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And when the one Spirit of God operates in a particular function, He takes a particular name so that when we see that name in the Scripture, we can know immediately what function of the Spirit the Lord is speaking about. We do not have to start trying to figure it out because each function takes a different name, and altogether the seven Spirits of God are the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, OK. Did I answer your question? OK. Glory to God.


Sure, please. Would you pass that?

            I remember a Scripture where it said the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge [INAUDIBLE] would that be part of the -- would that Scripture be part of the seven Spirits of God?

Yes, that is in the Book of Isaiah, OK, and those are the -- where the seven Spirits or the seven functions of the one Spirit are laid out, and there is sometimes a confusion between the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and the seven Spirits of God. The Holy Spirit is not included in the seven Spirits of God. The seven functions of the Spirit of God are in Christ, and as we taught this morning, Christ is the mature, fully-grown man. The Holy Spirit is the seed; we are clearly told that in the Gospels, that Jesus is the Word, and the Word of God is the seed. It is likened unto the seed which is not yet fertilized. It is likened to the male seed which has not yet fertilized a woman seed. And when you look at a male seed and you look at the full-grown man, they have absolutely nothing in common at all that you could see. Genetically, they have something in common, but it -- power-wise and might-wise and wisdom-wise and knowledge-wise, they have absolutely nothing in common. And if someone did not tell you that this seed is -- or that this full-grown man is the result of this seed being planted, you would never know it in a million years.

So the seven Spirits of God or the seven functions of the Spirit of God are found in the fully-mature Christ, and that is not the Holy Spirit; that is the new man who is being formed in you, and in that man or within that man is a new mind. You see, when you receive the Holy Spirit, you do not yet have a new mind; you have the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit comes with what? He brings --


The Holy Spirit brings gifts: the speaking of tongues, the interpretation of tongues, OK. There are se- -- I think, there are nine gifts of the Spirit that are given to you without repentance because the Lord is courting you; He wants to get closer to you. Why does the Holy Spirit want to get closer to you? Hmm? What does He want to do to you? Yeah. Could you please give her the microphone? [?It is?] June, one on each side of the room, June. Just stay put, OK. Thanks.

            What was the question?

What does -- why does the Holy Spirit desire to get closer to you?

            So that He can drop the seed of Christ, and Christ can mature to bring [CROSSTALK] 

Right. He is the seed. He wants to engraft Himself to you; He wants to join to you so that the full-grown man can begin to be formed in you so that you could no longer be a recipient of His gifts which you do not deserve, which you have not earned, but that you can be in a full expression of the very life of Christ. And in the life of Christ is wisdom and knowledge and counsel and rich, spiritual m- -- and rich -- a rich spiritual heritage which is not in the gift, OK. The gift is something that you get that you do not deserve, and it is as different from the manifestations of the life of Christ as the seed is from the full-grown man, OK.

            I know I just had it, but what do you know about Titus, the coming of Titus?

I really am not familiar with that at all. The coming of Titus? The only one who is coming is the Lord Jesus Christ.

            [?I know?].

He is coming.

            [?I knew you would say that?].

Glory to God. Timothy, did you mean the co- -- that He is sending Timothy?

            No, [?it is a very good verse?] [INAUDIBLE] [?it would bring?] anyone, I believe [INAUDIBLE]

Well, Father, I just pray that you show it to him again, OK.

            [?It is a good verse?] [INAUDIBLE]

OK, praise the Lord.

            While he is in the process of looking that up, this is, sort of, like, a delayed testimony. For months now, I have been saying to the Lord, You have led me these past, well, 25 years, and You have kept me in that narrow way. And I was so weary about being deceived, going to the left or the right [INAUDIBLE], and [?I kept?] this before the Lord. And these books that I am reading about [?any vision?], He has confirmed so many of the things that He has said to me over the years but also His methods. I understood His plan, and I was in full agreement with it, but I did not understand His methods. And I know His phrase, [?I am not in my ways?]. He makes that very plain, but I was so hesitant. Anything that I saw as being cruel, I could not associate with the Spirit of Christ.


            And --

I remember that.

            -- I did not know if it was self-righteousness rising up on me or the righteousness of Christ, but I brought it before the Lord, and I said, Lord, I do not want to be deceived, and I want my will to line up with Your will [INAUDIBLE] no matter what it takes. And in this particular vision, what the Lord showed Annie, He showed her about His other side, [?how?] --

His left hand of judgment.

            -- cruel and wounding and seems to be, to the human being, being dealt with as something so ungodly, so beastly. And I says [sic], Lord, that is how I looked at so many things, and I says, Lord, I was repulsed by it. I could not see Christ in it, and I says, Lord, I really need confirmation from You. I want to be led by Your Spirit [UNINTELLIGIBLE] time and time again, and I need that right now; I truly need it. And through these visions, I could see what He was showing her, how the power of the carnal mind -- how it had to be dealt with so unlike the way that I would perceive Him to operate. And there were other things that He said. He had his people set, and I knew they were set in different ranks and   realms and how He would give His word to them, and they would pass it down to those under Him. Now I understood that but not to the degree that I can comprehend it now because, in these past years, much of the things that He has spoken to me, He spoke to my heart, to me. I did receive some insight where I would question the Lord, but He always gave it to me directly, and now He was showing me He was going to move a different way, a way I was not used to. I was willing to submit to it as long as I knew it was Him, and I know He has prepared my heart now to be more open, not to be [?start question?]. It was, I think, surrender that He gave me, and, I think, He gave me a release from fear of -- the trust Him, that I have petitioned Him not to let me be deceived, that He is going to honor it, that I do not have to have this fear, that it does not rest on me. In my weakness, He is strong. There is a power in my weakness because I am totally surrendered and submitted to Him to lead me, and He is going to do the job, and He is not going to fail. And I did receive a tremendous peace from that, and it is something that I truly need right now because I was to the point, [?Lord?]. I says, I am not going to go a step forward until I hear from You, Lord. I am not going to fall. I really should say, Lord, I am afraid of any fall. I truly want to submit to You, and now I am -- I know He is doing work. He has been telling me. Even just [?sitting in His presence?] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] He is doing something and how [?Abe and Annie?] spoke in the vision, the people were not aware that He was operating on them, simply because they were sitting in His presence. He was operating on them even though that could not emotionally or physically or even spiritually feel Him. The work was still being done, and that is something else that I needed to be made aware of, and I am truly, really, very grateful for the things He confirmed to me, the things He opened up to me.

Well, praise the Lord and hallelujah. That is a wonderful testimony. We have had a few wrestling matches, Mary, you and I, and that is a wonderful testimony, a victory and an excellent example to everyone who is seeking to find the middle ground between falling into a position of being a robot and possibly coming into subjection to some ungodly relationship with a preacher, which we preached about this morning, as a matter of fact --

            [?Could you say that again?]?

OK. So that is an excellent testimony for someone who is trying to find the middle ground between becoming a robot or a -- coming into ungodly subjection to a human preacher, which is happening all over the church today; we preached on it this morning -- and taking the other side, which is saying I will not have any man teach me and therefore denying yourself the benefit of a God-ordained teacher who happens to not be in perfection. And we have this crisis in the church today; we have people being abused everywhere by -- because they are submitting themselves to preachers who God did not raise up or because they are submitting themselves in a way that they are not supposed to submit themselves to a preacher that God did raise up. Although, hopefully, if you are a preacher that God did raise up, you will reject any attempt at ungodly submission on that person's part.

And then we have thousands of people in the church today who have received a false message, which is saying I have the Holy Ghost, and I have Christ being formed in me, and no man need teach me, and every th- -- doctrine and everything that I must learn will come directly to me from Christ within me, and this is a lie. It is completely denying the fivefold ministry, which we are told about in the Book of Ephesians. So we find many of God's people in bondage today to ungodly men who call themselves ministers. They have all the right clothes; they have all the right words; they have all the right buildings; they have all the right degrees on their wall. The only problem is they have the wrong spirit, and if things want to confu- -- if you want to be confused even more, sometimes they do have the Holy Ghost. That is what confuses you, you see. If there was not anything of God in them at all, you would not have any problem. It is this mixture that confuses people. But in this hour, God is raising up the true fivefold ministry, men who are not yet in perfection, but nevertheless through whom Christ is manifesting. And the challenge to God's people in this hour is to submit yourself to such a ministry if God so directs you, believing the Lord to do all things well, to keep the preacher in the right, to keep your relationship in the right and to perfect you in accordance with His purposes, and you cannot do it unless you trust the Lord.

You have to trust the Lord when you are submitting to an imperfect minister. You have to believe that God is going to even everything out if you follow His rules, and we have gone over His rules so many times here. You do not rebel against auth. Well, first of all, you have to make sure He has put you in this ministry; you have to make sure that He has told you that this preacher is called by Him and ordained by Him. Then if you have a problem, if the minister manifests an imperfection, you do not rebel; you do not take matters into your own hand. But you submit it to God, and you believe Him to speak to this minister who is His true servant, and everything will work out. The bottom line is you cannot take matters into your own hands, that there is a true ministry in the church.

And I really thank you for that testimony; that is a great blessing to me, Mary. That is a great blessing to me, on two levels. Oh, I am dying of the heat. [?The annoying thing is coming down?]. On two levels, OK. That -- the first testimony was that Mary had a lot of fears about submitting here, and she had a lot of fears about me, and apparently the Lord has given her peace about that. And one of the major fears that she had -- thanks, June. One of the major fears that she had was about part of this ministry -- not Living Epistles, but part of this -- the ministry of Christ which is coming forth in the earth today which looks so radically different than the ministry of the Holy Spirit, which is the ministry of the seed. The ministry of Christ looks radically different. Get this morning's message, Mary. The ministry of Christ points out sin; the ministry of Christ deals with sin in the carnal minds of men, the hidden sins of the heart. And the -- most believers -- the average believer w- -- introduced to this ministry has a problem believing that it is God, but you need a revelation of how wicked a man's carnal m- -- everyone, every man, general. The carnal mind of man is desperately wicked. That is what the Word of God says. It is desperately wicked. Who could know how wicked the carnal mind of man is? And the carnal mind of man has a reaction to Christ that he does not have to a man of God who has the Holy Spirit, and this is just the truth. The carnal mind, under certain circumstances and pressures, will become violent and will violently oppose a man in whom the true Christ is appearing. So when you come out of a church, when you come of 20 years -- was it 20 years in a church?

            [INAUDIBLE] [?25?].

Twenty-five years of experiencing the gentle ministry of the Holy Spirit who does not point out sin. The man of God who is under the headship of the Holy Spirit does not point out specific sin. He will stand in the pulpit, and he will preach about sin; he will preach about behavioral sin; he may even preach about pride and envy. But the man under the anointing of the Holy Ghost does not go to individuals and say sin just appeared in your heart, and I want to show it to you so you can have an opportunity to confess it and repent and increase in Christ. That is not -- it is not found in the man of God who is under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. So you spend 25 years under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, and you come into another ministry where Christ is manifesting; it is a radical change.

And Mary had a -- she had a great problem believing that a strong rebuke could be of Christ, so her testimony -- and she was very upset with me witnessed several of my encounters with some people's carnal minds. Now Paul clearly said that he wrestled with beasts at Ephesus, and he was not talking about natural lions and tigers. He was talking about the human animal that attacks that man of Christ. So it is scriptural, but when Mary saw it, she had a problem believing that it was God. So after two years in this ministry, what she is saying tonight is after two years in this ministry and after much prayer -- and Mary is a woman of great faith and communication with God -- the Lord has witnessed to her that what I have been preaching here is true, and she is an excellent example unto you because you are not supposed to believe everything that you see and hear without praying about it. You are supposed to pray about it, but if God puts you in a ministry and there is something you cannot understand and you pray about it and you do not get your answer right away, you cannot be wreaking havoc in the ministry. There has to be peace and submission and obedience in the ministry, and you wait for God to speak to you.

It took two years for Mary to hear from the Lord, and she is a seasoned believer. So you have to submit where you are, unless I am telling you to kill yourself, you know, or commit suicide or jump off the roof or something like that. You are supposed to submit where you are, and if I bring a correction, you are supposed to take the correction and pray and say, Lord, if for any reason she is wrong, correct whoever is wrong. Now, you see, you cannot pronounce me wrong because maybe you do not know what you are talking about, but if you feel that you have been wronged, you definitely have the privilege of saying, Father, I feel wronged. Wherever an -- wherever there is wrong thinking, please correct it, and then He will correct it. He may correct you, or if I am wrong, He will correct me. It is possible that I could be wrong. Of course, it is possible, not likely, but it is possible. It happens. Praise God. Well, I am glad we got that straightened out, Mary. Welcome to my corner, my greatest opponent, hallelujah. There is --


-- liberty in Christ. Respect me and honor me in our relationship. You could think whatever you want, and you could tell me what you think. You just cannot force me to change; you cannot force me to line up with your image, OK. Praise God. This is wonderful, hallelujah. Anybody else? We are still waiting for the lead for the message tonight. Which way are we going, Father? Hallelujah. That was a good message this morning, was it not?

Maybe I will go over that meteorite teaching again, just briefly go over that. There are prophecies floating around the church from various ministries about radical events about to take place in the earth. There are prophecies for April, great signs and wonders coming in April, healing miracles; in June, a prophecy that sounds like someone might be cat- -- being caught up to full stature, at least one person if not a company. And we are told by the scientists, our natural scientists, that there is a great cataclysm coming towards our solar system in July, and our solar system surrounds our sun. Anyone know the name of our solar system? I told you this morning. Anybody remember? It is called the Milky Way, OK. Our natural sun has several orbits around it, and in each orbit is a planet, and I have not looked up how many planets. I think, there are about nine planets. I know the Earth is the third planet, so this would be the Earth over here, and I do not where Jupiter is, so we are going to make Jupiter the second planet. I think, Saturn may be the first. Well, I should not be guessing because I do not know.

Well, our scientists tell us that there is a meteorite out here in space, and it is headed for Jupiter at the rate of about 40,000 miles a minute. And if it makes contact, as it is expected to, there will be a collision sometime in July. And this is a solar system; that means every planet which is in orbit around the sun is held in its place -- it is held in its orbit by the gravitational pull of the Sun. And anything that happens to any one of these orbits or any one of the celestial bodies in the orbits must affect the rest of the celestial bodies; it has to. So if this meteorite does in fact contact Jupiter, it has to have a earth-shaking effect on this entire planet, on the entire solar system.

And what that means, we do not know, but the -- what is interesting about this -- now the Christians who are looking only at external events -- there are many Christians in the church; they are only looking at external events. They are waiting for anti-Christ to appear in the Middle East. They are waiting for God to burn up this world with fire. They are waiting for the beast to appear. They are literally interpreting the Book of Revelation. They are waiting for demon locusts to crawl out on the face of the earth, and some of these things may happen, but some of them may not, OK. We are seeing great changes in our weather patterns; we are seeing earthquakes. I do not believe demon locusts are going to be crawling out on the surface of the Earth. But there are some Christians that only see -- that see the Scripture only physically, and I declare unto you that the physical manifestation of the Scripture is just an image. This body is an illusion. This world is an illusion. The only thing that is real is the spirit which is inside of this man, and where is the spirit, in what part?


The spirit is in the mind. That is pretty good, June, all right, OK. Our spirit is in our mind, yeah. Boy, what a good bunch. I am making it here, OK. The spirit is in the mind. Outside of the mind is the soul, and outside of the soul is the body, and the body and the soul -- it is just a house that the spirit is living in. And it is the spiritual or the mental power, you might want to say, of the mind which is forming the image of this world and the image of these bodies that we live in. So if all you look at is the image, what you are looking at is the moving picture. There is no way that you can affect the mind which is forming this image by correcting or changing or looking at the image.

It is as if to say you were looking -- let us say there was a man, and you saw a murder taking place, and someone was photographing it. And at the exact moment that the murder was taking place, you were looking in the mirror. Let us say you were looking in the mirror. See, over there, there is a man killing a woman, and you are looking in this mirror, and you want to help this woman. And you are here at the mirror, banging on the mirror, trying to grab the knife out of his hand. But, you see, it is not happening over here; it is happening over there, so you are spinning your wheels. You see, what we see in this world, it is the mirror image of what is happening in the realm of the spirit. So if you want to affect this world, if you want to affect changes in your life and in this world, you have to take your eyes off of the mirror and look at the reality. And the reality is where? Is it out there in outer space? Where is it?


It is within you. Behold, I show you a ministry: The kingdom of God is within you. It is a great mystery. How can a whole world be inside of little old me? Well, there is no time or space; there is no mass in the realm of the spirit. I cannot comprehend it myself. I just know that it is true. And when spirit pierces through into this world, it what?


It hardens, takes form, becomes rigid. We have mountains and rocks and trees and all kinds of things, so what you see out here is the same thing that is in your mind, except that when it is out here, it gets hard, just like water vapor. When it is in the air, it takes up no room at all. Anything can pass through water vapor. It does not contain anything. It does not occupy any space, but when water vapor passes through freezing temperatures, it becomes an ice -- it becomes ice; it hardens; it becomes rigid. It takes form, and it now occupies space, and that is what happens to spirit. And that is where your space aliens come from, and that is where their spaceships come from. They come out of people's minds, and they pierce through into this world, and they harden, and they become rigid, and they take form. And sometimes they cannot get back, so we find spaceships out there. I heard they found a dead alien. Somebody told me they found a - -- well, maybe they did, you know. They are real. They are the thought of somebody's mind. What is that?


Yeah. It is a thought of somebody's mind that has taken form. Well, brethren, that is what we are. God imagined an imagination, a man. No one ever heard of a man before. We are the imaginary creation of God. He had a dream, said, I think, I will make a man. Let Us make man, He said one day, and this whole world is part of the creation of man because God had an idea. And we see it in this world amongst artists, amongst writers. You have an idea. Well, either you write a book, or you paint a painting, or you build a business. That is what invention is. How do you think the TV got invented? How do you think the car got invented? Some man imagined an imagination, and that which was formless thought in his mind now has taken form in the world. Except, because man is a spiritual being who is in a low state of being compared to God, he has to labor to bring these things to pass. He has to build them. He has to cut the tree out of the forest and cut it into planks and make a table out of it. When a superior spiritual being wants to create something, He just thinks it, and everything flies together, and [?being it?] appears. We are very immature, spiritually; we must labor to have our needs met. Mature spiritual being do not labor. They think, and it is done.

So we see great changes coming to pass on the earth in the very near future, and you can look in the mirror if you want. Changes are happening in the mirror, but they are being originated in the minds of men. Christ is piercing through into this world, and when He pierces through, there is -- He is coming with a great shaking, earthquakes and thunders and lightnings and all kinds of cataclysms are coming. We see it in the world out there. We are seeing the earthquakes and the bizarre weather and the storms, but also men's lives are being shaken. Is your life being shaken? Is everything upside down, one way one day and the next day -- the next way the next day? Something is shaking your life, and it is not coming from outside of you; it is coming from inside of you. Christ is piercing through into your heaven, into the heaven of your mind. And for Christ to come into the heaven of your mind, He must be displacing your existing mind or replacing your existing mind. And the replace your existing mind, He has to kill him; He has to wound him; He has to weaken him; He has to beat him down under your feet.

And this battle that is going on between the two minds is being reflected in the events of your life. You think it is an accident if you have a bad day, if you wake up in the morning and every hour something else is going wrong in your life and it is happening to you and it is not happening to somebody else? Well, maybe there is a spiritual activity going on in your life that is not going on in the other guy's life. What is going on in your mind is reflected externally. Is your life shaking and rocking and rolling? Are you up one day and down the next day? You have one job one day, and you lose it and another job the next day, nothing stable in your life. You are having an earthquake. There is an earthquake going on inside your spiritual being. Christ is coming out of the realm of the spirit, and He is threatening your carnal mind and commanding him to step aside. And your carnal mind has said, are You kidding, buddy?

            I had always known that the Lord can create.

The Lord [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [?what?]?

            That He could create. He spoke it, and it came to pass.


            But the thought that a human being could enable -- spirit in a human being could get to that higher realm where they could manifest things in the natural is something that I found a lot of conflict with. I thought s- -- all the carnal mind could do is pervert what God already brought into existence.

Well, that is true. The question is what has God already brought into existence. So if I hear you correctly, you are telling me that you thought the carnal mind would need a table to change it into a different kind of a table. Is that a good example? OK. But I would take that a step further. I would say that, from the inner recesses of the mind of man, the carnal mind has the ability to lay hold of the substance of humanity and create with it. You see, what God has created that did not exist that the carnal mind is using is man, OK.

Let me put that on the board for you. You see, you had it right but not quite right. In principle, you had it right, but you were missing the point. You were thinking that the carnal mind would have to recreate something that is out here in this world. Is that right? But, you see, God made a soul, OK. How did He make the soul, out of the what?

            Dust [?or?] --

Out of the dust. And how did we get the dust? Where did the dust come from?

            [?It comes in the residue from the meteorite?].

            [CROSSTALK] separation that God made, like an atomic explosion, and the residue from that was the dust that formed man.

OK, all right, OK. God is eternal, OK. He fills all things. He dwells in eternity, and within His midst, as a part of Him, is His Son or His seed, and it was God's intention to form a world that could be seen. God is invisible; eternity is invisible. So God said this seed that is within Me that is one with Me, let Him depart from Me, and let Him stand opposite from Me, and We will have a visible world because I am in visible. So if My Son stands opposite of Me, He will be visible. So the Son separated from the Father and shot off into a place opposite of the Father, and this separation, the Scripture says, is likened to an atomic explosion because the Father is fire. He is a sun; there is continuous explosions going on in Him. So when the Son separated, an atomic explosion occurred, and this realm of eternity remained, and this realm of the soul was formed. And there was a residue from this atomic explosion, ash, and if you look up the word dust in the Scripture, if you check up the Hebrew word, it is really ash; it is atomic ash. So we have an invisible Father and, in the beginning, a visible Son, but a residue from the separation, a visible -- oops, a visible ash. Can you hear that, anybody?

            [?It is spiritual, right?]?

It is spiritual, but it is visible, OK. So let me show it to you another way, if I could draw this. Lord, help me to draw this. OK, the realm of the spirit is invisible. Now when the Son separated from the Father -- I made it easy going from the left side of the board to the right side of the board, but try and see if you could see it with me this way. The realm of eternity is invisible; you cannot see it. The Son separated from the Father, and all of a sudden, what is it that appears? A point. It started out as a point; this visible realm started as a point. I keep getting this backwards myself. He appeared out of nowhere, a point of light, because the Father and the Son are both light. And from the moment He appeared, the Son, He started on a journey, and He is journeying in this hour. And the Lord has shown us here that this -- what has happened here is that this is the realm of eternity out here, and these areas here are called the abyss or the bottomless pit. It is something within eternity that is different from eternity.

Let me put it to you another way. This is what it looks like, a loop. The realm of time is a loop, but so that you can understand, let me show it to you this way. The Father was over here, and the Son was over here, and when They pulled apart, a vacuum was formed, just like in the ocean. If by some mechanism you could pull large amounts of the water apart, a blue hole would form in the water. That is what happened. The power of the separation created a vacuum, and this vacuum is this soul realm. Genesis 1 calls it the abyss, and man had an accident. He fell down into the pit. We were not supposed to be in the hole; we were supposed to be outside of the hole. We fell down into the hole. That is where we are right now; we are down in the hole, and the Lord has to get us out.

So to get back to your question, when the carnal mind uses what it has not created himself, he is using all this substance. This is the creation -- this is the spiritual creation of the Father, the spiritual clay, the black hole which is this world system, time, OK, the realm of time. The carnal mind is using all this, spiritually speaking, so he has the power to lay hold of these spiritual elements and form being and form spaceships. Are you following me? OK. He is not just working with what appears out here. The carnal mind has the power to work with the spiritual substance of this creation, which was created by the Father. See, the Father started with nothing. Out of nothing, He made this world by shooting the Son away from Him and taking hold of the fallout and creating a world, OK. The carnal mind could never have done that, so what the carnal mind is using is the spiritual substance of this creation, OK.

Man has spiritual potential. He has potential to create; he has potential to -- he has great spiritual powers. As a matter of fact, the Scripture says that, after the fall, man who was walking along the earth, traveling along the earth, he was in agreement with every other man. There was no division, that all the human beings on the face of the earth were of one mind and one accord; their thought were as one man. And what did he do? What did man do? What did he do?

            He built a tower.

He built a tower, and what was he trying to do with that tower?

            Reach heaven.

He was trying to reach heaven. He was trying to take captive the power of God, and the Lord said, hey, now, all of you thinking together as one man, you have got some power there. It is a power that I will have to deal with. I cannot ignore it, and if you do not stop what you are doing, I am going to have to knock you out because there is no way you can defeat me, Jehovah, but all of you thinking along the same lines, you could do some kind of damage. To whom? To yourselves, and I am not ready to have this creation destroyed. So, you see, if you keep fighting against Me the way you are fighting against Me, I am going to have to hurt you. That is what the Lord said. I know you are just a kid and you do not know what you are doing, but if you keep stick that knife in me, I am going to have to hurt you because I cannot let you do it. So what did the Lord do to the creation?

            [?He?] confounded their language.

He confounded their language. What else did He do?

            [INAUDIBLE] [?separate?].

He separated them. How did He separate them?


            Race, by their race.

In their mind. He separated them in their mind. He set one man against the other. We have not stopped fighting yet. He gave them different languages. He gave them different thoughts. They were no longer as one man in the way they thought. He gave them different colored skins, different religions, different ethnic backgrounds where people just do things differently and get threatened because somebody does it differently than you do. People fight over the stupidest things because people are threatened when someone does something different than they do. So God set us against one another in our minds. He said, fight with each other because if you fight with Me I am going to have to destroy you, so fight with each other until such time as I am going to raise you from the dead, at such time as I am going to reconcile you unto Me. And that is how we came into this sad condition that man is in today, with wars and destruction on every level. That is why, in this fallen condition, God has an order. He has a head, and He has an assistant, and He has an order of authority because man is fallen, and he is programmed to wage war. He is programmed to destroy, and he is programmed to destroy other human beings.

We are told in the Scripture that the law is not for a righteous man; the law is for a criminal. Look, if your state of being knows what is right, if you know what is right and you would never ever break the law because you are a righteous man, which means you are incapable of breaking the law, why would we need a law? Some people say the law was made to be broken, but I saw the law was made because it was already broken. What does that mean? It means that the spiritual law of God was already broken, therefore the natural law or the law that operates down here in Hell amongst the natural man was necessary. God originally ordained the man should be ruled by a spiritual law which would be internalized in his own heart. That law was broken and done away with when the carnal mind killed Christ at the time of the fall. Man no longer knows, in his heart, what is right and wrong. We may have some knowledge of right and wrong based upon our upbringing, but we are born and come into this world without an etern- -- without an internalized spiritual law which would make us incapable of sin, therefore we are all capable of sin. And to the extent which we are taught what is right, we have a choice to do right or to do wrong. But nobody, no man has a full knowledge of the spiritual law of God, and even if he had it, that knowledge is not a reality within his own heart, therefore we must have a law which men break every day of their life. Why? Because that law operates in our thoughts.

Man only has control over his behavior. He can refuse to steal. He can refuse to lie, but he cannot refuse to commit sin in his mind. We are incapable of that ability. That is why we need a savior, and that is why we need our mind renewed, and that is why we need to be raised from the dead into a spiritual condition where we shall not sin in our thoughts any longer because it is the sin in our thoughts which continues to kill men.

            Where did repentance come into all of this?

Where did repentance come into all of this? Well, the Scripture says that before the Lord made an appearance in the nation of Israel, sin was not imputed unto man. What does that mean? If there is no law telling you what is right, then therefore you cannot be guilty; God cannot count you guilty of breaking the law. But when the law was given to Israel, now a knowledge of right and wrong was in the earth, and the Lord said, now that you know what is right, I require you to repent when the law comes to you. You see, when the law was given to the nation of Israel, only Israel was required to repent. The rest of the world was not required to repent. Why? Because salvation was not offered to them. Repentance is a preliminary for salvation. But since the Lord Jesus Christ was sacrificed for us, salvation is offered to all men. And now the Lord says, now the law is throughout the whole world. I tell you what is right, and you know what is wrong. Now the Lord requires men everywhere to repent. And what does that mean? It means, if you do not repent, when your time comes, the judgments of the Lord will fall upon you. See, God will never judge a man for sin before the Lord sends someone to him to tell him what is right, and when the man sees clearly this is right and this is wrong and chooses wrong, the judgment of God falls on him. If he chooses right, that is repentance. And the Scripture says, if you judge yourself, you will not be judged.

            If you judge yourself?

If you could look at yourself and say I see something in my heart, and I know that it is wrong, and I am crying out to God and asking Him to help me change, then judgment -- bad things will not have to happen to you. But God does do bad things to people, but His motive for it --

            [?Some?] good things do happen to bad people.

Good things happen to bad people?

            No, vice versa.

Bad things happen to -- well, I am sorry, you know, but the Scripture says that none is good --


No, we are all fallen, OK, but I know what you are talking about, and I can relate to that. People who have not done evil works or murdered anybody or things like that, bad things do happen to them because we are all fallen, and God wants us to repent, to acknowledge what is right so that He can change your heart so that the bad things can stop happening to us. So when God hurts people, it is not for punishment's sake; when God hurts people, it is because He wants to give them the good things of life. He wants to correct what is in them that is brought this destruction upon them, and not only for them but for all of their children and the generations to come.

We are waiting on the Lord tonight. He seems to be dragging a little, but we will just have Your way, Lord. Maybe it is just going to be a light night with questions. I do not perceive any major thrust this evening, so we are just waiting on the Lord.


No, I do not have a major thrust, so we will just go with it, you know. Maybe it is just questions and answers. That happens. We have a couple of messages, questions and answers, yeah.

            We were talking [UNINTELLIGIBLE] about dates, and I have always been against them, people setting dates about anything. But getting back to Annie's vision, there was a particular date that the Lord gave her, something He was going to do and unleash -- allow evil on the earth at that certain time.

Did it come to pass?

            Obviously, by looking at the world, it has come to pass, yes. And I was quite surprised to hear the Lord [?simply?] give a day.

Did He give a day, or was it just a year?

            A day.

A day.

            The date, the year.

Well, you see, that scares me. I am always afraid. I am afraid of being a false prophet, you know. So many people have prophesied the rapture which does not even exist, and they have been proven to be false prophets. But if the Lord gives it to you, He gives it to you. But the major thing that I would like to convey to you tonight is that the Lord does do evil, but His motive for doing evil is good. When God does evil to you, the result of that is that evil in your heart is destroyed, and righteousness arises in your heart, and the end of the impartation of righteousness is eternal life. So when man does evil, his motive is to destroy you; his motive is wicked. But when God does evil, His motive is to heal you, and God's -- when God does evil to a man, it is the same thing as saying a parent will paddle his child. That parent is doing evil to that child so the child can grow up to function in this world. When God does evil, that is His motive, except that man's mind cannot comprehend it, but it is the truth anyhow. God is good, and everything He does is for our good. He does not punish for punishment's sake. He does not draw blood because He is bloodthirsty. He is trying to save our life. He is trying to get us out of Hell. This is Hell down here.

Now some people have a deeper manifestation of Hell in their life than others, and for some people, life down here is not all so terrible, so they say, well, I am a good person. Now why would bad things happen to me? Because even though you are in a level of Hell that is not so terrible, you are still in Hell, and it is the Lord's intention to get you out. And the way He gets you out of Hell is by destroying the sin in your mind, and He loves you so much, He is giving you His mind instead so that you can live and not die. God is the most misunderstood person in the universe. The carnal minds of men have misunderstood Him and indicted Him and called Him evil and called Him all forms of wicked names because with our canary brains, we cannot understand Him. And with our pride, we think we are smarter than He is, but God loves us anyway. He never stops loving us. The most wicked of us all, He loves.

The problem child is the one that is lifted up in pride. God does not have any problem with the wicked people. We were talking about that this morning, I mean, really, really wicked, you know, murderers and [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- drug dealers and prostitutes. God does not have much of a problem with them. It is the Pharisees that are a problem, you know, the people that never do anything; they just think that they are better than anybody else. They are the problem child on the block. You see, the other guys, they know that they are doing something wrong. They know they are doing something wrong, but those Pharisees, man, they are one tough bunch.

            I was just thinking, if you are not broken, you cannot cry out to the Lord to fix you.

Well, that is what Jesus said to the Pharisees. I came to heal the blind, He said, and you tell me you are not blind. Therefore, there is nothing I could do for you. Sorry, next. If you do not know that you have a problem, if you do not know that you need a savior, there is really nothing He can do to help you. Now if He desires you even though you do not know that you need a savior, He will make you know that you need a savior. What does that mean? He will bring trouble into your life. He will bring hard times into your life which may take some of the good things that you have down here in Hell, but the end result of it is that you will be raised from the dead and dwell in heaven for the life of the ages. You see, no matter how good your life is down here in Hell, you are going to die; after so many years, you are going to die. He is looking -- the Lord is looking at eternity. He will deprive you of good things down here in Hell so that He can translate you into eternal life. Jesus. I will take any questions on any subject. Thank you, Father. Jesus.

            I was just thinking of the earthquakes and how, when man said he was going to build another house, and it is so like the Lord. He just tears us down to nothing, and He is going to build the house His way. No matter how good the blueprint seemed to be before, it is not what He wants; it is His way.

Well, God laughs at the wisdom of men, you see. Men -- in our world today, men in the church today, they think they are very wise by what they have learned themselves, by education. They think that -- many men, many of us human beings that have much experience in life, that have much education, that have much money, we think that we have really got this lion by the tail. We think we are really in control of our lives, but God laughs at the wisdom of men because, in one second, the Lord tells us -- in a parable, He says, you spend your whole life working to save money, and the night that you become to the point, a millionaire, that you can retire, that night, you fool, your soul is required of you.

Now that does not mean that you should not work hard and save your money. It means that all of the plans of your life should be submitted to the Lord. It means that your goals in life as to how you will live and how you will earn money should be submitted to the Lord. Say, Lord, is this what You want for me? Is this is how -- is this how You want me to earn my living? Is this how You want me to spend my time? Are these the activities that you want me involved in? You ask the question, and then you go for it. If you do not hear any answer, you do what you think is best, believing that God is in your decision-making process whether you are aware of Him or not. So if you have a job and you lose a job, do not worry about it. God has got everything under control. He knows what He is doing in your life. You may not know what He is doing in your life, but He knows what He is doing in your life.

            Are those little decisions of giving over our every thought and plan to the Lord to see if it is of Him, is that a breaking down of the carnal mind and a building up of the mind of Christ in us?

It is a wounding of the carnal mind. I do not perceive that to be a breaking of it, but it is a wounding of it; it is a weakening of it. And every time that we refuse to obey the carnal mind and we obey the Lord, it is a wounding or a weakening of the carnal mind, and that weakening of the carnal mind enables us to conceive Christ. Remember that to -- for Christ to be conceived in you, the Holy Spirit has to penetrate your carnal mind and get to your human spirit. Let me put it on the board for you. The way the mind of Christ is formed in you is that the Holy Spirit has to make contact with your human spirit.

            Say that again.

In order for the mind of Christ to be formed in you, the Holy Spirit, which is the male seed of the Father, has to reach that part of your person which is spiritually fertile. And the part of your person which is spiritually fertile, to which the male seed can engraft so that the Son of God can be formed in you -- and the Son of God is the mind of Christ, OK -- the fert- -- spiritually fertile part of you is buried in the deepest recesses of your spiritually being. If this is a man, we will draw him as a circle. Man is soul, and within the soul is a mind, and the mind is in three layers. Of course, it is not really like this. I am just doing this for explanation's sake. At the innermost part of your mind, which is within your soul, is the spirit of man, your spiritually fertile part. Everyone in relationship to God is female. You are a female seed which is -- has the ability of conceiving Christ.

Now the Holy Spirit comes from out here, comes from the -- from another man in whom He is dwelling. And if He wants to form Christ in you, He has to penetrate your soul, which is your what? It is your will and your emotions, your thought process, your thoughts. That means, if you are in your thoughts, you do not believe this stuff about the Holy Spirit. That is a piece of armor preventing the Holy Spirit from getting to you so that Christ can be formed in you. If in your emotions you are afraid of God because you were raised in some denomination that taught about burning in Hell forever and you have a terror of God, that is a piece of armor that is blocking off the Holy Spirit from getting to you. If you have a strong willpower, also known as rebellion, and you say no one is going to rule over me, not even God, that is another piece of armor.

So the Holy Spirit has to get through all of these pieces of armor, which are out here in the soul. Then once He gets past your will, your emotions and your thinking process, then He hits your mind. And the first line of defense in your mind -- does anybody know? Is your -- is the carnal mind. It is the offspring of Satan and the human spirit, is the armor of the mind in the exterior realm. The Holy Spirit has to get through the armor of the carnal mind which has military power. The carnal mind has spiritual warheads. So if God has sent a man to you that has the Holy Spirit and he is preaching to you -- because that is how the seed comes, through the foolishness of preaching -- do you know what it is like preaching to a congregation with everybody's carnal mind trying to kill you? I am telling you it is a warfare to preach God's word. That is why novices cannot preach. Someone's carnal mind can rise up and smite you, or a whole bunch of carnal minds can rise up and make a league and really hurt you.

I know a woman who [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- was -- she went to the church that I was raised up in, and she was a very gifted woman in those days. She is a little backslidden right now. And this is her testimony. She was sitting in church, and she heard people saying bad things about the pastor really loud, what a fool, what a jerk. And she could not believe that they were saying these things right out loud in church. Do you know who I am talking about? Did you hear this testimony before? And she is saying to herself, what is wrong with these people, talking like this about the pastor? And she turned around, and everybody was just sitting there, and finally the Lord quickened to her she was hearing the thoughts of the people, thoughts coming out of their unconscious mind, the thoughts of the carnal mind hating that man in the pulpit who was preaching a true, anointed Word of Christ.

This is spiritual war. When you are truly speaking the Word of Christ, people's carnal minds, without their permission -- sometimes with their permission, but frequently without their permission are throwing bombs at you. And if you are a novice and you start to preach, you are going to get knocked down, and you could get knocked right out of your office. You may even get knocked out of the church. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- it could happen. It is a warfare because when you preach in Christ, you are preaching to the carnal mind, to the carnal minds of men. So this is some warfare for the person who is preaching to Word of God. Then after He gets passed the carnal mind, standing in front of this spiritual seat is her husband. What is his name?


Satan. You get past the carnal mind who is the conscious mind. The carnal mind is the conscious mind of the person, which is dead. If you get past that, then you are right up against Satan and the unconscious mind, real heavy-duty spiritual power. That is when your life starts going crazy, brethren. Your life starts going crazy when God is really penetrating you and getting through to you. There is earthquakes and hurricanes in your life, people mad at you that you do not know why they are mad at you, crazy things happening, all kinds of weird events in your life, shakings on every level. Your mind's being penetrated by the seed of God, and it is manifesting in the external world of your life.

Now when the Holy Spirit gets past Satan, he penetrates right into your human spirit, also known as the spirit of man. I want to tell you that once the Holy Spirit gets in there, He engrafts. If He gets that far, He engrafts, and when He engrafts, your spirit conceives. And, all of a sudden, she has two husbands. See, Satan is still her husband, but now the Lord Jesus Christ is also her husband. She has the offspring of the carnal mind. [?All?] -- that is why she is the harlot, brethren; she has two husbands, and now she has another child. I do not know what it looks like, but, all of a sudden, Christ is appearing. She has got the carnal mind, the offspring of Satan, and she is got Christ, the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they are trying to kill each other, and their warfare is manifesting in your life. Why did I start telling you this? What was your question? Well, anyway, this is how Christ begins to be formed in you. Your mind has to be penetrated. It is a warfare, heavy-duty. What was I talking about, Lord? Jesus.

            So few people understand that the battle truly is in the mind, that the mind of Christ is actually out to kill our carnal mind.


            It seems so far-fetched, so unreal until He quickens it to you. We are so busy looking outside for the problem.

[AUDIO CUTS OUT] -ost. He would not preach with his eyes open because all of the people were manifesting in him. He saw the demons in their eyes. He saw the hatred of their carnal minds, and he could not bear it. He never looked up at the congregation. He kept his eyes down in his notes, like this. He was afraid of the people. That was his own confession, his own testimony. He saw the demons in the eyes of the people. So it sounds great. Most young Christians want to preach. They just love the thought of this microphone and standing up in front of the people, but the Scripture says that a novice should not preach. Why? Because Satan will overtake him. That is what -- Paul said it. A novice should not preach. This is not a game. It is a war. It is just like saying, sonny boy, you should not have a gun.

It looks very romantic. The life of a preacher looks very romantic. A lot of people are envious of preachers. They do not have secular jobs. They do not have 9 to 5. They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but a lot of Christians do not realize that because it is nice to not be restricted by a 9 to 5 job. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- but you work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You are on call continuously, and the warfare never ends. It is all night in your sleep; it is all day. It never stops, and the more you are doing for Christ, the greater the warfare.

You know, the Lord told me that I was a teacher many years ago, and I had to wait a long time for Him to manifest this ministry, and I used to say to Him, Lord, I hate my job. When are You going to let me teach? You told me I am going to be a teacher. And He told me once; He said you would be destroyed if I put you up there now. I did not know what He was talking about. The carnal minds of all the people would have killed me. I would not have survived. You have to learn how to deal with these things; they are beasts.

Now the only reason that we are as nice as we are is that we have been socialized. We had a mother and a father. Somebody raised us up and said now that is not nice, you do not act like that. So we have been socialized, but the mind of man is a wild, raging beast. So on the conscious level, we have been socialized. You cannot haul off and punch everybody you feel like punching, but your carnal mind -- Satan, in your unconscious mind, is letting of missiles against them. And if they are spiritually sensitive, they know it; they are feeling it; they know what you are thinking; they are aware of your envy; they are aware of your hatred, and they know everything that is going on in your mind. Now if they are not spiritually sensitive, well, they are just having hard times in their life, and they do not know why, but God knows why.

            Earlier, you began to touch on dates. I do not know if you --

Oh, that is what you were talking about, dates, yeah. How did I get into that from a date? Hmm. [?I?] -- it must have been something after that. I just know that there is a great cataclysm coming in the earth. I believe, we are going to see some phenomenal changes in this year, 1994. I believe, we are going to see the firstfruits, the first human beings in whom Christ will put down the carnal mind, appear in the earth, the first spiritual giants in Christ. I think, it is going to be this year, and as soon as the first one stands up, they will st- - they will have the power, without measure, which will be able to drag everyone else up.

Now, look, if the mind of Christ can begin to be formed -- in many people -- the mind of Christ is being formed in many people in this hour. And the Lord Jesus Christ has accomplished this with men who are not in perfection. Can you imagine when perfect men begin to appear who have the Spirit without measure. What does that mean to you and to me? It means that the process of having the seed of God engrafted to us and the mind of Christ formed in us and growing up into a full-grown man in us will go much more quickly than it did when the one siring us was in an imperfect vessel. It is going to go much faster. It is going to go like wildfire. It is going to be like a plague against the carnal mind. Men everywhere will find the mind of Christ being formed in them, and they are going to find themselves in this warfare without their consent, and they are going to find their lives rocking and rolling and shaking without their consent.

And Christ is going to take over the kingdoms of this world. Each of us is a kingdom, and He is going to have a challenge with the carnal mind in every human being that He is coming forth in. We see this described in the event called the temptation in the Scripture. It is going to be an all-out, knockdown, drag-out between the carnal mind and Christ in your mind, in the life of every individual. And you are going to be right there in the middle of it while it is happening, your body, your job, your life, however it affects you. Wherever your weakness is, that is how it will affect you. If you are vulnerable physically, you might find yourself with some infirmities, but it has to affect you, and your only hope is to throw yourself upon the mercy of God, line up with His plan in your life, fight with Him against your own carnal mind. How do you do that? You must confess your sins. Brethren, if you are going to spend your energy defending yourself, you are God's enemy. He has come to point out sin in you so that He can root it out of you so that He can give you eternal life. And if you are going to be denying your sins, you have made yourself the enemy of God, and that means He is going to have to hurt you twice as hard. But if He has called you, you are coming. If He has called you, you are his, however He has to do it.

Some people are tougher than others. Some people are stubborn, man. He has got some stubborn people out here. Some of them -- some of us have to beaten to a pulp for years before we turn to the Lord. We just will not come. Why? It is our fallen nature. We want to be independent. We do not want to be subject to the living God. What we do not understand is that we are subject to Satan. What we do not understand is that man, in and of himself, is nothing. Man is female, and in order to even exist, we have to have a husband. So if Christ is not your husband, the carnal mind is your husband. You just do not know it because you have been married to the guy for so long, you cannot even tell the difference between him and you. That is the truth.

            Say that again.

I said that man --

            Man --


            Physical man?

Physical man.

            Man in the flesh.

Man in the flesh --


-- is spiritually female. The only way he can exist is to have a husband. Your husband is either Christ, or your husband is the carnal mind. If you do not have a husband, you do not have existence. So physical man, not knowing this spiritual truth, resists Christ because he thinks Christ wants to control him, but what he does not understand is that he is already married to the carnal mind. And he is so married to the carnal mind that he cannot tell the difference between himself and the carnal mind, so he thinks that he has no husband, thinks he has no head.

            So where does the divorce [?come in?]?

I do not un- --


Where does it divo- -- you --


-- have to get a new husband. His name is Christ, you see, and Christ is going to start forming in your mind before He divorces you from your carnal mind. See, if man really understood this, OK, if man really understood that he was completely dominated by Satan and the carnal mind, if man really believed it, when Christ came and said to him, look, you have this problem in your life, and you have this problem in your life and you have that problem in your life because you are completely dominated by Satan and the carnal mind. So come unto Me, and you will not have these problems. If man really believed that he was completely dominated by the carnal mind and Satan, he would go unto Christ, but the problem is the man does not believe it. He thinks he is his own. He thinks he is independent and that Christ is coming and wants to rule over him. It is the truth.

            When I realized in the temptation that Jesus was actually battling His own carnal mind, that blew me away because I used to wonder, what is He overcoming? He is [?walking and hoeing?]. This is the Son of God. He is not bothered by these temptations that afflict every other human being. I had no concept.

Amen. We are living in a very exciting hour. It is very exciting. Jesus said to the Pharisees, I will tell you the truth, and the truth will set you free. And the Pharisees, all lifted up in pride, said, what do you mean You are going to tell me the truth? What do you mean you are telling us the truth? We have the Word of God. Abraham is our father. What could you possibly teach us? You know what the Pharisees said? They said, what are You talking about, buddy? We have the book. We read it every day. And Jesus was saying to them the book is the surface of the word, but I have the deep spiritual truth that will impart eternal life to you. You have this book, and you still die after a season. And what did they do to Jesus? They tried to kill Him. First, they attacked Him. Now looked at the operation of the carnal mind. First, they attacked Him. They told Him that He was born of fornication, OK. They attacked His heritage. They attacked His birth. They called Him unholy. They said, You cannot possibly be of God, and who do You think You are that You can teach us, the people who have the book? We have the written word, the letter of the law. What is it that You think You can teach us? And Jesus could do no great miracle in His hometown because a prophet is not without honor except in His own country.

Brethren, this book is the letter of the word; there is power in it. There is power in the letter, but the eternal life is in the spirit of the word. When Jesus appeared in Jewry, He broke every one of their laws. He broke all the Sabbath laws. They were enraged at Him because their righteousness depended, excuse me, on the keeping of the law. They thought they would go to heaven because they kept the law, because they did not work on the Sabbath. They thought that would get them into heaven, and Jesus came with a message. They would not listen to His words, so He went out, and He literally broke the law. He worked on the Sabbath; He healed on the Sabbath. But they just did not get it. He said obedience is better than sacrifice, but they just did not get it, that your righteousness is not in the works of the law. Your righteousness is in submission to the Spirit of Christ; He wants you to do what He tells you.

Israel is the goodly horse of the Lord. We are the Lord's horse. When He pulls on the left rein, He wants us to go to the left. When He pulls on the right rein, He wants us to go to the right. His horse is all over the place today, doing whatever she wants to do. The horse of the Lord today is a wild stallion that is bucking all over the place, and if you are blessed, you have got the Lord on your back, and you have got something on your back that is driving you crazy, and you do not know what it is. It is the Lord sitting on your back. You have to do what He tells you. You cannot pick your own job. You cannot pick where you live. You cannot pick what fellowship you go to. When He has really apprehended you, nothing that you do that is not of Him will work out. [?You?] have a life, which is a series of things that have not worked out; maybe the Lord is sitting on your back, telling you, you are going in the wrong direction. And we fight, and we fight, and we fight, but peace comes when we stop fighting. That is where the peace is, when we stop fighting. You just do what He tells us. Just give it up.

Some people get very upset with me because they do not understand me, and there are a lot of things that I just do not care about, and they do not believe me. They think I am lying. I am not lying. I really do not care. Whatever the Lord wants is fine. I am broken; I am a broken stallion, I am. I used to be tough, I was. It took Him years to break me, out there doing my thing, thinking I knew all the answers. I thought I had power. I thought there was power in earning my own bread. I had sellable skills. I could earn good money. There was power in that, so He took it away from me. No one would hire me.

You can only run so far for so long. He will catch you. Any power that man has, outside of a direct relationship with Christ, is given as a gift to you as a fallen man. See, that is why the judgment is falling. You have to find out that you only have power to get yourself a place to live, to get yourself something to eat, to get yourself clothing for your back. You only have power when God lets you live in a society where there are jobs available to you and where He lets you have a job. That is the fullest extent of your power. See, if God lets an atom bomb fall on this nation, God forbid, tomorrow, you may lose -- very well lose your power to clothe yourself and feed yourself and give yourself shelter. How many people say God did not give me this, I worked for it? Batten down the hatches, buddy. You are m- -- getting ready to lose it. You do not have anything that God did not give you, absolutely nothing. I thank God for a roof over my head. I thank God for food on my table. I thank God for clothes on my back. I thank God for a car that runs. I thank God for everything that I have because I could lose it tomorrow. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, and I am very, very aware of it.

I just thank God that my needs are met, that I am warm in the wintertime. I am not living on the street, and I have never been without food. I have heard testimonies of people who have been without food. I have heard testimonies of people who have lived for months on mayonnaise and ketchup sandwiches. Now probably one of the reasons this never happened to me is because I was sick for so many years, I would die on that. I would not survive on that stuff. Seriously, my body would just give it up, so the Lord knows who could tolerate it and who cannot. I have heard all kinds of testimonies of people having no food.

Everything is a gift from God, everything you have. If God lets you get married, it is a gift. It may be for a long time; it may not be for a long time. If He gives you children, they are a gift, until they grow up and go their own way. You have to let them go. They are not yours. They do not belong to you. They belong to God. You have to go on with your life. Everything is a gift. Nothing is coming to you, and you have not earned anything. Nothing is yours. You have no rights. You do not deserve anything except what? What do we deserve?


Death. We are all sitting on death row here, waiting for a pardon to come through, and that is the truth. It is -- the only thing we deserve is death. Everything else is the mercy of God. Hallelujah.

This understanding that we deserve nothing and that nothing we earn ourselves is really of our own power, this understanding, if we can get it, is the foundation for a life where our every need will be met. The financial principle of the kingdom is that you own nothing, and if you really are able to believe God enough to give away that He tells you to give, everything that you need plus will be given unto you. And we touched on that this morning when we talked about the fact that the local fellowship is supposed to be your Bible college, that the way it works in the kingdom is that God requires what you are able to give, and you get everything you need in so far as teaching and spiritual ministry. I am not talking about having a room and board supplied to you. I am talking about spiritual things.

Now in the natural, the same law applies, but most men are afraid to test it, including me. It is one hard, tough nut. But I am telling you that this is the spiritual principle. You give away not what your carnal mind tells you to give away, but when God speaks to you, you give it away. If you have it and God speaks to you, you give it away, and you get back what God wants to give you, but it is very hard for people that are raised in this world where they work for a salary, and they are afraid to let go, but it is a true principle. But I have to tell you that I only entered into it myself when God took away everything that I had, so people who still have some power, who still have secular jobs, who have power and earning ability, there is no way you are going to enter into this until God does it to you. He has to force you into it.

I do not know very many men that would do it willingly, but I have heard all kinds of stories that I am not even ready for, you know, of people giving away airplanes and giving away houses and getting back twofold. I m- -- I think that if I owned a home and God told me to give it away, I honestly do not know that I could do it. I think, it would scare me half to death, not that I would not want to let go of my possession but that I would be afraid that I would be left without a place to live, so my faith is not even there yet. But I tell you that I have such a fear of God and such an awareness that He does things like this, that if He told me to do it, I would be afraid not to do it. My big problem would be was it really God who told me to do it. That would be my big problem. I think, I could give away anything if I really believed it was God telling me to do it because then I would know He would have to provide for me, but we know that there is deception in the church, so I do not know how I would handle it really. Thank God He has not he asked me to give away anything that big, but I know people that He has.

I told you that testimony of Glenn Miller, gave his house away, got a bigger house. God came back two years later, said give your house away, got a bigger house. Two years later, the Lord came back and said sign your house over, and he said not again; I cannot take it a third time. We like this house, but he signed the papers, and he go- -- he is living in a beautiful house if Florida with his wife and his family. But I am not going to worry about it, but I am not up to that. But, basically speaking, you have to be open to let God control every aspect of your life, and when you reach that point, that is when you are set up to receive great riches on every level, spiritual riches, emotional riches, riches in relationships, not just finances because God does not give you big financial blessings if He thinks it is going to work against your spiritual growth.

He gives you what you need. You should have a roof over your head. You should have clothes on your back. You should have a job. You should be working because the Bible says, if you do not work, you should not eat. You should have transportation. You should have some rewarding relationships in your life, and whatever else He gives you beyond that is found money. And if you could handle it, if you will not become greedy, He will give you more. If you have a tendency towards greed, He probably will not g- -- He will probably keep you poor. He loves you too much to let you sin with your money.

            What if you are in a relationship [INAUDIBLE] thoughts or her thoughts or their thoughts [INAUDIBLE] how can God just make you get away [?from those people?]. [?You cannot be a hermit?] [INAUDIBLE]


            [?Do you not do?] all the things that you normally would do? [CROSSTALK]

Oh, I see. Well, if you are not married to the person, your finances, it should be your own business. Am I missing the point?

            Yeah, you missed the whole point.

I missed the whole point. Well, you listen to what the people have to say, and then you do what you think is right, and you tell them as little as possible. You certainly do not fight with them over it, but you do what you have to do because part of moving in the kingdom of God is overcoming people who think that they are doing good by you but who are going to strongly because counseling you not to follow Christ and not to follow His teachings. It is part of the initiation of coming into the kingdom. I do not know anybody who has not gone through it. I know that I went through it when God first called me. There were all kinds of people standing there, telling me not to follow Christ, not to go to this church, not to do this, trying to put all kinds of fear in me.

But I just -- I was blessed. I just knew. I had a strong knowledge in my heart that this is what God wanted me to do, and nobody could turn me away. But there are some that are not that strong, and they are turned away. They are turned away from the faith. But you have to have your prayer life with the Lord and just do what you have to do. And if it comes to I -- you try to avoid a conflict with that is person, but if it comes to it, you just have to tell them in the kindest way that you can that you just have to do what you have to do and that you appreciate their friendship and their concern and their care about you, but this is something you have to do, and they really are just going to have to accept it. You cannot let someone else rule your life. The Scripture says, even if you are married, you cannot let your mate control your spiritual life because once you come into a relationship with Christ, He is the only one that you answer to in the areas of where He is giving you instructions. You have to obey Christ, even if it means a conflict with your mate. So, certainly, if you are not married to this person, you have to take a stand for righteousness.

You know, I saw a movie once about a woman. I do not remember her name, but she is some famous black woman that was very involved in getting -- helping slaves to escape from the plantations in the South.

            Harriet Tubman.

Yeah. Maybe that was her name. Yeah, Harriet. I know it was Harriet. What was her last name?




Tubman, I think that was her. There was a show on the TV about her, and she was a very submissive woman. She never married. She lived with her parents, and she did this dangerous thing. She was running -- you know, helping slaves escape. She had all kinds of miracles along the way.

            She used the stars.

She used the what?

            The stars.

What is that?

            To guide [?them?].

Oh, the stars, yeah. And then at one point, it showed you that her father said to her, Harriet, I do not want you to do this anymore. I am concerned about your safety, and I want you to stop. But He was asserting his authority as her father. He thought he was do -- that he had a right to do it, and the man did not understand that when Christ gives you an assessment, all other authority ceases to exist, your husband, your father, your boss. Just make sure it is Christ that is telling you to do what you are doing. And Harriet turned around, and this spirit of righteousness came upon her, and she said, father, if you put me out of this house, if I never see you again, I must do what the Lord has ordered me to do. And her father just freaked out because she was a submissive daughter. He never saw her talk back to him like that, and he just turned his head around and did not say anything else to her because he recognized the strength of Christ on her.

So that is your answer. You have to do -- you have to serve Christ. You have to do what you have to do. You do it with as little conflict as possible, but if it comes to a confrontation, you just have to tell the person in a quiet strength, look, you are spinning your wheels. I am going to do it, so why do not you just stop fighting it?

But it is part of growing up in Christ. There has to be somebody giving you a hard time. There has to be somebody telling you not to follow Him. Why? Because we are overcomers. We are all called to be overcomers in Christ, so if you are going to be an overcomer, you have to have something to overcome. Everybody has to have someone to overcome. Some -- with some people, it is their employers. With some people, it is their wives. With some people, it is their husbands. Somebody that you are close with is going to be trying to turn you away from what you know God has told you to do, and you just keep praying and make sure it is what God told you to do. And then you ask God to bless that person who is really your anti-Christ. Ask God to bless them and to give you grace and show you how to overcome with the least damage to that person which is possible, but you cannot be letting practice control your life. Yeah?

            In a sense, our own carnal mind is our anti-Christ, huh?

Our own carnal mind is our anti-Christ, yes.


Whoever tries to turn you away from obedience to Christ is your anti-Christ, and as soon as Christ begins to be formed in you, the people who are most close to you are most likely to be your anti-Christ. Jesus said it. He said there is going to be father against daughter, mother against son, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law. He said it is going to be right in your immediate family. The opposition to serving Christ will be right in your immediate family. Jesus said it; it is in the Bible. And you cannot yield to it. You have to serve God. Make sure it is God, and then serve Him.

You see, you never know what God is going to do, and if you stand against this opposition, maybe this friend will come to Christ, you know. You never know, but you have to serve God whether the end result is -- and you have to count the cost, you know. You have to know that it is a possibility that the relationship with break. You have to come to a place in your mind where you say I do not want this relationship to break, but if it breaks, I have to serve God. Now when you come to a place like that where you will not compromise, maybe the person will be converted. You never know what God is going to do, but so long as you are willing to compromise, that person has an ungodly hold on you, and the power to convert him is not there. You have to be sold out to God and have faith in God that He is going to do what is best for you. And there is never any way to tell whether He will bring peace into the house or whether He will separate you. Either way is possible. There is no way to tell unless God tells you what He is going to do. You have to be willing to accept whatever God does.

            I was just thinking of one of the things we were taught, that anti-Christ does not mean against; it means instead of. And I was thinking we had talked about Harriet's father. He wanted her good, and he was not against the Lord, but He still was [?acting?] [CROSSTALK]

Yeah. Well, this is what is so confusing. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- when people think of anti-Christ, they think of some monster person, but the people you love can be anti-Chri- -- m- -- it is more likely that people you love will be anti-Christ to you than people you do not love because people you do not love have no power over you. The people that you are close to, the people that you want peace with, people that you want to get along with, when anti-Christ rises up in them, you really have a problem because the relationships on the line, but it is a testing that you have to go through.

There can be no compromise with God. You have to be willing to lose everyone and everything, trusting God that He will keep your life stable, that, if possible, He will save the relationship. But in some circumstances, He separates you from the person, but your faith has to be in God, that if you think you need that person, you will find out that either you do not need them, or God will give you somebody else. Your faith has to be in God because if you start compromising because you think you are saving the relationship by giving in a pinky, the next week you are giving your two fingers; a month later you are giving your whole hand. And before you know it, they own you, and you have lost your relationship with the Lord, so there is just really no compromise, no. You have to see what the Lord is going to do for you. Stand.

When the Lord calls somebody and when He calls somebody seriously, all kinds of problems arise in your life. Our problems arise right in the ministry. You will find an enemy in the ministry that will want to get you out or will make you uncomfortable. When I entered into the church that I trained up in, I think the second night I was there, someone decided that they hated me. I could not believe it. I am telling you, the second. Maybe it was the first night I was there. I am not even sure.

There was a whole group of people that went out for coffee in that fellowship, after every service. It was mostly the single people, so I went, and this person hated me so bad, after two nights -- I mean, I did not -- I could not possibly have do not anything to her. She hated me so badly that she rounded everybody up and got someone to open up their home, and they stopped going to the diner, where they could not exclude me, and they moved the fellowship to a private home where they could exclude me. And they just told me that they were not going to the diner anymore, and I thought they just were not fellowshipping anymore, but the Lord had other plans, you see. That was a very ungodly thing to do. Whether I deserved it or not, I do not -- I could not possibly have done anything to this woman. She just hated my guts on-site, and the Lord exposed the whole thing, and they were all very ashamed, and they moved back to the diner, and I had a choice. Would I go to the diner with these people that mistreated me like this, or would I just fall away and drop out? And I knew what I had to do, you see. I went to the diner, and [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- and I went there after every service. I went to the diner, and it was just a while, and everything passed over.

There are enemies of Christ everywhere, and when you start to follow Christ, you will have enemies everywhere, giving you bad advice, giving you hard times, threatening you with the loss of something that you think you need, but all that you need is Christ. He is the only one that you need. Now some people do not understand that statement, and there is someone right here who misunderstood me, so let me clarify it. They thought that I meant you do not need human beings in your life. No, that is not what I mean. When the Scripture says all you need is Christ, what it means is that when you make Christ number one in your life, He will send you the people of His choice to fill your needs, you see. What is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- when the Scripture says all you need is Christ, what it means is, if you lose a relationship, He will send you someone else of His choice. He will put human beings in your life to fill your needs. You do not have to worry about getting that relationship yourself. You do not have to worry about compromising because you think you need that person. If you are tight with Christ, He will either break that person's hard heart and bring them to repentance and bring them around, which is a possibility, or He will send you someone else.

There is not anybody that you need who is going to separate you from Christ because, if they really loved you, they would not try to do that, so you [?got?] -- you have to choose Christ. If you do not choose Christ, you are in trouble. You have to choose the Lord, trusting Him to meet your every need. He has not failed yet, and He will not fail now. Why is everybody sleeping? This was a light meeting tonight.


It was a light meeting tonight, June.


Anybody else? [INAUDIBLE]

            I am not exactly sure how to phrase this, but [?there is this?] one Scripture. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] before you said that stone typifies spirit. Is there not a Scripture that says something about the stony heart be circumcised and turn into a heart of flesh? [?Now it is?] -- that does not seem to be what the [CROSSTALK]

It seems to be a contradiction, yeah. The -- well, Satan is spirit, so he is a stone that is an ungodly stone. So there is godly spirit --


-- and there is ungodly spirit. So the heart of stone, it is an -- that is a parable, you know, to say that there is a heart of stone that needs to be circumcised so that you can receive a heart of flesh. And what it is saying is that the hard heart of the carnal mind needs to be cut away from the heart which is the flesh of Christ, the flesh of God. So it sounds like a contradiction, but it is not. It is just a different way of expressing things. Of course, Christ is spirit; He is stone too, but He is living stone, and the hard heart is the dead stone.

            A circumcised bull -- no, not circumcised. What is the word? A castrated bull is called on oxen, am I right?

Ox. Oxen is plural, yeah.

            So a castrated bull is an ox, right? OK. I saw a young man with a shirt on, raging bull, and that came to my mind, you know, and I was not certain if that is what it was.

Well, that is Satan's end. Satan is the wild, raging bull. He is going to be gelded. He is going to be made into an ox who will serve man. He is going to pull the plow.

            I am thinking of Annie's vision, once again, just last night. I was reading where the Lord showed her human beings walking around on the earth, but they all looked like Christ.

Oh, yeah.

            And there were some other things too. Different things that you said brings them back to me because there is so many passages, you know. Oh, one other thing, talking about being isolated, how the Lord takes us aside, a spirit of isolation, so that He can minister to us.

I am sorry. What was that?

            So that He can minister to us and teach us things that you cannot learn unless you are -- a spirit of solitude, that is what it was, so that He can take you aside and minister to you. It made me think back, years ago when I was really bound to the house and could not get out, and that was precious time because now, when He is so busy, I would not be able to do what I was [?enabled?] to do then, so His timing is beautiful.



Yes, that is in the Scripture. That is in Romans 8:20, in 8:21. The carnal mind is to be subjected. Is -- the -- that subjugation is just a different form of the word. The carnal mind is to be subjected by Christ or brought into submission, subjection, brought into submission. What that has to do with this meeting though, I do not know, but the carnal mind is to be subjected to the authority of Christ, everywhere, in your own mind. The carnal mind in someone else must come into submission to Christ, and eventually this whole world must come under the authority of Christ.

The way Romans expresses it is that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the process of subjecting the one who has subjected us. This whole creation has already been subjected by Satan. He has put us under his authority. That is another way of saying what I said before. We are all married to Satan, although we do not know it. We have been subjected; we have been humbled; we have been brought into submission to Satan through his carnal mind. Now Christ is coming, and He is going to subject the one who has subjected us so that we can be set free.

            Subject was the next word that came into my mind, but the only Scripture I could think of was Jesus was subject to Joseph and Mary, and it did not make sense to me, so I said nothing.


            Maybe you could clear up a Lord more about the carnal mind marrying the soul. Of what benefit would that be for the carnal mind to marry the soul?

To marry the soul, OK. [?Do you want?] to close that door? I am starting to freeze. It is a question of the mind marrying the soul. See, the Lord is forming a creation, and this cra- -- creation is maturing. You can liken our formation to a fetus forming in a woman's womb. First, the heart is formed, and then all the organs are formed around the heart. Well, the creation -- God's creation known as man is not yet completed. We are in utero. Mankind is in utero; we have not been born yet. See, we have to be -- we do not even know what our world looks like. This is -- this world is in the amniotic sac in the womb of the earth. The world that we are being born into is the world of the spirit. I do not know about you, but I do not know what it looks like. Sometimes I see in the spirit, but the Scripture says we see through a glass, darkly. I do not really know what it is like out there. As far as I know, the Lord Jesus Christ is the only man who has been fully born into the realm of the spirit. We are still in the womb.

So we are being formed down here, and this is the procedure, you know, by which we are being formed: First, God made the soul. First, He made the soul. He formed her out of the dust, OK, called her soul, Adam. Now most people think that Adam was called a man at the beginning, but he was not. The name of the soul was Adam. Adam comes from the Hebrew word which means red or ruddy because he was forced out of the red earth, OK. At this point, Adam is not a man yet. He is a soul. What makes Adam a man?


Yeah. Now we are going back to the beginning of time. He did not look like men look like today. What makes Adam an -- what made Adam a man? It was the mind that was born into him. The mind which is in the soul determines whether you are a man or a woman, so the Scripture says that the Father breathed the breath of life into the soul, and the breathe of the Father is male. And He breathed the breath of life or the seed of the Father into the female soul and joined with the female seed called the what? What is the female seed of the soul?


The spirit --


-- that is in man. The Spirit of the Father joined with the spirit of man, and there was something born of the union. What is born of the union?

            A mind.

A mind. Well, a mind is born, OK. The mind is born into the creation, OK, after the soul has joined with a male seed. So Adam did not become a man until the mind of Christ appeared in him. He became a man when the mind of Christ appeared in him. Then there was a tragedy. Adam messed up, and another mind was born in there; the carnal mind was born. And she is female because she is the offspring of Satan and the soul, and this soul brought forth a female mind, and the carnal mind killed the mind of Christ, and Adam became a woman. He had a sex change. [?Do not tell?] -- I am making a joke, but that is what happened. Adam was a man, and he became a woman because the carnal mind killed the mind of Christ.

So as the creation is developing -- let us stay with one point here -- the mind that is born into the creation then joins itself to the soul. The mind joins itself to the soul, and what happens, the -- what that means to us is that this mind, whether it is the carnal mind or whether it is the Christ mind, when that mind joins itself to the soul, it becomes the k- -- sitting queen or the king. We have been saying that the carnal mind is the sitting queen of the soul. Christ is the invading force, and it is His intention to cut off her head. That is what it says in Revelation 20.


Revelation 20, "And I saw the souls of them who were beheaded for Christ." And after He beheads the carnal mind off of our soul, Christ is going to sit down, and He is going to be the sitting kind. So whoever -- whichever mind is joined to the soul rules the soul. Whichever mind is joined to the soul, that mind is the one whose thoughts appear in the person automatically, without premeditation. That is why, when man -- left to his own devices, thinks with the carnal mind because the carnal mind is the sitting queen, and in order to think with the mind of Christ, we have to cry out and say, Lord Jesus, get these sick thoughts out of my mind, and let Your mind be my mind. Because Christ is not sitting on the throne of our soul; the carnal mind is sitting on the throne of our soul.

 So the marriage of the mind to the soul is the joining of the mind to the soul which makes that mind the automatic reaction of the person. And the reason fallen man in this hour is dying, because the mind, which is our automatic reaction, is death and sin. So after the Lord Jesus Christ beheads the carnal mind off of our soul and sits down on the throne of our soul Himself, we will stop dying because our every thought and our every automatic reaction will be righteousness. And we shall, therefore, stop dying, and we shall live, OK.

            Now in the beginning, the pestilence in the earth did not even have a mind. How -- it could not have possible have known the outcome as we see it now. What was the purpose of enticing the human spirit at that time?

You mean Satan? When you say the pestilence in the earth, you are speaking about Satan. Satan wanted power. She was the negative pole on the creation. There was a positive and a negative pole on the creation, and God said, negative pole, you must come into submission to the positive charge because I want the creation positive. That means she had to subject herself to Christ's authority, just like we are being challenged to do now, and she did not want to do it. She thought she could do a better job than Christ.

            But there would have to be a mind involved, the thought pattern -- I do not understand that. I know when Satan and the human spirit came together --


            -- that the offspring was the carnal mind.

You asked this question at a recent meeting also. I do not have the technicality of the answer to you, but you are getting caught up on words because we know that the Father, Jehovah, for example, is not a mind, yet He thinks. So let us say that Satan is capable of thought, yet she is not a mind, OK. And what is the difference between a spirit who is capable of thought and a mind? The spirit who is capable of thought is not joined to the soul, yeah. Spirit is capable of thought. Mind is an expression of spirit in the soul.

            Say that again.

Mind is an expression of spirit through the soul. Spirit is separate from the soul, and they both think. So you are talking about an English definition of the word mind; you are not talking about a scriptural definition of the word mind.

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