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I, sort of, have an interpretation of the dream that you told me about.




The one with the little girl that was saying, mommy, I have become a boy. 


Yeah. And I think that the Lord told me what that dream was saying was that you represented some existing -- some ministry that is been around for a long time, and they got a revelation of what God is doing in [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- well, you see, spiritually, we are not a younger son. Spiritually, I can say before Abraham was, I am. The anointing that is here was before Abraham. I physically, Sheila Vitale, would be considered a younger son by a lot of men who have been preaching for 40 or 50 years, but you have to have a revelation that it is the one who is in me, that it is not me, that if it was le- -- if I were left to my own devices, I would not be doing this at all. So, I believe, your dream was saying that the Lord is revealing what is happening here to some men that have been ministering for a long time, and it was not -- see, that is pretty much the interpretation I gave you, but I gave you a general interpretation. I said it was for the church, but, I think, it is specific, and, I think, it is the -- some people are going to see this book, and their eyes are going to be opened, and there is going to be a great rage. Please, give Tracy a copy of our [?final?] book. 


Oh, you have one already?


Oh, OK. I thought -- I really thought they were coming today. I had it very strong in my spirit that they would be here today. I am surprised they are not here. 


OK. Praise the Lord.          


Oh, yeah, OK. Praise God. It is just that I -- in my spirit, it started last night. They must have been considering it, and, I guess, they did not follow through, but usually my feelings are accurate. OK, Tracy, this is Jimmy. I guess, you do not know him. He is visiting us from Albany.

            She [CROSSTALK] came early and met him.

Oh, good, OK. Praise the Lord, OK. The -- for some reason, I do not know whether this is a question in somebody's mind or not, but the question is in my mind. I do not know whose mind I am hearing, whether it is somebody here or it is someone that will be hearing the message, but I will answer the question, and first I will state the question, and then I will answer it. The question is: How come people in this ministry are not all dressed up in their Sunday best? And the answer to that question is that I cannot find it anywhere in the Scripture that we are supposed to get dressed up in our Sunday best to come to church, and we have liberty in this ministry. If you would like to come in, in a tuxedo, you are -- or a formal gown, as long as you are not exposed, unduly exposed, you are free to wear anything that you like in that is ministry.

But I cannot find it anywhere in the Scripture where a dress code, quote, unquote, is required. I think that you should be -- to the fullest extent that you are possib- -- that it is possible, you should be clean, and you should be neat, and you should have a hum- -- you should be clothed with a humble spirit. But if the Lord calls in someone from off the street and they are not clean and they are not neat, they are welcome also. But I cannot find it in the Scripture that we are supposed to be dressed up and that the women are supposed to be wearing stockings and high heels and that the men are supposed to be wearing jackets and suits and ties. If you would like to do that, you are free to do it, but I cannot see it, and I for one want no part of the religion of man. Should the day ever come that the Lord will convict me and tell me that that is His desire for me, by His strength and His grace, I will do it. I used to be a very formal person. I worked in law offices for years, in really high-level offices in Manhattan, and I was a real formal person. I almost ne- -- when women first sta- -- I wa- -- there was a day, young ladies, when women never wore -- rarely wore pants, you know, and I did not even own a pair of pants. And I remember when they started -- well, let me correct that. Women wore pants on a Saturday or on a Sunday but not to the office. It was unheard of. You wore stockings and high heels.


And y- -- and a hat, and it was very formal. You went to work very formal, and I remember when things started to change, and I am very slow to change. I do not change easily, and I was very offended, and I did not wear pants to work for years. I stuck to my stockings and my heels and my formal dresses, and then I was home for about eight years, raising Maria. When I went back to work after that, I was just -- the radical -- the change had just become radical, and the dresses that I had, when I went back to work, especially here on Long Island anyway, just -- they just -- the women just were not dressing that formally anymore. I had to get rid of all my clothes because I found out that even on an evening out, the women who did wear dresses, the clothes had become much more sporty. Women used to dress v- -- I mean, compared to today's standards, very fancy, to go to the office or just to go out to dinner.

So I am slow to change, but I changed, and now it is very hard for me to put on a dress or stockings or high heels, and I choose not to do it. And so I do not know if that question is in the mind of anybody here or not, but I frequently hear people's questions. And when I do that, I in- -- I believe, the Lord wants me to answer them. So if it is somebody here, you do not have to tell me that it was you. Maybe it is for somebody that is going to hear the message. I do not know, but, I believe, we are supposed to be happy in the Lord, and I have no problem with the informality of this meeting. Now, of course, we all know that a lot of people criticize us here, so maybe it is somebody else, you know.




You are the culprit.

             And I said to my son [INAUDIBLE] but I always hated getting dressed up to go to church [INAUDIBLE] phony and fake, and I hated it. I was like -- and that thought came to my mind for some reason this morning.

Well, somebody is thinking the question. 

            And I said, well, this is the way I am going, you know. The Lord is not looking at me for my clothes. He does not care about that.


            He wants to know about my heart and my mind, and the rest of it does not matter.


            And that is what I thought.

Yeah. Somebody is thinking the question, somebody. Now the only possible culprit is Jimmy, but I am not going to ask him if it is him because I know that everybody else is not asking that here. Are you thinking that question?


About dress codes?

            I -- well, before I came down here and I was packing, I thought, should I bring a s- -- you know, a suit down and dress up? And then I said, nah, I will just --


            -- wear casual clothes.


            But that is all [?I really thought?] [CROSSTALK]

Because you are pretty casual. No, somebody is criticizing us, OK. And -- 


Yeah. I, [?kind of?], think it would be you because you are real --


            That is a big thing from the spirit realm, and we were talking about it last night, that somebody is criticizing the way I dress, and [CROSSTALK]

Ah-ha, that is where it is coming from.

            It is coming from [CROSSTALK]

I am telling you. I am 95 --


Sometimes I am 99 percent accurate. I am telling you, I --

            And, like, I was telling him last night. I was saying, yeah [INAUDIBLE]

Amen. That is where it is coming from. I heard it.


            [?So why did not I get it?]? I do not get it.

Because you are spiritually sensitive.

            [CROSSTALK] spirit, and people thought about it. He thought about it. It was before he came.


            She thought about it this morning. 


            And it is a judgment. [CROSSTALK]

We are being condemned, yeah.

            -- put on me for [CROSSTALK]

And the whole ministry is being condemned. I am being condemned. The person who is doing this has made a judgment that I should not be preaching. 

            It is a judgment.

I have no business preaching.


I am not qualified to preach.

            Excuse me.


            I guess, that judgment is [?put?] one me too. 

            -- what they are talking about [CROSSTALK]


            -- qualified to preach.

The woman who is condemning Rita's dress also condemns me and has passed a judgment that I am not --


-- qualified to preach.

            She really is putting judgment on me. [CROSSTALK]

Mary, please, I ask you to really try -- please, pray about doing that, please, because as soon as you start mentioning somebody's name, we slip over to gossip and condemnation, and it is really best to not mention people's names when we have conversations like this. This came up a couple of months ago or a month ago. I lose track of time, and there were two people there, and you were one of them. And, I think -- June, who was there? [?There were?] June, and Michelle thought -- accused me of gossiping. OK, now naming the person is the first step to this kind of a problem, and if you recall, we talked about it at that time.


No, it has nothing to do with the mic. It has to do with the spirit that is covering the meeting, and we would like to keep it a godly spirit. So we found out that it is not only possible, but it is godly to discuss the problems that fallen people have in their relationships and still be in the Spirit of Christ, but there is a danger of slipping over into gossip and condemnation. And, somehow, by virtue of the way the mind of man works, is that as soon as that name comes up, people -- it starts registering in people's hearts as gossip or condemna- -- or they start questioning whether it is gossip or condemnation. So it is really best to not name names, especially if I am -- if the one who is leading the meeting is being very careful to not name the name. The people in the congregation should take my lead, OK. And at that time, I do not know whether you -- apparently you do not recall, but at that time, I asked everybody and -- to please not -- when I talk like this, to not start guessing who the person is because that is what happened a month ago when this came up. There were guesses. Oh, is it this one? Oh, is it that one? And I fell into the pit. You know, I am still growing too. I am not in full stature yet, and I fell into the snare of saying, yes, it was that one. And then we had two people here -- I do not believe it was a spirit of gossip, but we had two people here who stumbled, thinking that it was a spirit of gossip. And I requested, at that time, to please keep names not only off the message, but when it comes to things like this, out of the meetings. I would appreciate your cooperation, OK. Is there anything you want to say or ask me about that?

            I do not even know the name of the person [CROSSTALK]

Yeah, but you revealed --

            -- microphone, but you asked me, like, who -- how did it come about, and I was looking for, like, a factual sequence of events of how this came about.



OK. Well, then all that I could say to you is please take the lead from the person who is running the meeting. If no one has mentioned a name, please do not mentioned names. And I know you did not mention a name, but you identified the person, OK. I would appreciate your cooperation. It is just a good practice to -- it is called discretion. Let us all, here, put on a spirit of discretion, OK. I ask that for the whole group, OK. Praise the Lord.

OK, so it is [?an?] -- you see, we have to speak about these things because those of us who are becoming spiritual need to know that we hear other people's thoughts. And the problem for us is that when this starts happening to us, excuse me, it does not register in our mind that it is somebody else's thought. It registers in our mind as our thought, and this is a part of the end-time warfare, and it is really -- we have -- all of us, we have to learn it, that every thought that comes into our mind is not our thought. Now this thought -- well, I almost said it was harmless enough, but, you know, this thought was not harmless.

Now listen to what could have happened, you see. This thought already penetrated Tracy and penetrated -- well, I do not know if it penetrated Jimmy or not. That might have just been a natural question. You are coming to visit a ministry. That might -- just might be a natural question. What should I take to wear? So I cannot really say that it penetrated you. But did it penetrate anyone else? Did anyone else have it in their mind about the dress code in this ministry? OK, so it penetrated Tracy, and it penetrated me. Now that does not mean that Tracy is wonderful or that she is better than anyone else. All it means is that she is spiritually sensitive, and her receiver is up. Her antenna is up; that is all that it means. It is all that it means. 


Now, listen. Well, it is OK to laugh. It -- that is OK. But, listen, this is very serious because when you are ant- -- before your antenna goes up, you are a spiritual child. In this area, if anyone is upset, rebuke it; it is just your pride, OK. The only way you are going to grow up is for me to point these things out to you. You have got to hear it. If your antenna is not up, if you are not hearing the voice of the enemy who is coming against this ministry or you personally or anyone that you love -- and who is the enemy? 

            [?The carnal mind?].

The carnal mind, Satan's carnal mind, wherever she is manifesting, OK. Now in the person -- for the person who was yielding to the thoughts of the carnal mind and not casting them down, for the person who is thinking sin and not saying, I see you, and I judge you as sin, and I repent, and I cast you down, for the person who is not doing that but who is in agreement with the sinful thought, that person, for all intents and purposes, is Satan in this incident. They are completely given over to the thoughts of Satan, and they are Satan, and we see that clearly in the Scripture when Jesus called the apostle Peter, Satan. What it means is you are completely given over, in that thought, to Satan. Now we have got to get this straight, and we cannot be condemning people; we cannot be afraid of people, and we have to know that people are both good and evil. But in the areas that they are evil, that they are agreeing with sin in their mind, that they are the enemy of the human being who is living for Christ, in that area. Is anybody having a problem with this? People are neither wholly good nor wholly evil, and it is no longer acceptable to the Lord to sweep your evil under the rug and cover it over with a smile. Why is it no longer acceptable, anybody? Why?

            Because He wants to rid you of [INAUDIBLE] [?He wants you to be perfect?].

Well, that is true. Maybe I did not phrase the question right. What -- the answer that I was looking for was -- maybe I should say it is no longer practical. Why is it no longer practical to sweep your sins under the rug and cover them with a smile?


            -- [?to be revealed?].

There is nothing hidden from the sons of God. Look at what happened here this morning; I heard this woman's thought. Can you hear it? Nothing shall be hidden from Christ, and nothing shall be hidden from the men in whom the righteous Christ -- the righteous mind of Christ is ruling, even though they are not in full stature yet. For the people who are not perfect but in whom the kingdom of God is manifesting, who are waging this warfare, who are vigilant, who are looking for the enemy while they are lapping the water, the people who are looking for sin and who are casting it down everywhere they see it, in their own minds first and secondly in the minds of others --because I do not recommend at all that you try to cast it down in someone else's mind if you are not casting it down in your mind; you are in danger of judgment if you do that. For the people who are desiring and craving and praying for and reaching for the righteousness of Jesus Christ by waging war with every ungodly thought that comes into their mind, to them, nothing shall be hidden. Now could you just hold it until I finish -- until the Spirit finishes flowing? OK. And -- OK, just give me a minute, OK. Jesus, thank you, Lord. Hallelujah. OK.

Now in our fallen condition, we are still fallen, OK, we do not know everything. OK, for anybody that had that question in their mind, we could not contain all knowl- -- we could not contain a vision of the totality of the sin. I think it would drive us to insanity, but what we do know is the -- are the sins which are coming against us. We will know someone who is sinning against us in their mind, and, secondarily, if the Lord determines we are strong enough, we will know those who are sinning against someone that we have authority over in their mind. Why? So that we can join in the battle and help the ones over which we have authority, OK.

I am telling you, brethren, it is no longer practical or acceptable to God to sweep your sins under the rug because those who are moving in the righteousness of Christ know what you are thinking. If you are in denial, they still know what you are thinking. If you are smiling, they still know what you are thinking. If you are blessing them and buying them things and giving them presents, they still know what you are thinking, and they know the condition of your heart. And if they are truly moving in the righteousness of Christ, they are waging war against your wicked, sin-filled heart, and, in due season, you shall repent. In due season, if you are in denial, your sins shall be exposed unto you, and you shall confess them, and you shall repent because -- why? Why is this going to happen to you? Why?


Well, that is His purpose, but the reason -- it does not have to happen everybody. The reason it is going to happen to you is because you made the blessed mistake of condemning the Son of God, and I want to tell you that if you make the hellish mistake of condemning someone who is in their carnal mind, and for some reason they find out about it, you are dealing with a curse. But you make the blessed mistake of exposing your sins to someone who loves people as Christ loves people, and the end of your carnal mind has been trumpeted and herald acro- -- heralded across the heavens because I tell you that the righteous mind of Christ will not tolerate sin any longer because righteousness is appearing in the Earth. And whoever fights against righteousness dies to what? To their carnal mind. And then what? After the death --


-- the resurrection, hallelujah. So if you are foolish enough -- and that is the only word; it is a scriptural word. If you are foolish enough to tangle with a son of God because you are so ignorant -- and that is a spiritual word; that is a scriptural word. I am not insulting you; I am telling you the truth about your condition. If you are so foolish and so ignorant to tangle with a son of God, to criticize a son of God because you are so blind, because you are a brute beast that you cannot see that they are a dignitary, I pronounce the judgment of death upon you -- 


-- and then the love of God shall raise you from the dead. And I shall see Christ standing in your flesh in the face of the this Earth.

            Praise God, amen.

And this -- and what follows this whole exhortation is that this is the reason why the son of God must be persecuted because when you persecute the son of God, the mercy of God falls on you because He forgives your sins and deals with you and corrects you in righteousness. So to have -- first of all, the son of God must be persecuted. Everybody wants the glory. Someone received a prophecy here not too long ago they would be raising the dead, but they found out it was not [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- raise -- rise in the name of Jesus. They found out they had to die to raise the dead, and there was a few screams and yells going on. So what am I saying?

Number one, if you are a son of God, you not only shall be, but you must be persecuted to save the lives of the people. You must be hated; you must be lied about; you must be reviled so that you can forgive these ignorant people and raise them from the dead. These people that are opposing themselves, Paul said, that are alienated from God in their minds, that -- whose minds are covered with the darkness of the carnal mind, for you to raise them from the dead, they must first persecute you. So get rid of all your fantasies, all you sons in the making, and get ready to get hit on hard. And when you get on hard, examine yourself, and see if you are being the faith. See if you are forgiving their sins, truly, not [?in?] some religious spirit now.

Now how do you forgive their sins? How do you forgive somebody's sins? Do you speak the words? No, brethren. You forgive somebody's sins by waging war against the beast in them that is persecuting you. Now to [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- forgiveness of sins is not I forgive you and sweeping it under the rug. That is not it; I am telling you it is not it. You forgive somebody's sins when you love them enough to not let them get away with this. When you love them enough to -- it depends on your -- on -- as the Lord leads you. It may come to a confrontation; you tell them the truth. If it is not -- if the relationship is not such that God has brought it into the open, you wage war against it in the spirit. You do not run; you stand, and you face it, and you break the power of that wickedness in that person's mind, in your prayer closet.

When you are being persecuted without a cause and when your motive in waging the warfare is to forgive them, not to retaliate against them, not to protect yourself from them, but when your motive is saying, now listen here, your silliness cannot hurt me, but your silliness is unrighteous, and it is immature, and it is destructive, and God loves you too much to let you stay in that condition. Now see here, you stop doing that. I am not afraid of you. I do not believe you can hurt me, but God is not going to have it anymore because what you are doing is unrighteous, and the worst part of the whole thing is that you think you are righteous, and you are wrong, and you are blind, and you are dead. So be rebuked, and rise from the dead. And that is the ministry that we are called to, everyone that is called to this training. So --


Well, y- -- that is the ultimate way you should be praying. Now you have to check yourself out. If you really, honestly, cannot do this, if you examine yourself and your answer that you are praying out of fear or you are praying out of retaliation, then it needs to be confessed to the Lord. Father, I hear the word. I see the goal, but I am not there, and I c- -- I feel that if pray that way, it will be out of fear or out of retaliation, so I am standing still until you move on me. Honesty is the name of the policy. You are not going to enter into the kingdom living in deception and denial. You have got to try yourself. If you cannot try yourself, forget it; you will never get a true discernment on other people, never. If you are blind to what is in your own heart, anything you see in other -- or most things that you see in other people, I cannot say that, you know, it will be inaccurate. It is possible that if God wants to use you in deliverance, that He would give you a imputed discernment because it is the Lord's will that He wants that person delivered, so He will give you the discernment despite your blindness to your own sin. Does anyone not understand what I just said? But if you want to go on with God, you must look on your sins. You must -- I burn your brooms. I burn the broom of everybody that I have authority over. I burn your brooms, and I burn your carpets. Let all these sins come out, and let the -- oh, God, Lord, I knew this was going to [?invite?] an anointing. I burn your brooms you witches. Come out of the closet, all you sins, and be exposed so God can dispel you, that you might be the righteousness of God.

OK, now just to finish this exhortation, you have got to know that every thought that comes into your mind is not you. Now what could have happened here, if this thought hit the wrong people -- see, we are all strong believers here. Right now, there is really no babies here at this time, but I do not know what God is doing tomorrow. But what that thought would have liked to have done was to get into the mind of somebody in the congregation and stir up jezebel in them. And when the person is given over to the thought and says, amen, that sounds right, what is wrong with that Sheila anyway? You know, look at how she dresses. She comes out without shoes. In the summer time, she does not even have socks on. Look how the people are a bunch of pigs in this ministry. They are sloppy; they are not dressed. And if Satan could have found someone who would have said amen to that, they would have been calling me up and asking for an appointment to see me. They would be coming in trying to put pressure on me to twist my arm to put a dress code on the congregation, and when I refused to do it, they would get mad at me and probably rise up and leave the congregation.

So that is the serious side of hearing someone else's sinful thought in your mind and not trying that thought and saying, no, this is not right. Where th- -- I do not know where that came from. I am going to that ministry for five years, and this -- a thought like this never entered into my mind before. Where is this coming from? Nah. That does not sound like my thought. I repel you, or even if you were my thought, you are out of order. I will not criticize the minister in this ministry. That is the warfare, but I am telling you, someone else's thought in your mind can bring you down. If you are not fighting this war, if you are not examining every thought that arises in your mind, a thought can bring you down. It can hurt me; it can hurt the other people in that is ministry; it can hurt the people that you love. This is a great mystery, brethren, but the internal thought processes which we have are separate from, for lack of a better word, I will say our personality. There is a separation, and once you are in Christ, there is an enmity between the new you who is in Christ who is seeking after righteousness, the new man whose made in the image of the righteous God, and the thought process that you were born with. And it is going inside your head, and it is too bad if you do not want to fight, and it is too bad if you are casting down imaginations day and night because, if you do not fight, you are going to be overtaken and defeated.

And as we will find out in the message today -- I am being so blessed by this message today, that those of us that dwell in the outer realms can have a loud -- vociferous, loud, noisy warfare going on in the spiritual part of our being and have, excuse me, no concept of it whatsoever. And you will hear on the message today that after Elijah was cast down into his carnal mind, when the Lord started to raise him up again, the Scripture says, and Elijah awoke from sleep, and the first thing that happened was he perceived the battle. So, brethren, if you do not perceive the battle -- and I am not talking about deliverance on the floor of that church, man, I am talking the battle in the realm of the spirit where Christ is struggling with the carnal mind in a death, hand-to-hand combat or a deadly hand-to-hand combat. If you cannot perceive it in your own mind, you are sleeping. I am not condemning you. The truth is going to set you free. You are asleep; wake up.

How do you wake up? First of all, tell the Lord that you hear this and you would like to wake up. Second of all, if I am talking about something that you are having trouble believing -- again, I am not talking about asking you to commit suicide or to commit adultery, but I am talking about spiritual things, and you are having trouble believing it. Give me the benefit of the doubt. Do not come against me because I do not care if you come against me. I am breaking your curses anyway when you are cursing me. But if you come against me, you are making it that much harder for yourself and causing yourself to take that much longer to be raised up as a spiritual son of God who perceives the battle. And you have to come to this point before you are going to rise in power.

You are not going to wake up one morning and have power. If you think that, you have a rapture mentality. You will not be a son of God without growing into that office through a multitude of overcoming experiences that include humbling yourself and being taught about things that you definitely did not believe before you heard this. So pray about everything. You do not have to take everything I say as the gospel, but give me the benefit of the doubt, that I am sitting here because I have some knowledge that you may not have. And give me the benefit of the doubt until the Lord tells you otherwise, for your own sake. It makes no difference to me. OK, do you remember your question?

            No, I do not [?remember?] [CROSSTALK]

OK. I recommend that everybody keep a pencil and paper here because when the anointing is on me, I do not like to stop, OK. Praise God.


No. On this issue, I will take questions right now.


OK. You see, I will take questions when I hit a break. When the anointing is flowing, it really throws me into a confusion --


-- if someone interferes

            If there is a break [INAUDIBLE] question on any issue.

OK. You can ask a question on any issue, but, at this -- since it is the beginning of the meeting, I may tell you this is not the time for it. You have to run that risk. If I tell you that, it will not be anything personal, OK.


But I w- -- I am going to answer Jimmy's question first, OK.

            Oh, in the Scripture, you know why that beared witnesses with me because, in the Scripture, Jesus perceived the thoughts of the Pharisees, and it made sense to me because if Jesus perceived the thoughts and knew what they were thinking against Him, you know, while the Pharisees were coming against Him with a religious spirit, it would make sense that God would also give us the discernment --


            -- to know what other people are thinking.

            If you pray against somebody's ungodly judgment, is that a wrong thing to do?  Is that out of your own motive? Can you give me an example? You gave me an example of praying out of Christ, but you could even pray the same thing out of your carnal mind with those --


            -- just those words. But if I said, you know, I just break that judgment, you know -- I guess, you cannot tell me the words.


            It ha- -- [?ones?] -- I could say that out of the carnal mind or out of Christ.

I will. It is [INAUDIBLE]. The -- it is a fine line, and this is the fine line. If you feel that you are not ready to execute judgment, if you feel that you are still in a condition where your response to the thought of somebody trying -- of somebody having such a strong thought -- and probably for the thought to be as strong as it has been in my mind, there is an excellent chance this person is praying along those lines and sa- -- and praying something like, Lord, convict them, or, Lord, show them that they are wrong because I know that they are wrong, Lord. You know, something like that is called a psychic prayer. For me to be hearing this voice this loudly, it is a real good chance that the person is more than thinking it but praying it.

Now if you examine yourself and you perceive that you are fearful, that when you hear that someone's praying psychic prayers against you, that your reaction is a fear of being controlled, OK, now all that that means is that you are on -- you are still immature. That is not a sin; that is not an insult. You have to know how old you are in Christ, and you need to know that you are not equally mature in every area. So if in this particular area, if knowing that someone is praying against you, trying to control you, if it frightens you and you feel that you are not able to execute righteous judgment, the prayer that you can pray -- you do not have to take this, you know. You do not have to just stand there and let people put knives in you or control you. You break their power. You say, I break your curses; I break your power; I refuse what you are saying, and I cast it to the ground. Do not come against the person. Excuse me, do not come against the person; do not try to correct the person, but refuse the control that they are projecting towards you.

When you are mature enough so that you have no fear but your response to the thought of some ignorant, immature person who is supposed to be being taught by you but who does not realize this and thinks they are supposed to be teaching you, the thought of -- when you are mature enough to react to the situation is a righteous indignation, similar to that which a godly adult would have towards their child who just wrote all over the walls with lipstick. Now you know you are not supposed to do that. You cannot hurt me, and I am not afraid of you, but you cannot wake up every morning and write graffiti on the walls of this household. I will not tolerate it, and this is your judgment, no ice cream for three days. When your attitude is that sprit, then you go to the person, and you rebuke her in the spirit. This is witchcraft; this is psychic prayer; this is ungodly. I am not afraid of you. You cannot hurt me, but you are out of order, and you are a spot and a wrinkle in the body of Christ. And I bless you, and I pray that you should rise up and mature in Christ, but I sharply criticize this sin in you which is hindering your own spiritual growth. I ask the Lord, or I command it to be exposed, to be brought into this light where everybody could see it because you are hiding behind your smiles and your own self-righteousness. You are a whited wall and a sepulcher because underneath all your religious exterior is nothing but what?


Dead men's bones. Christ is not being raised from the dead in you. You are death; you are the carnal mind; you are Satan's child. And I refuse your religion, but I love you so much that I pray that God delivers you from this bondage. Can you hear the difference in the prayer, Rita? 


OK. You do not have to take it. You do not have to receive people's cursing, and you do not have to be controlled by an ungodly spirit of control. So you could stop that, but you do not correct the person with your carnal mind. If you are not up to correcting the person in Christ, leave them alone.

            [CROSSTALK] do not -- openly do not correct them, but attack what is attacking you, right?

Well, it depends. If it is in the spirit, you fight in the spirit. If it is in the natural, you -- if it ever came to the surface, that this person was to say to you, I really -- however she would say it, th- -- you know, think it is ungodly the way you dress in that church over there.

            It already came out [INAUDIBLE] Scripture, [?showing me?] Scripture.

Yeah. Well, then I would say to -- something along the lines of -- well, I will have to talk to you about that another time because your situation is specific, OK. Let me put it to you this way. If the Lord gives you an answer in the natural, you do. If you do not have an answer from Christ, be silent. Some people, you have to pray in the spirit, OK. And do not --

            [?If it is?] not psychic prayers, then it is OK to say I come against this ungodly judgment, and I break the power of it.

Yeah. You do not have to take that. Just do not send it back. Do not correct the person. If you are in your carnal mind, do not correct the person. 

            You cast it to the ground. Is that what you said?

Yeah. Cast it down; break their arrows. Cast it down; cast it to the ground; break their arrows; break their weapons, but do not send it back. Jesus. So we are going to pray for her right now, as soon as everybody stops writing. This woman is called to this ministry, but she thinks she is the teacher, which is the way it is --


-- lots of times, you know, OK. Jesus. OK, we are going to pray for this woman. Father, in the name of Jesus, we bless this woman. We bless her, Lord, from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes, and we acknowledge before God and man that she has been crying out to Jesus in the only way she knows how for years, that she has been serving Jesus for the only way she knows how in years, but what she does not know is that it is a religious spirit coming out of her carnal mind that is praising You and that You desire to be worshipped in how?


Spirit and truth. And we pray, Father, that You forgive her the sins of her mind, Lord, and that You enable her to worship You truly, in spirit and truth, that she might arise in Christ and be delivered into the beautiful liberty that is given unto the sons of God. We pray, Father, that Christ arise in her and subject the one who has subjected her and let her enter into life. We pray that you give her everything that You have given us because we were in such sin when You called us, Lord. How could we do anything but ask for at least the same that You have given unto us? Forgive her, her sins, Lord, and deliver from herself, and show her the one true path, the one on which no fowl flyeth, Lord. [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


            Now that this has come up, are we going to be facing the same thing? This is, like, an example to us. You know, we have not come into that level yet, you know, of being able to pray that way --


            -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] have not had the opportunity. So, I guess, we are going to be approached the same way, do you feel, or will it be just, like, from carnal people?

Well, I never know how it is going to manifest in your particular life. You will be hearing people's unrighteous thoughts.

            I had another dream last night, and it is funny that this should come up, but it was around a table, and I felt it was the Nigerians, you know. And they were eating. I was not eating, but I had made a judgment about someone else, and there was several people, I guess, about five or six people. And the person [?that?] made the judgment got up and sat to my left and started eating these eggs, and another person stood up and started telling me that I was wrong in making the judgment.

            Exactly my situation.


            In making the judgment.

-- what judgment? 

            The judgment against that person that went over and started eating.


            I made a judgment against someone that -- maybe it was a criticism which I felt, OK. I did not feel it till later, and he moved to my left and started eating.

The person that you criticized moved [CROSSTALK] 

            Moved and started eating. Then another person got up and started saying -- started judging me.


            Not the one that was -- 

            And --

            -- eating eggs --


            -- judging you.

            No, not the one that was eating the eggs. Another person got up and st- -- and said, you are a martyr.

            A martyr?



             That was one of [?the words?]. You are a martyr, and you are -- and he [?bought?] -- and I said [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- OK, tell me, I want to know what I am, so explain to me, you know.

You said this? 

            Yeah. I want to know what is it in me then. Let me know what i- -- expose that -- what is in me that I am doing wrong, you know. And then I felt -- he did not say any more, but he got, like, a revelation or something, and he came over, stood up, and another person stood up. And there was all these revelations coming out, and everything was mixing up in my mind. I was saying, oh, I know what it is. It is the atom. It was all confusion, but he was saying that he had a whole new revelation, what this was, and there was so much confusion. And I said, I know what it is. It is all to do with an atom and the neutrons, you know. It was all mixed up, but then I thought, when I woke up, I says, Lord, am I -- you know, I know I have a Pharisee carnal mind, and I am critical and all that. Maybe it was the criticism, you know, that I had toward that person, you know. Maybe God is exposing it. And is there any way [?I can?] confess it? You know, if that is what it is and, you know, that is what it is. 

            It sounds like my [?whole?] situation [CROSSTALK]

Yeah. June, your dreams are very accurate. You have had many dreams about what is happening in the innermost -- I do not want to say --


That is going to come out the wrong way. You know, I -- everybody does not know what is going on between me and everybody else, OK. You have had dreams about some very secret situations that have been just between me and another person that I have not told anybody, and you come to me with these dreams, and I know that --


-- God is telling you what is happening, but you do not know what they mean. So what that means is that the Christ in you is definitely manifesting. He is there, and He is manifesting, and He is telling you what is going on in the inner circles of where Christ is, but He -- as I told you many times before, what you need to happen to you is that He has to connect to your understanding because you are too separate from Him. You do not know [?when?] He is talking to you, but you do not understand His language. Jesus said, I am speaking to you. What is the matter? Do you not understand My speech? No, Lord, I do not understand Your speech.

OK, so this dream is exactly what Rita's situation -- now, listen. I will interpret your dream for you. You typified the woman who is being critical of Rita, OK. You criticized Rita, and, well, even -- well, you criticized Rita, and she moved to your left and started eating. The left side indicates judgment. You see, she criticized the sons of God; she is under judgment, you see, OK. And the one who moved into the position of judgment was eating of the Word of God and beginning -- either executing the judgment or was the vessel upon which God will render judgment. You see, now [?if?]  -- Rita openly confesses, as I understand her, that she does not believe she is ready to correct this woman, that she is -- her response to this attempt to control is fear and some other carnal responses, and she is received instruction on how to defend herself without sinning, OK. And because she is taken this godly reaction, God will reign down judgment on this woman, you see.

            [INAUDIBLE] God [INAUDIBLE] she thinks she is a martyr.

Yeah, [?that is me?].

            She thinks she is a martyr [CROSSTALK] --


            -- the third person was the Lord.

Me. Well, the Lord in me, OK. So because -- 

            [CROSSTALK] criticized for [INAUDIBLE] been told [CROSSTALK]

Really? OK. 

            -- eggs are a big thing. [CROSSTALK]

Oh, I did not realize that.

            -- you know.

OK. So Rita is being criticized and dealing with it in Christ, OK. You are the woman who is doing the criticizing. And because Rita is dealing with it in Christ, judgment is coming down, and the judgment -- God is letting me know about it.


Yeah, because I have been in warfare with this woman on and off for days now, OK, with her mind anyway. So Rita is not mature enough to reign down righteous judgment on her. Because Rita is under me, I am reigning down righteous judgment on her, and she got quite a mouthful this morning. It was not just preaching here this morning; judgment was executed, not only by my but by every righteous m- -- every manife- -- there is only one righteous mind.


Christ is not divided, but by everyone sitting in this meeting, in whom Christ was manifesting in agreement with the righteousness that was being shown through me, you partook of the judgment which was executed upon this woman. Now do not be afraid because the end of it is that she is going to be delivered from a heavy spirit of bondage --


-- that is torturing her life.


OK, now d- -- if the thought of executing judgment frightens you, you have to take it before the Lord because whether you like it or not, if you are here, you are called to be a son, and sons execute judgment. And it should give you some comfort that we are in a group, that the sole responsibility is not on you. If you are new at this and you are just starting to enter in, that God has given you a demonstration of righteous judgment. If you could not perceive or discern the spirit of righteousness on me, tell the Lord. He will -- and see how He responds to you, but tell Him honestly that either you did not know from anything; you could not perceive the righteousness. Or if you perceived the spirit on me as a spirit of anger and retaliation, if that is how you saw it, then you really have to get before God because, if that is how you saw it -- and I am not asking anyone to tell me what you are thinking, but if you thought that you saw -- because you see this fire in my eyes; I am burning up. If you looked at me and are looking at me now and you see this stern spirit on me and you have made a judgment or you think that it is the carnal mind, you have got to get before God; He has got to break these blinders off of your eyes because this is the righteousness of Christ manifesting in the wrath of God. The Lord does not go up to someone and say, goochie-goo, you always knew that I loved you; now please stop doing this. He does not do it, and the reason He does not do it is that if He does it, you j- -- the people just laugh at Him, or they say you are not Christ, but they just keep on doing their thing. That is why judgment must fall; because we are fallen; we are wicked; we are desperately wicked; we are stubborn; we are filled with rebellion and idolatry, and we think we are smarter than God, and we think that they are -- we are smarter than His prophets and His priests. And that is why ju- -- and that is everybody.

            That is true.

And that is why judgment must fall, so if you cannot perceive this as righteousness, I encourage you with everything that I have to open yourself to God and ask Him, seriously, to help you to put eye [?saff?] in your eyes and to take the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- and to circumcise your ears because you have a problem that can lock you out of the kingdom. Now I am not trying to frighten you, but the time is short, and you have got to have an operation, and you have got to have an operation fast. You need the cataracts taken out of your eyes, and you need your ear opened up, so you make this a top priority in your prayer closet, if you cannot perceive this is Christ. OK, so that was your dream.

             So I [INAUDIBLE] already [CROSSTALK]


            -- today [CROSSTALK]

Yeah, judgment was ente- -- was executed on her this morning.


The whole conger- -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

            [CROSSTALK] like an atomic --


            -- like I said, it is an atomic explosion [CROSSTALK]

You better believe it.

            [INAUDIBLE] will there ever be a situation in our own life.


            But you are involved already.


            Already. That is what I [CROSSTALK] 


            It just seems like when you said that we were all part of it, we were -- [?now we have?] already entered in.

Yeah. Well, listen, this criticism was leveled at the whole congregation; that is why you are all part of it, you see. The way God works is that, as a son, He lets you be persecuted; He lets you be condemned. Once you are condemned, you must forgive this woman's sins, OK. Because you are -- in your forgiving her sins is her deliverance, and, therefore, God has brought this issue, excuse me, before the whole church because everyone that she has condemned must forgive her. And the forgiveness of sins is in the judging of righteous judgment.

            Yeah. And she even said she --


            The person standing up said that -- one of them said that the person was a martyr.



            The girl pointed at me. The person that stood up said, you are a martyr, and --

            But that is [CROSSTALK]

It is me.


No, she got a religious spirit. She got a martyr spirit; that is not Christ.

            [CROSSTALK] felt like a Pharisee and like a critical person.

Maybe that is conviction. I believe that conviction is coming. I believe that the Holy Ghost has got her number. I believe He has marked her. I believe He has put her fing- -- His finger on her. He called her here. I went to her three or four times. She would not come; she lifted her head up against me; she made a judgment I should not be preaching; she does not like the way I live; she does not like the way I look. And she separated herself from me, and I turned her over to the Lord last summer. I said, Lord, I do not know what You want me to do. I have reached out to her; I have called her; I have visited her; I have told her, if she does not want to attend the meetings, we have the library. I told her, if she would not like the messages, come for coffee; be my friend. She wants nothing to do with me. I said, Lord, I give her to you, and anything else that You would like me to do, if You tell me, I will try to do it, but I do not know what to do. And she is under judgment for her own good.

             You know, something that you said, that she had a martyr spirit, because I was thinking that the group -- I was saying, oh, it seems like they have a martyr spirit. I was thinking that the group had a martyr spirit, and I s- --

            [?What group?]? 

            I did not say anything until I -- until you just mentioned it. This group. Because I thought everyone thought they were always being persecuted, and it just seemed like a martyr spirit, and I said, oh, I do not know. [?What is that?]?

I think you were hearing someone else’s thought. I think you were hearing the thought of someone I love very much who goes to this congrega- -- is a part of this congregation. I think you were hearing somebody else's thought about me, that they think I am a martyr. I know you think that. It is OK; you can think anything you want. I do not try to control your thoughts. You can think anything you want, but you are wrong. 


OK, but you are wrong. I am not paranoid. I have a vision of my enemies that you [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- I perceive my enemies on a level that you have not entered into yet, so I strongly suggest you get that before the Lord because you should not want to be thinking anything about me that is not true. It cannot do you any good, OK. This is war. People are not good. Evil people are living the best that they can, but people are not good. The hearts of men are desperately wicked, and in this hour, God is exposing wickedness in people who look good. 

            Praise the Lord.

Praise God, so that He can clean them up and give them the righteousness of Christ. But if you are cleaving to your belief that people are good and that this kind of preaching is paranoid or whatever you want to think, a persecution complex, you have a Pharisee in you. I tell you that with all love. It is a pharisitical mindset, and it is directly -- so you say, well, so what? Well, it is directly opposing the mindset of Christ that wants to make you a member of the two-witness company and wants to equip you and enable you to judge righteous judgment. And you cannot do it, Mary, until you get delivered from this pharisitical mindset.

And the way God is delivering from this pharisitical mindset is through what is happening here today, so do not take any condemnation. Just put it all in your heart, and open yourself to God. You cannot do it, you know. He has got to do it for you, but the way He does it, one of the aspects of His doing, is that He wants us to understand. He does not come out of left field and rip it out of our hearts. He wants us, by the power of His anointing, to begin to understand, and then, as we understand, He rips it off. But He is not -- we are not servants; we are sons. He is not doing anything without telling us and explaining it to us because we are not -- we are out of -- we are not of the imputed anointing where He does without explaining. We are His sons, and we must understand, so that is what this is all about. If I have hurt your feelings, I am sorry, but the time is very short. You do not have any time to waste. So you are a woman of great faith; you take this before God, OK. Praise the Lord.

            I just [?heard from the?] Lord on martyr spirit. A martyr spirit allows themselves to be abused, thinking they are doing it for a righteous cause.

OK. So there is a radical difference between a martyr and a son of God who is being persecuted for righteousness' sake.

            Remember that friendship that I had once upon a time?


            I was a martyr. That is when I was the martyr. [INAUDIBLE] say that I was doing right, but I really was not.

OK. You see, the only time there is any benefit in persecution is when Jesus Christ is the author of that persecution, and I have told you here before; to subject yourself to persecution that God has not ordained in your life is a silly thing to do. I have enough problems in my life. I think, I told you that talking about a witches’ coven once. I do not go looking for trouble with witches. I have enough trouble when God sends me down there, you know. So any assignment that you send yourself on is fruitless because even if you -- you know, even if you help the person, there is no eternal life in it. Now I am telling you not to help people, but as we mature, we should be striving more and more to be -- to subdue our own carnal mind and desires and be available to be sent by Christ. Because if we are sending ourselves -- and we were talking about this yesterday, Jimmy and. If we send ourselves on an assignment, then the assignment of Lord -- we will not be available to do what the Lord Jesus Christ wants us to do. If we rise up and go out -- well, what did I do that was so wrong? I helped this person across the street. I did this. What is bad about that? Well, what is bad about it is that you were so busy on your own assignment that the Lord had something for you to do, and you were not there. That is what is so bad about it. You have to understand this. Without condemnation, you have to understand this, that you cannot be running your own ministry if you want to be in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can run your own ministry, but you cannot serve God and mammon. You have to be in one ministry. 

            I was going to say, is it true that Christ does not allow Himself to be abused for righteousness' sake, but He actually battles against the evil?

No, He has to be abused, and then when He is abused, He perceives the wickedness and comes against it. No, He has to be abused because, you see, this concept of forgiveness of sins, I can only forgive the sin that you have committed against me, so you must commit your sin against me for me to forgive you. You see, now what good would it do for me to say, Jimmy, I forgive you for putting me on a cross and crucifying me? You never put me on a cross and crucified me, so how can I forgive you? I have to feel the pain of your persecution or anybody's. I should not make it personal. I have to feel the pain of you hating me. I have to feel the pain in my spirit. Like I perceived this thought of this criticism, I have to perceive the pain that I feel when someone is envying me or hating me or talking about me. I have to be damaged and then turn around and say I forgive you for it to have any power.

            You know, what I thought, you know, Jesus allowed Himself to be crucified on the cross, but before He was crucified, He did not allow the Pharisees to get [?over on Him?] with their words, but He fought back.

Well, those really are two different issues. You know, there is a persecution, and then there is a challenge. OK, now you are talking about two different things. And I agree that if you have a grasp on the doctrine of Christ or if anyone tries to dominate you in any way, we are to resist. I believe that, OK. But the submission to persecution is when the Father ordains it, OK, and it frequently is behind closed doors. People are cowards, you know. They talk behind your back, and then some people, they are not talking behind your back, but the thoughts are there. And they are trying to be righteous, so they sweep them under the rug, and that is what hurts, people's dishonesty, you see. But if someone comes to you and challenges you on doctrine or on how you dress or what you eat, yes, you should answer them immediately. That comes under the category of what I said to Rita, that you do not let someone control you; you cast down their curses. You do not submit to control.


Do you hear the difference? 

            Yeah. [CROSSTALK]

OK. We deal with a lot of fine lines in this ministry. Sometimes the lines are so fine that sometimes I go through a period of confusion until the Lord straightens it out. The Lord says to you, Rita, not only was this judgment executed for this woman's sins, but because you submitted yourself, because you did not retaliate out of your own carnal mind and submitted yourself to Christ, He is fighting for you, and you are going to see some marvelous results.


Praise God. 

            [?Praise God?].

Hallelujah, Jesus. Thank you. [SPEAKING IN TONGUES]

You told me that you had a dream also. Did you -- was it something that you would not --


Yeah, that you would not give in front of the group?


Well, let us hear -- if you are willing, I would like to hear them all. God --


-- speaks to us through dreams.

            I was going to ask if --


            -- she could tell her dream because [?it related to anything?].

            [INAUDIBLE] dream about -- it was -- I cannot remember. It was just -- [?there was dreams?] about lesbians, and it was --


            -- bad, but I do not remember it.

Explain to everybody what that spiritual concept means. Would you like to do that? [INAUDIBLE]

            I do not know.


            I mean, I could try, but --

Well, [INAUDIBLE] you remember because you came here while I was studying. You wanted to share that dream with me.

            Yeah, [INAUDIBLE] it is hard for me to remember it for some reason. I just [INAUDIBLE] that is all I was going to say to you --

Oh, yeah?

            -- because I do not -- it is all [?messed up?]. I cannot remember [?it really?].

Yeah. OK. I ask you all to stay in Christ, OK. Do not start out spiritual and wind up in the flesh now. And, well, it is true. Remember that everything that is happening in the spirit, God has given us a type in the natural. And although some people are offended, the truth is that humanity's relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is a sexual one, but it is a spiritually sexual relationship. And I know some people that hear this message, they really have a problem with it. I try to be as discreet as I can, but the reality is that our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is sexual. He is our husband, and we are the bride, and we have been separated from Him. He is lusting to consummate His union with us. It is a sexuality of the mind, and it is not possible to be engaged in a spiritual marriage at the same time that you are engaged in a physical marriage. That is the truth, but there is an in-between ground.

What I am trying to say is you have to let go of this flesh life to enter into the fullness of the spirit, and there is a wilderness experience where you are letting go of the flesh life, large degrees of satisfaction which comes through various experiences in this world, sexual activity being only one of them, eating being another one, dressing up in nice clothes, going to the movies, polishing your car. Whatever your thing is, you have to come to a place where the only thing that is essential in your life is the Lord Jesus Christ for you to enter into the fullness of the marital union. And in that marital union of this spiritual marriage is full and complete and absolute satisfaction in every area of your life. It is a satisfaction of the mind that you enter into. You enter into your husband's house and that you do not come out from. In human marriage, the moments of pleasure vary, and they are temporal. They begin, and they come to an end. But in a spiritual, sexual union, when you have truly married your husband, you enter into a condition of ecstasy of mind, and you abide there, and you cannot have both at the same time.

So a lot of the things that the Lord talks to us about in our dreams and in our visions are very sexual, and I have had a lot of people come to me. They are very upset. They call me on the side. They tell me, well, do not tell anybody, but I had this really perverse dream, you know. I was naked from the waist up; I was naked from the waist down. I was engaged in this kind of an -- of a sex act. I was dreaming about lesbians; I was dreaming about homosexuals. Someone came to me the other day, had -- they had a dream that their young, female child had grown a male organ, and they came whispering to me. Do not tell anybody I am perverse. No, you are not perverse. This is the word of the Lord to His people, and that is how He is talking to us. So if you are hearing this message and you think that I am some kind of perverted woman, well, then you are calling the Lord Jesus Christ perverted because this is His word, and it is the word the He has given me to preach. And even sometimes I get embarrassed as a woman, but it is His word to the church.

So what does all this mean, a little girl growing a male organ? Now, remember, spiritually speaking, your chronological age is not your spiritual age, so there is a little, 2-year-old spiritual girl somewhere who is growing a male organ. What does that mean? Somebody should know. What does that mean?

            The mind of Christ.

The mind of Christ is appearing in a believer or a group of believers who was female, and what makes you female is your mind.


Your carnal mind. So in either one person or in a group of people who, to date, have been spiritually female because of their carnal mind ruling their life, there is now appearing or engrafted to them -- they have had surgery. Someone died and donated their organ. [?You know?], they are donating livers and hearts and everything else today.

            God has donated His mind.

And we have got the mind of Christ. 

            Praise God.

It is being engrafted in, and that is the word. It was in the last message. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] no, I am sorry. It is in this book. Jesus Christ is the only Son sired directly by God. Do you know what that means? He is the only Son who is the direct product -- or who is the product of direct spiritual, sexual union between God and a man. We are not the product of a sexual union between Jehovah and us. We are the product of the sexual union between the Lord Jesus Christ and us. Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God. He is the only one that had direct contact with Jehovah, and that is the message. And I was in a convention three years ago when something not nearly as racy as this, but something sexual came out, and half the convention left. So the pharisitical church is up in arms over this message.


Yeah, oh, yeah, that is what they are saying.


Yeah. That is what they are saying, but it is true. The Lord Jesus Christ wants His wife, and before we can be His wife, we must be released from our union with the carnal mind. You see, when you enter into a marriage with a spirit, you stay joined. The joining abides forever. Of course, in the natural realm, that is impossible, but, in the spirit, when you get married, you become joined, and you never pull apart. You have a child, and the three of you are stuck together like Siamese twins, so we are all stuck together with the carnal mind, and the Lord Jesus Christ cannot fully possess us until He breaks us away from the carnal mind who is ruled by Satan.


Right. It is painful.


Right. That is why our human spirit is a harlot. She is in an adulterous union with Satan and the carnal mind. She has got to be released. She has got to come out of that act of sexual intercourse to be fully married to the Lord. The whole cond- -- our whole condition is sexual, on the spiritual level. You can call it blasphemy if you want to. You can call me anything that you want to, but you cannot change the shape of the truth.

So I am having a little trouble getting into the message this morning, but, I guess, as long as it is God, it is OK. Just wait with me for a minute, please. OK, we were doing dreams. OK, so what is it -- what does it mean if you have a dream about lesbians? Well, what do [?lesbians mean??] The true marriage is between the Spirit of Jehovah, male, and the soul which He created, female, so lesbianism, as far as God is concerned -- it depends which mind your thinking about now. Lesbianism, as far as God is concerned, is a union between two soul people on an intimate level. Now this is a hard word. Keep your eggs. I do not care whether you like it or not, but human marriage is homosexual in God's eyes.

Now He has said to the world, well, I know, you fell down into Hell, and you have been divorced from Me, and you are going to be down there for a season. So I will tell you what, I will have mercy on you, and I will accept your homosexual marriage within the confines -- I will accept your homosexuality within the confines of marriage, until such time as I break the curse off of you and I take you back unto Myself as My wife. Now when the -- when you are rejoined to Me, the Spirit of God, you are going to have to give up that soulish marriage because it is homosexual. So we see the Scripture saying no homosexual shall enter into the kingdom, you see, and we have all these Pharisees saying, oh, all you human homosexuals, you better repent. All you spiritual homosexuals, you better repent. All you believers fornicating with your carnal mind, I am not even talking about marriage. All you believers in adultery with your carnal mind, you are a homosexual, and you are bo- -- and you are female, so you are lesbians.

Now just let me balance this out, please. If you are married, please do not walk away from this message and go tell the world that Sister Sheila said you should stop having sex with your wife. I did not say that. I said, the Lord has said, for the season that you are fallen, I will allow human marriage or human intimacy within marriage, but in the hour that I call you back into marriage with Me, you are going to have to give it up. But do not do it of your own accord. Let Me take it from you, and until I take it from you, enjoy it. But if I take it from you, if you do not have a wife, stay without a wife. If you are married, act like you are not. If I give you a wife or a husband, enjoy it. Let Me control your life.

But know this, all you single people who are suffering because you think every m- -- because you think the Scripture says every man should have his own wife, which is a Scripture in a different context, and all of you young men and women who are suffering because God's so cruel to you and not giving you a husband or a wife in this hour, I say unto, if you do not have a wife, stay as you are because, in this hour, Christ, the marriage supper of the Lamb, is happening. And all that it means, if you are not married and you are in Christ and you are serving God and He has not given you a wife or a husband no matter how hard you have prayed or if you are in a marriage and you can honestly evaluate it and see your sexual union with your husband disintegrating despite everything that you have tried to do, well, at least consider the possibility that Christ is in this because it is the hour of your marriage to the Lamb. And I am telling you that you cannot enter into the fulfillment, you cannot consummate your spiritual marriage while you are engaged in human, sexual intercourse. You cannot do it. Now the transfer from one lifestyle to another will be gradual, but if you do not have a mate and you have prayed and prayed and prayed and God has not given you one or if there is a sexual lack in your marriage and you have prayed and prayed and prayed and God has not fixed it, at least consider the possibility the He is separating you unto Himself in preparation for consummating a spiritual marriage with you. Do not weep, and do not moan, and do not feel sorry for yourself. At least ask Him. Lord, is this the reason why? And if you are hearing this message, if you are in a message with this kind of depth, you have a 99 percent chance that the answer is yes. I am preparing you to take you unto myself, and I will not tolerate a lesbian union while I am gone.

Do you know I saw a program on TV once on channel 13 which was promoted by Lesbians for America or something. I do not know the name of their organization, but it was made by lesbians, and they were trying to say that during World War II, when so many men were away because of the war, that lesbianism was rampant in the United States. I do not know whether it is true or not, but that is what they said, and they said, is this not wonderful? Because women needed a sexual outlet, and if they were engaged in an act of lesbianism, at least they could not get pregnant. And when the men came back, they went back to their husbands. Is that not great?

Well, now listen, brethren. The fact that the Lord Jesus Christ has not consummated His marriage with you does not make it acceptable to Him to have you engaged in a lesbian relationship while He is gone. Now in case you have not been following me, if you are called by the Lord Jesus Christ, if you are engaged in the one spiritual year of purification which will prepare you for marriage to Him and are therefore not allowed to be engaged in any sexual activity, this includes your hu- -- your sexual relationship with your human husband. Can you hear me? Did I make it clear? You do not have to believe it. Did I make it clear what I am saying? There is a wilderness experience where the Scripture calls you a virgin who follows Christ wherever -- who follows the Lamb wherever He goes. What that means is that there is a period of purification which is preparing us to enter into a spiritual marriage with Christ, and this period of purification includes no human sexual intercourse, even with your husband.

And once the Lord Jesus Christ puts His finger on you and says, I have called you to the marriage unto Me, if you rebel against Him and you insist on going out and getting a marriage partner because you think that sexual activit- -- human sexuality is legal in marriage because there is a Scripture that says that, what the Lord wants you to know today is that that is not true, that from the moment the Lord puts His finger on you and says you are my betrothed, and as Queen Esther entered into one year of preparation for marriage, and now you are my betrothed, and you have entered into the one spiritual year, which could go on for many human years, but you have entered into the spiritual year of purification and preparation for a spiritual marriage to Me, OK, I will no longer accept sexuality in marriage because the rules have changed. That rule that says let every man have his own wife, that rule is for people who are lost in Hell and who are trapped down there with no hope of getting out in their lifetime.

Now if God calls you unto Himself while you are married, do not deny your husband, and do not deny your wife. Do everything you can to please them. Your body is not your own, but if despite everything you have done your sexual relationship is deteriorating, at least ask the Lord if it is not Him breaking you up out of His jealousy. You do not have to believe me. Did anybody not understand what I just said? Did you understand what I said? OK. Praise God. Did you understand what I said?


You know, you are not happy that I said it, but you understand what I said?


OK. Praise the Lord. OK, let us just wait on it for a minute.


[INAUDIBLE] OK. Would you mind [INAUDIBLE]

            Very strange dream. Me and Rita, somehow, were, like, hostages by -- it seemed like we were in Washington. Do not ask me why; I do not know why. All I could see was a lot of green grass. There was a lot of men, and there was a man and a child, a little girl, who was abducted also. And me and Rita got away, and we were running away through this field. I turned back, and I looked, and, I think, Rita looked too. They shot the man, and they killed him, and then they shot the little girl, and they killed her.

Was the little girl besides you and Rita? 

            Yes and a man.

And a man.

            And --

They killed the little girl?

            Yeah. And then I -- you know, in my mind, I thought that the man was the father, and the little girl was his daughter. 

Somebody else killed the man and the little girl.

            Right, yeah, these people --


            -- that we ran away from.


            And then there was this tree, and I had picked my head up to see what was going on because we were slowly sneaking away from these people. And Rita pushed my head down, and there was bullets that went flying over our heads. They saw us. Now for some crazy reason, I do not know why, my dog -- I was worried about my dog, and he was there for some reason. I do not know why, but I only remembered him at this point in this dream, and I threw him into the truck so that he would not get killed, and he went into the back. It looked like Pete's truck. Only it was white and red, OK, or like a burgundy. I do not really know what color exactly, but I know that it was white or off-white. And Rita pushed me into the truck, and she got into the truck, and then I woke up, so I do not know what it means.

Well, it sounds, basically, like the warfare that is going on right now. I -- you know, I have varying degrees of strength in interpretation, so this is just me. I am playing -- I do not have any strong word from the Lord on it. That is what I am trying to tell you. But as I play with it, what it says to me, Washington, first of all, typifies government, so we see the presence of the government of God, OK. And what that says to me is that this -- these murders, they might be executions. There is an influence of government present. Now, of course, every time we hear a word like government, what question do we have to ask? 

            Which government?

Which go- -- oh, you guys are really sharp. You are really making it. Yeah, which government? There is two governments in this world, OK, the government of?

            The carnal mind [CROSSTALK]

Amen. There is two of everything around here. We are in a dual world, OK. Bullets, which are whizzing overhead, are official bullets, OK. Right now I do not have any perception myself. We will just work this through. I do not have any perf- -- perception myself as to which government it is, but they are official bullets. That means execution. That means this is official execution going on. The shots were being shot at you or at this little girl or at the man with the little girl?

            The man with the little girl was shot. They were killed. The man fell first. Then the little girl fell.

And then --

            Then they saw us.


            And then they started shooting at us.

OK. I am not really sure, so let me just -- let me deal with what I have some understanding on. Well, Rita and Tracy are two strong believers, you know, so you would have to typify Christ in some way, perhaps the Lord Jesus Christ and -- or the second generation of Christ, something like that. And your dog typifies the heathen. That is clear -- that is a clear symbol in the Scripture, that dogs typify the rest of the world, the Gentiles, OK.


Well, Christ is very concerned about the heathen, amen. He loves the dogs, yeah. I l- -- He loves His dog very much, OK. So the man and the little girl. We know that a man, we are not dealing in physical bodies now, so for a man to be in the dream, it means somebody that is in Christ, OK. And the girl would be a second generation, which is a female offspring. So if the official bullets are killing a spiritual male, well, then let us work up a temporary hypothesis here. OK, if the bullets -- if the governmental bullets are killing a male, I am going to temporarily draw the conclusion that those bullets -- that the government shooting the bullets must be -- 

            The carnal mind.

-- the carnal mind, all right, OK. 




OK, praise God. And that the carnal mind is after the company of believers in this Earth in whom Christ is manifesting, and the man had a child. The child would be the disciples who are being raised up and taught and trained and prepared for Christ to stand up in them also and -- or sit up in them because no one's in full stature right now. But they were killed. The man and the little girl were killed. Is that what you said?

            I believe, they were killed. [INAUDIBLE] it was amazing because when [?they were getting shot?] and he fell to the ground, the little girl -- all I can remember about the little girl is she had long, blonde hair, and she got shot, and she just collapsed.

Yeah. Well, the only thing that is coming to my mind right now is the two-witness company, and they were shot, and they were killed, and that -- and, again, this is not God. This is me. I call this working this though, so do not get upset if I change my mind. Do not anyone come to me tomorrow and say, oh, but you said -- and I do not know. I am working it through. I am trying to find out the answer. Does everybody know what I am talking about?




Oh, no, the dream is of God, OK. So right now it looks to me like the man and his little girl were the two-witness company, were the two witnesses that were indeed killed, and perhaps Rita and Tracy are the resurrected two-witness company. And the government of the carnal mind is trying to kill the resurrected two-witness company, which, by the way, is us, OK. And since we are the resurrected or the two-witness company which is in the process of being resurrected, it makes sense that Rita and Tracy would typify the two-witness company, who was concerned about the dog, OK, those who are not -- 

            [CROSSTALK] we were typifying it [CROSSTALK]

Because you are in the two-witness company. 


You are in it, OK. And we are concerned. Christ in us is concerned about the heathen. Now get your pride under wraps. The heathen is everybody in whom Christ is not appearing, and that includes all those believers that speak in tongues but in whom Christ is not being formed. We found this principle in several areas in the Scripture. [?When?] the firstfruits company stand up in full stature, all of humanity is going to be divided into two camps, either those who are in full stature or those who are not. And the believers wh- -- I do not care if you have the Holy Ghost. I do not care if you danced in the Spirit. I do not care if you have five dove pins. I do not care if you cast out demons. If you do not stand up in full stature, you will be in the other camp. Can you hear that? OK. So that is who the dog is. Included in the dog is the whole professing church out there that things -- that is waiting to be raptured, and God sees them as a part of the dog company.

            Well, I woke up, and I said to myself, why am I concerned about a dog? I mean, we are running for our lives here, and I am afraid about a dog.


            It was crazy.

That is what it means. [INAUDIBLE]

OK. So that was the end of the dream.


That you got in the van. So you -- 

            [CROSSTALK] driving away, more or less.

Yeah. So you recovered. You escaped. Let me say you escaped.

            The only thing I do remember, and I just remembered, is that I felt fat, and I could not get into the truck [INAUDIBLE] I think I was pregnant. That is probably what it was.

Yeah. Well, now, OK. For those of us who are members of the two-witness company, all you people here, now hear this. Fat -- being fat in the Scripture means sin, OK. We have to become very thin so that we can get through the narrow gate. This is the judgment of the two-witness company. Your sin must [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- it has got to go, and there is no way it is going to go before it is exposed. It must be exposed; it must be confessed, and it must be repented of, and it must be ripped out of your heart, or you are not going to get on the van. And if you do not get on the van, you will not escape. However, you did say that you were pregnant. Now pregnancy would indicate --

            I mean, I do not know if I was. I just felt that I was fat.

OK. Well, that --

            I could not make -- I -- finally, I squeezed through.



That is your sin. The two-witness company is filled with sin. It does not mean you are not called; you are called. God has a glorious ministry waiting for you to move into, but this sin has got to go, and we see it is very common for the believers who are called to the two-witness company, all they want is to minister to other people. They are concerned with teaching this word. They are concerned with getting other people to listen to this word. They are concerned with ministry to people outside of themselves, and I have been preaching here as long as I could remember, that is not why you are here. Now if God sends you to somebody, you go, but this is not the imputed church. You are not here to give out tracts. You are not here to teach or preach unless, on certain circumstances in certain instances, God sends you. The primary thrust of your ministry is to yourself, that Christ should stand up in you, and then you should minister to others in the power of His, anybody?


Resurrection. So give up the imputed anointing, and start dealing with this obsession in your mind about giving this word to other people, unless God sends you. I am t- -- I know it is possible the God could send you, but if the overriding thrust in your mind is to get this to other people, it is not God. He will send you one person here; He will send you one person there. But if you are -- if a major thought in your mind is to get this message out, you are not in Christ. I am telling you, you are not in Christ. I am telling you, whoever you are, you are not in Christ, and you are using this desire, if it is not a compulsion to get this message out -- you are using it to stop yourself from looking at your own sins. It is a diversion; it is a cover. That is what it is. I am telling you the truth. Get yourself straight with God. Get in your prayer closet. Ask Him if it is true. If it is true, ask Him what He wants you to do about it because if you do not get yourself straightened out, when the door opens, you are going to be one of the virgins who have --

            [?No oil?].

-- who has no oil. And what is more, the people that you ministered this word to might be a virgin who has oil. Paul said that it would be a disgrace or he would -- he -- that is not the exact word that he used. He said that he hoped that it should not happen to him, that he should minister this word and he himself be -- 

            A castaway.

-- a castaway. Get your pride on a leash, and just throw yourself on the mercy of God. He is faithful, but you have got to do the work in His strength. You have got to do it if you are going to enter in. You have got to do it. And there is no condemnation in this. If you feel condemned, rebuke it. I am not condemning you. The Lord is not condemning you. I am telling you the truth. The Lord is pleading with you to get yourself ready. There is no condemnation in this. He is pleading with you. Stop doing these works of the flesh and get yourself ready. Why? Because I want you, says the Lord. I want you in this end-time company. I want you; I want you; I want every one of you. Stop this nonsense, and face up to what is in your own heart so that I can rip it out.

You know, they have this video, one of these video games that is around today where Bar- -- Gargan [SP] the Barbarian, or whatever his name is, he rips somebody's heart out, you know. Jesus wants to rip your heart out. You have a question? 

            What was the meaning of the white truck with the white stripes?

            That is what I was just going to ask. If it was the truck and she was too fat to get in it meant the truck was the carnal mind -- was the carnal transportation.

That is a good question. [CROSSTALK]

            Well, that is what you usually say --


            -- that cars and trucks are --


            -- carnal transportation.

OK. But we see this carnal transportation modified, OK. What is modifying this carnal transportation?

            It is a truck.

Well, the truck is the carnal transportation. What other information do we have about the truck? What information is modifying the fact that it is a truck? Now you just said it. We have two pieces of information about the truck. 

            It is white.

It is white.

            And striped.

And white typifies? 


And the red stripe or red --


-- the blood of Jesus, OK. So I suggest to you that we have a means of transportation which is still carnal. Nevertheless, it is under the authority of the resurrected Christ. 


OK. And what we do here is very carnal. I study --


-- for hours to teach you this. Now that is carnal. I need a computer; I need books; I need a printer. It is a white truck with a red stripe on it.

            What was the [CROSSTALK]


            What was the tree? You said a tree.

Well -- 

            You were so specific this morning. I would just like to get the --

Yeah. I do not remember that part.

            [?specifics of it?].

What was -- tell me everything you can remember about the tree.

            I just remember seeing all the blades of grass, and I know the grass means something.


            And then the tree was there. The roots were in the ground, like, above the ground [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- you know, it was, like, a maple tree, and --

            Were you standing?

            No, I was laying on my face because I almost got my head blown off.


            Yeah. Why did I push her down? What does that mean too?

            Because you were saving my head.

OK. I think that you must have indicated an elder in the two-witness company, that there are elders in the two-witness c- -- I mean, I am not perfect, but I am an elder to you, and we are all sons here. We are all sons in the making, but I am an elder to you, so, I think, you were typifying a company of elders, and Tracy was company -- typifying the company of people who are in Christ but still disciples.


And your pushing her down showed protection, and that is exactly what I said.

            Oh, I thought it was --

But --

            -- typifying Jesus Christ pushing down and protecting Christ Jesus.

Oh, well, I do not see it that way becau- -- well, I will get to that in a minute, OK. I want to keep my thoughts straight. Because it came up in the earlier problem this morning, that, for example, you were being persecuted unjustly, and because your carnal mind was not in Christ, I have been waging war in righteousness.


OK, so it would be something like that. The elder member of the two-witness company fighting in righteousness or pro- -- in protection of the disciples that have Christ but have not yet overcome their carnal mind enough to fight in righteousness. So the elder company is covering over the younger company. And the tree and the grass, well, we did a study here a couple of years ago. The name of the series is called "Grass," and does anybody remember what that grass typifies?


            We have messages on it.



            What is grass? The life of Christ?



The young life of Christ, the conceived [CROSSTALK]

            Oh, I am sorry.

            I -- as I remember, I thought it was us, and we are going to be burnt up.

OK. I do not remember about being burnt up. I do not remember what I preached on --


-- that. The -- if I am not mistaken, it is a third part of the grass and trees that burns. Is that not what that Scripture says, the third part?


OK. And the third part. Well, the grass -- 

            -- young life of Christ.

OK. The grass is the believers coming up today. It is the human beings in whom true life is beginning to appear. We are young grass. We are new grass.

            What new grass?

New grass. OK, and there is -- if I remember correctly, there is three different Hebrew words that translate grass, and one of them is new grass, and then the third one is mature grass that has seed within it, which by it is able to reproduce itself. So this was young grass. It is the young believers in Christ coming up. It is the true body of Christ, brethren. They are there. They are in the church, and the tree standing in the midst of them was the Tree of Life.

             [CROSSTALK] at the end of a field. See, there was a field between us and them.

It was a field between you and the grass and the trees? 

            There was a field. There was all grass --


            -- and at the end of the field, just before we got into the truck, was the tree.

OK. Well, the relationship between the Lord Jesus Christ, who has already overcome the world and whose roots are deep into the ground, His roots are -- who is the roots of the Lord Jesus Christ? The Father.


Jehovah is the roots, OK. Lord Jesus Christ is the roots, and, well, let me get that -- m- -- I think, the Lord just -- this is where I am stumbling. I mentioned it to you earlier. The roots would be the Lord Jesus Christ, and the tree, which is appearing, is the mind of Christ or Christ Jesus. I am not sure. I really have to pray about this, or the second generation of Christ, OK. It is the new man. The tree is the Lord Jesus Christ manifesting as the new man in the Earth today, and the grass are all the believers in whom this life is starting to appear, OK. So you might say the tree is bringing forth the grass, and --


Well, there is a lot of us, yeah, but they have to be taught. The people need to be taught. You see, a lot of -- there are a lot of Christians in this hour, I believe, in whom Christ has been conceived, however it has happened, just based on faith or whatever, but they are, like, newborn babies that are starving to death. They need the teaching; they need to ministry; they need to be raised up. So there is a whole field of grass, but the tree has to raise them up. So we are either a member of the tree company; either you are doing the raising up, or you are being raised up. And then as soon as -- if you are being raised up, as soon as you are mature enough, you become a part of the tree company, OK. Nobody is any better than anybody else. It is just a procedure by which God is raising the whole creation from the dead. OK, did I cover everything?


            You know, that dream [INAUDIBLE]. That dream that Tracy spoke about, it actually happened to me. We were in Harlem. We were in a white van. There was a girl sitting beside me who was pregnant. A guy came along with a shotgun, shot at the van, and I pushed her down. [?I went down, deep?], like that [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [?speaking about it?], I remembered.

OK. So, you see, God speaks to us all the time, and -- well, before I say that, does anybody else have anything to say on the exhortation? It looks like we are going to be here all day today, but if it is the will of the Lord, so be it. It is a very anointed meeting. Anybody --

            [?Does that?] mean anything?

What is that?

            [CROSSTALK] significance, that it is so similar to [CROSSTALK]

What that says to me is that true spiritual reality is being played out in the Earth, continuously, over and over and over and over again.

            So [?you have?] to have the eyes to see it.

Yeah. You have to have the eyes to see it. 

            Yeah, true spirituality, meaning that that was --

[?That?] --

            -- a clip of the spirituality that is [CROSSTALK]

It is what is happening. The true -- the spiritual Word of God is appearing in men over and over and over. For example, let me give you an easy --


Not only Christ is appearing, but sin is -- the sin that is described in the Bible is being executed and played out every day through fallen men --


-- over and over. Just let me give you a radical example.


Let me give you an easy example. Exactly, OK.

            -- waiting for us to [?see it?]. It is insanity.

In the Scripture, we know that Tamar was seduced by her brother, OK, and he raped her, and then he -- not only did he rape her, but he would not marry her; he rejected her, and she died of a broken heart, OK. That goes on continuously in this society, goes on continuously. So all the sin in the Bible goes on continuously. All the good things in the Bible go on continuously. What we can see in this realm of appearance is a moving picture, message from God, except that we are blind, and we are deaf, and we are dumb, and we are asleep. Everything that happens here is a message from God.

            Nothing new under the sun.

Right, nothing new under the sun at all. 


OK. I --



             On what basis do you say a dream is of God or not of God?

Well, basically, it is a spiritual discernment, but what I can tell you -- the carnal guideline that I can tell you is that it is been my experience that the -- if the dream has clear, crisp symbols, clear -- that dream was very clear, that it is of God. A dream that is not of God is confused. The symbols are not clear, and basically that it is confusing. The symbols are not clear. And another very important [?one?] which I should have put first -- excuse me, a very important sign is that there are symbols -- the symbols that are clear and crisp, you can find them in the Scripture. You can find a tree in the Scripture. You can find grass in the Scripture. You can find the colors red and white in the Scripture. You can find two people, one protecting the other, in the Scripture. The symbols, you have to be able to find them in the Scripture, and that is a sign that it is of God also.

            Then my dream was not of God then because it was not really clear.

What probably your dream was, was not a dream. You probably had entered into the realm of the spirit and perceived some activity of the soulish realm. 



            It was a dream, but it wa- -- but I cannot remember it.

Yeah. So you probably were experiencing someone else's travail or someone else's thoughts, something along those lines.

            I have to say, in that dream that I had [INAUDIBLE] the couple of, I think, [INAUDIBLE] points, that, like, you said you were the one that was administering the judgment. When you stood up, you were here on the right side, and Rita was here on the left. You stood up and went over and s- -- you stood up and stood right here in the back of her.

Of Rita?



            On the left side, so that would be judgment also coming forth, right?


            And I also felt fat in this message, and then when that came forth, it reminded me that, you know --


             -- that the fatness -- that I was eating too much, and I was, you know, [?out of the will?] of God.



OK. So the fact that, first of all, you said I stood up, and what that says to me is that it is another witness that the judgment that was executed today was Christ because you can stand up in Christ, which means full stature. What that means is that the judgment that was executed was a manifestation of Christ, and there was no carnal mind in it for this purpose, OK. And then I went to stand behind Rita. That means that we were a double witness to the judgment of God [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- against this woman who is fat with sin and eating too much, you know. Please, do not misunderstand me, you know. I am not condemning her. The -- I am telling you what her condition is, and at the same time, she is crying out desperately to God for years, but she is so filled with pride and stubbornness that she will not be taught. She will not be taught, and the -- for someone in that condition, there is nothing left unto her but the fiery judgment of God. So out of His love and mercy for her, the Lord has sent two sons into her life so that she can sin against them so that she can be -- so that judgment can be executed upon her, that her pride can be broken, that she might live and not die.

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  •   760C Middle Country Road
    Selden, NY 11784 USA

    All correspondence to:
    544 Jefferson Plaza #562
    Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776-0562 USA
  •   631-331-1493
  •   631-536-2089

Pastor Vitale's Bio

Sheila R. Vitale is the founding teacher and pastor of Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah. In that capacity, she expounds upon the Torah (Scripture) and teaches Scripture through a unique Judeo-Christian lens.

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