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We were talking about the formation of the creation in times past on Part 13 of tape #38, I believe.  I said that I really could not explain it when God first separated.  God just gave me something else He wanted me to tell you.  On that tape I said the atomic atom known as God Almighty was split and it was divided into the Father and the son, and there was an atomic fallout known as Satan.  That is not completely accurate.  I said to you that it was a mystery that the Father remained the same.  The atomic atom was split.  We had the Father and the son in the fallout, and the Father remained the same.  Well how could you split an atom and the Father remain the same?  I said to you that it was a mystery. 

Well, I was a little off over there.  The atom was not split.  The Father is likened to the sun.  If you see any studies on the sun, there are constant explosions going on with fire and heat giving off.  If I am not mistaken, the sun is gaseous, and it is on fire, and it is burning and exploding constantly.  What happened to the sun, that is the Father, was that from deep within Himself, He did not split Himself.  He brought forth an atomic explosion, spiritual radio activity.  If you remember the teaching from Part 13 of tape #38 the son was likened to a positron.  A positron is a result of radio activity.  I taught you on this other tape that the Father split the cell that He was, and that a positron was formed.  As I was preaching it, I did not hear the contradiction.  If the Father had split Himself in half, then the son would not be a positron, because a positron is something that is formed as a result of radio activity.  It is not something that is formed as being half of what was the Father.  Did I make that clear? 

The Father did not split Himself.  That solves the mystery of how He remained the same.  Remember I said He split His atom, but it was a mystery that He remained the same.  I said it was a mystery because I could not understand it.  Well, here is the answer to the mystery.  He did not split Himself.  From deep within Himself, He brought forth an atomic explosion.  I cannot remember the name of the series, but they have them on channel 13 all the time on science.  There was a series on the sun and I saw pictures of it.  It was just popping and exploding, and fire bursting out from it continuously.  If I am not mistaken it is gaseous, which typifies spirit.  

This is what happened.  The Father did not split Himself.  He brought forth an atomic explosion from deep within Himself.  The word that comes to my mind is dehiscence, which means it is a property of the sun to bring forth explosions from within itself.  It is a property of a star, and the sun is a star, to have explosions, to have fire, to have gaseous outbursts.  That is the property of the sun.  Well, the Father is an all consuming fire.  He is the fire of God.  It is one of the properties of His nature to be able to explode.  It is the nature of a man to be able to reproduce.  It is the nature of a man unless there is some kind of curse operating to be able to talk, and to be able to walk.  We do not bring forth fire from within us.  We bring forth ideas.  Well, it is the nature of the Father, who is an all consuming fire to be able to bring forth explosions.  He brought it forth from deep within Himself, an atomic explosion.

There were two byproducts from that explosion.  One was a positron, which is a result of radio activity, and the other was the ashes of the fallout, which was Satan.  This is another point that I would like to make.  I do not know whether God spoke to you while I was preaching it or not.  I did not even fully understand this when I first preached it.  I used to think when I read, and when I preached, that the Father sent forth the son and propelled him into the earth, that the son was a fully mature son, because the Scripture says he was rich and he became poor, so that we who are poor could become rich.

I was under the impression that God sent forth a fully mature son that was Jesus Christ, that was in the bosom of the Father.  I thought he was a fully mature son who gave up everything that he had, stepped down off his throne, and became a man.  I believe it was in the last message that the Lord told us that the scripture that says all the worlds were made by the son and without the son nothing was made, that that scripture does not mean that Jesus Christ stood up and formed everything.  What it really means is that everything that we see was made out of the substance of Jesus Christ, and without Jesus Christ nothing would have been made, because without him there would have been nothing to carve it out of.  We learned that at the last meeting, I think.

Now this is what God is saying to us.  When the son left the Father, he was not a fully mature spiritual being.  He was what we would liken to a sperm.  Yes, Jesus Christ was in the bosom of the Father.  We know that Levi paid tithes in the loins of Abraham.  There was sperm in the loins of Abraham.  The Scripture tells us that God looked at Abraham, looked at the sperm in his loins, and named it Levi.  God said He knew Jeremiah before he was born.  What does that mean?  He looked at Abraham’s loins and He said, there is Levi.  You have got to get spiritual, brethren.  We have got to get spiritual.  I just pray that the Lord quickens this to everybody, and let it be a true word that He quickens to you.

When Jesus was in the bosom of the Father, he was what we would liken to sperm.  I am bringing it down to our level to understand this.  He was sperm in the loins of the Father.  Let me ask you a racy question.  I have this on other tapes.  God is racy.  When God wants to get sperm out of a man, how does He do it, brethren?  Would we not call that an explosion?  If you were living inside of a man’s body, and you were what was being propelled out, let me tell you, that is an atomic explosion.  If you were one little sperm living in a man’s body, and that is how you get from his body to some place else, to you that would be an atomic explosion.  Can you hear what I am saying?Am I losing you or is this just very profound?

This is what the Lord showed me.  Yes, the son was in the bosom of the Father.  He was in the form of sperm.  He was not a glorified Christ that gave up everything that he had, became a man, and then was returned to what he left with a soul and a body.  This is what I have been preaching.  That is not exactly right.  He left in the form of sperm.  He was removed to a place out of the Father’s body, and is in the process of going through life in utero.  The result of that life in utero will be the birth of a life that looks nothing whatsoever like the sperm that left the Father.  Glory to God.

This is profound.  He is not a abating, brethren.  We are just going someplace.  We are on a train in this ministry.  He is not abating. That is us.  He was not this glorious king sitting on a throne.  He died so that he could become us.  He was a sperm.  In the mind of God he was His fully grown son because God thinks it and then the beginning of the process starts to take place.  We are told in the Book of Genesis that a shoot came forth, the seed, the sperm of God went into the earth.  Hallelujah.  Glory to God.

Also I will give you something else to think about.  I heard something on last Wednesday’s tape that did not sound too right, but I really was not sure what the answer was.  What I said to you on this Wednesday’s tape was that there is nothing female in God.  Everything in God is male, so the first emission of God is a sperm.  Then I told you that once that sperm separated from Him, it became female, which is pretty much what we are saying now.  What did not sound right to me was me saying to you everything in God is male, because I have taught you that God is male and female.  I taught you that God raises up young and He calls Himself the breasted one, so I sought the Lord about it.  I hope everybody sitting here knows that God never contradicts Himself.  If you hear me contradict myself, the chances are that I just did not understand something.  There is always an answer.  It does not have to mean that I am wrong.  It can mean that I did not have the fullness of the understanding.  I hope that you know that here.  Glory to God.

This is what He said to me.  Yes, God is one hundred percent male, but He has the capability when He desires to do so, to bring forth young, at which point He attributes certain parts of His being to take on a female role.  He is all male.  There is no weakness in Him, unless He ordains it for a season for the purpose of reproduction.  When God brought forth this atomic explosion from within Him, two things were reproduced, the female, the ashes, the fallout.  Brethren, female is weak.  Female is worthless.  Female is nothing.  For centuries this was true in the spiritual realm.  Women were not worth anything.  In China they kill the female babies that were born.  They sold them.  They gave them away.  I just watched a movie the other day about the Arabs in times past.  Women were worth nothing.  It was typifying a spiritual reality. 

The reason women are getting so many rights today, and doing so well today, is that this too is typifying the spiritual reality that the female realm, the soul realm joined to the Spirit of God, is going to have all the blessings of the male realm.  First in the natural, and then in the spiritual.  If you have pride, brethren, you probably have shut the tape off already.  You have got to get spiritual.  I am not against women.  I am a woman.  We are talking about spiritual truth here.  When God wanted to create the female element, she was a byproduct in one of His explosions.  That is who He made the earth.  He brought forth an atomic explosion and the byproduct was what was female.  Another result of the explosion was that one of His sperm left His being and was implanted in the female earth so that it could grow and become the offspring of God. 

Everybody here knows this.  The planets out there are a part of this creation.  To say that He may have done it before on Mars, that He may have done it before on Neptune, is not valid.  Anything that we have access to is a part of this creation including the worlds.  God made the worlds.  So as far as we know Jesus Christ is His first begotten, His only begotten Son.  That was how He did it.  The ashes, the debris, the garbage of His atomic explosion produced the female realm.  Now just try and be spiritual.  That does not put women down.  Let us get spiritual.  We went through this with natural Israel.  All that it says is that women in this natural realm have been relegated to a role of great hardship for centuries because God is demonstrating spiritual principals to the whole creation. 

It is the same thing as saying that for centuries there have been men who have been slaves.  There have been men who have been whipped.  There are men who have been gassed.  There have been men who have been tortured and mutilated.  The sole purpose for it is that God has permitted it as this living soul evolves.  Also it is to show men the viciousness of the spiritual realm ruled by Satan.  Women are just one of the victims of being in a fallen creation.  I hope you can hear me.  I am not putting down women.  What I am saying is that this natural creation is a type of what is happening in the spiritual.  In every unfair thing and the way women have been treated has been cruel.  Every unfair cruel thing that has happened from the abuse of women to the abortion of babies, to the slave trade, has all existed as a type for us of what happens when Satan rules. 

I hope I made that clear.  I do not know about you, but I hope that I have imparted this vision to you because it is very exciting to me of God’s desire and ability to reproduce Himself.  Jesus Christ did not come forth as a full grown man to be propelled into the earth.  He came forth as a sperm, and he is growing up, and the first manifestation of the fullness of his life in this earth was in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  I know that we have had teachings about Adam being the zygote of the human race, and God withdrew from him so that Adam could multiply into many members.  Jesus Christ is the zygote of the spiritual body of God. 

First God brought forth the natural body, and then He brought forth Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the zygote who was broken for us.  It says his body was broken for us, but I do not really want to get into this on this tape.  Yes, his body was broken on the cross, but the result of that breaking in his body was that his soul was poured out.  Bloody water poured out, and his soul was broken into the billions of pieces that are going to fill the billions of human vessels across the face of the earth, first  the natural and then the spiritual.  Adam was the natural zygote and Jesus Christ was the spiritual zygote.  The body that is the offspring of God is in the process of being formed through cell multiplication in this hour. 

Now remember the teaching on the zygote.  First cell division, God separated from Adam, and then cell multiplication.  Jesus Christ was broken into many pieces, and he is being spread out, and he is going to fill every vessel over the face of the earth.  In the natural when the sperm and the egg are joined to form the zygote, the sperm is destroyed and the egg is destroyed.  The body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth as we knew it, was destroyed.  The personality of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, as we knew it and as we know it through the Bible, was destroyed.  It became a Spirit and it is being poured out upon all men.  The original seed was destroyed.  Now it is going to appear in men across the face of the earth.  The same thing, first the natural, and then the spiritual.  The result of it is going to be the baby that will save us, that will save the living soul in child bearing.  Glory to God.

I said all that to say what the Lord showed me when I was teaching this on Part 13 of tape #38.  I said to you that God was a cell, and when that first explosion took place everything was still inside the cell.  We had God.  We had Jesus, the positron.  We had Satan, the fallout, and they were still inside this circle because God is infinite.  Then I said to you, somehow, I could not explain it to you, God turned the whole thing inside out.  He turned the whole thing inside out, and we had God the Father, and somehow we had Satan and the son out here.  I drew you a couple of diagrams.  I do not know how I drew it.  I said to you on the tape I do not understand, because I know God is infinite. 

I do not know how fallout and how the son could surround the Father, and I still do not understand it, but I do know what God told me today.  We know that He is making a garment for Himself, but I never quite thought of it this way.  God has literally wrapped Himself with the substance that is the living soul, which is the seed of His son, the sperm joined to the fallout because the two became one, and somehow even though God is eternal, He has wrapped Himself in the living soul.  We have had other teachings about the human spirit that we are becoming squared in our spirit, that this is the realm of the spirit in here, and that the natural man travels from left to right. 

The son of God is vertical, and we are becoming squared in our spirit, and that the fabric of God is within us.  Well, here is God and here is the living soul in the outer realm.  Do you see a likeness?  Here is the living soul in the outer realm and the fabric is within.  Now it seems to be backwards, but somehow we are going to get pulled back inside.  This is how the Lord explained it to me.  He has thrown the fabric over Himself and He is in the process of doing this.  When someone weaves a piece of fabric in the natural, they have a loom.  I guess it looks something like this.  They stretch the fibers from left to right.  I may have that backwards.  I keep getting the woof and the warp mixed up. 

They stretch the fabrics across like that.  This is just like a piece of wood.  It is just holding the fibers taut.  Well this is what the Lord said to me.  What is holding the fibers of the spiritual garment taut, as He weaves it, is Him.  It is Him.  I think that the first thing that is put on a loom are the fibers.  I must have the whole thing backwards.  I guess the loom must look like this.  The fibers go vertically and they are held taut for the specific purpose of fibers being woven through this way.  What the Lord is saying is this.  Now the woof of the garment, the foundation on a natural fabric, is held taut by pieces of wood. 

We have learned that the woof of the garment is the living soul, and that Christ is being woven through Him.  Well who is holding the living soul taut so that the conflicting fibers can go through the other way?  What is holding him taut?  This is what the Lord said.  He is holding him taut.  By some mystery that I cannot understand, He has wrapped the living soul around Him for the purpose of holding him taut.  He is vibrating forth from the center, and He is crossing his lines, and the result of it is going to be a woven fabric.  Did I confuse you or did I make that clear?  Let me try it again.  It may be me because I am not feeling well today.  I will try it again.

When you are weaving a natural garment, you put it on a loom.  What the loom does is that it holds the foundation threads taut for the specific purpose of the weaver coming in and weaving the warp through the foundation threads in the opposite direction of the woof.  That is how you weave a garment.  Now we know that the woof or the foundation of the garment that is being woven for God to wear is the living soul.  God said, what do you think is holding the living soul taut while I weave the Spirit of my Son through it?  I said I do not know, Lord.  This is what He said to me.  The spiritual womb does not look like a natural womb.  The spiritual womb, for the purposes of this study we will depict it as a circle, because we have been showing God as a circle just so we could understand.  He said I have thrown this living soul over me, and I am what is giving it shape.  The Lord just reminded me of this example.  Thank you Lord.  He gave me this example for you this morning.  When we were studying this in previous messages, we talked about the bandages that the invisible man used.  He threw the bandages over his face and the bandages revealed the invisible substance underneath them.  The Lord said to me for all intents and purposes what He has done is that instead of throwing already woven bandages over Him so that we could see Him, He has just thrown the threads of the bandage that go one way over Him.  He is literally weaving the garment upon Him.  It would be as if the invisible man took the threads that you would put on the loom and wrap them around his head.  You would still see something, would you not?  You would not have the idea of what the Father looked like if you saw solid bandages wrapped around His head, but if you took threads and wrapped them around His head pretty close together you would see an image.  It is my understanding that on these looms the threads are hung very close together.  He wrapped that around the invisible man and you would still get some kind of an image of the invisible man, would you not?  That is what the Lord is telling me.  He is the loom and the fabric is being woven right on Him; right on Him.  He is the loom that is holding the foundation taut.      

Congregation: I forgot what the threads were that were already there.

Pastor Vitale: I could be wrong.  I listened to an old tape and I know I had it backwards on the tape.  I believe the threads that go vertically are the woof and they are the foundation threads.

When I first taught that, I got a little confused because we know that Jesus is the foundation.  So how could you say that Satan is the foundation thread?  What I taught you on the old tape was everything is backwards, a mirror image in the realm of the spirit.  The Lord has shown me that He is everything.  He is the warp and he is the woof, and He is the foundation in the form of the living soul because there would not be any living soul without the son.  So the foundation of the garment is the son, in the first form known as the living soul, and the woof and the warp of the garment which goes this way is the glory of God, Jesus Christ, which is weaving across and giving color and life to the fabric.

We are being woven and are literally laying over God the Father.  That is how we are getting the form right from the beginning.  The garment is not being woven out there in left field and then it is going to be put on the Father.  It is being woven right on Him.  Can you hear that?  It is being woven right on Him, and He is the form.  That is how we are in His likeness.  We are being woven right on Him.  Glory to God.  Hallelujah. 

I said that the circle typifies the Father and He is the loom.  He is the hard part.  He is what would be in the invisible man.  He is the substance that is being revealed by what is being wrapped around Him, and that the garment is being woven right around Him.  That was what I said.  For all intents and purposes, He has pulled us inside out.  We were within the Father.  He has cast us out from Him, and surrounded ourselves from Him.  It is just like if you ever saw an elephant, not a very flattering example, but it is the only thing I can think of.  An elephant will take some water into his trunk and spit it out, and he will shower himself with it.  Well something came forth from the Father, and He spewed it out, and He covered Himself with it. 

If a meteor is propelled into the earth, the earth rises up and covers the meteor.  That is what happened.  He created this explosion and as a result of the explosion His son went out, and the fallout went out, and the fallout joined to the son, and there was this big explosion, and it covered the Father.  He is here, and He is in every aspect of life, but He is hidden.  The reason that He is hidden is that this creation is taking thousands, millions of years, however long it is taking, because the reality, the technicality of what is happening, is that God spewed out this creation.  It is everything that we have been teaching here for months.  God the Father is buried underneath this partially formed garment.  What He is doing is that He is vibrating forth.  He is vibrating forth.  His purpose being to vibrate forth by His Spirit to the outer realms of the earth, to the ends of the earth, to outer darkness, and to consume the whole thing.       

Let me put that on the board for you.  The Father is in here.  Now He has thrown this partially made garment around Himself in the areas where they do not know Christ, and for all of these years where they have been in total darkness.  That has been the case.  The rays, the power, the energy of Almighty God is now in the process of vibrating out beyond the garment.  It is taking thousands or millions of years to do so, but He is doing it.  He has never stopped doing it.  In His mind it is an accomplished fact, that the light that He is, shall vibrate out past the rim of outer darkness.  When He gets all the way out here, everything is going to be illuminated.  The whole creation is going to be illuminated.

We are just waiting because it is taking millions, or whatsoever years, for the Father to vibrate forth in the realm of appearance.  We know that the Father is in the son, and that there is a whole complicated program by which He is going to appear in the realm of appearance.  I hope you all know that it is the Father that is going to appear out here.  Jesus Christ is His Son, but that it is the Father that is going to appear in His Son.  I hope that we have taught enough on that that you know that.  When every enemy is put underfoot, even that last enemy death, Jesus Christ shall give up the kingdom unto the Father.  It is the Father that is going to be glorified.

So I am not going into all of these steps of the Son and the intermediator because we are just talking about spiritual physics here.  The whole world is covered with darkness.  It is because it is taking all these years for the light rays of the Father to penetrate out beyond outer darkness.  Did you ever watch a science fiction program where they talk about space travel?  They say it takes thousands of light years to get to a particular planet, thousands of light years.  Light travels in this realm of appearance very rapidly, but when you get into outer space, which typifies the realm of the spirit, light travels to our carnal mind at a slow rate of speed. 

By our scientific knowledge, if we could send men to a planet at the edge of our universe, and have them survive this would happen.  God only knows I am not a scientist.  The way I think it works is that once they get out of the atmosphere, they would stop aging, but by the time they would come back to earth, their families would be dead.  Thousands of years would have passed by on the earth.  Brethren, is that not exactly what is happening?  The energy source known as God Almighty the Father, is traveling in a medium that we could liken to outer space.  By the time He gets to the ends of the earth, thousands of generations shall have passed by.  Can you hear that?

For us here on the earth, it is taking thousands of generations, but God the Father has never stopped vibrating forth towards the ends of the earth, at which point the entire creation will be consumed in His light, and His life, and in His salvation.  He has got to get here because He left and He is going to arrive.  For us in the realm of appearance it is taking thousands of generations to happen.  Did you ever see a science fiction program?  I saw one on Star Trek where they approached this ship in space and all the people living in the ship did not know it was a spaceship.  They were generations that had been birth in this spaceship because their ancestors knew that their planet was being destroyed.  They put choice stock on this spaceship for the specific intention of deceiving them.  The entire ship was run by a computer because they knew it would be just too stressful for these people to know that they would live their entire lives out and not see the planet that they were headed for.

So all these people were living on this ship thinking it was a planet.  It was a spaceship.  I will tell you something, brethren, since God had given me all this revelation, I have moments where I cannot bear it.  I cannot bear the thought of living my whole life and dying and not seeing any of this.  I do not know that it is going to happen.  Maybe I am going to see it, but I cannot bear the possibility of knowing all these glorious things and losing consciousness in this personality that I am because I cannot identify myself as a spirit man yet.  We have talked about this.  I only know me as the personality that I am, and I cannot deal with living my whole life knowing that this glory is waiting, and me in the personality that I am now, is never going to see it. 

God blanked out the minds of men, and did not give them this information for thousands of years, to thousands of generations, because there was no hope of them even attaining to it.  There must be a hope in the near future because God is preaching it.  It was the mercy of God that He did not give these people this knowledge.  It was the mercy of God.  Life would be too painful.  He gave them the law and He said live your life.  Get married, love, raise children.  If you want a good life, here is the law.  There is blessings in this realm.  There is no rushing it.  There is no hurrying it.  There is blessings in this realm.  Obey the law and I will bless you.  Of course, we know that man is criminal in his heart, and that the large majority of people suffer greatly in this world and on this planet, and have for centuries. 

That is what He said.  He did not give them the truth.  He did not say twenty generations down the line your offspring is going to be glorified because my Son is going to join himself to them.  It would not be bearable.  It would be mental torture.  Can you hear this?  It would be mental torture.  It is just like I was talking to my 77 year old mother the other day.  She just had a birthday, God bless her.  She was telling me what it was like raising children when she had babies.  She lived in a six story apartment building that she had to walk up.  She had to take the carriage that was kept in the basement and pull it up a flight of steps.  She had to go to the market every day because they did not have refrigeration like we have today.  She had to go to the market to buy milk and bread every day, if not every other day.

She told me that they washed baby diapers.  They had to boil the water, put the diapers in it, and mix them with a stick.  All we have is pampers today, brethren.  They had to make their own baby food.  They had to boil the vegetables, mash them and put them through a strainer.  I said, Mom, how did you do it?  I think in my mother’s age they had washing machines already, although I know she used to hang wash and scrub those diapers on a scrub board.  She had to iron all our clothes, and starch them, and hang them, and take them in.  I remember after she took them in and they were completely dry, she would mist them with water to make them damp so that she could iron them.  I said, Mom, how did you do it?  She said, Sheila, I never thought anything about it.  We never thought anything about it.  That was the way it was.

Well, let me tell you something, if those women knew how we live today, they would be in agony.  They would be in agony.  That was just the way it was.  So this is the condition of the human race.  We are just existing for all these centuries waiting for the Father, who is traveling at the speed of light, as fast as He can go out there in the realm of the Spirit, and it is so slow for us that all these generations are passing by.  But He is going to get here, and when He gets here, all of the promises will be fulfilled.  Is that not glorious?

We have people handing us books saying that we belong to a cult.  No, we do not belong to a cult.  You are in darkness.  We are in darkness because God the Father has covered over your mind as an act of mercy.  But the day star is dawning, and the time for the light and for the truth of God has come to all men.  Those of us that are called at the very beginning, sometimes are having a real problem seeing how slow it is moving.  We are being persecuted, and we are being rejected, and we are being denied, and we do not have any of the glory that all the people preaching the false doctrine are having.  But when the hour comes, there is not going to be any match for the glory that He already is giving us.  The result of this glory is that our soul is dying, so we are in a lot of pain, but glory to God, we are called to a very high calling.  Any questions here?   Good night. 

11/22/12 Transcribed by MJS

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