268 - Part 4

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-- and he has been getting high on [UNINTELLIGIBLE] here. God is doing such great things in his life, but he has been slipping, and he said he actually had an awareness of the Christ rising up in him and doing a battle with his carnal self, and he rebu- -- the Christ in him rebuked his carnal self and [INAUDIBLE] down the toilet bowl. He said he started vomiting, --


-- and he just vomited all this green slime.

            [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [?Literally?Really?]?

Yeah, it really --


-- happened to him. It really happened to him.

            That is wonderful.

Yeah. And he said after that he got a prophecy from the Lord that he was not going to be in bondage to this spiritual weakness that keeps him going back to [CROSSTALK]  

            Praise God.

Just absolutely blessed. The Lord [?gave him?] a miracle.


[?Praise God.?]

That is wonderful.


I had no idea it was to that extent.

He vomited green slime.


He filled the toilet bowl with green slime [INAUDIBLE]. It is good to hear that the Lord [INAUDIBLE] If you hold onto the horns of the altar, deliverance must [INAUDIBLE]

            Praise God.

[?Has to come?] because He is --

            What an encouragement to us.

-- He is God. [?It has to come.?]


            Hallelujah. [CROSSTALK] Jesus.


That is wonderful.

I do not care what your problem is. [?It has to come.?] Do not give up, and, please, do not get mad at God because He is the only one that has the power to do it for you, so if you get mad at the one that has the power to set you free, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face, and that is foolishness.


So ask God to make you wise and deliver you from foolishness, and humble yourself before the great God of our salvation, and He will surely deliver you as He sees fit in his time, and do not tell God what to do. He is smarter than you are. I know this is a shock to you to hear this, but God is smarter than us.


He has a personal plan for every one of our lives. Is that incredible? Any kind of help you go for in this world, you are just a number. You are one in a crowd. You go see a therapist; he has got a file and a chart on you; he slips you in the drawer, but Jesus, He has got a personal relationship with you, and He is able to be with you continuously 24 hours a day with all of us at the same time. He is the only legal polygamist in the world, and there is [?enough?] [INAUDIBLE] for everybody. He knows everything you are thinking. He knows everything you are doing. He does not miss a trick. He knows you from top to bottom, from outside to inside, and He knows exactly what you need and when you need it and how you need it to get fixed so that you could live and not die. And He is going to do it for you, so be smart. Ask the Lord for wisdom because if you ask Him for wisdom, He will surely give to all [CROSSTALK]


Liberally to everyone who asked, so do not make Him your enemy; make Him your friend. He is the giver of life, and humble yourself, and admit that if you have a problem, it is not His fault, but it is your fault. Even if you do not understand it, it cannot possi- -- your trouble cannot possibly be God’s fault because He is perfect.

So I have another testimony for you. I had an opportunity to minister to my parents yesterday, --

[?Praise God.?]

-- and it was excellent. My pa- -- I call my father the original antichrist, and [UNINTELLIGIBLE] is funny is he is the original antichrist; he is [?a?an?] [INAUDIBLE] man, and he really is mad at God, and over the years, I can go for a whole year or sometimes longer without ministering to him because I will not say one word unless it is the Lord speaking through me. I want to tell you I have this deliverance in my heart -- in -- well, certainly with my parents and with most people, my tongue is glued to the roof of my mouth. I do not talk about the things of God unless it is God in me talking because if it is me talking about the things of God, the person is going to get mad at me; they are not going to receive it; I am going to be wasting my energy, and I run the risk of a division -- a separation in the relationship because the person does not want to hear this. What they call junk, I do not call it junk; it is junk today. OK. You have to wait until the Lord opens the door of their mind, and at that point, your spirit walks in and ministers Christ to this person, and if that is how you -- if that is the nature of your ministry, that the only time you minister is when you wait for the Lord to open the doors of their mind and then Christ in you walks in, you will have 100 percent victory because He never fails. If you have ministered to someone and it is 100 years later and they are still in their sins, dead in their sins, the chances are excellent that the ministry was not of Christ. Now, the ministry of Christ can take a couple years for you to bear the proof. For 15 or 20 years I think you have got good reason to believe that it may not have been Christ [UNINTELLIGIBLE] you are ministering to them.


How can you be sure? How can one -- how can a minister know if he or she is doing the right things?

W- --

            As far as ministering to the person and there is failure and failure and failure.

Well, you have to wait for the proof.

            [CROSSTALK] conversations.

You have to wait for the proof. You cannot shake out [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. When you plant a tomato plant and you go out the next day and you put the seed in the ground and you covered it over, OK, when you go out the next day and there is no plant, well, you know that it is too soon, but it says in the Bible the husband and the father, he goes out every day looking for the fruit, and one day you see a plant growing in that person, you know it, that the seed was planted. But it takes time to look for the fruit. You have to be patient, and you have to wait for the fruit. D- -- is not there a scripture that says that the husband [UNINTELLIGIBLE] waits patiently --




So the door opened and the way that the door opened for this ministry -- as you know I have breakfast with my parents once a week. The way the door opened was that my mother wanted to know if I could give her any information about this problem in the Middle East as to who really owns the land. It is a very bad situation, what is going on between Israel and the Palestinians. So I gave her all of the historical background that I could give her, and it is a very bad situation right now because it is a war that is based on emotions. You know, people -- and I mentioned it earlier -- some people will bite their nose to spite their face; they will -- it is all -- it is good to fight for a cause if it is a righteous cause, but if you fight for a cause to the point that it is producing destruction in your life, wisdom would say give it up, and make the compromise. OK, but when it is an issue of true righteousness, you are supposed to fight to the death. The problem is people, the average person, has a problem discerning between true righteousness and the righteousness that comes out of their own pride, so the righteousness that comes out of your own pride, if you fight [?to?till?] the death, will kill you, and it makes you moving -- that is what it says about you, is that you are moving in a spirit of foolishness. That is not an insult; it is a scriptural word. If you are foolish, become wise; ask God for wisdom. You do not have to stay foolish. OK?

So, I gave her all the historical background that I could give her, and somehow it went into a conversation which resul- -- now, my mother has been telling me for years that she does not need a savior because she has don- -- every step of her life -- God bless her; she is going to be 83 years old next month; everything that she did, she did what she thought was right and what she thought was best, and therefore she is OK, and she is OK with God, and there was -- I could not break through her head that that is our own righteousness; that is a judgment of what our carnal mind thinks is right, and that is a salvation by works, which is non-existent, which means you are dead, and you are going to stay dead. It has to be the righteousness of Christ that gets us into eternal life. I could not break through to her. Do you know how many times we talked about this? And I would back off because I would say, I am not going to fight; she is my mother; I would not fight with anybody. That is what she believed. Well, God opened the door of her mind yesterday, and however -- it came out through her mother. And she said, well, my mother felt that because she -- that is my grandmother -- because God let her get this terrible disease; she had epilepsy; my grandmother had epilepsy. That because God let that happen to her, she was not going to believe in God anymore, and I said, well, Mom, that is the sin of pride, because -- and I went on to explain to her -- I do not want to take up the whole time here -- that to think that God is the guilty party, to say that you do not deserve an affliction in your life is to say that God is unfair. If you really believe you are innocent and innocent enough to get mad at God for letting you get sick, by reverse inference, that is saying without saying the words, OK, it is saying that God is guilty of mistreating you unfairly. That means God is guilty of sin, and you are righteous. So as usual, the carnal mind -- our carnal minds, we are all fallen, have got it backwards. No, man is guilty, and God is righteous. Even if you cannot understand it, you should know that when you are dealing with God, you are wrong, and He is right, so shut up, and take the correction, and live. But man is foolish. Man is at enmity with God, where? In his mind. And he wars against Him, and we found scriptures that say, man has set up his own base of existence; it is called the carnal mind, and we found this in Zechariah. We did a study -- I think it is chapter four; I am not sure, of Zechariah, that when man fell, the -- he s- -- the death of humanity was [?this?his?] separation from God, and the way he thinks, he started thinking differently than God, and he went off to set up his own military base from which he would wage war against the creator of the universe. That is how ridiculous we are, all of us. That is why we are dead, and we continue to die. And that is why we need a husband who is going -- a spiritual husband in our mind who is going to give us the righteous thoughts of God and deal with us in our error so that we should stay in a right relationship with the Father and live and stop dying.

We are women; we are spiritual women, who are prophesying without our heads covered, and the angels have gotten us. Everyone whose thoughts are separate from God, which is basically the whole world, except for a few people who are entering into the mind of Christ, but even those of us who are entering in, we know that at least some of the time, we are prophesying without our heads covered, and the angels have got us, and what instances are those? The instances in which our carnal mind is prevailing over Christ, so it really does not matter if 20 percent of the time it is my carnal mind and 95 percent of the time it is your carnal mind. It does not matter. We are all dead. We are all dead. We are all dead. The only one who is alive is the one whose mind is Christ 100 percent of the time, and as far as I know, there is only one man that has attained to that condition of grace, and his name is the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not care if you murder one person and you murdered 20, according to God’s law, you are both worthy of death, can only kill you once, so if you are in sin, you are dead. What does it matter if you sin more than me? The foolishness of the mind of man.

So let me give you my testimony so we can get on with the service. So the Lord opened the doors of my mind, and I said, I said, Mom, Grandma, maybe it was because I was not talking about her, I was talking about someone else, I do not know, but I said, with Grandma, Mom, that was the sin of pride. And I went on with this little teaching, and a light bulb went off in her head, and I said to her, you are sick because of sin, and a light bulb went off in her head because she knows everybody gets sick at some time, and she says, that means everybody has sinned. Eighty-three years old, the wife of the ultimate antichrist, the ultimate antichrist 2, I am telling you, and I said, that is right, Mom; all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. And that is why you need a savior. And it went in [MAKES NOISE]. I could see her thinking. And then the Lord opens up the ultimate antichrist. I could not believe it, the two of them in one breakfast. And my father started talking to me -- and she belched. Thank you. She belched. I have never heard my mother belch. I do not care what she eats. I have never heard her belch at the table. She got deliverance. She got deliverance.

            Right after that, right?

Right after that.

            So that -- so everybody has sinned she [CROSSTALK]

Right, exactly, exactly, exactly.


And I -- for 83 years, she has believed that she is -- was without sin. Then the Lord opened the door to my father’s mind, which is 100 times more incredible than that. And he asked me, what is going to happen in the end times? He said, oh, so the world is going to burn up. I said no.


Yeah, that is what I told him. And his mind was opened, and that is a miracle to get his mind opened. I am telling you that man is behind steel doors. The Lord opened his mind. I told him your carnal mind is going to burn up. I told him -- I -- [?I will?I?] rebuke you -- I ministered Dan- --


Yeah. I ministered Daniel to him. I said there was a man in -- because I always minister the Old Testament to them. I said, King Nebuchadnezzar, he was all lifted up in pride, but he had the glory of God in his life, and the Lord punished him by giving him the heart of a beast for a season. The Lord said you will not acknowledge that God rules in Earth as well as in Heaven; I have given you all these blessings and all of this grace, and you think you did it for yourself. I am going to take away the heart of God from you and give you the heart of a beast so that you can see the difference between life under my government and life under the government of the beast, and I said, that is what happened to man; we separated from God; we got the heart of the beast, and we died, so what is going to happen is that that heart of the beast is going to burn up, and the heart of God is going to be restored into us, and we will stop dying. And it went in. I said, I hope you are alive to see it, Dad. I just know God did -- I -- and the whole time I am talking to him, my mother was sitting next to me, it was like something you would see in a movie. She was sitting there like this. She had -- did everything except have her hand on her ear. She was actually like this, listening.

So, you know, of course, people that age they are dealing with death, you know, at any moment. My father just lost his last friend, just died. He had a group of men that he worked with for over 40 years; they were very tight, and he is the only one that is still alive, and the last one that died was like his best friend, Joe [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. And it -- you know, he is like the -- you know, the original macho man -- you know, never show you anything. But inside his heart is just really crumbling, you know? And he is probably scared. He is probably scared of dying. Eighty-eight years old. [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

So w- -- I just walked out of that breakfast just fine because God did something. He went deeper. He definitely went deeper. And if it is true that people are going to start standing up in full stature this year, maybe He will give them a miracle; I do not know. I remember years ago -- it is amazing how I remember where I was when God has spoken certain prophetic things to me. I was standing right over here -- except this whole work area was not here. I was standing right over there crying out for my parents, you know, because their heart is so hard. I said, Lord, what is ever going to happen to these people? You know, their heart is so hard. And the Lord said to me, they are Mine, and that was about 10 years ago, so would not it be something if He gives them eternal life in this last midnight hour of their existence? Would not that be incredible? Hallelujah.  So --



You gave the perfect example of waiting until the Lord prompts you to speak the word of God, and you just got over describing it before you said it, and it just was an experience now that showed us that we have to wait --

We have to wait.

-- until God prompts us in all situations, and it is coming to such a realization in me --


-- you know, that it is being proved over, you know? The last couple of days it is just like --


Yeah. You know, I just --


-- waited on God, just waited -- wait -- if we could only wait instead of jumping into it like I do. You know, I just l- -- ah, blah. You know? You know? And the patience, you know, really works out.



Praise God. Well, this is it. I just -- I am just flying, you know. I always get excited when I see the Lord move. It is exciting to see the Lord move and to show His power. And these days He does not do it every day, you know, it is just very exciting to me. And usually He does not tell me; He does not [?warn?want?] me; He does not ask my opinion. He does not ask my counsel. He just does it when He wants to do it, and we are supposed to be ready when He moves. That means you have to be both Celie [SP]’s -- the scripture she likes is you have to be instant in season and out of season, and someone not too long ago within the last couple of weeks asked me how I feel about taking a drink once and a while, and this is a perfect example of why I do not drink. I do not have any religious problem with you taking a glass of wine once in a while, and I do know one or two believers who do it, but this is the personal word of the Lord to me, and whether you drink or not -- I am talking about a glass of wine with dinner once in a while; I am not talking about drinking, drinking, you know. But this is the Lord’s personal word to me, that I am not to do it, because drinking strengthens -- you see, Christ does not drink. Christ does not take a glass of wine with dinner; your carnal mind takes a glass of wine with dinner. So, if you take a glass of wine with dinner, it is pulling up your carnal mind and putting down your Christ, and I may not have been ready to ministry -- at least if any ministry at least the fullness of what God had for these people, and I know that the Lord showed it to me a couple of years ago. If I am in the country, I go to a Seder every year upstate, and it was a couple years ago. I said, oh, everybody is here drinking this wine; I am going to have some wine. It is all on the table, and because I never drink, I got -- all I did was touch my lips, and my head was just flying, and for the first time ever, I had been going to this Seder for years; I have never had an opportunity to minister; that year I had an opportunity to minister, and my head was light and I think I did it, but it -- God just showed me, it is just not worth it. You have to be ready in every moment to manifest Christ to whoever God wants to come up to.

So that is my personal conviction, that drinking -- to have a drink at dinner once in a while, that is between you and the Lord. I do not have any religious bondage with regard to that. If you want to do it and run the risk that I just described, well, that is up to you. If God does not like it, you will hear from Him, you know?

OK, anybody else?






Well, Christ, the closer -- the tighter you are with Christ, brethren, the sharper is your knife, OK, and the less muscle power you have to put in. What is -- muscle power is a type of emotion, OK. I know years ago I said to the Lord in those days when I used to be sick, hallelujah, and I was very physically weak, and I would say, Lord, how are we ever going to pray for all these people? It is taking all my energy. All my prayers were so emotional. I said, Lord, I pray for three people, and I am finished, and He started teaching me years ago, stop praying out of your soul. Just speak the word, and let it be my strength. Now, I can preach -- I have been known to preach here for five hours. You know how many people I can pray for in five hours, when I am speaking in a conversational tone. When I am putting my emotion into it, even now I would be exhausted. I couldn- -- I do not think I could make it through five hours, so you have to pray with a sharp knife, not with muscle power; do not sharpen your muscles; sharpen your knife.


And your knife is sharpened. How is your knife sharped? How do you get a sharp knife? I mean, aside from being joined to Christ? Brethren, you must desire righteousness. You must desire righteousness. You must desire God’s solution to the problem. If your solution to the problem is vengeance, if it is self-preservation of something that you possess, if it is defense of your own ego, your knife is very dull. The power, brethren -- the power -- do you want power? I do not know about you, but I want power. It has to come forth from righteousness and a desire for the justice which is ministered out of Christ. That is where the power is because the power of Christ is not going to be given unto the mind that wants justice which is determined out of your carnal mind. Maybe God does not agree with you, brother. You want justice? Your thoughts must line up with Christ. Justice is in Christ. Now if you want justice and you are using your muscle power instead of your knife, I have a scripture for you: “The kingdom of God suffereth violence, and the violent or the carnal man tries to take it by force, but Moses, he was the meekest man that has ever -- outside of Jesus -- that has ever appeared in the earth.” Does that mean he was a fool? Does that mean you can do anything you want with him? No. It means as a human being he was very meek. He did not use his muscles. Everything he got done was by his razor-sharp knife. So, if your cause is truly righteous, let Christ fight for you, and if you sit back for a minute or an hour or a day or a week or a month and what you thought was the righteousness is not manifested, maybe the Lord is not in agreement with you. So be meek; turn it over to God, and let the power of God fight for you because you can do with your knife what you can never do with your muscles. Everybody knows that, right?

            Another definition of meek is just teachable. Am I right?

Well, yes, you could say teachable, but if you want to really take it to its ultimate spirituality, what -- it does mean teachable, OK, but ultimately, what it is saying is to be the meekest man, Moses lay down his carnal mind [?and?in?] utter submission, he prostrated his mind in utter submission to Christ, and therefore from a human perspective, he was meek, but spiritually we know God sent him to Pharaoh and great spiritual power he delivered the Jews out of Egypt, and you may recall that we had a teaching here at one point about Jesus writing in the earth when the Jews brought the adulterous woman to him, and Jesus said, let you who is without sin throw the first stone, and then He reached down and the Bible says -- excuse me -- He just wrote in the earth, and we have silly men -- I am going to say it -- we have silly men who have spent years of their life trying to figure out what words Jesus wrote, and, brethren, you know, please, do not be insulted when I use these words. They are designed to stir you up. If something I say if you think that maybe you are silly if you can relate to what I am saying, I [?exalt?] you to not let your pride get stirred up, but take it as I mean it, to point out to you that you are silly because you are carnal, and ask God to help you to stop being carnal; be wise; manifest Christ. I am not saying it to put you down. I am saying it to make a point, to point up your sin and your error to you so that you can live and not die, and this is the way God does it, so do not be silly. Silly men have spent whole lifetimes. Who is the silly man? The man who is living out of his carnal mind is silly. And many of us were silly at one point, and then we became wise. You do not have to stay silly. They spent their whole lives trying to figure out what He was writing in the dirt. And when we looked up every word in the Greek, we found out the Bible says Jesus bent down, and He wrote in the dirt, and what really happened was that Jesus -- his -- in his humanity, went down very low, utterly prostrated himself, and the Christ in Him came up very high. He came to his apex to the highest point of spiritual power that He was capable of manifesting in that condition, and with the finger, the extension of God in Him, He wrote in the earth of that woman’s soul. And, you see, there was already a writing in her soul. If you recall the series we did on The Temptation, one of the things Jesus said to Satan was -- I do not want to get too far off on this -- but Satan used that expres- -- Jesus used that expression to Satan: “You are not boss here anymore.” The writing in the soul of humanity right now says this soul belongs to Satan; use it on pain of death. The Bible calls it the mark of the beast. But Jesus said to Satan, there is a new writing on the soul; it now says this soul belongs to Christ; back off on pain of death. And that is what Jesus did for this woman. He erased the mark of the beast from her soul. And he wrote on her soul “The property of Christ,” and then He said to her, go, and sin no more because the mark of the beast has been erased from you. All you silly people looking for English words. What should I pray? How do I say it? Brethren, it is not the words you say. Get spiritual because deliverance is in the Spirit; salvation is in the Spirit; life is in the Spirit; Christ is in the Spirit. Put away the works of your flesh, and enter into life.

How did I get into that? What was I talking about? Was I answering your question? W- -- how did I get into that?


I am sorry.

Is that what initially happens to someone when they repent and ask the Lord to [?begin to move?] in their life, what happened to that woman?

Well, it is not happening today, th- -- to the best of my knowledge. The reason it is not happening today is that there is no one around that has that kind of anointing that Jesus had. The sharper your knife, the more you are able to help the person, so we are just taking whatever we can get, and we are getting the crumbs today. And the bottom line, I remind you of the teaching here that God raised up Israel and out of -- however -- I think it was a couple of thousand years, I really should check that out -- however long Israel existed as a nation in the Land of Judah, we know that she continued as a nation without her country. The whole purpose of God ministering to Israel, of taking them out of Egypt, of giving them miracles and glory and blessings, of giving them the law; the whole purpose of it was to bring out of all those thousands -- I do not know; maybe millions of people that lived over all those years, the whole purpose was that one man, one man should be born and that He should be raised up into full stature and that He should give up that life that could have continued forever, that He should die so that He should become a spiritual seed that could be poured into the hearts of all humanity, that all of humanity might receive the mind of God, be raised from the dead and break out of Hell. The whole purpose of Israel, and everything God did for Israel was that one man should come forth that would be the seed that would save the life of humanity. And now in this hour, all of the good works that God has done for the church, all of the healings, all of the deliverances, all of the lives that He has saved -- that is very nice if He saved your life; it is very nice that He saved my life; I should have been dead 15 years ago. Is not it nice that He saved my life? Brethren, He only saved my life for one purpose, that He had a job for me to do to help other people. He does not save your life so that you can go on and have a wonderful private life. When Jesus saves your life, you are bought with a price, and you must go back and help others.

So this whole ministry to the church, anything He has ever done for anybody is all towards one end, and we have not seen it manifest yet, that a group of men should appear in this world, that have the Spirit without measure, that have a knife sharp enough to bring the worst case of destruction into a condition of salvation. That is the whole purpose of His work in the church. It is not to give you a Cadillac, you fool, you selfish fool. The Lord fully intends to save this fallen soul. And when that group of men exist whose knife is sharp enough to do the work, this dead soul shall be raised from the dead. Did I answer your question?

Now, I just want to point out something that fascinates me in this understanding of the changing of the mark on the soul of the adulterous woman because what that clearly says to me is that Jesus of Nazareth who was in full stature who had [?attained?] to the first stage of the resurrection, who was God, varied His condition of spiritual strength, was varying because -- now listen to me; I am having trouble getting this out. Lord, help me get this out. If He -- when he was amidst that crowd, I think he was teaching; I am not sure. Does anyone know what He was doing? He was teaching, OK.


When the Jews brought this adulterous woman to Him, so apparently H- -- the Christ in Him was at one particular level that He was teaching out of, but in order to do this miracle, He had to rise to a higher place in Christ -- can you hear this? -- than He was when He was teaching. So what this says to me is that His ability to manifest Christ or His ability to be God was in a varying degree throughout his ministry. Can you hear what I am saying? That even though He was God -- let me try it this way -- He was God 100 percent of the time once He stood up in full stature, on certain occasions, His power, the power of the Godhead which was flowing through Him was at a greater height than at other times, and apparently He needed less power to teach. Or let me put it to you this way, He needed more power to erase the mark of the beast from this woman’s soul and mark her with Christ. He needed more power to do that than He needed to teach. Can you hear this?

Brethren, I have it -- what it takes to preach this doctrine. I do not believe that I have the strength at this time to change the mark on your soul, but I am going to have it, and as soon as I have it, it is yours. Because for this purpose [UNINTELLIGIBLE] into the world to set the captive free, to break the bands and the chains of those in prison, to deliver the sick, to heal the sick and deliver the afflicted, so -- and this whole exhortation is very exciting to me because if I ever get to the message today, you will hear that I -- that the Lord is going to show us -- we are going to be back in the book of John today, and the Lord showed me this same situation -- not with Jesus but of how He did this for a group of people -- how He did what? How He caused their carnal minds to be prostrated, to go down very low and for the Christ to come up high, and I am going to show it to you. I think it is chapter 5 of the Book of John, so -- is not the Lord wonderful, how He even works the exhortation into the message? I do not even know how I started to talk to you about this, but that is the glory and the wonder of being at a meeting -- OK, that is the glory and the wonder of being at a meeting where Christ is in charge, where Christ is in charge, so you cannot even say, well, Rita brought up the subject because Christ moved on Rita to say what she said, OK? So the pastor here is Christ, and He can manifest anywhere He wants. This is the truth of body ministry. See, she thought she was just giving a testimony, but she was not just giving a testimony. The pastor -- the true pastor here was speaking through her. This is body ministry. And I just get excited whenever I see Him move; I get so excited. He is the only thing worth being excited about in this world.

OK, I am going to -- anybody else have anything t- -- you had something to say. What did you want --



Yeah, I just, well, you said you do not have the power to change the mark of the beast off the person’s soul, but I just wondered what -- do you understand what that power is?

Yeah, actually, I do have the power, but m- -- in that area, my sword is very dull. I do have the power to change the mark of the beasts on your souls, but it takes me years to do it. That is the truth, OK? And that is the sign of my apostleship that I do have within me, and I think we had it in the last message an- -- from John chapter 4 -- I do have within me, not from anything I have done but that the Lord has placed in me the ability to reproduce the nature of Christ in your hearts, and that is the changing of the mark. When I reproduce the nature of Christ in your heart, as Christ is being impress- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] When I reproduced the nature of Christ in your heart, as Christ is being impressed in your heart, the seal of the beast is being wiped out, so I do have that ability, but my knife is very dull, and it takes me years, and I get into encounters with you, and I get wounded, and it is not -- this is only a temporal situation as I ascend. Now, remember, Jesus changed the mark on the Gadarene Demoniac, was a total madman, and He changed the mark on him with just one sentence. He rebuked the legion, and the man’s whole life changed. I mean, right now, I am saying I rebuke you for 10 years, and then your life will change for five years, and then your life changes little by little by little, but I do have the power to do it. But it is not good enough. My knife must get sharper, and it will get sharper. Did I answer your question?


Please give him -- give Joseph the microphone.

What is the hardest thing for the -- for this beast to overcome [INAUDIBLE] person who is already in Christ -- what is a struggle for the beast? [INAUDIBLE]

Pride. Pride followed closely by rebellion, so, if you love yourself -- and I pray it all the time for myself. I come against pride and rebellion all the time. I say, get down, you beast. The nature of the -- the overriding characteristic of Christ is what? The overriding characteristic of Christ is?


Righteousness. And the overriding characteristic of the beast is?


Pride, pride. That is the worst enemy of the man going -- desiring to move into Christ. OK, anybody else?





OK, I guess it was two weeks ago? Two weeks ago everybody prayed for me. Well, all I can say is that my personality has completely turned around, --

Praise God.

-- and I knew that Christ is in me, because it would -- for a lot of things, I would not do the things that I have done.


Do we have the power to -- when we pray -- like, w- -- you know, was not that -- when we were talking about praying and s- -- and telling the principalities and powers in the person’s mind, as we are praying, you do not belong to -- she does not belong to you, but she has got a new mark on her soul, is that praying that mark of the beast off --


            -- and Christ [UNINTELLIGIBLE]?


            Does that really work when you do that?

I do not know. You have to look at the fruit. It depends on how much power you have. Everybody does not have the same measure of power, so pray your --

            It must have been some [CROSSTALK]   

-- prayer, and ask the Lord to show you what kind of effect you have had.

For it to come up like that in prayer when most of the time we were in a New Order, maybe that was New Order, I do not know, but it must have been of God because it came up.

[UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- oh, you mean when we were praying this morning?

No, when we were -- when we -- when we have prayed in the past, and we just came across that subject as we were praying and to pray it as we are praying the prayers.

Mm. Well, I believe the Lord wants us to pray it in faith. It is a question of -- t- -- even if you do not have the power to do that, He wants you to pray it because it is just like -- I saw a movie once about medieval England where they start training little boys -- I think about 11- or 12-years old -- they start training them to be knights; I do not want to say gladiators, not gladiators, knights. So you see these little boys running around the open field with their dull-pointed knifes. You know, learning how to throw a knife and learning how to -- so no matter how young you are in Christ, if you are one of those little boys in Christ, that your weapon still has a blunted edge on it because the Lord does not want you hurting anybody, He still wants you practicing to throw that knife, so you pray it, you know? You know that you are a son of God in the making, you pray it, and whatever ha- -- you pray it in faith, and whatever happens, happens. And you keep praying it, and you keep praying it, and maybe one day you will see fruit come forth from your prayer, but you pray it in faith. You pray every good thing that you know to pray, you pray, and eventually, you will grow into -- the power will arrive in you to make it real. Pray it, believing.


I will just say this; this is what we are coming to now. Brethren, the Lord is not going to put you in an encounter like this until you qualify, and that does not mean that you are OK if you are qualified and you are not OK if you are not qualified. This is a training ground for manifesting Christ. The Lord is not going to let someone walk in off the street and give you an encounter like that unless you are in a condition where you can deal with it. [?Rita’s?] very mature and [?was?] [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. So, if you are not having that experience, restrain any envy or self-recrimination that is manifesting, you -- maybe you are not mature enough; you [?will be?] mature enough. See, in Christ, the ultimate in Christ is full stature. You do not have to stay where you are. There is no reason to ever be envious or jealous or feel inadequate because God has enough for everybody, and He is full well able to build us all in Christ. Now maybe some people move faster than others, but if you see something that somebody has and you want it, the proper thing to do is confess to the Lord that you would like it; maybe if you feel bad that you do not have it, be honest with Him, and ask Him for it, and restrain any desire or inclination on your own part to be hurtful to that person because you are envious. God is able and intends to give the fullness to everybody, but you have to grow into it. You do not get it by someone laying hands on you [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Christ. You have to learn; you have to study to show yourself [?approved?]. You have to practice submitting to your elders. You have to go through the whole training course. Part of it intellectual study, part of it is spiritual study, and a large part of it learning how to relate to one another in accordance with the rules of Christ and learning how to submit to God’s line of authority even when you think you have been abused, there are rules that you follow; just like in the courts. If you think you got a wrong judgment, you appeal the case. There are ways to do things, and -- this is a government; it is a spiritual government. You do not punch out the judge; they put you in jail for that; you have got to follow the way God laid it out. And I understand that it is very hard for people that God has brought into this training to see that sitting here in my -- in the place where I live which -- where it is just an apartment seeing this to be a Bible school is very hard for some people, seeing it to be a training ground for God’s government is very hard for some people. You know, you can go to a natural law school, go into the university, and you see this big building with all the books and all the [?formidable?] rooms; there is nothing here that you can see with your eyes that will convince you that this is God’s Bible school or that this is God’s law school. You have to get it by the Spirit because that is what it is.

           Do you think some Christians who may -- if you were into putting, like, small [INAUDIBLE] and a crutch on your wall for healing and all this other nonsense, do you think some Christians who [UNINTELLIGIBLE] into that would feel more comfortable?

No, because Jesus --

            [INAUDIBLE] not --

-- clearly said -- no, because Jesus clearly said that as we move into the New Covenant, where all this power is in the New Covenant, there is only minimal power in the Old Covenant where the people do that.


If you want to move into the New Covenant where the power is, OK, and where the law school is and where the true Bible school is, --

            [?You?] [INAUDIBLE]

You cannot look with your eyes. Jesus clearly said the Jews are looking for a sign; I am not going to give you a sign. I want you to believe because of faith that is in your heart. So, it is just like -- did you ever hear of a lazy eye?


Some people have a lazy eye, so they put a patch over the good eye so that you will use the lazy eye. Well, God is not putting crutches [?up here?] because we got a lazy eye. Our spirit could be the lazy eye. So He is putting the patch over the good eye that wants to see in the natural. He is not letting you see anything in the natural. You have got to use that lazy eye of the Spirit, and not just you, everybody. And we have to start seeing with that lazy eye, with that spiritual eye. You know, we have two spiritual eyes. Do you remember the teaching? You have two spiritual eyes. One is carnal, and one is spiritual. And Paul clearly said, and I think Jesus said it also, OK, let your eye be single. Do not have one eye of the flesh and one eye of the Spirit because if you have both eyes functioning, one of the flesh and one of the Spirit, the spiritual eye is sure to be a lazy eye, and you will look more out of your carnal eye than your spiritual eye. So I believe Jesus said it too, but Paul definitely said it; let your eye be single, and let the eye of the Spirit predominate over the eye of the flesh because in -- very soon it is already happening, that of the church which can be seen with the visible eye is going to be dismantled and broken down. The Lord is abandoning it, and if you want to go on with God, He will have no choice. You see, now you have a choice. You can go to a carnal church where they show you all these things here, but God is dismantling that, and the only place you are going to find the power of God is going to be in the ministries that you can only see with your spiritual eye, so cover over that carnal eye, and stop looking for these carnal things, and make this lazy eye work, or you are going to find yourself at a disadvantage at the time that the Lord utterly breaks down the visible church. Can you hear me? Hallelujah.

God answered our prayer. There is quite an anointing here this morning. OK, can we have --


We are going to go over just a -- can I have a little more -- is that all the way up? Just a little more volume. Thank you. We are going to back up over a few of the verses we did at the end of part 3. I just -- excuse me -- have some additional comments, and then we will go on with the [?balance?] of chapter 5.

So I would like to start in the Book of John, chapter 5, verse 26.


An- -- well, I really want to zero-in on verse 27, but I will comment on verse 26 just to give you the context of what Jesus is saying. “For as the Father hath life in Himself so hath He given to the Son to have life in Himself.” Jesus is saying here that if Christ -- or when Christ is mature in a man, that man has the seed or another way to say it is the tree of life within himself and therefore has the ability to transfer that seed to the soul of another human being. One of the signs that you have a mature Christ in you is that your ministry to somebody will eventually produce the nature of Christ in them. You see, this is an issue that the Lord really wants clarified. I have had somebody say to me, well, what are you talking about, people that have the imputed anointing or the imputed anointing changes people’s lives; he was a drug addict; now he is not a drug addict; he was irresponsible; now he is responsible; he was an adulterer, or she was an adulterer; now they are not an adulterer. What is this doctrine that you have that says these changes are only in Christ? This is the difference, OK. The imputed anointing has the power or the authority, power and authority, OK, I am just using two different words there. The imputed anointing has power and authority to influence -- underscore -- influence a carnal person’s life. People whose only mind is the carnal mind can have positive or negative life experiences depending on their family line inheritance, curses and blessings and depending on their own actions, which will be reaped in this lifetime. You might sow some seeds yourself; your ancestors sowed other seeds, and we know that some people have terrible lives. You look at the whole family -- the whole family is being wiped out. I know someone right now whose whole family -- it is just him and his brother that is still alive. The parents are dead; the aunts are dead; the uncles are dead; the cousins are dead. The whole family is dead except for these two people. That is a heavily cursed family. And the one I am talking about was a drug addict for -- since he was 11 years old. OK, that is a heavily cursed family. Then we know there are people in this same planet called Earth, in this same country called the United States of America, sometimes in the same city, whose whole family is alive, they are prospering, they are healthy, they are on their financial feet, the people have good jobs, their marriages are in order, their children are in submission, and there are many, many blessings on the family. Sometimes two people in these different conditions can live right next door to one another, so we see that for the carnal man, there is a gradation, you could say a scale from 1 to 10; if you are a 1, your life is on a very lower level; if you are a 10, your life is the optimum that you could hope for in this world, which is Hell. So if you are a person whose life is down real low on that scale because of inherited family line curses and because of your own sin in this world, the imputed anointing, the Holy Ghost can influence your carnal life; it can help you; it can raise you up spiritually; it can assist you in overcoming spiritual, emotional and physical problems, and it can bring you from being a 1 on that scale or a 2 on that scale to being a 10 on that scale. Let me say it in another way; the imputed anointing, which is mediated by the Holy Ghost, OK, the power in the imputed anointing is the Holy Ghost has the authority to take a carnal man, a man whose mind is the carnal mind and raise him up from a low point in this world to the highest achievable potential for a carnal man in Hell. There is a maximum; there is a ceiling; there is a point to which the Holy Ghost can bring you, and He can bring you no higher. So we see the Holy Ghost changing a carnal man’s life for the better. Through influence He has not changed you; He has not changed your basic root nature; He has not changed your basic root nature, which is what? The nature of the carnal man is what? The beast. You are a beast. You are a beast who wears deodorant.


That is OK. That is what we are.


That is what we are. So the Holy Ghost can influence you and can make your miserable life a productive life. Nobody down here in Hell is 100 percent happy. Nobody down here in Hell is 100 percent satisfied, but every human being who exists down here has a predominant influence over their life. Either they are more happy than unhappy, or they are more unhappy than happy. There is a 50 percent mark; either your life is a misery with maybe one or two moments of happiness, or your life is reasonable with some troubles. Everybody has to be on one side of the 50 percent mark or the other. Does everybody know what I am talking? So the Holy Ghost can improve your lot down here in Hell, but He cannot -- He does not have the authority to erase the beast nature from you and impart the nature of Christ to you and the ability to transfer from death unto life, the ability to be delivered out of Hell into the spiritual life of God, the ability to experience satisfaction in every area of your life, 100 percent of your conscious waking and unwaking moments is not in the Holy Ghost. It is in Christ. Christ has the ability to change your nature. We heard about it in the exhortation today. Christ has the ability to erase the mark of the beast from your soul and to engrave your soul with the mark of Christ, and in that mark of ownership, in that mark, that engraving that says you are Christ’s, not because your fallen mouth speaks it or not because you read out of the letter of a book but because your spiritual nature in fact belongs to Christ, that anointing has the ability to deliver you out of the highest 10 on the scale where you are happy a lot of the time but not 100 percent of the time, to deliver you from that condition into a condition where you are 100 percent satisfied 100 percent of the time and where you no longer are capable of experiencing any form of infirmity, mental or physical, and where you are incapable of dying, so this is the difference between the impar- -- in the imputed and the imparted anointing. The imputed anointing influences the carnal man and can influence him for a great good, but it takes the imparted anointing to erase the beast nature from that man and translate him from death unto an unending life of complete and unequivocal satisfaction and contentment and peace.

Verse 26. “For as the Father has life in Himself, so hath He given to the Son an ability to have life in Himself. So if you are truly a Son of God, if Christ is truly in you, you have the ability to transfer that life, to drop the seed of your tree on the soul of another man, that he might receive the same inheritance from the Father.”

Verse 27. “And the Father hath given the Son authority to execute judgment also. Please note, brethren, this is very important. If you are looking for a sign that God has authorized an imperfect man to expose sin in your soul, this -- the scriptural sign is that this man, this ministry, this preacher has the authority to bring forth Christ in you. If you are growing under His ministry, if Christ is being formed in you, if the fruit of Christ is evident in you, that is the sign that the Lord is saying to you that this man is anointed to expose your sins so that you might confess them, so that you might repent, so that they might be ripped out of you so that you too might ascend into the glorious realm of the life of Christ. So here is your sign. Judgment, which is the exposure of your sins, is intimately related with the ability to reproduce the life of Christ in you. Now let me just clarify one more time the life of Christ. I am not talking about an ability to stop drinking. I am not talking about an ability to stop lying. I am talking about the nature of the beast starting to dry up and die in you and a righteousness which is in Christ replacing it. When you sit under a ministry that either increases or brings forth the righteousness of God in you, that is the sign that that minister is authorized to expose your sins, and the reason that they are authorized to do it is that they within them the tree of life which will not destroy you when your sins are exposed but which will make this a positive experience of spiritual growth for you, that Christ might be revealed in you also. Anyone exposing your sins out of their carnal mind will destroy you. When your sin is exposed out of someone’s carnal mind, it will bring condemnation and destruction unto you. That is why the Father said all judgment has been given unto the Son. When the natural man does it, it kills you; the letter killeth, but the Spirit of Christ maketh alive, and that is why there is a minimum, if any, exposure of sin in a church with an imputed anointing, very little outside of the major behavioral sins. I am talking about the hidden sins of the heart.

Verse 27. “So the Father hath given the Son authority to [UNINTELLIGIBLE] your judgment -- the Father has given the Son authority to expose your sins because He who the Son is the Son of man.” Now, this is a hidden truth here, because the Son is the Son of man, so let us ask ourself [sic], what does this phrase mean? Who is the Son of man? What is the Son of man? What does this mean that the Son of man has the authority to expose your sin? Because we have an analogy here; we have an analogy here. It -- the Scripture says in verse 27, the Son has the authority to execute judgment because He is the Son of man. Let me put this on the board for you.

Manifesting, yeah. The tape recorder is manifesting -- manifest away. Look; as you -- if you -- when you get into advanced mathematics, I am going to make this simple; they have something that they call analogy. Maybe they have a different name than mathematics, but this is what it says: If the letter X is a symbol for the number 2 and if the letter Y is also a symbol for the number 2, then we can say X is equal to Y. Both X and Y equal 2; therefore if you have an equation, if you have a statement in higher mathematics which uses symbols and we know that X equals 2 and Y equals 2, we can say X equals Y. Why? Because 2 equals 2. Amen.

So, in the same manner we have the Lord saying the Son has the authority to expose sin. Just let me save that here. [INAUDIBLE] doing it. OK. And then it says -- OK, so verse 26 says the Son, we know He is talking about the Son, so verse 27 says, “And the Father hath given the Son authority to execute judgment also because He is the Son of man,” so we could say the Son has the authority to expose sin, and then we say the Son of man has the authority to expose sin. Now, we do not have any problem knowing that when the Father talks about the Son He is talking about Christ. Does anybody have a problem with that? That the Son is Christ. So we can say Christ has the authority to expose sin. Well, those of us that do not understand would say this is confusing. Is not the Son of man humanity? So we are saying Christ has the authority to expose sin, and the Son of man has the authority to expose sin. OK? Well, does not that mean humanity or any natural man has the authority to expose sin? This is what is called a false conclusion because we have assumed that Son of man equals humanity. Now, if we assume that Son of man equals humanity, then any man has the authority to expose sin. Well, there is something wrong here. We know that men with the carnal mind do not have the authority to expose sin. Therefore, I declare to you that the term Son of man is not equal to the ability or the authority to expose sin. Does anyone not see what I did?

The Scripture says the Son of man has the authority to expose sin. We -- I am sorry. The Scripture says the Son has the authority to expose sin. We know that the Son is Christ, so we can say Christ has the authority to expose sin. Then in the next verse, now we know that the Son is Christ, that they are the same. We know that Son -- the Son equals Christ. And the next verse says the Son of man has the authority to equal -- to expose sin. Now, if we have a wrong teaching in our mind and we -- as soon as we hear the word Man, we think it means humanity, we will say, well, the Son is equal to Christ, and they can both expose sin. Therefore, the Son of man must be equal to humanity, and if the Son of man can expose sin, humanity must be able to expose sin. Can you follow that reasoning? OK. And I declare to you that this is false reasoning that humanity has the authority to expose sin is false reasoning because the phrase or the term Son of man is not equal -- this is the sign for not equal -- the term Son of man is not equal to the term Son. Can you see this? The term Son is equal to -- well, let me do it for you this way. The term Christ, the name Christ is equal to the Son, but the Son is not equal to Son of man. If this is your definition of Son of man -- I think I did that backwards. Excuse me. I am sorry; I did that backwards. The term Son of man is not equal to humanity. Christ is equal to Son. Here, let me do it for you this way. I am sorry, I messed this up. Take this from the top here. Son is equal to Christ. Son of man is also equal to Christ. OK? Therefore, Son equals Son of man. Everybody OK with me? OK. Now some people would say Son of man equals humanity, all men. Now if it is true that Son of man equals humanity, then if Son of man equals Christ and Son of man also equals humanity, we can say Christ equals all of humanity, has the authority to judge sin. But we have a false premise here. The term Son of man is not talking about all of humanity. But if you think that the Son of man is talking about all of humanity, then you are going to think that all of humanity is Christ and all of humanity has the authority to judge sin. Have I lost you? Is everybody OK? You are OK. OK, so if Son of man is not equal to all of humanity, what does the term mean? Does anybody remember what the term means? Anybody? OK. Praise God. We will go over it again. Let me see if I can put this on the board for you.

[INAUDIBLE] means Christ?

Pardon me?


Son of man does mean Christ, but it does not mean all of humanity.

            Oh, I thought it meant the human side of Christ.

OK, it does not mean the human side of Christ. Son of man does not mean the human side of Christ. Humanity -- this is the last time -- I am going to really ignore you if anyone talks without a microphone; this is the last day, I am just going to go right past you like I did not hear you, OK? If you want to say what it is, please use the microphone. OK, you do not have to if you do not want to. OK. Humanity, Adam, the creation of God has a reproductive ability -- she has the ability to produce a what?


A mind. The soul that God created has the ability to bring forth, to give birth to a mind, and that mind can be either male or female depending on the sex of the father. When the soul has a union with a male spirit which is the Jehovah or the Lord Jesus Christ, the soul produces a son, and His name is?


Christ. When the soul has a union which is incestuous and lesbian in its nature with itself, OK, and that part of itself which rises up into the male role has a name --


No. What is the name of the part of the soul that rises up to impregnate itself? Who is the lesbian? Who is the spiritual lesbian? Satan. OK. Then the soul produces an offspring or a mind which is female whose name is?




OK, so the soul has -- and that carnal mind is male or female?


Female, OK. So therefore -- I erased you off the board -- for a man, for a human being to be a son in a scriptural understand- -- in a spiritual understanding, to be a son, you can only be a son if your mind is?


Male, Christ. And the only person that is able to bring forth a son as the mind of this soul is the Father. And for thousands of years since the fall, this soul which is female has been baring female -- did that go off?


No -- has been baring female children. This wife of the Lord has brought forth billions of female children since the time of the fall. Every human being born since the time of the fall has been spiritually female with one exception, the Lord Jesus Christ. So Jesus said, I am the Son of man. I am the only male offspring of this fallen soul. He also said I am the Son of God. What he was saying is my Father is God, but my mother is this soul, and because I am male, because my mind is male, this is the proof that my father is God. So He said, the Son of man has the authority to execute sin. Now, listen, the only man that [UNINTELLIGIBLE] judgment -- excuse me -- the only man that has the authority to expose your sin is the man whose mind is Christ. Everyone else is the daughter of man, the daughter of Adam. Every human being whose mind is carnal has a female mind, and they are the daughter of Adam, and by nature of their spiritual sexuality, by the fact that they are female, by the fact that they are spiritually weak and dependent, we know who the Father was. I had some preacher write to me from California once. Said to me, prove to me that Eve committed adultery with the serpent. Look at her child, you fool. Is this the Son of God? Is this humanity the Son of God? She is the daughter of?


Babylon. And therefore, we know who her father was. You need proof that Eve committed adultery? She had the baby, you fool. Open up your eyes, and look. And we have the whole church world saying, we are in the image of God. You are not in the image of God; you are in the image of your father, the devil! Your father is not God; that is why you need to be adopted; you silly children, who adopts their own child? Your father is the devil, and you are just like him! That is how I know. Why? Because you are killing Christ wherever He is appearing.

So we see that the Son of man has the authority to expose men’s son [sic] -- sins. The daughter of man does not have this authority. Is everybody OK on that issue? OK.


OK. OK. Do you -- if you have a question, please ask your question.

Could you just explain Son of man once more that -- in, like, a short thing? Like, what is -- what does that term mean? What is Son of man?

For you to be -- to understand that man is this creation, the female Ad- -- the female soul, OK, Adam, God’s wife, she can only produce -- well, what does she produce? When she gives birth, she gives birth to a?

            A mind.

A mind, OK, so for her to have a son, she must be producing a male mind, and there is only one husband or one father that can produce a male mind, and that is? Who can impregnate her even in this --

            Either Satan or God.

No, no, Satan cannot produce a male child.

            Oh, a male child, right, [?that is?] God.

A male child. Even in this natural world it is determined that it is the man who -- the male seed that determines the sex of the child. Did you know that?

            No, I did not that.

Yes, it is the male seed that determines the sex of the child, and as it is in the natural so it is in the spiritual, so the Son of man, for man, God’s wife, I know that sounds like a contradiction -- his name is man, but in relationship to God, he is God’s wife. OK. To produce -- have a son, the Father must be God. If the father is not God, the offspring of this soul whose name is Adam is not male. It is not a son; it is a daughter; it is a daughter.

OK, so it is --

OK, so if the Father is Satan, the mind and the creation is a daughter. So to be a Son of man is to say -- it is the same way of saying my Father is God, because if my Father was Satan, I would be a woman.

            So he is saying man in the sense that he is male. [?Is?Does?] that [INAUDIBLE]

He is saying Son in the sense that he is male.

            Son of man.

Son of man -- or Son of Ada- -- I did not look it up, but I am sure if you looked it up in the Greek, it does not say man; it must say Adam, the Son of Adam.

            See, that is what confuses me. That is --


-- what I think when this -- because it sounds like he is saying -- because there are two different things in -- o- -- I mean -- it sounds like He is saying I am the Son of man, and then in other places He says I am the Son of God, so there He is saying He is the Son of the Father, He is the Son of God, --

He is the Son of God.

-- so when he says the Son of man, I thought he was say- -- referring to that He is also the Son of Adam. So that is confusing to me.

Well, that is what He is saying, that He is the Son of Adam, [CROSSTALK]

So that is how I get the fact that He is saying “I also come from humanity,” that I have a human side, and that is not what He is saying.

That is what He -- well, no. He does come from humanity. His Father is God, and His mother is the soul, so He does come from [CROSSTALK]

            So the Son of man does not refer to the mother?

Yes, Son of man refers to the mother.

OK, so I got that right, that the fact that He is referring to humanity, that is wrong.

He is saying -- He is saying my mother is humanity, but it is the Father who determines the spiritual sex of the man. For Him to say, I am the Son of man, His Father must be God. If His father was Satan, He would have to say, I am the daughter of man.




So the fact that He said I am the Son of man identifies His father as God.



            So you -- the emphasis is on the Son, right?

On the Son.

And that --

And I know it is --

-- gives Him the authority then to expose sin?

Right, that his Father is God.

If He would have said I am the daughter of man, he would have no authority to expose sin. That is the difference.

Right, right, and it is confusing, the translation that says Son of man. It is confusing, and I would really be pretty sure that if you looked that up in the Greek, it would say Adam, I am the Son of Adam, you know?

OK, so g- -- we are speaking here about changing sexual roles; I know it is confusing. Man, this creation, is man, the soul that God made is man to this whole world to all the animals and to this whole planet. The creation is known as man, but in relationship to God, the creation is Adam, and He is God’s spiritual wife. And I know that it gets confusing. It would help if we could stop saying man and start saying Adam, but since the King James s- -- uses the term man, and we are so involved in that, it is a confusion. I would just ask God to help you. Does everybody at least understand what I am saying? You are OK now? OK.

Praise the Lord.

So only the Son of man, not the daughter of man, has the authority to expose people’s sins, and again, God has no respect or a person’s -- the bottom line is, when a carnal mind exposes your sin, He is highly likely to use it against you. It is -- will be [?unto?] your destruction in most instances unless the Lord lays whole with it and does an outstanding miracle. Left to himself, a natural man exposing your sin will hurt you through that exposure. When the daughter of man exposes your sin, she is not qualified, and she messes up whenever she tries. But the Son of man, He has the authority to expose your sin. And when He expo- -- you see, this is the way it works. When the Son of man exposes your sin, in order to expose your sin, He has to do spiritual surgery on you. He has to cut you. He has to open your heart and let you see the filth inside. When the Son of man does it, when He pu- -- takes that knife and cuts you open, He, at the same time, deposits his seed upon your heart.

So the exposure of your sin also opens you to the implanting or the engrafting of the life of Christ to you. It is a simultaneous procedure. Think about a human surgery. They cut you open. They make you bleed. They do all these things, but the end of the operation is life because they make some kind of an internal alteration in your bodily organs that produce healing. So when the Son of man cuts you -- cuts your spiritual life open, He, at the same time, is exposing your sin, drops the seed of His life, and a healing takes place as a result of the pain, just like in the natural.

But when the daughter of man exposes your sin, she does not have the seed within herself. You see, we are told in verse 26 that “For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself.” When the daughter makes the incision, she does not have the seed. She does not have what it takes to cause you to conceive a son. And therefore it is like going into a hospital and submitting to someone who is going to cut your heart out and open you up and cause you all this pain. And the very best that could happen to you is that they will close you up, and there will be no improvement. The very worst that could happen to you is that you can die from infection or loss of blood or whatever.

Are we all OK? You OK? You OK? Hallelujah. It is good today, huh? OK.

            What about an eternal [?bleeding?]?

Somebody help that man, please.

            [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [?a curse?]: like a disease with the body.

Well, the healing -- the whole point here is that the person who has the female mind does not have the authority to help you. She can cut you open because we know -- even in the world we have an expression: Boy, she really cut me up, right? So we know that people can cut each other open and expose them and cause them to bleed spiritually, OK. But when they cut them open, it is to their hurt. There is no healing in it.

            It is destruction.

It is utter destruction, so it is only the Son that when He hurts you, even though He hurts you, the end of it is healing because there is healing in Christ. See, even if there is internal bleeding when Christ does it, you must know that the end of it will be that the life of Christ will appear in you. And you will be healed in the long run. Did I answer your question? OK.

Hallelujah. Verse 28, “Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice.” We mentioned on the last message -- I am not going to take too much time on it right now -- that we are walking graves. The Greek word translated graves really means sepulcher. And that is the ki- -- I think in our modern day English, they call it a mausoleum. Is that what they call it? Or --


A mausoleum. It is a grave, a building that is -- it is not a grave that -- where they dig up the ground. They build a building, and sometimes they have all the family buried in that building, like a tomb: a tomb on top of the ground. That is what the Greek word means.

And in another place, Jesus called the Pharisees walking sepulcher. The Greek word -- the translat- -- or the old English translation is sepulcher unless they use it today. Jesus said to the Pharisees, you are walking sepulchers. You are walking graves. What does that mean? The flesh of this body and the flesh of our soul and our carnal mind is covering over the dead, human spirit. Our human spirit, which is died -- which is dead, which died when -- at the time of the fall, is buried underneath the spiritual earth of our carnal mind, our soul and our human flesh. And Jesus said to the Pharisees, you are walking sepulchers, and inside of you is what? Dead men’s bones. The dead bone in the Scripture typifies spirit. Inside of you is the dead Spirit of Christ.

You look good, man. You walk good. You talk good. You sound good. You dress the game. You pray the game. You give -- you fast the game. You are out there, in front of all of these people, acting religious and doing good works, but inside of you, your human spirit is dead men’s bones. You have got all the external trappings, but you do not have life. Inside of you is death.

And this is the word that Jesus is talking about. So when He says that the graves are going to -- the people -- well, let me read you the exact words. “Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which that all who are in the graves” -- that means the whole of the dead spirit, which is the dead Christ, which are under the carnal minds and the souls of humanity -- “shall hear his voice of the Son of God.” Hallelujah.

Verse 29, and when they hear His voice they “shall come forth.” That means they are going to rise from the dead. And those who “have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and those [sic] that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.” I am just going to comment briefly; we did this in detail on the last message. What this is talking about is those who have lived out of Christ, those who have done deeds out of submission and obedience to Christ, it has to be Christ in you. Only Christ in you can submit to Christ. Christ Jesus in you can submit to the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus in you, the one who has done the work of the Father, shall be raised to full stature.

And the carnal mind in you -- the translation here is those who have done evil. You do not necessarily have had to have murdered somebody or poisoned somebody, but the Scripture say that the works, no matter how heroic they might be, which emanate from your carnal mind are worthless. And that is what this Greek word translated evil means: worthless.

Worthless in what sense? Maybe you saved somebody’s life. Maybe you were a doctor or a nurse, and you saved that person’s life. Well, brethren, that person whose life you saved, they only lived for another 50 years, and then they died anyway. You did not, in that good work, have the ability to impart internal life to -- eternal life to that person. And therefore the Scripture calls your works worthless. In the eyes of God, they are worthless. Now in the eyes of man, they were valiant, but in the eyes of God, and comparing your carnal deeds to the deeds that come out of Christ, everything that you do out of your carnal mind is worthless.

And you shall be raised -- your worthless deeds or your -- that which did them in you shall be raised into the resurrection of damnation. Damnation is a poor translation. What it really means is eternal judgment. And once again what that means is that the negative potential in us -- remember now: Spirit can be likened to energy. And to have energy, you must have a positive and a negative pole. That which is in us, which is the negative pole, is destructive when she is operating under her own authority, separate from the positive pole. She is destructive, OK, and her name is Satan.

That which is in us which is of Satan, which is the carnal mind, shall become subjected to the positive pole. And the positive pole shall exercise authority over her continuously so that she could not do any damage but that the negative and the positive pole together can produce an even flow of spiritual life, which is likened to electricity, that will be beneficial to man. And the Scripture calls this, unfortunately, the resurrection of damnation.

Have you ever heard of waterpower? Of water, called the rapids, where people drown? Where the boats overturn: a condition of water, which produces death. You cannot swim in it. You cannot boat in it. Your life is in danger. But someone, somewhere devised a way to channel that water and to force it into -- to force it, F-O-R-C-E, into a particular direction that can actually produce electricity. Is there anyone here that does not know that? Water -- raging water, dangerous, life-taking water -- man has found a way to channel it into an area or in such a way that it will produce electricity, which is beneficial to mankind. Right, Niagara Falls.

This is an example by which we can understand the end of Satan. She is negative, destructive power when she is separated from the positive pole. Now this is a great mystery, but when you separate the positive and the negative pole, the negative pole is m- -- is stronger than the positive pole. But when you put the two of them together, the positive pole rules. It is a great mystery, but it is a law of physics.

So judgment -- let me give you the exact word here. The resurrection of damnation, or in another place we are told the doctrine of eternal damnation, I believe it is, or eternal judgment -- in the Book of Hebrews, it says eternal judgment. What it is speaking about is the restoring of the negative pole to a position of submission to the positive pole whereby the positive pole operates, joins the negative and the positive, and causes them to function as one even, free-flowing stream of energy, which produces life.

So it is the eternal damnation. It is the damnation or the judgment or the punishment or the restriction for the life of the ages of the negative pole of the spiritual power, which got free at the time of the fall and has been killing us. But when she is under the dominion of the positive authority, she shall produce or be a factor in the production of the free flow of spiritual power, which is life-giving unto this society.

So this doctrine of eternal damnation, it is not for you and me as a man. It is for all of humanity, and it is speaking about that negative principle when -- within us, which is in fact killing us: eternal damnation, eternal punishment, eternal control of that which was dangerous, which control shall make that which was dangerous productive. Hallelujah, what a glorious message!

OK, now I would like to refer you back to verse 25, which says, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God.” And who is the One who died? Who died?


Christ died. And now is when the dead Christ “shall hear the voice of the Son of God.” That means the dead Christ in humanity. That is speaking about the dead human spirit of man. “And they that hear shall live.” This Scripture is clear that when the voice of the Son of God speaks, only some will hear. And those who hear shall be raised from the dead.

This is speaking about the firstfruits company. Everyone shall not hear the first trumpet call. However in verse 29 -- I am sorry, verse 28, we are told that “the hour is coming, in the which the [sic] all that are in their [sic] graves shall hear his voice.” I am pointing out to you the two stages here. First, the resurrection of the fro- -- actually it is three stages. First, Jesus of Nazareth was raised from the dead, OK, but He is the One who is speaking, so He is really speak- -- He is talking about the second generation of Christ, the first fruits company: the company of men that we are expecting at any moment to have the experience of the mind of Christ being fully raised from the dead in them, not all of humanity; first, a small company. And that small company will be sent back to the rest of humanity to raise her from the dead. So we see the firstfruits being raised up in verse 25 and the rest of humanity being raised up in verse 28.

OK, I just felt that I did not emphasize those points enough in the last part, so I am going to jump ahead now to where we left off, which was at verse 31, we ended Part 4 of this message. “If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.” I suggest to you that Jesus is speaking about His humanity. That means that part of Him, which is soul. He says, “If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.” Well what does that mean? “If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.” I suggest to you that Jesus is saying that if He witnesses to the fact that He is the Son of God -- and how does He declare Himself the Son of God? By -- what are His credentials that He is the Son of God?


Yeah, and what is -- when He talks to you, what is His credential? His mind! His mind is Christ, amen. And He says, if I witness of Myself, My witness is not true. What He is saying to you, brethren, is if My carnal mind, the other side of Me, OK, that I inherited from My mother -- if My carnal mind witnesses that I am the Son of God, My witness is not true. Why? Because the carnal mind, even of the man Jesus, is not qualified to witness to the Son of God because the carnal mind is a liar. The Scripture says the carnal mind is the lie. Jesus is the truth. The carnal mind is the offspring of Satan, and Satan cannot attest to who is the Christ.

Only the Christ can witness to the Christ. Only someone in whom Christ is manifesting can say, I see Christ in you. The carnal mind cannot recognize Christ. That is why they killed Him. They could not recognize that He was the Son of God.

And being the son of the devil or the daughter of the devil, they killed the Christ. They were brutish, profane man that could not recognize the Son of God when they saw Him. Why? Because He was not in them. Does that answer your question? [UNINTELLIGIBLE] only the Son of God can recognize the Son of God. That is why there is no way you will be raised from the dead until the Son of God is formed in you.


Is someone going to help him, please?

            [UNINTELLIGIBLE] recognize someone in Christ?

I will only answer you if you speak into that microphone. I am sorry. Would you ask the question please?

            Why is it so easy for a sinner to see the mind of Christ working in someone?

Well, a sinner cannot.

            Someone who sins can detect whether a person is --

Sinners cannot recognize Christ. Paul says -- in yet another place, he said, the carnal man does not know who we are, OK, but we know who everybody is. That means that when the mind of Christ is in you, you can tell who is carnal and who is Christ. But the one who is carnal can only recognize another carnal man. They cannot recognize Christ.

Even in another place, Jesus said to Peter, who do you think I am? And Peter said, master, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus said to Peter, blessed are you, Peter, because no man could possibly have known that. It had to be the Father in your mind telling you that I am the Son because no human being could ever have looked at Me -- I am just a human being. I look like every other man. And only the Father in you could have given you that information.

We are on verse 31, Jesus saying, My own carnal mind cannot bear witness of Me because the Lord does not receive the witness of the carnal mind. Verse 32, Jesus says, “There is another” -- not my carnal mind -- “There is another that beareth witness of me; and I know” -- that beareth witness of the Christ mind in me -- “There is another that beareth witness of me; and I know that the witness which he witnesses [sic] is true.”

“There is another” -- meaning the Father -- “that beareth witness of me; and I know that the witness which he witnesses [sic] of me is true.” Now remember Jesus said, I am the truth. And I suggest to you that the two witnesses that Jesus was the Christ was the Father, Jehovah, and Christ Jesus in Him. Those were the two witnesses. The carnal mind is not acceptable.

Verse 33, “Ye sent unto John” -- speaking about John the Baptist -- “and he bare witness unto the truth.” Jesus is saying John the Baptist bear witness that the Christ is My mind. Now in accordance with what we just said, for John the Baptist to bear witness that the Christ was manifesting in Jesus, John the Baptist would have to have the Christ manifesting in him.

So let me remind you that there were many Old Testament saints, many Hebrews that had Christ manifesting in them. But He was in a form that could only last for that person’s lifetime. It was an imputed Christ. It was not Christ in a form that had the power to raise them from the dead. That is why Israel was not raised from the dead, OK. It was a temporary or an imputed formation of the mind of God that was too immature to raise them spiritually to a point where they would forever be in that condition.

This ability to have our spiritual life, our human spirit, to be raised up to a point where Christ will be our mind, and He will be our mind for the life of the ages, permanently raising us from the dead -- this ability is only in the Lord Jesus Christ. So we see that there were many men in Israel that had Christ formed in them, but there was no seed. There were no seed -- it -- they were not a tree that had the seed within themselves. They did not have the power to impart it to someone else, and they did not have the power to give themselves eternal life. It was just for a season. They experienced Christ just for a season.

So we see John the Baptist: that he had Christ in him. “Ye sent unto John, and he bare witness unto the truth.” And I will show you that in another two verses: that John the Baptist had Christ in him. “But I receive not testimony from man.” “I receive not testimony from man.” That is -- He is saying the same thing as in verse 31: that “if I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.”

Jesus says, I do not receive the testimony or the witness of the carnal mind, but these things I say that you might be saved. He is telling you, I do not receive the testimony of your carnal mind that you might be saved. That is what He is saying because if you keep living out of your carnal mind, you are going to keep dying.

If you want to be saved, if you want to be delivered out of hell, there is only one way out, and that is the mind of Christ. And that is why He is telling you this. I do not want the witness of your carnal mind. I do not want the witness of your carnal mind. Even if your carnal mind could recognize you, there is no way that it could be used to your benefit. Christ must come forth in you so that you can be saved and delivered from hell.

OK. Verse 35, speaking about John the Baptist, “He was a burning and a shining light.” The -- this Greek word translated light means lamp. And Proverbs 20:27 says, “The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly.” That word translated candle means lamp.

So we see that the lamp of the Lord is speaking about the spirit of man. Jesus said in verse 35, John the Baptist was a light or a lamp, or he was a spirit. He had a spirit in him that was burning and shining. The Greek word translated burning means lighted. So he was a lamp or a candle that was lighted.

And I suggest to you that that means that the Spirit of the Lord joined with the candle or the spirit of man. And that candle became lighted with the fire of Christ. So we see Jesus right here in a parable form telling us that John the Baptist had the Spirit of Christ joined to his spirit. He was joined to the Lord, His one spirit.

And the word shining -- “He was a burning and a shining light.” The word shining means visible. So what Jesus is saying is, John the Baptist is a man whose human spirit was joined to Christ. And therefore his spirit was Christ because he was joined to the Lord as one spirit and that this relationship that John the Baptist had with Christ was visible.

How is your relationship with Christ made visible? Anybody? It is made visible --

            By your fruit?

-- by your fruit, by your life. John the Baptist -- what spirit was on John the Baptist?


Righteousness. He had a spirit of righteousness. What did the man do? He exposed sin at the risk of his own life. He died because he told the truth to the king. He said, you are an adulterer, man. What yo- -- that woman is not legal. Your relationship with that woman is not legal. Get rid of her. And he lost his head. He was beheaded. He was thrown in dungeon -- the dungeon, and he was killed. He had his head cut off because he told the truth.

The man had a spirit of righteousness. He told the truth despite the cost to his personal life. He served God with his last, dying breath. And that is how we know that his spirit was Christ. He was a candle that was lit.

Now in this hour, we are double-minded. Anything that any one of us that has the mind of Christ in us -- anything that we do which is motivated by self-preservation is not Christ because if Christ motivates you, you speak, and you do the righteousness of God no matter what the cost to your natural life. No matter what the cost, no matter what the loss, no matter what the price, you speak and you do righteousness, and if God saves you from the laws of the -- jaws of the lion, He saves you, and if He lets you die, you die. But if your mind is Christ, you speak the truth with your dying breath, and you do truth, and you do righteousness, and you do the will of God no matter what it costs you.

So in verse 35 we see Jesus saying that John was a burning and a shining light, "and ye were willing for a season to rejoice in his light." What Jesus is saying to the Pharisees is that -- well, this word rejoice, it means to bathe in or receive the benefits of, so Jesus was saying you were willing to receive the benefits of that Christ. You were willing to receive the healing. You were willing to receive the bene- -- the deliverance. You were [?rilling?] -- willing to see -- receive the food that it produced in your life, but you do not like having your sins exposed, all ye Pharisees. That is what He is saying.

It is -- people have not changed; there is nothing new under the sun. Everybody wants the miracles. They want to feel good. They want to dance in the s- -- and there is nothing wrong with that. They want their bodies healed; they want their finances healed; they want their demons cast out. They want to be delivered from every area that Satan has got them in a stranglehold, but do not show them their sins. That they do not want, so that is what Jesus is saying. He is rebuking the Pharisees. He is saying you did not mind having Him around when He was doing good unto you, but as soon as He showed you your sins, you were ready to kill Him, and that is the truth of the beast nature. He kills Christ. Wherever Christ is appearing and whenever the beast can, He will kill Christ.

Verse 36, now Jesus says, "But I have a greater witnesses than that of John." So first He tells you, [?he?] will not receive the witness of carnal man. Why? Because there is no good in it for you. You have got to get Christ. Then He said John was manifesting Christ, and he will receive the witness of John. But, He says, I have a greater witness than John. What is He saying? John had an imputed Christ, but in your midst is an imparted Christ, a Christ which is of a measure of maturity that has the authority to raise a man from the dead and give him eternal life. That is what He is saying to him. He is talking about the imparted as opposed to the imputed anointing.

And Jesus said in another place the least in the kingdom of God, the youngest, the smallest, the most impotent of believers in whom the mind of Christ, the imparted anointing is growing as a tree, you are spiritually greater than the natural man who has an outstanding manifestation of the imputed anointing. You are preaching; you are teaching; you are casting out demons; you are healing the sick. You even have some wisdom that has been brought forth from your carnal personality through the influence of Christ, and you are a great man of God in the imputed church. The young one who the Lord has just brought in who has not even been taught yet but who has the imparted Christ growing in his heart, he is greater than that great man of God.

However, for all of you that are ready to get all lifted up in pride, we are told in another place that the young son who has that seed of that tree growing in him is no different than a servant for all the years that he is being trained up. So we can liken the believer who has the seed of the imparted anointing to a young prince who is, like, 5 or 7 or 10 years old. He is a prince. In due season, he will mature into a king, but he is still under governors and tutors and under authorities. He cannot do anything he wants because he is too young, and he could misuse the power and do damage.

So if you have the seed of the life of Christ in you, if you have that which it takes to raise you from the dead, you are spiritual loyalty, but that does not mean that you can go around doing things that are going to damage other human beings or lifting yourself up in pride over carnal men who have a great outpouring of the imputed anointing and have done much good for God's people. It is all right to know who you are, but I declare to you, if you take this knowledge to lift yourself up in pride, the rod of your father is already across your back because a king must be trained up. He must be taught; he must be schooled; he must be trained up in how to rule.

If you know anything about nations that were governed under kings, these young men and sometimes young women who were raised up to be kings and queens, they were under strict tutorship. They had a -- they had their tutor living are in the house with them. They were taught the intellectual teachings, how to read and write and everything that you would learn in college. They had to learn government. They had philosophical teachings that taught them how to be merciful and how to judge righteous judgment. You are a king and a priest, but you are not going to be allowed to hurt anybody because if you are going to misuse whatever spiritual authority you have, your father is waiting right there to whack you so that you should grow up to be a just and a righteous king that will rule God's people with love and mercy and righteousness that will cause them to live and not die.

Verse 36, Jesus is saying, "I have a greater witness than that of John: for the works with -- which the Father hath given Me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of Me, that the Father has sent Me." So we see clearly now that the two witnesses are the Father and the Christ Jesus in the man, and the proof that these two witnesses are present in a man is the work that he does ,or in another place the Scripture says the fruit that he will bring forth in the people he is ministering to. And what is the true fruit that comes forth? If the ministry is truly of the Son, what is the fruit?


Yeah, well, that is true, but the fruit is Christ. Brethren, if you have an apple tree, the fruit is an apple. If you have a pear tree, the fruit is a pear. Did Jesus not say in another place that you cannot plant a fig tree and get acorns appearing on it? Well, does He not say it? Jesus said it. That is what He said, OK. So if the spirit that is operating in me is bringing forth Christ in you, which is characterized by righteousness and all of the good fruit of His life, that is the proof that Christ is in me. And the proof that the Father is in me is that Christ is in me because Christ cannot be in me unless the Father sent me.

Paul said in another place, "You are the signs of my" -- anybody know the word? Apostleship. One of the overriding characteristics of an apostle is one who has the ability to reproduce the nature of Christ. Brethren, if you have the imparted anointing manifesting in you, you are an apostle. Now I know the church teaches something different; scratch that. What makes you an apostle is that the imparted anointing is growing in you, and the proof that the imparted anointing is growing in you is that the people who you minister to start to rise up in the righteousness of Christ.

So if you who I minister to see Christ coming forth in you, that means I have Christ. And for me to have Christ, it must mean that the Father sent me because I could not have Christ if the Father did not get Him to me. So the two witnesses that I am the Son is the Father and the Son: The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Father, and Christ Jesus, who is the Son which is growing and not yet in full stature in me, but He is mature enough to con- -- to be working the works of the Father. Is everybody OK?

Verse 27, "And the Father Himself, which hath sent me, hath borne witness of me." I am sorry. I meant to ready Verse 36 again. Let me read Verse 36 again for you. "But I have greater witness than that of John." I have a greater witness than the imputed anointing because "the works which the Father hath given Me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of Me, that the Father has sent Me." Now notice He is finishing the work. What is the finishing of the work? It is the work of creation, brethren. We are not in the image of the Father. God said, in the Book of Genesis, "Let us make man, and let him be in Our image." Well, God, sure as shooting, made man, but we are, sure as shooting, not in His image. We are in the image of our daddy, the devil, and Jesus came the finish the work. You are having a good time this morning, OK. Be happy.


OK, praise God. So if you are truly the Son, you are here to finish the work of the Father, and the work of the Father is to form all of us miserable human beings in the image of God. And that is not such an easy thing to do because right now we are in the image of the devil, and he is not about to let us go without a fight. He likes being our god. Glory to God.

Verse 37, "And the Father Himself, which hath sent Me, hath borne witness of Me." Well, we already talked about that, how the Father bore witness by giving Him the spiritual power to reproduce the nature of Christ in the people you minister to. "Ye have neither heard His voice." You have neither heard the Father's voice, "at any time, nor seen His shape." Now please note that spirits do not have a voice. How do you hear the voice of a spirit? Through man. When that Spirit speaks through a man, you hear His voice.

So Jesus is again rebuking the Pharisees. He said, you fools, you cannot even recognize the voice of the Father when He speaks through a man. He who does not believe that Christ has come in the flesh is an anti-Christ. You have got to recognize the invisible Spirit of the Father when He speaks through a man. Now tell me: Do you recognize the voice of the Father by how high or low His voice is? Do you recognize the voice of the Father by how soft or how deep it is? Do you recognize the voice of the Father by whether it is male or female?

You recognize the voice of the Father by what He says. You have to discern the spirit, brethren, and sometimes the carnal mind comes and even says the same things that the Father says. But if you listen real closely, not to just one word, not to just one sentence, but if you listen consistently over a period of time with a heart that truly wants to know if this is the voice of the Father and -- you will know whether this is the Father speaking or not. Because if you are heart is truly seeking the Father, that means that the Father is in you, and you will have the witness in you to the Spirit that is in the other person, leaving room for errors because no one is perfect. But you must know whether that person is on the lower or the har- -- higher side of that 50 percent mark. I should not even say that. If the Father has not sent them, they will not even be on there at all, under that 50 percent mark. You have to try that spirit. Glory to God.

So He said you have never heard His voice, and you have never seen His shape. This Greek word translated shape means outward appearance. So you have not been able to recognize that man that He is speaking through. You have failed to discern Christ. Why? Because you have been basing your judgment on the sound of His voice and on the shape of His form when your judgment should be based on the spirit of his word, which is tried by what he is saying and by the results or the fruit of what he says. You have made your judgment based on the man's voice, not on what he looks like, and therefore you are messing up because you are looking in the wrong place, and you are looking at the wrong thing.

And He said to the Pharisees you have messed up, and that is why He is saying to them that is why you do not know who I am, you fools, because you are looking at My body and you are listening to My voice, and I sound just like everybody else, but you are not going beyond the natural into the spirit, neither are you looking at the works that I do.

Verse 38, "And ye have not heard His word abide -- and you have not -- and ye have not His word abiding in you: for whom He hath sent, Him ye believe not." So here we see Jesus saying, if the Lord was abiding in you, you would recognize the one that He sent because spirit recognizes spirit. He is saying your carnal mind has failed to recognize who I am, and that is a proof, by reverse inference, that Christ is not in you because, if Christ was in you, you would recognize Me.

Look, brethren, let us take it in the natural. If you walk down the street and there is an ape and a man standing there, you know which one belongs to the human race, do you not? You recognize a man when you see him; you can tell the difference between a man and an ape. The carnal mind can recognize the carnal mind, but only Christ in you can recognize that, despite my outward form, my mind is not carnal. My mind is Christ, and we are told in the Book of John. In chapter 1 the apostle John said, "And we saw Him." We saw the Son of God, and we beheld His glory. And they were not talking about Jesus' -- John was not talking about Jesus' outward form be He looked like a fallen man. John was saying we saw His mind. We saw His mind, and we beheld its glory.

So we must learn to recognize people's minds by the things they say, by the -- well, not always by the things they do, and by the fruit of what they say and their behavior. So Jesus, boy, He is just ripping these Pharisees to pieces. This does not sound like love to me. And you have not His word abiding in you. You do not have the Father's word in you. And who is the word?


Christ. You do not have Christ in you, "for whom He hath sent, Him ye believe not." You do not believe Christ, Me, the one who He sent. Now let me point out to you that Jesus is speaking to the Pharisees but that there were Jews in those days that had Christ. Jesus is saying, by reverse inference, that everyone that recognizes that I am the Christ, He has Christ in Him, and He already told you that John the Baptist had Christ in Him. That is how He witnessed to Jesus, and we are going to see, if we get there -- I expect we will get there, in chapter 6, that there were many of the common people that had Christ in their hearts that recognized Him. But these Pharisees, their hearts were hard, and they were all out for their own greed and for their own glory. And because of that, the mind of Christ was not in them; the heart of Christ was not in them.

So we see here that all Israel was not Israel. Everyone that was a Jew in that hour did not have Christ formed in them, and, brethren, everyone that is a Christian is not a Christian. The only ones who are Christians are the ones in whom Christ is being formed. I would prefer it if you did not stop me in the middle, if you could hold it, OK. Thank you.

Verse 39, the King James says, "Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have life: and they are they which testify of Me." The Greek however says you search the Scriptures. The King James translation sounds like Jesus is giving a command. Go ahead, go search the Scriptures, but the Greek says you search the Scriptures. You spend your whole life searching the Scriptures, pouring over the letter, reading the word, because you think, in the written word, you have eternal life. You think if you can memorize these verses and repeat them that you have eternal life. You think if you could stand there and say sin shall not have dominion over me that it will not have dominion over you, but that is a lie.

Eternal life is not in the written word; eternal life is in the spirit of the word when it is growing in your heart. The spirit of the word is a tree. He must be growing in your life for you to have eternal life. I might be able to pray for you; I might be able to heal you; I might be able to deliver you. But eternal life must come forth from the Tree of Life growing in you. It is not enough for it to be growing in me. I can bless you here and bless you there, but if you really want to be blessed, let me cut your heart out so that the seed could get in there, so that the Tree of Life can be growing in you. That is what Jesus is saying to them.

Verse 39, "You search the Scriptures," and the Jews are known for searching the Scriptures day and night, "because you think that there is eternal life in the written word, but it is the Scriptures that are pointing you to Me." You are being pointed to Me. This book is just a point of contact because you are carnal, so you read the word, and it is telling you how to recognize me. But something is wrong in you; something is wrong with your heart. Something did not develop properly because you read these Scriptures day and night, and when the visible, physical manifestation of the very Christ appears before you, you cannot recognize me. There is something wrong with you. You have a spiritual disease; it is called hardness of heart.


It is called self-preservation; it is called self-love; it is called pride. And it is blinding your eyes. The Scripture says if you are blinded or if you are deceived, you are blinded by the pride of your own mind. So, you see, being in these Scriptures day and night will not give you eternal life. Wearing dresses to the floor will not give you eternal life. Taking your makeup off will not give you eternal life. Going to church every Sunday will not give you eternal life. Putting your money in the offering will not give you eternal life. I am not telling you not to do it. That is a commandment of the Lord, but there is no eternal life in it.

Eternal life is in the Tree of Life, and that tree has to get inside of you. So if you want eternal life, you have got to get the tree inside of you. How do you get the tree inside of you? You have to have your heart cut open and your sins exposed so that the seed could get inside. And if you kill the person that God sent to cut your heart open, you are going to die. They are just going to be raised from the dead.

Verse 39, "You search the Scriptures day and night; for in them you think you have eternal life, in your religious works, but it is the Scriptures that are poi- -- supposed to be pointing you to Me." But, verse 40, "You will not come unto Me, that you might have life." We will not have this man to rule over us. My Bible says no man need teach me, therefore I will pour over these Scriptures day and night, but I will not have this man to rule over Me. It is all over the church.

Verse 41, "I receive not honor of men." I just wanted to point one th- -- other thing out to you. OK, verse 41, "I receive not honor from men." The Greek word translated honor means opinion. He says I do not care about the opinion of your carnal mind. Now I say that to you, and some of you get offended. I do not care what your carnal brain thinks; I really do not care. Now if it is Christ in you talking to me, I will listen. I will try to respect you even if it is your carnal mind. I will listen once. Jesus said I am only interested in what the Father has to say. Your opinion that comes out of your carnal mind means to Me. Why? Because everything that comes out of your carnal mind is utterly corrupt and described up above, by Jesus Himself, in verse thir- -- 29, as evil or worthless works.

I receive not the opinion of men. Verse 42, "But I know who you are, that you do not have the love of God in you." Paul said in another place carnal man cannot recognize us. Carnal ma- -- the opinion of us which is held by carnal man is worthless. I am not even interested, and whatever your carnal mind thinks of me, I am not the least bit interested. I am not glad at it; I am not mad at it. It just has no effect on me because it is worthless. But Paul said, we who have Christ, we know what is in the hearts of all men. And some people that have a tendency towards phariseeism have a problem with discernment.

I have seen people in the church for years; they know all about the gifts of the Spirit. They will use discernment in deliverance on the floor. If someone sits in a chair and agrees to you praying deliverance over them, they will listen to you get discernment. But if someone in Christ comes to you and says I see something in your heart, they cannot believe that that person could even possibly have discernment about what is in their heart.

Brethren, discernment works on every level. You cannot accept discernment on one level and not on another level. Well, you can, but it is to your detriment; it is to your hurt. Paul said those who have Christ know what is in the heart of every man. They know what your sin is when they see it, and depending on their maturity, they may very well know of an evil plot in your heart against them. Elijah knew what was in the heart of the king of Syria. I on many occasions have known evil plots in people's hearts towards me. The Lord has told me. I wait -- I am waiting for them to come.

When we did the series on 1 Kings 19, you may recall that Israel was under a siege. There was a famine in Israel. People were so desperate that the more -- the weaker of the people were even boiling their own children and eating their own children. That is how desperate Israel was, and at one point, the king of Israel, who was an -- a carnal man, became so angry. Instead of -- well, he became so angry -- let me put it to you this way -- that he got mad at God for doing this terrible thing.

Now we talked about this in the exhortation. Everything God does is righteous. God is always righteous. We are always the guilty party, always, whether we understand it or not. Man is always guilty when he is in a controversy with God. So the king of Israel got mad one day. He saw that this woman had boiled her child and eaten the child, and he said, well, I am going to get God for this. And then he said, well, I do not know -- really know how to get God because He is an invisible Spirit, so let me get His who, anybody?


His what?


His prophet. Let me get His prophet, and he headed for Elijah's house with murder in his heart. And the Scripture says, "And Elijah knew that he was coming." Elijah knew that the king was coming to kill him, and he told all of his elders sitting around him, "The feet of the one who is seeking my life is already outside the door." So do not be naïve, brethren. People whose spirit is tied intimately to Christ has kn- -- that person has knowledge, and if you do not believe it, you are at a disadvantage. We are told that as Christ grows in His people, nothing will be hidden.

We all -- including me, we better confess our sins because someone else who is really in Christ is going to know that it is there, and then you are going to be embarrassed. You see, if you confess it, at least you have got some measure of control. You are confessing your sin and asking for help. But if you are trying to hide it and God sends a son to you, it is embarrassing. It really is. It has happened to me, so better to confess it and get it out.

Now you do not go tell the whole world about your sin; do not be silly. You tell someone who you trust, who you know who is not going to condemn up and who is going to help you. You do not stand on the top of the Empire State Building, or as our beloved Charlie used to say, you do not tell the church gossip about your sin. Use your brains.

Verse 41, "I receive not honor from men." I do not receive the op- -- the m- -- opinions of the carnal minds of men. Verse 42, "But I know you." I have discernment about you. I do not recognize your opinion of me. I do not care if you kill me a murderer -- if you call me a murderer. I do not care if you call me a carnal man. I do not care if you tell me that I am illegitimate, whatever else the Pharisees accused Jesus of. I do not care whatever evil you tell me. I am a madman. It does not bother me what you say about me, but I know the truth about you, that you are a murderer just like your father was a murderer and that you are trying to kill the Christ in me.

Can you see the mind control battle here? Can you see the battle of the minds here? One mind telling Jesus you are a phony, and the mind of Chri- -- the carnal minds of these men saying, Jesus, you are a phony, and You should be submitting to me, to my authority, and Jesus saying I do not care what you think of Me. I know who I am in Christ, and I know who you are also. You are a murder, and you are trying to kill Me.

I want to tell you I have been in battles like this, and it is awesome when you come up against somebody with a strong mind and they are telling you that you are not Christ and they are telling you that your motives are evil and they are telling you everything that is not true. I want to tell you that is a battle of the minds. Rita touched on it a little in her testimony earlier. She told us about it, the battle of the minds. You better stay away from it if you are not ready because you will get creamed. Some people have very strong minds. You should not go up to fight unless the Lord sends you.

Verse 43, "I am come in My Father's name." Name in the Scripture typifies spirit. "I am come in My Father's name or in My Father's spirit, and you will not receive Me." [?That word?] receive me -- you will not receive Me. It just means to [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- to receive. You will not accept Me as Christ. I come in the Spirit of My Father, and you do not believe that I am Christ, yet "if another shall come in his own name or in his own spirit, him you will receive." You will accept; you will welcome; you will honor them; you will bless them; you will fellowship with them; you will submit to them. How come?

What Jesus is saying is that you have a familiar spirit. Brethren, you are like the people who are just like you. You are carnal, and you are familiar with carnal people. You are carnal, and you feel comfortable with carnal people. You are a murderer just like your father, and you feel comfortable with other murderers. We found in an earlier -- in the earlier part of the Book of John, in this same series, that the men would not come unto the light. They would not come unto the light, which is Christ. Why? Does anybody know?

            Because their sins would be exposed [CROSSTALK]

Yeah, because their sins would be exposed and would be revealed as evil. Men who avoid hanging around or being around people in whom Christ is manifesting, they do not want their sins exposed. Why? Because when you hang out with people who have Christ in them, your sins are exposed. And carnal men who are not truly seeking God, they do not want their sins exposed. They want to believe that they are righteous even though they are not, and they stay away from meetings like this. Because if your sins are exposed, then you have to confess them and repent, and some people just cannot do it. The Lord has to get them to that point that they could do it. And how does the Lord get you to that point that you could do it? How does the Lord get you to that point?


He beats you; he whips you bad. And how does the Lord whip you in an instant like that? if you will not come to the Son of God to have your sins exposed in the most painless manner, which is very painful, He turns you over to who to expose [?you?]? He turns you over to Satan, and Satan will expose your sin. He will get you crying out, Jesus, help me. He is a real expert at that.

So Jesus says, verse 43, "I am come in My Father's Spirit, and you do not want any part of Me, but if someone comes in his own spirit" -- and his own spirit is Satan because [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- because their father is the devil, "him you receive." Everyone whose father is the devil, you receive them.

Verse 44, "How can you believe that I am Christ, you which receive honor one of another, and seek not the honor which cometh from God only?" Now that word honor means opinion. Brethren, you only receive the honor or the opinion of another carnal man. Did you ever see -- God, help us. Were you ever in a carnal church where a minister stands up there and exalts the praises of another man? Did you ever hear it. Brethren, I do not really care what other men think about me.


Well, it is very common.


Well, there is nothing wrong with talking good about a person, but it is very common in these carnal churches where the people do not know any better, where someone will stand up and tell you that this man is a great, great man of God, and he did all these wonderful works. And everybody sits there, some of them get trapped into idolatry, and they say look at this wonderful man. We are told everything that we have to do -- which enables us to do good things is given. All the glory is to go unto God, OK, so the exalt a man like that, it is ungodly, and it is dangerous. It builds pride in the man, which could be his downfall, and it tempts the younger Christian who does not know better to become engaged in idolatry, and it is not a good thing at all, OK.

Now I -- now there is a line there. I believe in respecting elders in the church, and I believe respecting the man of God, OK. Now in that church in Connecticut, he has got a big church there, and he is -- basing on the Scripture -- and I am certainly not asking you to do this here; I am just giving you this information. This is how he sees it. There is a Scripture that says rise for the [?horhed?]. [?Horhed?] means the gray-haired person, not physically gray-haired but the spiritual elder. And when that walks into his hur- -- church, the whole congregation stands up. Well, that is OK. I have no problem with that if you want to ask your congregation to show you that sign of respect, but when people start applauding, I -- really, it just -- it grieves my spirit. It just turns me off.

Can you see the difference? There is a subtlety there, OK. Someone is an elder in the church. They are laying down their life for you. They are under all kinds of spiritual attacks for you, but because God made them an elder, you should show them honor. And the Scripture says rise. You want to rise? Rise.

There were many years in our society that [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- that someone would rise if their grandfather walked into the room. It did not even have to be a great Christian. Men rose when women walked into the room. Men rose when other men, respected men, walked into the room. It was very common, but -- you know, back in the '40s. Just watch the old movies. If you were sitting at a table, and either a woman or a man, a respected man, walked into the room, everybody stood up until he sat down. When he sat down, everyone else sat down. It is a good thing to respect people; that is OK. But this applause when a preacher comes in, I -- it just turns my whole heart over. I cannot bear it. I really cannot bear it, so there is a fine line there, OK. Keep that in mind.

Jesus is saying, verse 44, "How can you possibly believe?" Believe what? That I am the Christ. You who receive each other's opinions as to who is great and who is not great, and you do not seek the honor or the opinion that comes from God only. You are not looking for the opinion that comes out of the mind of Christ. You are judging the greatness of men, or you are judging which men need to be respected on the opinions of your carnal mind. And we have talked about this a lot, that in many churches today a judgment is made as to who should be respected based on a person's human financial condition, based on a man's education, his position in the business community. The opinion of who is the greatest in the church is based upon a man's education in the man's -- in man's institutions.

And Jesus said this is not the way to judge a man, that you judge a man based on the anointing which the Lord has placed upon him. You do not choose an elder in your church because of how much he tithes or because of his education or because of his job, but you choose the man to be an elder in your church who God witnesses to you by the presence of His anointing.

So Jesus was saying to the Pharisees you put a great deal of stock on the opinion that you have of each other, but you almost completely ignore the opinion that is coming from the mind of Christ. And He clarifies this in the next verse. Well, let me put it to you here first, and I have been telling you this for a long time here, that the carnal mind is the sitting queen. If you want to use computer language -- well, I will not use computer language today. That which is your automatic reaction is the carnal mind. Why? Because she is the sitting queen. She is the mind you were born with. She is your mind.

There, Lord willing, is a new mind operating in your person. Christ is an invading force; He is invading your spiritual being. He is a second mind, but He is not the sitting king. There is an invading force. Your first reaction is the sitting queen and her thoughts, so if you want the opinion of Christ, you must access His mind. You have to punch the buttons on the computer that change the mode. Can you hear me? If you do not stop to think, your answer is your carnal mind. If you stop and say, Lord, please let my thoughts be the thoughts of Christ, let my opinions be the opinion of Christ, I do not want to hear what my carnal mind has to say, let my mind be Christ, you are accessing; you are laying hold of the opinion of Christ. And if you do not do that, your opinions are sure to be out of your carnal mind. So Jesus says you are so wrapped up in what your carnal minds think of each other that you are not even taking the time to ask what Christ thinks, and therefore you are exalting the wrong people.

And I told you all about that church not too far from here where there was a family which were in busi- -- there were several members of the family that were in business together. There was a lot of money involved, and there was a d- -- there was an argument be- -- I think, between the brothers. I am not even sure, but somewhere in the family there was an argument, and this well-meaning man, he actually had the nerve the believe the Bible. He actually had the nerve to believe that you should not take your brother to court but that the church should judge righteous judgment. And he went to his pastor who put together a council to hear this complaint, and he called all the lawyers and the doctors and the rich men in the church to the council, did not pick anybody because they had Christ in them, did not pick anybody because they had the wisdom of God in them, picked the men with natural wisdom, and they creamed this guy. He finally realized something was terribly wrong and went to a lawyer, and it turned into a lawsuit anyway.

This is a great mystery, brethren, but sometimes the poorest people in the church, the most ignorant people in the church are more qualified, not sometimes, all of the time. Well, they do not have to be the poorest or the most ignorant people, but, frequently, people that have nothing in this world are more qualified to judge than the educated, rich people of this world. Why? Because they actually listen to the opinion of Christ, and when they hear His opinion, they do what He tells them, and they vote how He tells them, and they think how He tells them. And that makes the most ignorant, uneducated man wiser than the wisest man who is wise because of his education or business sense or worldly experience.

Now it is possible to be educated and have money and also have the mind of Christ, but we must pick our counselors, brethren, out of the people who ask Christ for His opinion, if you want the wisdom of Christ. If you pick people who give you the wisdom, no matter how good it might be, out of their own carnal education and experiences, therefore the help that you are receiving is limited to the maximum that a carnal man could give you. But if you pick a man who actually dares to seek the opinion of Christ and tell you what it is, behind that opinion is all of the power of God to bring deliverance in your life after you recognize the true problem and after you hear what His answer is, what the Lord wants you to do to solve this problem. All of the power of the godhead is behind that opinion. Jesus. Help us, Lord. Hallelujah.

I will read it again, verse 44. "How can you have faith in Me, that I am the Christ, you who honor the opinion of your carnal minds that you have of one another, and you do not seek; you do not access; you do not pray for the opinion that can come only from God." Verse 45, "Do you think -- do not think" -- excuse me -- "do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is" -- just let me see if I have anything on that word accuse. That Greek word translated accuse, it is not an ungodly accusation. Of course, Jesus cannot sin. It is speaking about a judicial accusation. It -- which can be likened to a lawyer drawing up a complaint and filing that legal complaint in the court against you.

So Jesus is saying to the Pharisees do not think that I am here to show your sin to the Father so that the judgment of death would fall on you. That is not what Jesus came to do. Jesus came to -- well, that kind -- well, let me back up. That kind of exposure of sin that is the drawing up of a legal complaint, it -- if you are drawing up a legal complaint, it means that you want judgment; you want justice to be done; you want judgment to be passed. That is what Satan does, and then he kills you.

You see, J- -- Satan, he is the accuser of the brethren. He comes, and he finds your sin, and he registers a legal, judicial complaint with God's government, and, of course, you are guilty because we are all guilty. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. And then when Satan proves you guilty, he goes out, and he destroys you, and he has legal ground to do it. But that is not what Jesus came to do. Jesus came to mediate the white throne judgment. Jesus came to expose your sin so that He could drop the seed in your heart so that Christ can grow up in you and cover over that sin and eventually rip it out of you so that you might have a new nature which is formed in the righteous image of Christ.

So Jesus says do not think that I have come to register a complaint against you. He said Moses did that. "Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom you trust." Well, what does that mean? I wondered for years what that mean. This Greek word translated trust, it is to trust in one for salvation. Now, you see, Moses cannot give you salvation, brethren. Moses and his writings point you to the one who can save your soul. So He says, first of all, your faith is in the wrong person. Moses cannot give you salvation, but you -- but h- -- even him, the one in whom you trust for salvation, he is the one who is accusing you.

Well, let us find out what that means, verse 46. How is Moses accusing you? Verse 46, "For had you believed Moses, you would have believed Me; because he wrote of Me." So He is saying not only are you not trusting Me, but neither did you even tr- -- you are saying that you trust Moses, and there are other Scriptures where the Pharisees say we believe in Moses. Who are you? Remember, there are Scriptures like that. He said even that is a lie. You did not -- you do not really believe in Moses because if you really believed what Moses said, you would recognize Me, so you do not even trust in Moses. You just trust in yourself; you trust in your own pride and your own carnal mind and your own ability, and you are dead men's bones, and you are menstruous rags, and your works are evil or worthless, and there is no life in you, and there is no way you are going to ever be raised from the dead. That is what He is saying to them.

So He says, therefore, Moses accuses you because it is evident from your failure to recognize Me that you did not even trust in Moses because, if you did, you would recognize me. So that is how Moses is accusing you; it is being revealed by your failure to recognize Me, that you did not even believe Moses because Moses said that is the guy. And if you really believed Moses, you would believe Me, so you do not even believe Moses. You just believe in yourself, lifted up in pride. You never submitted yourself to the teaching of God. You always were going in your own power the whole time.

Verse 47, "But if you believe not his writings, how shall you believe My words?" Well, He is saying the writings of Moses are carnal. It is the letter. How do you expect to believe spiritual truth? Well, you cannot believe it unless you recognize it. How do you expect to recognize spiritual truth if you cannot even believe the written word? And why cannot you believe the written word? Because you heart is hard, and you do not want to let go of the control of your own life. You want to control your own life, and you want to control your circumstances, and you want to control what happens to you and what happens to the other people that touch your life, and you would not let go. So you did not have faith in him. How are you ever going to have faith in Me? I am not a written word, Jesus said. I am a spiritual word; I am a living word hidden underneath the carnal minds and the flesh of this man. How will you ever recognize and have faith in Me if you do not have faith in the wr- -- word the Moses wrote, the carnal word?

Well, how is everybody doing? Do you want me to go on to chapter 6? Vote.


You all look pretty tired to me.


I think we are going to break. Is that the first tape or the second tape?


Second tape. Is it the first side or the second side?

            First side.

First side, OK.


OK. Any questions?

            [?About my?] question [INAUDIBLE]

Not right now, but I will pray about it. You mean about the one with Satan?


OK. I do not have any answer right now. As soon as I hear from Him, I will be glad to share it with you, OK. Anybody else?

            Do not -- like, when we get the mind of Christ, we really have to have it fully before we can judge somebody else that has the mind of Christ? I mean, not judge them but find out that they have the mind of Christ. Would we not have to have it fully? You know what I mean, full [?stature?]?

No, full stature, no.


No, not at all. If anything of Him is in you at all, it should enable you to recognize that in another person. I -- we talked about this once before, and I gave you some examples. I gave you an example of an experience that I had had when I was out with a group of people before I -- before the Lord called me. And I was out with a group of people, and someone pointed out a man to me and told me that he was a heroin addict. And I said how did you know he was a heroin addict? And he said, well, look at his skin; his skin is gray. Look at the gray pallor on his skin, and he pointed out something about his eyes, you know, so now -- well, I do not know if I could do it now. That was a long time ago, but this man knew how to recognize a heroin addict because he was an -- used to be a heroin addict. So if you have the Spirit of Christ in you, you will be able to recognize the Spirit of Christ in someone else. You do not have to be in full stature.

That is the whole point of this whole chapter, even when Jesus said, you know, that [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- if I come in the Spirit of the Father, you do not recognize Me, but when you come -- a man comes in your own spirit, you recognize him. The principle is familiar spirit; you feel comfortable with that which is like you are. So if Christ is in you, even if He is not in full stature, you would be drawn to somebody who has the same Spirit, OK.

            [?Just?] I thought, you know, like, we were double-minded now, so it is pretty hard to -- you know, a lot of things rise up in us, you know, and, I guess, we see the carnal mind more than we see the mind of Christ.

Well, you should be able to see both in people since no one is in full stature. The question is: Is Christ in there at all? We all know that we are all carnal, and we all know that we all mess up, you know, some a little more than others, you know, depending on our maturity. But if we are not in full stature, we have to mess up somewhere, OK, so the point is to see whether or not Christ is in there at all, no matter how -- whether --


-- He is just a little light flickering, OK, or whether He is manifesting 80 or 90 percent of the time in somebody, the challenge is to see whether or not Christ is present. But the easiest way to recognize this is to see if they are willing to hang out with you, you know. People that do not have anything of Christ, they are going to flee from you.

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