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We are going watch a video today but I have a disassociated exhortation for you first. I want to tell you this (facing a particular disciple at the meeting) that the issue that is bringing forth this exhortation has nothing to do with you. Anything I have to say to you I will say to your face, but if the shoe fits… got it? The person who it is for is not even online, but I am going to say it anyway.

My job is to get you on the Ark. My job is to get you on the Ark. I am not your enemy, I am your friend. I am a sincere servant of God. I am not a televangelist that you come in and go as you please. I am your pastor and I am in your life. I am in your life. If you are in this ministry, I am in your life.

I have never made this a rule but I am making it a rule now. I remind you, I have no enforcement power. I have no power to enforce anything. I am trying to wake you all up and raise your consciousness. This is the rule:

You should run any spiritual decision that you are thinking about, past me as your counsellor before you reach the conclusion.

I am making it official. It has probably been unofficial but I never said it to you all, so I am going to say it to you all.

You are all Disciples of Christ Jesus inside of me and I am his mouthpiece that speaks to you. If you are going to go off and make spiritual decisions on your own, I am now officially telling… the spiritual reality has been true all along... but I never told you, so now I am telling you, it is sin, the sin of pride and the sin of rebellion.

All of that aside, you are endangering your spiritual life. Going off and making spiritual decisions by yourself is endangering your spiritual life. The Scripture is clear; there is safety in a multitude of counsellors. You come to me and you announce to me what you are going to do….

This is not even a rebuke; my heart is crying… you keep endangering your spiritual life. There is something in you, a wrong thought in you that keeps making you want to go off by yourself with the Lord. Maybe that is what people did in Pentecost. I think I remember people saying things like that in Pentecost; they want to go off to some isolated place and fast and pray. But you are not in Pentecost anymore, and the worst thing you could possibly do is go off by yourself. It is the worst possible thing that you could do, and your decision must arise out of a lack of understanding.

What you are telling me is that you want to go off and be alone with the Lord. Well, where is the Lord? When you are in Pentecost he was out there somewhere. Or he was the Holy Spirit inside of you, and what you are separating from if you went off to be with the Lord are the things of this world. You are separating from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so that the spirit of God will talk to you.

But now you are not in Pentecost anymore and the spirit of God is in his word. In Pentecost God was not in his word, he was in the spirit. But now he is in his word and his word is here. His word is in the meetings. His word is in me. His word is in my counsel to you. What you are doing is separating yourself from me, and from the brethren. You are going off, thinking you want to be by yourself with the Lord, but you are not going off to be with the Lord because the Lord is here.

I am going to say it again. In Pentecost you would go off to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but now you are separating yourself from the brethren. You are separating yourself from the word, and you are going off to be by yourself with some spirit that has seduced you into thinking that this is what you are supposed to do.

So the reason I told you… I think if I had to do it over again I would have said it at the end, but I have to believe God is in control of this exhortation. I gave you the hard word first, that making these decisions without seeking any counsel other than yourself is the sin of pride and rebellion.

Most of you… it has been proven to me that you cannot tell the difference between your carnal mind and your Christ mind. I am not trying to hurt your feelings but I have to tell you the truth, do I not? I have to give you a grade, do I not?

Listen to me, when I say your carnal mind that means you could hear from 3 sources, your carnal mind encompasses 3 sources, your own ego, your own pride that thinks for some reason you are supposed to do something, or anything, whatever it is. Your own ego, you own mind, even will. Your own ego or your own will is Leviathan; your higher mind is Satan. If the source is Leviathan it could be wrong thinking that you have carried over from the Pentecostal Church or the Catholic Church. I think you have a Catholic background, I am not sure.

But if you are hearing from Satan then that intent is evil towards you. Leviathan is not evil towards you, it is just selfishness. When I say selfishness, I do not mean human selfishness, the way the world means it. Selfishness is a psychological term that means being concerned with self. It is not a bad term; it is just an identifying term, being very concerned with self, being so concerned with self that you do not even look at the surrounding circumstances.

When you are so sure that every voice that you hear is God (which is the sin of pride) that you are seduced, that is Leviathan. You are doing something that makes you feel good about yourself.

If Satan is giving you the thought, then she has an evil plan in store for you.

Then there is a third possibility that you could hear either as an audible voice or as a thought in your mind that would sound just like God. That third option is the mind of someone else entering your mind through a spirit of witchcraft. The third option is the mind of someone else entering into your mind through a spirit of witchcraft and planting a seed in your mind.

I keep referring to the movie Inception… planting a seed in your mind that if it sprouts and fulfils itself fully will end in your destruction.

This is what I believe has just happened to you. I think an outside voice has spoken to you and planted a seed and fully intends to destroy you if it can be done. And I am standing in the way trying to stop you from doing what you told me you want to do. And all I have is my mouth. If you think that I am mad at you, you are mistaken, although you upset me when I read your email. You really upset me, and I told you in my return email that you gave me grief and you really upset me.

Why? It is because I am so frustrated. You are not in New York, you do not talk to me, you make these decisions and tell me what you are going to do after you make your decision and, listen, I am not trying to hurt you, I am your teacher, my evaluation of you (you should know by now that I love you), my evaluation of you is that you are spiritually naïve.

You are a very nice person, with good intentions but you are spiritually naïve. How can I take care of you until you grow up if you would not let me? I cannot not. I cannot.

I do not want to turn this into a whole big long thing. There was something else I was supposed to say, it just slipped out of my mind.

Yes, this is what I was going to say. I thought I was going to start this way. Brethren, there is nothing new under the sun. From a spiritual point of view, we are in the garden; we are at the beginning of the creation. Adam is the creation, we are at the beginning and if you are in this ministry I have to believe that Christ is formed in you. It is either he is just a seed that has not sprouted, or, if he is there to a greater degree, you cannot recognise him. Paul says we are sick and dying because we cannot discern the body of Christ. We think our carnal mind is Christ.

I cannot believe that he is not there. He has to be there. This is a general statement for everybody that may be having this problem on any level, either your pride is so thick that you… and brethren this arises out of something that was good.

In Pentecost you really heard from God. You were a powerful person in Pentecost and you really heard from him. But now you are in a Christ driven ministry and I am preaching my heart out telling you that every voice you hear is not God, and until you are circumcised, until Christ in you rises above your carnal mind and stays there as a default…

In the physical if you are circumcised you are circumcised… although I do not know about that because the physical circumcision of the male… you know that there are 2 steps in the operation, the foreskin is cut away, and then there is a membrane that is just pushed back, so I do not know if in the physical circumcision the skin grows into that position or if it is possible for that membrane to cover over the head again, I do not know.

But spiritually speaking, circumcision means that Cain is cut away and that Abel who is Christ in you rises to the surface. That is what spiritual circumcision means, that Christ is above Cain in you, and Cain is attached to Leviathan and Satan. When you ae circumcised, by default Christ is on top of your carnal mind. That does not mean he cannot slip away; after warfare he might slip away, but by default generally speaking Christ is on top. And as far as I know, I am the only one in this ministry in that state.

Until you come into that state you need to know that the first voice that you hear is most likely not Christ, because he is underneath. It makes sense. Every voice has to be tested against all kinds of criteria. You are spiritually naïve. I hope I have not insulted you because it is not my intention; you are spiritually naïve.

Brethren, our souls are being hunted. The Lord has made it clear to us that there are forces out there that are hunting our souls, hunting us to control us through our thoughts and once they control us through our thoughts they lead us down a criminal’s path to destruction. This is what happened to the female aspect of Adam. She was in one vessel with the male, the male being the breath of life, Elohim, the Shekinah. So the female side of Adam was in the same mind-set as the male mind-set but she went off by herself.

We get a clue to that when we read about the escapades of Dinah, the daughter of Jacob, we do not get any details in the Scripture but she went off to see the people of the land. She went off by herself; however you want to interpret that, she went off by herself. When she went off by herself she heard a voice and she was spiritually naïve. The end of the whole thing was disaster for herself and for all of her descendants, a disaster that lasted for thousands of years because she went off by herself.

I have to smile because this is at least the third time, if not more, that we have gone through this, that you let me know that you are going off by yourself. You should not be going off by yourself like that because you already have had a serious negative experience. You are vulnerable. You do not weigh the circumstances; you do not weigh the consequences. You just follow the voice in your mind. You should not be going off by yourself. There is absolutely no reason to go off.

If you want to take a couple of days off from your volunteer work that is okay. I made a joke out of it in the last meeting saying that Susan took 2 days in a row off and I want to take 2 days in a row off. But Susan did not miss a meeting, and you are not me. When I miss a meeting I am with the Lord studying. You are not me. So you want to take a couple of days off from work, that is okay, but do not miss the meeting. Do not separate yourself from the fellowship, especially with the intention of hearing from God. We are gathered together here to hear the word of God and you are off by yourself seeking the word of God. Pleas consider that; it makes no sense at all.

It made sense in Pentecost because the word of God was not coming forth in Pentecost, and you were not attached to your pastor in Pentecost. But Christ in you is attached to Christ Jesus in me, so you are separating him from his teacher, from the source of strength of the whole ministry to go off by yourself, waiting to hear some voice. I want to tell you, if you do this (I cannot stop you) the voice that you will hear is the voice of the witch that has planted the seed, that wants to get you alone so that he can put whatever further thoughts he wants to put in your mind.

It is no accident that this is happening when he is in town. You did not think of that. Did the thought not occur to you that you are isolating yourself when this witch is in town? I cannot believe that the answer is yes, because if the answer is yes, you would not be doing that. There is much more involved in spiritual decisions than hearing a voice. That is dangerous, that is dangerous! It is dangerous for the life of Christ in you. I am responsible for the life of Christ in you.

There is nothing new under the sun. We are in the garden. All of us (whoever has Christ is in them) are back in the garden. The only difference is that he was on the other side of the garden where he had dominion over sin, but the woman did not. On the other side of the garden Adam the male had dominion over the female, and he could have stopped her, but he did not because he was tempted. Paul tells us that the woman was wholly seduced, but the man was tricked. He wanted what was being offered by the serpent. So they both went into the drink.

So here we are with the same spiritual principles in a different forum. I am the male Adam to you and I am not tricked. I am not tricked. I hope that you hear this. I am telling you that the voice that put this thought in your mind came from a witch who wants to control and destroy you, and you should not go. You should not go. But I do not have any enforcement powers. Christ Jesus in me has enforcement powers but I would be very surprised if he uses them. Why would I say that? I am saying that basically from experience. He wants you to learn to submit to your teacher.

This is for everybody here. To make a decision that would separate you from fellowship… if you do not come to fellowship because you have a wedding to go to, that is okay, but to miss 2 meetings in a row for the purpose of isolating yourself, maybe from your family as well (I do not even know where you are going) is a big mistake. To be alone in a room listening for a voice is a big mistake. We need each other. It is Christ Jesus in me and Christ in all of you and we are one spiritual family and we need each other. If one of us goes off we all pay the price.

I do not want to make a big deal out of it. If you are upset that I have done this publicly, you just have to get a grip on your pride. I am really just trying to save you. It is my job to save you; you will never stop me from trying to save you, because I have to respond to the Lord. I have to report to God and I have to tell him that I am not Adam back in the garden, that I am Adam here today and I have done everything I could possibly do to stop you from going off by yourself. If you go anyway, whatever the consequences will be, they will be. I hope that I have caught you on time, and I want to thank you that you even told me that you are going to do it. I thank God for that, that at least you gave me the opportunity to talk to you about it.

Brethren, promotion is really close. I keep having a conflict in my mind about saying things like, we are going to be in the Ark really soon. I keep remembering Bill Britton who thought that it was his generation that would be caught up, and obviously it was not. I do not want to be a false prophet, but I will tell you this. It sure looks that way. I think that at the very least… when I say entering into the Ark I am talking about longevity. I am talking about going over that wall into longevity.

I cannot promise it to you but I can tell you that it sure looks like it. But of course it looked like it to Bill Britton as he understood the message. As I understand the message today, it really looks that way. However, I would go so far as to say this to you. At the very least, there is some kind of an increase coming. If it is not the actual leap into longevity which I truly hope that it is for all of us, there is some kind of an increase coming, and that increase is not coming in the future. It is a continuing coming.

The Lord has to keep correcting even me about that. It is so hard to be spiritual. It is a continuing coming. It is coming, every time we meet, every time the Lord speaks, every time we gather together in the collective and he moves.

Do not fool yourselves, the messages that come forth here are at least in part drawn from the energy of Christ in you all, otherwise it would have been possible to do this when I am by myself. You need to know that it is a group effort. Your submission to me and your understanding at whatever level you understand it enables Christ in you to strengthen Christ Jesus in me. The fruit of it is the message which has been intense.

The strength is here and the worst thing you can do is to go off by yourself and miss a meeting. It is the worst thing that you can do because you open yourself to the influence of the dark forces. They are very real and they are trying to destroy every one of us because we are candidates to be the people in whom Christ Jesus the Saviour of the world will be revealing himself.

We have several preachers on the level of old order deliverance (they are all over the internet) talking about giants coming again, nephilim, and all of that. I was reading in The Legends of The Jews this morning about the giants. They may be coming again in the physical; I do not know. But I know that they are already here in the spiritual…

The Lord just reminded me… I got cut off in the middle of my thought… it is not longevity in the future, every time we are together it is another inch into longevity. It is happening continuously. It is happening now. We are entering into longevity now; we are ascending now. Christ in you is increasing now. And every time we gather together there is spiritual growth for everybody that is here.

Listen to me, I am not telling you not to go to weddings. I am not telling you not to do that. I am just telling you the truth. You need to know that every time you make a decision to not be here, you really need to understand what you are losing, and on that basis, you make your decision whether or not you want to be absent.

Listen, this is all I am telling you. I want you to hear what I am telling you. I am not telling you not to do it. I am not telling you not to miss a meeting. I am not telling you to miss weddings in your family. I am not telling you that. I am telling you to understand that every time you miss a meeting you have denied yourself the spiritual growth that has taken place at that meeting, and that you should take this understanding that I have told you and weigh it against your reason for not being here. Think about it and pray about it, hopefully you will reach the right decision.

What is the right decision, pastor? I do not know, God will tell you in every circumstance whether or not he approves of it. I do not know. I am not telling you never to go to a wedding. I am not telling you that. I am not telling you that. I am just telling you to not make decisions based upon a thought on your mind, or to make a decision based upon tradition, and to not think twice about it.

I am telling you to think twice about it, and to understand that every time you miss a meeting you miss the spiritual growth that is taking place in that meeting. I am asking you to understand that and to pray about it and make a Godly decision. Ask God, bring him into your decision-making process and make a Godly decision as to whether or not you want to do that.

If you do not understand me and think that I am a cult leader, there is nothing I can do about it. The biggest problem that we are up against as human beings… We are the Cainites… I found it so interesting, I thought I coined that term Cainites and I found that exact term in The Legends of The Jews. It means I am not so original, I am just tapping into the source of true knowledge that the ancient Jews tapped into. We are the Cainites, and we are being hunted.

We are being hunted by Christ Jesus and by these giants. There are spiritual giants and physical giants. This is the conclusion I am coming to. There are both spiritual and physical giants. The spiritual ones have appeared already. They are all over the Western world. They hate God. They are Satanists, they are Luciferians. They are here. The spiritual giants are here. The spiritual nephilim are here, and are already corrupting the culture.

There are 2 kinds of giants, the ones that would be in your mind and then the ones who according to The Legends of The Jews which I was studying this morning, are fallen angels that intend to enter into this realm of Asiyah. The ones that are in your mind are still in Yetzirah. When they descend into Asiyah (I am going to try to quote to the best of my ability from The Legends of The Jews) they lose all of their angelic powers and they take on a sub-luminous body, suggesting that when they are angels above they have bodies that are luminous, bodies of light. When they descend into this world, which is one step lower than the ones in your mind, they take on sub-luminous bodies, bodies less than luminous, human bodies. Then they go forth to have sex with human women.

I told the Lord this morning when I was studying this that I do not really want to be in denial. I do not believe that I am in denial at the thought of the possibility of some demon with wings and fangs and everything coming and having physical sex with women. It is not a pleasant thought but I am not so upset by it that I am in denial. I just question it. According to what I read this morning this is what I am thinking. If it turns out to be true then I will admit it, but it is too obvious that some evil green thing with wings comes to a woman. That is where I am right now.

So we have these giants in Yetzirah, they are in your mind, and some of them have descended into Asiyah and taken on human bodies. There are really 2 bloodlines on the earth, the offspring of Adam and the offspring of the snake and they are all in human bodies today. Most of them are in human bodies today. That means that if you are a woman, you could be seduced sexually by a man who is really a nephilim, or you can be seduced spiritually by a physical man or woman who is going to put thoughts in your mind that are ungodly.

It is very hard to keep this in mind when we live our lives. For some of us (from what I hear from the brethren) our life is in drudgery. We are just bored, it is the same thing over and over again; work, going to the doctor, this and that, all the same stuff over and over again. It is really hard to stay in that mind-set that we are really Cainites which means we are the desired ones.

The esoteric literature, even the Scriptures couches it this way, that the women were so beautiful that they tempted the sons of God. Brethren, I challenge you to think of a different definition of the word beautiful other than beautiful facial features and a svelte figure. I challenge you to think in other terms such as a desire for disembodied spirits to have control of the body, to have the use of the body.

Cainites, both physical men and physical women are beautiful and desirous and seductive towards fallen angels who lust to possess a body. They lust to have a body in order to engage in licentious sexual acts, all kinds of perversion. That is what they do with the body when they get a hold of it.  They want to use it for sexual acts that lead to the destruction of the soul. For these reasons the Lord wants us to flee from forbidden sexual acts. If you are not married you should not be doing anything. If you are married flee from that.

Do not separate yourself from the brethren by missing a meeting unless you have really prayed about it and you are convinced that the Lord says it is a legitimate absence. And you should ask my opinion. My opinion is that you should not miss a meeting. If you really have to go out of town you can attend the meeting online.

My job this morning was to try to convey to you how important it is to not miss a meeting, and if you are planning on missing a meeting, seriously weigh it against the activity that you are considering missing it for.

Every meeting is a step up onto the Ark, and every meeting that you miss exposes you more that you were exposed to the seduction of the enemy and engaging in isolated activities opens your mind to spiritual seduction. I am not telling you that you must be spiritually seduced but you open yourself to it.

That is all that I have to say. I love you all. Whether you are mad at me or you are not mad at me, I will do my job that God has put me here to do. I will do my job whether you like it or not, or whether you are mad at me or not. I will do everything I can to save you from yourself, because we are own worst enemies.

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This is part 7 of Romans Chapter 8. I am going to read you the Alternate Translations of verses 31 through 36, and as I have explained to you before, sometimes as I review my notes and prepare for the next message, I make additional changes to the Alternate Translations. Why? Because the Holy Spirit speaks to me, and I realize something, or I get a measure of revelation that I -- or understanding that I did not have earlier. Sometimes I change the grammar; sometimes I change a couple words that will make the idea flow more smoothly; I put it in better English. So I am telling you before I read these Alternate Translations, that I did further amplify verse 36, and what I did was, I reversed the first phrase with the second phrase of that Alternate Translation. I put the second phrase first and the first phrase second, and I also amplified the phrase “for Your sake.” Now, this -- these words, for your sake are a parable because we do not really know what that means. What does it mean to say we have done something for God’s sake? What does that mean? It means for God’s purposes. And what is God’s purposes in the earth? Anybody want to take a shot at that? What is God’s ultimate purpose in the earth?


            To appear.


To appear, OK, please, let me remind you whoever is going to be speaking to you to use the microphone. To appear by His Christ. It is God’s purpose to bring forth His Son in the earth of humanity, so I want to suggest to you that the phrase “for God’s sake” is a parable, that if you do not have this revelation, that -- "for God’s sake” or “for God’s purpose” it means to bring forth Christ, these words mean nothing to you. So I changed the words “for God’s sake” in verse 36, and I put in the -- I broke the code; I put in the words, what it really means, and I changed it to say that the reason this is happening is that Christ can appear in the earth. Is everybody OK? Everybody know what I am talking about? You know what I am talking about?


OK, so I will now read you the Alternate Translations, verses 31 through 36. "Who then" -- now these are all Alternate Translations, brethren, verses 31 and 32 together. "Who then can command these eunuchs other than the living God, who alone is our head, even the one who did not try to save His Son from death but rather handed Him over so that we could all be rescued from Hell, and how is it possible then that this double portion of the love of God shall not also pardon the rest of humanity?"


Verses 33 and 34 together. “And who shall be able to accuse those whom the Lord Jesus Christ is declaring to be righteous and chosen to be God? Since the mind of Christ although having died at the time of the fall is now raised from the dead, and who is indeed the power source of the second generation of Christ, which also intercedes for us?"


Verse 35. “And what shall be able to separate us from the mind of Christ, pressure or affliction, lack of satisfaction in our emotions, persecution, lack of support from other sons, the immaturity of the armor of light, Satan or the carnal mind?” No, brethren, none of these, because" -- this is the reason we cannot be separated from the mind of Christ, "because it is written in the Psalms that the souls of the sons" -- that is us -- "are a sheep destined for slaughter."


So all of these wickednesses that is coming against us, it is in God’s plans. We are told in Psalm 44 that our souls are supposed to be slaughtered and that our carnal minds are to be made extinct; they are to be wiped out so that -- not for your sake -- OK, the King James says for your sake, but I say, so that your Christ can appear in our human spirits, oh, Lord. It is called amplification. There is a whole Bible called the Amplified Bible. We are opening the locks of the parables. Brethren, if you are a part of this ministry in any manner, shape or form, you are a part of spiritual history being made. Secrets that have been locked up from the foundation of earth are being made available in this hour, very exciting.


So once again we find out that whatever harm may appear to come to us, and I say appear to come to us, it just looks like we are being hurt, the Lord is using it to harm or kill our carnal mind, and the soul, which is our old man, so that Christ can appear in us. So, therefore, brethren, love your enemies, and pray for those who despitefully use you because they are messages of God unto you, to crucify your carnal mind and slaughter your wicked soul which is causing you to think and do evil deeds so that Christ can rise out of the death or the spiritual manure of this existence that you were born into. There is no bad thing that can hurt you, the real you, which is Christ, can hurt your soul, can hurt your feelings, can hurt your mind, but there is no wickedness that can come upon you which can hurt the Christ which is arising in you. What a glorious message.


I want to tell you, I could not make it through without this message. I want to tell you, I do not believe that I could bear the grief that I grow through without the understanding that it is necessary for Christ to appear in me because you all know my testimony when I went into the hospital and I thought that God had turned me over. I was so devastated I was suicidal because I did not have this revelation. I thought that He decided I was not worth saving, and I had given Him everything that I could humanly give to my God, and I thought He was not pleased with me, so I could not go on without this revelation that every bad thing that happens to me is killing my reprobate soul, and my reprobate karma mind so that Christ can appear and ascend in me and give me eternal life. Life is too painful.


How could you -- if you do not have this revelation, brethren, how could you believe in your God? How could you believe in God without this revelation? And in fact, the church world frequently condemns people with much trouble. They say there must be something wrong in your life for all these problems to continuously fall upon you. I could not make it without this revelation, so when I feel pain, when there is pain in my emotions, there is pain in my heart, when there is disappointment in my soul, I just know that I need to confess that as sin and ask God to raise me up and ask Him to accomplish His purposes in me.


Brethren, I have not come this far to give up now, and I have gone boldly before the throne of God saying, "I want this Christ to appear in me. You have made me a promise. I have believed your promise. I have fought this war; I have lost close to everything in my life, real close to everything, and You told me that if I lose these things in this life, that I will receive a hundredfold with persecution. Now I got the persecution; I want the hundredfold. "I talk to God like that. I want it. I want the whole thing. I want dominion over this wickedness that tortures me. I want the ability to raise people from the dead, not physically, but to raise Christ from the dead in them so that they can have eternal life. I want to travel in the Spirit. I want all the promises. My Father told me I will speak many languages without studying them intellectually. I want all the glory of the life in His Spirit. I want complete union with Christ and everything that that brings me, most of which that I cannot even imagine. I am enduring the labor that has been going on for years. I want the baby and everything that comes in Him. And if I am not going to get it, I want to know why. I say to the Lord, "If You are not going to give it to me, at the very least, I am entitled to an explanation as to why not." That is how I pray. Jesus.


Continuing with Romans 8:37. "Nay in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us." The Greek word translated “nay” is Strong’s 235, and it can also be translated “therefore.” Excuse me. Him that loved us is Strong’s 25, and it is a form of the word which we know as agape love. Now there is a song that sings about Jesus being the lover of our soul. You know, one day I looked for that in the Scripture. I could not find it in the Scripture under that exact translation, but here it is; the one who loved us, OK, comes out of the word agape, and it appears in Romans 8. He is the lover of our soul, OK. And he is sing- -- who is the lover of our soul? Brethren, the lover of our soul is not the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is the word of God. He is the seed which brings forth the Son. We are marrying the Son, the Son of God, the one that is growing out of the earth of our soul; He is the second generation of Christ; His name is Christ Jesus; He is the lover of our soul; He is arising out of our human spirit, and when He is old enough, He will marry our soul, so Him that loved us is the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, listen again, I am going to say it again, He is being raised from the dead. In His death condition, Christ, in his dead condition, has a na- -- a different name. What is his name, in our humanity, in His dead condition?


            The human spirit.


The human spirit. When He is dead, He is the human spirit. When He is raised from the dead, His name once again becomes Christ, and because He is the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ, His name is Christ Jesus, so He is growing out of our spirit, being raised up out of our spirit, and when He is mature enough, He will marry or join with our soul, and that is how we will become a new creature. We become a new creature when we get a new mind because there is -- the living soul is married to the mind which is within her. And right now, humanity is married to which mind?


            [INAUDIBLE] the carnal mind.


To the carnal mind, yes. And we are an o- -- the old man; we are reprobate; we are fallen. Now we are not getting a new soul. We are getting a new mind, and when Christ arises in a full maturity, in which He is strong enough to crucify the carnal mind, Christ will then possess His possession which is what? This living soul, and the living soul shall be a renewed soul because she has a new mind. Same soul. When the mind in her is carnal, she is dead. When the mind in her is Christ, she is alive. And to express this difference, the Scripture calls us the old me or the new me or the inner man or the outer man, but the truth is there is just one soul which -- whose nature changes depending on the mind within her. Praise God.

So therefore, "in all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us." “Conquerors” is Strong’s 5245. Now, first of all, the Greek word translated “conquerors” is not a noun; it is a verb. The Interlinear text translates it to overconqueror. I guess I wrote that wrong, to over conquer. Well, the Interlinear text translates it as a noun also, overconqueror. But it al- -- but it -- actually in the Greek it is a verb, and it comes from Strong’s 3528 which is translated “overcome,” and means -- and this word translated conqueror, it means more than to overcome. It means to surpass overcoming, to go beyond overcoming, so that is to say, not only one who overcomes an enemy but one that completely defeats that enemy after he overcomes him.


So I have a little word study for you to help you understand this a little better. Webster says that the word conqueror means to gain or acquire by force of arms, by mental or moral power, and it also can be t- -- can be defined as to subjugate. Now that word sounded very familiar to me; we came across it right here in Romans 8, I think, in verses 21 or 22 when we read that our hope is that Christ will arise and subjugate the one who has subjugated humanity, who is Satan. Are you all with me?




OK, so I found -- that word just jumped right out at me. I looked up the word subjugate in Webster. Subjugate, according to Webster, means to bring under the yoke, to force to submit, to control and governance. Now let me remind you that Satan is in the process of being forced to submit to the control and the government of who?


            Of Christ.


Of Christ, in the individual. Brethren, Satan is being forced. Do not give me this junk that Christ is a gentleman. Satan is a wild, raging beast. He is the unconscious mind of fallen man; he is our unconscious mind, and there is no way he is about to turn our bodies and our souls over to the Lord Jesus Christ, so the Lord Jesus Christ, through His Son, Christ Jesus, in each individual is forcing Satan down underneath the authority of Christ, forcing Him to submit, and there is a name for this, a common name. Does anybody know what it is, what this procedure is called?




No, that is a good guess.








No, no. It is an event. It is an event. The tribulation. If you look up that word tribulation in the Greek, it means to force into a narrow place; it means to vex and harass until one is forced into a narrow place. Right now Satan is enlarged; he is out from under; he can do anything he wants in this world, but he is being forced under the authority of Christ right now in the individual believer. And it is difficult, and it is painful, and for all intents and purposes, we are Satan, so we are in tribulation; we are in travail. But when Satan is forced down under and Christ becomes our new mind, we shall become a new creature; we are Satan now, but we shall be a new creature. We are being changed, brethren. We are being given a new name. We are being given a new nature, and that is why it hurts. The clay of our life is being reformed. The nature of Satan is engraved in our soul, and it is being changed. We are being rubbed and Brilloed and sanded, and that old nature is leaving us so that we can receive the nature of our new husband, Christ.


So subjugate means to bring under control, to bring into servitude, to enslave. Webster says overcome means to get the better of, to overpower, to be superior to, and Webster also says that the word superior means to be of higher rack, quality or importance. So we see that to overcome means merely to attain to a higher rank than your enemy, but to conquer means to use that higher rank to enslave the enemy. You see, we could attain to a higher rank and that enemy could be afraid of us and just leave us alone, and we can both go in our own directions; that is called overcoming. But to conquer means to not only rise up above you but use that strength to turn around and kill your enemy. There is a difference.


So I suggest to you that to overcome is referring to the first stage of resurrection, which is what? Who knows what first stage of resurrection means?                     


            Full stature.


Full stature, excellent. And that to conquer is referring to the second and third stages of resurrection. And the second stage of the resurrection, anybody?




That is the third stage. Anybody know what the second stage is? Circum- --




OK, circumcision of the carnal mind. The second stage is the circumcision of the carnal mind, where by the mind of Christ cuts through. I guess that is what you just said, cuts through the carnal mind; it puts Him under foot, and then the third stage of the resurrection, Christ kills the one that He has put under foot, so we see in the words “overcome” and “conquer,” we find the three stages of the resurrection. It is everywhere, but the words -- it is a parable. You have to look for it; you have to dig for it like it is gold ore; it is everywhere. If you have an open heart, if you have a heart that is open to the truth, it is everywhere; it is through the whole Bible; the message is everywhere, and what is that message? The ascendency of Christ and the death destruction and the ultimate crucifixion of the carnal mind which is killing us. Hallelujah. That is the gospel of God, brethren, God’s purposes for humanity.


So, when we -- when I wrote up the Alternate Translation, I chose to use the word defeat instead of conquer because as I read the Alternate Translation, it seemed to me to clarify this idea, in view of the context of the whole verse and the surrounding verses, instead of the word conquer, which means -- this is not only overcome but to kill, I am using the word to defeat. To me conquer is not clear enough.


Alternate translation, Romans 8:37, "Therefore, we are able to defeat all these troubles as Christ Jesus is being formed in our spirit and joining with our soul."


"Therefore, we are able" -- why therefore? Because Christ Jesus is being formed in us. "Therefore, we are able to defeat all these troubles as Christ Jesus is being formed in our spirit and joining with our soul."


He is the power source by which we first overcome and then conquer, defeat, kill, utterly destroy thus the reality of the Scripture which says “and Satan is ashes under your feet.” Brethren, have you ever been in a church where they tell everybody to stand up and move their heel around so that they can crush Satan under their heel? God forgive us; I do not mind to mock anybody, but, brethren, this nonsense has got to stop, and I have got to expose it; God has called me to expose it. Brethren, you cannot crush Satan to ashes under your natural foot; it is the feet of Christ which is spiritual which will crush Satan under his feet and make him ashes, and Satan is spiritual. You have got to get spiritual feet; you have heard of land legs; you have heard of sea legs. Why not spiritual legs? Wake up; wake up; wake up.


Continuing with Romans 8:38, "For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present nor things to come" -- and that is half a sentence. I will just read you the whole thing. "Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Glory to God.


For I am persuaded, Strong’s 3982, it means to have confidence. I have confidence that neither death nor life can separate me from God. You may recall there are three Greek words translated death; this is the Greek word translated -- or the -- I am sorry. The Greek word thanatos is Strong’s 2288, and this word refers to -- it could mean the death of the body; it also could mean the power of death; it also can be translated -- and is in fact translated the death of this existence. This whole existence is death; our soul is death; our mind -- our carnal mind is death. And this Greek word thanatos is used to express any of those concepts, so let us try and understand what Paul is saying here.


Now, the church will teach you and tradition will teach you that the death of this body cannot separate you from God because you are going to Heaven, and you are going to walk on streets of gold, but, brethren, we know that everything that God is doing, He is doing in the flesh, and when this flesh dies, our human spirit returns to God but without any consciousness. Our substance returns to God but without any consciousness, so in view of that revelation, if that revelation is true, for Paul to say that death cannot separate me from the love of God, is it -- it must -- there must be something more intended here than the death of the body. So let me suggest to you that he is speaking about the death of this existence or the power of death, the power to keep us bound down here in Hell. But even more than that, remember that Christ is being formed within the carnal mind, and Christ, after He stands up in full stature, His next stage of resurrection is to cut through that carnal mind. Now the carnal mind is death. Now Christ -- [?now?] remember -- now, listen, Christ is growing or ascending out of our human spirit, and when He is mature, He is going to marry our soul. Brethren, the salvation of our soul is in childbearing. We must join with that Christ for our soul to receive life. OK, now our soul is being separated from the life giver by the carnal mind. The carnal mind is standing between our soul and the one who can give us life.


So Paul says, that death, the carnal mind, cannot separate us from the lover of our soul. He cannot separate us; he cannot prevent us from marrying the Christ who is coming forth in our soul. So what does that mean? If the carnal mind is between Christ and our soul, Christ has got to get that carnal mind out of the way. He has got to kill him, so Paul is saying that Christ is strong enough to kill the carnal mind who, at this point, temporarily, is separating us from our husband. Now, remember, at the beginning of time, the carnal mind killed the immature Christ. Paul is saying in these last few verses -- we talked about this in the last message too and probably the me- -- the last few verses. It was the last message and the message before.


Paul is speaking about the great mystery that Christ died at the b- -- at the time of the fall. He is not talking about the Lord Jesus Christ here. He is talking about the mind, which was in the Lord Jesus Christ, and because the man Jesus had a mind which was Christ, He could legally say I am Jesus the Christ because His mind was Christ. So that mind existed before the man Jesus ever existed. Did not Jesus say, "Before Abraham was I am"? Now, come on, brethren, everybody knows that the man Jesus of Nazareth did not exist before Abraham. What was that man talking about? What he was talking about was -- what He was saying was, "I am not this body; I am not this flesh; I am Spirit that is hidden behind this veil of the flesh, and My true nature, which is Christ, was before Abraham." Does anybody not know what I am talking about? This is urgently important, urgently important. This flesh is nothing. This personality is nothing. But the Spirit, the Christ of God which is hidden behind your flesh and your personality, before Abraham was, He is. Jesus. I feel like I am going to take off. Hallelujah.


Glory to God. So what Paul saying is in parable form here is that the very Christ is in you, and He is separated from your personality by the carnal mind, which killed Him at the beginning of time. But this very Christ that was killed by the carnal mind at the time of the fall, He has been raised from the dead, and my bible says Christ raised from the dead, dieth no more. He is raised in a mature condition; He is raised up from seed, and He will not be killed by the carnal mind again. That is what Paul is saying, not the death of this body. He is saying this carnal mind cannot kill Christ this time around. And even though right now you look into your condition and the life giver is separated from your soul by the carnal mind, do not worry. It is not going to happen, what happened at the time before. Christ is going to crucify this thing because nothing, not even death can keep your soul from the one who loves you.


And in that union when Christ crucifies that carnal mind and joins with your soul, in that union is life to your personality, which right now is nothing, but when it joins with Christ, it becomes something. We are all nothing, but as Christ is revealed through us, we become something. Of ourselves, we are nothing, but because Christ is manifesting through us, because we are the flesh of Christ, we are something. So that means everything that comes out of your mouth, everything that comes out of your mind, everything that is a result of your life which is not of Christ, you are nothing. It is nothing. It is dung. Every thought that comes from Christ, every word that is spoken from Christ, every deed that is done in obedience to Christ is something, and that makes you something. I do not care what you accomplish according to the ways of this world; it cannot make you something. You are nothing until Christ begins to manifest through your person. The glory of this world is going to disappear, is coming down in a crash, is worthless.


So Paul said he is confident that neither death nor life can separate us from the lover of our soul or from the marriage to Christ. Well, now why would life want to separate us from Christ? That stumped me for a while, and when I prayed about it, I am going to share with you what the Lord told me. You are always free to disagree with me, brethren. I just ask that you have an open mind and pray about it, OK?


So this word life, it is the Greek word zōḗ and most of the time that it appears in the Greek, it is used to describe the life of God. This -- what we are experiencing now is not life, it is an existence; it is not life. So every time this word zōḗ appears with one or two exceptions, it is speaking about the life of God, and it is talking about eternal life, everlasting life. But the few instances where it is not speaking about eternal life, it is speaking about, I suggest to you -- you may have to pray about this. I suggest to you, it is speaking about this existence for a human being whose life influenced strongly by Christ. Now there is another Greek word that talks about this lifetime, this existence and sometimes it is translated lifetime; it is the Greek word bios, and it is referring in general to the lifetime of this existence of any human being, but when the Greek word zōḗ is applied to a limited lifetime of a human being, I suggest to you it is spea- -- it is differentiating from bios to indicate specifically that this human being is living their life in obedience to and under the guidance of either the Holy Ghost or Christ Himself.


So when the Scripture says that even life cannot separate us from the love of God, I want to suggest to you that Paul is telling us in a parable form that even people whose lives are strongly directed and influenced by Christ still manifest the carnal mind from time to time, still do wickedness from time to time, still think evil from time to time and are still capable of trying to separate or hinder Christ from coming forth, the strongest believers you could ever meet still have that potential to work against God’s purposes because sin is still operating in their life.


So let us go on. I will pull this together as I go on. I am confident that neither death, neither the carnal mind or neither -- well, I am going to expand that. I am going to say, carnally minded men, you know. The carnal mind cannot stop you, neither can men who are given over to the carnal mind stop you, nor can life stop you from joining -- from marrying your lover, neither can people who are living their life under the influence of the Holy Ghost or even Christ. And when their wickedness arises, that can stop you either.


Now, why would Paul say that? Brethren, let me tell you something. When believers pray ungodly prayers, they have power. You have power to pray ungodly prayers, which is witchcraft, in direct proportion to the power that you have in Christ; it is the same power. If you misuse your power that you have received in Christ, it is witchcraft, but it is the same measure of power. I know someone who was laboring in Christ for years and then turned over, and that person prays powerful witchcraft prayers. He has become a witch because he transferred the power that he received in Christ to use for ungodly purposes.


So I want to suggest to you -- you do not have to believe me if you do not want to, that when Paul says neither death nor life can separate us from the love of God, that he is saying our carnal minds cannot separate us nor can carnal-minded people separate us nor can human beings who are very devoted and under the influence of Christ. When they -- when their wickedness arises in them, neither can they separate us or stop us from marrying God.


Brethren, from my early days in the church, I had a call to -- I had a call to a walk that called great persecution down on me from the very, very beginning. Well, it may be six months after I came to the Lord. I was called into a deliverance church. They came out of the woodwork; Christians came out of the woodwork to tell me not to go to that ministry. What I am preaching now -- well, we all know. Christians come out of the woodwork telling us it is not God, telling us not to do what God tells us to do. Christians can be a big hindrance to believers who are called into a deep spiritual calling because believers are called into a deep spiritual calling look very different than the average believer. Their lives look different; they are different; they do not look like the church world. The church world is religious, and then within the church there is a church within the church of spiritual people who follow after the Spirit of God. They are the sons God because their life is controlled by the Spirit of God, not by a religious spirit or by a church law, and we look different than the people who are religious. So very frequently, if not always, the religious crowd will tell the spiritual crowd that they are not of God and will severely persecute the spiritual Christian. So Paul is saying your carnal mind cannot keep you from the marriage; carnally minded men cannot keep you from the marriage; neither can carnal Christians keep you from the marriage, with all their witchcraft prayers and all their bad counsel and all their gossip. None of these three can keep you from the love of God for you which is marriage to Christ Jesus and the salvation of your soul.


"For I am persuaded. I am confident that neither death, nor life, nor angels can separate us from the love of God."


 Well, now why would angels want to separate us from the love of God? Angels, I remind you, are sent ones, and we know from Revelation 12 that there are evil angels. There are evil angels which are sent, and I have been teaching you here for a long time now that angels -- and again, you are free to disagree with me. Please, for your own sake, just pray about it, and leave it on the shelf if you cannot receive it. Angels are the spiritual man who is hiding behind the veil of this flesh. A good angel is Christ in you. He has the ability to vibrate out from your body and appear anywhere He wants to.


Now listen to me. When you have an imputed anointing, which is a Christ in you that is not growing up from seed. This imputed Christ can do that. He can vibrate out from your mind and appear to anybody He wants to without you knowing about it. When you have an imparted anointing, my opinion at this point is that it is highly unlikely that the Christ -- that an imparted Christ which is growing up from seed, which is growing out from the earth of your soul is likely to leave your body and appear to someone else without you knowing it. I cannot reteach the whole teaching, but based on everything that has been coming forth here for years, that is my opinion.


Now let me give you a testimony to back this up. I saw it on “The 700 Club.” There was a preacher somewhere in the Middle East, devoted to God, but every sign indicated to me that he probably had an imputed anointing, which is fine. He was doing -- his way was faithful to God, faithful as he could be. And he was being severely opposed by several Arab factions that did not want his preaching in their area or in their country, and he had two or three different people report to him, Arabs, as they were driving down the street in their car and that this preacher materialized on the seat next to them and spoke to them. And whatever it was that came out of his mouth, I do not recall, brought conviction upon them and the fear of God upon them, and they ceased and desisted from their opposition to his work for Christ.


And when they came to him and told him about it, the man was amazed. He had absolutely no idea how this could have happened. He knew that it was God because the fruit of it was deliverance to him and for his ministry. So he knew that it was God, but he said, "How could I possibly have materialized on the seat in the car next to this man and not know about it?" [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- because I will tell you, brethren, the Christ in that man was not having conferences with that man. He was just doing what He wanted to do. But when you have an imparted anointing -- you see, let me back up. With an imputed anointing, you are a servant. Your flesh is a servant. Christ just does whatever He wants. When you have an imparted anointing, you are a son, and the Father tells everything to His Son. He tells of His plans; He tells of His purposes, and I am of the opinion that Christ in you does not materialize next to another human being without you partaking of the glory through your conscious understanding and participation of it. That is the revelation I am walking in right now.




Just use the microphone. I would prefer it if you hold to la- --but you interrupted me already, so I will take it. What is it? Just put it on the message. Someone give her the message, please.


            So his soul was not involved?


No, it was the spiritual man, Christ. His soul was not involved. His soul is his personality, correct.


            And so when it is imparted, the soul would be involved?


That is my opinion. That is the revelation I am walking in, in this hour. Hallelujah.


So we see that angels cannot separate us from marriage to Christ. That means if someone is -- now, of course, I just described angels and Christ; there are also evil angels in the same context. There are evil angels who have an imputed anointing from Satan. What does that mean? They dabble in the occult. They are astral projecting. They do not know that Satan is using their soul for certain purp- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


They might wake up and say, I had a very bad dream; some evil happened in this dream. Well, maybe their soul astral-projected without their agreement, without their understanding, without their knowledge, and then we have practicing witches who have full consciousness of the evil that they are doing; they have an imparted satanic anointing. Brethren, whoever is listening to this message and being distressed, do not -- your distress makes -- I do not want to tell you not to be distressed; I cannot legislate your emotions, but listen to me. Everything that exists in Christ exists in Satan, and everything that you hear about in Satan exists in Christ or at least the potential for it exists in Christ. The devil’s crowd is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- much farther matured spiritually than God’s forces are in this hour, but both sides of the coin engage in -- or at least have the potential to engage in the same activities, and if you do not believe that, you are being naïve.


So we have evil angels, Paul is saying. Evil angels cannot separate you or cannot stop Christ Jesus from marrying your soul. Well, what does that mean? It means the spiritual man from satanic believers cannot prevent however they would go about preventing it. To be honest with you, I do not know what they do. I do not know whether they might astral-project into you. I do know this, that when witches see that a believer is arising in Christ, they do try to stop this. They stop an indi- -- they try to stop an individual from ascending into power in Christ, so exactly what this spiritual messenger would do, I do not really know.


But have you ever -- I heard a testimony again on “The 700 Club” of an Indian woman. You see, the more spiritually developed you are, the more likely you are to have these experiences. She was from India, this woman. She had been deeply engaged in the occult when she became a Christian, and, actually, to tell you the truth, when I heard her testimony, I got very excited because I had had a similar experience. And not many American Christians have these deeply spiritual experiences. So her testimony was that she was sitting in her room, and a whole scene opened up. The walls separated, and a man came out from the wall, and there was fire, and it was a whole -- she was literally transported into another place. She entered into something that existed in the realm of the spirit but materialized to her.


And this man came out and tried to convince her to not go with Christ but to stay with Satan, and she had a big long testimony. I am sorry I cannot remember more of it, but it was very involved, and I had a similar experience when the Lord first called me. The spirit world can and does manifest physically to people who are deeply spiritually developed. So perhaps these evil angels, perhaps one of their functions would be to come as a messenger to try to convince you or to try to deceive you or to try to in some way influence you to do something that would cause you to lose this experience of marriage because the only thing that can stop us from going through is our own turning away from God, and sometimes I am finding out even we c- -- if we are really called, we cannot even turn away from God, if we are really called.


So whatever these evil angels do, I hope I have given you the idea of what an evil angel is. I really do not have any specific word for you as to what they would do other than to perhaps make you a deal or offer you a contract or threaten you or frighten you, but they are coming as messengers to try and turn you away from marriage to Christ, but Paul says they cannot succeed. And, you know, sometimes these evil angels, sometimes they are spiritual beings that materialize, and sometimes they are human beings who are completely given over to Satan, to come to cause you to be destroyed, to drag you down, to drag you back into that which God has delivered you from. Angels can be -- come in human form; they can come in spiritual form, or they can come in human form, either way. When they come with a message from a spiritual master, they are an angel to you. I am an angel to you tonight. Did not Paul -- did not John say in the Book of Revelation -- or did -- well it was Jesus speaking as Paul related it. I am speaking unto the angel of the church in such and such a town. An angel is a spiritual man. Right now I am an angel to you. As I deliver the word of Christ to you in this teaching, I am an angel to you, sent of God.


So Paul says death cannot separate us from marriage to Christ, "nor life, nor spiritual messengers, nor principalities." What is a principality? Principality -- hmm, what happened to my note on principality? Well, I have rulers next. Principality, I know I put it in here; it has to be here. OK. Excuse me. Nor principalities -- I must have taken the word from the interlinear. OK, this must be it over here. Principality, Strong’s 746, and it means ruler, beginning or corner. Now I find the word beginning very interesting. Who was the beginning?








Christ is the beginning. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Christ is the beginning, and we also know that Christ is the corner. Is he not? He is the head of the corner. So I want to suggest to you that principalities which have a negative aspect to them, the word principality is not s- -- as I read the Bible, it is speaking about something from Satan. So if the principality is the beginning, if the principality is Christ, what is the name of this principality as it is a part of this fallen creation? Can anybody -- does anybody know? What is it that was of Christ which is now a part of this fallen corrupt creation?




Amen, amen, amen. Christ died, and He became of the human spirit, and that human spirit in this hour is married to whom? Who is she married to?




She is married to Satan, and she has born of the carnal mind, and she is joi- -- all three of them are joined. Eve, that spiritual substance of God, that female seed of God which has the potential to be Christ, when is she Christ? She is Christ when she is joined to the seed of the Father and bears the Son of God. That human spirit becomes Christ, but she is the female seed that has the potential to join with the Father and bear Christ, which is the giver of life, or she has the potential to join with Satan and bear the carnal mind, which is the giver of death. And in this hour, when Christ died, she fell down to a lower spiritual level where she joined with Satan and bore his illegitimate offspring, female offspring, the carnal mind.


So, the principality in fallen humanity is the human spirit. Is that not interesting? So the human spirit, in her adulterous condition of harlot, who was married to Satan, giving birth to the carnal mind, producing demons continuously, seducing us to sin because she is a harlot in our mind, even she cannot keep you from marrying Christ. Why not? Because it is the pla- -- does anybody know why not? Because it is in the plan of God that He shall burn that wicked city, and by fire, He shall -- what wicked city? The city of Babylon. And -- which is this whole spiritual creation whose foundation is our human spirit, Satan and the carnal mind. Christ is going to burn that whole city, and the carnal mind will dissolve. He is going to come crashing down, Peter said. The elements will come crashing down, and Satan will lose Eve; they will separate, and Eve will flee from her condition of captivity of a captive union to Satan, and she will join with Christ.


That is the plan of Christ for the human spirit who in this hour is seeking with all her strength because she is completely giving over to the wickedness of her husband, and she is in full agreement with Satan to keep this creation dead, but even her wickedness cannot keep you from marriage to Christ because the Holy Spirit is coming in and impregnating her with the Christ of God at the same time that she is bearing the carnal mind. She will have two children at one time from two different men. That is why she is a harlot, and the Christ child typified by Isaac shall rise up and destroy the carnal offspring, the carnal, illegitimate offspring of our harlotrous human spirit. So even she will not be able to keep us from marrying Christ. Why? Because the Lord is going to rescue her against her own will.


Brethren, we -- our human race, our fallen human race is so given over to Satan and the carnal mind that we are in full agreement with him that Christ should never appear in us. We are -- our minds have been utterly corrupted by Satan, but despite that, Christ is going to save us despite ourselves. He is going to separate our human spirit from Satan and the carnal mind without our help. We are fighting Him every step of the way, and HE is going to deliver us anyway despite her and her wickedness. You see, this is very interesting because anybody, any Christian can read this book and get very excited that Paul is saying, not life or death or angel or principality, nothing is going to keep you from the love of God. Well, that is good; that is encouraging. It is positive, but look at -- there is another whole layer of truth underneath it. Is that not exciting? The depth of what he is saying -- the depth of it is absolutely glorious.


OK, what else is he talking about here? Nor powers -- powers cannot separate us from marriage to Christ either. Power, Strong’s -- oh, well, let me -- I have a comment here for you that i did not -- well, I will go with this. Powers, Strong’s 1411, some of you may know that there are two Greek words that are translated power, dunamis and exousia. This is the word dunamis; it means inherent power, power that is residing within someone because of one’s nature. Brethren, that is what is being imparted to us in this hour, the power of Christ that is arising out of our nature, but it is also true on the satanic side, OK. There is a carnally-minded man who has witchcraft power which arises out of his very nature. He does not have to think to be evil; it just arises in him. So that kind of wickedness that just arises against men’s will, even you cannot keep our soul from marrying Christ. Why? Because the power which is in Christ is greater. The dunamis power of Christ is greater than the dunamis power of Satan’s carnal mind. This mature Christ has it over the carnal mind a thousand times over.


So, Christ -- I just want to read you this note because I think I left something out here. Christ is the beginning, and Christ in the man is the human spirit. In fallen man, the human spirit is joined to Satan and the carnal mind. The Scripture calls her the harlot because of her adulterous union with Satan, through which we are continually forced to sin. Because our human spirit in the realm of the spirit is continuously committing adultery with Satan, we are overcome by sin. We all sin in our mind; everybody sins in their mind. It is the work of our adulterous human spirit. That is where it comes from.


So the Scripture calls her the harlot because of her adulterous union with Satan through which we are continuously forced to sin, and she is also called -- you may recall from our studies in the Book of Revelation, our human spirit is also called the false prophet, and that is a great mystery that she is the false prophet, but I -- as I explain on the messages where we studied this, she is the false prophet because the human spirit is always involved in the spiritual activity of man. She is involved in witchcraft -- you see, there is no spiritual activity without the human spirit. If the activity is witchcraft, it means she is operating in unison with Satan and the carnal mind, and that spiritual activity is witchcraft. When the human spirit is operating in unison with the Father, who -- which is the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus, she is involved in that spiritual activity too, so the human spirit is always involved in spiritual activity whether of God or not of God, and that is why she is the false prophet. If there is a false prophecy coming forth, the human spirit is involved. If there is a false word of knowledge coming forth, the human spirit is involved. She is always present in spiritual activity which is being manifested through men.


OK. Things present, neither will things present separate us from marriage to Christ. This is a translation of Strong’s 1764, and in Thayer’s Lexicon, there is another trans- -- way to translate this -- actually, things present -- well, things present appear in Thayer’s. Another translation is to stand in sight or to stand near to someone, OK. Now the -- I consider this "things present" a very poor translation. It just -- you know, it just sounds right, you know, meaning present distresses, but that is drawing a conclusion. To think that things present mean present distresses is drawing a conclusion, OK. So let me give you a few scriptures by which I hope to convince you that to st- -- the one who is standing near is our spiritual mentor. Either it is Satan standing near to us or it is Christ standing near to us, OK, so let me give you a few scriptures here.


Psalms 109:6, “Set thou a wicked man over him: and let Satan stand at his right hand." Let Satan be there. The right hand is the hand of blessing. Every time this man who is under this curse tries to do good or to accomplish things in his life, the curse says let Satan be there, opposing his spiritual strength to bring blessing into his life. That is a curse of God. Satan stands at his right hand.


Psalms 110:5, “The Lord at thy right hand shall strike through kings in the day of his wrath," so the Lord standing at your right hand gives you power. Satan standing at your right hand wrecks everything you try to do, so to stand at someone’s side is speaking about spiritual strength, either positive spiritual strength or negative spiritual strength. So I am suggesting to you that this phrase, things present, is speaking about the spiritual strength that is operating in your life. Well, if Paul is saying no spiritual strength will separate us from -- will prevent this marriage to Christ, he must be speaking about the spiritual strength of Satan, even Satan standing at your right hand hindering everything that you try to do, messing you up left and right. He shall not have the power to keep you from this marriage to Christ.


Let me give you a few more verses. Ezekiel 21:22, “At his right hand was the divination for Jerusalem." Now at the right hand was witchcraft. Divination is witchcraft, and this is what the witchcraft was doing, "to appoint captains, to open the mouth in the slaughter, to lift up the voice with shouting, to appoint or bat- -- to appoint battering rams against the gates, to cast a mount, and to build a fort," so when Satan stands at your right hand, he is waging war against you.


Zechariah 3:1, “And he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord, and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him.” So standing near the fr- -- standing near is speaking about spiritual authority, either to prosper or to hinder. Let me give you two from the New Testament.


Romans 8:34, we had it right in this study. "Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us." So when Christ is standing near to us, He is strength to us.


And Ephesians 1:20, “Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places,” so I suggest to you that the one who stands near or as the King James translates the phrase, things present, in the context of Romans 8:38, is Satan who is opposing the birth of Christ as it is revealed in Revelation 12:4. And the dragon stood ready to devour the man-child as soon as He was born. So even Satan standing at your right hand, ready to devour Christ as He comes forth in you, even he cannot stop this marriage. He cannot stop this marriage. It is going to happen.


So, OK, we are up to things to come. Nor can things to come separate us from this marriage. Things to come, Strong’s 3195, means to intend or to have in mind. No, the idea of intending signifies the conscious mind; it signifies a conscious decision. I therefore suggest to you that the phrase things to come signifies the witchcraft power of the carnal mind; evil thinking in the carnal mind, evil thinking; even evil thinking from yourself; evil thinking from your closest, intimate family members; evil thinking from the brethren of your fellowship; evil thinking no matter how heavy it comes, no matter how people it comes from cannot stop this marriage.


I want to tell you when God raised up this ministry, the evil thinking and speaking that came against us almost killed me. I was weak to start with. I was physically weak, and it almost killed me. God let me go right down to nothing, but He did not let me die, and He has been building me ever since, and now I have a resistance against this evil thinking. People hate you when you serve God; they hate you; hate kills. Jesus said, "If you hate your brother, you are a murderer." Well, no matter who hates you, no matter who thinks evil of you and no matter how many of them there are, the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus in you will raise up a standard. He will raise up believers all over the world to back you up, if necessary, and no evil thinking can keep you from this marriage. Hallelujah.


Alternate translation, Romans 8:38, Paul speaking, “Because I am confident that neither reprobate men, that is death, nor misguided Christians, that is life, nor evil angels” -- let me get you the exact word, “nor principalities, nor the seduction of the spiritual harlot within you, nor powers, nor the miracle-working power of the false prophet, nor things present, nor Satan’s opposition to the appearance of Christ, nor things to come, nor the witchcraft power of the carnal mind."


"Because I am confident that neither reprobate men, nor misguided Christians, nor evil angels, nor the seduction of spiritual harlots, nor the miracle-working power of the false prophet, nor Satan’s opposition to the appearance of Christ nor the witchcraft power of the carnal mind can keep you from this marriage.”


And, of course, this is to those who are called, according to his purpose, back in verse 28. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." We know that every human being on the faith of -- face of the earth will not experience this marriage, but those who are called according to his purpose there is nothing that can keep you from this marriage. Now you may -- it may be necessary for you to be severely chastened. If you are reprobate in some areas, if you are weak in some areas and you cannot do what God is calling you to do, there will be a severe chastening, you will experience much pain, but nothing can keep you from this marriage, nothing. You will not die from the chastening. You will not die.


Verse 39, “Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


Height, Strong’s 5313, it means an elevated structure, an elevated structure. Well, first of all, what is a structure?  A structure is something tangible. I suggest to you it is not a spirit, OK. It is not a spirit, and I suggest to you it is a foundation, OK, or it can be a foundation, so -- and it is elevated; it is lifted high up. I want to suggest to you that we are speaking about the carnal mind. He has puffed himself up and lifted himself up, and he has erected himself. Satan has brought forth his carnal mind and lifted himself up and expanded himself and puffed himself up and made himself great. He has made himself the foundation of this fallen, reprobate, human -- bastard human race.


So I believe Paul is saying to us that the carnal mind will not be able to separate us, nor -- not the carnal mind or the reprobate reasoning of the carnal mind, nor depth, Strong’s 899, and the word translated “depth” means extreme. Now, I remind you that Satan went beyond. He went beyond, and the extreme manifestation of his creation is the what? What is the farthest extreme manifesta- -- what is the farthest extreme edge of the satanic creation?




Right, this flesh, this physical flesh, that which we see in the realm of appearance, this physical flesh and/or the personality. And I want to suggest to you that Paul is saying here that the physical harm that can come from physical men, their spirit is not going to pick up a stick and hit you. A man will pick up [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- a spirit is not going to shoot a gun, OK. The harm that could come from physical men, that is not going to stop you either. If they kill you, the Father will raise you from the dead. Brethren, if you are called for His purposes, there is nothing that can kill you. Now in this hour, Christ in us cannot survive without this physical body. Therefore, the Father is keeping this physical body alive. If necessary He will raise from the dead until such time as the Son of God, Christ in us, no longer needs this physical body.


"Nor any other creature," creature, Strong’s 2937, this is the same Greek word translated creature and creation in Romans 8:21 and 8:22 respectively. In verse 21 it is translated creature, and in verse 22 it is translated creation. It is also the Greek word used by Jesus when He said, "I am the creation of God." So the other creature [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- there is another word I want to give you here. I did not put it down. Other, Strong’s 2087, and it means as opposed to some former person or thing. The other creature, I suggest to you then, is the old man, or we can say, the old creation. Sometimes you have heard me talk about the corporate carnal mind or the group carnal mind. There is a group mind in humanity, brethren. You have your individual mind that thinks what you think, but there is a corporate mind or group mind, that all of fallen humanity is flowing together like an ocean. And even though we may have individual variations, the corporate or the group mind of fallen humanity is pretty much moving in the same direction.


You know, my last secular job in Manhattan -- I worked in Manhattan for a few years, and I used to hear the thoughts of the people. Now I hear reprobate thoughts; it does not happen all the time, but one thought used to attack me every time I walked out. I walked from where the commuter bus let me off to my office, and at that time there were a lot of -- many -- there were many nationalities working in Manhattan. These were people going to work in the morning, and when I worked in Manhattan 20 years ago, it was not -- it was mostly Caucasian, European-based people. But if you go into Manhattan at the work hour today, there are large, large numbers of people with different colored skins, a lot of Africans, a lot of Asians, very much so, almost more than Caucasians.


And I would walk from the bus to the office, and these thoughts would invade my mind that they -- thoughts of prejudice, and I went before the Lord. I said, Father, I -- this is terrible, these thoughts that are going through my mind. Forgive me, I do not know where they are coming from, that they should go back to their own country, and who wants them here. I was mortified until the Lord told me that I was hearing the thoughts of the people, that there are many who were residents in America before we opened our doors to the third-world nations, and there is a great disapproval in the spirit from white middle-class America as to the legislation that was passed that allowed all these Asians and Africans into this nation. And as I walk down the street, I was hearing the group mind of our -- of the Caucasian elements of our nation because there is a big outcry.


I think it is a very rare white European-based Caucasian who is acceptable, has no complaints whatsoever about the changing appearance of our national distribution in this country. I think most middle-class Americans are upset about it because most middle-class Americans are prejudiced. Prejudice is rampant through this nation; there is severe prejudice through this nation. We are a racist society; I believe that. And I heard the group mind that was screaming in protest against these third-world nations, against us opening our doors to these -- to immigration from these third-world nations, so there is a group mind. There is a group mind that is separate from our individual mind. If you are spiritually sensitive, you can hear what the country is saying or at least the country at large, not everybody, but you hear the screams of the thoughts of this reprobate mind that is manifesting through many of the people because, brethren, we are just one man, and the name of that man is?  What is the -- you know the name of the man? The name of the man?




Adam. The name of the man is Adam. He is just one man. We are all cells in his body.




Do you have the pause button on too? Please put the pause button on.


So the other creature, I suggest to you, is the old man, the living soul which is married to the carnal mind. That is the other creature, and then the other creature is the new man. There is two creatures, remember? We did this in verse 21 and 22, the other guy or the other guy. The Scripture talks about the other guy. One guy is Christ, and the other guy is the carnal mind. Well, here we have the same principle. One creature is the fallen creation, and the other guy or the other creature is the creation which is renewed in Christ. So this other creature is the fallen creation.


"Shall be able to separate us from the love of God," to be able, Strong’s 1410. Once again, this is the word that means dunamis power. It is translated to be able. It sound- -- does not really give it the power that it has, but it is the same Greek word dunamis, and it is referring to inherent power residing within an individual because of one’s nature. No one, Paul says, none of these things shall have the power which comes out of a state being of carnality to separate us from the love of God. There is not found in the fallen creation the power which is strong enough to separate us from Christ Jesus. He does not have it. It is not there. It is not available.


To separate, Strong’s 5563, meaning to divorce, and the Scripture says the love of the God, the love of the [?guard?] -- the love of the God, which is -- oh, I made a mistake here. Where is my pen? "The love of the God, "OK, the word love is agape, and the God -- oh, I did not make a mistake. The God means the Lord Jesus Christ, so the love of the Lord Jesus Christ to us -- we had this a few verses back. The love or the expression of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ to us is that He has given us His Son, so the love of the God to us is Christ Jesus. None of these things can separate us from Christ Jesus, which is another way of saying the mind of Christ, which is being formed in us from seed.


And the last phrase is, "which is Christ Jesus, our Lord." The Greek word translated Lord, 2962, it means master or owner. Brethren, the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus His Son owns us. We do not have the power to tell Him no when He chooses us. We shall do whatever He tells us to do, and He shall do whatever necessary to make us obey. When He calls you, you cannot say no. It is a wrong teaching in the church. It is hurting the people. Stop pushing against the pricks. The Lord is bringing His church into obedience, and there is gnashing of teeth and wailing. People do not understand what is happening to them. God has been winking at them for 10 and 20 years. Brethren, it was not your time, but it is your time now, and you shall obey your Lord and master, the one who owns you. He wants to manifest through you. He wants to think through you. He wants to talk through you. He wants to do through you. You cannot tell Him no. He owns you. You have been taught incorrectly. You do not own Him. He does not owe you a Cadillac. He does not own -- owe you a vacation. I had someone say to me once, "I am a Christian. I am entitled to a house." He owes you nothing. And if you will not praise Him -- and the true meaning of the word praise is to submit to Him. If you will not submit to Him, He will raise up human beings who will submit to Him from these rocks. What does that mean? He will let you pass out into the draft. Either that or He will beat you into submission, depending on the call on your life.

Alternate Translation, Romans 8:39, “Nor the reprobate thoughts -- nor height, nor the reprobate thoughts of the carnal mind, nor depth, nor the threat of physical harm, nor any other creature, nor the group mind of fallen humanity shall possess miracle-working power strong enough to separate us from the mature Christ Jesus who owns us.” Hallelujah.


Now I put Romans 37, 38 and 39, the Alternate Translations thereof together because it is really one sentence, and I will read it to you altogether to you now. Romans 37 through 39, “Therefore, we are able to defeat all these troubles as Christ Jesus is being formed in our spirit and joining with our soul because I am confident that neither reprobate men, nor misguided Christians, nor evil angels, nor the seduction of spiritual harlots, nor the miracle-working power of the false prophet, nor Satan’s opposition to the appearance of Christ, nor the reprobate thoughts or the witchcraft power of the carnal mind, nor the threat of physical harm, nor the group mind of fallen humanity shall possess miracle-working power strong enough to separate us from the mature Christ Jesus who owns us." Hallelujah.


Let me give you one more comment on the group mind. The -- I think the major significance behind that group mind goes back to the Tower of Babel when man had one mind. All of humanity that existed in that hour had one language and one speech. They all thought alike, and they all spoke alike, and they were manifesting a powerful manifestation of witchcraft, that if they were permitted to continue, the Lord would have had to destroy them. And the Lord chose not to destroy them but to divide them and turn them one against the other until such time as He could redeem them, so this concept of the corporate group mind, the c- -- it is the concept of a return to Babel, of the group mind coming into agreement based on hatred, the power that is in many minds coming together, rooted in hatred. There is power in it, brethren; there is power in it, but even that cannot stop this marriage. Hallelujah.


How much time do we have on that message over there?




Why do you not put it on pause while you are looking?


OK, Alternate Translation -- oh, this is a recap of the whole of Romans 8. "Therefore, the wrath of God is no longer directed towards in whom Christ Jesus is ruling, who conduct their lives according to the internalized law of the spirit of Christ and not the spirit of Satan. Indeed, the controlling force in Christ Jesus, which produces life, has set me free from the controlling force, which causes me to do dishonorable misdeeds, which bring the misery and suffering of this existence upon me. And because God thrust --


03/13/15 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

03/20/15 1st Edit CAS/MJS

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