264 - 1 Part

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“I would that you would have peace in the midst of your trials,” saith the Lord. “I know that the trials are heavy at this time and the fire is hot, but I will give you a joy and a peace in the midst of it,” saith the Lord, “and I would that you would be restored to one another in love and that you walk together in harmony, for in the midst of the union of the brethren, I shall surely be seen,” saith the Lord.



“Forgive one another and allow one another to flow in the Spirit, as I have ordained it here in this ministry,” saith the Lord, “and I shall surely bless you, and you shall be risen up to a higher place,” saith the Lord, “and you shall walk in the fire, and I shall be seen,” saith the Lord.



“Rejoice, rejoice at -- in this hour,” saith the Lord, “for I have restored many of you, and although I am crushing your pride and it is painful for all of you, I shall be seen,” saith the Lord, “for this is my purpose in the Earth.” Hallelujah. 



-- I think there is a war -- there is a war going on.

A war between who and whom?

-- Between the mind of Christ and the carnal mind.

And the carnal mind is the mind that we were born with.

-- Right, we were born with the carnal mind, and it is in the process of being killed by the mind of Christ, and we are a part of it, a part of doing it, along with the mind of Christ.

More specifically, we must all kill our own carnal mind. We must all kill our -- I cannot kill your carnal mind. You cannot kill my carnal mind. We can strengthen each other. We can teach what we do here is on two levels. Christ is being raised up and the carnal mind is being wounded, but the final blow of your carnal mind must be wielded by you, by Christ in you, must shoot the arrow through the heart of your carnal mind, and it is little by little. Every victory you take [?is?there is?] a tremendous victory. You stopped talking. Wonderful. That is the -- what was a -- that was a missile that went into your carnal mind. It was a t- -- I am making light of it, but that was a tremendous victory. You took authority over something that you really felt like doing, but you took authority. OK.

And the other thing I was going to say is that God is going to have sons arise.

OK, and what is a son?

A son --

What is a son of God?

A son is someone who allowed his carnal mind to be crushed and killed so that he --

Well, what is the scriptural definition of a son? What does it tell us in Romans?

 I cannot remember.

OK. A son of God is a man who lives his life out of obedience to Christ. So, she said it sort of backwards. She said a son is someone whose carnal mind has been crushed. That is true, but what it really meant is that you can have your carnal mind crushed and you could die, OK, but what makes you a son is that everything you think, everything you say and everything you do is a reaction or a response to the mind of Christ in you, and everything we think and we do and we say either comes out of our carnal mind or Christ. It has to come out of one or the other, and when you get to a point where everything you think, say and do is Christ, you are a son. So we have sons in the making. Sometimes we think, do and say out of Christ, but, eventually, everything we do will be out of Christ, and, at that point, we become a perfect man. OK? Praise the Lord. Anybody else?

And the way all this is happening is that, first, Christ must be built in us. Before our carnal mind can be killed or crucified or have an arrow shot through his heart -- these are all different ways the Scripture expresses it -- first, the weapon that is going to kill the carnal mind must be built in us. The carnal mind is a mind. Mind is spirit, and a natural man cannot kill a spirit. It takes a spirit to kill a spirit. It takes a mind to kill a mind. So your carnal mind is death; it is sin. Because your mind is carnal, after a season on this Earth, your body dies. When your mind is righteous in Christ, you will live for the life of the ages. So the way to stop dying, we are told, is to kill death, and to kill death, we must have a spiritual weapon in our hands.

Ezekiel 9 says, “Let every man take his slaughter weapon and go out and begin to slaughter.” Slaughter what? Your carnal mind. You got to rebuke him. You got to chain him up. You got to punish him. You got to wound him because the Scripture says he is a wild, ravaging beast who hates us and will not stop at anything to kill us if he can. He will make us stick needles in our arms. He will make us pour liquor down our throat until our liver curdles and drops dead. He will make us spend all our money until we are in debt and wind up -- or go out and steal and wind up in jail. He hates us, and he will do the worst to us that we let him do. Some people are more overcome than others, but no matter how overcome you are, when Christ begins to be formed in you, you have a spiritual weapon and the power to slaughter your carnal mind begins to be formed in you.

And that is -- that is what is happening today, and the big event that you were spoken to about is that somewhere in this Earth a group of people are going to be the first group to kill their carnal minds and become perfect. And what does -- what does it mean to become perfect? They will be incapable of being killed. They will be incapable of being sick. If you shoot them, they will not die. They are going to be in the same condition that Jesus of Nazareth was in. No man will be able to take their life.

Paul says we are running a race. What is the race? The race is to get Christ developed in us, to have our carnal mind killed and to get the prize. The prize of the race is life, victory over every problem, including loneliness -- not only severe problems such as drug addiction and alcoholism and compulsions that wind you up in jail for theft or whatever else your problem is -- not only severe problems like that, but the answer to every human dilemma -- loneliness, any kind of emotional need that we have, if we are suffering from rejection because of our past -- anything such as that is healed in Christ.

And we enter into a condition of total satisfaction. Another word for salvation is satisfaction. You will be lacking nothing. Emotionally, spiritually or physically, you will need nothing. Christ will be so complete within you that you will need nothing from the outside, not even food. See, the fact that we need outside sources to satisfy us makes us dependent people.

Spiritually speaking, the whole of humanity is female, and female and male are spiritual types. I know it is not that way in this nation today, but we are not traditional in this nation today. Spiritual types: female, weak; male, strong. Female, needy; male is the one who gives. This whole humanity is female. We need things from outside of ourselves to satisfy us. We need food. We need air. We need clothing. We need families. We need fellowship. We need companionship. We are weak. We are dependent, and we are spiritually female.


[INAUDIBLE] a male mind, which means every need is met, not from outside of us, but from within. And I remind you that when Jesus was traveling with the disciples, there was a need to pay taxes, and what did Jesus say? Where did He get the money from?

A fish -- a fish’s throat.

He said to His disciple, “Go catch a fish, and there is a gold coin in the mouth of the fish.” Now, the carnally minded church says, “Whoopee, I am going to be a millionaire,” but that is not what that Scripture means. There is a scriptural principle -- there is a spiritual principle in that Scripture that says your every need will be met when Christ is your life. You see, Christ is marrying the church. Christ is marrying humanity in the mind, and when we become one with Him -- because he who is joined to the Lord in the mind is what? He who is joined to the Lord is --

Is one spirit.

Is one spirit.

Is one spirit.

-- one spirit. One spirit. One spirit. That means when you marry this man, Christ Jesus, everything that He has is yours. Everything that He has is yours. He has life; you receive life. He has provision; you receive provision. Full satisfaction, nothing lacking, filled up to overflowing on every level. Rita, would you plea- -- when you come back, would you please open that terrace door for me a [?little bit?]? Nothing lacking on any level. So filled up with the life of God that you are flowing over and you have to give to others.

See, the way God is doing this to humanity is small groups of people at a time. Eventually, everybody is to be brought into this condition of maleness of mind through union with Christ, but the way it is happening is a small group at a time, and the first group is about to appear very soon -- a group of people who have so much of Christ in them that their every need is so completely met that they can go out and give to others as Jesus did. As He fed the 5,000, He said, “Let the food appear for the 5,000.” We will have food for people. We will have healing for people. We will have deliverance from bondage, torment, sickness, disease, addiction for people without having to worry about getting our needs met.

And this condition of weakness in humanity today is the major stumbling point of God’s ministers today. You are limited in your ability to give when you have unmet needs, right, because mankind -- the human reaction to having unmet needs is that you say, “To heck with the other guy,” and you run out to get your needs met. That is the human reaction.

It is not a human reaction to give away food when you have not eaten in a month. I mean, no normal person does that. Now, you might see this quality arise and fall in man on rare occasions. It is called heroism. Every once in a while, you might find some really unusual person who has not eaten to a month -- has not eaten for a month and says, “All right, give the food to the women and the children and the old.” You find heroes in humanity, but the studies that have been done by psychologists about human nature are more likely to reveal that if there are a group of people who have not eaten for a month, they [sic] much more likely be killing each other for the food than being heroic and saying, “Give it to the weak people first.” Does anybody not know what I am talking about?

Hitler did -- or Hitler’s government did studies along these lines. They -- many people went insane because of the psychological studies that Hitler performed on them. For example, he would -- he would give electric shocks -- he would take a mother and a daughter and give them electric shocks so that they would know that this particular object meant pain to them. And then he would take the mother and put an electrode on her and put the handle that would set that electrode off in the daughter’s hand, and he said to the daughter -- this is documented. This is what he -- this is what his doctors did. And he said to the daughter, “Now, either you shock your mother, or we are going to shock you.” Who do you chose? OK, and in this particular case, the young girl kept being threatened and kept shocking her mother until her mother died, and she had to live with this for the rest of her life, you see. So the average person will fight for survival. It is, like, an automatic reaction. You would do anything to survive.

So we -- as fallen human beings, we are at a disadvantage when we try to minister Christ. You say everybody wants to minister Christ. Everybody wants to teach -- everybody, everybody. Every- -- it is just -- it is very common. Everybody does it. The minister that trained me would not let go of his microphone. Do you remember that? This man -- it is a big joke -- he would not let go of his microphone. If anybody came up to give a testimony, he held the microphone for them because he was afraid he would not get it back. Everybody wants to teach. Everybody wants to preach. Everybody wants to talk. Nobody wants to be tortured. Nobody wants to be stripped of their self-respect. Nobody wants to sacrifice their life.

Authority in Christ comes after great travail, but when you are young, that is what everybody wants to do. They see the glory in it, but they do not see the price that needs to be paid, and there is a price that needs to be paid for power with God, and the price that you need to pay is your whole life. When you lay down your life and you say, “Lord Jesus, I will do anything You tell me. I will not put myself or my self-preservation first, but I have faith in You to meet my every need,” that is when you get power with God, and most men cannot even do that. You cannot even do it if you want to do it. You cannot do it. Your human nature will not let you do it.

So the Lord Jesus Christ, if you are called to this, comes to you and puts severe trials in your life -- severe trials where there is no way you could possibly help yourself, and you cry out to God, and He answers your prayers, and faith begins to be built in you. And as faith is built in you, He trains you on every level, and the day comes and the time comes where He says, “All right, I am calling you into the ministry, and I am challenging you to not be controlled or manipulated by any man or any thing or any fear or any need, but know that I have promised to meet your every need.”

And sometimes He does not meet our needs as rapidly as we would like Him to, and this too is a test in itself. If you will only -- if you have an unmet need, whatever it is -- whatever it is -- in different countries, people have different challenges. In Africa today, there are people believing Jesus for food. We do not have that problem here, but whatever your need is -- is it a job? Is it companionship? Whatever it is, are you going to wait until the Lord gives it to you or are you going to go out and try to take it by force? And the average human being goes out and tries to take it by force, tries to get it himself. It is our human nature, but, in case you had not read it in the Bible, what is happening to us is that our nature is being changed. The spots are being rubbed off the leopard. Hallelujah.

In Christ it is possible. Our nature is being changed. The reason we are in the condition we are in, the reason that we are dying, the reason that we are messed up, the reason that we need external sources to provide our every need is because we are fallen and because our father is whom?


Satan. Our daddy is Satan. He does not do a very good job of taking care of us or raising us up. He has left us needy, but we have gotten a new Father. We have been adopted by the Lord Jesus Christ. There is only one problem. You cannot be the son of God and stay in your sins because being a son of God is more than a piece of paper that says you have been adopted. When the Lord Jesus Christ adopts you, He rips your satanic nature out of you and gives you His righteousness.

That is not necessarily pleasant or easy, but that is what He is doing, and once He has received you and He has started to change your nature, He is not about to stop. You can kick and scream and yell and carry on and, as the Bible says, push against the [?pricks?], do anything that you want, He is not going to stop. He is not going to stop until His righteousness is appearing in you, and if you go off in the wrong direction, He is going to chasten you. He is going to put out a rod. He is going to trip you. You are going to fall fat -- flat on your face time and time again until you turn to Him with enough humility for Him to pick you up and stand you on your feet and keep you standing.

God does not punish you for punishment’s sake. God never punishes for punishment’s sake. God punishes for instruction and for correction, and as soon as the correction is accomplished, as soon as that person’s heart comes into the condition that the Lord is aiming them for, then that particular trial or that particular punishment comes to an end. Most punishment is for what sin?


Nobody here has pride, right?


No. No. Pride, pride, and next to pride? What is --


Rebellion. And pretty much everything -- everyth- -- trouble that we get into are outgrowths of pride and rebellion, and you could say witchcraft, but rebellion is --


-- as the sin of witchcraft. So rebellion and witchcraft are the same thing. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the major sin that is -- everyone has it all. Some people have it more, some people have it less, but everyone that is a fallen human being has the same problems in common. Envy is a biggie, but that comes under the heading of pride. Idolatry. Yes, idolatry. Well, I guess -- well, greed comes under pride. I think idolatry might be -- stand by itself, but it is -- it is closely associated with pride.

What about unbelief? [INAUDIBLE]

 OK. That is a -- that is a man -- that is under the heading of pride. It is a big one, but I think it is under the heading of pride and idolatry also. Pride, idolatry and rebellion. I think those are it. That is the bottom line. They are killing us.

So that is what is about to happen. There is a changing of the guard coming. Right now, this world has a spiritual government. There is a spiritual government in this world. There is an unseen government that operates in an unseen realm that controls every government that you see. It controls the police force. It controls the government of the United States. It controls the governments of the world. An unseen government -- we hear a lot about a one-world government. There is already a one-girl -- a one-world government, brethren, and a one-world governor, and his name is?


Satan. He is the prince of the power of the air. This is his world. Not only is he in charge of it, but he has formed it by the spiritual power of his mind. It is his, and we are his. God sold us to him. He is our lord and master, except those of us who are now in a God-ordained rebellion -- he is still our lord and master, even all you Christians hearing this message, panicking. He is still our lord and master, and we are engaged in a legal rebellion against our lord and master because Paul tells us that from the day that Christ begins to be formed in us, we are to count ourselves dead to that spiritual marriage to Satan. We are to rebel against him. We are to disobey our husband and cleave unto our new husband, Christ.

You have a question?

Say that again.

Paul tells us -- well, we all have a husband. Every human being alive has a spiritual husband. His name is Satan, and Paul says from the day that Christ begins to be formed in you, we are to disobey our husband, rebel against our husband, refuse to go along with his instructions and cleave unto our new husband, Christ. Now, in the natural, this would be adultery, but in the spiritual, it is ordained of God and it is legal because in our new marriage, as we are weaned away from our marriage to Satan and enter more deeply into our marriage with Christ, this is the salvation of our soul and our deliverance out of hell and death. The one who we are married to determines whether or not we live or die.

This is what is happening, and there is a race being run right now to change this world -- the -- there is a changing of the guard. The spiritual government over this world is about to change. You see, when the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified and raised from the dead, the Scripture says all power where? What was given to Him? In heaven and where else?


And in the Earth was given unto the Lord Jesus Christ. It is like saying, “Joseph, I give you America. Now, you go and fight the United States Army and take it.” All power [?in?and?] spirit was given to the Lord Jesus Christ, and now He is taking it, and the way He is taking it is by a man at a time, not from the outside, but from the inside. He is entering into the hearts of men and taking over each man, killing the carnal mind in each man and, ultimately, will take over the entire government of this world system.

So we are in a spiritual war. We are in a changing of the guard, and as with a pregnant woman -- you could be pregnant, pregnant, pregnant, pregnant, pregnant -- you are not a mother until you have the baby. We are being raised from the dead, raised from the dead, raised from the dead. You are not alive until you are raised from the dead, OK?

So the Lord Jesus Christ is taking over the spiritual government of this world. He is taking it, taking it, taking it, but He has not taken it yet. How do I know? Because when He takes it, we are going to see people walking on the face of this Earth that are under the full control and authority of Christ who need nothing from outside sources. They will not be able to be bought. They will not be able to be seduced to sin. They will not be able -- they will not be able to be manipulated or controlled by any power anywhere, but they will be so one with Christ that they will walk in total authority across this Earth, their every need being met by the power of their mind.

And that is what is about to happen. It is just like a tomato plant. You watch that plant -- you go out every morning and you watch that plant grow, and then one morning you get out, and there is green tomatoes in that plant, a whole crop of them. Then you keep going out every morning, and one of those tomatoes has become ripe enough to eat. And once that first man -- or that first -- I really do not have it straight in my head whether it will be one man who will stand up or a group will stand up simultaneously. I used to think it would be a group that will stand up simultaneously. I am of the opinion right now that I do not know, that it is possible that it could be one man for a short period until the others come.

Now, we know that Jesus stood up in full stature, and no one else followed while Jesus was alive. I believe Paul was in full stature. That is the only one that I am sure of, but in this hour, we know that full stature or this full spiritual maturity which makes us male in that we need nothing from this world to survive -- a male mind totally independent of this world system for anything.

I do not know whether one man will stand up and then a sh- -- a -- and then others will start coming after him with speed or whether it will be several at once. I used to think it had to be several at once. At this point, I am not sure, and I would not -- I would not be surprised if it is just one person initially, and when one person stands up with this kind of spiritual power, he is going to start dragging others up, and every person that gets dragged up to this condition is going to reach down and start dragging people up. So you have one man, and he drags up one other. Now you have two, and they each drag up one. Now you have four, and they each grab -- drag up one, and now you have eight, and that is the way it will work.

So that is what is about to happen, and it does not happen in a dream, and it does not happen by having someone lay hands upon you. It happens to you as the end result of a period of teaching and spiritual growth and overcoming one’s carnal mind, and that is what the race is. That is what the race is. That is what all this teaching is about. That is why we gather together as many hours as we can, because God honors a meeting like this. He pours out His Spirit, and you walk out of here with an increase in Christ in your heart, and you are that much closer to being in a condition where Christ will completely take over your carnal mind, and you will be a perfect man with a spiritually male mind who needs nothing from anybody in this world, but who will be so fulfilled and so satisfied that you will be able to give to others.

And in that condition, you would be able to help your family. In this condition that we are in now, except for -- unless God specifically sends us, every ounce of our energy should be directed towards building ourself up because there is very little we can do for other people in this condition, and you do what God tells you to do, and anything beyond that is a drain of your own spiritual energy, which is working against your own perfection.

There is a lot of work to do. The whole world needs to be converted. Hurting people, starving people, tormented people -- tormented in their mind, tormented in their bodies -- the world -- what does the Scripture say? The whole creation is standing on tiptoes waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. The world is in agony waiting for deliverance that is coming by the spiritual power of the Lord Jesus Christ, which shall be ministered through human beings who have overcome their carnal mind and are walking above the water of this world system.

The spirit -- there is a spiritual water. That is just an expression that means we are walking above the authority of this world system. You see, the only reason you can get sick or die or get trapped by alcoholism or get hurt in your emotions -- the only reason that can happen to you is that you are under the authority of the government of this world. His name is Satan, and when Christ ascends in you, you spiritually ascend above Satan’s authority.

It is like you are a sergeant and you have a captain that is torturing you, and there is nothing you can do about it. And, one day, you get a letter and you find out that you have been promoted, and now you are a -- I think it is a -- I think a colonel is higher captain. You have been promoted to a higher rank, and now this captain cannot hurt you anymore. You are the same person. You are the same man. You have the same name. You have the same -- whatever your weaknesses are, you have the same weaknesses, but because you are in a higher role -- a higher office in the army, this captain can no longer hurt you.

That is what is happening to us. We are subject to damage by the god of this world because he has authority over us. How did he get authority over us? God gave it to him. Why did God give it to him? Why did God give it to him?




No, Adam, yes. Adam fell. Yes, we sinned and God sold us to Satan in chains of darkness reserved until the --


-- judgment, which will bring righteousness into us. The judgment -- the correction of our sin [?and?] which will restore us unto life. So as Christ ascends in us, we are ascending above a rank -- a militar- -- a spiritual military rank which is higher than Satan, and when we get there, he no longer has any power over us at all.

See, now, there is a Scripture that says Satan shall be ashes under our feet, and, you know, we get some people in the church -- have you ever been at a service where they said, “OK, everybody get ready now. When I count to three, I want you to put Satan under your feet”? Were [sic] you ever been there? But it goes like this. It does not work. You walk in there sick. You walk out; you are still sick. You walk in there with a spiritually female mind; even though you went like this, you walk out with a spiritually female mind. It is a game that they are playing in the church. Look, this is what it looks like.

Man is -- was a tree. Well, he is a tree. At the beginning, what was the name of the tree?

The tree of life?

The tree of life. Man was a tree of life, and in the midst of the tree was?

The tree of knowledge?

The tree of knowledge of good and evil.

There is a tree within a tree, just like -- if you look like a tree out there -- look at a tree out there now, and you take a knife and you cut into it, inside is the core of the tree and there is layers wrapped around it. It was a tree within a tree, and this tree of life completely overshadowed the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I am going to draw it for you another way just for purpose of demonstration.

Let us draw it this way. We have the tree of life, and then there is earth that the tree is rooted in and growing out of, and in the earth is [sic] ticks, Lyme disease, worms, maggots, snakes --










Thorns and thistles.

Thorns and thistles.

[?And frogs.?]

What is that, frogs?


Frogs, all kinds of good stuff.





Did we say lice? Lice.





OK, listen, we are abiding up here in the heavenlies, and all this stuff that has the power to torment us, to kill us and to hurt us is down here. We can say that we are a hunter in a jungle that has a pair of high boots on up to the knee. None of this stuff can touch us because we are abiding up here, but what happened to the tree? What happened to the tree? In the Book of Daniel -- what happened to the tree in the Book of Daniel? Anybody? The tree --



-- fell down. And all of this --

Is right [?there?].

-- stuff is not only in the tree, it is now on top of the tree.


It has authority over the tree. Now, this realm down here, we will call it the satanic realm. This is just for purposes of demonstration. This is the world where Satan has authority. We fell down under his -- he did not move. He did not move. We fell down under his authority. There is a Scripture in the Book of Isaiah that says, “And all of these --.” I think the word is denizens. “All of these elements of hell, they looked up and they saw the tree falling down, and they were waiting to receive him into their midst.” You know that Scripture? I think it is in Isaiah 14. I have -- I may have the chapter wrong. It said, “[?Well,? While?] they fell down to hell, and we welcome you.” It sounds like a Frankenstein movie. It is what it says.

Now, you see, hell has never moved. For the purpose of this discussion, hell has always been -- I know that the partial tree separated out from the whole tree. For the purpose of this discussion, hell has always been in a low spiritual place. We fell down under the authority of the pestilence in hell, --


-- and by Christ coming forth in us, the tree is being erected again. And when we are up here in the authority of Christ, all of this pestilence, it is still there, but we have ascended above it. We have ascended above it. Now, we are going to be in the same body. We are going to have the same name. We are going to have the same family. We are going to have the same acquaintances. We are probably going to live in the same place, but something is going to be happening to what part of us?

Our mind.

Our mind.

Our mind.

Our mind. It is going to raise us up above the authority of alcoholism, of drug addiction, of adultery, of rebellion and every other sin that kills us. We are going to be above it because of the condition of our mind. This is not going away, brethren. It is being covered over.

And it is happening to one person at a time because the tree of life is a many-membered tree. We are told by the prophet Ezekiel -- the prophet Ezekiel, he saw many trees, and this is what they look like. You see, in the spirit, we are one. Christ is not divided, but the Ezekiel -- the prophet Ezekiel was looking down on the Earth, and he saw these many individual human beings, but in their minds they are one spirit.

He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. That means if you are joined to the Lord and I am joined to the Lord, we are one spirit with Him and we are one spirit with each other. It means we have the same mind. It means we think the same way. That means in every individual situation, there is one righteous evaluation, one righteous solution of problems, and anyone that is not in agreement is -- with the mind of Christ -- now, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] we had a problem because if you have two people and they are not in agreement, one may be in Christ and one may not, and both may not be in Christ, but if you are not in agreement, at least one person -- at least one person is not in Christ.

There is no division in Christ. There is no argument. There is no “I have a different opinion.” There is no “Well, I saw it differently than you did.” That is not true. If Christ is functioning in you, you are going to see it the same way. So we have a church right now that there is a lot of division in the church. Even amongst the sons -- excuse me -- there is a lot of difference of opinions. Why? Because Christ i- --


So we have a church right now that there is a lot of division in the church. Even amongst the sons -- excuse me -- there is a lot of difference of opinions. Why? Because Christ is lying underneath the carnal mind. Christ is lying underneath the carnal mind, so when the Chri- -- mind of Christ begins to function, He has to look through a veil. He has to look through a veil. Paul said we see through a --




-- a glass darkly. We do not see clearly in this hour. [?Can?] we see -- we are looking through the carnal mind, and our thoughts are being colored. Our evaluation of the situation is being colored. Our solutions to the problem are being colored. That is why the Scripture says there is safety in a multitude of counsels, but, of course, you have to get yourself godly counsels. You have to get people that you know are moving in the mind of Christ, --


 -- and then you believe the Lord to speak through the people. Under the old covenant -- how did they do it under the old covenant? Anybody remember?

[?Through the prophets??]

They drew lots. They drew lots. They took a whole bunch of straws, and they broke one short straw, and everybody pulled a straw, and when they did that, they believed that Jehovah would control who drew the short straw. And, in fact, Jehovah controlled who drew the short straw, and that was how -- first they did it by tribe. All of Israel sent -- I do not know whether -- it was probably one representative, and everybody drew a straw, and the tr- -- the tribe that got the short straw, that was the tribe that was chosen. Then they sent forth the elders, and they -- whoever got the short straw was chosen, and then they kept narrowing it down and narrowing it down, and that was how they found out who God had picked to lead a battle or to rule in the government or some such thing.

In this hour, we have access to the mind of Christ, and you have to believe that if you are -- if you are an established elder in Christ, you have to know who the elders are in Christ because many are sick and dying because -- why is [sic] many sick and dying?

They cannot [INAUDIBLE]

They cannot discern the body of Christ. You have to be able to discern the elders in Christ. You see, it has nothing to do with how old you are. It has nothing to do with whether you are male or female. It has nothing to do with what you do for a living. It has nothing to do with how much money you have. It has nothing to do with how much knowledge you have. It has to do with the spirit that is upon you. It has to do with the spirit and the ma- -- and the maturity of that spirit and the operation of that spirit in your mind. Spiritual things are of the mind, and if you look at the flesh, you will stumble.

That was how Israel messed up. How did Israel mess up? They stumbled at the flesh of Jesus. Said, “What do you mean He is a Son of God? He is a man. I know His mother. I even know He was a bastard. She got pregnant before she got married. What are you talking about?” They stumbled at His flesh. Paul said, “From this day forward, we know no man any longer after the flesh, but we know Him after the Spirit.”

And that is why we have people being drawn into the church in this hour that come from some backgrounds. Most people come from backgrounds that do not sound like very good -- that do not sound very good on a resume. Look at what happened to Paul. The church wanted nothing to do with him. They were scared half to death of him. He was out there murdering Christians, and now he comes to them and he says, “I am born again. I am born again, and I want you to let me come to your church and preach.” They were scared half to death.


Yeah, it is in the Book of Acts. Is that not in the Book of Acts?


I believe it is in the Book of Acts. Yeah, it is in the Book of Acts. So we have all kinds of people being drawn into the church today that to some people do not look respectable because the carnal mind of man, for you to be respectable, has certain things that they are looking for, but God could call anybody. He can call somebody out of the lion pit and make them a son of God, and if you are stumbling at their flesh, if you are stumbling at their past, if you are stumbling at what they did last year or even last month, you are not going to be obedient to Christ.

Now, you do not let people abuse you or take advantage of you, but if God tells you that He is in that person, you have got to get what is Christ out of that person. You have to learn how to do it because there is a great mystery, you see. I believe it was Paul who said, “This is a great mystery,” but the church that you see, that is not really the church of God. The church of God is within the church.” I have a whole message on it.

See, all these people that you see with all their faults that cause you to be hurt and cause you to stumble and say things like “Christians, huh,” all these carnal qualities, all of these failures of people who are Christians, that is not Christ, but Christ is in them. It is a great mystery, and if you want to touch -- want to touch the riches which are in Christ, you have to get past people’s humanity because in this hour we are not perfect. We are very imperfect.

So that is why there is safety in numbers. You get together and you exalt Christ, and you believe as you -- as the -- as the Hebrews believed that whoever drew the short straw, that Jehovah was in control. If your heart is right and you are seeking Christ honestly and sincerely, you gather at fellowships and you gather in groups where you know one another -- not strangers, but you have been laboring together over long periods of time and you know who is the faithful, when you know who is the elder, you know who is the true body of Christ, and you are here for people, and God is faithful to give a multiple witness. That is what it is all about.

We cannot stand alone because if it were possible, --

The very elect [CROSSTALK]

-- the very elect would be deceived. Cannot stand alone unless you are in perfection. Jesus stood alone, Him and the F- -- and the Father. He stood alone as far as other men were concerned. Oh, but I thought He had the disciples. Yeah, Peter told Him not to go to the cross. He had to rebuke him and call him Satan. Jesus was constantly rebuking His disciples -- constantly. They kept falling into carnality. They kept giving him carnal advice, rebuking Him. He was constantly rebuking His disciples. Jesus had no one -- no human man. It was just him and the Father, but, in this hour, God is building mature fellowships with people that are growing and moving in Christ.

You have to know who the eldership is. Well, in a ministry like this, we have -- most of us are elders. We just have two others who are not here tonight -- or now Joseph is back -- three who are not elders, so it is real easy, but you get into a bigger church with more people, you have to discern the elders. You know, the average church, if you are a lawyer, they make you an elder. If you are a successful businessman, they make you an elder, and these people know nothing at all about the ministry of Christ. People’s maturity in Christ are s- -- is spiritually discerned.

I know when this ministry first started up, someone had called up one of the members of the congregation, a married woman, and told her that I should not be preaching, that her husband should be preaching. I mean, that was really funny because the guy did not know anything. I think he knew the Lord one month, and they were saying that by virtue of his physical maleness, he should be preaching. This is ignorance. You have a question? Just put it on the message, please.

This is total ignorance. It is by virtue of the maleness of your mind that you are called to preach. Yes? Yes.

Why is it in the Bible --

Is it on?

-- that it says women are supposed to be -- you have -- you have mentioned this before at -- I am just -- I was blind, but -- that women are not supposed to preach, that they are supposed to be silent. Now -- I do not know how to -- why is that? Why would a man of God who has known God all his life come in here and tell you tonight, say to you, you are not supposed to be where you are tonight? Because the Bible -- you are supposed to accept what the Bible says. You are not living by the Word of God because it clearly says right here that you are not supposed to be ministering. You are supposed to be quiet in the church. Now, how would you respond to what you might call a Pharisee?

Yeah, I would say to him that there must be some misunderstanding because the same man who said a woman should be silent in the church also said quench not prophesying. That means women can prophesy. So how come you can prophesy, but you cannot teach? So that is a contradiction in the Scripture. So we have to find out what Paul really meant, OK, and we also found out that Paul appointed women to -- into offices in the New Testament church. So we must be misunderstanding that Scripture. OK. And then we find another Scripture that is by Paul, who says, “There is no male or female in the chur- -- in Christ Jesus.” So how can Paul say that there is no male or female in Christ Jesus and say a woman should be silent?

There must be something that our fallen mind does not understand, and what Paul is saying is that the one with the mind of Christ -- or the -- I am sorry, the one with the carnal mind -- the woman is the one with the carnal mind, and she should not be teaching. The carnal mind should not be teaching anybody. The man is the one that has the male mind. When God talks about male and female, except for the purposes of human marriage, which is a different situation, when we are talking about spiritual things, He is talking about a male or a female mind.

I mean, just use your common sense. You take a woman like me and you put me next to a man that knows the Lord one month and you make a judgment that that man should teach, there must be something wrong with your reasoning. It is not reasonable, so you must be misunderstanding something, and in view of Paul’s Scripture, there is no male or female in Christ Jesus -- what does that mean? The name of your new mind is Christ Jesus. Actually, Christ Jesus is your new man, and the mind in Him is the mind of Christ Jesus.

So what he is saying is there is no male or female in Christ Jesus, for the human being -- well, I do not know whether you are aware of it or not, but Paul talks about a new man and an old man, an inner man and an outer man -- for the human being, in whom the new man is manifesting, it does not matter what your body is because your mind has become male. That is what he is saying.

And anybody with a reasonable mind can just open up their ears and discern the Spirit. You are supposed to discern Christ. You are supposed to be discerning the new man wherever he is manifesting, OK, because spiritual things have nothing to do with your body. Human marriage has to do with your body. No matter how spiritual the woman is, the man is the head of the wife, and the man is the head of the marriage, of a physical marriage -- husband, wife, children -- OK, but when it comes to spiritual things, the man Christ Jesus is the head, whether He is manifesting in a female body or in a male body -- different circumstances.

Did I answer your question? OK. Praise the Lord. Did somebody here want to say something else? I thought there was another question here. Hallelujah.

[?All right?] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] we were talking about elders in the church. So you cannot discern an elder by looking at their sex or by looking at their age or by looking at how much money they have or by looking at how much education they have. We know that Paul was a highly educated man, and that Peter was a very uneducated man. The Scripture clearly states that Peter could not even read or write. Well, he must have learned because he wrote -- he wrote a couple of books of the Bible.

But at one point in the Book of Acts, who was it that Peter was with preaching out in the street and the people were saying, “These men do not even know letters. How could they be preaching this w- -- this manifold wisdom of God? They have no education at all”? Who was he with, Peter? OK. It was Peter and another apostle, uneducated fishermen, no schooling, and this incredible wisdom was pouring out of them, and the Pharisees, who were all into education, were saying, “Now, who do you think you are? You did not go through 15 years of our school,” but, you see, wisdom is in Christ.

And we see that in the church today. We see a lot of [AUDIO CUTS OUT] without understanding saying you cannot preach unless you are a graduate of a manmade Bible school. You cannot preach unless you have a card that is given to you when you graduate a manmade Bible school. Brethren, God never said that. That is nowhere in the Bible. We just had a fantastic message this morning. God said to Elijah, “Go and anoint Elisha as prophet over Israel.” God appoints you. God chooses you.

Now, when God chooses you, you have to study. It is not completely by the Spirit. You have to study the Word. It is a combination of you taking this Word into your mind and Christ moving through it. You have to work, definitely. It is s- -- there is studying involved, but it does not have to be from a manmade Bible school. Your credentials as a person of God or as a prophet or as the Spirit rests upon you. God said to Samuel, “Go to the house of Jesse. The king of Israel is in the house of Jesse,” and Samuel went there, and he went to the oldest son first because under Hebrew law you could not possibly choose a younger son. Under Hebrew law -- this happened to Jacob. He fell in love with Be- -- Rachel. He wanted to marry her, and he found out that he could not marry her because she had an older sister. He had to marry her older sister first. This is the order of man.

But Samuel went into Jesse’s house, and he went through every son, and he said, “No, this is not the one.” How did he know? The anointing of God was not resting on any of these sons. He said, “God told me to come to this house. You must have another son.” And the father said, “Oh, no, just the baby. He is out in the back tending the sheep. He is much too young, and you went past my oldest son, and you went -- you rejected all of my sons. You want the baby? You must be mistaken, Samuel.” Samuel said, “I want to see him,” and he saw him.

And the anointing of God was resting upon the baby of the family who was out tending the sheep, and he said, “That is him. Not because he is the oldest, not because he is the smartest, not because he studies the hardest or he is the most faith- -- most faithful, but that is him because the Lord God Jehovah has said that is him.” So, you see, when Jehovah says you are called and when Jehovah says you are anointed, man cannot say you cannot go because you did not graduate from my Bible school.

So we find throughout church history every man of God -- spiritually man of God; it has nothing to do with your body -- that has been called of God to serve Him in a mighty way has never, ever -- well, I should not say never, ever -- to the best of my knowledge has not come out of an institution of man. And if this servant of God was raised up in a manmade institution at the time that God calls him, he is required to sever his ties with that institution.

There are some powerful men of God in the church today that were raised up in denominations that God required to break their tie with that denomination. Wa- -- is one not named Robison [SP]? What is his first name? He was a -- he was a Baptist, and he received the call of God, and the whole Baptist church came against him and told him he could not preach what he was preaching or he could not do whatever he was doing, so he had to break his ties with the Baptist denomination.

I -- to the best of my knowledge, it is impossible to serve God in any strong way and be subject to the authority or the government in a denomination because the government in a denomination is manmade. God deals directly with His prophets. God speaks directly to His prophets. He does not go through a supervisor and an overseer and a -- because when you are in a structure like that, you are spiritually female. How can I say that? The order is God -- who is under God?


Christ. Who is under Christ? The man.

[?The man.?]

And who is under the man? The woman, --

[?The woman.?]

-- OK. So if there is anyone between you and Christ, that makes you a spiritual woman. I do not care what your body is. Listen, if you are a preacher in a denomination, and you answer to 10 different layers of Christian executives that are between you and God, if you cannot do what God tells you without getting permission from the Christian executives of your denomination, that means that there is someone between you and God. That makes you a woman. There is man between you and Christ. That makes you the woman. If there is someone that could tell you what to preach and you have to preach it, if there is someone who can fire you from your position of pastor of that church, you are not a God-appointed man. You are a woman. I do not care what your body is because God directly rules or Christ directly rules over the God-called servant of God. It has to do with your mind and relationship. It has nothing whatsoever to do with your body.

How did I get on that? What was I talking about? Eldership. I was talking about eldership. So many are sick and dying because they cannot discern the body of Christ. They cannot discern the true elders of God. They are -- they are looking and they are judging by worldly standards, by -- of worldly success, and there is no power in education. There is no power in man’s education. There is power in the anointing. There is power in Christ. There is power in the Spirit of God, and you have to be able to discern it or you are going to get messed up and you are going to die.

Now, who did that? Who messed up like that? Naaman? Naaman the Syrian general, he was dying from leprosy. He had leprosy, did he not? He heard that there was healing in Israel, and when it came to Israel, who did he go -- did he go to the prophet with the power to heal him?

No, the king.

He went to the king. He went to the rich guy. He went to the carnal guy, and he said, “I heard there is healing in Israel. I want to be healed.” And what did the king say? Anybody? The king said, “Are you out of your mind? Get out of my palace. Do you want God to throw a lightning bolt down on me, that I should think that I have the power to heal somebody? Get out of here.” And Naaman was all confused. He just assumed that the spiritual power lay with the king, but he was wrong.

Spiritual power lays with the prophet of God. Spiritual power is with the man of God, and the man of God did not look like a king at all. He was living in a simple, little house with one servant. Nobody in the world knew what he was unless they had spiritual discernment, and, to make matters worse, when Naaman knocked on the door, the man of God would not even talk to him. He sent his servant out. You see, he already knew what he wanted because he had mind power. The servant of God already knew what Naaman wanted without talking to him. He knew his thoughts. Praise the Lord.

So he sent his servant out, and Naaman was very insulted. He says, “I am the captain of the Syrian army, and you send your servant out to me? And not only that, that you send your servant out to me, but you tell me the way I am going to get healed is to go dip in the Jordan river? I thought surely I would need surgery and at least two weeks in the hospital and a couple of thousand dollars’ worth of medicine. What do you mean go dip seven times in the Jordan? It could not possibly be that simple. You are insulting me.” That is what he said, and he was going away, but his servant said to him, “Look, you came all the way from Syria. Why do you not at least try it? You would be a fool to not try it.” So he said, “All right, I will try it.”

And he went and he dipped in the Jordan. He went down once, and he came up; he was still leprous. Went down twice, and he came up; he was still leprous. When he came up the seventh time, his skin was as new and as good as a newborn baby. Just do what you are told. Just do what you are told. The miracle is in the obedience. The miracle is in the obedience.

So the point that we are making here, is that to get what you need out of the church, you must be able to discern God’s true eldership. Not the eldership that man put over the church, but God’s true eldership, you must be able to discern it. And if you want to discern it and you are looking by man’s standards, you are going to miss it. And the power is in the spiritual church, and the spiritual church is within the carnal church, and out of all the buildings that call themselves churches in this country, there is [sic] very few churches in which there is power.

The power is hidden. Excuse me. God’s power is hidden. You have got to be seeking God, and you have got to be sent. Either you have got to be sent to it or it must be sent to you. Everybody does not have the same power. If you believe that, you have received a lie. Everybody prays in faith, and when God decides to answer your prayer, He sends you to the person who has the power. Anybody here not know that?

Let me give you that testimony of that woman. She was really sick. She was bedridden, and she had members of her church taking turns coming and sl- -- they would sleep in her bedroom. They would sleep on the floor just praying all night long, and she was getting worse. She could not -- she was dying, and it went on, I think, for a couple of months.

And then one day -- I may not have this exactly right, but someone said to her -- someone came and said to her, “You know, I heard that there is an old Quaker man who lives out in the country somewhere all by himself.” Did you ever notice that people that really serve God frequently are hermits? You [?never noticed?ever notice?] how they spend much time by themselves? “He has got the power to heal you, and thus saith the Lord, ‘If you rise up out of this bed and go seek out this man, I will heal you through this servant of mine.’”

And the woman believed, and her husband took her, and she rode out into the country, and the man laid hands on her, and she was healed. So, you see, all those people that loved her, that spent nights laying on the floor praying for her, they did not have the power to heal her, but God heard their prayers and sent her to the one that had that healing ability in Christ. Can you hear that?

Everybody does not have the same thing in Christ. So if you start picking who you want to meet your need, you can miss out. You got to tell the Lord what -- you know, what your problem is, and He will send you where He wants you, and if you cannot hear it, if you cannot see, if you cannot deserve the -- discern the anointing, you really have a problem. You are likened to a blind man in this natural world. You had better start praying for your spiritual senses to start working or you are not going to make it because the church is in an upheaval right now, and the way it looks now, it is not going to look this way in the very near future. There is a changing of the government within the church.

And even right now, you really -- you really have to be sent to get to God’s true anointed. It always was that way. It was that way in Elisha’s day with Naaman, and it is that way today. You really have to be sent. You have to cry out to God to be directed to where He wants you because the true man of God is not walking around with a black suit and a white collar, and he is not in any way making himself obvious. He is spiritually discerned. You recognize him by his mind. And how do you see somebody’s mind? How do you see somebody’s mind?


Through discernment.

And what do they do? What do --


Yeah, by what they say. That is how you tell whether someone is spiritually male or female, by what they say, by what comes out of their mouth and by their life. You have to look at their life. Glory to God.

Any questions? Are we on the second tape yet? OK. Any questions or comments? I do not think the Lord is finished. Let us just wait on Him for a minute.


-- saying this for. I had a Scripture on my heart. And there were many widows in that day, but Elisha was sent to only one. Is that the Scripture? And there were many widows in Zarephath. Is that where she was? I may have the city wrong. There were many widows in that day starving to death. There was a famine in the land. But Elisha, the man of God, who had miracle-working power was only sent to one widow in the whole land where people were dying from the famine.

And he went to this widow. She had one son, and the man of God said to her, “Give me something to eat, please.” And she said, “All I have is this little bit of flour and this little bit of oil, and I was going to make one cake that my son and I would eat so that we could die together. But I recognize that you are the man of God, and I will give you to eat.” And she baked the cake for him, and the man of God ate.

And he said to her, “Because you discerned the anointing on me, because you recognized that I was of God and you responded to my request, that bin that you keep the flour in will never be empty, and that jar that you keep the oil in will never be empty.” So he said, “Gather all of the bottles that you have in your house and start pouring out.” And they were all filled up with oil, and the more she poured out the oil, the more they were filled up. And she did not die, and her son did not die, and she was provided for supernaturally until the duration of the famine because she discerned the body of Christ.

I do not know why I said that, but the Lord gave me that to say. You must discern the body of Christ. There is more. Just hold on with me.

Did you ever wonder how the apostles recognized Jesus? When Jesus was going around and saying to the apostles, “Follow me,” OK, one of them said, “Where do You dwell, sire? Where dwellest Thou?” Now, do you really think these apostles wanted to know what kind of a house He lived in? Jesus said, “Do you want to know where I dwell? Follow me.” And I think it said they spent -- they passed the night with Him or they sp- -- they spent some time with Him.

Well, do you think they found out where His house was? When they left Him, they went out and they said, “We found Messiah. We have found Messiah.” Because they slept in His house overnight? He must have been speaking to them all night long about great -- and the glorious and great things of the kingdom of God, and they discerned that glorified mind, and they knew that He was Messiah.

Jesus looked just like every other man on the street. That is why the Pharisees tried to kill Him. They said, “Who do You -- what are You, out of Your ever-loving mind? You are Mary’s son. You are illegitimate. I know Your father Joseph. What are You talking about, You crazy?” And they tried to kill Him. They said, “You blaspheme.”

Christ is spiritually discerned. You will never make it. If you are using your natural eyes, you will never make it. You will never make it. You will follow the wrong man. You will follow the wrong man, and you will go right off the cliff. You will follow him right into the ditch.

If He is -- if He is going to use you and He is going to have you look at --

Is that on, Joseph? Is the switch on?




It does not -- we do not get the amplification.

And He has got you -- I lost my train of thought. Oh. If He has got you studying the Word of knowledge, and He is disciplining you not to do what you want to do up here but having you deal with something out of your [?ordinary?unordinary?] daily activities, why is it that sometimes in life you just got to be around people who do not -- you know, you asked them -- I do not know how to explain it. You have to be there. I just -- it is hard to explain.

You have to be around spiritual people?

Yeah, that is -- it is -- it is like you -- I do not know how to [CROSSTALK]

You mean why are you desiring to be around spiritual people?

It is not that. It is the other -- the other way [?around?].

Why are you desiring to be around carnal people?

Why are they around me when I am trying to grow spiritually?

Why are carnal people around you --

All of my life --

-- carnal people --

-- [CROSSTALK] [?not?] one person in my life today or months ago do not want to know anything about Christ.

Well, there are not many people -- well, you know, even people in the church, really all that they want are the blessings, most of the people. So there are not very many truly spiritual people in the church, but another factor is that Satan sends carnal people into your life. He does not want you to grow in Christ. So there definitely will be an opposition in the life of the man who is called to the things of Christ, all kinds of diversions.

We even had a -- who was it? You had a dream. Did you not have a dream last night that there were five men -- five men that wanted to marry you, and you said you already had a husband. And the interpretation of the dream -- the interpretation of the dream is that there will be people and things in this world calling us unto themselves -- baseball games. You overcame a big thing coming here tonight. You actually gave up the Super Bowl. My goodness.


That is in- -- that is incredible for a sports fan like you, but this is what people that are called to Christ come up against. It is what they have to overcome -- things in the world -- either human relationships or things in the world that really give them satisfaction and pleasure. They have to choose between them and Christ, and there is always something that is really sweet, you know. Lots of -- lots of married people, it is not at all uncommon that God calls one and does not call the other, and the one who is not called tries to s- -- hold back the one who is called. And that is not just true in Christ. That is even true in AA. I saw -- I saw --


-- I saw a movie on TV about that. The woman finally got straight. She was an alcoholic all these years. She got straight. Her husband decided he did not like it. He l- -- he left her.

It is just -- it is just very common that whoever is called, there is always somebody who is close to them or something that they really want that is going to cause a conflict, and we, Lord willing, will chose Christ because if we do not choose Christ, we are going to lose Him. He has to be number one in our life. Christ has to be number one in your life. And even if you are married when you are called, He is number one over your wife or your husband, and I -- th- -- it is -- oh, especially men f- -- absolutely freak out with that, although I know a woman who freaked out once.

The husband was called, and, of course, he was not too sensitive. He said to her, “I want you to know Jesus is more important to me than you.” Poor lady flipped out. Well, you are not supposed to talk to your mate like that, but, spiritually speaking -- spiritually -- you are supposed to be gentle and explain to them, spiritually speaking, Christ becomes number one in your life.

And there will always be carnal people trying to seduce you away, to tell you, what are you into that stuff for? Do not go. Come with me. That is the way it is. Anyone that has a real call on their life goes through that. I went through it -- I went through it a lot at the beginning. Well, I went through it a lot, you know, but now -- see, once you become a mature believer, they pretty much leave you alone because they -- it is when you are young that Satan sends these people out to try to talk down what God is doing in your life, tell you -- either you do not need to be a Christian at all. What are you bothering with that Bible for? Or if you are a Christian, what are you going to that church for? You should be going to another church. And Satan has always got somebody in there trying to get you away from what God told you to do.

And the first thing that you need to find out about yourself is whether or not you can hear from God, and if you can hear from God, you -- well, you should not be taking advice from people that are trying to seduce you away from what you really believe God has told you to do because Satan is always sending someone -- Christians -- sending Christians to tell you not to do that. That cannot be God. It is none of their business.

We have a -- we have a story right in the Scripture. A prophet was ordained to go and pronounce judgment on King Jeroboam, and the word of the Lord to him was, “Go and pronounce judgment on King Jeroboam and return immediately, not by the same way that you went, but return home immediately.” And he went and he pronounced judgment on King Jeroboam.

And as he was returning another prophet of God stopped him in the way and said, “I would really love to hear to your testimony. Why do you not come home and have dinner with me?” And the prophet said, “No, the Lord said I should go right home.” And the second prophet said, “Well, I am a prophet of God too. You mean, you do not believe that God speaks through me? You should automatically do whatever I say because I am a prophet of God.” And the first prophet said, “Oh, well, all right.” And he went and had dinner with the second prophet. He obeyed the prophet instead of the word of the Lord to him. He obeyed man instead of God, and he had a delicious meal. And he got up and he left, and on the way home, a lion came out of the woods and killed him.

So this is very common in the church. God speaks to you, gives you a clear instruction, and someone that you perceive to be a man of God comes and tells you something different, and you obey the man instead of God, and no good thing can come out of it because the church is filled with false prophesy. And the -- and the hard part is that someone who is very much a man of God is not a man of God 100 percent of the time, and it could be Satan sending them to you. You have to know what God says to you.

This end-time work is for strong individualists. It is not for the sheep. People who must be af- -- must be following somebody else, people who are followers, they will never make it in this end-time ministry. You have to be a strong person with a strong will, and you have to be able to hear from God and come against all kinds of pressure from other people that hate your obedience to Christ. This end-time bunch, we are a tough bunch. Anyone that is called to it is a tough bunch, otherwise you will not make it. You will get wiped right out.

See, most of the church are sheep. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] this first group that is being raised up, that eventually will stand up in full stature, we are a tough bunch, but when we make it -- when we are -- what does that mean, when we make it? When we stand up in full stature, we are being sent back to get the weak ones. We are being sent back right into the church to get the people who are held captive by the minds of ministers that were not ordained of Christ.

So, in this hour, the people who are going on with Christ are a very tough bunch of people -- spiritually and emotionally, a tough bunch of people. And if anybody thinks that is pride, listen to what I said. Everybody is not equally strong, and when we stand up, we are being sent back to get the others. Everybody is not equally strong. Most of the church is in captivity to false doctrine because they cannot get out from under their pastors, and the pastors are all spiritual women, and their doctrine is the doctrine of devils, and they are sick and they are dying.


[INAUDIBLE] great things this year. [INAUDIBLE]

I believe this year is the turning point, that by the end of ’94 or at the beginning of ’95 at the latest, we are going to see a radical difference in the church -- radical, that the Lord’s purposes are going to be evident. However He is going to do it, He has got to make His ministry visible to the people, that they can come and get it. He is going to have to wound the ministers that will not give up their positions, that will not yield to the true Spirit of Christ. They have to be wounded. He is going to have to take them down, however He is going to do it. I believe by the end -- by the beginning of ’95 at the latest that this transition will be very much moving -- very much moving, yeah.

07/08/15 – Transcribed by VerbalFusion

07/12/15 – 1st Edit CAS/BP

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