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Praise the Lord. I see that I did not write it down in your notes, but we are in Numbers, chapter 22, starting with verse 21 -- Numbers 22 starting with verse 21. I think I will briefly expound on what is going on up until this point. I will tell you, though, that I am very excited. I told you off message how we got into this study. It is sort of something I did not want to share with the public at large. And when I started translating these verses I got very excited because it fits right into our teachings that have been coming forth through these studies in the Kundalini.

It is just -- the Lord just amazes me when He does this. It is not the first time that He has done it. It looks like I am in a Scripture for a [?very?] -- it looks like I am in a Scripture for one particular reason. Frequently the Scriptures look as harmless as can be, and here we see this deep spiritual truth coming forth. In these Scriptures, we see that we needed the revelation of Cain and Abel to our -- to int- -- to translate one verse adequately. And then I see that we have the revelation of Adam being the firmament, that we need that revelation to translate another verse.

And then something really exciting. I honestly do not know whether I have this on a message or not because these Kundalini teachings -- excuse me -- have been flowing into all the other teachings here. So I do not know whether or not I mentioned to you that I had read in some of these books that I am studying that the brain or -- well, how am I going to say this?

OK, just in case this is the first message anyone has picked up, I have been doing some studies on Eastern philosophy, and I have -- the Lord has shown me that these people have a lot of truth. They do not have the revelation that salvation can only be in the gathering together of Cain and Abel, which will result in the resurrection of Adam and thus the regeneration of the -- of mankind, but they do have a revelation that I never had. And that is that we are spiritual life dwelling in this body and that the brain is the controller of the body, and that the spirit that controls the body does it by manipulating the brain, and that everything that we think, feel and experience is a result of the manipulation of the brain.

I even saw a "Star Trek" episode a week or two ago where -- which dealt with Jordy, the man who was born without any pupils, for all intents and purposes no eyes. He was captured by an alien force that manipulated various centers in his brain, and he received all kinds of -- well, in this case horrible visions, which were designed to break his will.

And I remembered a testimony that Xxxx [SP] had told me about awhile a- -- several years ago about someone who had no eyes. They were born without eyes, and the Lord gave them a miracle. They could see. They had no eyes. No one could figure it out. They had no eyes, but they could were seeing. Well, I want to suggest to you that the Holy Spirit did something in that man's brain that let him see without the eyes. Because the true spiritual sight is not with these eyes, OK. The true spiritual sight is with your mind. And I know that I have seen things with my mind happening in other places.

So, the books -- if you are all upset -- if you are a Christian and you are listening to this message and you are all upset, I really encourage you to not shut off the message and pray about it. But if you are all upset, do what you have to do because it is really between you and Jesus what you do. But I -- the Lord has taught me many things in the 18 years that I am with Him. Most of them He has taught me through the Scripture, but He has taught me things, especially spiritual things. Most of my spiritual knowledge has come from sources outside of the Scripture that would be labeled occult sources. And the Lord has directed me to them and told me this part is true and that part is not true, and this is true but they have got it a little backwards. And the Lord has used occult movies and occult teachings to teach me for years.

This Kundalini philosophy that I am in right now, I would say is the greatest amount of knowledge that He has brought to me from sources outside of the church. And I have gone in very carefully and I have prayed very carefully and asked Him for witnesses. The witnesses are definitely coming in, OK. They are definitely coming in. Now, His latest revelation that I was asking for a witness for is that the -- well, first I have received that the land that the Bible is talking about is this body, OK, and that the brain is intimately involved. The spirit that controls the brain controls the body, controls the form that we take, controls the external world. The brain is intimately associated with who we are and what we are and how we manifest and what our world is like. I am convinced of this.

After I became convinced of this, it came to my attention that the brain is in two hemispheres, two sides to the brain, and that there is a narrow strip between the two sides of the brain, which name I do not remember, but when I get to it my notes, I have it all written down for you. It is the corpus callosum, I think, the corpus callosum. And it appeared, at the time that this information came to me, that this narrow strip, this corpus callosum, that separates the left and right hemisphere of the brain, is the -- oh, Jesus, help me to get these words out, please -- is the mediate -- is the median place, the place in the middle between what ou- -- what the Scripture calls the Garden of Eden, which is the part of the brain -- if you --

If our spirit dwells in the right side of the brain, OK, we are immortal, but if our spirit is dwelling in the left side of the brain, that is where Cain is, and he is eastward of Eden, the feminine side of the Garden. I have preached on that several times. When the Scripture says Cain was sent eastward of Eden, that Hebrew word translated Eden is a different word than the Hebrew word translated Eden in the Garden of Eden. And the Garden of Eden is male, and eastward of Eden is female. It is the female counterpart or the female side of the Garden. And female is mortal and male is immortal. There are two hemispheres to our brain.

Now, I do not -- if anyone picked it up, they did not show it on their faces yet. I have mentioned this here and there. The left side -- according to man's teachings, the left side of the brain is male. Is not [sic] the left side of the brain male? Or is the left side of the brain female?         


Is it female?


What the psychologists teach.


Yeah, OK. The left side of -- I thought that the --

            [INAUDIBLE] the right side [INAUDIBLE]

The right side is male. OK, then they have got it right. The left side is female, and the right side is male. That is the way it is coming up in the Scripture, OK. I found the Scripture for it in this account of Balaam's ass, OK. But this is the spiritual teaching that I asked for a witness to. And one side of the brain, we find it to be the right side of the brain.

If your spirit is dwelling in or has access to the right side of the brain, you are immortal and you are in Eden. If your spirit is dwelling on- -- and has access only to the left side of the brain, you are mortal and you are eastward of Eden. And there is a strip between the two hemispheres, cor- -- called by man the corpus callosum, and that is where your mind is. That is where you either have a mind or a heart. In this hour in fallen man, that strip, that narrow strip, is occupied by Leviathan, which is the heart of mortal man.

You know what just popped into my mind? What is the name of that strip in Israel?


The Gaza Strip in Israel. It just popped into my mind. The Gaza Strip in Israel. It is the same principle. It is a strip that is separating the anointed of God. And I am sorry if you are an Arab and you are listening to this, but we are talking about spiritual principles. I have been on the Gaza Strip, and I have seen how the land was flush and irrigated and filled with foliage and vegetation on Israel's side and desert on the Arabic side.

So we have this narrow strip. I will take questions in a minute, OK. We have this narrow strip, and it -- in this hour in mortal man, Leviathan is dwelling there, OK. And Leviathan is a counterfeit mind. We call her a heart. When Adam is risen from the dead in us, he will occupy that narrow strip and we will have the mind of Christ. OK. And I f- -- actually found a Scripture for it in the account of Balaam's ass. It is unbelievable. The Lord is -- I could never do this myself, never in a million years. I was so excited when I heard this, and I said, Lord, you got to give me Scriptures. I know it -- in my spirit it is right, but you got to give me a Scripture, and here it is.

So, let me just see if there is anything else I want to say about this, then I will take your questions and we will start doing the translation. Anything else you want me to say about this issue?




Well, did you have a question or a comment that you want to --

                Years ago, when I was [?taken?] the epileptic seizures, the doctors suggested a brain operation that would separate the brain, but I was against it because of the tendency to lose various parts of memory and whatnot.

Yeah, wow.


Well, the -- ideally speaking, we are not supposed to be divided. Now, this issue of the corpus callosum came up on a "Star Trek" episode that Xxxx and I were watching. OK, this I did not even get out of a book. And according to the doctor on "Star Trek" -- and to the best of my knowledge, this medical and scientific information that is being given out as a part of the program is pretty accurate because we ran to the encyclopedia and we found corpus callosum in the encyclopedia. According to the doctor, this man was having a psychic episode whereby his intelligence had increased beyond the proportions of a computer. I do not even know what kind of a word to describe him -- to use to describe him, but he was beyond genius.

And the way it was happening -- now, remember, it is very easy to say you are a genius. Why are you a genius and I am not a genius? What is the difference between us? What was happening with this man was -- according to the doctor on "Star Trek" -- was that the corpus callosum was so active that both hemispheres of the brain were functioning as one brain. No more left and right side. Both hemispheres were being utilized.

Now, I suggest to you that this what the Kingdom of the Two Heavens is. Let me put this on the board for you.


No. Well, OK, I will draw it.

OK, I have drawn something that is supposed to be the two hemispheres of the brain. Now, we know it does not look like that. This is just for a demonstration purpose. When Leviathan -- I do not even know whether it is correct to say “when Leviathan is the corpus callosum” or whether “when Leviathan is dwelling in the corpus callosum.” I do not even know which is correct at this point. All of her control is over the left side of the brain. And there are different centers in the left side of the brain for everything we would want to do: to raise our arm, to raise our leg, to see, to talk. And mortal people use a very small percentage of their brain. I think that even Leviathan is not utilizing the whole left hemisphere. I think -- actually, I read somewhere, that she is only utilizing a portion of the left hemisphere. I have to keep reading. I will give you the information as I get it.

Now, when Adam rises from the dead, he rises in Eden, the mortal -- the immortal side of the brain, and he starts his journey towards the corpus callosum, and his intention is to overlay Leviathan. Now, is that not what we have taught? Is that not what full stature is? The overlaying of Leviathan, OK. Full stature, it is the -- when Adam rises from the dead, he is the Kingdom of God. The resurrected Adam is the Kingdom of God, and when he arrives -- see, this is the desert and this is his trip that he is going through. OK, when he arrives at the corpus callosum, he overlays Leviathan, utterly paralyzing her and cutting off her ability to manipulate any part of the brain whatsoever. And Adam, the resurrected Adam, now has full control over Eden and over eastward of Eden, over the left and right side of the brain. He is now dwelling right here in the midst of the Cherubim.

How can I say that? How could I say in the midst of the Cherubim? Who are the Cherubim? Does anybody remember?

            Imaginary creatures?



Well, that is true, but we found out really who they were. I guess you have a message to review.

            Cain and Abel [INAUDIBLE]

It is Cain and Abel, yeah. P --


OK, please use your microphone. OK, so this would be Cain over here on the left side of the brain and Abel over here on the right side of the brain, and they are the Cherubim. And here is Adam dwelling in the midst of the Cherubim, controlling Cain and controlling Abel. And this is the gathering together of the two into the one resurrected immortal man. Cain is eastward of Eden. Adam is in Eden -- I am sorry, Abel is in Eden. Adam is the mediator. In the New Testament we call him Christ Jesus. The man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, and He is the spiritual controller of the organic brain. And the man or the one -- the man or the woman, because if it is Leviathan she is a woman, who has -- who dwells in the midst of the Cherubim and who has control over the whole brain determines what we will look like, what our appearance will be, determines what our world will be like, and determines whether or not we are in hell or in heaven. Is that awesome?


Well, what is even more awesome is I found it in the Bible, under Balaam's ass. And if you could just wait one second, I have to repent. I have to tell you that I have looked in certain portions of the Scripture and Bal- -- I guess Balaam's ass was one of them. And I have just made a carnal judgment. Well, that is not all-important. It is just some story about some dumb ass, you know. But we cannot take that -- we cannot make that decision. We study whatever Jesus sends us.

What did you want to say?

[INAUDIBLE] I cannot make out what is on the bottom there. It might be God. Is that God or what? I cannot --

Where? Over here?

            Yeah. What does that say?

Kingdom of God.

Kingdom of God. And that is Kingdom of God, and this is the kingdom of darkness over here. Jesus. And also, of course, this is the covering over of this world, which is going to cause this -- when Adam covers over Leviathan, this world will roll up like a scroll. It is going to go out like you put a light out because Leviathan is manifesting through the east side of Eden. She is projecting an image, which is this world. And when Adam rolls on top of her, this world is going to go out like a light because Adam will cover her over and she will not be able to project. Jesus.

It is all in the brain. Everything is in the brain. I read in one of these books that when your consciousness ascends -- well, this man who had this experience, his consciousness ascended, and he could see everything that was going on in his house. He looked through the walls. He saw through the walls. He knew everything that was going on in every room in the house. Now, I have experienced something like this twice, where I saw with the eye of my mind, which I guess is the third eye, what my natural eyes could not see, OK, but in both cases it glorified Jesus Christ. It was something I needed to see.

Let me put -- take this opportunity to put this on the message. For years I have been praying against the third eye. I have prayed in deliverance. I have blinded people's third eye. Do not blind your third eye. Just pray that it is opened in Christ Jesus. You do not want it to be opened in Satan, but you want your third eye. We want our third eye. It is our spiritual sight. Jesus, every third eye I ever blinded, may it receive sight again. Hallelujah.

OK, can we have that on hold for a minute please, Xxxx?

I was reading this book about how the soul, or they called it the emotional body, clouds over the pure consciousness. And I was thinking well, that could be Leviathan. And when Adam is raised from the dead in us, that is when we will really have pure consciousness. And I was thinking, you know, maybe that is connected with the third eye, that it will be fully opened and we will just see a spiritual world that is Adam, and this world will be just be --


            -- will be totally beyond it.

I agree. I think that the spiritual world exists right now. We just cannot see because it is in the Spirit. That is what Jesus was talking about. He said if you are not born again, you will never see the Kingdom of Heaven. Because you cannot see it with these eyes, you need spiritual eyes. And the spiritual eyes are -- well, you just have one spiritual eye. It is Adam. He is your spiritual eye. So if he is not there, you are blind, see. The spiritual world is -- the spiritual world of God, it is here right now. Jesus.

I have decided not to go verse by verse as a prelude to this message on Chapter 22 of the Book of Numbers. I will just talk briefly about what is going on.

Balaam was not -- Balaam was a heathen. This is very interesting because Balaam apparently was a very spiritual man who knew and had a relationship with Jehovah. This sort of puts us in the same -- or in a similar situation that Jonah was in, you know, when he did not want to go preach to the people at Nineveh. He preached at Nineveh, did he not? [?Joe?] Yeah.


I am not a lettered man. If ever you hear me make a mistake along those lines, please stop me. Jonah was very offended at the thought that Jehovah was sending the Word of God to the heathen. And this seems to have been a chronic problem -- this used to be a chronic problem with God's people. It was a problem with the Jew, as we see expressed in Jonah. I think it is a problem with the Christian today. I have had a very unusual conversion. The Lord revealed Himself to me in an Orthodox Jewish synagogue when I was 10 years old. When I came to the church, I was told that that experience was not possible, and it threw me into a lot of confusion. But everyone that told me that did not know what they were talking about because it was possible and it did happen to me.

I also heard a testimony of a Hindu to whom Jehovah s- -- to whom, I am sorry, Jesus Christ spoke directly and called him out of Hinduism, and the man now has several churches. You do not have to be a Christian for the Lord Jesus Christ to speak to you. Jesus Christ is bigger than the mortal, carnal minds of His people in the church. His salvation is for the entire world. He does have a people in the Earth which are a landmark. What does that mean? It means that people who are not spiritual, who desire to contact Him, [?we?] need a mortal point of contact through which to hope to reach Him. Israel had that job for a season, and today the church has that job.

They are the landmark. They are the visible express- -- well, they are supposed to be the visible expression of the Lord Jesus Christ's house, the place where you could find Him if you know absolutely nothing except you desperately need help and you heard that name Jesus. Supposed to be able to go to any church or any Christian and get help. Unfortunately, it is not working that way. Today, the church is only partially functioning, but it is better than nothing.

The issue before us today, however, is that those of us who intend to go on in Christ, and who are going on in Christ, we really need to come out of this carnality. We need to come out of competition. We need to come out of our own ego. We need to become ministers of reconciliation to the whole world in our heart. We must destroy with a vengeance any aspect of our own mortality that would seek to exalt ourselves because of the power that we have. And we have power in this ministry. We have power. When we pray, people get helped. Of course, we are not in full stature. But we definitely have intercessory power here. We must come out of our own -- our self-exaltation. This must be -- everything we do must be for the glory of Jesus Christ. We must be very small so that He can be very great.

And we must know that He speaks to heathens. There is not a doubt in my mind. He sent Peter to the Italian band. They were in their house p- -- fasting and praying. There are people all over this world seeking a relationship with the true Creator. They may not know what His name is, but their heart is turned towards the Creator. Now, I have got a flash for all of you Christians that thinks [sic] He only responds to the English words “Jesus Christ.” You are wrong! Jesus Christ is a spirit. He is the only true Spirit. He is the Creator, and He knows the motives and intents of your heart. He knows who is truly seeking Him with all of their might, and He will lead that person wherever they are, and whatever name they call Him.

Oh, Sheila you are preaching all paths lead to heaven. No, I am not. There is only one path to heaven, and that is the one true Spirit. Now, you could be calling Him by the right name and have the wrong spirit. You could be calling Him by the wrong name and have the right Spirit. Well, is that not confusing, Sheila? It most certainly is. In this hour, the true church is fully divided. I have news for you. The true church is all over the world and everyone in it is not [sic] a Christian, and many Christians are not in it. The true church is spiritual. The true church is made up of people who have a relationship with Jesus Christ, no matter what they call Him. There are people in the church that do not have a relationship with Him.

Although, I must say that most people in the church have a relationship with Jesus Christ on a very basic level. Most of the doctrine -- well, again, I do not want to be knocking the church. They talk about faith; they talk a lot -- about a lot of good things. But the doctrine that is going to bring people in -- back up into immortality is not being preached in the church. On the contrary, the church is preaching against it. So, I see the majority of people in the church do have a relationship with Jesus Christ, but the doctrine, the false doctrine, that they are being taught is preventing them from entering into heaven.

Then we have the rest of the world. There are spiritual people in this world that do not call themselves Christian. There are spiritual people, and some of them have a relationship with Jesus Christ and they do not even know it. Some of them would like a relationship with Him, but they have not been able to connect. But they are spiritual people, and when the true Word and the true Spirit comes to them, they are going to just click right in really quick.

Now, I suspect at this point that Balaam was a man that was not a Hebrew, who was a very spiritual man, who sought after spiritual things, and who had made a connection with Jehovah. He connected with Jehovah, and Jehovah received Him. Now, why would Jehovah receive Him? Well, He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. And what is His reward? Himself. Why would Jehovah not have a relationship with him if the man's heart was truly seeking the Creator?

Now, brethren, if you are listening -- we have all kinds of people listening to these messages. If you are a Christian and you are listening to these messages, you are going to have to get your act together. There are people out there in the world who are truly seeking to do good and to be good and to do -- and to be righteous. There are a lot of people that fill that category who will not go anywhere near the church because of the bad testimony that we have. We may have the Spirit, but very few of us walk in any measure of righteousness at all. The church is filthy. I do not think anyone that is honest would deny that.

Balaam was a spiritual man. But I thought you said the Word of God was only with Israel in those days? No, it wa- -- listen, the public office was only with Israel. Israel was the public office, the visible place that you could go to. Naaman the Syrian went to Israel because he heard there was a prophet that healed in Israel. But today, as in Balaam's day, there is not a doubt in my mind that there are people all over this world who are not Christians but who are spiritual, who have a thirst and a hunger for righteousness, who have somewhat of a relationship with Jesus Christ. They may not call Him that, but they have touched His Spirit.

Now, to go all the way up -- back up into immortality, I suspect you have to acknowledge that He is Jesus Christ, but that is not the issue. There are people all over this world that have touched Him, and once you touch Him, brethren, He will bring you where you need to be brought. And He will bring together in each man a recognition of the true Spirit, of the true doctrine, and an expression of that Spirit and that doctrine through the individual. As He matures you, you will know that it is Jesus Christ.

What does that mean? What does that mean, [?you?we?] will know that it is Jesus Christ? You will know that the true spirit in you is not the one who has generated you. That is Leviathan. Actually, it is the serpent through Leviathan that has generated this creation through Cain. [?For you?] and for those who ascend in consciousness because Abel has been crucified by the Lord Jesus Christ, you will know the truth. And, I want to tell you, however Jesus Christ brings that truth forth in you, it is OK with me.

How do I know what He is going to be doing? No one believes -- no one in the church believes that this message is of Him. How do I know whether or not He will let you use another name? I do not know, but I do know that you will not be emancipated from this body without the true Spirit. And if He gives you permission to call Him something else, well, that is between you and Him, but it has got to be His Spirit. It cannot be the spirit of Cain. It cannot be the serpent god, the Kundalini, or it whirls or it twirls around the base of your spine. Why? Am I prejudiced? No, it will not work! She does not have the power. You may think she has the power, but she does not have the power. It is the wrong spirit. It is the wrong spirit. She is the wrong spirit. I do not care. You could call her Jesus if you want to. Some people do. Some people call her the Holy Spirit. You can call her anything you want. She does not have the power.

Jesus has the power, and for Him to give you the power -- what power? To ascend in consciousness into a condition of immortality. For Jesus Christ, for the Creator, for the creative Spirit that I know as Jesus Christ to grant you this power to ascend into immortality and righteousness, you have to have a relationship with this same Spirit. I call Him Jesus Christ. Maybe He will let you call Him something else. I do not know. The issue is the Spirit; not the name -- the Spirit; not the name. When the Scripture speaks about name it means Spirit, not an English name, Jesus. It is speaking about the nature, the righteous nature of the Creator's Spirit which spoke us into existence. He is the only one that can emancipate you from this body.

Balaam had a relationship with Jehovah. He was not a Hebrew. Israel had the public commission. They were the visible landmark for people seeking help. The original five books of Moses clearly state that strangers in Israel were to be treated equally with the citizens of Israel. There were strangers in Israel. There were people who came for blessings, for healing, for whatever else to Israel.

But there were people all over the world, then and now, who are not a part of the visible landmark people. Why? Because the visible landmark people are an outreach to the people who are not spiritual. Why do you say that, Sheila? Well, if you are spiritual, you do not need the visible landmark people. If you are spiritual and you seek with all your heart, you will touch the Creator, but most people need a visible landmark to go to. Balaam did not need a visible landmark. He was in a high spiritual place. He had a relationship with Jehovah.

Paul says people such as this have the law of God written on their heart. If you think you need to belong to a church to have a [?relationship with Jesus?], you are mistaken. But most people are not strong enough to stand alone. [?You have to know?] who you are [?and where?] you are, how mature you are. And those of us [?who are mature?] are strong. We need to be in groups because we need each other's strength. Why? Because the negative charge of this mortal world is trying to kill us.


[?Which is why -- I am beginning to study -- physics. I am trying to get -- my -- physics. My particles -- need each other -- some vision -- negative -- of -- because -- part of me -- on it?]


But opposite particles are attracted to one another. So that means if you have this Jesus Christ, if you truly have Him in any manner of maturity at all, [INAUDIBLE] [?you go?] negative particles are clinging to you.

Well, what happens when negative particles cling to you? One must prevail. Either the negative will swallow up the positive, or the positive will swallow up the negative. Those who have the true Spirit of Jesus Christ are like magnets for negative spirits who are clinging to us -- clinging to us -- not -- this is not a conscious thing -- with the full intention of swallowing up that positive charge which we have and neutralizing it. The natural pull of this world is to neutralize each of us -- each of us. We do not want to be neutralized. We are in hiding until we are strong enough to go forth in the power of the resurrected Christ and neutralize this world from the positive points of view. Did anybody not understand what I just said?

This world is negative and it is seeking to wipe out every positive charge. That is why the warfare is so intense for those of us who are ascending in Christ. We need each other, and we are waiting until we are strong enough to go forth in the power of Jesus Christ to neutralize this world onto the positive side. This world is trying to drag us down; we are trying to drag the world up, and that is where the warfare is. Jesus.

OK, we are on a slow start this morning. I guess that is really all I have to say. Balaam had a relationship with Jesus Christ, and a man named Balak came to him and asked him to curse Israel. For Balak’s own evil purposes, he wanted Israel cursed. And, apparently, he had heard of Balaam’s spiritual power, so he came to him, the Scripture says, with the rewards of divination. He offered him money to do evil. Now, listen, Balaam had a relationship with Jesus Christ. That means, at the first -- at the first -- when Balak came to him he knew the answer should have been no. You do not do evil with spiritual power. But Balaam wanted the money, and he wanted the prestige. So he said to Balak, he said “Well, let me go see what the Lord has to say about this, what Jehovah has to say about this.”

And what was Jehovah's answer? “What are you doing with those people? What are you doing hanging out with people like that?” The implication is that Jehovah was saying, you should not even be asking me this question. You know the answer. Why are you asking me this question? Because in your heart you want to do it.

So Balaam went back, and he told Balak that he could not do it, that he could not disobey Jehovah. And Balak offered him more money; sent the man back again. And Balaam said, “Well, let me try one more time. Maybe the Lord will change His mind.” The Lord never changes His mind on an issue of righteousness, brethren. He only changes His mind when you change. It is possible that the Lord tells you no on an issue today and He will tell you yes five years from now; not because He has changed but because you have changed. The Scripture tells us that the Lord said to Balaam, “When these men come for you, go with them.” And the Lord did this because he discerned the intent of Balaam's heart, that they were evil, and He was determined to expose his sin. Jehovah was determined to pronounce judgment or bring judgment forth on Balaam for the specific purpose of bringing his sin to the surface.

Why? Because, brethren, we have to see our sin. You can confess your sin from morning until night. You must confess specific sin, which indicates that you have looked upon the evil in your own heart and are acknowledging that it is in you. And that is a far cry from saying, yeah, I am just a sinner man; I repent. The Lord will accept that for reconciliation. If you do that, He will have a relationship with you. But if you want to go on with Him, you have to confess the specific sin in your own heart, and many of us cannot see it. We are blinded to it. So the Lord sets up situations that will expose the sin, whereby we will be forced to see it and, hopefully, not deny it but confess it and repent that we might be purged of this evil.

The Scripture says the Lord was very angry at Balaam. I suggest to you the Lord does not get angry at us without a cause. He was angry at Balaam because Jehovah made a judgment that Balaam knew better, not should have known better. He knew better than to try to do evil to Israel. He was overcome by his greed. He was tricked. See, the New Testament says Adam was not deceived; the woman was deceived.

Well, we did a study on that, and what it is really saying in the Greek is that Adam was tricked. The woman was seduced; Adam was not seduced. Adam knew better. He was tricked. And when he was tricked, the woman was seduced. The woman did not know better. The man knew better, but the sin in his own heart set him up to be tricked. It blinded his eyes. If you are deceived, you are deceived by the pride of your own mind.

So the L- -- Jehovah was angry at Balaam because he should have known better. And we then enter into the account in Numbers 22 of Balaam's ass. It sounds like such a carnal account. I often wondered why Balaam was beating this poor ass, and this big angel was standing in the way trying to kill Balaam. And this ignorant, dumb animal saw the angel, but Balaam did not. It does sound a bit farfetched, but I never really thought twice about it until the Lord gave me this study.

So, let us go on. I am suggesting to you that Balaam is the ass, and that we are the ass. And that this account in Numbers 22 witnesses to what I have been teaching you here, that we are a host race that the Scripture likens to cattle. There is spiritual life growing within us. Hopefully, the spiritual life growing within us is Christ Jesus, but in some people the spiritual -- life is not the right word -- the spiritual existence that is growing is Leviathan. There will be two resurrections: one unto righteousness and one unto hell and damnation, depending on who or which spiritual existence becomes your Cain.

Jesus said, “My yoke is light.” That is what He was talking about. Listen, brethren, we are beasts of burden. We are beasts of burden. When Christ Jesus is our King, He elevates us to where He is. We become emancipated slaves. Have you ever seen a movie along those lines, where the slave is so beloved by a kind and benevolent master that that slave is granted his freedom? That -- this is the opportunity that we have when Christ Jesus is the spiritual life which matures in us and possesses us, but in order to obtain that freedom, our individual existence must die so that we can become as righteous as our master. Because if we are not righteous, we are not qualified to be free. We are criminals. We are all spiritual criminals.

When Leviathan is our king, her yoke is very heavy. Just take a look at the world. Drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, pimps, all kinds of bondage that people are in -- their king is Leviathan. We are a host race. This is a great mystery, but there is a place in our existence which can be either positive or negative, which can be either righteous or unrighteous -- it is sort of likened to the corpus callosum -- and that place is our host person.

OK, we do have an existence. The animal -- the four-legged animal that we are has an existence. The Scripture calls us a horse. Israel is the goodly horse of the Lord. You see, we are in parts, brethren. We are in parts. We are not mingled. We are mixed, but we are not mingled. We are cattle or horses which have the potential to be emancipated and converted into -- and mingled with, become one with, the glorious, righteous life of Jesus Christ; or we can be turned over to Leviathan, at which point we will be tortured until we are destroyed.

Now, in that last day, [?we are?] -- I do not want anyone taking me wrong -- well, it all depends on how you look at it. Anyone who is honest would say everyone that lives this existence has been tortured to some degree. This is a very painful place, brethren. If you have the best life in the world, a loved one dies; it is painful. It is just painful.

And, of course, in the last day, at the time of the resurrection, there will be a resurrection of the righteous, which is Adam; there will be resurrection of the good and of the evil, OK. And those who are resurrected in the evil world will find Leviathan, and Satan operating through Leviathan, as their rulers, and they will lose the ho- --

Who is [sic] they? The host race, those human beings in whom Leviathan has raised up to full stature, will find themselves to have an awareness of their slavery to Leviathan and Satan, and they will be -- we will be doing things -- peo- -- not we, please -- the people in this body will be doing things that they would not choose to do because the spiritual existence within them has arisen to such power that they can make these people do what they do not choose to do or that they choose not to do. And that will be the reality of hell in its worst form.

We are a host race, brethren. And the host race, which we are, is only a temporary condition. We are not going to exist forever. We are not going to exist forever. Either we are going to be incorporated into the Kingdom of God, or we are going to burn and pass out of this world. Even today, every human being that comes into this world passes out of this world. We are a temporary race, brethren. We are not permanent. The spiritual life within us is permanent. Elohim's breath in us is the only permanent thing.

In this temporal condition, however, we have the potential to be severely wounded and hurt and damaged if Leviathan becomes our king and to whatever degree Leviathan is our king. At this time, we are a neutral zone. I do not know if neutral is the right word, but we are a place -- or our person, our humanity is a place, even in this dual condition, which can either be bent towards the righteousness of Jesus Christ or bent towards the unrighteousness of Satan. Right now, we are a dual being, but we have an influence, either a righteous or an unrighteous influence, on our life. But this middle ground will not last forever. It is only temporary. We have got to go one way or the other.

OK, I hope that I gave you a good background on what leads up to verse 21 of Numbers 22. I will just read you verse 20: “And Jehovah came unto Balaam at night and said to him,” -- and please note that He came to Balaam at night. That means Balaam was in darkness. “‘If the men come to call you, rise up and go out with them, but yet the word which I shall say unto you, that shalt thou do.’”

I would really be curious, if the Lord lets me, to do that verse to see what it really means, that Jehovah came to him at night. Well, I know Jehovah sends a lying spirit, but I -- maybe if the Lord lets me, I will go back and do that verse just to see what Jehovah really said to him because the King James translation, and all the other translations, really tend to make Jehovah look bad.

But, in any event, we are starting at verse 21 [?which says?] “And Balaam rose up in the morning and saddled his ass and went with the princes of Moab.”

The word against, the English word against -- I am sorry -- “and Balaam rose up in the morning.” Well, who is the morning? Now, we should know this one. Who is the morning? Jesus Christ is the morning, OK. He is the Morning Star. I think I even -- did I put that verse in here? Yeah, here it is right here, Revelation 22:16: “I, Jesus, have sent my angel” -- that is Christ Jesus -- “to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David and the bright and morning star.” So, actually it is Christ Jesus who is rising. That is the morning.

So, we have -- I have strucken [sic] out the English word in because that was just put in by the King James translators anyway, and I have added the word against. Why would I add the word against? Because it fitted in with the context of the rest of the verse.

Look at what we have here. “And Balaam rose up in Christ Jesus”? I do not think so. “Balaam rose up against Christ Jesus,” you see. Why? Because Jehovah had told him not to go, and Christ Jesus in him -- apparently Christ Jesus was in Balaam, OK -- was trying to stop him. And Balaam had two sides to him. He was a dual man. He had Christ Jesus formed in him, and he had Leviathan in him. So for the Scripture to say that Balaam rose up against Christ Jesus, we really have to be saying, well, Leviathan in Balaam, or the bestial side of Balaam, rose up against Christ Jesus in Balaam and knocked Him down. Why? Because Christ Jesus did not want Balaam to do this. I think I am really going to have to do verse 20 to see what Jehovah really said to him.

“So Balaam rose up against Christ Jesus and saddled his ass.” The English word saddled is a translation of Strong's 2280. It can be translated to stop or to rule, which, to me, means to take authority over, to stop someone, to rule over someone. Christ Jesus was stopped. Balaam -- Leviathan rose up in Balaam. He stopped Christ Jesus. He ruled over Christ Jesus. He took authority over Christ Jesus.

Then we have this word that is never translated. It is Strong's 853. It means himself. And it is pretty clear here that Balaam rose up against Christ Jesus and took authority over himself. How could you say that? Well, there is two sides of him. The one side of him -- we see this principle all through the Scripture. He took authority over himself.

Did you not ever say that to yourself? I say it all the time. I [?took?take?] authority over myself. My mind wanted me to go do something that I knew was wrong, and I took authority over myself. I took authority over Leviathan in myself. I refused to do it.

Well, in this instance, we see that Leviathan in Balaam rose up against Christ Jesus. And we have the word his ass, and that means a female donkey. So please note that the animal is female, which is right in line with everything else we have been studying here. That the -- ever since Adam fell -- ever since Adam fell, on the several occasions that Jehovah raised him back up to immortality, Adam was immortal -- was an immortal mind within a female animal. And we found this study in Genesis 6 -- excuse me -- and it is also in Genesis 7, and I think it is Genesis 3 and 4 also. When Adam was infested by Cain, he incarnated as a female animal. Jehovah gathered together the spiritual part of that female animal and raised him up as a righteous mind within the female animal. That is what Jesus Christ was. Do not shut off the message, I am telling you the truth. Jesus Christ was a female animal. His body was a female animal. That resolved by a righteous mind, the resurrected Adam. And Adam was resurrected in the man Jesus of Nazareth because Cain and Abel were gathered together into that immortal mind within that man Jesus.

We were not meant to be animals, however. And Jesus' resurr- -- Jesus' regeneration, see, Adam was resurrected in the man Jesus. The man Jesus, who was a female animal, was regenerated and completely joined to His male mind. And He is now an Emancipated Slave and no longer needs a -- an animal body to live in.

And he went, he was led away with, Strong's 9573, we will translate that toward. The princes, that word means a ruler or a chief, of Moab. Moab is the offspring of the incestuous union between Lot and his older daughter. Moab is a Scriptural, a very common Scriptural signal to describe incest. So this is what we got. And Balaam rose up against Adam -- how did I get Adam in there? The morning. OK, Christ Jesus is the New Testament word for the morning. The Old Testament name for Christ Jesus is Adam. Christ Jesus is the resurrected Adam. And Balaam rose up against Adam and took authority over himself. Balaam, the Leviathan side, rose up against Adam and took authority over Adam, the other side of himself. His spiritual side. And Balaam, his four-footed beast -- OK, now I amplified and I put in the word Elohim because with Balaam, we are all Elohim's four-footed beasts. We are the cattle of this world.

And Balaam, his, or Elohim's four-footed beast was led away towards the prince who was the offspring of incest. And the prince who was the offspring of incest is Leviathan. Ephesians 2:2 says wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience. So we see that the prince who was the offspring of incest, is speaking about the children of disobedience, Leviathan's many members.

Alternate Translation, Numbers 22:21. And Balaam, Elohim's four-footed beast, walked with Leviathan. I think I left something out there. I think -- oh my goodness, I left something out there [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. It is all in there. I thought I had left a phrase out, but it is all in there. And Balaam, Elohim's four-footed beast, walked with Leviathan. I think -- and the first time I read this verse I used the translation led away. Led away. But as I saw the context and the meaning of the whole verse I realized that the correct translation is to walk with Leviathan. And Balaam, Elohim's four-footed beast, walked with Leviathan. That means he was in agreement with Leviathan. Balaam was in agreement with Leviathan. You see, we do technically have free will. Our free will, the free will of mortal man in this hour, is strongly influenced by curses and all kinds of spiritual problems. But in our heart of hearts, all we have to do is truly cry for help and Jesus does hear. And that free will -- that will is free. There is something in us free. I have always preached that you could be lying deathly ill, paralyzed, you cannot move, kidnapped, bound up, gagged, the mind just has to think Jesus, please help me. And that is your freedom of will.

So, we the cattle, we can choose. We are the beasts that can choose to throw ourselves in line with righteousness or with unrighteousness. And Balaam, Elohim's four-footed beast, walked with Leviathan. He agreed with Leviathan. The serpent and Abel's incestuous offspring. And he rose up, that is Balaam now, he rose up and took authority over Adam, his spiritual side. Genesis 5:24 says and Enoch walked with God and he was not, for God took him. Well, Balaam walked with Leviathan and he was not, for Leviathan took him. He became Leviathan.

You see, brethren, this is a hard word. Well, I guess not for anybody here, you know, we have been hearing some pretty tough truth here for a while. But for people who are not into this, this is a hard word but it is the truth. We are either Leviathan or the righteousness of God. And the very best that we can hope for in this hour is to be a mixture which is the righteousness of God most of the time. Nobody is perfectly righteous in this hour. We are Leviathan. We are the serpent. Jesus called the Pharisees vipers. He was not cursing them. He was telling them the truth. We need to know who we are. We need to know that this is not the life that Jesus wants us to have. Getting married, and having children, and settling down is not what we are called to. That was what Jesus -- that was what Jehovah said to Israel through Jeremiah when they went into captivity. He said make your homes. Plant your vin- -- your vineyards. It is OK to marry and have children with the Babylonians. You are going to be here for 70 years. Do the best you can. But in the hour that Israel was called out of Babylon, they had to leave all of the gain of Babylon behind.

As you ascend you must leave all of the gain and riches of this world behind because it will not go in with you. So if you will not let go of it, you will not go in. If you walk with Leviathan instead of Christ Jesus, you will be Leviathan who is left behind. I found an interesting witness to this in John 21:26 and John 21:30. I combined them. Therefore, Jesus gave over Judas Iscariot to his carnal mind, that is Leviathan, and that notorious one, Satan, came to life again as Judas and laid ahold of him. And Satan put Judas to sleep. And the imputed Christ, that is the carnal nature under the influence of Christ in Judas, broke up and Judas was in darkness. A spiritual death. I suggest to you that that is what happened to Balaam.

When Jehovah said to Balaam go with them -- if, in fact, that is what He said -- Jehovah turned Balaam over. See Balaam knew that it was wrong. Jehovah turned him over to Leviathan. And that notorious one, Satan, came to life against Balaam and laid hold of him. And Satan put Balaam to sleep. That is spiritual sleep. That means he lost his Christ-mind. And the imputed Christ, that is the carnal nature under the influence of Christ, or in the Old Testament we will say Adam who was resurrected, but not permanently resurrected, in Balaam broke up. How could it break up? Adam is in three parts. Well, I would say in Balaam, the altar broke up. Well, we could say Adam broke up. He was in two parts. He was Cain and Abel that were gathered together to give Balaam immortality or to give him an immortal mind. And they divided. Cain and Abel divided. And when Cain and Abel divided, what is not said in either of these verses is that Adam separated from Jehovah. The whole living altar was broken up and Balaam, as well as Judas, was in the darkness of spiritual death. Jesus.

Verse 22. And God's anger was kindled because he went. And an angel of the Lord stood in the way, for an adversary against him. Now, he was riding upon his ass and his two servants were with him. Jesus. Jesus. And God, this Hebrew word God, is Elohim. And Elohim's anger was kindled. Elohim was very angry because Balaam walked -- and here is another untranslated word, Strong's 1931. It means himself. I suggest to you the correct translation here is and Elohim was angry because Balaam walked with himself instead of with Elohim. You see, Balaam, the four-footed beast, the ass, or the horse, OK, was just the physical expression of the beast mind, Leviathan. So for Balaam -- the beast, the horse or the ass, the host -- to walk in agreement with Leviathan is to say he was walking in agreement with himself. He was homosexual. He walked with himself instead of with Elohim. The true marriage is between Elohim and man.

Is everybody OK? And Elohim was angry because Balaam walked with himself instead of with Elohim. And the angel of the Lord -- I suggest to you that the angel of the Lord is Adam. Adam is the spiritual man. You see the word of. I have struck it out. It was added in by the King James translators. And Adam -- now, a translation of the word -- I see I do not have it here, but that word angel can be translated messenger. It can be translated king and I know further on down I translated it king because Adam is the king of this -- of the creature and of the whole world. Jehovah said so in Genesis 1. But I see that I did not translate it that way here. Let me see what I did. And -- well, it should have been translated that way here.

And Adam, the one whom Jehovah made king, or Jehovah's king. And Adam, Jehovah's king, stood -- we are going to say was standing -- in the way, Strong's 1870, we will translate that moral lifestyle. We are striking out the words for an, they were inserted by the King James translators. Adversary -- could you put that on hold, please? OK, that is all right. Adversary, the Hebrew word translated in 7854, can also be translated against him. To be an adversary, to be against someone. To be against. And then there is another word that is translated him, it is Strong's 8705, which can be translated with respect to. Now, in the English that sounds like the end of the sentence. But when I tried to make some sense out of this, I saw that the first word of what is the next sentence in English, the English word now, really was a part of the first sentence. And that Hebrew word translated now is Strong's 1931. It means himself. And this is what we have.

And Adam was standing for Jehovah's righteousness, or Jehovah's moral lifestyle, with respect to himself, Balaam, Elohim's beast. Now what it means is that Adam wanted possession of the beast and he was standing up for himself. Adam is the king that Jehovah has appointed over the creature and knew that there was a war at hand because the creature was agreeing with Leviathan. And the Scripture is saying Adam stood for Jehovah's righteousness on behalf, or with respect to, himself. Because Balaam was Adam's self. Balaam was also Leviathan's self. Both Leviathan, the female heart, and Adam, the masculine mind, were claiming possession of the female animal. And they were both claiming that the female animal called Balaam was themself [sic] Am I making any sense?


Or be it that Mickey Mouse was living inside of us and came along one day and said this is Sheila Mickey Mouse. And I said oh, no. This is Sheila Christ. You are not Sheila Mickey Mouse. Get out of here. And this Mickey Mouse inside of me was trying to take over my mind and make me into Sheila Mickey Mouse. We have got a war on our hands. And those of us that are in this war, we know what it is like. Leviathan wants to think through us. He wants to feel through us. He wants to hate through us. He wants to divide through us. He wants to express him- -- herself fully through us. But Christ Jesus said no, this is myself. Sheila is not yourself, Leviathan, Sheila is myself. This is the war that we are in.

And Adam was standing for Jehovah's righteousness with respect to himself that is Balaam, Elohim's beast. He was riding, and that means to ride. And we know that Israel is the goodly horse of the Lord. And we are talking about an ass here. The significance here is that Adam was riding above -- that word upon, that next word, can be translated above -- his ass, the four-footed beast. And the significance is that everyone who was a f- -- in the -- it is the case of everyone who is a fallen man, that the ass is riding us. Every one of us who are supposed to -- we are -- each of us is supposed to be a spiritual man riding a horse. That means we have to be -- that means our consciousness -- that means the spiritual consciousness of Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ in this hour must be above, and ruling over, and prevailing over that Leviathan in us who wants to hate through us, and divide through us, and kill through us, and destroy through us.

So what the Scripture here is saying in verse 22 is that even though Balaam was walking with Leviathan, Adam was standing for Jehovah's righteousness, declaring Balaam to be his dumb animal. And Adam was riding above his four-footed beast which is Balaam. And his two servants -- his two servants. I looked up in the inc- -- in the -- through the -- my Bible database the word servants are never mentioned again in this whole account of Balaam. The word servants is never mentioned again and I suggest to you that the two servants are Cain and Abel.

Adam was standing for Jehovah's righteousness with respect to himself and he was riding above his lower nature. And his two servants, Cain and Abel, and of course that Hebrew word does not mean servants. It is Strong's 5288 and it means boys.  It means a boy from the age of infancy to adolescence. And the two young boys were with him. Cain and Abel were gathered together in Adam. Because when those two young boys are divided, Adam does not exist and the animal that he is riding above, or if he is above it, is mortal. Cain and Abel must be gathered together into Adam for immortality to arise in the form of Adam.


He was riding -- this is speaking about Adam, now -- he was riding above his four-footed beast that is Balaam and the two young men were gathered together within him. And Elohim was angry because Balaam walked with himself that is Leviathan instead of Elohim. When Adam was standing in Jehovah's righteousness with respect to himself. You see, what this is saying is Balaam -- there was no reason for him to be walking with Leviathan. Adam was in full stature. There is no reason for this. He had the strength to do righteousness. He had the knowledge to do righteousness. And there could be only one possible reason why he did unrighteousness. And that is that he willfully desired to do unrighteousness.

It is the whole significance of this verse. And Elohim was angry because Balaam walked with himself, or with the Leviathan side of himself, instead of with Elohim when Adam was standing in Jehovah's righteousness with respect to himself or on behalf of Balaam. And he -- and Adam was riding above his four-footed beast and the two young men were with him. The living altar was in place. Adam had authority over the beast. There is no excuses. Balaam had clear sight. He understood the situation. He knew what was right. But he wanted the rewards of divination and the honor of men. And Elohim was angry because Balaam was walking with Leviathan when Adam, and Abel and Cain, the two young men who were with him, were standing in Jehovah's righteousness and riding above Leviathan his four-footed beast. Hallelujah.

Verse 23. And the ass saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way and his sword drawn in his hand. And the ass turned aside out of the way and went into the field. And Balaam smote the ass to turn her into the way. And the ass -- well, we know the ass is the four-footed beast that is Balaam -- saw or perceived the angel, and the angel is Adam, of the Lord standing. The Hebrew word translated standing here is a different word than the Hebrew word in verse 22. The word in verse 22, number 3320, means to take a position, to station oneself. And the word in verse 23, Strong's 5234, means to settle and to be established. So in verse 22, Adam was stationing himself. But in verse 23, the implication is that he was victoriously standing in the way. He was established and set over the whole man Balaam. There was absolutely no reason for this evil choice. No Godly reason.

So we are doing verse 23. And the ass saw the angel, Adam, of the Lord standing fully established in a war-like stance and power. In the way -- that Strong's 1870 means in righteousness. And his sword -- Strong's 2719 -- can be translated circumcising knife. Was drawn, or pulled out, in his hand. Now, this Hebrew word translated hand -- 3027 -- can be translated a part of him. This is we have got. And Balaam the four-footed beast saw Adam, the part of him that Jehovah appointed as king, firmly established in righteousness with his circumcising knife pulled out. Does anybody have any idea why he has a circumcising knife pulled out?

Well, you see if a -- anyone want to guess? OK, see, for Balaam to be making this ungodly choice, Leviathan had to be ly- -- overlaying Christ Jesus. Even though Christ Jesus was standing in full power as Leviathan -- as Balaam agreed with Leviathan, there had to be a laying over, an overlaying, of Leviathan. And Christ Jesus was standing there, full well able equipped and ready to cut Leviathan away. And the way Jesus cuts Leviathan away from our minds is how?


How does He cut him away from us?


Well, it is judgment. He does it with judgment. Pain. Pain, brethren, pain. Sometimes that is the only thing that we respond to. Pain.

And the ass turned aside. This word turned aside is very interesting. It means to deflect or to bend away in Strong's 5186. I would like to show you this board. You may recall from some of our prior teachings -- could you put that on hold please? That we are mortal man and we exist on the circle of the Earth. But the circle is so large that our little piece of it is a straight line. And we keep going round and round and round in our immortality. But if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, He has descended from heaven and He has intersected your life at a perpen- -- forming a perpendicular line. He has intersected your life at a right angle. And He is changing your course. He has intersected you in way. He stopped you from continuing to go round and round and round on the circle of the Earth. And He has bent you upwards. He has changed your direction. And He has directed you up towards heaven.

We talked about this, certainly, in the 38 days. We have talked about it a lot over the years. And I suggest to you that this is the significance of the word to bend in verse 23, I guess, of Numbers 22. And the ass turned aside, or bent away, or deflected, went off in a different direction out of the way. Talking about his moral character. That part of the ass which was turned away was his mortal character -- moral character. The direction of his morality was changed. See, Balaam was going towards the evil side. The purpose of the angel was to turn him around. Now, you know, in the King James translation it sounds like the angel was trying to turn him away from meeting with these mean. But let me tell you something, brethren. That is not Jesus' way. Look, if you do not have the spiritual move in your life, well then you have to restrict your behavior. You cannot be hurting people. You cannot be stealing. You should not be fornicating. If you do not have the move of Christ Jesus in your life, well then you do everything you can to restrict your behavior. But if you are called as a son of God, if you are called as a spiritual person, Jesus is not likely to be restricting your behavior.

Why? He wants you changed from the inside, because when righteousness is prevailing on the inside, you will do the right behavior. Therefore, it is not at all uncommon for Jehovah -- or in the New Testament, the Lord Jesus Christ -- Jehovah sent Jesus. It is not at all uncommon for Jesus, after warning you not to do something, when he sees that your heart is determined to do it anyway because your motive is wrong, it is not at all uncommon for him to say all right, man. Do your thing. And reap what you sow, and experience the consequences that you might repent and walk in the path of righteousness with a willing heart. That is what it is all about. That is what it is all about.

That is why, if you are hearing this message and you are in the church, or you are under a preacher or a teacher that has put you under the law, you should know that the Kingdom of Heaven is being closed off unto you. Because you will never enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, you will never ascend spiritually when you are under the law. Righteousness must be built into your spirit. And the only way righteousness is built into your spirit is when you are given the truth, you are given wisdom, you are given counsel, and you are then left to Christ Jesus within you or to the Holy Ghost wherever you are. And if the evil in you is strong enough to overshadow the counsel, and the wisdom, and the righteousness, that you might find out what you are made of. It is called the judgment seed of Christ. And it goes with you into judgment. The righteousness of the Pharisees will never get you into the Kingdom of God. Righteous behavior will never get you into the Kingdom of God. You must have a righteous heart. And you will not have a righteous heart if your potential for sin and the hidden sins of your heart are not exposed and dealt with as Jesus Christ has proscribed through confession, and repentance, and annihilation.

So, it was his moral character that was being changed. The way, Strong's 1870, can be translated direction. And went, Strong's 3212, means to cause him to walk. We have struck out the word into and replaced it with away from. That is translator's license. The field, field meaning the land of wild animals, Strong's 7704. And what is the land of wild animals? Maybe it is eastward of Eden. Our left side of the brain. To turn the four-footed beast's character in the right direction and cause it to walk away from the land of wild animals. Or to make the four-footed beast walk away from the land of wild animals, the place where Leviathan is. The mortal world. And to cause him -- and to turn his character in the right direction, or in the direction of the right hemisphere, or in the direction of Eden where Adam is king. And smote, that word, we are translating it wounded, Balaam himself. That Strong- -- that word -- that Strong's 853 is in there again. And smote Balaam himself, the ass.

To turn, that is that word to bend or deflect, to turn upward. Hopefully, to turn upward into the way, into the right direction. And wounded Balaam, who was himself the four-footed beast. And Balaam wounded himself. He was the four-footed beast. To bend him in the right direction. So, we see that Christ Jesus, or Adam, is wounding Balaam who was himself to turn the four-footed beast in the right direction. So here we see Adam saying that he -- that the four-footed beast is himself. We are -- are we not Christ? The four-footed beast. Adam is saying the four-footed beast is myself so I am going to wound that beast. I am going to wound myself to turn to turn me in the direction of righteousness. And this is how Jesus can say to us He has experienced every pain known to mortal man because He has. And when we go into judgment, He goes into judgment. He is in there with us. We are inseparable. He is us. We are Him. We are also Leviathan. We are all in here together, what a mess. It is a real mess.

And Balaam, the four-footed beast, saw Adam, the part of him that Jehovah appointed as king, firmly established in righteousness with his circumcising knife pulled out to make the four-footed beast walk away from Leviathan and turn her character in the right direction. And he, Adam, wounded Balaam, who was himself. He was himself the four-footed beast, to bend her in the right direction. And I tell you, brethren, of the truth. Those of us who are called to the two-witness company and the Sonship company, we are called to wound our self, to turn people away from unrighteousness towards righteousness. We are called to suffer because that is how their sins will be revealed to them. And that is how the people we are sent to will arise out of the depths of darkness into the light of Jesus Christ. By wounding our self.  

It is a spiritual crucifixion, that we forgive their sins. When the controversy comes with the son and that son is truly in Christ, and truly persecuted and wronged because they have tried to help somebody, the person who has manifested Leviathan will be turned away from that wrong thinking into the righteous mind of Christ Jesus. That is our crucifixion, brethren. Now, remember, there is two crucifixions. Also, Jesus Christ comes and crucifies Abel in us. And He raises him back up. But this is another kind of crucifixion. It is a sacrificial crucifixion whereby we are doing what Jesus did. Jesus was physically crucified on the cross so that He could be glorified and become the seed that would raise Christ Jesus from the dead in the individual.

And those of us who are members of the two-witness company, now. Now, you do not want to be doing it because Leviathan sent you to wound yourself. There is no growth in that but if Jesus sends you to somebody, you labor with them. And you are probably going to be a touchstone. What does that mean? It means that when the person's sin is stirred up, when Jesus Christ stirs up the person's sin, that sin will be manifested against you. Why? They have got to see what is inside of themselves. And you are it. So if you are called to the two-witness company you are not supposed to retaliate. You are supposed to heal in righteousness, and forgive their sins. And let Jesus be glorified through the confession of sin, and repentance, and the resurrection, the regeneration of the whole person. Hallelujah.

Alternate Translation, verse 23. And Balaam, the four-footed beast, saw Adam, the part of him that Jehovah appointed as king, firmly established in righteousness with his knife pulled out, circumcising Leviathan, and turning his -- Balaam's -- character in the right direction. And Adam wounded Balaam, the four-footed beast, who was a part of himself, and bent her in the right direction. So we see that Balaam was not beating his ass, that Christ Jesus was beating Balaam. Hallelujah. Thank God for correction.

My note is, please note that the ass typifies mortal man in the third stage of the fall. And that Leviathan, Abel and the serpent's incestuous offspring, is the mind that forms the ass. OK. I have just have one more comment and I think we will stop for this morning. We will see in a future verse, it is either 24 or 25, that the Scripture talks about the lower part of the ass, meaning the mind that generated the ass. There is not -- the Scripture does distinguish between Leviathan and the beast, although the two are really one. The beast, the four-footed beast, is just an image of Leviathan. Any comments or questions before we break for dinner? Anybody?

Is a similar case like in the beginning of time when Adam -- I do not know exactly what his -- what he chose, but he wanted something. Something was offered to him and he went for it. And this is the case with Balaam. Balaam had the authority and the power to not do it. But he wanted that money and he went for it.

Yes, that is exactly correct. What happened at the time of the fall, which demonstrated the weakness in man who was not yet completed, is playing itself out every day of this mortal existence. And it is playing itself out in all of our lives, in all of our minds continuously. Even if we choose against the ungodliness, the very fact that the conflict is there means that sin is in us. So the same issue -- that was an excellent observation -- the same issue is just playing itself out over and over again. And we did find out from our studies in Genesis 6 and Genesis 7, which is not yet complete, that Jehovah restored the living altar two times. Actually, He did it three times after Cain invaded Adam and killed him. OK, Jehovah restored Adam. He raised Adam from the dead. OK, in a different form, but He raised Adam from the dead when He gave Abel the priesthood. What did it mean when He gave Abel the priesthood?

You see, Cain was attached to the Earth and unclean. The fact that Abel had the priesthood meant that Abel was a mediator. See, Abel could touch Cain on the one hand, and on the other hand Abel could touch Jehovah. When Jehovah gave Abel the priesthood, Abel was allowed to touch Jehovah. That was the whole purpose of making Abel the priest. And in this reunion of the altar -- Jehovah, Abel, Cain -- Adam was raised from the dead. Then Cain killed Abel. There was no more mediator. Jehovah separated from both Cain and Abel.

We then found out -- I believe it was in Genesis 7, it could have been Genesis 6 but I think it was 7 -- that Jehovah gave Adam a new beginning in Seth. He put the altar back together again. And Cain killed Seth. Well, actually he killed Abel again. We have not really finished that study yet so I do not know exactly how it happened. And then Jehovah gave Adam a second new beginning. Who was the second new beginning? Does anyone remember? Seth was the first new beginning.

Noah was the second new beginning and Cain killed Adam again. I guess he killed Adam. I do not know. I have to finish the study to get it straight in my head. But Cain arose again in the form of the serpent and Adam died to his immortality also. And here we see in the account of Balaam that Adam was resurrected from the dead in Balaam. I believe that Adam, or that his parts anyway, Abel, anyway is -- and Elohim is in the Earth seeking to contact Abel to raise -- for the specific purpose of raising Adam from the dead wherever He can. This war has never stopped. Jehovah has never given up on us. Elohim has never given up on us. In this hour, Jesus Christ has never given up on mankind. And He has never ceased for a second going to and from throughout the Earth looking for a man who will respond to His spirit and pay the price to stand in righteousness in this world. Until such time that Adam is raised from the dead and matures into the emancipated slave. From which point he can never fall again.

See, we all have the same nature. That is how come we can recognize other people's sins. Paul said it clearly. How do you know what that person did? Because you have done it yourself. The only issue is have you repented over when you did or have you not yet repented over when you did it? If you recognize somebody's sin and you are still doing the same thing without confession and repentance, you are judging before the time. But if that sin has been exposed in you, and you have confessed it and repented, and you are not doing it anymore, or when Leviathan tries to make you do it you are killing him, you are now qualified to expose that sin in another person without condemnation so that they can have the same victory that you too live in. Victory over that sin. We are all doing the same thing. We all have the serpent's nature. That is the bottom line. We all have the serpent's nature. Praise the Lord. If no one else has anything to say we will break for dinner.

            I just have a quick question. Which is --


Noah's Ark. When Noah went within himself, the Ark within, the beasts of the field were all his various characteristics like the people were before the fall. Somebody an ass, or a chicken, or a -- various things to --

Are you talking about the animals that were supposed to be taken on the Ark?


OK, I am just trying to remember. Exactly what is your question there?

            Like, what the animal natures, what it -- these Scriptures signified.


            And within Noah.

Right. Right, it is talking about anima- -- Noah's animal nature. It is not talking about all the species of the world. And I think we are up to a point in Genesis 7 right now where that phrase is there. After certain animal- -- after his kind, OK. Now that really -- it can be translated species. But it also can be translated lie. And that Hebrew word, there is one Hebrew word that is translated after his kind. We see it in Genesis 1. In the creation. We also see it in Genesis 7 and maybe it is in Genesis 6 too. I do not know. That word that means species can also be translated lie. And we found out in Genesis 1 that the Scripture was actually talking about the tree which produces the fruit of life. It is talking about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Not a species. And in the same manner, in Genesis 7 it was talking about that. That translation, after his kind, was talking about the lie, which is Leviathan. I do not remember the exact verse right now.

So it was not talking about chickens, and bunnies, and kangaroos. It was talking about Noah, who was the seed for the whole future mankind. Just as Adam was the zygote at the beginning, Noah was the new zygote. The zygote that was being carried over after every [UNINTELLIGIBLE] animal. Gathered together. Adam, the immortal mind of Elohim, was risen from the dead and that went on the Ark. Cain and Abel went into the Ark. And also, the female animal went -- came under the protection of Adam's immortality to be carried over, to be preserved while the rest of the expressions of the creature was wiped out. To be preserved as a new start. Just as you gather seeds at the end of a harvest season for your corn and your tomatoes and all that. That is what Noah was.

The literal rainbow that we see in the sky after the rain, was that something that Jehovah added to this realm of existence.

Well, I do not think we have translated that yet. And since we never know what we are going to find, I would rather not say anything. But I do now that the rainbow typifies the light, typifies Jehovah. But I would rather not talk because I do not know. And I will just say this that I know we are all excited, at least I know I am excited, to go on with Genesis 7 and all of Genesis. Why -- so, why are we doing Balaam? Probably because I have been struggling with Genesis 7. I have told you that. I have really been struggling with it. I probably need to [?hear forward? hear farther?] I cannot see it being more than another two parts and maybe even only one. OK. Anybody else? Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord. We are back from dinner. This is one of our Sunday marathons. We have several hours in the morning. We have several hours in the evening. I did take the opportunity to check out verse 20 during our dinner break. You may recall, at the beginning of this message I mentioned verse 20 which says and God came unto Balaam at night and said unto him, "If the men come to call thee, rise up and go with them. But yet the word which I shall say unto thee, thou shalt do." Something about the translation did not sit right with me. OK, I am at the point now where I just feel in my gut a wrong translation or a misunderstanding of the Scripture. And especially Scriptures that make it sound like Jehovah or Elohim is doing something that may not be ethical. Now, I do have a revelation that Jehovah can do evil perfectly. What that means is it is possible, if you are a perfect man or you are a perfect god, to do evil. And that that evil will result in good to the person. That is the whole principle behind judgment.

So when I read something in the Scripture that sounds like Jehovah or Elohim may be doing something unethical, my explanation is well, it is illegal for imperfect, mortal man but it is not illegal for perfect Jehovah or Elohim because everything They do comes out of a motive that is designed to produce life in mortal man. However, out of curiosity I looked at verse 20 and I am afraid the King James translators, once again, did not comprehend the gist of the Scripture. I will keep saying this over and over and over again. I have no problem with the King James translators. I thank God for the King James translators. If they did not do what they did, we could not be doing what we are doing because I do not understand Greek and Hebrew. But the translation that the King James translators did is inaccurate in many areas.

I therefore have given you a new page one. You should have a new page one with verse 20 at the top. Let us go over it. I will read it to you again from the King James. And God to Balaam at night -- you see, that is what caught my eye, at night. Now, why is God doing anything at night? Night is darkness. Things are hidden in the night. Everything our God does is in the open for all to see so that caught my eye. I did not like that. And God came unto Balaam at night and said unto him, "If the men come to call thee, rise up and go with them. But yet the word which I shall say unto thee, thou shalt do."

And then in verse 21 -- in verse 22 it says that God's anger -- that God was angry because Balaam went. Well, a carnal-minded person reads that and says what is it with this God? He tells Balaam to go and then He gets angry that he goes. Immortal man imputes mortal man's indecisive mind to God. This is what the Hebrew says, brethren. First of all, God is a translation of the word Elohim. You may note that on the several occasions that Balaam says he is going to see what Jehovah has to say. I wonder what the word -- the English word the Lord is a translation of Jehovah. Balaam says I will see what the Lord, what Jehovah has to say. And then in the next verse or two the Scripture says and Elohim came unto Balaam. You see. Mortal man petitions Jehovah and Jehovah's servant, Elohim, responds to the petition. And this is still happening today. We speak of -- we are supposed to be praying to Jehovah in the name of Jesus. And sometimes He answers our prayers directly and sometimes He answers our prayers through a human being in through -- though whom Christ Jesus is mature. And most of the Christians that I know today have a real problem with Jesus Christ answering their personal petition through an imperfect man. They have a real problem with it.

And the problem with Christians having a problem with this is that you can really miss a lot of the things that Jesus would say to you if He chooses to speak through a mortal man and you do not like it and you refuse to listen. You could be lacking in many areas. And if I hope to impart anything to you with this comment it is a knowledge of the fact that Jesus does speak through im- -- a few imperfect man if He wants to. And you really have to pray your way through to find out where, and how, and when He is talking to you. Praise the Lord.

And there was something else I wanted to talk about before I went on. The Lord ju- -- before we go on, the Lord just reminded me. I think I made a comment on the message this morning that Balaam must have been immortal because he had Christ Jesus. I think I said something to the effect that Balaam was immortal. If I did say that earlier on this message, that definitely was a slip of my tongue. Let me correct that.

It appears, from what I see in the Scripture so far, that Balaam had Christ Jesus formed in him. And the name of Christ Jesus in the Old Testament is Adam. Adam who died when he was -- when he married his own lower nature, and Adam the -- Elohim's immature mind divided into Cain and Abel. And ever since that event, Jehovah has been resurrecting Adam from the dead whenever He possibly can in whomever He possibly can. And up until the time of Jesus Christ's victory, every man in whom Jehovah ever raised Adam from the dead could not -- well, Adam in that man could not hold onto his spiritual manhood and decayed, or deteriorated, or divided into Cain and Abel in that man.

So we see in the man Balaam, Adam, apparently is functioning, OK. The mind of Christ Jesus, the altar, has been restored in the man Balaam. But, OK, he has not completely risen up to a point where Balaam is immortal. I believe Balaam is in a condition very similar to the condition we are in today. He -- and how can I say that? Because he would not -- when you are immortal, you are incapable of sin. The minute you sin you lose your immortality. And I do not see anything in the Scripture that indicates that Balaam had been sinless and then fell. I see a man, Balaam, who has the mind of -- the mind -- Elohim's mind formed in him but he also has Leviathan's mind formed in him. And I see a battle going on between the two minds, OK. When you are immortal, when you are raised from the dead, the battle is over and Leviathan is under your feet. And you are completely [UNINTELLIGIBLE].

So, I think this is a fine-line situation because there are degrees of maturity of the resurrected Adam in a man. We can have a fully resurrected Adam in a man but he is not raised -- that man is not raised from the dead until that resurrected Adam has completely dominated and put down Leviathan. So I do not really know exactly what Leviathan's condition was. It is possible that Adam was fully raised from the dead in him. It may be true. It may not be true. But what I do perceive in this Scripture is that whatever maturity Adam was in, he was not completely dominating Leviathan. How do I know this? Balaam sinned, you see.

Even in the case of Jesus of Nazareth, He did not ascend to full stature at the point that Adam rose from the dead in Him. Do you recall the teaching? Immediately after Adam rose from the dead in Jesus of Nazareth, He was caught up into the Spirit to be confronted and challenged by Satan. And it was not until Jesus of Nazareth defeated Satan that He went forth in the power of the Spirit, Satan completely put down. And we do not see Jesus ever sinning. From the moment of His ascension. Now, I do not mean His glorification, but from the moment of His ascension from a mortal man to full stature, which happened at His baptism in Jordan. And from the moment that He defeated Satan and the temptation, Jesus never sinned. Never did and never has sinned.

But we see the man Balaam sinned. Therefore, we know. We -- I cannot tell you for sure how mature the -- Adam was in him or to what degree Adam was raised from the dead in him. But I do know, OK, that Adam was not sufficiently dominating Leviathan to call the man immortal. Does anybody have any problem with what I am saying?

OK. And I will show you in this verse, verse 20, how Adam is striving in righteousness to rule the vessel called Balaam. You see, we are in pieces. We are supposed to have a headship. And every part of us is supposed to be in right order as typified by the sun-clear woman in Revelation 12. And it is the responsibility of the head of the whole person, who in the New Testament is Christ Jesus and in the Old Testament is Adam, to hold the whole ball of wax together. You see, it goes right down the line. It is my responsibility to hold this whole ministry together. Anything goes wrong here, I have to answer to the Lord Jesus. I am responsible to deal every problem here. Adam is responsible to deal with every problem in the individual where he is manifesting. And he is answerable to Elohim. In the Old Testament, Adam is answerable to Elohim.

That every evil deed that Balaam does is Adam's failure. Brethren, you are responsible for every evil thing your children do. Oh, but they are born with that personality, what can I do? Are you on your face before Jesus Christ? Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ? Have you sought Jesus Christ to break every curse on your child? Are you petitioning the Lord day and night? If you are, their sins are covered and any trouble that they get into is beyond your responsibility. But very few parents are doing what is really necessary to cover their children. Very few. Most do not even know what they are supposed to be doing.

Authority is an essential issue in the Kingdom of God. Is an essential issue that we must exercise the authority that we have, because if we do not we are selling our heritage for a bowl of pottage. And if we exercise authority that we do not have, we are Jezebel. So we must learn to tell the difference because we are responsible for everything that we do. OK, I said all that to correct something that I think I said this morning.

Balaam was not immortal. He had an immortal mind within him. But that immortal mind was not dominating his female animal sufficiently enough for Balaam to be immortal. Is everybody OK with this? OK. Let us go on with this verse then.

And God -- this is Elohim -- came unto Balaam. The word at was added in by the King James translators. The word night is Strong's 3915, we -- that we have dealt with that world several times. And it means protective shadow. To be honest with you, I do have some hesitation on -- sometimes I think it should be the serpent. But at this moment I think it is Leviathan. It is certainly one or the other. You may recall that Adam is Elohim's -- ? Anybody know? Adam is Elohim's what? Anybody remember? It is over there on the board.


No. We are talking about dark shadow now.


No, Adam is not the shadow. Adam is --           


No. Well, image is true. But I wanted more, a more absolute description. What did you say?


No. Anyway, he is Elohim's reflection. Adam is Elohim's reflection. Adam dwells above. Adam dwells on the top of the waters. He is the image on the waters. But Leviathan is the dark shadow. Leviathan is Elohim's dark shadow. And he is -- he dwells underneath the sea in the earthen seabed.

So, we see the word night meaning -- and he is a protective shadow. Who is Leviathan protecting? Leviathan is protect--? Anybody? I do not think you will -- anybody here [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. Who?


Well, you are close.


Who is Leviathan protecting?

            Your Cain?


No, Abel. Abel.



            Did she say Cain too?

Yes, Xxxx said Cain too. Well, let me go over this for you. OK, Cain is a part of Leviathan. Now, let us just review that. Cain married the s- -- the Earth and became the serpent.  And the serpent wove herself through the background threads of the creature and produced an offspring called Leviathan. And Abel is underneath the background threads of the creature. So Cain, for all intents and purposes, Leviathan is Cain in another form, OK. And Cain is completely gone. The only way Cain is going to get free is when Christ Jesus beats Leviathan to a pulp and literally rips him apart. So far all intents and purposes Leviathan is Cain. Abel is the one that Leviathan is protecting because Leviathan's power is implicit and he is weaving himself together with Abel. Leviathan alone does not have enough power to produce the image of this world. He needs Abel. He needs the power -- or she -- she needs Abel. She needs the positive charge to produce this world.

The one that is being overshadowed and the one that is being protected -- which is a euphemism. The one that is being held against his will, the one that has been murdered, the one that is being forced into the position of a homosexual harlot because Leviathan is continuously interacting with him in order to produce this world, is Abel.

You want to say something before we go on?

I thought you had said that Leviathan's power is the -- is Cain. Cain is the spirit --


            -- that is within Leviathan.

That is true.

            Now you are telling us that Abel and Cain is needed to -- for --


            -- for the whole thing.

Yes. That is something that did come forth recently you may not have heard of.

            So, then A- -- so then Cain is going one way and Abel is going the other --


            -- and they both are needed in those positions --


            -- then?

Yes. Yes.

            And Abel is just a -- held like a hostage?

Completely used. Completely used. Abel is completely used because if he had -- Abel is faithful to Elohim and Jehovah. If he had the power to not be used this way, he would rise up and defeat Leviathan. Abel is our f- -- Abel is that spark in us, of righteousness. That spark in us that cries out for deliverance from every evil that we know we are involved in, from every oppression that we are involved in. That is coming out of Abel.

            These are on the more recent messages? This knowledge?

Yeah, but I cannot tell you exactly where, you know. And I may -- I know I mentioned it, but I may have mentioned it only once. Usually, if something new comes forth I keep weaving it into the recent messages. Thank you, Jesus.

OK, and that is interesting that you brought that point up because we will see that point made in this very verse. I did not realize it. The Lord just reminded me. That point is made in that very verse. To produce a world and to have an existence, both Cain and Abel are needed. The issue is in what configuration they are gathered together. In what configuration are they gathered together? What am I talking about? When Cain and Abel are gathered together into Adam, who was attached to Jehovah, the creation is in Jehovah's image. It is a righteous creation and it is the glory of Almighty God. But when Cain and Abel are gathered together in a perverse order under the authority of the serpent manifesting through Leviathan, Jehovah is nowhere attached, OK. We have a perverse manifestation of the gathering together of Cain and Abel under the authority of the serpent. And we see both Cain and Abel subjected to the gods of the world. And actually, it is Abel that is subjected because it is Cain who is the god of this world in the form of the serpent and Leviathan.

Is everybody OK? OK. And let me show you this in this verse right here. Very interesting. So Elohim came unto Balaam night. He came to Balaam's protective shadow. And Elohim came to Ba- -- to Leviathan in Balaam. Now, look, let me try and give you this background here, OK. We have Adam existing in Balaam, and we have Leviathan existing in Balaam. And Leviathan is in rebellion against Adam. Adam is supposed to be holding the

line. He is supposed to be the he- -- chief honcho. And what he says is supposed to go. And when everyone is in their right order functioning as one mind, the man prospers. But we see Leviathan rising up to -- in Balaam. And Balaam is in complete agreement with him to do sin through Balaam. And Adam is not dead. Adam is still there. OK, so what has he done? He has cried out to his father, Elohim. Elohim is superior to both Adam and Leviathan. Jehovah, Elohim, Adam. Or Jehovah, Elohim, Abel, and Cain, and Leviathan, the female animal, underneath. The bottom rung.

So, we see that a higher authority than Adam has come into this situation, OK. And what does he do? Does he beat up Balaam? No, He comes with a warning. Our God always comes with a warning. If you think that judgment is falling without a warning being given, you are mistaken. Maybe you did not hear the warning.

Maybe you did not perceive it as a warning; maybe you did not recognize it for what it was, but the warning was given, and more than likely, more than one -- in this case, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- we just see the one warning.

So Elohim comes to Leviathan and Balaam, and He [?said unto him?] -- this word if, the English word if, it is a translation of Strong’s 518, and it -- and either Strong’s or Brown-Driver-Briggs -- I think it’s Brown-Driver-Briggs -- one of the electronic lexicons that I work with says that this word can be translated as a negative. It can be translated not, which we shall translate it. The English word men is a plural word. It is men. It means mortal men. It is No. 582, mortal men.

The word come, Strong’s 935, can also be tra- -- translated gather, and this is the word that I am going to show you, I hope to show you, is talking about the gathering together of Cain and Abel. And what Elohim is saying to Leviathan -- and at this point, Balaam is Leviathan. He is in complete agreement with it. Elohim is saying to Leviathan and Balaam, “Do not gather Cain and Abel together in this perverse expression of the serpent. Do not do it. Do not do it.”

To call, Strong’s 7121, can be translated to summon, to rise up. Strong’s 6965 can be translated to establish, and that is speaking about Adam’s authority. To go, Strong’s 3212, can be translated, or it is speaking about a lifestyle, the lifestyle that one lives. The word them was put in by the King James translators. We have stricken it out and replaced it with you. It is translator’s license, which pronoun we use. But yet, the word, Strong’s 1697, the English word, the word is speaking about acts done, behavior. It is speaking about behavior. Now this is Elohim still speaking. The acts which I shall say, Strong’s 1696, can be translated declare. “The acts which I speak, you shall do. You shall do the acts which I speak,” says Elohim. Is Elohim speaking through the dark shadow? Who is speaking through the dark shadow?


No, Leviathan is the dark shadow. Who is speaking? The serpent, the serpent. The serpent is the generator of both Satan and Leviathan. The serpent is at the root of it. “You will do the words that I speak,” says Elohim. “You will perform My thoughts,” says Elohim, “which are transmitted to you through My mind, Adam. Do not do this thing, Leviathan -- Balaam. You have already in your thoughts given yourself over to Leviathan. Do not do it. Do not gather Cain and Abel together in this perverse form to act out, to perform the thoughts and words of the serpent. Do not do it.”

And Elohim came to Balaam, His dark shadow, and said to him, ‘Not these mortal men gather to --” Now, who are the mortal men? The mort- -- the mortal men are Cain and Abel. That is who the mortal -- why is the word plural, mortal men? It is just Elohim talking to Balaam. Why is the word men plural? Why is the word that means mortal man plural? It means male. OK, this Hebrew word is not the Hebrew word that means husband. There are two words, two Hebrew words, that mean -- that can be translated mortal man. One of them is the word that means mortal man as opposed to wife. OK, that is not -- this is not that word. This is the word that simply means male.

So Elohim is saying to Leviathan, “I still consider Cain and Abel male.” They are male because they are gathered together in Adam. This is like saying to a man who is going after a married woman, why are you re- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [?here?]. “Not these mortal men gather -- do not gather them together to summon, to establish, or to establish yourself and live your lifestyle with you.” This is not good English. I am just trying to show you how I get these translations. “But you shall do the acts that I speak unto you.”

And Elohim came to Leviathan, His dark shadow in Balaam, and said to her, “You shall not summon these mortal men to --” Oh, I guess that is not even right here. “You shall not get -- you shall not summon these mortal men, Cain and Abel, and gather them together to establish your lifestyle. You shall not summon and gather together -- I am sorry -- you shall not summon Cain and Abel and gather them together to establish your lifestyle.”

Could you put that on hold for a minute, please?

And Elohim came to Leviathan, His dark shadow in Balaam, and said to her, “You shall not summon Cain and Abel, these mortal males, and gather them together to establish your lifestyle, Leviathan, but you --” speaking to Balaam -- OK, Bal- -- and at this point, Balaam and Leviathan are one. “But you, Balaam, shall do the acts that I declare you to do, and you, Leviathan, shall do the acts that I declare you to do,” because we have found out here that full stature results from the gathering together of Cain and Abel. Full stature is a result of both Cain and Abel, in whatever form they are in, agreeing to do the thoughts and the ideas of Elohim. This is full stature, and this is the war.

This is the war. Abel in mortal man does not have a chance against Leviathan. In this hour, the Lord Jesus Christ is joining with Abel, and there is a war, because Leviathan wants to use Abel as a homosexual harlot, wants Abel’s spiritual charge -- Abel has spiritual power -- to keep this world existing and to act out the lusts of the serpent. And the Lord Jesus Christ, crucified to Abel in this hour, wants the use of the individual, the mind and all of the energy in the individual, to act out and express the thoughts and ideas of Jehovah. This is the conflict that we read about that Moses went through. We read about it in the Book of Jude.

Michael was involved, and Satan and Moses, in the form that Cain is in, the form that Abel is in, and the host animal, which we are. We are a host animal. We are a creature that will exist only for a season. We are a temporary creature. Jesus Christ has offered us emancipation, with full equality to Himself, if we will submit to Him and obey Him. Leviathan offers us what? What does Leviathan offer us? Pleasure. Oh, did you want to answer?

            I would say death.

Death, yes. Pleasure for a season and then death. Pleasure and torment for a season and then death. Jesus. This is quite a different interpret- -- translation than we see in the King James. I thank God for this gift that He has put in my heart. It just makes my whole day. I just get so excited. I do not want to do anything except these translations, which in this hour is not practical, but that is where my heart is. I do not even want to look at the problems of this world. This Word is too glorious.

And I want to tell you that, today, Elohim in the Old Testament is appearing to mankind as the Lord Jesus Christ, and He is speaking to Leviathan in you and Leviathan in me every day. He is saying, Leviathan, you cannot have this one. My acts and my desires will be manifested through this person. You want to know why there is turmoil in your life? You want to know why there are tears in your life? It is because there is a war going on, and that war is between two spiritual powers, and they are fighting over you, but you are not helpless.

Now there is a man who has an international newsletter. I really do not know what he is preaching today. I have not read his work in a long time, but there was a time that he was preaching, five or more years ago. He was preaching about these two spiritual powers that are waging war in the heavenlies, but he preached that we are helpless and that we have nothing to do about it, and we just stand by and let them do their thing.

This is not correct. This is not correct. We do have a say. We do have a will. We do have an opportunity to choose, and no choice is a choice for Leviathan. Jesus clearly said, “If you are not for Me, you are against Me.” If you are not choosing, you belong to Leviathan.

Look, brethren. Let us make this practical. Oh, I just thank God for His making these Scriptures practical to me. It is so much easier to believe the promise when you see the operation of it in your life. Brethren, this body that we are, OK -- well, we are not this body. I tell you, we are spirit, but this body, that part of us which is the host, is a source of energy. You see, the issue is energy. A complete energy, or if you need to look at it this way, a complete atom is necessary to produce the effects that both the serpent and Jehovah want to accomplish. You might say the atom has been split. Now, in man’s world, in this mortal world, when you split the atom, you have a tremendous discharge of energy, and we have bombs and atomic power and whatever. But what has happened in the spiritual world, when the atom of the creation was split, the energy was fragmented and lost.

So, even though Leviathan has formed these bodies, he has used energy, or she has used energies to form these bodies. Part of the energy of the creation is in this flesh, you see. This flesh will not be thrown away before the energy is extracted from this flesh. The fact that there is energy in this flesh gives us some say -- I am not sure if that is the right word -- but it gives us some say. We are not completely garbage. We are energized garbage. This body is made out of garbage that has been infused with Elohim’s spiritual life, and by virtue of that fact, we are not silent, passive bystanders, and we are given the privilege of throwing ourselves -- we, this host animal that we are -- OK, we are a female animal, this part of us. This part of us, this body, is a female animal that has the privilege of throwing herself in line with one of two forces that are at war with one another.

Now some preachers are very offended at this kind of teaching. They say, oh, there is no war. Jesus won the war. I read the back of the book, and Jesus has everything under control, and Jesus did this whole thing, and there is no war. What are you talking about? Well, I am sorry. I do have to disagree with you. Yes, I read the back of the book, and yes, Jesus has everything under control, and yes, I know the end of the story. I know the end of the story for the creation at large. I do not know the end of the story for every person that I see walking down the street, every individual. I know the end of this story for mankind is that we will be restored back up into immortality, but I do not know the exact time, I do not know the exact date, I do not know the exact events, and I do not know the future for each and every individual on the face of the earth at this time. And there most certainly is a war. I know who is going to win, but that does not mean there is no war.

I have had a couple of tough trials, and I pretty much knew I was going to win because Jesus said I was, but I had to fight the war. I was in the hospital for three months. I was almost dead. That was the equivalent of being institutionalized. Well, I came out, and I am alive, and I am well, and here I am preaching, but do not tell me there was no war. There was a war, and I, this mor- -- this female animal that I am, was fully involved in the war. It was painful. And the fact that we know that Jesus has won, OK, and that this entire world will be reconciled unto Himself and unto Jehovah does not in any way prophesy the future of any individual. Every indi- -- individual has to fight the good fight of faith. You each have to fight your own fight. And, you know, if you just have the tools, if you just know what is required of you, all you have to do is ask Jesus to help you to do what is right, and you cannot lose if you are throwing yourself upon Him.

But you need to know whether or not you are throwing yourself upon Him. You need someone who has the spiritual authority to truly discern whether or not you are doing it. Do you know how many people think that they are doing it right, and they are not doing it right? And they are dying. How could you say that, Sheila? Because you do not discern the body of Christ, and you are sick, and you are dying. You are doing all the right things, but you are going to the wrong elders. That is what that means. You are asking the lying elders to lay hands on you and pray for you. That is why you are not healed. Jesus. Hallelujah.

OK, before we can pick up with verse 24, are there any questions or comments at this point? Does anybody have anything to say? OK.

Verse 24, “And the angel of the Lord stood in the path of vineyards, a wall being on this side and a wall on that side.” How many times I read this, and I see this vision of this big angel stopping that -- Balaam from walking down the pathway where the vineyard was. Brethren, I do not really know about people that are under an old order anointing, where they are doing good works. I really do not have any personal information about that. My whole experience with Jesus Christ has been in the imparted anointing. My whole experience with Jesus Christ has been a relationship which is producing His righteous nature in me, and based on my 18 years with Jesus Christ, at this point, I have never, ever seen Him stop somebody from walking into destruction.

I have seen Him come to the person and tell them. I have seen Him come to the person and warn them. I have seen Him send many warnings, but when the person rises up to walk, I have not seen Him stop them. I have not seen Him stop them, with only one exception. If the person is really overcome, and only Jesus can make this judgment -- if they have truly been crying out for his control of their life, and they truly are blinded to what is happening, He will move to hinder. But someone that knows what they are doing and that has the strength to stop, He will not stop you, to the best of my knowledge. He will let you do it, and you will reap what you sow, and hopefully, you will repent and be restored, because it is His nature that is being built in us.

We are becoming men. We cannot stay women and children, being told what to do every day, every second, every minute. Do this; do that; do this. We are becoming men, mature men. You have to think, and to become a man, you have to make mistakes. You have to take the chance that you will do something wrong, and you will be corrected. That is how you become a man. Make the decision. Make the decision. Pray and make the decision. If you do not know what to do, ask Jesus. Do you know how many times I do not have much time, and I say, Lord, I am asking you. What should I do? And I go ahead and make the decision. One of the signs of manhood is that you make decisions. You cannot be told what to do at every instant. Make the decision, right or wrong. Take the correction, learn from it, and go on.

“But the angel of the Lord --” and Adam is Jehovah’s angel. I think I mentioned earlier this morning that the word angel can be translated -- I am at the bottom of page 4, verse 24. The word a- -- the English word angel, which is Strong’s 4397, can be translated messenger. It can also be translated king, and I am going to be translating this angel of the Lord for our Alternate Translation as Adam, whom Jehovah made king. Adam is king of the world. He is king of the creature that Jehovah made.

“Adam, the king that -- the one whom Jehovah made king -- stood.” Now, this is the third Hebrew word translated stood in verse 24. We have had three different words translated stood. They are all translated stood. They are three different Hebrew words. And this word is Strong’s 5975, and it means to stand steadfastly. You see, during this whole transgression of Leviathan gathering Cain and Abel together, Adam was still standing steadfastly. So we see that it is possible, and this should not be any -- anything new to us. I know I have preached it. Maybe you have not heard it quite this way. But it is possible for both Adam and Leviathan to be possessing Cain and Abel.

Well, how could that be, Sheila? What are you talking about? Well, that is what double-mindedness is all about. That is what double-mindedness is all about, two minds. One is the true mind, and one is the false mind. Leviathan is really not a mind. She is a heart. She is a false mind. And everybody sitting here, Cain and Abel are in two forms that I -- they are spirit, however it -- they are being formed. Leviathan is present in us, and Adam is present in us. And if you are listening to this message, that is probably your case.

So we see, in this instance of Balaam, Adam is steadfastly standing. He is not deteriorating. He is not deteriorating. He is holding Cain and Abel together, and in the holding of Cain and Abel together, He is holding his very existence together. But Leviathan is pulling at his very parts. Leviathan is pulling at Adam’s very parts, trying to reshape them, reforming them in the image of the serpent. And Leviathan has been successful enough. How do I know that? Because Balaam is doing what she says. But the Scripture says, despite the fact that Leviathan has gathered together enough of Cain and Abel to influence Balaam to do evil, Adam is still standing steadfastly.

Now I would like to call this point to your attention one more time. I have mentioned it several times, this revelation that Jesus has given me of Adam’s bravery and how valiant he is. I always thought of Adam as some little Ahab that fell under Eve, and I always saw him as some weak little mollysop [sic]. I do not even know if that is a word. Yeah, well, I know I had a word in mind, but I do not think that was it. OK. But this is not true. Adam was a mighty son of God, in whom sin was found. He was mighty, he was glorious, but he was not perfect. He was good. And sin was found in him, and he lost control of his parts. It would be as if to say, this skin of our body opened up, and all of our blood started flowing out, and maybe our lungs and our heart started falling, and maybe our intestines would start falling out. And we would be grappling to close the skin up. That is a parable that might help you to understand what happened to Adam. He unraveled.

And when he unraveled, he reaped what he sowed. He became mortal. He died to his immortality, and he became mortal. But Jehovah was always right there, trying to put him back together again, assisting him in coming back together again, trying to weave him up again, because he unraveled.

So we see, from the time of the Fall until now, a continuous battle, which in- -- involves the weaving together of and the unraveling of both Adam, the Christ mind in the New Testament, and Leviathan, Elohim’s dark shadow. But Adam is a mighty warrior. Think of your greatest hero, you know, someone who did great things, great accomplishments, and then he had a little transgression. Does that make him not a great man? He is a great man in whom a weakness was found. That is who Adam is. He is a mighty warrior, a mighty son of God. He loves righteousness, and he loves us. In this hour, he is appearing to us as the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ, the second Adam, the Adam who has been emancipated, who no longer needs a body to live in. He is mighty. He is glorious. He is wonderful. But he was not perfect, and he slipped. But a weak little nothing? No, this is not true. This is not true. He is mighty. He is mighty. Jesus.

I just heard a verse from a song in my head. He is mighty to the tearing down of strongholds, yes? He is mighty. He is mighty. And he has completed -- well, in one man, he has completed the assignment that Jehovah gave him, in the man Jesus of Nazareth. He has become perfect, and He is not leaving us in this mess. He will not leave us in this mess. He is coming to perfect the rest of us.

The rest of this verse 24. In a path, Strong’s 4934, can be translated narrow way, and the vineyards is Strong’s 3754. It means garden. The word is plural, two vineyards. Now I want to you that the two gardens are the one that is in Eden and the one that is eastward of Eden. This is the Scripture that I spoke about, excuse me, at the beginning of this message, where I told you the Lord had given me a witness to this teaching that the garden that our spirit man dwells in is the brain and that there are two hemispheres to the brain. When our spirit abides in the right hemisphere, we are immortal -- abides in it and has the power to manipulate it and control it. The brain can be likened to a computer. It is the computer that runs this body, but it is our spirit man that is at the controls of the computer. We will be immortal when our spirit man, Adam, regains control of the right side of our brain.

The left side of the brain is feminine. It is spiritually female. That means it is mortal, and there is a narrow way between the two hemispheres called the corpus callosum, and the mi- -- and the mind -- when the mind that possesses that corpus callosum, that is the position of mediat- -- mediator. When that position is occupied by Christ Jesus or, in the Old Testament, the immortal Adam, he stands in the gap between the two hemispheres of the brain, and has authority and power over the full computer of this body and this whole creation when he has this position in all of -- in the minds of all men. And he will be using this computer to raise us up from the dead and to shut down or to put the light out of this ungodly world and raise up a world of righteousness, which is called heaven. So the spirit man, who is dwelling in this body, who is possessing control of the brain and the whole image which this world is.

If you can hear it, it is grow-up time, brethren. It is grow-up time. I was just so excited over this revelation. It has just made everything we have been learning here for years real to me in a way that it has never been real before. Very exciting. Let me say it one more time. I feel to say it one more time. We are a host race. We have a spirit man that is dwelling within us, that wants to marry us and in that marriage, to give us total equality to himself, and eventually, emancipate us from these animal bodies which give us, in most cases, much more pain than pleasure. And, if nothing else, they die.

He wants to give us peace and contentment and joy and pleasure that is beyond this body. You see, the pleasure that you receive in this body is corruptible. It can be stolen from you. You need something outside of yourself to give it to you, another person -- if you are getting a massage, a machine, whatever. You need something outside of yourself to receive the pleasure of this body. But the pleasure that Jesus gives you is -- it comes directly from the mind. It is His spirit joining with your mind that can give you perfect pleasure, pleasure that is not going to bring destruction into your life. The pleasures of this world, brethren, must be controlled. We must be self-disciplined. If all we do is pursue pleasure, we will be destroyed. We must limit the pleasures of this world, but the pleasures that are in Jesus Christ must not be limited.

And this is the condition that we all hope for. The Christians call it heaven. The Hindus call it -- have several names for it, because there are several stages of it. I used to think nirvana was the ultimate. I found out that it is not. There are stages beyond nirvana. Continuous bliss, but not a form of bliss that makes a vegetable out of you. You tell a mortal man that he can hope for continuous bliss, and he says to you, “What are you talking about?” Now, if he is a healthy man, he is going to say to you, “Well, that is outrageous,” because right away his mind goes to sexual activity. You cannot stay in bed all day. Did you ever hear your parents tell you that when you were young? You cannot stay in bed all day. You got to get to get up. You got to develop your mind. You have responsibilities. There is more than sex in this life. Relationships, responsibilities, sacrifice, and when everything else is in order, if you get pleasure from sex, that is fine. Make sex your primary focus in life, and your life is shallow.

So you say -- you tell a mortal man, I promise you bliss, he is going to think you mean sexual bliss. He is going to say, “That cannot be.” I know. I am a mature person. You cannot stay in bed all day. But this is not so in the case of Jesus Christ. His bliss, the bliss that He gives you, is a sense of well-being. The contentment that he gives you is in the labor that you do in His spirit. There is a labor of the spirit. The labor of this world is grievous, but the labor of the spirit produces joy and life, and it is continuous. It never ceases. It is a bliss that comes from His union with our animal in the brain, and eventually, as He receives us and extracts all of the energy that is in this animal from this body and draws it up unto Himself, this body will be just garbage. This body will be like a cornstalk in the field after the fruit has been harvested, and forever we shall be with the Lord, completely separated from any possibility of pain or high and low, but continuous safety and well-being and satisfaction every second of our existence. Of course, we will be out of the realm of time. That is the bliss He promises us, not the bliss of this world, which is fleeting. You have it for a moment. The minute you think you have it, it is gone. Nothing lasts forever in this world, brethren. Jesus.

So the word vineyards is plural. I suggest to you that the two gardens are in Eden and eastward of Eden, which are the two hemispheres of the brain. The corpus callosum, which is between the two hemispheres, is either Leviathan or Adam. The corpus callosum, that is where Christ Jesus, the man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, abides in the brain. Hallelujah.

I did take a definition of corpus callosum out of our electronic dictionary for you. It says that it is the arch, the bridge of nervous tissue -- this is the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. The corpus callosum is the arch, the bridge of nervous tissue that connects the two cerebral hemispheres, allowing communication between the right and left sides of the brain, allowing communication between the right and the left side of the brain. Now, when Leviathan is in there, he is trying to lay hold of the right side of the brain, and the more of the right side of our brain that he has got, the more of hell we are in -- or that she has got, the more of hell we are in. And when Christ Jesus is in that position, He is possessing both the left and the right side of the brain, and we are immortal, and we are geniuses.

Please note that the corpus callosum is arched. I found that very interesting. The Hebrew word translated heaven -- the definition of the Hebrew word translated heaven, if you look in any of your lexicons, talks about an arched expanse in the sky. It says it is arched. Jesus.

OK, in a path of the vineyards, a wall being on this side and a wall on that side. The word -- Hebrew word translated wall, Strong’s 1447, can be translated altar, and I really had to pray about this for a while, and this is what I came up with. Here is my Alternate Translation of verse 24. “And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed as king, stood steadfastly on a two-sided altar.” See, it says a wall on this side and a wall on that side. It is a two-sided wall. “Which restrained Cain --” well, let me just put it right on the board for you.

We are talking about what we learned to be the firmament. They called it the firmament. The corpus callosum, the mind, the function that Christ Jesus stands in is that on the one hand, He is the firmament, Adam, and the firmament separates the what? Anybody remember? The waters from waters. So the wall on this side, you see -- here is the earth down here. And the water close to the earth has become polluted. Why? Because the water in the early -- in the immature creation is unstable, and when it comes in contact with the earth, the surface of the earth dissolves in the water. So the waters below the firmament, which are touching the earth, are called what? Anybody remember?


Huh? No.


Urine. Satan is the name of the waters of life when the whole of the waters of life become polluted, but so long as there are some clean waters of life, the polluted waters are called spiritual urine. So, you see, the wall on the one side is keeping these polluted waters from polluting the clean waters, which is above the firmament. And the wall on the other side is keeping the clean waters from coming down into the polluted waters. We see the corpus callosum or the mind or Adam as -- almost as a filter, as a filter, you see? I could see some of these waters going through, but they have to pass through Adam. No earth can get through Adam. No sin can get into heaven.

And then, of course, after we read about this in Genesis 1, a subsequent command was, well, let all the waters be drawn together, and let the dry earth appear. So we see, at some point, all of the waters were up here, and the dry -- and the barren earth was down here. So it depends on what stage of the creation. The function of the wall on each side depends on what stage of the creation we are in. We could say, this wall over here will not let the waters through, and if the waters will not get through, the earth remains barren. And this wall over here keeps the earth from coming up into the waters. So, you see, there is a pathway, and I do not really, actually, know how to draw it, but in this corpus callosum, in this mind, it has two parts to it. One is Eden, and one is eastward of Eden. I do not know whether to draw the division here or whether to draw the division here. I honestly do not know, but someday, the Lord will probably tell me.

But there is a middle ground. There is a middle ground. There is a pathway that keeps two parts of the crea- -- of the creature separate, the earth and the waters, or it separates the clean waters from the polluted waters. It depends on where you are. And this in-between state, which is where the mind is, this in-between condition is where we are today. You see, it is not stable. It has not been established in your mind and in my mind whether this narrow place between the vineyards is Adam or Leviathan. We are a perversion, because we are both. We are both, and we are in flux. We are changing.

Some people who are part Adam and part Leviathan are charging forward because of their faith in Jesus Christ. They are not turning to the left or to the right, and this middle ground is becoming more and more Adam every day. Some people slip, and they stumble, and they fall backwards. Some people fall backwards completely. So we might even say, if you want to look at it this way, that this area is the area of our existence in this hour. It is the area that is not permanently formed. It is the area that is in flux that is changing continuously, and it is what happens in this narrow place that controls the two hemispheres of the brain.

Jesus, I am not even sure what this means, if one hemisphere is going to be barren earth. Does that mean there will be no blood in this area of the brain? We know the blood is unclean, all kinds of diseases in the blood. Yet the life of the flesh is in the blood. But when Adam is controlling both hemispheres of our brain, maybe this polluting blood will be completely drained from the left hemisphere. Maybe the blood that is covering -- that is in the brain right now is what would be called spiritual urine. I think it is.

If you do not have Jesus Christ in your life, if Christ Jesus is not being formed in you, then both sides of your brain have blood in them. If you are a mortal man, blood is in every tissue. That means Satan is flowing through both hemispheres of your brain, but when Christ Jesus begins to be formed in you, He starts to purify the waters. Christ Jesus in the New Testament, Adam in the Old Testament, stands in the middle of the narrow way, and He says, that is it, Satan! Satan, in the name of the waters, you cannot come any further. And the waters that are above Me, in the right side of the brain, I have begun to purify them. I have become to pu- -- begun to purify them, and you cannot come past this wall. Purification. Are we not engaged in purification? Exposure of sin, confession, deliverance: purification. As we enter into the judgment, and we begin to be purified, what is being purified in us are the waters of life. That is the best I can give you right now. Anatomically, that is the best I can give you. I have to wait until the Lord gives me more information. I hope you are as excited as I am. This is very, very exciting.

And the thought -- a thought just came to me. Many people who come to the Lord, they have physical ailments, and they hope for a healing. Doctors will tell you every disease is in the blood. Well, if Jesus is purifying our blood, maybe that is how we get healed. Maybe it is through blood purification. He is purifying our blood. He -- but if you are listening to this message, I know nobody here is going to make this mistake. He is only purifying your blood if you have given your life to Him. He is not doing it for His servants. He is doing it for His sons. You cannot be out there, doing your thing, tripping along the light fantastic and wondering why you are not healed. And if no one has ever told you that, then I apologize to you on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ, because His teachers did not get to you. But if you had a teacher tell you that, and you chose not to believe it, you are on your own. You are on your own. Your blood is on your own hands.

Verse 24, “And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed as king, stood steadfastly as a two-sided altar or a two-sided wall, which restrained Cain from mixing with the earth on the one side and prevented the earth from dissolving herself in the waters of life on the other side.”

This is -- I have a witness here. This is the Book of Daniel, Daniel 8. That is Daniel 8, verse 3. “So I opened my spiritual eyes and was seeing and understanding with Elohim’s mind, and there was the living beast which Elohim had made. And he had two spiritual laws in his mind. That is Adam and Leviathan. One was passive, and one was dominant, and the living beast was standing in full spiritual strength in a high place in the earth. And he was both male, positive/dominant, and female, negative/passive. But Cain, Adam’s lower nature, was female and negative and passive, and she became stronger than Adam, the living soul, Elohim’s immature, incomplete mind, which was male and positive and dominant. But Cain became more powerful when she twisted herself together with the earth.” Did I say Cain. Yeah.

Verse 4, “And I saw the living beast coming out of heaven and spreading himself into the earth, and the living soul was his conscious mind, and Elohim was his unconscious mind. And Adam was protecting the living beast from materializing in the earth in a perverted form. And Adam, who was positive, knew that the serpent, who was negative, was strong enough to kill him and begin an independent existence.

Verse 5, “And as they turned to Elohim to receive understanding, there was division. Cain rebelled against Adam and brought her spiritual law out from un- --” [AUDIO CUTS OUT] Cain, in the form of Leviathan, was pulling her spiritual law out from under Adam’s authority and trying to gather Cain and Abel together in a different format, which would produce a different lifestyle, a different mind, a lying mind called heart in the man, Balaam. And Adam was challenging Leviathan and saying, “Who do you think you are? You cannot do it. You are going to submit to me.” That is what this account is all about. We just did verse 20. Elohim tapped Leviathan on the shoulder and said, “Hey, man. I am the chief honcho here. And this animal, Balaam, will express My thoughts and not yours.”

Verse 5, this is Daniel, chapter 8, verse 5. “And as they turned to Elohim to receive understanding, there was division. Cain rebelled against Adam and brought her spiritual law out from under Adam’s authority, and the serpent appeared in the earth and began to dominate the living beast, but did not penetrate him right away. And the serpent had the spiritual vision of the Land of Nod in her mind.”

So I wrote -- I put those words “but did not penetrate him right away” in all caps, because that is really what is pertinent for verse 24  of Numbers 22. I gave you this witness to show that there is a pen- -- there was a penetration at the time of the Fall, and there is a continuous attempted penetration of the line that Adam is holding by Leviathan. And Adam is this wall, and he is holding Leviathan back. He is holding Satan back, and he is holding them back to prevent penetration. That is why I gave you Daniel 8 as a witness. Everybody OK? Praise the Lord.

Verse 25, “And when the ass saw the angel of the Lord, she thrust herself into the wall and crushed Balaam’s foot against the wall, and he smote her again.”

The word when was added by the King James translators. We have struck it out. And the ass -- that is the four-footed beast -- saw or perceived, recognized, the angel of the Lord -- that is Adam, who was king -- and thrust or pushed, pushed or pushing herself into the wall.

OK, now, this translation is not at all like it sounds in the King James. “And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, perceived the ass pushing herself into the wall.” Now the King James says that it was the ass, who miraculously took on human intelligence. OK, according to the King James translators, they did not know that Balaam was the ass. They are telling us that a donkey took on human intelligence, OK, and I say to you that the correct translation is that -- not that the Adam -- not that the ass perceived, but Adam perceived. “And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, perceived the ass.” That is Balaam pushing, or Leviathan and Balaam, pushing herself into Adam’s wall. Balaam, who was now completely Leviathan, was pushing into Adam’s wall. He said, “Come down, oh, wall.” I want full control of this whole vessel. I want your position in the corpus callosum. I want to be controller of the brain of this animal, and when I penetrate your wall, what will happen?

Another way to look at this is that the two-sided wall is Cain and Abel. The two-sided wall is Cain and Abel, Cain over here and Abel up here. And if Leviathan succeeds in ripping this wall apart, what does he have? He has Cain and Abel as clay in his hands to form into a full stature of Leviathan.

Brethren, Adam perceived the ass, the four-footed beast, trying to penetrate the line that Adam was holding. Let me tell you again. Adam, to be standing steadfastly in the righteousness of Jehovah, needed possession of Cain and Abel gathered together within himself. Leviathan, to take possession of the man Balaam completely, needed Cain and Abel gathered within himself. Possession is nine-tenths of the law. Adam had the line. Adam was standing in the corpus callosum of Balaam’s brain, king appointed by Jehovah, but Leviathan was pressing against his wall with the full intention of penetrating it, bringing it down and possessing the whole man, Balaam. Jesus.

“And crushed Balaam’s foot against the wall.” The Hebrew word translated crushed, Strong’s 3905, can be translated pressed. Balaam’s foot, Strong’s 7272, translated foot, can also be translated pudenda. That is a nice word for human genitalia. It can also be spiritual genitalia. We have used that word many times. It means the sex organ. I am sorry if this offends you, but Adam is Elohim’s sex organ. He is the male organ. Adam is the male organ.

“And Adam, Balaam’s male organ, pressed against the wall.” Adam is the wall from the other side. “And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, perceived the ass pushing herself into his wall. And Adam, Ba- -- Balaam’s male organ, pressed against the wall from the other side.” Do you see this? There is a wall. Leviathan is pushing from over here, saying, let me in, and Adam is pushing from over here, saying, get out of here. They are both pushing on the same wall, like someone standing outside the store saying, let me in, and pressing on the door. And I am slamming it behind him, saying, get out of here.

Jesus, this is exciting. There is not any movie that was exciting as this. I am all into this tonight. “And he smote her again.” Strong’s 5221, translated smote, can also be translated subjected. And again, Strong’s 3254 can be translated to do again or to join. And our Alternate Translation is, “And he subjected her.” Who? Adam, the male mind of the person Balaam, subjected the whole of Balaam and Leviathan, subjected him -- her -- put her down, defeated the insurrection. And after he defeated her, he joined her to himself again.

Now, remember, Adam was responsible for keeping the whole person of Balaam as one smooth whole, operating as one person. But the man Balaam, the mind of the man Balaam, was deteriorating. It was breaking down into parts. A part of Balaam was pulling out from under the authority of Adam and had a mind of its own, and that mind of its own was attacking Adam. So the Scripture says, Adam subjected Leviathan and joined her to himself again in the right moral motive, put her in her place. We even have a word like that in the English idiom. Put her in her place! Everybody has a place. Some people get offended at this word, but it is the truth.

In every relationship, each person has a place. In every encounter, in every situation, everybody has a place. And you can have a relationship with one person, and you do not always have the same place when you are relating to that person, because the factors and circumstances change. You have to be able to recognize what your place is in every interaction that you have. If you cannot do it, ask Jesus. He will give to you liberally. You need to know. You need to know when you have authority and when you do not. You need to know. Every interaction, every exchange, every communication that you have ever had or will ever have with anybody has a -- has an order to it. Someone has the headship, and someone is in submission.

And if you cannot tell the difference, that means you are in rebellion because you cannot tell that, in this particular situation, the other person has the headship. And you are going to -- and when you are in rebellion, or when you are doing any kind of sin, you will reap what you sow. Now none of us can completely avoid judgment, because we are all sinners. We are not perfect. But let us start working on it. That is how we are going to stand up, when we bring Leviathan, who is Cain in this hour, in the form of Leviathan, when we force Leviathan to do the righteousness that we are instructed by Jesus Christ in our brain. This is the gathering together of Cain and Abel and the standing up in full stature.

So you have to be able to tell -- you have to be able to discern between good and evil, between the spirit of the righteousness and a spirit of enabling, a spirit of false compassion. You have got to be able to tell the difference. Why? Because if you are deceived, Cain and Abel will remain separated, and you will not stand up. Full stature is the gathering together in more -- in mind, in thought. It is the forcing of the righteous mind of Jesus Christ upon Leviathan, your four-footed beast, who always has everything backwards. Leviathan has everything backwards.

Roman, this is Roman -- at the top of page 7, this is Romans 8, verses 18-21. “Nevertheless, because the Lord has given us the hope that Christ will subject the one who subjected us --” You see, I am giving you this witness because we are told in verse 25 that Adam has subjected Leviathan. “Nevertheless, because the Lord has given us the hope that Christ will subject the one who has subjected us, I believe that the calamities of this present age are nothing in comparison to what we shall experience when the Spirit of God is revealed in us, and the creature shall be freed from the slavery of corruption into the glorious freedom of the children of God.”

Does anybody know the difference between Adam’s victory in verse 25 of Numbers, chapter 22, and Romans 8, which is talking about Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ’s victory in Romans 8:18-21? Now both verses are saying that the one who tried to subject our true self, which is Adam, has been subjected by him. What is the difference in the two situations? Please use your microphone.

            Xxxx has got the microphone.

Oh, OK, give it -- Xxxx has picked up the microphone first, but the question is -- there are two verses. One, in Numbers 22, verse 25, we see that Adam has subjected Leviathan, who was attempting to subject him, and in Romans 8, we see that the Lord Jesus Christ has subjected Leviathan. And I asked, what is the difference between the situation with Balaam and the situation with the Lord Jesus? Yes?

I was going to say, we subject our behavior, and the Lord subjects the spirit.

OK. No, that is not the answer. Did you have an answer?


OK. The difference is that Balaam -- that Adam in Balaam subjected Leviathan only temporarily, only temporarily. The war continues to rage -- continued to rage and continues to rage, except for those in whom Jesus Christ is reproducing His life and nature. It is only Christ Jesus who has the power to completely subject Leviathan permanently and break her heads, rip her apart, so that she can never rise again. So, did you get that answer? Everybody OK? OK. Hallelujah.

You see, once again -- I am going to put this fan on in here. If anybody is cold, let me know. It is pretty warm.


Oh, yeah? OK.


Xxxx, could you shut that table up for me? Once again, we have the situation where we need to understand that the first Adam, the living soul, OK, did not have the spiritual strength to completely subject the earth inside of the creature that he was king over. It is Jesus Christ, glorified, Jesus Christ Who has been emancipated from this body, Who has within Him the strength to subject Leviathan permanently. He has -- He -- well, He has done it. Christ Jesus has done it in the man Jesus of Nazareth, and He is doing it in the re- -- in the process of doing it in the rest of humanity now. So, if you have been reconciled to Jesus Christ, you are in a position that Balaam was in, OK, and you will never permanently subject Leviathan. Jesus Christ in you, in the form of the Holy Spirit, will never permanently defeat Leviathan. Jesus Christ’s nature has to be rep- -- reproduced in you in the form of the man Christ Jesus. He has to become your nature, and it is Christ Jesus in you -- in the Old Testament, the resurrected Adam -- who has the power, OK, to permanently put down Leviathan when he is joined with the Lord Jesus Christ, Who has already overcome this world. He has already overcome this world. Jesus.

Does anybody have any questions on any of this so far?

OK, we ha- -- I think I did verses 26 and 27. Yeah, so we have two more verses to go. Well, I see I have an Alternate Translation for you on verse 25. “And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, perceived the ass pushing herself into the wall, and Adam, Balaam’s male organ, pressed against the wall from the other side and subjected her and joined her to himself again.” One more time. “And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, perceived Balaam’s bestial side pushing herself into the wall of his spiritual manhood, and Adam pressed against the wall from the other side and subjected her and joined her to himself again.”

“And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, perceived Leviathan, Balaam’s bestial side, pushing herself into the wall of his spiritual manhood --” trying to do what? Trying to rip it apart, trying to cause it to break down into Cain and Abel, trying to break that wall -- “But Adam pressed against the wall from the other side and subjected Leviathan and joined her to himself again.” Adam brought the whole man Balaam into the right order, put down the rebellion.

Verse 26, “And the angel of the Lord went further and stood in a narrow place where there -- where was no way to turn, either to the right hand or to the left.”

And the angel of the Lord, that is Adam, whom Jehovah made king. Went, Strong’s 5674, can be translated flowed over. Further, Strong’s 3254, can be translated increased, and stood, Strong’s 5979, we are translating that, continued to stand in a narrow place. The Hebrew word translated place, 4725, can be translated region. And that is the corpus callosum we are seeing here. Where, Strong’s 834, can be translated in order to. The word, was, was add -- tra- -- added by the King James translators. We have stricken it out, and what we have there is Strong’s 369, which is merely translated no. It is a negative particle. The King James translated -- translators added the word was. They added the verb because they did not know what to do with that negative particle, but we know what to do with it. We are going to translate it Leviathan.

Way, Strong’s 1870, is translated lifestyle. To turn, Strong’s 5186, means to bend, and we are saying it means to bend upward. I put that on the board earlier this morning. The word either, which is translated by the King James translators, we are striking out. To the right hand, Strong’s 3225, that can be translated right, right hand or south side. And you may recall from previous teachings here that the south is where the spiritual world of God is. The visible spiritual world that will be erected as an image by Christ Jesus, by the glorified Christ Jesus, OK, not by the resurrected Adam, but by the emancipated slave, by the last Adam is in the southern quarter.

The word to, to the right hand, to the left, the -- and we are taking the word to out. That is from the King James translators, and we are putting in the word from. And the word -- Hebrew word translated left, Strong’s 8040, means north, and we know that the north is dark. And this word can also mean wrapped up, which I find very interesting because we found some Scriptures that signify the -- I think it is the serpent, who was a spider, and she spins her carnal mind, which is Leviathan, like a spider’s web and wraps Adam up, or wraps the mind of God up and covers it over, so that he is blinded. So I find this translation, wrapped up, very interesting.

“And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, rose up and flowed over into the narrow region between mortality and immortality in order to redirect Leviathan’s lifestyle away from the left and dark side.”

“And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, rose up. He perceived the attack. He rose up, and flowed over into the narrow region.” The angel of the Lord. “He flowed into the narrow region, this corpus callosum, which is between mortality and immortality, and he did that in order to redirect Leviathan’s lifestyle.” Leviathan’s lifestyle was attacking Adam. He did it to redirect her lifestyle away from this left and dark-sided activity that she was engaged in and direct her back into submission to himself.

And I think the significance here is that Adam abides in the corpus callosum, but he also abides in the whole right side of the brain. And the Scripture saying that he rose up is talking about the brain of reinforcement. Adam is water. He is the spiritual waters of life. That is who he is, and he is in every atom of the creation of God, OK. And, oh, God, I am trying to do a little better on my physics. I have been reading some books. I think hydrogen is the atom that typifies the spirit of God, and that is found, I think, in every -- in every atom, there is an element of hydrogen. Oh, God, I hope I know what I am talking about. Help me, Jesus.

So we see that Adam, who is the waters of life, he was all over, you know, the right side of the brain, and when he saw the attack coming from Leviathan -- Leviathan was trying to pierce through into the clean waters -- he gathered all his strength, and he flowed down and put all his power against this wall and pushed Leviathan back. That is what the Word is talking about.

Verse 25, “And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, perceived Balaam’s bestial side pushing herself into the wall of his spiritual manhood.”

Now that wall also -- I suggest to you it -- that it is the living thing. It is the altar, and a legitimate translation for this Hebrew word translated wall is altar. Let me show you this on the -- OK. So we see that this wall that Adam was holding and pushing against Leviathan on is the altar. Another word for it is the living thing that gives the creature life, and it is not an altar that is from left to right, but that it is an altar that is from heaven to earth. Jehovah is in heaven, and Abel, who has been given priestly authority by Jehovah, is allowed to come near to Jehovah. And then Cain, who in this hour is in the form of Leviathan, can come near unto Abel, and the female animal is here, really, in the world of time and space, I really should say, over here. This is the world of time and space where the female animal is. So, and the female animal is Leviathan.

So what is going on here, in Balaam’s case, is that the female animal, Leviathan, has started -- and, of course, Cain is really a part of Leviathan -- has started to press against Abel, started to press against Abel. OK? I am not really sure. Maybe the pressure came over here. I am not really sure where the pressure came. I guess the pressure would have to come over here, because Cain and Abel together form Adam. So it would have to be Leviathan putting pressure on Adam’s lower parts. You see, it is Cain that always gives way. It is always Cain that falls down. OK, Abel hangs on to Jehovah, but Cain gives way under the pressure. And the intention of Leviathan is to form a break over here, and when Cain -- when Abel -- when Adam cannot hold Cain and Abel together, and Cain separates from Abel, then Abel pulls away from Jehovah, and the altar of life is broken down, and the creature dies.

So here is the pressure, right over here. So the female animal does not want to stay in her place down here, but she is pushing. Now why is she pushing against Cain? OK, can you see it up there? Where does she want to get to? What does this look like? Does it not look like a tower to you? See, where is the female animal trying to get to? Can you see it? Can you see it? What is this up here?


She is trying to get back up into heaven, you see. The female animal, she is pushing. She is pushing, and her goal is to get right up in there. I will exalt myself above the stars of God. She is trying to get into heaven, you see. Now, what she does not understand, this female animal, is that she is in heaven, but she is in the lower heaven, and that when she -- if she should ever succeed in attaining to the higher heaven, she is just going to destroy heaven, because she -- where she is, is hell. You see? Where she is, is hell, but when hell is under the dominion of the heavens, that is -- to her, that is heaven. But she does not understand, you see. Yeah. OK.

The female animal, which is Leviathan, OK, when she is in submission to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the -- it is, in us, it is the -- it is -- He is reproducing Himself, and it is Christ Jesus in us, which is the equivalent of the resurrected Adam. When the female animal, Leviathan, is in submission to Adam, she is in heaven. She has access to heaven, OK, and she will go with us into heaven, OK, when we are glorified -- now, not in this form, OK. She has to die, and Cain in her is going to, but for -- but the female animal is just garbage with Cain’s energy. So, for all intents and purposes, it is Cain going back up to heaven. Cain is allowed in heaven. Cain is going home, OK, but this female animal, this personality, must cease to exist. All of Cain’s energy that is ener- -- that is giving us vitality must be extracted from this body, and that is just garbage that is passing out.

We are going back into heaven, but the problem is that Leviathan wants to go into heaven in this form. She wants to take her personality into heaven, she wants to take this body into heaven, and that she cannot do. When she tries, all that she does is destroy the measure of heaven that she now has access to. Why? Because she is trying to penetrate her way up into heaven. She is going to rip Cain away from Abel, she is going to destroy the whole living altar, and she is not only not going to get into the upper heaven, she is going to be -- fall down into hell. What is hell? It is complete separation from Jehovah. Did I make it clear? OK.

So here is your Tower of Babel. That is what it is all about. That is what it is all about. Cain wants to be in heaven in her mortal, fallen condition, and this is one of the challenges that Satan presented to Jesus Christ in the temptation. When we did an Alternate Translation on that, we found Satan saying to Him, “Mature this creation while they still have sin. If you are the Son of God, mature this creation without perfecting them.” Just one second, all right?

“Mature this creation without perfecting them.” Do what the Eastern philosophies want to do. Bring in a full stature of goodness, OK, and I know there is going to be a full stature of evil also, but that is too bad. OK, I will take your question now, but please do not do that, because when the Spirit is flowing, it really hinders me.

            You said it anyway. You just said it.


            I was going to mention it.

So --

            Eastern philosophy.

Yeah. So, you see, most of the time -- and, you know, if there is something that you want to say, you do have the option to pray, but when you do that, you break the Spirit in me, and I lose my train of thought. So I would appreciate it if you would not do it.

But that is exactly what Satan was talking about. Raise up this creation to full stature without the confession of sin, without repentance, and without the destruction of Leviathan, without the destruction of Leviathan. You know, let me just say this again. I am not sure that I made it clear. When I am in the Spirit like this, all you have to do is ask -- just think your question. I will hear it. Think your question silently. I will hear it. If the Lord honors it, I will hear it. OK? Praise the Lord. Jesus. And when the Lord lets me hear it, He works it into my spirit, so that it does not hinder me. OK? So let us -- that -- I know I never told you that before, so here is the Lord giving us an opportunity to be more spiritual, OK, and I have always asked you to write your question down and hold it, but that is not necessary. Think it. Ask the Lord that -- tell the Lord you would like an answer to it, and He will work it right in. Praise the Lord.

OK, this is verse 25. Let me just translate it. “And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, perceived Balaam’s bestial side pushing herself into the wall of his spiritual manhood, and Adam pressed against the wall from the other side and subjected her and joined her to himself again.”

And although it does not really say it here, I suggest to you that when Adam rose up to put off the attack, it says Adam rose up and flowed over against the wall that Leviathan was pushing against. Please see that, behind Adam, he came with the full power and authority of Jehovah and Elohim. So I suggest to you that that phrase that says, “And he flowed over,” he was not just of himself. He was coming with the full power of the godhead.

You see, those of us that are engaged in spiritual warfare -- so I think we are all engaged in it here, some a little more than others -- this is what is going on in our mind continuously. And if it is not Leviathan in us pressing against Adam, it is Leviathan in another man. And you will see, by the time we get to verse 27 here, that when Leviathan is defeated in an attempt to take over a person, he gathers up the witchcraft power of Leviathan in other people’s minds to punish the person in whom Adam has been victorious. You see, this whole creation, although we have this separation now, this idea that we are individuals, it is an illusion. It is really not true. We are really one in the spiritual world. We are really one. And everyone has a negative charge. We are all negatively charged. Every mind has spiritual power, some a little more than others, and I have been reading these books on physics.

OK, let me draw this for you. If you will just shut this off while I -- all right. OK, this is your lesson in quantum mechanics. I have to laugh, because I cannot believe the Lord has me doing this. OK, this is a diagram of an atom. Now I have talked to you about atoms on -- I have not done it for a while -- on some of the earlier messages, and I have just found out that the knowledge that I had -- well, my -- the little bit of knowledge that I had about atoms is outdated and that there were some discoveries in the 1920s and subsequent to them, to that date, that produced this theory of quantum mechanics, which means quantum mass, and there have been some changes.

So here we see -- I have called these rims around the nucleus orbits in the past. They are now called orbitals, and the reason they are called orbitals is basically because there is a change in the electrons. Now, let me remind you, that in the nucleus -- I did not write this down for you here, but this centerpiece is the nucleus, and there are protons and neutrons in the nucleus. The protons are positive, and the neutrons are negative. They are neutral. Neutral is displayed by a positive/negative sign, positive/negative. The neutrons have no charge, the protons have a positive charge, and each of the electrons have a negative charge.

Now, science used to believe, and whenever I have talked about electrons, I have told you that they were particles, particles, and I would draw them as little dots around the orbitals. But quantum mechanics has found out that electrons are not particles, and this is interesting, because actually, I have preached along these lines when I have told you that the sperm of God -- when I first started teaching about the sperm of God, I thought it was spiritual sperm floating in the waters of creation. And I found out that that is not true, that the sperm of God is in every atom of the creation. It is not a particle. The sperm of God is not a particle. It is something that is spread out and dissolved in waters of the creation. In the same manner, it has been discovered that electrons are not a particle, as a sperm would be an individual body, but the -- these -- the way -- the name in physics is wave. It is not a particle; it is a wave, OK? It is not something that takes a -- the space of a dot or a pinpoint in an orbital of the atom, but it is something that spreads out.

If you need an actual example, think of what we know as the aura. OK, every human being is an electron around the atom of creation. We are negative, but we are not a simple particle. The form that you see standing here is not all that there is to me. There is an electrical charge to me that spreads out, and it vibrates out from me. The occult word is an aura. OK, the Scriptural word in the King James translation is shadow. We saw Peter’s shadow. There is more to us than the particle that you see. There is an energy force field that spreads out and has the power to touch other people. It has the power to heal when it is in righteousness, and if it is someone with an evil mind, this energy force that emanates from the -- from a person can kill that person. If you have enough energy, you can kill somebody with your thoughts.

So, every man, every mortal man, is an electron in the atom of creation, and nature directs atoms to be neutralized. You see, each one of these orbitals can accommodate a specific number of electrons, and if the orbital is not filled up, it makes the or- -- it makes the whole atom -- and now, we are talking about individuals now -- a lacking person, and it makes them vulnerable to another atom who would swallow them up.

Now, the first orbital around every atom has two electrons in it. That means that the first orbital of this atom is filled. There is no problem. It is neutralized. It is not looking to take an electron from someone else, and neither is it subject to being kidnapped because of its lack. The second orbital has eight, eight electrons in it, and the one that I have drawn for you here is filled. That means the second orbital is not in danger of being kidnapped or of kidnapping. Now, I have drawn a third orbital which just has one electron in it. This atom is lacking its negative. Its outer ring is very vulnerable, and it is not neutralized. It is energized with -- I guess it would be a negative particle. It is lacking. It is like some poor, lost soul on a Saturday night out just roaming around the bars. We saw that a couple of weeks ago, remember?

We saw that. We took my daughter and her husband and his cousin out to dinner, and it was a Friday night. Was it a Friday night or a Saturday? It was a Saturday night, whatever it was, and we saw a couple of men just roaming around, having dinner by themselves. There is nothing wrong with having dinner by yourselves, but the spirit all over them was called an on-the-make spirit. They were lonely. They were empty. They were unhappy with their solitude. They were out there floating around, looking to make contact with another atom.

Now, the atom that I have drawn on the board here is very vulnerable. To have just one electron in your outer ring makes you susceptible to another atom. I am going to draw this very simply. This is just an outer ring of another atom that has three, four, five, six, seven. There is another atom floating around that has seven electrons in its outer ring. This atom, this first atom, is in danger of the second atom’s stealing this electron, thus completing the ring, eight electrons, of this other atom. And the result of this is that such a theft completely changes the nature of the first atom. It was an atom that had three orbitals, and now it is an atom that just has two orbitals. It completely changes the nature of the atom. It changes what it is.

So human beings -- this whole demonstration is to tell you that human beings are spiritual electrons, and as we are filled up, OK, we are -- and the more filled up we are, the less danger we are in. The more lacking we are, the more danger we are in that someone is going to come along and form an ungodly soul tie with us against our will. We are talking about people that get drawn into cults. They are people who are lacking. Other people with strong minds, with strong electric charges, they form soul ties with them and draw them in. They reel them in like a fish.

We can be filled in more than one way. We can be filled through natural family ties that are loving and supportive, or we can be filled with the Lord Jesus Christ and stand singly in this world. Both are sufficient to sustain our emotional, spiritual and physical health, but to be filled in with Christ Jesus is preferable. But you must have one or the other. You must have other ties in your life, or you are just standing there waiting to be victimized. Man is -- each man is a spiritually charged atom, a spiritually charged atom. Jesus.

This reality is very true. The higher you is [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- negative people in this world that are just drawn to you, spiritual vampires coming to zap your energy that is being generated in you by Christ Jesus and bring you down to where they are. It is a spiritual law of gravity. This mortal world wants to bring you down to your lowest point. To ascend in Christ Jesus is a continuous warfare and requires a continuous energy, exertion of energy, which is available to us through Christ Jesus, to sustain us, because the spiritual gravity of this world will continue to raise up as many negative people -- and I do not necessarily -- I am not talking about people. I am not saying they are bad, but Satan, the god of this world, is going to send as many people your way to drain you. And if you have pride, if you think that you are here to save the world, if you think that you have to save every negative person that comes your way, if Jesus Christ has not given you this assignment, the result will be that your energy will be drained. And if you are completely deceived, Christ Jesus in you can be murdered.

And Christ Jesus, Who was forming in you, is energy. He is spirit. He is energy. And if you form a union or a soul tie with someone who is draining all of your energy, Christ Jesus can become sick and die. Jesus Christ cannot become sick and die, but the fetus that is in you, the embryo that is in you, can become sick and die. We must nourish Him and feed Him and protect Him until He is strong enough to protect us. Until that time, Jesus Christ is our protection.

Any questions or comments on this area? Anybody? OK, we got that in. Now it would be nice if I finish reading the book. Jesus, help me.

OK, we are going on to verse 25, Numbers 22 -- I am sorry, 26. “And the angel of the Lord went further and stood in a narrow place where was no way to turn, either to the right hand or to the left.” I guess we started this already. We did -- we started 26 already. “And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, rose up and flowed over into the narrow region between mortality and immortality in order to redirect Leviathan’s lifestyle away from the left, dark side.”

God bless you. And this is a repeat, but I will say it again. I suggest to you that the narrow region in between is the double-minded condition where either mind can prevail. That is the condition we are all in. Revelation 14:20 says, “And the second generation of Christ Jesus flowed down into the visible, physical world, which is hell, and became the undisputed spiritual authority and law which rules over it.” So we see Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, flowed over into that narrow region. So I gave you this Scripture, Revelation 14:20, as a second witness that Adam is fluid, that he is spiritual water, and that he flows and that it is fully his intention to flow down into this visible, physical world and complete it. We came across that principle in Genesis, chapter 7, I believe. We have been working on 6 and 7. I think it is probably Genesis, chapter 7.

Heaven is coming down to earth. Adam’s spiritual waters are intended to flow into this world and complete us. We are lacking. We are the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We are a partial tree. When Adam flows down and joins himself to us, we shall be a complete tree again, and this world shall go out like a light. It shall roll up like a scroll, and the visible, spiritual world, which is the image of Christ Jesus, shall appear, and forever, we shall be with the Lord. Hallelujah.

“And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, rose up and flowed over into the narrow region between mortality and immortality in order to redirect Leviathan’s lifestyle away from the left, dark side.” He is always fighting for us. Adam is fighting for us, Elohim is fighting for us, and Jehovah is fighting for us continuously. That is the darkness of our mind that cannot perceive it, if we cannot perceive it. He has never ceased for a second from fighting to get us back.

When we fell, we fell into a place where everything radically slowed down. You see, the reason that we have these physical bodies is that light has been slowed down. This whole world is slowed down. You may remember the Alternate Translation in Genesis, chapter 2. Adam went to sleep, and he became sluggish and thick, and he took form. It is the same principle as water vapor descending and cooling and becoming an ice cube. He became hard and solid and rigid.

So Jesus is working in the spirit world very rapidly to save us from this death that we are engaged in, but as His ministry reaches out to us, it must descend into this world of time and space, and everything slows down. Everything that Jesus is doing for us slows down as it enters into our atmosphere. He is not remiss. He is not slow. It is our condition that is slowing down our salvation, but the will of Jehovah shall be done, and this world shall be swallowed up. Immortality shall swallow up mortality, victory shall swallow up death, and forever, we shall be with the Lord.

Verse 27, “And when the ass saw the angel of the Lord, she fell down under Balaam. And Balaam’s anger was kindled, and he smote the ass with his staff.” Well, this is a real nice fairy story here. And when the ass saw or perceived -- when Balaam perceived Adam, whom Jehovah made king, OK, she fell down. Strong’s 7257 can be translated to lie down, a four-legged animal, and it is talking about a four-legged animal folding its legs under. And I suggest to you that this falling down is a form of submission, and when the ass, who was Balaam, recognized Adam, who was king, that Jehovah had made king, she -- Balaam submitted to Adam.

You see, I think the significance here is that Balaam had been blinded by Leviathan. Balaam had been blinded. Now there had to be something in him that was in agreement with the sin in order for him to be blinded, but he was blinded. And let me remind you, Elohim came and spoke to Leviathan, who was Balaam, and said, do not do this. Balaam’s conscience was seared. He continued to do it, and Adam rose up and withstood Balaam’s activity, which was moving him to the left side. It was making him a negative person, OK, and after Adam smote Balaam, Balaam’s eyes were opened. He says, hey, what is going on here? This is what judgment is all about. What is happening in my life? How did this happen to me? OK?

And Balaam opened his eyes, and he saw that Adam was his adversary. Brethren, we have a whole church world that thinks that Satan is their adversary, and they cannot recognize that it is the Lord Jesus Christ Who is their adversary. So they never repent, and they never ask the Lord what they did, what their part was in this. They just blame everything on the devil and the demons, and there is no change in their life.

But Balaam saw Adam, whom Jehovah had made king. And Balaam, the ass, fell down and submitted and folded her legs under and submitted to Adam. In other words, she fell out of agreement with Leviathan. The English word under is Strong’s 8478. It can be translated the underpart, and I guess I just repeated this -- that there. I wrote Balaam twice. OK.

“And when the four-legged beast perceived Adam, whom Jehovah made king, she submitted the lower part --” oh, I am sorry. That is supposed to be there. That Balaam twi- -- is supposed to be there twice. What I did was that I -- let me see. Where did I get that from? 27. OK, in verse 27, it says, “And when the ass saw the angel of the Lord, she fell down under Balaam, colon.” This is the King James. “And Balaam’s anger was kindled.”

But I am suggesting to you that Balaam has to appear twice in the first phrase. It makes no sense in the English, but it will make sense in the Alternate Translation. “And when the four-legged beast perceived Adam, whom Jehovah made king, she submitted the lower part of Balaam and Balaam.” OK, that is just -- that is the first half of this verse. She submitted the lower part of Balaam, and I want to suggest to you that Balaam’s lower part or his lower nature was Leviathan. So, in the moment that Balaam fell out of agreement with Leviathan, he became separate from Leviathan. He now divided into his lower nature and Balaam.

OK, can you hear it? Let me say that again. When Balaam was in full agreement with Leviathan, there was just -- there was no difference between the four-legged beast, the ass, Balaam, or Leviathan. They were all the same. But we see that Balaam saw Adam, and he -- his eyes opened. He was enlightened. He realized what was happening. He fell out of agreement with Leviathan, and the Scripture now distinguishes between Balaam and Balaam’s lower part. He is now separated from Leviathan.

“And when the lower part of Balaam, the four-legged beast, perceived that Balaam had submitted to Adam, whom Jehovah made king --” Now, what I did there was -- if you are in the middle of page 8, you see that the first Alternate Translation for the first phrase of verse 27 -- I took the English words in the sequence that the King James translators had them. The second, the phrase right underneath it, it is the same exact words. I just changed the position of the words, and this is the sense that it makes. “And when the lower part of Balaam, the four-legged beast, perceived that Balaam had submitted to Adam, whom Jehovah made king --” So that is why we needed the name Balaam in there twice.

Genesis 24:65 says, “For she had said unto the servant, ‘What man is this that walketh in the field to meet us?’ And the servant had said, ‘It is my master.’ Therefore she took a veil and covered herself.” And I believe that is Rebekah when she saw Isaac. I hope I have the right names. So we see Balaam, the four-legged beast, submitting himself when he saw Adam.

And I declare to you, brethren, that this is a prophecy. I believe this is a prophecy throughout the Scripture. When mortal man sees the Lord in all His glory, they will bend their knees and submit, and they will turn away from this evil lifestyle, and they will seek after righteousness. The biggest problem mankind has right now is that they have no example to follow. They have no one to look to. That is our job. It is our job to do the best that we can in this hour while we are still imperfect, but when the Lord raises us up to full stature, that is our job, to be the leaders, to see -- to be something for mankind to look towards and say, I want that. I want that. Help me. What do I have to do to get it?

You know, people came to Jesus, and they said, “Master, what must I do to be saved?” They wanted what they saw, and there is a difference between men desiring what they see and men seeking the Lord Jesus because they are sick, because they are drug addicts, because they are alcoholics, because their life is broken. There is nothing wrong with that. In this hour, basically, these are the only people who are coming to Jesus, because they are desperate for help. But the hour is coming that people who are not desperate for help are going to look at the sons of God and say, I want that. I always thought that my life was wonderful, but when I see your life, I know that I was deceived.

That day must come, because there are people in this world who are relatively happy. They are relatively happy. They do not have any disease that they need deliverance from, they are not addicted, their marriages are good, their children are healthy, they are making good money, and they are very -- well, they think they are happy, because they do not know any better. It is time for these people to turn to the Lord, when they see -- when they get a vision of something better than what they have. That is what the world is waiting for.

“And when the four-legged beast, which was Balaam’s lower nature, perceived that Balaam had submitted to Adam, whom Jehovah made king --” Please note that the four-legged beast has two manifestations: Leviathan, the mortal heart and lower nature -- Remember, he is a lying mind. He is really not -- she is really not a mind. She is a mortal heart and a lower nature -- and the host physical body that expresses and serves that mind, but has an existence of its own. This host physical body is the in-between place of duality. This body is temporary. This existence that this body represents is temporary. We are the in-between place.

OK, finishing out this verse, “Anger was kindled,” and that just means he got angry. “And he smote,” Strong’s 5221, can be translated punished. There is an untranslated word which means himself. “And he punished himself, the ass -- that is the four-footed beast -- with a staff,” Strong’s 4731. This word means a stick with leaves on it, used for divining. We are talking about witchcraft here. Balaam is one in thought with Satan, the corporate unconscious heart of mortal man, because he, the host animal, desired to be Leviathan, so that he could reap the rewards of divination and the praise and honor of men, as seen in verses 7 and 17.

The instrument of punishment is a stick that is wood, typifying mortal man, with leaves, and the leaves indicate the individual mortal. We have spent a lot of time on this. It has been a few years, but -- and we spent a lot of time on this, that the leaves on the tree are the mortal, temporal lifetimes that we see in this visible, physical world. A stick with leaves signifies Leviathan, the false vine and the individual mortals she incarnates. When mortal man’s Leviathan is brought into submission by Adam, Satan, mortal man’s unconscious heart, pushes that individual host animal -- oh, I am sorry -- punishes that individual host animal with witchcraft power. And this is the basis for the tormenting warfare that all who seek to ascend in righteousness go through. And I showed -- I hope I gave you some understanding with our diagram of the atom.

“She was angry and punished herself, the ass.” Who was -- Leviathan was angry, and she punished herself, the ass. Why? Because the individual physical person, the dumb animal that we are, we are both Adam and Leviathan. So when Leviathan punishes herself, she is punishing us. We are a perversion.

“And she was angry and punished herself, the ass.” So she punished the ass, which was herself, with witchcraft from the hearts of other mortal men. “And when the four-legged beast, which was Balaam’s lower nature, perceived that Balaam had submitted to Adam, whom Jehovah made king, she was angry and punished herself, the ass that was herself, with witchcraft from the hearts of other mortal men. And when Leviathan, Balaam’s lower nature, perceived that Balaam had submitted to Adam, whom Jehovah made king, she was angry and punished Balaam by stirring up witchcraft in the hearts of other mortal men.”

Let me tell you, brethren, I have been experiencing this for years. Let me give it to you again. This is verse 27. “And when Leviathan, Balaam’s lower nature, perceived that Balaam had submitted to Adam, whom Jehovah made king, she was angry and punished Balaam by stirring up witchcraft in the hearts of other mortal men.”

Brethren, if Christ Jesus is maturing in you, it is to your benefit to start to really increase your spiritual warfare. It has taken me many years to think along these lines, but I am so blessed with the results that I have been experiencing over these last months. All of my efforts over the years seemed to really be reaping the -- a great reward. When I feel negativity in my heart, I have -- I now have the strength to just go after it. For many years, I would know the right thing to do. I just could not seem to raise up and do it. I was so crushed and oppressed. At the first sign of oppression, I am rebuking it and criticizing it and against it, and I am largely on top of things, much more so than ever before.

I had an encounter the other day with a man who, for whatever his reason, rejected me. I was at -- in a social situation, and I know that I did nothing to offend him. So it was probably some problem that he had with me, and as I continued to sit there, the negativity built in me until I started rebuking it. I said, I do not want to feel uncomfortable. I do not want this pain. I do not want it. I rebuke you. I break ungodly soul ties. I break the powers of witchcraft, whatever I prayed, and would you believe, this man turned around and smiled at me. He turned around and smiled at me.

Do not take it, brethren. Do not take pain in your heart. Do not take pain in your emotions. Do not take the distress. Ask Jesus to help you to go after it immediately. Every problem you have, ask Him to solve it for you. Let Him enter your life. The rewards are glorious, and there is power in it, because when you continuously pray in that kind of warfare, in a righteous spirit, you activate a force field around you. When you s- -- when you use the spiritual power that you have, and it is continuously flowing around you, it turns into a force field. If you are using it for righteousness’s sake, it is ever present, and you need that force field to bunt off other human beings that are electrons who will swallow you up and change who you are by stealing your outer orbital. We do not want people changing our lives. Just Jesus Christ should be changing our lives. We should not have other people making us into what they want us to be. We have to be what Jesus Christ wants us to be.

Recap, Numbers 22:20-27. “And Elohim came to Leviathan, His dark shadow in Balaam, and said to her, ‘You shall not summon Cain and Abel, these mortal males, and gather them together to establish your lifestyle, but you shall do the acts that I declare that you shall do.’ And Balaam, Elohim’s four-footed beast, walked with Leviathan, the serpent and Abel’s incestuous offspring. And he rose up and took authority over Adam, his spiritual side.”

So we see that he completely ignored Elohim’s command. “And Elohim was angry, because Balaam was walking with Leviathan.” So, you see, before Elohim became angry, He surely warned him. “And Elohim was angry, because Balaam was walking with Leviathan when Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, and Abel and Cain, the two young men who were with him, were standing in Jehovah’s righteousness and riding above Leviathan, his four-footed beast. And Balaam, the four-footed beast, saw Adam, whom Jehovah made king, the part of him that Jehovah --” well, I just repeated myself. Let me start again.

“And Balaam, the four-footed beast, saw Adam, the part of him that Jehovah appointed as king, firmly established in righteousness with his knife pulled out, circumcising Leviathan and turning Balaam’s character in the right direction. And Adam moved to Balaam, the four-footed beast who was a part of himself, and bent her in the right direction. And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed as king, stood steadfastly as the wall which, on the one side, prevented Cain from mixing with the earth and on the other side, which prevented the earth from polluting the waters of life. And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, perceived Balaam’s bestial side pushing herself into the wall of his spiritual manhood. And Adam pressed against the wall from the other side and subjected her and joined her to himself again. And Adam, whom Jehovah appointed king, rose up and flowed over into the narrow region between mortality and immortality in order to redirect Leviathan’s lifestyle away from the left, dark side. And when Leviathan, Balaam’s lower nature, perceived that Balaam had submitted to Adam, whom Jehovah made king, she was angry and punished Balaam by stirring up witchcraft in the hearts of other mortal men.”

Praise the Lord. Any questions or comments on this issue? You may have noticed that the sequence of the verses really were not correct. They need to be interspersed. I have not done that yet. Praise the Lord. Any questions, going -- what number are we on over there?


10/07/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

10/17/14 1st Edit CAS/BP

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