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What is old order type deliverance in this context? In this context, old order type deliverance is a natural human being that has received the Holy Ghost, that has a gift of healing or a gift of deliverance or a gift of pri- -- of the Lord which is manifesting as a measure of power, which, if we break curses, the Lord honors it, OK. But it is not a spiritual power that is a result of our state of being. This is very important.

This is the major difference between the imputed anointing and the imparted anointing. The imputed anointing is a delegated power, and I know that was taught in the church we were raised up in, if you remember, delegated a power. In other words, I am going away to evangelize, and I appoint Rita to preach when I am gone. I am still the main preacher here, but the power that is on me is delegated to her for the time that I am gone. So the imputed anointing is given to a human being whose nature is fallen, whose spiritual state of being is fallen, but the Lord Jesus Christ has said, as He said to the disciples, the Scriptures, and He gave them power to cast out devils and heal the sick. That is the imputed anointing. We are fallen; we are sinners, but God has given us authority to do some work in His kingdom.

Then the imparted anointing is power that comes naturally as a result of what, anybody? Ri- -- what? 


Righteousness. There is power associated with righteousness. This is the kind of power that the Lord Jesus Christ had. It was not delegated power. It was not loaned power. It was not borrowed power. It was power that originated and was generated and was consistently being generated from within His very own being because of His condition of righteousness. Is everybody OK? OK.

So I know that I am not righteous. I am still a fallen person. I know the kingdom of God is being formed within me. I know I have some righteousness. I know I am in transition, but, basically speaking, if I had to answer a question yes or no, Sheila, are you righteous? The answer is no. If I had to answer a question, Sheila, are you dead or alive? The answer would have to be I am dead; I am still dead. All of us, we are still dead. We are in the process of being raised up, but you are not alive until you are raised up. We may be a little less dead [?when?than?] we were last year, but we are still dead, OK.

So when I broke these curses, I knew. I have a very strong revelation that I was breaking them under the delegated authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, and, personally, I do not have much confidence in that authority when I am dealing with a whole bunch of witches covens whose authority is imparted. Their spiritual authority is imparted. Satan has spent generations building it into them, OK. But I threw the curses back in faith because I thought it was the right thing to do, and I threw those curses back believing that the Christ in me would at least back me up. And He not only protected me from getting hurt, but He arose from the bottom of the ship, and He flung the curses back. In the imparted anointing, that is in the kingdom of God, and He -- that was a sovereign move of the Christ in me. It was a decision that He made. It was His choice to make it or not to make it. He sovereignly arose and backed me up, and I saw the curses go back, and I saw confusion in their camp. And I saw derision because -- the -- at least this coven anyway, they have never seen a Christian fling back curses like this. They have never been up against this before, at least this coven over here. That was the word of the Lord to me.

And after I saw the confusion in the camp, a prophecy came forth, and the Lord, once again, was offering them amnesty. Now there is not a doubt in my mind that these witches hear this prophecy. They are spiritual. They are not like the church, brethren. They are spiritual. They hear it in the spirit. They hear the word of the Lord, so this is the second time He has offered this coven in Port Jefferson -- I think they are in the Port Jefferson, Setauket area. This is the second time He has offered them amnesty through me, and then one time He offered this chief warlock, personally, amnesty, through me.

So I called up Celia to tell her that at least the curses were broken. The oppression that was over the household broke right after we prayed. Rita and I felt it immediately, and, I think, I called Celia maybe an hour later, and she was already feeling better, but now she seemed to really have a healing. So they were praying against us. They know we are here, brethren. They know we are here, and they know that there is power in this ministry, and they know that Christ is being raised up in this ministry, and they are praying because they want to kill us before we get strong enough to really hurt them. See, what they do not know is that we are already strong enough to really hurt them, but the Lord is waiting for His own timing. See, with Christ backing us up, we are already strong enough to really hurt them, but they want to kill us before we are strong enough to hurt them in an imparted sense, OK. They want to kill us before we stand up in full stature, brethren. That is what they want to do.

So I will take this opportunity to tell you that I am reviewing the old "Star Trek" messages, and I am just reporting back to you on spiritual principles that the Lord is showing me is demonstrated on those messages. I understand that it is from a witchcraft point of view, but those -- some of you might recall my testimony that, when the Lord first started giving me these teachings on spiritual -- the spiritual aspects of Christ, that He told me that there really is no such teaching in the church and that He was going to teach me from what existed. And the only teachings on it was witchcraft writings, and that He was going to take me into witchcraft writings, and He was going to protect me. And He was going to say, you see that? That is it from the witchcraft side, but this is how it is in My kingdom. And that was how I learned a lot of the principles that I teach you here.

So I will just review. I listened to the first episode a couple of weeks ago, and I mentioned to you that I learned something from that episode because you can only receive what your mind is prepared to receive. You can -- it is just like reading the Bible. You read it over and over, and each time you read it -- or even the messages here. Each time you listen, you learn something else because you cannot grasp the whole thing at once. It is been a long time since I have seen these messages. On the first episode, what I learned was that the way the power of illusion works is that the illusion is injected or forced into the victim's mind. Now I always thought when someone had the power of t- -- of illusion, when someone could use the power of illusion to deceive you, that the mind of the deceiver projected the illusion. And because your mind was weaker, you saw what they wanted you to see.

But the Lord showed me very clearly this is not true. The power of illusion is affected through mind control. The idea that the perpetrator -- I do not know what else to call them. The idea that the enemy wants to convince you of, which is a lie, he will inject it into your mind by the power of mind control, and then you see whatever he wants you to see. The power of his mind is influencing your mind to see what he wants you to see. And in this hour -- could you put that on pause for a second? [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

OK. Now on "Star Trek," we see extreme expressions of the power of illusion. What do I mean? On "Star Trek" we see demonstrated a mind strong enough to cause an illusion that will change the image of your world. If anyone here has seen "Star Trek," you are likely to see, on one of the programs, Captain Kirk projected into a medieval scene of a castle and a damsel in distress. So the entire physical world that one is living in can be reconstructed if the mind projecting the illusion is powerful enough.

In this hour, personally, I do not know anybody whose mind is that powerful, but I have experienced being victimized by mind control to the extent that the way I see a circumstance, the way I perceive what somebody said to me, the way I evaluate a problem can affect my mind. I have been victimized by it. I know this from personal experience, that someone with a strong mind control, that their mind can layer over my mind, that their mind can penetrate my mind and cause me to see circumstances in a way that they are seeing it but that is not true, that someone with a strong mind can penetrate my mind and cause me to look at somebody's motives in a way that is not true but the way that other person is looking at it.  I have seen someone's mind control penetrate my mind and cause me to make decisions or make evaluations that I would never make on my own, except that I was deceived into thinking that that was my mind or the Lord. And I am right now in a training program with mind control.

Boy, when Paul said lay hold of every thought, bring every thought into captivity, he was not fooling because, as you get spiritual, you will realize that your mind is filled with the thoughts of other people, and they sound just like your thoughts. And lots of times, they sound just like God, and sometimes they appear to be so harmless that you do not -- I do not even bother to try the spirit, and then I find out not only did not God tell me to do that, but it was not even my thought. So as I become s- -- and I am not blaming anybody. Do not anyone misunderstand me.

As I become spiritual, it is necessary to bring every thought into captivity and look at it, and what I do is I say, now is this my thought? Would I be thinking a th- -- this does not sound like me. It must be someone else's thought in my mind. And then I pray about it, and then I try the spirit. When it has anything to do with a decision, [?with?which?] -- if it is a thought the do something or if it is a thought about a person, the bottom line is the law of God. When it comes to thoughts about other people, brethren, we know what we are supposed to think about other people. What did Jesus say we are supposed to do abou- -- do with other people and think about them? Brethren, love one another. This is how you shall know that you are My disciples. Brethren, forgive one another seven times 70. Brethren, strengthen the weak.

So if you have a thought of hatred in your mind -- I mean, I am at the point now where I do not care whether it is me or somebody else; I am all over it. Now if the thought keeps coming back and it turns into a battle, sometimes it helps me to find out, if it is true of course, that it is not me, that my mind is being invaded by someone else's mind. If it is my sin, I want to repent of it, but if it is not my sin, it helps me to know that it is not my sin. Otherwise, you are flirting with condemnation. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, but it helps me to know when it is someone else's sin if that makes -- if that helps you at all, if that makes any difference to you. But do not deceive yourself. Until -- if you cannot tell the difference, you have to treat it like it is your sin and repent and rebuke it and go after it, and if you are faithful in this pursuit, then the Lord might tell you whether it was your sin or someone else's sin. When you perceive sin in your mind, you are required to kill it because if you do not kill it, it will kill you. How will it kill you? It will cause you to agree with it, and you will die. Every time we sin, we die.

But some thoughts seem to be harmless. They do not seem to be obvious sin, but yet God never told you to do it. So what I am telling you is that there is a mind control that is already operating in the Earth, and if you are spiritual, you will become aware of it, that all kinds of thoughts will be passing through your mind. The obvious sin is easy. We hear people murder people because a voice told them to do it. Well, we know we are not supposed to murder somebody because a voice told us to do it, and we know we are not supposed to hate somebody because a voice is speaking hatred, and we know we are not supposed to yield to envy. But it is the subtle thoughts that get us into trouble, so we have to pray about everything.

But my whole point for this message is that mind control is working in this hour. It is a reality. I do not know anyone with a powerful enough mind to change this room into a medieval castle, but I know several people whose mind is strong enough to, if I did not resist it, change my mind. If I was not willing to wage the warfare against it, I know pow- -- people whose mind is powerful enough to come into my mind and influence me towards unrighteousness. I know people who do this knowingly, and I know people who do not even know that it is coming out of their own unconscious mind and influencing me. So I must guard my garden. I must guard my own mind, which is my carnal mind because I am still not in Christ. I am in and out of Christ. Christ is not about to fornicate with sin; it is my carnal mind that is in danger of fornicating with sin. I must guard my garden, that there -- that that which is in me does not join up with sin coming from other people's minds. And everything that is not of faith is sin; everything that is not out of Christ is sin. So the Christ mind in me is guarding my carnal mind until such time as my carnal mind is disengaged and stops functioning completely.

So does anyone have any question on this issue? Mind control is a reality. And as we -- as this world evolves, and we are involved in a spiritual evolution these days, and we find more and -- people with more and more powerful minds, their power of illusion is going to increase if we cannot take the victory with a mind control that just wants to change our opinion of somebody or that wants to influence us to not love somebody. If we cannot deal with that, brethren, how will you deal with a mind powerful enough to change your whole circumstances? How will you deal with it? Brethren, if you cannot run with the footmen, how will you ever hope to run with the horses?

Get on the stick, brethren. Start now because we are about to see minds appeared in this world that is going to amaze us. These minds are going to amaze us, and mind power -- I will not call it mind control in Christ, but the power that is resident in Christ, in the mind of Christ, is not a rapture-type gift. It is not delegated; it is not given to you all wrapped up in a package. It must -- does anybody? It must grow up in you. It must be developed in you. It starts with a seed. You have got to work at it; you have got to use it; you have got to build your spiritual muscles. I am telling you, I have been preaching here for a long time. I do not care if you have got your dove pin on; I do not care if you have got your Bible in your hand; I do not care if you speak in tongues; I do not care if you prophesy. When that witch walks down the street with imparted, satanic, spiritual authority to take over your mind, you are going down unless you have imparted spiritual authority which is in Christ, and that you will only have as a result of working at the development of it in your own person, and I am telling you the truth.

So in the first episode of "Star Trek," that was what I learned, that I had a wrong understanding of the power of illusion. Let me say it again. I thought the bad guy had the ability to project this illusion and that I would stand out here looking at it and see it. No, the bad guy projects his thought into my mind, and then when I look out of these eyes, I see what he wants me to see. And w- -- as I think about it, I say, well, now, Sheila, how could you have made that mistake? You have been preaching here for years that spiritual things take place within. Well, I just never put two and two together. The tendency of the carnal mind is to think that everything is outside of us, but the spiritual reality is that everything is inside of us, and that which is outside of us is merely an illusion. That is the truth, OK. Any questions on this issue?


You have a question? OK. Give that lady a microphone, please.

            When they project the mind control into you, how do they do it, just in the spirit? They just do it in the spirit, or do they have a ritual or anything that they do when they do this projecting their mind into yours?

That is a good question. I do not have any firsthand knowledge of this, but I -- it is my belief, based on some things that the Lord has shown me, that there are different levels of witchcraft power and that in the lower levels of witchcraft power, they will [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- chant spells or make incantations or make up brews, or sometimes they drink blood. On the lo- -- this is a lower level of witchcraft, OK. There is a higher level of witchcraft where they just think it.

You want to know where I am getting this from? I will tell you where I am getting it from. Brethren, there is a lower level of spiritual power in God than those of us that have the Holy Ghost, OK. It was seen in Israel. It was a delegated authority that involved the shedding of blood. Did it not?


Now they did not drink it, but it very much involved the shedding of blood. It involved ritual. It involved rigid ritual to gain the power that was in natural Israel. That is a level of witchcraft that we see commonly in the world today. It is that kind of witchcraft that we see largely in th- -- in other continents, although it is operating here now also, the shedding of blood, the drinking of blood, the shaking of rattles, the chanting. But, brethren, spiritual is spiritual. There is a higher level of spiritual authority in Christ.

We know that those of us in the church today that have received the Holy Ghost -- well, if you have been following the teaching here, you may have heard me teach that we are really not out from under the law. I call this the in-between covenant because we are still under the law, but we are under the law of the Holy Ghost. How can I say that? Because the law is not for a righteous man. Brethren, if you are not righteous, you need a law. If your nature is not righteousness, you need a law. So the law that is in the church today as we transfer from the Old Covenant into the New Covenant, the law is love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart, thy mind, thy soul, and love thy brother as thyself. Abstain from fornication and from things -- and from blood. That is the law that we are under until we transfer into a condition whereby righteousness is our state of being. That means you do not have to think about it; what you do is automatically righteous. So we have a measure of spiritual authority in the church today, and we do not have to slaughter animals. We have the spiritual blood of --


-- the Lord Jesus Christ, of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is an in-between stage, but it is a stage of spiritual authority -- this sounds like a contradiction, but it is not. It is a stage of spiritual authority that has less power than the witchcraft that are drinking blood. Does anybody remember why? Because we are starting from seed. It is a spiritual authority that is starting from seed. Now the spiritual authority that was in Israel did not have the power to grow. It was given, and the day that it was taken away, the spiritual authority was at the same level as it -- as when it was given, and it had no ability to reproduce the life of Christ in the Hebrews, so it had -- well, let me put it to you this way. The anointing that was on natural Israel did not have the authority to produce imparted righteousness in the men. It was a high level of spiritual authority. They went into war; nobody was hurt. They had tremendous spiritual miracles and victories, but that anointing -- not that God's arm is short, but that manifestation of God's Spirit was not designed, it was not constructed, it was not the intention of the Lord at that time to function as a vehicle that would produce righteousness in the individual or the power that comes from righteousness. Is everybody with me?

In the church today, the vehicle to impart power or the power that results from a righteous state of being, the vehicle that will produce it is in the church today. It is, according to God's plan -- again, not that God's arm is short, but the way He decided to do it, whether the Pharisees like it or not, is that He would give us a seed of righteousness and that that seed would grow in us and produce overcoming experiences in our life that would result in a conversion of our heart, that would produce a righteous heart in us, which righteous heart would kill our unrighteous heart, making our state of being righteous and, therefore, imparting to us the spiritual authority that comes through a righteous, unending life; because in righteousness there is no death.

So what we see in the church today is confusing a lot of Christians and giving a lot of witches confidence that they should not have. We see Christians with very little power because all they have is the seed. But in this hour, the firstfruits of that planting of the Lord are beginning to appear in the Earth. We are beginning to see human beings that call themselves Christians who have more than a seed planted under the earth of their soul. We are beginning to see Christians in whom that seed has sprouted, in whom the vine or the true vine is growing, and we are beginning to see Christians that are bearing the true fruit of the Spirit.

Now, brethren, do not be deceived. There are false fruits all over the church. The true fruit of Christ brings with it righteousness and, with that righteousness, spiritual power. Now do not be deceived. It may not be the kind of power or the kind of demonstration of power that you expect it to be. It may not be the demonstration of power that you saw in the old order church, with people getting slain in the Spirit and the casting out of demons and visible healings. It may be that kind of power, but most likely it is not that kind of power.

So if you want to see, if you want the ability to discern the true fruit of Christ in someone, the true righteousness that is present in an imperfect individual, because that is hard to discern it in an imperfect individual, and if you want to see the power that is coming out of that righteousness, you tell the Lord you would like to see it, and ask Him to show you how to recognize it because, I declare to you, it is not as obvious as what we have see in the Pentecostal experience. But it is power to produce righteousness in others, its power to change lives, its power against the opposing forces, its power, God will show it to you. It is quiet; it is hidden; it is low-key, but there is power in the righteousness of God, not to get you a Cadillac, brethren, but to deliver you out of the grips of the enemy. It is not necessarily instant healings or instant deliverance, but it is steady, increasing improvement in your life over a long period of time. It is the impartation or the increase of character or the building of character in the person. It is a continuous, steady experience of increase in every area of your personality and your life.

So we see appearing today some Christians in whom the true fruit of Christ, with His righteousness and with His power, is appearing. And in the not too distant future, God only knows what kind of spiritual warfare is waiting for us. I have no idea to tell you the truth. I have no idea. As far as I know, in most instances in this hour, Christ is not aggressively attacking witches covens. I asked this question in Africa, and I was told they have never seen a Christian -- they have never seen the Lord raise up a man to go into a witches coven or a witches area and wipe it out. The Christians are either on the defensive or standing tall in the anointing they have, and when the witch comes to try and wipe them out, the witch loses his power. But we do not see Christians going after the witchcraft. It is very rare, but it is beginning.

And from what I understand, I have -- there is a lot I do not know, but from what I understand, the circumstances under which the Lord would do this is if there is somebody either in that coven or under the power of that coven that the Lord has decided He is calling into His armies. And in that event, the Lord is sending someone that He has raised up in Christ to go in and get that person out. So we see, once again, that even when the Lord does initiate warfare, it is always with a purpose. It is never frivolous. It is never let us go get those witches, never. He always has a purpose, always. He always has a purpose. And the reason I got tangled up in this mess is there was somebody that God was trying to get out. I hope you hear me. God is never frivolous. He never does anything without a reason. OK, the -- did I answer your question?


OK. Well, let m- -- I -- there is something else I want to say. I forgot -- I talked so much I forgot your question, OK. I did see this -- and in case I did not make it clear, there is this higher level of power in witchcraft. There is an imparted power in witchcraft where they do not have to chant, and they do not have to make up the concoctions. It just comes right out of their mind, and all they do is think it. And these two levels of witchcraft are clearly demonstrated, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, in the movie, "Shaka Zulu." It played on TV quite a few mines, and it took place in Africa, I think, in the 1600s, I may have the year wrong. And they showed the two levels of witchcraft very clearly. There was one witch, very, very old, should not even have been alive at that age, and all that she did was reach her arms up to heaven and call on her gods, and things happened. And then they had the workers of witchcraft with the chanting and the rattles and the drinking of blood, and they were -- it was very clear in the movie that the old woman who just spoke had a much greater authority. 

            How does the Christian become aware of this? Do you have to be so spiritually advanced to know when this attack is coming on, or is that you just have every thought in obedience, you know. How does --

Nobody has every thought in obedience. God will show you. You -- all that we can do is tell Him that we have heard this message and that we want to enter in, and He has to teach you. He has to come to you and say, son, you know, that was not my thought. He will bring it to you. He will enlighten your mind. You will have an experience, and He will show you that it was someone else's thought in your mind. So, you see, what I do here in these meetings is I am, basically, proclaiming the experience to you, in many cases, before you have it. The Lord clearly tells us in the Scripture that one of His [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- one of His major reasons for prophesy -- does anybody know the major reason for prophesy? So that when it comes to pass, says the Lord, you will know that I have done it. 

            That is right.

Amen, OK. So that is what I am doing here to you. I am prophesying over you. I am telling you this is the move of God for this hour. You are called to it. If this message is coming to your ear, you are called to it so that when it comes to pass in your life, when Christ arises in you and starts giving you these experiences, you will be able to recall my words, and this teaching will help you through. That is what my job is, but you have got to have your experience. It is just like if you go to school to be a doctor. You have got to go out. You have got to have your experience. You have got to intern. You are not really a doctor until you intern. You have got to have that ex- -- it has got to become your experience.

So all that could do is submit yourself to the teaching and tell the Lord that you are ready. Whenever He is ready, you are ready. And pray, and talk to Him, and it is -- this is -- your personal relationship with Christ is going to bring you into this. See, we have a lot of people in the church today saying I do not need to go to a local fellowship because no man may teach me. I am taught completely by Christ. But I am sorry; that is not the way Lord's -- that is not the meaning of the Scripture. It is very important that you come to meetings like this. It is very important that you hear this teaching because it is not only preparing you for it through knowledge, there is also an anointing going out through this teaching that is already beginning the work in you as you sit under it. And then you have your personal experience with the Lord as He puts this teaching together with whatever He brings you into. You need it all; you need everything. Did I answer your question?


OK. Glory to God. But let me say one more thing about it. Basically, it comes from thought. The -- on the level of witchcraft where they are drinking blood and making incantations, all that that does is, like, pump up their spiritual power. Like, when we get into a church and they sing and they sing and they sing to bring down the Holy Ghost, so they praise, and they pump of the power of God in those Pentecostal realms. That is what the blood and the chanting is. It is to pump up their power, and then when their power is pumped up, they think the thought, or they speak the thought. So the bottom line is, it with the lesser power, you speak it. The greater the power, you do not even have to think it -- you do not even have to speak it; you just think it, and it just goes forth.

So now do not take any bondage on you. When I say bring every thought into captivity, you are not supposed to be in bondage, and it cannot be a work of your flesh. It has to be a work that comes out of the mind of Christ in you. One of my cardinal rules i- -- for myself is that if I am trying to understand something or if I cannot get a revelation and I am feeling strained and frustrated, that says to me I am trying to understand with my carnal mind, and I just shut down because you cannot understand with your carnal mind. It has got to be with Christ. I just shut down, and I go about my business, and when the Lord is ready to explain it to me, the thoughts and the understanding just comes into my mind. So do not strain at it. OK, everybody all right? OK.

I will tell you briefly about -- this is turning into a really long exhortation here. The second episode -- maybe it is not an exhortation; maybe it is the meeting. I do not know, we will see. The second episode was a story about a crewman on the Enterprise that was hit with some cosmic dust, and his mind mutated. He became what they called a mutant, but what was happening to him was that he was develop- -- highly developing in the area of spiritual and mind power, and, of course, it was not in Christ, so he was going mad. As the spiritual power in him increased, he was going mad. And he was using it for evil purposes, but what I found very -- although, I did not learn anything, what I found very interesting was this concept of his ability to just wave his hand and see a garden appear. I was talking about that earlier, the power of illusion, because anything that is outside of us is illusion now. He just waved his hand in the desert, and a garden with running water appeared, so his mind was developing to the point where he thought that he w- -- that the place was [?in a?] wilderness, in a desert, and he wanted it to be an oasis. And he waved his hand, and the power of his mind caused the oasis to appear.

And I just found it very interesting because, I believe, that is what God did, you know, when He formed the creation. It was something very similar to that. However, I do not believe Jesus did that. The closest thing that Jesus did to that that I could think of -- does any- -- could anybody think of something that Jesus did that there was nothing there, and He created something?

            The bread --


            -- loaves and fishes.

Not really.




No, and I will tell you why not.

            The wine?

No, and I will tell you why not, because the bread was already there. What He did was multiply it, and I want to suggest to you that that requires a lesser anointing to multiply what you have than to create something where it never existed at all. And where He created something where it never existed at all was the eye of the man who was born blind.


He took ear- -- He took mud, and by His spiritual power, creat- -- turned it into an eye, OK. [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


            With the soldier's ear, did not Jesus create [?it?] too? The ear was cut off. Did He take the ear and replace it, or --

Oh, I believe, He replaced the ear.


That is my opinion. I could be mistaken, but that was my opinion, that He rep- -- it -- just sewed it back on by spiritual power. It was a repair. So we see a repair in the case of the ear; we see a multiplication of what already exists with the bread and the fishes, and we see the construction of something that never was with the construction of the eye. 


            -- water and the wine.

            -- wine. 

            Is that transmutation? I wanted to ask if --


            [CROSSTALK] [?looks like?] transmutation.

Please, cooperate with me with these questions, OK.

            With the water and the wine, is that transmutation?

I do not think it is -- now you have to understand, with questions like this, I am just giving you what I have, you know. It is the be- -- I do not have any books on this. This is my opinion. With the water and the wine, I do not believe it is transmutation. I think, the water and the wine is in the same category as the increasing of the loaves and the fishes. He started out with --

            A substance.

-- a substance, a worldly substance, a substance of this world, water, and He changed it into a substance of this world, wine. Now in the case of the man's eye, He took a substance of this -- well, it was a substance of this world, mud, but He made something that was of a whole different order. Do un- -- can you not see the difference?


OK. Now as far as it being transmutation, my understanding transmutation would be to take this table and break it down into its basic atoms and form a cup out of it. It has to be made into a radically different object. Because water is liquid; wine is liquid. That is not a radically different object. Do you understand what I am saying? 

            The basic atoms [CROSSTALK]

The basic atoms have to b- -- it is not a conversion. There is a difference between a conversion and a transmutation. To change the water to wine is a conversion. You take a substance that you start with, and y- -- and it becomes a different kind of liquid. That is not a transmutation, no. OK. And in case you never heard me preach it, my understanding of that Scripture is this. This was the first miracle that Jesus did. One might say, why would He cha- -- why would He transform water into wine? I declare to you it was a statement, that this miracle was a statement, that it was a declaration to all those who had eyes to see and ears to hear that He had every intention of changing the water of this world system into the wine of the Lord's Spirit, the water of this world system into the wine of the Spirit of God, which is exactly what He did. He changed the water of His own soulish existence into the wine of the glorified Spirit when -- of the Lord Jesus Christ. Glory to God. He said, watch Me, and He did it. Hallelujah.

So the second episode just demonstrated this ability, which, I believe, it is a much higher order. I did not see Jesus do it. Jesus walked most of the places that He went. We hear about Him walking on the water to get to the boat. Why He did that that one night, I really do not know, but, basically, He did not travel in the Spirit; He walked. He walked with the disciples; He purchased His food just like everyone else purchased their food. And I do not see Him doing this kind of miracle where He waved His hand and the physical surroundings changed. Here is another point now. We are talking about water to wine, loaves and fishes. I am talking about the changing of the physical world. Now that is something that is coming, you may recall from the teaching here, at the end of the restoration of creation when this world system is rolled up like a scroll, and Eden will appear from underneath it.

The first thing that is being changed is the spirit of man, and the spirit of man is being raised from the dead. The second thing that is being changed is the soul, the living soul or the soul named Adam that God created, and that soul is receiving the life of the mind which has been raised from the dead. The third thing that is being dealt with is the end we are told, in 1 Corinthians 15, I believe, or the ends of the Earth, which is what? This human body, and this human body is being transmuted. This human body, which is the image of Satan, is being broken down into its basic molecules and swallowed up by the life of the mind inside. Let me put that on the board for you.

 The Lord is -- I have been talking about this. I do not know whether I have been talking about it in the meetings or not, but the Lord has had me talking about this a lot lately.

            [CROSSTALK] body swallowed up?

The body swallowed up, yeah. You see, we have a man. This body is a fallen body. It is a prison house, brethren. It is corruptible. It is an instrument of torture to many people in the world. And this man is getting a new heart or a mind. The name of that mind is?



Christ, OK. Now when Christ puts every enemy under His feet, He is then going to put the last enemy under His feet. He is going to put the last manef- -- and the last enemy is death, and He is -- the last manifestation of death is this body. This body is the image of death. The carnal mind is death. To be carnally minded is death, and this body is the image of the carnal mind, so this body is death. The last thing that this mind of Christ is going to do is that He is going to vibrate out, and His glory is going to completely swallow up this body and break it down, and the body will be swallowed up by the crystal sea. It is just like saying water will gush out from the inward parts of a man, OK, and let us say the man is in a bathtub. Water will gush out from the inward parts of the man and fill up the tub and swallow over the body of the man. Anybody not following me? OK.

And I just want to remind you, by way of example. I wish I could draw. Maybe Celia is going to pray for me, and I am going to get an anointing to draw up here one of these days. When the ship goes down at sea -- that is a sail.


In case you cannot tell what it is, I will tell you what it is. OK, so we have a ship at sea, and this ship starts to sink. Have you ever seen pictures of a sinking ship? The first thing that happens is the ship lifts, and it, sort of, goes like this, right?


OK. Then all of a sudden, the whole thing goes down; the whole ship gets swallowed up by the sea, and the ship is still there, and [?is lying?] -- goes down to the bed, to the seabed. And anybody that is out here in the realm of appearance --

            Cannot see it.

-- cannot see the ship, OK. Now in Christ, when this happens to our body, this ship, which is this body, OK, is going to break up into its basic atoms, and it will be dispersed throughout the sea, the crystal sea. It is going to just become a part of the whole creation. Now in the natural, when a ship goes down to the bottom, it just rests on the bottom. You have heard of people diving for treasure in ships that have gone to the bottom. OK, that is this world. But in Christ the ship which is this body is going to break up completely, and it is going to dissolve just like Eve is presently dissolve in the sea of Satan right now in the unconscious mind of man. This ship, which is this body, is going to dissolve in the crystal sea, and God is going to use what it is made out of, but it is not going to look like this anymore. Is everybody OK?


OK. Please, use the microphone.

            Is this out here going to be the crystal sea out here?

The crystal sea is spiritual. What this world is going to look like, I have no revelation on it at all.

            Is that going to happen at the same time? This world will also look different when these bodies go in.

I believe, it is going to happen, yeah. But whether or not -- you see, you have to realize that everything that is spiritual happens little by little. How this is going to happen, that the trees out there and all this physical stuff that has become hard, how that is going to disappear and the spiritual world come in, I have no word on it at all. I just know that I have a law that spiritual things happen little by little. I cannot even imagine how it is going to happen. 

            Will it go back into the fact that people will just start living longer and longer?

I think that that will happen, but you will have to -- well, I think, it is a real possibility. Now, remember, we are in a realm here where this is just my opinion. When the firstfruits appear on the Earth, their bodies will be preserved. I think that they will -- that the firstfruits will live in that body until the world comes into a condition where everyone who is not being caught up lives out their life and dies. And we will come to a place where everyone on the Earth will be in full stature, and at that point, the whole creation together is going up to glorification.

Now I anticipate it taking 1,500 years for everyone, all the families of the Earth, to either go one way or go the other. Now during that time period, I think that there is a real possibility that people will be living longer. The sons of God in full stature must impact this Earth. Every action has a reaction. Just the fact that the sons of God -- that there is a group of men -- and I have no idea how many there is going to be. Just by virtue of the fact that there are a group of men in whom Christ is manifesting without measure, it must affect the rest of humanity, and it must affect this world. So it would not surprise me at all if people start living longer, but that is just a hypothesis. It is what I think right now. I do not know what I will think next year. OK?

            Along with the -- along with everything else, the plants, the animals, everything will live longer because of --

I think it is -- 

            -- the death will be gone? Or it is -- it will not be gone, but, I mean --

I think it -- 

            -- it will have been under, that the carnal mind will not be able to cause that death?

I think it is -- I do not think it is going to be the way you are saying it. I think it is going to be --


-- very slow, little by little.


It may be.

            But I mean, like, longer and longer, and even the plants and animals --

I do not know about plants.

            -- will have longer life?

I really do not know. It sounds right, but I really, really do not know. OK. Anybody else? Tracy has a question.



            I did not really hear exactly what Rita said, but is the crystal sea the new creation?

The crystal sea is the unconscious mind which is in Christ. See, right now, the -- Satan is the sea of our -- of the unconscious mind of the fallen man, OK, and he is a salt sea, which is typified by the sea of this natural world, OK. And the reason he is a salt sea is that Satan is soul, which is typified by water, and he has joined or married to Eve, the female seed of God, and she is typified by minerals or by salt. Jesus said that you are the salt of the earth; that is the human spirit. So the human spirit is completely dissolved in and one with Satan, and they are typified by the salt sea, the unconscious mind of fallen man. The unconscious mind of the resurrected man, which is in Christ, which is the Spirit of Christ, is typified in the Book of Revelation as the crystal sea, OK. And it is the un- -- what?


Yeah, I think, it is in one of -- the back of the Book of Revelation, maybe chapter 20 or so and -- or maybe not quite that far along. I saw a crystal sea. And the basic principle there is that the salt sea as we know it, it is dark, and it is murky, OK, and you cannot [?see it?]. The crystal sea is clear. You can see through it. That means sin is removed from it, and also the salt sea is unstable. Water is unstable, OK, but the crystal sea typifies that it is going to be in a rigid form. It -- which means a permanent formation, and also it means that we will not be in bodies that will di- -- we will not be in souls that will die anymore, that the soul, as typified by the sea, will be permanent and clean and clear. And crystal has many facets to it, so it is going to be one unconscious mind but many individuals, OK. Anybody else? OK.

06/16/15 – Transcribed by VerbalFusion

06/19/15 – 1st Edit CAS/BP

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