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What we are going to do tonight is review our Alternate Translations, and then depending on how much time we have, I would like to just briefly read through the verses of Numbers 22 that we did not translate and just exhort on it a little bit if we have time. Sometimes I get into these reviews, and they take a very long time.

We are in Numbers 22:23-34, and I interspersed them. Whenever I intersperse our Alternate Translations, [UNINTELLIGIBLE], but frequently I find very interesting things. I see aspects of the Alternate Translation that I did not see before, and the message becomes much clearer when I put it in the logical order, and that happened this time. So I made a couple of further changes because I saw deeper into what the Scripture was trying to say.

One thing did come up that really surprised me. I just had not seen it before, was that both -- well, that Abel rebuked Cain. Abel, in his priestly role -- in other words, he had the authority to do it, rebuked Cain, and Cain's response was, if I could, I would kill you again. And the next thing that happened was that Adam rose up and rebuked Cain.

Now this is exactly the position that we are in right now, as people in whom the immature Christ Jesus is being formed.  That is the position that I am in with this group, and this is the position that you are in wherever Christ Jesus is appearing with authority in you. If I rebuke somebody and the turn around and tell me, if they could do it, they would kill me -- they may not say those words. It has happened over the years. The next step is -- if I truly was in the righteousness of Christ Jesus, the next step is that Jesus Christ goes and deals with the person. That is the way it works.

Anybody in whom Christ Jesus is being formed, when you bring a correction or rebuke in the righteousness of Jesus Christ and the person turns around and cuts your heart out, which might -- if it has not happened to you yet, it has to happen to you. If you want to be a son, it must happen to you. Why? Because the disciple can never be greater than the teacher, and they did it to a teacher, and they will surely do it to you, so, you see, it must happen to you. If it does not happen to you, you are not a son, you see.

This is the way things for people who cannot recognize your authority or who will not yield to your authority. You release them. We who are still imperfect do not execute judgment. We do not execute judgment. We do not punish people. We execute judgment to the extent that we recognize sin. We were talking about that this morning. When we are truly recognizing sin in the righteousness of Christ Jesus, judgment goes forth. It automatically happens, but we do not determine what the judgment is, you see. We do not determine what the judgment is, and we do not carry it out on the person. Why? Because we are imperfect. We could not do it, OK. Sin would surely arise in us.

So I found that very interesting. I did not realize that, that first Abel rebuked Cain, and Cain told him to go jump in the lake, and then Adam came in and rebuked him. So I have interspersed these verses. I have made some changes, but I, sort of, was rushing this morning. I only indicated the change in one place. If you are interested in seeing the specific changes that I made, you would really have to compare it -- compare these Alternate Translations to [?our?] translations from parts 1, 2 and 3, more specifically part 3 of this message.

So I am just going to expand on it as I go along. I do not know about you, but I just love these interspersions. It makes the translations read like a book, and it is just really, really, excitingly marvelous. When I get in my carnal mind sometimes, I get very sad at how many people are rejecting this and talking bad about these translations because they are just marvelous, but that will change, you know.

And, also, I now have come to accept the fact that as beautiful as these translations are, many people that read them cannot understand them. You really cannot understand them without the background teaching that we have been having here. It is just -- these translations are just as much a confusion as the King James translation of the prophets, [?our Torah?]. Yeah --


-- so I believe there is power in these translations, but to actually it, you really have to submit yourself to the teaching here. Praise the Lord. OK, you can see that the verses are out of order in our interspersion. We are starting with Verse 21.

"And Balaam, Elohim's four-footed beast, walked with Leviathan, who was the serpent and Abel's" -- I will take questions at the end of each verse here, OK. This is going to be a pretty open meeting. I just ask that you try and wait until I complete my thought, and if you co- -- you could let me know that you have something to say by raising your hand. As I frequently do, I will just indicate to you, you know, please wait until I finish my thought, but it will be a pretty open meeting, so feel free. Just use a little discretion, but feel free to ask questions.

"And Balaam, Elohim's four-footed beast, walked with Leviathan, who was the serpent and Abel's incestuous offspring, and Leviathan" -- excuse me -- "rose up and took authority over Adam, Balaam's spiritual side."

Now [UNINTELLIGIBLE] here is that we are in three parts. Those of us who have two minds are in three parts. We have the mind of God, which is Adam. In his mortal condition, Adam -- what is Adam's name in his mortal position, anybody? Adam died, and who has the righteous priestly authority in the mortal creation?


Abel, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] coming up with some really good answers there. Praise the Lord. Abel, OK. We are in three parts. We have a righteous mind. He is either Adam, OK, a- -- or Abel in his right moral order, and we have an unrighteous mind whose name is? [?What is the name?] of our unrighteous mind?




No. Cain is not a mind. Cain is a spirit.


Leviathan, yes.


[UNINTELLIGIBLE] you have to put it right up to your mouth.


Yeah. OK, so our righteous mind is Adam, but he is not in his full maturity, so he is appearing as Abel, if we have been quickened by the Lord Jesus Christ, and our unrighteous mind is Leviathan, and there is us, the personality of this spiritual generation because ever individual, mortal man, every human being is a spiritual lifetime for Adam who died, OK, for the dead Adam, OK. And the name of the dead Adam is Abel, and his mortal -- when Adam died, he died to his immortality, and the name of his mortal condition is Abel, kind of, who is trying to rise from the dead. First, Abel, is trying to regain his priestly authority, and then he is trying to completely rise from the dead back up into the immortality, back up into the immortal condition known as Adam.

And each one of us, the experience which we call our personal lifetime, is one of Abel's lifetimes. It is one of Abel's lifetimes. It is an experience. It is a lifetime. It is the -- an age that Abel has experienced while he tried to become educated and strong enough to rise back up into his immortality, at which time his name will change to Adam.

So we -- there is a part of us that is just us. There is a part of us that is just us, and therefore there are three of us, just us, Abel and Leviathan. OK, and Abel is not a mind, you see. Abel is not a mind until such time as the Lord Jesus Christ crucifies him and he begins to grow into Christ Jesus.

Christ Jesus is [?what?]? Christ Jesus is the New Testament name for Adam, so we could say that the Lord Jesus Christ crucifies Abel, and Adam begins to be born again. Adam begins to rise from the dead, so we see that Adam can be present in believers in various stages of immaturity, OK, so the mind is Christ Jesus.

If you have the Lord Jesus Christ, the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, [?He is?] the Holy Spirit. You do not begin to have the mind of God until the Lord Jesus Christ is engrafted to you. This is called justification, and it is the beginnings of the mind of God in you. Could you put that on hold please?

So we see, in Verse 21, that Balaam, number one, is Elohim's four-footed beast, OK, Elohim, Jehovah's Son, the breath of this creation. Elohim was given into the earth to mix with it, to become the creature that Jehovah imagined. And when Elohim's breath entered into the earth or the dust of the earth, it separated. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] OK, I am going to try this again. Elohim remained with Jehovah, OK. Part [?of Him?] remained with Jehovah, was connected to Jehovah. He never separated from Jehovah, but Elohim gave His life to the dust, and the breath of the spirit of this creation is Elohim's spirit, but Elohim is still with Jehovah.

Is this a great mystery to you? Let us look at a natural example. A woman gives life to her offspring. The child is born, and the child has breath, the flesh and the blood and the sinews and the breath -- well, the life that is in the blood comes from the mother, yet the child is born, and the mother is whole, and the child is whole. This is what happened with Elohim.

So Elohim, that is still connected with Jehovah, is ruler over this creation. He is the Son that John 1:1 talks about, that all things were made by him, and without him, nothing was made. It is His creation which He is making at the express instructions of Jehovah. So we see a natural order. Elohim has come down to talk to Balaam who is the host --

Let me make that clear on this message. I think it was on the last, on part 3, maybe part 2 of this message. I have identified the part that is us, the part that is temporal, the part that is just this generation, we are calling the host. The mind of God is immortal, OK, and even Leviathan is not immortal, but she definitely spans more than our experience. Leviathan exists throughout the entire creation.

We, our individual person that will live so many years on earth and pass on unless Adam rises from the dead in us, is the host. We are the womb in which spiritual life is being born, and the spiritual life that we agree with, whether it be the mind of Jehovah, OK, Jehovah's mind, Adam, the living soul -- whether we agree with Adam or whether we agree with Leviathan, whichever one we agree with, that is who it will be because whatever our mind is, that is what we are. We are as we think. We are an expression of the mind which is our king. We are the land that our mind is the king of.

So Elohim looked down on Balaam, someone who had existence because Elohim's breath was in him, and Elohim looked down on him and said, how come you are walking with Leviathan? Now we say to ourselves, why would Elohim say that? The whole world is filled with trillions of people that are walking with Leviathan. Does Elohim come to any of them and say, how come you are walking with Leviathan? No, so we have to ask ourselves why Elohim would be saying this to Balaam, the host.

Anyway, I see that the answer is not in Verse 21, so I will just give you a preview. Oh, it is in Verse 22. The answer is in Verse 22. The reason Elohim came down to talk to him, we see in Verse 22, is that Jehovah's mind was in this man, Balaam. Adam, the living soul, was fully formed in Balaam, and so was Leviathan. When Adam, the living soul, is fully formed in you, that means you can choose who you will serve because Adam is standing behind you wounding Leviathan every time she tries to make you sin.

So Elohim wanted to know why this man Balaam, in whom the living soul was standing erect, would choose to walk with his evil side. And Balaam, Elohim's four-footed beast -- we are all animals that Elohim ride o- -- rides upon -- walked with Leviathan, and then we see that Leviathan is the offspring of the serpent and Abel's incestuous relationship.

You remember Cain killed her head, Abel? You remember Jehovah warned Cain? [?So sin?] -- better watch what you do because sin lieth at the door. Cain murdered her head, Abel, and she beca- -- and the serpent thrust her through. We will see that expression in these Alternate Translations, and she became the serpent.

You see, this is what is going to be happening to a lot of people in the world that are engaged in the occult. They are playing around with the occult. They are playing around with demons, and they think that -- and they are playing around with the Kundalini, and they think -- the host thinks that they are in control. They think these demons are serving them. They think the Kundalini is serving them, and they are going to play, and they are going to play, and they are going to fool around, and they are going to fool around.

 And at the right exact moment, these demons or the Kundalini is going to thrust through them. They are going to pierce them through, and they will be evil, and they would only -- if they would hear this message, they would not even believe me, but I am telling you that it happened under to Cain, and there is nothing new under the sun. They are playing with demons, and they are playing with the serpent. Why? Because they want power. That is why Cain was playing with the earth, because she wanted power.

But this lust for power resulted in her death. The serpent thrust through here, and she pierced through into a condition where she became evil. And it has already happened in one or two, here or there, but we are going to see this [?on moss?] in the world, evil human beings, evil people given over to the serpent, possessed of the serpent, servants of the serpent. You think the serpent is serving you? You are a fool.

So we see that Leviathan is the offspring of the serpent. I just told you where the serpent came from. Cain fooled around with the earth. She made a league with the earth. She joined herself to the earth. She gained power. Then the power went to her head. She went to her own head, and she killed her true head because she thought that she could take his place, and she found out that when Abel died, she pierced through and became completely evil.

I talked about this on many messages. When you rebel against your auth- -- if it is a God-ordained authority and you bring him down, you have killed yourself because you now have no cover, and you are wide open to the serpent.  And if you think you are going to find another cover when you have murdered your God-ordained cover, you are mistaken. If something happens to your God-ordained cover, the Lord Jesus will give you another one, of course, but if you murder your own God-ordained head, your uncovered, brethren, and the serpent will eat you for breakfast.

I hear them in the spirit, religious [?fanatic?]. Noah preached for 120 years. No one believed him. I am not a religious fanatic. I know what I am talking authority.

So we were talking about Leviathan and how she was [?worn?] as a result of the marriage between the serpent and Abel. Well, Cain killed Abel and pierced through into evil. Abel was buried underneath the background threads of creation, and the serpent wove herself through those background threads in the form of spiritual marriage, and there was an increase. Excuse me, there was an increase, and that increase is Leviathan, the serpent that is the progenitor of this race. She is in the background.

There are a couple of places in the Book of Revelation where [?she?] talked about the serpent, the dragon, Satan and the devil. The serpent is in the basic fabric of the creation, which is not in the visible world, OK. The dragon is in the visible world, through personality. She is our personality. Satan is the unconscious mind of the life form which we are, and the devil is the whole mortal man. The whole mortal man is the devil, and within the devil is Satan, the unconscious mind; the dragon, Leviathan, the conscious mind; and the serpent who is back there even behind the unconscious mind. OK, she is at the very root in the base of the fabric of creation.

"And Balaam, Elohim's four-footed beast, walked with Leviathan, the serpent and Abel's incestuous offspring, and Leviathan rose up and took about over Adam, Balaam's spiritual side."

You see, there is a balance of power, and those of us, that part us which is the host, which is basically -- considering the spiritual condition w- -- that we are all in today, we pretty much are the host, OK. I -- nobody here has given over completely to Leviathan, and nobody here that -- as far as I know, has given over completely to Christ Jesus. We are the host.

Spiritual life is [INAUDIBLE] within us, and the one that fully matures in us will marry us, and we will forever take on the nature of our husband. That is what happened to Cain. There will be -- there was a permanent union coming. There is a marriage coming which will determine what we will be for as long as we exist after that.

Those of us who marry Leviathan will live for a season, and then we will go into destruction. I think -- is not the Scripture in Revelation? The beast rose out of the bottomless pit, and he continued for a short space, and then he went into perdition. Is not that in the Book of Revelation? Yeah, so we see that the beast will arise, will marry the host, the mortal human in which she has arisen, and will exist for a season until the sons of God destroy her. Jesus.

OK, and the serpent [UNINTELLIGIBLE], "And she, Leviathan, rose up and took authority over Adam." Well, the significance here, brethren, is that when you walk with Leviathan, you influence the balance of power. Whichever mind you walk with, you influence the balance of power.

 I say this on another message. I will say it again. There is a pretty well known international ministry. It has an international newsletter. I do not know -- I have not seen his newsletters in a while, but about five years ago, he was preaching that there are two major forces in the heavenlies. They are in the battle, and the prize is you, and you have nothing to say about it. You just do your life and hang out and try to do good works and believe that Jesus Christ is going to win, and this is a lie.

We must throw our will, which we have -- we have a will. We must throw our will into agreement with righteousness, or we will find ourselves walking with Leviathan. Jesus clearly said, if you are not for me, you are against me, and to walk with Jesus requires a warfare against Leviathan because Leviathan is using witchcraft to make you agree with her. See, the Lord Jesus is not using witchcraft to make you agree with him. He is commanding you: Do righteousness. And in order to do righteousness, you have to wage war against the witch, which is the serpent who has generated Leviathan. Jesus.

So we do have a vote, and our vote is the deciding vote. If you choose to walk with righteousness and wage the war against Leviathan, the Lord Jesus will lend his strength to you, and if you are willing to fight, you will surely prevail, but if you walk with Leviathan, it will destroy. This choice, to walk with Leviathan, whether it be an active choice, whether we actually choose Leviathan or whether we passively choose her by not cleaving unto Jesus Christ or not being able t- -- not being willing to wage the warfare on behalf of Jesus Christ.

The result of walking with Leviathan is that Christ Jesus gets sick. He gets sick, and eventually, He dies, you see, and Christ Jesus, if He perceives that we are walking with Leviathan, will rise up and wound us to turn us in the other direction because he does not want to die. This -- what is this called? Does anybody know what this condition is called, when Christ Jesus rises up and wounds us because we are walking with Leviathan? What is it called?




No. It is called judgment. Yeah, OK. It is called judgment. Praise the Lord. OK. Any questions or comments on Verse 21? Oh, excuse me, let me say one more comment here. So the last Verse is, "Leviathan rose up and took authority over Adam, Balaam's spiritual side."

Be not [INAUDIBLE], if you walk with [?Leviathan?], she will rise up and do everything she can to put Christ Jesus in you, or Adam in you and Abel in you, under her authority. And that is when Adam or Abel, depending on what stage of maturity he is in, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] sick and die because the mind of God cannot [INAUDIBLE] under an evil authority. He will get sick and die. You have to know that. Jesus said if you are not for Me, you are against Me. If you are not cleaving unto Jesus Christ and waging war against Leviathan, Jesus Christ in you is beginning to get sick and will eventually die. You cannot be in the world and in the kingdom of God at the same time. You must have one major choice in your life, and you may be able to walk the line and play both ends against the middle for a season, but the end of you. That is the path that seems righteous unto many but will end in destruction. You wanted to say something?

            I just wanted to know what the four-footed beast -- what did that [INAUDIBLE]

OK, that is a translation of the word ass.


Ass, OK. Jesus. Human beings, mortal humans, we are the four-footed beast. There are herds of us all across the earth. We are the Lord Jesus' cattle. We are the cattle of this world, or the animal life of this world, that is hosting the spiritual life which is being formed, you see. There are all kinds of animals in the world, but spiritual life is not growing in them. We are the [INAUDIBLE] in which the spiritual life is being formed, but we are [INAUDIBLE] four-footed beasts, and anyone who denies it is in denial because we are just like the animals.

Even the world knows that. Psychologists have done all kinds of studies on animals. They have emotions. They are jealous. They are codependent. They do not li- -- I have seen all kinds of movies about Jane Goodall with her -- how baby gorillas have -- exhibit the same kind of emotional problems that human children do. If they are not weaned quickly enough, they become too dependent on the mother. We are animals, brethren. Every problem that we have results from our animal nature. Not one problem that we have is a result of the fact that Jesus Christ is in us or that Abel is our human spirit or the mind of God is guiding us. None of our problems result from that. Every problem we have results from our [?animal?] nature. We are animals that are higher than the animals in the jungle but lower than angels. Anybody else before we go on to the next verse?

Verse 22 next, "And Elohim was angry because Balaam was walking with Leviathan instead of Adam, who Jehovah made king over Cain and Abel, the two [INAUDIBLE] who were standing as righteous, fighting above Balaam, [INAUDIBLE] footed beast." [INAUDIBLE] Balaam was walking with Leviathan instead of Adam. I just explained that. Adam, whom Jehovah made king. That is a translation of the angel of the Lord, and He made Adam king over Cain and [INAUDIBLE]. Now remember, Cain and Abel came into existence [INAUDIBLE] died to his immortality and [INAUDIBLE] and when Elohim [INAUDIBLE] Lord Jesus Christ, he gathers Cain and Abel together. He joins them. In that union, Adam is resurrected from the dead. That is what the Scripture is talking about when it says that Jehovah made Adam king over Cain and Abel. When Cain and Abel are gathered together and Cain is being forced into submission to Abel, Adam arises from the dead and becomes king. And Cain and Abel are the two young males within him.

Now, Sheila, I thought you said that Cain was the woman. Yes, now, remember, things change depending on the circumstances. Sexual roles change. Spiritual sexual roles change. Relationships change. Yes, when Cain and Abel -- when Adam died to his immortality and incarnated as Cain and Abel, as two mortals, Cain was the woman [INAUDIBLE]. That is what Jehovah did, OK, but there is -- Jehovah, further on in the Book of Genesis, did something else. He gathered Cain and Abel together, and He joined them so completely that for all intents and purposes, Adam rose from the dead, OK. And under that circumstance, they both became imputed males. Not only was Abel was an imputed male, but Cain became an imputed male too. Why? Because he was gathered into Adam's manhood. Can you hear that? OK, everybody OK with that? It is a touchy thing. Situations change. OK, let me say it again. Situations change.

When Cain and Abel were in this world and they were not connected to Jehovah, they were both spiritual female, but Jehovah gave Abel imputed manhood, and Cain was the woman, but at the moment that Cain and Abel were gathered so closely together that Adam rose from the dead, Adam connected to Jehovah, and both Cain and Abel received imputed manhood. Praise the Lord.

"And Elohim was angry because Balaam was walking with Leviathan instead of Adam, who Jehovah made king over Cain and Abel, the two young males within him who were standing in Jehovah's righteousness and riding above Balaam, his four-footed beast."

So we see, in order for Cain and Abel to be gathered together so that Adam could rise from the dead in them, they had to be standing in Jehovah's righteousness. Now that is, sort of, a variation of what I have been teaching here. I have been telling you Cain must be forced into agreement with righteous Abel. We have got to bridle Cain, and we have got to bring that mind that she is appearing as right now into submission. And how do we do that? We refuse to live our life. And what is the name of Cain's mind? The mind that Cain is appearing right now is Leviathan. We must absolutely, unequivocally refuse to live out of that mind. Every time a thought -- well, I know that you cannot be doing it ever -- you know what I am saying. As we move into this more and more, every important thought, every decision, every thought must be brought captive, and if it is not of Jesus Christ, we must say, Jesus Christ, give me your [INAUDIBLE].

Do you know I do this frequently? I am looking at a particular situation, and I know that my heart is not it right. I know. I can sense the manifestation, and I say, Lord, how do You see it? How do You see this? What is Your answer to this? How do You look at it? Not even what is the solution of the problem, how do You see it? And He is never failed me yet. This honest prayer, if you are praying it honestly, completely defeats Leviathan, completely, utterly kills her. She is going to die from lack of use.

So when Leviathan dies from lack of use, Cain -- and Leviathan dies from lack of use, Cain is being drawn together with Abel, and Abel is standing in righteousness. That is what this means. They were standing in Jehovah's righteousness. Cain had been forced into agreement with righteous Abel through the punishment and the [?wounding?] -- well, through the punishment of Leviathan and, when necessary, the -- I may have the words backwards. Through the -- well, I am going to stay with this for the time being. I may have the words backwards, through the punishment of Leviathan and the wounding of the host, through the punishment of Leviathan and the wounding of the host, that they should experience judgment in the flesh so that they might learn to live after the Spirit.

We are wounded, the host. We are wounded in our flesh. That is our bodies. Sometimes we are sick, and in our personality, in our -- not in our personality, I am sorry, in our emotions. We are wounded for the specific purpose of turning us away from unrighteousness, that we might be bent upwards towards the man from heaven, that we might live after the Spirit and have life because walking after the flesh is death.

So, actually, this is backwards, OK. Jehovah -- let me see. Cain and Abel, the young males within Adam, were standing in Jehovah's righteousness. Cain had been brought into submission, and because they were in agreement -- in righteous agreement, they were riding above Balaam's four-footed -- Balaam, the four- -- Elohim's four-footed beast.

What does it mean that we are riding above the four-footed beast? It means that we are not being ruled by the beast. The four-footed beast appears on two levels, the carnal mind and this body. They were not obeying Leviathan, nor were they obeying the lusts of this flesh. There is a lust of the flesh, and there is lust of mind. This is the war. You are trying to bring Cain into submission. You have to have complete authority over your body in every area, not just sexually, what you eat, the choices that you make, of what you do with your body, and you must have complete authority over your emotions. I do not know about you, but I am not there yet.

But when a man, when I get there, I am going to rise -- or Adam is going to rise in me, and I will be in full stature. That is what we are fighting for. You have to know what you are fighting for. You are fighting with the life of the serpent, in the existence of the serpent, which you are an expression of. This body is an expression of the animal, and our emotions are an expression of the animal, and our minds, Leviathan, is an expression of the animal. Brethren, [UNINTELLIGIBLE], you know, we have just got to get this together. We know Jehovah does not slumber or sleep [INAUDIBLE] that the Lord Jesus Christ slumbers or sleeps. I do not believe Jesus Christ eats. I think he can eat, if He wants to come down and join us, but He does not have to eat. I do not think Jesus Christ has sex.

We are living the life of an animal. We do what the animals do. We are the four-footed beast, which is a little higher than the beast in the field because we have a spirit, a mortal spirit. And this fantasy about flying away to heaven and being the same way you are now in heaven, an animal, will never get you into heaven. You will surely die in your sins because it is a lie. Jesus. Any questions or comments on Verse 22?

Going on to Verse 20, "And Elohim came to the serpent, his dark shadow in Balaam, and said to her, You [?shall not?shall now?] summon Cain and Abel [INAUDIBLE] mortal males and [?gather them?] together to establish Leviathan, your lifestyle. But you shall do the acts that I declared that you shall do."

Elohim went to the serpent who was in the very foundational fabric of the creation, the serpent, the nature of mortal man. The serpent, the ultimate motivating force of everything we say, think and do. Elohim did not go to the surface personality of Balaam. Look, Balaam was walking with Leviathan, and Elohim was angry. Did He go to Balaam? No, He did not go to Balaam. He went right to the root of the problem. He went right to the serpent. Did you know Jesus did that? The Scripture is full of wor- -- of sentences, that say, "And Jesus answered him." Jesus spoke right to people's minds. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] if you look up some of these Scriptures, you will see the person did not say anything, but the Scripture says, "And Jesus answered him."

He spoke to their mind. He spoke to their hearts. He spoke to their motives, and it is not so unusual for that to happen here. I go right past your conscious mind. I speak to your heart. I speak to your motive. Sometimes you think I am crazy, but I am not. I have the mind of God, and I know what is in your heart, when Jesus tells me. I do not know everything about you, but it is very possible that I could [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

[INAUDIBLE] of the two witness company to show people their sins, that they might confess and repent and live. So, for this reason, those who are faithfully serving Jesus Christ have received this ability to look into the hearts of man and see what motivates them, even when they may be in complete denial of this truth.

Elohim came to the serpent, his dark shadow in Balaam. Do you remember who the dark shadow is? Elohim, brethren, is the sperm in the waters of the creation, and He is not a sperm that is a particle, OK. He is a spiritual sperm, and He is completely dissolved in the waters of life, just as salt is completely dissolved in salt water. Elohim is dissolved throughout -- well, I do not know if he is dissolved, but He is in every atom of the waters of life. He is not a particle. He is spread out, and he mixes with the dust of the earth, which is the -- the dust of the earth is darkness. It is matter. It is substance. It is -- well, He is spiritual substance, but this is material substance, and when He mixes with that material substance, He becomes a mind, a living soul, and the living soul -- I am sorry, I did not say that right. When He mixes with the dust, He casts His reflection on the surface of the waters and becomes the living soul. The living soul is Elohim's reflection. Elohim mixed with the dust casts a reflection on the surface of the waters, the living soul, the mind of God.

But the earth dissolved herself in the waters of life, very thickly dissolved herself in the waters of life and killed the sperm, killed that part of Elohim that is in the waters of life. He is still attached to Jehovah, but His mortal spirit was still in the waters, Cain and Abel, and they formed His dark shadow, not on the surface of the waters, but underneath the muddy waters, we see Elohim's dark shadow. That is what we are. We are His dark shadow. Jesus Christ -- now, not the physical form of the man, Jesus, because He was in a fallen body. But that glory that was inside of Jesus Christ that came out on the Mount of Transfiguration, this was Elohim's reflection. He was the very shape of the Father, not in His physical body, in His mind.

So we see that Elohim has a reflection. His name is Adam, the living soul, and Elohim also has a dark shadow, which is mortal man. Jesus. And Elohim came to the serpent, His dark shadow. I just said his dark shadow was mortal man. I did not say that right. His dark shadow is the serpent. Cain became the serpent, and the serpent has generated mortal man, so we are an aspect of His dark shadow. We are the expression of His dark shadow, but Adam is His reflection, and the serpent is His dark shadow.

And Elohim came to the serpent, His dark shadow in Balaam, and said to her, you shall not summon Cain and Abel, these mortal males, and gather them together to establish Leviathan. OK, now we have -- I started preaching this a few weeks ago. I will go into it in case you have not picked it up. In the past, I thought that Cain killed Abel and Abel was buried under the background threads of the creation, and he was non-functioning. I thought Abel was non-functioning.

The Lord has recently showed me this is not true, that in order for this creation to exist, the full power of the energy source, which is resident in us, must be drawn upon, and that power is divided. Spirit is the energy source of man. The spirit of man, in this hour, is divided into Cain and Abel. They must be gathered together. Who? Cain and Abel must be gathered together to generate enough energy to keep this creation in existence. The problem is that when the serpent gathers Cain and Abel together, she gathers them in the wrong moral order. She gathers them in the wrong moral order. She gathers them with Cain having authority over Abel, and the cr- -- and this creation appears.

This creation is the expression of the mind, or not really the mind, she is a heart, or of the lying mind or of the wounded heard called Leviathan. Now whenever the serpent gathers Cain and Abel together, she gathers them in the wrong moral order, giving Cain the authority, and the result is always the same, Leviathan, the wounded heart. So Elohim came to the serpent and said do not do it. You shall not summon Cain and Abel, these mortal males. First of all, you shall not summon them.

Now before they are going to be gathered together, they are summoned. How do you think the serpent summons Cain and Abel? Anybody have any idea? Witchcraft, brethren. The serpent's power is in witchcraft. She calls unto herself, Cain and Abel. She summons you. She draws you. Is there not an attraction to sin? She draws us with a spiritual and emotional drawing.

Elohim says you shall not summon them. Not only will you not gather them together, but you will not even summon them. Mortal man is in a severe battle to do any form of righteousness or have any form of moral lifestyle because of the serpent's witchcraft which continuously summons us to engage in acts which will destroy us. So not only will you not gather them together to form Leviathan, but you will not even call them, says Elohim.

And we see that when the serpent does summon them and gather them together, Leviathan is established, or the serpent's lifestyle is established, and whatever lifestyle we have is an expression of the mind which is our king. Leviathan is the king of every human being that has ever been born into the earth, with the exception of Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ.

So Elohim commands the serpent, you shall not summon them. You shall not gather them, and please note that Elohim is calling Cain and Abel mortal males. The reason He is calling them mortal males is that while the serpent is summoning them and trying to gather them, they are already gathered into Adam, and that is what makes them mortal males. So just by virtue of the fact that the Scripture calls them mortal males, we know that they are gathered into Adam, at the serpent that the serpent goes right in and starts seducing them out from under Adam's authority.

Did you ever see or hear about a man who goes right into a married couple's home and starts seducing that woman, or a woman who will go right into a marital household and start seducing that man? Everybody must have at least seen a movie about it or heard something about it at some time. People like this are shameless. They are shameless. They just want what they want, and they do not care what they do to get it or who they hurt. They just want it.

That is the serpent. She wants to have an existence apart from Adam, and she does not care that when she starts drawing Cain and Abel that she is going to be drawing them out of their protection, which is going to be drawing them out of their manhood, which is going to be drawing them into a hellish world. All that she cares about is that she has an existence apart from Adam over which her expression will be king.

Brethren, we see an expression of the serpent every time we manifest [?malignant?] pride. I have been speaking about [?malignant?] pride for many years here. There are many different kinds of pride. In our mortal condition there is even a healthy pride. You have to have some respect and good feeling about yourself and who you are and what you accomplish every day in your life. That is a healthy pride.

And there is a pride that is destructive, that hinders you because of embarrassment or because of fear of what other people do. That is a pride that hurts you. And then there is malignant pride that kills your brother so that you can appear righteous. It is a spiritual murder. It is a sacrifice. It is a blaming of your sins on the other person so that you can appear righteous. It is malignant pride that kills another person, that destroys a relationship, that steals somebody's job. It is malignant pride that does not care what the effects are or what the result is of what is being done, just that the person should get what they want, and nobody should know what they did to accomplish it. They not only want to possess something by ungodly means, but they do not want anybody to know what they did, and if their evil deed is exposed, they will blame it on somebody else.

So not only are they slaying somebody or robbing somebody or stealing from somebody to get what they want, if they are exposed, they will throw the guilt on a second person, kill two people to get what they want. Lots of times, this sort of malignant pride throws the blame on the victim. It will be one person. They will be sacrificing the person, sacrificing their marriage. That is just the example that is coming to me now, because they want that woman's husband or they want that man's wife, so they are sacrificing the other marriage partner, the children, the whole family, and [?then you will?] turn around and say something like, well, he never loved you anyway, and you did not treat him right, and you deserved what you got. I heard you say that you could not stand him and you were thinking about divorcing him, so I just took him off your hands. That is by way of example. They will justify what they did by blaming the person they have just killed.

God have mercy on our soul, this is widespread in this country today. It is an evil in the earth because there is another aspect to it. You steal from the person. You justify what you did either by telling them that you did them a favor or that you did them a good turn, and then sometimes if they are a weak-minded person, they think they are going crazy. Why are they all upset because you did this good thing for them, especially children? It destroys their mind. It destroys their mind. It is an evil in the earth. Any comments or questions?

One more phrase here, "But you shall do the acts that I declare that you shall do." So Elohim is speaking to the serpent saying, "You shall do the acts that I declare that you shall do." That is Elohim saying you -- even you, the serpent, are under my authority, and I am going to pull this whole human being together, and we are all going to work. We are all going to work as one, and I am going to be the head, and I am going to tell you what you are going to do. I am going to tell you what you are going to think, and I am going to tell you what you are going to say, and I am going to tell you what kind of activities your body will engage in. You are not king; I am king. OK, any comments or questions on that verse?

Verse 20 -- we will go on to -- I see that I split up Verse 25. I have a 25a here, "And Adam, who Jehovah appointed king, [?perceived?] Leviathan, Balaam's bestial side." That is his evil side, the beast side, the animal side, "pushing herself into Israel, the [?role?] of Balaam's spiritual manhood. And Leviathan in Israel pressed against the wall from within Israel."

Now this translation came to me as a high level of the spirit of Revelation. If you do not receive it, it is OK. It what the Lord gave me. The context of this whole study is that Balak has been seeking Balaam to curse Israel, and when I prayed about this verse, I believe the Lord has told me that even though Balaam did not formerly curse Israel, he lusted for the spoils of divination that Balak was promising him and his mind, from the moment that he received the offer in his hear, you see. It was just lip service saying, I am going to ask Jehovah what I could do. From the moment that the spoils of divination were offered to him, Balaam wanted money, OK. His mind already started going out towards Israel.

You see, either you are for or against something. There is nothing in the middle. As soon as Balaam had the slightest inkling, yeah, I would like that, he went up, and with his soul tied with Balak, his mind started flowing towards Israel. Adam, Elohim's manly mind, was existing as a force or as a presence in the earth in the nation of Israel. Balaam, we find out as we continue with this Alternate Translation, was present at the Tower of Babel when Jehovah sent Elohim to destroy it.

And because Balaam recognized God's angel, Adam, he recognized Jehovah's angel, Adam, and confessed his sin and repented, Balaam was not destroyed at Babel. He was not destroyed, and he continued on in the earth with his life intact. What is our life? Our life is Adam. He is our life. If Adam is dead in us or if he does not exist in us, we have an existence, but we do not have a life. Jehovah sent His angel to take his life away from the men who were building this Tower of Babel, [INAUDIBLE] and to take away their life and give it to [?animals?]. We have a study on that.

So out of all the people who were present at Babel, they all lost their life and fell down into a mortal existence, as far as I know, except Balaam. Because he recognized Adam's authority and confessed his sins and repented, he was permitted to continue to exist with Adam fully formed in him. He was not in full stature. [?He was full stature?]. He was not immortal. Full stature involves Adam, being an immortal mind, exercising such an intense authority over the criminal mind, Leviathan, that Leviathan is incapable of sinning through us.

Now we know that this is not true because Adam has already sinned in his heart. He is all set to curse Israel for money. It is bad enough when you curse somebody because you have [?fought?] against them, but to do it for money, to destroy somebody on money, God have mercy on your soul. So Balaam had immortality within him. Adam was within him, but Leviathan was also functioning. He was a double-minded man who was operating with a very high level of spiritual authority, and he was giving his authority --

Let me just diverge a little here. Because he recognized Jehovah's angel and His authority and humbled himself before Him -- and I have another witness to that in my mind, and it just went out of my mind. He humbled himself before the living God, and he survived. Is not that what Rahab the harlot did? She humbled herself before the slaves that were sent in before Israel, and she was spared. Brethren, that is what we are doing right now, those of us who can recognize the living God and humble ourselves before Him, we are going to be spared.

So Balaam had this very strong mind. He had a very strong mind, but he was not immortal. However, he must have been living an awfully long time to be found at the time of this encounter with Israel, however many years that was from the time of the Tower of Babel. I do not know. I think I t- -- brought this up on another message, and I never checked it out. I wonder if it would be more than 1,000 years from the time of the Tower of Babel until the time of his -- of Balaam's encounter with Israel, because if it is more than 1,000 years, then it blows this teaching in the church. It blows up this teaching in the church that says that, since Adam died, no one has lived 1,000 years. I do not know if there will be another part on this message, but I will check it out. I will try to check it out and just get the information to you.

So Balaam's mind already started to vibrate, his evil mind, you see, not Adam, Leviathan in him who is greedy, already began to curse Israel. He started -- Leviathan started on the road before Balaam gave him official instructions to do it [INAUDIBLE].

He was not the one that you went to if you were looking to contact or communicate with Jehovah. He was a man who had received Jehovah's mercy. But if you were looking for Jehovah, Jehovah's landmark was Israel.  So, you see, Adam existed in his fullness in Balaam, and he also existed in his fullness in Israel, and when Leviathan started vibrating out of Balaam's mind, she was going to attack Adam in his other location. So, you see, Adam is rising up to rebuke Balaam was really a defense of himself. He had no intention of letting himself -- that -- his presence in Israel been destroyed. And as I have taught you here many times, when Leviathan goes out to attack, what she does -- she does not attack Christ Jesus in you. She attacks Leviathan in you. She stirs up Leviathan in you because the Leviathan in you or in me rises up. Christ Jesus goes down. No one can pluck us out of the Father's hand, but we can be seduced to sin and separate ourselves from the Father by our sins.

So Leviathan in Balaam's mind was vibrating forth and was attacking Leviathan in Israel. So we see that Adam is a two [?pronged?] war. He is at war with Leviathan in Balaam, and now -- what does that mean? Leviathan in Balaam has risen up to attack Adam. Why? Because Leviathan wants to do whatever she wants to do, and Adam is saying, well, that is not right. You cannot do that, so Leviathan is attacking Adam in Balaam, and she is vibrating forth towards Israel, stirring up Leviathan in Israel. So Leviathan in Israel is attacking Adam. He is being attacked on two fronts. Leviathan stirs up Leviathan. Witchcraft stirs up witchcraft. Rebellion stirs up rebellion.

It is a great feat for someone whose life is largely in Christ Jesus to walk into a convention where Leviathan is being severely exalted and to stay in Christ Jesus. It is a miracle, and if you can accomplish it, it is a sign that Christ Jesus is very mature in you.

And Adam, who Jehovah appointed king, perceived Leviathan, Balaam's bestial side or his bestial mind, animal, beast, pushing herself into Israel, the wall of His spiritual manhood. Israel was a wall. She was a wall of righteousness in the earth. The church is supposed to be a wall of righteousness today. We are functioning on some level. Even the people who dance and sing, there a lot of people in the church that have a lot of faith in Jesus Christ, so He does have a presence in the earth.

So Leviathan was pushing herself into Israel, the wall of Adam's spiritual manhood, and Leviathan in Israel pressed against the wall from within Israel. So Leviathan from Balaam is pressing against the wall in Israel, the three-part altar, the landmark, the visible expression of Jehovah. You want to find Him? That is where you go. He was being pressed upon by Leviathan on the one side, from Balaam, and Leviathan from within Israel on the other side. Jesus.

Verse 24, "And Adam, who Jehovah appointed as king, stood steadfastly as the wall which prevented Leviathan, mortal man's dark side, from invading him in Balaam and from invading himself in Israel."

Hmm, I am going to have to -- I think there might be a discrepancy here. I will just have to check that out again. If you could hear it, I am saying it two ways. I am saying that Leviathan in Balaam was attacking Israel, and Leviathan in Israel was rising up, and Adam in Israel was being attacked from both sides. But I also have in there that Leviathan in Balaam was attacking Adam within Balaam, so I may not have it completely straight there. I am going to have to go over that again, but I think that the Lord is telling me now that the correct translation or the correct concept here is that Leviathan, a very powerful Leviathan, very powerful witchcraft mind in Balaam, vibrated out towards Israel, which was Jehovah's landmark nation, and stirred up Leviathan in Israel. And Adam stood and held the line against the attack from the outside and against the attack from within.

Brethren, if you are not already experiencing it, and you will be experiencing it, every time there is an attack in this ministry that tries to stir up my Leviathan -- although, I have to say how blessed I am. We are really pulling together here. The Lord is doing a miraculous work here, but it still happens because nobody has full control over their Leviathan. And when Leviathan stirs up in somebody here or in a group of people here, it touches my Leviathan. It says, hey, come on, join us, and tries to bring down the whole meeting. So it happens in a group like this. It happens in your family, and it happens within yourself.

So if Leviathan stirs up in somebody here, I have a war with Leviathan in myself to stay in Christ Jesus, OK, and then I have a war with -- so what am I saying? Adam is standing in a very high place. There is a very -- does anybody not discern this anointing here? There is an incredible anointing here tonight, OK. So Adam, to whatever degree he is manifested here tonight, possibly even in his fullness, OK, and he has -- it is one person that -- Leviathan stirs up in one person, OK, and that person tries to start -- because I am holding the meeting together, you see. Spiritually speaking, I am holding this meeting together, literally, like I am holding on to the reigns of a horse. It is a warfare to be sitting in the pulpit or to be standing in the pulpit.

So if Leviathan rises up in one person, OK, Adam is going to be putting down that Leviathan in a godly manner. But if that Leviathan can get to me and my Leviathan rises up, because Adam is raised up in me -- it is [INAUDIBLE] ministry, but by and large, he is manifested in me. So Adam in me is standing against the Leviathan that is rising up in the group. Adam is in me. He is not a disembodied spirit. He is in me. Adam in me is standing against Leviathan that has gotten out from under the control of somebody in this group and is freely manifesting. Adam in me is standing against that.

Now if Leviathan can get to my Leviathan, which is on the other side of the wall -- can you see this? All right. That means Leviathan in me starts trying to bring down the Adam that is coming against the Leviathan in you that is out of control. And if she could do it, the whole meeting could collapse. It happens on every level, and if you are not experiencing it yet, you will be experiencing it because you are going to be sons. You are in training to be -- you are sons. You are in training to be mature sons of God. This is what you are going to be up against when you run a meeting.

And do not be deceived. Leviathan is manifesting all over the church world. I heard a testimony from somebody who went to a convention, and from -- believing that the person repeated what she saw accurately, it seems to me, and it is my opinion, that the woman who was leading the meeting was completely seduced by a wrong spirit and gave the whole meeting over to this spirit because she thought it was Jesus. I want to tell you something, brethren. Without the kind of teaching that is coming forth here, no one is going to make it. I do not care how much faith you have in Jesus Christ. You are not going to make it without the instruction of the experience that will cement that instruction into your heart -- make -- and become a part of you. You are not going to make it. You are going to fall like flies. They are already falling like flies. Jesus.

Verse 24 -- I read that already, 26, "And Adam, who Jehovah appointed king, rose up and flowed over into the narrow region between mortality and immortality in order to redirect Balaam's lifestyle away from Leviathan, his left dark side."

Now when we originally translated that verse, we said that that narrow region is the corpus callosum, a region of the brain which lies between the left and right hemisphere, and that when that region becomes very active, it control both hemispheres of the brain. This is basic anatomy. So Adam flowed over into the central location of the brain. O- -- you might say the height of the brain, the controlling point of the brain. And he reached into Leviathan's territory, the left side of the brain, and started to exercise control over her.

This is Balaam's brain now. He rose up, and he flowed over into the narrow region. Well, why was not he in the narrow region? Well, he was not in the narrow region, possibly, for two reasons. First of all, Leviathan was manifesting in Balaam. He was -- she was probably in that region, and then another possibility -- I am not sure about this -- is that Balaam was an incarn- -- Leviathan incarnated Balaam. I am not sure, but it is possible that the mind that incarnates you has possession of that narrow area. And the mind that has possession of that narrow area has the potential to bring one side of the brain under the authority of the other side of the brain, or let me put it this way, to sole control the two sides of the brain, that they are functioning as one brain.

This is the condition known as the kingdom of the two heavens. This is the condition known as full stature. This is the condition that Jesus Christ arose to after Christ Jesus ascended into his fullness in the man Jesus of Nazareth until -- after Adam was completely resurrected from the dead, he was [INAUDIBLE] happened [INAUDIBLE] took authority, and out came Balaam, Leviathan, and then [INAUDIBLE] had an [INAUDIBLE] until we see the Lord Jesus Christ in this hour, it is the Lord Jesus Christ that we are seeing. You have to see Him. You have to know that He is there, and He will reveal Himself to you, but you have to see Him because you cannot give Him the glory if you do not see Him. And if you do not give Him the glory, you are extremely limited as to what you can do and what you can be. Thick anointing tonight. People passing out all over the place. Praise the Lord.

"And Balaam, the four-footed beast, saw Adam, the part of him that Jehovah appointed king." Remember, Balaam is a three-part man. He is a mortal man, the host. He has the evil mind, Leviathan, and he has a righteous mind, Adam. And Balaam sees Adam. You know, when Leviathan is very active in our life, we do not see Adam. Leviathan completely covers over Adam.

This is the whole concept of the circumcising knife. Adam is the male organ of this creature. The male -- the spiritual sexual organ is the mind, and Adam is the manly mind. The Scripture says he is a phallus. I am sorry if that -- actually it says more than he is a phallus. He is a penis. The phallus is an immature penis. I am sorry if I am offending you. I did not write the Bible. Adam is your manhood. He is your male organ. Leviathan is the female organ which has developed in a perverse manner. Adam is the penis. Leviathan is the phallus, the phallus being a form of tissue which is undifferentiated. It is the tissue that either develops into the male organ or the female organ. The phallus is tissue, human tissue, that will ultimately differentiate either into a penis or a clitoris.

Leviathan is female, and her phallus, which is not yet supposed to be differentiated -- it means she is mature -- is appearing as a penis. It is a perversion. It is like a little girl being born with a penis. And when she arises as a phallus, she covers over the true male. She covers him over like a foreskin, and that is why Adam is standing up with his circumcising knife in his hand ready to cut Leviathan away. She is a foreskin that is covering his manhood, which she is even more than a foreskin. She is a false male organ that is covering over the true organ. She is more than a foreskin. She is a lying cover, and he is standing there to cut her off of him.

So if Leviathan becomes active in our life, she tends to cover over Christ Jesus in us. This is how we are seduced. This is the anatomy of the seduction. Leviathan arises, and Adam does not put her down because there is something about what she is doing or what she is saying that he is in agreement with. That is -- I mean, that is what happened to Shem and Japheth. Excuse me, Ham sounded the alarm. He said, Leviathan is appearing in our father. Let us all gather together, Shem, Ham and Japheth, and save him. But when Ham turned around and looked, Shem and Japheth -- or Leviathan was appearing in Shem and Japheth also, and they saw that Leviathan was appearing in Noah, and they did not do anything about it. They looked away, and then in a little while, they could not even see it anymore. They could not see that Leviathan was appearing in Noah anymore. Why? Because by this time, she was appearing in them also. First we refuse to see, and then we lose our ability to see.

We watched a John Bradshaw message tonight. That is what he was talking about, denial and then delusion. Denial is a conscious act of a refusal to believe, and if you do that long enough, you go into delusion where you do not even see what is happening. You believe in lies. Denial denies the truth, denies righteousness. It is a conscious choice to take a stand which is opposite of righteousness, and if you do that, after a season, you go into delusion. You simply do not see it anymore, and you believe your own lie. Jesus.

"And Balaam, the four-footed beast, the host, saw Adam, the part of him that Jehovah appointed king, firmly established in righteousness, and he was fully mature, and he had his knife drawn out, and it -- he had it drawn out with the intention of turning Balaam's character towards righteousness, and he went ahead. And in order to accomplish that, he wounded Balaam and circumcised Leviathan and turned Balaam towards himself."

I mentioned that earlier. Before Leviathan can be circumcised off of our manly mind, he must go under judgment. Why is that? Why must we go under judgment before Adam can circumcise Leviathan off of himself? And whoever we throw that power in line with possesses the balance of power, so before Adam can circumcise Leviathan, he must cause us to fall out of agreement with Leviathan and into agreement with him. Why? Can he not go over our will? Can he not bypass our will? Yes, he can bypass our will, but the ultimate goal of his -- of what he is doing is to turn us towards righteousness. We are not a puppet that he does not care about. He cares about us, OK.

So he wounds us, and when we are wounded, we are weakened. When our emotions or our body, our physical body, is wounded, it weakens us. It weakens us spiritually, so Adam wounds us so that we get weak. Jesus makes you get weak? What are you -- well, now why -- where do we -- how do we get from Adam to Jesus? Jesus of Nazareth, who is Christ, was a man in whom Adam was raised from the dead, and in His glorified condition, He is the second Adam. Jesus wounds us? I thought He is raising us from the dead. Before you raise from the dead, you have to die to the wicked existence that you have now. Yes, it is called judgment. Jesus comes and He chastens ever son that is called. He wounds us, and he weakens us, and sometimes it results in physical illness. Sometimes it results in emotion illness. But it always results in distress if it does not get to the point of illness.

It always results in distress, severe distress. Why? Because he specifically wants to weaken you. Why? Because you are completely possessed of Leviathan, an evil, wicked mind, and you are joined to that mind, and you will not let go. And you will not -- she will not let go of you. So Jesus comes, and He wounds you, and He weakens you, and in your weakens, He begins to pry you loose from Leviathan. That is what it is all about, Jesus.

"And Balaam, the four-footed beast, the host, saw Adam, the part of him that Jehovah appointed king, firmly established in righteousness with his knife drawn out, and his knife" -- that is his mind -- "drawn out to turn Balaam's character towards righteousness. And he wounded Balaam, and he circumcised his evil mind, and Balaam turned towards Adam. And Adam [?subjected?] Leviathan and rejoined Balaam to himself again." See, Balaam had departed from Adam.

27. Now this was verse -- I did -- I made a lot of changes on this verse, so you can see that it is red lined there -- red marked there, but I am not going to compare it to what we had. I am just going to give you the new verse. "And when the" -- or the new translation.

"And when the serpent, Balaam's under part" -- now, I believe, in the old verse, I had translated that lower nature, OK. This word under part, it is a translation of one of the Hebrew words that was translated very simply. It is a very simple word, and when I saw under part, I jumped to the conclusion that it meant lower nature. But as I went over the interspersion and looked at the context of all the verses, I realized that it did not mean lower nature, that it meant the serpent who is the progenitor of this whole [INAUDIBLE] --

She is in the very foundation of the fabric. I told you this earlier. She is in the very foundation of the fabric. She is in the under part. She is even beneath the unconscious mind. How can I say that? The unconscious mind, Satan, and your conscious mind, Leviathan, exists in this world, in this outer darkness, in this place, and exists now. The serpent is in a place that is much deeper. She has existed since the beginning of time. Well, yes, Leviathan existed from the beginning of time too. That is not what I am saying. I am saying Leviathan and Satan are in your life right now, in your unconscious and your conscious mind, but there is a serpent who is also present at this time who has roots going all the way back. That is the best way I could put. I do not know how to put it any other way since I am half passed out, slain in the spirit anyway. That is the best I can do at this moment. If it is not good enough for you, ask the Lord to give it to me clearer because that is all I could do right now.

"And when the serpent, Balaam's under part, perceived that Balaam had submitted to Adam after Adam wounded her, OK -- after Adam wounded him, had submitted to Adam, who Jehovah made king, she, the serpent, was very angry."

OK, now please note that we started out this whole study with Elohim being angry in Verse 22, and Elohim was angry because Balaam was walking with Leviathan. And now we see the serpent being angry because Balaam is walking with Adam. I cannot see any better way to explain the situation that we who are double-minded are in. OK, and we are the host, and we are caught in the middle of this war, and the best thing that we could hope to do is align ourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ and fight against Leviathan until we are emancipated. And also here is a witness. I say this lovingly for all you Pharisees out there that think that Jesus never gets mad. Elohim was angry, and the serpent was angry.

"And when the serpent, Balaam's under part, had submitted to Adam, who Jehovah made king, she was angry, and she wounded" -- OK, now I struggled with this, but I am just going to leave it with what I got this afternoon. "And she wounded" -- I do not know. If you see, I have the word Adam in brackets. The reason I am hesitating is I am not sure whether she wounded Adam or Balaam. I think I am changing my mind back again. She must have wounded Balaam. I am going to take that Adam out of there.

"The serpent was angry, and she wounded Balaam by stirring up Leviathan, his rebellious heart." Well, how would that wound Leviathan? Brethren, anything that you do that damages Christ Jesus in you in any way is a wound unto you. The deadly wound that the beast received was the death of his immortal mind, Adam, so if you do something, or certainly if you cause Christ Jesus to abort in you, you have killed yourself. You have committed spiritual suicide. But even if you do some wild transgression that turns you away from Christ Jesus, that weakens Him even for the moment, of course He can rally and recover the next day, but you have wounded yourself. You have abused yourself. You do anything at all, knowingly or unknowingly, that will damage Christ Jesus, you have abused yourself, and you have wounded yourself, and whatever was in you has caused you to do this, has wounded you.

So we see that Balaam wounded himself. Paul talked about those who opposed themselves. We see that Balaam wounded himself as a result of a command that came from deep, deep, deep within him, even deeper than Satan, the unconscious mind. You might say -- maybe we could put it this way, the serpent in man is a primeval force going all the way back, primeval force, very basic, baseness in man rose up. You see, we can be motivated by our conscious mind. We can be motivated by Satan or our unconscious mind, but this saying that the serpent rose in him, what stimulated Balaam was beyond his human person, you see.

I could say something with my mouth that will hurt you because I have a pet peeve with you, I did not like something that you did. I could do something to hurt you by knifing you in the back because I am a subtle person, and I -- it is not my style to verbally say it to you, so I will make a left-handed compliment. This has to do with my humanity now. I hope I do not do things like that, you know. But if someone does that, it has to do with the individual person that is existing right now on the earth in this year at this moment. I wounded you because I am jealous of you, because I resent you, because I hate your guts, whatever. It -- I wounded you because of a situation that exists right now. Do you hear that? But when the serpent stirs up in you, this is something in you that is beyond you. The serpent is an entity which is in you which is beyond this existence right here, you see.

The way the Bible puts it is that Jesus was hated and persecuted for righteousness's sake. You see, He was note hated for anything that He was as a man. He was not hated for anything that He did or anything that He was, but He was hated because an immortal presence, the glorious Son of God, was within Him, you see. The serpent rose up and attacked Him. Well, the serpent rose up beyond Balaam's understanding, rose up and attacked the immortal Son of God. Balaam had immortality within him, OK, attacked Balaam. Well, I do not know. I cannot get this straight. Was it Adam that was attacked, or was it Balaam that was attacked. Well, after this message, I will pray about it one more time, and I will put it in the Alternate Translation [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

But I guess the answer is that when the Son of God is risen of you, there really is no separation between Balaam and Adam. I guess that is why I cannot get it, both answers are true. When Adam was ruling over the man, Balaam, that means Balaam was Adam at that moment. So the serpent rose up and attacked Adam and attacked Balaam. They were one in the same, and the way she did it, the way the serpent wounded Balaam, was to stir up Leviathan. Now that -- we talked about that before when we talked about the attack upon Israel, that Leviathan and Balaam's mind attacked Israel, did not hurt Adam in Israel but stirred up Leviathan in Israel.

So the serpent stirred up, and she stirred up Leviathan, and if Leviathan raises a quarter of an inch, Christ Jesus comes down a quarter of an inch. To any degree that Leviathan is stirred up, it is damaging to Christ Jesus. So the Scripture says that the serpent wounded Balaam and Adam who were one at that time by stirring up Leviathan, Balaam's rebellious mind, was a wound unto Balaam.

"And Cain spoke through the ass part of Balaam and said, Am I not the ass which has carried you continually?" Now look at this. Leviathan was stirred up, and the next thing that happens is that Cain is speaking through Balaam. Cain, a part of Balaam like unto the serpent, which is a part of Balaam which is beyond his present being -- am I making any sense at all? Are you following me? The serpent in Balaam, Cain in Balaam, it is something that is beyond the Balaam that existed at that particular moment or that particular personality known as Balaam.

This is a similar situation to Romans 6 or 7 where Paul is talking about sin being revived and becoming exceedingly sinful, and we talked about that, that it was really Adam that had risen up and was speaking through Paul, that that part of Paul that was speaking was beyond Paul's lifetime. It was something inside of Paul. It was Adam who had lived through all of the generations of mortal man. You see, this is the role of the serpent.

This is how hypnotists hypnotize people and people start talking in languages that they do not know and giving you all kinds of information. And I say this -- the word is silly. I am sorry. The scriptural word is silly, and these silly people who are so educated that they have become fools think that they are contacting other lifetimes of this particular man, but what they have contacted is the serpent who has been around since the beginning and the serpent who has existed in every human being that has ever been incarnated by Leviathan. That is what we are talking about there.

So the serpent got mad at Balaam because he was obeying Adam, and the serpent wounded Balaam and wounded Adam, and the way she wounded them was to give strength to Leviathan and stir her up, and as soon as Leviathan -- now this is [INAUDIBLE] Leviathan, Balaam's conscious mind, stirred up. Cain is the other side -- Cain is the serpent, right? Cain is the spiritual side of the serpent, so the -- it was almost as if to say the serpent arose from the depths of the creation, pierced into Balaam's personal consciousness. Pierced, stirred up Leviathan. Leviathan was a doorway into this world, and the serpent stepped through the doorway called Leviathan and spoke to Balaam in the form of Cain. You want to know the witness for this? Elohim arose and spoke to Saul in the form of the -- who was it? Samuel? God, help me. I am not a letter man. Who was conjured up by the Witch of Endor?


It was Samuel. Well, I was right. That is what happened. Elohim -- you look it up in the Hebrew. It says Elohim. The witch saw Elohim. He entered into this world to talk to Saul through the doorway, which was this Witch of Endor. He entered in through her. There is a world that is not -- that is apart from this visible world. It is a spiritual world that is deep within us, and it is a world that spans all of the lifetimes of all of the people who have ever lived. We are just temporary expressions of that world.

"And Cain spoke through the ass part of Balaam and said" -- he spoke through the host. He spoke through the mortal part of Balaam and said, "Am I not the ass?"Now look at the rebellion, see. The whole point here is that Balaam spoke up to Adam, but he was -- but he said the motives of his heart was the serpent. "And Cain spoke through the ass part of Balaam and said, Am I not the ass which has carried you continually, whose service you profited from up until this day? Did not I do this?"

OK, so to o- -- for anyone listening, it was Balaam talking, but it was not Adam in Balaam. It was Cain who had risen to the surface and spoken through Balaam, and he spoke to Adam. And he said, I am the four-footed beast that you have been appearing in in this world, all of your days. I have served you. I have given you an existence. I have given you a body to dwell in. I have given you verbal and physical expression. Did not I serve you faithfully? Did not I serve you faithfully? What is your problem?

Now we see that Balaam is under siege. Cain has risen up in Balaam and is rebelling against Adam, challenging him, and we see that Abel answers him. Now, remember, for Adam to be existing, Cain and Abel have to be joined. They have to be gathered together and joined. This rebellion on the part of Cain is very serious because if Cain pulls out -- pulls away from Abel, Adam is going to die again. Can you hear this? So Cain and Abel are together, gathered together under the king, Adam, so the first one to answer [?Cain and Abel?] because if Cain gets away, Abel is going to fall down into his mortality again too, as Abel rises up and tries to --

And also, please notice -- OK, this is very important, that from the moment Cain turned against Abel in rebellion, in that exact moment, Cain is no longer a spiritual male but has become a spiritual female. She has separated herself from Abel and from Adam in her mind, so Abel is now -- Abel who is still attached to Adam, exercises his priestly authority. He is still attached to Adam, so Cain is rebelling, but Abel is right there exercising priestly authority over her, and she rebukes her.

And this is what she says to Cain, and please notice the pride in what Cain said. Have I not carried you continually? Did not I serve you? You could not have made it here without me. You could not have made it without me. You could not have made it without me. And Abel, Balaam's other side, said, with the authority of Jehovah's priest, he was still in right order. "Did Elohim put you in the right moral order to kill Israel?" See, the whole point is that Cain is rebelling against Adam because Adam is stopping her from doing what she wants to do, and what she wants to do is curse Israel because she wants the money. So here is an excellent example of malignant pride. "Cain turns around and says to Adam, I do not need you. You need me, and I have been giving you what you need all these years. Why are you doing this wicked deed of preventing" [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

"Cain turned around and says to Adam, I do not need you. You need me, and I have been giving you what you need all these years. Why are you doing this wicked deed of preventing me from doing what I want to do? And Abel, the priest of the two mortal spirits, said, Did Elohim put you in the right moral order so that you could kill Israel?"

Because, you see, there is life in the right moral order. I do not really know what benefits Balaam had, but I know he had a lot of spiritual power, and when you have spiritual power, all you need from it -- I do not know exactly what form it took in Balaam's life, but I know that all you need from it, when you  have that kind of spiritual power -- and whatever he had because Adam chose not to kill him when he -- in Genesis 11 when he ki- -- when he [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- whoops, excuse me. My mouth is going on its own accord. I do not want this to come out wrong. Adam went forth -- the man that he killed at the Tower of Babel did not cease to exist. They died to their immortality on Jehovah's instruction, he removed the living altar from them, and they died to their immortality and became mortal men. But Balaam retained -- well, I think I said that wrong. They died to their immortal mind. They were not immortal.

I will say it again. To be immortal, you must have an immortal mind that has completely subjected your mortal mind, OK, so they had two minds, OK. They had two minds, and they -- and Adam came forth and dismantled their righteous mind, and they became a totally mortal person or totally mortal men, with the exception of Balaam who was permitted to keep the living altar because of his acknowledgment of Adam's authority over him. So if nothing else, he was living from, probably -- I have it in my spirit that he lived more than 1,000 years. I hope I remember to look it up. He lived for a long time, and he had many benefits. Jesus.

So Balaam had a mind which was in the right moral order, and that configuration of that mind gave him great power. So Abel says to him, do you think Elohim did this for you? He put you in the right moral order. He put you underneath me and gathered us together so that Adam could be king over us and we could have all the blessing associated with this mind? Do you think He did it so you could kill Israel? And as I said it in part 1 of this message, for Balaam to have the power, one man to have the power, to kill the corporate, righteous mind of Israel, he must have been very powerful. Israel had power, brethren. They came out of Egypt. They were defeating whole nations. They were wiping out nations, taking land, not one killed, not one wounded, and there was a man in the earth that was powerful enough to wipe out this whole nation that had this righteous mind, that was working miracles, or for whom Jehovah was working miracles. One man really had the power to wipe them out?

Well, it is my understanding of the Scripture that he had it, and this one man had more power than the corporate male mind of Israel. That is a powerful man. So Abel said did Elohim g- -- let you live. Did He give you this power so that you could curse Israel, His landmark in the earth? Jesus.

"And the ass part of Balaam said to Abel" -- now this is very interesting. I went back into Verse 30, and I checked, and that Cain is a correct translation. Cain spoke through the ass part of Balaam, and Verse 29 says, "And the ass part of Balaam said to Abel." If you could look at Verse 30 and Verse 29, it is really saying that Cain and the ass part of Balaam are the same. Now we are the ass part of Balaam. We are the host, and if you could see it, it is saying that we are Cain, and I preached that here, that we are Cain, but here it is in the Scripture.

And Cain spoke through the ass part of Balaam and said, I carried you up until this day, da-da, da-da, and then Abel says, Did Elohim put you in the right moral order to kill Israel? And then the ass part of Balaam said to Abel -- you see, there is no difference. Cain and the ass part of Balaam are one and the same, and the ass part of Balaam -- and this, of course, because the host, Balaam himself, is in full agreement with Leviathan. "And the ass part of Balaam said to Abel, Indeed, the serpent has thrust me through. That was the sin lying at the door that swallowed up Cain, and she became completely evil. The serpent has thrust me through, and I would surely kill you this time if I could only free up her spiritual power." In other words, Cain -- the serpent's spiritual power was bound up because Cain had been forced into the right -- into the correct moral order, which was under Abel and under Adam. She had no power to kill. So we see that the ass and Cain are one and the same, and she is saying, "I would surely kill you this time if I could only free up the serpent's spiritual power. And Adam said to Balaam, Did Elohim put you in the right moral order to kill Israel?"

Now look at this. In Verse 28, Abel is asking Cain this question, and in Verse -- I am sorry, in Verse 28, Abel is asking Adam -- Balaam this question, OK, and in Verse 32a, Adam is asking Balaam the same exact question. So what I suggest to you is Abel rose up [?the only?] authority that he had, and Cain's response was to threaten to murder him, so Adam came in and asked the same question and then reminded him of the great gift that he had received and reminded him of the reason -- or reminded him of how he came to have a mind which was in the right moral order. "And Adam said, Do you remember when I went out against Satan to cast down her lifestyle in you which is surely opposite to mine?" That should be Satan or the serpent. I will have to pray about that.

Do you remember when I went out against Satan to cast down her lifestyle in you which is surely opposite to mind and to thrust her away from you? And Jehovah uncovered your spiritual eye." We are talking about circums- -- we are talking about spiritual circumcision here. "And Jehovah uncovered your spiritual eye." That is Adam, his spiritual eye.

Now, remember, that, spiritually speaking, we have two eyes, one on top of the other. Leviathan is the eye that is covering over Adam -- or Abel, our spiritual eye, "And Jehovah uncovered your spiritual eye by circumcising Leviathan off of you. And you saw that I was Jehovah's angel, the righteous part of yourself, which stands erect because of a moral lifestyle."

Now what that means, brethren, is that Adam can only be appearing in you as a result of a moral lifestyle. Those of are hoping for the resurrection of Adam in ourselves are doing the best we can to live a moral lifestyle. We are not only living a behaviorally moral lifestyle, but we are living a spiritually morally lifestyle -- moral lifestyle by confessing our sins and repenting and doing everything we can to murder Leviathan, OK. Adam can only rise from the dead as a result of a moral lifestyle. And, of course, we have the Lord Jesus Christ backing us up because we really cannot be completely moral. We could just do what little bit we could do, and He covers the rest of our sins. That is how Adam is rising from the dead in us.

So on the one hand, Adam could only rise from the dead as the result of a moral lifestyle, which we are incapable of living, but Jesus Christ is covering our sin. And on the other hand, once Adam is raised from the dead in us, he cannot continue to live unless we continue to live a moral lifestyle. If you think that because Adam is raised from the dead in you that you can go out and do anything you want, you are mistaken because when you do things that can only be done with Leviathan as your mind, when you start living out of Leviathan, Adam starts to get sick and to die. Adam exists as a result of a righteous lifestyle. He is the power to live a righteous lifestyle. I think there is even a Scripture along that line -- along those lines, that Jesus Christ is our power. I am not quoting it, but I think it is in there, that Jesus Christ is our ability to live a morally righteous lifestyle.

And it is an incredible battle to raise him from the dead. And once he is raised up, you would have to be a total fool to do something that is going to -- that will result in his weakness, his sickness or his death. You would have to really be -- there would have to be something wrong with your mind. That is what Hebrews 6 is talking about. If you willfully sin after you know about this message, after you have experience His healing and His miracles and this glorious doctrine, there is something terribly, terribly wrong with you, and what is wrong with you is confessed sin. That is the only thing that could do it to you, sin that you are not dealing with, sin that you are in denial about.

See, when you deny sin, it gives that sin license to do anything it wants. You see, if there is something inside of you that you are refusing to acknowledge, while you are looking away from it, it is doing whatever it wants to do. But when we are not -- when you acknowledge it and when you are looking at it and you are watching it and saying, no, you do not, it cannot do what it wants to do. But denial gives a sin in you a license to act freely. I tell you the truth.

"Do you remember when I went out against the serpent to cast down a lifestyle in you which is surely opposite to mine and to thrust her away from you and Jehovah uncovered your spiritual eye or circumcised Leviathan off of your spiritual eye and you saw that I was Jehovah's angel, the righteous part of yourself which stands erect because of the moral lifestyle? And the personality -- and I was also the personality of Jehovah's three-part altar, and my circumcising knife was drawn out towards Leviathan, your phallus, your false male organ. And unless you had turned away from Leviathan, your evil personality at that time, I would not have restored the life of Adam, your deadly wound."

So apparently I did not even give it to you correctly. Apparently it is not that -- Balaam was not spared when Adam went out to kill the righteous mind of the men who were at the Tower of Babel. They were all killed. It was Balaam who, in his mortality, recognized Adam and has his deadly wound restored, had Adam restored in him. Anybody not understand that?

"And unless you had turned away from Leviathan, your evil personality at that time, I would not have restored the life of Adam, your deadly wound. And Balaam said to Adam, Jehovah's king, You were appointed to give me a moral lifestyle, for I lost my true nature when I invaded you as a male and married you, and the serpent was revealed in me. And after that, she led me away towards Leviathan, the wounded heart."

OK, Balaam, in his mortality -- well, I am not going to say that now. So we see it happening again. The same thing is happening to Balaam that happened at the Tower of Babel. Adam rose up ready to kill him, ready to take away his immortal mind.


Adam rose up. Yes, this is Adam that we are talking about, Adam in Balaam. Adam is talking to Balaam and says to him, if you go back a few verses, Verse 28 and Verse 32a -- in Verse 32a, Adam said to Balaam, did I put you in the right moral order? Did Elohim put you in the right moral order so that you could kill Israel? I did not give you this weapon to kill Israel. Because a righteous mind is a weapon, and then Adam is reminding Balaam of how his life was spared, how his immortal mind was restored to him, because after it was removed from him, in his mortality, he acknowledged Adam as Jehovah's angel.

So we see, as Adam reminds Balaam of what happened to him, Balaam's reaction to what Adam has to say is that he overcomes Cain and rises up in a right mind and says, "Yes, I acknowledge you were appointed to give me a moral lifestyle, Adam, but I lost my true nature when I invaded you as a male and married you." Now this is Cain speaking. Balaam did not invade Adam and marry him. That is what Cain did, so it is Cain speaking through Balaam, repenting, saying, "You were appointed to give me a moral lifestyle, but I lost my true nature when I invaded you as a male and married you, and the serpent was revealed in me." Cain became the serpent. "And after that, she led me away towards Leviathan, the wounded heart."

So we see this whole conversation going on between Adam and Cain, first between Abel and Cain and then between Adam and Cain. It is as if Balaam really ceases to exist. The Scripture says Balaam, but the hidden message there is that this whole conversation is going on within Balaam, and it is between Adam and Cain in Balaam. I find that absolutely incredible. So Cain, once again, is acknowledging the truth of what happened to him, and we see, if you read the rest of Numbers 22, that Adam prevailed as Balaam's mind, and Balaam went forth and met with Balak but could only speak the words of his righteous mind.

And this is happening to everyone that is here, and probably if you are listening to this message, it is happening to you or you would not have the message on by now. But we are Cain, and there is a righteous mind that is rising from the dead in us, and he wants to give us back our life, but we have to acknowledge him, and we have to acknowledge the truth. You see, here is why we need the doctrine. You cannot confess the truth. There is nobody who is going to confess the truth if you do not believe it, and there is nobody who is going to believe this truth if you do not hear it, if it is not preached to you. We are Cain, and we killed Abel. We killed Adam, and we killed Abel, and the th- -- the serpent thrust us through, and we became the creatures that we are today, which are serpents. We are serpents. Jesus told the Pharisees that they are serpents. They are Leviathans. And when we recognize it and confess our condition, Adam, Lord willing, is going to rise from the dead in us, but only if we tell -- only if we confess the truth.

Brethren, I am telling you. There is a whole church world of people that really love Jesus. Sometimes I get confused about this because I see that they have faith, and I see that they have an anointing. And I say to myself, well, somehow Jesus is going to take them too. You cannot reject that faith. You have got to do something with that faith. I want to tell you, brethren, Jesus is going to do one thing for these people. After the sons of God appear in full stature, He is going to let them hear this message. And when they believe this message and they recognize that they are Cain and that we are guilty and that we are the ones who murdered Adam, Adam will rise from the dead in them too and save their lives.

But I do not care how sweet a spirit somebody has. Do not be deceived because they have a sweet spirit on them because some Christians just have beautiful spirits on them. They are just beautiful, but do not be deceived. They are not going to rise from the dead unless they can say to Adam, Yes, I acknowledge that you are Jehovah's king, and you were appointed to give me a moral lifestyle, but I lost my true nature when I invaded you. I am guilty. I killed you, Adam. I invaded you as a male and married you, and the serpent was revealed in me, and I became the serpent. And after that, the serpent led me away towards Leviathan, the wounded heart.

If they cannot make that confession, they will not rise from the dead. Do not be deceived by the sweet spirit on them. They are either going to go forward, or they are going to go backwards. The doctrine is essential because we must know what we did so that we can confess it and repent and rise from the dead. Jesus, what an anointing here tonight. Any questions or comments?

10/07/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

10/15/14 1st Edit CAS/BP

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