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Today we are going to listen to an audio file of one of the rabbi’s lectures. The rabbi teaches out of a text book. I always have the book; this is the first time I do not have the book. Basically the message is about how to deal with pain.

I have been taking this course for about 3 years now. It is an ongoing course, or a series of a week’s courses that has no end. When I first started going, they were on what they called The Parashet. There is a portion of the Torah (the Torah is the 5 books of Moses) that Jews that subscribe to this all over the world read at the same time, the same day, all around the year. I really enjoyed that.

But a few months ago, the course changed. I do not know if it has changed indefinitely or not. The classes are starting to talk about life issues. The rabbi just teaches out of a text book. The organisation that produces the text book is a learning institute, The Rohr Learning Institute.

To the best of my understanding, these people are associated with the Chabad movement. They are disciples of Rabbi Schneerson who died over 10 years ago. Some of them (not all of them) think he was the Messiah, and is expected back. The rabbi that I study with says that Rabbi Schneerson said he is not the Messiah, so he is not Messiah.

This has been such a learning experience for me, attending classes at this synagogue and having the opportunity to be exposed to Jewish thought. It has been a tremendous blessing to me and it has enhanced my ability to understand the Scriptures in many ways.

But I think since the course syllabus changed and they are now talking about life issues rather than their Scriptures…

As far as I know, I could be wrong, but as far as I know, there is no creative revelation coming forth today. They study the medieval sages, and the medieval sages had very interesting, sometimes excellent revelation on the word that has changed my whole life for the better. But as far as I know the rabbis today are not creative.

The rabbis that write books write them based upon their study or understanding of what the medieval sages are saying. Again, I could be mistaken but this is my experience. I do not see any spirit of revelation upon the spiritual Jewish community.

Now, there are all different kinds of Jews. They are so splintered, it is almost a tragedy. There are so many denominations amongst what is called ultra-orthodox Jews. They do not say denominations but there are different groups. There are different groups with different practices, which makes you wonder.... I wonder if you all would be interested in keeping the laws, I am not.

How do you decide what God wants you to do? There is really no one authority, so any rabbi that stands up and says for example, that, on Passover you cannot eat bread, he is preaching the doctrine of that movement, because the Sephardic Jews eat rice on Passover.

They do not eat bread but they eat rice-they eat starch. The Ashkenazi Jews do not eat rice. If there is such a big diversion (this is my own thought), how do you say it comes from God? It is just tradition. To me, it reinforces my belief that this is just tradition. Maybe someday I would hear from the Lord as to the degree to which these laws were enforced in Moses’ day.

In Moses’ day we know that the vessels that people ate from were basically wooden vessels, so there was a practical reason for the separation, having different dishes for dairy or meat. Because not only were there wooden vessel but they did not have the detergents that we have now. They probably washed the dishes with just water.

So if you ate a piece of fatty meat in a wooden bowl, and then you put a milk product in it, it could curdle the milk. So that is a practical reason. Today, to me personally, it would be just bondage to have two different sets of China dishes that I wash in the dishwasher which sterilizes everything. So for me personally, I cannot see myself keeping this kind of law.

My whole point is.... What I am trying to get at is I have not personally found any authority in Jewry or in the Church. I believe that both the leaders of the Christian movement and the leaders of the Jewish movement are not hearing from God. They do not have a spirit of revelation to understand the depth of the Scripture.

They do not have the answers that people are hungry for. This is where Phariseeism comes in, either they sincerely make it up out of their own mind, or they want to assert the position of authority that they find themselves in. The question is who put them there?

I am talking about all pastors and all rabbis now. The question is who put them in this authority? Some of them might be sincere but they do not have the answers, and others might just be saying anything that they can lay their hands on because they want to support and reinforce the position that they are in because that is how they earn their living.

Brethren, just saying those words cause me pain. It starts in my throat and goes all the way down into my belly. It causes me pain to just say this to you. It hurts me because I have the spirit of God; I believe I have the spirit of God. It hurts me that what God has given to us should be so misused.

Even worse than that is the condition of the people that are not getting the answers from God, and how the people are being violated by religious leaders that do not answer to God and even do not hear from God. They do not have a Shepherd’s heart.

I know the Scripture says that you are not supposed to be ministering to the people if you do not have the heart of the Shepherd. That means you have to have a heart which comes from God to minister to the people. Maybe today in this world no one has the heart that comes from God. So the question comes to mind, do you leave the people without any instruction at all?

I am not qualified to answer that, at least I do not hear the Lord giving me the answer. But off the top of my head I guess the answer is, ‘no, anything that exposes people to the word of God should be valuable.’ But then they come under bondage, and become slaves to Egypt. They get wrong doctrine in their mind and they become slaves to Egypt.

The thought that just came to my mind is this (and usually when I am talking to you and I do not know the answer, and a thought comes to my mind, it is usually God that visits with us at these meetings). The answer is, if there were no houses of worship, if there were no denominations, if there were no established churches or synagogues, people would be hurting but in their pain they would cry out to God and they would hear from the God from heaven.

I believe the Lord just said to me that the answer is, his people would be better off without teachers, and leaders, and houses of worship that give themselves authority that God never gave them, and that teach people doctrines that put a shell over them , and lock them in so that when they hear the truth they reject it. You could take it or leave, that is what I just heard from heaven. The Lord would prefer it if these churches and synagogues did not exist.

These last few classes have been grating on me. First of all, the rabbi that teaches this is.... brethren they are all nice people, good husbands, and good fathers. As human beings they care about their congregation. They are all nice people. Nobody is meanie the monster. But you know about good intentions, millions of lives are wrecked on the shores of good intentions.

They do not know they are doing anything wrong. They think that they are doing a good work. They think they are doing the right thing. This is harder to deal with than somebody who knows he is a monster and knows he is doing the wrong thing, and maybe at some point will repent. But these people think they are truly the representatives of God, and that they are doing the right thing.

So we have this powerful organisation, with millions of Jews worldwide that are somehow involved. I am sure it is a money-making private institute but their doctrine comes from this Chabad movement, and these latest classes have been grading on my spirit.

I believe the people writing the books do not have the heart of God. I do not care where they are getting it from. Are they getting it from the writings of the sages? I do not care where they are getting it from. It is hurting me, and I came out of this class on Tuesday night (8 May 2012) very angry.

I am going to be honest with you here, brethren; I am getting over a bad cold. We just got back from Connecticut where we were in a spiritual warfare with a ministry that again thinks they are the representatives of God, and are very angry at me, more than you all.

They are angry at me because I dared to ask one of the members of the congregation where they were being raptured to. I do not know whether the anger is coming from there. I do not believe I was disrespectful; I just really wanted to know what their pastor had to say.

I said, Can you tell me what your pastor preaches about the rapture. Could you tell me where she teaches we are being raptured to? He did not know the answer. He said, Well, heaven, I guess. I said, Well, where is heaven? What did she teach you?

I just wanted to know what she taught. I can understand if the other party thinks I was being arrogant, but I really just wanted to know what she teaches. I am an intellectually curious person. My curiosity never rests. My whole life is driven by my mind, 99% by my mind.

I said to him, I have heard it preached that heaven is another planet. He said, Oh no, no, she does not teach that. I said, Where is heaven, is it in the sky, is it in another dimension? He did not know. As in every ministry, I am sure he reported back to his pastor. There is nothing wrong with that. I ask you the same thing. I need to know what is going on in this ministry. If something happened and I was not present, or if a visitor asked a question that you could not answer, I would expect you to come to me with that.

The pastor seemed to be unusually angry with me the last day, before we left. Maybe that is what it was, I do not know. But here is a point for good relationships brethren. I am in a position where people can come to me with questions. I have a lot of things that people can question in my doctrine.

Everyone has a right to ask me a question, unless you are trying to trap me like the Pharisees tried to trap Jesus. I was not trying to trap anybody. I simply asked, What did she teach? I wanted to know what her doctrine was. I was not trying to trap her.

You can ask me any question as long your heart is right. As long as you are not trying to trip me up and use it against me, you can ask me any question that you want. Anyone can ask me any legitimate question that they want. If I am angry at you, I am in sin.

If I set myself up to be a public teacher.... the pastor in that Church stood up in front of hundreds of people and declared that she was going to her mansion in heaven, and that she was going to get a crystal one. I have a legitimate right to ask her, Where is that? I know that my heart was right.

So, the anger might be coming from over there. It could be that I am run down.  It could be from the encounter I had with this very lovely rabbi. Before we went to Connecticut I had told him what I believe about Messiah. That I believe he is coming. Most people agree that he is coming.

They believe either there are two Messiahs, or that there is one Messiah and he is coming twice, and the first time he would come as a human being and his second coming would be as a glorified man. The Jews know that Elijah is a glorified man, they do not use that word but they know. They believe the prophets exist in a spiritual dimension. So I told him that is my belief. He got very upset.

People are upset with me, brethren. Aside from that, just preaching causes people to be upset with me. People that do not know what I am preaching would be upset with me if they are spiritually sensitive.

Who knows, brethren, who knows? I also know that there are a lot of human beings in my life that are upset with me, unfortunately. I have done everything I could to reconcile, but it takes two people to reconcile.

So people are angry at me. It could be from outside of me, or it could be that I am just having a bad day, a bad month. It is possible. I am run down. I really prayed deeply the other day and it passed which means most likely it is coming from the outside of me.  But this morning it is back again because I did not have time to pray this morning, except briefly.

What I am trying to tell you is that there is an agitation in my soul, and yesterday, I was really angry, I guess I would have to say, at the local rabbi. He is just preaching from a book, and he is as much a victim as everyone else but the problem is he set himself up as an authority. He is as much a victim as everyone else but he is also responsible as an authority. You do not preach everything you read in a book. But I guess he believed it.

To be honest with you, I question whether or not he believes everything that he teaches. I am not a 100% sure but I am of the opinion (at least 85-90%) that this orthodox Jewry (I do not really think it goes on in the Church very much) that are into Kabbalah, that truly know the secrets of Kabbalah and are meditating, are exercising spiritual powers.

I would love to be a fly on the wall (I do not want to be a flyJ) and see what they are doing, how they exercise their spiritual power. All of this is very secret.

They have their secret group (just like the Masons are a secret organisation) and they exercise spiritual powers. I know because he exercised it against me, and the Lord Jesus overthrew it. He wanted to convince me to reject Jesus and to come under the law. They think they are doing the right thing.

I am of the opinion that these black hat Jews (and maybe other kinds of Jews too, these are the ones that I am associated with right now) are very lovely people, but just like Paul said, Israel are my people, but for the sake of the gospel, they are my enemy. For the sake of the gospel he is my enemy. He is not my human enemy. He is a nice man; he has been very nice to me. But for the sake of the gospel we are not standing on the same side.

I am of the opinion, probably 85-90% sure, as sure as I could be (and I am not going to get any closer unless God gives me some kind of miracle) that these men (women are not allowed), when they get together in their spiritual meetings, that they believe things… They have knowledge of what they call the concealed Kabbalah.

There is the revealed Kabbalah that is in the books, and there is the concealed Kabbalah which I would say is probably the esoteric understanding, which is what I give to you all here, only we put it in a book. But the esoteric understanding of the Word is so veiled that even when it is in a book, you cannot understand it if you read it, you unless I explain it to you.

This is their secret lifestyle, and I am not saying there is anything wrong with it. What I am trying to get out (which I have not gotten out yet) is that they have a lot of knowledge and understanding about spiritual things very much like what I teach you here.

However, they are not giving this stuff to the kind of class that I take where everybody who is sitting there does not know their head from their toenail. Most of them do not even know anything about the Scripture. They do not even read the Bible. The class is very, very, very secular; the men and the women (except maybe one man, and I do not even know if that is true) do not have a clue.

He is talking to people that are blank slates. Do you know how dangerous this is for those people? It is like raising a child. I believe children are born with a nature but we as parents have an incredible power to bend that nature in the direction of God, or unfortunately, if so, in another direction. They are just blank slates; they do not have a clue.

I do not know what the end of this is going to be for him, he is just preaching what is in the books. What I am trying to tell you is I do not personally believe that he believes everything that he teaches. I believe that they are handling the people like you would handle children. For example when people come asking for an answer about the holocaust, his answer is that there is no answer. In other words, he refuses to discuss it. There is no answer, he says.

There is an answer for everything! One of the first things you ever learn if you study philosophy is that every event has a cause, and that there is a first cause in the universe, the will of the unlimited one. That is the first cause. He desired a visible....  The concept… I do not even know what the right word is because I cannot relate to his reality, he is not a human.

To make it simple (I may be expressing it incorrectly, maybe some advanced philosopher would tell me I expressing it incorrectly), but the first cause, the thought that resulted in this creation, is the first cause and that was God. God is the first cause, everything after that, every event that happens after that has a cause.

Do not tell me that there is no cause for the holocaust, and rebuke me. Well, this was not me; it was someone else in the class asking questions. He actually walked out of the class and would not answer the question. He said, There is no excuse for it, and I would not discuss it any further.

You cannot tell me that a rabbi who is a Kabbalist, who meditates, and who exercises spiritual power, does not even have an opinion as to what the cause of the holocaust is. You cannot tell me that because I would not believe you. So based on that, I am inclined to believe that when he tells the people all the ridiculous pabulum lying stories, that he is part of a conspiracy of orthodox Jews that have decided to keep the people children, thinking they are doing the right thing. That is my opinion.

Maybe he believes some of it. I heard him tell his children that Messiah is coming with candy. How is Messiah coming? Does anybody read the Bible here? How is Messiah coming, what is he coming with? He is coming with judgement, read Malachi.

He is coming with judgment brethren, and his coming is a good thing, because judgment is a good thing. He is coming with judgment that would cleanse our souls, which will result in eternal life and deliverance from spiritual Egypt. But he is coming with judgment.

So that is how he is talking with his children. He says that Messiah is coming with candy. My opinion is that he is speaking to adults, many of whom are senior citizens, as if they are children. It hurts me because I love the truth. I have been this way my whole life, before the Lord found me on the Jericho road, and picked me up, and dusted me off and gave me a job. I love the Jew, and that kind of manipulation causes me pain.

Anyway, yesterday, I was really angry, but I do not know if it was a godly anger or not. I am just being honest with you. All these people are mad at me, and I am run down, so my spiritual defences are weak. If it is my anger, I repent but it would not go away. So the chances are that at least part of it is not me.

I was actually thinking yesterday about Jesus going into the temple and overturning the tables of the money changers (according to the King James Version and other sister versions of the New Testament). I have always questioned whether or not he did that, and thought that there was a spiritual understanding to it. But I will tell you, I am starting to think that he might have done it.

I now have a clue as to why Jesus cried. The Scriptures says several times that he looked at the people and he cried, because the more knowledge that you have, there is nothing that you could do when you look at the condition of the people except to cry.

There is nothing that you could give them immediately. The answer to everyone’s problems is to get closer to God, and we get closer to God through a study of the Scripture. So when you see somebody that is desperate, all that you could say to them is (and I used to hear Pastor Holzhauser say this, and wonder about it) Come and sit in the meeting. Come to Church and sit in the meeting.

But people do not want that. They want a pill prescription, and immediate answer. They want hands laid on them and a quick healing. But the answer is Come and sit at the meeting. Submit yourself to God, study the word, pray. Get involved in Church, get a ministry, do something. Do something carnal. Help with the everyday running of the ministry. Sacrifice something, your time. That is all that you could say to people, because there is no immediate solution to their problem. The answer is to serve God.

If you are having serious problems in your life it is because most likely you are detached from God, and you need to mend that attachment. When we read about Messiah in Isaiah Chapter 53, the Hebrew words talk about actually being sewn back together with him.

Everybody has the same problem in different degrees. No matter what your problem is you need to get closer to God, and how do you get closer to God when the people that you look to, to help you get closer to God are lying to you?

One of the memories that kept going through my mind yesterday was this man, Jeffery. I wonder if I would ever see him again, maybe not. He came here as a business consultant, and we talked for about 15-20 minutes. He told me that there was really nothing he could do for me because the investments that they had were beyond my reach. After all that, he then asked me if I had an explanation for a child dying.

I looked at his face, he was very angry, so I guess it was his child, I did not question him. I said to him as kindly as I could, I said, It is because of sin. I could see his eyes burning in its socket. I saw that he was not manifesting so I continued.

I said (because he is Jewish), Do you know anything about the Torah? He just shrugged his shoulders, which meant he did not know anything about the Torah and did not want to admit it. I said, Well, that is what it says. The sins of the fathers would be visited upon the children unto the 3rd and 4th generation.

It was so profound. He must have been asking this question of God for years, and I hope I said to him (because I never expected it), I believe I said something to the effect that, But it is undone in Christ Jesus.

People need answers, brethren, and God wants them to have their answers. God is not happy with the Church or with these Jewish rabbis. He is not happy with Israel today, the Israel of God.

This message that he preached on Tuesday (08 May 2012) is about how to deal with pain. It is one thing to not agree with what he is saying but when he started to twist the Scripture, I think I lost it.

The Jews teach that you can understand the Scripture on 4 levels. One of those levels is that you could use it as a tool for teaching moral and spiritual principles, but you cannot change the Scripture to fit your moral or spiritual principle.

Therefore when he started misrepresenting the Book of Job, at that point I guess I stopped listening to him.  Before that I was listening intently, to learn something. At that point I just started looking forward (because I had to turn my head to look at him) listening to the rest of the bilge that was coming out of him, what he was telling these people.

I just said, Lord, I am not going to say a word unless it is you, because I knew that I had this spirit of anger in me. When I chase it, it goes away, but then it comes back. I am against it and I resist it, so most likely it is coming from someone else. But it does not matter if it is coming from someone else. If there is a spirit of anger on me and I let it make me angry, it then becomes my sin.

I said to the Lord that I am not going to say one word unless he says it through me. I poured hot coals on my tongue. I said that this is his house, this is his class, I do not have anything to say to him unless the Lord says it. I was aware that I had a very strange look on my face. I do not know how he read it. I am sitting right there so he had to see it. I do not know what it meant to him, but it was like a half smile. It was like an expression of amazement at what he just made out of the Book of Job, what he just said about Job.

The look on my face said, Really? Are you kidding? I do not know what it meant to him. The class ended, and what is interesting is that this man in the class (a senior citizen, 80-85 years old, a very nice man) comes over and starts a controversy with me.

I had given out my book, The Crime Of The Calf to several people in the class and I did not want him to be the only one that did not get one so I gave him a copy of the book. I am thinking that it is the book that is behind all this (it is all pride).

He wants to show the rabbi what he knows, and the truth is that he knows nothing. He really is an irritation in the class, even to the rabbi, because he is just pure pride. He has nothing to offer whatsoever. He just holds the class back. But he is a very nice man. So he comes over to me and says, You look very distracted today. I am studying with him for 3 years and he has never said this to me before.

When I am sick I am not as spiritually and emotionally as strong as I usually am. I want to tell you again, just in case you do not understand what I am talking about. When you are spiritual, you are affected by other people’s mind. Your mind is in an ascended place. When you are spiritual (if you can visualise this), you are like a person standing on top of the Empire State building in the wind.

Do you know that these high rises in Manhattan move in high wind? They move. When you are a spiritual person, you are like one of those high rise buildings, and you are affected by the currents. Paul talks about the movement of sin. We are affected by people’s emotions and their mind.

You have to start learning how to control yourself when you come into this state of being. I am doing my best to try to prepare you. All I could do is give you words, but you have to have your own experiences and maybe when it starts happening to you, you would remember what I am telling you.

You have to start learning to control yourself. When other people’s minds from all direction are affecting you, people’s anger, people’s sexual desire, people’s desire to drink or drug, when they are affecting you or you perceive them touching you, you have to learn how to live with this.

You have to learn how to discern between what is yours and what is somebody else’s. Like I just told you, even if it is somebody else’s, if you let it affect you, it becomes yours. Jesus said that you have to become like a little child, like a teenage person learning to deal with their sexuality.

So, I was not in my best state of mind because the cold had me down, plus all this anger was upon me. This man who starts a controversy with the rabbi in every class, every opportunity he can get (he does not think he is doing anything wrong) came over and said to me, I saw you were distracted today, and I should have never, ever said what I said to him.

I said, Well, I just do not agree with something he said. He said to me, Well, you know, a lot of Jews do not agree with the way Chabad teaches. I said, That is not what it is. Some things are an opinion. Other things are just not true; they are not what the Book says.  I made some statements about Job and the man, who probably never picked up a Bible in his life, says, You are right. And I told him, Yes, but that is not what he said. But he could not continue the conversation on that level because he has no knowledge whatsoever of the Scriptures.

So he starts this controversy (he starts controversies with everybody) telling me that it was an opinion, and I am telling him that that is not what the Book says. Finally I got a grip on myself and I broke it off. He said, This is something to be discussed over a cup of coffee. I think I said, Okay but there is no way I am going to… You do not get into a conversation with somebody like that. You have to be crazy to do that.

It was an attack on me. He did not know he was attacking me, but the higher spiritual influence which we call Satan sent him over to attack me whilst I was weak. I was weak because I was not feeling well, plus I was not happy with what I was hearing the rabbi preach.

Yesterday, I was talking to the Lord about it a lot, and I told him that if it is okay with him, I would present the audio to you today, and you can have an opportunity to see if you can discern what I discerned. Then we would see what comes forward. It cannot continue. I do not want to be a prophet of doom, but it simply cannot continue, both in the Church and amongst the Jews. It cannot continue.

Why has it continued for so long? Does anybody know? This false teaching has been going on for years in the Church, and in Jewry (going back 2 thousand years at least in Jewry).Why has it gone on this long? Why does anything go on too long? Why does false teaching go on? The answer is because nobody has stopped it. The answer is nobody stopped it!

These financially powerful organisations…. Chabad must be a multi-billion dollar operation. They have people all over the world, and in this world, money is power. The power of this world is money.

June, Ceilie and I have been watching the series on ABC, Once upon a Time. I find it very interesting to watch programs. It is very interesting to see how other people think. If we only associate with people who think like ourselves, there is no growth. We need to be challenged. We need to hear what other people think and put it before the Lord, and see if maybe we need to change, and maybe the other person is wrong.

If somebody tells me that I am thinking or doing a particular thing, and my immediate reaction is to say that it is not true, then I am a closed person. If I do not want to even find out from them why they think or say that, and instead my reaction is to say that it is not true, and that they are wrong, I am spiritually female and sealed. A person that is sealed is very hard to change, if it is possible to change them at all.

I heard a message like this from Charles Stanley once. If it is somebody on the street, if it is your worst enemy, if you are in a terrible fight with somebody and they say to you, for example, that you are dishonest, or that you are trying to control them, even if it is in the height of an argument, our responsibility before God is to ask him if it could possibly be true, and if it is true to ask him to show it to us. Do not say, God, is it true? Say, God, if it is true, show it me.

If you are not doing that, you are spiritually female and locked up in a jail of your own making. You are spiritually female. You cannot be a spiritual male with an attitude like that. If I do not like what you said, or if what you said offended me and my immediate reaction is to say that you are wrong, without looking inwards, no vision, no introspection, I say that you are wrong, that I know myself like no one else knows me, and you are wrong, then I am spiritually female and locked up in a jail of my own making.

Sometimes we have attributes that are visible to the whole world, and we are the only ones that do not see it. Did you hear about the woman whose husband was having an affair? The whole neighbourhood knew except her. The whole neighbourhood, the whole workplace, the whole family knew about it except the wife. That is how we are with our sins. They are obvious, many of them, to the whole society except us. We live in the dark dreary dungeon of lies and self-denial, with every evil work having place in our unconscious mind.

The reason it has gone on this long is that nobody has stopped it. I was telling you about Once upon a Time. One of the themes that comes up over and over again in Once upon a Time is that there is no magic in this world. There is no magic in this world. There are other parallel universes where magic prevails but there is no magic in this world. Magic is power. So what is the power of this world? The power of this world is money.

It has gone on for at least 2000 years in Christianity, and in Judaism probably more than that, more like 2500 years for the Jews. It is probably less than 2000 years for Christianity because we did have godly teachers in Christianity at some point. I do not see any of them around today. If they are there I have not seen them. They are doing this because nobody is stopping them.

Who is the only one that can stop them? If the power in this world is money, how are they going to be stopped? We live in a country with freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, how are they going to be stopped? How is this going to stop?

The people are in spiritual Egypt, Jews and Christians. They are in bondage to Pharaoh, the spirit of pharaoh manifesting in human beings. How did God stop it when natural Israel was in bondage in Egypt?

COMMENT:  He sent Moses.

PASTOR VITALE:  He sent Moses, a deliverer. He sent a spiritual authority because Egypt was very powerful. The government was powerful and the wealthy Egyptians were powerful. They had complete control over the Hebrews that were trapped in the bondage of Egyptian mystery religion. So Jehovah sent somebody with spiritual power.

When you see the kind of institutions of religion that we have today in the country, in the world, I do not see how they can be overthrown, except by spiritual power, because our governments are committed to freedom of religion. What is happening in this country today is there are forces that are trying to restrict and curtail freedom of religion, and those are spiritual forces.

Our constitution assures freedom of religion, so there are spiritual forces working behind the scene to destroy our constitution, and take away what we do have. Only spiritual power is going to take it down.

Why has no spiritual power from God appeared to take it down? Where is Moses? We need a Moses, right? Where is Moses?

COMMENT:  In Christ Jesus

PASTOR VITALE:  Where is Christ Jesus?

COMMENT:  In the sons.

PASTOR VITALE:  Is he really? So why has all of this not stopped?

Moses is in his mansion in heaven. He was raptured, and we are waiting for him to come back. We are waiting for Moses. It is not going to be THE Moses. It is going to be a man who would be imbued with the spiritual authority of God to release spiritual Israelites from their bondage in spiritual Egypt, Jews and Christians.

It is a man who is a vessel for the spiritual man who has the authority to bring this down, and you bring it down by bringing the people out. If there are no people it comes down, because all the money that they have are from people’s contributions.

I did preach that at one point, that one of the reasons (if not the reason) that Pharaoh was so incensed on not letting the Hebrew children go was that when he pulled Israel out….

There had to be Jews in Egypt, I believe, because there are physical descendants of people that came out. I believe there were physical Jews in Egypt. I just do not know that they are the kind of slaves that you see in the movies. I think they were spiritual slaves. Whatever the answer is, it is okay with me. Whether there were physical slaves or not, I do not think it affects the spiritual aspect of it and that is what I am interested in.

So I believe there were Jews in Egypt, just like there are Jews in this country. There are a lot of Jews in this country. There are a lot of Nigerians in this country. There are a lot of Irish in this country. If any ethnic group decides to band together and leave this country (and go out into the wilderness to worship their God who is going to give them their own country), what do you think the effect would be on the United States of America?

If any one ethnic group here banded together every single man, woman, child, with all their possessions, and left this country, what kind of an effect do you think it would have on the United States of America? It would result in an economic disaster. Absolutely.

So one of the reasons (if not the main reason) that Pharaoh was so incensed to not let Israel go was that they were (I believe) so powerfully spiritually integrated into the community. Whether or not they were building the pyramids, to me, is insignificant to the spiritual root that I am presenting to you right now. However they were involved in Egypt, they were integrally integrated into the country, the society, spiritually, physically and economically. The truth of the matter is that after Israel left, Egypt collapsed.

When Israel was in Egypt, Egypt was a world power. After Israel left, Egypt was no longer a world power. To understand what I am saying, it does not matter whether they were physically in bondage or not. The fact is that after Israel left, Egypt collapsed as a world power and has not recovered since.

When this man (whoever he is) becomes imbued by the spiritual man, when the spiritual man that we know is Christ Jesus becomes incarnate in the earth, he is going to liberate, by spiritual power, the people who have the soul of God, whether they are in the Church or in the Synagogue, or whether they are not even spiritual yet. He is going to draw them by his spirit, and there is going to be an overwhelming impact worldwide, not just in America.

We are waiting for the spiritual man that has the authority to do this. If it has not been done yet, it means that the spiritual man that has the authority to do it is still in his mansion in heaven, eating his spaghetti dinner (I am sure God will forgive my sarcasm).

When Messiah does appear (Messiah, Moshiach, whatever you want to call him), there is going to be an earth shaking, shattering impact upon the whole world and governments across the world.

(I did not expect to be preaching this morning, but I am pretty hot lol).

There is another issue that I put before the Lord. I do not have the answer yet.

I am sorry, this is the first time I do not have the book. If I did I would slow the audio file down and go over the Scriptures that he is reading with you. I missed 2 classes because I was away in Connecticut, and I was someplace else. Usually he changes the cover of the book after each course (it is like an 8 week course). However, when I saw the book, it was the same cover as the last month’s, and I got confused as to whether or not I had the book. I did not want to take the book if I already had one (it is an honours system), never thinking that I would be preaching on it.

He talks really fast; I will stop as best as I can and clarify things that he said, as far as the Scripture goes. But our main focus is to hear the anti-Christ in his words. I am asking you all brethren to ask the Lord to help you because you have got to get this.

We are going to be a part of the Messiah Company. We have got to get this. We have got to be able to hear the error in people’s words, in everyday conversation, in the same manner that you are all challenged to understand that every word that I say when I am under the anointing is prophecy to you.

Every word that I say that is truly coming from Christ Jesus in the midst of me is prophecy.  When I am under an anointing like this, there is not a doubt in my mind that this is the Lord speaking to you, and every word that I say is Christ. Prophecy is not the gift of prophecy; prophecy is every word that proceeded forth from the mouth of God.

This is your opportunity to practice, please ask God to help you. It is very important. You cannot just sit here for years and years doing theory. It has to start working in your brain. Ask him to help you hear the anti-christ in the message of the rabbi. He is a nice man, a good father, good husband, very kind to me. He is a nice man, and has no idea that he is speaking by the spirit of the anti-christ.

After the whole insult to God, he closed the whole message by telling these people they were God. You could have blown me away. I am not against this man; I am probably going to see him tonight. He is a nice man. After hearing his jokes so many times about (however it goes) you are going to be promoted to an angel, then an archangel then you become God (that is a joke about Christians because Jews do not believe you can become God) I am sitting there and this man is telling these people that they are God.

He did not even say gods like we are told in the Book of Psalms, Ye are gods but you shall die like men. He said, You are God. God is in you, there is no difference between you and God. He knows that is not true. How he justified saying that, I do not know. That was the crowning end of the whole message. It finished me off for sure.

He is giving people that never picked up a Bible something like that. That you are God?! Why? Why would he say something like that? That was his explanation for the pain in your life. That was his explanation for the pain in your life.

That God has a purpose beyond your immediate human needs, and it is God’s purposes that bring pain into your life. Therefore you should embrace that pain and not fight it because you are God, and God’s purposes are your purposes, you just have not figured it out yet. This was pretty much his conclusion. In other words, he was justifying pain in people’s life, justifying why God would give you pain.

Brethren, God does not give you pain. We give ourselves pain. We are fallen, we are in hell. We are detached from God, and we reap every evil thought that we sow. God does not give you pain to make you a better person. God gives you his son to make you a better person.

Then when you choose to be an animal rather than a son of God, you reap what you sow and you have pain. When you choose the animal thought over the Christ thought, that is a sowing, and then you reap what you sow. God is not causing you pain to make you a better person.

I am still mad at him. Maybe it is God; maybe he is mad at him. We are his agents in the earth. Brethren, it is never my intention to condemn you but I am trying to impart to you the urgency of you getting this. Intellectually understanding the message is not going to do it. You have got to start to function. We are all he has got, so ask him to help you, please. I will ask him too. Father, please help these brethren to start putting into practice all that has been taught them, that they might be prepared for whatever assignment you would give them as you prepare to descend into the earth to deliver your people from spiritual Egypt.

It is going to be a monumental move of God. It is going to affect the whole world order, people being joined or knitted together with God through the mediator, the only mediator between God and man, Christ Jesus. In order to be knitted together with God we have to be reaped away from the one that we are presently knitted together with.

It is a spiritual divorce. It is going to be earth shattering and life changing. We have the privilege of being prepared for it. This earth changing life shattering experience will affect everybody, those who are prepared for it and those who are not. It is much better to be prepared for it brethren.

Sharpen up your mind, ask God to help you, and let us listen to this audio. He speaks very fast. I will just tell you in advance one of the first things he says (again I apologise for not having the book). He is quoting a passage from Leviticus which talks about a man who is born from an Israelite mother, actually of the tribe of Dan. Dan is a highly spiritual tribe. This man was a Danite, born of an Israelite mother and an Egyptian father.

The Book of Leviticus tells us that he had a fight with another Israelite and that he blasphemed the name of the Lord, and that Moses was asked to hold court. I do not know what he said, but he blasphemed the name of the Lord. This is in the Book of Leviticus where God is teaching Moses about a righteous law.

In the Book of Leviticus, the solution is that the man should be stoned. That means the punishment for blaspheming the Lord was capital punishment. I want to tell you, I really seriously asked the Lord to explain this to me.

I am in God for at least 35 years. I have never paid much attention to the Book of Leviticus; it did not do anything for me. I just did not pay much attention to it. But over this past year I have been able to read Leviticus and it edifies me. I am into it where I never have been before.

But there are questions that I have. For example, capital punishment was the answer for something that the man said. When I look deeply into the Old Testament law, it is not very different from the Islamic law, and we have all these things to say about the Islamists. I am not for cutting people’s hands off. I do not see cutting people’s hands off in the Scriptures, but I see them being killed for picking up a stick on the Sabbath, or for saying something against the God of Israel. Now, we have all these Muslims running around and killing people because they said something bad about Allah. Well, there it is in the Old Testament. What do we do with this? I need to know what to do with this.

One of the things I have learned since I have been involved in this organisation is that there are elements amongst Judaism that really expect the Jewish law to become the law of the planet. They expect Messiah to appear, they expect him to be crowned King. They expect a human being born of a man and woman to be crowned King of Israel.

They expect Israel to be raised up (this is my take on it) as America has been, as the leader of the world, implementing the law of God. I believe there are forces in Israel right now that would put the whole nation of Israel under this law, but they cannot do it because there are too many secular Jews in power in Israel.

It was actually the secular Jews that were responsible for doing all the work, setting up and paying the price for this nation to be borne. It was not the religious Jews, it was the secular Jews. For that reason, there are a lot of very ultra-orthodox Jews that believe that this Israel is not of God, that it is a western state, a western country.

But there it is; what do I do with that? Jesus said he did not come to take the law away, he came to fulfil it. Well, I can understand that. When Christ Jesus is in me I would not blaspheme the Lord anymore, but what does that have to do with you, or you, or you that is living in a state or country that is governed by the Old Testament law? What does that mean? As soon as the Lord answers me, I would tell you. I really need to know those answers.

I first got a glimpse of it when this rabbi mentioned with regard to the Jewish law that that is a crime for capital punishment. I realised what I had heard, and I am told he has the highest degree that you can get in Jewish circles. They have their own courts, do you know that? The Jews have had their own courts in this country for years. If the people with the case, problem, or concern submit to that court, our law says it is okay. Just like you go to Judge Judy, you can submit your crimes to that court, but I think it is basically civil. If it is criminal… well, if no one complains to the secular authority they take it up.

Actually the crime of child molestation is a major problem amongst these orthodox Jews right now. Child molestation is very serious and there have been a lot of indictments. There are rabbis who have sexually abused boys, more boys than girls unfortunately, and I say unfortunately because it is homosexual abuse which is a very heinous crime. 

Do not misunderstand me, if a girl is raped, it is a terrible thing, but it is not equal. The crime of boys and girls being raped is not equal. They are both terrible things, but in addition to that, there is a horrible stigma to homosexual rape. I hope I made that clear.

There are rabbis who have sexually abused children and the chief rabbis are not dealing with it. But people have broken the wall of silence. There have been accusations that it is going on in that community for years and that the rabbis would not do anything about it. There are rabbis that everybody knows are guilty, and they are being covered up. One man broke ranks and wrote a book, and there is all this yelling and screaming. He went to the secular authorities.

It is horrible. They are doing the same things the Catholic Church does. In Orthodox Judaism, they have these mikvahs, these rituals baths. I saw the one at the synagogue here. It was interesting looking at the bath. It looked like something I would expect to see in the movies about the Egyptian days when people bathe together. It was all tiled, all nice and very clean.

They go ritually for this baths. Married women are supposed to go after their period is over, or after they have sex with their husbands. I do not know what the rule is for men. I think this rabbi said he goes every day. They have these ritual baths and there are little boys being raped in the ritual baths, because they go in naked.

They are boys so the mothers let them go in to the men’s side whilst they go to the women’s baths, and the little boys, on occasion, are raped. I don’t want you to think I am saying it happens every day. But it is happening, and they keep it covered in the community. They would not prosecute their rabbis.

Everything is bubbling under the surface, brethren, it is time. The Lord is going to send a saviour because it is time, and this cannot continue one second longer than necessary. I do not know how it would play out in this world, but there is a God, and he would not tolerate this forever. The only reason it is going on this long is that it is taking this long for him to raise up Moses.

It is either that he sends a saviour or he has to bomb us, kill us all, like he did with Sodom, which he does not want to do. All of this time God is working with human beings to bring forth somebody that can channel the full power of God without being physically destroyed, without being a megalomaniac, spiritually and emotionally corrupted by the power. It has taken all this time; the Lord has not been able to do it.

Is it the Lord’s failure? No, it is fallen humanity. It is more than 2000 years since Jesus appeared. Jesus was ascended so that in his spiritual state he can bring to the earth this powerful saviour that I am telling you about. But he was glorified 2000 years ago, 2000 years! With all these people in Judaism and Christianity loving God and being immersed in the word, there is no saviour yet. It is really sad. It is not God’s fault, it is us. But everything is under control.

So that is the first thing the rabbi is going to be talking about in his lecture, this situation where this man blasphemed the name of the Lord and the judgment was to be stoned to death.

Are there any questions or comments before I turn the tape on?

COMMENT:  (Inaudible)……want to get rid of some of the commandments, and just have 6 commandments.

PASTOR VITALE:  I guess the first ones he wants to get rid of: I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me (Exodus 20:2,3). 

Brethren, we are in desperate condition. Again I talk about this country because that is what I know. Our moral foundation nationally is moth eaten and collapsing. I want to tell you, it does not matter who we elect President, only God can save us. In the immediate future it would be better to not re-elect the incumbent, in the immediate future it would be better for somebody else to be in office, but for the long term, only God can save us.

Our moral foundation is completely collapsed, and we are sinking. We are sinking under the ground, just like Korah and his family sank down into the ground.

Numbers 16:32 

And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods.


Only God can save us. Did you hear that Greece just elected a Nazi in their national elections? They actually elected a Nazi. Everybody is shocked. Only God can put it together again. We have fallen down. The moral fibre of the nation has collapsed. There are pockets of individual people where it is standing but the nation as a whole has fallen.

The nation is its government, and the government is not functioning. The people we elect to go to Washington and our local representatives are not functioning. Only God can put it back together again, otherwise we are sliding into the sea.

Cohen is priest, Cohen Gadol is high priest.

The Rabbi:  And ends with an absurd story, an interesting story I should say, about a fellow who curses God, says God’s name in vain, and actually how it happened. It was a controversy where this Jew according to the commentators was and in fact if you recall in the Book of Exodus whilst Moshe was going and supervising the Jewish people seeing what happened, while it was the first time of seeing him slay the Egyptian man, and he killed the Egyptian. Why did he kill that Egyptian? It is because that Egyptian was raping a Jewish woman. So he went and killed the Egyptian. The child that was born from this woman that was raped by the Egyptian, his mother was from the tribe of Dan, and therefore he wanted to get an inheritance, he wanted to camp out with the tribe of Dan. The tribe of Dan said Jewish law says the tribe goes by patrilineal descent not matrilineal descent and therefore he tried to chase him out of the tribe of Dan which caused a big stir. They went to the Levitical court of Moses and Moses ruled correct, meaning that patrilineal descent is for tribal and therefore he does not get anything from the tribe of Dan. We will soon decide which …. But you have no right to the tribe of Dan per say…

Pastor Vitale:  Patrilineal or matrilineal descent is talking about whether you have inherited the national origins of your father or your mother. The tribal identity of an Israelite comes from his father. The legal issue here was that the man’s father was an Egyptian. He was an Israelite because his mother was an Israelite. Your mother gives you the blood. Your spiritual identity is in the blood.

If your father is a Jew and your mother is not Jewish, according to the rabbis, you are not Jewish. You have to convert if you want to be a Jew. You can be raised as a Jew your entire life, but if the blood of your mother is not Israelite blood you are not Jewish.

However the tribe that you belong to is determined by your father. So the legal issue here was that this man had an Egyptian father, which means for legal purposes he is not even an Israelite.

That is what he is saying. Moses made the right decision. The man’s mother was from the tribe of Dan, and he was saying that he wanted the legal benefits of being a Danite, an Israelite. Moses decided that he had no right to claim the benefits of being a Danite.

The man was saying that he wanted the legal benefits of being a Danite, an Israelite, and Moses decided he had no right to claim the benefits of being a Danite.

Yaakov is Jacob, brethren.

He [the Rabbi] is talking about the Hebrew letter kaf. There are all kinds of codes in the letters of the Torah. I wanted to see if it is in my Christian interlinear text.  There are all kinds of codes in the letters of the Torah. Sometimes there are dots over them. In this case he is saying that this particular letter is smaller than the other letters, and their great sages of the past have interpreted the meanings for them. These were medieval sages; there is nobody today that is being creative as far as I know.

THE RABBI:  That is the question that we are left with, that we are going to see in what this week’s Torah reading tells us. The question that we have is how do we deal with painful experiences that we have in life?

God sets for us his people, and in the words of the Talmud God speaks towards our evil inclination. As people we have faults, we have issues. That is the way we are. God created us with an evil inclination and God’s inclination. For a person to be in a certain position of stature as high priest or a Cohen or a Levite, there had to be physical implementations…

PASTOR VITALE:  Is it true that God created us with an evil inclination? Is that true? No. Does anybody think it is true, that God made us sinners?


PASTOR VITALE:  No. How did we get an evil inclination or carnal mind? How did it come to pass?

COMMENT:  Through Adam’s disobedience

PASTOR VITALE:  It is inherited sin, we have inherited sin. We are the descendants of the female Adam who disobeyed God and had an adulterous liaison with the Serpent, and we are the illegitimate offspring of the female Adam’s affair with the Serpent. The female Adam and the Serpent that she had an affair with are spiritual beings which dwell inside of us. They literally birth a house for themselves to live in.

That is what the Lord wants to do with us. He wants to marry us. He is not marrying our physical body. He wants to marry our soul and birth a house for us to live in together. The Song of Solomon talks about the house that they are living in. Our bodies are the house.

This body is a house specifically designed for the Serpent and his wife. Therefore when the divorce is complete and the marriage to Christ Jesus is complete we cannot look like this. At the very least we would have a house that is immortal. I do not know what we would look like, but we cannot look like an animal, and we would not have babies like the animals have babies. We are mammals.  The whole animal community of the planet is the product of the Serpent and the fallen female Adam. They gave birth to a child which is our nature, which we call Cain, and to the whole environment that the child and the whole household (the mother and father) dwell in.

They gave birth to not only this planet, but this whole universe, and the individuals in it, the animal population, the insect population, the human population. We are all the environment in which the female Adam and the Serpent and their spiritual offspring Cain dwell.

They used the substance of God that Eve contained. Eve was… I should not even say Eve. The female Adam was built by God with the potential to reproduce. That was the commandment that was given to Adam, go forth and multiply and fill the earth. She gave her reproductive force to the Serpent.

Think of it this way. The female Adam had one egg. She gave it to the Serpent and he joined his spiritual essence, the Zohar calls it spiritual filth, with her ability to procreate, and they produced us. That egg cannot reproduce anymore. It already has brought forth. That is why fallen Adam needs to receive the female seed as well as the male seed from the father, because we are the married female Adam. She is joined to her offspring and the environment that they all produced. We are all stuck together, and her ability to reproduce is non-existent because her egg is used. That is why God has to give us a new female seed before he can give us his male seed.

When he gives us his female seed, then he will give us his male seed then he will marry his own female seed, and we would be changed from the inside out, but not without pain. Birth is painful. Once you fall birth is painful. It has to do with mind and nature and everything that we know ourselves to be; mind, nature, personality. We are going to be radically changed if we survive, if the personalities that we are now survive.

What will surely survive is the soul in the midst of us. The soul in the midst of us is the present day condition of that spiritual reproductive egg that the female Adam had, and that belongs to God. The reproductive force of the woman and the reproductive force of the man, the male and female Adam, are the substance of God.

That substance or soul or souls will be cleansed in the Lake of fire, whatever that means. But we the personality and the body are temporary formations of the clay. That is the truth. Every time I hear someone, especially a clergy person, say that God made us like this, it is like a knife in my heart.

Do you realise what that is saying about our God? That he made people, he desired people… Did you hear about the man he was talking about? The man was blind and a complete amputee, no legs, no arms, and blind.  And God did that to him? That is the suggestion behind the whole thing. God wanted to develop you spiritually so he did that to you.

You have to stop and think about what you are saying about God. The problem with people including the clergymen is that people want answers. How come we are in this condition? How could something like that happen? Either you are a sinner, or God did it to you, so we are going to choose that God did it to us because we are not sinners, right?

We are in a program that challenges us to look into the depth of our being and deal with the filth that is there, because what is in the deepest part of our being is the filth of the Serpent that I just mentioned to you. it is living inside of us.

I am encouraging you, begging you to not be like these people who say that there is nothing wrong with them so if it appears that there is something wrong with them, it must be God. You may not be saying those words. You may not be blaming God verbally, but if somebody suggests something to you and you are not willing to look into it, and your immediate reaction is, oh, no, that is not true, that is what you are saying. God is guilty, not me.

That is what you are saying to the person who, with good intentions towards you, says they see sin in you. You say, oh, no, you do not understand. You are saying that the person who is saying that to you was not speaking by the mouth of God, and if they are speaking by the mouth of God, you just said that it is God’s fault because you are okay.

You have to get this, brethren, it is very important. You have to get rid of that pride that is horrendous pride, serious major pride, and we are out of time. We are out of time, brethren.

He says that the high priest is the only one that can combat evil and he is the only one that can destroy an evil inclination. That is what we are told about Jesus. Is that not interesting? We have a spiritual high priest, his name is Jesus.  Jesus in us is Christ Jesus.  

Also, as far as I understand, the reason why someone who was physically imperfect could not serve as a high priest is because (this is hard, everything is correctible in Christ Jesus, but this is the truth) physical impediments are curses. They are the result of curses. We have to hear that and live with it without condemnation.

There are all kinds of curses in this world:’ family line curses going back possibly hundreds of generations. If God forbid you produce a child that is not perfect, that is a tragedy, but God can use it and do give the person a valuable life, and the parents who are hurting because the child is imperfect can experience spiritual growth as a result of it.

However, the truth is there is a curse operating on the family line for an imperfect child to be born and that is the reason that you could not be high priest. In the days of national Israel you had to have a degree of spiritual perfection to minister from the most holy place. That is why it took years of generations of Israelites under the law, before God called forth a human being called Jesus of Nazareth.

He was the product of centuries of generations of people serving God under the law. The result of that was that God brought forth someone who was spiritually and genetically pure enough to tolerate the experience that he was called to have.

If he was not pure, he would have been killed by the experience. We are in a similar position. I have been preaching my heart out to you for years. We are under grace, that we are studying these things and are being helped by it, and not hurt by it. But if we do not continue on in the process of purifying ourselves by looking at our sins, we could arise to a place where everything good that has happened so far can be nullified and we would be cast down.

This can happen if we are keeping anything in our hearts or if we are refusing to look at it, either knowingly keeping it in our hearts or refusing to look at it when it is revealed. We are ascending on this doctrine and we cannot take our carnal mind up there with us. It will result in the death of the carnal mind, and the carnal mind is attached to our body.

If we bring any part of our old nature into any particular level of the God world that we are ascending into, when the judgement falls on our sin nature, we can be hurt very badly, even unto death. Our body and our sin nature are one. Some people they say go insane. I do not want to scare you but I am telling you the truth. That is the truth. That is why we do not have many people coming here right now.

Brethren, I just got this revelation just the other day. Christ Jesus is actually coming into existence as I preach this word.

COMMENT:  Do you want this turned to you?

PASTOR VITALE:  XXXX do not ask me a question please. If you want to ask somebody you ask XXXXX. You do not ask the person who is preaching.

Christ Jesus is actually coming into existence as we preach this word. Just as with a human baby, the flesh is being laid over the bones of the child. The spiritual flesh of Christ Jesus is being laid as this message is preached and as we get the height of the revelation that will bring him into existence. I do not know what that revelation is because he is not here in power yet. He is here in word, but he is not here in power.

It is either there is a degree of revelation that we do not have yet, or there is another revelation we do not have yet. This Calf revelation is very high, and I really believe that it is bringing judgement on the Church. I am re-doing the book again. The Lord just ripped almost the whole thing apart; there are major changes. When I get it the way he wants it, he is going to appear in power. Maybe there is another revelation beyond it, I do not know.

When I get what I am preaching to you right, he is going to appear in power. We are literally speaking him into existence.

Did you hear that? I think that either he was blocking it or he just does not understand that a human being can have the nature of God. Did you hear that? Someone asked him, which is more important, the high priest who has to have a perfect body or the priest who does not have to have a perfect body. The answer was, you are supposed to be who you are and I am supposed to be who I am. That was the answer but that was not the question.

He said himself that we are in the image of God, and then he switched it. I think he just does not understand that we really have the potential to be in the image of God, although, if I am hearing the Lord correctly, no, that is how he could say at the end of the program, you are God. He is believing that everybody is in the image of god in our imperfection. The Lord just corrected me on that. That is what he is preaching. That is what Willy Hinn was preaching. The man had 2 Churches; both of them were shut down.

Willy Hinn was preaching that whatever you think, that is God. We had some people coming here whose daughter was in Willy Hinn’s Church in California, and she was telling them that she wanted them to come to California, and everything I think is God, so that means you have to come. They were in a conflict because they did not feel to go. And here is their daughter telling them that everything she thinks is of God; that is what her pastor teaches her, so they should come.

That is a disaster waiting to happen. That is witchcraft, to go to somebody and tell them, my thoughts are the thoughts of God so you have to do what I want. That is the same thing as someone who has the gift of prophecy or someone who hears from God going to any… A lot of the pastors in the spirit-filled Churches have to deal with this problem of people hearing thoughts and going to other people in the Church and saying you are supposed to marry this one, you are supposed to do that, you are supposed to take that job. It is witchcraft, brethren.

It is witchcraft. When you become spiritual you really have to be careful about that, because we have thoughts from the other side. That is one of the things we do here. You must learn to distinguish between the thoughts of your carnal mind and your Christ mind. You must. If you do not, you will eventually lose the Christ mind, because your carnal mind will kill it. It is not a punishment. Your carnal mind will kill Christ in you.

That is why we have to listen to whatever anybody says to us, and try the spirit on it. Do not throw anything away. God can speak to you in little sentences. The more spiritual you get the more your mind expands in that way. You become much more aware of people’s motives, and everything going on around you.

We really need to get going on this.

THE RABBI:  This is the brilliance that we see in the next part of the Torah reading that we read today.  The next part of the Torah reading where we spoke about the 5 holidays, the calendar year, is a blueprint that the Torah is telling us of how we confront the painful experiences in life.

In other words, if we are to look at this week’s Torah reading, it is very well structured. The first part of the Torah reading tells us the issues, the dilemmas, the painful experiences, while the second part of the Torah reading is going to tell us the approach, not the answer.

I want to underline and underscore and bold in every type of way that this is not the answer to painful experiences. Any person that tries to answer you in any painful experience should walk off the building, because there is no answer to our painful experiences. But there is another approach that we can take for every painful experience. There is another way that we can look.  

PASTOR VITALE:  Did you hear that? He says that there is no answer to painful experiences. That is the same thing as saying there is no answer to the holocaust. There was no cause for the holocaust. There is no answer to your pain. There is no answer to death. God has just deposited you here and you have to make the best of it.

Do you understand that that kind of a statement is blaspheming the name of the Lord? To say something about the Lord’s character that is untrue is taking the name of the Lord in vain. I do not think we should go around saying curse words but the real taking the name of the Lord in vain is to misuse his name. Thus says Jehovah, there is no reason for death or pain. There is no reason for it. On the other hand this is the way I made you.

That is what he teaches. There is no explanation for death or pain but this is how God made us. Does that not make God responsible for our death and our pain? Is that not a logical conclusion?

It is starting to get hairy. There is a big irritation here, where it is coming from.

THE RABBI:  And every type of painful experience that happens in life, another perspective that gives us a way, so to speak, to alleviate and to focus, instead of the pain,  on something greater. Therefore let us take the 5 festivals which are mentioned in the second half of this week’s Torah reading. And they said 5 festivals that are mentioned we can call the 5 step program for alleviating pain and suffering. To deal with that handicap, the psychological wounds, financial stress and sense of insecurity. Let us go through the 5 festivals. What is the first one of the festivals? It is the festival of Passover, Pesach. The holiday of Pesach is compared to the birth of the Jewish people. The holiday Pesach celebrates the birth of the Jewish people, as God says, as we see in text #7a.

PASTOR VITALE: He is talking about Job and this is where he completely misrepresents the Scripture. We will take it slowly. You can raise your hands at any time and I will stop the audio.

Mary I am sorry I yelled at you, but please do not talk to me when I am preaching.

THE RABBI:  He had every bad thing imaginable happen in his life. He went through every tragedy, he went through every issue that you can ever think of, happened to him. He went through every misfortune, everything but being killed. At a certain point he probably said he had wished to being killed. He suffered miserably.

PASTOR VITALE:  Does anybody know if Job said that? Did Job say he wished he would be killed? Does anybody know how that Scripture was just misrepresented? His wife said curse God and die. It was not Job. Job never desired to be dead. Did he not know that? I do not know.

Did anybody pick up what was wrong at that point/ Let me repeat what he said. He said Job’s question was why all the suffering. Is that an accurate portrayal of the Book of Job? Does anybody know? Was Job in any place in the Book wondering why he was suffering? What was his issue?

He was complaining that he was perfect and that God should not be doing this to him. Job’s sin was pride because he was saying, I do not deserve this because I have perfectly kept the law. We are told in the Book of Job that he most perfectly kept the law. He kept the law perfectly. Therefore he could not understand why these things were happening to him.

He was not a human being in the world that had pain and wondered why he was having pain, or why his mate died. What is this mystery of pain and death in the world? That is not what he was saying. He was saying that he was keeping the law perfectly, why has God not protected him. Can anybody not see the difference?

He was indicting God. This is exactly what we talked about the last time I stopped the tape to comment. If there is no answer for death and there is no answer for pain, but in the previous sentence you are telling me we are in the image of god and God made us, draw a conclusion.

Job drew this conclusion and he decided that God is the one causing him all of this pain and he could not understand why, because he was doing everything God told him to do. He really was not complaining about the pain. He was complaining about God being unfair to him.

It is a complete misrepresentation of the Scripture to say that Job did not understand why he was having pain.

If you read the Book of Job, the whole Book, both from Job and from his 3 friends (we can all live without his 3 friends who were condemning him), they were all saying the same thing. Sinners deserve this to be happening to them. This should be happening to a sinner. This should be happening to someone who did this or who did that, because God is great, God is in control of everything therefore if God forbid you lose a leg you just must be a terrible sinner because God did that to you.

It is subtle but it is essential, and this is where a teacher of God comes from, to help people understand the subtleties because the carnal mind indicts God every time. The carnal mind puts God on trial and finds him guilty and punishes him every time.

Does he not know what he is teaching here? I do not know. He has a carnal mind. I do not know. Is he just twisting the Scripture like this to make his point? What is his point? His point is, we have pain, we have death, and you have to think in another direction. There is a complete denial of the emotions involved. He is saying that it is all how you look at it. He is saying that you should intellectualize pain. Brethren, it does not work to intellectualize pain.

Of course, neither is self-pity worthwhile, but there has to be a middle ground. People that have experienced a loss or have experienced betrayal or some kind of pain have a wound. They have a legitimate wound in their soul, and if you are someone who loves them, a friend, a relative, a pastor, the thing that is okay with God is to show them compassion, not sympathy, not pity, but compassion. I recognise that you have a wound and I am genuinely sorrow that it happened. If there is anything I can do to help you recover please let me know. And that is the end of it.

There was a time in my life that I was deeply seriously wounded and I wanted to talk about my wounds all the time, I wanted to go on and on in them. The Lord got me out of it. However, it was not good for me that I found people who would listen to me. A person who is not in that same state can only take so much.

If you go to someone like a therapist, they will let you talk about it and hopefully make comments that will help you to deal with it, not give another perspective that denies the situation. I lost my mate, and I have this pain, but God really put me here for another reason. No, no. Yes, I have the pain. Yes, this is life, I have the pain but I am going to go on with my life and I am going to find things to do to go on with my life. We do not to ignore the pain and look at it in another perspective.

The difference is very subtle. When your mind is on the wrong side, you are condemning God. When your mind is on the wrong side, you are taking the name of the Lord in vain, and that is a serious crime that we talked about at the beginning of the message. The Bible says that you should be stoned to death for it. Death is pronounced on the carnal mind for many reasons but for this reason in particular, that the carnal mind condemns God. That was Job’s carnal mind (it may have been his physical wife but more likely than not it was his carnal mind) saying curse God and die.

The carnal mind condemns God continuously and therefore the carnal mind must die, but only Christ Jesus can kill her. Until that execution takes place, we the personality (or if we have Christ to help us it is wonderful), must struggle with her, and argue with her. If someone comes to us and they are in self-pity or are getting some kind of a release by talking on and on about it, it is our responsibility to tell them it is enough, you have to go on. I am sorry that you are hurt, but to focus on it is destructive to you. You have to go on.

I went on like that for years. I have had major deliverance in my life, but I went on and on like that for years. It was not every minute but I was willing to talk negative about the pain in my life or the people that hurt me constantly. Maybe if I had somebody tell me that it was enough and say that they would not talk to me about it anymore, it would not have taken as long.

On a couple of occasions after I first came to the Church I had people walk away from me, but I did not know why they were walking away from me. I did not understand why. Nobody would tell me, that is enough. I am sorry that you are hurt. If you want me to help you understand what happened, I would do that for you. I will help you to understand your own emotions. I will help you to understand why you are upset.

Sometimes people do things to us and it is subtle. We do not know that it is envy operating or pride operating or hatred operating, or control operating. We do not understand. We just know that we are hurt, and we do not know what to do with it.

We do not want to be in self-pity. We do want to look at it from another perspective and go on, but we hurt. In my case anyway to understand the wound helps me. When I understand that that person that never stops smiling at me was really very jealous of me and wanted my job, and a spiritual knife went out and stabbed me, that really helps me. 

I will say to you, I believe from what you told me and from my discernment and the spirit of God in me that that is what happened to you, so let us pray to take the knife out, to heal the wound, to forgive the person, and now go on with your life. I will do that for you. That is a big thing for me.

When people do not understand where the pain comes from they just cover it over and then it festers and turns into some disease later on in life. I will help you to analyse it. I will help you to understand what happened.

If I perceive that there was some guilt I will pronounce it, although that is hard when you only hear one side of the story. I will help you to understand your own reactions, if you are responding out of pride, if you are responding out of anger, or if you are responding out of envy. Now you have to confess your sins and work on yourself. That person that hurt you already did it, or even if it is an on-going thing, we cannot control other people. We can only control our own reactions to what other people do.

We need to be right with God. I just yelled at one of you. It does not matter that what she did was wrong. That does not justify me yelling at her. So the Lord convicted me right in my seat, and I had to apologise. She has to deal with God as to what she did but it is over between us. But I have an issue with God; I manifested on camera, and I cannot say that it is because I am not feeling well today. It does not matter.

It is between us and God. He is giving us his nature and in his nature is power, and we cannot wield his power, justifying our sin. I cannot say that because somebody said something that they should not say, then it is okay to for me to yell. It is not okay for me to yell, and I need to know that. it is between him and me. That is the main issue, it is between him and me and the nature in me. That is the main thing.

Let us move on. It gets very subtle here. If you want me to do anything over again you can raise your hand, but I will stop every time to show it to you as best as I can.

Did you hear that? What did I do to you or God that you should do this to me? I had somebody who calls for prayer call me just about a week ago. She is not a member of the ministry. There are a lot of things going wrong in her life.  She used to be a member of the ministry, she just would not submit to the studies. She called me up and asked why all these things were happening to her.

What do I tell her? God never told you to leave. God told you to come back, you would not come. What am I supposed to tell her? She is saying to me, why are these things happening to me? Why did God not protect me? That is what she said to me. Why did God not protect me? That is what Job is saying. Why did God not protect me?

You need to know and I need to know that if God does not protect us it is because there is sin present. And we need to find out what that sin is and ask him to grant us repentance so that we can clear this mess up, whatever your issue is. Do not walk around with a wound. It has got to be cleared up.

If someone continues to be angry at you or resent you, the answer is to pray for them. The Scripture is clear. Get your conscience clear, get before God and make sure that you have no hard feelings towards them, that you are right towards them, and if you are still feeling the pain you need to pray for them and your pain will go away. You may have to pray every time they put it back on you; you have to pray. You have a problem, someone is resenting you or angry at you. This is the warfare that will save your life.

What is this man talking about? What is he doing to these people that know nothing to start with? My position is that he is misrepresenting Job. Job is pretty much saying that if God is not for me I might as well not be alive. At one point, I think he said that things were never any good for Job, but at the beginning of the Book of Job, Job was prospering. Everything was wonderful. Everything was wonderful in his life. And according to his carnal mind, one day, for no reason, God started doing all these terrible things to him.

My life is worthless. If God is not going to bless me after I serve him like that, why am I even alive? That is very different from saying I do not know about God, but why are these things happening to me. It is very different, radically different.

Did you hear that? Why is God allowing innocent people to suffer? Nobody is innocent.

The rabbi says friends come to tell Job each time something bad happens to him that he probably did something wrong. He asks if that is what you want to hear when you are suffering.

It is a sowing and reaping judgement. It is the subtlety of it again, brethren. We did do something wrong for Satan to have power over us. If nothing else we have an inherited sin nature. But that does not justify us going to a hurting person and condemning them. Jobs friends condemned him. They said that he must deserve it. There is no hope, no encouragement, and no deliverance for him. They said that he must be bad for all these things to be happening to him. That is not the right way either.

The right way is, yes, there is the sowing and reaping judgement. There had to be a legal ground for this to happen to you but cry out to God, perhaps he will have mercy on you. Cry out to God perhaps he will have mercy on you. We deserve everything we get but thank God, mercy is present. Mercy is available through God.

It is also very important to know that God takes no pleasure in our pain. That is what it means when it says that Jehovah repented when he brought the flood that he ever made man. He was not saying he was sorry that he made us; that is not what the word repent means in that context. It means that God was grieved that he made us and this is what has happened to us.

It says in the Book of Isaiah, I gave you everything. I made a creation, I gave you a garden to live in. I put every kind of food you could want in the garden, and I put you in the garden. I planted you and I fertilized you and gave you every good thing. And I looked and I found weeds in my garden. Did I not do everything that I could do to bring forth a cultivated plant?

Isaiah 5:1-4

1 Now will I sing to my wellbeloved a song of my beloved touching his vineyard. My wellbeloved hath a vineyard in a very fruitful hill:

2 And he fenced it, and gathered out the stones thereof, and planted it with the choicest vine, and built a tower in the midst of it, and also made a winepress therein: and he looked that it should bring forth grapes, and it brought forth wild grapes.

3 And now, O inhabitants of Jerusalem, and men of Judah, judge, I pray you, betwixt me and my vineyard.

4 What could have been done more to my vineyard, that I have not done in it? wherefore, when I looked that it should bring forth grapes, brought it forth wild grapes?


So there is something wrong with us. But God takes no pleasure in telling us that there is something wrong with us. He gives us information.

When I was a young preacher and naïve in a lot of ways, when I saw someone manifesting, I would say to them, you are manifesting. To me, by saying that to them I was trying to help them. I was saying, get a grip on yourself, understand that this is not really you, you are manifesting.

But every time I said that to someone they got insulted. They thought I was accusing them or attacking them or wanting to hurt them. Nobody understood me. God is not accusing us when he tells us that that happened to us because of such and such. He is telling us that that is the cause of it, something you did; something you did today, something you did 20 years ago. Something your parents did, a family line curse.

Take that information and use it. Say, Lord, I am sorry, would you have mercy on me and deliver me from this judgement. I do not believe that he ever says no to that kind of a petition. I understand that I did it. I understand that my ancestors did it. I understand the sowing and reaping judgement is righteous, but right now I am in trouble. Is there anything you would have me do? What must I do, because I am hurting? Will you have mercy on me, please?

That is not what Job’s friends did. Jobs friends told him that he deserved it. At the end of the Book of Job, we are told that a young person comes forth. I am the young person. It is not talking about your chronological age. I am the spiritually young person. These rabbis have a lot more knowledge than I do but they do not have THE knowledge that counts.

A young person comes forth in the Book of Job and says, do you not understand that God is great? His mercy endures forever. Do you not understand he is not capable of hurting you for punishment sake? Who do you think created the universe? In other words, there has to be something wrong with somebody to condemn God.

The first time I ever met somebody that was mad at God, it amazed me. It amazed me that anybody could be mad at God, but since that time, being in the ministry over the years I have met several people that are mad ta God. To me it is irrational to be mad at the only force in the universe where you might find help. You are mad at God?! However, there are people that can be mad at God. It is in my whole family: they are mad at God.

I guess it is for this reason, whatever it is in me, that God picked me. Certainly I am not perfect, but in the depths of my torment I only cried out for mercy. Of course he made me all that I am. I am not taking any credit for it. I cannot even imagine being angry at God, how foolish.

That is the end of the Book. The young man with the spiritual wisdom comes to him and says to him, you are in a lot of trouble blaming God, do you want to finish yourself off? If you want to finish yourself off, blame God. No, you have to humble yourself and ask him for mercy, and you will receive mercy.

If you humble yourself, you can plan on receiving mercy. That mercy may not take the form that you are looking for, but mercy you will have and it will follow you. It will fall on your family. I am just amazed. Who in their right mind is mad at God? Probably people sitting right in this room, I do not know. It just amazes me that somebody could be mad at God.

Let us get on with this.

I do not know how long this is going to go but I cannot let this go. He said that God did not tell him that he did anything wrong? Why would God not tell him that he did something wrong? Why was God silent on him? It is a miracle that God answered him.

Why would God not answer his question? You cannot tell somebody that they did something wrong when they are convinced that you are the one who did something wrong. You cannot tell somebody that they did something wrong when that person is convinced that you are the one who wronged them. To put it in another way, you never try to justify yourself to the carnal mind.

If you are in Christ, you do not have a conversation with the carnal mind. The carnal mind will condemn you. So God did not answer him. I do not teach the carnal mind. If you come to me in a right spirit I will work through anything with you. I will discuss anything with you so long as you are in a right spirt and you are not asking me to do something ungodly such as dwell on a particular issue that I feel not to dwell on.

He is just off and running. What he is saying is just completely wrong, from the get go. God knows whether he knows what he is doing or not.

Is that not a rebuke? He is saying that God does not rebuke men, that God is not telling Job that he did anything wrong. Is that not a rebuke? He just read it out of the Book. Who do you think you are that is giving this dark counsel. Where were you when I created the earth? So God is rebuking the man. Is there any difference between specifically saying this is what you did wrong and saying who do you think you are? Jehovah came with judgement.

These people that his is teaching do not know anything. All they know is what he is teaching them, that Job is innocent. Of course there is no explanation as to why Jehovah would be rebuking him if he is innocent, because the level that they are at (I am not putting them down as people) their mind does not catch it. The level that they are at, they are not asking the question. Is that not a rebuke? Their mind is not even catching it.

What he is saying, is that the issue is not your suffering. The issue is that you have a call on your life so do not look at the suffering, do not ask any questions, and do not even try to get rid of it. Think about why you were born; think about the call on your life and no other issue. That is what he is saying. Does anybody hear it differently?

Do you hear this? There is no answer. God admonishes you and there is no answer. He is making it illegitimate for anybody that attempts to answer the question why we die or why we suffer. These people now have a shell of false doctrine on them. Anybody that is influenced by this kind of teaching would reject the answer.

I personally had the privilege of giving the answer to the man that came to me. He did not like my answer but he received it. He did not like my answer but I could see the release on him.

With this false doctrine, if someone who is suffering for years were to be sent to someone who has the answer, they would probably reject it, saying, That rabbi over there told me so and so, and I picked what he said. There is no answer to the mystery of death?! There was no death before the woman sinned. That is the mystery of death. The woman sinned and she died and we all died with her. I can say it in one sentence. What do you mean that nobody knows about the mystery of death?

What are you talking about? You are talking from a pulpit, under the authority of a man of God. What are you doing to these people? It is such pride, such arrogance to think that you can control people like that. You would not talk about anything unpleasant with them. You would not talk about holocaust. You will not talk about death. You would not talk through a problem. You would not talk to someone who has a different belief than you do.

There is a name for what you are, and it is Pharisee, and God sent someone two thousand years ago to shut you up. I am not just talking about this man; I am talking about everyone that he represents, the whole religious system. The Lord is going to take you down, every single person that is preaching this dribble to people who are truly, honestly seeking answers.

Your days are numbered, at least the days of your authenticity. I do not know what God is going to do but at the very least, he is going to expose you and show that you are a counterfeit to the people. I am not pronouncing any harm on these people. God will expose that you are a counterfeit to the people who are truly seeking answers of his truth. You are counterfeits.

That is what Pharisee implies. God never set you up. God never gave you any authority. You are not speaking his word. You are guilty of blaspheming the name and the reputation of God, and that is a very serious crime.

All you people that are tiptoeing around and you would not say hell, or damn, or some word like that because you think you are taking the name of the Lord in vain, but this dribble that you are pumping into the heads of innocent people that do not know any better makes you guilty of blaspheming the name and the reputation of God.

This is a course that is taught all over the world right now. They all do the same thing on the same day on the same week. This garbage is being preached all over the world right now.

You see, I do not know. I looked at him and I smiled. It was all I could do not to laugh. You have to understand that these people do not know that they are doing anything wrong. They are secular and they are ignorant. Here he is in a rabbi’s class giving him a priest’s philosophy that is not a Jewish philosophy. It is a New Age philosophy. Doing what the rabbi does is not easy. Let us see what he says.

Of course that is what this rabbi was saying, but it is not the same thing. He does not deal with the issue. It is not the same thing. The priest said in general there is no death. This is the New Age teaching today, that there is no death. The body dies, the soul moves on. There is a whole rash of movies coming out of Hollywood, maybe 5 years ago, with this theme, the body dies, the soul moves on. There is no death just a change of position. But there is a death.

There is a death of the body; there is a death of the personality. Even the soul that moves on experiences death, he died to this experience. You cannot make light of death. The last enemy to be dealt with, we are told in the scriptures is death. Death is an enemy, do not make it light to me, that my body died and my soul just moved on to a new environment, halleluiah.

Death is an enemy, and the last enemy to be defeated by Christ Jesus is death, then we enter into eternal life. If death is okay, what do we need eternal life for? Why is there a promise of eternal life in the Bible if death is our friend, if we are just dying to this carcass and moving on? Why would Jesus say that he who believes in me shall live forever?

Anti-christ messages are subtle. There is such a need in the world for people who could talk like I am talking. That is what you are in training to do. There are people who you could talk to like this one-on-one. Who knows what God would do in the future with regards to talking to a large number of people? I do not know. But this false philosophy that is pervading the whole earth is blaspheming the name of the Lord.

It is breaking the second commandment which says thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain. The first commandment is you should have no other gods before you, and the next commandment is you shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.

His name is being taken in vain everyday with false philosophy and false opinions about him, and false descriptions of who he is, and untrue attributes being imputed to him. He is crucified every day. He is violated everyday by this carnal mind that is in fallen man, and it would not go on forever.

It would not go on forever. He would be vindicated. We can desire vindication out of a spirit of pride. With God it is not a spirit of pride. It is a spirt of truth. The truth about him should be made known. When the truth is made known, the lie would eventually fade away.

The way the Lord reveals his truth is through us. We are walking, living epistles. How we react to people in the crisis, when we are not putting on a front, is important. That is why he is giving us his nature, so that we do not lose it. He is giving us his nature so that we can be perfect, so that people will believe that there is a God, and that there is hope of deliverance from every problem that fallen mankind experiences.

He wants his reputation back. The Lord wants his reputation cleared. He has been slandered maliciously. He wants his name to be accurately understood and appreciated.

The rabbi is saying that once we accomplish everything we have done in this world, we can move to the next world.  That too is false. Eternal life is in this world. Eternal life is in the visible world. The visible world is in the flesh. All judgement is given onto the son of God in the flesh. This world and the people in this world must be worked upon until they reflect the nature from their inner most beings, of Christ Jesus, the son of God.

To depart from this world is a defeat, unless God calls you back for a specific reason like Elijah. I am not sure why Elijah was called back. We know why Jesus was called back. It was so that he could become glorified and come and incarnate in us. Moses was called back because he did not take the full victory. That is a good question to ask the Lord, why was Elijah called back. My guess would be at this point that Elijah had to be glorified before Jesus was glorified. I believe that they are the 2 witness, Elijah and Jesus, and they are coming back with a new name, Christ Jesus. They are coming back and appearing through us to clear the name of God, the reputation of God amongst men.

God has no image? The Scripture clearly says that man is made in his image. So how do you draw a conclusion that God has no image? He quotes the Scripture that says we are made in God’s image and then he says that God does not have an image.

The image that God does not have is a visible image. He does not have a form. I do not believe it says anywhere that God does not have an image. He has no form, but he has an image. His image is his nature. We are made to have his nature. So what is he talking about? Does anybody get anything out of that? It is just confusion to these spiritual babies sitting there.

He made one little statement that we are made in God’s image and now he is talking for 5 minutes about how God has no image. What is being put in these minds will become the defences that need to be cut away when the truth comes.

Do you have something to say?

COMMENT:  I think he was saying, because he was legalistic…

PASTOR VITALE:  In what way?

COMMENT:  …about the law that says do not have graven images, and God was not talking about that.

PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, he was talking about a visible image, but if God says that you are made in my image, then he has an image.

COMMENT:  His personality, his goodness…

PASTOR VITALE:  His attributes. Then he is saying we do not have an image either. We do not have an image? If you think about me, you do not have a particular quality that would come to mind? It would be most likely that I teach. You all do not have an image? You do not have something that you would be identified with? For instance, everybody here is very faithful.

What is he talking about?

He is saying that we are like God. We have no image. Can you make sense out of that, out of what he is talking about? We have no image, in other words, we do not have to be known that we have to be joyful or we have to be sad, we do not have any image, we are like God. God has no image.

What is the over-riding characteristic of God? He is righteous! What do you mean God has no image?!! He is just. He is the only source of justice in the universe. He is just.

Did you hear what he said, that God is not the same every day. I do not know about you but my Bible says, I am God, I change not. What is he talking about? This man reads the Torah continuously. Did he never read that? It is either something is really wrong with his knowledge, or he is completely twisting the Scripture to make his point.

Over a year ago he preached about Pharaoh from the Book of Exodus, and he just did not make any sense. I did not want to fight with him so I yielded, and said okay. He said, no, no, no, I want you to leave here understanding. I said, well, I have a very logical mind, and what you are saying to me does not make any sense to me. He said, well, maybe not a 100%, we will say 98%.

What he was saying was not intellectually accurate and he had to back down. I know I was in the right spirit, I did not want to fight with him, but I said that it does not make any sense, so he backed down.

How do you tell people this when you have no answer for the holocaust? How do you tell this to a Jewish person, that they have nothing to worry about when the world is filled with anti-Semitism today and it is growing, and we had the holocaust about 60 years ago? What are you doing? Are you in fantasy land or something?

Before I came to this movement I had heard from a different group that the reason the concentration camps were in Europe and not in other parts of the world-I am told there were no concentration camps in Morocco for example-is that it is the Sephardic Jews in the Middle East and the Ashkenazi or European Jews in Europe, and the story that I read was that the rabbis from the Sephardim, the Sephardic rabbis, sent messages to the Ashkenazi rabbis years before Hitler arose. They were Kabbalists and they saw a great evil rising and they begged the European rabbis to educate the people in Kabballah believing that if your mind is immersed in Kabballah it is a protection. I received that and even preached it from time to time. It was an answer, people want answers.

The European Jews were secular, carnal, integrated, and that evil rose up in that place where they were not tied closely to God. The fact that they are in synagogues every day or the fact that they wear black hats or long beards or keep kosher does not mean that their soul is knitted together with God.

I believe God requires me to believe that every Jew whose soul was knitted together with God somehow escaped. It is a terrible thing if you say of someone’s relative that they were not close to God because they were burnt in an oven. You cannot do that. You cannot say it; you cannot think it. But we still need to talk about it. Many escaped; many escaped however it worked out.

I do not see how you can tell somebody that they are safe in God’s arms without addressing the issue of the holocaust. This movement debunks that theory, that that happened in Europe in general.

There are always innocent people that get swept away. If the father is a drug addict and gets into trouble, it affects the wife and children. I have told you this before. If he spends all of his salary and there is no food it affects the family. Only God can figure it out to the detail why this one got burnt and not that one.

I do not even want to look at that. I am looking at generalities. That is the best that I can do. From what I understand there were Jews killed in the Middle East but there were no mass graves and people getting burnt.  As the story goes, the chief rabbi, I think of Morocco, when he knew that the Germans were coming, he drew a line in the sand and did some Kabbalistic ritual and said that they would not pass this line. It was right at that spot that Patton defeated Ramon. That is what I heard.

I had embraced this teaching, especially seeing what Kabbalah has done for me. From the day I came to the Lord he promised to heal me, but the truth of the matter is the healing did not start until the Lord brought me into Kabbalah. It took 13-15 years for him to prepare me to study Kabbalah, because as I tell you all the time, everybody cannot study Kabbalah.

That was when my healing started. It is a powerful spiritual discipline that can kill you or make you alive. This is what the Sephardic rabbis were telling the Ashkenazi rabbis, that they need to educate their people in Kabbalah because they see a great evil coming in 50 years (or whatever) and the European Jews would not do it.

They were probably teaching them the same dribble. And here is this rabbi, doing the same thing right in the full blown image of the holocaust he is telling these people to feel safe and with the anti-Semitism rising in the world, just know that God loves you. You do not have to do anything. You do not have to study the Scripture. You do not have to do anything, just know that God loves you and you are safe.

Who are you talking to? What kind of idiots do you think you are talking to? Right there in that room one woman-I do not know what her personal story is, but she is all involved in the holocaust, she is always reading books about the holocaust. She is the one that was really pressing him for answers that he actually walked out of the room. He would not discuss it with her. He said, there is no justification for it, and walked out of the room. Now he is telling her to just feel safe and fall back in God’s arms. Who is this man talking to?

Is there no consequence for a message like this? There is possibly a consequence through this preaching.

He used to preach on the Scriptures and I liked it. Now that he is preaching this philosophy I am getting more and more incensed every month, because he is not qualified to preach philosophy.

I will fast forward to the part that he says you are all God because you (talking to a particular disciple) have to leave in 10 minutes.

He says that God is your essence.

He says that you are not surrendering.

He is saying that we are God, one with God. We do not have to surrender, we are it. That is what he just said, no surrender.

The rabbi says that there is no answer to pain and suffering. I say that the answer is sin!

The part that you heard was him saying that you do not have to surrender to God. You do not have to surrender to God because we are God. He actually said those words; you are God, not gods. You are God. There is no difference between you and God so you do not have to surrender, just feel safe.

This is unconscionable. This is unconscionable. We have played it, we have judged it. He is in God’s hands: there is nothing that I can do. We will see. I do not think God is going to do anything immediately but we are his eyes and his ears.  

It is not just this man. He just represents the philosophy of this Menachem Schneerson who died 10 years, and who many think is Messiah. They think he is Messiah on the basis of the millions of followers that he has. But you cannot be Messiah with a mind like that, I am sorry.

I understand that the man did a lot of writing, he did extensive writing, but if that is the spirit, I do not care if he wrote whole libraries. He may have helped a lot of people on an everyday basis in his life time, but he is lacking the core. And that is what we have. We do not have their incredible knowledge but we have the core or the key.

They do not have the core. What they have may be good today for a particular type of problem, but in the long run, what they have is worthless. That is what Paul was talking about, ever learning, ever learning, but never coming to a knowledge of the truth.

God bless you.

04/25/15 Transcribed by MML

04/25/15 1st Edit MML

05/01/15 Final Edit MJS


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