is what he says. We are sheep, and we need a shepherd because that is the tendency of God’s people, and I say that without condemnation, and I continue to encourage you to pray without ceasing, that the Lord keep you in the way and pray for me too that we stay in the way, and that any error will be corrected speedily, that you must pray that in love, and it is not for you to decide what the error is; that is a general prayer. If you think I have made an error, then you must pray, Lord, correct whichever one of us is wrong. If you want to stay without sin, that is how you must pray, but pray that God helps me and that God helps all of us because the seduction of the carnal mind is vicious, and it never ceases to amaze me. God was no-thing, amazing.

Webster’s Dictionary says, no-thing is a pronoun, and it means not anything; it means -- well, I am dealing with the word nothing, nothing. It means no-thing, no part, one of no interest. Do you believe that? God is something that we would not be interested in, one of no value. God was of no value before He incarnated as man. God was of no value. Jesus, help me to stay calm.

Or nothing also means to be of no consequence. They are preaching it in God’s church, and the presence of the Holy Ghost, prophecy and talking in tongues. God was no-thing; He was without value and of no consequence until He was made into a man. Is that amazing?

The word nothing is also an adverb, which means not at all. God was not at all or in no degree; He was just nothing, worthless. Nothing is also a noun, and the noun nothing means something that does not exist, an object, a person, an event or a remark of no or slight value. God was of no or slight value.

Something that does not exist. Webster’s definition of the word to exist is to stand, to have real -- and let me remind you, we are waiting to be raised up to a standing position. When the Lord found us, we were lying down sleeping. Some of us are sitting up, and we are waiting to be raised up to full stature, to be standing on our feet in full strength. So to exist means to stand, to have real being, whether material or spiritual. So what they are saying is that if you are not appearing – before the Son of God was appearing in the flesh, He was of no value at all, but Webster’s says that to exist means that you can exist as a spirit. You do not have to be in human form. To have real being, whether material or spiritual, they are saying that God had no real being. And then it also says to have being in space and time.

Now, if the only definition of the word to exist is to have being in space and time, well, then, we have a prop- -- you see, well, before I started studying this, I knew that to be meant to have real being in space and time. And I said to myself, is it possible there could be something to this doctrine because I know before man was formed God was pure spirit, and He had no being in space and time in this realm, which is space and time, but I knew that this doctrine offended me; to call my God no-thing offended me, and as I researched it, I found out that there is more than one definition of this word “to exist.” Now, apparently they have laid hold of one definition that is not consistent with the scriptures. Yes, there was a time when God did not exist in this realm of time and space, but according to another definition of the word “exist,” He had real spiritual being. So they have laid hold of a definition of this word that does not truly apply to God.

Existence: reality as opposed to appearance. Now, listen to this. Existence is reality as opposed to appearance, and this doctrine is saying, that God did not exist, that He was no-thing before man was formed. Now, if you will think back to our message Pharisees and Narcissm, we talked about the image and the real person. Brethren, who was the image, man or God? Man is the image. And in this hour, we are a false image. We are not reflecting the nature of our God. The reality is what this doctrine calls no-thing. The true substance of the creation which exists within the creation and outside of the creation, this doctrine is calling no-thing, of no value. That which is the reality upon which humanity was formed in the beginning is being called no-thing. Amazing, is it not?

Now, this word “existence” also means reality as presented in experience. Well, I honestly do not know if you can have experiences when you are not in the flesh. That may be true, but I am not sure, but the whole problem here is that we are using words that have more than one meaning. And the -- whoever formed this doctrine has laid hold of meanings that are not consistent with scripture.

Existence: the state or fact of having consciousness or knowledge. Brethren, God has consciousness; God is consciousness. He is the only true consciousness, and He had consciousness before He formed man.

One of the meanings of nothing or no-thing is nothingness. Webster says that nothingness is the quality or state of being nothing, such as non-existence. Now, existence means to have real being, whether material or spiritual. So to say that God was nothingness is to say that H- -- there was no spiritual reality. He had no reality; He had no substance before He formed himself in man. Lies. Nothingness means utter insignificance. It means death. Brethren, this doctrine says that our God is death. Now who is death? Who is death? The carnal mind, fallen man, His death -- they have got it backwards. In the same manner as we have been teaching here for five years now, when the Christ mind approaches the carnal mind to bring a correction, the carnal mind will perceive the Christ mind as sinful, as manifesting either pride or witchcraft or whatever else, however else it perceives it. The carnal mind thinking that it is righteous without a conviction of its own sin perceives the mind which is different from it has sin. So we have a doctrine formulated by the mind of man, which perceives itself as God and perceives God as no-thing. That is quite amazing to me. That is quite amazing.

Death, the fallen natural man says that God before He was in a man was death, something insignificant or valueless, empty, void. Webster’s says that empty means lacking reality, substance or value, devoid of sense, foolish and idle.

I do not know; my Bible says there were those standing idle in the marketplace, and, Jesus, call him into the vineyard. If it was not so sad, it would be funny.

Webster’s says that void means to be idle, to be useless, to be of no legal force or effect. God, the prevailing law of the universe, to be of no legal force or effect before He had the wonderful gift of being formed as a man. I want to tell you; if I was God, I would probably wipe them all out. Thank God, God is not a man, that He looks at this and He laughs. And His only reaction to it, what is His reaction to this? What is the Lord’s reaction to this blasphemy? It is outright -- it is heresy. What is God’s reaction to this? What does He do? Does He burn them in Hell forever? Does -- He judges [sic] them? What does that mean? What does He do?


Well, what is His judgment? What form does His judgment take?


What? And how does He correct them?




What does He do? What does He do? What is He doing to bring this correction? He tells them the truth. He tells them the truth. And when He tells them the truth with an anointed word, if that truth is being preached by the Christ in a man, and it comes to somebody’s hearing, that word is spirit, and that word is life, and it gets inside of their mind -- oh, I changed the board -- and it gets inside of their mind, and that harlot Eve, their harlot spirit which has produced this false doctrine through the carnal mind receives the seed of Christ, and that harlot will produce the right doctrine growing as a plant in her mind. She will have positive and negative, but once that true word is born, it will swallow up the negative word. That is what God does. The warfare is in the mind. He does not stop talking to people; He does not reject people; He does not fall out of fellowship to people, but He is training up in this hour an army of man over a -- in whom He is giving such dominion over their own emotions that they can have conversations about doctrine without fighting, without getting excited, without condemning, without harassing but simply sitting down and speaking to these people what they believe and that these words are coming forth from Christ and this company of men, and these seeds are spirit, and they are life, and they are going into the minds of the people that they are speaking to, and Christ is being reproduced. This doctrine, which is in Christ, is being reproduced by the spirit that transmitted it.

Entity, I looked up the meaning of the word entity. Why did I do that? Oh, there was another definition that I did not tell you, of nothingness. A metaphysical entity opposed to and devoid of being -- well, I am not going to get into that tonight. I am going to let that go. When I looked up the word nothing, it said there are more definitions at none. And Webster’s says, none means no one. The word no is used to express the negative, and it is used to express negation or denial. The opposite of positive. There is -- this doctrine is saying that our God was negative before He became man, but we know -- He [?heard?] that God is the positive charge, that fallen man is the negative charge, and that we are waiting for our positive charge to be added to us. They have got it completely backwards.

The word one means a single unit or thing existing or occurring as something not definitely fixed, being the only individual of an indicated kind. Well, that is what God is. That is what the word one means, but they are saying he was no one, that he was not a single unit or a thing, that He did not exist or occur as something definitely fixed, nor was He the only one of an indicated kind.

The word thing means a separate and distinct individual quality, fact, idea or entity. Thing means the concrete entity as distinguished from its appearances. It is the same thing as the image and the reality. God is the reality; we are the image, and this New Age doctrine has it completely backwards. It is making us the reality. I want to use the exact words. Let me see. It is making man the concrete entity and God as the appearance of the concrete entity.

Brethren, I am not talking about New Age people. Now I am talking about God’s church, and I encourage you to remain believing that this is God’s church because it is God’s church. Did not Samaria have golden calves on their property? I remember when I first started reading the Bible and I read -- I read in the Book of Judges when Israel sinned, and I got all upset. I never knew Israel sinned. I thought Israel -- everything in the Bible about Israel was good. I got all upset. I said I must be reading this Bible wrong. Israel is sinning. Brethren, Israel is still sinning today. And they still have golden calves in Samaria, and they are still worshipping their idols under green trees and on every high place, and they are God’s people, and we need to know that because it is time to grow up. We do not have one group of good guys and another group of bad guys. Everybody is a mixture. Some people are predominantly in truth, and others are predominantly in error, but it can appear everywhere or anywhere at any time, and God in this hour is in the midst of bringing a correction to erroneous doctrine. That is very exciting, brethren, but He cannot send us if we cannot continue to lay hold of the knowledge that they are God’s people and that the Lord is not condemning them. He knows that we are but dust.

Now, at the convention that I just came from, I heard somebody quote the scripture, if it were possible, the very elect would be deceived, and they were saying it is not possible. Brethren, it is possible; it is possible for the elect to be deceived. And in this hour God is bringing a correction that nobody wants to hear.

So if He is going to send you, you will be persecuted. You will be hated. You will be denied. You will be lied about. But you must go without emotion, without conflict. You must go with a heart that is turned towards peace and reconciliation, believing that if you go that way, the power of God is backing you up, and He will bring peace and reconciliation in every encounter. It is a very exciting hour that we are living in, but the battle is fierce.

So they say our God was a no-thing, and when He was formed as a man, He became a something. The word some means being at least one and sometimes all, being an unspecifed but appreciable quantity. Every good thing that this doctrine has to say is about the something, and the no-thing is nothing. God help us.

Something means a definite but not specified thing, a person or thing of consequence. God was nothing without man. This sort of sounds to me like the doctrine that says, God made us because He want- -- He was lonely, and He wanted someone to fellowship with. Brethren, God does not need us. Jesus said, if you do not praise Me, these rocks will praise Me. If God wiped us all out tomorrow, He would just start all over again, but He has decided to not do that. He has decided to keep us and to fix us, but we are not His credentials. He is our credentials. We do not make Him valuable. He makes us valuable. His presence in us makes us valuable. The mind of man has reversed this doctrine. Jesus.

OK, we are going to go over a few scriptures. I would like to start with Hebrews 13:8. This is the only scripture that does not use the word no-thing, nothing, and the reason we are going over this scripture, which reads, Jesus Christ, yesterday, today and forever is that some people, well-meaning believers are receiving what I am saying. They be laying hold of this doctrine to use it to support that God was the same before incarnation -- well, before the formation of the creation, now and afterwards, and the scripture does not mean that, so we do not want to prove any point by using a wrong doctrine, so we are going to go over the scripture, and then we are going to go over several scriptures where God speaks about nothing, and I hope to convince you that where the scripture speaks about no-thing, the scripture says that no-thing is Satan and the natural man and that this doctrine of nothing-something is in error, and hopefully God will use this message to set some people in God’s church free, as I believe He has used our message exposing the error of ultimate reconciliation; He has used it, and I believe using it to help some people.

What I saw this week was a mixture of Pentecost and New Age doctrine. Does anybody here not know that in Pentecost --,that Pentecost does not include the doctrine of God? There is some teaching about faith. There is good teaching, but the Gospel of God is not preached with Pentecost. Does anybody not know that? Pentecost, brethren, is a female realm. It is filled with emotionalism, and emotionalism is female. The Gospel of God is preached to spiritual males, brethren, and there is very little emotionalism, although any emotionalism that the Lord brings forth is welcome. There just does not seem to be much of it, and if we are going to look at natural men as our examples, when you look at a natural man, you see that their gratification largely comes from what? Does anybody remember it? We mentioned it the other day.




Power. Power. Women feel a release when they express their emotions. Men feel -- well, let me say sl- -- well, let me keep it consistent. Women get satisfaction when they express their emotions. Men get satisfaction when they exercise power. And the two do not mix. One of the problems we are having in this society today is that there are strong social forces trying to tell us that men and women are the same, and these strong social forces are encouraging our citizens who are male to take on female activity and are encouraging women to take on male activity, and it has weakened the manhood of many men in this country because you cannot be both. Why cannot you be both? Because male and female are diametrically opposite, one against the other. Male and female oppose. Male gives; female receives. You look it up; look it up in your Strong’s concordance; take your words out of Genesis, out of The Creation; male gives; female receives. Male positive, female negative. You cannot be both. Either you are going to be positive, or you are going to be negative. So we see that in the male realm, there is little emotionalism, and it is stressful for a season until you start to wield that power. And when you start to wield that power, for myself, it is more exciting than any emotionalism I have ever engaged in, and I have engaged in it all. I scream, yell, danced around the church, jumped up and down, danced until I was exhausted and went out in the spirit. I do not know whether it was in the spirit or from exhaustion; I do not know. I did it all, and I am not saying there is anything wrong with it, but do you not want to grow up into manhood? Do you want to stay female? Well, if you want to stay female, perhaps the Lord will let you do it. We know that he let certain tribes stay on the nearside of the Jordan. We know that was allowed. Maybe He will let you stay female. Maybe you are not called to be male, but we need to know; we need to understand what has happened to our emotionalism so that we do not mourn for it. I mourn for it. I mourn for the music. I mourn for the excitement. I mourn for the emotionalism. I cried for it. I wailed for it. And there was nobody to tell me what I am sharing with you today. So I just encourage you to be encouraged because at least somebody is giving you this information. I was very sad for a very long time, not understanding what the Lord was doing. Praise God.

Power. OK, let us -- I have some comments on Hebrews 13:8. “Remember them which have the rule over you” -- I guess this is verses 7 and 8. “Remember them which have the rule over you who have spoken unto you the word of God whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Well, brethren, it sounds very poetic, but what does it mean? If you read that scripture, if you read Hebrews 13, would it be put in that spot? “Remember them which have the rule over you who have spoken unto you the word of God,” OK, “whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.” Does that make any sense to you? Does anybody have any revelation on what that has meant to them? I have had this scripture on my heart actually for months, meaning to look it up, and I have not had the time. It makes no sense to me at all. Does it make sense to anybody here? Would anybody w- -- like to make a comment on it?


It is Hebrews 13:8. And the verse following that says, “Be not carried about with diverse and strange doctrines; for it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace.” Now, what does that have to do with Jesus Christ being the same yesterday, today and forever? Has anybody ever wondered about that? We have so many scriptures in this Bible that we do not -- we just do not know what they mean. Well, I looked up all the words, and I would like to share with you what I found. Now, remember the teaching here that every scripture has to fit in with the surrounding scriptures. We cannot just have a scripture stuck in there meaning nothing. It has got to mean something; there has got to be some connection to the other scriptures. Can anybody here s- -- I do not mean to put you on the spot. I am just asking you honestly. If you want to take it off the message, does anyon- -- does that make sense to anybody at all in that spot? No one is answering me, so I guess not.

OK, let us try and find out what it is saying. I am going to start by reading you the Interlinear text. I believe this is one of the -- these cases where the Greek -- the translation from the Greek is very difficult, and the well-meaning King James translators really just could not figure out what it was saying, so they did the best that they could, and Jesus Christ is saying yesterday, today and forever sounds good, sounds like a good slogan, so they stuck it in there, but I suggest to you that the scripture had another intention.

Let me read you the Interlinear text. “Remember the leaders of you who spoke to the word of God, of whom considering the issue of conduct.” We are talking about conduct -- the issue that we are discussing in verse 7 is conduct. “Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God, who have taught you the word of God, whose faith” -- I am sorry; I am in the wrong place -- “who spoke to you the word of God, of whom considering the issue of conduct.” He is talking about the elders that have taught you and preached to you the word of God concerning the issue of conduct, and then he says, “imitate their faith,” “imitate their faith.”

I am going to read you the whole thing without comment. “Remember the leaders of you who spoke to you the word of God of whom considering the issue of conduct. Imitate their faith. Concerning the issue of conduct, imitate their faith.” Well, what is their faith? I want to suggest to you that verse 8 is telling you who their faith is. Is not Jesus Christ our faith? He is our faith. So the scripture is saying, concerning the issue of conduct, how you behave yourself, imitate the faith of the teachers who have taught you which faith is Jesus Christ, yesterday and today, is the same even to the ages. The faith that you are to follow concerning conduct is Jesus Christ. Do not even follow your elders. Paul said in another place, “follow me as I follow Christ.” This is the second witness to that. “Follow me as I follow Christ. Imitate their faith,” and their faith is Jesus Christ. Yesterday and today, et cetera, et cetera.

So let us look up these words because that does not make any sense. “Imitate their faith. Jesus Christ” -- that is OK; their faith is Jesus Christ. “Yesterday and today is the same, even to the ages.” That makes no sense at all. So let us take this a little further. Yesterday, Strong’s 5504, and Thayer’s tells us that this word is the equivalent of the Hebrew 8543, and I found -- I think I found it under the Hebrew. I did not make my notes too clear, but this is the Greek equivalent of that word, and I found in the alternate translations or in the many translations under that number that this word translated yesterday can also be translated covered over, covered over.

Now, yesterday has been covered over by today. Yesterday has been covered over by today. Yesterday -- w- -- and the Interlinear says, yesterday and today. The word -- Greek word translated “and” is Strong’s 2532 and can be translated “also but, covered over but.” “Today” is Strong’s 4594, and it means “the day,” and who is the day? Jesus is the day. And the phrase “forever” -- in the Interlinear, that phrase is “even to the ages,” and it means “to the ages,” and the word “the same” is Strong’s 846, and when this Greek word translated “the same” is followed by the Greek word “kai” and does not mean the same, but it means that it is distinguishing one person from another. In other words, if I were to say to you, I am the leader of the group. It is the exact opposite. This is one of these instances where this Greek word can mean two completely opposite things. It is translated “the same,” but because of the Greek word that follows it, it does not mean the same, but it means that it is distinguishing one person or one age from the other ages, and I will get ahead of myself. I will tell you that it is saying that the age of Jesus Christ is different than all the other ages. That is what it is saying.

“Jesus Christ covered over” -- covered over with what? What is Jesus Christ covered over with?




No. What is Jesus Christ covered over with? Jesus Christ is a spirit. What is spirit covered over with?


Flesh, yes. Jesus Christ, the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, covered over with whose flesh? Your flesh and my flesh. “Jesus Christ covered over but nevertheless different than the other ages.” What it is saying is, the spirit of Jesus Christ is covered over by the same flesh as the people who have the age of this world in their heart. He looks like everybody else, but His age is different. His body’s age, His spirit, His mind is different, is covered over with flesh just like everybody else in the world, but the mind that is in Him is different than the mind in the people of this world. That is what it is saying.

Let me read it to you. Jesus Christ who, although wrapped in flesh just like the other ages -- does anybody have a pen [?for me??] Let me get a pen.


Jesus Christ who although wrapped in flesh just like the other ages are -- oh, I see what I do, put the comma in the wrong place, sorry -- Jesus Christ who although wrapped in flesh just like the other ages is nevertheless different. He is a different age. He looks like everybody else, but spiritually He is different. Let me put the whole thing together for you.

“Remember the leaders of you who spoke to you the word of God of whom considering the issue of conduct imitate their faith, Jesus Christ, who although wrapped in flesh just like the other ages is nevertheless a different age or a different spirit.” Is everybody OK?

Let me read it one more time. This is Hebrews 13, verses 7 and 8, alternate translation. “Remember the leaders of you who spoke to you the word of God of whom considering the issue of conduct imitate their faith, Jesus Christ, who although wrapped in flesh just like the other minds or the mind of this world is nevertheless a different mind.”

So that scripture has nothing to do with Jesus Christ existing before the creation was formed.

Now, we know that Jesus Christ or that Christ existed before the formation of man. He was -- where was He? Does anybody know where He was?

He was in the bosom of the Father. He was in the bosom of the Father. He existed in another form. He existed in the form of the seed of the Father. He was one with the Father. There was no separation, but the Father always was, and the Son always was, although in a different form than He became -- that He came into when man was formed.

Boy, I am really up against a stone wall tonight. This is really bad. Is everybody understanding what I am saying? This is a very important message, brethren, that is blowing apart seriously wrong error in the church, OK, so there is a lot coming against us. There is a lot coming against us. This message has to go out.

What will we do now is go over several Old Testament scriptures where the word nothing is used, and I hope to convince you that God’s opinion of nothing is us, fallen man and the mind that is in us. God calls us nothing, and we went into this in the Harvest series; I think it started with message -- with part 10. We were in Isaiah 33. God considers us nothing next to Him. We are just wind. And as far as the Lord is concerned, this outer realm that we live in is nothing. It is just an illusion. It is just a lie because if you recall the teaching, Satan went beyond the creation that Righteous Adam had formed. Satan went beyond. This world that we live in is a realm that has been tacked on by a criminal mind, and it is coming down in the regeneration, brethren. This outer realm will cease to exist. That is why God calls it nothing. He considers these bodies nothing. He considers this external world nothing. Now, there is a strong teaching in the church today about the regeneration of this physical body and the preservation of this body, and one person was very upset with me when he heard me preaching that in the -- at the end of all things, at the -- at the ultimate reconciliation of all things, that this body will not appear as it is appearing now because this body is in the image of Satan. This body is not being saved. The body which is our soul, our mortal soul, is being saved. The body of the spirit is being saved. What is happening to this physical body is that great pressure and great heat will be exerted upon it, and its atoms are being broken down and reformed into exactly what, I do not know. We will not be wasting -- the atoms of this flesh will not be wasted. They will be -- does anybody know what the word is?


They will be what?




Well, no, there is a particualr word we have been using here, trans- -- anybody?


Transmuted. Transmuted. Transmuted, broken down. The cells of our body will be broken down to their smallest, basic elements and put together in a different form.

So God says that these bodies are nothing. He says that this whole outer realm is nothing. It is a shadow. God laughs at it. And most of us that are here are fighting with all of the strength that we have to hold onto it and to hold onto the pleasures that it offers us, and if you feel that way, I am not condemning you, but I am telling you that God laughs at it, and He calls it vanity, emptiness, and you will find out -- as we go over the Hebrew words vanity and nothing, that they need all of the words that we just read in Webster’s dictionary about no-thing, void, empty, without purpose, without meaning, without substance. That is what this realm is to God. He is the only true reality, no matter what the New Age says and no matter what the New Age Christians say, man is the servant, and when man completely dies and God is completely living His life through us, we shall be Sons of God but not in our own right.


OK. Isaiah 40: Verse 17. “All nations before Him are as nothing,” Strong’s 369. “And they are counted to him less than nothing,” Strong’s 657, “and vanity” -- Strong’s 369 it means nothing, emptiness, that was one of the words that we used -- except that I have lost a page. Oh, here it is. Emptiness, lacking -- now this is all Webster’s definition -- lacking reality, substance or value, devoid of sense, foolish or idle. God says that all the nations are empty. We are all the nations, brethren, these bodies and these fallen souls; they are empty because -- does anybody know why they are empty? Why would God call them empty? Anybody have any idea?

            They have no life in us.

They have no life in us. That is true, but more specifically, they do not have the mind of Christ, and God considers the carnal mind as nothing. As far as the Lord is concerned, if the mind of Christ is not in the human beings, they have no mind. That is how God sees us. And this includes the most brilliant minds of the fallen creation. God says you are empty. There is nothing in you, and some of us may remember -- we did the prophet Amos where we found a verse where the Lord sen- -- is sending forth prophets saying to all the human beings, is there anybody in there? Is there anybody in there? Is Christ in there, or are you an empty shell? Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again. Only Christ can put him together again, brethren. Man cannot fix himself up. He can dress himself up and put on deodorant and perfume and do all kinds of things to exalt himself, but he cannot put himself together again; only God can do it.

“All nations before him” -- that is us, those of us who do not have Christ, including the church with the Holy Ghost; they are empty. I will give you these words again. They are empty, lacking reality, substance or value, devoid of sense, foolish and idle. “He maketh the judges” -- oh, I am sorry; that is the wrong one -- “and they are counted to Him less than nothing,” Strong’s 657. That word means the end, the extremity. It also means nothing, but it means end in extremity, and I want to suggest to you that the Scripture is speaking about this world system and this physical body. The Scripture calls it the outer court. It is given over unto the Gentiles. We will have it as long as we need it to survive, but when Christ is fully born in us, we will no longer need this flesh. Hallelujah.

I have to make a correction there. I really do not know about -- when Christ is fully born in us, that is full stature. I honestly do not know if we will need th- -- this flesh at that time. We know Jesus kept his human body at that stage. Whether or not he needed it, I do not know, but certainly by the time we enter into the glorification, which is the third stage of resurrection, we will not need nor will we have this flesh. Each of us, scripturally speaking, is a river, and in glorification we will all be flowing into the crystal sea, and there will be no more separation. These bodies separate us. There will be no more separation.

Isaiah 40:23, “That bringeth the princes to nothing” -- Strong’s 369 -- “He maketh the judges of the earth as vanity -- “He bringeth the princes to nothing” -- who are the princes? Now, Isaiah 40:17, he is speaking about the nations, the nations meaning the people who really do not know the Lord, and the princes, brethren, they are the p- -- they are the men in the church. They are the men in the church. They are princes. They are royalty. Did not Jesus say to the Hebrews, ye are gods, but you shall die as men? The princes are the men in the church, and He bringeth the princes to nothing. He bringeth them to emptiness. That means they could have the mind of Christ, and He brings them down under certain circumstances. He makes the judges of the earth as vanity, vanity meaning emptiness. “The rulers of the earth are without the mind of Christ,” and God does it to them. God either gives you the mind of Christ, or God takes the mind of Christ away, and as I have told you, as I see it, the biggest problem in the New Age Christian church today is that they seem to think that they have to bring forth this conversion into a spiritual man by their own strength, and they do not -- at least the ones that I have met, they do not seem to have the revelation that we must wait for Christ to do it in us. Only God can give the increase. We can plant, and we can water, but only Christ can give the increase. And I heard someone say to me the other day, we have got to hurry up because all the people in the New Age, they are going forward; they are doing something with their minds, and they are starting to live longer, and they believe that with positive thinking they can now live to 200 years old, and they are accomplishing all these accomplishments, and we better hurry up because the world is ahead of us. Brethren, you do not have to hurry up. Jesus is never late. It took him four days to get to Lazarus, to raise him from the dead, brethren. We are not in a race with the New Agers. We are not in any race with the heathens. They may look like they are ahead of us now, and they maybe ahead of us now, but they have a ceiling; they can only go so far. When the Lord finally gets his show on the road and we take off, we will surpass them without any effort. There is no race with the heathen. Where does this teaching come from? Anybody know? What spirit? The pride of man. The pride of man. We must do it.

I do not want anyone taking this opportunity to misunderstand me. I am not preaching passivity, but the Lord must teach us because I do not how to explain it to you. The Lord must teach us how to do things in His strength, and the only way you can do things in His strength is to die, to get every desire to do things yourself, to make your own decisions and plot and plan your own life. That has to die so that the Lord can live His life through you.

Isaiah 40:23, “That bringeth the princes to nothing” -- that Hebrew word translated “bringeth” is Strong’s 5414, and it means “to give over into the custody of nothing.” That is what it says, “that bringeth the princes to nothing, to give over into the custody of nothing.” And I suggest to you in this scripture, “nothing” is Satan, and I remind you of the information the Lord revealeth to us in the Epistle of Peter that the fallen creation was given over and bound to chains of darkness to be presided over, adminstered over by Satan and the darkness of this world until the what? Anybody? How long will we be bound to the chains of darkness of this world?


Until what?


Well, that is true, but the scripture in the Epistle of Peter is -- describes something that is about to happen to the creation.


Yeah. It is the judgment. We are bound to Satan in our minds until the judgment of our minds, which will release our true reality, our human spirit from this illegal union with Satan.

OK. Isaiah 41:11, “Behold all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded. They shall be as nothing” -- Strong’s 369 -- “they shall be as nothing, and they that strive with thee shall perish. All they that were incensed against the Lord and his sons shall be ashamed and confounded. They shall be as nothing.” That means if they had the mind of Christ they are going to find themselves without the mind of Christ. You see, sometimes, brethren, we get disillusioned because we look at people that we know did evil, and we expect God to kill them or destroy them financially or do all kinds of terrible things to them, but sometimes He does not do that. He just takes his mind back. He just takes his spirit back, and to the carnal mind, they look like they are still leading a pretty decent life, but they are drained of the things of His spirit, spiritual death. You see, He has killed them but not the way you think they should be killed.

Isaiah 41:12, “Thou shalt seek them and shalt not find them, even them that contended with thee,” that they -- “they that war against thee shall be as nothing.” 369, that is emptiness. “They shall be as nothing, and as a thing of naught,” and as a thing of naught. That is Strong’s 657. “They shall be as nothing; that is empty, void without purpose.” Let me read you that again.


“They shall be empty, lacking reality, substance or value, devoid of sense, foolish and idle. Those who confounded you and war against you shall be all of those things, and they shall be a thing of naught. They shall be the end, the extremity. They are just going to be -- they are going to be men who are going to be dwelling in these outer realms.”

Isaiah 41:24, “Behold, ye are of nothing,” Strong’s 369, “and your work of naught,” Strong’s 659, “an abomination is he that chooseth you,” and who chooseth you if you are nothing? What does it mean to choose you? Choose you for what? Choose you to be a vessel for whom a mind is manifesting. “The one who chooseth you, all you carnal people is an abomination.” His name is Satan. Yes, through his carnal mind.

So you are nothing, Strong’s 369, that means you are empty; you have no reality or value; you are foolish, and you are idle, and your work -- and what is your work? What is your work? You are spirit. You are spirit, and what work is your spirit doing? Your spirit is engraving your what?

[?Your soul.?]

Your soul, your soul. Your spirit is engraving His nature upon your soul, so the work of the spirit man is to engrave the nature of the Father or of Satan upon your soul.

So Isaiah 41:24 says, “Ye are nothing; you are empty; you are without value, and the soul that you have engraved is of naught” -- Strong’s 659, it means speaking of the valueness of idols, so the soul that you have engraved is in the image of Satan, and it is a valueless idol. Brethren, the image of the beast is the nature of Satan engraved in the soul of man. Jesus said, “I am the shape of the Father.” He was in the image of the Father. His soul -- the man, Jesus of Nazareth -- his soul was engraved in the image of the Father, and He was something.

Glory to God.

Isaiah 41:29, “Behold, they are all vanity, emptiness again. Their works, their bodies and their souls are nothing,” Strong’s 657 -- nothing, less than nothing, an extremity, OK, it is this outer shell that is worthless. “Their molten images are wind and confusion.” Does anyone remember who -- where the molten image is?

This is a bad night tonight. The molten image, that which goes through the fire, molten means melted. Metal is melted. That which goes through the fire is typified by gold. It is the spirit, this human spirit is engraved in the image of her husband. If she is married to Christ, her human spirit is in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, and Christ engraves your soul, which is the clay or the wood image, so we are told here that the molten image is wind. That means the molten image is the spirit is engraved in the nature of Satan and confusion.

“Behold, they are all vanity, their souls and their bodies are nothing because the mind of God is not in it, and they are nothing because their molten image is their mind is in the image of Satan.”

Isaiah 44:10, “Who hath formed a God or a molten” -- or I am sorry, “a m-” -- “who have formed a God or molten a graven image that is profitable for nothing” -- a graven image -- and the graven image is the what? The true graven image is the what?


No, the true graven image -- the true graven image, it is either the carnal mind or Christ. It is either the carnal mind or Christ, the true graven image, and they -- so molten -- to “molten a graven image that is profitable for nothing” -- and that word nothing merely means to no profit -- is the -- is the carnal mind.

Jeremiah 10:24, “Oh, Lord, correct me, but with judgment, not in thine anger, lest thou bring me to nothing,” and this word nothing is Strong’s 4591, and that is a poor translation, so I will take a minute to give you the correct translation because it is really exciting.

Oh, Lord, correct me but with judgment, with judgment which is merciful. Do not correct me with anger because if you correct me with anger, you will bring me to nothing. Well, that is not an accurate translation. This word nothing, Strong’s 4591, means to scrape off, to belittle, to be few or to diminish. Now, brethren, we are filled with sin. Our sin must be scraped off of us. We must become thinner because we must be separated from Satan and the carnal mind, and this word lest -- “lest we thou bring us to nothing.” The Hebrew word translated lest under Strong’s #6434 has the same exact spelling as Strong’s 6435. Strong’s 6435 means a corner or an angle, a corner or an angle. Please remember that our Lord Jesus Christ is the corner, and the angle of the right triangle which symbolizes the spiritual man. “Oh, Lord, correct me but with judgment not in thine anger. Let [?thy angle?] bring me to nothing.” Now this nothing is a good nothing. This nothing is speaking about the residue of you which -- that which remains, quoting 2 Thessallonians -- or is it 1 Thessalonians? “And those of us which are alive and remain,” that is what this nothing is speaking about, that part of you, that will remain after the chastening. “Let [?thy angle?] bring me to nothing.” Let Christ kill our carnal minds that we might be live in Him. “Oh, Lord, correct me but with judgment, not in thine anger. Let Christ Jesus bring my carnal mind to nothing.”

We are almost finished.

Jeremiah 13:7, “Then I went to Euphrates…and digged and took the girdle from the place where I had hid it, and behold, the gurdle was marred. It was profitable for nothing, not useful for anything.”

Daniel 4:35, “And all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing.” Strong’s 3809 just means nothing. “The inhabitants of the earth,” that is us. We are the nothing. We are the no-thing, “the inhabitants of the earth.” “And He doeth according to His will in the army of Heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth and none can stay His hand or say unto Him, what doest thou?” So the inhabitants of the earth are as nothing.

Psalms 39:5, “Behold, thou has made my days as an handbreath; and mine age as nothing” -- that means empty, Strong’s 369 -- “before thee, verily every man at his best staid is altogether vanity,” and that word vanity means the breath of the mouth, something vain and empty. I suggest to you it is speaking about Satan’s spirit. “Verily every man at his best state is altogether vanity or nothing.” Man at his best state is altogether vanity or nothing. God, my God, has always been something and is now something in another form, and [?what is?once?] more, now that the something is in a new form, the something exists in two forms. Does not your Bible say the Father and the Son? What kind of a teaching is this, that once God became man, there is no longer God outside of man. That is doing away with the Father and leaving only the Son. I heard of a movement once called Jesus Only.

So we have the perversion of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost Trinity which is not true, and now we have the teaching of Jesus Only in the New Age Christian Church, and that is not true. There is the Father, brethren, and there is the Son. The Father’s name is Jehovah, or in this hour, in this new covenant, the Lord Jesus Christ who was one with Jehovah, and the Son -- well, let me do it this way, the Old Testament name of the Father is what? I just said it. Jehovah.

And does anybody remember the Old Testament name of the Son?


Elohim, Elohim. Jehovah and Elohim, the Father and the Son, the Father and the Son. And in the New Testament, the name of the Father is the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Son, anybody?

            Christ Jesus.

Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus. The Father and the Son. Something and something in another form, what an abominable doctrine. I call it the nothing-something doctrine. It is a blasphemy, brethren; it is a heresy. It is an abomination to the name of the Lord, and I believe that the Lord has told me that many well-meaning -- or I do not know about well-meaning -- I do not know what the word is, Christians, they just have heard this doctrine, and they are just repeating it like parrots, and they have never stopped to even think about it.


So we pray, Father, that Your truth will prevail and that Your glory will prevail over Your church. We tear down all error and false doctrine out of the heavenlies in accordance with the mind of God. We will not stand here and make a judgment, but let the Lord judge this teaching, and let the Spirit of the Lord go forth to tear down all false doctrine even that which is here which is false. Let it fall down. And let it not rise again, and let the word of the Lord be glorified under all the corners of the earth. Let His truth and let His glory be known, and let every enemy be defeated, even the last enemy which is death. We bless our brethren in the New Age Christian Church. You might not like the name that I have given you, brethren, but God has given you that name. We love you, and we embrace you, and we stand ready to debate with you so long as we both stay in a godly spirit at any time. We are not against you; we are for you. We are risking your wrath coming against us to tell you the truth that you might live and not die. Come, brethren, let us reason together, and let God be glorified in us, for when God is glorified in us, we shall be glorified with Him. There is only one way to glory, brethren. That our s- -- the sacrifice of our soul should be completed and that the Son shall be completely revealed through us where in our death we shall find that he who loses his life shall find it, but he who seeks to preserve his life shall lose it. He who glorifies himself shall be what?




Abased, abased. He who humbles himself shall be what? Exalted. Brethren, do not sit in the front row of the church, for when a greater one comes, you might be asked to move to the back.

Labor faithfully and diligently. Forgive one another that trespasses against you. Love one another; submit to one another; be merciful and pitiful towards one another’s infirmities. Strengthen one another, brethren. Help the weak, that God might be glorified in you. Be blameless in all that you think and you do and you say. Let all the world see Christ in you, and may the peace of Christ reign in your hearts as you seek peace with all men. Amen. And Amen.

Did you have a comment that you wanted to make?


Oh, I thought you wanted to make a comment.

            The message is ending.

The message is ending?


OK. Anybody have a question or a comment?


W- -- could you just put that on hold for a minute just in case someone has a [?second?] --

I have not seen the results of it myself.


Thank you. I believe that the Lord has elevated us into a new realm, and I just feel it in my spirit. I cannot give you any examples of how it is manifesting it. I just feel it in my spirit. I just feel it in the way that I am preaching. I think something -- and we are going to see a manifestation of this spiritual increase in our persons very soon.

12/30/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

01/12/15 1st Edit CAS/BP

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