224 - Part 5

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And, of course, when the Lord hides you, what does that mean? Do you know what that means when He hides you?

            That the tribulation is coming?

But, I mean, what does it -- when the Lord says I will hide you, what will happen to you? It is one of the things we do here. We [?have got?] --


This is poetry, and it is beautiful, but we have got to know what it means. [?This means?], brethren, it means He is going to hide your carnal mind. When the time [?of trouble?] comes, that you should not respond out of your carnal mind.


Therefore, bringing the judgments of God upon you, no matter how severely you were attacked. When you respond out of your carnal mind, the judgments of God fall upon you, so Christ will cover you. You see, love covers a multitude of sins, amen, and [?ye shall?] not retaliate out of your carnal mind, and, therefore, there shall be no judgment falling upon you. And not only that, but the Lord shall be your defense.

            Praise God.


He shall [INAUDIBLE] with His righteous mind. [?Can you get the words out?]? I do not know that I could read it myself. [CROSSTALK]


[CROSSTALK] without bringing down into tears. Do you need help, or do you want to try?

            I will try.


            "The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? When the evil men advance against me to devour my flesh, when my enemies and my foes attack me, they will stumble and fall. Though an army besiege me, my heart [INAUDIBLE]; though war break out against me, even then will I be confident."

            "One thing I ask of you Lord, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek Him in His temple. For in the day of trouble, I will keep -- He will keep me safe in His dwelling; He will hide me in the shelter of his tabernacle, and he will set me upon a rock."

            "Then my head will be exalted above the enemies who surround me; at his tabernacle will I sacrifice with shouts of joy; I will sing and make music to the Lord. Hear my voice when I call, O Lord; be merciful to me and answer me. My heart says of You, "Seek His face." Your face, Lord, will I seek. Do not hide Your face from me, do not turn Your servant away in anger; You have been my helper. Do not reject me or forsake me, though my -- O God my savior."

            "Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me. Teach me Your ways, O Lord; lead me in a straight path. Do not -- because of my [?oppressors?]. [?I cannot say it?].


            "Do not turn me over to the desire of my foes, for false witnesses rise up against me, breathing [?out?] violence. I am still confident of this: will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."



Praise God. And also, of course, this is an expression or a fulfillment or an understanding or a use of the phrase that the Lord has been hitting home here, that the kingdom of God is not meat or drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost and that what that really means is not that you are removed from the trouble, which is in the realm of the soul, but that while Satan is doing the worst he can possible do to you in your emotions and in your relationships and in the circumstances of this fallen life, Christ shall arise as your spirit, in your spirit, as your spirit and give you joy.

And it is a condition. It is one of the high points of the condition of double-mindedness. Doub- -- the whole concept of double-mindedness, James tells us, is that you are unstable in all your ways. You are bouncing back and forth between the carnal mind and Christ, but there is a high point to that double-mindedness because this double-mindedness [?must needs?] abide for a season until anybody? The carnal minds is crucified.

You will be a double man. You shall be a double-minded man. There is no way to avoid being a double-minded man. If you are called, the only way you could avoid being a double-minded man is if Christ is not formed in you, and then you have no hope whatsoever because all hope is in Christ.

So there is a season of double-mindedness. The way it is written in James, many people in the church today, especially the element of the church that is preaching against duality, against double-mindedness, perceive this double-mindedness that James speaks about as an indictment of, well, you are just weak, or, you know, that is wrong. You should not be double-minded, but that is not what James meant at all. James was saying to you for this period of your life that you are double-minded. We could say it this way, for this period of your life that you are pregnant. You are at a disadvantage. You are weaker in your pregnancy with Christ than you were in your non-pregnancy but in the fullness of the strength of your carnal mind. Can you hear that?

You are weak in your pregnancy, but it is just for a season. Your pregnancy is just for a season, and the end of your weakness is the resurrection of the dead in you, Christ in full stature. So, therefore, there are lows, and there are highs in your condition of double-mindedness. The low is when the trials which result from your pregnancy, the persecution which comes upon you because Christ is being raised from the dead in you, overtakes the Christ in you, and you are dwelling and abiding almost 100 percent in your carnal mind. And the trials are terrible, and the pain is terrible, and the pain is terrible, and the grief is terrible. That is the low point.

When Christ in you is suckling, when Christ in you is still too young to overcome the grief, just said pray that your trial, that your tribulation does not come upon you when you are suckling a child or when you are pregnant. Pray that things all go well in your life so that before you are hit with the tribulation in full force, ideal conditions have surrounded you, and Christ is strong enough to rise up in the midst of that travail and give you joy in your spirit, to give you true spiritual joy in the midst of the horror. And that is the high point of your double-mindedness. You’re experiencing tribulation and spiritual joy at the same time.

And I declare to you, I am beginning to experience it, that when the spiritual joy, when Christ in you is mature enough to arise in spiritual joy [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE] -- the high point of your double-mindedness. Do you hear what I am saying? Now that does not mean to say that one week or one month later another trial will not come upon you which will be greater which Christ in you will not be mature enough to rise above in spiritual joy. So, therefore, you’re double-minded. One week or in one trial, you are in a trial where Christ in you is strong enough to give you joy in the midst of the trial, but do not think you are standing because the next trial you enter into, Christ may not be strong enough to stand up and give you spiritual joy in that more sever trail.

So you are up and you are down, and you are up and you are down, but it is only for a season. And does not the natural woman, most of the time, have emotional highs and lows in her pregnancy which is our natural example of our pregnancy with Christ? But I tell you that once you enter into the stage where Christ is mature in you, at any time, to give you joy in the midst of the nightmare, be encouraged because even if in the next trial He is not mature enough to give you joy in the midst of the nightmare, that horrendous trial will cause spiritual growth in Christ so that the following trial -- in the following trial, Christ will be mature enough to give you joy in the midst of the nightmare.

And I declare to you that, in the trial where Christ is overcoming, where you have true spiritual joy in the midst of the nightmare, that spiritual joy is strong enough to make the nightmare almost unreal. And, in fact, have we not been teaching here that this whole world, that this whole life, that this whole experience is an illusion? And is not the scriptural teaching that with regard -- that illusion is shadow and that when the sun rises to high noon all the shadows flee away? I tell you, in the trial where Christ is overcoming, the joy is so intense that the illusion disperses.

And this is the beginning of the destruction of not only your own carnal mind but the entire illusion of this fallen life, that we have a whole element in the church preaching about, that the way you are delivered from it, from this illusion of this world and this carnal mind, is that you just do not believe it. But that is a lie. The way you overcome the illusion of this mind is that as Christ matures in you to the point that He is standing at high noon, His light will dispel the shadow of the life. But you cannot do it with your carnal mind. You must have a mind which is renewed in Christ because the carnal mind will never get up high enough to overcome itself. And, indeed, brethren, is it not said, is it not written that Satan cannot cast out Satan? Hallelujah.

Rita, could you play that one more time for us? [INAUDIBLE]

            The Lord is my life and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; whom shall I fear? In the time of trouble, He shall hide me. Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; whom shall I fear? Hallelujah.

You see, even with Christ being formed in us, we are not powerful enough to deny rebellion. Rebellion is in the strength of the carnal mind, and the carnal mind, I remind you, is the sitting queen who sits upon our -- on our soul. And she is more powerful than the Christ being formed in us, so, brethren, do not be as gods who died like men, like the Israelites did. But submit yourself to your elder brother, the Lord Jesus Christ, who has already overcome the carnal mind, that He might show you your sins or the sins of your carnal mind which the Christ Jesus in you is still blinded to. And confess those sins and repent, that Christ Jesus in you, as His elder brother, might too overcome this world and go on up to glory.

So to say that I will cease from rebellion, brethren, is the sin of pride. For we do not have the strength to cease from sin. That is why we need a savior, and that is why we need an elder brother. We have both. We have a savior who is our older brother who has already overcome the world, and then we have the savior in the midst of us who is the reality of our salvation, Christ Jesus in us. But, nevertheless, being still a child, Christ Jesus is very similar to the servant in us. He is an incomplete mind. I do not know if incomplete is the right word, but He is not capable of fully saving us at this point. So we still need the protection of our elder brother who has already overcome and until such as Christ in us arises as the Lord and master of our whole person.

So even with Christ in you, you cannot cease from sin. Confess your sins. As the Lord exposes them, if He speaks to you directly, fine. If He speaks through someone else, fine. If He speaks through the household cat, confess your sins. The time is short. The word that came forth was that very shortly the Lord will bring ministry here. There is something very exciting about to happen here.

Michelle had a dream. I guess she could not make it today. I am sorry she will not be able to join us for our dinner, but her car died as some of you know. She has a dream that a man walked up the steps into the meeting. He was tall and dark and good-looking with a beard, and he was wearing a white jacket. And she said that in the dream, Michelle, Tracy and Cathy were all falling all over him. He was so good-looking. But, of course, when you spiritualize the dream, what I perceive it to be is that we are about to have a visitation from the Lord. Maybe it was what happened this morning. I do not know. This was a blessing. This outpouring was a blessing. That the Lord is about to walk into the meeting, and that all of us here are likened unto the maidens that are waiting for the bridegroom.

And in -- although, in her dream, the falling all over of this man was very carnal, spiritually speaking, what it says to me is that -- well, first of all, Cathy and Michelle and -- who is the third one that I left out? And Tracy, OK, and Tracy typify the whole congregation. That does not mean that the rest of us are not included in this. They were just three witnesses typifying the whole congregation because we are all maidens waiting for the bridegroom.

And spiritually speaking, what it says to me is that the congregation will recognize Him when He comes in. They will recognize Him as a desir- -- first of all, they will recognize Him as male. First of all, they will recognize Him as male. The beard in the Hebrew culture is a sign of maturity and eldership and respect. So the congregation will recognize Him as male. They will recognize Him as an elder. He was wearing a white jacket, and white typifies righteousness. They will recognize His righteousness. I believe what her dream said is that we are about to have a visitation from the Lord and that we will recognize that it is Him, hallelujah, and that we will desire Him and throw ourselves at Him hoping He will marry us. Only Christ is polygamous. He is going to marry all of us, and everything will be fine.

So I do not know. I am becoming very hard to satisfy. I hope it is not sin. I do not think it is. If it is the Lord will have to show me, but it takes a lot to satisfy me. I hope nobody here misunderstands me and perceives my attitude as ungratefulness. But if it was this outpouring -- if that dream -- if this outpouring this morning was the fulfillment of that dream, it is not good enough for me. I thank God for an outpouring like this. There was a time in my life that I lived for prophecy, you know. It is not enough for me anymore. I have been telling the Lord this for a couple of years now. Thanks for the prophecy, but no thanks. If you would like to give it to me, I will receive it, but I want the real thing. I have just had it with these tidbits and these tastes.

I hope I am not causing anyone to stumble. I think you are the only one I may be causing to stumble here. I hope you are not stumbling over me. It is just -- I j- -- it is just not -- it is not cutting it anymore. This necking in the backseat of the car just is not cutting it anymore. I am telling you the truth. I do not care whether I get kissed in the backseat of the car or not. I want the real thing. I am waiting for the wedding, and that is how I feel. If you want to kiss me, fine. If you do not kiss me, that is OK too. I am telling you the truth.

I have felt this way for two years now. The gifts of the spirit no longer satisfy. I need more, and I do not think that is sin. I think someone might misunderstand me, but I do not perceive it to be sin. We are told that fallen man lusts, but Christ desires. The godly counterpart of lust is desire. Now, in the English language, desire is -- to me, anyway, is a much weaker word than lust, but not in the Hebrew. The Hebrew word translated desire is the godly equivalent of lust.

The Scripture says pant after Me, and I think it is in the Psalms. I cannot quote you the exact Scripture, but what it is saying is pant after Me, and you will find Me. Well, I am panting after the Lord, and I am lusting for Him with a godly lust, and kisses are not enough anymore. And it is my understanding of the Scripture that this is not sin because lust for the Lord is not sin. Everybody OK?

Elijah, Part 5

Unfortunately, we seem to have lost the first 20 minutes or so of this message, and now the meeting already in process, "Elijah, Part 5."

"And he said, I have been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts." I have been very devoted and intently diligent, both out of my carnal mind, out o- -- and out of my Christ mind to the service of Jehovah, who is the God of battle, Jehovah, who is the God the spiritual host, which means that Elijah was serving the Lord in the office of spiritual warfare or in the office of a spiritual warrior or in an office which involved intense spiritual warfare.

Now with the imputed anointing, in the Pentecostal for example, we have some believers who have the gift of spiritual warfare or the gift of intercessor. You will have -- you will hear someone in the Pentecostal church speak about that. But, in the New Covenant church, OK, we do not have this. Now let me clarify this. Brethren, the Pentecostal church is not in the New Covenant, OK. A lot of Christians do not like to hear this, and it upsets them very much, but the Pentecostal church is not in the New Covenant. They are in what I call the in-between covenant. They are in the covenant which is mediated by the Holy Ghost. He is a temporary, transitional government.

Did you ever hear of a transitional government? When a new president in the United States is elected, he will get up a transition team which will work with the sitting president. And the sitting president cooperates with him because he knows he just has another three or four months to operate. Or in other countries, or -- well, I will just stay with that one example, OK.

The Holy Ghost is the mediator of a transitional covenant, the transition from -- for the whole human race from the Old Covenant, which was granted just unto Israel, and the New Covenant, which is granted to the whole world, OK. To be operating in the New Covenant, what must one have? Does anybody know?


Not the Holy Spirit, no.


Spirit of Christ. You have to have -- and the Spirit of Christ is in His Christ. You must have the [?eng-?] -- at the very least, the first stage of the imparted anointing, your human spirit must have conceived Christ. Christ must be at least in the beginning stages of being formed in you because the mediator of the New Covenant is Christ, and you cannot have the New Covenant if you do not have the mediator. And the Holy Spirit is not the mediator of the New Covenant. Christ is the mediator of the New Covenant. The Holy Spirit is the mediator of the in-between covenant.

Now at one point, I found a Scripture to back that up, but I did not write it down, and I cannot remember what it was. But it is true whether -- you know, whether you call me on a Scripture or not. It is still true, and as God gives me the scriptural supports, I have started a file to record them. So if He shows it to me again, I will record it. Glory to God.

What was I saying?




The Holy -- what was I saying?

            The Spirit of Christ is required for the New Covenant.

Yes. The Holy Spirit is the mediator between God the Father and -- hallelujah. I was saying that the Holy Spirit is the mediator of the in-between covenant. And the in-between covenant has more in common with the Old Covenant than with the New Covenant because the di- -- the basic difference between the in-between covenant and the Old Covenant is that the law of ordinances has been removed, the law which says you must sacrifice an animal and you must do all this rigid behavior to be acceptable to God. That has been lifted off.

And as we are told in the Book of Acts, just keep yourself from fornication and from blood, OK, and go on with God. Keep yourself from fornication and from blood. And the reason the law of ordinances has been lifted off of us is that the Holy Ghost has been poured out upon us. The Holy Ghost, the seed, the potential to bring forth the New Covenant in our hearts.

So the Lord is saying, from this day that Jesus Christ was crucified, raised from the dead and ascended on high, now from this day because the provision for your deliverance from death and Hell which is in the form of the carnal mind and this world system, the provision for your deliverance is available. So even though you are still fallen, even though this world is still Hell. Even though you are sinning almost every second of every minute of every hour of every day, I know that it is just a matter of time until the New Covenant will begin to be formed in you, so I am giving you grace. I am giving you grace.

You do not have to keep that rigid, carnal law because you do have a measure of My spirit. You have the potential for the New Covenant, and in that potential is life. The Holy Ghost is God. He can talk to you. He can heal you. He can deliver you, and He can do all kinds of good things in your life. He can convict you of sin. He does all kinds of good things, so, therefore, you do not have to be under that rigid law anymore. But do not be deceived, the New Covenant is in Christ. The New Covenant is in His blood.

We are told in Romans 5 that the name for this is justification. You see, in the Holy Ghost is reconciliation. We are restored unto a relationship with the Father. We talk, and He listens. You know, God is under no obligation to listen to any fallen man. Did you know that? But by faith in Jesus Christ, which does not have to be the Holy Ghost, faith in Jesus Christ is a -- it -- will reconcile you to God. Receiving the Holy Ghost is another stage of being received back into relationship with God. I am not going to get into the details now. This message is going to be too long.

But the New Covenant is in His blood. Did you ever hear of the blood of the covenant? To be engaged in a covenant with God, blood must be shed, OK. So the blood of the Old Covenant is bulls and goats. The blood of the in-between covenant is blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the blood of the New Covenant is the blood of Jesus Christ in the form of Christ Jesus. It is the blood of the Son of God in you. It is called justification because when the blood of the Son is painted on your doorpost, you are justified. God looks at you as yo- -- as if you are a righteous man.

You see, when you receive the Holy Ghost, you have the blood of Jesus. The Holy Ghost is the blood of Jesus, but you can have the blood, and it may not be painted on your doorpost. Brethren, you can take a lamb in this house. You can slaughter it. You can cut it up. You can catch the blood in a cup. But if you do not paint it on the door, the Angel of Death shall not pass over you. How did I get into all of that? I do not even know how I got into that.

OK, let us get back to where I was. "For the children of Israel have forsaken my covenant," and I told you that the Hebrew word translated children means sons. So Elijah is speaking about the sons of Israel, or if we are relating this teaching to the New Covenant, we would say the sons of God have broken your covenant. You mean it is possible for a son of God to break covenant with the Lord? You better believe it.

Brethren, every time you disobey Christ and obey your carnal mind, you have broken covenant with the Lord. That is why we need an elder brother. You see, there is a difference between our savior and our elder brother. Our savior is Christ in you, the engrafted word, the hope of glory, and our elder brother is the glorified Lord Jesus Christ who abides in our mind in the form of our unconscious mind, the Lord Jesus Christ. I know I did not finish that sentence. I am still being attacked with mind control.

The difference between elder brother and savior is that the Lord Jesus Christ, who was crucified, raised from the dead and ascended unto heaven, who is now pouring out of His spirit upon all flesh and entering into the minds of men in the form of the Holy Ghost -- when He enters into your mind, His name changes to the Holy Ghost. He is your elder brother, and He is not growing in your soul like a plant. But when He accomplishes His task and He implants Himself in the soul of your soul and that seed begins to sprout, then your savior -- this day, a savior is born in you.

Look at the progression. Jehovah, God, outside of man's mind; the Lord Jesus Christ, the unconscious mind of man, the new unconscious mind of man, OK. When He comes to us, as He is coming in this hour as the seed, as the Word of God, and we are told that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Word, OK, His name is the Holy Ghost. When that Holy Ghost engrafts or joins to the spirit of man, His name changes again, becomes Christ Jesus.

It is like saying a baby is developed in three trimesters. It is like saying some children are toddlers, and some children are teenagers, and some children are young adults. That is the principle we are talking about here. He changes His name when His function changes to help us to understand, at a glance or by the sound of His name, what He is doing at any particular time that we are talking about Him or studying about Him. Everybody OK? Praise God.

So Elijah the carnal says to Elijah the Christ, "For the children of Israel have forsaken thy covenant. You have thrown down altars, and slain thy prophets." So the sons of God have forsaken the covenant with the Lord. Forsaken, Strong's 5800, this word means to divorce. They have divorced the covenant. Covenant, 1285, it is used of a marriage covenant. They have divorced the marriage covenant. The sons of God have broken the marriage covenant with the Lord. Now what does that mean? What is the marriage covenant? Brethren, even in our society, a marriage is not considered a marriage until -- does anybody know?

            [?It is consummated?].

It is consummated. You can have a $20,000 party. You can have a $1 million ring on your finger. You can go across the world on your honeymoon. If you do not concentrate -- if you do not consummate the marriage, either the man or the woman, whoever is the one lacking, can go into court and get a piece of paper. It is called an annulment that says no marriage ever took place. The marriage is in the act of sexual intercourse.

Therefore -- let me give you a little extra tidbit. Therefore, brethren, when a man and a woman engage in an act of sexual intercourse, even though there was no ceremony, even though there was no ring, even though there was no honeymoon, the Lord God Jehovah says you are married. Can you hear that? We have people in our society that have been married hundreds of times. They need spiritual ministry to cleanse their soul.

I said that to a woman once, that the act of sexual intercourse, as far as God is concerned, means you are married. And this woman who had been in fornication in her lifetime, as far as I knew she was not in it now that she was with the Lord, got very offended and rebuked me and told me that that was ridiculous. But I tell you it is a scriptural principle. And as recently as 50 or a few more years ago in this country, there was something called a shotgun wedding. You slept with the woman. The father came with the shotgun, and you said I do.


Yes, that was going to be my next sentence. There was a time in this country where, if you went out for a ride with a young lady and your car broken down and you past the night in that car and you never even laid a pinky on her, the shotgun came out. And you went to the preacher, and you said I do. And today we find some young women pregnant, announcing boldly, they choose not to marry the man. Why? I do not like him. He would not make a good father. I do not want to spend the rest of my life with him.

And the only shotgun that is coming out in this hour is a spiritual shotgun. And the young ladies or the young gentlemen who make such a decision in this hour think that judgment has not fallen, but judgment has fallen, brethren. You just have to wait for it to appear in the earth.

Let us go on. So the sons of God under the Old Covenant are called the sons of Israel. Under the New Covenant, they are called the sons of God. Why? Because under the Old Covenant, that covenant was only with Israel, but under the New Covenant, the covenant is with all of humanity, so the name changes from sons of Israel to sons of God. Amen.

So they broke the marriage covenant, and they threw down Your altars. Thrown down, 2040, means to be destroyed. Altars, 4196, means altar. Let me remind you, however, that Jesus is our altar in the New Covenant. And I did not write down -- I think it is in "The Fifth Seal" we discovered that. That is message number 41. We discovered that Jesus is our altar, and I suggest to you that the throwing down of the altars, in the context of 1 Kings 19:10, is the breaking of their union with the Spirit of Christ. The altar, I suggest to you, is that union, OK, with the male spirit, which eventually results in the formation of the mind. The altar of God is the union of the male spirit with the human spirit. OK.

That is the altar that the sacrifice rests upon, and the sacrifice is the mind. The sacrifice is the mind. Remember, the carnal mind sacrificed Christ unto Satan, and in this hour, Satan is sacrificing the carnal mind unto the Lord Jesus Christ. The altar is the place of sacrifice. And I also remind you that an altar must be built. A spiritual altar, I suggest to you, is that construction which is erected when a male spirit cleaves unto the spirit of man.

So, therefore, Satan has an altar. It is that union between sp- -- Satan and the spirit of man, and its name is Satan. I will get into that in a minute. And Jehovah, or the Lord Jesus Christ, has an altar which is erected when the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ or when the Spirit of Christ joins with the human spirit of man. And then on that altar is formed or is placed the sacrifice, the mind. We are to be a living sacrifice.

We are called to be a bush that burns but is not consumed. When our altar is the Lord Jesus Christ and the mind in us, the sacrifice, is Christ, we shall be a bush that burns but is not consumed, OK. But when the altar is the altar of Satan and the mind of Christ gets laid on the altar of Satan, that sacrifice is consumed. Can you hear the difference? Sat- -- the carnal mind, at the beginning of time or at the time of the fall, offered up Christ to the Father. In order for the carnal mind to be able to do that, he had to get a toehold in the mind of the man and erect his altar because when Christ is lying on the Father's altar, He is burnt, but He is not consumed.

So for Christ to have been consumed, the carnal mind had to get Him on the -- Satan's altar. And the only way the carnal mind can do that is by penetrating Eve and building an altar. Can you hear that? Satan penetrated Eve, joined with her, and the altar of Satan was formed. Can you hear it? OK.

So Elijah is telling Christ -- Elijah, the carnal, is telling Elijah, the Christ, that the sons of God have broken their covenant with Jehovah, OK, and the way they broke that covenant was that the altar was thrown down. Their connection with the Spirit of Christ was separated. And how do you throw an altar down? How do you break your connection with the Lord Jesus Christ? You start connecting with another man, and you start cleaving unto the other man.

The sons of God were entertaining the thoughts of their carnal mind, and they were following after the thoughts of their carnal mind. They were following, they were panting after Satan, and the union of the Spirit of Christ with their human spirit was dissolving and eventually did dissolve.  The sons of God have divorced thems- -- they have broken their marriage contract with You. They have divorced You, and the first thing they have done is separate from Your spirit, and then they have slain Your prophets.’”

Slain, Strong’s 2026, means outright homicide, and I suggest to you -- let me tell you up front, that the prophets that they slew were the mind of Christ in the individual. Now, I do not dispute for a second that the sons of God were killing human beings who were prophets. I do not doubt for a second that that happened, but we are dealing with the hidden manna of the Scripture in this hour. And I suggest to you the prophet that each son of God slew after he broke the marriage covenant and disengaged his -- himself from his connection with the Spirit of Christ, the prophet that he slew was the mind of Christ, which died when the son of God separated or divorced himself from the Spirit of Christ.

Why? Because in spiritual situations the child cannot survive a divorce. And, I would like to tell you, outside of Christ it is pretty tough for a child to survive a divorce in our fallen condition. I am told that some studies have been done, and the children are usually irreversibly damaged, some much more severely than others, but the impact on a child of divorce is something that not only affects their entire life, but it goes on the family line, and it continues on generation after generation.

Divorce is a terrible thing, brethren, and our country has been dealt a deathblow by the humanistic, psychiatric and psychological societies that came to prominence in the ’50s and the ’60s and started counseling disgruntled -- mostly disgruntled women, more so than men, that -- and te- -- to leave their husbands and telling them that the answer to their problems was to leave their husband, and our society is still descending as a result of that onslaught to our family life.

There are grou- -- legal grounds for a divorce -- there are legal grounds for a divorce, but those grounds are very severe. If your husband is incesting [sic] your children on a regular basis with no repentance, pack up your children and leave. If your husband is physically beating you, abusing you on a habitual, ritualistic basis -- he refuses to go for help; he refuses to repent -- pack up your bags and leave. There are legal grounds for divorce, but it should be a last resort -- an absolutely last resort because divorce has spiritual consequences that will be affecting your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren and your great-great-grandchildren. And the Scripture also says that if you should find yourself in this condition where you have a legal grounds for divorce, that you should abide by yourself.

Now, what does that mean? Was Paul a woman hater? Is God a woman hater? No. What that means is that if you should unfortunately find yourself in such an unhappy circumstance, that you have made such a mistake that divorce is called for -- and you have -- going to have to admit that you made a mistake. It may not have been a knowledgeable mistake. You may not have known what you were doing, but you will have to admit that you made a mistake because j- -- marriage is for life. The whole concept of [?his?] -- of marriage is that you become of the same blood, that this man that you married, he is as much your family as your mother and your father and your brothers. There is no divorce of blood.

So when Paul says abide alone what he means is that for you to have made such a serious error that your marriage failed -- and I know you do not hear this today. We have, like, a 50 percent to a 70 percent divorce rate, but my God and my Bible still says divorce is very serious, and if you find this necessary in your life, there must be something operating in you, a curse or whatever, that would bring you to this unhappy condition and this cursed state because that is what it is.

Paul says if that is the condition that you find yourself in, you should not run out and look for another man. Brethren, it is going on all over the country today. Well, I messed up with this guy. I am running out looking for someone else. He is going to make my life right. Some women are doing it before they are even divorced. Let me find the right guy. This was the wrong guy. Let me find the right guy. No, brethren, this is wrong, and Jesus said it is adultery.

I declare to you, if the day your divorce is final you go out looking for another man and you engage and find that man and embark on a relationship, it is adultery. Why? Because your soul is not divorced yet. Just as the human body disintegrates or deteriorates after death and then the soul must deteriorate after death -- I cannot get into this whole thing now. I am off on a whole tangent this morning, but I have other teachings on it. Once the soul separates from your body, the body deteriorates and breaks down into dust and bone, amen. The soul which separates from your body breaks down into what? Does anybody know? Soul and spirit. The soul goes back to the dust, and the spirit goes back to the Father.

In that same way, when you are divorced -- because the Scripture says if you are married, you are one flesh -- your bodies separate, your homes separate, your lifestyles separate, but has your soul separ- -- have your souls separated? Now, if you marry again or if you engage in any kind of intimate relationship -- and there does not even have to be a physical contact for you to be intimate. It is a cleaving of the souls. If you engage in this before your souls -- before the soul of you and your husband have disengaged, you are a harlot who has two husbands. Now, do not shut off the message because I called you a harlot. I am telling you the truth. That is how God sees it. You can mock me all that you want, but if I am right and you are wrong and that is how God sees it, you have got yourself a problem. You had better listen to the truth.

So Paul says stay separate. Now, it is not clear in the Scripture, but I believe with all my heart that if you stay separate for a season, if you serve God, if you declare yourself a spiritual widow and give everything you have got into the kingdom, that the Lord should heal you, that the day will come that your soul will separate from your husband, that the Lord will correct whatever the fault was in you, whether it is the breaking of a curse or whatever else might have caused it -- caused your unhappy situation, and there could be another marriage for you, but you have to wait for the Lord to say to you it is time.

And I want to tell you, this is a hard word, but from everyone that I have ever known who was married a second time that that marriage has been of God. That woman has had to wait years for that man. So I am going to draw a conclusion. Now, remember, some conclusions can be godly and some are ungodly, but based on everything I have just told you, I am going to draw the conclusion that it takes years for the souls of a man and his wife to separate -- it takes years after the physical separation. And I am not prophesying to you, but I have the Spirit of God, and I am telling you that I know what I am talking about.

So to leave your husband with the thought in mind, “I am going to get another guy,” you are in adultery before you even went out looking. If your marriage does not work, you turn to the Lord. If He gives you another husband, fine; if He does not, if you did not accept it, Paul says, you are running after Satan. Is that not what he says? “The younger widows will run after Satan. Give them work to do.” Keep them busy so that they do not get into trouble. A new husband is not the answer to your problem. Christ is the answer to your problem.

Glory to God. I am all over the place this morning. OK, let us try this again. We are in verse 10 of 1 Kings 19, and before I go on, is everybody OK on that issue? OK. OK? OK?

1 Kings 19:10: “And Elijah the carnal said to Elijah the Christ, ‘I have diligently served the Lord with both my Christ mind and by carnal mind, but the sons of God -- it is the sons of God. They have broken their marriage covenant with the Lord. They have thrown down the altar. They have disengaged from their union with the [?mind?minds?] of Christ in their spirit, and they slew -- and that -- in that disengagement, in that separation from the [?mind?minds?] of Christ, they s- -- fr- ’” -- I am sorry, “‘from the Spirit of Christ -- in that separation from the Spirit of Christ, they have slain the prophet in their own mind, the mind Christ.’”

Now, we have had a lot of teaching here that Christ -- and, of course, it is in the Scripture that Christ is the high priest between God and the man in whom His mind formed. You do not hear much teaching about Christ being a prophet, but Christ is also a prophet. A priest is he who intercedes or who brings the petitions of man unto God, and a prophet is he who brings the word of the Lord to man. Christ Jesus -- the man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, is both priest and prophet.

So when the sons of Israel who were delinquent and evil towards their husband, Jehovah, withdrew from their union with the Spirit of Christ because they were whoring after other gods. They were listening to the thoughts of their carnal mind. The result of that -- of the dissolution of that marriage was that the prophet, the mind of Christ within them, died.

Oh, I know how I got in on this. So I was telling you that in spiritual situations you cannot get divorced without the children dying. That is how I got into that whole thing. A spiritual divorce includes the death of the children. Marriage produces children or marriage produces life. OK, divorce produces the death of those children, and in spiritual situations the man and his wife and the child are one flesh.

Now, in our natural world the Scripture clearly states the man and his wife, they are one flesh, but it does not say the man, the wife and his child are one flesh because in our fallen condition the child eventually goes out from the family and makes his own life. But in the spirit, when a male spirit joins with the spirit of man and bears a child, the mind of that man, the three stay together for so long as the man exists. And at the time that the man ceases to exist, the man, the wife and the child dissolve, or at such time as the man, the wife and the child cease to exist, OK, then the whole marriage is dissolved.

Now, if you have one mind and the man, the wife and the child, the threefold cord, separates and breaks up, the body dies; but if you have a potential for Christ and your spiritual being is flip-flopping back and forth between a mind of Christ and a carnal mind, you can have a situation where your mind dies, but your body does not die. Why? Because there is another mind standing by there to take over the -- and sustain your body. Is everybody OK with that? Everybody OK with that? OK.

So this is what was happening to these sons of God. Their mind -- their human spirit was disengaging through disagreement with the Spirit of Christ. They were preferring to agree with Satan in their mind, and their marriage with Jehovah was dissolving as their marriage with Satan was forming; and the offspring of their marriage with Jehovah died, and the offspring of their marriage to the carnal mind was born or began to be born; and, therefore, their bodies did not die because when they disengaged -- or when they divorced Jehovah, they married someone else.

And in the same manner, as God delivers us from our carnal mind -- as the Lord Jesus Christ delivers us from the bondage we are in to our carnal mind, our bodies need not die because we are being married to another, as Paul tells us in the book of Romans. You are being married to another; therefore, count your marriage to the carnal mind as dead, and do not worry. Your body does not have to die.

So we see that the children of Israel divorced the Lord because of adultery with Satan, and the altar of their union with Jehovah was destroyed, and the child of that marriage was also destroyed. The prophets, the child of that marriage, were murdered by their own mothers. Can you hear that? Can you hear that? The prophet, which is Christ, in the individual son of God was murdered by his own mother.

So we see, brethren, that as a society begins to descend and spiral downward, the physical mothers of the society become unmotherly in their mind. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? You do not know what I am talking about? As you look at a society as it begins to descend, as it begins to corrupt, we find mother -- women who have physical children who do not want to care for their children, who do not care for their children, who abuse their children, who leave them alone, who do not feed them, who give them out for prostitution. We find women who have borne children who are eating the fruit of their own womb, which is a curse -- one of the curses that appears in Deuteronomy 28. Everybody OK? So we see that the mother of the mind is us. Our humanity is the mother of the mind that inhabits us, and when this mother, when a human mother, commits adultery with Satan, she kills her child, Christ. Hallelujah.

OK. Let me read you this note because it is just a little different. The prophetic office communicates the words and will of the Lord to man. There may very well have been human prophets killed in Elijah’s day, but I suggest to you that the hidden spiritual meaning here is that the mind of Christ, who is the Spirit of Christ’s son or Jehovah’s son, and the son is both high priest and prophet, that that son was murdered by the carnal minds of the sons of Israel. Remember, Jesus said, “If you hate your brother without a cause, you have murdered him.” So murder does not -- can be in the spirit. It does not have to be in the flesh.

“Elijah goes on -- and Elijah the carnal goes on to say, ‘These prophets have thrown down your altars and slain your prophets, and slain them with the sword. And I, even I only, am left, and they seek my life, to take it away.’”

I suggest to you that this phrase “with the sword” does not belong with the slaying of the prophets. It does not belong. That is the King James translation. The word sword is Strong’s 2719, and it can be translated circumcising knife. So please note that the phrase “with the sword” does not belong with the phrase “slain by the prophets.” The prophets slain were the Christ mind in the sons of Israel -- or the prophets murdered -- OK. The prophets were murdered by their carnal minds, but you will see -- I am going to get to it in a minute -- that Elijah’s Christ mind was circumcised with the sword of the circumcising knife. The wicked sons of Israel murdered their own Christ mind willfully sinning, but they circumcised Elijah’s against his will. Can you hear that?

The so- -- the wicked sons of Israel backslid, but Elijah was overcome. His Christ mind was circumcised, I suggest to you, by the corporate rage of the sons of God that overcame him and gave strength to his own carnal mind. And Elijah’s carnal mind got out from the chains that held him down into the pit, and his carnal mind arose on the breath of the Earth and overcame his Christ mind, cutting him off in power. And I remind you that spiritual circumcision is the cutting away of the mind that is lying on top of you. So I will -- I am going to develop that as we go on. Let us continue.

“‘And they have thrown down on your altars, and they have slain -- they have murdered your prophets, but not with the sword. They murdered the prophets with their carnal minds.’ The circumcising sword went out to Elijah,” and I will show you how I got that.

Now, the King James says, “‘I, even I only, am left.’” The Hebrew has the pronoun “I” three times -- three times -- not twice, three times. “I alone” -- the Hebrew word translated “I alone” is Strong’s 905. This word can be translated thread, especially a thread of fine white linen, and I suggest to you that fine white linen typifies Christ, and this word is -- signifies only a thread because the mind of Christ in each of us is just a thread in the mind of Christ. And we had that on the board in the last meeting, how the mind is a woven garment, the threads of Christ going from heaven to Earth vertically and the threads of Satan going horizontally. So Elijah is saying, “There was a mind of Christ which was formed in me, and it was one thread in the corporate mind of Christ.” That is what he is saying. “I alone,” Strong’s 905; I Christ, that is what he is saying.

Then we have “I” appearing by itself in the Greek -- in the Hebrew, excuse me, and that is Strong’s 589. [?Gesenga?] says that this word throughout the Scripture is used frequently to imply “I Am.” “I Am,” a title of Jehovah. “I Am,” Jehovah.

So now we have “I alone” signifying Christ, Strong’s 905; “I” by itself signifying “I Am” or Jehovah, Strong’s 589; and then we have Elijah saying “I am left,” Strong’s 3498, meaning the remainder, that which is left or the residue. And I suggest to you that Elijah is saying that “me, carnal Elijah who is doing all this talking, I am the one that was left after my Christ mind was circumcised. I was cut down from the heights of heaven into this carnal condition when I was circumcised. They cut off my male organ, and I became carnal.” That is what he is saying.

OK. OK, now, please note that we are using the “I” which translates Jehovah together with the word covenant. The sons of God broke their marriage covenant. OK, the sons of God broke their marriage covenant, and I want to suggest to you that the “I Am” goes with that phrase, that Jehovah -- that Elijah is saying the sons of God broke their marriage covenant with Jehovah. Now, if you look in the King James, it is translated “the children of Israel have forsaken thy covenant,” but after studying this for quite a while in the Greek [sic], I am convinced that the correct translation is that “the sons of God have broken their covenant with Jehovah,” and that is one -- and it was -- that is one of the -- one of the words translated “I” goes over there. I know this is a complicated translation, but try and follow me.

This is the Alternate Translation, first half of 1 Kings 19:10: “And Elijah said, ‘I have served Jehovah, the God of battle, fervently in Christ as well as with my humanity, but the sons of God have divorced themselves from their marriage covenant with Jehovah and destroyed the union’” -- that is the altar now -- “‘and destroyed the union between Him and their human spirit, and they have murdered Christ’” -- that is the slaying of the prophets -- “‘and my Christ mind’” -- that is Elijah saying “I alone” translated “‘and my Christ mind is circumcised by the sword and my carnal mind is all that remains.’”

Can you hear that? Let me give it to you again.

“And Elijah said, ‘I have served Jehovah, the God of battle, fervently in Christ as well as with my humanity, but the sons of God have divorced themselves from their marriage, for the sons of God have forsaken thy covenant. They have divorced themselves from their marriage covenant with Jehovah, and they have thrown down thine altars. They have destroyed the union between Him and their human spirit and slain thy prophets, and they have murdered Christ with the sword, I’” -- the King James says, “with the sword, I” -- “‘and my Christ mind,’” Elijah says, “‘is circumcised with the sword. And I only am left, and my carnal mind is all that remains of me.’”

Hallelujah. Continuing with the second half of 1 Kings 19:10: “‘And they seek my life, to take it away.’”

The word seek means just that, to seek. Life is Strong’s 5315, which means soul. “They seek to take away my soul life.” This word can also be translated mind. The carnally minded sons of God sought to kill Elijah’s Christ to mind, which was the life of his soul. So when Elijah said “they seek to take my soul life,” Elijah is saying that “if Christ is not my mind, I do not have any life, but I abide in death. If my mind is carnal, I abide in death.” So the carnally minded sons of God sought to kill Elijah’s Christ mind. Now, they did not seek to kill his body.

I am going to -- I -- if you have not picked it up yet, we have got a contradiction here, OK. The beginning of chapter 19 of the first book of Kings tells us that Jezebel has threatened Elijah’s life, and then he ran. And I have preached to you that he ran out of fear, but when Elijah the Christ asked Elijah the carnal what happened to him, Elijah the carnal never even once mentioned Jezebel. Did you pick it up?


Did you pick it up?


Did you pick it up?


He never even mentioned Jezebel. He talked about the sons of God. Well, what in the world is going on here? This is an interesting study today.

So we find Elijah the carnal telling Elijah the Christ that the carnally minded sons of God sought to kill Elijah’s Christ mind, not his body, but his Christ mind, which was the life of his soul, and the carnal mind [?is dead?]. Now, let me jump ahead because I hear your questions, and I want you to concentrate. I am going to jump ahead. The reason the sons of God wanted to kill his Christ mind -- can anybody guess? Can any- -- no, not jealousy.

1 Kings 18 -- and I am sorry. 1 Kings 18:21: “And Elijah came unto all the people and said ‘How long halt ye between two opinions? If God be God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him.’”

I suggest to you that Elijah exposed the sins of the sons of God. He called them idolaters. He told them they were double-minded. He told them they were rebellious. He told them they were unfaithful and adulterous towards Jehovah in their marriage covenant. I declare to you that verse 21 is an abbreviated concept of what happened. I tell you, Elijah laced them out. I declare to you, he preached against them, and he told them everything that they were -- idolatrous, cowards, unfaithful, weak, wicked, evil men turning their back on their own deliverer. He told them they were sinners. I do not think they liked hearing it because they were Pharisees.


OK. They were Pharisees, you see. Any sin they committed, they just danced around the church singing, “Let us put it under the blood.” They wanted all the gifts, they wanted all the privileges, but they did not want the straight way, and they did not want the strict life, and they did not want to make the sacrifices. They wanted the spiritual gifts, but they wanted the soulish pleasures as well.

Now, all you Pharisees, now hear this: There is nothing wrong with soulish pleasure if the Lord Jesus Christ gives it to you. Is there anybody that cannot hear English? Sometimes I talk and people hear another language. I am going to say it again. Soulish pleasure is acceptable to God when the Lord Jesus Christ gives it to you. When you rise up and try to satisfy the cravings of your soul yourself, when you try to obtain soulish pleasure to satisfy your lust, you are idolatrous. You are adulterous. You are evil in the mind of God, and you need to repent; and He is faithful to receive your repentance, but you must repent.

And if He has given you -- or if He has brought you to a difficult walk, if you are in a hard place which is painfully -- which is painful in your soulish life, your recourse is to petition Him. If you are petitioning Him to alleviate your soulish lack for 10 years and He has not alleviated you, brethren, I suggest you draw the conclusion He has other plans for you than to satisfy you in this area of soulish lack. Perhaps He is building you spiritually. Whatever. God is good, but if God does not supply what you need to satisfy your soulish lack and you rise up to do it yourself, you are as one of these sons of God, evil and adulterous in your mind towards God, not satisfied with your own husband.

Brethren, we have it in this natural world. A young couple gets married. Either the woman gets sick or the man gets sick. Well, we will keep it to the woman because our type is Israel and Jehovah. There was a tragedy a few years ago. A young New York City police officer was severely paralyzed. He -- I think on the day after they got married or a week after they got married, [?but she?] -- I do not know, but the chances are that this marriage will never be consummated. That young woman [?could?could not?] turn to God and minister to her husband without a sex life, cut off in her prime sexually. She could divorce the man, or she could cheat on him. Now, as far as I know, the woman did not divorce him, a fine young woman. Whether or not she is cheating, God knows, but that is the type in the Scripture.

Brethren, if your soul is longing, if your soul is lusting, if your husband is not satisfying you in this hour for whatever you need or you think you need, will you be faithful to him and turn to the things of God to satisfy yourself, or will you go look for another lover? That is the question of the hour. You see, the Lord separates us from our present husband. Our present husband is married to us in our soul. We are one flesh with him, and the Lord Jesus Christ wants to marry us.

So the process that is going to result in the divorce from our soulish husband and the marriage to our spiritual husband, which is the Lord Jesus -- which is Christ Jesus, actually, the Son of God, in that experience that we must have to affect this changeover, the Lord will start removing soulish pleasures from us slowly. It is the price we must pay for a transitional season, but there is a time period, there is a season, where your soulish needs are not being completely satisfied, but neither have you yet married your new bridegroom. In my book, that adds up to your doing without for a season. That is what it adds up to in my book. If you are not married and you desire a husband, but God has not given you one, as far as this soulish world and society is concerned, you are a woman with a lack in your life, and some people get very upset over young women who are not married and reasonably content with their life because it is not natural in this society.

But if you become betrothed to another, if you have the promise of a spiritual marriage, that can sustain you over the period of time that you are being purified in preparation for your union with the King. But, nevertheless, there is a season that you do not have a soulish husband, nor do you have the fullness of the marriage experience with your spiritual husband. You have a relationship with your spiritual husband, but you do not have married love.

I was talking about this in the exhortation just earlier. Personally, I am tired of sp- -- of some kisses in the backseat of the car. I am waiting for the consummation of the marriage with my spiritual husband, but there is a period that you have neither consummated sex in the soul realm, nor consummated sex in the realm of the spirit. You, therefore, are a virgin, which hopefully follows Christ wherever He goes. But it is a difficult period. Will you satisfy yourself? Will you masturbate, or will you wait for your husband? Will you commit adultery, or will you wait for your husband?

The Lord is watching you, and He has a line, and He has the plummet, and He is testing you, and everyone that is in Christ knows where you stand. Everyone that has Christ knows where you stand because that kind of thing is not hidden. That is what we are talking about here.

“So Elijah carnal [sic] said to Elijah the Christ, ‘I have served Jehovah, and -- the God of battle, fervently in Christ as well as with my humanity, but the sons of God have divorced themselves from their marriage covenant with Jehovah and destroyed the union between Him and their human spirit, and they have murdered Christ in their own minds, and my Christ mind’” -- I lost my page. “‘And my’” -- I lost a whole page here? I am sorry. “‘And my Christ mind is circumcised, and my carnal mind is all of me that remains.’”

Amplified Translation, 1 Kings 19:10: “And Elijah said, ‘I have served Jehovah, the God of battle, fervently in Christ as well as with my humanity, but the sons of God are seeking to stop me from exposing their sins by killing me. And they have broken their marriage covenant with Jehovah and separated themselves from Him in their thoughts, and their carnal minds have murdered their own Christ minds. And I have been circumcised, and my carnal mind is all that remains of me.’” That is what the carnal Elijah said to the Christ Elijah.

OK, I only did one verse today, and I am going to take some period of time to follow up what I said to you earlier with the -- with regard to go to Elijah having nothing to say to Christ about Jezebel or being afraid of Jezebel or running from Jezebel. His only complaint was the sons of God. So I would like to pursue that a little bit. I have some comments and thoughts on it that I would like to share with you.

I would like to read you this note, just in case I missed anything. Did you ever wonder why when Christ asked Je- -- Elijah what happened that Elijah answered that the sons of God killed him? Is that not a strange answer since verse 2 says that Jezebel threatened Elijah’s life? And our Alternate Translation of verse 3 reveals that Elijah entertained Satan’s thoughts and rebelled, and further on in our Alternate Translation we found out that Elijah was worshiping Satan because when you obey your carnal mind, that is obey- -- that is worshiping Satan.

Well, what is going on here? I would like at this time to tell you about my carnal mind’s reaction to the study so far. As I preached the first few parts of this message, I really believed that Elijah just yielded to his fear and rebelled against God, and it was as simple as that, that Elijah the man failed to take the victory over the fear. That is what I taught you, and I declare you that that was a carnal understanding of what happened, and I want to declare to you that my carnal mind thought evil of the prophet.

That was how I read it as I studied it and how -- and as I worked it up, that was how my carnal mind saw it. But the light was shed upon me last night, and I saw a c- -- as I studied, I saw a contradiction, and I prayed about it, and I did not get the answer until this morning. I cried out to God, and I told Him that I did not know what I would be telling you if He did not answer my question here, and this is what the Lord said to me. Elijah did not just fail to take the victory over fear. At the same time that Jezebel was threatening him, the sons of God had realized what happened to them, that Elijah had broken their pet idols; and a rage rose up, and their carnal minds were attacking him from the realm of the spirit, from the unseen realm of the spirit.

I am suggesting to you -- and I am going to go through this. I will show you Scriptures on how I draw this conclusion -- that Elijah, if left to his own devices, could have overcome his fear of Jezebel. Not only could Elijah have overcome his fear of her, but let me remind you that this is the prophet who hid himself from King Ahab for three years. Ahab and Jezebel could not find him. This is the prophet that would disappear from amongst the midst of them when Ahab was trying to capture him. Now, why in the world would Elijah be afraid of a human being who he had already eluded many times over? It makes no sense at all.

What am I saying? I am saying that the sons of God -- well, let me put it to you this way. At the will of the Lord -- at the instruction of the Lord, Elijah had approached the sons of Israel –

And I will go over this with you in detail. He brought forth a conversion in their minds. They had divorced themselves from Jehovah and were following after the carnal mind, and Elijah went to them and reversed that condition, and the Christ mind came back up in them again. And then they said, the Lord, He is God. And then, in another Scripture, Elijah tells them -- it is right there in the Scripture. I will show it to you, that Elijah acknowledges to the sons that God had changed their heart.

And Elijah said capture the prophets of Baal and bring them down to the brook where I will slay them, and Israel did it. And after all that happened, I do not know how much time elapsed. When that Christ mind that Elijah had brought forth in the sons of God by his own anointing -- now there was no repentance here. Check it out. There was no repentance, but Elijah went in with an imputed anointing, just like a Pentecostal minister can heal somebody of cancer or can give any kind of gift that the Lord allows him to give without true repentance coming forth in the man.

Elijah, by the power of the anointing that was within him, not by the anointing that was within the man, not because of confession, not because of repentance, not because the people even cried out about their condition of being given over to the carnal mind, but because the God in heaven, Jehovah, determined that this famine that was destroying Israel would come to an end because God made that decision. Jehovah sent His prophet, Elijah, to the sons of God and, probably against their will, raised up the mind of Christ in them, and they said, the Lord is God, and they took captive the prophets of Baal so that Elijah could kill them.

And after the deed was done, after the prophets of God were disproved, after Baal was disproved as a true god and the prophets were killed, apparently, the mind of Christ in the sons of God once again deteriorated. And as Elijah describes it in verse 10, the altar of the Lord was thrown down. The marriage covenant was dissolved. Christ was murdered, and their carnal minds went after Elijah with a vengeance, strengthened Elijah's carnal mind, which rose up and circumcised or killed his Christ mind. Can you hear this? Elijah himself could have handled Jezebel, but all of Israel was hating him, man, and that was just a bit too much for him. Elijah did not backslide. Elijah was overcome. Can you hear it?

OK, let us take it a step at a time with my notes, and I will give you the Scriptures on it. So I am confessing to you that my original preaching of this issue was carnal, and here is the perfect demonstration of how the carnal mind kills the prophet. The carnal mind thinks evil of the prophet all the time. The carnal mind never gives the prophet the benefit of the doubt, and that was my carnal mind operating. I said, well, I guess Elijah messed up, man, did not make it, but Christ says, no, Elijah was a valiant warrior who was overcome by virtue -- by sheer virtue of the numbers. Can you hear it?


Sounds better.


My carnal mind manif- -- now, listen, I am telling you this for a reason. Take this into your spirit because sons of God do that to prophets all the -- it happens to me -- what I am telling you, I am going to say it outright. It happens to me all the time. I do things, I say things, I live things, and for whatever reason, your carnal mind looks at me and makes a judgment about me that is ungodly. Thi- -- Go- -- this message is not coming at this hour for no reason. That is what I am trying to tell you. This message is called here of God at this moment for a specific reason, so if I do something and you think evil of me or you think it is not Christ in me, you are required by the Lord to pray long and hard about it.

And I am declaring unto you that unless you get a specific word from the Lord that I was in sin, do not assume that I was in sin. Silence is not acknowledgement. If you say to the Lord, that could not have been God; I do not believe it was God and then heavens are silent, that does not mean you are right. It is a 95 percent chance that you are wrong, but in any event, if God is not speaking to you, there is nothing for you to do about it. If God is not talking, it means butt out.

And this is a prophetic word to this congregation this morning because if God does not open the eyes of your spirit, if God does not open the spiritually eyes of your understanding, you may be incapable of understanding something that I have done. It may be impossible for you to understand it at that moment. So unless the situation is such that I am suggesting that you commit suicide or that you commit adultery or that you engage in some life-threatening situation, unless that is the situation, in which case you run for your life. You do not have to pray about it for two months if I am telling you to kill yourself, OK.

If that is not the situation, if you are looking at a situation that has occurred with regard to this ministry that you, after much thinking, cannot justify, you cannot understand how I could have done it and you have put it before the Lord and your answer is silence, it means butt out. It means that you cannot understand it because the Lord has not given you understanding, and neither does He intend to give you understanding at this time, so drop it. That is what silence means. That is what it means. I tell you the truth. OK.

So I suggest to you that Elijah did not flee from Jezebel's death [?stret?] -- death threat, as I thought earlier, but that the corporate rage of the sons of God was so strong that it enabled Elijah's carnal mind or strengthened car- -- Elijah's own carnal mind to rise up against his Christ mind, which had him by a collar on a neck, and circumcised him against Elijah's will.

And this is a fulfillment of Revelation 20:7-9. "And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth." See, Elijah Christ had his carnal mind down in the pit in prison.

And verse 9, "And they went up on the breadth of the earth." That means the carnal mind manifested again. That is what happened in Elijah. He -- the carnal mind got so strong because the carnal mind's of the sons of God strengthened him, that he went up on the breadth of the earth. He manifested in the mind of Elijah, and he compassed the camp of the saints around, and he overshadowed Christ and the beloved city, which was the whole of Elijah's soul. And, of course, we are told, in verse 9, that fire came out of God from heaven and devoured them.

And in our account here, the equivalent of that is that Elijah realized what was happening to him, cried out to God, and the Lord Jesus Christ came down with the fire of His life. And as we already know, because in this account we got the end before we got the middle part, that Satan and his carnal mind were killed. They both died. We found this out I think in the -- two messages ago. We got the last Scriptures before the middle Scriptures.

So this was Elijah's experience, and I suggest to you that in verse 7, it says, "And when the thousand years are expired," that, to me, this is just another witness that this Scripture is not speaking about a natural 1,000 years, that the number 1,000 refers to the human spirit exalted to full stature, and that can only happen when the human spirit is joined to the Spirit of Christ and Christ is formed. That is the human spirit in full stature.

And Revelation 20:7 says, "And when the thousand years are expired," so what that means is when your human spirit, which is joined to the Spirit of Christ, and is -- has conceived the mind of Christ, when that condition ceases to exist, when that marriage is divorced, when that three-fold cord is broken, can you hear it? What is going to happen is that Satan will be loosed out of his prison, Satan, who you have down in the bottomless pit, under the authority of Christ.

So that question was asked in a recent meeting. I do not believe this 1,000 years is a natural 1,000 years, OK. Although, you know, we might -- what we are likely to see are many men having this experience of having their human spirit exalted to the number 1,000 and having Satan bound in the bottomless pit. We may see many men on the face of the earth having this experience for a period -- a natural period of what I believe is approximately 15 years. And this experience we will be experiencing over and over, that we have Satan down in the pit, that he is going to get out, that we are going to cry out to Jesus, that the fire of Jesus' life is going to come down and throw him into the lake of fire, because that is what happens to him.

I did not put the next verse in, but I hope you all know that what happens to Satan after the lightning comes down from heaven is that he gets cast into the lake of fire, which is Christ. So what does that mean? We cry out to God. The fire of His life comes down. Satan is knocked down. Christ is formed again, and Satan is thrown into the lake of fire or is, once again, brought under the dominion of Christ. And this can happen to us over and over and over in different areas of our life, just as it happened to Elijah.

So, apparently, there is a condition, and I do not have all the details. I am just giving it to you as God gives it to me. There is such a thing as a temporary condition of full stature, but there has to be a point at which we go into a permanent full stature, and I believe that Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ, had entered into a condition of permanent full stature, that once He ascended and He ackno- -- called Himself God, that He never fell down after that. But until we get to that point, there will be a series of experiences where we are high up one day and low down the next day, high up one day and low down the next day.

And who knows, it is even possible -- I am not really experiencing it yet, but possibly, as we ascend, we will reach a condition where we can be in full stature for a couple of weeks or for a month and tumble down and then have to work our way back up until such time as we permanently take dominion over Satan and the carnal mind. It would not surprise me at all. Man, that must be a disappointment, to experience full stature and tumble out of it. Wow, I would cry over that.

I know that I have experienced falling from the height to which I had already ascended. OK, now I am not talking about a gift. I am talking about the fact that all of us have matured to a particular place in Christ. It is not a gift. We are standing there. The foundation is built up under us. We are standing on the rock, and that rock in us has increased in us to a particular maturity. Is everybody OK? We can fall from there and have to be restored to that place.

It is not a good feeling to be less -- to be in a lower spiritual place than you were the day before or the week before or the month before. It is not a good feeling. It is a bad feeling, so I cannot even imagine being in full stature for a few weeks or even a month and tumbling down. It is horrible, but you just go three steps forward and one step backwards, three steps forward and one step backwards, and, eventually, you will get there, and you will enter into a permanent condition of full stature. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

So, well, let me give you these Scriptures here. I want to go over a couple of Scriptures in 1 Kings 18. Verse 30 says, "And Elijah said unto all the people, Come near unto me. And all the people came near unto him. And he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down." And, of course, verse 31 says, "And Elijah took twelve stones," et cetera, et cetera. But I want to suggest to you, if you have hears to hear, hear it, that before Elijah built the stone altar of natural substance, he rebuilt the altar in the minds of the sons of God. He formed the mind of Christ in them. I mentioned it earlier.  By the sheer power of his anointing, there was no repentance. There was no desire to be involved or engaged in this exaltation of Christ which would result --

Now the whole purpose of this was to deliver Israel from the famine, I hope you remember. The end of this whole episode of the mur- -- of the death of the prophets of Baal, OK, was that the famine was lifted off of Israel. You see, God wanted to deliver Israel. You see, Israel were crying out. Israel was crying out. All of us, we cry out because of the symptoms of our disease. We do not necessarily repent of our disease, but no one wants the symptoms.

So Israel was moaning and groaning and travailing. They had no food. They had no water for three years, and the Lord said, I will deliver you after three years. But there was no repentance of the sin that brought the judgment down on Israel in the first place, just the moans and the groans of the people. Their mind was still reprobate. They just wanted deliverance from the pain. Now is this not the definition of the imputed anointing? This is the definition of the imputed anointing.

The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. Help me, Lord. Boom, you have got the Holy Ghost. There is no specific repentance of what you did to get yourself in this condition. There is as general repentance, but those of us who have been studying here for a while know that many people, that have no problem whatsoever saying I repent of witchcraft, completely balk to the point of leaving a ministry if you tell them that attitude that you just expressed was witchcraft. They will not sit for the specific repentance.

So this is the expression of the imputed anointing, Israel crying out for deliverance from pain without specific repentance, and God came with Elijah. You see, in order to deliver them, God had to get rid of the abomination. God hates sin. God will never tolerate sin. So because Israel could not repent or because Israel would not repent, God sent Elijah who, by the force of his own anointing, brought forth Christ in the sons of God and destroyed their idols.

Brethren, do you think that these sons of God -- I want to tell you these sons of God are some pretty tough people. I sound like the lion in the Wizard of Oz. These sons of God, they are some pretty tough people. Do you think that they were really about to let Elijah walk in there and tear down their idols and their altars? Brethren, they were not worshipping false gods because someone had a machine gun pointed at them. They loved to worship false gods. They were happy worshipping false gods. They enjoyed worshipping false gods. They [?were not unhappy?]. They were not happy because they had no food. But God is righteous, so He could not break the famine until He broke down the altars of the false gods and destroyed their prophets.

Now do you think these people were going to let Elijah do that? Do you think they were going to let Elijah take their [?candyman?]? I declare to you the answer is no way, so God sent Elijah in, with the force of his spiritual authority, turned their minds around to agree with Him. Now the world would call that what?


Mind control. When Satan comes to someone who is thinking with Christ, or even a carnally-minded person who has a righteous thought, and Satan comes and changes your mind to do something that God would not approve of, this is mind control. But spiritual is spiritual. It exists on the same -- on both sides of the fence. So Elijah came in with some super mind control, only it was not illegal because God told him to do it. You could call it hypnosis if you want. You could call it anything you want, but God said to do it. That means it is OK, and he came in there.

Now listen to this, all you preachers that say Jesus is a gentleman and would not take you against your will, now hear this. Elijah went in there and changed their minds with the power of his word, and we read about that in verse 37. "Hear me, O Lord, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the Lord God, and that thou, You, Jehovah, hast turned their heart back again to Christ." Holy Ghost mind control, man. Elijah walked in there with spiritual power. The Lord turned the hearts of the people, through him, back to Christ, and not only did they not hinder him, but they helped him to tear down the altars and kill the prophets.

But let me tell you, when that spiritual blindness lifted off of them, they were as mad as hornets. As soon as Elijah let go of their mind, they reverted. Have you ever heard of someone being healed of cancer and it coming back? Brethren, when you are healed by the power of somebody else's anointing, it can come back. It does not have to come back. Do not panic if you are hearing this message. But the whole purpose of these healings that come forth by the power of someone else's anointing is that you have received a period of grace. You are supposed to take this healing as a sign and give your life to the Lord.

If you receive the healing and you do not give your life to the Lord and start following after Him in a steadily increasing program of intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ, if you do not get the same disease back, you will get a different disease. Why? Because your heart is desperately wicked, and sin in your body is just an expression of the sin in your soul.

Elijah had such an anointing that by the power of his mind, he caused Christ to be formed in the multitudes of Israel. I do not know about you, but I am not anywhere near that. I was cast down in my own meeting by one man's mind, if you recall. I have got a ways to go, and I want to tell you that is why the sons of God are so hidden in this hour. We are the sons of God in the making. We do not have that kind of anointing. Go- -- I have been preaching this for years. God has been telling me this for years.

Brethren, if God let us go out with the anointing that is on us now -- what is on us now is an anointing that exposes sin. It is on us now, and we went through the church and the anointing of Christ in us was truly [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- it was God; it was legitimate; it was truly judging righteous judgment and exposing sin and all those carnal minds came against us, we would not survive. I have known this for years. You have heard me preach it before.

We have got to get into a condition of maturity where this spiritual warfare will not overtake us, where trillions of minds, c- -- where the whole corporate carnal mind could be coming against us, and we shall prevail in Christ. That is why we are hidden. We would be wiped out like a fly with a flyswatter. I tell you the truth. I have been wiped out like a fly with a flyswatter, but I cried out to God, and He sent the Lord Jesus Christ, and He raised Christ from -- well, He did not die. My Christ was sick in the hospital, and He healed Him, thank God.

OK, let us go on with this. So for Elijah to repair the altar -- excuse me. I lost my page again. Why do I keep losing my pages today, Lord?


Now, remember, there is a war going on between Christ and the carnal mind. There was a war going on in Elijah's day, and there is a war going on today. And spiritual is spiritual. This means that both Christ and the carnal mind are trying to do the same thing to each other. So when we read about an altar being torn down, for example, it is our responsibility to determine, by the context of the sentence of the verse or of the chapter, who is tearing down whose altar. Is Christ tearing down the carnal mind's altar, or is the carnal mind tearing down Christ's altar?

And what does it mean to tear down one's altar? It means to cause a divorce between the man and the male spirit who has formed that man's mind. That is what it means. So the carnal mind is trying to tear down your union with the Lord Jesus Christ, and if he succeeds, the child of that marriage, Christ Jesus or the mind of the Christ, will surely die.

On the contrary, the Christ mind in you is trying to tear down the altar that you have built with Satan. Do not shut off the message all you Pharisees. Every one of us has a Satan's altar in our own heart. If we did not have it, we would be in full stature. We would not have any problems. We would not be sick. We would not be shedding any tears. Satan's altar exists in every human being on the face of the earth, of course, with the exception of the Lord Jesus Christ who is no longer in His flesh. He is in our flesh.

So Christ is working. He is not sleeping or slumbering. He is working without rest to cause a divorce between you and the spirit of Satan. He is c- -- He is working day and night to force you to break that covenant, that marriage covenant, which will result in the murder or the homicide of your carnal mind.

1 Kings 19:10 relates Elijah's account of Israel's spiritual condition. They had forsaken their covenant with God, torn down His altars and slain His prophets. And they desired to kill Elijah because he has exposed their sin. 1 Kings 19 -- I am sorry. 1 Kings 18:30, in that verse, Elijah repairs the altar of the Lord that was broken down, but I suggest to you that the Scripture is not only speaking about the physical altar of the Lord but the spiritual altar of the Lord which is in the minds of the people as well.

So based on the law of spiritual is spiritual, when we compare 1 Kings 18:30 to 1 Kings 19:10 -- and I will tell you what that is. 1 Kings 18:30 says, "And Elijah said unto all the people, Come near unto me. And he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down." All we are told in verse 30 is that the altar was broken down. In chapter 19:10 -- I am sorry. In verse -- in chapter 18:30, we are told the altar of the Lord was broken down. In 19:10, we are told that Israel has forsaken the Lord's covenant, thrown down the altars and slain the prophets with the sword, so we get more information. You get more information in chapter 19.

So based on the law of spiritual is spiritual, when we compare 1 Kings 18:30 to 1 Kings 19:10, we can legitimately assume that for Elijah to restore the altar of the Lord, he had to first cause Israel to forsake their covenant with Baal and slay her prophets, the carnal mind, with the sword and circumcise their carnal mind.

Now remember that a spiritual covenant is a spiritual marriage contract between the man's human spirit and the god who marries him and that the child or mind born of that marriage is that god's high priest. Also remember that the spiritual Lord Jesus Christ or the Spirit of Christ is Jehovah's altar. These are just some notes I am reading you, but I seem to have covered all of these. I covered all of this. Let me go on. I did that too.

OK, I told you earlier -- I explained to you earlier that Jehovah has one name outside of the mind of man and that His name is the Lord Jesus Christ or the Spirit of Christ, either the pre-incarnate Jesus Christ or the Spirit of Christ when He comes into the mind of a man, OK. And it is the Spirit of Christ with join -- which joins with the mind of the man, so we see two names, Jehovah and the Spirit of Christ or the pre-incarnate Christ.

In Satan's case, Satan does not exist outside the mind of man. Satan is limited to the mind of man, so, therefore, the spirit of Satan who is really -- he is really not a male. The one who joins with the mind of man -- the one who joins with the human spirit of man is Satan, and my whole point is that Satan does not have two names because he does not exist outside of the mind. He only exists inside of the mind. Therefore, it is Satan who joins with the human spirit of the man and brings forth the carnal mind is everybody OK? OK.

Let me read you this note. Satan, on the other hand, has no existence outside of the mind of man but is a part of the same woman in which the human spirit is found. The difference between Satan and Eve -- because they are both part of the same soul. The difference between them is that the human s- -- and Eve is the human spirit. So the difference between Satan and Eve, the human spirit, is that Eve is the spiritual seed of the woman and that Satan is the negative force, which we have called the wicked potential for sin which exists in the creation. But they are both part of the same soul. It is just like you are man, but you have lungs, and you have a heart, two different aspects of the same soul.

So since Satan has no existence outside of the mind of man, there is no reason for her to have two names, one describing her existence outside of the mind and a second name describing her existence within the mind of man. Therefore, Satan and Satan's altar, the spirit of the carnal mind, are both Satan. Satan and Satan's altar, the spirit of the carnal mind, have the same name. They are both Satan.

So for Elijah to repair the altar of the Lord, he had to first cause the sons of God to break their covenant with Satan or divorce Satan by tearing down the altar which he had formed in their minds when their human spirit joined with her. And how do you do that? By getting the sons of God to fall out of agreement with Satan. All of this warfare is in the mind. It is with thoughts. And then slay Satan's high priest, who is also her prophet, the carnal mind.

And this event is recorded in 1 Kings 18:37. "Hear me, O Lord, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the Lord God, and that thou hast turned their heart back again." Glory to God. Hallelujah.

Now so we see that 1 Kings 18 clearly tells us that Elijah not only took on the human prophets of Baal, who were Queen Jezebel's friends, but the carnal minds of the people of Israel. Queen Jezebel openly desired to take Elijah's physical life, but Elijah's Christ mind, not his body, was killed. So we see, then, that Jezebel was no threat to the man Elijah who had successfully eluded her and Ahab for three years. And that is recorded in 1 Kings 18:1.

So after Elijah, by the strength of his anointing with no true repentance on the part of the sons of God, rebuilt the altar of the Lord in the delinquent sons, and after they took the prophets of Baal captive at Elijah's command, the sons of God slip back into their marriage with Satan. The people -- and when they slip back into their marriage with Satan, the carnal mind was formed again, and the people were enraged that Elijah had torn down their pagan altars and had slain the prophets of Baal.

But even more so, they were enraged that Elijah, in 1 Kings 18:21, rebuked them openly because of their idolatry, exposing that they were not innocent lambs, which had been seduced by an ungodly king, but that they themselves in the hidden parts of their mind were guilt of idolatry and spiritual adultery and every evil work. The rage against Elijah manifested through their carnal minds, and they sought to kill him in their thoughts because he had exposed their sins.

Now they may or they may not have been aware that their minds were trying to kill him. In their own minds, they were probably just thinking, how do I shut this man up? Some sons of God, when their sins are being exposed, will change the subject. Other sons of God, when their sins are being exposed, will turn around and accuse the prophet. Other sons of God, when their sins are being exposed, will deny them, sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly.

What I have just named are all defenses of the carnal mind. I am not calling anyone willfully evil. We are fallen. And if your carnal mind is under siege by a prophet of God, your carnal mind is sure to respond in one of the ways I just named, or maybe there is a couple of others that I cannot think of, but they are all sin because that is the way of man.

Therefore, only by the grace of God can we repent because we cannot even see our sins. It is only by the grace of God that we can confess or repent. We are lost sheep, brethren. Without a savior, there is no hope for us whatsoever. Not only can we not fix ourselves, we cannot even see what we are doing wrong.

So the sons of Israel may not even have said a word, one to the other. They may have all been in their homes afraid to discuss is with anybody else, each individual thinking, that Elijah, he destroyed my whole life. [?Or it?] was manifesting in their mind. It may have never come out of their mouth.

To the people listening to this message and to the people here, I am not suggesting a conspiracy that Israel had meetings in the street with music and loudspeakers saying, let us get Elijah. It was not any such spiritual. Spiritual warfare is quiet. It is subtle. It is invisible, and many of the people whose carnal minds are killing the prophet do not even know they are doing it. I am not suggesting any public gathering at all, such as which was called when Elijah destroyed the prophets of Baal. Know the attack on Elijah was nothing like that at all. It came out of the darkness. It came from behind the pharisitical minds. It was not confessed. It was not admitted. It was not acknowledged. It is just hidden in parable form in the Lord's account of what happened.

And why would the Lord do that? Why would he hide it in parable form in the Scripture? Because, brethren, you are the sons of God, and the same thing will be happening to you. As soon as the Christ mind begins to manifest or function in the authority of Christ, which exposes sin legally -- now if you expose sin out of your carnal mind, it is illegal, but if Christ in you as reached the maturity where He is legally exposing sin in people and it is Him and you are not deceived and you are not walking around in some witchcraft power exposing everybody's sins, if it is really Christ, get ready because this is what you can expect.

Now you may have been doing very well with your sin all these years. You may have been holding your sin down all these years, but I am here today to tell you that if you are called to this end-time ministry, you need to know, right now from the get-go, you will not be able to hold back the onslaught that is coming against you. You are going to need Jesus every step of the way. Christ in you, the mind of Christ, Christ Jesus, the Christ that is growing in you is not strong enough to sustain you against the wrath of Satan flowing through the carnal mind's of the men who you are hel- -- hoping to help by exposing their sins, that they should live and not die.

If you are truly sent to them in Christ, truly, if it is truly Christ, their carnal minds will try to kill you every second of the time you are trying to save their life until they start coming into the light, until things change. For so long as they are in the darkness, they will be critical of you. They will despise you, depending on the person, some more severe [?than others?] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- some more severely than others.  They will criticize you. They will despise you. They will hate you. They will speak evil of you and, very frequently, will be envious of you. Although, they may or may not admit it. They will try to shut down your ministry. They will tell people not to go there. They will lie about you. That is what they will do to you. Who? The ones whose lives you are sent to save. And the stronger you are in Christ, the more mature you are in Christ, the more people you are sent to.

Now, listen, when you are helping people out of your carnal mind, you do not go through this. Well, I mean, you can go through it, but in a much lesser degree. There is a ministry in the church where carnal Christians help people out of the carnal minds. They try to counsel them. They do all kinds of good works for them. They pray for them. And although there may be some retaliation, the retaliation is not nearly as severe as if you are sent to that person in Christ.

Why? I will tell you why. Because if your carnal person is ministering to someone -- and let us say the most severe damage you could do to Satan's kingdom is this. Let us just have a hypothetical example. You are a very fanatical Christian, and you go to a deliverance church or a church where there is a heavy outpouring, and you really are bringing people into church. This person would have never gone to church, and you are really responsible, by the grace of God, for encouraging them to come. You are directly responsible for getting them there, OK.

The very worse that you could do to Satan's kingdom is some little damage because they are in church. But I tell you that if you are ministering to someone on a direct assignment from Christ, direct, specific assignment from Christ, the end of your ministry is that Christ shall appear in them, and that means the death of the carnal mind.

And Satan is not fooling anymore. He is not playing games anymore. He is not play tic-tac-toe anymore. His life is on the line, and he is going out to stir up every carnal mind that he could find that will go along with his wickedness. Any person that he could find who is not schooled in the wickedness that operates beneath our carnal minds, anyone that is willing to yield to a negative thought about you, he will stir them up. He will conscript them into his army, and they will be a part of the plague that comes against you that brings you down, whether they know it or whether they do not know it. If it is happened, it is happened.

And if this person is truly a believer or they are just not mature enough at that time to recognize what is happening to them, the day will come, as they mature in Christ, that the Lord will bring this before them. And they will have to face the fact and deal with it, that at that time in their life, they really did not know better, but they were used of Satan to bring down, no matter how temporarily, the Son of God. I tell you the truth. It is exciting.

If anybody is upset, or anybody that is hearing this is condemned, I rebuke you, and I encourage you to rise up in Christ and rebuke your carnal mind because this is the most exciting message. It is the most exciting message. There is no condemnation in Christ, but He is going to appear in the earth, and He is going to kill the carnal mind, and the whole creation is going to be delivered. And you are called to be a part of it. Do not waste time condemning yourself. If I am touching any sore spots here, or anyone listening to the message, if I am touching you anywhere in a sore spot, do not waste your time on being condemned. There is too much work to do. Just confess your sins and repent and ask God to show you your assignments, and go for it. Do not waste any time defending yourself. Just go on with God.

So the rage against Elijah in the minds of the sons of God manifested through their -- the carnal minds of the sons, and they sought to kill him in their thoughts because he had exposed their sins. Key words, he had exposed their sins. That is why they sought to kill him. And the result of the all this, Elijah the carnal tells Elijah the Christ, is that his own carnal mind, the one he was talking from right now, was strengthened, and -- by all these other carnal minds. His carnal mind got reinforcements.

You see, Elijah the Christ had his carnal mind down in the bottomless pit, but all of this evil coming at Elijah from the minds of other men strengthened his carnal mind to break out of the bottomless pit. And his carnal mind rose up, overtook Christ, the Christ mind, and the Christ mind in Elijah rose up and rebelled against the Lord, broke down the altar of the Lord, dissolved, Elijah's connection with the Spirit of Christ.

Why? Because you cannot listen to the spirit of Satan and the Spirit of Christ at the same time. You cannot serve God and Mammon. Everybody tells you that is money, uh-uh. It is much more than money. You cannot serve God and Mammon. You must be serving one or the other the majority of the time. If it is 51 percent to 50 percent, your service must be primarily to one god.

So as Elijah's carnal mind was strengthened, he started listening to the whisper of the serpent. And Elijah's carnal mind, I have experienced it, rose up with such a loud voice that, for the moment, it overshadowed the voice of Christ. Elijah could not tell the difference.

I think if Elijah could have told the difference between his carnal mind and his Christ mind, he would have never obeyed his carnal mind, but that voice got so loud. Why? Because it was as the voice of many waters, and it sounded like one voice in his mind. But the truth is that the rebellion and the rage rising up in the minds of the sons of God registered in Elijah's mind as his very own thought. And I tell you this from personal experience. Most of you have heard my teaching on these spiritual issues. It registers in your mind as your very own thought, and Elijah could not distinguish between good and evil. He could not distinguish between the Christ thought and the carnal thought. He was overtaken. He must have even thought it was Christ, whatever, however it happened. I do not know the technicalities.

I know -- I do not know the technicalities right now of what happened with Jehovah, but I know that, as one man -- excuse me. As one man, the sons of God rose up in a rage against Elijah and that it registered in his mind as one single thought of the man Elijah, one single carnal thought which completely overtook his Christ thought. And what happened? Elijah became afraid. Elijah who had eluded Ahab and Jezebel for three years, who had literally made a fool out of Elijah -- out of Ahab and Jezebel, became afraid of Jezebel and rose up and rebelled against his Christ mind who was saying do not be afraid, Elijah. I will just catch you up, and you will disappear again. He lost all his faith.

Now I am just guessing at this. I do not know exactly how it happened, but it was something like this. And let me give you some Scriptures here to back this up. Back in chapter 18 again, we see the prophet Obadiah meeting Elijah in the way. Verse 7, "And as Obadiah was in the way, behold, Elijah met him: and knew him, and fell on his face, and said, Art thou that my lord Elijah? And Elijah answered him and said, I am: and I want you to get tell thy lord, Ahab, Behold, Elijah is here."

And Elijah had been -- had disappeared for three years. He just appeared after three years. And Obadiah said to Elijah, "What have I sinned, that you would deliver me into the hand of Ahab, that he should kill me? As the Lord thy God lives, there is no nation or kingdom where my lord Ahab has not sent looking for you: and when every nation said, He is not here; Ahab, King Ahab, took an oath of the kingdom and nation." That means if he did not do what he promised, he should lose his whole kingdom and nation, that they found you not. Ahab made all these kings swear that they did not know where Elijah was or -- at the risk of losing their kingdom and nation.

Verse 11, "And now Elijah says to Obadiah, Go, tell, King Ahab Elijah is here. And it shall come to pass, as soon as I am gone from thee, that the Spirit of the Lord shall carry you, Elijah, away I do not know where; and so when I come and tell Ahab, and he cannot find you, he is going to kill me because he is going to say I know where you are, and I hid you, and I am playing games with you. But I thy servant fear the Lord from my youth." I am a servant of God. Why would you do this to me?

"Was it not told to you lord Elijah what I did when Jezebel slew the prophets of the Lord, how I hid an hundred men of the Lord's prophets by fifty in a cave, and fed them with bread and water?" I am a servant of God. I have done good works, good works they were.

"And now, Elijah, you go and tell me to go tell Ahab that I found you so that you can disappear on me, so that Ahab will kill me?" Now check this out. Check out Obadiah's carnal mind, which is saying to himself I do not believe Elijah, that you will ever really turn yourself into Ahab. I heard something like that in the New Testament. The Lord told the apostles that He was going to be crucified, and one of them stood up and said, no so, Lord, no You. Who said that, anybody? Peter.


Not so, Lord. Do not tell me you are going to be crucified. And then again, of course, we have Paul who comes up against the prophet Agabus who wraps himself up bonds and says, if you go there, this is what is going to happen to you. And Paul said, God forbid, I should not obey the command of the Lord, even if it means my imprisonment. You see, Obadiah could not believe that Elijah was really going to turn himself in. That is why he did not want to tell Ahab. Can you hear that? His carnal mind manifested.

And also let me point out one other thing to you. Brethren, if you serve God with good works, if that is all you have, whether it is for a month or 30 years, if you give everything you have got of your carnal mind in good works and good deeds, if you feed the prophets whose lives are in danger, if you do things like this, do not be surprised when the day comes that the Lord offers you spiritual ministry. But, brethren, true spiritual ministry, which is in Christ, is stressful, and it can be dangerous. It can be dangerous to your flesh and your life.

So if you desire to serve the Lord in spirit and truth, not worship Him but serve Him through spiritual ministry that He has chosen for you, you will need faith that while your soul and your body is in danger, that His Spirit shall save you. It is a very great disadvantage to find yourself in spiritual ministry with a carnal mind manifesting. You see, Obadiah did all these good works. Very possibly, he was crying out, use me, Lord, and Elijah came and said, go tell King Ahab you found Elijah. And the first word out of Obadiah's mouth was, not me, Lord, because he saw the assignment with his carnal mind.

Let me put that in today's perspective. We have people crying out for years, use me, l., and the Lord says, OK. I am taking your family away so that you can serve Me. Oh, no, Lord, not my family. I am taking your opportunity for marriage away so that you can serve Me. Oh, Lord, no, not that. I am taking all your money away because you cannot serve Me and have all the money that you have, at least for a season. Why? Because I said so. Oh, no, Lord, not that. It is just our human mind. That is how the carnal mind thinks.

Jesus said, "Count the cost." When you stand up there, when -- either you are on your knees or you are on that prayer line yelling, take me, Lord, you better think twice. I stood on the prayer line, and I yelled, take me, Lord. I want to tell you, I had some big surprises coming down the road. It is been glorious in the spirit, but I never thought it would be like this. Hallelujah. I never thought my soul life would be like this, as a result of being called to spiritual ministry. Let me clarify that.

So Elijah comforts Obadiah in verse 15 and says, "As the Lord of hosts lives, I assure you, I will show myself to Ahab today." So Obadiah was comforted, and he did what Elijah asked him to do. So the result of all this, Elijah's carnal mind tells his Christ mind, is that Elijah's carnal mind was strengthened and overtaken, and the Christ in him was cast down when the sons of God rebelled against the Lord. And Elijah too was caught up in their rebellion. Their mind overtook him, and Elijah too rebelled against God in his thoughts. And the way we translated that in our Alternate Translation was that Elijah worshipped Satan because obedience to Satan and disobedience to Christ is the worship of Satan.

So Elijah's sin, then, was not that he feared Jezebel, but that he fea- -- failed to keep Satan underfoot. And what does that mean? Elijah failed to cast down Satan's thoughts. What thoughts? The thoughts of fear about Jezebel. Christ -- the Christ mind said, well, I have hidden you from them all these years. I will do it again. And the carnal mind said, ah, she is going to [?call?] -- catch me and kill me. So Elijah fell prey to that.

So we are back to square one. Elijah ran because of fear of Jezebel. So what am I talking about? I just took you full circle. Well, brethren, the bottom line is motive. Do not look at a man's behavior, brethren, but check out the motives. God tries the hearts of men. God looks for motives. Elijah did not desire to fear Jezebel. In fact, Elijah resisted those thoughts will all the strength he had, both in his carnal mind and in Christ, and he would have overcome them if the rage of the sons of God had not joined with his own carnal mind and toppled the Christ in him.

So we see that Elijah was strong enough to police his own carnal mind but not strong enough to overcome the corporate carnal mind of Israel. Can you imagine that? Elijah did not backslide. He was overcome by a force greater than the imputed Christ within him was capable of coping with. Therefore, the Lord restored him immediately. Whether that restoration took a day or a week or a month, brethren, that is immediately when you consider that some people are backslidden for years. To be restored even in a matter of months is very quickly, but I personally think it was much faster than that.

Now we see here the same situation as that which happened to Ham who, when he exposed the sins of his father, Noah, and his brothers, Shem and Japheth, retaliated against Ham with enough strength to kill Christ in that righteous man. Ham, however, was cursed by his own father who was a God-appointed authority in his life.

Now this is very important. Listen to this. The reason that Ham was cast down for generations and thousands of years and that Elijah was raised right back up is this. Ham had a natural authority over him. His father, Noah, was the high priest of the whole family. Anyone that has a natural authority over them in relationship to Jehovah is spiritually female. And I have preached it to you several times. When the God-appointed authority over you curses you, it is a horrendous thing. When we curse our children or if we are husbands and we curse our wives, we really have the power of life and death, sickness and health over them. Whether we are aware of it or not, our attitude towards them, the way we think about them gives them life or gives them death. Authority, even in this fallen creation, is very powerful.

So Ham being spiritually female in relationship to God, a man stood between Ham and Jehovah, Ham being spiritually female and being cursed. No matter how unrighteous that curse was by his own father, the authority that was in Ham who had the -- now the autho- -- not Ham. I am sorry, Noah. Now the authority that was on Noah was great. God said he was the only righteous man on the other side of the flood. That man had spiritual power. So when he turned and used that spiritual power on his own son, he was strong enough to cast Ham down to the pits of Hell, to the depths of witchcraft that we see Ham's descendants in today, for thousands of years.

Elijah, on the other hand, had no man between him and Jehovah. He was spiritually male. And when he repented, God raised him right up again. You see, when [?the?a?] natural authority curses you and, even if you do repent, refuses to accept your repentance, in order to save you out from under that curse -- excuse me. In order to save you out from under that curse, God has to enter into your life in a manner that will raise you up as a prophet. He as to make -- He has to give you an office that is higher than the God-appointed authority, to save you.

God does not break His own law. If a parent exercises an ungodly curse over a child, God does not necessarily take that parent down or break that parent's authority over that child. He will go to that child and arrange their life so one -- in one of two ways. Sometimes he will take the child away from the parent, and on other occasions, he will make that child intro an -- grant that child an office, which is a spiritual office, which would be higher than the natural office. Can you hear what I am saying?

Let me say it again. We are talking about two different levels here. Let me clarify this. In a natural family, should a parent curse their child as Noah did, in order for God to get Ham out from under that curse which was executed with such tremendous power -- that the results of it were astronomical with regard to the descendants of Ham. He was cast out. They were cast down to the pits of Hell, into the depths of black witchcraft.

In order for God to get Ham out from under that curse of Noah, he has to raise Ham up in a spiritual office that would be greater than the natural office. See, God is not just breaking the curse one someone who still is in subjection to the curser. Can you hear that? OK, the one who cursed is the curser, and the one who is cursed is the cursee. The cursee is innocent. The way God deals with this -- see, God honors His authority. God honors the authority that He has appointed, even if that authority makes a mistake.

So for God to get Ham out from under this curse, He has to raise up Ham in a spiritual office that is higher than the natural office of father. Why? Because there is no way that Ham could be physic- -- raised up to a physical office that is higher than father. Father and son, there is no way you can alter that. So God's answer is to impart to Ham a spiritual office that will transcend Noah's natural office, and then Ham will forgive his father's sins, and the curse will be broken on the whole family. Can you hear that?

Brethren, we are about to see a tremendous revival amongst the descendants of Ham. They are about to be raised up out of the depths of witchcraft. Even those that are not living in Africa, that witchcraft is in their mind. They are about to be glorified in Christ in large numbers, and they shall forgive their father, and this curse shall be broken on all of Ham's descendants.

See, it is going -- let me rephrase that. Very shortly we are going to see a small group of the descendants of Ham as a part of the sons of God, as a part of the firstfruits company standing up in full stature, and they, in the authority of Christ, will forgive Noah, and we will see this horrendous curse broken over Ham's descendants across the world. Can you hear it? OK.

Now the second possibility is -- for some reason it went out of my mind. Maybe -- well, if You wanted me to say it, I pray that you restore it. Otherwise, I am just going to go on, Lord. OK.

With -- now we are talking about spiritual authority. If a spiritual authority who is not perfect makes a mistake and knowingly or unknowingly or willingly or unwillingly curses a member of their congregation, OK, how does God get you out from under the curse?

Now this is very important because this applies to us here. This is very important, listen. If someone that God has given spiritual authority over you makes this error and curses you, do not think that because this is a spiritual family or a spiritual relationship that you can declare yourself prophet in relationship to the minister and rise up above that authority and break the curse. You do not have to agree with me. Do you understand what I said? OK. This can only happen when the Lord Jesus Christ does it in you. He has to raise up to an office higher than the one that cursed you. You cannot do it because you think it. It does not happen because you believe it. The Lord would have to raise you up to a higher office to get you out from under that unrighteous curse, if it is necessary.

Now in a spiritual covenant, hopefully, the one in authority will hear from the Lord that they made a mistake and repent and break the curse, and we read about this in the Book of Numbers where it says that your -- if a woman make a mis- -- now [UNINTELLIGIBLE] for -- me, for example, in relationship to the Lord, I am female. So we are told that if a woman make a vow that is an ungodly vow and her father or her husband hearts it and brings a correction, he has the power to forgive her sins and break the execution of the consequences on the person who was cursed. Do you hear this? OK.

This was Hebraic civil law. It is true in the church today. Any curse a minister or anyone in authority puts on you, OK, is breakable immediately. It does not have to go for thousands of years. It is breakable immediately as the Lord Jesus Christ ministers to His wife who has made this mistake. Do you hear me? OK. So if this happens to you, no matter who the preacher is, what you do is petition the Lord. You do not rebel against the authority because if you rebel against the authority, God will curse you for your rebellion.

Now this is a great mystery, but no matter how reprobate the minister is, once God appoints Him, if he messes up, it is God's business. Do not you judge another man's sermon, but if you are the one that is cursed, you have got a problem. So what you do about it is that you submit yourself to God for deliverance from this curse. The Lord goes to the minister. Now the Lord may go whether you cry out or not. I do not know. The Lord may see it Himself, or He may wait until you cry out. I am not sure. The Lord will go to the minister and go to convict him. If the minister is truly a man of God and he is convicted, that is the end of it right there. If that minister will not repent, then the Lord -- you wait for the move of the spirit -- will raise you up in an office usually of prophet that is higher than that minister and will break you out from under that curse.

But let me tell you because I experienced this. I am talking from personal experience. The man who raised me up, God sent me there. He was my God-ordained teacher for a season, cursed me. He cursed -- I am not going to go into any details, and it took me close to five years to come out from under it. Now that was me. It may not be true of you.

My whole point is it did not break immediately. I submitted myself to God. I did what David did. I fled from Saul. I did not challenge him. I did not take him on. I did not try to defeat him. I did not try to crush him. God was my defense. Why? Because I had no authority over this man, and if I came against him, I would have been guilty of sin, just as David would have if he was g- -- if he came against Saul. It took about five years. It was horrendous, but God did it, and He broke me free. He raised me up in an authority that was higher than that man.

And in-between -- during that five years, until He got me to that point, on two or three occasions, the Lord sent someone to me. Now, listen to me, I did not go running all over the country looking for men who had spiritual power. The Lord sent me, on two or three occasions, to men who not only had spiritual power but men who God assigned to help me, and He gave them an anointing to s- -- begin to break this power over -- this ungodly curse over me.

I could not do it myself. I could not get out from under it. It was an unrighteous curse, but because that man had a God-appointed authority over me, it took five years for God to get me out from under it. Do you hear what I am saying? In five years, I think on three occasions, God sent to me a man with an authority that was separate from the ministry to start breaking the curse. And after about five years, the Lord broke it with one swift blow -- I am sorry, two swift blows. The Lord broke it off of me.

So I hope you hear what I am telling you. No matter what a minister does or anyone that has authority over you, no matter what they do, if you fight this, I do not care how anointed you are. You could be an extremely anointed person. You could be a highly anointed person and not have a ministry of your own. You could be highly anointed and assigned to a ministry that has a minister over it that makes you subject to that man, that makes you spiritually female in the -- relationship to this ministry. You could be spiritually male to people that you are sent to minister to.

But [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- if God puts you in a ministry, you are spiritually female in relationship to that minister no matter what kind of a mistake you they make. Of course, you go tell God that you think they made a mistake. You may be wrong, but if you are right, do not take matters into your own hands because, if you do, you are rebelling against God's authority, and He will curse you, OK.

So now one more point, I want to say it again. If you are cursed -- if you are a spiritual woman and you are cursed by your male authority, it could take a while to break that curse off of you. No matter how anointed you are, it could take a while. If you are a spiritual male and you are cursed by people who are under you, God can raise you up very quickly, OK.

Now there is one more aspect here. If you are a spiritual male and a member of your congregation or someone who you have a God-given authority over and you can deceive yourself from morning until night, but God knows whether He gave that person authority over you or not. If someone underneath you rebels against you or sins against you or cur- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- you can curse them back, or even if you are neutral, you can cast them down to Hell for a long period of time. But if you have a God-given authority over them, you have the option to forgive their sins.

And I declare to you, I am telling you the truth, if you forgive their sins, no matter what they do to you, in Christ, you are required, but not everyone does it, to forgive their sins, the Lord Jesus Christ will move in and restore them as quickly, as if they ha- -- as if they were not spiritually female but as if they were spiritually male and they were overcome by their own disciples. Do you hear that?

I will say it again. If you have spiritual authority over someone and they sin against you and they curse you, OK, you do not even have to retaliate. If you do nothing, the curse that comes upon them from God for rebelling against you can cast them down for years, but if you pray for them, truly asking God to forgive them, He will raise them back up as quickly as if this was not a rebellion against authority but the category of their sin or their sin will not come under the category of a male person who was cast down by someone underneath them. And in that situation, God restores you immediately.

Let me say it in one more way. If you have a God-given authority over someone and they sin against you, if you do not forgive their sins and help them out of the sin that is attacking you and killing you, if you do not help them while they are attacking you and killing you, they can be cast down for a long time. It could be years. But if you forgive them and help them and pray [?them through?] while they are attacking you and killing you, God will restore them in as short a period of time as a spiritual male who has been cast down by someone who was under him. Did I make it clear? OK.

When you have authority over someone, those Scriptures in the Book of Numbers applies to you. You can go before the Lord Jesus Christ and say, Father, do not take that vow seriously. They cursed me, but do not take that vow seriously. That is my wife. That is my daughter, and I disannul that contract that was formed with Satan when they were temporarily out of their minds.

Authority is very serious, brethren. If you have a natural authority, if you are a natural man and you have a wife, if you are a natural woman and you have natural children, if you are a school teacher, if you are a legislator, if you are a politician, if you are a policeman, if you are a fireman, I am telling you, you have powerful authority over the people that, in accordance with God's order, come under you.

So, you see, you do not really have a choice whether or not you forgive your enemies because if you do not forgive them and you have the authority to forgive them and you do not pray them through and raise them up when you have the power to do it, you are going to come under the curse of God for abuse of authority, which is called, in the Scripture, transgression. Glory to God.

Let us finish this up. So just for the message. We see that Ham's desce- -- Ham was cast down to Hell for generations because an authority figure cursed him and apparently did not repent. But Elijah was restored virtually immediately or the restoration process began almost immediately because he was not cursed by an authority but someone over whom he had authority, someone who had no right to curse him, so God raised him right up. OK.

I would just like to take a few minutes to wind this up. I would like to go over some more verses in chapter 18 for you, beginning with verse 20. I would like to go through it quickly. Verse 19 -- I put that down [?as the?] wrong verse.

Starting with verse 19, now a- -- well, back in verse 17, Ahab is accusing Elijah of troubling Israel. I will comment on that briefly. Very often, if not all the time, carnally-minded people perceive prophets moving or sons moving in a true anointing in Christ as making trouble. We are trouble-makers, brethren. Everywhere we go, there is trouble. You do not conform with the crowd. You stand for righteousness. You do what God tells you, which is always against the carnal mind, and you are frequently perceived as a trouble-maker. You have to learn how to handle yourself.

You see, it is not enough to hear the word of the Lord and do what He tells you to do and then be attacked by the carnal mind and respond with your carnal mind. You have to have the whole, full training. You have to hear from God. You have to do what He tells you, and then when you are attacked by the carnal minds of men, you have to know how to respond out of Christ, and that is the hard part. And it is more than an intellectual knowledge.

You need a deep measure of deliverance and a mature Christ to deal with the raving of people's carnal minds without buckling. And what does that mean? Without respond out of your carnal mind. [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- you whether they are raving, like, they are screaming, or whether their voice is very calm and soft but they are putting a knife in your back with a smile on your face, when someone's carnal mind is coming at you, you have to be able to respond out of your Christ mind.

That means -- well, let me put it to you this way. When someone is attacking you like that, what is happening to you as an individual is that carnal mind is affecting your carnal mind, strengthening it, and your carnal mind is, like, pa- -- you ever see a dog pacing around when he wants to get out and just on somebody? Your carnal mind starts pacing around like a dog. He wants to rise up and attack that other dog. So not only is your Christ mind in a position where He has to deal with the carnal mind of your opponent, but He also has to deal with your own carnal mind because the two carnal minds are ganging up against Christ in you to do what? To bring down Christ so that you would rise up in your carnal mind and make a fool out of yourself.

So it is a training. This ability to respond to conflict in Christ is a many-faceted training. You must have a great deal of deliverance, which deliverance weakens your carnal mind. Christ must be matured in you to a sufficient strength to control the carnal mind that is in you when that carnal mind is yipping and yapping at the door trying to get out to fight that other dog.

And I want to tell you something, if the Christ mind in you is not mature enough to control the carnal mind in you when that carnal mind is not being confronted, but when the Christ mind in you is not strong enough to control the carnal mind that just yips and yaps and tries to get out and gives you a hard time for no par- -- with no particular stimulation outside, you should know that you are not quite ready to take on confrontation in Christ because confrontation in Christ is speaking about two carnal minds, your carnal mind and your opponents carnal mind. So until you have got a large measure of control over your own carnal mind, no one need tell you, you are not ready for the kind of assignment I am speaking about here. Now do not be condemned. Just tell the Lord you want to get ready. Know yourself, it is to your advantage.

So, of course Ahab told Elijah that he is the problem. Why was Elijah the problem? Elijah pronounced famine upon Israel. Now let us not talk about the fact that God told him to do it. Let us deny that Elijah is a prophet, and let us say that Elijah did it with his carnal mind just for some wicked motive. Why -- I do not know why you did it. You just do not like us here in Israel. You just wanted to make yourself a big man here in Israel. You just wanted to show us how much spiritual power you had in Israel. I do not know why you did it. Why did you put this famine on us, you wicked man and false prophet of God? God would never do that to us.

That is what happens when you do something for Christ, in a true spirit of judgment, that the person who received the judgment has not repented on. When the person that you have executed judgment upon has not confessed their sins or repented and you execute judgment, they will never admit that that was God in you executing judgment. They are going to tell you that you are troubling Israel, that you are wicked, that you are evil and that you are everything that they were being judged for. That is what they are going to tell you, that the sin in them is really in you, and you are a false prophet of God, and you are guilt of witchcraft. That is what they tell you.

So we see, in verse 18, Elijah calmly answers Ahab. Now he is not screaming, but he says, "I have not troubled Israel." That is not true, "But you, and your father's house, and your sin is that you have forsaken the commandments of the Lord, and you have followed Baalim. Now therefore send, and gather to me all Israel unto Mount Carmel, and the prophets of Baal four hundred and fifty, and the prophets of the groves four hundred, which eat at Jezebel's table."

Elijah killed 850 men. Do you know that is not easy killing men? If he had a sword, it takes strength to pierce them through and push that sword in their -- I do [?not even know?] how he killed them. Did he break their necks? Did he -- 850 men? That is super human. If it took him one minute to kill each man, he was down there for hours slaughtering those men. Jesus.

So in verse 19, we see that Israel is called to Mount Carmel. The word Carmel is Strong's 3760, and it means the mountain of the garden. Mount Carmel signifies, I suggest to you, the high place of the soul. A mountain is a high place. And the garden typifies the soul. Remember from our last message that mount Zion the car- -- this is wrong, that mount Zion, the Christ mind, is the high place of God's spirit, so Mount Carmel is the mind of the soul that is the carnal mind.

Elijah challenged the -- Israel and the prophets of Baal in the spiritual realm of the soul, which is where their idolatry [?cur-?] -- occurred. He fit challenged them in the spiritual realm of the soul, and then he challenged them in the natural. I am suggesting this was twofold.

Verse 21, "And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow Him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered not a word." You know, for years I read these Scriptures, and I did not know why the people were quiet. I thought maybe they could not quite figure out what was going on, but that is not what happened. They knew they were guilty.

Did you ever go to confront somebody with a real problem and you pour out your heart in honesty to them and say, look, this is how I feel? I am hurt. I am wounded. Can we resolve this? And the people or the person says not a word. They refuse to communicate with you. No communication, no resolution. No resolution, your wound remains.

Elijah approached the children of Israel, and he said, how long are you going to halt between two opinions? That Hebrew word translated halt is 6452. It merely means double-minded. How long are you going to serve two gods. Come on, get on the [?track?], man. You cannot serve God and Mammon. You are going to be serving one God more than the other. I just touched on that earlier. You cannot serve both gods. What are you going to do?

And they said not a word. Why? Because they did not want to give up the service of Baal. They like the service of Baal. It gratified their soul to serve Baal, but they were not going to tell that to Elijah. We love Baal, no. Why? Because they wanted to appear as righteous children or sons of Israel. They wanted to appear as sons of Israel while in the hidden corners of their mind served Baal. They wanted their cake, and they wanted to eat it too. In Jesus' day, they were called the Pharisees. They did one thing in public and something else in their minds and in their emotions. Two-faced we call them in our society. What you see is not what you get. Glory to God.

Then Elijah said to the people that he is the only one that was a true prophet. I am going to skip down to verse 26. And verses 21 through 25 discuss Elijah's challenge to the prophets of Baal to gather a bullock and prepare it, et cetera. Verse 26, "And they took the bullock which was given them, and they dressed it, and called on the name of Baal from morning even until noon, saying, O Baal, hear us. But there was no voice, nor any that answered. And they," speaking about the prophets of Baal, "leaped upon the altar which was made."

Now I do not know about you, but I heard this preached that these prophets of Baal were doing some wild kind of jungle dance, and that is what leaping on the altars mean. But when I looked the word up, brethren, I found out that the Hebrew word translated leaped is the same word translated halt when Elijah said to Israel, "How long will you halt between two opinions?"

And I suggest to you that what the Scripture is saying is that the prophets of Baal halted between two opinions. Their God did not answer, and they started to get nervous, man. They said, hey, are you up there? Is anybody in there? But my Bible says, in verse 27, that Elijah mocked them and said he is a god. How come he is not answering you? He must be talking, or he must be pursuing, or he must be on a journey, or perhaps he is sleeping, and must be awakened.

There was no response, and the prophets of Baal leaped. No, they did not leap. They limped. The actual translation of the word is limped. They became double-minded. They began to doubt their god. And I suggest to you that they started to wonder if Jehovah was not really the one true God.

Skipping down to verse 29, "And it came to pass, when midday was past, and they prophesied until the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, that there was neither voice, nor any to answer, nor any that regarded." This Hebrew word translated prophesy, it can be translated to praise God. And I want to suggest to you that after the prophets of Baal -- after they cut themselves and ju- -- and did everything that they were doing and cried out to Baal, first they faltered, and they were not sure that their god was the true god. And the next step was that they praised the Lord God Jehovah. They prophesied the Spirit of Je- -- they praised Jehovah, and they did this until the offering of the sacrifice.

Now, first of all, let me point out to you that the Scripture says, "And it came to pass, when midday was past." There is a spiritual significance there in that when the sun -- well, midday means it is noon, and the sun is right ov- -- above, right overhead. The significance of that is Jehovah exalted at its highest -- at His highest point, His most powerful point. It is the time of day where the most warmth and the most light is shed upon the earth.

And I suggest to you that this phrase means that when the Lord Jesus Christ had fully manifested, when the Spirit of Christ or Jehovah, the Lord of Hosts, had fully manifested, when it was past that point of the full manifestation of God, the result of it was that the prophets of Baal praised the Lord God Jehovah until the offering of the evening sacrifice. The offering means to offer a sacrifice, but the word sacrifice is Strong's 4503, and it means to offer up a sacrifice. This expression appears again in verse 36.  In other words, chapter 18 speaks about the offering of the sacrifice twice.

Verse 36 says, "And it came to pass at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice," and I would like to suggest to you that there were two sacrifices, that before the bullocks were sacrificed the carnal minds of the prophets of Baal were sacrificed. Look at the progression. They doubted their God. They sang praises to Jehovah, and in the singing of praises to Jehovah, a connection or an altar with the Spirit of Christ was formed, and the Christ mind began to be formed, and Christ sacrificed the carnal minds of the prophets of Baal up to Jehovah. Can you hear it?

Now listen to me, brethren, 850 prophets pro- -- 850 prophets. Do you think that the sons of Israel got 850 able-bodied men down to the brook and held them there until it was their turn to be killed without a war? But there is no account of any kind of disturbance whatsoever. The Scripture says Elijah said, take them, and the sons of Israel took them.

And I want to suggest to you that not only was Elijah's mind control powerful enough to bring forth Christ in the sons of God, but Elijah's godly mind control was powerful enough to seize the minds of the prophets of Baal to form an imputed Christ there to bring them to repentance and that these prophets submitted themselves to the sword with no trouble whatsoever. Now you do not have to believe it if you do not want to, but you show me otherwise in the Scripture, whoever is hearing this message. I am telling you. You want to c- -- if it was occult, they would call it hypnosis.

Brethren, did you ever see a science fiction movie where the alien comes down in his spaceship and you hear this high-pitched whistle and all the people line up in a condition of hypnotic trance and start walking towards the death trap where the aliens are going to slaughter them or use them for slaves? Did you ever hear of Pied -- the Pied Piper?

Brethren, it is in the Scripture. It is in the book of Matthew somewhere. Jesus is talking, and He says that you called them to dance, but they would not dance. That means, in that particular concept -- context of that Scripture, Jesus was saying you used your mind control, but those who were in Christ did not do what you told them. Brethren, there is mind control in Christ. You can call it anything that you want. It is illegal if the occult is doing it. It is illegal if your carnal mind is doing it. It is not illegal if Christ is doing it.

Do not tell me Christ is a gentleman. He is no gentleman. He is the captain of the host, and when that mind control manifests out of His mind, this whole world is coming to the Lord, everyone that is called. You watch it. He lined those prophets up, and they marched down to that brook like little lambs being prodded by the sons of God who were leading them. Do not you strive with anybody over doctrine. Do not you strive with anybody over salvation. Do not you do it because it is witchcraft, and if it is not Christ in you reaching out and apprehending them, you hold your peace.

If you want any part of this end-time move, if you want any part of it at all, you better not be forcing people right now. You better not be forcing this doctrine on them. You better not be forcing your morals on them. You better not be forcing you dress code on them. You better not be forcing what you believe on them. If they do not want to hear it, shut your mouth. If you have any hope of seeing this glory manifest through you, shut your mouth.

If God has given you disciples now, then teach, but if you are drawing disciples after yourself, repent, and put it away. And turn yourself towards the study of the word and the development of this sp- -- the nature of Christ in you, that you might be a part of this glory which is coming soon. You have to be ready. You have to have what it takes. He is not picking up people off the street and giving them this power. It has to be built in you. Jesus.

So we see in verse 29 that Elijah and the Christ that he brought forth in the minds of the prophets of Baal offered up the carnal minds of the prophets of Baal to Jehovah. In verse 30 -- now this is interesting because I never even noticed this when I was preparing this message, that Elijah brings the prophets of Baal into submission before he brings the sons of Israel into p- -- into submission, unless it is reversed. I did not do this word-by-word. The prophets of Baal came into submission in verse 29, and the sons of God came into submission in verse 30. Now that can mean that the prophets of Baal had their own mind control on the sons of God, so the first thing the Lord Jesus Christ did was break the power, break the occult power.

Then he converted the minds of the prophets, and then he converted the minds of the sons of Israel, and then he built an altar to the Lord in verse 31. And we pretty much know the account here. In verse 37 Elijah announces that he has turned the heart of Israel back to Jehovah again. In verse 36, he announces that he has done all these things at the word of the Lord, and he asks for a spiritual sign from God to prove to these people that he did not do this as a carnal man but that he did it by the Spirit of Christ that was within him.

And then, of course, we see in verse 38 that the Lord answered by fire, and the fire fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice. And in verse 40 -- or verse 39, the sons of God acknowledge that Jehovah is God. They are not silent anymore. Now they are standing on God's side. And in verse 40, Elijah says to the sons of God, "Take the prophets of Baal; let not one of them escape. And they took them: and Elijah brought them down to the brook Kishon, and slew them there." In one verse Elijah killed 850 people without a shot, without a yell, without a tumble. I am telling you they presented themselves for the slaughter. You do not have to agree with me if you do not want to. Did you ever even think about that, how he did it, 850 people?


He must have been exhausted from sticking that sword in them. Of course, it is possible that the sons of God killed some of them also, but I do not see any sign that there was any kind of warfare at all. Glory to God. Any questions on this message?



Is it on? Tap it. Put that on pause, please, Celie [SP].

            Earlier you were talking about --

Is that on, Celie [SP]?


            You were talking about divorce and things like that and how people are married by sexual intercourse and everything. The Lord just made me think, you know, m- -- at the time when you said it, think of this. I am guilty of being a fornicator or whatever, so that means I was married to everybody I slept with. So how do I get free from that? Because who am I really married to now?

You are married to the Lord Jesus Christ. What you do is you confess it, which you have just done, and you repent, which apparently you have just done, and I will pray for you, if you like. All of us will lay hands on you and break the curses and pray that God heals you and you live your life for God, which you are doing. So you are pretty much doing everything that needs to be done. We will just lend our strength to you, hoping that it will produce some good things in your life.


            Sometimes I think that, due to that, that is why I am even more dou- -- I mean, most people -- everybody is double-minded to begin with, but I honestly feel that a part of you is still attached to those people, whether you still -- whether you are not [?fornificate?] -- fornicating with them or not.

Yeah. You have to break the soul ties.

            And you know what I am saying? It seems like a really ugly thing.

Yeah. So it is a form of spiritual polygamy, so we will just ask the Lord to break those soul ties and to separate your soul from all of those men because that is out of the power of God, you know. You could be separate -- you could be, you know, joined to them for years, and depending on their attitude towards you, you may never get free. If they, in their mind, have not let you go, if someone is lusting for you, someone is mad that you married that man that you married, and, you know, some men, they can spend 30 years saying I am going to get that woman. She will get divorced someday, and I will marry her. People do things like that, you know, so depending on whether or not you have someone like that in your life -- well, let me put it to you this way. If you have a situation like that where the other person does not want the soul tie dissolved, you have got to -- it is going to take much longer to dissolve it. If both people want it dissolved, it will go faster, so we will pray for you in a few minutes, OK.

Anybody else, any questions? Oh, Rita, this was not working, and I wanted that anointed song and all that.


            [INAUDIBLE] [?tapped before?].

Oh, it did tap before?


Oh, yeah? OK.


OK. Anybody else? Any other questions or comments on this meeting?




            You were talking about tears before. Are you saying tears are not of God in people? What are they of, and why do we have them?

Did I say -- what did I say about tears? I said I do not cry much. Is that what you meant?


What did I say about tears? OK. Tracy cannot find her note about what I said about tears, so I will just make some brief comments about what I think of tears. Tears are something -- are a part of the experience of fallen. They are should that human beings do. Human beings are all fallen, and tears can be good. There is a sorrow unto repentance, we are told, in the Scripture. We are told that Jesus wept out of compassion for the condition of the people. So the -- tears usually are a physical expression of unseen emotion, and they can be a good thing.

However, tears can also be manipulative, and an excess of them can lead one to self-condemnation and depression, OK. They -- like most things in our life, in our society, in moderation they are good.

            Too much of one thing [CROSSTALK]

Too much of one thing is no good, and, of course, there was a time when I cried almost every day, but the Lord had laid hold of this function in me, and I knew that it was godly, and I just cried and cried. I got a lot of healing through the crying, OK. So I do not know what I could have said that made you say that. I am not against crying.

What I did say, that I recall, was that I do not cry very much anymore, and I am in no way imp- -- am implying that other should not cry. What that means to me, that I do not cry very much anymore, is that my mind and my emotions are becoming male because, in Christ, there is no male or female. And the Lord has me in a male role. I am in an authority role here. And more and more, I see my reactions to problems becoming male. Now that has nothing to do with my body. It does not mean I am a lesbian or a homosexual or anything like that. But I am -- it is -- my spirit -- my state of mind is becoming more and more male.


Yeah, it is a strength. But even more than that, I found out recently that there is a hormone that suppresses -- what is it, the left side of the brain is suppressed or something like that? And therefore, their emotional reactions are different from women's whose emotional response involves both sides of the brain. And it just occurred to me that for God to give a woman a man's mind, there must be some form of spiritual hormone operating that is making me react, in many instances, like a male.

And, of course, we see this throughout the society. You do not have to be in Christ. When you see a woman functioning as an attorney, for example, or a police officer and she is making decisions as a man would, well, however it happened to her, she is functioning as a male in that situation, in that condition. And because God has given me authority, He is bringing me to a place where my reactions are very male, and men just do not cry as much as women do.

So I do not see that -- the fact that I do not cry that much is not a good thing, nor is it a bad thing. I just see it as a sign that I am becoming male. And we did have someone here that took my saying that to mean that I was critical of people who cry, and I am not critical of people who cry, you know. If you need to cry, you cry. I cried a river. You remember that song? "I Cried a River." I cried a river when I first came to the Lord. I cried every day of my life. I cried for hours, so -- but if it is a form of deliverance, well, then you cry. Just make sure it is not -- you are not manipulating people with your tears or doing anything ungodly with it, but I am not in any way against crying. OK? OK. Anybody else? Going, OK. Celie [SP] [?got me?] on the first going.

            All I can say, this message was really an eye-opener of things that I had not known that was in that. It really was a blessing.

Thank you.

            And I am going to enjoy it more when I play it over and over again.

Yeah, it really blessed me too. It was exciting.

            You know, when you were talking about the authority over you and the curses and so forth and how to deal with it, a lot of times when you have been praying and somebody has come against you, and I have noticed that you have -- used the Scripture in Matthew where it says bless those that curse you. You know, and I just wanted to comment that it is against our nature to do all those things, you know, bless those that curse you and pray for those who persecute you, but if we keep that in mind, I think it is a help.

            For some reason I was especially intrigued about the authority of parents and husbands [?to bust?] their wives and their children. I have known about it, but somehow I got a deeper understanding of it. I just want to give you a real far-out example and [?ask me?] if I am right in this. Say, for instance, a son would rise up and kill his mother. Does that father have the authority to bless him, the spiritual curses coming down the line?

Not so much bless him as to forgive that sin and break the curses from going onto the family line, yes, definitely. Well --


-- I do not know about a son now. The Scripture says if your wife or your daughter, if someone who is female does something silly, the father or the husband has the right to break that vow. There is no provision for a father breaking the son's vow, you see. If you are male -- I really do not know.

            [CROSSTALK] [?young son?].

Well, I was just thinking that. I would guess, from my understanding of the Scripture, a male under the age of 13 would come under that, but in the Hebrew religion, you are a man at 13-years-old. I know that sounds hard, but that is what the Scripture says. If you are a wife or a daughter, your father or your husband can get you out of some mistake that you made, but there is no provision for the man to be released from it. A man has to live with the consequences of his behavior.

Now there is an interesting significance in that. If you are a man and you do make the mistake, let us say you are a young man. You are 16, and let us say that that is correct, that after 13 years, you are responsible. When you make the mistake, you learn from your experience. Your father cannot go running to get you out, but you will learn from your experience. The woman whose husband or father goes to get her out of trouble will never learn from her experience because she will not experience the consequences of that act.

Now apply that spiritually. The imputed anointing, which is given without repentance, OK, does not produce full spiritual manhood, OK. The imputed anointing, the gifts and the calling of God which are given without repentance, in which the people that live under that covenant, they are female, and if they make a mistake, God just gets them out of it. If you are sick, the Holy Ghost heals you. If you have a demon, the Holy Ghost delivers you. You know, if you sign a contract and you cry out to God, oh, you know, the Lord goes and gets you -- He will open doors and work all kinds of miracles for you.

And that is how that false doctrine of the king's kids got started, that the Holy Ghost does for you, does for you, does for you like you are a child or -- and not in this society, but in other societies, like you are a woman. This society is not an example because the women are emancipated, but the Scripture is based on societies where women were as dependent on the men as children.

But as we move into the imparted anointing, as we are called to be sons, OK, God is letting things happen to you. OK, now this -- I have been teaching this here for a while. It is really important. Those of us that used to hear God -- from God, God would tell us what to do. We would pray, God, open doors and close doors, and we would just have to look around and go through the door that was open. Many of us are finding that God is not speaking to us like that anymore, that He is giving us signs and wanting us to make the decision based on righteousness.

And when we make the wrong decision, He is letting us make the wrong decision and experience the consequences of it. Why? Because when you are called to the imparted anointing, when you are called to be a son, you have to grow up to be a man, so the Lord is letting you experience the consequences of your own errors so that you should learn. But when you have the imputed anointing, you are treated like a woman or a child, and God just gets you out of trouble. It is not that important that you learn your lesson because you are just a woman. Can you hear that? Praise the Lord. Anybody else?

And what does this mean that you are just a woman? It means if you are just a woman, you are supposed to -- based on our type of society that this -- that these spiritual principles are expressing, based on that, OK, if you are just a woman, what that means to be just a woman is that you have a man taking full responsibility for you. You do not have to know that. You do not have to know how to work your way out of that problem. You do not have to experience the result of your error because your husband is going to take care of the whole thing, and that is the way marriage used to be. It is not that way anymore, but that is the way it was.

And in societies were women are that protected, frequently, they are very childlike because the man is very strong and macho, and the woman is very childlike. And we see in our society today those laws breaking because women do not want to live like that anymore. But unfortunately the strengthening of women is the weakening of the man, so the only answer is Christ.  Anyone else?

Let me put this on this message. God wants strong families. He wants women in submission to their husbands. He wants children in submission to their parents. He wants young parents in submission to -- in so far as it is godly, to the elders, to the [?horhed?] in the extended family. He wants everyone in their right role. He wants the men very strong and dominant. And he wants the women not necessarily weak but very much in submission to that male dominance.

Now if you are a woman and you reject that, then do not get married. Go get yourself a career. Get into the ministry. Be a doctor. Be a lawyer, anything you want to be, but do not get married. If you are not going to submit to your husband, do not get married. Do not get married and then become the man and tear down the family because God will never bless that. He will never, ever, ever bless that.

If He is in agreement, He will bless a woman not getting married and going out and having an aggressive career, but He will never bless it in a marriage when you are making your husband the woman so that you could be the man. He will never bless it. So I hope I made that clear. I keep saying if these women libbers every get a hold of these messages, they are going to string me up, but I am telling you the truth.

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