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OK. So, when this discernment or this recognition of the operation of spirits start -- when we -- OK, let me say it this way. When we who are down here in hell start to experience the operation of wicked spirits, we do not recognize it with our mind.  We rec- -- the recognition is in our emotions, you see. That is because we are in hell. If we were in heaven, like Jesus Christ was in the days of His flesh -- and I -- I am -- I go in and out. I would say 95 percent of my recognition of the operation of sin is in my emotions, but I have experienced it, the recognition of sin, through the mind of Christ, and I tell you, it is painless. It is painless. It is a knowledge. It is a form of knowledge, OK, but those of us down here in hell, most of the time, and some of us, all of the time, recognize the operation of sin in our emotions, and it comes like storms, spiritual storms, wind storms, hail storms. It comes as destruction, OK. It is as if to say you recognize pain because somebody stabbed you.

Do you know that people -- some people have a disease where they do not feel pain? And they could die from it. OK, you do not go to a doctor. Maybe, if someone stabbed you and you are bleeding and you do not go to a doctor, you could die from it. This is our spiritual condition. Those of us who are not recognizing the operation of sin are dead because of it. OK? We do not recognize the operation of sin in others or in ourselves. OK, did Paul not say that you are sick and you are dying because you cannot discern the -- anybody?

            The body.

The body of Christ. OK, why? Because in the body of Christ is life, but we are down here. We are stabbed, we are pierced through with many arrows, we have received a mortal wound, and we do not even know we are dead. How will we ever get out of here? You see, so -- but because we are in hell, when our mind opens to the awareness of sin, it opens in our emotions, which can be painful and can be dangerously destructive, if we do not know how to deal with it. Why? Because if someone else is raging, and we are now open to this rage, it comes in like a storm. We perceive it as our own rage, and we yield to the spirit, and we go out and rage, and now we are guilty of the same sin. It is called spiritual rape, you see, but when we agree with it, we become just as guilty as whose-ever mind was touching us.

Therefore, we must learn to recognize it and to stand against it and say, I see you, rage, but you are not going to make me rage, and you are not going to make me sin against somebody else. OK? And, of course, before we could do that, before we can recognize that it is someone else’s rage, if we have any potential to rage, we must first deal with our own rage or whatever our sin is. Potential to rage, potential to commit adultery, potential to drink, whatever the expression of sin is in your life that has too much authority over you or should not have any authority over you at all when it comes to drinking and adultery and -- there was a righteous anger, OK, but most of us do not have that. Most of us sin when we are angry.

We are not going -- we will never be able to stop it coming from someone else’s mind, if we have not first taken authority over it in ourselves. Why? Because when it comes from someone else’s mind, it links up with our potential to sin, and we receive a double portion of an influence to sin. So, if we have not taken the victory over the single portion, our own self, that sin in us, how will we ever stand when someone else’s mind is pulsating with that desire to sin, and it touches us and strengthens our potential? We will never stand.

That is why, as we enter into the spiritual walk, the first step is to rec- -- is, well, to recognize and deal with sin in ourself. OK, the Lord is not going to open us to this, if we are going to get killed by it, although the -- I guess I was open to it, and I was getting killed by it. I take that back. That is not even true. A lot of it is inherited spirituality, OK. But, well, I will not even say that. I know there are several people in this group, in this ministry -- not here, we have people all over -- who were or have inherited spirituality, and we have been beaten to a pulp over the years as -- but as the Lord teaches us to deal with it, we are getting better.

Those of you who are just being opened now at this time, you have an opportunity to prepare for it. So, who cares, you know, which way is preferable? If what you have inherited is a nature which is not open spiritually, and the Lord has to open you to it to be His son, well, then, look at the positive side of it, like I told you. You have the opportunity to prepare. Always look at the positive side to it, because everything that you have is given, and it would not do you any good at all to feel bad that you do not have what someone else has. Optimize what you have received.

Optimize what you have received, and if there is something that you see in someone else that they have that is a godly thing that you want, you can ask for it. Jesus -- that is what the Scripture says. Ask, but do not make an issue out of it. Work on developing what you have, and be content with what you have, and trust Jesus, Who give -- grants wisdom to all liberally. He is fair. He is fair. He is fair. We do not all start with the same raw material, you see. He is pouring out what He is pouring out, and He is no respecter of persons. We, down here in hell, are not equal potentially. Our potential is not equal. He is fair and is pouring out equally upon everybody.

So, if there is any anger or resentment, it must be towards what we were born with. And what controls what we were born with? Curses and blessings. And who brings curses on our life, or what brings curses on our life? Sin. So, it is not God’s fault, you see. It is not Jesus’ fault if we are lacking anything. It is our fault, but He is the great equalizer. So we should not even be thinking along those lines. Develop what you have, and be fai- -- labor faithfully in the ministry He has given you, and you will receive good things in this life, and if we are chosen, we will stand up in full stature. But we should be living life where we can honestly say, whether we stand up in full stature or not, we have served Him to the fullest potential of our ability and creativity in this life, and that is good enough for me.

And that is what I am saying there. I would just love to stand up in full stature, but if I do not, I am just so thrilled with what He has given me. And, gee, the Lord told me to bring my Alternate Old Testament in here, and I did not do it. Could you put that on hold, please?

Because the Lord brought this Scripture to my attention this morning. It is the Alternate Translation of Ecclesiastes 12:1-2, which say, “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, so that the evil days of the Leviathan-dominated ages -- so when the evil days of the Leviathan-dominated ages are judged -- that we are under judgment now -- you shall be able to say, I will not be happy until the sun, the light of the moon and the stars of the serpent’s world are darkened by Christ Jesus and the carnal minds of this visible, physical world are converted into the -- into Christ Jesus by Elohim’s sons.”

So, what this is saying, brethren, is that true happiness is only in the fulfillment of the promises of Jesus Christ. Now, if you do not have true happiness, because this is not happening, you will be happy with the things of this world. But in the hour that the promises of Jesus Christ are available to you, you should be able to settle for nothing left than whatever measure of His life He will put in your life, because that -- everything else is going to be tried and found of this world and is going to pass away on some level. He is your only insurance. He is your only foundation.

OK, so that was just a little exhortation. We are going to have -- well, we are going to have a general meeting. I will have questions and answers. I do have a couple of little tidbits I want to share with you, and I feel that I need to spend a little more time with you on the revelation -- the last couple of revelations that were coming cro- -- across. You seemed to be getting them, but you were really struggling with them. So I am going to take this opportunity to just be available to you and to whatever the Lord wants me to talk about, as I finish the revisions on the Alternate Old Testament.

I am almost finished. If the Lord lets me, I will have it for you tomorrow, for the printer tomorrow. If not, it will be another couple of days, but the -- this Alternate Old Testament is really shaping up, becoming more accurate, more understandable, and it is by no means finished. It is just this -- I have incorporated this whole revelation of Cain and Abel into it, and I did want to tell you that I have, you see, that I have made some -- another change in terminology. This terminology is very important. I have given the second Adam his own name.

Now, let me explain this. I have already told you in the past that I am trying not to use any New Testament name in the Old Testament. I am trying to stick to Old Testament terms, and we found out that the name for the second Adam is -- does anybody remember what His name is, in the Old Testament, the second Adam?


Yes, the Ancient of Days. And what is the overriding characteristic of the Ancient of Days? Does anybody remember?

            To bring judgment on the people.

Well, actually, the first Adam is bringing judgment, and that was not what I was looking for. I was not looking for His function. I was looking for His characteristic of Him. What is it about the second Adam that is different from the first Adam? Let me put it that way. What does the second Adam do that the -- or what condition is the second Adam in that the first one is not in?

            I would say, glorification.

And what -- to someone -- to Mickey Mouse, walking down the street, what does glorification mean? What has happened to His body, His physical body?

            It is risen from the dead.

Well, is it in the same form that it was in, His --

            Well, no. No, it is a different form.

Well, His body did not rise from the dead. His personality rose from -- OK, I do not want to get into that right now. OK, He has no physical body. The second Adam has been emancipated from this prison house of this physical body. Jesus, after the resurrection, could take any form. He appeared as a ball of light. He appeared as Jesus of Nazareth. He appeared as a human stranger. Jesus -- the Second -- Jesus, the glorified Jesus, Who is the second Adam, is now in a condition whereby Jacob’s ladder has been made real to Him. He can travel between the invisible spirit world, where Jehovah lives, and this fallen, dead, mortal world, which is hell and death. And as the priests of Zadok are instructed, when He comes down into death, into death and hell, He has to change His garments. He has to put on a garment that will be recognizable to other mortal men down here in hell. If He appears to us as a ball of light, we will be frightened. But aside from being frightened, we may not listen to Him. We will not do what He tells us. We will be so upset or, you know, that He will not be able to communicate with us.

Now I am not talking about sophisticated spiritual believers. I am talking about the man in the street. How do you think your own relatives would feel if a ball of light appeared to them and started talking to them? They would be upset, would they not? How would your husband like that one, Mary? OK, so --


Well, yeah, but Paul was a believer. He was supposed to be a spiritual man, anyway. Can I have a little more gain on that, please, just a hair? Thank you. Paul -- a jot more? Just a jot more.


Thank you. OK, we will try that. Paul was a man who knew the Scriptures. He knew that God was a spirit. He knew that Elohim was a spirit, OK, but you take the average man walking down the street. If a voice appears to him out of nowhere or out of a shining light, he will run down the street screaming, even if that voice said, “Come unto Me.” I want to give you -- I am going to lay hands on you. I am going to zap you, and you will never die again. How many people do you think would stand still for the zap? Not probably zero out of 1,000 would stand still for the zap. OK?

So it is necessary when the priests of Zadok, which is the Old Testament name -- oh, my goodness. I just got another correction. Oh, God, I have to make another change in that Old Testament. OK, the sons of God in the Old Testament, OK, the priests, OK, the priests of the -- the sons of Zadok are the Old Testament type of the priests of the body of Christ -- of the sons of Elohim, not the body of Christ, but the sons of Elohim, the priests that will be going back and forth between the invisible spirit world and this visible mortal world. Now they are not -- they do not take this body into the invisible spirit world with them. Yeah, but when they come down into this mortal world, they must take on the garment of this world, if they want to communicate with mortal men.

OK, so the radical difference, the significant, the overriding, the major difference between the first Adam and the last Adam is that the first Adam is confined to the flesh of Jesus of Nazareth. And when Adam rises from the dead in us, he will be confined to our mortal flesh. Can you change form? I cannot change form. I know some witches change form, and I do not know if it is -- I guess everything is going on in this country, but it is not in the open in this country. In places like Africa and other nations where witchcraft is very high, I am told in Trinidad -- someone told me who came from Trinidad that the witch doctors there take the forms of animals. They -- their spiritual authority is powerful enough to change the dress that they are wearing, to change the garment that they are wearing.

Now I cannot do that, OK, and at this point, it is my understand- -- and, of course, all of this witchcraft is illegal. This is il- -- the illegal exercise of spiritual power. And, at this point, it is my understanding that those of us in whom Adam has risen from the dead do not have that authority. What authority? To change the form of their flesh, because those of us in whom Adam has risen from the dead, the first Adam, and this was true of Jesus of Nazareth, I do not see any account of Him changing the form of His flesh. I do not believe He had the authority to do it, and I do not believe we will have the authority, the legal authority of Jehovah, to do it. I do not believe we will have it when Adam rises from the dead in us, and when Adam rises from the dead in us, what word will describe our condition? We will be in --

            Full stature.

-- full stature, when Adam rises from the dead in us. It was not until Jesus of Nazareth, in Whom Adam had risen from the dead, Jesus of Nazareth was an expression of the first Adam. This whole of humanity is a herd of animals. I am sorry. Do not hang up the message; it is the truth. Do not shut off the message. This whole of humanity is a herd of animals, in which the spiritual life of Adam, Elohim’s mind, is supposed to be appearing. Only there is a problem here. It is not Elohim’s mind, Adam, that is appearing here. Whose mind is appearing here?


Leviathan, and he is whose mind?

            Cain’s mind.

Cain, or the serpent. Well, Cain is not -- more accurately, the serpent, OK, and we will go over that too. OK, it is the serpent’s mind. If I forget, remind me. I want -- the difference between Cain and the serpent. We will go over that.

It is the serpent’s mind that is appearing where Adam, the first Adam, is supposed to be appearing. But as soon as all things are set straight, this is what we shall be, a herd of animals in which the first Adam, Elohim’s mind, is appearing and ruling or riding the animals. We are in rigid garments, rigid exterior forms. What does that mean? We cannot change. I cannot change my appearance. But when Jesus of Nazareth, Who was Christ, ascended into His -- or matured unto the second Adam, Who was a life-giving spirit -- when the first Adam, who was in flesh, wrapped in flesh, matured into full spiritual manhood, he did not need a human body anymore. He could exist without a human body. This is the characteristic of the second Adam that radically separates Him from the first Adam. What is the characteristic that radically separates a married woman from a maiden? What event occurs that causes a maiden to become a married woman? What is the event?


Marriage, and the marriage is not consummated unless there is an act of penetration. So it is really not even marriage. It is the act of penetration, which according to God’s law, should take place within a marriage, OK, but sometimes it does not take place within a marriage. That which is the bridge between maidenhood and womanhood is penetration by man. OK, that event which characterizes Adam’s tran- -- translation or His ascension or His maturing from the first Adam into the second Adam is this transition out of a physical body. In this day, everyone who leaves their physical body, what happens to them?

            They die.

They die. Their personality dies. The spirit in us does not die, but our personality dies, and of course, the body dies. Now Jesus’ body did not die. OK. We are not really sure what happened to it, but for whatever reason, I do not feel like going into that right now. You could -- if someone wants to, you could write that down too. Maybe we will take that in a -- at -- further on in this message.

OK, Jesus of Nazareth, Who was Christ, the life that was in Him was Adam. Jesus of Nazareth, Who was Christ, He was only one animal in the herd that Adam was riding. And if you are offended by me saying this about Jesus of Nazareth, you may want to ask the Lord if you do not have idolatry for this physical body, because Jesus -- because the Christ was not Jesus the man. The Christ that made Jesus of Nazareth the Son of God was the resurrected Adam that was dwelling within Jesus of Nazareth and riding Him so completely that the sin nature that He was born with was paralyzed. Therefore, the whole man, including the fallen body, Jesus of Nazareth, was Christ, because He was completely under the control of the resurrected Adam, Whose New Testament name is Christ Jesus. But what it showed me, there is an idolatry for this flesh in the world. I have seen it in this country, and I have seen it in Nigeria. And if you are idolizing this flesh, it -- what it means to you is that the serpent has a good grip on your mind in that area, and I pray for everybody hearing this word, whether you are here or you are listening to this message, that I just rebuke that idolatry. I rebuke that power of the serpent in your life. I curse any idolatry for this flesh.

You must be willing to leave your house at any time. You are whoever Christ Jesus is in you. That is who you are. That is your immortality. Christ Jesus in you is your immortality. Every other part of you, this body and any and every attachment to this world, is temporal. It is not bad. You should not reject it because it is evil. I am not telling you that. What I am telling you is that it is temporal, and if you believe that you are seeing your flesh again and all of your relationships again in heaven, you are mistaken. It is a lie, and that is Egyptian religion. Your immortality is the -- is Christ Jesus in you, in the Old Testament called Adam, to whatever degree He is matured. And when He matures, and now I am talking about the first Adam now -- OK, when you are still in your flesh, but Adam rises from the dead, your relationships with your human family will be minimized.

OK, now I am not telling -- I am preaching this for a long time. I am not telling you to leave your family, but I am warning you that in the hour that Christ Jesus rises from the dead in you, you will be serving Him, and He is doing Jehovah’s work towards the body of Christ. You will find yourself 24 hours a day, except for what -- if you need to sleep -- I do not know if we will need to sleep -- in the work of the ministry as directed by Jehovah, and your natural family will fall to the background, just like the man who was drafted into the army. You will leave your family.

Cult, cult! No, it is not a cult. I am not telling you to leave your family now. I am telling you, when Christ rises from the dead in you, you are going to be a drafted man, and you are going into the armies of Elohim, Who is commanding -- or Whose authority is Jehovah, and you will be serving Him, and it will be just as much of a reality to you as the loss of their husband and father is to every family whose husband or, in this case, wife is over in Bosnia. And you will write to them once in a while, and you will see them once in a while, but they will not be a part of your immediate life. You do not like that? I am sorry. I am preaching you the truth of the Scripture.

Do not be silly and worry about it. If you are worrying about it, rebuke it. Rebuke it. First of all, right now, it is not happening to you. I live for the day. I have told most of you here, my life is great right now. I do not know how long I am going to have it, but I intend to enjoy everything Jesus has given me, every day that He lets me have it, and if I lose it tomorrow, I lose it tomorrow. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. And the only thing that is important to me is that I am serving Him according to His design for my life, because I know I cannot go wrong if I am following the path He has laid out for me, and I am serving Him as He wants me to serve Him. Many Christians serve Jesus the way they want to serve Him, and they will -- there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth when they find out that He is not with them.

My only prayer is that I have the ability to recognize what He requires of me and to do it, and the only way you are going to have that ability, as I demonstrated to you off the message, is to continuously be repenting and willing to make changes as He -- into whatever direction He blows you, because you are wind. That is the only way you will ever know whether or not you are really doing what He wants you to do. So if you humble yourself, confess and repent any sin that you can see and submit yourself to Him, and He will -- if you are in the wrong direction, He will straighten you out.

So, if you are worrying about this separation from your family now, you should rebuke it. You must rebuke it, because if you are worrying about it, it is the sin of pride. And I tell you that in the hour that He drafts you into Elohim’s army, you will not be feeling sad, because the re- -- the resurrected Adam will be your whole nature, and he will not be sad. He will be glorying in his service of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you must believe -- you must believe that if the Lord drafts you, and at the moment Adam rises from the dead in you, that is your call, OK, that any person -- any dependent person that you are responsible for, provision will be made for them. Either He will not draft you, or if He does decide to take you, provision will be made for them. You must believe that, because He is a righteous God.

So enjoy today, and enjoy every day that you are in, and resist and rebuke any manifestation of pride that would resist the truth of this word.

I remember, the first time the Lord told me I was going overseas, I did not want to go for a series of reasons. And every day, I was saying, Lord, I do not want to go. He told me about six months before I went, until He came to me one day. He said, you had better stop that. I said, stop what, Lord? He says, you had better stop saying you do not want to go. You are opposing My will in your life. Stand neutral. You cannot see it now. You do not want to go for this reason. You do not want to go for that reason. Stand neutral, and wait and see what I do. And when He made the way, when His plans became apparent to me, I rose up and I went, because they satisfied my fears. He made a way where there was no way, because He wanted me to go. And I went. Jesus.

Well, I mean, I, sort of, went off the path a little bit here. OK, my -- the point that I was trying to make to you is that there is a radical difference between the first Adam and the last Adam. There is as radical a difference, really, as there is between a newborn child and a -- and an adult man. They do not even look the same. OK, they are radically different. Therefore, I have the -- as of the last message, I was telling you, well, we are going to start calling the last Adam the Ancient of Days. But as I started to incorporate that name into the Old Testament, because there was really -- the only way I could distinguish between the first and last Adam in the Old Testament was to say first and last Adam, and it just did not seem strong enough to me. I thought a lot of people would not even be understanding the difference.

So I started to incorporate the name Ancient of Days, and it just did not sit right with me. I said, what kind of a name is that, Ancient of Days? So I looked up the -- I looked it up in the concordance. It only appears three times. On the last message, I told you it appears once, because it, this expression, the Ancient of Days, it only appears in Daniel 7. I forget the verse number, but it appears three times in that one or two verses. I looked up the Hebrew words, and I found a completely different translation. The Ancient of Days, it is a legitimate translation of those words, but what does it mean, you know? Even if it said, well, the Ancient One who is appearing in modern times, it would have made more sense to me. But the Ancient One of Days, does that make any sense to you at all?

When I investigated, I found out that the Hebrew word translated -- well, to be honest with you, I did not write it down, what each of the two words meant. But when I looked at the two words, ancient and days, and I looked at the alternate translations, I found out that it could mean emancipated slave, emancipated slave. Who is the emancipated slave? OK.


Jesus. It is the glorified Jesus. He -- what was He emancipated from? Yeah, just --


Yes, but I just talked about it for half an hour. What was He emancipated from? The restriction of this --


-- body. OK, this body is in the image of the serpent, and it is a torture chamber. OK, if you are the healthiest person in the world, at the very least, it binds you to the earth. You cannot be -- if you want to travel, you have to either walk or ride a bicycle or take a car or fly a plane. We are bound to the earth, and we are not supposed to be bound to the earth. We are supposed to be able to think China and be in China. All of the people that are associated with this ministry who do not live on Long Island are supposed to wake up at whatever hour this would be in their country and think this meeting and be sitting here in this meeting, instant transportation from the other side of the world.

If we were emancipated, that is what we would be able to do. Now, whether or not we could be able to do it when Adam rises from the dead in us, I think we probably can because Stephen traveled in the spirit, and of course, Peter did when he was in jail. He came out of jail by the spirit. Exactly what we will be doing when Adam rises from the dead in us, I am not sure, but I think that is a real possibility, that we will be able to travel in the spirit like that. But I would imagine that full emancipation and complete deliverance from this body will -- there will be no restrictions on us whatsoever when we become the last Adam.

And when -- and there is only one last Adam, OK? Now the first Adam has a many-membered body, all of which we are a part, but the last Adam is only one glorified man. So, when we are emancipated from these bodies, we are going to be one spirit. And I will put this on this message to you, because sometimes people get real upset when they hear this. They think it is the loss of their individuality. It is not the loss of their individuality. I do not understand what we will be like, but I believe in the Word of God, and my understanding of the Word of God is that this one spiritual man shall be likened unto a crystal, a crystal which has many planes on it. We will have more opportunity to express our creativity and individuality in holiness than we have now. I just cannot explain to you how it is going to be done, but I believe it, and I believe, in due season, we will be given understanding about it. Right now, all the understanding that we are being given has to do with full stature, because that is the next step that is coming up.

OK, so my whole point to you is, I am giving the last Adam the name the Emancipated Slave. He has been emancipated from this body, He has been emancipated from hell, and He has been emancipated from death. He is totally without restriction. He no longer has a head. When Jesus of Nazareth, Who was Christ, was in this world, up until the moment of the death of His mortal -- oh, the death of His mortality, OK, because Jesus’ spirit did not die -- Adam in Jesus, Who was raised from the dead, did not die. It was Jesus’ mortality that died, His personality and His body. His mortality died.

Up until the very last moment that the breath of life was in Jesus’ mortality, He was in submission to Jehovah. He did nothing of His own, nothing whatsoever of His own. Jesus of Nazareth, Who was Christ, had an authority over Him. He had a head. In this hour, even since He matured into the last Adam, whom we are calling the Emancipated Slave, ever since Jesus of Nazareth, Who was Christ, was emancipated, He has no head over Him. Jesus, He has no head over Him. Hallelujah. He is completely one with Jehovah. However, when Jehovah reaches down into this world, He sends that expression of Himself, which is the Emancipated Slave, if you can hear that.

Let me give you an example. The Lord is giving me an example for you. I had read a newsletter from another ministry, se- -- quite a few years ago, before I ever went to Nigeria. I have been to Nigeria three times. And, you see, you have to pray about everything, because when I read newsletters from other ministries, I pray about everything. I say, Lord, is there anything here that is true that you want me to learn? And I have had two experiences where I read something that I did not really receive, and the Lord told me it was correct. And because I humbled myself, and I give Him all the glory for that ability to humble myself, I received what they were preaching. If I had never asked Him, Lord, could it possibly be true, I would have never received it.

OK, I read in this newsletter that in -- as we enter into immortality, as first Abel begins to rise from the dead in us, and eventually Adam, the whole fivefold ministry is to be born in us. We are to be preachers. We are to be teachers, evangelists, prophets, pastors. OK, preachers, teachers, evangelists and prophets. Did I leave something out? Yeah, and that each of these offices has to be born in us. And it did not particularly sound right to me. At the time, I was not really even pastoring. I had a group, but I also had a full-time job. I was a teacher. I was not really engaging in any pastoral functions at all, like I do now. I was basically just a teacher. You might have said I was having a Bible study. Now we are a full ministry.

But the Lord sent to me to Nigeria. I had never preached -- we have a small, intimate group here. I had never preached in front of hundreds of people. I had never preached without preparation. Well, I guess I had preached one, or just a couple of times, without preparation, and I had -- was having a severe anxiety attack until the Lord just brought the message forth for me. Now, today, I am preaching without preparation. How is this? The evangelist has been born in me, you see.

I went over to Nigeria. I was having a severe anxiety attack. I was told I would have to preach upon command for 15 minutes, when I never preach for less than 90 minutes. It is very rare that I preach for less than 90 minutes. I did not know how I was going to do this, but the Lord gave me a word of encouragement, and I got up there, and I did it, and I think it was by my third try. I was on a 5-week tour, and by the third or fourth time that I preached, the evangelist was born in me, the ability to just preach out of what is in me.

OK? What happened to me was that a new aspect of my being, of my personality, was born in me. I am still Sheila. I still look the same. My name is the same, my family is the same, my date birth is the same, but my personality -- the -- well, you might say my personality increased, but since we are going to apply this to Jehovah, Who was unchangeable, that expression would not be acceptable. Applying it to Jehovah, I would like to say, He just merely took what He was and formed a part of Him into a new aspect of Himself. Well, that is really hard to say, because the -- excuse me, the Scripture says, “I am God Almighty. I change not.”

I am really going to have to look that Scripture up in the Hebrew. Off the top of my head this morning, I would say what that means is, His righteousness does not change. His righteous mind does not change. His righteous judgment does not change. His hatred of sin does not change. But that does not mean that He cannot rearrange Himself so -- to be in another form, because has He not rearranged Himself to be in the form of Jesus of Nazareth? Is not --- of course, this is the case. His righteousness does not change. His way of dealing with people does not change, but He certainly did change Himself into a different form, a new form, when He appeared as Jesus of Nazareth for the specific purpose of delivering mortal man back up into immortality. Does anybody have a problem with that?

OK, so, the example that He gave me for you was that the evangelist was formed in me, and I do not really evangelize very much these days, but I know if, today, the Lord said, I want you to go to a group that you are not familiar with, and I am going to -- and I want you to evangelize, I would have no problem going in there and saying, here I am, Lord. Whatever message You want for these people, let it come out of my mouth. I -- about a year ago, I did that on a -- on an impromptu radio program. I was invited to be interviewed on a gospel radio station. One minute before we were on, before airtime, the host said to me, “What are you going to talk about?” I said, I have not the vaguest idea. His response to me was, “Wow, you go on faith as much as I do.” And when the red light went on, and the man said, “You are on the air,” I started talking. And the interviewer responded to me, and it was a very positive interview. This is the spirit of the evangelist which is in me.

How do we relate this to this message? Well, Jehovah developed within Himself an ability to relate to mortal man without killing mortal man. Jehovah, Who is fire -- when He draws close to mortal man, mortal man dies, because sin cannot live in the presence of a holy God. Jehovah’s great love for His people resulted in His forming a new aspect of Himself. He did not need anything outside of Himself to do this. He took out of what He was and formed within Himself a way of connecting to mortal man without killing him, a mediator. He formed a mediator, and we know that mediator as the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, when the Lord Jesus Christ, in the days of His flesh, when He was in the earth, He was -- well, Jesus, in the days of his flesh, had this spiritual aspect of Jehovah within Himself. When Jesus of Nazareth ascended, when He was emancipated, when He became the Emancipated Slave, He shed the outer body, which is of Satan’s spirit, OK, and the spiritual life which was inside of Jesus of Nazareth -- who was what, the resurrected Adam -- as a river flows into the ocean, flowed back into the ocean which Jehovah is.

Now, when you take a cup of water, and you pour it into the ocean, or you pour it into your sink, or you pour it into your bathtub, there is no way to identify the water which has been poured back into the larger body. However, Jehovah, when He reaches down into this mortal world, He does not reach down as Jehovah. He somehow, from within Himself, raises up the Emancipated Slave, the cup of water that was dropped into the ocean. Jehovah has the ability to separate out [AUDIO CUTS OUT].

Does anyone not know what I am talking about? As I have had the evangelist developed in me, and this evangelist is lying dormant in me, to be stirred up at any time that the Lord want -- that Jesus wants to use it in me, Jehovah, after Jesus of Nazareth, Who was Christ, was translated from the first Adam to the last Adam, when Jesus of -- Who was Christ was emanci- -- well, when the Christ Who was in the man, Jesus, was emancipated from the fallen flesh of Jesus of Nazareth, He became completely immersed with Jehovah, lying dormant until -- or not lying dormant, but lying dormant, but appearing as to be just a part of the whole ocean until Jehovah gave the command for that which was now developed in Him, the Emancipated Slave, to rise up and penetrate this mortal world.

And, in fact, that did happen on the day of Pentecost. The Emancipated Slave came back into this world, in spirit form, as a river flowing out of Jehovah’s ocean. He penetrated this world, if you can hear it, if you can hear what I am saying. He penetrated this world. And He no longer has any authority over Him, because He is Jehovah. When I go out and I evangelize, I am still Sheila. If I am pastoring here, or I am evangelizing in China, I am still Sheila. So now the Emancipated Slave, Who is no longer separate as He was when He was in Jesus of Nazareth, He is now completely merged with Jehovah. OK, He is now lying within Jehovah, and Jehovah can stir Him up at any time that He wants and send Him to penetrate into this mortal world without killing the mortal world. Well, of course, it is Jehovah’s intention to kill this mortal world, but not until He saves the people out of it first. That is the whole point.

So, the Emancipated Slave actually has a dual role. He has come to raise Adam from the dead in mortal man, so that when Leviathan’s destruction comes, mortal man will be able to run into the place of safety, which is the resurrected Adam. Actually, I think we will be in the resurrected Adam before the destruction comes. Two phases, two phases to the commission of the Emancipated Slave. Raise Adam from the dead in the individual. Raise immortality from the dead in the individual, and kill mortality. And when mortality comes under the judgment which will kill him, only those in whom immortality is reigning will survive.

All animal life is going to die. Look at the flood as our example. All animal life died. The fish did not die. That which existed under the sea did not die. All animal life died, except that which was on the Ark, which I still feel there is some spiritual significance that I do not understand there. Animal life died. Brethren, when the Emancipated Slave breaks Leviathan’s head and boils Satan, all animal life will die. I am sorry. Your cat is not going to heaven with you. This world is a world which is inhabited by animals. Some of those animals have a mind in them, and we are called mortal man.

But when we become immortal and die to our immortality, we will not live in an animal. When we mature into the last Adam, we will no longer be living in an animal, and there will not be animals on this world. This world will not look like anything that it looks like now. I do not know what it is going to look like, but I do not even think we will live in houses. Animals live in houses. Do we not put them in barns? We will not be in an animal anymore. We are going to be a spirit. Remember, before Noah’s day, there was no rain. We will not need shelter from the rain. I do not believe it will be cold, like it is now. In any event, look at the birds. Birds typify spiritual life.

It is amazing to me, the same birds fly -- seagulls, for example. They fly in this area in the heat of the summer and in the freezing cold winter. They survive. Their feathers do not change. They are the same bird. How could this be? Well, I will tell you. I do not know the answer about birds, because I am not into that aspect of science, but what -- I will tell you what’s in my heart right now, that glorified beings will have a thermostat within themselves, or something likened unto a thermostat. You see, it has been very cold here. I am constantly playing with that thermostat, adjusting the temperature in this household, but that is because we are fallen. We are mortal. Everything that affects us, that influences us, is outside of us. But when we are immortal, all of the controls will be inside of us. If there is such a thing as cold weather, the thermostat will be within. If there is such a thing as hot weather, the thermostat is within. If there is such a thing as hunger, the food is within.

This is what the Scripture means when it talks about a tree whose seed is within itself. Our every need will be met from within, and the atmosphere and the external conditions of whatever that world will be like that we are living in will be controlled by what is inside of us. Right now, we are controlled by what is outside of us. If the weather is cold, we have got to put warm clothes on. We run into the house. I turn the heat up. If it rains, there are certain events that have to be cancelled. If it snows, everybody stays home from work to get rid of the snow. This is existence. This is what mortal existence is; the controlling factor of life is outside of us.

But immortality is not so. This is not so with immortality. The controlling factor of life is inside of us. If you check out certain -- well, most people who practice witchcraft, even the Wiccans who claim that they are benevolent -- I have met many Wiccans. They claim to be benevolent. A lot of them seem to be bele- -- benevolent. They are practicing craft. You know, they do not call it witchcraft. I forgot what they call it. They are practicing craft, the manipulation of external forces. They manipulate the weather and whatever else they manipulate or attempt to manipulate, forces that will provide jobs or whatever.

So, you see, all forms of witchcraft -- if you are a Wiccan, and you are hearing this message, I have nothing against you personally -- but all forms of the execution of spiritual power to influence this existence is witchcraft, if it is not arising out of the very mind of God. It is ille- -- the ex- -- illegal exercise of spiritual power, and they are doing it, but my point here -- I did not make my point. My point is that as soon as you find people who are exercising spiritual power, what are they doing? They are trying to influence their circumstances. They are trying to have their needs met, whether it is a better job or more money, or if the weather is important to their life. The exercise of spiritual power is directed towards influencing the events in the life of the person who is exercising that spiritual power, or on some occasions, if it is an evil exercise of power, they may be trying to exercise -- influence someone else’s life that they have no business involved with, for whatever their purpose.

We see the exercise of spiritual power has arisen in the Pentecostal church, and I am afraid to tell you that I think more of the exercise of this power in the church than not is witchcraft. What does that mean? Brethren, if you are a Christian, and you are looking at somebody’s life and making a judgment in your carnal mind that they need to be married, that they should have children, that they should live in another place, that they should have a different kind of job, and you have made this decision on your own without their request for prayer that Jesus Christ might intercede and make this change in their life, every prayer that comes forth out of you is out of your carnal mind, which is driven by the serpent’s witchcraft power. I do not care if you say, in the name of Jesus. Name means spirit. You can say any name you want. You are praying that prayer in the name of the serpent.

In this hour of our spiritual immaturity, all exercise of Jesus Christ’s spiritual power, which He has given to us in whatever measure we have it, has been given to us primarily for what? Does anybody -- I do not think anyone has this answer. I am going to be surprised if you have it. What is the primary reason that we have been given spiritual power for by the Lord Jesus Christ? To do what?

            His will.

What is His will?

            To see our sins and confess them --


-- so that we can bring forth Christ.

Very good. Yes. We have been given spiritual power so that we might see our sins, confess them, repent and kill them, so that we might rise from the dead. So, you see, when Jesus said, “Look at yourself before you look at your brother,” that counsel and that wisdom can be taken on many levels. If you are judging your brother before the time, you will be judged. You will reap what you sow. Good things will not happen to you. But what Jesus was really saying to us was, use your power to purify yourself, so that you might rise from the dead. I have given you power to cast demons out of yourself. I have given you power to cast demons out. What does that mean? To purify your own personality and mind, so that Adam might rise from the dead in you, because there is no way you are going to have spiritual power if My seed is not in you. The spiritual power is My seed, and if you use that spiritual power to purify yourself, that same power will root in you and raise Abel from the dead in you.

Now, in the meantime, since we are all such children, if someone has a request, well, the Lord is there to help you. If you are having a problem in your life, if you need a better job, if you are sick and you want to be healed, He is giving you gifts. But the primary reason for the impartation of His power is that you might rise from the dead, and you will not rise from the dead without killing, excuse me, killing your own sin nature -- yours -- and once you start to kill yours, if you have proven yourself faithful, He will give you authority to assist other willing believers to kill theirs.

We are not killing Leviathan in unwilling believers. Certainly not before Adam is risen from the dead. We are the two-witness company. Abel is risen or rising from the dead in us. We are still mortal. And we are killing Leviathan in ourselves and in those who are requesting our help. And now, in some cases, we are crying out to Jesus. People are crying out to Jesus, and He has sent a member of the two-witness company. And the individual does not recognize that this mortal man has been sent in response to that prayer.

So there can be a bit of an encounter if the member of the two-witness company is in direct -- under the direct control of the Lord Jesus, under direct orders from Him to do this. And the person does not recognize that this person is the answer to their prayer. There could be a bit of a confrontation. But if you are truly serving Jesus, there is no one whom you are correcting who has not cried out to Jesus for help.

[?They do this?] -- the only reason for the conflict is that they do not recognize that they do not recognize that you are His answer to your prayer. [?That?It?] is the only reason for conflict if you are doing it in Jesus' spirit. Praise the Lord.

Do you have a question?


Yeah, give me another minute. We are almost -- when I have nothing more to say, we will go back to those other two issues or I will take any -- I will take requests for review on -- from whatever anybody wants.

OK, have I made my point? We will now be calling the last Adam the Emancipated Slave because He has been emancipated from this world of hell and death. What does that mean? Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth who is Christ, is no longer bound to this physical body, or to any law or aspect of this world of hell, and He can travel back and forth fully. Now when He -- when Jesus of Nazareth was Christ, He was standing on the Earth and his mind was in heaven, OK. But He -- but the Emancipated Slave does not have to have a member on the Earth. All of Him can be in heaven.

Right now He is in the Earth because He has given Himself to us in the form of the Holy Spirit. But He does not have to be here. That is the significant difference between the first and the last Adam. The first Adam was bound to this Earth because of His body which is in -- was in the image of the serpent. And the last Adam has been emancipated from every aspect of this world, in which we are all slaves, and in which the man Jesus was a slave because of His connection to this world because of His mother.

OK, so Jesus -- the nature of Jesus' Father arose up and liberated the man Jesus from this world completely. And now, He has returned to the Earth in the form of the Holy Spirit, which is the Emancipated Slave in seed form. And He has come to do the same thing for all of us. To work -- to raise Abel from the dead, to give us warfare skills, and to back us up when we fight so that we should have the same experience as Jesus of Nazareth had in the days of His flesh. That Adam should rise from the dead in us, that our immortality should be restored to us, that we should kill Leviathan, and liberate who is being liberated.

And liberate -- we should rise from the dead. Abel should rise from the dead and liberate Cain, OK. And that the waters of this whole world should be purified. That the Earth should be dried out and made barren. That the whole creation should be under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament, the Emancipated Slave. And that Jehovah, that should be glorified in every visible expression of His son Elohim's family. We are -- you might have heard the family of God. I am not saying God anymore. I want to use His name. We are Elohim's family. And Jehovah has sent Elohim to birth a family into a visible world, and that is who we are. 

We have Jehovah's nature, Elohim's God Jehovah's nature. But we are Elohim's sons and our God is the Emancipated Slave. OK, in the New Testament, the Lord Jesus Christ, the one Who has life apart from this visible world, and the very one, Himself, Who is projecting the image of the visible, spiritual world. Wow, that is exciting. I just got excited. OK, are there any questions or comments on what we have talked about up to this point?

Now, you were saying the last Adam is the Holy Spirit in seed form, and that is Who you are calling the Emancipated Slave, am I right?

The Holy Spirit is the last Adam in seed form, that is correct. And we are calling Him -- s- -- mostly -- and you see, we are working more in the Old Testament than the New Testament now. The New Testament, it is the Lord Jesus. But in the Old Testament, or if you are speaking ministry to Jewish people, He is the Emancipated Slave. And if they ask you where it is in the Scripture, it is in Daniel 7. Those Hebrew words are translated Ancient of Days, which means nothing to us. So we have taken another translation, the Emancipated Slave.            

            That is the translation of Ancient of Days?

Ancient of Days. Yes, if you look those words up in the lexicons you will find that you have that choice. That is a legitimate translation of Ancient of Days, the Emancipated Slave.


            The sons of Zadok, how does that come in? Where does that come into place?

The sons of Zadok -- which I believe we read about them in Ezekiel, if I am not mistaken -- are the priests of the new order, OK, and we are the sons of Elohim, OK. Are the priests of the new order. Who is -- well, who is the old order? Who are the priests of the old order? Or the natural Israel, what was the name of the priestly tribe?


Well, Aaron. Well, Levi, and more specifically in Levi, the descendants of Aaron. All -- excuse me -- all Levites were not priests, OK. It is as if to say all Vitales are not preachers, OK. All Levites are not priests. But the descendants of Aaron, who was a Levite, all of his descendants are priests. So that is the old order. We are told in the Book of Hebrews that new priests continuously needed to be trained because they died. But we now have a merciful high priest after a new order. And his name is? Who is our merciful high priest?

            The Lord Jesus.

The Lord Jesus Christ. And He is in the Earth today raising up sons, OK. So those of us who are Jesus' sons, OK, are the priests after the new order because His immortal life is the priest within us. Christ Jesus, the only -- the man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. The merciful high pr- -- and merciful high priest, the Lord Jesus, is in us by the Holy Spirit. And if we are blessed, He is reproducing His life in us. And when that happens, Christ Jesus in us, Who is Adam being raised from the dead. OK, first Abel is raised from the dead and then Adam. Abel ha- -- is the high priest, remember? Abel is the high priest. He has priestly authority.

So from the minute that Abel is risen from the dead in us, we are priests. And are we not kings and priests unto God? We were taught that, years ago when we studied Sonship, that we are kings and priests unto God. It is the immortal life of Jesus Christ within us Who is the king and the priest. So even if we have the immortal life of Jesus Christ in us, if we are not living out of Him, we are not the king and the hi- -- and the priest. This is a big confusion in the church. They look at someone speaking tongues, prophesying, prays for people they are healed, casting out demons, and then they come out of the pulpit and they are doing something that is really not right. The average person in the church, their mind locks up, they cannot deal with it. The answer is that we have two natures.

We have two natures. Now, if someone that you see in the pulpit, or in any form of the ministry, is manifesting the glory of Jesus Christ virtually every service that you go into, then you have an encounter with them outside of the service and they are committing the sins known to mortal man without any attempt to change, OK. Without any confession that this is wrong, or repentance and obvious attempt to change, then you have a very strong clue that what is happening in the pulpit is the what anointing? Which anointing is it?


The imputed anointing. And when they present -- when this man presents himself for service, the Lord Jesus Christ in the form of the Holy Spirit is zapping him and taking over his person for the specific purpose of blessing the people. But when that man walks out of that service, he is a sin-filled, unrepentant man. He is a man who has just made a general confession which enabled him to receive the gifts and the calling of God, which are without repentance, OK. This is the way you try the Spirit. You look at someone who is highly anointed in the service and you have relationship with them, or you have an encounter with them, outside of church. They are still a sinner because we are mortal.

The question is how do they deal with their sins? Are they trying to be righteous? Are they praying for wisdom and righteousness? If they make a mistake, are they confessing their sins and repenting? Then you know that this is a person, this minister is a person in whom Abel is probably risen from the dead. And this person is a priest between you and the Lord Jesus Christ, if you are not in a place where you can reach Him yourself, but is still mortal, you see. And even if you have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ yourself, it is very likely -- I cannot say for sure, I do not have this really straight in my head -- but it is very likely that there are areas, at least in areas of doctrine, also in areas of relationships and everything. That if there if someone in your life whom that meets this test and you can say that Abel has risen from the dead in them, that even if you have your own personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, there is still going to be an intercessor between you and the Lord Jesus Christ in areas in which you have not yet matured into.

OK, and if you have -- and if you are not -- well, anyway, I will not say that. OK, so we are -- this is very hard to discern. It is very easy to recognize the Lord Jesus. He is without sin. Any -- everyone can recognize Him. But recognizing priestly authority, which is in Abel, is very hard because the man is still mortal. But that is the sign. That is the sign. And you should not make your decision on one encounter with the person, OK. Because sometimes we make mistakes and the Lord does not bring us to conviction until sometime in the future. If you are trying a spirit on someone and you are trying to figure out whether Abel -- whether Abel that is their priestly authority over this fallen world, this mortal world -- has been resurrected in them, you really should have an ongoing relationship with the person. Give them every chance and do not make your decision unless you have first submitted it to Jesus Christ and asked Him to help you have a true discernment of this person.

Because we are all mortal, we still make mistakes. You cannot -- it is just like one act of adultery does not make you an adulterer. You have to be an habitual adulterer to be considered a -- you have to be engaged in habitual adultery to be considered an adulterer. Anybody can have one slip. And if they rise up and they repent, you know, that is really no reason to divorce the -- your mate. For one slip. If they confess that it was wrong and they are trying to not do that anymore, if they have submitted themselves for deliverance. Praise the Lord.

OK, did I answer your question [?Erin?]? Praise the Lord. OK, any other questions or comments with regards to what has already been preached here this morning?


Yeah. OK, I am just going to say one more thing before we go back to those issues. The Lord did remind me of something after Thursday night's service. I guess it should have really been on Thursday night's message but I have decided not to break out the message and re-copy all the copies. I will just put in on here. There was a teaching Thursday night how when the creation was partially good and partially evil, it was manifested in a separation of the waters from the waters. And the evil waters were called urine and the clear waters were called the seminal fluid, the fluid of this world in which the sperm of Elohim came forth in. And Adam was the firmament that separated the waters from the waters. When Cain killed Abel, he destroyed that firmament, and the urine went flooding into the pure waters. And the c- -- the entirety of the waters of this creation are now polluted. And therefore the name changed.

When the waters were half pure and half urine, that is what they were called. But now that everything is polluted, the waters are called what? The polluted waters?


No. No. And the creation -- I will say it again. What?


No, let me say it again. Listen. When the waters of this world were half clean and half unclean, their names were urine and the seminal fluid, or the clear waters. But the Sefirah [?Singh?] died. Adam died. The urine flooded into the pure waters. And now that the entirety of the waters are polluted, they are called? Nobody remembers.


Well, who is the salt sea?


Satan. Satan. OK, this is who Satan is. This is who Satan is. It is Cain and the Earth dissolved in the entirety of the waters of this creation. OK. OK, Praise the Lord.

So, this wo- -- this darkened world, that which -- have you ever heard the expression -- this -- the world darkened? Has anybody ever heard that? When Adam fell, the world darkened. What darkened the world? The substance of this world is water, spiritual water, OK. What darkened the world? The waters of this world became filled with Cain and the Earth. The Earth, the darkness of the Earth spread through the entirety of the waters of this world. That is what darkened it. And there is darkness outside and gross darkness outside because the Earth, who was twisted together with Cain, is polluting the entire base of the creation, which is water.

Now, it is not the water that we drink. It is the spiritual water that came out from Jehovah when His son separated from Him for the specific purpose of forming this world. You know, why have I told you all this? Because, I would like to share with you something that the Lord showed me. And that is that several years ago some painter, whose name I do not remember, did a painting of Jesus Christ -- I think on a crucifix, I am not sure -- in a bottle of his own urine. And "The 700 Club" was really coming against it.

The main problem with this was that this author -- this artist, who painted this abomination along with other abominations, was being funded by the federal government because some commission for arts. I do not have the correct name of the agency. This agency was getting a couple of million dollars a year to promote art in this nation and they were giving the money to a man whose paintings are typified by Jesus Christ inside a bottle of urine. And when I first heard about it, my thought was where in the world would such a thought even come from? To paint Jesus Christ in a bottle of urine, who would even think of such a thing?

And now, with all this teaching that has come through, it is clear to me that one of two things are -- generated this painting. Either the man is into some form of witchcraft and has a knowledge that Jesus Christ is immersed in the urine, the spiritual urine of this world whose name is not really urine anymore. The name of the spiritual waters of this world are Satan, OK. But we know that it is -- that Satan is the urine which has polluted all of the pure waters. So either the man is into some form of witchcraft and has this revelation through the serpent's wisdom, OK, or this thought just arose out of the serpent in his unconscious mind.

What is happening here? The serpent is penetrating into this visible, physical world. And she is penetrating in power. She is penetrating in power. The Lord just reminded me of something else He wanted to put on this message. She is penetrating in power. And let me tell you, anyone hearing this message or anybody here, if you do not think that a spirit- -- that there are spiritual people outside of the church, you are very mistaken. And if you do not think that there are spiritual people that have an incredible measure of truth about the spiritual reality of this world -- or the reality of this spiritual world which is not reality, it is a lie. If you do not think that there are people out there that have an incredible knowledge of it, you are mistaken. Because, in my opinion, there are more people outside of the church that have a knowledge of this spiritual foundation and of this mortal world than there are people in the church.

There is tremendous spiritual knowledge out there. From what I can see, their wisdom falls short at the point where the information about the plan of regeneration comes forth. They are ignorant of the plan of regeneration but there are people in this world that have an intense revelation that may even surpass what we have here. But we are -- what is happening here, you know, see, is that the knowledge is being poured out here so rapidly that we are just overtaking. It is like we were way in the back on a race and we are just overtaking and galloping forward. And at some point, I expect that we will have as much knowledge as the wisest spiritual man in this world, whoever that may be. And then go beyond him with the knowledge of the regeneration. Now, whether or not we are there now, I do not know.

I do know that I had a two-hour conversation on the telephone with a man that I met on CompuServe, in the religion forum, and he had a lot of knowledge. And he told me that -- he did all the talking and he was just looking for someone who could understand what he was talking about. Those of us who have spiritual knowledge, or any knowledge, if your field is music, if your field is art, you are just looking for someone who will appreciate what you have to say. You want someone to listen to you without being in pain, OK. So, the more expertise you get in any area, the harder it is to find fellowship with someone who will really know what you are talking about.

I remember several years ago my neighbor invited me to dinner. She was a musician. She was going to Stony Brook University, taking her master's in some advanced form of music. She was living with a man who was a musician. And these friends she had over were in a master's program in Stony Brook for music. Nobody meant to offend me, but there were three people that were not only musicians but had gone on to advanced education in music. And that was where the conversation focused. And I want to tell you, I am not a stupid person, I did not have the vaguest idea what they were talking about.

I had no basis upon which to follow them. I simply could not understand them, so I checked out. My mind checked out. I could not follow them. And she came to me and apologized the next day. And it was obvious to me that she meant me a kindness by inviting me but it was a poor choice because I am a person that can fit into any conversation anywhere if I just have some connection. You do not have to be talking about what I want to talk about, I will flow with you. But I was just -- I just did not have the equipment in my mind to flow with them, so I was completely let out of their conversation. So it was a -- although she meant well, it was a poor choice. And she came and she recognized it and she apologized to me.

So this man called me up on the phone and told me -- June was listening in -- how appreciative he was that he found someone who knew what he was talking about that was willing to let him talk. But that was willing to let him talk, because I have a lot of knowledge too but I was not striving with him. He called me, he had something to say, and I listened. And he had a lot to say.

My whole point of telling you this is that the knowledge that he had amazed me. And, of course, he was amazed -- I guess, really, what I am trying to tell you is that he was amazed that I knew what I knew, OK. And one of the examples that I will remember, that I will pass on to you, is that it is a very rare person that recognizes that it is the spirit which is immortal and that the personality dissolves. And he had this revelation, but was shocked that I had it. So, what does that say to me? That even the people who are -- who have the serpent's wisdom, not many of them are where we are here, OK. And this advanced knowledge, it has just been coming forth in the last couple of years in this ministry. And the last year it has just been ba- -- and the last six months, forget it. The hole was getting bigger and the water is just gushing through.

What am I trying to say to you? That at some point, I believe that we are going to have -- I think we are going to have all knowledge, OK. Of this spiritual reality of this world and that we are going to have this knowledge coming out of the resurrected Adam in us. Whereas, the people who are wise with the wisdom of this world, which is the serpent's wisdom, they are going to be left behind. That is what I am trying to say. We are going to have as much knowledge here as the w- -- as the greatest sage in the serpent's wisdom. And then we are going to go past because we will be allowed into an area of knowledge, into a spiritual library, if you will, that those with the serpent's mind are not allowed into.

OK, so whether or not we are in a place right now where we would be a formidable debating foe for the people who have spiritual wisdom, who have the serpent's spiritual wisdom, I do not know because I do not know that many people who are in those circles. But I did meet this one man. And from my relationship with him I am drawing an educated conclusion that we are pretty mature here. We are pretty mature here in comparison to the serpent's knowledge that is out there. And now, you have to realize that the people that have the serpent's knowledge, there are all kinds of books out there that they could read. Everything we have has been coming forth by revelation.

I do not know any -- maybe you know it, but I do not know anyone in the church, I do not know of any book written by a Christian believer with this kind of material that we have here. So, everything that we are receiving is coming out of Christ Jesus. Adam was rising from the dead in me. This, it is incredible what is happening, OK. And He is imbuing us with this knowledge that has been available to men with the serpent's wisdom for thousands of years. Even before Christ was born. They have all kinds of books that they read that they learn this stuff from. Plus, they have their own witchcraft revelation. And the church, it looks to the carnal eye like the church is just so retarded that they will never catch up. And it has looked that way for years.

And now, all of a sudden, Adam is rising from the dead in a group of individuals here. And he is coming forth so fast, that he is redeeming the time. Did you ever hear that Scripture? Redeeming the time. You see, because as he rises from the dead, all wisdom and knowledge is in him. So, we are going to get it in generation. What the people that are -- that have the serpent's wisdom; it is an accumulation of knowledge for generations. We are getting it in one generation.

Take science for example. A young person goes to college and they study physics and they study all the masters before them. All the physics, everything that was learned, Einstein, everybody, they go through school for six or eight years, and they have all that knowledge of all the masters. And then they go on and their creativity goes further. That is why each generation goes further, OK. And it has taken all of these generations of mankind to make a genius physicist of today. But not so with the church.


No, there are no books in the church. There is no information in the church. There is no accumulated in the church. All accumulated knowledge is in the person of --


The Lord Jesus Christ. And He has come, and He has raised Abel from the dead in me, and hopefully in you. And He is going on. And Adam is in the process of rising from the dead. And we have all of the generations of knowledge is not in some library somewhere. It is not in a bible college somewhere. It is in the Lord Jesus Christ and in the human mortal man in whom He is raising Adam from the dead. And if you do not have spiritual eyes and ears, and if you are not in submission to the Lord Jesus Christ, you will never get this knowledge because you are going to think it is occult.

I said all that to say this. This artist who painted this picture, he either is into witchcraft on some level and has this revelation through the serpent's wisdom that Jesus Christ in this hour -- what form is Jesus Christ in? Well, let me phrase this question. He drew Jesus Christ in the urine. What form is the holy one in immortal man who is not being raised from the dead? Who is the holy one? Who is the holy one that died at the time of the fall?


No, no, who died at the time of the fall?


Adam died, OK. Aside from those of us who are being raised from the dead, in what form is Adam in, in this hour?


Well, who is he? What is his name?


Yeah, and what is the name of the human spirit?


No. Abel. Abel. Abel, the holy one who died and became mortal is in the form of Abel, our human spirit.


Shut the door for me.  OK, I said all of that to talk about the painter who painted Jesus Christ in the urine, OK. SO, it is not Jesus Christ who is in the urine but it is Abel, the dead holy one. OK, the dead Adam. He is swimming in a sea of urine. The name of that sea is Satan and he is abiding in that sea. And actually, Cain -- OK, we know Adam died and this spirit divided -- Cain is a part of Leviathan, who is the sea serpent, who is swimming in the sea. At least, I guess it must be more Cain than Abel because Abel is buried under the ground in the background threads. And the sea serpent is woven through him. But, in any event, the spirit of the holy one who died at the time of the fall, Adam, is immersed in a world of urine.

OK, so where did this man get the -- get this revelation from? OK, we are not sure. Whether he is in the occult and he knows this, that this is the truth. Although, it is twisted because he sees it as the Lord Jesus in the urine and we know that the Lord Jesus is not in the urine. We know that as Adam rises from the dead, the pure waters, Elohim's pure waters, are in the resurrected Adam. OK, so this would be a piece of knowledge that the serpent does not have, OK. So his -- this man's mind is showing the resur- -- is showing Jesus Christ, Who is the Son of God, in the days of His flesh and urine. That is not true. It is a perversion of the truth. It is Cain and Abel who were down under the urine with the hope of resurrection. But it is a -- it is so -- this painting is a perverted spirit -- it could be he has spiritual knowledge or it could be the serpent has a large influence on his life and just put the idea in his head.

OK, there is one other thing I want to talk to you about. Are there any questions or comments on this issue of this painter?


OK, please just use the microphone.

Seemed a while back, when you were talking about this painting, and then you were talking about darkness. How you said to everybody, did you know, you ever hear that expression. But you know what came to me?


            I was thinking, when Jesus died --

Darkness covered the Earth.

Darkness covered the Earth.

Very interesting. Now --


Now, what does that mean to you? What did that mean?

            Satan took over more than ever.

Right. OK, let me make it a little clearer. That was excellent. Thank you for sharing that with us.

When Jesus of Nazareth was Christ, when Jesus walked on the Earth and Adam was resurrected in Him, that meant there was one man on this whole worth -- Earth -- whose mind was purified waters. His mind was not urine. Jesus Christ was the only man on the face of this Earth whose mind was not spiritual urine. Is not our unconscious mind Satan? The unconscious mind of mortal man is Satan, who is spiritual urine. Jesus was the only -- and, of course, the Scripture says when He came a great light shone. This light -- this light is in the form of purified waters in which Elohim is dissolved. So when He died, the world was covered with darkness. The only one Who had a mind Whose waters were clean passed from the Earth.

Very good. Thank you, Sally. And that should really bless you because that -- what that says to me is that Christ Jesus is very much alive and kicking in you, and witnessing to the word that is coming forth here. So, that is a good encouragement for you, who claims -- although I have not heard you say it in a long time -- that you never hear from God. I better not hear you say that anymore because you hear from Him a lot.

OK, one other thing I would like to share with you is an advertisement that I saw on TV just the other night  that just left me with my mouth hanging open when I realized what it was saying. Not that what it was saying was so terrible, but what shocked me was the subliminal -- the degree of the subliminal messages coming through in the most harmless areas. So, let me describe this advertisement to you. And I suggest that all of you pray right now and ask the Lord to show you that this subliminal cut in it and see if you can find the answer. If you cannot, I will tell it to you.

It was an advertisement for Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. You know, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup? It is like a little round cup and it is chocolate and it is filled with peanut butter. Well, it is a piece of candy, whether you know what it is or not. And this advertisement had two images and it kept jumping back and forth between the two images. The one image, it was just the peanut butter cup. And the other image was a man's face. And the camera kept jumping back and forth from the peanut butter cup to the man's face. And the peanut butter cup was acting very strange. It was standing there all by itself on the table and it was a-shaking and a-rocking and a-rolling. And then they would show you the man's face. And he had a very serious look on his face.

I was not quite sure. I -- well, I will not even tell you what my opinion was. He had a very serious look on his face. And then the camera went back to the peanut butter cup and it was a-shaking, and a-rocking, and a-rolling. And back to the man's -- and it went back and forth about six times. And then the next time the camera focused on the peanut butter cup, there was a bite taken out of it. But the peanut butter cup was over there, and the man was over there. Man was not touching it but there was a bite out of it. And then the camera went back to the man and he was chomping on something, which supposedly was this bite of this peanut butter cup. And he wa- -- did not look serious anymore, he looked happy.

Now, I am going to give you a few minutes to think about it. Shut the message off, please.

I think it was like that teleskines [sic] -- tennis -- what is that word where you can --


Telekinesis. That was the operation of it. And I see those things in virtual reality too out there. The man's face, going back and forth.

Well, that is excellent. Honestly, I am not sure telekinesis is the right word but what you are saying is it was mind power. That is what you are saying, OK, that is what it was.


Seduction. No, it was not seduction. It was mind power. This man, with his serious face, was concentrating on this peanut butter cup with such power that it started shaking and rocking and rolling. And as he continued to concentrate on it, he actually caused a bite of that peanut butter cup to break off and fly into his mouth, with mind power.

Now, there is a large community of people out there. Apparently many of them which are intelligent, educated, moneyed people that are in the media that are into -- I do not even want to call it New-Age teachings, you know, I -- it is just this spiritual teaching that comes out of the serpent. That comes out of the serpent's mind. And they all know that there is a full stature coming. I am telling you, they know that there is spiritual power coming. Some of them know -- I do not really know that any of them know that there is going to be two distinct groups, those who ascend -- or those who mature in the serpent and those who mature in Christ Jesus. I do not know if any of them know that or not.

But I do believe that there are certain what they call paths out there. Paths, the way -- the path that one follows to find God. That there are some of them and I know one of them. The name of it is the Thelema, whatever that means. The path of Thelema. That they really fro- -- I have read their writings and they believe they are in a war with Christians, with Christian minds, OK. I think there are a lot of people out there, a lot of paths out there that they think are benevolent. They are just trying to find their God and becoming spiritual along the path. But I do not think there are many that know that there is a war coming.

I think there are many people out there who just want to be spiritual. And are either unaware that is illegal outside of Christ Jesus, or do not believe that it is illegal outside of Christ Jesus. And are following their path because there is almost no spirituality in the church. The only spirituality, aside from this ministry and any others who are like this -- which I do not know any others that are like this -- but the only spirituality that I see available in the church is what? What is the spirituality that is available in the church today? Anybody?


What -- what exp- -- what spiritual expression are we allowed in the traditional church today? Speaking in tongues, prophesying on the floor of the church, and interpreting prophecy. That is -- that -- I mean that is ki- -- that is pre-school, that is not even kindergarten, it is pre-school. A ministry like this is condemned by the church and they call us a cult. They will not go on, they are retarded.

So, there are many people, who are not evil people, who are just people that have a spiritual hunger. And they have rejected the Christian church because it is not meeting their need. And they have gone on into illegal paths. And these people have no intention of doing any form of evil but what they do not understand is that they are about to lo- -- to lose their choice. That they have followed spiritual paths which are illegal according to Jehovah's law and they are developing spiritually with the belief that they will be able -- that they will have the power to continue to be benevolent as their spirituality increases. I think that they are -- when I say very few, everything is relative.

When you are thinking of the numbers of people that are maturing spiritually outside of Christ Jesus in this hour, I think it is a very small proportion of them who have a knowledge that there is a war coming, or who have any desire to have a war at all. A very small portion. But there are those out there who know that there is a war coming. But there are thousands, if not millions, of people in the world today who are maturing spiritually outside of Christ Jesus. And they know that mind power is coming. And that everyone seems to think it is coming by the year 2000. They know that it is coming. Mind power, it is the new age. That is what New-Age means. They are talking about the powers that are coming with the next millennium and they know that there is going to be mind power. There is a big ascension coming.

Lord, please help me to keep my mind straight. He is leading me into one of those issues from earlier. I just want to follow the way He is giving it to me. Thank you, Jesus.


Give me a minute on that message, please.

OK, so there are two points that I want to make now. One point -- and I guess they are both related. The one point is that these thousands, and possibly millions, of people who are practicing what they believe to be a benevolent spirituality outside of Christ Jesus, Who is the resurrected Adam, it -- no, I will talk about that later. Are coming into a big surprise, OK. And also, there are people -- well, OK, let me just write myself a note. Will someone write down this note for me? Well, I am going to put it right on the board.

There is two points that I want to make here. I am going to make those spiritual people outside of Christ -- I did that wrong. Jesus.

And those that are unprepared spiritually in Christ. OK, I do not really know what there is -- why I am writing -- drawing it like this. Maybe there will be a chart. But those are the two points I want to make. That there are those who -- what is going to happen to those who have become and are becoming spiritual outside of Christ? And those who are in Christ, they are serving Jesus to the best of their ability, but they are not preparing themselves for spiritual maturation? Jesus.  

I think when I stand up we have to turn that down just a little, Xxxx.

Thank you. Praise the Lord. OK.

OK. Thank You Jesus.

Let us take outside of Christ first. What is going to happen to those who are pursuing a spiritual path outside of Christ but believe that they are benevolent and are determined to be benevolent? I know that out of all the different paths available, the people that I have had the most contact with that are becoming spiritual outside of Christ, are Wiccans, OK. And every Wiccan that I have met has professed to be benevolent and has claimed that Wiccan teaches spiritual benevolence. That the spiritual power that they exercise is not for evil purposes and they have all pretty much said the same thing to me. They have a catch-word, which says -- I forgot the first part of it, the second part of it as -- is and do no harm. Do no harm to anyone.

They believe in karma. They believe that if you harm someone, it will come back on you. And that you would be just stupid to do evil with the spiritual power that you have. I have met some people from other paths who pretty much say the same thing. The only path that I have seen which actually preaches warfare with Christians is this Thelema.  And I did -- I have read their literature online and I did speak to one Theleman, I think that is what they call themselves, and their antagonism arises from their belief.

And I just had an interesting though. The antagonism of the Thelemic path, from what I could see, arises from the belief that the Christians, that the Judeo-Christian moral code is hindering them from fulfilling their po- -- their spiritual potential. And the thought that just popped into my mind is that this is the whole mentality of the people in the country that are pro-choice. That is exactly what they are saying. Who do you Christians think you are, with this Judeo-Christian morality that you are trying to impose on the whole nation. You are stopping me from fully expressing my creativity. Who are you to tell me what to do with my body? And it is the same. Although it is not the same words, from what I gathered from the reading of the Thelemic material, that is exactly what they are saying.

That they are in complete rebellion against the Judeo-Christian more. And they claim that you do whatever you have to do, and that includes murder and anything else, to be who you are. And I did speak to one man who was a practicer of the worship [unintelligible]. I have a whole message on this sect. He did not use the word worship, but I do not know what word to use. And he clearly said you do whatever you have to do. There were a couple of Wiccans in the room at that time that were shocked at what he said.

So, we are talking about people who are becoming spiritual outside of Christ Jesus yet desire to be benevolent, and believe themselves to be bel- benevolent, and are making the claim that they will never, ever, go from the positive practice of spiritual to the negative practice of spiritual power. I have actually heard Wiccans tell other members of other paths, or followers of other paths, that you are -- people like you give us a bad name. People do not like witches because you are doing evil, we do not do evil.

What is going to happen to these people? Some of them are very nice people? That may sound strange to you. And if you are a Pharisee, you are offended at what I said but some of them are very nice people. They are really trying to do good, and be open-minded and teachable, and not condemn other religions. And, you know, they are -- they have got a wrong spirit, OK, and they are going off into destruction, but they are very nice people. And they would be very offended when they heard -- if they heard me say they were going into destruction. But this is what is going to happen to them.

They do not know it, or maybe they do know it, but their god is the serpent, who is appearing in the form of Satan today. Their god is the serpent and who is the serpent? Who is -- the serpent has two sides to her. What are the two sides of the serpent?


Cain. Cain and the Earth. And these two sides are in a male -- I did that wrong, sorry, it is the other way around. The Earth is on top right now. The Earth and Cain. This is a two-sided relationship which can be likened to male and female. One is dominant and the other is passive or submissive. Only the Earth or Cain can be in the male position at one time. When the Earth is on top of Cain and in the male position, she is called the serpent. During the fall, before this relationship between the Earth and Cain. What relationship? The Earth on top in the male position and Cain underneath in the female position. Before that came to pass, immediately after Adam incarnated as Cain, this was not the case.

Adam did not incarnate as the serpent. Adam incarnated as Cain, which name does not indicate that Cain had a lower nature. Look, going back to the serpent for a minute, we might say that the serpent is the Earth with her lower nature. Cain is the lower part of the Earth in the being called the serpent. But it was not always like that. You see, the name serpent does not indicate that there is an upper and a lower nature, or an upper and a lower extremity. Neither does the name Cain indicate that there is a lower extremity. But the reality is that Cain -- that Adam incarnated as Cain, with Cain twisted together with the Earth.

Cain in the male position and the Earth in the female position. The exact opposite of the configuration of the serpent. What is configuration mean? It means relationship. In the serpent, the configuration of the two sides -- what two sides? Spirit and Earth.  Spirit in the form of Cain. The configuration of the serpent is Earth is male and Cain is female. The configuration of Cain is that Cain is male and the Earth is female. So we have one entity that has two sides, spirit and Earth. And when the Earth is in the passive, or female, position, the name is Cain. Adam incarnated as Cain. And the Earth, the wicked Earth, did not have dominion over her. The Earth was under her feet. She had control over the Earth.

And Jehovah came to Cain and said, "You are a female, Cain. And if you do not have a cover over your head, that which is under your feet is going to rise up and bury you. And you shall surely" -- I do not know whether the word is die or not. The Scripture says sin is waiting at the door. What Jehovah was saying is if you do not submit to the -- Jehovah was saying you do not have the power to keep the Earth under your feet. And what is the Earth? The Earth is sin. You do not have the power to control that part of you which is going to influence you to break My laws. What is sin? The breaking of Jehovah's laws, for which the consequence is some form of destruction. I do not see the Scripture calling it death, although I guess it is a form of death. I am not going to go into that right now.

Cain did not believe Jehovah. Or, probably, it was not even a question of believing Jehovah. From what I can understand, from looking at Genesis 4 in the Hebrew, such a rage rose up in Cain that she did not even stop to think. Do you stop to think when rage rises up in you? No. It is the power of irrational emotion. And Cain said, "I was the firstborn. What do you mean I need a cover?"

Jehovah said, "Both Cain and Abel are mortal. Any spiritual authority than either one of you have is a gift from me. You have no authority. You are both female but I, Jehovah, have the power to make one of you male. And when you stay in the order that I put you in, I will sustain you and keep you from the Earth in this world."

But Cain said, "I got here first. And I will not give up my authority. I got here first."

Jehovah said -- He did not say anything, because Jehovah warns you, you see. And then you choose to either follow the warning or not follow the warning, and you live with whatever you choose. So, Jehovah had said to Cain I am giving you a cover and this is what you are going to look like. You are going to look like this. Abel has authority over Cain, has authority over the Earth. And if you stay in this order -- if you stay in this -- I just got an answer to a question I had earlier. If you stay in this order you are going to be as if you were Adam. I am going to give you the authority that Adam had. Now, you will not be immortal. You will not be immortal, but you will be as good as immortal if you just stay in that configuration.

You will have all the benefits that Adam had and I will raise you back up to your immortality if everybody just submits. And, of course, Abel of course has to be in submission to -- it would be Elohim, over here. And of course Elohim, it goes without saying, is in submission to Jehovah. So, that is the order: Jehovah, Elohim, Abel, Cain, and the Earth. And if you stay in that position, I am going to get you out of this black hole that you fell down into. Jesus.

But Cain, influenced by her lower nature, the Earth, went into a rage to find out that he -- that she won the prize, but she still lost. You see, we see that in the church today. You cannot make your own ministry, you see. You cannot make it, and there were a couple of people that went into a rage when Jesus gave me a ministry. They thought they were first. But He gave it to me. Why? Because I am some great one? No. He just gave it to me. Was Abel some great one? No. Jehovah just gave it to him. He could give it to anyone He wants. Jesus said he could give it to the rocks if He wants. But once He gives it to you, everyone that tries to bring you down is subject to the judgment of death.

So Cain, influenced by the judgment of the Earth, who was underneath her -- now, look at this. Cain, now look, ev- -- we have been talking about authority this morning. Every person that has authority, everyone has authority in some area. I have told you this before. Even if you are a child in a household. Rosie has authority. She has authority. She has a right to say if someone tries to touch her wrong. You cannot do that. Everybody has some authority, for their own person, at the very least.

Cain had authority over the Earth. The Earth rose up to influence Cain to go in the wrong direction. Cain was supposed to be submitting to Abel. But that lower nature rose up. And this can -- this influence can come from anywhere. It can come from yourself. It can come from someone over you. It can come from someone under you. It can come from your most beloved mate. To do what you should know what you are not supposed to do. And Cain had two choices. She could have beat down this suggestion from the Earth. We just talked about it this morning. She could have been -- now, you do not do it with cruelty, you just say no thank you. The answer is no. Just say no, which is fine if you have the power to do it. Just say no. Cain could have done that or she could have responded to the Earth and rebelled against Abel.  We all have a choice. We all have a choice. You can go one way, or you can go the other.

Now, I am not really sure about this, but it is what is on my heart so I am going to say it. Cain probably did not have power over the Earth. But she did have the opportunity to cry out to Jehovah through Abel and Elohim. There is much we do not have power to do in our mortality. Even if we are following Jesus. Even if Abel has risen from the dead in us. Jesus of Nazareth was in full stature. Adam was risen from the dead and he did nothing but what his father told him to do.

We are all standing on a shaky foundation. What are you talking about, Sheila? Jesus is the only foundation laid, He is not shaky. No, He is not shaky. But we are. We can fall off of that foundation. He is not coming out from under us, but we can fall off of it. And the only thing that is going to pull us off of it is sin. But we have got a safety valve because Jesus knows our weakness. And that safety valve is to cry out to Him and tell Him this is -- I cannot handle this. I am in danger. Or even just cry out. I have a fleece with Him. I am mortal. I could fall off in a second. Please tell me if I am doing something wrong. Please show me my sins. Because if I fall out from Him, I do not want to live. And that is the truth. I do not want to be in this world without being under His direct control and a useful vessel because He is living through me. I -- outside of that, I do not want to be here. This world is a dangerous place, spiritually.

Cain apparently -- whatever happened, I do not know whether she did not cry out or whether she did not cry -- try to cry out, or whether the rage came upon her so swiftly that she did not have time to cry out. And there was a time here when I was preaching this every week. You will not have time to cry out when the attack hits you. You have got to make your covenant now. There was -- about a year ago, I was preaching that almost every time you came in here. The Earth rose up, influenced Cain, she rose up in a rage, and then we all know the rest is history. She knocked out Abel. She killed Abel. And the chain of preservation was broken.

She lost her contact with Elohim and Jehovah. And the next thing that happened was that the Earth, who had taken authority over her, and the Earth, to whose authority Cain had yielded, rose up and flipped her over, and buried her underneath the ground. And Cain, who was Adam, became the serpent. And subject, without choice, to the sin on the Earth. You see, while Cain was on top of the Earth she had a choice. She had the support of Abel, and Elohim, and Jehovah. But she yielded to the suggestion of someone under her, and was flipped over, and for all intents and purposes, killed.

She certainly lost her authority. And she was swallowed up by the serpent, who today is swimming in the sea called Satan. And we found -- I found scriptures of -- I have taught them to you. That Cain is called the devastated one. The devastated one. The devastated one, she is in the belly of the whale. Waiting for Jehovah to come with the command to that whale, spit her out. Give me My son back. Give me my son back.

So, what am I saying? I am telling you that some of these very nice people that are reading cards in Jesus' name, that are determined to do good because they believe in karma, are going -- what they are doing is they are in this position. They are Cain and they have power over the Earth. In their minds they have power over the spirits that are serving them. They think these spirits are serving them. They think these spirits that give them an ability to read cards, and know about your life, and give you counsel, they think these spirits are serving them. And they have got everything under control. But the truth is they are yielding to their lower nature. And when the serpent is ready, she is picking the timing, she is going to flip them over. And no matter what their resolve is to do only good, they will be doing the will of the serpent and they will not be able to get free.

And this is the truth. If there is anyone in that condition listening to this message, Jesus loves you. And if you are listening to this message, He wants you to hear this. You need to confess that you have sinned against the spiritual law of Jehovah by entering into a spiritual existence outside of Jehovah's specified legal way. And that is only through immortality. You see, the only legal spirit that you are allowed to seek counsel from, is one who is immortal. You could call Him the Lord Jesus. You can call Him Adam in full stature. You can call Him anything you want, but we are only permitted to access an immortal spirit.

There is only one immortal spirit. He takes many forms. He is Jehovah. He is Elohim. He is the Lord Jesus. He is the first Adam. He is the last Adam. Jesus was the first Adam and he received worship. He was immortal. We only worship and submit to immortality. The serpent is not mortal -- is not immortal. The serpent is mortal. Cain is mortal. The Earth is mortal. If you are seeking, worshipping or applying for counsel or help to a mortal spirit, you are pronouncing mortality upon yourself. And the end of mortality is what? Death. Actually, mortality is death. But, of course, we are dead now. So if your god is a mortal god, you are pronouncing yourself or relegating yourself to death forever. Eternal torment. You have chosen eternal torment. Jesus.

I want to tell you that Jesus has people that are doing these things. And if you are condemning them in your hearts, you will never be able to help them. He has sheep who are out there reading cards and doing astrology and following all forms of spiritual paths that are criminal spiritual paths. He has got a people out there. And the way the church is ministering to them today, they will never come out because the church is ministering condemnation to them. But He is going to get them. It is one of the ministries of this ministry. To reach to these spiritual people who are spiritual through a mortal spirit. Jesus.


Yes. Please put it on the table.

            When the serpent takes its Earth and Cain, where is Abel at that time?

He is dead.


Jesus. The serpent is an uncovered woman. She has killed her head. She has killed her head. She is an uncovered woman. Jesus.

            Who is the mortal spirit? Is that the serpent or Satan?

The serp- -- well, to be honest with you, I do not have it exactly clear at the moment. S- -- the serpent is appearing in this day as Satan, OK. And that is the best that I can tell you right now. But I know that when a sacrifice is made, when Christ Jesus is sacrificed, I believe it is to the serpent. So I do not really quite have it clear what the exact difference is. Oh, I do have it clear what the ex- -- what the difference is. I may just not have been able to place it yet.

OK, I will show you the difference between the serpent and Satan. OK, once the Earth flips Cain over, she becomes the serpent, OK. And that is really the serpent of the Earth. She becomes the Earth's serpent. OK, the Lord did tell me this the other day. Once the Earth flips Cain over, she becomes the Earth's serpent. The serpent -- we know that there is snakes and serpents that live in the Earth. And then, the next step that she does is -- OK, let me draw it for you this way. I will come back to here. You can just leave this category.

OK, we have -- OK, see, after the fall we still had a firmament. Now, the firmament is separating the clean waters from the urine. And Adam died. Adam died but Jehovah was still merciful and the firmament still stood in the form of Abel, Cain, and the Earth. So, as long as the firmament stands, we have some clear water, OK. Now, when the Earth flipped over Cain, Abel died. Abel came over here, he died. That means no power, OK. And all we had here was Cain and the Earth, which flipped over. And we have the Earth -- oh, is not this interesting? Thank you for asking that question, whoever asked it. And the Earth flipped Cain over and came to the top. And look at where the Earth is.

Now, let me back up for a minute, OK. How did this area become urine? We had the Earth down here, the ocean bed. The Earth was the ocean bed. And Adam, Adam is water. Adam's waters at this demarcation point where the Earth ended and Adam's water -- Adam's waters were flowing over here. At this point, particles of Earth started dissolving into Adam's waters. Is everybody Ok with that? Then an ocean bed, down at the point where the waters touched the Earth and ocean bed, there is lar- -- likely to be a large percentage of Earth dissolved in the waters down at the bottom. Are you OK? OK.

So, look at what happened. The Earth got to the top border of the firmament. And here is all the clean water. Look at this. Here is the clean water up here. Now, before, Adam was holding a line up here. After that, Abel was holding a line up here. The Earth could not get to the clean waters. But Adam was killed and Abel was killed. Then the Earth got on top and she is touching the clean waters. And she is starting to dissolve herself in the clean waters. And there is nothing to stop it. The earthen particles just kept on going, just kept on going. And this wall broke down and the urine just pierced all the way through. The firmament ceased to exist because Cain was swallowed up by the Earth and worth nothing. So the firmament ceased to exist and the polluted waters just went right through. And the whole mess is called --


The salt sea or Satan. Is not that interesting? And that is how Elohim's household died. Drowned in the very waters intending to give life. Jesus. Is not that interesting? OK. Hallelujah.

And this is why our own righteousness is just filthy rags, because for whatever -- oh, so let me finish my point here. And when the firmament completely broke down, and when all the waters of life became urine and therefore have their changed to Satan because now the completed waters were polluted. The serpent, yes, the serpent is still in there. The polluted waters flowed through and covered over the serpent so she was not the serpent of the Earth anymore, but she became the sea serpent. So that is the difference between -- that is the difference between the serpent and Leviathan. So, I think, for all intents and purposes, once the totality of the waters became polluted the earth serpent ceased to exist and that she was swallowed up by the sea serpent. Is not that interesting? Thank you, Jesus.

So she is now in the form of the sea serpent and she is -- so that means that -- that to say that they are sacrificing to the serpent, I do not know. We have to pray about that. Well, we now see the difference between the earth serpent and the sea serpent but -- so it seems to me that it would be Satan then. That the sacrifice is unto Satan because the serpent has now become the s- -- the sea serpent, which is our conscious mind. And the -- you see, the more fluid we are, the more power we have. What do I mean by that? Jesus of Nazareth, Who was Christ, He was immortal and He had power. But He had even more power when He was delivered from His rigid form and became pure spirit.

So, we have Satan, who is the polluted waters, the unconscious mind. And we have the serpent, which is in a rigid form. Just like our bodies, that is what I mean by rigid. The part that is more fluid has the greater power. So which is more fluid, Satan or Leviathan?


No, no. Leviathan is an animal. S- -- and Leviathan is an animal, a serpent. OK, we are her. We are her. We are this rigid form. So the more fluid we are, the more -- the part of us which is more fluid is the part of us with the greater power. So that is Satan. So in this hour, if you -- I hope you can follow what I said. If you cannot, listen to the message. In this hour, any sacrifice of Christ Jesus is unto Satan. Leviathan has become the serpent, has come into this world and become our conscious mind. And the greater spiritual power is in Satan.

We just finished our explanation of spiritual authority outside of Christ and what people engaged in that can expect. We have another aspect of this study, unprepared spirituality in Christ, which we will address after our dinner break. But in the meantime, we have a question with regard to the message that came forth this morning. OK.

I am not sure how to ask this, but to my understanding, The Old Testament, they no longer have the priests and have the sacrifices as they did in Moses' time.

That is right.

Now, did God wait until now, that He is going to make these new sons into priests? Is that -- ?

Well, Jesus Christ is our priest, OK. And now He is bringing forth a second generation of priests. But the Lord never takes away something until the replacement is ready. So, the Ark, the physical Ark as was manifested in Israel, became old when Jesus Christ -- after Jesus Christ became the Son of God, OK. And we find out that the Jews today are very offended at the term Old Testament because the whole implication of that is that something greater has come, you see. I never really understood why they were offended at that term Old Testament. But those who study the Old Testament have a revelation that you do not become old until something greater comes. And they do not acknowledge that something greater came, OK. So Jehovah did not leave the world without a manifestation of God. From the time that He established His Ark in Israel we have not been without an expression of God in the Earth. First Jesus, and now the sons that are being raised up. Did I answer your question?


OK. The Lord has just called to my attention -- we are back from our dinner break right now, and as I was listening to the last few words to set my direction, the Lord spoke to me. And He said you know the New Testament is not greater than the Old Testament. This is not true. The Jews have a legitimate complaint. How can I say this, that the New Testament is not greater than the Old Testament? Well, what is happening in this ministry? We are focusing strongly on the Old Testament. Why? Because the message that we need, the wisdom that we need to be delivered from hell is not in the New Testament. Where is it? It is in the Old Testament. It is not true that the New Testament is greater.

The Book of Revelation prophesies the experience which will reveal Jesus Christ in us, which is the resurrection of Adam in us. But the weapons that we need, the wisdom that we need, the power that we need to enter into that experience; the knowledge of all of this is not in the New Testament. It is in the Old Testament. The Old Testament is greater than the New Testament. Lord, you are going to have to tell me what You want us to call the Old Testament and what You want us to call the New Testament because it is a lie. The Old Testament has not become old because of the impartation of the New Testament. The New Testament and the Gospels is the account of what happened to Jesus of Nazareth as He appeared in the Earth. And the Epistles are some doctrinal teaching. All of which is taken out of the Old Testament and made simpler. Everything in the New Testament is taken out of the Old Testament.

So this is a lie. These names that have been given to the Old -- what we -- I am still calling it the Old Testament and the New Testament until the Lord tells me what He wants me to call them. The Jews have a legitimate gripe. The major word of God to the world is what Christianity calls the Old Testament. The New Testament is just an abstract of parts of the Old Testament given to people who do not have the ability to understand the Old Testament. Who can understand the Old Testament? It is a miracle that we are understanding it. The greatest scholars in the church do not understand the Old Testament. Do not the message of the Prophets. Do not understand the message of the creation. Do not understand the message of the fall.

Jesus. Thank You, Lord, for the truth. A few months ago, the Lord had me preaching do not be afraid of the name Jehovah. He is the name -- that is the name of the creator. He sent Jesus. And now He is telling us that to call the Old Testament the Old Testament is a misnomer. I wonder if this move of the Spirit here is not an indication of the gathering in of the Jews. OK, and we know that this age comes to an end by the gathering in of the Jews. And that the next age is the Kingdom age. Full stature. So I hope that this is an indication of the Lord Jesus reaching out to the Jews through these truths. You have a question? OK.

When you say the gathering of the Jews, are you referring to the spiritual Israelites or -- ?

No. I am referring to the natural Jew. The Scripture says in the -- at the end of the age they will be grafted back in -- into the Tree of Life. And pretty much the Jews that we see in the church today are Jews who were not practicing Jews. So for all intents -- like me, I was not a practicing Jew. So for all intents and purposes they were just Greeks or -- Greeks used in the term of pagans, or heathens. Not pagans, but heathens. I did not believe in anything really when the Lord called me. There have been a smattering of religious Jews. They are very few. Very few. There is going to be a big drawing of the physical descendants of Judah at the end of this age. And I do not think they will ever come to the message that is in the church. They are not going to do it.

The only thing that would make them do it is an outright spiritual experience. Which, most Jews who have come, most religious Jews who have come, have had an outright spiritual experience, an encounter with the Spirit of God that has brought them in. And that is who you talk about, that man all the time, Michael. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Michael, Michael. But it -- so that man came in on -- based on a spiritual experience. That the Lord knew what he needed to bring him in. But the average Jew is going to need a message that they can relate to the Old Testament. Which is not the Old Testament, it is the testament. It is the Word of God.

They need more. Although, I do not know, maybe if Jesus gave them such a supernatural experience it would work for them too. But it is almost like saying to a Jew, come and eat port. It is such a radical change they just cannot relate to it. There has to be a connection for the mind of the Jew who has been studying the Word of God. They call it the Torah and the Haftarah [sic]. That have been studying that all of their lives. The -- this word that is being preached in the Christian church, there is absolutely no connection to it whatsoever. They have to be able to see their Torah and their Haftarah [sic] in what we are saying for them to even pray about it. There is just no connection. They know Christmas is a pagan holiday. They know the church is in all kinds of sin. There is no way they are coming. They are fighting it with everything they have got. And you cannot blame them. You really cannot blame them. Jesus.

OK, let us go on with this message from this morning. We are up to the category of the unprepared. Those who are spiritually in Christ but are unprepared to -- OK, those -- OK, there are unprep- -- sorry, I read it wrong. They are in Christ in that they are reconciled to Jesus. They have a relationship with Jesus but they are spiritually unprepared. How are you spiritually unprepared? Well, you do not have a sp- -- you do not have a spiritual nature being developed in you. Well, what does that mean? It means that you are reconciled to Jesus Christ. You have a relationship with Him. But His life is not being formed in your mind. And you have no desire to have it being formed in your mind. Or His life is being formed in your mind, OK, but you are not being trained as to how to use it.

You see, the reproduction of the life of Jesus Christ in your mind is a weapon. The mind of Christ is a weapon. What good is you having a weapon if you do not know how to use it? And even if you know how to use that weapon, what good is it if you cannot see the enemy? Or even worse than that, you think your friends are your enemies and you think your enemies are your friends. What good is your weapon if you open the door and let the enemy in? This is the condition of many in the church today. Many, many, many. The biggest problem, as I see it, is that the professing five-fold ministry, they claim to be the voice of Jesus Christ in the Earth and they are not. They are women and they are children. And they are teaching lies. That is the biggest source of problem -- of the problem. Therefore, they have got to come down. And I do not believe that Jesus is taking them down until the true ministry stands up.

So this is happening simultaneously. The true ministry, the ministry who was preaching out of the mind of Jesus Christ, which has been reproduced in them, OK. The ministry that is teaching, and preaching, and ministering out of the very life of God, which is growing in them, and will ultimately be all that they are. They are rising, and the professing ministry, who are preaching with an imputed, which is a loaned authority, is decreasing. Is not that what John the Baptist said? I must decrease that He should increase.

The whole problem is that we have got millions of people that call themselves Christians. And probably thousands of clergymen that believe they are the called of the Lord. And they do not believe that they are decreasing so that the true five-fold ministry can arise. They do not believe it. And they will not believe it until they lose their anointing. They will not believe it until they lose their anointing.

Will you shut that off, please?

OK, the spiritually unprepared who do have a relationship with Jesus Christ. They have been taught incorrectly. They have been taught all that they need is this relationship with Jesus. We call it reconciliation. The Scripture calls it reconciliation. They call it salvation. They believe it is all that they need and when they die they are going to heaven. This is not a teaching of the Bible. It is an Egyptian teaching. There is no such teaching in the Bible. The Bible says be holy as your Father in heaven is holy. Be holy now. Be holy in this life. Be as holy as you can be and He will honor your efforts. There is no promise of an everlasting heaven, OK.

So, we found out this morning what is going to happen to the people who have developed spiritually by the spirit of Satan. And they are going to be turned over and too and swallowed up by Leviathan. The one -- the ones who they think are serving them, the spirits that they believe are serving them, that are anointing them to preach and teach and read, they are going to become the servants of the ones who have served them. And they will be doing evil deeds that are against their principles. They will have nothing to say about it and they will not even have those principles anymore. In the church, we have people who are laughing, and singing, and dancing, and marrying and giving in marriage. And they are not being spiritually developed. Why? Because the major requirement for spiritual growth is what?

Confession of sin and repentance. And they do not want to do it. And they do not want -- a large percentage of the church, they will tell you that they confessed, a general confession that they were a sinner, and they were saved. But they were not; they were reconciled. To be justified you must confess specific sin. Specific sin. And to have specific sin confessed you must first have it exposed. And few people are able to do that when they first enter into this ministry with the Lord. You need someone to show it to you if you cannot hear it from God. If you can hear it from God directly, fine. But very few can hear it from God directly. Why? Because their sin has blinded their eyes. The god of this world has blinded our eyes. Blinded our eyes to what? What are we blinded to? We are blinded to the reality of sin, OK.

Well, I do not seem to have much more to say about those who are unprepared, spiritually unprepared in Christ Jesus. Oh, what is going to happen to them? Those who are not justified but who have been reconciled to the Lord Jesus are the d- -- what is -- well, let us review justification and reconciliation. Reconciliation is the experience that we have when the Holy Spirit comes to us and enables us to communicate with the Lord Jesus, OK. Now, you do not have to have the baptism, or you do not have to have received tongues to have a rela- -- to be reconciled to the Lord Jesus. There are many Baptists, and probably many Lutherans and other -- others in other denominations that through faith in God through the reading of His word have been reconciled unto Him. And have a relationship with Him that is expressed through faith in His word.

A t- -- justification is the ingrafting of the resurrected life of the Lord Jesus Christ to your human spirit, who we now know is Abel. Abel, who was killed by Cain and is buried under the background threads of your personality. This is the placing of the blood upon the door of your mind. And it is the beginning of the reproduction of the life of the glorified Jesus Christ in you.  There are many who have had this experience as a result of their relationship with Jesus through reconciliation. But for what- -- but for whatever reason, for a variety of reasons, it has not grown. It has not matured. Maybe they have not nurtured it. Maybe they have not fed it. Maybe they have willfully sinned and refused to give up certain practices or idolatries in their life. There could be many reasons the life does not develop.

Then there are other Christians in whom the life does develop but they do not live out of Him. They still live out of their carnal minds. What does that mean? If they have a choice of what to do, they choose the carnal activity and reject the spiritual activity. And they do not seem to understand that this justify -- this justification, this ingrafted life, must be nurtured. And it must be developed like any other thing that we would have to be in our life. You have to work at it to develop it. And they do not want to work at it. They do not want the deep things of God. They do not want to sit in a meeting like this. They do not want to be serious. They just want to have their needs met. And that life which is growing in them is literally dying on the vine.

Jesus said, "The fields are ripe unto harvest, but the laborers are few." That means there are many human beings in whom a mature Christ is growing. But this mature Christ is not being harvested because their sinful sides, the sinful sides of these people in whom the mature Christ is growing is not being exposed as sin, is not being repented of, and is not being killed. You see, the whole purpose of the mature life of Christ in you is to kill Leviathan. So if the life of Christ is growing in you, no matter how mature He is, He will not be harvested until He kills Leviathan. And they are not killing Leviathan. They are loving Leviathan and they are loving the things of this world.

Therefore, they are not spiritually prepared. They are the -- amongst those five virgins who did not have oil in their lamp when the door opened. You see, the door to full stature is opening. And it is going to stay open for a season. And it is going to close. Just like every other move of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is in the church now. For those who want the -- to receive the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is shortly being withdrawn from the church. This is traditional. The move -- the Lord brings in a move of the Spirit, it lasts for a season and it withdraws. And He does the next stage, the next step. The next stage of what? The next stage of our deliverance from hell, which is this world.

Jesus is not just showering us with gifts in this world. He wants to get us out of here. He has a purpose in sending His Holy Spirit into this world. It is not just to dance and sing, and get you a new job. He wants this whole world to come down with a crash. And He is not doing that until we have been spiritually prepared to enter into His world. Otherwise we would die. And this spiritual preparation is an internal preparation. It is an internal, a spiritually internal equipment. Jesus said, "I go to prepare a place for you."

And when He prepared that place, He is bringing it and putting it inside of our spiritual life. The City of God, the visible spiritual world, the home, the mansion that he has prepared, is within us. Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you. But before you can enter into your neighbor's house, brethren, you have to come out of this house. Hallelujah.

Well, that is all I have to say about the spiritually unprepared in Christ or what is going to happen to them. They are going to lose the Holy Spirit if they have not used it to have Jesus Christ ingrafted to them. If His life is not being reproduced in them they are just going to go back and be carnal people. The Scripture clearly states even if Christ is growing in them, if they are not living out of Him, He will be aborted in them. I believe it is Zachariah Chapter 11 is very graphically clear about this. That the Lord Jesus is withdrawing. Every aspect of His son that is in a vessel that is not choosing righteousness over evil. He will remove what He has given you and He will give it to the people who are following Him and serving Him.

Jesus. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord. [SPEAKING IN TONGUES]

OK, we have one more issue that we were going to address. Would you please tell me what it was?

What happened to Jesus' phys- -- excuse me -- what happened to Jesus' physical body at the time of His ascension.

Well, I have been preaching here for eight years. Well, let me say this. The body disappeared. We know that Jesus was in a cave with a big stone in front of the cave. And the body disappeared. And I have been preaching here for eight years that what happened was that the power of the resurrected Christ in Him was so great that it broke His physical body down to its basic atoms and completely mingled that which was not of God. His physical body was not of God, it was in the image of the serpent. And His carnal mind that had been paralyzed during His whole ministry as the Son of God. That those -- that the physical body and His carnal mind were broken down into their smallest components and completely mingled with the God in Him, creating one new man. I have been teaching that for five -- for eight years.

And I think I am seeing it a little differently now. You can, you know, take whichever you choose. First of all, I used to -- I used to base that teaching on the Scripture that said and of the twain He made one new man. Twain meaning two. Of what twain? Of the carnal mind and of the Christ mind, He made one new man. But I am seeing it a little differently right now.

How about this, brethren? How about this? And of Abel, and of Cain, He joined them and He made one new resurrected Adam. How is that? You see, in the Old Testament -- and I will just have to continue using that until I get a new name for it -- there is a distinction between the immortal Adam and the mortal Abel. The -- there are two very distinct words in the Hebrew. One thing I did notice about the Greek, which is a little distressing to me, is that they do not even -- they do not name Jehovah. They do not name mortal man. They do not name immortal man. The only allusion to God as we know Him in the New Testament is in the form of the word Christ or Christ Jesus. And in every other instance, as far as I know, in the Greek, they just use a generic word for God, which could mean any God. It is the Greek word theos.

Any god. They could be talking about Satan. They do not def- -- the New Testament does define what god they are talking about. Now, I read something on it recently. I cannot even remember where. I do not know that this was the case in the original Scripture. But when the Scripture was translated, I believe from the Aramaic into the Greek, this is how it wound up. With the word theos. And no mention of Jehovah. And no differentiation between the immortal man -- who is the immortal man?


Who is the immortal man?


Well, that is not the word in the Hebrew. What is the word in the Hebrew?








Elohim is not a man.


And who is the mortal man?


Who -- Abel is the mortal man. This is clearly identified. These two men are clearly identified in the Old Testament. Clearly distinguished, one from the other. We also have -- in the Old Testament we have Jehovah, the Creator, and we have Elohim, His Son. Although it is not clear that it is His Son in the Old Testament, but it is clear that Elohim is His agency. Elohim is His right hand. Elohim is that aspect of Jehovah that carries out what Jehovah commands. Then here in the New Testament we have no distinctions at all. Just the Greek word theos. The generic word god. It leaves us at a disadvantage. And for those who do not have this revelation that is coming across here, OK, they have no weapons with which to rightly divine this Greek word theos.

So, I am suggesting to you perhaps when Jesus -- Jesus said and of the twain He made one new man. Well, what twain? I used to think it was the Christ-mind and the carnal mind. Well, that is not wrong, OK. It is not really wrong, OK. What part of the carnal mind did Jesus take unto Himself?




It was not Abel, who?


Cain. He broke Leviathan's heads. In the man Jesus, He broke Leviathan's heads, and [?see?sea --?], the serpent, Leviathan was in the sea. I will draw it here. Leviathan was the serpent in the sea. And Jesus broke his heads. And when He broke his heads, he -- Leviathan -- fell apart. Now, whatever was inside of Leviathan fell into the sea. What was inside of Leviathan? Look, if you take a man and you stab him full of stab wounds, and you dump him into the sea, all of his blood is going into the sea. If you take a man -- there is a Scripture in the Old Testament somewhere where it says -- and he killed him. It was a -- one of the judges of Israel killed one of the oppressors of Israel. He put the knife in his midsection, and the Scripture says all of the dirt came out. All of the guts came out, OK, and fell on the floor. His servants had to clean it up. But if he was in the sea when they did that to him, everything that was inside of him would have gone into the sea and sort of dissolved in the sea, right?

Well, Jesus broke Leviathan's heads and everything that was inside of him went into the sea. What was inside of Leviathan?


Who was in -- who was inside of Leviathan?


No, the Earth. And who else?

            The carnal mind of him, Cain.

Cain. The Earth and Cain was in Leviathan. So Leviathan had his heads broken and he broke down to his parts, the Earth and Cain. And they all got dissolved in Satan because Leviathan was in Satan, right? Swimming in the sea. And what is happening to Satan? Satan is getting -- ?




Right. And all of the water is ascending. And all that we are going to have left is -- ?


Earth. And Cain. Does not that sound like what we had on here earlier today? And Adam is grabbing ahold of Cain and bringing him right up there. And the Earth will be dry and barren.

So, of the twain of Abel and Cain, Jesus made one new Adam. Now, I am going to have to look that word new up in the Greek and see because it is not a new Adam. Although, was it Jonathan? And I give you a new commandment. But it is not really a new commandment; it is the commitment that you had from the beginning. Well, if the Greek word really does mean new, then I will say to you well, He made one new man. But it really was not a new man. It was the same man who was there from the beginning, if you can hear what I am saying. But he is new to you, you see. Every once in a while, a Pharisee comes around and says what do you mean you have a new revelation? Truth is -- is ex- -- is eternal. There is no such thing as a new revelation.

Well, maybe it is not new to you but it sure is new to me. I am not eternal. Not yet anyway. Immortality is within me but I am not immortal, because if I was, I would have all knowledge. So it is new to me. So He made one new man. But it is not really a new man, it is the same man who was here from the beginning. You see, when I told you -- when I used to preach that of Leviathan and of the Christ-mind He made one new man, that was not wrong because He took Leviathan, He chopped Him up and He extracted Cain, and made one new man. It is really not wrong. It is just a deeper understanding. If you can hear what I am saying. If you have ears to hear what I am saying.

So, what happened to Jesus' body? Well, now, if we are finding out -- get your blankets on. I am starting to burn up here. I am turning the heat down. Well, if the two that Jesus made the new man out of was Cain and Abel, then what happened to His body? I touched on this a couple of weeks and I told you that the -- of the -- what was coming to me was that it -- when the teachings about the Emancipated Slave started coming from. The Lord was starting to quicken to me that we cannot take anything of this world into Heaven. And there were Scriptures in the New Testament that say the homosexuals will not enter in, the adulterers will not enter in. We are all those things, spiritually speaking. Where we commit adultery every day. Every time Leviathan expresses a thought through us, which we all do because we are mortal, OK.

That is what makes us mortal, OK. That is what kills us, is that Leviathan has the ability to think through us. We are a -- we are a harlot. We are an adulterer. We are a homosexual. We are all these things. And we cannot take them into the Kingdom of Heaven with us. So, I -- my thinking at this point is that Jesus did not take His body in. That it was Cain and Abel that were rejoined and – well, I do not -- I do not want to talk a- -- I want to finish my thought first before I talk about that.

So, what happened to His body? I am sort of saying -- this is partly what I said before -- that the energy source which extracted Cain from Satan and joined him to Abel. It is a -- it is called a fusion. We have been teaching that here for years. A spiritual fusion created so much energy -- even in the natural, fusion creates much more energy than fission. The s- -- fusing together of atoms gives off many times more energy than the splitting of the atom, OK. It created so much energy that it burned His body to a crisp. Now, nothing in this world is destroyed. It just changes form. A lot of people in the church know that. Science knows that. It just changes form.

What happens when you burn something? It turns into a multiplicity of gases and ash. Now, there is nothing in the Scripture about ash being found on the floor of the cave. But maybe it was so perfectly burnt that it just -- it was a cave. It was not a rug, like this. It was a cave. There was dirt on the floor of the cave. It was earth on the floor of the cave. Maybe His body was so completely burnt that it just was part of the dust on the floor of the cave. He could not take that body into the Kingdom with Him.

So, this is where I am now, OK. You do not have to agree with me if you do not want to. Yeah?

            I think it is John 21 where it said His body in the cave, He came out of it.

Does it say that? That He came out of His body?

            Well, let me just see if I can look it up.

OK, can we put that on hold for a minute, please?

[UNINTELLIGIBLE] Sheila, I just want to read this Scripture. John 20:4. And so they ran together, this is Peter and John, and the other disciple did outrun Peter and came first to the sepulchre. And he, stooping down and looking in, saw the linen clothes lying yet not went he in. Then cometh Simon Peter following him, and went into the sepulchre, and seeth the linen clothes lie. And the napkin, that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself.

So your question?

Oh, so they went in also, the other disciples, and he came first to the sepulchre, and they saw and believed.

OK, and your question is?

My question is what you were just referring to was that you believe He burned up. And if He burned up, how come the linen col- -- clothes --


            Did not burn up also?

That is a very good question. And the answer is I do not know. But I will suggest to you that I personally have had no experience with, nor have I read an article by anyone who has had experience with the type of fire that is produced through Cain and Abel being fused. It could be a cold fire. It could be a hot fire. It could be --


Or --


It could be what?


It could be a microwave fire. It could be a laser fire. Now, look. When we have lag- --when we have laser surgery, it does not burn your skin. It goes in and it just burns the cancer out or it just burns the cataract out. Does it destroy the tissue around it? No. OK. So, I do not know the answer. But this is a possible answer. I -- why did the clothes not burn? Why was the napkin apart from the garment? I do not know. Someday, Jesus will tell me. I do not know what the answer is today. OK, we have a comment from the congregation.

What is the swallowed up death in victory? Would that have any connection with this whole thing? With this --

Oh, I do not think so.


So if you want to ask me that later, that is OK. But I want us to end this issue. I do not think it has anything to do with this, OK. So, I do not know. But what I would say off of the top of my head is that it was Jesus' decision, or Jehovah's decision, to leave the napkin and the robe. As obviously, it was some kind of statement, especially with the napkin in one place and the robe in another place. It was definitely some kind of a statement. But I have not figured out the puzzle yet, I do not know what it means. But I think we have had a couple of witnesses right here that it is very possible that the heat that was generated could have been so directed. Because, what is a laser? And wha- -- especially when it is used in medicine, it is light to the point of heat that -- or is -- is not a laser a cold heat? I am not even sure what it is. I just know that it has -- it ha- -- it burns. Laser burns and it only burns what it is directed to. It does not destroy any of the surrounding things.

So we have a strong witness that this could be the case, OK. And I am not taking any kind of a dogmatic stand. This may not be true. But this is wh- -- this is where I am now. And every time I come up with something like this, I say the same thing to you. Do you have a better suggestion? If you have a better suggestion, I will definitely listen to you and pray about it, OK.

So, one more thing that just came into my mind right now is that this body is of the dust of the Earth. It is of the Earth. Dust to dust, ashes to ash- -- well, I do not even know if that is in the Scripture. But in -- when Jehovah was pronouncing the curse, He said you are of the dust and to the dust you will return. So how could Jesus' body have gone into the Kingdom? It could not have. It could not have. And this is my present opinion.

You have something else you want to say? Were you going to say something else?

            Then who was standing when Jesus left? Who was that? Was --

You mean --

            That just --

The young man?


Yeah. That was the harvested Jesus Christ. He was harvested. He was separated from His body. That is what the harvest is, OK. He was translated from being the first Adam, to the last Adam. The first Adam exists in a serpentine body. His body is in the image of the serpent. And he matured into the last Adam. He became an emancipated slave, or the Emancipated Slave, who was liberated from the hell and death of this world. Including the body, which was of the dust of this world. He was freed from it. He left it behind and He appeared as the young man. And he also appeared as -- and someone thought He was the gardener. Then in another place he appeared as two young men. And I am not too sure about that. Whether it was an expression of Jehovah and Jesus, or -- I am not sure about that. Just in the same way that I am not sure about why -- in one case in the Old Testament, two angels appeared to Abraham. And then in another case, three angels appeared to him. I do not have any revelation on that yet.

Do you have something to say?

            OK. Of the descriptions you just gave, which was the Ancient of Days?

The young man that was seen sitting on the stone saying who are you looking for? Jesus? He is risen. That was the Ancient of Days. That was the Emancipated Slave. It was the glorified life that was inside the human being Jesus. The human being Jesus ceased to exist. All you Christians, now hear this, that are waiting for Jesus of Nazareth to appear again, you will wait -- you will wait until a -- until a snowball does not melt in hell. It is not going to happen. That -- that fallen life. Jesus. He was in a fallen body. He was born of a fallen woman. It is gone; it will never rise gone. But the spiritual life that was in that man, whose -- which so completely possessed that man Jesus that He could be called the Christ. That spiritual life that was inside, that we saw on the mount of transfiguration, OK, that is what was -- that glorious life, OK, is now -- is the Ancient of Days. But He was not called the Ancient of Days until He was harvested, separated from the human being Jesus.

So, as long as that glorious life was rooted in and growing in a human man, a mortal man, He was the first Adam. At the separation, the severing, the harvesting of that glorious life from its human roots, He matured into the Ancient of Days. And that is who that young man was sitting on the rock, saying who are you looking for? You are looking for Me, guys. You know. But He did not say that to them. Who are you looking for? You are looking for Jesus? He is risen. And Jesus does not exist anymore.

Jesus does not exist anymore. Oh God, can you hear the Pharisees hearing this? Can you hear someone turning on this message in the middle? The human man Jesus does not exist anymore than the human baby that you were at six months old exists. And He is not coming back. The glorified life of Almighty God that was inside of Him is coming back.

Do you have something to say?

Is that the same Jesus that was walking on the road to Emmaus, and gave the [CROSSTALK]?

Yeah. That is the Emancipated Slave. He took a human form. And He must have looked completely human because they did not think He was a ghost. He took a human form. He had the power to take a human form.

Did not He, even later, with Peter and -- I do not know the other apostles, they went fishing. Did not He make fish? Did He eat?

That He appeared on the shore cooking fish and bread, and nobody recognized Him by His physical appearance. According to the Scripture, He appeared to be a human man. No one knew Him. Only John, who had a Spirit tie with Him, recognized Him by the Spirit. So He could take any form that He wanted. Yeah.

So, even if He ate, it would just be a spirit form? It would be a -- like an illusion to them?

You mean if He ate? Because I think they said He ate.

            He ate. He ate fish.

Yes, He ate. Yes, He could eat. I believe that when an em- -- when one who is emancipated from this world chooses to take human form that they can eat. And they can do everything that a human does. The question is what happens to the waste from the food? I do not know. Maybe they pass waste just like a human so long as they are in that form. I do not know.

I was thinking back with Abraham and the angels, if that is the same thing, then?

What is the same thing?

            That there was two -- three angels I think altogether and then two --

And then two. And I do not know why two at one time and three at another time. I do not know the answer to that. Sorry.

So this where I am coming from right now. 

We are OK.

So when it says Jesus resurrected, it was not really Jesus, it was Cain and Abel?

No, it was Jesus. Does it say Jesus was resurrected? It says who --

On the third day.

It says who do you seek for? Are you -- do you look for Jesus? He is risen. OK. That is -- as far as I know, that is what it says. It really does not say Jesus was resurrected. And I am not sure what it says in the Greek. But I guess it is possible that the Emancipated Slave they were talking to, the resurrected Christ, they were talking to the Emancipated Adam. That is who they were talking to.

He may have said that to them because that was all their mind could comprehend, that Jesus is risen. But I have not looked at in the Greek. But if the Greek does reveal that that is what He said -- Jesus is ris- -- it says He is risen. And if in the Greek it clearly indicates that he was talking to Jesus, then I would have to say that He said that because that was all they could comprehend at the moment.

Did you have a question on this issue?

I was just thinking of Mary. When she went to touch Him and Jesus said, "Do not touch me, I have not ascended to the Father yet." I was just wondering the significance of that.

I do not really know. It just appears to me that it -- it could mean several things. It could mean that His -- the fusion that had taken place in Him was still manifesting. She could have been burnt if she touched Him. OK, He may have still been dangerous. He may have still been hot. It may have been dangerous to touch Him. Or I could have -- you know, I do not really know what else it could have been.

It could have -- maybe the process. Well, He said, "I have not ascended to My Father yet." To me, that says that the process was not completed. It could have -- it was most likely dangerous to her. My other suggestion would be that her touching could interfere with the process. But I think most likely it would have been dangerous to her. The process was not completed. He was still hot. Yeah.

            When Jesus ascended, it was like He evaporated.

Actually, He went in. He -- I do not believe He evaporated. We talked about this at a recent meeting. This is very difficult to understand, and I am openly telling you I do not fully understand it myself. So all I could give you is what I have got. That it -- to our carnal mind it is totally irrational. But the spirit world -- which is far greater than this visible, physical world, including all of the planets and the constellations -- the spiritual world is greater.

But it exists in a plane or in a dimension which is not -- it is not linear; it is not laid out; it is not time and space. And therefore, it fits inside of us. I believe it to be true. People that study physics know that it is true. My mind cannot grasp it. [?I am?] believing it in faith. So He did not evaporate. He went in to the Kingdom of God, which is within us.

Did you ever see --


No. No. Did you ever see a cartoon on TV? You see this on cartoons. The guy wants to -- it is a cat, let us say, and he wants to hide. Or he is a fox. Someone is coming hunting for him, and he wants to hide. And he will pull down a zipper and go inside and disappear. Did you ever see a cartoon like that? That is what He did. He went in. And when He went in, He went into a dimension that is a different world from this world. So we could not -- the apostles could not see Him anymore.

Just like you have told us, there is no such thing as heaven as people see it, the golden streets.


That it is a realm. That you get to the highest place in the spiritual realm and it is all within.

Right, it is a dimension. [?Do you?] -- the "Star Trek" episode that we saw tonight, remember, he walked into his ready room, and all of a sudden he was in a whole different surroundings [sic]. But yet, when that scene was over, he was just sitting on the couch in his ready room. OK? His mind went to a whole different place.

Now in Jesus' case, He did not have a physical body like Captain Picard. So all He was was [sic] mind and an expression of mind. And that whole -- His whole person went into that other dimension. Only He did not go out; He went in. And He ceased to exist. He ceased to exist to the people who are bound to this world. He went into a world where we cannot go.

He said to the disciples, "I must go now, and you cannot come where I am going." Because people in the -- that are bound to a physical body cannot enter into the King- -- cannot fully enter into the Kingdom. So He left this world and He went into another world. But the other world is not a planet. It is a world within. A spirit world.

OK, are you following me? And we hear a lot of stories about aliens being -- one thing that is coming to my mind, one memory of a TV show that I saw of a woman who claims she was abducted and taken to another place. And she met a child that was supposed to be her child, whatever this fantasy is. But I do not want to discuss that right now. But what I am saying is, the other place that she was taken to was another dimension which existed within.

The aliens took her within to a spiritual dimension within her. It is another dimension. So just do the best you can with it because I do not comprehend it myself. Even -- another point that I did not point out to you on that "Star Trek" episode that we saw today, I do not know whether you picked it up or not, but Captain Picard was talking to this evil alien, Q. And Captain Picard said to him, "What is this trial all about? We had this trial seven years ago. Why am I back on trial now?"

And Q said to him, "Oh, Captain, you are so linear." You are so linear. What was he saying to him?

Let me shut -- could you shut that before I erase the board, please?

I have drawn for you here three dimensions. OK. There are two heavens. I hope you all know that there are two heavens, that the Kingdom of Heaven is really the Kingdom of the Two Heavens. The highest heaven is where Jehovah and Jesus are right now. And underneath that heaven is the heaven -- what is a heaven? It is a spiritual dimension. So underneath the place where Jesus is right now is Satan's heaven. Satan's heaven, the spiritual dimension where Satan rules.

And underneath of the second -- the two heavens, is this visible, physical world called hell. Or this visible, physical world of time and space. The significance of time is that it is ticking away and it only goes forward. It does not go to the left, it does not go to the right, and it does not go backwards.

So we see that Captain Picard was [?caught?called?] up to a spiritual dimension by an alien called Q. And this alien is up here in this spiritual dimension where there is no time. There is no time. Everything is hanging up there. This is the whole principal of time travel. OK. If you want to go forwards or backwards in time, if we have the power, we must ascend out of this world into a timeless dimension. And then, when we return, we can return to the year that we ascended out of or we can return to any other year.

Once you are in a timeless dimension, when you return to a timed dimension you can return to any place that you want. This is the principal of space travel. This spaceship takes off from the Earth, and goes up into outer space, and it just hangs there. There is no movement in outer space. Everything -- once you clear the Earth's gravitational pull, everything just hangs there in space. Right? I hope you all know that. We have seen enough movies and news reports about that.

So the Earth is spinning on its axis. You ascend beyond the gravitational pull of the Earth and you just look down there and the Earth is spinning around. And when you come back down into the Earth's gravitational pull, if you have the wherewithal or the scientific instruments or whatever, to calculate, OK, where the Earth -- because the Earth is spinning, you know. At the time that you begin your descent, the Earth is still spinning. So you would have to calculate at what point -- at when you started your descent, you would have to calculate at what point you would contact the Earth.

So therefore, if you wanted to land on Long Island, OK, and the Earth was -- and Long Island was all the way on the lower side of the Earth, you would start your descent in enough ti- -- giving yourself enough time that the exact point that you contacted the Earth, the Earth would have spun around enough so that you would land on Long Island.

Well technic- -- now, I am making this simple, you need all kinds of scientific instruments. But technically speaking, once you are in outer space you just watch the Earth spin. And you could -- when you come back on the same line. You see, you went up on a straight line and you come down on a straight line. But the Earth is spinning.

So when you are just hanging up there in timelessness, you can re-enter the Earth at any point on the planet that you want. If you can just calculate at what point the Earth -- if you could just calculate at which point in time the geographical point that you want to land on is going to be passing by your path because you are coming back the same way you went up. You know what I am talking about? Do you know what I am talking about?

OK. So Q was in a dimension which was timeless. And he caught Captain Picard up and put him on trial. And then he returned Captain Picard to his same time period. Year one of a seven-year span. Then seven years went by. And all of a sudden Q is catching Captain Picard up again to a timeless dimension.

And Captain Picard says to him, "Seven years have gone by. Why are you putting me on trial again?"

And Q says, "Oh, you spiritual pea brain. You are so linear. For you, seven linear years, seven years measured by time, have elapsed. But not so up here."

You see? We are in a condition of space where there is no time. There is no movement backwards. There is no movement forwards. And when we returned you to the Earth, we could have just as easily returned you to the future, or returned you to the past.

So you have experienced seven spiritual years but for us up here, in the timeless dimension, no time has passed at all. You are so linear. Do you not realize that -- and Q said to him, "This trial is not over. We just sent you back to the timed dimension for a season. But as far as we in the timeless dimension are concerned, no time has elapsed at all."

Do you understand what I am saying? Do you understand what I am saying?

OK. So this timeless dimension is within us. It has no time and there is no measurement on space. It is a place where these bodies cannot go because these bodies require space. So our spirit man, the Emancipated Slave, can go into the Kingdom of God. We cannot bring this body in with us. So I guess He did not bring His body in with Him. He must have just fried it.

OK. He just fried it. And we know that people who die in this world, this flesh turns to dust but the bones remain. So what happened to His bones? I guess He fried the bones also. You know, I do not have any more information on it. I just know there were no physical remains. Everything that was from this world, which is Leviathan's world, He left it behind.

OK. Now, Mary, I know you asked your question next but I think Ma-, June's had more relationship to this issue so I am going to ask you to put that off. Did you have something else you wanted to say?

A number of years ago, I know a book came out in the Christian world from Dr. Cho over in Korea. And it is "The Fourth Dimension." What would that be?

Well, we have -- this world has three dimensions: height, width, and depth. That is the three dimensions of this world, of this linear world. So the fourth dimension is a spiritual dimension. That is what he is talking about. He is talking about this spiritual dimension up here.

OK. Now, the account of the "Star Trek" episode that I just referred to is suggesting that there are whole worlds, whole societies, whole races of people dwelling in a non-linear plane or in a spiritual dimension. Whether or not it is true, I do not know.

When we were in Africa the last time we were given a book that we read a few pages of. It was supposedly by a converted witch doctor. How much -- whether he was really converted or not, we do not know. The first few pages seem to have some information that I thought the Lord wanted me to read. But as we continued it, it was just loaded with witchcraft. We got rid of it.

But in that book, the author was saying that in this spirit world those humans in this hour that have the power to enter into this spiritual dimension actually travel. That within this spiritual dimension there are all the planets and they travel in the spirit all over the universe that is within. Now, the universe that we see out there, it is only a reflection or an image of the spiritual universe.

Now, I did speak to someone else who was deeply into witchcraft before she was reconciled to the Lord Jesus, and she said that this is true. Those who have spiritual authority to do it, they travel. They have -- they just have a whole world inside. And they travel here and there in the spirit and they have meetings. And they -- it is a whole other world.

So we -- exactly, I do not have any information about it. Whether there are other -- whether there are aliens within, or other cultures or whatever, I do not know. I do not know.

OK, anything else on this issue?

When you showed this morning the right side and left side? And that first group, that would be these people, they would all be destroyed or whatever.

Well, they are not going to be destroyed. They are going to come under the domination of Leviathan. Right now Leviathan is not dominating them. They are flexing their muscles. They think they are great. They read cards, they do readings, they have all this spiritual authority, and they think that the source of their knowledge and power is their servant but they are going -- and that is true, only so long as Leviathan permits it. But there is such an intense soul tie is being established between these people and the one who is the source of their spiritual power that at the exact -- as soon as she can, she is going to rise up and place them -- and make them her slave. They will become Leviathan's slave. Jesus.

I have a question. Some things on virtual reality. And they showed where they dissected a cadaver and they had 69, what would you call them, discs. Like, the whole bible could be on one disc. They had 69 discs on the body and how they used it, the students, to actually learn how to do operations. They actually froze the cadaver and sliced it. And took all of these imagery, pictures, around to teach how they can perform operations and, like, they had these 3D pictures, eyeglasses that you could put on and actually get involved in these different things. 3D effect.

They even have gone so far as to have these glasses that you can put on while you sleep. That will have your dreams in Technicolor and get you involved more in it. It is getting bad. I can see what minds can be taken over so readily. [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

This is interesting, because you may recall me saying to you that that which is inside, there is a world -- there are worlds inside of us, want to come out into this world. Jesus wants to appear in this world, in us, OK. And He is doing that through the resurrection of Adam. But also, Leviathan wants to appear in this world in human beings, OK.

And we saw that movie, "The NeverEnding Story," which I commented on. Which began with a little boy reading a book and he became so involved in this story that at the very end of the movie the princess of the story was sitting across from him. She came out of the book, OK, which was in his mind, and she took form and became a reality. OK, he was reading the story, he was going into his mind mixing with the own -- with his own components of his mind, and she materialized in his mind and then vibrated out and materialized in a human form.

And [?friends of Him?], I have been telling you for years this is what the aliens are. They are thoughts. They are evil thoughts in people's minds that vibrate forth and become reality.

Yes, did you want to say something?

Sheila, do you think these people that -- you said that there is [?worlds?] out there and they travel all around within themselves -- is that all the demonic spirits from the beginning of time that Adam -- not Adam -- Cain, or Leviathan or Satan -- I do not know which terminology -- are bringing all of those different ages up, and so it is all in that -- within each of those people that go into the depths they should not, that they are seeing all of that?

Well, I am not really sure what you mean. But you did mention all those spirits from the beginning of the world, and I do not --

Well, what I am trying to say is that you said that when people in the cult and they hear from somebody, that is some spirits from a long time ago.

There is only one spirit in this world. It is Satan.

Well, all right, Satan. So Satan has all the people that have ever lived and all their experiences. Like you say we will have in Christ. They have it all in the demonic aspects of it. So do you think that is what this -- that they are going into these worlds of all the people that have gone on in the past?

No, I do not think so. All the people who have gone on in the past are gone. They are gone.

You said the Christians will have all the experiences of the good that the different people that have gone on. Like --

I am talking about Christians out here in the flesh. Not in the spirit world.

No, but I am saying, in the flesh. We will experience, like, what John the Baptist -- all those good parts. Well, do you think on the opposite side of the pole they will experience all those evil things of what had happened in the past?

Oh, when they are in full stature?


Oh, yeah, when they are in full stature, yes. Yes, that is true. I get it. I thought you meant something else. When they are in full stature, they will be the full expression of evil that has been ascending in all of these centuries. They will be a full expression of Satan, yes.

OK, there was something else I had on my mind. I forgot what it was. OK, so we are actually -- all of this is a result of our discussion of what happened to Jesus' human body. OK. Praise the Lord.

Well, there was something else but I have lost it. Oh, OK. But you had a question that may -- that we are -- that is closer to the subject, so we are going to take you first.

I remember something said about death is swallowed up in victory, and this body is death, so could that have any relation to the disappearance to the body of Christ?

OK, I do not think so because my understanding of this expression swallowed up, is that Satan is going to be swallowed up. We even have a message called Satan swallowed up. And the way Satan is going to be swallowed up is really Cain. Cain, which is dissolved in Satan, is the one who is being swallowed up. He is being plucked out of Satan's sea and fused together with Abel. And the individual with Abel and the Lord Jesus Christ, who is in there too.

OK, So I do not believe that that swallowing up has to do with the human body. It has to do with the Satan, OK. And I would like to go over this with you at this point. Let me see. Who is going to be fused together here? And it will be a review of what exactly Jesus does for us when He engrafts to us. And I told you in a recent message -- this will be a review -- that when Jesus comes to us, He comes to Abel.

He comes to Abel in us, who is dead, OK. And He brings with Him a resurrected Abel, Cain, Elohim -- I am sorry Adam is in here -- Adam, Elohim, and Jehovah. When Jesus engrafts to our spirit, Abel, He engrafts to us a fully mature, functioning being whose components, whose parts are Abel in his priestly authority.

Well, I guess I did this wrong. Well, Cain -- OK, no. The reason I put Cain over Abel was that I put Abel next to Abel in that Abel is going to be raised from the dead. But we know that Cain has to be under Abel. So that cannot be correct. Let me do it this way.

OK. When Jesus engrafts to us, we receive a cutting of a fully mature, emancipated man whose components are all in the right order: Cain down at the bottom, Abel, Adam, Elohim, and Jehovah. These are the components of the man who we call Christ Jesus. The Old Testament calls Him the Emancipated Slave or the Last Amen. And we get a cutting. Just as if -- we know in this world seeds come with all the genetic material to produce the fruit of which they are a seed.

That is what we get because we are separated from Cain. Cain is up here and he is in Leviathan's belly. And we have no power to get Cain back. And in and of ourselves, we could never rise up and assert our priestly authority over Cain because Cain is defended by Leviathan and Satan and we are dead. We do not stand a chance. So the Emancipated Slave, the Lord Jesus, comes in and grafts to Abel. And He brings His Cain and His Abel, who is resurrected. And we are going on His power. And with His power, we start attacking Leviathan. In which our lower nature is.

Our wife is in there. We are Abel and Cain is supposed to be our wife. So we are going strictly on Jesus' power, who has a fused Cain and Abel. Who has -- who have risen from the dead and been restored to immortality in Adam. And not only that, but who has gone the next step and become the Ancient of Days. He has become emancipated from the physical body and is bringing that victory that He acquired in the earth to us and He is engrafting it to Abel. He is giving us a blood transfusion.

And as this graft starts to grow, we are supposed to be attacking Leviathan, who has taken Cain captive. But until such time -- OK, until such time as we are glorified, we are going on Jesus' victory. Because in full stature, what happens in full stature? In full stature, we put Leviathan under our feet. And Cain is in Leviathan. And this is us, up here. And we put Leviathan under our feet. And we receive immortality because Adam has risen from the dead.

But you cannot have a resurrected Adam without a Cain. But Cain is still down here. How in the world are we going to rise from the dead if Cain is still in Leviathan? We are ascending into full stature standing on Jesus' victory because we have not -- we are not going to get Cain away from Leviathan until we are glorified. So even when we come into full stature, we are standing on Jesus' victory. We are standing -- He has given us a graft of His life, which has fused -- re-fused Cain and Abel.

We cannot do it. There is no way we are going to get Cain to fuse with us. He is behind the scales of Leviathan. So even in full stature, we are standing on Jesus' victory. It is not even a -- well, I do not want anyone to misunderstand me. It will be a true victory. We will be in full stature but it is really His victory. There is no way that we could ever do it when He did not do it first.

So it is not until the glorification that the resurrected Adam in us -- you see, when Adam is resurrected in us, we have really not risen from the dead. Jesus, who was Christ, is just reproducing Himself in us. It is really not our victory, even in full stature. It is not our victory until glorification, when Adam, who has risen from the dead in us, which is really the Lord Jesus, OK, breaks Leviathan's heads, gets Cain, and restores him up here. Then it becomes -- and even then, it is not our victory. It becomes our experience but it is never our victory.

It is His victory. Every step of the way, it is His victory in us. He is living His victory through us. Now, we are party to it. We have to work with Him and fight with Him. But it is His victory. It is His victory all the way.

In full stature, people come at different ages, right? Different times? But in glorification, they all come at once?

That is my opinion at this time. We are all going to be glorified together. Who knows what I will believe next year. As I have told you before, I have very little information about glorification. And I believe the reason for that is that let us take it a step at a time. And the step that we are hoping for right now is full stature. So the majority of the information that we are receiving is that which we need to enter in to the miracle that Jesus is giving us now. Therefore, most of our information is about full stature.

When it is time for the glorification, we will get the information. We are having enough trouble understanding the full stature without filling our heads with glorification, something that we will not be using for maybe 1500 years. 

So I did want to review that for you. Are there any questions on this at all? Actually, what Jesus does for us. You see, there is no way out of here. No way. No way we could ever get out of here. No way.

So how did Jesus get his Cain and Abel fused? I do not how Jehovah did it, but I know it was a miracle. Jehovah did it. Maybe He was born with a fused Cain and Abel. I know that he was born with priestly -- with Adam's -- with Abel's priestly authority intact. So maybe -- well -- there is -- I do not know. I do not want to guess on this message, but I believe the Lord will tell us.

In due season, He will tell us exactly what Jesus' condition was when He was born. I believe that He was mortal when He was born. But I believe that Abel was not dead, that Abel had been raised from the dead in Him.

Jesus. Hallelujah.

Any other questions on this issue or anything associated with it?

What is the timing on that? That Abel is -- was raised from the dead at the same time as --

As who?

What you just said, I cannot -- well He was born --

Which one?


Who are you talking about?



            Yeah. He was born --

When was Abel raised from the dead?

            Yeah. Was it the same time that -- ?

I believe that He was born with Abel in right order. See, every human being that is born, Abel is dead because Cain killed him for everybody. But Jesus was born according to a different law. He was born according to Jehovah's instructions as to how He would be born. And I believe that Abel had his priestly authority from birth in Jesus. But He was still mortal, you know, he was Ain Soph.

So for Abel to have his priestly authority, I honestly do not know whether Abel had priestly authority and Cain was still in the belly of Leviathan in the man Jesus or whether Cain was delivered from Leviathan's belly at birth in Jesus. I do not know, but I sure would like to know. What I do know is that He could not -- either He was not in the same condition that we are in when He was born, or He had His -- an intense miracle at some time during His mortal years. Because as you can see, it is impossible for a mortal man whose Abel is dead to get Cain back from Leviathan and rise in -- back into immortality in Adam. It is also impossible for mortal man to get his priestly authority back when Leviathan is trampling on the ground that Abel is underneath.

So here is the question: If Jesus was born with Abel in his right priestly authority, but Cain was still in Leviathan's belly, who would be stronger? Abel with hi- -- Abel raised from the dead or Leviathan with Cain in his belly? Who would be stronger? You know? And I do not know the answer to that, but I am inclined to think that Leviathan with Cain in his belly would be stronger.

Now if that is true, if that is true, then Jesus had to be born with more than Abel raised from the dead. He either had to born with Abel rose from the dead and that Holy Spirit in there shoring Him up somehow or with Cain restored. Cain out from Leviathan's belly and restored. I do not know. I do not know. It has to come by revelation because we are not -- we do not get this information in the New Testament. Maybe it is hidden somewhere in the Old Testament, I do not know.

Anybody else? OK, Mary, we will take your question if you would still like to ask it.

I was just thinking about what you said about the Old Testament and New Testament. The Old Testament is a covenant, a promise and no one is the covenant fulfillment, right? Would you say that?

Covenant? I do not -- how are you using the word covenant? I do not know that I could use the word covenant but I can hear what you are saying. That the Old Testament is the message of the promise --

 I did not say that.

And the New Testament is the message of the fulfillment. Well, I can hear what you are saying, yeah. But I perceive that the Old Testament is a complete work if you have the ears and eyes to understand what it is saying. If you have the spirit of revelation, it is a complete work from the creation, through the fall, through the program of deliverance, and through the actual deliverance. OK, it is -- the Old Testament is complete. The New Testament is not complete.

I guess it has to be. Jesus and the Apostles, they all taught out of nothing but the Old Testament.

Yeah. And the Old Testament, I believe, was given for -- you see the real -- the Orthodox Jews, they studied those Scriptures day and night. The Old Testament is not something that you can understand if you are looking at it once a week, see. Neither can you understand the New Testament if you are looking at it once a week. But it, somehow it was chopped into baby food. It -- it is -- it was -- there were abstracts. There were extractions from the Old Testament chopped into baby food so that people who are not in the Scriptures day and night can lay hold of something.

You see the power of the Old Testament that I see it; it is really in the Prophets. All of this information that we are getting, it is coming out of the Prophets. It is coming -- well, the creation, the story of creation, is coming out of Genesis. But it is not -- this power is not in the History books. It is in the Prophets. Can you relate to what I am saying? How many average people could understand these Prophets? They will never understand it. So there were excerpts of the Old Testament taken and put in more understandable manner which, in the New Testament, but it is not complete. The message is not complete.

This -- the hope -- the hope of the Old Testament was extracted and put in baby food form. But the Old Testament is complete. It does not need the New Testament. And I guess that is why the Jews are rejecting the New Testament. I just repent of it. Any time I have ever thought otherwise because I have spoken to a couple of Jews. One of them that almost cried, an orthodox rabbi, he almost cried that he was so wounded for the Word of God, you know. It is complete. It is not getting old, it is not passing away. It is whole and it is the complete Word of Jehovah to Israel. And then to the -- to natural Israel and to the Israel of God, to the whole world it is complete. 


It is amazing that they call -- a lot of the information that you have gotten from the Lord has been in what they call the Minor Prophets, but it is, like, major information there.

Yeah. That is a very interesting point. I do not know the answer to it. I remember when I read Jeremiah, when I first read Jeremiah under the anointing. It was an awesome experience. Jeremiah is pretty much the experience of Israel going under judgment, OK. And, but Isaiah -- I think Isaiah in itself is complete. I believe the prophet Isaiah is -- has the complete message of the creation, the fall -- well, I do not know about the creation. But the fall, and the judgment, and the regeneration is all in Isaiah. It is a very, very complete book. But it is in code, you know.

And now, why they are in the Minor Prophets now, I do not know. Why when I- -- in Isaiah, which is complete. I do not know why that. But Jesus knows. That is an interesting observation that you made. And we will not be able to understand why until He gives us more of the Major Prophets.

It is interesting. We have done very little in Ezekiel too. Very little in Ezekiel. We are all in the Minor Prophets. I do not know what that means. But I would like to know, Lord.

Very interesting observation, Sally.

I know that the natural Jew is blinded and they are tribe of Judah, and, you know, the Sons of God will give them information to -- for some to come in. But are not we part of the Jews too? The various tribes that --

Israel. You mean --

            Are part of [?the better way??]

You mean Israel.          

            Of Israel.

Well, a lot of people believe that the Christian church is primarily Israel. I think it very well may be the case that Israel's geo-physical land was wiped out. There is no land of Israel. But the people of Israel, the people of the 10 tribes, had to go somewhere. And a lot of people believe that they became the European nations and it is probably -- as far as I am concerned -- it is probably true. And they are the ones who became -- they are the ones who responded to the message of Christianity.

If I understand correctly, the Jews that were melted into other nations, they melted into pagan nations. They became pagans. So out of all the pagan nations, the ones who responded to the message of Christianity were those who were really Israel. And it is probably true.

I am not sure if I have this right, but it seems like when Paul was ready to go out and the Spirit spoke to him and told him not to go to Asia, it must have been a reason that God wanted to bring him the other places where God's Jewish people were. Rather than to the Asian countries.

Well, I think that you have drawn a pretty strong conclusion. It may be true, but it may not be true, OK. And I tell you all the time that conclusions are OK if you have some facts that you are basing them on. But I do not really see any basis of fact. The only thing that I -- the only facts that I can see is that the Holy Spirit told him not to go to Asia. I have no idea. But I would like to know. If the Lord would tell me, I would like to know. But to draw a conclusion that at that time he was rejecting the Asians, I do not know. It is really drawing a conclusion. We do not know why.

Did he ever go to Asia at all?


Yeah, I do not know. We have to -- we really have to hear from the Lord on that. Interesting. Anybody else?

10/07/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

10/17/14 1st Edit CAS/BP

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