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-- "we buy bread that these might eat?" And I suggest to you that the Lord Jesus Christ is setting up His disciple, Phillip, because Jesus already knows the answer. Jesus is the Son of God; He is the man who is the Son of God. He has all knowledge, so why would He be asking a question that He knows the answer to? Whenever someone asks you a question that he knows the answer to, the reason for it is, number one, to see if you know the answer and, number two, if you do not know the answer, to stimulate you to think and to try and find the answer. So we see in chapter 6 a device or a technique that Jesus uses to teach, which is different than the parable, and as I started to explain to you, there are certain foreign phrases that have been incorporated into the English language, and I do not that I gave you one a couple of services ago, and I cannot remember what it was. Has anyone ever heard the expression, déjà vu?


Anybody? It means -- does an- -- what does it mean, somebody?

            Does it not r- -- mean --


            -- you feel like you are reliving something?

Celia has the micro- -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

            I have been there before [CROSSTALK]

Yeah. That is what it means, to have been there before, and it is used to describe a supernatural experience that some human beings have. They will walk into a room or into a town where they have never been before, and they will have a kn- -- a feeling or a knowledge that they have been there before. So some people who are into spiritual things will say, well, you must have been there in a past life or some such thing. And the expression we use to describe this spiritual experience is déjà vu, meaning already seen, so that word, that French word déjà vu -- actually, it is two French words. You can find that in the English dictionary, OK.

Another expression such as that is double entendre, which means doubly heard or twice heard or double meaning, OK. Now the double meaning is different than the parable. With the parable, Jesus tells you a story, and it is a story symbolizing spiritual things, but we will see in chapter 6 that Jesus uses the -- in French, it is double entendre. The English [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- pronunciation is double entendre, if you have no French accent at all, and it means double meaning. So I am going to suggest to you, and I am going to try to show you that Jesus' instructions to His disciples to feed the 5,000 -- which in reality did take place. I believe there were 5,000 men who received natural food to eat, but at the same time, I will show you how they also received spiritual food to eat and how they received spiritual ministry. Jesus was instructing on two levels.

Now in the parable, the story that is told is a fantasy. There was a husbandman. He planted a garden, and woke up every morning and looked to see if there was fruit in his garden. It is a fantasy; it is a make-believe story that has a meaning, but a double entendre occurs on two levels. These men actually were fed, and they actually were fed supernaturally, but at the -- with natural food. But at the same time, something spiritual happened to them; they had a spiritual experience, and, Lord willing, I will be able to show it to you. Glory to God.

So we see Jesus setting up Phillip. Have you ever heard me say the Lord sets me up? The Lord sets me up all the time. The Lord will set you up, but every time He sets you up, His motive is righteous. He either sets you up to learn something, or He sets you up so that someone else should learn something, or He sets you up so that sin should be exposed in somebody else. God sets His sons up, but His motive is always that which will produce something godly at that -- as they say, in England [?and Nigeria?] at the end of the day, when the whole thing is over, something godly will have come out of it. But God sacrifices His sons all the time. He lets them get hurt so that someone can get saved all of the time, and if you think God does not do that, you are mistaken, so you should pray about it because He does it.

So Jesus says to Phillip, all these people -- there is 5,000 men out there. Now, remember, 5,000 men come out with 5,000 wives and 10,000 kids. It was a whole bunch of people there, OK. How are we going to feed these people, and where shall we buy bread that these may eat? We are told in verse 6, "And this He, Jesus, said to prove him, Phillip." Right there, Jesus set him up. "And this Jesus said to prove Phillip: for Jesus Himself knew what He would do. Phillip answered Him, Two hundred pennyworth of bread is not sufficient for them, and every one of them may take a little."

OK, I want to jump down here. Verse 9, one of his disciples says, "There is a lad here, he hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?" "Jesus said," verse 10, "Make the men to sit down." Did you ever wonder why Jesus said, "Make the men to sit down"? It sounds like an old-order service. Who cares if you eat standing up? I do not care if you eat sitting on your head. Why would Jesus say, "Make the men to sit down"? Maybe that is where we get so many old-order ministers thinking that it is a godly thing to tell people to stand up and sit down and raise your hands and sing now and do not sing now, which is very grievous to the spirit of a lot of people who have Christ. It grieves my spirit; I cannot bear it. I have been known to walk out of services for that kind of thing. It causes me pain. Do not tell me when to raise my hands and when to put them down. How could it be a true praise if you are saying to me praise the Lord and I say praise the Lord, and you say raise your hand and I raise my hand? What kind of a praise unto God is this? You are a robot, and maybe they get it out of a Scripture like this.

So let us see what Jesus was really saying here when He said to His disciples to tell the men to sit down. "Make the men to sit down." I am going to jump ahead to the next sentence. "Now there was much grass in the place. So the men sat down, in number about five thousand." Now why would the Lord mention that there is grass in the place? Do you think if He had it in His head to make them sit down it would have made a difference if there was grass on the ground or if there was dirt on the ground? Every detail in this book means something. Does anybody remember what grass symbolizes in the Scripture, anybody?

            It represents us and the carnal mind.

Not the carnal mind. Grass is the symbol for the life of God inside of the carnal man. It is the beginning of the life of God. What symbolizes the fully maturity of the life of God in a human being?


A tree.

            I was going to [?say that?].

A tree, the tree of life is the symbol of the mature life of God in a man, but for those of us that the life of God is just flickering in us, that life is characterized by grass. We have a whole series. We have a three-part series.


It is called "Grass," OK, and we are not talking about marijuana; we are talking about grass, right. And we found out that there are several different words in the Hebrew in particular -- I am not -- I do not really recall about the Greek -- that are translated grass. There is three different stages of maturity of grass, and it is the most mature grass that has seed within itself. It is able to reproduce itself, and this ties right in with the teaching this morning. The grass that has seed within itself, when it dies, it scatters its seed on the earth, therefore assuring that the next generation of grass will arise. So we as human beings, many of us have human offspring, thus assuring that when our bodies wither up and die, that the earth will continue to be populated. So grass is a type of the life of God; it is the most basic, the most immature manifestation of the life of God that can appear in a man.

So the Scripture tells us that there was much grass present, and I suggest to you that if Jesus was ta- -- or if John, who wrote this book, was talking about natural grass. There was no reason whatsoever for him to put in the book that there was grass present. I mean, who cares? I am suggesting to you to you that John was saying, of the 5,000 men who were present, many of them had the beginnings of the life of God in their heart; many of them had grass, spiritual grass, in their heart, OK. Jesus was talking to spiritual men; that is what the Scripture says.

"Now there was much grass in the place." I did not look up that word place. "So the men sat down, in number about 5,000." Let us speak about the number 5,000. Five symbolizes what?



And does anybody remember what the number 1,000 means? It is a tough one. The number 1,000 symbolizes the human spirit in full stature, OK. And how does the human spirit arise into full stature? She joins with the Spirit of God. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit, so we see that the grass that was present in the men of Israel was the type of grass that symbolized the s- -- the grass that had the seed within itself, the maturest measure of spiritual life that was available to Israel at that time, OK. They had an imputed Christ, and I want to suggest to you that they ha- -- they were on fire for God and that their spirit was reaching out for God and that the Christ in the man Jesus reached out and touched them and formed this imputed Christ in their heart. I want to suggest to you they were not walking around all day with an imputed Christ, but they had a fire for God in their heart that led them to the Lord. And when their spirit cont- -- when His Spirit contacted their spirit, an imputed Christ was formed.

Do you remember the teaching from 1 Kings 19 with Elijah, how he was sent to the sons of Israel, whose hearts were hard towards God, who were worshipping Baal? And Elijah went to them, and the -- by the power of the Christ which was in his mind, he joined his mind. If it was ungodly, it would be called mind control. He joined his mind to their spirit, and he caused a temporary, imputed or temporary, manifestation of Christ to form in them. And as soon as that temporary manifestation of the mind of Christ formed in them, then they start thinking with the thoughts of Christ. And I suggest to you that the reason Jesus did this was that He was going to give a spiritual teaching, and you cannot understand spiritual things with your carnal mind. You cannot understand spiritual things with your carnal mind.

So Jesus reached out by His Spirit and touched the human spirits of the men that had come to hear Him. An imputed mind of Christ was formed, and what we are saying is Jesus gave the ability to these men to understand His spiritual teaching. That is what we are saying. Now, remember, if we go back to chapter 5, Jesus is upbraiding the Pharisees, and He is saying to them -- for example, in verse 38 -- well, in verse 37 He says, "The Father Himself which has sent Me has born witness of Me, but you have never heard His voice, and you have never seen His shape." You do not know that it is the Father in me. That is in chapter 5, and I suggest to you that Jesus had the same ability to give the Pharisees the imputed mind of Christ so that they could have recognized Him, but He chose not to. He made a conscious decision to not give that gift to the Pharisees. Why? Because He discerned that the motives of their heart was not towards God but towards selfishness and towards personal gain.

But these men that were on the grass or that were out in the field, wherever they were, following Him, that really wanted His teaching, He discerned the motives of their heart, that they were not out to trip Him up. They were not out to make Him fall, but they really wanted what He had to offer, and He met them in the spirit. His Spirit reached out and met them, and He formed this imputed mind of Christ in them, thus imparting to them the ability to understand, and the Scripture says there was much grass there. Can you hear this? There was much grass there.

So we see Jesus' totally different reaction to two categories of people. One category had a hard, selfish heart that was seeking to kill Him, and them He let remain blind, and He rebuked them. The second category were the common people whose heart was really panting after God. Them, He met in the spirit and gave them the ability to understand Him, and I suggest to you that the same thing is happening in the church today. It is impossible to understand the deep things of God. It is impossible to understand this doctrine of Christ unless the Lord enables you by opening the eyes of your understanding. And in this hour, He is confounding the wise of this world. Who? The Lord Jesus Christ. He is cofounding the wise. He is confounding the PhDs in the Bible college, and He is giving an ability to understand the doctrine of Christ to the common people who could probably not even afford to go to Bible college. He is bringing those who have exalted themselves -- He is bringing them down low, and those who are low and meek and crying out to God, He is exalting in His Spirit, and I suggest to you that is exactly what is happening in chapter 5 and chapter 6. Glory to God.

"Make the men to sit down." The Greek word translated sit really means recline. Now you might know, in the Old Testament and even today in the Arab world, when men eat, they eat in a reclining position. I do not know how they could do it. It turns me off, but they eat reclining. They have -- I do not even know what they call them, but they eat, like, leaning on their arm in a reclining position. If you see any of the movies about ancient Rome or anci- -- I am not too sure about Greece, but ancient Rome, that is how the king ate. He was lying on his -- on one arm and eating with [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- with his other arm. Or if you get the right movie, you see some concubine feeding him a grape or something, and he is lying on his arm. That is how they did it.

So this word, sit down, it means to recline. It does not really mean to sit down; it means to half lie down. Well, what does all that mean? I looked up the word, to recline, and it means -- it can also me- -- be translated to prostrate. It could mean to prostrate, which means to lie down flat. In other words, in some societies, in some kingdoms, a man would stretch out, spread-eagle on the floor in front of the king, and that is called prostrating yourself, and that was an acceptable greeting to the king. This word also means to be overthrown.

Now I remind you of our message this morning speaking about Jesus putting His soul -- His carnal mind down very low so that Christ could be exalted in Him so that the seal could be changed on the adulterous woman's soul, OK. And I suggest to you that that is what this Scripture is talking about. Jesus said, "Make the men to prostrate themselves." Make their carnal minds to go down very low so that Christ might come up in them, that they might receive of the manna from heaven and understand.

This word that is translated sit but really means recline, it can also be translated to overthrow, and I would like to remind you of the Scripture which says, "He who endureth to the end shall be saved." We did an Alternate Translation on that verse in some other series, and we found out that the word endure can also be translated overthrown. We translated that verse, "He whose soul or he whose carnal mind is overthrown shall be saved." Salvation is only in the overthrow of your carnal mind and the exaltation of the mind of Christ.

So I suggest to you, when Jesus said to his disciples, "Make" -- now He did not say tell the men to sit down. He said, "Make the men to sit down," so what the Lord was saying, by the spiritual power that I have given you, cause these men's carnal minds to be utterly prostrated. You may recall me telling you that when you sit in a meeting like this, if you fall asleep and you cannot keep yourself awake, that it is very possible that it is the Christ in me that is causing your carnal mind to prostrate itself in front of the Christ which is coming forth from me. And I have told you that Christ in you is supposed to be opening your eyes, so if Christ in you is not mature enough to open your eyes, then you go to sleep in the meeting because the Christ in me has utterly crushed or overthrown or caused to be prostrated your carnal mind. OK. Everybody OK?

Jesus said to the disciples, "Cause the carnal mind of the men whose human spirit is in full stature, cause the carnal minds of the men who have j- -- whose spirit has joined with My Spirit, cause the carnal minds of the men in whom an imputed Christ is present to have their carnal minds utterly prostrated." Now let me point out to you that the condition that we here in this meeting are in today is that we do not have a carnal mind which is utterly prostrated. We have a carnal mind which is manifesting simultaneously with the mind of Christ, and at every given second, one is predominant, but it is a continuous back and forth, and the carnal mind is never com- -- or unless you are having an unusual experience, the carnal mind is never completely prostrated.

And this condition of having your carnal mind completely prostrated is the condition that the prophets were in. That is what happened to Daniel when the Spirit of the Lord came to him, when the angel came to him to give him the prophecy that eventually became the Book of Daniel. We are told the angel came and utterly crushed and caused to fall down his spirit so that -- his carnal mind, excuse me, so that there was no chance of an error coming forth in the prophecy. And we found the s- -- John giving the same testimony when he wrote the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. The angel of Christ came to him and utterly prostrated his carnal mind so that there was no error of mistake in the writing of this prophecy.

And that is what happened to these men on the field. It is not our condition now, although maybe someday the Christ in me will be strong enough to do that to everybody who is sitting here because in the hour that the Christ in me is strong enough to do that for the people who are sitting here, you will understand everything that I preach to you. I do not know whether you will understand it with your eyes closed or not, but I do not unders- -- really would not know what manifestation to expect. But in the hour that Christ in me is mature enough to cause your carnal mind to utterly prostrate itself, OK, you will hear everything that -- and understand everything that I am preaching, OK. So Jesus gave a great gift to these men that came. These were the common men. The Pharisees He rebuked; the Pharisees He upbraided; the Pharisees He showed up, and He exposed their evil hearts, OK. But these common people that came to see Him, them He gave the gift of Christ; He gave them the gift of understanding, OK.

So Jesus said to His disciples, "Make the men to sit down by the power of Christ that I have given to you," because we know Jesus gave His disciples power to do what, anybody?

            To cast out devils [CROSSTALK]

To cast out devils and to heal the sick, so the disciples had an imp- -- they had an anointing, OK. So Jesus said to His disciples, use that anointing that I have given you to prostrate the carnal minds of these men because there is much grass here. I have joined to their sprit, and I have given them a manifestation of the life of Christ that will enable them to understand this teaching. Is that not exciting? I find that very exciting.

OK, verse 11, "And Jesus took the loaves; and when He had given thanks, He distributed to the disciples, and the disciples to the hem that were set down; and likewise of the fishes as much as they would. And when they were filled up, He said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost." That con- -- that verse, and it appears in several of the Gospels, always -- I always questioned it. I know Jesus wastes nothing, but to gather up the fragments, it just did not quite sit right with me. So I believe it is very possible that Jesus did gather up the natural fragments, but there also a spiritual significance to that, and I would like to share that with you.

Oh, there is something else. I missed something here. Let me back up a little. In verse 12, OK, the beginning of verse 12, "And when the men were filled, He said unto His disciples" -- that Greek word transferred [sic] filled, it is Strong's 1705, and it means to be inflamed. It can be translated -- it can also mean filled, but it can also be translated to be inflamed, to be swollen. It is used of the human body to express being swelled up from the bite of a viper, and I suggest to you that the spiritual significance of that is that the mind of Christ was formed in these men and that they increased. They swelled up spiritually. Jesus was the new leaven that was added to their souls, and it increased their spirit; it expanded their spirit.

And you may recall that we have a couple of teachings, Alternate -- a couple of Alternate Translations in the Book of Revelation. One that is coming to my mind right now, although I cannot tell you what verse it is, "And I" -- and John said, "And I heard the sound of human spirits expanding into full stature," so Jes- -- at this point, OK, the disciples caused the carnal minds to prostrate themselves, and the spirits -- the human spirits of these men expanded as Jesus and [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- perhaps the disciples too, I am not really sure -- joined with their spirits, and their spirits expanded. And their ability to comprehend spiritual things were manifested.

"And after that, Jesus said, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost." The Greek word translated gather means to join in one. The Greek word translated fragments means broken pieces, and I suggest to you that the broken pieces was that which remained after the carnal minds of the men were broken apart. Now remember the whole principle here: For Jesus to impart even an imputed mind of Christ to these men, the carnal mind had to be broken down. The human spirit had to be freed up from the carnal mind in order for the Spirit of Christ to join with her and form that imputed Christ. So the pieces, I suggest to you, are the pieces of the carnal mind that were broken up, OK.

"Gather up the fragments that remain." The -- "that remain." The Greek word translated remain, in the interlinear, it is translated leftover, and when I looked this word up in the Greek, it can also be translated over and above or abundance. And I suggest to you that Jesus said let their carnal minds be broken in pieces, and let that which is above, meaning the spirits of men, that which is above, that which is over the other parts of the carnal mind, let her be joined in one with the Christ because Christ is not divided. So if all of the carnal minds were broken up, that which was above, the human spirits of ever man when they joined with Christ, they were all one. They became one loaf or one bread; Christ is not divided. Is everybody OK? OK.

"Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing should be lost." And the word translated lost means perish. I suggest to you that Jesus was saying gather these men's spirits into a union with the Christ, which is in Me and in the disciples, so that when this an- -- so that this anointing abide and not perish, that this anointing not go down when Jesus finished preaching. So just -- He was telling His disciples do something that is going to cause the human spirits of these men to continue to abide in Christ, even after Jesus finished preaching.

I suggest to you He wanted to give them what John the Baptist had. He wanted them to be a burning and shining light. He wanted them to go home with that anointing, even though it was not in a form whereby they could impart it to somebody else, neither was it in a form that would raise them from the dead. He gave to these men a manifestation of the mind of Christ that I believe stayed with them, possibly for the rest of their lives, and somehow the disciples were involved in it because the Scripture says Jesus gave to the disciples, and the disciples gave to the common people. And we know that, in this hour, Jesus -- the Lord Jesus Christ is in the minds of the second generation of Christ, and He is giving to us; He is giving to me, and I am giving to you. And many of you are already administering what you are giving to others.

So Jesus said let the carnal minds of these men be broken up. Let that which is high of the carnal mind, the human spirit, be joined to the single mind of Christ, OK, and let it not be lost. Let this anointing abide upon them; let it remain on them. Is everybody OK? Gather up the fragments, and let it remain. And I do not doubt for a second that this happened in the natural too, but there is definitely a very significant spiritual meaning beneath it. Hallelujah.

Verse 13, "Therefore they gathered them together, and filled 12 baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves, which remained over and above unto them that had eaten." I remind you that the number 12 is the number of God's government, so they -- when they gathered together, when they gathered all of the spirits together, all the human spirits of the men that were now in Christ, we find that God's government was formed. They filled 12 baskets; God's government was formed.

So when Jesus walked away, He left men who had God's government in their heart, operating in their heart. He left these men behind them. Now we are told that when Jesus was raised from the dead, that there were 500 witnesses. Where did these 500 witnesses come from? They would have to be 500 witnesses that would recognize Him in His resurrected form. Remember, He was not walking around looking like Jesus of Nazareth. So there had to be at least 500 men who had enough of the mind of Christ to recognize the resurrected Christ, and I believe that these men were raised up by Jesus Himself before the crucifixion through this and similar experiences. Is everybody OK?

And we see the same thing on another level today. If you watch the most basic ministries on TV, they will tell you that they are going to -- into foreign lands, and they feed the hungry, and they give them medical care, and then they give them the Gospel. OK, it is not as subtle as it was in the Scripture, but they are really doing the same thing that Jesus did. They are feeding the poor and hungry, attending to their needs and opening up -- them up spiritually, and they are doing it on the level that they can be doing it on, OK.

Jumping down to verse 26, Jesus speaking, "Verily, verily" -- does anyone have any question on that area before we go on? OK. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye seek Me, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled." "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye seek Me, not because you saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled."

Jesus is upbraiding, OK, now the common people, and He is saying to them you are not coming after Me because of the miracle of what I did for you in your spirit that I enabled you to understand the deep teaching. All you want is the carnal food. That is what He is saying to them, and there is nothing wrong with wanting the food. There is nothing wrong with wanting your needs met. There is nothing wrong with it at all, but Jesus said that is the only reason you want me. He said you really did not even care that I gave you this spiritual experience, or maybe you did not even know what I did for you. Maybe you thought that you understood the spiritual things in your own strength. That is what He is saying to them.

And then He goes on to tell them, verse 27, "Labor not for the meat which perisheth, but for the meat which endureth unto everlasting life" -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

"Labor not for the meet which perisheth, but for the meat which endureth unto everlasting life." So Jesus is saying are there, you know, I have given you two kinds of food. I never used to understand that. I thought, well, He was just giving an example out of the blue, but what Jesus is saying to them is I gave you two kinds of food. You got a double portion: You got natural food, and you got spiritual food, and you are just running after me because you want the natural food. Can you not understand that the spiritual food is more valuable than the natural food?

And we see the same thing in the church today, people running after the Lord and the things of God, many of them because they want the blessings of this life, and there is nothing wrong with wanting the blessings of this life. No one wants to be poor; no one wants to be homeless; no one wants to be hungry. You want your needs met, but Jesus is clearly saying that the spiritual blessings are much more valuable and should be desired more than the natural food. Now I wish that I could live that. You should only eat to sustain your body. You should only take what you need to provide shelter, and the entire thrust of your life should be to obtain the spiritual blessings because life eternal is not in this food that we eat. God might give it to you, but there is no eternal life in it, but there is eternal life in the spiritual food.

And all of us are on a path. I know I am well on the path, although I am definitely not there, towards seeking only that my immediate needs are met, and beyond that, that all that I want is spiritual things. I am not there yet, but I am headed for it, and I know things that used to be important to me are not important to me now. I know that this life of Christ that has been revealed to me, I need it, that I cannot live without it, that I do not want to live without it, that there is nothing that I would go for if it would jeopardize my walk with the Lord because I know what my life was like before He received me, and I know what my life is like now. And I have tasted of His goodness and His faithfulness and His love for me, and anything that would weaken my relationship with Him is poison unto me.

Paul said that he counted all the things that he obtained in this world as dung, that he should know the power of the resurrection of Christ. And there is nothing wrong with desiring the power if the power that you are desiring is the power of God and if you are willing to pay the price of receiving it, that -- if you are willing to get it legally. Jesus said I want you to have power. He said, "Behold, you shall have power when the Holy Ghost comes upon you." He wants you to have power, but you have to meet His standards. You have to obey His rules and His regulations. So there is nothing wrong with desiring power as long as you are willing to follow the rules that the Lord has outlined. I want power; I am not satisfied with what I have got it. I want it; I want the whole thing, and I am not willing to go for anything that will jeopardize it. My emotions might want something that will jeopardize it. My flesh might want something that will jeopardize it, but my Christ mind, which is in control of my life, will not go for anything that will jeopardize my walk with the Lord

So Jesus is rebuking the common people. Now the -- now He rebuked the Pharisees. The rebuke to the Pharisee was that you are just a religious hypocrite, pouring through the Scriptures day and night, and when the real thing stands in front of you, you cannot even recognize it. The common people, He has a different rebuke for. He tells them all you want are the miracles; all you want is your Cadillac; all you want is your new job. Well, and you cannot really blame someone for wanting a healing, you know, so I will not include that one. But all you want is your comfort. What about the spiritual things? Now, remember, when He rebuked the Pharisees, He never said to them what about the spiritual things; He just rebuked them and wrote them off. But the common people, the ones who were truly sons in their heart, He corrected. He said you just want the carnal things. What about the spiritual things?

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, You seek Me, not because you saw the miracles, but because you did eat of the loaves, and were filled." Verse 27, "Labor not for the meat or the food which perisheth." That is the food for the natural man, "but labor for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life." That is the spiritual meat that He enabled these men to have by His miracle-working power. "But labor for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life," the meat which will propel you or the food which will propel you unto the life of the ages, the food that feeds your spirit and, "which food the Son of man shall give unto you: for Him hath God the Father sealed."

Now I remind you of the teaching this morning. Jesus is the Son of man. He is the only human being ever born of a woman whose mind was male because His Father was God, and every other human being ever born of a woman in this world is female because all you guys, including me, have a father whose name is the --



-- devil. Your daddy is the devil. You are not in the image of God. You are in the image of your daddy, the devil. So Jesus tells us, in verse 27 the Son of man has the power to give you everlasting life. Now if you can give -- if you are the Son of man, why cannot you give everlasting life? [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

-- fantasy that you have to wait until your body dies to reap the benefits and the promises of the Scripture because the church today is the son of the -- is the daughter of the devil. They are the daughter of man, but Jesus said the Son of man, the one whose Father is truly God, Christ, wherever He is appearing, He has the power to raise you from the dead and give you eternal life because, "Him hath God the Father sealed." The Son of man is sealed by the Father. What does that mean? He is in the image of the Father. The Son of man, Christ, is in the image of the Father. Everyone else is not. Now you do not get into the image of the Father by saying you are in the image of the Father. You do not get in the image of the Father by wearing a long, black dress. You do not get in the image of the Father by wearing a dove pin, by taking your makeup off or doing any other religious work. There is only one way that you get into the image of the Father, and that is by having the image of your daddy, the devil, erased from your soul.

And the [?way?] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE] sin exposed. You must have your spiritual heart cut open. You must be exposed, bare to the bone. You must confess your sins. You must repent, and your soul must be seeded with the life of the Father, which is found only in the Son, and then you must go through the painful pregnancy of the Christ being formed in you and standing up in full stature, then encountering the carnal mind and defeating him just as David defeated Goliath.

It is a war, and it is a war of long duration. It does not happen overnight, but the end is life everlasting, complete deliverance from all forms of torment, emotional, physical and spiritual torment, deliverance from all forms of lack, complete satisfaction in every area of your being, 100 percent of the time of your existence, complete satisfaction. You shall be filled to such a point that you shall be overflowing with satisfaction, to the point that you will be able to touch other people's lives. Brethren, we hurt because we are lacking. Our emotions hurt because we are lacking fulfillment. Our spirit hurts because we are lacking. We are separated from God. We hurt because we lack. That makes us spiritual women.

But when our husband marries us and joins Himself unto us, we shall be lacking nothing. As a matter of fact, we shall have over and above that which we need to such a degree that we will be likened to a dynamo giving off electricity or any other form of energy. We will have so much that when we go walking down the street, people who are under our shadow when we pass by will be healed and delivered and receive the life of Christ. We will not even have to touch them. Is that not what happened with Peter and Paul? They did not even touch the people.

Now of course the shadow that the Scripture speaks about is not the shadow of the natural man that is cast by the sun on a sunny day. The shadow that the Book of Acts is speaking about is the shadow of the spiritual life that dwells in them. The people in the occult call it an -- does anybody know?

            [?An aura?].

An aura, amen, an aura. As we walk down the street, that spiritual life will be vibrating with such power and energy that it will penetrate this physical flesh and touch people who we pass by. So, you see, there will be no more laying on of hands, or there will no longer be the necessity of the laying on of these natural hands; there will be the laying on of the spiritual hands of the Father who dwells within us. He will vibrate forth from us and lay hands on anyone He chooses to touch, anyone and everyone.

Brethren, how could we possibly lay hands on every human being? There is no time; there is no energy. But the son in full stature will come in the midst of a crowd of thousands, and the Spirit will vibrate forth and touch everybody inside of a couple of minutes. Jesus.

"For Him hath God the Father sealed." The Son of man is the only one who is in the image of the Father. Christ, the Son of God and the Son of man, the mind of Christ is the only mind which is in the image of the Father.


            [INAUDIBLE] [?ready to play?] [CROSSTALK]

Jesus answered and said unto them, "This is the work of God, that ye believe on Him whom He hath sent." So there is a spiritual labor. As I have told you before, brethren, if ever there appears to be a contradiction between two Scriptures, the contradiction is in your carnality. The Scriptures are perfect. The translation may not be perfect, but the Scriptures, out of the -- as they come out of the mind of God, are perfect. And if there appears to be a contradiction, you must petition the Lord to add the information that you need that makes both Scriptures workable and reconcilable with each other.

The Scripture speaks about two different kinds of works, the works of the flesh, the works that come out of your carnal mind, religious works, the way you dress, the way you act. And, please, do not misunderstand me. These religious works, sometimes they are important, going to hospitals, having mercy on people, driving them to doctors. They are important, but they do not produce eternal life. But the work of God, the labor of God, produces eternal life.

So what is the work of God? The work of God is bringing down every imagination, bringing every thought into captivity, locating sin in your mind and looking at it and facing it and killing it. That is the work of God, exposing sin, first in yourself and then in those who God sends you to, that death might be killed so that life might be exalted in you. "So this is the work of God, that ye believe on or into Him whom He hath sent." The Greek word translated on, it can also be translated into. The work of God is that you believe into the one whom He sent.

Now we have talked about this quite a bit, but I will review it to you. We -- for you. We must believe into Christ. Our human spirit must arise and start to resist the carnal mind and vibrate out towards Christ. We must reach for Him with our heart. We are told in Revelation -- the Book of Revelation chapter 1 that those who pierced Him shall see Him, and the whole church world translates that to mean the Jews who drove nails into the physical man Jesus shall see Him. But I suggest to you another translation: Those whose spirit pierce into Christ shall see Him. Because another Scripture says, "And we shall be like Him when we see Him." So to see Him as He is, our spirit must pierce into His life, must pierce into His mind.

So the work of God, the labor of God, is to penetrate the mind of Christ and to leave our carnal mind behind us. And, brethren, there is no way that you are penetrating into the mind of Christ without an active warfare against your carnal mind. So the work of God is the warfare the resists, that rebels against and that ultimately destroys your carnal mind. That is the work of God, killing your carnal mind, exposing sin in your life and casting it down and living out of Christ. You cannot live out of Christ without a warfare. This is the labor of God. This is the labor that produces eternal life, that you believe or you trust into Him, whom He has sent, and there is no way you can believe into Christ without killing your carnal mind. So the work of God is to kill your carnal mind, and in order to kill your carnal mind, you have to have your sins exposed. You must confess them, and you must repent, and you must have them dealt with.

Verse 32, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Moses gave you not that bread from heaven; but My Father giveth you the true bread from heaven." Moses gave you manna in the wilderness; Moses gave you the food that kept your body alive. But my Father in heaven, He gives you the bread from heaven which will raise your soul from -- well, it -- actually, it is raise the mind of Christ from de- -- from the dead so that s- -- life can be imparted to your soul imparted. And Jesus says in another place, "I am the bread that came down from heaven." I am given for you. "My body is given for you," He said in another place. And what does that mean? That the man Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ would be crucified, raised from the dead, glorified and broken into trillions of pieces [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- like crumbs like you would crumble a slice of bread for the birds, and a crumb of His life is in each and every one of us.

Verse 33, "For the bread of God is He which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life unto the world." And, remember, now we were told in another place in the Book of John, "Only He who cometh down from heaven can go back up into heaven," so the true bread from heaven had to originate in heaven. He came down from heaven, and He is going back up into heaven, and when He goes back up into He is leaving captivity captive. He is taking us, who are captive -- He is taking us up with Him.

Verse 35, "I am the bread of life: he that cometh to Me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on Me shall never thirst." Jesus said I am the spiritual bread that produces life, and he that joins with Me in his spirit shall never hunger. What is the spiritual food? You will never be lacking the Word of God or anything that the Word of God produces in your life, and neither will you ever thirst. You will never be lacking for the Spirit of Christ, which is in Christ. So Jesus is saying he who comes to Me, he who joins with Me in the spirit, will be completely filled both in their souls, because the bread fills the soul or satisfies the soul, and the water of life, that you will thirst no more, fills your spiritual needs. So you will be totally satisfied when your spirit is joined to Christ and you are married to Him -- and you are fully married to Him, both your soul and your spirit will be fully satisfied in Him. We are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power. Jesus.

Verse 36, "But I said unto you, That ye also have seen Me, and you believe not." "He that believeth on Me shall never hunger and shall never thirst." But you have seen Me, but you do not believe because all that you saw was the natural food that I gave you. All that you saw was the natural food that I gave you. You did not see what I did for you. You did not see how I formed the mind of Christ in you. You did not see any of it. Your eyes were only for the carnal things. That is what He is telling them.

Verse 37, "All that the Father giveth Me shall come to Me; and him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out." I suggest to you that all that the Father gave to Jesus was that original lump of clay, the original creation which was spiritual. God gave Him the whole creation. All that the Father giveth Me shall come unto Me; and him that cometh to Me I will no wise cast out." I believe that eventually the whole creation will come to Jesus, and everyone who comes, each man in his own order, the Lord will receive.

Verse 38, "Because I came down from heaven, not to do Mine own will, but the will of Him who sent Me." Brethren, if the Son is manifesting in you, you receive whoever is called of the Father. You receive the spiritual leper. You receive the prostitute. You receive the criminal. You do not cast out anybody, and the churches in which you see so-called undesirables being cast out, they are obviously not manifestations of the Son of God. If you are the Son, you receive everyone that the Lord sends to you. It does not matter what their color is; it does not matter what their race is; it does not matter what their history is, what their background is; it does not matter whether they are dirty or clean. You receive everyone that God sends to you, and you minister to them as God leads you to minister to them.

And I want to tell you that if you are truly the Son, He is going to send you some pretty dirty people because the rest of the church world does not want them. Who is going to help them? Who is going to teach them? Who is going to love them? Did you ever wonder why Jesus would say such a thing like that? All the Father that giveth Me shall come unto Me, and him that cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out." Did you ever wonder why there might even be a possibility of someone that He would cast them out? Because carnally minded men in the church do not like problem people, and they do not receive everybody; they do not.

"For I came down from heaven, not to do Mine own will, but the will of Him that sent Me." Brethren, you cannot say I reject this disciple. You cannot pick and choose your disciples; you cannot pick and choose who you teach; you cannot pick and choose who you pray for; you cannot pick and choose who you minister to, and you cannot pick and choose who you love in Christ. But if you are truly the Son, everyone whom the Father sends to you, you will receive and not cast them out.

I think you have all heard my testimony about the woman who I was praying deliverance for, and big drops of blood appeared on her lower lip, and I was very offended. She had a heavy background in witchcraft, and apparently there was the drinking of blood on her family line. I do not believe she did anything like that. It was all on her family line, and I was just -- I prayed for her several nights, and I could not take it. I was really offended and disgusted by it. I think, also, when I prayed for her w- -- she was vomiting up some foul-smelling substance, and I prayed for her, like, three or four nights, and I said that is it. You know, I am not praying for her anymore.

And the following night, we were under a tent, and I almost never went home. I always -- I was a faithful s- -- I was in faithful service. I prayed -- stayed and prayed for the people all the time, but this night I was going home. I do not even remember why, but I certainly did not want to ever pray for this woman again. And as I stood up to go, my pastor came over, and he knew that I never left, so it had to be the anointing on him. And he stood right up in front of me with his hands on his hips, and he said, "Are you leaving?"

 And I was intimidated. I said, well, no, I guess not. He said, "Come with me," and he walked me all the way over to the other side of the tent and made a right turn and started going up the aisle. And when I saw where he was headed, all I could do was just moan. And he said to me, "Would you pray for that woman please?" And he spoke to the woman that I said I would not pray for anymore, and then he turned around to me apologetically and said, "I do not know why. I just thought the Lord wanted you to pray for this woman," and walked away. And I sat down, and I prayed for --


-- her, and these big drops of blood came up on her lip, and that foul substance came out when she vomited.

So, brethren, everyone the Lord sends to you, if you are truly the Son, you do not cast them out, but you did not -- minister to whoever God sends to you because Christ did not come down from heaven to be raised from the dead in you for you to pick and choose who you will minister to.

            It is not lovely.

Nope. You are here, and you are where you are not to do your will, but to do the will of the one who sent you. Praise God.

Verse 39, "And this is the Father's will which hath sent Me, that of all which He hath given Me I should lose nothing." The Greek word translated lose means put to death. Now listen to this. Of all that the Father has given Me, I shall put no one to death. I thought you were burning people in Hell forever, Jesus.


"And this is the Father's will which has sent Me, that of all which He hath given Me I should lose nothing." Now, remember, that which is given to Jesus is not these bodies; that which is given to Jesus, basically, is the original creation, and even more important than the clay, the spirit, the life of God that was breathed into that creation. Every spirit shall live. Every spirit of man shall be restored unto Christ, and the whole clay of the original creation, these bodies, shall be broken up and recycled.

Verse 39, "And this is the Father's will which hath sent Me, that of all which He hath given Me I should kill nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day." The Greek word translated raise up can also be translated born, and I suggest to you that all which the Father gave Jesus was the spiritual creation, the soul in which the breath of God abides, and in the last day, every aspect of that soul shall be born into a human body once again. Every spirit that ever walked on this earth, whose body died so that the spirit returned unto the Father, shall be born again into this world. That spirit shall have a new soul and a new body.

Jesus said, if you can receive it, Elijah -- or the spirit of Elijah is in John the Baptist. If you can receive it, receive it. The spirit of Elijah was born again with a new personality known as John the Baptist, in the body of the man John the Baptist. And I will raise him up on the last day. And he shall be born again. Now -- and that everyone would [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- excuse me, I lost my place here. "But I should raise it up again." "Everything that the Fa- -- which the Father gave me will be born into the flesh again at the last day," and I suggest to you that Jesus is speaking about the spiritual creation.

Verse 40, "And this is the will of Him that sent Me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth into Him, may have everlasting life." And that see the Son, it is a visible seeing. He is not going to be an invisible God anymore; He is going to be a visible God. He is going to be appearing in men. We are told that everyone who sees the Son and believes into Him and whose spirit joins with the Spirit of S- -- of the Son may have everlasting life.

"And I will raise him up at the last day." Hmm, I am just looking at that verse 39 and 40, trying to see what the difference is here. "And this is the Father's will which hath sent Me, that of all which He hath given Me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again the third day." That is the spirit. "And this is the will of Him that sent Me, that every one, every soul, which sees the Son, and believeth into Him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day." So we see there is a resurrection of the spirit of man, which is really Christ, and there is also a resurrection of the soul which God formed.

With regard to the spirit, Jesus will lose nothing of the Spirit of God, that they will be born into the flesh again in the last day, verse 39, and verse 40, with regard to the soul, every soul who sees or recognizes the Son and believes into Him, he will have everlasting life, and he too will be born again, and this one will be born of the spirit at the last day. Can you hear that? Verse 39 is speaking about the spirit taking on the flesh again, and verse 40 is speaking upon the soul man recognizing the Christ being born into the spirit, the second birth. Actually, that is the two births: Verse 39 is born of water, and birth [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- and verse 40 is born of the spirit.

Any questions? I think, we will stop here tonight. Any questions?



You said every spirit will be born into a new soul and a new body. Is that -- are you talking about individually?

Every human spirit, yes. Every human spirit will be born into a new soul and a new body, just as the spirit of Elijah was born into the life of John the Baptist, yes.

            So every spirit that ever lived -- are you talking about that there is going to be that many vessels? That is a lot of vessels. [?I mean?] --

No, I did not say every spirit that ever lived because you have to realize that --

            Oh, I thought you said that every spirit that ever lived will be --

Yes, but I th- --

            -- reborn.

If I hear you correctly, what I think you are assuming is that every human being that ever lived had its own spirit, but we do not really know how many times a spirit has cycled through how many lifetimes.

            Oh, I see.

You see what I am saying?

            But I thought it was just Christ that has cycled through.

Well, the spirit is Christ. The spirit is always Christ, and right now Christ died, and His skeleton is made up of many bones, so He is appearing in many human beings, and Christ is cycling through humanity in the form of the human spirit, having many experiences.

            So when the spirit of Elijah appeared in John the Baptist, his -- the spirit of Elijah, the spirit is Christ, so it was really Christ --


            -- that appeared. It was not Elijah.

No, it was the spirit which was in Elijah. It was the spirit which had many spiritual experiences in Christ that was in Elijah, appearing in John the Baptist.

            OK. So that was really -- then that was Christ.

That was Christ because it was not the personality of Elijah; it was the spirit of Elijah. He had a new personality in John the Baptist, OK. Did I make it clear?

            Yeah. There was no individuality of Elijah in John the Baptist?

No. You are talking about personality --


-- right? No.

            I mean, the name --


            -- Elijah. It was -- that means nothing.

The spirit, no.

            It was -- his spirit was Christ, so it was really Christ.

Right. The manifest- --

            Well, just -- I wonder why Jesus said, if you can receive it, that is the spirit of Elijah. I would like to know why He mentioned Elijah's name if there was no s- -- individual Elijah in there.

Because that spirit had all of the spiritual experiences of Elijah. He brought it with him, and we see the same characteristics in John the Baptist that we saw in the man Elijah because the spirit determines the nature of the man's personality and the nature of his life. And we see that Elijah was a prophet consecrated to God. He was a holy man. He was a man of righteousness who challenged kings, and we see John the Baptist is a holy man whose life was consecrated to God. He was a righteous man who challenged kings. So even though the personality and the name and the body was completely different, we see both men, which were inhabited by the same spirit, doing the same thing, and we [CROSSTALK]

            Why did Christ not just say that he was -- he had those experiences? Those experiences I had in Elijah are now -- I am in John the Baptist.

He -- well, first of all, He spoke in parables. Second of all, we do not know that He did not say that because everything that He said is not in the book, but it is really not for everybody to hear.



            Because it sounds like He is saying the individual Elijah is now appearing in John the Baptist. That is what it s- -- kind of, sounds like.

He said it is the spirit. He clearly said the spirit of Elijah. If you can receive it, receive it.

            So He means the experiences that I had in Elijah --

In Christ, the experiences in Christ. The only thing that carried for Elijah were that man's experiences in Christ. Of course, that is all we read about in the Bible, but just for arguments say, let us say w- -- Elijah had some human experience [UNINTELLIGIBLE] or h- -- now listen to this, all you people on the message: This is just make-believe, for example. Let us say he was married and he had some fights with his wife, you know; none of that is carried over into John the Baptist. Just the spiritual experiences that produce growth, the overcoming spiritual experiences that Christ experienced in Elijah were carried over into John the Baptist, OK.

            So that means that the spirit of Elijah is in the earth today.

Yes. No --

            So then the spirit --

-- wait a minute. I take that back. He may be; he may not be. We do not know.

            Where would he be if he was not?

Well, you have to look for what Elijah and John the Baptist was. You have to look for a -- you would look in the church, OK, and you would look for a holy man who is not married, who is consecrated his life to God, who has a spirit of righteousness and who fearlessly exposes sin and rebukes kings.


Well, I guess, he could be, since you are all kings and priests.

            I do not know where else he would be appearing. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] it explains you and your --

Well --

            -- ministry, actually.

-- it is possible. I am told that there was some man in Russia that, just before Russia opened up and let the Jews out, that he fearlessly went up to -- I do not know if it was Gorbachev or not; I am not very political. But whoever the dictator was at that time, and went right up to him and said let my -- thus saith the Lord, let my people go. He could have been killed, but he was not.

            And so it was like the spirit of Moses.

Spirit of Moses or [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- well, yeah, that is right, the spirit of Moses more than the spirit of Elijah. That is true.

            It is like the same spirit [?I see?].

Actually, to be honest with you, I see the spirit of Paul here with all the doctrine that is coming forth, you know.

            So could it be more than one spirit? Could --

Definitely --

            -- they all --

-- because all of these --

            -- be manifesting within this ministry --


            -- possibly?

Now, listen. When Jesus was up on the Mount of Transfiguration and He turned Himself inside-out and the Scripture says that we saw Elijah and Moses, I believe those were only two of the spirits that were in the man Jesus. I think the man Jesus -- or in the Spirit of the man Jesus was every expression of Christ that was in the earth from the beginning of time, just as when you look at --


Yes, even Adam. Just as when you look at me, I am the sum total of all of the Sheilas at the various ages and various days of my life. I am the final product. Jesus was the final product, in His day, in the days of His flesh, of all of the overcoming experiences of Christ from the beginning of time. So, therefore, we being the second generation of Christ, everyone in whom Christ is manifesting is manifesting the sum total of all of the experiences of Christ from the beginning of time, except that we are not in full stature. But the more mature we are, the more likely it is for you to see in us glimmers of all of the overcoming spiritual experiences of Christ since the beginning of time.

            So then all those manifestations, if we come into full stature --

We will have them all.

            Well, Jesus is that, so we will be just like Jesus, right?


            But the whole --

Plus Jesus' overcoming experiences.

            Right, so that is --


            -- really the ultimate.


            But all of them could be manifesting in us now.

In less, in smaller degrees.

            In small -- but it will be more -- we will just be transparent. We will be able to see them completely --


            -- because they are -- are they not the cloud of witnesses?

Who is that? I really cannot --


-- answer that right now. I really --

            Oh, OK.

I do not know, and I -- that is something I have to think about, OK.


            All the babies that are being aborted now, so their spirit never actually was born [UNINTELLIGIBLE] breath of life, so then their spirit is not constantly being recycled.

Well, I would think that they do have a spirit. The -- if life begins at conception, there would have to be a spirit in there at conception I would think, but I really do not know.

            If the s- -- is it true that the spirit definitely gets -- I mean, from all the spirits from the beginning of time, that they are constantly recycled up until this age, that they do not wait somewhere. They just go right into another vessel --

I do not know.

            -- or is there anything that indicates in the Bible that this could be true or that -- how many times --


            -- it happens.

OK. The Lord just reminded me. I forgot the teaching. We have this teaching on a couple of the earlier messages, and the Lord showed us that when the person dies, their spirit does not go to never-never land waiting to be recycled. The spirit cycles through the earth through our offspring. When we have children, both our soul and our spirit go into the offspring, and while we live, that soul and that spirit is shared. When we die, the fullness of that soul and that spirit, which we were, is imparted to our offspring. The spirit has really never lost the earth; it is just past along from generation to generation. Do you understand what I said? It never leaves the earth.

            So then the spiritual people pass to the spiritual families then.


            The spirit of Elijah, the spirit of John the Baptist --


            -- the spirit of Moses passes to the spiritual family of God today.

Right, up until the point of Jesus of Nazareth. Today that is not true any longer. That was why Jesus said the sins -- or the Scripture says the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation because the spirit and the soul is just passed from generation to generation.

But in this hour, we have new bloodlines that are being imparted to us by the spiritual life of the Lord Jesus Christ, OK. So we who have received of His life have received of all of the spiritual life of Christ back from the beginning of time, those of us who were the heathen. That is the fulfillment of the -- which is demonstrated by the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. That is how the reversal is coming from Israel to the Gentiles. Israel lost the anointing, and the Gentiles are receiving all of the inheritance that was in Israel through the glorified spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is how God is doing it.

            Am I correct in saying that the new mark on the soul is the ability to manifest the mind of Christ?

The new mark on the soul is the -- is Christ. It is Christ.

            So if He is manifesting visibly in a vessel and it is the mind of Christ --

Oh, I see your question.

            -- that means that they have the new mark on their soul.

Well, not really. To have the mark on the soul, the sitting queen of the carnal mind has to be unseated, and Christ has to be the sitting king. He has to be attached to the soul, and that attachment does not come until the marriage.

            So just because they are manifesting the mind of Christ does not mean they have the mark of the new soul?

No. It is not accomplished yet.

            The mark means the complete joining.

The mark is the complete joining, and the concept behind it is, if you can think of the soul as clay, when the mind is joined to it, the mind is likened unto a rock, OK, or hard metal. And if you think of the hard metal or rock being impressed in the clay, the markings of the rock are shown in the clay when the two are forced together, so it is in the joining. The clay receives the marking of the mind in the joining. Can you hear that? That is why, if we were to have -- God forbid, have a knife put in our heart today, we would die.

08/27/15 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

09/03/15 1st Edit CAS/BP

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