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Something was wrong there last year -- something was very wrong there. OK. Something was wrong in the spirit, OK?

So, I just remind you, we have to judge righteous judgment. It is not being critical to evaluate a situation and say something is wrong with the spirit here. That is not being critical. That is speaking the truth. I mean, in the natural, that would be like walking down a street and it is dark out and all of a sudden the street is empty, and you see somebody behind you and it looks like he may be following you, for you to just go tripping on down the street like there is no danger is foolish. So if you look behind you and you see this man and he stops when you stop and he walks when you walk, you have reason to believe that he might be considering mugging you. Now that is not picking on the poor guy. That is looking at your circumstances and making an evaluation that could save your life. So we do the same thing in the spirit. Some people who do not understand think that we are being critical. No, you have to know who you labor with, the Scripture says. Know people’s strengths, and know their weaknesses, and do not expect something from them that they will never give you because if you expect something from them that they will not ever give you it is going to mess up your relationship. They will feel pressure; you will feel betrayed. You have to find out what people are all about, what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, what they can realistically give to a relationship, and then expect what they can give, and enter into a give-and-take relationship that can be beneficial to both people. If you spend your whole life expecting something that they are incapable of giving, the two of you are going to be miserable. I saw a movie like that once. What was the name of that movie that Barbara Streisand made? She made a lot of movies. It was really -- it was a big hit, where she fell in love with this guy -- yeah, she fell in love with this guy; they were -- they both got into communism --

            “Funny Girl”?

No, it was not “Funny Girl.” But she fell in love with this guy, and she wanted him, you see, and she wanted him to be what she wanted him to be -- she wanted him, and she wanted him to be what she wanted him to be. In other words, let us say it another way; she wanted him, but she could not accept him for what he was, and he was not everything that she had in her mind that she wanted her husband to be, so instead of accepting him for what he was and making a compromise -- which life is always a compromise, except when it comes to righteousness; you are not supposed to be compromising righteousness, but everything else is a compromise because no two people are going to see eye to eye on everything -- so instead of saying, well, I want this guy, and I am willing to accept the fact that he is not everything that in my dreams I expected a husband to be, she set out to make him what she wanted him to be, and they had a very stormy marriage; they fought a lot, and finally, he left her, and he broke her heart, but he could not live under that pressure of knowing every day of his life that he was disappointing her because at the end of the movie he tells her, I just am not capable of being what you want me to be; I cannot do it. And every day of my life, I wake up and every day of my life I go to sleep feeling like a failure because you have not loved me for what I am. And she lost him.

So you have to know who you are laboring with; you have to know who you are in the relationship with; you have to know what their max is. Now if they are functioning below their max -- is that funny, I do not know, if they are functioning below their max, right, and you want to have a knock-down drag-out with them and say, hey, I think that you are capable of giving more to this relationship than you are giving and there is a possibility that the guy could care enough for you to rise into that position, well, then maybe he will love you enough to do it, but if he is not capable of it, you are just breaking his spirit, and breaking his heart, and you are breaking the relationship. [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

So we must accurately evaluate people. Jesus said count the cost. [?Hmm.?] And the same thing with the spirit, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT] something was very wrong with the spirit over that convention.

Now, God has not shut down the ministry. [AUDIO CUTS OUT] The man travels all over the world. He goes to Peru; he goes to Africa; he goes to India; he is a great man of God, and the church is a large church with many different ministries under the chur- -- under that one umbrella of that one church, but there is one ministry under the umbrella of the whole ministry, the ministry of the convention to the pastors, God has shut it down. Something went wrong. God shut it down after 14 or 15 years of having that convention every year. Now, what could cause something like that? Well, it could be one of two things. It could be God just said, I have other things for you to do; I am going to let someone else have the convention; that is possible, but it is also possible that something went wrong. Everybody in the earth today being imperfect, every minister being imperfect today -- it is possible that something went wrong with the administration of that ministry, of that ministry of having a convention every year; something went wrong; somehow the people running it missed the purposes of the spirit of God; they missed the will of God; they transgressed; something went wrong, and they did not realize it, or they did not realize it until it was too late, and God shut it down.

Look, brethren, you do it God’s way, or He shuts you down, and you cannot go and say to Him, well, I did not hear you when You spoke to me in dreams, and I did not know what the dreams meant, and I did not evaluate the information properly. Well, that is OK, but He shut it down. God still loves you. He still has work for you to do, but that ministry is shut down. He gave it to somebody else. And in my opinion, the chances of the Lord starting it up again, very small. Now, this is not a prophet talking. This is me, Sheila, based on all of what I have seen -- based on all my experience of how God operates, I would be surprised if the Lord raised it up again in that church. Why? Because God continuously goes forward, continuously goes forward; He never goes backwards. And if something went wrong in the administration there -- now, remember, this really had nothing to do with the administration of that convention. Maybe it was the elder who was in charge of the administration of that convention that messed up; maybe that man messed up and passed a [AUDIO CUTS OUT] did not realize that he did it, or maybe that man messed up once too often, and there was really nobody else in that church to take his place; that is a big job administering a convention like that. Maybe he messed up once too often, and there was no one to take his place at that time, and the Lord just shut it down, something like that. And we all know that that man had a very wrong spirit on him. Which man? The man who did the actual work of setting up the convention, something really wrong there.

This should be very interesting. We are going to go through the Book of John just dealing with the scriptures of Jesus speaking. And do you have a bible?


We are going to go through the whole Book of John, and we are going to comment on all of the scriptures that are in red, which are the words of Jesus, so we will be starting with chapter 1, and the first words of Jesus are in verse 42 --

            I thought it was 38.



Oh, OK.


John 1:38. So this should be pretty interesting, OK. Book of John, chapter 1, verse 38, Jesus saying, “What seek ye?”

Now, for a long time, I really did not understand this, the disciples said to Him, Rabbi, which is to say, being interpreted “Master” or “Teacher,” where do You dwell? And Jesus said to them, “Come and see.” And they came and saw where He dwelled and abode with Him that day for it was about the 10th hour, and we see in verse 41 the disciples saying, He -- “We have found the Messiah.” And I used to say, well, they went to see the house that He lives in, and that told them that they found the Messiah. I could not figure that out for a long time. But I suggest to you, brethren, that the disciples did not go to see the physical house that Jesus dwelled in. When they -- when Jesu- -- when they said to Jesus, where do you dwell, they were speaking spiritually. In our society, we would say, where is that guy at? Where is that guy at? What is he into? That is what they were saying to Him. Where is Your mind?

And the Scripture says they spent one day with Him, and I suggest to you, talking to Him, because the only way you can discern where somebody is spiritually at is by what they say. See, you really cannot tell by behavior because there are people in this world who lead a very moral life and are as carnal as this chair. You can be moral without being spiritual. But you cannot be spiritual in Christ without being moral, but the fact that somebody is moral does not mean they are spiritual. And on the other hand, we have people who are spiritual who are not moral. For example, Buddhists are very spiritual, some of them, very spiritual. There is different kinds of Buddhism. The classic Buddhists are very spiritual, and they have moral restrictions whatsoever, anything and everything goes; it is all right, but to be a Christian or to be a true Christian is to be spiritual and to be moral. Why? Because the spirituality of Christ gives you the strength and the ability to be moral. And the Jews have a revelation that when Messiah comes, He will produce righteousness out of a high realm of the Spirit.

So, the Scripture says that the disciples asked Him, where dwellest Thou? Where are you at, Rabbi? And [UNINTELLIGIBLE] after spending one day with them and speaking to them and listening to the great things that He had to say, they drew the conclusion that they had found the Messiah.

Now, on the other hand, was it just the words that He had said? I suggest to you it had to be more than the words that He said. They had to perceive the spirit of righteousness upon the man Jesus because we have immoral people, who are -- some of which are spiritual; some of which are not spiritual -- who can speak about great spiritual truths. We have people who are in the spirit of this world who know this doctrine. The Scripture says that there is an angel of light out there, men who tell you that they are of Christ and they are not; they look like Christ; they walk like Christ; they talk like Christ; they act like Christ, but the spirit is not Christ. It is a counterfeit. It is the spirit of this world. They are an angel of light. The Scripture says in another place, if it were possible, the very elect would be deceived. So we are told in yet another place that the only way any man will ever be able to recognize the Christ -- does anybody know how?

            If Christ is in you.

Amen. Amen. If Christ is not in you, you will never recognize the Christ because you cannot recognize someone that you do not know.

In another place, Paul says, if you are looking at your brother and you recognize sin in that man, it is only because -- does anybody know?

            You have [?sin in?done it?] yourself.

You have done it yourself; you have done it yourself, OK? You have done it yourself.

I remember years ago I was out with a group of people, and one man in the group says, see that guy? That is a heroin addict over there. I said, oh, really? How could you tell? Says, oh, well, look at his eyes; look at his eyes. Oh, really? I would have never known he was a heroin addict. The guy was an ex-heroin addict, you see. It is the truth, right? If you never did the sin, if you never did the sin, you will never see it in somebody else because probably the thought of it will not even enter your mind. That is what Paul said. If you -- now, this is not judging out of Christ; this is the natural man judging. If you recognize sin in that man, it is because you have done it; you know all the signs; you know all the signs; you know exactly what to look for; that is what Paul said. So the only way you are ever going to recognize Christ is if Christ is in you because you know Him. If Christ is in you, you know Him, and you will recognize Him in another human being. You do not believe that?

No, I recognize a lot of things that [INAUDIBLE] I just know because [INAUDIBLE]

Mm-hmm, well --

            [INAUDIBLE] I have not tried drugs, but I know [INAUDIBLE]

OK, well, you can also -- you can learn it; it could be taught to you, but basically Paul is -- that is not the situation that Paul is talking about. He is -- if you recognize someone who is on drugs because you have been taught and you are trying to help people and you have been educated this way, that is not what Paul is talking about. Paul is saying, if you see a man and you are criticizing him because you see sin in him, OK, that means that you recognize what he did because you did the same sin. It is -- he is talking about a critical judgmental heart. That is what he is talking about. So we see who are these disciples.

            Simon and [?Peter?] --

Simon and --


Andrew, OK. Well, they spent a day with Jesus, and they tried the spirit on Him, and what this says to me is that they must have had the Spirit of Christ in them. Now we know from the apostle Peter from his epistle that Israel had the Spirit of Christ. The Spirit of Christ was present in Israel, but the Spirit of Christ was not present in every Israeli. Paul said all Israel is not Israel. Everyone in the church, brethren, is not a person of God. You better check it out. Everyone in the church is not holy. Everyone in the church is not serving God. Watch out. You do not hire somebody just because they are a Christian; you could lose all of your money, and almost everybody knows somebody who that happened to. You were cheated; you were robbed; you were lied to; you were used; you were misused; you were abused by Christians or so-called Christians. The reason for that, brethren, is that everyone that is -- calls themselves a Christian is not a Christian. See, you are not a Christian because you go to church on Sunday. You are not a Christian because you walk around with a Bible in your hand. You are a Christian because you have [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [?everything?] in your power to live this Word. That is what makes you a Christian.

OK, verse 42. Thou art Simon the son of Jona: thou shalt be called Cephas -- I really do not see anything that I can teach on that except to say that Jesus changed the name of men who comes to Him. He changes the name of men who come to Him. Now why would He do that? He gave them a Greek name. It says here that the man’s name was Simon, which is a Hebrew name, and He gave him a Greek name, Peter. It is scriptural that when you are a carnal man and you become a spiritual man that the Lord changes your name. A Jehovah changed Abram’s named to Abraham; he changed Sarai’s name to Sarah, and it is an indication in the Old Testament that you have gone from being a carnal person to a spiritual person, so beyond that I do not have any information for you. This was Jesus’ way of saying to His disciples, you are entering into a new covenant; you are entering into a new realm; you are entering into a new life, and I therefore give you another name to indicate that the old has passed away, and behold, I have made all things new in your life, and the fact that Jesus gave Simon a name which means rock -- Cephas means little rock -- the only significance I can see in that is that we are all stones in the temple of God. We are all living stones. As a matter of fact, the apostle Peter got that revelation and wrote about it in one of his epistles that we are living stones in a temple that is being built for the spirit of God to live in, so the Lord Jesus Christ gave Peter this name that he is a living stone. In other words, He said, I just raised you -- I have raised you; I have raised you up from your carnality into the life of Christ, and then in verse 43, Jesus says, follow Me. Well, I do not really have anything to say about that except that -- well, let me say this, Jesus says to those that He calls follow Me, and they follow Him, and we had a whole teaching on this recently -- well, it was Sunday morning, as a matter of fact; we had a whole teaching on this. The church in this hour is under a somewhat of a confusion about this. They think that if Jesus says follow Me and you do not come it is because the Holy Ghost is a gentleman and He will not force anybody to do anything that He does not want to do, and therefore because Jesus will not force you to follow Him, He will burn you in Hell for all of eternity. So, you see, He is a gentleman; He will not force you to follow Him, but He will burn you in Hell forever, totally irrational. And the explanation for the fact that in this hour Jesus is not conscripting people into His service; there is no draft in this hour. It is a volunteer army, and the reason for it is that there are two outpourings of the spirit of God. The first outpouring -- and we find this for those who would like to follow this up, if you would like to study by yourself, this appears in the second chapter of Joel. Most people think that when that scripture says that He will pour out of His spirit upon all flesh, it is said twice; the Holy Ghost is not stuttering, OK? Most people that teach out of that scripture do not understand why it is said twice. The reason it is said twice is that He is pouring out of His spirit twice. There is two outpourings; there is two outpourings, and the first outpouring is the seed of God. It is a scattering of seed. Where it falls it falls; where it roots it roots; there is no specific calling in the first outpouring. If the seed falls on you and you do not want to pay the price and it dries up and rots in you, it is rooting in somebody else. First outpouring. Yeah?


Just put on the microphone, please.

            [?Simplify?] [INAUDIBLE]

Well, the Lor- -- the Scripture says that the Lord Jesus Christ is sowing the seed of His life upon the hearts of men. OK, the seed of the Lord’s life is a spiritual seed. It is designed to join with the spirit of man so that Christ can be formed as a result of that union, and in -- at the -- with -- as of the first outpouring, the Lord is just scattering His seed. What does that mean? How is the seed scattered? How is the seed scattered? By --


[?Yeah,?] by the foolishness of?


Preaching. The seed is scattered through the spoken word. Jesus said My word’s a spirit and My word of life -- are words of life. That means if you are sitting in a meeting like this and the seed falls on you and you want to pick up the ball and run with it; you want to study; you want to come back; you want to pray; you want to work with it; well, the life of Christ will not wind up being formed in you, but for people who are rebellious and do not want to pay the price; they do not want to pay -- they do not want the persecution; they do not want to give anything up, and they go their own way; the Lord is not chasing after them and binding them up and saying, you belong to Me, and you have to be in My kingdom. OK, do you understand that? OK.

So, because the church looks around and says, so many people have walked away from the Lord that there has to be an explanation for it, and since the Lord Jesus Christ has not explained this to us, the carnal minds of men have risen up and said, well, the Holy Ghost, which is the seed of God must be a gentleman. In this hour I do not see him forcing anybody to be a Christian, so He is a gentleman; he just burns them in Hell forever if they do not come, totally irrational. The answer is that this is the first outpouring. The seed is scattered haphazardly. Where the life of Christ appears it appears. Let us take our natural example. You are growing a garden. You go out, and you are dig- -- you are not digging furrows and putting your seeds in the furrows. You are just going out and scattering the seed. Where a tomato plant raises up, a tomato plant raises up. Where the tomato plant did not raise up, it does not raise up. OK? And there is one primary goal that the Lord Jesus Christ intends to achieve with this first outpouring. And what is that goal? Hmm?


What, what?

            To [?bring in?] the sons [?to?] [INAUDIBLE] coming to.

Right, to raise up the sons of God, to raise up the sons of God, a group of men in whom Christ will be formed to such a degree of maturity that they will have the strength to convert the hearts of mankind from the fallen beast heart until -- unto the heart of God which will save their lives because when your heart is the heart of the beast, you die, and when your heart is the heart of God, you will live forever. But the Holy Spirit is not powerful enough to make you live forever. The Holy Spirit has been in the earth now for 2,000 years, and men still die. The Holy Spirit may improve your life, may help you stop drinking; may help you stop taking drugs, may save you -- if you are sick, It may save you from dying at 35, but you still die at 90. It is not the full power of God. The power that is in the world today is not the full power of God, and the difference between the power of God that is in the earth today and the power of God which is about to appear in Christ is as different, we are told, as a male seed and a full-grown warrior -- male warrior. If your wife is pregnant and she has received your seed, the difference between that seed that is in her womb and the full-grown male warrior, that is the difference between the first outpouring, which is in the earth today and the Christ which is about to appear. So the second outpouring is the Christ, the fully mature male Christ which is about to appear, and this man, Christ Jesus, is picking specific men, and you are not getting away from Him. If He goes after you, if He puts His mark on you, if He touches you with His life, you are coming all the way because the full-grown man is powerful enough to what? Anybody? We were just talking about it before Joseph came in. To do what? To break --

The witchcraft.

The witchcraft power of the saints -- fallen humanity is loaded with witchcraft, and in most instances, if not every instance, the witchcraft of the natural man is stronger than the power of the Holy Spirit. Ah! Blasphemy! It is true. It is true. I am sorry if it offends you, but it is the truth. But the witchcraft power of the saints is not stronger than the Christ -- than the man Christ Jesus, the fully mature warrior that we see in the back of the Book of Revelation with many crowns on his head sitting on a white horse, brandishing a two-edged sword and completely victorious over Satan [?in?and?] this world, and once He appears -- once that seed which has been poured out for 2,000 years now, there is going to be a man-child that is about to appear as a result of the seed which has been poured out for 2,000 years, and once He appears, Satan is in trouble. See, up until this point, the Holy Ghost can hold Satan at bay. He is -- He will keep him off of you; if you are sick, He will heal you; if you have a demon, He will deliver you; if Satan is so powerful in your life that He is really damaging you, well, the Holy Ghost can push him back, but the Holy Ghost is defensive -- I am sorry; He is curative; He is curative. He will cure you from a problem that you have, but the full -- the fully mature warrior is defensive. Got it backwards there for a minute. He is defensive; He is a warrior. He goes out -- did I get backwards? Curative, defensive? The Holy Ghost is curative. OK. The Christ is defensive. He will see Satan down the road and go after him. OK. The Holy Ghost does not have that power. That power is in Christ, and Christ is just beginning to be seen in the earth, and in the hour that Christ is seen in the earth, there will be no more people walking away from the Lord because He is going to save you despite yourself.

Brethren, if you have a child who is sick and does not like injections, you are not going to let him die because He does not want to be injected with penicillin. You are going to take him by the hand, or you are going to lift him up off the ground and throw him in the car and take him to the doctor. You are not going to let him die from pneumonia, so to say that the Lord Jesus Christ is a gentleman and will therefore not force salvation on you but burn you in Hell forever, I have to laugh at it; it is ridiculous. OK? It is like saying loving parents will let their child die from pneumonia because they know that their child does not like being stuck with a needle. That is how ridiculous it is.

So how did I get into that? We were talking about “follow Me” -- oh, yeah, OK. So Jesus said, follow Me. Jesus was in full stature. When he said follow Me, they followed Him. When the Holy Spirit says follow Me, the Scripture is very clear 9 out of 10 go in another direction. Is that not true? Nine out of 10 go in another direction because the Holy Spirit does not take people against their will. He only takes people who want to come. But Christ is about to appear, and this whole creation, all of humanity is going to be saved from death despite themselves. Why? Because our Father in Heaven loves us enough to not let us die. And our Father in Heaven is about to appear in this soul realm in a form which is strong enough to take all of humanity against their will, and in order to do that, Christ will have to break the witchcraft power of the saints and defeat their pride -- let us not forget that; it is two-fold, pride and witchcraft.

So, let us go on. Any questions on that?

Verse 47. “Jesus saw Nathaniel coming to Him and saith of him, ‘Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no guile!’” Well, that is incredible. You know what guile means? It means deceit. Jesus was being sarcastic. He said all of Israel is deceitful. I actually found an Israelite who is honest. That is what He said. The whole nation was corrupt at the time that Jesus appeared. The whole nation of Israel was corrupt. And He looked at this man walking down the street and He read his heart, and He said, I do not believe it; a Christian that really believes the Scripture, a Christian who really loves God, a Christian who is really willing to lay down his life, that God should be glorified in Him. I do not believe I actually found one. That is the condition of the church today, brethren. Very few are faithful, very, very few. Most of the people are in it for what? What are they in it for?


For the loaves and the fishes [sic]. They want the money; they want the Cadillac; they want all the good things that some false preachers are preaching that they are entitled to. They want to put their [?tithe?] in and get a hundredfold back; they want money; they think it is [?OTB?]. They think it is a gift-giving business; they think it is fun; they want to wear their dove pins; they want to teach everybody. They want to go out and beat people over the head with a Bible; they want their pride to be exalted; they want to feel important; they want to feel better than other people. Ninety-nine out of 100 Christians fit into that category. Very few are willing to sacrifice that their brother should be saved. Very, very, very few. So Jesus looked down the street, and He said, wow, an Israelite that is an honest man; I do not believe it. It is just like when the Lord was getting ready to destroy Sodom, and Abraham ran out, and he said, oh, Lord, do not destroy Sodom. If I can find 10 honest men in Sodom, will you withhold Your hand? And let me remind you that God burnt Sodom and all the surrounding cities with fire. He utterly wiped out the cities. And the Lord said to Abraham, well, Abraham, if you could find 10 honest men in this whole city, I will not destroy it. Abraham could not find 10 men. He said [AUDIO CUTS OUT] could not find 10; there was one, Lot. Lot was the only honest man. Forty down to 10, so God destroyed the city. That is the spirit that Jesus is coming in. When He said, I cannot believe there is an Israelite that is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] he is all right[?, man?]. I cannot believe it; this guy is OK.

Verse 48. “Before that” -- well, this is Jesus. I will read you the whole verse. Verse 48. “Nathaniel saith unto Him” -- unto Jesus -- well, let us go back. Verse 47. “Jesus saw Nathaniel coming to Him and saith of Him, Behold, an Israelite indeed in whom is no guile. Nathaniel saith unto Him, Whence knoweth thou me? Where do you know me from? You never saw me before. Jesus answered and said unto Him, Before that Philip called thee” -- that is his brother -- w- -- was Phillip his brother? Well, Philip found Nathaniel and called him. “Before Nathaniel called you, Jesus answered and said unto him, Before that Philip called you when thou wast under the fig tree, I saw thee. Before that Philip called thee, when thou wast under the fig tree, I saw thee.”

So we have two points here. Nathaniel said to Jesus, where do you know me from? And we have people in the church today; they read all about the gifts of the Holy Ghost. They read all about the gifts of the Spirit, but when you see something in their heart that either they cannot see or they do not want you to see, they say, how do you know this about me? Well, did you ever hear of the gifts of -- yes, I heard of the gifts of the Spirit, but how could you know this about me? By the gifts of the Spirit. It is a reality. The gifts of the Spirit are a reality. Jesus looked into men’s hearts. Jesus knew what men were thinking. Jesus knew the secrets of men. So, Nathaniel says, how do You know me? And Jesus said, I looked into your heart, and I saw you when you were under the fig tree. Did you ever wonder what that meant? The fig tree -- well, in another place, Jesus curses the fig tree, right? And what does the fig tree typify? Israel. He says, I saw you under the fig tree. I saw you under Israel. He was saying to him, I saw you before you were born. I saw you in your mother’s belly. I saw you because I know all men that are coming forth on the earth, and we have a couple of witnesses to that. Got some scriptures for you. Jeremiah 1:5, does somebody want to look that up, please? And somebody take Hebrews 7:9.

            Jeremiah 1:5?


`           Jeremiah 1 -- Jeremiah 1:5. Jeremiah 1:5. Before -- this is what the Lord was saying to Jeremiah. Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

Before he came out of the belly the Lord knew him. That is what Jesus was saying to Nathaniel when He said I saw you under the fig tree. I knew you when you were a seed. Who has the other scripture?

Hebrews 7:9. Hebrews 7:9. “And as I may so say, Levi also who receiveth tithes -- paid tithes [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Abraham.”

Well, what that scripture is saying that when Levi was in Abraham’s loins, when he was a seed in Abraham’s loins, the Lord knew him as a full-grown man. Is that incredible? I mean, that is awesome, but that is what the scripture is saying that God knows every potential person which is presently an egg in a woman’s ovary. That is what He is saying. And on the same way, He knows every potential person which is in a man, which is the seed of the man. And He looks around, and He decides which one He is going to bring into this world of appearance, and if God wants to bring someone into the world of appearance, when a man lies with his wife, He says, well, this egg and that sperm, and that is it. And I already knew, I already knew from the foundation of the earth what man would come into this world and appear on the earth. That is what the Lord is saying. Do you know how many millions of eggs are in a woman’s ovaries? And the Lord says He can control which one is going to come forth into this world system.


Yeah. So He said to Nathaniel, I knew you when you were still an egg. That is what he said to Him. Did you have a question?

No, I just -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I should have given the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] verse on that because [INAUDIBLE]. Well, he was [?yet?] in the loins of his father when Melchizedek met him.

Mm-hmm. Melchizedek met him when he was in the loins of his father. Can you imagine this? If you are a carnal person, this is ridiculous, but that is what God says. It is the same principle as saying a rich man has many flocks or many, many goats or many cattle; he has herds of cattle, and he goes into his flock, and he picks out the goodliest of the flock to sacrifice it to Jehovah. If you have [UNINTELLIGIBLE] hear it, hear it. A woman has thousands if not millions of eggs in her ovary, and the Lord wants to bring a prophet forth into this world, and He just picks the goodliest of the flock, and when she lies with her husband, that is the egg that conceives, or that is the egg that comes out in ovulation. God has that much power over men. That is what He is saying.

            What happens to the rest?

Well, they die; a woman only -- only one egg is available every month of her life, and she has millions of eggs, so they die when her body dies.

[INAUDIBLE] bad seeds [INAUDIBLE] God did not have anything to do with it? What about the [INAUDIBLE]

Could you put that on the message for us? That is a good question. People need to hear it.

What about the bad apples in the bunch of this woman’s ovaries, the ones that come forth that someone might say to you, or what about the ones that come forth and just [INAUDIBLE]  

Mm-hmm. Well --

[INAUDIBLE] [?intentions were good?] --

Yeah. Well, the fact is that every human being that is born, manifests Satan, but those who are called of God, His spirit overshadows them and suppresses that Satanic manifestation because every man is fallen, OK? And the other men -- to answer your question -- they just come into the world, and they are bad seeds. We are told in the Book of Jude that there are men in this world who are just brute beasts, and if you want to read about that, you can read the Book of Jude, and there is no hope for them. Some of them come into the world, and there is hope for them. And we have -- we found out -- the Lord showed us at the very beginning in the early messages that people come into this world for several different reasons, and I think that is in Romans 4. Let me see if I can find it for you. I believe it is Romans -- Romans 1:4. Well, if I can find it, I will go over it. If I cannot find it, I will not. I do not have the right scripture in my head. But I will talk to you about it another time, if you want to know. But the scripture says that men are born for several different reasons, and one out of three or four reasons is that God ordains that they should be born. Another reason is that people just conceive; people are in fornication they conceive; people that are married conceive. Sometimes a man and a woman decide that they want to have a child, and it is their will, and they conceive, so about one out of four possibilities is that God is saying come forth, so there is all kinds of people in this world. That is why some of them, just impossible for them to come into reconciliation with the Lord because they were just born; they were not -- they were just born -- excuse me, my voice -- they were just born to spend a season on this earth and to pass off the earth. That is the way it is. OK?

OK, so we are still in the Book of John. Chapter -- we are still in chapter 1, chapter 1, verse 50. “So Nathaniel” -- well, verse 49 -- “Nathaniel answered and saith unto him, Rabbi, you art the Son of God; you are the king of Israel because you saw me under the fig tree. You saw me before -- in my mother’s loins -- or my father’s loins. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Because I said unto thee, I saw thee under the fig tree, believest thou, thou shalt see greater things than these.” In other words, Jesus is saying to him, do not be excited that I can tell you that I knew your heart and that I knew your name because I knew you when you were in your father’s loins. That is nothing. You are going to see much greater works than these. And does anybody know what the greater works are?

            [INAUDIBLE] [?the healing?].

Christ. Christ. The greater works is the impartation of the seed which will form Christ in the many members of humanity because when Christ is formed in you and fully born in you, this is the resurrection of the dead. When Christ is raised from the dead in you, you shall never die. You shall live for the life of ages. And everybody -- every human being existing in the earth has what the scripture describes as a bone of the skeleton of the dead Christ, a bone of the skeleton of the Christ which died at the time of the fall. Who killed the Christ at the time of the fall? Who killed Him?

            The carnal mind.

The carnal mind killed him and took His place. Christ was the sitting king over this soul that God created. We are a many-membered soul, and Christ was the sitting king, and the carnal mind rose up and killed him and sat down on the throne and took full possession and authority over this soul, and we --


-- died. We died. Because when the queen which rules us is death -- and another name for the carnal mind is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] is life, we live. When the mind which rules us is Christ, which is life, we live. When the mind which rules us is death, we are dead. The mind in us determines whether or not we are alive or we are dead, and the reason people’s bodies die after a season on this earth is because their mind is already dead. If your mind was alive, nothing could kill your body. Jesus said, no one taketh my life. But I lay it down, and the reason He [?can?could?] say that is that the mind in Him was alive. No one could kill His body. There is not a doubt in my mind that when He was crucified hanging on the cross, if every drop of blood drained out of His body, He could have still gotten up and walked away.


Where in the Bible can you see that Satan got into His mind, or does the Scripture say [INAUDIBLE] His mind [INAUDIBLE]  

Into Jesus’ mind? I am not sure what you mean getting into His mind. Jesus --


What, what? What?


Jesus was a human being, and He was born with a carnal mind just like everybody else, but He also had the seed of Christ in Him, and the Christ mind defeated the carnal mind, and that is why He rose from the dead. Does that help you?

            It does.

OK. Yeah?

I do not know; I just -- this just came to me. Is one of the proofs that He had a carnal mind because if He did not have that, Satan could not have tempt [sic] Him.

Right. The temptation was His own carnal mind.

            I never thought of that before, yeah.



Amen. And we are also told -- I think it is in the Book of Hebrews, that He is going to appear the second time without sin. Is that in the Book of Hebrews?


Yeah. Well if He is going to appear the second time without sin [?by reverse inference?] it means the first time he appeared --


-- with sin. And the carnal mind is sin. So He had sin the first time. He appeared in this world with sin, and the Christ mind put down that sin and defeated it, and because of that happ- -- and because that happened, he was raised from the dead, and because He was raised from the dead, He is going to appear in this world a second time in the flesh of human beings, you and me, this time without sin. Christ is going to be appearing very shortly in a full resurrection life.

OK, so the greater things -- the greater works that the second generation of Christ shall be doing -- and we are the second generation of Christ -- Jesus is our Father; the Lord Jesus Christ is our Father; we are His offspring; right now He is the Father, and we are the son, and we are going to have the honor of breaking the witchcraft power of the saints and of defeating the pride of the many members of humanity, and either with their consent or without their consent impregnating their minds with Christ, and when Christ appears and grows up into a full-grown man, He shall destroy the sin in the mind of that man and raise him from the dead with his consent or without his consent because the Lord Jesus Christ loves us enough to give us that shot of penicillin even though we are screaming and yelling our heads off that we do not want it. He is not going to let us stay dead in our sins. As soon as He is strong enough to break our witchcraft power He is taking us against our will to save our life because scripturally speaking, we are spiritually insane. We are spiritually insane. We are suicidal and self-destructive, and He is going to save us despite ourselves.

And once again, the problem with the people in the world today, I cannot tell you how many bitter people I have spoken to, saying, Christ is in the earth for 2,000 years, and what has He done? I thought I believed it, but it is just a fantasy. Brethren, it has taken 2,000 years from the seed -- Jesus Christ is the seed. When He died on the cross and His Father raised Him from the dead, He became the seed, and it has taken 2,000 years for that seed to find host vessels, men, in which He is rai- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- strong enough to break the witchcraft power of the saints and save them despite themselves. The Holy Spirit is not strong enough to save men despite themselves. He is just a blessing to men who come willingly. Glory to God.

So the greater works -- the honor of doing the greater works is given unto us when we are mature enough. He is not giving the honor of converting the wicked hearts of men or breaking the witchcraft power of the saints -- excuse me -- to novices. He is not giving this honor to people who have not paid the price. You have to pay the price. What is the price that you have to pay to be a part of this company which will break the witchcraft power of the saints in other people? What is the price you have to pay?

            [?Your whole life.?]

Yeah, your whole life, your whole life. You have to have your carnal mind killed. You have to have your carnal mind killed and come under the direct obedience and authority of Christ to have the honor of killing somebody else’s carnal mind. You cannot be killing someone’s carnal mind when you are fully in your sins.

Verse 51. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see Heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man. Heaven open” -- does anybody remember what Heaven is? What is Heaven?

            The mind of Christ.

The mind of what?

            The mind of Christ.

OK, the mind of Christ. When Jesus is talking about Heaven, He is talking about the mind of Christ. Another way to express it is the kingdom of God. He said, you shall see Heaven or the kingdom of God opened. Now, in another place, Paul speaks about having the eyes of your understanding open. Will someone please look up Luke 24:45 and someone else take Ephesians 1:18?

            I will take Ephesians 1:18.


I got Luke.

Luke 24:45. When you are ready. Just please put it in the microphone for us.

Luke 24:45. “Then He opened their understanding that they might comprehend the scriptures.”

Praise God. OK, he opened up their understanding; He opened up their mind that they might understand the scripture. OK?

Ephesians 1:18. “The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of His calling and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints.

OK, so when Jesus said -- except that I lost my place. When Jesus said, “I say unto you, Hereafter, you shall see Heaven open,” it means you shall see the kingdom of God, which is in you open. You shall have the mind of Christ open, and you shall be able to see the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man. Now what does this mean? The son of man is the ladder that connects Heaven to Earth, and the angels walk up and down this ladder. Does anybody know another name of this ladder?

            Jacob’s Ladder.

Jacob’s Ladder, that is true, but another New Testament term? The man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. So when Heaven is open unto you, that means the mind of God is open in your mind, and the mind of God has a name -- or that at least the man in which that mind is, is Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus will be the connecting factor between the Heaven where God is and the earth where we dwell.

So that happens on two levels. The man Christ Jesus is the mediator between carnal men in the earth that do not know God and cannot hear from God, so they will come and they will hear preaching, or they will come and they will have questions answered for them. And then, also, Christ Jesus is the mediator between God and man in your own mind. Glory to God.

Chapter 2. I am not going to spend too much time on this because I really do not understand it, and the Lord has not explained it to me in time to preach on it. But Jesus and His mother are at a wedding. I will just show you the contradiction that I see. Maybe God will speak as I am talking. Jesus and His mother are at a wedding, and in verse 3, "The mother of Jesus saith unto Him, They have no wine." Well, let me comment on that. We find a lot of people take this Scripture, the mother of Jesus, and they translate it into the mother of God, and that turns out to be a problem, especially for Catholics, because they tend to believe that the mother of -- that the moth- -- He is the mother of God, and then they fall into all -- that she is the mother of God, and they fall into all kinds of false doctrine.

But I would like to point out to you that the Scripture does not say mother of God. The Scripture says the mother of Jesus. It does not say the mother of Jesus the Christ; it does not say the mother of Jesus who was Christ. She is the mother of the natural man Jesus. She is not the mother of God because the Son of God is Christ. The Son of God is the Christ mind which was in the man Jesus, and the man Jesus was born with a carnal mind. Mary is the mother of the natural man Jesus before he became Jesus the Christ.

So if you want to, it is not really all that clear, but you can even take this as another witness that Jesus was not born Jesus the Christ because at this point He is 30 years old, and the Scripture says the mother of Jesus, OK. She was the mother of the natural man, and when Jesus became Jesus the Christ or the way that He became Jesus the Christ was that the Christ mind, which was begotten of the Father, took dominion, took authority over the carnal mind that Jesus had inherited from His mother. And at that point, He took the name of His father, Jesus the Christ, OK. His name changed; when He went from being carnal to spiritual, His name changed.

So we see in chapter 2 that Jesus' mother said to him, "They have no wine," and Jesus rebuked her, and he said, "Woman, what have I to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come." He said what are you telling me to do here. What -- you know, I am no- -- I have not started doing miracles yet. And in verse 5, the very next verse, it says, "And his mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it." And then Jesus proceeds to do the miracle of changing the water into wine.

So do you see the contradiction there? His mother came to Him and said there is no wine. He rebuked her and said what are you bothering me for? My hour is not come yet. And she said to the servants, as if she were ignoring Him, do whatever He says. And then He goes forward to do the miracle. Can you see the contradiction? Can you see it? Yeah. And I really did not feel led to look up every single word. Maybe I would have found it if I looked up every single word, but there is a contradiction there. Maybe if the Lord lets me, when we continue on with this series the next time, I will go back to this and look up every single word and see if I could find an explanation for you, but there is something wrong there with the translation. So I am going to skip past verse 7 also, where Jesus says, "Fill the waterpots with water," and verse 8, He is still on the same miracle. Maybe we will go back to that next time.

Going forward to 2:16, Jesus is in the temple, "And He said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not My Father's house a house of merchandise." What Jesus is speaking about there is He is rebuking people who are making money off of the house of God. They do not love God; they are not honestly doing a service of selling doves because they are zealous about keeping the law. They are just there to make money. Now I honestly do not know whether it was inappropriate for them to be selling in that place or whether Jesus just saw that their heart was greedy and that they were not truly religious people who were selling something that the people needed to serve God. I am not really sure about that historical fact. But at the very least, Jesus saw their hearts, and He rebuked them, and He said you are not supposed to be making money off of the things of God.

Now if they -- if it was required to sacrifice animals under the Old Covenant, somebody had to sell you the animals. You cannot be expecting people to give away pigeons, so it had to be that Jesus was looking into their hearts and saw that their motive was evil. Maybe even they were overcharging or whatever. Something was wrong with the motive of their heart that Jesus rebuked them and chased them out of the temple. He said your heart is not pure. He said you are selling -- you are making My hou- -- My Father's house a house of merchandise. Glory to God.

And I will comment on verse 17. "And His disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of thine house has eaten me up." Now I prayed about that for years, and the Lord just commented on it to me recently, so I will share it with you. The Greek word translated zeal means jealous. The jealousness of thy house has eaten me up. Well, I remind you of another Scripture where the -- where it says that Moses was a servant in the house, but the son, he was over his own house. Familiar with that Scripture? I am suggesting to you that a house is speaking a household, and a household is every human being who has the same mind. The household of God are all the human beings whose mind is God, OK.

So, "The zeal of thine house has eaten me up." The zeal of the carnal mind, the zeal of the household of those who are in their carnal mind, has eaten up Christ. The jealousy -- now, remember, when the carnal mind killed Christ, there was envy involved, if you remember the story and the Alternate Translation in Daniel 8. We found out that Satan was so jealous of Christ being in the male role that she rose up and brought forth her carnal mind and killed Christ with a great rage of envy. She wanted to be a man; she wanted to be the male, OK.

So the jealousy of the household of the carnal mind has eaten up the household or the mind of Christ. And what the Scripture is saying, that in the Israelites, in those members of Israel, OK, that were in Israel in that day, that the jealousy of their carnal mind had risen up and swallowed up the mind of Christ that was in Israel, and apparently something was very wrong about them selling doves in this place. Either they should not have been doing it, or their heart was wrong, or they were overcharging the people or something like that. To make it simple, if you did not get it yet, what the Scripture is saying is that the mind of Christ was consumed and swallowed up by the carnal mind, by the jealousy of the carnal mind. The carnal mind that wanted power, that wants to be the head of the religions of men, swallowed up the spiritual ministry of Christ that was in Israel in those days.

Then in verse 18, we see the Jews asking for a sign, and in verse 18, Jesus said to them, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." Now we know in another place it says, well, the Jews wanted a sign, and the Greeks want something else. Brethren, the bottom line is -- and in another place, Jesus says the only sign you are going to get is the sign of Jonah being in the earth for three days and three nights, and you -- well, have you ever asked yourself, well, why did Jesus not just give them a sign? Because, brethren, signs will not convince a carnal-minded man that this person is the Son of God. Jesus did many signs and wonders, and the Pharisees killed Him. Jesus is saying only the Spirit of Christ in you will recognize Me. I can do all the signs and wonder in the world; I can give you all the lofty doctrine in the world, but if the Spirit of Christ is not in you, you are not going to know that I am the Son of God. That is why He said that. That is why He rebuked them whenever they asked for a sign. He said you have the Spirit of Christ. Why are you asking for a sign? Why cannot you discern the spirit on Me? That is what He was saying to them.

So as a rebuke, He said to them you tear down this temple because He knew they were going to kill Him, and He knew that the reason they were going to kill Him was because they could not discern Christ in Him. So He said you tear down this temple, and I will raise it up in three days. The Greek word translated temple here is a Greek word which means spiritual temple. I am not going to go into the whole study here, but there are two Greek words translated temple, and you could follow this through yourself, if you want to, by opening up your concordances.

Every time the natural temple is spoken about, it is one Greek word, and at this point, this is the Greek word -- I think, it is pronounced naos, and after the crucifixion, the only time the -- every time the word temple is used, it is referring to the spiritual temple, not the stone temple. It is referring to Christ, and Jesus used that word here. When you tear this temple down, meaning Himself, OK, I will raise it up in three days. Now also let me point out to you that that was the Father speaking through Jesus because we know that Jesus could not raise Himself from the dead. It ha- -- the Father raised Him from the dead, so that was the Father speaking through Jesus. Glory to God. So that was the sin; that was the reason that Jesus rebuked and rebukes people that are looking for signs.

Brethren, there is been an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is been going on, I think, in the Unites States since the '40s, if I am not mistaken, and there have been many signs and many wonders, and the signs and the wonders are fading from off of the church scene. And in this hour, the only people that are going to be able to recognize Christ, the only people who will recognize this new move of God will be the people who have the Spirit of Christ. The same or a similar thing is happening again. The signs and wonders are fading. You are supposed to be discerning Christ by His Spirit. The Christ in you or the Spirit of Christ in you is supposed to be discerning Christ, and if you cannot discern Him, that means you do not have Him. And when I look around and see how many people are rejecting this word and rejecting the one who sent me, I have to say very few people have the Spirit of Christ in this hour, very few. They cannot recognize Him. Glory to God.

Going on to 3:3, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." Unless a man be born again, he cannot see the s- -- the kingdom of God. The interlinear says, "Except one receive birth from above, he is not able to see the kingdom of God." You cannot see the kingdom of God unless the kingdom of God is within you. It is the same thing that I just said: You cannot see Christ unless you have the Spirit of Christ. You cannot see the kingdom of God unless you have the kingdom of God. You cannot recognize that you have no experience with. You can only recognize what you know.

So, "Except a man be born a second time, this time from above, from the Spirit of God, he cannot see the kingdom of God." Verse 5, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." Now, please note, verse 3 says unless you are born from above, you cannot see the kingdom of God, and verse 5 says unless you are born both of water and of the Spirit, you cannot enter into the kingdom of God, OK. You have to have the kingdom of God within you to see it, but you have to have a physical birth. You have to have a body and a natural life as well as a spiritual birth to enter in.

Now check this out, for all these people believe that after your body dies and passes on, that from some place in heaven that they call heaven, you think you are going to enter into the kingdom of God, but I challenge you to look at this Scripture and see it as I see it. You need a body to enter into the kingdom of God. You need a human body as well as a spiritual birth, or you cannot enter in. Can you hear it? Unless you be born of the flesh or of water, unless you come forth in an amniotic sac filled with amniotic fluid, and unless that -- your human spirit is quickened by the spirit, unless you have the seed of man which has developed in you plus the seed of the  Father which has developed in you, you cannot enter in. You need a body to enter into the kingdom of God.

Now is it actually a body that you need? Let me show it to you from another point of view. When your body dies, your carnal mind dissolves. The truth of the matter is that you need a carnal mind as well as a Christ mind so that your human spirit can transfer from your carnal mind into your Christ mind, but you cannot have a carnal mind unless you have a body. You have to have the two births to enter into this inheritance, brethren. It is not being given to persons whose body has died. You have got to have a body. It is for people on this earth; it is not for people that are sleeping and deaf somewhere. You need your body.

Verse 6, "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit." Well, what is born of the flesh? This body and your carnal mind is born of the flesh. And what is born of the Spirit? The Christ mind, and you need both to enter into the kingdom of God. You need that which is born of the flesh and that which is born of the Spirit, and as far as I am concerned, that lets out every spirit that is floating around some imaginary heaven somewhere. It is just a fantasy. God's work is in the flesh of men. This is where He is operating.

Verse 7, "Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. The wind" -- or the spirit. In the Greek it says the spirit. "The spirit bloweth." In the interlinear that says breathes, breatheth, breathes, B-R-E-A-T-H-E-S, breathes. The spirit breathes wherever it chooses, wherever it desires. The spirit breathes itself. Remember, Jesus breathed Himself out of the man Jesus. The spiritual Jesus breathed Himself out. The King James says He gave up the ghost. We found out that that means He breathed Himself out of His body by an act of His own will. So here we see in John 3:8 the Scripture saying the Spirit breathes itself wherever it wants to go. The Spirit goes wherever it wants to go under its own power.

"And now here is the sound thereof, but you cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes: and so is every one who is born of the Spirit." Now, remember, to be born of the Spirit means you no longer need your body. I am sorry, brethren, but you are not born again. You have been reconciled unto God. Jesus who was Christ is the only that I know of who was born again. To be born again, you have to be fully born into the spiritual realm of God.

Well, think about it. If the Spirit blows itself or breathes itself wherever it wants to go and so also is everyone that is truly born of the Spirit, how could you be breathing yourself wherever you want to go in the condition that you are in now? It does not work. Do you -- does the Spirit of God in you determine where your body goes? It doe- -- He does not. It goes are back to what I have been preaching for a long time: The carnal mind is the sitting queen. She gives you existence. Every automatic thought that you have, with some rare exceptions for people who are entering in, is of the carnal mind. For Christ to move you, He has to first wound your carnal mind. Remember that teaching? We found it in the Re- -- in the Book of Revelation. We found it in the Book of Daniel. For the mind of Christ to move your person, He has to wound your carnal mind because your carnal mind has the existing authority over you.

So it says here everyone that is born of the Spirit, you get blown here and there, wherever -- what it is saying is that your life is lived by the Spirit, but that is not true of the most sincere believers. Our life is lived by the carnal mind except on those instances where the mind of Christ wounds our carnal mind and takes over, but by and large we are led by the carnal mind. So we are not fully born of the Spirit until, at the very least, we enter into full stature. I believe we are not fully born of the Spirit until we are raised from the dead in glorification, but we are born of the Spirit in some measure when we enter into full stature. The first stage of that birth takes place when we arrive at full stature. We are not born again. We do not -- the Spirit does not breathe us everywhere He feels like breathing us. The Lord is utterly frustrated with the church in this hour, and He is coming to wound our carnal mind because that carnal mind is stopping us from responding to Christ and stopping us from being obedient to Christ. So He is coming with a recompense, waging war against the carnal mind who is stealing His people from Him. That is what this battle of Armageddon is all about. He does not breathe us wherever He wants us to go.

The whole church is in rebellion and disobedience. I had a dream two nights ago. It was terrible, and it indicated the extent of the disobedience and the rebellion of the church, every man doing what he wants to do. And I woke up so upset, I let myself scream. I was alone here in the house, and I just yielded to the urge to scream, and I screamed all the way into the bathroom. Ah! And I ran out of the bathroom, and I screamed all the way into my office to turn on the computer and type of the dream. It was horrible, and the Lord got up and left. Everybody was doing their thing. There was rebellion; there was pride; there was disobedience; there was confusion. And the Lord was trying to teach, and the people were not listening, and He got up, and He left. And I believe that the interpretation of that dream is that we are about to see Him leaving many fellowships that will not yield to Him. The Spirit is about to leave.

So the church is not born again. If you were born again, everything that you did would be a response to the Spirit in you, the Spirit of Christ in you, and none of us are in that condition, even me. I try, but, you see, you are not supposed to have to try. If you are fully born again and the mind of Christ is the sitting king on your throne, you do not have to try. He has just got you completely under His authority, and when He breathes, you move. It is just not a reality, so I am not born again, and neither are you.

Verse 10 -- well, I will read you verse 9, "Nicodemus answered and said unto Him, How can these things be?" And Jesus, once again sarcastic -- look at this sarcasm -- said to him, "Are you" -- excuse me -- "a master of Israel, and you do not know this?" I thought you knew the whole ball of wax. I thought you knew the whole nine. You are a master of Israel. There is something that you do not know? That is what Jesus is telling to him; He is mocking him. Jesus mocks. We see it one of the Psalms. It is obvious that the Lord laughs at His enemies, and the enemy of God is the church. Why is the enemy of God the church? Because -- especially the rulers in the church, the leaders in the church. Does anybody know why they are God's enemy?


Exactly. They will not enter into the kingdom of God, and they will not let the people under them enter in either, and God wants His people. That means the existing leadership are the enemies of God, and every individual who is completely given over to his carnal mind is the enemy of God. He is at enmity with God in his mind.

So we see Jesus mocking Nicodemus, and apparently Nicodemus had no answer, so Jesus, in verse 11, says, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness." I have a witness for that. What earthly things was Jesus speaking about? And I refer you back to verse -- 2:16 for that where Jesus indicted them that they are making their Father's house a house of merchandise. That is what God gave me, that when He rebuked them and He overturned the vendor's stands, that they did not know why He did it. They did not understand why He did it, so Jesus said, well, if I do not speak of earthly things, if I do not speak of the carnal covenant -- that this is a temple. It is a place of God. You cannot see? You are not supposed to be here only to make money? You cannot see that? How in the world would you expect to understand spiritual things if you cannot understand that? So how should you believe if I tell you of heavenly things?

Verse 13, and then he goes on to tell them heavenly things, but He is really digging at them. Did you ever wonder how He went from verse 12, which says, "If I have told you of earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?" and then He goes on to says, "And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven." To the carnal mind, that makes no sense at all, but what He is saying to them in verse 13 is really the same thing as in verse 12.

He is saying, "And no man hath ascended up to heaven unless he came down from heaven." That means to come d- -- who came down from heaven? Who is the man who came down from heaven?

            [INAUDIBLE] [?Jesus?].

Well, before that. I mean, Christ.


The Christ came down from heaven. Christ was in heaven, and He died. He came down. Jesus was just the first man in whom Christ was raised from the dead. Christ is the man who was in heaven, and He came down, so only Christ is going back up to heaven. What Jesus is saying to them is that you are not Christ; you are the devil's kin. He was never in heaven, and he is not going up now, and you and your carnal minds are not getting up into heaven because you were never in there; you never fell down, and you are not going back up, that the only way you are going to get into heaven is to have the mind of Christ raised from the dead in you. So He is calling them the devil's kids again. That is what He is saying to them. You never came down from [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- He said you guys, you carnal teachers of Israel, you will never get into heaven.

Now you may recall that we have done in the past studies on the word evil. There are at least three Greek words which are translated evil. One means to be inherently evil, that your nature is evil, and therefore you are unredeemable. Because your nature is evil, you can be nothing else. If I changed you from evil to good, then you would no longer be what you are.

Let me put it to you this way. If you are fire -- let us say you are fire. Now I want to change your very nature. I want to make fire that does not burn, so [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- if I could possibly do it, if I could make a fire that does not burn, well, then you will not be fire anymore because the very nature of fire is that it burns. Or if I want to make a fire that will not cook food. It looks like fire; it tastes like fire; it acts like fire, but it does not cook your food. Well, then it is not -- for all intents and purposes, it is not fire anymore because it does not do what fire does. Can you hear that?

So one Greek word that is translated evil means that you were born that way; you will live that way, and you will die that way. And you -- because you are evil, and there is nothing that you could do to be anything else; it is your nature. And this word is applied to Satan. He is not subject to the law of God, neither can he be.

Now there is another Greek word that is translated evil which means to be fallen from grace, and this is the word that is applied to man. Man is evil today, but he is not inherently evil. He was good. God said He looked at His creation, and it was good, but that which was good fell down and became evil. But because it -- man was good and fell down, he is redeemable; he can be restored to his original condition.

And that is what Jesus is saying to the Pharisees. First, He says to them, in verse 12, you cannot understand earthly things. How do you expect to understand spiritual things? He is saying the reason you cannot understand the earthly things is the thing -- the reason you will never understand spiritual things is that you need a spiritual mind to understand spiritual things, and you do not have a spiritual mind because you do not have what it takes to ascend back up into heaven. Only the Christ who died is going back up to heaven, and you are not the children of the Christ who died, but you are the children of the devil who never ever was in heaven and therefore cannot be returned to heaven because he is inherently evil. Can you hear it? Do you hear it? That is what He said to them.

"No man hath ever ascended up to heaven, except the one that came down." Forget it; you are not going up unless your mind becomes Christ, "even the Son of man which is in heaven." And He is saying I already got there, so you have to -- if you want to get back up into heaven, you have to become the Son of man. And the Son of man is a many-membered company of human beings whose mind is Christ, and let me review Son of man for you. Brethren, s- -- ever since the fall, God's creation, the soul, has produced all female children. Every human being born on the face of this earth since the fall has been female. There is no Son of man except He which has been fathered by Jehovah.

Now you may recall that in Genesis 5:5 -- or Genesis 5; I do not know if the verse is 5 or not. The Scripture says, "And Adam produced offspring in his own image and in his own likeness." What that is saying is that for all these thousands of years, this soul has been both father and mother of the mind which is in man, and Paul said that the name of that mind is the carnal mind. When the soul brings forth a mind from within itself, when the soul fathers the mind that is born in the soul, that mind is female. And the soul has, therefore, produced only female children for all of these thousands of years.

For this soul to produce a son, the Father of the mind -- now, remember, the offspring of the soul is the mind. Whether the father is Satan or whether the father is God, the offspring of the soul is the mind. So for man to produce a son or for man to produce a male mind, the father must be God. Therefore, if you desire to ascend back up into heaven, you must be a member of the Son of man company because to be a member of the Son of man company, you must have a mind which has been fathered by God because th- -- when the soul fathers her own offspring, the offspring is female. So if you want to ascend back up to heaven, you must have the mind of Christ. Can you hear this? How marvelous. This is really marvelous.

So He is calling the Pharisees sons of the devil, telling them there is no way you are getting into heaven in your condition. Despite all your religious works and all your loud prayers and all your fasting and all your tithing and all your works, your mind is still the offspring of the devil. He never was in heaven; he never fell down, and he is never getting back up there. So you better repent and get the mind of Christ if you have any hope at all of ascending back up into heaven because it is only the Son of man that is going into heaven. The daughter of Babylon or the daughter of Satan is not getting up there.

Verse 14, "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up." Now this really blessed me, brethren. I do not know about you, but I [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- well, the reference in my Bible refers me to the brazen serpent that Moses made, that he held up in the wilderness that stopped the plague where thousands of Israelites were dying. But the Lord said to me when I prepared this message that that is not what Jesus is talking about. Now listen to this. This word "lifted up," it is not the Greek wo- -- I just always assumed it was the Greek word aero, which means to physically ascend. It can mean to spiritually ascend, but it also means to physically ascend. It means to lift up. That is not the word that it is. It is a Greek word that means to exalt. It is speaking about spiritual things specifically.

So the Scripture says Moses exalted the serpent in the wilderness. It is not a Greek word that means to physically lift up, and that is what Moses did. He made a brazen serpent; he put it on a stick, and he lifted it up. But this Greek word does not mean that; this Greek word means to exalt, s- -- a spiritual thing. So if you can receive that, what the Scripture must be saying is that Moses exalted the serpent, not the brazen serpent, but the spiritual serpent in the wilderness, and I suggest to you that he exalted the serpent which was in his own heart. And the -- how does the serpent get exalted?


And how does he get lifted up? Through --


Through death. The only way the carnal mind is ever going to make it into heaven is through death; he has to be crucified by the mind of Christ. Man, to ascend into heaven, must have his carnal mind crucified, and, therefore, when he is stuck to Christ, he is going to be raised up into the heavenlies. See, the carnal mind says, when Christ is crucified to the carnal mind, Christ is coming down to Hell. No, brethren, no. When Christ is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- crucified to the carnal mind, the carnal mind is being exalted up to heaven, and he will become a seraphim, a redeemed serpent. So Jesus is saying that Moses in the wilderness had a crucified carnal mind.


That is what He is saying, that at some point Michael crucified Satan or Satan's carnal mind. Nevertheless, Moses was not allowed into the Promised Land. Now off the top of my head, without studying this, I would be inclined to say that the reason Moses was not allowed in, after rejecting the other two reasons that I just talked about, the reason that -- most likely, that Moses was not allowed in would be al- -- something along the same lines as Paul being offered up because he was b- -- a man born out of season. It had to be something like that, especially if Moses' carnal mind was crucified.

And I would also like to know how he could have struck the rock in error if his carnal mind was crucified. So, Lord, I am making it a prayer right now that You let me do that study at some time in the near future because something is not sitting are with me. But in any event, for today's study, we see it revealed in the Book of John that Jesus would have to be lifted up in the same way that Moses was, and we knew that Jesus -- we know that Jesus was going forward to have His carnal mind crucified. Any -- everybody OK on that? Hallelujah.

Verse 15 -- and the reason Jesus has to have His carnal mind crucified is, "That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have life." And, of course, this -- again, if you can re- -- see it that way, is another reference or another witness to the fact that Jesus must have had a carnal mind because as Moses lifted up the serpent in his own heart in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up. The Son of man must have the serpent in His heart crucified.

Wow. And the reason that He has to be lifted up or have the -- has to be exalted is, "That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life." In other words, Jesus could have lived the rest of His life in a condition of the first stage of the resurrection, but in order -- now you have to read between the lines here. In order for Jesus to have His carnal mind crucified, His body had to be crucified. Jesus' -- Jesus crucified -- excuse me. Christ in the man Jesus crucified the carnal mind of the man Jesus while the body of the man Jesus was being crucified, OK.

So, apparently, this is how God set it up, that in order to crucify His carnal mind, His body had to be crucified. And the reason for all this was that if Jesus crucified His carnal mind without His body being crucified, I do not know, maybe the Father would not have raised Him from the dead. He had to die so that He could be raised from the dead so that He could be converted into spirit form. And in order for Him to be converted into spirit form, His body had to be absorbed by the glorified Christ, so His body had to die because of God's plan.

However, that was the way God laid it out. His body had to die for Him to be converted into spirit form so, "That whosoever believeth into Him should not perish, but have eternal life." Now, remember the teaching, to believe into Him means that your human spirit has to believe with such an intensity that she vibrates out of the carnal mind and touches the mind of Christ and joins with it, touches the glor- -- not the mind of Christ. I am sorry, touches the glorified Christ, which is the Holy Spirit, and joins with Him.

So what this Scripture is saying, that Jesus had to be crucified so He could be raised from the dead so that He could be in a pure spirit form so that He can pour out of His Spirit upon everyone's flesh so that the human spirits of men can rise up and engraft with the Holy Spirit so that Christ could be formed in them so that they could be raised from the dead. And now we find out that Moses had a crucified carnal mind.

I am just very excited. I love discovering things like this. I have come to the conclusion that I simply cannot preach the most -- what appear to be the most harmless Scriptures, I cannot preach from them without looking at it in the Greek. I just cannot do it. There is all this hidden stuff here. You just cannot take it out of the King James, unless I get to the point that I get so spiritual that God tells me by looking at it, and there are a lot of things that God tells me by looking at it, but this, in a million years, I would have never ever known this.

Verse 16, "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." The Greek word translated world here is cosmos. For God loved the whole creation, the whole cosmos, the whole creation, and the individual cosmos. He loved all of us so much that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth into Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

So God loved this whole creation so much that He gave His only begotten Son, the only offspring of the soul which has been sired by the Father, and the Lord offered Him up, let Him be killed by wicked men so that He could be converted into spirit form, pour out upon the flesh of all men so that whoever believed in Him should not perish but enter into the life of the ages through the engrafting of their human spirit to the glorified Spirit of the Son, therefore, having Christ Jesus formed in them, Christ Jesus being the man who came down from heaven and therefore was qualified to ascend back up into heaven. You see, if you do not have this understanding -- I always used to think that Jesus -- He was not consistent. I -- He would just jump from one thing to another. He is not jumping from one thing to another.

Did you hear that? Let me say that again. "As Moses crucified his carnal mind in the soul realm, even so must Jesus crucify His carnal mind so that His body would die so that He could be raised from the dead, that whosoever would believe into Him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God so loved the creation that He gave the only man whose mind was directly sired by the Father. He gave Him up unto death so that He would be converted into pure spirit form and pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh so that whosoever would believe on Him should not perish, but should have an opportunity to have their human spirit engraft to His life, that Christ should be formed in them, that they should return back up into the heavenlies and live for the life of the ages."

You know, brethren, I have a new revelation of Jesus being up on the Mount of Transfiguration and all of the apostles sleeping, those three disciples sleeping. I have a whole new revelation of it: They just could not bear what He was saying. That is what He meant when He said the flesh is -- the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. They were all there. They wanted to learn; they wanted to understand everything that He was saying. But their flesh was weak, and they could not bear it, and they went to sleep. Yeah, they did not sleep because they were tired, brethren. They did not sleep because they were tired, as everybody sleeps on me tonight. Well, at least it is all of you tonight.


It is all of you tonight.


It is all of you tonight, OK.




Yeah. Well, that is what I am saying. The sp- -- the power of the truth, it is so powerful that it puts your carnal mind out. Those disciples up there on the Mount of Transfiguration, they were not tired. When Jesus transfigured and that which was within Him shined out, the glory of the Christ with Him -- within Him shined out, it just put their -- these carnal men to sleep. They could not bear it. I thought this was going to be a light message tonight. Well, if you can hear me while -- you know, if you -- while your eyes are closed, you are way ahead, you know. Rita had a dream here the other night. She was so out, she had a dream. She did not hear a word that I said. She had her own dream.

OK, I -- we are going to do just a little bit more, and we will be done. Let us see. We are up to verse 17, "For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved." Now this is very interesting. The word condemn is Strong's 2919, and it really means to judge. It means to pronounce an opinion concerning right or wrong, and it is used of a human judge. So what this Scripture is saying is that God the Father did not send His Son into the world to declare whether men or right or wrong because we know that men are wrong. We are fallen, and we are all sinners, and we are all falling short of the glory of God. So the Father did not send the Son into the world to make a public announcement or to prove that man is fallen. We all know that man is fallen. How do we know that man is fallen? We all die after a season. We all die. So it was not the purpose of the Father to send the Son into the world to prove that we are guilty. We know that we are guilty; we die.

Now in another place, the Father says all judgment is given unto the Son. Now right here in 3:18, the Scripture says -- I lost my place. In verse 19 -- no, I am sorry. I am in verse 17. I says, "For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world," but in 5:22 and 27, the Scripture says, "All judgment is given unto the Son." Now I have been teaching here for a long time there is no contradiction in the Scripture. We have got to find the missing factor that will reconcile these two verses.

Now the word judge in John 5:22 and 27 is Strong's 2920, one digit away from Strong's 2919, which is the word translated condemnation in verse 17 of chapter 3. The verb used -- the word used in j- -- in verse 17 of chapter 3 is a verb, and the word used in John 5:22 and 27 is a noun. It is the same word. Where all judgment is given unto the Son, it is the same Greek word translated judgment as is translated condemnation in verse 19, and this is the condemnation, "That light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light."

So what is the Scripture saying here? I suggest to you that there are two different judgments, and what the Scripture is saying is that the Father did not send the Son into the world to judge men with His carnal mind, but He did send His Son into the world to judge men with the righteous judgment of Christ, which will result in their separating from the carnal mind. Now Strong's 2920 is a noun that can be translated separation or selection, so He did send His Son into the world to bring a judgment of sin which would result in the spirit of man separating from the carnal mind, thus raising the whole creation from the dead; He did do that, Strong's 2920. But the Father did not send His Son into the world to judge the world, Strong's 2919, translated condemn in verse 17. He did not send His Son into the world to pronounce man guilty out of a knowledge of His carnal mind.

We all know man is guilty. That is called judging before the time. If you are a son in the making, and you are seeing sin in people and declaring sin for sin's sake, you are judging before the time, and you are not in the ministry of the son. The ministry of the son pronounces righteous judgment when he has the authority to sever or separate the human spirit out from the carnal mind, and it is almost the same word used, and we -- and in many other studies, we will find, like, for example Satan and the devil, they are not the same thing, but they are very close. And I found -- we found other Scriptures where the Lord uses two words that can mean the same thing, and He is talking about the carnal mind and the Christ mind. It is v- -- it is a subtlety of the Scripture. There is never a contradiction in the Scripture. If there appears to be a contradiction, look to see if in one Scripture the Lord is not speaking about the carnal mind and in another Scripture speaking about the Christ mind. That is most likely what is happening if it looks like a contradiction. Glory to God.

So God sent not His Son into the cosmos to judge the world to prove the world guilty. Who proved the world guilty? The law of Moses proved the world guilty. But that the world, through Him, might be saved through separation. Verse 18, he that believeth on or into the Son of God is not condemned or is not judged. He that believeth into the Son of God is not judged. You are not judged in that you are not pronounced guilty. There is now no more condemnation in Christ Jesus, OK. When Christ becomes your judge, you are no longer pronounced guilty, but you are separated out, and you are eligible for salvation.

"But he that believeth not is condemned already or judged already because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God." So what this is saying is that your own iniquity will judge you. The fact that you do not believe in the name or the Spirit, the fact that you are not believing into or joining with the spirit of the Son, which is the Spirit of Christ, means -- it proves that you do not have the Spirit of Christ because He has already said in another place, earlier in this book -- we have done it tonight -- that if you have the Spirit of Christ, you are going to recognize Him, and you are going to come unto Him. So if you recognize Him and you come unto Him, you shall be saved, but if you do not come unto Him because you do not recognize Him, you have declared yourself lacking the Spirit of Christ. You have declared yourself unrighteous simply by virtue of the fact that you cannot recognize the carnal mind, you have declared yourself, for all who have ears to hear and eyes to see, that you do not have the Spirit of Christ because, if you had the Spirit of Christ, you would recognize the Son of God, and you would go unto Him.

So the son does not come into the world to declare you guilty; you declare yourself guilty -- or you declare yourself lacking [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- to be guilty, you are lacking the Spirit of Christ, so you declare yourself guilty by not recognizing the Christ. He does not have to put His finger on you. You show yourself up for what you are by the way you react to the Christ. You declare yourself openly whether you are carnal or Christ by the way you react to the Son of God wherever He is appearing, and that is not only full stature, brethren. That is not only full stature. Wherever the Son of God is appearing, you declare yourself, whether or not the Spirit of Christ is within you, by the way you respond and react to Him.

Paul said, you received me as an angel when I was still in my infirmity. What he meant was he was not in full stature yet. He came to teach and preach this gospel of perfection -- Paul called it my gospel -- before he was in full stature, and he said to those who received him as an angel of God that they had the Spirit of Christ, and they recognized Christ in him even though he was still a natural man and, spiritually speaking, natural man is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- in his infirmities, he is spiritually sick. That is what he was saying to them.

Just a little bit more, I would like to finish this out. "And this is the condemnation," or this is the judgment, "that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil." Brethren, this is a poor translation. When I went into the Greek, I saw that this word love, "for men loved the darkness rather than the light," it is the agape love. In the Greek, the word is agape. Now, brethren, evil men do not have the capacity to love with agape love. Agape love is the God love; only God loves with agape love.

So we have a poor translation here, and I suggest to you that verse 19 should read, "The light" -- and we know that Christ is the light -- "has come into the cosmos or into the Christ, and the light loved or [?agapied?] -- and the light, which is Christ, loved man more than the darkness loved man." Can you hear this? And the darkness is Satan. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] brethren, Satan is the husband of man; he is our lover. And Christ came into the world, and He loved man more than Satan loves man. Hallelujah.

And everyone's thoughts towards the light, I suggest to you, were evil because everyone that doeth evil hateth the light. So what it is saying is Christ came into the creation, and Christ loved man more than Satan loved him, but nevertheless, everyone's thoughts towards the Christ, even though He loved them more than Satan, were evil towards the Christ. And the reason the thoughts of man are evil towards the Christ is because everyone that doeth evil hateth the light.

And what He is say- -- let me put it to you another way: We are the devil's children. Christ came into the world, and He loved us more than the darkness, and we hated Him with our minds because our deeds were evil. And our deeds were evil is -- because we are the offspring and the bride of the darkness. So Christ loves us more than the darkness; He wants to give us light. The darkness kills us, but we are so joined to the darkness in our mind that our thoughts were evil towards God because our deeds are evil towards God, and we do not want our deeds exposed.

And, brethren, this is the mission of the members of the two witness company, exposing the hidden sins of the heart of God's people. And God's people, in most instances, do not want the hidden sins of their heart revealed, so they are evil towards Christ, and Christ is appearing in the flesh of men. Christ is appearing in the two-witness company, so the members of the church are evil in their thoughts to Christ wherever He is appearing, and He is appearing in men. Christ is appearing in men, and the other members of the church are thinking evil towards Christ. The members of the church who are still carnal have evil thoughts towards the Christ because they do not want their evil deeds exposed. Hallelujah.

Verse 20, "For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed." So once again, Jesus is saying if the only mind you have is the carnal mind, you are not coming to Christ; you are not coming to Him. He is saying to you follow Me, and you are not coming. Well, when I look at our numbers here, I know what kind of mind is in most of the church. They are not coming -- you want to know why they do not come? You want to know why Jesus is saying follow Me and they are not coming? They do not want the hidden sins of their heart exposed. That is why our numbers are what they are. Jesus is saying follow Me unto a cleansing. He is coming with fullers’ soap. What does it say in Malachi? He is coming with fullers’ soap and what else, a brush?


Refiners fire and fullers’ soap. Well, the church is running in the opposite direction. They do not want the cleansing. They want the righteousness without the cleansing. You cannot have the righteousness without the cleansing. You have got to have the cleansing, and they do not want it, and they are running. So in this hour, the only people who are in- -- well, I should not say the only. By and large, the only people who are in this -- being raised up into this two witness company are people that the Lord has really forced into it either through the circumstance -- mostly through the circumstances of their life. Nobody wants this, nobody. It says it are here in John 3, nobody wants the hidden sins of their heart exposed.

But Christ Jesus is appearing in full maturity and in sp- -- and the -- and in the power that goes with spiritual manhood, and He has already begun to take people against their will. And the people that have had some cleansing are being raised up to expose the sins in the hearts of people who have had less cleansing, and the people who have not had the cleansing or have barely begun, they are killing the people in whom Christ is appearing with their mind. Why? Because they do not want their evil deeds or the hidden sins of their heart exposed. Glory to God. Nobody is coming of their own accord to this new covenant.

Now, remember, there are a lot of people who came of their own accord to the first outpouring, to the outpouring that is -- which w- -- is the outpouring of the or the seeding of the Holy Ghost. Many have come of their own accord, although even in that instance, many have had hard knocks to come, but there are some that came. There are many that came; they chose to come. But for this second seeding, nobody is coming of their own accord, not one.

Verse 21, "But he that doeth truth cometh to the light." But the one who has Christ in him comes to the light. Brethren, if Christ is being formed in you, if the outpouring of the Holy Spirit successfully engrafted to you and Christ is being formed in you, you will find yourself coming to the light to have the evil deeds of your heart exposed because Christ in you is powerful enough to bring you.

And may remember in the 78 series, "The Harvest," when we did a word-by-word study in Revelation 14, we found that Christ, which is the fruit of the vine, was strong enough to throw the whole vine into the lake of fire. If the mind -- if Christ is being formed in you and His mind is in you, He is powerful enough to bring your body and your soul and your carnal mind into the purging fires which are going to raise you from the dead.

So the only one that is coming to have the hidden sins of his heart exposed is the man in whom Christ is being formed, and the way He is bringing you is that He is letting hardship come into your life and, by that hardship, bringing you into obedience to Him. And He is throwing you into the lake of fire. If you are in a ministry like this, if you are in a place where the hidden sins of your heart are being exposed, you must surely know that Christ is in you, throwing you into this fire because no one who is a natural man will come. We just read it in chapter 3. No natural man will come; no natural man will want the sins of his heart exposed. But if Christ is being formed in you, He is dragging you and casting you into the lake of fire because He loves you so much that He is fully determined to save your life, and this is the way that God has ordained that it must be.

"But He that doeth truth" -- Christ is the only one who doeth truth -- "cometh to the light, but His deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God." So that is one sign that Christ is in you, that He is keeping you in the fire where the hidden sins of your heart are being exposed. That is painful to have somebody say to you that is pride in your heart. That hurts, and if you are in [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- a ministry like that and Christ is keeping you there, well, that is the sign that Christ is in you because no natural man would sit by and have the hidden sins of his heart exposed. So if you are in a ministry like that and you are abiding in it, that is a sign that Christ is in you. The one who doeth truth is in you, and He is bringing you to the light because you want it to be revealed that His works, Christ's works in you are wrought in God. He is going to raise you from the dead through the judgment of the hidden sins of your carnal heart. Hallelujah.

I thought this was a light message tonight. This anointing is so heavy it is going -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- I am going to get slain in the Spirit myself. It is going to be one of those nights. As soon as you leave, I am going to pass out. I cannot even keep my eyes open. Wow, it is strong. Any questions, anybody? Comments, questions?

            I was just thinking, John being the book of love, that the Lord is going to draw us by a love relationship.

Well, I hear a lot of people in the church say that, and remember now there are three Greek words that are translated love, so you have to ask yourself which love He is going to draw you by. Now, being romantic, most human beings that He is going to draw us by a romantic-type love. I will draw, and you will follow after me, but that is not what is happening, brethren. That is not what is happening. He is drawing us by His agape love, which is throwing us into the lake of fire to burn away our sin so that we can be raised up out of Hell. He is breaking us out of Hell, brethren.

Now, the carnal mind of man tells you that the fire is down in Hell burning you and sticking you with pitchforks for eternity, but the truth is that the fire is of God, and it is burning away your sin. And the result of it is that He is breaking us out of Hell, and the love that He is doing it by is not a romantic notion of love. It is the agape love, which is commitment and determination to save us despite ourselves. It is not romantic love. That is a fallacy in the church. But, of course, after our sins are burned away and we are raised from the dead, then we will be forever with the Lord in perfect bliss, but not while it is happening to us, not while we are being rescued.

Look, brethren, did you ever see a moving picture of people being rescued from a ship that went down, and they were on the rafts -- they were on these rafts on the sea and they are tired and they are hungry and they are thirsty and they are dirty and they are being fished out of the water? Well, they are being rescued by love, but they do not feel very loved. There may even be some physical pain in being pulled up over the side of the boat. This is not a romantic rescue; it is a practical rescue that is delivering us from an existence of Hell and death. You have to have the pain to get the goodness.

I did not tell you. My niece had a baby girl. I was in the hospital --


-- to see her this morning, and she is in pain. How are you feeling, Janette? I am in pain, but she has this beautiful little baby in her lap. She is says I know the pain will go away. There is a price you have to pay. You pay the price. You want to get delivered out of Hell? There is some pain involved. Yeah?

            [?How are?] angels used [?in?] or after our salvation [INAUDIBLE]

They are used -- what do you mean in or after our -- you mean before the salvation is complete?

            No, after [INAUDIBLE]

There all the time. They are present all the time; they are present right now.


            I was just thinking, going back to Annie's visions, that the Lord is covering over us with His love, and it is a very special protection of the sons of God that He is going to use to rule and reign in the earth.

Well, again, that is true, but it is not a romantic love.


It is a love of faithfulness and commitment and honor. It is a love that says you can believe me, that everything that I say is true. Someone called me for counseling today, a young married woman. She said, oh, my husband, cannot believe anything he says, does not do anything he says he is going to do. Love is truth; love is keeping your word; love is commitment; love is in sickness or in health. It is not romantic love. I mean, that is nice. Romantic love is nice if you have the foundation of honor and commitment and truth. Then if you have romance on top of it, well, you are really blessed. Not many people do. If you have both, you are a really blessed person, but if you have to choose between the two and you choose the romantic love without faithfulness and decency and honor, you are a fool.


Because if you choose the romantic love without the love that has substance to it, your romantic love cannot possibly last. You know, it is happening all over the country today. We are in love; that is all we need. And as soon as the woman has a baby and the financial burdens are too great on the man and she is not looking all fixed up every time he gets home from work because the kids are keeping her exhausted, he is out of there. What kind of love is that? And she is left with a houseful of kids and not enough money to support them.

Brethren, you are better with a nonromantic love, which is an action love, which r- -- which is committed to you, which will stay with you, which will support you, which will help you to raise the children and have a decent, stable life. If you have to choose, you have to take that one over the romantic love or you are a fool, and then you lose the romantic love too. It is just a shadow, but it is possible to have both. If you have two mature people willing to work at it, it is possible to have both.

            [?So lusting after your wife?] [INAUDIBLE]

No, I did not say that. That is fine. She is your wife; lust away.

            You can lust after your own wife?

Well, it depends. You are supposed to enjoy your s- -- you are supposed to enjoy each other, but if you are lusting and she is not --




Well, marriage is a legitimate forum for which you can express lust, as long as you are not abusing the other person. Look, men have lust; women have lust; people have lust, and it is acceptable to God in marriage as long as you are both in agreement.


Well, that is -- lust comes under the category of romantic love. If you are honoring her, if you are respecting her, if you are wor- -- if you are doing your part of it, if you are working and you are bringing the paycheck home and you are paying the bills and you are supporting her emotionally, then there is room for romantic love, and lust comes under romantic love. You can have both. You can definitely have both. But if you have the lust and you are not paying the bills and the lights are being shut off and the landlord is banging on the door threatening to throw you out and you do not have food to feed the babies and you are lusting after your wife, that -- there is not much good to that. Lust is OK when everything else is in order. Anybody else?

I heard on the TV today that these young women -- the -- sometimes I think I am losing my mind, 13-year-old girl on the talk shows, 13-year-old girls talking about having 15 and 20 sex partners, and they are out there doing their thing, and they are mad that their parents are listening or are checking up on them. And it was absolutely bizarre. I just stared at that TV screen. I could not believe what I was hearing. Yeah. I could not believe what I was hearing. And the society deteriorates when you have this kind of sexuality without a commitment. You can have both, but you have to have the stability first. Anybody else?

There is hope because I was reading in the paper today [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Newsday, and it was a group of girls. They are saying that they do not like the idea [?when?] everybody says everybody is doing it because they made up their mind they are not having any relations until they are married, so at least there is a group that is determined to have that.

Yeah. Celia? I really cannot make much out of it. The night before, I had a dream about judgment coming on the church, and last night I had this dream I was walking, and I had no shoes on. I was walking in my socks, and then I was in the c- -- I know I was in the city.

08/12/15 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

09/03/15 1st Edit CAS/BP

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