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Nobody in the earth today has the total absolute complete truth. How do I know that? I know that because if there was someone who had the total absolute complete truth, they would be in full stature and walking as Jesus walked. OK, so nobody has the total absolute full truth. So we go from glory to glory; we go from strength to strength, the Scripture says, and we just keep on going, and there is all kinds of doctrines out there, all kinds of doctrines. Some of them way out, some of them plausible, but as I preach to you before, from the moment that the Lord graduates you or promotes you to a more refined -- maybe that is a good way to put it -- somehow if we say deeper doctrine or more mature doctrine, people get offended. I do not mean to offend anybody, but the truth is that we go from strength to strength and that some of us do have a more refined doctrine than others. What does refined mean? Less error in it. OK?

So as we go from strength to strength, everything that we have left behind to us becomes false doctrine. When we know in our heart that it is not true -- now, there is two different ways -- boy, this is -- I am off my message completely, but I am just going to go with the Spirit -- there is two different ways, or there is two different perspectives from which you can oppose a doctrine. We have thousands of Christians in the church today opposing many doctrines in the church on basic principle. It does not sound right to them. It does not sound right to them. God never showed it to them. They cannot give you any substantive criticism. They cannot tell you I have studied out what you are preaching. I have studied it. I have sat in your meetings. I have listened to your messages. I have studied it. I have prayed about it for three years, and I just cannot receive it. See, something like that I could receive that from anybody. I could take that from anybody. We have a whole group of people in the church today that say I do not like the way it sounds. I have no idea of the full message that you are preaching. I have never attempted to understand it, but there is something about you that bothers me. Now, that is -- that is a criticism that comes from a perspective that is not of God because God does not operate like that. God is intelligent. He is rational. He is filled with wisdom, and He does not fear any man’s doctrine. He does not fear it.

So that -- the people in that camp, we really -- there is nothing we can say to them. They are usually people filled with fear, and again, I am not criticizing anybody, but that is reality; they are filled with fear. They are afraid to investigate, to study and to learn, and on their behalf, I must say that there are some people who are susceptible to being seduced by doctrines, and maybe they should stay in the mainline churches. I do not -- what do I know? What do I know? But I know that there are some people that are not mature enough to sit down and study and listen to and pray about a doctrine for three years [?and hear?] from God. Some people really cannot do it, so you have to know yourself. If you really cannot do it, stay where you believe you are safe.

OK. And there is the other category of believer who is wide open. They have got some substance of Christ in them; they have got some maturity; they have got some doctrine under their belt. They are not afraid because they know that their God is with them and full well able to keep them from stumbling, that their God is so well able to keep them from going to the left or to the right, that He is full well able to keep them on that straight path, which is going to end up where? In perfection. That is what we are all hoping for. Perfecting the resurrection of the dead, to be resurrected out of this realm of death, which -- and the name of this realm is hell. We are trying to get out of here, and we are not getting out of here by having our body ripped up; we are getting out of here by having our spirit ripped out of hell. Our body is not being ripped out of hell; our spirit is being ripped out of hell, and when our spirit is ripped out of our -- out of hell, the next step is that our soul is delivered out of hell, and then our body is delivered out of hell.

So this is hard for people who are not spiritual to understand; it is very hard. I will never tell you that it is easy, never tell you that it is easy. It is very hard. It is only by the grace of God that anybody could believe the truth. Jesus said it. He said I have things to tell you, but you cannot bear it. And we showed you in the Book of Daniel; the angel came to Daniel and said, this is the word of God’s truth, and no man would believe it except the angel [?witnessed it to him?]. Is not that what the Scripture said? Unless the angel [?witnessed it to him?], unless you have Christ in you, telling you, yeah, it is OK; yeah, it is OK; that is Christ speaking through that preacher. No man is going to believe it. The spiritual truth of God is so incredible and so bizarre to the carnal minds of men, that no natural man would believe it. The Bible says that. So who am I to fault anybody that feels they cannot handle it?

So -- so I was engaged in this spiritual warfare, which has been going on since Connecticut actually. It has not stopped. And there was this terrible pain in my emotions, and I had done everything I knew how to do, and nothing worked, so I yelled, help, which is what I do; that is my first-aid kit, my spiritual first-aid kit; I yelled help, and -- I am starting to [INAUDIBLE]  

            Like a [?fire?] [INAUDIBLE]

Like a [?fire?] [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. And, as you know, I spent five years getting heavy deliverance, rolling on the floor, belching, yawning, coughing, vomited a couple of times, spent five years doing that almost every day, and I do not do it too much anymore. It is rare, very rare for me these days. Well, I cried help, and this belch came out of me, and the pain started to leave, and it took about 15 minutes, and the pain in my emotions was gone. I still was very stressed out, but the pain in my heart was gone, and I said to the Lord, would you explain to me how this works? Why would it be -- I know it is trapped air; I know all that. I spent years listening to that teaching, but give me something that is going to make sense because that is what this ministry is all about. We lay all of these scriptures, and we are trying to apply them to our natural lives. We are trying to apply them to our natural lives. It is wonderful. The Bible is poetry. June [SP] just read me something from another ministry last week. It sounded beautiful. All the promises of God, right, did not you read it to me? Sounded wonderful. You read from somebody’s newsletter.

            Oh, yeah.

It sounded beautiful. But somebody that does not know this message would sit down and say, well, it sounds good, but what does it mean? What does it mean? Nobody knows what it means. They do not know what it means for us as human beings. What is going to happen to me? What is going to happen to my life? What is going to happen to my soul? What is going to happen to me? It is a beautiful, wonderful promise. What does it have to do with me? I know God is coming with his whirlwinds and his chariots, and there is going to be saviors up on Mount Zi- -- does not that [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- what about me? What is happening to me? Does this thing relate to me? Does it have anything to do with me? Or is it something that is happening out there? And even if it is something that is happening in my spirit right now, I am much more than my spirit because I am fallen. I am a soulish personality trapped down here in hell dependent, dependent -- I get my food from outside of me; I get my water from outside of me; I get my affection from outside of me; I get my fellowship from outside of me; I am dependent. God is the exact opposite. He is self-contained, and He is nothing, and He is nothing. So wh- -- how do -- what [?of?] all this beautiful scripture? What does it mean to me? What is going to happen to me? Is it true that the world’s going to burn up? Is it true that the whole church is going to be raptured in one fell swoop and all their clothes are going to be left on the ground like you see in the movies? Is it true that someone is going to wake up one morning and find out that their whole household was raptured and they are the only one in the house plus the clothing that everybody else left behind? Did you see that movie? What is going to happen to me?

So that is what we do in this ministry. By the grace of God, He is starting to make these scriptures real to us in our everyday life, how they apply to us. So I said to the Lord it is very nice that you belch and you feel better. A lot of people have a big problem with it, and I can s- -- I understand why. I know people that have believed it for years. I know people that have cast out demons and now do not believe it because it is almost bizarre. To the carnal mind, it is bizarre. I will not argue with you about it. It is bizarre. I even saw a skit on TV -- well, it was not about belching, but it was a comedy show, and they were mocking Christians, and they were exalting modern medicine and saying how advanced we are with all these machines and all these techniques and all these scientific laboratory methods, but now there is one method better than us, and it was -- they were mocking Christians, and someone came in and hit someone on the forehead. You know, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] their spirit, and they fell over and they said, and this is the latest advancement to modern medicine. Well, it is the latest advancement; you are just an ignorant person, making a joke of what you do not understand. Is not that what the apostle Jude said? Said you are a brute beast. What does that mean? You are 100 percent carnal in your mind, and you are so ignorant that you do not even know enough to be quiet. When you are confronted with something that you do not understand, if you do not believe it, that is OK, but to mock it, you are just showing your ignorance before God.

So, here we are with this bizarre statement, and I want to show you what the Lord showed me, and then we are going to do a word study on arrows, and I hope it blesses you; it blessed me.

Another direction that the Lord has been taking us here is deep, deep spiritual warfare. We have preached on the war of the minds. The Lord has shown us at this time, which is the end of the age -- the end of what age? It is the end of the Church Age; we are coming into a new age, and the name of the new age is the Kingdom Age -- well, it is -- OK, you could say Christ, but it is -- the Bible says the Kingdom Age, so we will try to be consistent. The age of the kingdom, the age that the kingdom of God is going to start appearing in the earth. Now we know the kingdom of God is already here. It came first in Jesus of Nazareth and is in many people at this hour, but it is hidden, it is veiled; it is within our hearts, but the day is coming very soon that which is within is going to appear outwardly, and the kingdom of God will have come down to the Earth, and it will be obvious in the people in whom it is manifesting because Jesus said, well, behold, the kingdom of God is where? Within you. The kingdom of God is within you, but it is not -- it is there in many people today, but not obvious, very hard to discern. In the Kingdom Age it will be obvious, and the works of that kingdom will be evident -- openly evident in the external world. People will no longer have a problem recognizing the move of God. The reason people have a problem today is because the move of the spirit of God is not of this world. Jesus said, I am not of this world. It is very hard to comprehend or to perceive the move of God’s spirit. The carnal mind of man naturally looks at it and says -- and rationalizes how it happened, so we have a problem. There is people who would really like to believe but are having trouble believing. In the age of the kingdom, this condition will pass on; it will not exist anymore because it will be obvious; the works of God will be obvious; they are not obvious today.

So we have been studying here -- the Lord has brought forth here a teaching that the whole living soul is coming of age. Now I remind you that God only made one living soul; there is no th- -- nothing anywhere in the Bible that says that God created more than one man; he m- -- he created a man; that man is likened into a spiritual plant that has now put forth many leaves; the plant is spiritual just like this plant -- in this plant the roots are under -- you cannot see the roots; all you see is the leaves. We are a spiritual plant, and all you can see are the leaves; we are the leaves. We are the leaves. And actually, we are likened unto a vine in the Scripture, a craping plant. Now, if I did not trim this plant, and I let it really grow, this could just grow all across the room, and it would be possible for you to see the leaves, and if I did not tell you -- or if I cut this off and you could not see that it is was rooted in this pot, and all you looked at was the leaves, you would have no idea that this plant came from this pot.

So we have something similar in the world today. Human beings that appear to be separate and individual, and they are in fact in this outer realm separate and individual, but in the realm of the spirit, we all have the same root; we are one plant. And this plant, the Lord tells us, is reaching maturity. We are a spiritual plant. That means there is spiritual power in men.

At this stage of the development of the creation, the man that God made has rebelled against his maker and separated from Him. He has separated from Him, and there -- he is existing in this hour on his own spiritual authority, which is an illegal spiritual authority; it is illegal for the spiritual authority of man to be manifesting separate and apart from the spiritual authority of God. They are supposed to be operating as one man under the authority of Christ, but the soul has separated from the spirit and is doing her -- she is female -- her own thing, and she is coming of age. That means that her ability to manifest spiritual power is getting stronger. Now, what does this mean? For centuries, we have had the practice of witchcraft in this world. We -- ev- -- almost every society has had their witch doctors with their potions and their rattles and their drinking blood and their -- what? Whatever they are doing, whatever measure of witchcraft it is, and they -- people have known that it is witchcraft; they have known what they are doing; it has been a conscious choice of the individual to practice the spiritual or sometimes called the dark arts. They know what they are doing, and they serve the demons, and they serve Satan, and they get power usually -- does anybody know what they usually get power to do? Why do people serve Satan? What do they want power to achieve?


No, the average man out there, why will he serve Satan? What does he want?


Yeah, he does not know anything about Christ. He wants money; he wants money; he wants power. OK, OK? If it is a man, he wants women; he wants authority in this world. That is why they are doing it; that is why they are doing it.

So everybody to date, I cannot say unequivocally everybody, but to the best of my knowledge, the workers of the dark arts have known what they are doing. They have entered into a covenant with Satan and the demons, and they have done their works, white witchcraft, black witchcraft; you can call it anything you want; they have accomplished their goals by the power that is in the separated living soul. The power, the spiritual authority that is in the creation, which is separated from the mind of God has a name. Sometimes people get upset when they hear that name, and at one point I even considered changing the name because people get upset, but the Lord said no; the truth is going to set you free; it has a name. The Bible h- -- gives it a name, and it is called witchcraft. Sometimes it is called divination. One of the scriptures that we have tonight, if I ever get it to it, it is called divination. It is the exercise of spiritual authority and spiritual gifts. Our mind which is not Christ.

So to date, Satan and his demons have only succeeded in finding human beings to manifest themselves through in this manner when they get those human beings to agree with them, they make a covenant with them. They say I am going to give you money; I am going to give you wealth; I am going to give you power; I am going to give you women; I am going to give you whatever you want; serve me. And they find a group of people that say, OK. But what is about to come upon the earth and already is coming upon the earth is the maturity of the criminal mind which is in the living soul which is separated from Christ, spiritual criminal mind, that is in the earth today, that mind is about -- and is already beginning to rise up in people who have not cut a covenant with Him. This is the next stage of the development of the delinquent living soul that has separated from his master, from her master and is out there doing her own thing. She is growing up; she is getting stronger, and the world is being prepared -- men are being prepared for her to rise up and manifest at will through unwilling vessels. And the world today is being prepared for it. How are we prepared for it? Well, just look around you. What is happening? Drugs tears you down. Alcohol tears you down. The disintegration of the family tears you down. The disintegration of authority over the whole country, over the whole world, authorities being torn down. There is protection in all of these things. And the whole world and the whole country thinks that they are really neat, and they are being set up; they are being set up; they are being brought into a condition that will enable Satan to rise up and do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Now right now we see it happening, for example, with drug addicts or alcoholics. They black out; they wake up the next morning, and they say, did I do that? I did not do that. That is not like me at all. I could not possibly have done that. Yes, you did. Do not tell me that is not like you. You did it. Something rose up in you and did it through you, and there is no difference between you and whatever rose up in you; you did it.

So we all know about that. People get drunk, and they do things like that. People go and take crack, and they do things like that.

But I am telling you, that the word of the Lord to me is we are about to see people -- and, of course, we see how homicidal maniacs rising up and killing people, but we just think that they are unusual people, and we lock them up, or we kill them. But we are about to see more and more incidents of normal people -- well, whatever that means, whatever normal means, people that are not societal dropouts [?doing?] -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] knowing why they did it because the spiritual authority in the living soul is increasing in power, and if you do not have Christ in you, she is going to make you do whatever she wants to make you do as she comes to you. I am not telling -- saying this is going to happen to everybody at once. There are people who are being prepared in the earth. Spiritual walls are down; spiritual defenses are down. Look at the people; they are weak, not everybody, but large numbers of people spiritually weak, holes in their hedges, fences down. The people are being prepared. All of the protections that God has put in the earth against what is about to happen and is already happening are being disregarded, are being considered old hat and are being destroyed. All the old traditions, rules of society that this creation has spent thousands of years building up, rules of society, how people relate to one another, how society functions; it is taken thousands of years to go from being people who are just running through the fields, scrounging food and living in caves to come to -- to become a people who are civilized, thousands of years of building this up is being torn down in a couple of generations.

We are going to be wide open. The only ones that are not going to be wide open are the ones who have Christ and who have received training on how to get into Christ and wage war against the manifestation of this mind which is in their own head. Christ is a new mind. We are spirit. Mi- -- the mind in the man is spirit, so when Christ comes into us and we have two minds, what that means is that our spirit, our human spirit is now split. We have a carnal mind. And we have the mind of Christ, and our human spirit is attached to both of them, and by the way we think, by an exertion of willpower, we can throw ourselves in our minds, in line either with Christ in the carnal mind -- it is possible by the grace of God to fall into agreement with Christ, and with him wage war against your own carnal mind. This is known as free will. It comes from your spirit.

Now a lot of people have a problem with their free will because their carnal mind -- because their family line curses and other problems has so much power over them that they are really not very strong in their ability to fight, but if you come to Christ, this is what He is doing for you. He is breaking curses off of your spirit, off of your life. He is strengthening your spirit. He is -- well, of course, He is causing Christ to be conceived in you; that is -- the scriptural term is to have the word of God engrafted to you. That has to happen first. He is helping you. He is renewing your mind. He is teaching you. This is not just a spiritual experience that happens to you. There is learning involved. There are things that you need to learn, and as you learn and understand, it strengthens you to go towards Christ and away from your carnal mind, and eventually Christ is going to take full authority over your carnal mind, and they will no longer be side by side, but this is what we are striving for, Christ up here with you in Him and your carnal mind down here, completely in jail. That is what we are hoping for. Our hope is not the rapture. Our hope is not to get our body out of here while all our unregenerate relatives and friends are down here being tormented by the demons. Our hope is to get our mind in a condition that will give us dominion over the spirit of this world, which will save us and put us in a condition where we can go out and help our relatives and our friends and everyone that we love and everyone that God sends us to. Christ in you is the hope of glory; the rapture is not the hope of the church; Christ is the hope of the church. So we see that this is our condition. The spiritual power or the mind that is in the fallen living soul is growing up, getting stronger and is already on the verge of being strong enough to manifest through people without their agreement, without their entering into a covenant with her.

You see, we have in our innermost being, we are spirit, and in most of us, our spirit is dead, except for those of us moving into Christ. We have a soul, which is our emotions. And we also have a personality. The personality relates to this world, to the outer realms. It is like saying, I am Sheila; I have a heart; I have a liver, and I have lungs, but the whole of me is Sheila. The personality is the whole person; the soul is the emotions alone, and the spirit is the rational mind; spirit is rational thought, rational meaning reason, an ability to reason. You see, the emotions want; the emotions are lust; they see something, and they want it, and they go for it with no thought whatsoever of the consequences. The spirit or the rational mind says, no, if I do that, I will get in trouble. I better not. If I fool with that man’s wife, he might shoot me. That is what the rational mind says. Lust says, go for it; nobody is looking now, but God is always looking. Now, the man -- or woman -- I always -- I use man as a generic term, means human being. The man who cannot control himself -- the man who is engaging in destructive behavior is a victim on two levels, his spirit which is supposed to be telling him, do not do that, dummy, OK, is very weak, and his emotions whose overall characteristic, everybody’s emotions has an overall characteristic which is lust, lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, pride of life, lust for things, lust for everything, and that man that has overcome his emotions are too strong, and his rational mind is too weak, and the Scripture likens it to a man who is sitting on a horse and following the commandments of the horse. That is how the Scripture shows it.

So God’s answer to that is twofold. Does anybody remember what the answer for that is for someone in that condition?

            The law.

The law -- well, no -- well, that is true, but it is not God -- what is God’s -- what is He going to do for you? OK, what is he going to do for you when you are in that condition? He is going to do two things for you. He is going to strengthen your spirit; He is going to add Himself to you, and He is going to give you strength in your weak spirit, and He must break the power of your lust-filled soul which is out of control and ruining your life, so there is judgment to the soul and strengthening and maturing to the spirit. It is the exact reversal of the condition that that man is in, weak spirit, strong soul. He is headed for a weak soul and a strong spirit, and that is how he is going to get his life in order, and that does not come from having someone boop you on the head and saying the name of Jesus. There is nothing wrong with having someone boop you on the head. I have been slain in the spirit many times, but it is time for us to go on, brethren. It is time for us to go on.

This change of strengthening your spirit and weakening your soul involves instruction. It involves instruction. You are not going to get it without instruction. Now you might have a problem -- see, people have different degrees of problems. Take alcoholism, for example. I know people that have been delivered from alcoholism by being booped on the head. I know people that have been delivered from it in their sleep, but they have not been delivered from the personality problems that underlie it, so depending on how severe your problem is, you may be able to be delivered by being hit on the head by an anointed believer, but you may not. For those who have severe compulsive problems, it is not enough to be slain in the spirit and wake up without the -- without being tempted to drink. It requires severe means, and that is up to the Lord. That is up to the Lord, requires a move of God’s spirit, a sovereign move of God’s spirit to wound that soul that is out of control so that the spirit can be strengthened. Paul said it this way; he said, I have turned that man over to Satan for the what?

            [?The flesh.?] [INAUDIBLE]  

[?What is it??]

            Destruction of the flesh.

For the destruction of the flesh so that -- so that what? What is the rest of it?

            So that his spirit might be saved in the day of Jesus Christ.

So that his spirit might be saved in the day of Jesus Christ.

So once again I will take this opportunity to encourage you to check yourself out with the Lord. If you are hoping that someone is going to be [?chastened of?] the Lord because they have hurt you, if you are hoping that God is going to get them because they caused you pain, you need to repent right now at the moment that you are convicted.

[?True??] Because if that is what you are feeling, that is sin in you, and no matter how hard the Lord strokes that other guy, when He finishes, He is coming for you. Because if you are His son, He loves you, and He ch- -- and He is going to chasten you. He is going to chasten every sin that appears in you. So --

So here I was with this pain in my heart -- this is an interesting message tonight. I may not even get to the Arrows at all. Here I was with this pain in my heart, and I got delivered from it by belching, and I said, Lord, would you explain it to me? Would you give me a more rational explanation so that I can have something to tell people who are having a problem with this, and I want to tell you, if it -- if I did not experience it, I do not think I would believe it either. It is just that no one can steal your experience from you. No one can steal your experience from you. So this is what the Lord told me. He told me, Sheila, I have been teaching you here for over a year now. We have been emphasizing how spiritual weapons are in the mind. We found scriptures where it said the weapon of God is what -- does anybody know who the weapon of God is? Who is God’s weapon?


Christ. Christ is the weapon of the Lord. OK? And Satan has a weapon. And his name is? The carnal mind. We found scriptures saying it very clearly. Sometimes the Lord says it as a parable. He talks about a sword, the sword of the Lord, the sword of the Lord. Now, do you think that this metal -- if this were a metal sword, that this is God’s sword? God is a spirit. God is a spirit. Those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth, and those who fight by Him must fight by Him by his sword which is not a physical material sword. It is a weapon. I know a couple of people for years they woke up every morning and went through a ritual of putting on the armor of God. I am never making fun of anybody, but who -- if you are hearing this message, you have to know that it did not do you one bit of good except that maybe God looked down on you and saw your faith and decided to have mercy on you, but you cannot put an imaginary shield on and say, I have just put on the breastplate of righteousness, and it will quench the fiery darts of the wicked because all you did was run your hand across your chest.

The weapon of the Lord is Christ, and Christ is in your mind. Christ is a mind. He enters in as a mustard seed, and He grows, and He matures, so that is how the armor is built on you. You do not have all of the aspects of the armor right away. You may have all of the aspects of the armor in a measure, and the armor of Christ is the mind of Christ as He matures in you, and the -- the seed is given to you; the seed is given to you as a gift; the seed is the grace of God, but for that seed to grow, you must study to show yourself approved, and you must practice righteousness, and before you can practice righteousness, you must be instructed in righteousness. Is not that a scripture? Be instructed in righteousness, my son. That does not come automatically. You get the seed of your faith. That is your gift from God; that is your gift and what makes it grow is spiritual -- the twofold spiritual ministry, instruction and righteousness -- the anointing of a mature manifestation of Christ.

Now, this is not an intellectual exercise. If you get someone teaching the word of God, they may even be teaching you the truth, but if the anointing -- if the spirit that is teaching comes from the mind of man it has no power to propel itself into your mind. OK? If this were not Christ in me teaching, if this were the mind of man, I have a lot of knowledge, but there is no power in the mind of man to transfer that knowledge from me to the formation of Christ in you. I might get it to your carnal intellect, but the whole point is to build your armor because no matter how strong your armor of your carnal mind is, when Christ comes against you, you will surely be defeated. Well, thank God for that because when Christ defeats you, that means He raises you from the dead, but when another carnal mind comes against you, He may be stronger than you, and you will be defeated. And what does that mean? What is spiritual defeat? You know, years ago, I read in a book, and I never understood it until years later. It said in this book that cruelty is a spiritual defeat. You see, you can defeat someone by being smarter than them. You can defeat somebody by being a better negotiator and negotiating a better deal. You can win. You can win at sports. But when you defeat someone with cruelty, it is a spiritual defeat; it means that your mind, by using this method of cruelty has overcome the other person. They could not stand up under your cruelty, and they cr- -- they caved in, and they did what you wanted them to do. Spiritual warfare. The weapons of the carnal mind are cruelty, hatred, envy, witchcraft, mind control, the spiritual weapons that come out of your mind. And what happens when people are defeated by the weapons of the carnal mind? Sometimes they get sick. Sometimes they become mentally ill. They are physically sick, mentally sick. Sometimes they lose their memory. Sometimes their ability to reason or function in life becomes impaired. If you know anyone that this has happened to, they have been spiritually defeated by a mind which is stronger than they were.

You see, sometimes we see pictures of soldiers who have been captured. They are physically defeated, but their mind is strong. They are standing there, full attention, just giving their name, their rank and their serial number. Their mind is intact; it is just their body that is captured, but you check out a soldier that has been tortured and that is given information against his will because he is -- he has been tortured and his mind has been defeated.

Children raised with parents who are abusive or sometimes mentally ill -- they just -- that is just -- it happened to them, and they do it to their children. They are just doing what was done to them. Because of their position of authority over their children and because of their age, their mind is stronger than their children, and their child grows up emotionally impaired because the mind of the parent defeated them. Our children are given unto us to make them strong and to prepare them to live full lives in this world. Sometimes people are not well. And they tear down instead of building up their children. And we have adults in this world who have been spiritually and emotionally defeated by the minds of their very own parents.

So spiritual realities are in the mind. Spiritual weapons are of the mind, but they attack the mind, the emotions and the body. Spiritual weapons which come out of one of two minds, the carnal mind or Christ, affect all three of the spirit, soul and body.

So what would a spiritual arrow be then? If you feel pain in your emotions, if you are heartsick, if something is hurting you so bad that you are bent over, somebody’s mind has shot an arrow at you. The Bible calls it an arrow. I do not know what it is. I have a general idea what it is. The mind and spirit are energy. They are energy. You can liken them to light waves.

You know what you can do with a laser beam? You can kill somebody with a laser beam. It could cut; you could burn; you can remove growths. Light waves. Spirit can be likened to light waves. When we think something of our mind which is spirit, which has no form or shape leaves our mind and goes forth to the person that we are thinking it about. And I want to suggest to you that it does not fly through the natural world. It flies in the realm of the spirit. It is an arrow that flies by night. Bible talks about arrows that fly by night. Well, what does that mean? It means it is the arrow that is not out here in the world. It is an arrow that goes in the darkness of the mind of a carnal person.

So, in another place, to get off the subject for just a second, we are told by the apostle Peter that the Earth was under the water, and it was also standing up out of the water when the creation was formed. In our natural creation we have an ocean bed. Is there not earth underneath the water? Anybody having a problem with that? There is earth underneath the water. Then we have sea level. And then we have land that appears above the water. It says the sea bed down here.

Well, in the realm of the spirit, this is our natural type. The sea is the unconscious mind. His name is Satan, and that part of him -- maybe I did that backwards, sea bed -- hmm, and that part of him which is appearing in the earth is the carnal mind, and this whole thing is the living soul. This is a diagram of the soul man, of the soul man.

Now, when an arrow comes out from the mind of a man, especially when he is not a man who is casting a spell and he is really not trying to curse you or kill you, he just happens to have an evil thought towards you, and he is not warring against it because he is not mature enough in Christ to know that if you let this thing go you are guilty of murder, so he says to himself, well, they do not know what I am thinking, I just will not say anything, I will not do anything, but the thought is full blown in his mind. Some of the energy that is in his -- that is his spirit -- a spark goes out from his energy.

Now, look, brethren, the -- [INAUDIBLE] -- the Scripture says that Jesus Christ is a son -- well, this fallen creation is a son to -- it is an inferior sun. It is an inferior S-U-N, sun. OK, anything that is spirit is likened to a sun. It is inferior to Christ, but it is a sun. Sparks shoot off and fly through the air. And when they travel, they do not travel in the visible world. They travel under the sea, under the cover of darkness, and they find their way to the person who the thought was directed to. This is a fact of spiritual life, just as we know about the things of this world, the day has come that the Lord wants to teach us about the spiritual world. There are plenty of people that practice the occult that know this; they all know this. The Scripture clearly says the children of dark are much smarter than the children of the light. They know this; there is books written on this out there. So a spark breaks off from somebody’s mind. It is an arrow. It goes flying through the darkness of the night of the carnal minds of men underneath the surface. It does not pierce your flesh. It comes from underneath. And this is a great mystery because we look at each other, and we look like we are self-contained, but we are not self-contained. We are all connected in this ocean bed. We are all connected in our carnal mind. I do not know how. I cannot even explain it to you. I just know that it is true. My rational mind cannot understand it when I see a bunch of separate people, but I know that it is true.

So the spark comes out from somebody’s mind, and if your armor is not fully in place -- and nobody’s armor is fully in place today, I pray for it all the time, for that armor because I get zinged a lot, gets me mad. I am supposed to be a minister of Christ. Where is my armor? Well, it gets in there, and it goes on the unlevel [sic] -- on the unconscious level, and it comes into your unconscious mind, and then it ascends into your emotions. And you have got an arrow or a dot or a spear or a lance sticking in you, and you cannot figure out why you have all this pain. You know, brethren, if you cut your arm, you know that you are hurt; you go to a doctor, but when you get a spiritual wound, the tendency is to say, eh, nothing, it is nothing and ignore it. Some people are so wounded from early childhood, they are so filled with darts and arrows -- you can call them curses; you know, you can call them anything you want; it is just words; it is just words -- they are so filled with wounds, with spiritual wounds that they think that this is a way of life and that everybody else feels like they do. And it is not until they come to Christ and they start to have a good day here or there that they realize that the bad days are not normal. Some people have so many bad days every day is a bad day. Is not life like this for everybody?

So this is what the Lord said to me. You see, I used to be like that. Every day was a bad day. I thought life was like that for everybody. I remember the day -- I had been in the Lord for six years already. Six years He had been working on me, and I finally started to realize that -- what my life was like was not normal. I remember a preacher coming into the church saying he would open his eyes in the morning and feel the goodness of the Holy Spirit flowing over him like thick olive oil, and I said to the Lord, what is he talking about? I wake up every morning; I am in torment, cannot get out of bed, I am depressed; I do not want to face the day; I am in torment in my emotions; what is that man talking about? Why am I not experiencing it? And then a few years later -- I am telling you, I was in deliverance for five years, having demons cast out of me every day for five years, and a few years after that, five years -- after five years I started getting a few good days, and I realized that that was not normal what my life was like, and one day I said to the Lord, maybe seven years into God -- of course, I was a severe case -- I said, what is wrong with me? What is wrong with me? And He answered me. I could -- right now I know where I was when I asked him the question. He said to me, your soul is cut to ribbons, filled with missiles. At the time He did not tell me it was from other people’s minds. I did not know. I said, really, Lord, that is incredible. My soul is wounded. And that is why I feel like this. I am in pain. I did not even know that I was in pain. I thought what I felt was normal. Well, now, 15 years later, I have had so many good experiences with God that when I feel pain in my soul, I know that something is wrong.

So when you cry out to God, you see, he looks down in you, and He sees that a spark of energy from somebody’s mind has lodged in your soul, and God who is a spirit, who is in the form of Christ in me right now -- if you remember the diagram that I had on the board before, my human spirit is attached both to Christ and to the carnal mind. He looked over at my soul -- Christ in me looked over at my soul when I cried out to Him, and He plucked that spark out of my soul. So I said to Him, well, Lord, I still do not understand why I belched. And He said to me, well, Sheila, if you see a battle on the battlefield and someone shot with an arrow or someone shot with a bullet, when the doctor takes the arrow or the bullet out, do you give it back to the person who shot it? I said, no, you throw it away. And the Lord said to me, well, that is what I did. If I left this arrow here in the realm of the spirit, it would be used again. But I threw it away. I threw it out into this natural world to you where it will dissipate and not be able to be used again. That is what He said.

So that really blessed me. I really liked that. And that was -- I think it was yesterday or the day before, and when I asked Him what He wanted me to preach this morning, He said, well, let us do a word study on arrows, so I did that, and I am not including all of the He- -- all of the words, arrow, in the Scripture. I just chose a few of them; there were too many, and I excluded all of the references to natural arrows. I kept it spiritual because everybody here knows what a natural arrow is. It is a missile that when it is used, is an act of war, is intended to kill. If it cannot kill, if it is not shot with enough strength. If it does not hit -- if the impact is not powerful enough, it will not penetrate your body deeply enough to kill you. If it is not hitting a vital organ, it will not kill you. So arrows can kill, and arrows can wound, but if you are in a battle, it will do you well to know that the intention was to kill you. If all you got was a little sting, you got off easy.

So someone might say -- before I go into this study, let me just put this on the message -- how did it get through your armor, Sheila? Well, the armor is not 100 percent. If the armor was 100 percent, I would be in full stature. The armor of Christ is being built in everyone in whom the seed -- the word of God has engrafted to. The armor is being built on us. It is internal armor, and it is in our mind, and there are situations that make us more vulnerable than others. One situation is a soul tie, is a soul tie. Now, all soul ties are not bad. Even if you have a good soul tie with somebody, emotions and thoughts flow freely through two minds that are soul tied.

That advice, I do not know -- well, some of us here are a little more mature; I do not know, when I was young, I was told, choose your friends carefully because if you choose bad friends what is on them is going to get on you. That is not too popular to say that today. Everybody is very liberal, and they do not see any problems with young people hanging out with other young people with po- -- that have poor moral character. They think it is fine, and lots of times they call their parents bigots for suggesting such things. Everybody is friends with everybody. It is OK if you are a prostitute. It is OK if you are into whatever you are into. It is all right. Everybody is OK, and everybody is not OK because you are -- they are not going to get -- you see, the Scripture clearly states that they are not going to get clean because they are hanging out with an innocent kid, but that innocent kid is going to get dirty, and why is that? Because the whole creation is fallen. And we have a gravitational pull downward. There is a spiritual gravitational pull in this world. And it is down. It is quicksand. It is spiritual quicksand. The natural condition of a human being in this world is to be pulled down into the pit. We have certain devices that will keep us from going down and hopefully raise us up if we should fall down, and there is one name to all those devices, it is Christ. If you are born into this world, you may not have a personal relationship with the Lord, but if you are raised in a family that honors His law, it is a defense against the gravitational pull that would pull you down into the bottomless pit of destruction.

And as I said earlier in this message, all of these societal protections are under attack in our society today. They are under attack. And our children are being turned over to the wolves, and we have a whole segment of adults in our society today whose defenses are knocked down, whose walls are knocked down. Something went wrong in their childhood. I am never condemning anybody. I am never condemning anybody, but if you are not on top of your life, and if you are not functioning in this world, something had to happen to you while you were still vulnerable. Your walls were not built right. I am not blaming anybody. Parents do the best they can. I am a parent myself. We do the best we can. Sometimes things go wrong.

So we have soul ties in the world through which ungodliness can flow. We also have soul ties that Christ will put you in if the Lord makes a judgment that you are strong enough in Him to not be victimized by that downward gravitational pull. He will join you to troubled people in a soul tie which Christ has arranged, and you fight that you do not go down into the pit, and when you do not go down into the pit, you hold them up also. It is called the ministry of the son. When you are not in perfection, it is the -- you are called a member of the two-witness company, and when you are in perfection, your name changes to what?

            Son of God.

Son of God, son of God. The Lord will put you in an intense soul tie with a troubled person. Anyone else getting messed up with this person would go down with them. The way Jesus described it was the blind leading the blind, and they both what?

            Fell in the ditch.

They both fell in the ditch. Brethren, you try to go out there and help troubled people without Christ or without a very strong ego that was developed in you by a -- by an excellent childhood and an excellent upbringing, that builds spiritual strength in you, through righteousness or God’s law, however it happened to you. If you get mixed up with people that are troubled, you are both going into the ditch. But when Christ raises you up as a member of the two-witness company, He will attach you to troubled people, and neither one -- well, you will not go down into the ditch, and if you hang in there, God will raise up the person you are attached to. And sometimes you get darts from them. Sometimes it gets sparks from their energy. Paul said, I wrestled with beasts at Ephesus.

So you fight the fight. You fight the good fight of faith. Wow, I wonder what you thought that fight of good faith was. I bet you all -- you thought all you had to do was walk around saying, I have faith that the Son of God was raised from the dead. I bet there is a whole bunch of people out there that thought that that was the good fight of faith.

Brethren, when you are strengthened, go and strengthen your brother. You are not your own. You are bought with a price, and the more severe a lifestyle He saves you out of, the less you have of yourself after it is all over. You belong to Him, and He is sending you to help others, and as many people as you can carry on your back without being dragged down by that spiritual gravity, that is as many people as you have got on your back.

So that is how their darts get into you. That is how their sparks get into you -- at least that is one way. And every time you take the victory, God moves in ministry towards them to help them and to raise them up higher. Every time there is an attempt to bring you down and you take the victory over it, there is hope for that person by the power of God. That is how it works. It is the ministry of the two-witness company and the sons of God.

And another way to get an arrow or a dart is just that some evil person has evil thoughts to it -- they do not have to even be an evil person. Average people have evil thoughts, and that thought can go towards you, and you can just have a hole in your hedge. What are holes in your hedges? It is sin in your life, brethren. If you have sin in your life, it lets these things in. So the way you deal with it is as soon as you hear of their attack, if you are obeying the Scripture, if you are down on your faith praying for them and blessing them and asking God to forgive them and helping them, hopefully they will not be able to touch you. If they can touch you, you will be healed. But if you are out there playing their game hating them back and lying about them back and blaspheming them back, you have got a problem. You have got a problem with the Lord, and you have got one big hole in your hedge, and I do not condemn you either, but you should know that you need to pray, that God help you to have godly responses to ungodly behav- -- excuse me -- behavior. 

OK, let us try this. I broke this down into s- -- I think, four categories: the arrows of God’s judgment, the Lord’s arrows are as unto -- that means what they are described as, the arrows of the wicked, there are arrows of the wicked, and there are arrows of the Lord, and the Lord’s arrows how they affect man -- the Lord’s arrows and the arrows of the wicked, spiritual warfare, the carnal mind, the fallen living soul is divided. The minds of men are set one against the other. They are fighting for power; they are fighting for property; they are fighting for prestige in this world, but the arrows of the Lord are not fighting for prestige in this world; they are fighting for this world because this whole world belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. If you want to be a member of the two-witness company, there can be no personal gain in it for you, and a lot of people stumble here, and I really encourage you to pray about this because if you are doing this because it makes you feel good, there is personal gain in it for you; there is personal gain in it for you if it makes you feel good. So you have to be doing it because God sends you to do it, and if it is really the Lord sending you, you will know it because He sends you where you do not want to go, and He gives you assignments that you do not want to do, and if you do it anyway, then you know that you are not doing it for any personal gain. If you love the assignment that you have, it is not likely that it is God if it is at the beginning of your walk. After you labor faithfully for several years, He may give you certain things that please you, but there is always extreme emotional difficulty in this service.

I had a married couple come to me not too long ago who have been waiting on the Lord for a ministry for seven years, and they are sitting home; they do not go to any church; they do not go anywhere; they have no fellowship; they have no ministry, and their spiritual life is dying on the vine, and they cannot understand why, and the man said to me, well, God will give us a ministry that we can be in together; will He not? And the woman said, yeah, and it would be something that we would like; would it not? And I said, no, He will give you what you hate, and He will say, do you love Me enough to do it? That is what He does. See, He is not here to bless us in that way. He loves us. He will bless us because we have needs, but every blessing that He gives us is to get us established and get us on our feet so that He can have a mature relationship with us. And what is a mature relationship with God? A mature relationship with God is a relationship whereby He is living His life through you. That is what He wants from you, and to -- in order to have a relationship like that with you, there is certain instruction and spiritual ministry that you must have because you cannot just enter into a relationship with the Lord. He is not coming down to a -- you are -- you have got to do it His way, and if you do not know what His ways are, you cannot do it His way.

So there is a training; there is a preparation to have a mature relationship with Him, and in that mature relationship with Him, all of your own needs and desires must die. Why? Because the lust flesh- -- the flesh lusts against the spirit, and the spirit lusts against the flesh, and you are -- you are flesh, and your desires will never be the same as the Lord’s, so that means everything that you want must die so that He can live His life through you and bless you with spiritual blessings that are far beyond anything you could have ever asked Him for. It is just that now in your spiritual immaturity because when you are s- -- when you are carnal, that is a spiritual immaturity -- in your spiritual immaturity, you really think that you not only want but need all of these things, but when you grow up in Christ and He is living his life through you, you find out that all that you lusted for and all that you thought that you could not live without were just, as Paul said, is what? Anybody? Dung, just dung. That is what Paul said. Nothing is worth anything. Once I got a taste of the power of his resurrection, the power that raised Christ from the dead, that power dwelling in me is worth giving up everything for.

And the arrows of God’s judgment -- as I made this study it became obvious to me that the arrows of God are the sons of God, the weapons of God. We are being trained to be -- I cannot do it -- we are being trained to be weapons. We see a natural type of this in the world. There are some men who are trained; they are considered deadly weapons; they are so highly trained in karate and judo and other martial arts that they are considered deadly weapons. If they hit someone and they hurt them they go to jail for a felony. It is the same thing as if they would have pulled a gun on them. Some men are trained to kill in a second, and they just use their body, no weapons at all. There is a natural example of it.

The weapons of the Lord are currently in training; they are being developed, so we see we have the mind of Christ, and we have the carnal mind, but a mind exists in a man; a mind exists in a man, so the man in whom that mind exists, their whole man becomes the weapon for the Lord.


What was that?

            What was the question?

There was no question. Well, let me see. I think I am getting a direction here. OK, I am just going to -- OK, let me take it here now.

So I would like to relate this teaching thus far to a problem that a lot of people have with Christian doctrine, and that is the violence that we read about in the Old Testament. A lot of people cannot deal with it. Some people cannot relate the God of the Old Testament to the God of the New Testament. We have one version of the Bible; I believe it is called the New Jerusalem Bible where they have cut out all of the warfare scriptures because now we are in the New Covenant, and God is a god of peace and love. So this is a serious problem. You have heard me talk about it before, but the Lord seems to want me to preach on it again tonight.

Now, brethren, God has an enemy, and man has an enemy. We have an enemy. Even though Jesus Christ came and He said, now, whereas in the past you waged war, now love one another, we must understand what He was saying. And under the old covenant, some men were totally given over to their carnal minds and were killers, and even today in this world we have men given over unto their carnal minds. They are murderers; they are criminals; they need to be locked up, and we have vessels that are given over to the Lord Jesus Christ although no one completely in this hour, and I do not know if there is anyone that will even given o- -- that are even giving over as much as natural Israel was in their heyday.

So God sent forth the Hebrew armies, and He said to the Hebrews, you will kill this nation. They are a heathen nation. They are idolatrous. They are murderers. They are destroying their own children. For whatever God’s reason, He said wipe them out, and everything -- and of course life in those days was very raw. That is the way the society was. And everything under the old covenant is a natural type for us to understand the spiritual warfare of the new covenant. When Jesus came and made that sacrifice for us -- when He was crucified, raised from the dead and ascended on high and began to pour out of his spirit upon all flesh and reproduce Christ and all of mankind, the nature of the warfare changed because now the mind of Christ is available to be formed in men, and it is now no longer necessary to kill the man who is a danger to society because conversion is available to him.

So Jesus said, now I say unto you, love your enemy and pray for those who curse you, but that does not mean that the warfare is over. The warfare is now spiritual. Now that the mind -- let me stand up -- preach [?and stand up to?] -- now that the mind of Christ is in the earth, it is the hour of God’s vengeance, not upon individual human beings, but upon that criminal mind which is in human beings that are cau- -- and this mind is causing them to die. This mind that is killing and destroying the Lord’s creation, He loves us. We are His wife. We have been kidnapped by a criminal mind, and His provision to get us back is now being put into play, and that provision is Christ in you, the hope of glory. The warfare now is between Christ and the carnal mind, the corporate carnal mind who is possessing God’s possession and keeping God’s wife captive, killing us, making us sick, tormenting us, creating all kinds of havoc and torment down here in hell for us, and he will not let us go because my Bible says, that all power in heaven and earth has been given unto the Lord Jesus Christ. Well, how come we are still down here in hell? Because the prince of the power of the air will not let us go. So the great invasion is about to take place.

Do you know what happened at the end of World War II when the allies invaded Europe to get it back from the Nazis? That is what is happening right now. The plan delayed. It is going to be happening at any moment. Well, [?in?at?] this time, we are not invading natural land. We are invading spiritual land, and the spiritual land is the souls of men, and we are invading the souls of men to destroy the criminal mind that will not turn us back to our Lord, God and Savior who loves us and wants to give us eternal life.

There is only one problem. We are in here with the criminal mind, just as France was there when the allies bombed you. So we therefore relate the Old Testament warfare to the New Testament love of man with this understanding God wants this word out. The people have to start to understand this. He does not want us to be goodie-goodies saying, oh, God does not do that anymore. God has enemies. God hates His enemies. I had somebody say that to me once. God does not hate. I said pick up your concordance. God hates His spiritual enemy who has killed His wife, who has taken her captive and who is holding her, and we are her -- in a condition of spiritual [?wife?] slavery for thousands of years. God hates that man with a righteous hatred. And every scripture that you read in the Old Testament that sounds like God is a vengeful God or off the wall, or it must be a mistake. This book must be written by men, is simply your lack of understanding, your own spiritual condition. And the Lord loves you so much that He wants to rescue you despite yourself because you do not even know you need to be rescued.

So all of these scriptures that sound terrible to liberal bleeding hearts are God’s promise to the criminal mind that has stolen His wife, and His judgments are righteous, and His taking vengeance is righteous, but we need to understand that everything that He has promised to do is not towards individual men. Everything He is doing is to get us free from the criminal mind which has captured us.

[?Listen,?] I will just go over some of these scriptures. Psalm 64:7, “But God shall shoot at them with an arrow. Suddenly they shall be wounded.” Now, what does that mean? An arrow, an energy spark from the mind of God coming out of either a believer’s mouth or a believer’s mind in prayer, wounding the carnal mind of a man. Now, why would God want to do that? So that Christ can arise. The seed of Christ has been planted in you. Your carnal mind is trying to kill it before it even sprouts. So the Lord will raise up a believer with some maturity to pray a prayer or to say something to you that will wound your carnal mind, and sometimes those words hurt because your carnal mind is attached to your emotions, but if it is truly Christ in the person speaking it, the result will be help for you and deliverance. God wounds the carnal mind, and He does it through the mouths of his faithful. The Hebrew word translated wounded can be translated slaughter in battle.

Psalms 18:14, “Yeah, he sent out his arrows, and He scattered them.” And that Hebrew word translated scattered, it means to break in pieces or disperse. If you do not understand, God sounds like a monster. Does anybody know what is being broken in pieces? Does anybody remember what is being broken in pieces? The carnal mind is being broken in pieces. The carnal mind is the illegitimate mind, which is in the creation. Eve, God’s wife, committed adultery, and we know that she committed adultery because she had the baby; she had us, and if that sounds way out to you, that perhaps you can tell me how come God has to adopt us if we are in the image of God, as so many people preach, and we are God’s sons, why do we need to be adopted? We need to be adopted because we are Eve’s bastard offspring. Eve, the human spirit, and God breathe the breath of life into the man. The man was clay, and the breath of God’s life, which was spirit mixed with the clay, and her name was Eve, the mother of all living, she had an adulteress encounter with someone named Satan, and she bore his child, the carnal mind, a daughter. This whole creation is spiritually female, and all three are one, and they are bound together as your lungs and your heart and all of the other organs are bound to your body. The Lord Jesus Christ wants His wife, and He wants her away from this other guy, and He is splitting this ungodly mind; He is breaking it up.

Satan has to let her go, and the carnal mind will be dissolved, illegal offspring, corrupt, crooked, perverse. Life cannot come forth from her. Everybody who has a carnal mind eventually dies because the name of this configuration here, the name of this mind, another name for it is death. To be carnally minded is death. It has got to break up.

Jesus said the truth will set you free. So I will tell you the truth, and the truth will set you free. The church -- cannot expect the creation to know who they are if the church does not even know who they are. We have to know who we are, and we have to know what condition if we want help from the Lord. If you think that you are in the image of God now, you are mistaken. Jesus said to the Pharisees, you say that you can see. I came to help the blind. If you can see, there is nothing I can do for you.

“I will heap mischiefs upon them” -- Deuteronomy 32:23. Well, I am going to let that go. I am just going to pick out a few here.

Psalms 58:7, “Let them melt away as waters which run continually when he bendeth his bow to shoot his arrows. Let them be cut in pieces.” My goodness, the Lord sounds like a monster. Now, you have to understand that the King James translators did not have this revelation at all, and also, in the day 2,000 years ago when this translation was made, warfare was very violent. This was all, you know, was legitimate to them that God would be doing these things. As far as their way of thinking was concerned, it sounded fine to them. “Let them melt away his waters” -- I suggest to you that that mind up there that we have on the board is going to be broken in pieces through melting. The apostle Peter tells us that the elements will melt with a fervent heat and that they will come crashing down, that mind is also called a foundation. It is the foundation of this -- of this creation, of this fallen creation, and it is going to be melted and come crashing down, and we are going to have a new foundation because there is only one foundation upon which we can live. If we intend to live or if we desire to live, we must be built upon the only foundation that is laid and which can ever be laid, and his name is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only foundation upon which we should live. This foundation will kill us and continue to kill us and is in fact killing us. “So let them melt away as waters” -- this is God’s judgment on the carnal mind, it has got to dissolve -- “and he bendeth his bow” -- another translation of that Hebrew word, translated bend, means to tread a threshing floor, and some of us that have been studying for a while will recognize that term. When you thresh wheat, it separates the wheat, the edible part of the wheat from the inedible husk, and God likens us to wheat. There is an edible -- a spiritually edible part of us; that is our spirit, and there is part of us that is not edible. There must be a separation. Eve, our human spirit, must be separated from the inedible part if we are going to live. This is to save our life. And when she separated from Satan and the carnal mind -- does anyone remember what is happening to her? She is going to be torn out of that mind, and what is going to happen to her? Anybody?

            She is going to marry Christ.

She is going to marry Christ, and she’s going to -- that board would say Christ -- what would be the Lord Jesus Christ, Eve, and Christ is the offspring. She is going to enter into a legitimate marriage and a legitimate union with her true husband and produce a true offspring, an offspring that can give us life.

“He bendeth his bow to shoot his arrows. Let them be as cut in pieces. Let them be as cut in pieces.” That Hebrew word translated cut in pieces is 4135, and it means to circumcise, and you may have heard that Christ being circumcised, that this is a circumcision without hands. It is a spiritual circumcision of the heart and that the carnal mind is lying upon Christ and must be cut away, so what sounds like a terrible word here, let them be cut in pieces, is really the Lord saying, let this carnal mind come down. Let the Eve be separated from Satan and the carnal mind, and let Christ be circumcised and rise up in spiritual power which will produce life.

Psalms 144:6 says, “Cast forth lightning and scatter them. Shoot out thine arrows and destroy them.” That Hebrew word translated destroy means to make extinct. Brethren, the carnal mind is about to become extinct. The Scripture clearly states that she is an animal. She is on the animal level, and she is an animal which is about to become extinct. We are getting a new mind, the mind of Christ.

Jeremiah 50:14, “Put yourselves in array against Babylon round about: all ye that bend the bow shoot at her, spare no arrows, for she hath sinned against the Lord.” That is us. He is telling us to bend our bow and to shoot at our own carnal mind, for she has sinned against the Lord, and the result is that we are dying. The Lord is calling us into this battle. One way or another, He will convince us to join Him in this battle against our own carnal mind.

Jeremiah 51:11. “Make bright the arrows, gather the shields. The Lord has raised up the spirit of the kings of the Medes, for his device is against Babylon.” That is your carnal mind. To destroy it, God intends to destroy your carnal mind because it is the vengeance of the Lord, the vengeance of his temple, and I remind you that the vengeance of God is righteous. He is righteous. We do not fully understand what this criminal mind has done to God’s creation. God is a righteous god.

OK, I am just -- just bear with me. I am just skipping through a lot of these. OK, let me give you this one. Jeremiah 50:9. For, lo, I will raise and cause to come up against Babylon an assembly of great nations from the north country: and they shall set themselves in array against her. From then she shall be taken. Their arrows shall be as of a mighty expert man. None shall return in vain.

The Hebrew word translated “mighty man” is Strong’s 1397, and it means a newly born male child. This verse is speaking about the sons of God who have the newly born male child in their mind; his name is Christ, and when Christ is born in your mind, you will be strong enough to defeat every spiritual enemy in your own mind, and every spiritual enemy that is attacking you from other people’s minds. And you will eventually tread Satan under feet, under your foot, and you shall stand up in the fullness of the life of Christ, and when Christ is fully born in you -- when you are truly born again, your soul shall receive life, and your body shall be preserved.

I am going to skip that.

I will give you a couple of verses under the category the arrows of the wicked. Those were all God’s arrows, and all of God’s arrows, I remind you, are directed towards the destruction of the carnal mind so that our lives can be saved.

Now the arrows of the wicked -- Psalms 11:2, “For, lo, the wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow upon the string that they may privily shoot at the upright in heart.” So we see that the ar- -- that the wicked is sending his arrows towards those that are living righteously.

Brethren, there is such a thing as spiritual punishment. I have been saying that for years, and a lot of people have looked at me very strangely for saying that, but when I went to Nigeria, I found out that they know all about spiritual punishment in Nigeria, and that it is a part of their everyday conversation. You try to live holy; you try to do what is right; you try to follow God’s instruction to you, and you will be faced with spiritual punishment. Satan will come in and try and wreck your life. He will try to steal what God has given you. He will try to steal your blessing. He will threaten to take your relationships away from you. He will threaten to make you sick. He will threaten to take your job away from you. He will roar like a lion. Sometimes he will give you pain in your emotions like I have today -- the other day. Brethren, stand fast in righteousness with God, and the victory is surely yours, but I am not going to lie to you. You will -- the Lord will permit you to be under siege for a period of time, but hold fast to righteousness. If you are sick, He will heal you. If you have lost your job, He will give you another one. If you lose a relationship, He will give you another friend. He will restore everything that you lose for righteousness’s sake. Do not compromise; stand fast with God; He is faithful. If you compromise, Satan will never be satisfied. You give him a pinky, he will want your whole arm and eventually your whole life. You cannot win by compromise. Jesus said either you are for me or you are against Me, and if you are not for Him, if you are not following His instructions, if you are not moving closer to Him every day, I am not preaching any kind of bondage here, but if you are not turning towards Him and increasing your relationships somewhat every day just by knowing him and talking to him, Satan is going to have a field day with you.

Now there is a fine line here. I am not trying to scare anybody into anything, but you have got to know the truth because I tell you the truth, this guy is not playing. He is not playing.

Psalms 57:4, “My soul is among lions, and I lie even among them that are sent on fire.” I found that scripture very interesting. To me, this is speaking about the human beings burning here in hell. “I lie” -- now this is David speaking -- “I lie even among them that are set on fire, even the sons of men whose teeth are spears and arrows and their tongue is a sharp sword. The sons of men are set on fire, and David dwells amongst them.” I personally find that a very believable witness to the fact that this is hell and that the fires of hell burn here. They are spiritual fires. And D- -- and we are told clearly why they are on fire because their teeth are spears and arrows -- that is spiritual teeth, brethren, and their tongue is a sharp sword. We kill -- we kill with our mind and with our mouth, and that is why we are on fire. We are burning continuously. This is eternal torment. You do not have to die and go to hell; you are in it right now. God wants to get us out. He wants to get us out. We have a whole element to the church waiting to crash into hell to get the captives out. We are already here; we are crashing out, and all of you people that are waiting to be heroes, you are one of the inmates. It is true.

Psalms 64:3. The same sons of men, they wet their tongue like a sword, and they bend their bows to shoot their arrows which are bitter words, bitter words, are arrows. In another place it says that envy goes deep into the heart of the man and is as cruel as the grave.




Jealousy. Does not say envy; it says jealousy.


OK, I stand corrected. Praise the Lord. Who can stand before envy, and jealousy is as cruel as the grave.

Proverbs 25:18, “A man that beareth false witness against his neighbor is a maul, and a sword, and a sharp arrow.” When you bear false witness against your neighbor you wound that man’s soul.

We talk a lot about pride here. I talk a lot about that manifestation of pride, that sacrifices the innocent to protect oneself, and here we have a scripture saying that when you make someone guilty so that you could look righteous, you might be saying to yourself, oh, you know, it will not matter to them if I put the blame on them, but it matters to me if I get caught, but the spiritual reality is that you have wounded their soul. You have wounded their soul, and you have sacrificed them so that you could look righteous.

Proverbs 26, verses 18 and 19, saying that a man who casted fire brands, arrows and death -- this is what comes out of the mind of man -- fire brands, arrows and death, “So is the man that deceiveth his neighbor and sayeth, ‘Am not I in sport?’.” Brethren, this is so common. Someone shoves a spiritual knife in your back with what they say, and when you say to them, what did you mean by that, they say, oh, I was just kidding, but they left their knife in your back. Some people know that they are doing it, and some people do not know that they are doing it. But as far as God is concerned it is sin, whether you know that you are doing it or whether you do not know that you are doing it, and we have a category of people in the human race that never raise their voice. They are known to be very holy people, and they give digs like this all the time. Sometimes we call it a left-handed compliment, and when you call them on it, they say, oh, you must be mistaken, my dear. I have never thought any such thing about you. And the person walks away saying, why am I doubled over in pain from what this woman said? I must be crazy. God hates it. It is bad enough when you sin against someone openly, and they know that you have sinned against them, but when you turn it around with mind control and tell them that your innocent and they are the crazy one for feeling hurt, God hates it. That is the worst sin that you could commit according to the Bible because you are sacrificing another human being to cover up your wickedness.

Psalms 127:4, “As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, so are children of youth.” And I want to suggest to you that the children of youth is this living soul, the living soul is the immaturity of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we are very destructive, just as small children, those of us, those of us who have raised children, we know how destructive small children can be. Younger brothers and sisters are always trying to destroy what their older brothers and sisters are doing. Why? Because they are frustrated that they cannot function on that same level. Well, fallen man is very destructive. We beat our brothers over the head, and we steal their toys, and we tear down their lives and their plans, and we interfere with their relationships. We are a very destructive people.

Ezekiel 21:21 says, “For the king of Babylon” -- now, the King of Babylon is the mind of fallen man -- “stood at the parting of the way, at the head of the two ways, to use divination: he made his arrows bright, he consulted with images, he looked in the liver.” The King of Babylon stood at the parting of the way. The Hebrew word translated parting is Strong’s 517, and it means mother or grandmother. It means intimate relationship, and this word is used in Job 1:21 to describe the mo- -- the earth as the mother of all men. So the King of Babylon stood -- I suggest to you, at the Mother Earth, the mother of all living. He stood in the human spirit. The King of Babylon stood in the human spirit at the head of the two ways. The carnal mind stood right up there, even though Eve was still very much intertwined with Christ, the King of Babylon stood at the parting of the way, at the head of the two ways.

Now, brethren, this is a very important point. Let me go over this with you because you are not saved, and Christ is not your foundational mind at this point. You are fallen. You are fallen, and Christ is rescuing you from your captor. You have a spirit. Her name is Eve. OK, I am going to redraw what I had on here before. You now have two minds because Christ is saving you from the carnal mind by giving you another mind, so Eve is split right now. The Bible says she is a whore. That is what the Bible says. She is a harlot. It is not my word. It is -- the Lord said. She is a whore. She got two men. She got two children. Each one from a different man, but standing at the head of this, and what does she call -- what is this mind called? She is double minded. She is double minded. She is unstable in all ways because she has got two minds, but standing at the head of this Mother Earth is the king. He is the King Christ -- it is not King Christ --


It is King of Babylon also known as Satan, and he is -- your mind, except when you wage war against him and wound him so that you can [?think?] with the mind of Christ, and this war has just begun as Christ is being formed in you. He must be brought down. You must direct your arrows against him. You must destroy him. You must do everything that we have read about. You must wound him. You must do mischief against him because I want to tell you he is your head, and it is only when you call upon the name of the Lord to deliver you from your head that Christ is increasing in you, but this battle is not over. Christ is not your head, and does anyone know when? When is Christ is your head? When is Christ become your head? Well, what happens when he is fully matured? He is fully born. What happens when the mind of Christ is fully born in you?


No, He goes into the temptation with Satan and defeats him. Do you remember the -- we did at least three messages on the temptation. When Christ is fully born in you, He is caught up into an equal level with Satan. Two fully mature minds will be [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- right now you have one fully mature mind; his name is carnal, and the lesser mature mind, his name is Christ. When Christ is fully born in you, you will have two fully mature minds in you, and they will have a war to see who is going to be the one standing at the way, at the head of the way. And it is not until Christ puts Satan down that He becomes the king of your life. In another place it says, and I saw those who were beheaded for Christ. I saw the souls of them who were beheaded for Christ. He has got to get cut off of your head. Your soul has to be beheaded because you have a head. He is standing at the head of the way, and he has got to get cut off, and as soon as he is cut off, Christ is going to take his place. So I saw the souls of them who are beheaded for Christ. If you were beheaded and it was not for Christ --

Rita, would you do me a favor and shut that storm door in there -- th- -- the [UNINTELLIGIBLE]? Thanks.

If you were not beheaded for Christ, you would die because you have to have a head. So when you are beheaded for Christ, then you get a new head, and you continue to live with a righteous mind.

So he stood at the head of the two ways to use divination. Used witchcraft against -- to control you. He made his arrows bright. He consulted -- well, that means -- that word “to make your arrows bright” is Strong’s 7043. It means to curse. He used curses. He consulted with images. That means he worshiped idols, and the true idol is the carnal mind if you remember that teaching. It is the spiritual idols. The idols are in your heart. The true idols are in your heart. And he looked into the liver. Now, what does that mean? If you look that word up in the Hebrew, it really does mean the human organ known as the liver. Now, the Scripture speaks about the reigns, which means the kidneys, and here we have the liver. This is just the Scripture’s way of saying that it is speaking about the innermost spiritual organ. If the living -- if you read the whole verse and it is talking about spiritual things, and we know that divination is a spiritual thing. Well, if you are doing something spiritual, what would it mean that you are looking at the liver? What is the liver? It is an innermost organ. It is vital. It is a central organ. So what the Scripture is symbolically saying is that this King of Babylon here uses divination, and he looks into the mind. The innermost spiritual organ is the mind. The innermost spiritual organ is the mind. It is saying that this King of Babylon has spiritual authority. He uses divination; he worships idols, and he knows what is going on in your mind, has spiritual power. That is what it is saying. His weapons are spiritual.

And I am going to -- I have been saying this for a long time. I am going to put it on this message too. The Lord has a program. He has a program. His program is to build Christ in his people. His message is out. His power is out. The information is available. Get Christ built in you and how to do it because this war is coming whether you are ready for it or whether you are not ready for it. It is going to be blasting through into this world of appearance very shortly. I cannot imagine it being more than a couple years, if it is that. And all the carnal Christians out there that have not, for whatever reason, have missed this instruction, I am sure God is going to all of them; I do not understand it all, but I know He is fair. Find themselves without Christ and without a weapon, and if you think that you are going to cry out in the immature way that you have been doing all of these years and that He is going to save you, you are mistaken. It is just like the mother eagle pushing the baby eagles out of the nest. Either you are going to mature, or you are going to perish. It is a hard word. It is a scriptural word. If you are honestly reading the scriptures, it is a scriptural word. You cannot stay a baby forever. It is wonderful to dance and sing and run around the church. I did it for five years. But you have been called into the army. You cannot stay a baby forever, and if you do not mature, you are going to pass out in the draught.

The Lord’s arrows and man -- well, these are just witnesses that the Lord will shoot arrows into men. Job says in chapter 6, verse 4, “For the arrows of the almighty are within me, the poison whereof drinketh up my spirit, the terrors of God do set themselves in array against me.” That is Christ attacking Job’s carnal mind.

Lamentations 3:12, “He has bent his bow and sent me as a mark for the arrow.” God will set you up, set your carnal mind up. He wants them killed so that he can give you renewed life.

Psalms 38:2, “For thine arrow stick fast in me, and thy hand presseth me sore” -- another name for this experience is called the tribulation or judgment. It is the destruction of your carnal mind so that Christ can become the king and the Lord of your life. It is for your own good. I have not met one person yet that says whoopee doo when they hear it. I have not heard one person yet saying thank you when it is happening to them, at the beginning anyway. It is not pleasant. It is stressful. It is painful, but the war is here, whether you like it or not. It is just not very visible right now. It is just starting. Those of us that are listening to these messages and that are here, God has called us into it at the beginning but is -- we are going to wake up one morning, and it is going to be everywhere, and there are going to be people all throughout the church that are not prepared to fight this war, and there is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth, the Bible says; I did not say it; the Lord said it.

Psalms 7:13 says, “He has also prepared for him” -- for who? For the mind of man -- “The instruments of death. He ordained his arrows against the persecutors. The persecutors, brethren, are our own carnal minds. They persecute us. Your carnal mind persecutes you. He hates you. He makes you sick. He ruins -- he is out to ruin your life. And what is the -- what is the ultimate manifestation of hatred? He will not give you up to the Lord who wants to impart life to you. He will not leave. That is why the Lord Jesus Christ has to bomb him out. He will not let you go so that you can live.

In the natural, we have parents, usually it is more often mothers than fathers, but it could be either way that will not let their children go. They will not let them grow up. They will not let them become healthy functioning adults. Why? Because they are getting something ungodly for their child, either they have no mate and they are getting fellowship from their child, either -- sometimes they just want to maintain that adult-child relationship because it gives them power, it comforts them in some way, so they are sacrificing their own child’s life for that pleasure. This is a natural type of what the carnal mind is doing with us. She wants to continue to be expressing herself through our bodies and our mind, and she knows that when the Lord puts her down she will not be able to do it anymore, but she wants this opportunity to live through a human body to such a measure that she would see us die rather than turn us over to the one who will give us eternal life. Our problem is that we have been her captive for so long we do not realize that our own mind is our worst enemy, so our biggest problem when we are called to this war is joining with Christ in battle. Our biggest problem is believing this message, but that is the Lord’s job.

Psalms 91:5, “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night, nor the arrow” -- oh, it is the arrow that flyeth by day; I think I got it backwards earlier up there; I said the arrow that fly- -- unless there is another scripture that says it is an arrow that flies by night -- “There is a terror that flies by night and the arrow that flies by day. Anything that manifest during the days of Christ” -- so the Lord is saying here, you will not be afraid of the spiritual power of the carnal mind, nor will you be afraid of the spiritual power of Christ because you will be Christ, so there will be nothing for you to be afraid of.

Ezekiel 39:3, “And I will smite thy bow out of thy left hand, and will cause thine arrows to fall out of thy right hand.” That is the carnal mind being defeated.

Isaiah 37:33, “Therefore thus saith the Lord concerning the king of Assyria, He shall not come into this city, nor shoot an arrow there, nor come before it with shields, nor cast a bank against it.” The King of Assyria shall not bring down Christ. And this of the Lord, Lamentations 3:13, “the Lor-” -- this is Jeremiah speaking in Lamentations -- “the Lord has caused the arrows of his quiver to enter into my reigns, my deepest spiritual parts.”

So just to finish off, we have arrows of the wicked. We have arrows of the Lord. They are fragments of energy. They are sparks of energy coming out of somebody’s mind. Mind is spirit. It is likened to a son, and when it is sent, when it sends forth its spark, it leaves that spark in you, and if you do not have the wherewithal or the mercy of God operating in you to get it out, you will walk around with that wound for years. That wound is capable of festering and doing great damage in your life. Everybody in this country -- I will speak about this country -- every person in the -- in any of the mental institutions, they are severely wounded people with many darts and many arrows embedded in their souls usually from childhood. They are just totally overcome, and the world hates them and locks them up, and these are the people that the Lord is going to. These are the people that the Lord is going to because the power to heal their soul is now in the earth. Glory to God.

So we are waiting at this hour for a group of people to be raised up in full spiritual power, and then this thing is really going to let loose. Hallelujah.

Any questions?

            [INAUDIBLE] comment?

Yeah, you can comment.

When you were just talking about the arrows the Lord brought -- [?porcupined?] to my mind, something in the natural, all the wounded people walking around with the arrows in them. And I can think of years ago and telling me that my tongue was -- I forget exactly how it was put, a sword --

I am sorry. Who said that to you?

My -- the Lord -- that my tongue was to be used as a sword, his sword, and I could not understand that. And the scripture [?they?] said, Satan shall be bruised under your feet shortly. When I left that first ministry, He made that so strong to me, and I did not understand because I did not comprehend about Satan being within.

Praise God.

Really coming back to me now. And these arrows, oh, it has been going on now, it is -- I cannot even go into detail how much it has meant to me tonight, but I really appreciate this message.

Praise God.

12/29/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

01/12/15 1st Edit CAS/BP

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