266 - 1 Part

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I think, this will be an interesting service this morning. I was studying -- I began to study last night, and the Lord cancelled my study, and He told me that He had a message this morning and that the wrath of God was to fall. Now we are always talking about the carnal mind here, and one of my goals is to get everyone who studies with us to be able to understand, at least in some reasonable measure, when the Lord speaks.

One of the biggest hindrances to our understanding is fear, and we are constantly misunderstanding God. I misunderstood God last night. I heard Him say the wrath of God would fall. I thought it would be falling on the meeting and perhaps people here, and apparently that is not the case. When I woke up this morning, He did give me a message. Why He did not give it to me last night, why I had to rush this morning, why I did not have time to get up Alternate Translations for you, I really do not know. But apparently what the Lord was saying to me last night was that judgment is falling upon the church.

Now I want to stop right here, and I just want to ask all of you, if there is any fear in you, to rebuke that fear because the judgments of God are merciful; they are corrective. And where your life is a torment, at the end of the judgment, your life shall be heaven, but neither am I selling you some pabulum here. I am not going to lie to you and tell you that this operation is going to be painless. We have got to work it and weave it together.

Man is suffering; almost everyone that I know is suffering on some level, everybody, some a little more, some a little less. We are suffering from spiritual cancer or, as the Bible calls it, leprosy, and we need an operation, and there will be pain in the operation. But the end of the whole thing is the glory of God in your life and the glory of God in the whole earth.

Now up until this time -- and what times is this? Brethren, the ends of the ages are upon us, the ends of the age, or the ends of the ages are upon us. What does this mean? It means that there have been several ages to date. I never did a study on this; maybe someday the Lord will let me. But what I know for sure is that there was one age before the flood and this age which is after the flood, so there is at least two ages since the fall. And then, of course, we had the age before the fall, so there is at least three ages that I know about.

And the ends of the ages are upon us. What does that mean? It means that the last age, the age that will be greater than all the other ages together, is coming in, and when the age appears, everything else will fall away as a shadow when the sun rises in noonday. And the name of this age, which is the greatest of all the ages, is the kingdom age; it is Christ; it is the age of Christ.

And what does an age mean? An age is a time period over which there is a ruler, so another way to express what I am saying is that there is a changing of the guard. There is a new government coming into the world in this hour; His name is Christ. Christ has been present in the earth. Well, the glorified Christ has been present in the earth for 2,000 years, and then He also appeared in Israel as a nation. He was not glorified at that point. We -- sometimes we call Him a pre-incarnate Christ. He was in a form in Israel that was not able to save men. He was a form in Israel that could just appear temporarily and give blessings temporarily, but not -- it was not in a form that could raise men from the dead. The glorified Christ is in a form which can raise men from the dead.

Now the glorified Christ has been present in the earth in this form for 2,000 years, but the only one I see raised from the dead is the Lord Jesus Christ. And many say, where is the promise of His coming? And ever since the fathers fell asleep, nothing has changed. Men are still eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marrying, and everybody that is born into this world dies, and many have fallen away because of despair and disappointment in the promises that they have been told about, which are in the Scripture.

But God is long-suffering. We are told that one day to God is like 1,000 years to man, and it is -- this is the reconciliation between activity in the realm of the spirit and activity in this physical plane. There is a one to 1,000 ratio of reconciliation. What does that mean? One day to the Lord -- for Him to complete one day of His existence, we experience 1,000 human years. So, actually, we are in the third day since we died, and as far as the Lord is concerned, He is moving with great speed to raise us from the dead. But it is hard to tell that to somebody who is in torment; it is hard to tell that to somebody who is in torment in their mind; it is hard to tell that to somebody who is in a concentration camp, in a physical torment; it is hard to tell that to somebody who is locked into a physical disease that gives them pain every day of their life. But, brethren, that is the truth.

God is righteous. He has not abandoned us. The truth of the matter is that man sinned and died, and the love of God is so great that He fully intends to raise us from the dead, but we have the problem of the one to 1,000 reconciliation ratio. And because man fell into a condition of carnality, which is one of the characteristics of being dead -- you are dull; your hearing is dull; you are blind; you cannot see; you cannot understand spiritual things but man is deaf and dumb and in all forms of darkness. When he sees the bodies of his loved ones die, he thinks that God has abandoned them, either that or they are burning in a Hell forever.

All kinds of fables has come forth from the mind of man because he did not have the truth, and the absence of the truth leaves a vacuum, and the carnal minds of men prosper in a vacuum. They come up with all forms of doctrines of devils because they do not have the patience to wait until God speaks, or they have too much pride to say God has not spoken, and therefore I do not know, so they make something up.

But the truth is that God has been moving as rapidly as possible, that the death of the body is not death. Separation from God is death, and we died thousands of years ago at the time of the fall and that there is a kernel of life in us, although it is in a -- maybe that is not the exact word. There is a kernel in us, which has a potential for life. It died, but there is a kernel of substance in us that has the potential to be raised from the dead. It is not this body, nor is it the personality, nor is it our emotions, but there is an aspect of our being called spirit which has the potential to be raised from the dead, and in that last day, the entire spirit which died shall stand again.

You see, there was one spirit or one holy one that died at the time of the fall, and this holy one, when he died, turned into a skeleton consisting of many bones, and every one of those bones is buried under a flesh soul and a flesh mind in this hour. And very soon, the holy one who died at the time of the fall is going to be raised from the dead a bone at a time. The Scriptures call it -- or some people who study the Scriptures call it Ezekiel's bones, the resurrection of Ezekiel's bones. The -- would you do me a favor please and shut that? [UNINTELLIGIBLE] thank you.

The Scriptures say that the Lord came to Ezekiel and He said, Ezekiel, prophesy to these bones. Oh bones, will you live again? Well, what is this all about? One of the things we do here is that we seek to find reality in the parable of the Scripture. The Scripture is a parable. It sounds wonderful; it is poetry. But what does it mean? What does it mean to me? What does it mean to you? What does it mean to mankind?

We are told that these things were hidden from the prophets that brought them forth and wrote them down in books. Why? Because to learn these truths when you are not living in a time when they will be made real in your life could be very painful. But now, in this last day, the prophet Daniel was told that knowledge would increase, not scientific knowledge but spiritual knowledge, and truth that is hidden only in the mind of Christ is coming available to people today. See, spiritual truth is available, and there are many people who are spiritual in Satan, but there is an element of spiritual truth, God's plan for the resurrection of this dead creation, which is only in Christ.

And the powers and principalities that rule in this world system do not know of God's plan; they do not know what the end of us will be. They are living for today. They are ruling, and they are reigning, and they are killing men. Spiritual power and principalities that rule through men's minds and men's bodies kill them. How do I know? Everybody who has ever been a host for Satan or satanic power has died; it is very simple. And the only one that I know of who has been a host for the spiritual power of Jehovah has what? He has been raised from the dead.

So the ends of the ages are upon us. That means we have experienced -- this age that we are in right now, the church age, is the last age which -- in which men will continue to die because in the church age, men continue to die, and many have lost faith in Christian for this reason. But for whatever God's purpose, and we tell you that purpose, the one to 1,000 reconciliation ratio -- does anyone here not know what it means? Do I have to say that again? Should I explain it again? That is the reason why it has taken this long.

But the age of the kingdom, the age over which Christ shall be government -- shall be the government of man is about to cover over and destroy the existing age, and the powers and the principalities which have ruled over mankind since the fall -- and they have ruled in every age since the fall, and I know of at least two for sure, the age before the flood and the age after the flood. There is a spiritual government. The Scripture says that Satan is the prince of this world. There are powers; there are principalities; there are elements; there are rulers, spiritual wickedness in high places.

What is the high place of man? The mind. The high place of man is the mind. If -- the mind is the high place of man depending on who the prince is. If the prince is Satan, then the high place of fallen man is the carnal mind, but when Christ is the prince, the high place is the mind of Christ, but the mind is the high place of man. The mind is the mountain which is in man, and man is required to worship God from the tops of the mountains. Even the pagans knew that; even the heathens know that. They would always go into the forest and find some tree in a high place and set up their altar and offer their sacrifice.

And we much -- we must worship the Lord in spirit and truth from the high place of the human spirit, which is found in the mind of man. So what does that mean? It means, no matter what you do with your hands, no matter what you do with your behavior, no matter how you dress, no matter what you do with your money, no matter what kind of works you do, you are not worshipping God in spirit and truth. I am not saying that it cannot be a form of worship, but God requires worship in spirit and truth for you to be raised from the dead. If you want to stay dead and worship God in the way you dress, praise the Lord, but you will not be raised from the dead in your religious rituals or in your religious works or in your pharisitical practices. This is what killed the Pharisees when Jesus appeared; they died spiritually.

So God is trumpeting judgment, and I do not know how to make this any clearer to all of you. I know some of you have a lot of fear. You must take control over yourself and rebuke this fear because fear is never of God, and if you have a reaction to the announcements of God which is contrary to that which He is intending to bring forth in you, you are not only defeating His purpose in you; you are cutting yourself off from the gift of God, and also you are manifesting pride.

Now how -- Sheila, where did you get that from? Brethren, every thought that replaces the true thought of Christ is pride. He wants you to be rejoicing because He has told you His judgments are merciful, and you are declaring your fear. I rebuke you. Repent, because He wants you, and it is not up to you to decide whether or not you are worthy. He will take whoever He will take from the flock of humanity, and if He has chose you and you have declared yourself unworthy, you are guilty of pride. Now do not go running off in fear; repent.

You see, there is flips- -- two flipsides to pride. Everybody knows what the one side of pride is, well, someone that goes strutting around, thinking that they are great and they do not need the Lord. That is easy; everybody knows that. But there is a flipside to pride, that when the Lord Jesus Christ attacks that haughty spirit and that arrogant manifestation of pride, what God wants you to do -- the result of His attack, that He desires, is that you should say, the Lord, He is God, and I am nothing without Him, and I need Him, and I submit myself to Him, and I am going to do things His way. That is what He is trying to bring forth in you.

But if what is manifesting in your mind is I am not worthy, and I should not be here, or I am going to kill myself or I am beating town or I do not believe that He wants to be glorified in me, brethren, I declare to you the flipside of pride has manifested in you, and the bottom line is that your mind will not submit to Christ. He would rather kill you or have you kill yourself or have you leave the ministry and leave town in utter condemnation than simply say the Lord, He is God; I am not greater than He is, but He is great enough to raise me up from the mess that I am in. And your mind will not do either one of them, and that is pride, and you are in sin. And if all you could do, if you are caught up in this, if you are trapped by it, if you could just hear this word and say, Lord, I hear it, and it is true; help me, that is all you have to do. He will get you out.

Now you may have to take a few lumps because that is pretty severe. I am telling you the truth. That is a severe manifestation of pride. That kind of thinking, it takes place in a person who is severely bound by pride to the extent that that mind will kill them rather than see them serve God. But there is a spirit in man, and that spirit is the flesh of the Lord's flesh and the bone of the Lord's bone, and she is His wife, and all you have to do is say, Lord, it is true; help me, and He is there because He wants you. Now He may help you whether you say it or not, and you may have to take six times as many lumps as if you do not say it. It depends. If He has called you, He has called you; the Lord does not give up.

Did you ever hear about the backslider who went sliding back into the church and the Lord just let him go? What a weak God we have; He just lets people backslide, lets them die, lets them kill themselves by sticking needles in their arms. What is wrong with our God? Brethren, there is nothing wrong with our God, OK. What is happening and what has been happening for 2,000 years is that the Lord Jesus Christ was the seed; He was the corn of wheat who fell into the ground. He said, if a corn of wheat falls into the ground, He will bring forth a great harvest. You see, the Lord has a plan; Jehovah has a plan, and that plan is to save the entire creation, and we have to do it His way.

And His plan said, number one, I am going to raise up a nation, and I am going to reconcile them unto Me. I am going to give them a relationship with Me. I am going to give them access to Me, and I am going to count their faithfulness in the keeping of our contract as righteousness unto them. They are fallen men; they are just a filthy as every other human being alive, spiritually filthy. But I am going to make this contract with them, and I am going to say, if you do these ritualistic things, I will count it as righteousness unto you. And out of the Lord's -- out of Jehovah's relationship with Israel came what or who? What?


A remnant. Well, could you be more specific? What kind of a remnant?


The seed of Christ. Christ came out of a couple of thousand years of this covenant or of the practice of the covenant that Jehovah had with Israel. The whole relationship between Jehovah and Israel was to purify their nation to such a degree that Christ could come forth, one man. Out of everything that Israel went through, one man was born, the savior of mankind. God raised up the mind of Christ in Him, that mind which had died at the beginning of time, that righteous mind which died when it was killed by the carnal mind who took over and possessed the entire creation.

In the man Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ mind was raised from the dead. He could have lived forever, but He sacrificed that soul life known as Jesus of Nazareth so that He could be converted into a spiritual form which would enable Him to pour out upon all flesh or rain upon all flesh and drop in each of us -- put a drop in each of us. The Scripture says in Isaiah, I will sow the seed of My life upon mankind. So Jesus of Nazareth has been converted into a form which is now called seed, and He is pouring out of His Spirit upon all flesh.

And there is two outpourings, and the first outpouring is not specific. The first outpouring just pours out and falls where it may. Why is this? Because men are unrighteous. You see, our fathers went to sleep. Jesus is no longer in the flesh except in our imperfect flesh; He is no longer in the flesh in His perfection. The apostles are gone. There is no imparted righteousness; there is no one in the earth today whose state of being is righteous, therefore judgment cannot be executed. For God to go after specific individuals and apprehend them through a priest or a prophet or a son, that man that He is moving through has to be holy because someone who is a sinner cannot judge the sin in another man.

So because there is none holy -- no, not one in the earth today, the seed of the life of Christ has been poured out without specific direction. If it rooted in you, praise the Lord. There are others whom it did not root in, and they went upon their way. They are not burning in Hell forever. The root of His life did not root in them, or the seed of His life did not root in them. They were dead before the outpouring, and they are still dead after the outpouring. And if the seed of His life rooted in them but did not really take deep -- did- -- the roots did not go down deep, and it -- and the seed shriveled and died, well, they were dead before the seed touched them, and they are dead after it shriveled up.

But just as Jehovah's contract with Israel took thousands of years to produce the Christ who would sacrifice His soul life, that He might be converted into the seed that is now being sown upon all humanity haphazardly, in the same way, the Lord Jesus Christ's contract with humanity, in that He is pouring out of His Spirit upon all flesh, has one ultimate goal. Despite all the people that have been blessed, despite all the people that have been healed, despite all the people who have been delivered, despite all of the drug addicts that do not stick needles in their arms anymore, despite all of the alcoholics who do not drink anymore, despite all of the prostitutes who do not prostitute anymore, everybody that He has touched has still died.

So in this outpouring, we do not even see the equivalent of the fruit that came out of Israel. Israel produced one man who was raised from the dead. What has this outpouring of the seed of Christ produced? So far, nothing. That is what we are waiting for. We are waiting for a whole crop of men who will be raised from the dead, and the overall purpose of this covenant between the Lord Jesus Christ and all of humanity -- because the Lord is not dealing with just Israel anymore; this covenant is with all of humanity. We are waiting for the fruit of this covenant, which will be a group of men, many men who will be raised from the dead, who will die so that all of humanity can be raised up.

Only, this time, the death is not physical; this time the death is spiritual, and they must die to their own existence. We must die to our own needs, our own desires, our own wants, our own purposes in life so that Christ can be everything in us, so that He can direct us to have relationships with humanity which will result in their resurrection of the dead also. So there is no physical death of the seed in this hour, but there is a giving up of one's life so that all of humanity can receive the seed of His life and be converted from the inside out.

What is the conversion? The conversion is of one's mind, from a mind which is death to a mind which is life. And when your mind is alive, that means your mind is joined to the Lord Jesus Christ because He is the only one that has true life. And when your mind is alive, your body will never die. The only reason our body dies is that our mind is already dead, is that our spirit is separated from Jehovah, because it is the mind that either kills or makes alive the soul and the physical body.

So if you know that you are aging, that you experience sickness, that you have any reason to believe whatsoever that you might die someday, you know that the mind in you is not alive. Your mind is failing to keep you alive, and the burden of life is upon the mind; it is not on the body. You see, man is wasting his time; he is spinning his wheels with all his science, cutting people up and giving them new livers and new hearts. Well, they will only live for another 20 years because it is the mind that keeps alive, so what we need is a new mind, and man has no power to give us a mind in which there is life.

Only the Father, through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, can give us a new mind, and therefore we must humble ourselves before the only giver of life in the universe, but man is so filled up with pride that sometimes it makes me laugh. Man's rebellion against God is almost humorous if you could see it from a spiritual viewpoint. I do not mean to be cruel or crude.

[UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- the one time I was in a friend's house, and the father in that household -- he was a big guy; he was more than 6 feet, a bodybuilder, and his 2-year-old son walked up to him -- I was standing right there -- and threw a toy dagger right at his heart. His son tried to kill him. That was a spirit of murder in that little boy, and it was ridiculous. He was 2 feet, and his father was 6'3'' and a bodybuilder. And his father picked up the knife and laughed. It was a plastic knife.

That is what we are doing to God. It is ridiculous, yet we are so enraged at Him, blaming Him for all of our problems, saying He is the unrighteous one because we are OK, and we do not deserve anything that is happening to us, that we are trying to kill Him with our mind. Why? Because spiritual people kill with their mind. We are a very carnal, spiritually immature people. Spiritual people kill with their minds. We are really fallen; we have to use weapons.

Life and death is in the mind. Oh, I thought James said it is in the tongue. Well, brethren, the tongue speaks whatever the mind thinks, so when you hear that Scripture that life and death is in the tongue, it does not necessarily mean you have the power to kill someone with your mind, although there are people in this world who have satanic power to kill people with their mind and many that have satanic power to hurt people with their mind. What it means is -- what that Scripture means is -- that life and death is in the tongue, it means that no matter what you speak out of the carnal mind, it is going to result in death, that -- but when you have the mind of Christ controlling your tongue, the words you speak will pronounce life; that is what it means.

So we have a heavy message today, and it is the pronouncement of judgment, I believe, upon the church, and I do not believe that it is a message just for information. I believe, the Lord has told me that [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- well, w- -- most of us here know, but this is a mature ministry. Judgment is already falling, but I believe that it is a pronouncement of judgment, and when God preaches a message like this, when this is a God-ordained message coming forth from a minister that He has raised up, being preached through the mind of Christ in a preacher, something happens in the heavenlies; this is not just a teaching.

Now it took me so long to understand that. When I first came to the church, I could not understand prophecy. I could not understand that when it is spoken by the power of God, it is a creative word, and it comes to pass. It took me a long time to figure that out. I really c- -- I was so amazed when I first came to the church; I was not a spiritual person, and I could not figure it out. But, brethren, when the truth is spoken anywhere in the world, when it is spoken under the anointing of Christ, it is wreaking havoc in the heavenlies. It is ripping down palaces; it is ripping down Satan's cities; it is ripping down his courts; it is ripping apart his police force, and it is wreaking utter destruction in the heavenlies. That is why ministries that preach under the anointing of Christ come under such warfare and such spiritual retaliation and attack, because they are hurting people. Well, I do not even know if the right word is people. They are hurting powers and principalities, and Satan does not like it.

Did you listen to the interviews of the people that experienced the earthquake? Their bed started shaking in the middle of the night. Brethren, when the truth of God is preached through a mind of Christ, the heavenlies shake up there. If those powers and principalities were sleeping in beds, which they are not, they would be experiencing the type of earthquake that was just experienced in Los Angeles. There is a lot of destruction going on up there.

            They are sleeping in the bed of the carnal mind.

They are sleeping in the bed of the carnal mind; their bed is shaking. That is what spiritual warfare is. You think you are going to shake up the kingdoms of darkness and they are going to thank you for it and kiss you on the cheek? They are not. The problem is that most Christians that engage in spiritual warfare, most of them engage in it for pretty selfish reasons. They engage in it because of problems that they are having in their life right now, and they really do not understand that they are touching very real spiritual power.

See, the workers of witchcraft have a much stronger revelation of the whole spiritual world. Christian are naïve. This Scripture bears it out. It says the children of darkness are smarter than the children of light. Christians are very immature, spiritual beings. That is why the witches laugh at us. They have good reason to laugh at us, but what they do not know -- you see, what they do not know is the fullness of God's plan, and the fullness of God's plan says that you might laugh now, you workers of witchcraft who have a mature spiritual ability to get your needs met and the wage war and to manipulate this whole physical world from a point of high position in the spiritual realm. All of you workers of witchcraft, you may be laughing now, but I have a secret weapon, and that secret weapon is the seed of My life which is taking a very long time to appear, but it is sprouting, and as it appears in these silly Christians that you are laughing at, My wisdom and My spilit- -- spiritual power and My might is appearing in them.

And it is not them that you are up against anymore, you see, but it is the glorified Lord Jesus Christ taking on the flesh again with all of the wisdom and might and power and glory of the glorified Christ in a fleshly form. And you workers of witchcraft are no match for Him. And not only are you no match for Him, but He is coming forth in a many-membered body; He is going to be popping up all over the place, and you will have met your match. And what will He do with you, you workers of witchcraft? He is going to raise you from the dead and bring you over to His side; that is what He is going to do.

So we see various messages being preached in the church. Some preachers preach you are going to Hell; you are going to burn forever. Other preachers preach, oh, nobody is going to get hurt. God loves everybody, and this whole creation is going to be saved automatically. But I say there is a balance between the two. God loves this creation. We are His wife, and no man has ever hated his own flesh, and He fully intends to save this creation, and He want every man He can get. The problem is the one to 1,000 reconciliatory ratio, OK, so He is not going to get every human being that ever walked on the face of the earth because it has taken so many human years to get this done that there will be human beings who will pass out of this world system without being raised from the dead, but they are not burning in Hell forever, you see.

And let us not fool ourselves. When God comes to make the correction, it is going to be painful. Brethren, if you have cancer and you go into the hospital for an operation, you know that you are going to have pain because the knife has to cut you open and go through the muscle and the tendons and everything else, so how foolish of you think that you can be converted from death unto life without pain; you are foolish. It is not possible, but, you see, the operation is coming because the Lord is saving us despite ourself [sic].

So let me finish my point. The reason it looks, to foolish people, that the Lord Jesus Christ just lets people walk away from Him, lets people reject them [sic], and then when they reject Him, He burns them in Hell forever -- how silly. This is the God of the universe. Now why would He burn you in Hell forever when all He has to do is tap you on the shoulder and give you a left clip to the jaw and bring you in? How utterly ridiculous.

So the reason it looks this way, and the reason, in fact, people have been able to walk away from the Lord for 2,000 years is that we are in the first seeding of His life, the scattering of seed with no specific direction. Why? Because there is no power in the earth to specifically direct the seed. Why? Because the way God has set this up is that to specifically direct the seed, to take somebody who does not want Him, involves exposing the sin of that person and spiritually bringing them to their knees, and unrighteous men do not have this honor, only righteous men. And what makes you righteous? That your mind is Christ. Only men whose mind is Christ will be sent out by the Lord to bring sinners to their knees. Why? Because if a fallen man brings a sinner to his knees, he will abuse that sinner. He will surely take advantage of him and destroy him. But a man in whom the mind of Christ is manifesting, he will be faithful to the Lord to bring that man to their knees so that He can raise them from the dead.

So as we see, the fruit of God's contract with humanity beginning to appear, a crop -- a small crop of them in whom the mind of Christ is beginning to appear. As Christ arises in these men, we see God zeroing in on specific people. And we shall see it as Christ appears in this group of men, zeroing in on specific people by pointing out their sins and ripping that sin out of them through the righteous mind of Christ manifesting through men.

T- -- let me say that again; I do not think I made it clear. There is two outpourings or two callings into the kingdom. The first one is a haphazard seeding, a general seeding. Wherever the seed of His life falls, let it fall. If it does not take, you are out. If you want to walk away, go. He is taking the ones who want Him enough to work with the seed. And when that outpouring produces a crop of righteous men, then the second calling comes, and the righteousness of Christ is going forth to take this entire creation against their will. Only righteous men can accomplish this feat for the Lord. So the first seeding produces the righteousness, and the second seeding produces the fruit of Christ in all of humanity, with the person's consent or without the person's consent.

Let us put it another way. Unrighteous men cannot bring unrighteous men into the kingdom without their consent; unrighteous men cannot do it. Righteous men can bring unrighteous men into the kingdom without their consent. Why? Because God knows that righteous men will not take advantage of and kill the poor sinner whose back they are breaking with judgment.

So the ends of the ages are upon us. There is a new government already in the earth: His name is Christ, but He has not yet put down the existing government. There is a sitting queen who is fully possessing the soul of this creation. Her name is?


The carnal mind. So each man must have his soul beheaded of this sitting queen so that the true king can sit down as the government of your life, and this sitting queen, she is not getting up and walking away, brethren. She is not signing over this kingdom to Christ. She is not saying welcome, so we have got a war on our hands. Christ has a war on His hands, and everyone through whom He is manifesting is in that war. Some of us understand what is happening to us; some of us do not understand what is happening to us. Some of us desire to be in that war, and some of us do not desire to be in that war. But I have news for you: If your mind is in the war, you are in the war, so you might as well pick up your weapon and start fighting because you are getting bombed whether you like it or not. And if you are resisting -- Paul said do not push against the pricks. If you are resisting your position in this spiritual war, you are not only getting bombed by the enemy, by the mother of witchcrafts, but you are getting bombed by Christ because you are AWOL. You can get shot being AWOL in a time of war; you are a traitor.

Now, look, I do not mean to offend anybody. You have got to get this into your head, who you are and what is happening. Just because you cannot see it, it is a beautiful sunshiny day out there. That does not discount what is happening in the spirit. There is a war going on, and you are in it whether you like it or not, if the Lord has called you into it. So we have a whole church full of people that came into the church for the bread and the fishes, and they want their Cadillac and their castle and their mansion and everything else.  And all of a sudden, one morning, they woke up, and even though they did not know it or they do not understand it, Christ has rooted in them, and He is growing in them, and He is at war, and they are at war, and they cannot figure out how it happened to them.

It is like a young, naïve girl; she cannot figure out how she got pregnant. No one ever told her. Brethren, no one ever told these people in the church that when you start fooling around with the Lord Jesus Christ and you start coming to services where His Spirit is poured out and you start letting anointed men of God lay hands on you and you start praying and giving the Lord your life, that you could wind up pregnant with His life. No one ever told anybody that, so we have a whole bunch of pregnant teenagers in the church that cannot figure out what is happening to them. That is the truth.

And the workers of witchcraft are laughing because we are in utter disarray, but, you see, the Scripture says -- my Bible says the two witnesses lay dead in the street, but suddenly a spirit of life came into them, and everyone who had laughed became filled with fear. And I declare to you that every enemy of Christ everywhere, when they see the sons of God begin to manifest, when they see the presence of Christ appearing in these ignorant, silly women -- spiritual women, male or female bodies. When they see Christ flexing His muscles in these spiritually ignorant people, great fear is going to go across the camp of the workers of witchcraft, and that is the secret message of Christ that the witches do not know about.

And, again, what will they do? He wants them too, wants the witches in His corner, wants them in His army. Some will come willingly; some will need to be broken; some will not be converted and will just finish out this life and pass out of this world system. The Lord wants everybody, each man in his own order, but He is taking the whole creation whether you come willingly or whether you do not. Whether you transfer into His army or you pass out of this world system never to rise again, He is taking the whole creation back because we are His; we are His wife, and it is time.

So I have a message for you this morning about judgment, and I gave you this whole exhortation because it is essential that your minds get this straight. There is heavy judgment falling on the individual, on the whole church and on the world, but the end of it is a changing of spiritual governments, a changing over of spiritual governments which will result in this dead creation being raised from the dead. And I will show it to you in Micah, and I will -- the Lord has shown it to me time after time after time in the Old Testament prophets; they preach blood and guts and doom.

But if you look for it, if you ask God to show it to you, at the end of the whole mess, there is one verse or one word that says after the blood and guts is life. They [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- after they sew you up on that operating room table, there is still blood. Sometimes you need blood transfusions. There is still pain, and I have been told by doctors surgery, internal surgery, abdominal surgery can take you two full years to heal.

So we see in the Old Testament prophets that the majority of what they are talking about is blood and guts because that is what is coming upon mankind in this hour, but, nevertheless, the end of it is the resurrection from the dead, and the -- and [?then?] -- this is what the Lord wants to get out. I am in no way diminishing the travail that is coming upon this nation, upon the individual and upon the whole world, but He wants you to know that the end of it is life.

And if you can hear this word and humble yourself before Him, you do not have to be one of those people who will pass out of this world system and never rise again. If you can hear this word now, if you can have eyes to see and ears to hear and if your stony heart can be softened enough for you to humble yourself, you could be one of the people in whom the glorified Christ is going to stand up in the full manifestation of His adult, spiritual manhood, which is a manifestation of any -- of a greater manifestation of any power that you have ever seen in Satan's kingdom. You could be one of those human beings in which He will be revealing Himself, if you can hear this and if you can humble yourself and if you will stand for the correction.

But, of course, once He receives you, you lose your choice. If you hear this message and in your heart you cleave unto Him, once He starts the correction, no matter how you scream and yell, it is too late. Once they have got you on the operating room table, brethren, you cannot look up from the table and say, hey, I did not think it would hurt this much; get your scalpel out of me.

So we have a message of judgment today, and it is bloody, and it is not pretty, and there will be a lot of Christians and a lot of people -- a lot of men in ministry right now that are going to experience some very painful judgment because the ministry is corrupt. Their ministry is corrupt; it is. And even in this hour, I hear reports of the anointing withdrawing from churches here and churches there. I have seen panic-stricken faces on men that have served God for 40 years. They cannot figure out what is happening to their ministry. They do not have enough money to live on. They cannot figure out what is going on.

Well, brethren, if you are a minister who has had a ministry for 40 years or you know someone in this category and they no longer have enough money to sustain their ministry, it is one of two things. Either God never supported that ministry and in this hour of judgment their own efforts to support it are failing, or God did support it at one time and their out of right standing and the Lord is shutting them down. Brethren, if the Lord does not keep the house, it is not going to be kept. If you are in ministry and you do not have enough funds and you cry out to God and He does not give you the funds, you go get a job because He has shut your doors.

Satan has not shut your doors. Satan cannot shut doors that the Lord Jesus Christ has opened. He is the one -- the Lord Jesus Christ, He opens the doors, and they are opened, and He closes the doors, and they are closed, you foolish Christians that think that Satan has this power because you have been apprehended of the army. They do not look alike; they do not talk alike; they do not act alike. Their power is not even comparable in any way measurable, but they are the same man. They are the seed, and then we have the tree that grew out of the seed. So all you foolish people that have been laughing and mocking this whole 2,000 years that this seed has been in the earth, you will not be laughing when the full-grown tree arises and wields His sword, and this is what is happening in this hour.

And there is a threshold. I have talked to you all about threshold many times. Let me put this on the board for you. This is not a scriptural principle only; this is a worldly principle. People in psychology know about this. There is a line. On one side of the line is the spirit world, invisible. On the other side of the line is the physical world, visible. And all of the carnal people can only see the physical, visible world, but in the spirit world, for 2,000 years, since that corn of wheat fell into the ground, since that male seed fell into the female earth of humanity, for 2,000 years, there is a man that has been formed, just as a male child is born and he is first 1 year old, and then he is 2 years old, and then he is three years old, and then he is 13 years old. And all of a sudden, we have got a full-grown man sitting on a white horse, brandishing a two-edged sword in full battle array, full well able to dominate and defeat every spiritual power that has ever shown its face on this earth. And all of a sudden, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, we have a hero -- except I cannot draw. Forgive me, Lord -- sitting on a horse.

You see, if you do not have spiritual eyes, you cannot see what is been happening for 2,000 years, but this man, this spiritual man that has been growing up, growing in wisdom and grace and might and power and spiritual strength is about to cross over the threshold. He is about the cross over from the invisible spirit realm into the visible soul -- another word here, soul world. And to people that are ignorant, it will look like he appeared in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, but He is here now; He has been here for 2,000 years. He has just been growing up.

And the Scripture says that He is coming with His armies. What does that mean? It means that He is about to appear, this glorified, spiritual warrior. His Hebrew name is [?roash?]. He is the head; He is the captain of the host; He is the glorified Christ, the creator of the universe. None is likened unto Him. He is going to be appearing in thousands and eventually millions and billions of human beings. Those are His armies, and when a man is in an army whose mind is this glorified savior, he will be indestructible. You will not be able to hurt his body; you will not be able to hurt his soul; you will not be able to hurt his spirit. Every dart and arrow you throw at him will go back upon you because his armor will cast it back. He is undefeatable.

So everyone foolish to fight against him, which are many because man is foolish, shall have their carnal minds destroyed, and many of them shall be raised from the dead. As I said, some will be -- will not -- will never give up and will just live out their life and pass on. Some will die. Some will die from disease; some will die from car accidents; some will just drop dead without any apparent reason. It is already happening. We -- those of us that come here all the time, we are aware of it, people dying all over the place, people in their 30s, people in their 40s, people in their 50s, people that should not be dying just dropping dead.

So the truth is -- and this is a hard truth, but it is a truth -- that everyone alive and even everyone that is hearing this message is not going to pass in to a spiritual condition where the new age of Christ is manifesting through them. Some people are going to die. God makes that judgment; man does not make that judgment. The Lord decides who He is going to offer this opportunity to and who is going to come, and there will be some who will hear the message and desire to come, and He will reject them, and that is the truth. I am not God; I do not know how, what, why or who or why He does this or how He does it or how He makes a judgment.

But I do know this, that the men who He rejects, the men who will die, that kernel of potential life in them will be raised from the dead in another form. This body will die; this soul will die; this personality will die, but that kernel of potential life, the spirit of man or the human spirit, will be reformed. If they were a vessel of dishonor in this life and the Lord has rejected them, that potential life in them will be reformed into a vessel of honor, but it will be a totally different personality. I do not believe the personality or the soul is resurrected and carried on, which is the teaching of reincarnation. I am speaking about the passing on of the spirit of man, not the soul of man because the Scripture says the soul that sins shall die, but the spirit belongs to God. So the spirit goes back to the Father, and He reforms it.

How do you form spirit? Spirit has no form or shape. It can be likened to water. For our example, let us liken it unto water. If you want to form water -- what do you do if you want to form water or soda or any kind of liquid? How do you form it? Rita, how is that soda formed [?over there?]?

            You pour it into [CROSSTALK]

You pour it into --

            -- container.

Yes, you pour it into a container, amen. So the spirit of man will be reformed by being poured into a new container, a new body, a new soul, a new personality. The only thing that goes on is the spirit. Everything else is corruptible until such time as that container, which is made of clay, is baked in the oven, and then it becomes permanent. And what bakes that container in the oven? Brethren, our God is a consuming fire. When Christ appears in you, He is all fire and heat, and He will bake your personality and your soul, and He will give you a permanent home. He will give your spirit a permanent home in the personality and the vessel that He is appearing in. When He appears in you, you become permanent.

But every body that dies, every human body that dies, you die because your mind is death, and if your body dies, your soul dies, and your personality dies. Just that spark of life, the spirit of man or the human spirit, is reformed; it gets a new clay wrapped around it. We are told in J- -- in the -- by the prophet Jeremiah that the Lord saw the vessel, and He was not pleased with it, so He marred the vessel. He took the vessel, and He smashed the clay, and He reformed it. The soul is reformed. That which is never reformed is spirit; spirit is that which is hard, that which is permanent and that -- well, spiritually hard. It is not the rigid vessel of this soul realm, but it has the substance. Spirit has the substance; soul does not have the substance. The soul is continuously smashed and reformed, and it is the spirit that continues to path thr- -- pass through this world, the spirit, which is the dead Christ who died at the time of the fall. And He will continue to pass through this world and be reformed by different souls and bodies until the spirit is raised from the dead, and is r- -- and the spirit, which is the integral component of the mind of man, must be renewed, and the renewing of the mind is the changing over of the guards.

The human spirit, the spirit of man, right now, is formed by the carnal mind. The spirit, the human spirit, is that part of man which develops into the mind, and depending on which male spirit she joins with, she either becomes the mind of Christ or the carnal mind. So in this hour, the spirit of man is trapped in an adulterous union with Satan which has produced the carnal mind, which is death, so she must be renewed. She must be separated from Satan and the carnal mind. Who? The spirit of man must be separated from the carnal mind and joined with Christ and become a part, an integral part, of the mind of Christ; that is the renewing of the mind. It is like taking a leg that was set wrong. Your leg has to be broken. Your heart has to be broken; she has been formed wrong. She formed into death instead of life, and before the Father can give you life, He has got to separate you from death.

And this is the purpose of the judgment because ever evil and every sin that is coming out of the mind of man, which is killing man and producing this corrupt world system, is coming out of a mind which is death. And God's answer to that problem is to separate the spark of life, which is in man, from this mind of death and join her to the one who has the power to give life, and He has got to break that mind. He has got to break that carnal mind. The Old Testament, the prophets, talk all the time about something being broken to shivers, broken into pieces. What is God breaking all the time? He is breaking up a malformed mind that is in fallen man. When your mind is carnal, you cannot walk in the realm of the spirit, OK. You are crippled; you are dwarfed; you are weak. And every man on this earth who gains power illegally, through Satan's spiritual power, is a worker of witchcraft and condemned to death.

So we have two categories of people in this world aside from the Christians. I am not talking about the Christians now. Either you are weak and powerless spiritually, or you have gained power through illegal spiritual means by the spiritual power of Satan, and God is condemning you. There is only one legal power -- only one legal spiritual power in this world. There is only one spiritual power that you do not get killed for. There is only one spiritual power that raises you from the dead, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. So you have to get your carnal mind who is serving Satan broken so that your spirit can get joined to Christ and you can have all the power you want to Him, and you will live; you will not die.

So, boy, I am having [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- taking me a time to get started here. This was all the preparation for Micah. Are there any questions on what I just said, anybody? OK. You have a question?

            When you say -- does everyone have to be broken to -- does Christ have to break every vessel and reform it? Is that the case, [?everyone?]?

He has to break every carnal mind. If your mind is not carnal, you do not have to be broken.


But I do not know any --

            [?That is me?].

OK. I do not know anybody except the Lord Jesus Christ whose mind is not carnal, so that means everybody. And this is where the churchgoing Pharisees get messed up, you see. They say, well, I have not sinned; I have not committed adultery; I have never stolen in my life; I do not drink; I do not take drugs. Why do I have to go through this judgment? Because you were born dead; you were born with a mis-set leg. You were born with a carnal mind, so even if you never ever did anything wrong in your entire life, you still have a mind which 70, 80 or 90 years from now is going to kill your body. So it does not matter that you have never done any of these evil deeds. I mean, as far as life and death is concerned, it does not matter that you have not done these evil deeds; it does not matter how much doctrine you know; it does not matter what your intellectual condition is. Your mind is still dead, and you need the operation just as much as everybody else, and the Pharisees have a much harder root because they cannot -- they [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- most of them, they cannot comprehend this. They want to enter into the kingdom on the works -- on their works, and you cannot enter in on your works.

So we are going to see many Pharisees falling away in this hour, many church members who have based their righteousness on their ability to quote long passages of Scripture or to cast out demons or to heal the sick. Some have based their righteousness on going to church every Sunday, and they will refuse to submit to the breaking of their mind, and many of them will pass from this world system without conversion because, in the years to come, the -- this program of God will not be touching every human being on the face of the earth. If it is not their turn and they do not come to the Lord willingly, they might pass out of this world system. And what I am trying to say is the sons that are in the earth may not get to them to force them because it is going to take, I believe, 1,500 years to get to the whole world. So for the Pharisees who refuse to submit to the breaking, if they run from the sons, they might just pass out of this world system without conversion, but their descendants will be apprehended by the Lord.

So this sounds like a big contradiction, but in this hour, for the work that the Lord is doing now, you are better off if you are a sinner. And does the Scripture not say the drunkards and the prostitutes will enter in before the Pharisees? That -- Jesus said it. The tax collectors, the drunkards and the prostitutes, the crooks, they are going to enter into the kingdom before the so-called holy people that are not holy. They are just self-righteous. Their works are holy, but Jesus said your righteousness is as filthy rags and cannot get you into the kingdom. And the Scripture says that a lot of people that fall in this category will be going into a total rage when they see that the people, the common people, people who have been suffering, people who have -- you might even say have been bums all their life, for lack of a better word, will be entering into the kingdom before the educated men, before the churchgoers, before all the Holy Rollers, and some of them will not be able to deal with it, and they are going to lose out. And if they cannot deal with it, what is causing them to lose out? What is it?


Their pride. They will not be able to believe that they are not only not going in, but they are not going into a position of leadership. There is a lot of Pharisees today, I am told, and I have met a few. They really think because they have spent 40 years of going to church every Sunday, and they have tithed every Sunday -- and it is wonderful to tithe, but it is not going to get you into the kingdom. We all need money. Everyone in the ministry needs money, but it is not going to get you into the kingdom. They think that the fact that they do these things is going to put them in a position of leadership, and when they realized that God has raised up a new leadership that does not fit into their standards, there is going to be a rage that is going to go up in the church. Yeah?

            Did He not say the first shall be last and the last shall be first?

He did say that, yeah. So right now this changing of the guard has already begun; it is being expressed in natural events. I spoke to a Pharisee on the phone yesterday, very nice person, but they think that their righteousness is in their intellectual knowledge of doctrine, and they were saying, well, what do all of these physical signs and the weather mean, you know? It does not mean anything. There was a flood 100 years ago; now there is a flood now. It does not mean anything. It means something. It is a sign, and it is a wonder. It is an indication. It is a warning, first in the natural, and then it is coming in the spiritual.

So we have to be prepared because everyone is going to be broken, including me. That leg has to be broken and reset, so we have to ask the Lord to help us to flow with Him and work with Him and get through this thing, and there is going to be a lot of persecution for those who are standing in Christ. OK, so I am going to -- if you put that on hold, we will take a five-minute break, and [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

-- what I am going to do. Now we know that physical changes or changes that take place in our bodies or in the physical world have to have what appears to be a natural cause. This is what causes carnal men to stumble. I am told that the flood, for example, has been proved to be caused by a meteorite colliding with the earth, that threw the earth off its axis, that caused all the ice to melt from the ice age and thus flooded the world. Well, that may very well be true, but where did the meteorite come from? Lord, I [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- brethren, I suggest to you that the Lord sent the meteorite, OK.

This world that we live in, it is in a hardened condition; it is rigid. It is already taken form, so when the Lord desires to change the condition of this world, there will have to be some hardened, physical form that is going to enter into some s- - -a form of collision that is going to change things here, OK. So there is a big change coming. We are told first the natural and then the spiritual. What is changing? Does anybody remember what I said? What is changing? What is the big change?

            The [?changing of the?] guard.

The gua- -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- right, the changing of the guard, the changing of the spiritual government over this world. Now, eventually, this whole -- the formation of this whole world will be changed. I have very little information as to how or exactly when that will take place, but the corruption which is in this world, that which causes things to die, that which causes plants to die, that which causes decay in any element or aspect -- that is why your house needs to be painted. The old paint needs to be chipped off because there is death in the very atmosphere of this world. This is going to have to change as the mind of Christ, which is life, appears in the minds of men. Now I have no information as to when this will happen, whether it will be a gradual process, how it is going to happen; I do not know. I just know that the Bible says first in the natural and then in the spiritual.

And I have been told that -- by someone who read in a science magazine that our scientists claim that there is a meteorite who is moving at 40,000 miles -- which is moving at 40,000 miles a minute, headed right for Jupiter. Believe it or not, this is Jupiter. I do not really know which planet from the sun Jupiter is. This is our solar system. Anybody know the name of our solar system? It is called the Milky Way, and it is a sun. The sun that you see in the sky is a sun around which our planet -- we are the third planet. Earth is the third planet -- I know that much -- that orbits around the sun, and, I think, there is at least nine or more planets. I do not know, and I did not take the time to look it up.

And each planet has its own orbit around the sun and its own position in orbit. One planet is the first planet; one planet is the second planet. Earth is the third planet. There is Mars; there is Saturn; there is Jupiter, OK. Every one has their own orbit, and it is a miracle that our planets do not crash into one another. But there is an order in the universe, and all of these planets are circulating in their own order around the sun, and the sun exerts a gravitational pull upon each of these planets. The sun is responsible for keeping these planets in their orbit, and therefore we do not crash into each other. We are working together, all of the planets orbiting together. We are a system; we are a star system, and our sun -- I am sure it has some scientific name -- is the star around which all the planets are circulating, and we are called a solar system or a star system, solar meaning sun.

Now the whole [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- the world knows, at this point. Anyone that is into education knows that even the scientists have figured out at this point that when you have a system where everything is interrelated, if something happens to one element of the system, it must affect the entire system. The psychologists today know that this is true of the family. They call the family a system. If damage or violence is done to one member of the family, it affects the whole family. And did not -- I think, it was Paul who said, in the body of Christ, if the body of Christ stubs His toe, the finger feels it. If you hurt, I feel it because we are one system.

And those of us that are moving into -- more deeply into spiritual things, we have -- we are experiencing, severely, the pain and the distress of other people to whom we have been connected through the body of Christ, and we are learning how to deal with it without being torn down. And the ideal, of course, is that we shall know someone else's distress in the spirit but not in the emotions because, the experience their distress in our emotions, is tearing us down. To experience another person's distress in our emotions is strengthening our own carnal mind to bring us into sin, and those of us that are becoming more and more spiritual, we are experiencing other people's emotions, and our goal as we fight this war is to experience them with our mind, whereby we can help them, but to not have that distress in our emotions where it drags us down. And as we mature, this is one of the things that is happening to us, to have a spiritual knowledge but not a knowledge of experience that will hurt us or destroy us or bring us down out of Christ.

So I am told that it has been predicted by our scientists that is [?it?] -- that there is a meteorite coming at 40,000 miles a minute, headed right for Jupiter, and I am going to suggest to you that, should this collision occur, it has got to affect this earth. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? It has got to affect the earth. Now some of you may know that [?there?] -- it was prophesied by our scientists that there was a meteorite headed for the earth not too long ago and that the masses of the people were not told by our government because, if in fact that meteorite had hit, it would have been like an atom bomb. It would have been all over. There was nothing anybody could do about it, and our government made a decision not to tell the people to avoid panic and that that meteorite missed Earth by a hair. Do you remember when it was? It was just a couple of years ago, was it not? It was very recently, missed the earth by a hair, would have been utter devastation for the whole planet. And now we see a meteorite headed for Jupiter, and it is destined to contact this year in July, OK.

Now it is interesting because some of us know that there are prophecies going around the church about great events happening, beginning in April, June, and now we have a date in July. There is a prophecy that came out of California. I believe that it is of God, that we are going to see great signs and wonders beginning to occur in the earth in April. And for those of you that do not know, the power of God flows like the sea; it flows in at high tide, and it ebbs out. And right now we see the power of God that is available in the world ebbing out. People who have been in the church for a period of years with any kind of seasoning at all will tell you that the available power of God to heal and deliver or work miracles is at a low point. People that have been healed by the power of God now have to go to doctors.

Now that does not mean that God cannot heal you if He wants to. I am talking about a corporate outpouring of the power of God, that all you have to do is walk through it, and you are healed. Those of us that have a relationship with the Lord will never, Lord willing, lose our contact with Him and our privilege of calling upon Him to heal us and our -- also our privilege of having Him heal us, in fact heal us. I am talking about a corporate outpouring that touches everybody, whether you have repented or whether you have not repented. You pass through it, and you get healed. It was on this earth. It is been on this earth periodically. They are called revivals; they are called visitations of the Lord, time periods where the power of God is just flowing continuously, and everybody that it touched gets blessed. I have heard stories of people have the fillings in their teeth turn to gold just from passing through this, cripples getting up out of their wheelchair and just walking away, no repentance. You just walk through it, and it touched you, the miracle-working outpouring of the Lord Jesus Christ by His Spirit.

Well, that was when it was flowing in; now it is flowing out, and anybody that knows anything about the church world at all knows that this miracle-working outpouring is at an all -- not an all-time low but in -- compared to the wave when it came in, they will tell you the wave is pulling out. It is real hard to find a corporate outpouring of the power of God today, but, brethren, when the wave pulls out, what it means is that the next wave is getting ready to come in, but there is a period of time.

You see, men suffer. We have that one to 1,000 reconciliation ratio that can be very painful to a human being who has a need. If you have a need, and the doctor tells you, you need an operation and that corporate outpouring is not present and you have to go in and have your body cut open, that is painful for you. So we are down here, we humans, and we are dependent; we are spiritually dependent. We are all spiritual women. We cannot keep our own soul alive; we cannot heal our own bodies. We need a husband who has the power to keep us safe from the devastating forces of darkness down here in Hell.

So we have had -- there is -- this prophecy is going around the church, and I have a witness to it in my spirit. That miracle-working power is about to start flowing in April, sometime in April. I think that it very well is true. So those of you who have problems, physical problems, emotional problems, whatever your problem might be, if you have been waiting for many years and you have not been healed, I encourage you to restrain your bitterness against God and ask Him to help you to obtain a correct attitude, which would be I hope this is true. Instead of spending all your energy on being angry at God for not healing you over these last years, look up and say maybe this is true, that this mighty outpouring, this new wave of God will be coming as soon as April, and maybe I will get my healing then.

Remember, any mind that accuses God or judges Him unfair or unrighteous is a mind lifted up in pride; it is a criminal mind. You have got to rise up and resist because -- well, it will not get you anything with God except judgment. At least try. At least tell the Lord that you know that it is in you, that you cannot control it, but that there is a criminal element in you that hates Him, but there is also something in you that does not hate Him, and to save you from yourself.

Paul says that there are those who oppose themselves. What does that mean? It means that we are two people. It means that we are fallen, but there is also something in us that has been touched by the power of God that we know that that which [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- that which is raging in us is not of God. We are split; we are opposing ourselves. And that which is in us which is raging against God is causing the judgments of God to fall upon us and killing all of us, including the part of us that is saying I know that is wrong, but I am powerless to do anything about it.

So all that you could do is declare unto God the truth, that you acknowledge your guilt or the guilt of your soul or the guilt of your carnal mind, and acknowledge that you are powerless to do anything about it, and therefore He shall be your savior. Did you ever wonder what we need to be saved from? Ourselves because we are dying because of our corrupt minds.

So the weaker you are, the more likely He is to be your savior, but if you have so much pride that you cannot confess your weakness, or if you would rather agree with your pride that God is unrighteous because He has not healed you, you have got a real problem because you cannot treat the Lord like that. You cannot tell Him Your bad and You did me wrong and force Him to heal you. You must humble yourself and acknowledge that He is God and that you are the worm and that you need Him and that you are grateful for the opportunity to even ask for His favor because you would not even be breathing if it was not for Him. It shows that He has mercy on the wicked as well as the righteous, or we would not even be breathing. We should have been wiped out centuries ago, humanity, for our spiritual sins and our sins against one another, our violence against one another, should have been wiped out centuries ago. It is the grace of God that He is keeping us alive until that final healing wave comes in which will not just heal individuals of crippling diseases or emotional diseases but will raise the whole creation from the dead. That is why He has kept us alive.

If anyone ever t- -- asks you or if you have ever asked why is this God keeping us in this horrible, painful, condition -- He must be a monster -- the answer is that He has chosen not to destroy us for our sin but to keep us in a painful hospital bed -- if you can see it, see it -- until that new drug comes in, which is His own -- very own life which is going to raise us from the dead. He has chosen not to wipe us out, but that one to 1,000 reconciliation ratio has caused some distress down here in Hell. Hallelujah.

So you say, why did He not wipe us out and start all over again? The reason He did not wipe us out and start all over again is that the Lord is making a creation which is not going to be a robot. The Lord is making a creation that is going to walk, talk, think and be the full expression of God in His own right, not a servant the Scripture says, but a Son. Therefore the Father could give us His life, but we must grow up into it and become everything He is. Just as if you bear a child in the natural, you give that child all of your physical genes; you give that child all of your mental genes. Let us say you are a genius and that child is tested. He is not a business tycoon or a doctor or a millionaire lawyer until he goes to school and gets his degree and gets experience and takes everything that you have given him, plus his experience, and becomes all that he is, and that is what God is doing with us. He is making a Son; He is bringing forth His Son.

So if He wipes us out -- see, what happened to us was God gave us everything that He had, and then He said, all right, go to school; do your thing; get your experience, and be My Son, and we messed up. Our original ancestor, Adam, messed up, and the Father has promised us that He was testing our ancestor, you see. And He said, Adam, if you pass the test and you do not die, I will give you everything; you will inherit everything that I am. You will be my full-fledged Son without ever having a bad experience, but if you do mess up, if you make a mistake and you slip, I am only going to let it happen once, one slip. You can only die once, and then you are going to have your experiences in Hell instead of in heaven. But when I raise you from the dead, you will never slip again. You will be my son forever, for the life of the ages, for all eternity.

That is why He did not wipe us out. If He wiped us out and started from the beginning again, the next Son that He formed, the next time He tried it might very well have fallen into the same mess. So instead of keeping on trying and trying and trying and trying until God formed a Son -- and it may never have happened -- until God formed a Son who had all of the inheritance of God, but also the negativity [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

-- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] of the earth. Let me back up a little. Now, remember, God made a creation that was going to appear. Just like an atom, it had negative and positive poles. In order for the creation to appear, it had to be negative and positive. So we see a being, a Son with all of the positive qualities of God, plus the negative qualities of the earth which are making the creation visible. And the Father said to the man, positive -- let your positive qualities, which are from Me, rule over the negative qualities of the earth. Rule the two-sided creation; rule the two-charged creation; rule the two-horned creation. Rule the creation with two spiritual powers, one positive and one negative. Line them up under the positive authority.

And Adam failed; he failed. It was like holding onto two reins of the horse, and he let go, and the horse took off. He lost his control; Adam lost his control. He lost his rulership; he lost his authority, and now the horse is riding him. So the Lord said, instead of doing this over and over and over and over -- and I may never form a creation where the Son is going to hold onto the reins of that horse without dying. He said, now that you are dead, I am not going to throw you away, but I am going to raise you from the dead in a condition whereby you will never lose hold of those reins again.

And just in case anybody is misunderstanding my words and thinking that I am saying God is not capable of making a perfect creation, I am not saying that. God is capable of making a perfect, robot creation, but that is not what He wants. He wants a Son who is going to be God in His own right, having used everything He inherited and gone out and lived and experienced and ruled, and God cannot do that for us any more than you could do it for your children. You take your baby; you stand him on his feet, and you say, walk, sonny. You cannot walk for him. You say, talk, sonny. This is cat; this is dog; this is flower. Talk, sonny. You cannot talk for him; you cannot take his exams for him; you cannot marry for him; you cannot eat for him. And that is what this is all about. That is why we are down here in Hell. That is [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- because He is going to raise us from the dead in an experienced form that will never lose hold of the reins again, but our problem is the one to 1,000 reconciliation ratio and the darkness which is on man's mind.

So we have -- it is been prophesied, signs and wonders coming in April. I encourage you not to be bitter towards God but to praise Him and say I hope it is true; maybe I will get my healing in this outpouring. And we have a date of June 9th, 1994. The prophecy says -- that came out of California, that the evil will be ripped out of the earth on June 9th, 1994. Now the question is what does that mean. Do not let your carnal mind go off in a gallop. Ask yourself whose earth the evil is going to be ripped out of. It may mean the manifestation of the first few sons who will have their carnal minds placed under the authority of Christ. I doubt that it would be anything more than that, but, of course, I do not know.

And now we have a date of July of a tremendous upheaval in our own solar system that would have to affect this whole world. Now would it not be something if the first group of the sons manifested on June 9th and simply the very vibration of the manifestation of a mind of Christ without measure operating continuously in this earth realm from June 9th on could bring this meteorite right into a crash with Jupiter? You see, the mind of Christ is manifesting now. It is not in full stature. It is not without measure. What has raised up this meteorite in the first place? I do not know, maybe it is the mind of Christ that is operating in the earth right now.

But the bottom line is that, if this meteorite hits, there could be physical repercussions [?in our?] -- on our planet. And we know that something had to send the meteorite, and we know that judgment is headed right for this earth, starting with the church at the elders thereof. Judgment is coming, and it is coming out of the mind of Christ which is already appearing, so look up and rejoice. If you are afraid, you have to rebuke it. Just tell the Lord you want to be on the upside of this experience. Brethren, you have to believe that God could keep you. If you cannot believe it, ask Him to give you belief. He can keep you right in the middle of a cataclysm.

I am telling you, I saw -- God showed it to me on TV. They interviewed a man who lives in Los Angeles. He and his whole family was visiting -- were visiting in New York at the time of the earthquake. They did not have a scratch on them, and not only that, when he called home, out of all the homes that were devastated, his house was standing. Do not you tell me that man did not have a spiritual protector. God is capable of keeping you no matter what is swirling around you, and if you cannot believe that, you have got a problem. You have to cry out to God. Ask Him to build your faith, and confess that your lack of faith is sin. How can God bless you if you do not have faith? If you do not have it, ask Him for it; at least, ask Him for it.


 Well, I am going to try and preach this message. I am having a little trouble getting started this morning, but we are supposed to be in Micah 3. Praise the Lord. It is a short chapter.

"And I said, Hear, I pray you, O heads of Jacob, and ye princes of the house of Israel; Is it not for you to know judgment? You who hate the good, and love the evil; who [?bluck?] -- pluck off their skin from them -- from off of them, and their flesh from off their bones; who also eat the flesh of my people, and flay their skin from off them; and they break their bones, and chop them in pieces, as for the pot, and as flesh within the caldron."

"They shall cry unto the Lord, but He will not hear them: He will even hid His face from them at that time, as they have behaved themselves ill in their doings. Thus said the Lord conte- -- concerning the prophets that make my people err, that bite with their teeth, and company, Peace; and he that putteth not into their mouths, they even prepare war against him."

"Therefore night shall be unto you, that ye shall not have a vision; and it shall be dark unto you, that ye shall not divine; and the sun shall go down over the prophets, and the day shall be dark over them. Then shall the seers be ashamed, and the diviners confounded: yea, they shall all cover their lips; for there is no answer of God."

"But truly I am full of power by the spirit of the Lord, and of judgment, and of might, to declare unto Jacob his transgression, and to Israel his sin. Hear this, I pray you, ye heads of the house of Jacob, and princes of the house of Israel, that abhor judgment, and pervert all equity."

"They build up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity. The heads thereof judge for reward, and the priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money: yet will they lean upon the Lord, and say, Is not the Lord among us? None evil can come upon us.  Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high place."

Well, it seems that Micah chapter 3 is directed towards the prophets in Israel, the heads of the house. That is speaking about the pastors in the churches and the prophets, the spiritual leaders and the carnal leaders of the church. And the Scripture says judgment is coming. It is starting at the house of the Lord, beginning with the elders thereof. And as I told you, I believe that something is happening in the spirit as this message is preached, and we know this has been going on for weeks already, that judgment has been falling, in particular, upon the element of the church that is preaching the false message, that element of the church which has captured the group of God's people that are lifted up in pride, saying, no, this judgment will never touch us. I have an intellectual understanding of this doctrine, and for whatever other reason they justify themselves.

And an answer to your question, every head must be broken because every head has a carnal mind, or every head is a carnal mind, and it does not matter what you understand or what you know or what you do or how smart you are or how much money you have or how spiritual you are. As long as your mind is carnal, it must be broken, and the prophets and the teachers that are teaching otherwise are coming under judgment, and that judgment will continue to intensify until God utterly discredits them in the eyes of the people and removes them from their position of authority.

Now God has never given them authority. Well, that is not true. Some of these preachers that are preaching the false message, God did give them authority, and they have fallen away. We had a message Thursday night. God gave me the message, and He gave me the name. There is leprosy in the house, a man who has fed the church of God for many years with excellent teaching has developed leprosy. His doctrine has become perverted, and that is happening all over the country. Some of them were never appointed by God; some of them were appointed of God and have fallen into unfaithfulness. And we will find out here that there is usually one of three reasons, if not all three, why these teachers fall into faithfulness: power, money and pride. They want power; they want money, and their own pride will not admit the truth that they too need to have their head broken.

OK, so let us try this. Verse 1, "And I said, Hear, I pray you, O heads of Jacob, and ye princes of the house of Israel; Is it not for you to know judgment?" Please note that the -- Jacob has a head and -- or heads, and Israel has princes. Jacob -- some of you may know that Jacob -- his name was changed to Israel when he entered into a relationship with the Lord, so for all intents and purposes, Jacob and Israel are the same person. But the Lord has shown that, in this Scripture, Jacob is the name used to describe the natural church, and Israel is the name to describe the spiritual church.

So we see that Jacob has heads; the natural church has ministers, pastors, evangelists. The church world will tell you that these men typify the fivefold ministry spoken about in the Book of Ephesians, but I declare unto you that is not true, that the fivefold ministry, prophets, pastors, apostles, evangelists and teachers described in the Book of Ephesians is -- all of those offices are in the sons. They are in Christ; all of those offices are in Christ. If you are preaching or teaching or ministering in any way out of your natural ability as a natural man, you may have taken that title, but you are not fulfilling the office as it appears in the Book of Ephesians. It has to be that office flowing out of the mind of Christ in you for you to be fulfilling the fivefold ministry prophesied in the Book of Ephesians, and if it is in fact Christ in you, you will be manifesting all five offices.

Now you can be ministering in Christ and have not yet matured to a place where you are manifesting all five offices, but if it truly is Christ in you that is manifesting only as a teacher, for example, if it truly is Christ, then it is God's will. And eventually you will mature into all of the other offices, one at a time, as God leads you and trains you and teaches you, and you do not need a denomination to lead you and teach you and train you. Now if the Lord should send you to a denomination, if He should you to a formal Bible school, if He should, well, then you go.

But you do not let any man tell you that you need any credentials from man whatsoever to minister in the spiritual ministry of Christ because your only credentials are what? Chri- -- the anointing of Christ. You can have all kinds of degrees, brethren. If you do not have the anointing, you might as well shut it down because you cannot do anything of His Spirit without Him. And if you have no knowledge and no experience at all, if you have Him, you can do all things in Christ, which strengthens you, but you have to go through the training. Sometimes that is not easy, but He can make you into anything He wants you to be, and it is the way of the Lord to look at somebody who is totally untrained, totally -- almost incompetent in a particular area and say to them, I pronounce you king; I pronounce you prophet; I pronounce you minister. And the person looks up and says, what? That had to be a false prophecy. And then the judgments start falling, which are going to mold you into the office that the Lord has called you to.

And I remind you of our recent series on Elijah. Jehovah appointed Jehu king of Israel, 15 years. You know, I do not know how old Jehu was, but I do not think he could have been an old man. At the time that he was given over to be king of Israel, the average king was about 30, 25, 30, so that means, when Jehovah said to Elijah, go and appoint Jehu king over Israel, there is a good chance that Jehu was about 15 years old, maybe only 10. Can you hear this? Jehu was a man of God, just a servant of God living in Israel at the time. And at the exact moment that the Lord called, the prophet went to Jehu, poured oil over his head, anointed him, prophesied over him and said, thus says the Lord; you have been chosen to be king of Israel. Now you go kill the king that is sitting on the throne.

Can you imagine someone saying that to you? Can you imagine being in church one Sunday, and someone comes in, even if you actually discerned the anointing of Christ upon him? And he takes you in the back. He says, I want to talk to you, and he pours a vial of oil over your head and says thus says the Lord; you are to be president of the Unites States. Go kill the president. I mean, can you imagine somebody saying this to you? Every time -- of course, we do not do things like that in this hour; we have a democracy here. God is not killing the president. Oh, God, if anybody lays hold of my words -- God is not killing the president, OK.

But what God is doing is gathering up some people and saying, thus saith the Lord, you are the new fivefold ministry, and I am taking down that existing harlot ministry that is calling themselves the true ministry of Christ, and they are not. They are telling the people that this is the ministry of Christ, and it is not. That is what God is doing in this hour. He is unseating the king that is on the throne of the church, and the warfare is in the spirit, and part of the warfare, if not the whole warfare, is preaching the truth as Christ brings it forth by His Spirit, in His perfect timing. And I have been telling you here for years, you have got to give up your own ways. You cannot promote the kingdom of God with your own strength. You are going to see it in this chapter. Because, if you try, that makes you one of the false ministry.

Now we have printed some books around here. Now if God told you to send them out, that is wonderful, and I do not know that He did not. But you examine yourself because if you gave those books to one person that God did not tell you to give them to, you are building the kingdom in your own strength, and you are working against His developing sonship in you. He has to be in full charge. If you are trying to convert people in your own power, if you are pressuring them, if you are after them, it is not Christ. Well, if it should be Christ, then they will come. If it is Christ, it is OK, but you better check it out.

You cannot -- He does not want you building His kingdom with your carnal strength. He does not want it, and you are no good to Him if you are going to be doing your own thing. If you are a horse that is galloping off to the left when He wants to go to the right, you are no good to Him at all. If you are busy alienating somebody that He has His eye on because you are trying to force them to come to your meetings or to read your books or do something and you are alienating and they are turning away from you because it is grievous to them, your pressure on them, it means you are working against His purposes in their life, and He cannot use you, brethren.

And what is more, if God has in fact told you to give out these books or do whatever you are doing with them, it makes no difference whatsoever whether the person you give them to thinks they are right or not. It makes no difference whatsoever. If they want to tell you that they agree with your doctrine, that is fine, but it should not have any effect on you at all. Because if it has an effect on you, what will you do when they tell you they think it is wrong? Then you are engaged in a warfare that is wasting your time. God tells you to give it out; you give it out. It does not matter whether they think it is right or not, OK. Of course, on the other hand, if they do agree with your doctrine, it is nice to know that someone agrees with your doctrine, but it should not be an essential point at all, cannot be, OK. You have to be answerable only to God.

So we see -- we are back in verse 1 -- that natural Israel and, of course, the Israel of today is the church, so the church has leaders, mostly pastors and evangelists out there today. And teachers -- they will call themselves teachers, but that Israel, the spiritual church, has princes, excuse me. And the Hebrew word translated prince means military leader or commander, so that means -- what the Lord is saying to us here is that He has carnal people in the pulpit, but He also has spiritual men in the pulpit. Brethren, there are spiritual men all over the church world today that hear from God, or at least one time they heard from God, men with the gifts of the Spirit, men with the anointing of the Holy Ghost that have or had a relationship. We are going to find out they are going to be losing it. They have a relationship with the Lord, and they are the princes over the spiritual church.

Brethren, we have a carnal church, all the mainline denominations. They are dead as this wood, but they go to church every Sunday; they acknowledge Jesus as their savior, and He honors it. As they stand there and recite, "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed by thy" -- He honors it, and they have heads. But the spiritual church, the church that is moving in the spirit, they have princes; they have spiritual men over them, OK.

And the Lord is speaking, in verse 1, to both the heads of the carnal church and to the spiritual leaders of the spiritual church. And He says to them, is it not right for you to know judgment? The Hebrew word translated judgment means legal cause or justice. You know, there are laws, spiritual laws, written on the book of this world system. God has placed them there. There is such a thing as righteousness. God knows when your rights have been denied to you, when you have been abused, when you have been transgressed, and these things happen in the spirit.

The true Israel is supposed to be interceding for the widows and the orphans, brethren. The widows are every human being in a male or female body who is not married to Christ, OK, and the orphans in this world is every human child. You could be a spiritual child; you could be 50 years old but childish in spiritual things, with regard to spiritual things. If you are being abused in this world because you are childishly in -- childish in a spiritual condition or because, emotionally, you really just never grew up -- we have a whole country full of people that, emotionally, have not matured, and you do not have enough of a relationship with Christ to be getting your needs met. Those who are elders, those who are true princes in Israel are supposed to be interceding. You may have an opportunity to counsel the person, but you may not. They may never even know that you prayed for them. You may be praying for people that do not even know you, but you are supposed to be standing for righteousness, and it is not happening, or it is only happening in small pockets of the church today.

The princes of the church are judging out of their carnal mind. They are looking at a situation with someone who is a widow or an orphan in the spirit, has not been treated pop- -- properly, and they are judging the complaint with their carnal mind, and God is rebuking them. God is rebuking the rulers of the natural church and of the spiritual church, and He says, have I not called you to do justice? Now why would the rulers of the church not do justice? For their own greedy motives, brethren. Sometimes it is for money, but sometimes it is because of their own pride. Do you know that sometimes rulers in the church will not speak righteousness because they are guilty of the same sin that is being exposed in another person? Do you know that if a member of the congregation comes to a pastor and complains, that sometimes the pastor does not judge righteously and call the person who is wrong, wrong, based on the righteousness of Christ because that pastor has the same sin in his own heart?

You see, we have a lot of people in the church today that are corrupt, ministers that are corrupt. They will not judge righteously for money. Well, we know about them, OK, but right now God is really zeroing in on the people in this church who will not be bought for money. You cannot buy them for any gift, but they are stumbling because of the pride in their own heart. And when it comes to judge righteous judgment, to say this one is wrong and that one is right, they will not judge accurately because they have the same pride in their heart as the person who has sinned against this other widow or orphan.

We are dealing with the hidden sins of the heart in this hour, and a lot of people cannot recognize these sins in their heart. So when a true son recognizes pride in the heart of a man and goes to that person and says, look, what you just said -- you know, I know you are not aware of it, but you just said something that hurt somebody. It was very subtle; you need spiritual eyes to see it and spiritual eyes to hear it, but I am telling you, it is the operation of pride in your heart. And some ministers will not do it because they have the same sin of pride as the person who had pride that sinned against some innocent one in the congregation. [?And?], Lord, I need an example for these people.

You know, people hurt each other sometimes, brethren. They say cruel remarks, and then they tell you I was just kidding, or I did not mean it. Oh, you took it the wrong way. But the truth is, in their heart was envy, or the truth of -- in their heart was some manifestation of pride trying to take authority over that person. That is what I am talking about, and in this hour, the hidden sins of man's heart are being exposed. This is the breaking up of your carnal mind. The sin must be exposed, and it is the minister's job, when it is called to his attention, to go to the person who has manifested this sin, this hidden sin that he is saying is not there, and point it out to them. And the ministers today, many of them are not doing it because how could you point out somebody's sin when you are doing the same thing? You cannot do it. I am telling you that you have no power to do it. I am telling you from personal experience, that there is a spirit of righteousness that comes upon you to point out somebody's sin, and that spirit of righteousness is not there when you are in the same sin.

Now I went to a church where the minister was in adultery, and I did not know it, and adultery was breaking out all over the congregation, and I was so upset that he was not saying one word about it, never occurred to my silly brain, my simple brain, that he was doing the same thing. And I prayed, and I prayed, and I prayed, and the Lord -- right in the middle of my prayer, the Lord had him call me up, and we got into a conversation over it. And I found out, and I will not take the time on this message. He could not rebuke them. He was I do not the same thing. He had no power to correct them. The -- you cannot just go around correcting people's sins; you need a spiritual strength to do it, and it is a spiritual strength that arises only out of righteousness. He did not have the strength to do it because he was in the same place.

So we see the princes in the church today not bringing correction with regard to the hidden sins of the heart because their heart is filled with hidden sins. That is what this is saying here. So the Lord is saying to the leaders of the carnal church and the leaders of the spiritual church, is it not your job to point out sin? He is saying to the natural church, it is your job to point out natural sin, and the church is filled with homosexuals. They are putting them in the pulpit. They are saying fornication is OK. The men in the pulpit of the natural church are saying that all kinds of sin is all right; do your thing. Is that not true, in large areas of the church?

And the princes of the spiritual church are not judging the hidden sins because their heart is filled with sin. And the Lord is saying, I thought I put you in the pulpit to expose sin and to teach the people righteousness. Why? Because sin kills them. Sin is killing my people, and I want them to know that this is wrong, and it is producing death in their life. I want them to live, and you are not doing it. I thought that was why I put you in the pulpit. That is what He is saying. Something is wrong with this picture.

Verse 2 -- well, let me read verse 1 again. "And I said, Hear, I pray you, O heads of Jacob, and ye princes of the house of Israel; Is it not for you to manifest judgment?" You are supposed to be judging righteous judgment in my church. "You who hate the good," verse 2, "and love the evil; who pluck off the skin of the people from them, and their flesh from off their bones." Well, that is some pretty heavy indictment to the existing ministry. He says you hate good, and you love evil, and I want to tell you, today it is happening. They hate the e- -- they love the evil. They are putting the sinners in the pulpit, and they are telling anyone who is standing for righteousness that you are evil. Are they not? Why is your face scrunching up? Yes, that is what they are saying.

If you are against what God declares to be sin, the country today, the existing the government, the politically correct movement, which includes many of the ministers, are telling you, you are bigoted; you are narrow, and you are wrong. Those who are standing for the righteousness as it appears in this word of God are being condemned for being ignorant and narrow.

They are teaching our children to experiment with homosexuality. Now this has gone way beyond saying that homosexuality is wrong because our government has said it is OK to be a homosexual. Now they are teaching it in the schools and encouraging young boys t- -- and young girls to try it, and from what I have heard, things are really severe. The kids are really being hurt. Nine years old, they are experimenting with homosexuality, so this is the result of not calling it sin when it was between two consenting adults. For all the people that said, well, it is two -- it is between two consenting adults. It is OK; leave them alone, which God says otherwise. It has now degenerated to infiltrating our schools, and we have 9-year-old boys being taught it and encouraged to try it. That is what is going on today, and the girls too.

And I do not see God indicting the government here; I see Him indicting the heads of the church. That is what I see. And He says to these pastors, you eat the flesh of my people, and you flay their skin from off of them. The Hebrew word translated "flay" means to extend or spread out, and the phrase "off of them" means from upon them. Now -- oh, I am sorry. I am in the wrong place.

We are in verse 2. "Who hate the good, and love the evil; who pluck off their skin from them, and their flesh from off their bones." The Hebrew word translated pluck means to take away by fraud or injustice. The Hebrew word translated skin means a covering, and the flesh typifies the soul, and the bones typify the spirit. What I want to suggest to you the prophet is saying here is that you are dissolving the mind of Christ in Israel; you are dissolving the mind of Christ in the church.

Now, remember, those who have come unto the church, those who are honoring God in the only way they know how, there is a temporary formation of the mind of Christ in them. It is not permanent; they could lose it. But there is a joining between the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ and their human spirit which raises up a second mind in them. They are born in the carnal mind, but this relationship with Jesus Christ raises up a second mind in them. And the Lord is indicting the pastors of the churches, and He is saying, because you are not preaching the truth, because you are not preaching righteousness, this mind of Christ, which has been raised up in these people's mind, is dissolving.

And as we have been finding out here recently, the message that God has given to the prophets is this gospel of perfection. The wh- -- all of the prophets that speak in this parable form, when you start getting the revelation of what they are saying, what they are really talking about is the carnal mind versus the mind of Christ, the spirit of man joining with Satan, forming the carnal mind which is raised up, and then the tearing down or the breaking up of that carnal mind, that the spirit of man can join with Christ so that the mind of Christ can be formed, and this is the warfare.

There are two male spirits in humanity. Of course, in relationship to Christ, Satan is female, but for all intents and purposes, there are two spirits in humanity fighting to form their mind in every individual. That is what it is all about, brethren. It is not about going to church on Sunday. It is about which spirit is going to manifest his mind in you and which mind is going to rule through you, think through you, reason through you, judge through you and order the behavior that you do. Which mind is it going to be?

And there is a continuous rising and falling of either mind in this world system for the last 2,000 years. Prior to 2,000 years ago, there was only one mind, except an isolated incidence in -- outside of Israel. There was just the carnal mind, but since the Lord Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, there is now a new mind. There is new -- now a new spiritual power base in the earth. There is now a new source of power available to men, and that new source of power is engaged in a continuous warfare with the existing establishment of spiritual power, which is Satan's government, and it operates in the individual mind of man.

And if Jesus Christ has touched you in any way, He is at war with your carnal mind and with the powers and principalities of this world system to erect His mind in you. And when the Lord Jesus Christ erects His mind in you, it -- the first thing it does is try to kill your carnal mind, but your carnal mind does not like that. He is trying to kill Christ, and this is the war. It is a continuous up and down, up and down, up and down. Who is ruling in your mind today?

So the prophet Micah is indicting Israel and saying to the pastors -- and this is true for the church today -- it is your job to form the mind of Christ in these people. How is the mind of Christ formed?


How is the mind of Christ formed? The mind of Christ is formed when that spirit of man has contact with the Spirit of Jesus Christ. And how do you have contact with the Spirit of Jesus Christ? How are we saved? By the foolishness of --


-- preaching. You have got to hear the word, and you have got to hear the truth of God's word, by His Spirit. And the Lord is saying to the pastors, you are not doing it; you are preaching this junk that is coming out of your carnal mind. And because you are preaching this junk that is coming out of your carnal mind, it is not the mind of Christ that is being formed in them, but it is the mind of the spirit that you are preaching by, and his name is Satan. You are forming the carnal mind in them, and any manifestation of Christ which was ever in them is dissolving. That is what He is saying. Get this thing over here. Nope, we are not too set up today, OK.

It is dissolving. You hate the good, and you love the evil, and you pluck off their skin from off of them. You are taking away this mind of Christ. And what is the skin? The skin is an exterior member which holds everything in. It is that which holds the mind of Christ together, so you are plucking off their skin from their mind. Thank you. You are plucking off their skin, and you are taking the flesh off from their bones.

Now I am not going to into the basics here. We know from many studies that bone typifies spirit, and flesh typifies soul. You are separating the soul from the spirit. Now what does that mean? Let me just put it on the board for you again. What the prophet is saying is that you are renewing these people's minds downward to the carnal mind, so let us just go over the renewing of the mind. Here, we have a mind here. We draw it as a circle for lack of anything better, and the human spirit is at the center of our mind. She marries a male spirit. In the case of the carnal mind, that male spirit is Satan, and she bears a mind. The spirit of man, which is female, she joins with a male spirit, Satan, and she bears or brings forth the mind in that man, so this is a diagram of the carnal mind.

So we see, in a man that has -- that is introduced to Christ, she is touched by somebody's preaching. The Holy Spirit or the seed of the Father touches the human spirit of a man that is sitting under this kind of teaching, and now she has a second husband. That is why the Scripture calls her a harlot; she is adulterous. She has two husbands. She joins with the Holy Spirit besides her union with Satan, and she brings forth a second child, and that second child is the mind of Christ. So we see the Holy Spirit being extended. If this is Lord Jesus Christ over here and this is Satan over here, the -- our human spirit, the spirit of man which is female, is intimately tied to the two men that are waging war against each other in this world system.

And she has two children, and we are told about this in the Book of Galatians. One is the child of promise, Christ. Promise of what? The promise of the resurrection from the dead, and the other child is the child of the bondwoman. And what is to happen to the child of the bondwoman? Somebody --

            Cast out.

She is to be cast out, absolutely. Cast out of who? Cast out of where? Cast out of your mind, cast out of you. This carnal mind is an illegitimate child of Satan. Satan has brought forth his child into this creation. But before the child of the bondwoman can be cast out, Christ must be fully matured in us to the point that He can sustain the existence of your human person. If the Father casts out the carnal mind before Christ is mature enough to sustain your existence, you shall die. So for a season, Jesus said, let the wheat and the tares abide in the garden because, if you rip out the tares, you will destroy the wheat also. That is what Jesus was speaking about.

So we see in Micah 3, the prophet is indicting the pastors in the carnal church and in the spiritual church for dissolving the mind of Christ or renewing the mind of Christ downward, back to the carnal mind. Everybody understanding that? OK. Now what they are supposed to be doing is taking carnally-minded people and renewing the mind of that person upward to the mind of Christ. [?But let us say?] that is not what you are doing; you are renewing it downward back to the carnal mind. [?He says?] I thought that I put you in the pulpit to preach righteousness so that Christ would be formed in the people; you are doing the exact opposite. That is what He is saying, and He expresses it by saying you hate the good; you love the evil, and you pluck off their skin from them, and you take -- you separate the soul from the spirit. You are just destroying the mind of Christ and separating the s- -- their soul from the Spirit of Christ.

And then we see in verse 3, he says to them, and you are building their carnal mind. It is in verse 3. And you also eat the flesh of My people, and you flay their skin from off of them. Now if you look at that, verse 3 sounds very much like verse 2. You wonder, why is the prophet repeating himself? Because in verse 2, he is saying you are dissolving the mind of Christ, and in verse 3, he is saying you are building the carnal mind. That is what he is saying.

Now check this out: In verse 2, he says you pluck off their skin; in verse 3, he says you flay their skin. Now plucking means to take away; you are taking away the mind of Christ by fraud or injustice. But in verse 3, He says you flay their skin; you extend or spread out their [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- Christ. You pluck [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- the carnal mind, you pluck away the mind of Christ, and you are spreading out or expanding the carnal mind. That is what he is saying, and a different Hebrew word is used. You flay it off of them.

And you break their bones, and you chop them in pieces. You break their bones, now what does that mean? Breaking the bones of Christ, we spent many, many teachings on that, breaking the bones of Christ. Christ is a mind, and when He dies, or even when He is -- not when He dies. M- -- Christ is a mind that has three parts to it, and He takes formation. He forms, and the expression that the Scripture uses is that His bones form; His Spirit forms. And when you tear down that Spirit, you break up His bones. That is God's expression.

The mind of Christ is formed by the Lord Jesus Christ or the Spirit of Christ and the spirit of man and the mind of Christ, which is formed; those are the three parts to the mind of Christ. And when you break that apart -- for what purpose would you break it apart? So that the human spirit can join with Satan and form the carnal mind. When you break it apart, the Scripture says you have broken My people's bones. Now everybody reading this prophet knows, and everyone knows in the church today that the ministers are not physically breaking people's bones. What is this -- what are they talking about? What is Micah talking about? He is talking about the bones of their mind. You are dissolving the Christ mind in them, and you are forming the carnal mind in the very church that I have established you to build Christ in them, treachery.

That is how God sees it, treachery. And when -- if you read the Old Testament, the history books of the Old Testament, you very frequently hear the kings crying treachery when the other king comes to take away their throne, treachery. This is very serious, you know. If you have eyes that cannot see it, you may think that this is funny, but this is really happening in the realm of the spirit. Every time any single human being has, at any time for any length of time, had the mind of Christ formed in them and then someone whom God has given authority to strengthen that Christ speaks out of his carnal mind and tears down the [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

We are still in verse 3, and the Lord is indicting the pastors of the carnal church and the spiritual church, saying you are spreading out their skin; you are flaying it. And, of course, it says in the King James, "You flay their skin off of them," but the Hebrew does not say "off of them." It says "from upon them," so it means you are spreading out the borders of the carnal mind on them, upon them. And they break their bones; they are breaking up the bones of Christ, and they are chopping them in pieces. The Hebrew word translated chop, it is Strong's 6566. It also means to expand or spread out. Now the word flay means to expand or spread out; the word chop means to expand or spread out.

And then a -- one more word means to expand or spread out also. And they break their bones; they spread them out; they chop them in pieces; they spread them out, "as for the pot, and as flesh within the cauldron." This word flesh in verse 3 is a different Hebrew word, flesh, than in verse 2; it is Strong's 7320, and it means to exalt oneself, to rise up. And I declare to you what the Scripture is saying, you are causing the carnal mind to exalt itself and rise up. So verse 2 talks about the tearing down of Christ, and verse 3 talks about the building up of the carnal mind, and the two verses in English sound very similar.

Now I did not have time to do any Alternate Translations for you, so I would just like to go over this again. Of course, the word pot, in the Hebrew, the word -- well, let me deal with boil first. I went past that one. "And chop them in pieces, as for the pot," and the pot, if you look that word up in the Hebrew, it typifies boiling, and I remind you that one of the Levitical sacrifices is to build the carcass. And when we did a word-by-word study in Daniel 7, we found out that boiling is the method by which -- or at least one of the methods by which our car- -- our human spirit shall be freed from Satan, OK. Boiling is the method that will free our human spirit in the unconscious mind.

Now our human spirit is joined in the unconscious mind to Satan, in the conscious mind to the carnal mind, so the Lord is taking a rod, and He is breaking to pieces the soul from the spirit, the unconscious mind being the spirit and the conscious mind being the soul, separating the soul from the spirit. And then when God deals with the spirit, which is our human spirit joined to Satan in the unconscious realm, the way He is getting her free is how? I just said it. How is He getting her free?

            Boil [?her?].

He is going to boil her. The unconscious mind is typified by the sea, and our human spirit is typified by salt. Jesus said, "Ye are the salt of the earth," OK, so the s- -- the human spirit is typified by -- as minerals, as salt, and she is completely dissolved in the sea of the c- -- of the -- of Satan's unconscious mind of man. So the way the Lord is getting her free is by boiling the sea of Satan, getting the human spirit free so that she can join with the Lord Jesus Christ when she shall become the crystal sea, which we read about in the Book of Revelation. Right now, she is messed up in the dirty, murky waters of Satan's unformed sea, but she will become one with the Lord Jesus Christ, crystal sea, rigidly formed in a pure condition. So that is what that pot typifies: It typifies that aspect of the freeing of the human spirit, which the Scripture describes tha- -- it describes this boiling as a sacrifice unto the Lord Jesus Christ. And the one who is sacrificed, of course, is Satan.

"They eat their flesh; they flay their skin; and they break their bones, and chop them into pieces, as for the pot, and as flesh within the cauldron." So we see that breaking their bones means spreading out; chopping them in pieces means spreading them out, and the word flesh within the cauldron means as spreading them out. And that is what it -- that is what the prophet is talking about, verse 2, the tearing down of the Christ mind, and verse 3, the spreading out of the carnal mind. If you can receive it, receive it.

OK, the word cauldron typifies boiling, and that is the word that typifies the sacrifice. The word pot -- now when I looked at it in the Hebrew, the word was singular in the Hebrew, but in -- if this word is put in the plural, the whole meaning changes, and in view of the context of the whole chapter, I am going to have to translate this word in the plural and just assume that when these Hebrew words were translated, somehow the plural form was left off because it did not make any sense to the writers. But this world translated pot in the plural means thorns and briars, and it is speaking about a redundant or an extraneous -- that means something that is extra -- luxuriant, very luxurious growth of plants. And thorns and briars are talking about the degenerate parts of a shrub, therefore this word, in the plural, would be talking about the extraneous, the extra, luxurious growth of a degenerate part of the plant. What is the degenerate part of the -- what is the plant? Who is the plant?


Well, the plant is the whole -- it is the whole creation; we are a plant, you know. Chri- -- yeah, we are a spiritual plant. We are the planting of the Lord; we are a spiritual plant, OK. So this word about the pot, you know, "as flesh within the cauldron," it is saying, well, this whole mind -- it is h- -- it is the degenerate part of the mind. And what is the degenerate part of the creation?


OK, well, the degenerate -- there are two poles, positive and negative. The degenerate part of the creation is Satan, OK, so this is the spreading out of Satan, the spreading out of the degenerate part of the plants to an overflowing growth. And remember that these physical bodies are extraneous. Remember, Satan went beyond, that God's creation was visible and spiritual, but this creation is physical and spiritual, and it is an extra ring on the orbit. Let me show you that. This whole creation can be expressed as an atom, which also looks like the diagram of the universe we had up there, and at the center of the atom is spirit, whoever the ruling spirit is; in this hour, that ruling spirit is Satan. This is all of creation. We are an atom. God created a creation. It is basic spiritual form is the form of an atom, and it was visible, and it was spiritual.

And when Satan took over -- well, le- -- I guess, I should start at the beginning. God created a creation, and the spirit at the center was Jehovah, and the mind in the creation was Christ, and it was visible and a spiritual creation. Then we had an event, which is known as the fall, and what happened was the creation turned inside out, and the mind changed, and the male spirit became Satan, and Satan brought forth his carnal mind. And this event was expressed externally by the addition of another ring on the orbit, and that ring was visible, but it was no spiritual. You see, if it is spiritual, the lines are dashed. You could see through it. You could change; you were not in any rigid form. But when Satan became the king of the creation, he added another orbit, which sealed off the creation, and we became trapped in these clay bodies, and we are kept down on the ground by spiritual gravity that is keeping us in bondage down here. Glory to God.

So this word pot means the degenerative parts of a shrub which have overgrown, and I suggest to you that too is a witness that this is the carnal mind. Verse 4, "Then shall they cry unto the Lord, but He will not hear them: He will even hid His face from them at that time, as they have behaved themselves ill in their doings." The Lord says that if you have the mind of Christ and you lose it, it is because you have behaved yourself ill, OK. Now He is talking here about people who have deliberately sinned. We just came out of an extended study on Elijah, and we found out that when Elijah lost his Christ mind and was cast down into his carnal mind against his will, when he did not backslide but when he was overcome, that the Lord restored him very quickly. This Scripture is speaking about people that have backslid because of evil in their own hearts.

And the Lord says that when you cry out, He is not going to hear your prayers. Now why would not He hear your prayers? My Bible tells me in the Book of Hebrews, if you tasted of the Word of God and have experienced the miracles of the age to come, if you have known the goodness of God and you still choose to willfully sin, there is nothing left to help you; there is no help for you other than judgment. There is something wrong in you that having tasted all of the good promises of God, that you choose evil, and because of God's love to you, judgment must fall to correct the weakness in you that would make you choose evil over good.

Therefore, when the judgment falls and you cry out, He will not hear you, not because He is a wicked God, not because He is a merciless God, not because He is a hateful God, but because He loves you enough to not listen to your cries. And the Book of Proverbs says, with regard to your children, do not let their cries influence you, but beat them until they are blue. They surely shall not --


-- die. And when God is having you beaten for your own good, He will not intercede so that you might live and not die. The judgment is corrective, but it can be severe, and the danger to fallen man under severe judgment is that he turns around and condemns God and says, if God really loved me, He would not be doing this to me. God is an unrighteous God. Or the vessel through whom God is ministering judgment, you are not of God; that is not the love of God. But God will not withdraw His hand if He loves you, and the judgment will fall. He will hide His face from you, and the judgment will fall until it has accomplished its purpose in you, and the purpose of judgment is to produce righteousness because you cannot live in a condition of unrighteousness. And God wants you to live, therefore He will punish you, and He will build righteousness in you so that He can stop killing you. If He leaves you to your own devices, the carnal mind says, well, that is a loving God; He lets me do my thing, whatever turns me on, hooray. And you shall surely die, but He loves you enough to m- -- to [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- to listen to your cries of blasphemy against His motives, and your cries of -- and your accusations of blasphemy against His servants. He hides His face from you so that you should live and not die, despite your sins against Him and those He sends to save your life.

Verse 5, "Thus saith the Lord concerned the prophets that make my people err" -- well, now He is talking about the prophets, "that bite with their teeth, and cry, Peace; and he that putteth not into their mouths, they even prepare war against Him." So we see that, in verse 1, He is speaking pretty much about the pastors, I would say, and now He is speaking about the prophets, and some prophets -- some pastors are prophets also. And He is saying, you prophets that make my people err -- you know, there are prophets that prophesy out of their own heart. They say, thus saith the Lord, and it sounds just like the anointing, sounds just like the s- -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- [?your?their?] spiritual discernment sounds just like the anointing. How do you try a spirit, brethren? Look for righteousness. There is an angel of light out there. His spirit looks just like the Spirit of God, but he is telling you lies. God is a righteous God. If you think that He is going to let sin stand without judgment, you have got a false prophet in your midst because He is not going to.

"Thus saith the Lord concerning the prophets that make my people err," the prophets that say, thus saith the Lord, God shall bless you; judgment shall never fall on you. God loves you too much to hurt you. God is not going to burn you in Hell forever. Well, He is not, but He will surely correct you. "That bite them with their teeth," the Hebrew word translated "bite" means to bite as a serpent, to vex or oppress, and I suggest to you the Lord is saying that prophets that prophesy out of their own heart are speaking out of the support, which is their carnal mind. They make My people err; they bite them with their teeth. And those of you that have been studying here for a while know that the teeth typify the carnal mind. I cannot redo everything today. They bite them with their carnal mind; the carnal mind bites, and his bite is poisonous.

And they cry, peace; there shall be peace. My warfare is accomplished. The warfare is over. Now you may not have heard anyone crying peace in these last few years in that church on Long Island, but at least some of you should have heard the prophets crying the warfare is over; the war is over; there is no war; God has no enemies; there is no warfare. I was in a church like that. My warfare is accomplished; the battle is over. There is a song like that. Someone -- did He write that song Himself, "The Battle is Over"? The battle is over, they are saying it all over the country. Battle is not over, brethren; it is just starting. False prophet telling the church the war is over; it was completed on the cross. Everything that needed to be done was done in Calvary. Now all you have to do is pray for your Cadillac. Satan's ashes under my feet. He is a toothless wonder. Anybody not hear this junk preached?

            [INAUDIBLE] he is a dog on a leash.

He is a dog on a leash. God, help us. False prophet, you are a false prophet. Not only is he not a toothless wonder, in many instances, he is stronger than you; in all instances, he is stronger than you. You better cry out to your big brother for help. "And he that putteth not into their mouths, they even prepare war against him." Now this is one of those instances where that does not make any sense to me at all, and I suggest to you that the King James translators, trying as hard as they could, just could not figure out what the prophet was saying, so let us take a look at it. "Putteth not" means to resist not, and he that resists not. The mouth is the organ of speech.

Now what it is really saying is that the one who is resisting them or the one who is not coming their way, I just -- the Lord just did not let me really go into this in detail. You know how I usually go into the Hebrew grammar with you, but the Lord just did not let me do it today for whatever reason. What it is really saying in the Hebrew is the one that does not resist the Lord or the one that does not go along with the carnal mind, OK, the one that does not -- excuse me, the one that resists the carnal mind. It does not sound that way, but that is what it is saying. The one who resists the carnal mind, they prepare war against him.

Now, first of all, let me talk to you about the word mouth. I would like to give you Revelation 13:15 as a witness. "And he," speaking about the beast, "had the power" -- I guess, this is the beast, or maybe it is the second -- OK, I am not going to say who it is because I do not have the backup here. "And he had power to give life." I think, it is the false prophet. "And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed." Revelation 13:15, that is a witness to Micah 3:5. And everyone that does not obey the carnal mind, that the prophets have raised up, they prepare war against him.

Brethren, in everyone that is not going along with this false doctrine in the church, everyone that is not going along with the weakening of God's laws, they are engaged in a spiritual warfare if you are resisting them. If you are in Christ and you are telling them that what they are saying is not true, if you are in Christ and you are standing with all your strength against having your Christ mind dissolved, they are waging war against you. Who? The mind of the beast that is manifesting in the prophets of God. They are rebuking you, and they are telling you that you are not of Christ.

The word prepare -- "They even prepare war against him," that word prepare, Strong's 6942, it means holy. He is talking about a holy war, brethren. If you dare to come against this ministry that is calling themselves Christ but is an angel of light -- they look like Christ; they walk like Christ; they talk like Christ; they wear a cross around their neck, and they preach in a building with a cross on top of it. But guess what? They are not Christ. If you tell them that they are not Christ, if you tell them that it is another spirit in them, if you tell them that it is a spirit of pride manifesting works, they are going to wage a holy war against you.

I want to tell you, I have experienced it. You try telling some Pharisee that that is not the Spirit of Christ in them. They will kill you with their mind and then tell you that there is something wrong with you. Their mind will hate you and stone you and wage war against you, just like the minds of Israel did against Elijah, and it is a real warfare. If they are strong enough, they could put you in the hospital, and you better believe it because, if you do not, you are at one disadvantage. And they are waging a holy war against you, a war of self-righteousness. They believe they are right; they believe you have attacked them; they believe you are guilty; they believe you are an unjust prophet, that they are the righteous prophet of Christ. There is no reasoning in them; there is no reconciliation in them; there is no considering that they might be wrong. But they will not stop until they kill you, if they can, but if you have truly been raised up by Christ, there is no self-righteous manifestation of pride that can kill you because the Lord will raise you from the dead every time. And when you are strong enough, He will break the heads of this Leviathan and the false prophets.

And, brethren, these prophets are not just in the pulpit. These prophets I related you to Revelation 13:15, speaking about the false [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- I am pretty sure it is about the false prophet. It is the prophet in the man; it is the false prophet in the man, brethren. It is your human spirit, your spirit of man who is in adultery with Satan and the carnal mind, who is looking at the mind of Christ in the believer that is telling you that is pride in you; that is your carnal mind in you; that is sin in you. And it is your own spirit of man rising up in union with Satan to wage war against the minister who is in Christ, pointing out that that is not Christ in you. It is your carnal mind, and the Lord wants to raise you from the dead, and you are fighting against the one that has been sent to save you because you are so one with your carnal mind and with Satan, you are likened [?until?unto?] salt dissolved in the sea or unto dye in a garment. You are so one with your carnal mind and Satan that you cannot even recognize the mind of Christ in that person over there who is telling you the truth, that is trying to save your life.

These are not prophets in the pulpit; this is the false prophet in the minds of the people that is lying to you about the spirit of the God-sent mind of God who has come to help you. And you love them until they point out your sins, and then you find what is really operating you; then you know who you really are.

Verse 6, "Now because you do this " -- now this is really important, brethren, that Micah is not speaking -- at least, for the church. This is not for the prophets in the ch- -- in the pulpit. These are not people that have the gift of prophecy; these are the believers in whom Christ is being formed who will not switch over their allegiance from the carnal mind unto Christ. You are the false prophets. When God sends a Son to you to tell you this is sin in your heart and your carnal mind raises up against them and says I am right, and you are wrong, and I do not believe that is from Christ in you. You are the prophet that Micah is speaking about, and this is the judgment that the Lord has pronounced upon you at the time when God says, enough, I am not winking anymore. This is the judgment unto you.

Verse 6, because you have waged a holy war against My servants instead of repenting, "night shall be unto you, that you shall not have a vision" -- "therefore night shall be unto you, that you shall not have a vision; and it shall be darkness unto you, and ye shall not divine; and the sun shall go down over the prophets, and the day shall be dark over them."

Now check this out: This is a judgment on God's spiritual people who have Christ who should be able to recognize Christ in the person pointing out their sin but who refuse to recognize that Christ because they love their sin more than they love Christ. You understand what I am saying? OK.

Let us find out what this judgment means. "Therefore it shall be night unto you." Now we know that Jesus is the day. He is talking about removing His Spirit from you, brethren. Those of you who have both the carnal mind and the mind of Christ but are choosing to live out of the carnal mind because of your own selfishness and pride, you are going to lose Christ. That is what He is telling you, repent. "Therefore it shall be night unto you." The day shall be taken from you, and you shall not have a vision. The Hebrew word translated "vision" is speaking about the oracle of God. One of the definitions of the night means calamity. Therefore it shall be -- calamity shall be given unto you, hard times, judgment, and it shall be dark unto you. You shall not divine. Your ability to see in the Spirit of God is going to be darkness unto you so that you will not be able to divine.

"And the sun shall go down" -- I am sorry, I think, I said that wrong. "Therefore it -- calamity shall come unto you, that you shall not have a vision; and it shall be darkness unto you, that you shall not be able to divine." You will not be able to see in the spirit at all. He is going to cut off your spiritual eye because He gave you a spiritual eye, and you had a choice between seeing in Christ or seeing out of Satan's eye, and you chose Satan's eye. He is cutting of your spiritual sight. That is what it says.

"And the sun shall go down over the prophets, and the day shall be dark over them." The sun -- well, we know the sun typifies Christ; He is our sun of righteousness. He is going to set; the mind of Christ is going to dissolve in you. "And the day shall be dark over them." This Hebrew word translated "dark," it means to go into filthy garments, and I suggest to you that what it means is that the mind of Christ w- -- is going to be dissolved, as I had it on the board before, and you shall go -- or your spirit, your human spirit, the spirit of man, shall take on or be clothed with filthy garments. He says, because you who had Christ and did not build Christ in My people, I am taking the mind of Christ from you, and your human spirit is coming back under the authority of the carnal mind.

Now, remember, He is speaking about the false prophets who have done this knowingly and willingly. If you have been overcome, you are in another category, but you better get before God and find out whether you have been overcome or whether you have been doing this willingly. Only God knows, brethren, and I know if He tells me, but I do not really know. He knows if you have really been trying as hard as you could be trying and you just have not had the strength to make it; He knows. Glory to God.

So that was verse 6, "Therefore [?a?an?] calamity -- night shall be unto you." You are going to lose your spiritual sight; you shall not have a vision. Your vision shall be dark unto you. You will not be able to divine, and the Hebrew word translated "divine" means witchcraft. You will not be able to see by your witchcraft power anymore. He is blinding that third eye, which is the carnal mind, and the Son -- the mind of Christ in you shall go down, and the day shall be dark over you; you will be lost in the blackness of the carnal mind, without spiritual sight. You know, everybody that has the carnal mind does not have spiritual sight, so you are going to be in total darkness. You lose the mind of Christ, and you lose your third-eye power in the carnal mind, when He gives you your choice. If you are a spiritual person and He is giving you a choice and you choose the carnal mind, He is going to blind your spiritual sight in both realms.

Verse 7, "Then shall the seers be ashamed, and the diviners confounded: yea, they shall all cover their lips; for there is no answer from God." The seer -- another word for seer is prophet. Ashamed means to be put to silence. Diviners are those practicing witchcraft, and confounded means to be dishonored or proven to be false. Then shall prophets be put to silence; you are not even going to prophesy anymore. Nothing is even going to come out of your mouth that even sounds like a prophecy, true or false. And the diviners or the workers of witchcraft shall be dishonored; they will be proven false. How is God going to prove them false, anybody know?

            [INAUDIBLE] everything coming out of their mouth [INAUDIBLE] lie.

Well, yes, but you, sort of, said it backwards. The way -- that is true, but you did not get it exactly right. The way God is going to prove everything false is that He is going to raise up the sons who are going to prophesy in truth. And when you see the genuine article, brethren, when the church sees the genuine article, they are going to know that you are false. See, right now, Christ is appearing in imperfect men, and that is how people can get away with living out of their carnal mind and saying that I do not believe that you are Christ; I do not believe that that is Christ in you; I do not believe it. They can get away with it because He is revealing Himself through imperfect men. But when He appears in His fullness and when He appears in His perfection with signs and wonders and miracle-working power, then the people are going to know who is the true prophet. The people are going to know who is preaching the true message. Glory to God.

"They shall cover their lips; for there is no answer from God." This Hebrew word translated "lips," it is Strong's 8222, and I do not know where they got lips from, but it means beard. And this concept of covering one's beard is an act of mourning that the Israelis would engage in when somebody died. So the Scripture -- so the prophet is saying in the Scripture, you shall be in mourning; for there shall be no answer from God. There shall be a death in your life; the mind of Christ in you shall have died, and you shall be in spiritual mourning and in darkness, suffering a loss of all spiritual sight, both good and evil.

Verse 8, "But truly I am full of power by the Spirit of the Lord, and of judgment, and of might, to declare unto Jacob his transgression, and to Israel his sin." Now please note that, starting with verse 8, the Lord is declaring the manifestation of the sons of God. Verses 1 through 7 are an indictment of the pastors in the church, of the prophets in the church and of the prophet in the spiritual individual. Starting with verse 8, the Lord is declaring the faithful company of believers through whom Christ will be revealed, and these men shall be full of power by the Spirit of the Lord. They are the ones that are going to prove that the other prophets are false because these guys are going to manifest. They will be full of power by the Spirit of the Lord, and they will be judging righteous judgment, and they will have might, which means wisdom, military strength and victory. That means, when they declare sin in a person, when they show you your sin and the carnal mind of that person rises up to do evil to them, the one in whom Christ is appearing shall be victorious over the spiritual warfare of the pride that is waging a holy war against them. Can you hear this?

And their job will be to "declare unto Jacob," the carnal church, "his transgression, and to Israel his sin." Transgression is speaking about abusive power. Jacob, the carnal church, has abuse of power. Brethren, it is all over the church, abuse of power, trying to control God's people, trying to rob God's people, trying to get money out of them because they are afraid of burning in Hell forever, abusing children, abusing women, abusing the innocent, physically, monetarily, spiritually, capturing them for your own purposes, telling them that they are going to get healed in your church when you just want their money and their numbers. God is not going to wink forever. That is what guilt -- that is what Jacob is guilty of.

And Israel has sin, and to sin means to miss the mark. What is the sin of Israel? What has she failed to do? She has failed to produce Christ in the people. The job of the ministry is to bring forth Christ in you because we are saved in childbearing. You must bear the Christ child. You must marry the Lord Jesus Christ and bear His Son, and His Son, Christ Jesus in you, shall save your soul and preserve your body. So the ministry, the spiritual ministry, has failed to produce Christ in the people, and the carnal ministry has abused them and stolen their fleece, and very frequently, the same minister is both the carnal and the spiritual man.

We see many men in the pulpit today, financially, physically, mentally, spiritually, abusing the people under the people under them and also refusing to bring -- or failing to bring forth Christ. Of course, the ministers that are carnal only do not have the power to bring forth Christ, so they are guilty of transgression of abusing their power over the people. But the spiritual ministers are guilty of both transgression and -- the transgression of abusing the people and the sin of failing to bring forth Christ. God, help us. It is not easy to be in the ministry, you know; you are held accountable.

Verse 9 -- we are still talking about the sons of God. "Hear this, I pray you" -- I am sorry, back to the indictment in verse 9. "Hear this, I pray you, ye heads of the house of Jacob" -- that is the carnal church; that is all the pastors -- "and ye princes of the house of Israel," all you spiritual leaders, "that abhor or hate judgment" -- judgment means justice, "and pervert or turn away all equity." Equity is spiritual or moral righteousness, further indictment. Hear this, all you carnal preachers and all you spiritual pastors that hate the righteousness of God and His justice, you are using God's people to further your own life and for your own purposes.

"You who build up Zion with blood" -- verse 10, "You who build up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity" And what is Zion? Zion is the high place of the Lord; it is the mind of Christ. How could you build up Zion with blood? All your carnal preachers that are gathering into your churches by bloody means, by violent means, by carnal means, by witchcraft and mind control, all of you who are gathering into your churches all of the people who have the potential to bring forth Christ, all of the spiritual people that are looking for Jesus and looking for a church and honoring His ministry and have followed you who are a liar because they did not know any better -- all of your preachers that have built up Zion with your violence, and your violence has shed the blood of Christ in them.

And you have built up Jerusalem with iniquity. Jerusalem typifies the soul, and iniquity is the carnal mind. You have built up Jerusalem. You have said that you have built the church. You have bragged about how many people are in your church. You have made records of the numbers of people that come to your services, but you have built up your services and your congregations by the power of your carnal mind. You have captured God's people on both levels for your own purposes.

And I al- -- let me comment also that this blood -- you have built up Zion with blood. The bloodshed of Christ, competition, every ungodly thing, competing with other ministers, competing with the Christ that is coming forth in the members of your congregation because you have to be in g- -- un an ungodly control, not letting the individual manifest the gifts of Christ that are coming forth in them because you want an ungodly control, competition, hatred and the killing of Christ in the members of your congregation so that you can continue to rule and building Jerusalem, which is the soulish realm, with your carnal mind, advertising, campaigns, witchcraft power, pressure guilt, fear.

Verse 11, "The heads thereof judge for reward." Now, remember, the heads are the ones in charge of Jacob. That is the pastors; it is the guys in the pulpit, and some of them -- some men that fall in this category have international newsletters. They do not have congregations, but they are very much controlling the people with their newsletters, so whatever they call themselves, they are still the heads. "You judge for reward." What does that mean? If you ever allow yourself to come into a place where you will judge in a conflict between two people, you say the one that has the money or the one that is going to give you something is righteous. Brethren, whenever there is a conflict between two people, we are required to speak the righteousness of Christ, who is right and who is wrong, no matter what you lose, if you lose your congregation, if you lose your ministry, if you lose your money, if you lose your job. You are supposed to declare righteousness as the mind of Christ sees it.

[AUDIO CUTS OUT] so that reconciliation can come forth in the conflict. "But the heads of the carnal church have judged for reward." You know, I heard a story once, was not [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- I had some involvement in it; it was more than a story. There was a family that owned a family business, and they both went to some big, carnal church right here on Long Island. I never did find out what the truth of it was, but someone was -- it was a big, family conflict, and there was a lot of money involved. And the guy actually believed this Bible, one of them, wealthy businessman. He actually believed this Bible, and rather than go to court, he took the matter before the church, took it to the pastor, said he wanted this matter judged by the church.

And the pastor raised up a committee of all the wealthy people in the church. He did not pick up the spiritual men; he did not pick up the prophets of God. He called the doctors and the lawyers and all the educated people in the church that were as carnal as this table, as this board right here, and they fried this guy; they fried him. He lost lots of money. By the time he got to a lawyer, it was a bit late, but he actually dared to believe that Bible, that justice would come through the church and that you do not take your brother to court. Brethren, it is good to believe God's Bible, but you have got to go to elders that believe it also. You do not believe God's Bible and go to elders that are not even in Christ. Disaster, treachery in God's church.

Verse 11, "The heads thereof judge for reward." He probably put all the big tithers on this committee, all the big donators to the church. He made them judge this matter; they did not know what they were talking about. So, "The heads thereof judge for the reward." They give honor to the people that give money into their ministry. They give power to the people that give money into their ministry. They give authority and responsibility to the people that give to their ministry. Brethren, every office in a ministry raised up by Christ is appointed of God. If the ministry is truly Christ, every office -- from the one who scrubs the floors to the one who is chief honcho under Christ, everyone is in the place that God has called them to, if you have got a ma- -- if you have got a pastor that is truly serving God.

And what is more, there is a place for everybody, so if you look around and you are tempted to covet somebody's position, you are spinning your wheels if that man is really serving God. Just ask the Lord what your place is. He has got a place for you; He has a ministry for you. The only problem is you might not like it. Maybe you are not happy that your ministry is scrubbing the floors right now. It will not be that way forever, but I want to tell you, if God has ordained that your ministry is to scrub the floors, there is no way you will violently apprehend another ministry in that fellowship, if the pastor is truly serving God.

You labor in the ministry that God gave you for as long as He keeps you there. Promotion comes from the Lord. He is testing your faithfulness, brethren. He wants to see if you are going to labor in the position that He gives you no matter what happens. He wants to see if you are going to abide in that position until He removes you no matter what is happening in your life. That is what He is looking to see. Circumstances do not remove you from a God-appointed position in a ministry. Circumstances of your life -- changes in circumstances of your life do not remove you or appoint you to positions in a God-ordained ministry; only Christ appoints you, and only Christ can remove you.

We are still on verse 11, "And the prophets [?design?] for money." So the pastors judge for reward. They declare people right and wrong in a conflict depending on how much money they give them. The priests teach for hire. You have to pay to get taught. This kind of teaching today is for anybody who wants to hear it. It does not matter how much money you give into the church; that is a totally different issue. Whether you give or what you give or how much you give is between you and God. Money or lack of it does not deprive you of teaching in the church.

Now if you want to know God and you need $5,000 to go to Bible college, something is wrong. It is supposed to be the local church doing the teaching. Something is wrong. You should be able to get the finest education in the Scripture available by attaching yourself to a local fellowship and laboring there faithfully. You should be tithing there; you should be making some regular donation in accordance with what you can afford. And you give what you can afford, and you get everything you need spiritually. That is the way God set it up. And giving everything that you can afford is not just money; everything that you can afford includes of your substance, of your income, of your talents, of your skills, of your ability and of your time. You give everything that you have, and you get back everything that you need spiritually.

And do not think that you could steal from God because, you see, anybody can sit in for this teaching, but God knows what you can give, and God knows what you cannot. And you might get away with it for a full five years and walk out of here with the equivalent of a college degree in Bible studies, and the Lord is coming looking for you if you have not done what is right. Do not think because God is long-suffering in the execution of judgment that you have defeated the creator of the universe because, if you think that, you are a fool.

We are still on verse 11. The heads judge for reward. They decide on who is right because of how much money they are given. The priests teach for hire. You cannot go to Bible college unless you have money. The prophets divine for money. Give them enough money in their church, in their offering, and they will tell you anything that you want to hear. And I have seen it; it happened right in front of my eyes. That was a wonderful prophecy that you gave, brother. It was really anointed. Stay with it, and God is going to really develop it in you. I heard a pastor say that to a major tither in the church. And you want to know something? I really -- aside from feeling sick, felt very sorry for that pastor, that he was -- you know, he was in a position of prostitute. Do you know that? That his faith in God to provide his finances was so weak that he prostituted himself, and that particular man who he said that to wanted power in his church.

I want to tell you, there is only one power in this church, and His name is Christ. You give what you give because your heart is right, because God laid it on your heart to give it, and you get what you get because Christ in me is giving it to you. It has nothing to do whatsoever with what you give, and that is the only relationship I will have with you. I will not have anything else with you.

So, "The prophets divine for money: yet they will lean upon the Lord, and say, Is not the Lord amongst us? None evil can come upon us." I am protected; no evil is coming upon this fellowship; no evil is coming upon me. I am a minister of Christ. Watch out because [?He is?it is?] coming right out left field, brethren. Glory to God.

And, also, this phrase that says, "The prophets divine for money," the Hebrew word translated money means silver. I found that very significant because silver typifies salvation, and there are a lot of ministers out there saying that you can have salvation if you belong to their church. Come in; bring your tithe; bring all of your finances, and you are saved. And only God gives salvation, brethren; He is the only one.

Verse 12, this is the last verse. I thought there were 13 verses, 12 verses. "Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of the forest." Now I would just like to point out to you one more time that, out of 12 verses, verse 8 only speaks about the Christ company, and verse 12, within that verse, pronounces the judgment but also pronounces the resurrection. I will show it to you. I know you cannot see it in the King James. So out of 12 verses, we have 10 verses declaring the sins of the church, and there was son- -- some judgment pronounced upon the prophets in a prior verse.

So it is God's purposes, brethren, to emphasize the judgment. Why? Because man needs the judgment, but the encouragement is there if you have ears to hear and eyes to see. In verse 8, we see the power of God fighting for true righteousness, and now in verse 12, I will show you the judgment and the resurrection. The judgment that was pronounced already was upon the prophets only. Verse 12 is the judgment upon Zion, which is the human spirit of man, and that covers all of mankind. Remember, Zion is the high place; it typifies the mind from which man worships God. Man worships God with his mind. You cannot reach God with your works, so God -- even though the human spirit of man is all caught up with the carnal, God still calls her Zion because He knows that her true condition and that her end will be the human spirit married to Christ and existing or living as a f- -- as an integral part of the mind of Christ.

So, "Therefore shall Zion" -- shall the spirit of man or the human spirit -- "for your sake be plowed as a field." Because you have done this to her, I am going to have to break her head. Her mind has been set wrong. She is in her carnal mind, and she is not in the mind of Christ, and judgment is coming. Now judgment can be greater or lesser, weaker or stronger. The Scripture says judge yourself, and you shall not be judged. That comes on several levels. If you can see your own sin, that is the best. Even that hurts, if you can see your own sin and get the correction directly from the Lord; that is the easiest way to go. The next best way to go is, if you are in a fellowship where your minister is pointing out your sins to you, and if you have enough humility to receive it and make changes, that is the next easiest way to go. But if you are in a fellowship where the pastor is not pointing out your sins, then heavy judgments coming, and that is what is happening to this nation today.

Heavy judgments coming because no one's doing the job. The people are judging their own sins. The ministry is not pointing out sin to the people. They are saying do your thing; everything is wonderful. It is cool, do whatever you want; it is OK. So severe judgment is coming in the form of physical manifestations. You see, what the Lord is saying -- that it is really not necessary for you to be in an earthquake where your whole home is wrecked. It is really not necessary. If you judge yourself or if you cannot judge yourself and your pastor is judging you, we -- it can be bad enough without having your house burnt down. But because the ministry is not doing the job, the Lord is saying I have no choice but to take extreme means.

"Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field." That carnal mind is going to be br- -- ripped apart. The bones of the mind of the carnal one -- the bones of the carnal mind are going to be ripped apart, turned over, not only ripped apart but turned over. What does plowing mean? It means you dig into the ground and turn it over, so there is a penetration into the earth of our soul that is going to turn up or free up the spirit of man which is joined to the earth. That is the implication of the word plow. We have got to get our human spirit separated from the earth. We are joined. We who are -- we whose nature it was intended to be spirit is joined to our own soul, and therefore, outside of those of us who are being renewed in Christ, we are living a soul existence because we have joined to our own soul instead of the Spirit of Christ.

So we are joined to the earth; we had that in this study on Elijah. He was -- when he fell down into his carnal mind, the Scripture said he was the one who became joined to his own soul. We are all joined to our own soul, even if Christ is being formed in us, our condition that makes us die is that the spirit of man is cleaving unto the soul of the earth that we are supposed to be ruling over. So our soul, including the mind that is in it, which is the mind of the flesh, will be plowed, will be turned over so that the spirit of man can be freed up to marry her new husband, which will form in her a mind of spirit, which will rule over the earth or the negative charge of the creation, restoring it unto life.

"And Jerusalem shall become heaps." Jerusalem typifies the soul. The word "heaps" means ruinous heaps. What it means, brethren, is that our entire existence is being torn down. One of the prophets, I believe Isaiah, says if it were not that the Lord left us a tenth, we would have been completely destroyed. Brethren, we are perverse. We are spiritually sick. We are all messed up. We cannot tell the difference between good and evil, and the result is that we are dying. We have been dying for thousands of years. We are dying today, and we shall continue to die unless God has mercy on us and plows us like a field and brings down our corrupt soul into ruinous heaps.

But there is a tenth in us; there is a seed in us; there is a spark in us, the spirit of man, which will be reformed into the image of the Holy One, which died at the beginning of time, Christ. And even though we die, we shall live. Paul said, I die -- I live -- what did he say? I am crucified with Christ, yet I live, but not I. Through union with Christ, I live. So -- [?and?] we must die to everything that we are in this hour. Now your body does not have to die. We are not dying physically, but spiritually, emotionally, mentally, in our personalities. We much -- we [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- must die to everything that we are in this hour which is not Christ, which is pretty much everything. It has got to go; we have got to go. We are being renewed from the inside out, brethren. Just the shell is remaining.

So we see that Zion, our spirit, is going to be plowed. Jerusalem, our soul, is going to become heaps. Oh my goodness, this sounds terrible. "And the mountain of the house as the high places of the forest." "The mountain of the house" -- the mountain is the high place. I suggest to you it is talking about the mind of the house. What is the house? This is the house or the temple of Christ. We are the temple of the living God, so the mind, which is in this house which we are, shall be as the high places of the forest. The Hebrew word translated "high place" means fortress, and this word translated "forest" has a totally different meaning than forest. It is Strong's 3293, and it really means to boil over. It is the exact opposite of the word that I used in --


-- a prior verse with the pot boiling over, where another definition was thorns and thistles which extended beyond and formed this visible, extraneous orbit to the atom. It is a reversal.

            It is a removal of the band?


            It is a removal of that band.

It is a removal of that band to boil over, so Christ is coming forth in the center here again. It is a reversal of the fall. It is the resurrection of the dead. Christ is coming forth, and He is going to vibrate out past this last orbit which has sealed us in, and He is going to dissolve it and break it down, and we shall, once again, become a visible, spiritual creation which will not be bound to this earth. So this word "forest," Strong- -- translated "forest," Strong's 3293, means to boil over, and Gesenius, our lexicon writer, say that this word is applied to any sort of redundancy; that means any sort of extraneous thing, which was this extra orbit on the creation. It is also applied to the abundance, as with regard to the luxuriant growth of plants. That is the exact opposite of the prior word, which said the carnal mind was growing over. And also -- and hence, because it is talking about an overgrowth of plants, they get the word "forest" from it.

So verse 12 is saying, "Therefore Zion," the human spirit or the spirit of man, "for your sake," all you pastors that have not judged righteous judgment in the fellowships, because you have not done your job, they are going to have to be plowed by other means, which is judgment, hard times. And Jerusalem, their soul will become heaps. Your soul, as you know it now, is being cast down. It is g- -- your soul shall be renewed in Christ. "And the mountain of the house," the mind of the person, "shall be as the fortress," the high place of Christ, the redundancy, the overflowing of the true vine, which is Christ.

So as I said earlier, we have two camps of people in the church. We have one group that is preaching death and disaster and destruction and [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- scaring people half to death, and then we have another group that is saying it is not going to happen. And I say unto you that it is going to happen, and it is not going to be pleasant, but that the end of the judgment, the end of the hard times, will be the resurrection of the dead in you, the resurrection of the dead Christ in the individual and, ultimately, the resurrection of this whole world system or the tearing -- or let me say the resurrection of Eden, the tearing down of this whole world's physical image, visible, physical image, which is corrupt, and the replacement of it with the image of the kingdom of heaven, which will be the regenerated rendition of the Garden of Eden. I do not think it will be exactly the same; there will be some changes. We are not going back to Eden. We are going forward into a new world system, which is called the image of the kingdom of heaven. It will be permanent, whereas Eden was not. Any questions on this message? Celia.

            Thank you. All I can say [?then?], it would seem like it is dreadful, but I would say that I believe that God is going to really make this a joyous thing in the end. It is going to be horrible going through it, but out of it, He is going to bring what He has planned in the first place to come to pass.

Well, that is true. The end is going to be good, but let us not play down --


-- the fact that it is going to be terrible. Why? Because people need to know that it is going to be terrible. You need this knowledge to get you through because, if no one tells you this -- if someone is afraid to tell you this, when it gets terrible, you are going to shake your fist at God and say this was not supposed to happen. So I need to tell you; it is my job to tell you it is going to be terrible so that, when it is happening to you, you should know that, no matter how bad this -- these experiences will be, that the end of it is the resurrection of the dead. So do not shake your fists and curse at God, but pray for Him to get you through to the end. You have to hear that it is terrible. Yeah, but the end is life. The end of it is life.

Now it does not have to mean physical devastation for you. It could be events in your life that are terrible, emotional experiences, spiritual experiences, physical experiences with disease. You could also -- well, you could also be touched by some physical disaster. Everybody's experience will not be exactly the same, but the bottom line is that your carnal mind has to be broken up, and Christ has to be erected in you, and you need to be converted from the inside out, beginning with your mind, and that the way this is done is through unpleasant experiences and that you need to know that, as trouble comes upon the earth, I pray that you have an easy labor. Every woman does not have an equally difficult labor, but you need to know that when your labor comes upon you, that you need to know that God is righteous and that God loves you and that God is doing it so that He can give you life. You need to know that, or you may not make it through. You may curse God and die, so I have to tell you the truth.

So just hang on. Ask God to give you strength. You see, do not ask God to take the trial away from you. Do not ask Him to take it away from you. Ask Him to give you the victory in the trial. Ask Him for miracle-working power to walk on the water. Ask Him to help you to be victorious in every hardship. Paul says that you should endure hardship as a good soldier. Ask Him for victory, brethren. Ask Him to make you brave. Do not ask Him to take it away. Jesus never asked the Lord to take away His experience in the garden. That is a mistranslation of the Scripture; Jesus never did it. He gritted His teeth, and He went through, and you are going to go through whether you grit your teeth or not, so why do not you go through like a man? OK.

Is that not what Jesus said to -- it was not Jesus; it was the Old Testament. Yeah, the Lord said to Joshua, did He not? Was it Joshua? Stand up, and quit yourselves like men, and stop blubbering, and go through. Go through because, if you go through, if you put your mind to Christ and you cry out to Him, you will be victorious in every battle, so go through. If you fight, you cannot fail. If you throw yourself on the mercy of God, you cannot fail. I do not care what it looks like, you cannot fail. It is just when you turn your mind against God and you claim that God is unrighteous because this has happened to you, that is when you get into trouble. Pride is the one sin that will kill you because it cuts you off from God. I do not believe you could do it; I do not believe you are able to do it. It is just pride trying to destroy you. That is the one thing that will kill you. OK, anybody else? Glory to God.

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